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VOL. XLVI, NO. 32...WH0LE NO. 2385.
lUatCljlUaU & StatciJOUVlinl.
runi.tsiiF.i) Evr.uv thuiisday morninu.
TRRMf.-Sl.50 cah In .diranea : &2.C0irnamM li tint
mill. In Jnci Intersil alwaja clutjrd fioni the tod of
tha !'
Anfieied I. a. ltitoM;ntttor.eeifaaubftrlptlona,advarlIa
tnenii and communication, and acknowledge payment for
the tarn..
IHeiifi.lJ, J. n. roMr.nov,
Hro kfielJ, l4. II. H1l fit
Cabot. M DROWN,
lun.ille. rll M.n f. DANA.
K.imot., H. O. SrtlTT,
lUJopuk, t.t'V AIIII I). SAWYER,
jotin-o., i'. w rx orr,
M.nnhvid. k. n. rur.NAM,
Moitlxille, J. C. NDVr.H,
MiddleMt. JEHSK JOII.N0.V,Jr.
Oi.nif, rAltl.O CAitrD.VTER,
rhinfiet.l. A. T. BAVKOFT.
Honlh llxrdvrtrli. I'. Ftllll'MAN,
Blow., JCHKI'il 15. RAYMOND,
Htlaffoid, WILLI AM UOM.l.N,
Fouth Ctt.fTotd DANIEL W. JtlDD,
Will.S.I.Liul V tyM.m, OR N(li: SMITH.
Walridurr and llmhntr.lt. C 8MIT1I,
Willlamitnun, DAItlt'H PRIDE,
Wo'ce.t.r, JO.NAsI AUUOTT.
My Children.
I hv two hilti (Uilinff,
With ejee of dtepeat blue,
Tnert Jnit i year between Idem,
And the vr-unftl U not two,
I watrh thtii mind eipanrling,
With food iiitl earneal hop,
Like fragrant little Moteonie,
Whuae eul duly ope,
Frar-k a) he'a mntber'a'rcn bud,
And liulebtother Willy,
Wil.i akin Ilka al ibiatar,
li my budding wt'tr-tttjr.
I call them both raj ratxa blrda,
For Ilka mnaie to my far.
Are their nutty little blioii,
So nlvty and e tear.
What daw fa to the Ittwais
The mo bow to lb tky,
Are ihe ehiMrnn tu my pathway,
Wiih ibey ehaai a ad beautify.
Thi y fiil tuy hemt wth g edneaa,
itti ihunkfulm aa and p'nti j
Thar cbaa away mr wniv,
Ard Irate do gloomy dai
Thout.it many mber b!ring,
Atound my foottinpt fall.
My rhildran and their father
Are eblvf among iUm ill ;
Mr Ufa arena emntd with jaya,
Whenever t look n them,
And tbey are tba bufhteat Jewfja
Within (he diadem.
Than bletaingi ray dailtnat
ftiiht blaaiiba fiorn abot e
God f rant tbetr tender bojhood
Mia not a mothvra )et
Oh, may ray daya be )e(tkaad
Thtuufhout tktii esrfy youth
Tti lead thrra to the (tfcway
Of honor and f iralb !
God pant to r bia aftUlt,
Tu t ulde their aoota ari;ht
Ts teach thera by eitmf lo,
Ts walk aa in bia ;(.
Aod when ihia 111 it ended.
May all whom'ba hit jiteo,
Lnild fotan a familj.
Within (he cooita f heaven.
The Pauper's Death Bed.
Tread luftljUiw the h4J,
la revertot ailM bow !
No aiiB( bell dvtb twll,
Vat aa imaxmal aul
la paaiiR bow !
Etranf;rt Iwwever (mat,
lb lowly re re c how!
Thera'a Is that poor abed,
One by ibal paltry bed
Grealer than ibu
Cfaeath lk b(ara rool.
I At1. Death doih keep hia itale I
Baler no erowdt attend ;
linur oouardi dwfeod
Tkit jiAtate fata.
Thai pavement, dnp and fold.
No amihef tMj!ire Head,
On silent woman alaoda
Iirtin withinajBi band i
A dying head
No mingling voifea anund t
An n.fani ail alocte,
A aob aupjreand ajam
That abort, dep gar and then
The dying groan.
Oh, chnnge I ih, wondroua change t
Hunt are the pruon bara !
Tbia rooiuefii tirrr, ao low,
Ha agoniaetl, and now
Deyood the atara !
Ob, change! alupendoaa thing 1
Tber lias Uteaoullaaa clod,
Tb sno eternal break a I
The new fmmoital wakea
Wakea wib hia Godt
Curiosities of the IJumtm System.
. ll is established by chcmistryUrnl there
re seiPiitecu eleuieijtary sallstanccs in the
composition of.. the human body. More
iliJii.nme-tei'iths of the whole' bulk of the
J'stem ib complnrcd of four gases, which
are invisible when in i( free' and unciunbin
edstato; viz.: oxygen, hydrogen, carbon,
tnd Illtrniipn llfKiitp. llinkP Wiifilnr.pK.
Hierc is, in every full man, enmgli phos
phorus and sulphur to tip a gross of friction
touches; enough potash, soda and lime, to
Jorm a lyp nuflicieiily strung to bear up a
half-dozen eggs at once; enough iron to
make. a good sized penknife blade ; enough
f flint tu load the cock of an old fashioned
"Queen's arms;" and enough copper to
8"e a flea a heavier burthen in proportion
o its siZei t,atI was evcr oorneon the back
' The entire body, that part of it which
possesses vitality, is but a collection of cells
each one of which h a mere round, pearl
colored bag, filled with fluid, and far too
e,rla" tp be seen with- the naked eye so
"nail 'are they, in fact, that 12,000 of the
irullest of t,hem could be virung upon a
'ingle inch in leinuli of the thread of a sni-
All the bones, before birth, are soft, like
Jell)ri only six of the 240 which we find in
'1 dult,. being fully formed, or ossiflied, nt
birth; these are the bones of hearing, three
"leaeh ear.
kvery bone in the bodv is in immediate
coiihedtiou with some other bone, except
he hyoid bone, which is situated at the up
per part of the windpipn, just under tin
loer jaw. Its length is about two inches.
out2J musc,les, 7 ligaments, and 1 mem
Jriie are attached to it. More than out
hlfuf the substance of the bones is com
posed of phosphate of lime, that aubstauce
bout which so much has recently been saul
remedy for consumption. Some phys-
;vi(;ia"V',p,,Car 10 ,me covered ihal
i'"".-'""iuo uuinircs iri ui niu uumaii
' system, although the more scientific mem
hrrs of the profession have Ions used it with
great advantage, especially in chemical u
nion with iron.
'!!. I n .1 .
i nc muscies oi inc unman system arc
somewhat over 500 in number. Some of
them, as on the back of an adult, are 27
inches in length; and some, as in the ear
are not over a fourth of an inch long.
.Muscle is termed lean mtnl. Muscle is di
vided into fibres; and if we lake the small
est of these fibres which can be seen by the
naked eye, and place it in the field of a
powerful microscope, we shall find that it
is in itself a bundle of minute fibres, each
of which is not more than a ten thousandth
part of an inch in diameter, and some of
them are even less than half that size. A
rope formed by twisting fifty of these fibres
together, would he too small to be seen, by
the unaided vision. Could e unravel the
fibres of a single cubic inch of clear muscle
they would be found to si retch out over
0000 miles in length. Could all the mus
cular fibres of an adult be placed in o con
tinuous line, they would form a thread
which would reach more than -100 times
round our globe, or over 10,000,000 of
miles. Chemically examined, dried blood
and dried muscle arc found to be precisely
the same.
The little glands which produce the
sweat are situated just beneath the cutis, or
true skin. Each eland sends uti throush
the skin a little tube, nbout a quarter of on ;
nun iii lungiu, uirougu wnicii me sweat is cicnl to make every heart bleed for her,
poured out. These glands number about j nro enough to make any one who listens to
2500 in n square inch of the palnu of the j her history cry out against such a blot upon
hands and soles ofthc feet, and about 2300 justice and humanity as her strange and
in a square inch of the remainder of the and cruel incarceration,
surface of the body. The total number ol I She has been indicted for the crime or
pores therefore, in the human body, is a-, infanticide, and judicial sentence had plac
bout sevcinnillions, mid the total length of, ed her within the walls of the prison, fur
all the tubes through which the sueal is the term vf her natural life, thereto haie
poured out, is nearly 23 miles. every sentiment of principle and all the
The weight of the brain and spinal cord delicacy of hpr sex obliterated in the dc
of tho male ranges helueen 10 and O'Jounc- basing contact with felons and malefactors,
es, but that of the female is often found as Through the kindness of the excellent a.id
low as 41 ounces, and very seldom higher compassionate warden of tho Prison, the,
than 47 ounces. In man, one thirty-sixth
of tho whole is brain, jet it receives one-
6ixthof the blood of the entire system. j
Surrounding, and within the convolution ;
oi every neaiiuy Drain, mete are aoout two
ounces of water.
The process by which sound is commu
nicated to tho brain, is very curious. The
car is oiviueu into three parts external, we are not again lit ing in an age of bar
middle and internal ear first, there is the barism. Her appearance al once repels
external ear, or porch to the house in which the itlea of guilt her manner pleads for
cits the god of listening. Every sound, as , her most irrusitibly. Modest, sensitive to
all very well know, spreads out upon the the degradation of her position, and con
uir, in an uudulatory or wavy manner, just ' scious of true innocence, although a victim
as when we cast a stone into a stream, cer- to the perfidity of her destroyer, anil lying
lain waves are produced, which spread out under the stigma of a criminal conviction,
in constantly widening circles. This wave , no one can approach her ond be r her .sad
in tho Air enters the ear, raps, as it were, history from her own lips wilhuin rmiig
udon the little door called the mtmbrana with indignation.
tympani, which is situated al the bottom of i She is a native of Glasgow, Scotland
the external car. Within the middle chain- having no relatives in this country, save an
ber, and on t lie inner side of tins door, stand aunt, w ho was unable to assist her tu her
those three little bones, Inch act as ser- wretched condition. Her downfall was af
vauts in the hall, to communicate the nits- fected under circumstances of atrocity thai
sages to the brain. No sooner, then, does cry most loudly for tengeancc on its guill)
the sound rap upon this door, than the mul- author. Her arms, neck and person arc
lous, or hammer, the handle of which is scarred with wounds received in defeudiui
lasleucd upon I nc inner side of the door, herself from her diabolical aggressor, and
strikes a blow upon the anvil. The anvil her ruin was only accomplished when she i
throws all ns burden into the bone called was drugged into insciiMbilit) I With the'
the stirrup, to which it is fastened. The innocent evidence of her fall in her arms,
stirrup itself is fastened by a ring to the she was excluded from the house of the on
oval window which opens to the internal ly relative she had in America, and, bear-1
car, in vibrate, and thus tell the story lo the ing it away with her, she sought in a man-'
nerves Inch surround it, and through Ihem
it is communicated lo the brain. Exeter ,
News Letter.
Nobility of Mind.
Not many years ago, a bright hand;ome
Italian boy was frequently seen in the coin-
mercial portion of our cily with his little
organ and sagacious monkey. " Once ,
seen, not forgotten," is a phrase which will
apply aptly to him. I was then a boy, just
eiiit-iiiig me nercuimiu proie.sion, jet i ilear to her in her extremity, l indmg eve
had seen enough of human nature to dis-ry avenue to employment closed to her in
coxer certain qualities of character in him ' one cilv, she fled to another. It was night
which placed hnn above his humble voca-j when she left.
tion. He was a great favorite with a iiuni-j Heart-broken only bound to life by the
ber of merchants, ho were pleased wilh I claims which bound her as a mother she
his ready wit and quick answers, which! would, under other circumstances, have
never exceeded the proper bounds of re-' sought the welcome refuge of suicide. With
s'Pct- these feelings called into a most harrowing
I remember one day, when, having been exercise by tho loneliness and misery of her
sent upon some business to a neighboring I situation looking at the babe that slum
counting room, the boy made his appear-' bered on her breast, wilh the brand ofinfa
ance; but on this occasion he was without I mv on its brow, is it a wonder tint a mind
his organ, and had brought instead a cage I
of while mice, together with tho favorite
"Show you my white mice and monkey,
" How much do you charge, my little
man I naked the merchant, smiling
" I let the gentlemen pay me as much as '
they please."
" Then you arc the little Italian I have so
often heard about, lint tell me, my lad, do
you aluajs mean lo go about tho streets
thus, with your shows and organ I"
"No, sir; when I get money enough, I
go hack to Italy study gel education
come back to America when 1 am a
" Hut do you not spend your money oc
casionally lor fruit or candy."
"Never; father gives me all I need; and 1
I put all the money I get into a strong box, j
locked lery light."
Well, my lad, I have but little time to
spare with you. I have a very large cat,
which is not very fond of mice or monkeys.
Now, how much shall I givo you to let your
monkey fight him I"
The boy looked at the cat, which was
bristling in the corner of the room, and
then al the monkey, but said nothing.
"I will give jou a dime if you dare do
it," said the merchant.
" I will sir," replied the boy, and imme
diately let out the monkey.
Now, whether puss had read the fable of;
the monkey and cbesnuts, 1 am not prepar
ed lo affirm; but it was etident he did not
wish to be made a cat's-paw" in this in
stance: and doubtless thinking, like fals-
talT, that discretion was the belter part of
valor, beat u most precipitate retreat
through the half onencd door, leaving the
burlesque imitation of man tho master of
the held.
The boy had fairly won his dime, 1
thought; but, to my surprise, the merchant
only gave him two pennies, saying, " thai
las Ilia monkey would not fight thai was
more man nc was entitled to.
You promised me ten cents." said the
" I have no more lime to waste upon
you; so be ofl with )our cages," said the
merchant impatiently.
The boy walked as far as the door ; then
turning, he looked him full in the face,
while ins dark eyes llanhed with disnleiisiue
at the indignity which he had experienced;
for a moment he stood thus, while the tinge
which suffused his features added new
beauty to them. He then said. " Gentle
men always tpeak the truth!" al the same
time throwing the money he had received
at the merchant's feet, and leaving the
It was a noble siirhl to see the man of
wealth and experience humbled at the re
buke of a child. It would have been a
grand picture for an artist. The true no-
biliiv of mind w as in. this simple act most
strikingly manifested. It was the early
buds orcharacter, winch promised to bloom
wilh fragrance and beauty. Ectnine Ga
Kate Virginia Poole.
In the New-Hampshire State Prison is
confined a young female, whose appearance
and address at once enlist sympathy. Her
countenance has the artless expression of
one unstained even by the consciousness of
The unaffected manner in ulitrli lir rr.
veals a story of wrong and outrage, sulli-
w riter of this article has been permuted to
hae an interview with her, and has no lies-'
itation in saying, that, among all tho other,
wrongs committed in the name of iuslice. !
this case is without a parnllel,
It is enough to make us pause wilh the
serious inquiry whether the great cause ol
Humanity is not rapidly going back, and
uucturing city, shelter lor hersell and babe,
while she could, with the labor oflier hands,
find honorable support.
This was anjihing but the course which
would have been pursued by one conscious
of guilt. In a city of strangers a mother.
but not a wife, what could be expected (
All doors were closed against her. She
could ief awau her child, but a mother's
heart revolted against it. Product of shame '
though it was, and born to infamy though ,
it might be, she clung to it as all that was
thus tortured was swept beyond the bounds
of consciousness? The Hindoo mother
who burst the bonds of nature by flinging
ber infant to the gaping monster of the
Ganges, hat no such plea as lay in the
broken heart and frenzied brain of Kate
Virginia Poole. I leave her own lips to
tell her story,
" 1 do not recollect anything distinctly,"
said she, " after I entered ihe cars. The
lights, the crowd, and the motion of the
cars, seemed to confuse me. I do not
think I should have remembered anything,
if the weight of the child, which slumbered
on my lap, had not reminded me of its
existence and my own situation. At last a
cloud seemed to thicken about me, and eve
ry thing seemed lo look white that met my
eyes. The child itself seemed like a feath-
er, and seemed to float away from tne un-
consciously. It did not seem to fall, but to
rise, and I thought I could see it for some
moments afterward."
Now, who in the name of common jus
tice, sees ttciy thing in this transaction which
should not have been instantly absolved by
that ennobling feature in the administration
of justice which permits certain mental
conditions lo annul responsibility Tor crime 7
Where were l hose, when this poor girl
stood arraigned for her life, whose study
and profession it is lo understand, and make
intelligible to a jury, these subtile condi
tions I Why was not some voice raised,
that justice slumber not both on the jury
box and the bench, while the thrice outrag
ed sufTerer was permitted to go down unde
fended, from a scene of wrong, despair and
frenzy, to that grave of character and self
respect, a Stale Prison 1
Said I, " Do you think you had for your
child the ordinary feelings ind natural love
of a mother 1" She looked me full in the
face, wilh eyes gushing wilh tears at the
question, ' Sir, I tcould gladly have laid
down my lijejor it. I could liavegiteu it
away while in the full consciousness of my
condition, hut I resolved to work myself
lino ine grave oelorc my clnld should have
been scparnted from me. Do you think,
Sir, I would part with that without which
life would have been an intolerable bur
den t" Then she added, with deep emo
tion : " Thank heaven, it as asleep the
last I remember of it, and I think U never
awoke to upbraid ino wilh n single cry."
Concord (iV. .) Statesman.
No Place for Loafers.
1 1 3 v i 1 1 ir ii little business with linn nClbn
type, a few clajs since I entered Ins oflico ha,c l),olncr il "ol Proper that friend
lo iraiudd the same. The entrance lo thelsnnu'u" deceive friend : it is not right that
printing room was a narrow lane, leading ' neighbor should deceive neighbor. Wo
from llie main street to the front of a wood- pity that man who can harbor enmity a
en stairway in the rear of a large brick Ba,nst '"s fellow; he loses half the enjoy
bloch. Al the head of naid stairway, is Ihe "'em of life; he embitters his own exist
home of my friend Typo. After closing a el,ce- Let us tear from our eyes the color
bargain with the man of ink, I stopped a eJ "ledium that invests every object with
moment out of curiosity : and what a busy l'o green hue of jealousy and suspicion;
scene met my ej e ! Here were some 20 or turn a deaf ear to scandal ; breathe the spir
U0 workmen, all intent upon their own cm. of chanty from our hearts ; let the rich
ploymcnt, not one idle, or staring me in the Rus"ings of human kindness swell up as a
face, though a stranger to ihem all a very fountain, so that the " golden age" will be-
remarkable instance of good manners. come no fiction, and islands of the blessed
They worked loo with a commendable zeal 001" '"'a 'ban " llyperian beauty."
and good will, and like men w ho ought to '
receive their pay. Here was one busy with
types lor a concert bill there was another
pouring over a much worn volume entitled,
"Newspaper Ornaments' Yonder stood a
a boy, ink roller in hand, which he plies
with a inairic touch, .iml fnriliiuiili i. I
a flaming handbill proclaiming the wonders
of Dr. K.'s newly unented mlN. In mm
corner was a long table, piled high with e-i" I1""'0'- f man ever fails to think less
namelled board, which under the (Me of a ?f '"",,e"" ar,cr 1,1 111 be did before one
pale faced man, was fist assuming the form 11 (,rB.r;i,lc3 lliln ' eye. of others, mid,
of business cards, lo become the property 1 is u'"re I'lunts his sensibility to dis
of Square Logic, and be distributed among gr,ice " ,,lie 0,10 l,1,,l,l aml increases the
llie quarrelsome cockerels that come to his l","er,a"u passionate irritability on the oth
oflice lo get plucked. In short, the place cr , lie ,r"111 ,1,c m"rc q"etly and
was a real industrial hive and the hum of l,caceaby we get on, ihe better; the bet
each busv Iii-p. un n nr.... ,.r.,.. 'er for ui, and the belter ."or our neighbors.
As my eye wandered from one wonder to
another, u became fixed upon a placard, on
which, in plain, large, black capitals, was
the m)sterious incnption ' No place for
loafers.' I look ihn l,,i i.,.i,..i r...
j . , otii.ii III1I7IU.
tho door, as my hand rested on the knob
1 rend in ihe same black letters, the wor.N
I Pass "ut and shut the door,' 1 obeyed the
injunction, and took long steps, till jostled
by the crowd jhat thronged llie sidewalk.
As I elbowed my way along, thus ran my
soliloquy ' No place for loafers,' queer
place, that priming oflicu and no one to
shut the door after those who are too lazv !
to shut one fur themselves. I stopped short should have seen from tin common level of
and repealed No place for loafers,' again I'l"8- A flood, a famine, or conflagration, or
and agaim Where on earth i a place for ome great desolation, shows us how much
Ihem 7 Not in a printing office, they'll jog eal goodness there is under tho surface of
the devil's elbow Not in the mechanic's every day life ; how many generous feelings
shop, fur there crry one is loo busy to a- al"' kindly sympathies, and points of union
muse loafers, and addle-headed Jwols No! practical fellow-hip, Jie below the dif
in church, for there the) cannot tefk, smoke ferences of political opinion and religious
or sleep comfortably not in ihe bar room, , laith, and ihe prejudices arid, antagonisms
fur when his pocket tins been emplifd, ttic' p"' aiiilcut; shows tu thai beneath
landlord opens the door, saying, ' No place ' these the uoblen elements of human na
fcr loafers.' Who arc loafers J They are lure still live, and wait only the unpulso of
llie desceiidauisofC.ini, vagabonds on the occasion to spring into life and action, and
face of the eanh loo lazy lo pluck up the ,1" discover to us how much Jmoro thtre is
thistle that grows beneath llieir feet they ' "la" honor and line, thun the ordiua
smoke, drink, chew, fight, swell up and die 1 O' aspects of life lead us to suppose. The
they kill horses by hard drumg when world, after nil is better in many things,
their time is not worth a mill ; they loll a-, than we take il lo be.
bout oyster dens day and night, reel about I ' have seen persons who gather for the
Ihe corners of street!, and insult respecta- parlor their choicest flowers, just us they be
ble citizens with oaths and ulgarities oh '"'" to open into full bloom and fragrance,
they're an awful crittur Go to theatres, 1 'est fl,"IE passer-by should tear them from
horse-races, puppit-shows, and often to the ''le u,1l' ai"' destroy them. Docs not God
gallows; ihey are gamblers, forgers, thieves, ' sometimes gather into he.ivcu young and
highway robbers, pickpockets and assassins. ' innocent children for the same reason lesl
The little boy who is allowed to run about 1,n,nc tude hand may despoil them of their
the streets, and into rum shops and all
sible mischief, because a good teacher
tcould make him behave decent is a loafer
in immature. The parent who brings up a
child in lhat way, is a loafer maker. The
printer has said, ' no place for loafers.' Let
that placard be posted on every door, every
corner in ine street, and every stable yard,
Where is '.he place for them. No where,
.. . . - ... ...uww ii litem. iviicic
There is not a nook or comer above ground
i m . n
where Mature has not written with her own . ' "", "
inimitable hand. 'No place for loafers.' l''ni f no obstacle to impede his pur
Ilelknan Gii-iii, PuSe- I 'l0 histories of all distinguished
t ne man ol Honor.
The man of true honor ever forgets an
insult ; or, if remembered, it is only with
the kindness of a superior mind looking a-
hove the shafts of envv. True honor mnn
nothing by feeding the spirit of contention
tor ii once mat evil is harbored, it is sus
tained by the sacrifice of every just and
manly principle. The gentle rivulet be-!
comes a torrent when the elements con
tend ; but when tho tempest is past, the!
waters contract lo their former limits, flow- j
ing with more freshness and adding new I
beauty to their progress. So Ihi elevated
mind, if ever disturbed by the maliceof In-'
uoraiice and Knvy, like that little stream,
soou recants ns wouieu ccnueness anu leels
, " r , " ,,, ,
the happier for the test. I rue honor ao
knowledges itself in rags as well as in cost
ly raiment it needs no covering most
beautiful when undisguised. It exalts it
self in all conditions, for il i, of its own
creating, The world would be its arbiter,
and false distinctions of society would re
strict it to high station, but the world would
have been made in worship it when clothed
in the garb of tho lowly. Detraction has
no blemish for it it abides alt worldly
Love of Flowers.
In all countries women lore flowers ; in
all countries they form nosegays of them ;
but it is only in the bosom ot plenty that
they conceive the idea of cmbellishnm their
dwellings wilh them. The cultivation of
flowers among the peasantry, indicates a
revolution in all their feelings. Il is a del
icate pleasure, which makes Us way through
coarse organs; it is a creature whose eyes
are opened ; u is the sense of the beautiful,
a faculty of the soul which is awakened;
colors, forms, odors, are perceived for the
first time, and these charming objects have
at last spectators. Those who hate travel
led in the country can testify, that a rose
tree under the window, a honeysuckle a
round the door of a cottage, are always a
good omen to a weary traveller. The hand
thai cultivates flowers is not closed against
the supplications of the poor, nor' against
the wants of the stranger. Flowers may
be called the alphabet of angels, wherewith
they write on hills and plains niyeteiious
The Right Side.
This is an agreeable world after all. If
we would only look at the subjects that sur
round us in their true light, wc should see
beauty where we behold deformity, and lis
ten to harmony where we heard nothing
but, discord. We are members of ono
great family, we are travelling the same
road, and shall arrive at the same goal.
We breathe the sime air, are subject lotho
same bounty, and we shall lie down upon
the bosom of our common mother. It is
not becoming, then, that brother should
Good Advice.
Thcro is much good sense in the follow
ing, which although old, deserves lo bo re
peated once a year :
"II anything in the world will make a
man fcel 'adly, except pinching his fingers
111 tlle cf,ck )f n Uoor- 11 is unquestionably
, , n
in nine cases out ui ten, Ihe wisest course
ir, il a man cheat jou, qnii dealing with
hnn ; if he be abusive, (put hit company;
if ho slander you, take caro to live so that
nobody will believe him. No matter who
,le ,s'. "r ,mw ,IU "1,9"!'es you
-the wisest
for there is
iHa)' ls loJ"st let "'" ahme;
nothing belter than ibis cool, calm and qui
el way of dealing with tho wrongs we meet
Every Day Life.
Great calamities teach us manv beautiful
lessons, and reieal to us much we never
pos-,neau'y '
The Brave Man.
There is nothing which a truly brave and
persevering man may not accomplish.
Heat and cold, mountain and seas and sun
shine, are alike to him when he is bent up
on his object. He pushes ahead, never
... e , ii-.
"r!"K 0, f'n"'B7ii h I"'""' '!!
noli IAL'il V hiillinr 1 Ita riplma i Iw.iwiv
j men, from Alexander to Napoleon show
! that it was
perseve rencu
thai made them
distinguished above llieir fellow men.
you, young inanniljfdcterniined in your
course, whaleverfend you have in view,
shall be respected"aud honored. Never
permit your energies to slumber, but he
vefactive in whatever field you choose to
labor. To lag to stop to doubt to
hang your head in fear, will prove disas
trous to your best interests.
To mora in doubt and fair
Anit liamM. al lb. .h.il.t or.r n
What U ft bul a lumb to tear,
And ttaaliflf I. it, turn to heav.o."
The reason why so manv turn out miser
able tools, without ambition, life, or even
vcalth is llieir lack of courage mid their
fedr orthc world. hat has an honest mini
.. i
ui .1 mini tu miiub mm niieriiy ui tear f
A are m ,hadowB ltia ok dark, and for-
bidding before you and these vanish be
fore the light of truth and generous ambi
tion. Let nothing slay your progress when
you are in the right path nothing bul the
strong arm of death; then you will accom
plish your bright expectations, while
" t-hado. Ajr
And hopa gl.am. bcaut.ou. fruoi afttr,
A i. a of flut? Bill tb. aa j ,
AaJ l.Jum ban In eraij atar-"
Happy is the mail who has a little home
and a litlla angel in it, of a Saturday night.
A house no matter how little provided it
will hold two or so no mailer how humbly
furnished, provided there is hope in it
let (he winds Idow close tho curtains.
What if they are calico, or plain white
without border, tassel, or any such thing
Let the rain come down, pile up the fire.
No matter if you haven't a caudle to bless
yourself wilh for what n beautiful, light
glowing coal makes, reddening, clouding,
shedding a sunset through the little room ;
room ; just enough to talk by not , loud,
not loud as in the highways; nut rapd, as
in the hurrying world, bul softly, whisper
ing, with pauses between, for ihe storm
without and the thoughts within to fill up.
Then wheel the sofa round before the
fire no mailer if the sofa is a seilee, un
cushioned at that, if so be it is just long e
uough for two, or say two and a half, with
the two or two and a half in it.
How sweetly the music of silver bells,
from the lime to come, falls on tho listen
ing heart 'then. How mournfully swells
tho chimes of "the days that aro no more."
Some may smile at this picture; hut there
is a secret between us, viz.: It i cnp 0f
the picture rudely drawn, but true as the
i'cntcteiich, of an original In every really
human heart.
Female Society.
You know my opinion of female society ;
without it we would degenerate into brutes.
Pllia rtllvatfttlltnei a, tt n 1 1 m . ,..,iU -.rl.l f.
prune of manhood. For. aOer a r.ria!n
time of lire, the literary man makes a shift ling o(T was emigration. From one department
(a poor one, I grant) to do without the stj-1 that of the Basses 1'yrentes, the emigration from
ctcly of ladies. To a young man, nothing ! 1840 w lt-50 was at,out 11.000, and the drain
is ho important as a spirit of devotion (next ' rrom ,nIiy ''tber departments was aleo very large,
to Ins Creator) to some amiablwwoman, I ,""'n!w r i"cre"e f ,lho. ropulagoifcof Gcr-.
who.e imaire mav npriinv l.i. i,, '. I has a''c off materially, from tho sahio
i. P .V nPy . a"d caU9C and I!l,,nJ e " been an actual
guard him Irom the pollution that besets it decrease of two millions within a few years. The
on all sides. A man ought to choose his sceptre of empire is passing from the east to tho
wife as Mrs. Primrose did her wedding-' west; and a limo must come when New York
gown, for qualities that will " wear welir W'H be the grand centre of the world's commerce.
One thing, al least, is true, that if mairi- Uy 11 9Ufer process tlian war wo aro acquiring
mony has its cares, celibacy has no pleas- domim?n; ,,eal,lh- Bn"J. PJer- What need of
nrr. A ',,i ... . ..... '"H""" armed intervention in the affairs of the od word,
find pninvi ti i i i ere scholar, may whcn we are quietly depriving of its bone and
find enjoyment in study ; a man or literary smew, absorbing its Commerce, and illustrating,
tastes can receive in books a powerful aux- in our own progress, the practical superiority of
iliary ; hut a man must hate a bosom friend free institutions as a means of advancing trie in
mid children around linn, to cherish and tercets of a nation. .Vrip York Sunday Times.
support the dreariness of age. ;
I The immensity of the Universe. Aa a proof of
r a. ..!t 1 what an immense book tho hcavciw in, and also
iirt OI Swimming. 0f ti, indcfatigability of tho student man in
Men are drowned by raising their arms lurninl? ovcr itB leaves, Dr. Nichol, in his work
above water, the nnhuoyed weight of which dcu'nff the inignitndo of Lord HoWs tele
lnnrn.0. ii, i...i n.i scope, says that Lord Rosso has looked into space
depresses the head Oilier animals have a distance so tremendous, so inconceivable, that
neither motivo nor ability to act in a simi- light, which travels at the rate of 200,000 miles in
lar manner, therefore swim naturally. ono second, would require a period of 250,000,
When a man falls into deep water, he will OOOofsolaryears, each year containini; about 32-
rise to the surface, and will continue so, 000,000 of seconds, W pass the intervening gulpli
if he does not elevate his hands. If ho" bctwce,tJii earth and the remotest point to
moves his hands under water in any way he 1vmf ' th's telescope lias reached! How utterly
l, i I ,, . J . : unable is the mind to grasp even a fraction of
p eases, hi, head will rise so high as to tins immeaso period; to conceive the pulng
allow him liberty to breathe, and if he will events of a hundred thousand years only is an
use his legs ai in llm acl of walking, his impossibility, to say nothing of millions and hun
shoulders will raise above the water, so dreds of millions of years. The sun is nine-rive
thai ho may use less exertion with his millions of miles distant from the earth, yet a ray
hands, or apply ihem to some other nur- n'Bllt wm traverso that immense diitanco in ISO
pec. These pU.n directions are rccom- fonf? ; lo"r a? the distance may seem to bo
., .,.i. I . .1.' . ii . r pissed ill soshort a tune, what comparison can the
lidded .. the recollection of those who ,ind fra,ne between it and that greater distance
have not learned lo swim m their youth ns which Dr. Nichol and Rosso demonstrate, would
they may bo found advantageous in preser-, require c cry ccond of that tune to represent
ving life j more than live hundred thousand years! And re-
. collect tho study of astronomy is not only useful
a iv ... t r. .... . to excite emotions of grandeur and sublimity at
. . V. Littix Gint.S, Who is a,,el, discoveries; but it is tho basis or navigation
lovely f It is the little girl who drops sweet , and of our note ortime, and unites tho strictness
oros, Mini remarKs, ami pleasant smiles,
as she passes along ; who has a kind word
I of sympathy for every hoy or girl she meets
I in trouble, and a kind hand to help her com-
itianions out of difficulty: who nei er ..r.nliU
,,..i. . . . i ,',
never contend, never teases her, nor seeks
in any way lo dimmish, hut always to in-;
-ii.-an; ner iiiiiiniei. ii ouiu itpiCHSoyot
I lo tuck mi a strinir of nearly ilrnn t,F ,J,
I diamonds, or precious stones, nsyon pass a-
long llie street? Hut these are precious
1 stones which can never bu lost. Take the
hand r tho friendless. Smilo on tho sad
and dejected. Sympathise with those in
trouble. Slrivo every where to dill'uso a-
round you sunshine and ioy. If vou do
this, you will bo sure lo be beloved.
li,.,- I.. ,a .i r ii .
Dow, Jr.. gives.ihe following quaint ad-
vice in Ins latent Sermons" : Let vour
home be provided with such com (oris and ing lion, seeking whom ho may devour." Jack
' necessaries as piety, pickles, potatoes, pots quitted tho church onpres'iod with a host of con
laud ketlles, brushes, brooms mid benevo- Acting thoughts and emotions, and unable, after
' lence, breatl and charily, cheese and faith many 11 t0US'' foliloquial argument, to reconcilo
n.inr ..ii'.ii,.,, -i,i. ; ' ... ' the statements, he resolved to summon up cour-
w l, ' -age and wait upon the clergyman, in order to
i tegr ty, vinegar, wine and w isdom. Dou'l , the mvsterv solved, lie did Bn. nd atw
drink anything intoxicating eat moderate-
ly go about your business after breakfast
lounge n little after dinner chat after
tea and kiss after quarrelling; and nil tho
ioy. the peace and the bliss Una world ran
afford shall be yours, till the grave closes
over you, and your spirits are borne to a i
uappier anu brighter sphere. So mote it
I be."
j A Perilous Balloon Ascension. Tho follow,
ingacount of an ascension made by a foolish
aeronaut, we copy from tho Paris correspond
icnceuf tho Republic:
, " I mentioned BoiiiB weeks ago that M. Costo,
ono of the late editors of tho .irenement, had
deserted journalism for aeronautics. The third
oscent of this gentleman, tun day ago, was tho
most perilous in aerostatic annals. Tho wind
had been violent all dav, and at 5 o'clock in tho
afternoon, the hour of departure, the balloon, in-
stead of being of the form of a pair, looked
more like tho letter S. M. Godard advised his
pupil not to venture ; all tho gentleman who had
engaged places in the car refused to embark ;
and the audience were upon the point of oppos-
ing the ascent, when M. Coste, taking advantage
of a lull in the wind, jumped into his place, and
i gave the order to let go. His departure could
not have been culled an ascent; his upward mo-
I lion was so slight that ho barely escaped the
roof sheltering tha seats of the Hippodrome ;
but his spued horizontally was terrific. In less
than thirty second, he was out of sight, and tho
universal belief was that ho never would be seen
usaiu auvo. no soon louna mmseii in llie imust
ol the clouds that wore causinir all the comma
tion. and knowing that It was impossible to do
sccud, he determined to Boar above them. He
threw out thirty pounds of ballast, and was soon
conscious that thu balloon was ascending rapid
ly; but so extended were the clouds, tnalho was
only at an elevation or 22,000 feet (four miles)
that he camo in view of tho sun and left thu
wind below him. Ho speedily found that ho
could not remain in so rarihed an atmosnhere:
his ours hummed, his breathing was difficult, ond ' of a Miss Emma Thayer, a young lady of 15,
Pieces of paper that ho throw over fell liko lead. . living at lUwloy'n lUr, near tho town of Two
t became indispensable to descend, and to brave j Rivers, who, whilo walking on tho beach in com.
tho fury of thu elements as best ho might- I lis . pany with another lady, saw a wolf a short die
strength was so reduced and friction was so ro- tance off, watching a deer that he had driven in
markably increased, that ho could not, until of- to the lake. With a courage rarely equalled
ter repeated efforts, rai.e tho valve, and allow a ! she drove tho wolf away, and wading inu tho
portion of tha gas to cscac. At such an altt- lake, brought the deer on shoro by thu ear but
tudu the ascensional furco of gas is doubled, after petting him a short tune, tho ungillaut fel
and when tho valve opened a quantity was dis-1 low made several attempts to get away, and (in
charged that at once destroyed tho balance, and . ally carried matters so fur as to knock ber down,
the balloon beiran to doscend furmuaiy. AI.
Coste threw out everything that ho could dis
nemte with, and lashed himself to tho car, Tho
earth began soon to apnoar, and to approach at
a frightful rapidity. The balloon struck side
wayd, and ploughed up the field for soma twenty
yards. Tho aeronaut freed himself from Ins
cordairc. and iuuipod ashore unhurt. The bal
loon, lightened of a hundred or more pounds,
was off again in a twinkling j but M. Coste
caught bold of tha anchor-rope, which is always
allowed to lung, and suffering himself to bo
taken un a dozen varus, brought the balloon
back, lly this time, assistance riad arrived, and
a party of stout peasants bound the frantic ma
chine to a tree, where it was disinrlsted. M.
Costo arrived at tha llippodronio the next morn
ing, at ten o'clock, and was received as a war)
risen from tho dead. He had bean given up as
lost by all who saw him start. Nothing daunted,
he has mode three ascensions slnco, and has
seen nothing yet, ha says, to dissuade him from
adopting the career of u aeronaut. M. Coste
was tho only editor of the Jhenemtnt that never
m imprisoned for a dctil de jrts. One would
enppone that a man of such energy and unbound
ed anunk would bo ono of tho fint to get him
selr into hmbo for too unbridled a use of hia
Decay of the Old .Yalions. This country i
gradually drawing tho life-blood from tho despot
lV"? f f'uroPc in tha shape oftbeirmoat valua
ble inhabitants. England alone, of the European
nations, shows by her census that she is In the
full vigor of national lift. France, on the contra
ry, in her Iato.census returns, msnifeits unequiro-
vi p;w,jigu v. uciiouuu ana aecay, I R9 In-
t,.A iiwiw .pu. H-T "A nv! '
oi mathematical reasoning and the most certain
' calculations.
j '
-y"'""' Tlieoloxy. A story iB current or a .
l 8ador more disposed to divinity than nautical
men in general, wtio, wiien in this port, inrmed
rPgularl,y onoo'f the'eongregation at the church
of a popular preacher. It clunced that during
ono ol trie discourses to which JacK was an al-
teniae listener, the Rev. doctor alluded several
lim., in Scriptural phrase, to Satan being
" bound in chains for a thomsml years." Tho
piwsago btruck tho attention of tho seamen with
peculiar force, and during tho week ho pondered
frequently upon the words, feeling every time an
increasintr satisfaction that an individual towards
1 whom ho had never been over partial was so Ee-
curclv and for such a lcnmhv term disnosed of.
I ()n tho following Sunday ho went to hear tho
I doctor again, but to his great surprise, and lo tho
unsettling of all his re-cut comforting notions,
during one portion of tho sermon the preacher
, asseriml lhar thn .Wil "moth nrmnt l.Vn . m.r.
considerable hemming and hawing, and hitching
'of tho trowsers, at length spoke at once, told the
doctors that he could not make the two sermons
fitnd asked, if his Satanic majesty was really
bound in the way stated, to know tho length of
uuu.iu ii, tt.u ii.i euia-u, iv nnuw iiiu iunin Ol
his cable. " Oh," was tho dignified reply, " it
extends over tho wholo world." " .My eye, !"
irejomeo jbck, -noes ur wny mo i nu Dor nngnt
as wen do loose." Liverpool l imes.
I Feeding the Pigeons in Venice. Tho follow.
ing extract from a recent letter by Sir. Weed,
describes a curious custom:
I " At two o'clock wc returned to tho Square,
, to witness tho novol ond interesting ceremony
of Feeding the Pigeons.' Hundreds of per-
sons had collected with the same object Tho
pigeon, or doves, were comjng in from differ-
cm directions, and alighting about the windows
and cornices of a msrhlo palace, where they sat
qitito crave'.y till tho first sound of the clock of
San Marco, striking tho hour of two, was heard,
when tho wholo flock simultaneously settlod
down upon tho pavement, under the window
from which tho seed was thrown and from which
they had been fed, at tho same moment every
day, from a period so remote, that 4 tho memory
of man runneth not to the contrary.'
To-day we went again to the same place.
The pigeons began to collect a quatter before
two, evidently as intent upon their dinners as
the same number of children, or children of a
Isrgor growth' would have been. Other bells
sounded a fow minutes before, but not a dovo
moved until tho hammer was heard on the clock
of San Marco, when instantly every wing spread
""u 'u iiikj iirsm seiueu 10 uie pavemenu-
While busily picking up their food, a doz iram-
boled round amongst them, and children walked
into the ring without disturbing them at all.
Some say that tho government provides the
food for tiio doves. Others say that a lady,
centuries ago, provided in her will for tho feed
ing of the pigeons ; bul none know when or why
tho practico originated."
I Urate ll'oman. A Wisconsin rsncr tells
and tear her dress, when becomlnir justly incen
sed by such behavior, she look a stone and dash
ed out his brains, tho wolf all the time standing
a short distance off a silent spectator of tho
fight, in which he took no further part thon by
showing a formidable row of teeth occasionally,
lo show hw disapprobation of her interference.
It Is safe enough to predict, that if this girl lives
u fow years longer, xho will be able to whip her
weight in wild cats ; out scream the catamount,
give the young " badger" the heart-ache, and
what ts belter, preside with graco and dignity
over some " wild Wisconsin homo."
tiocd uouari. t ho Philadelphia Liooger says
that split gold dollars are rapidly multiplying.
The piece, by some line and inseuious machinery
is split in two, about one hilf the coin abstracted
and the plundered sides stuck together again, the
rao.eoi me piece nor. uio iecui carreu or uijurcu
A I'ttlo rare will readily detect the fraud Tho
milling around the edge wilt be found broken,
and very generally a pewter-colored cement may
be observed protruding from it. '1'lie coin, took
i thin in the middle.

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