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Mo iut, Juno 21.
firsiiK. A communication was received
. ... f nmmitteo on Public Lnnds. A mini
v.. of nrtittono nml billa from llio Honso wcro
tcfi'-it!" to tno npprotiriaio uommitlecs.
rri, I'rrsidcntlnin before the Senate cointnti-
iimns from they Navy Department, relative
tollie Nittiticnl Almanac, and from the Depart
' . 0r tlm Interior, relative to IrnMii of tlio
ihlic domain in California, in response to a call
' .rutin- formic
Mr (Jwinn, of California, nddrcg'ed tlio Scn
, m reference to tlio last communication,
I nching leases given by (Ion. Kearney at San
pr inriMo, which lie denounced, and spoko at
I, njrtn m refcrenco thereto.
Senate the ndjourncd.
IIotsE After tho reading of the journal, Mr.
A"ison moved an adjournment yeas 78, nays
jrt - but beforo the voto was annondcrd, the mo
t a was withdrawn. Mr. Stephens of Georgia
-,, wimI i I, and it was carried.
Tuesday, June 22.
SrNATF. -A number of petitions wcro presen-
1 and reports wcro mado upon several private
, it'-rf
Mr Husk offered n resolution requesting the
II , -icli nl of tho United States to communicate
, of all orders issued to officers during tho
, . n tlMtirbanco on tho Rio Ornndo.
Tli" bill rxtendinir tho time for the selection
i 'mil" pr.intcd to Michigan, for sahno purpo
. - was re.ul a lid tmio and pMswl.
i in in itinn of Mr Hamlin, the Senate took up
1 10 bill authorizing imported foaiNi wares, and
inline Piiterpil and bounded for waroliou
. . n nnrsuinee nl'law, to be tixportntl through
I .s to ports ntui places in Mexico, and tho
,- w ,. nrdcred to lie engrossed.
riii Sinnto went into uxecutive session, and
i ' 4 "Vlnrk ndjnurnml.
Hw ir.. Mr Chandler submitted n joint ros
, mid it was adopted, that the portrait of
U nrv Clnv. presented to tho nation by Oiuseppi
) i.nu n, n reidpnt of New York, be placod in
, I. hr iry ol l.onrrreSs.
Iii' House resumed the consideration of Mr
. , i nV bill granting lands to all the State,
an, lnbama. Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin,
i -,iin, Mississippi, Florida, Arkansas Cnli-
i' i mil Minns, to mo theirs for lUilroad pur
. Hi- remaining States for educational pnr-
-'. All land granted by any other act dur-
ii.. nn.piu i ongrfsi, to any State, tor llail-
- I- U be deilueteil from tho amounts granted
I'm lull. A motion to lay it on tlio tablo
, r i.rted by a voto of against W. I'ond
i,.' th.' consideration of tlio bill the morning
In nf etpired.
Tin1 lliiiise took up the S'mato bill to ostsb
8,i a ilranch Mint in San Francisco. The
( M inn. " on Ways and .Means had reported an
n i m! ii.'iit, that there should be charged a
- rn -r;e of not more than will defray the no
i ii, i pi uses of coinage. This was disagreed
-m i- ."(, nays lOrt. The bill was amended
i 1 i n' addition of a section confining the con-
i '"(' 'be Secretary of tho Treasury for build
... mid niarliinrry to $:W0,000. It was then
l - I and the House adjourned.
U EtiNKnuY, June 23.
imti. The Chair presented an answer
t i S. i ri Ury of tlio Interior, relative to
- .nw"tijMtiins into tho charges against the
y, hi lli'iindary commission
1- . fru'ii the War Department, covering re
'"ii Toongrapbicnl Engineer", on the
i'lihty of u ship canal across the penmsii
, I in.11.
S, ,rd from the -,rt cmrimittee on th"
'. i"p.irteil a joint resolution for tiie pnr
1 ol l itlin's collection of Indian scenes,
- '-.
"i " motion ofMr. IIle, the lull giving to
- ! tli" fln.'f Clerk of the Talent Office all
' I i and validity as if performed by the
i 'i mourner in person, was recommitted to the
i' i !" on I'atimts. I
r Jon, of Iowa, reported a bill granting a I
-ii of $30 a month, for life, to the widow
I. nit Woodward, of tho Ilcvenuw service,
i i-, drowned on the coast of California,
i n taken up and debated, and laid upon
I ir.'o number of territorial bills were re
! I did the llciu.-c, taken up and appropri
rrlcrrrd. In" joint resolution from the Honse, accept
: 'V portrait of Henry Clay, presented to the
i ii liy Mr Fiigiiani, of New-York, and di-
it tu be placed in tho Congressional Li-
as takon up and passed.
T .. lull to t'llnbluli a branch mtnt in Cali-
i i as returned from the House, with scver-
I i lull bring tsken up, Mr. Gwin urged that
t i ni'iidinrnts be concurred in. The amend
.s i re.concurred in, and the bill is now
Mr Hi!" offered a resolution diroctinrr an in-
in iiitu the expediency of prohibiting by law j
r.,3 of courts practising as attorneys. Adopt- j
in motion of Mr Atchison, the Senate pro
' 1 I to th" consideration of Executive busi-
ii onl ,it : o'clock adjourned.
Hoi hi. The House reaumeil the considera-
' "i "i Mr Ili'iuiHtt's bill, granting lands to all
' S tt.--t, for railroad and educational purposes.
1 Ii" cpi 'stion was taken on Mr llennett's a-
"'ilii -iii. designiting to whit railroads the
.'rinti'il u II of the States tor that purpose
i Ii" applied, and it was decided negatively.
' is 7'i. n ivs !d.
Mr lln'li.irdson moved tint the bill be tabled
K.i Ii mis m's motion wan negatived yeas (57,
v-i 'Hi. The bill was then ordered to bo en-'-
! for a third reading by a vole of t3 to
T.i" morning hour having expired, Mr Bennett
hpiI lue bill be reconsidered, with a view that
"i 'ht be kept as tho first business for to mor-
' 1 in "ning.
Mr Jon.'s, of Tennessee, raised the question,
Mit as the morning hour had expired this could
y a- uone, anc he claunea his own right to llie
' r t mike a motion.
The Speaker overruled the point, and said the
'' ' m iit now bo read a third time as tho House
Mr Jonos said the decision was arbitrary and
' ' Hum al.
1 Ii ' Speaker pronounced the gentleman out
' .ir.liT, mnj requested him to treat tlio chair
m'1 1 rei-pccL
Mr loiij appealed from tho decision of tho
C i nr. Imt the Houio sustained tlio Chair by a
V' rv l.irge majority.
Tiie bill was read a third timo and then pass
e l over.
The Speaker laid before the Houso a message
'''' the Tresideut of tho United States, encloa
'i? a note from tho Spanish Envoy Hxtraordina.
rv 'Hid Jlinister Plenipotentiary, asking indem
" ly for tho Spanish subjects, whose property
w is destroyed m tho opular turmoil at Now
Orleans, in August, growing out of tho Cuban
fTdirs. Tho Nlessage was referred to the Com
mittee on Foreign Mfairs. The House went
'"to Committee on tho Deficiency bill as return
ed from tho Senate with amendments.
Mr. Townsend said, in tho course of his
'peech, that ho had co-operated with and labor
"1 for tho Democratic party, when ho coulJ om
i'..'y it as an aront to obtain great ends, and
i"i y then ; the Democratic party did not own
"'Hi- Tho comnrnmiin measures were concert'
"! by Webster, sustained by Clay, and put
jiirougii Dy t-'illnioro and his administration.
He protected against tins stealing of Whig
timbers to make tho Democratic platform, and
'' regarded tlio resolution ot tho ueniocrauc
-onvi-ntion. in relation to tho comnromiso.
fpee, ,l plPC(, Gf ,mpllrienC0l nothing but a fraud
"id intended to humbug. In tho Convention ho
spiritedly onoosed tho Fui'itivo Slavo Law.
Mr Cf iddlmra frillnu-nil cnvinrrtlinl tlntll tho
U hig and Democratic parties had cast aside all
Principles heretofore in controversy. The con
test was therefore only for tho spoils. He then
examined the platforms of llioso two parlies, es
pecially those papers relating to the Couiproni
'se, and wished to know how Slavery agitation
was to be stopped j holding that it could not bo
accomplished, although It had been resolved
that it should bo done. Ho trampled those re
solves under his foot.
The two Conventions had better havo been
Jtlonding Sabbath school, instead of attempting
w iiiutato every tyrant from Nero to Nicholas.
laving passed the Fugitive Slavo Law under a
Eg, its friends dare not go beforo the people
with a defence, and henco they silence discus
"on. Ho said tho position ol tho freo Demo
crats was on tho Buffalo Vlatform, and that they
hold tlio balance of power, which they will
wield for tho benefit of human freedom.
He commhtcu roso and the House adjourned
Tnunsniy, Juuo2l.
Senate. The Senate took up a resolution
heretofore nfTerftil liv Mr. Undnrwnml. In nmend
the rules by allowing au amendment to a bill or
resolution to bo laid on the table without carry
ing with it tho original bill or resolution.
rho resolution was was rejected by a tie vote
Tho Sennto took up tho joint resolution, pro
vtding that a compendium of tho of the docu
ments accompanying thn I'rcsident'a Message,
bo prepared and furnished to Congress every
year. '
Alter debato by Messrs. Halo and Borland In
opposition, and Bradbury in favor, it was referred
to tho committee on printing.
A bill to revise, for n limited term, an net in
rolation to donations of land for certain purpos
es in tho stato of Arkansas was read the third
Housr.. Tho House proceeded to the consid
eration of Bennett's bill, appropriatinglund to all
the States for railroads and educational purposes
Mr. Gorman wished to bo heard in behalf of tho
Western States, s the bill proposed to appro
priate 00,000,000 ol acres, but ho was not crati
lied. Tho question on tho nassigo of the bill was
fought oil' until tho expiration of tho inornin-T
Tho Houso proceeded to the consideration of
tho Pennsylvania election case. H. B. Wright
contests tho seat of Henry M. Fuller. Tho re
port of the committee on elections concluded
with a resolution tint tho election at Danville
precinct, County of Mountour, in tho 1 1 th Con
gremional District of Pennsylvania, was illegal
ly and irregularly conducted, and that tho Boat
of tho member is vacated, nnd that tho Speaker
t-r inform the Governor of that Stato of tho decis
ion of tho Houso that a new election may bo or
dered. Mr. Ashe supported the action of tlio commit
tee. Mr. Fuller of Pa., obtained the floor, when, at
his request, the subject was postponed till to
morrow, Tho Houso went into committeo on the Senate
amendment to the deficiency bill. Mr. Horsford
mado a speech in advocacy of establisliinrr an
agricultural burioau, and in favor of the bill re
ported for tint purpose
Mr. Ashe, not willing to troilblo the House
with a speech, obtained leave to print One. The
committee roso, and the Houso adjourned.
FiutiAV, Juno 2fl.
Senate. The Chair presented a report from
tho Secretary of the Navy, nnswcring a resolu
tion calling for the amounts paid for printiti'' and
On motion the Senato went into executive
session for a short time.
In about fifteen minutes the doors were re-op
oned, and tho private calendar was taken up.
Some fifty adverse reports wcro taken up and
concurred in.
The Chair hid before the Senate a message
from the President of the United States, trans
mitting, in complianco with a resolution of the
Senate, copies of a Correspondence between tho
Slate Department nnd the American ( barge nt
Vienna, relative to the imprisonment of C. L.
Brace. The correpon.denCfi is voluminous.
The communication was referred and ordered
to be printed.
A motion to go into executive sexsion failed
for want of a qourum, and the Senate adjourned
till Monday.
House. Mr. Rood, the newly elected mem
ber from Maino, in the pluco of Lharles Andrews
deceased, hpjieared, and after being qilaiifiid,
took his neat.
The Houso then resumed the consideration of
Mr. Bennett's Iind Bill. The motion for a re
commits! was lost by yeas nays 101
Mr llissell, under the conviction that a full
roimidi-ration had not been given to the bill,
moved to table it. Derided in the n egative
yeas 7r. mys 10-1.
The then recurred on the passage of the bill,
when Mr. Savage moved a reconsideration of
tfrs vote just taken, by which the House refused
to recommit the bill to the committeo on public
l.nds '
Mr. Stevens of Georgis, movpd to lay that
motion mi the tablo. Decided in the affirmative
yeas 20(5, nays 72 Tho morning hour then
Air Stevens, of Georgia, inquired whether this
would not bo unfinished business for to morrow
The Speaker replied it would.
Mr. Slovens expressed a hope that the friends
of the bill would ail be in their placeo to-morrow
The House proceeded to the consideration of
the contested election case erum tho 1 1th district
of Pennsylvania.
Mr. Fuller, of Pennsylvania, moved that tho
contestant, II. B. Wright, be admitted to a seat
within tho bar, and have the privilege of being
heard. Agreed to.
Mr. Fuller then trxiko in vindication of his
right, and said that if he should claim a seat to
which ho was not entitled, he would deserve tho
derision nnd scorn of all honor j.ble men.
.Mr. Wright, the contestant replie , charging
fraud by the wings in order to defeat him in that
election. The subject was not concludod when
the House adjourned.
SATcnnAT, Juno 2C.
Sexvte. The Senate is not in eession.
Hot'sr.. The question being on the passage
of Mr Bennett's land bill Mr Sweetzer moved
an adjournment in order to obtain a quorum ; the
yeas and nays being demanded, wore taken, and
the motion lost.
Mr Mc.Mtillen gave notice that he should on
Monday next introduce a motion that tho liousu
hereafter meet at 1 1 o'clock.
The yeas nnd nays were then taken on tho
passage of the Land Bill, when it was passed,
Jo' to eO
.Mr Stevens of Georgia moved a reconsidera
tion of tho vote A motion to lay the motion up
on the table was carried.
Tho bill appropriates to Missouri 3,000,000
acres, to Alabama 200,000, to Iowa U,000,000, to
Michigan 2,500.000, to Wisconsin 1,500,000, to
Ijuisiana 2,.r00,000, Mississippi 2,000,000, to
Honda -J.l.UO.OUU, to A Kansas ;i,OUU,UUii, i.ali
forma 3,000,000, to Indiana all tho public land
not sold, located or reserved lying within her
limits and two million acres in addition thereto ;
and to each of the States of Maine, New Hamp
shire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Now York, New
Jersy, Pennsylvania, Delaware, South Carolina,
Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee
at tlio rato of 150,000 acres for each Senator
and Representative in the 32d Congress from
said States respectively ; and to each of tho or
ganized teritones and the district of Columbia
150,000 acres. The II States first named to
ennlv their share to tho construction of railroads,
and the remainder of tlio States and district of
Columbia aro to expend theirs for support of
The House resumed the censideration of the
Pennsy lvania contested election case. Mr Ham
ilton spoko in favor of vacating the seat held by
Mr Fuller, and Messrs. Davis of Massachusetts
and Toombs spoko against it. The debatu was
not concluded when the House adjourned.
Gen, ScotCs nomination endoned by President
Hllmore and Mr. Il'ebsler. A despatch from
Washington dated Juno '.'2d, to the Boston
Travoller, says: "A number of our citizens
with a band of music waited on Gen. Scott at
his lodgings last night, who appeared on tho
balcony and tnado a short address. Tho crowd
then, .visited Messrs. Fillmore, Manguni and
Webker, who. severally mado good humored
addresses. Messrs. Fillmore and Webster ex
pressed themselves' perfectly satisfied with the
notiiinations. Mr. Mauguui delivered a warm
eulogy on Gen Scott."
Cincinnati, June 22. Tho excitement a
mong our politician! on Saturday was very great,
and this morning it reached tho highest pitch
of excitement; but tho Whigs were agreeably
disappointed when the nomination of Gen. Scott
was announced. The selection seems to givo
universal satisfaction to tho Whigs in Ohio.
In New Jersey ono hundred guns were fired
on Monday evemnj at Newark, under tlio direc
tion oftho Whig General Committee, after the
news ol the nomination of Gen. Scott was re
In Klizabethtown, tho residence of Gen. Scott
the people were filled with enthusiasm. Tho
Church bells were rung, and there was a gener
al burst of rejoicing.
Tho Philadelphia North American states that
" the news of the nomination, by the Whig Con
vention, of General Winfield Scott, for tho Pres
idency of tho United States, w as received in that
city with a warm and universal enthusiasm. In
doors and out, far and near,but one vo ce seemed
to go up from the glad, excited hearts of all, and
expressed a proud satisfaction, that tho devoted
public services of long life, illustrated by deeds
reflecting imperishable glory upon the nation,
were about to bo rewarded with the highest meed
in the gift of a free and grateful people.
Whig Mcetlnrj at Northilclil.
Mb. lliUTnn, A meeting of tho Whigs of
Norlhfield was held on tho evening of Juno 20th.
Hon. Charles Paino was called to the chair and
Dr Samuel W. Thayer Jr. apiwlntod Secretary.
On taking tho chair, Gov. Pa.no addressed the
meeting in his usual brief, spirited and forcible
manner, expressing in tho stronccBt terms, his
approbation of tho nomination of Gen. Winfield
Scolt to tho office oftho Presidency nnd of W.
A. (iridium to tho Vice Presidency.
Tho meeting was nlso addressed by Hon. He
man Carpenter, after which tho follon mg resolu
lions wcro presented and iinammioiisly adopted.
limited. That wo do mot cordially ratify
tho nomination of Gen. Winfield Scott, for the
Presidency oftho United States, and of Win. A.
Graham for the Vice Presidency s and that wo
believe tho Whigs of tho Green Mountain State,
will cordially respond to to the nomination, by
giving a larger majority for the Whig electoral
ticket in November next than any other Stato in
the Union, in proportion to its number of votes.
Ilttolved, That thu nomination of Gen. Scott,
is tho more gratifying to the people of Vermont,
as he was the candidate voted for by tho delega
tion from this Stato at the nominating convention
at Harisburgh in 1810, und has been for a long
timo their first choice.
Ilttolved, That wo will sunnort tho Whirr
nominations for President and Vice President of
tho United htates, nnd uso all honorable moans
to secure their election.
Resolved, That the Whigs of tho Stato should
turn out en maste at the Whig State Convention
to bo held at Burlington on the 7th of July next ;
and that said convontion should bo a ratification
meeting as well as a convention to nominate
State officers.
After the passago of tho abovo resolutions, del
egates wore appointed to attend the District Con
vention to bo held at Middlebury on the 30th of
mis monin. nciegaies were also appointed to
attend the State Convontion at llurlingten on the
On motion of Mr Carpenter, a Town Commilte
ol ton were appointed, (ol which three shall con
stitute a quroum.) whose duties shall be to call
meetings, and transact whatever other business
may be thought necessary, to promote the inter
ests of the Whig Party, during tho opproaching
presidential campaign.
The Comuiitlue consists of tho following gen
tlemen : P. Belknap, H. L. Briggs, U. A. Webb,
II. Carpenter, L. Foster, D. P. King, W. II.
Loomis, A. G. Averill, Geo. Nichols, and T. C.
B. Thayer.
Perfect unanimity of feeling, and muchontliu
siasm, was manifested, and without " noiso or
smoke," tho meeting adjourned for four wecka.
SAMUKL W. TI1AYKR, Jn, Secretary.
KorlhJitU, June 2eth., 1852.
The Patriot and Post.
Our friend Birbor, corresponding editor of the
Brandon Post, occupies nearly four column of
that paper's last itsue in an attempt to " use up"
Major Kastman, of the Vermont Patriot. Ii
seems that the Post of the 27th of May, after set
ting forth, at length, the resolutions under which
it and tiioy had acted since the notable 31st of
.May, leMU. put certain pertinent inquiries to
Messrs. Dastman, Thomas and Cain, asking them
" how they could consistently support candidates
for President and Vice President who repudiate
and denounce the principle of those resolutions;
or how they could consistently ask other demo
crats to support such candidates ?" to which the
Major somen hat pertly replies. Why, Mr Uar
ber, do you : Ik of consistency to a. renegade
from the old democracy ? Consistency has ever
beep, and no doubt ever will be, tlranger than
fiction to that party, considered collectively or
individually. Powir not " consistency" is,
and has been its aim. You and the democracy
coalesced to beat the If'lu'gs. In that you have
failed. Why, then, complain of democrats who
are now trying to reinstate themselves in their
old pirty ranks ? Wo think you have tho beet
of tho argument ; yet, as to the result of this
quarrel, wo feel a degree of composure very
similor to that of the " old woman" during the
fight betwotn the bear and her husband, 7 We
General Conveutin of Vermont.
Castleton, Vt., June 17.
Editors Traveler: A rapid railroad flight
brought me to this village and to the warm-he irt
ted fellowship and hearty christian greeting' of n
large number of the friends of Zion. Since
those peaceful days of boyhood, when this quiet
and beautiful valley dreamad not of the whistle
and the rattle of thu cars, this pleasant village
has greatly advanced in all kinds of prosperity
and improvement, The Rutland and Whitehall
Hailroad passes through, and the Washington
and Troy Road forms a junction with either.
This has given great impulso to all kinds of en
terprise. There are large number of the Congregational
ministry of Vermont. An able sermon by Itov.
W. W. Thayer, recently of Lyndon, opened tho
session. The eiening of Tuesday was spent in
religious exercises, omoracing spirited and heart
stirring appeals by several pastors. Wednesday
morning wn occupied with the Vermont Sabbath
School Society. An able and deeply interesting
report vas persented by the Secretary, Bev. Mr
Wheeler of Brandon, followed by addresses, by
Key. II. B. Hooker of Massachusetts, and the
Secretary. It aptieared from the Report, that
about 11,000 scholars are undtr the care of the
Society. About throe hundred conversions havo
occurred during the past year.
The P. M. of Wednsday was occupied by the
anniversary of tho Vermont Home .Missionary
Society. Very effective addresses niado by Dr.
Coo of Now York, and Mr Worcester of Burling
ton. For thirty -four yean has this Society been
omployed in tins important work in this State
Its expenditure tho year, was $7,52(i, and income
l),1 17, leaving it somewhat in debt r itty-lour
missionaries are in its service.
The evening of Wednesday was occupied by
the anniversary of the Vermont Education Soci
ety. An able report was presented by Rev Mr
McKcan, tlio Secretary. Addresses were made
by several gcntlemun whoso names wcro nol
The Convention was to close its session Thurs
day P. M.
Happy it is for this beautiful and flourishing part
ol iew i.ngiana, urn it lias the labors ot such
men, a specimen of whom wero found in the del
egates composing this body. Men they aro of
good in many cases of the highest mental cul
tivation and large views, and ardent piety. In
connection with the servants of God ol other de
nominations, they aro adding moral beauty to
this part oftho land, already so distinguished for
lU magnificent natural scenery.
Delegates were present from Maino, .Mnsia
chusctts, Rhode Island, New School General As
sembly, and several other corresponding bodies.
Vorresponaent oj the Jraveller.
France. Tho Constitution of Paris publish
es an article which is said to have been written
by direction of Iouis Napoleon, threatening the
border constituencies ot JJcii'ium that it, on tho
tth of Juno next, when now elections are to be
mado on behalf of tho chamber of deputies, they
do not so voto as to displace tho present liberal
majority, r ranee, wmio aDstaining iropi tlio uso
of any armed force, will starve them by closing
her markets against their produce. The treaty
of commerce with Belgium expires on the 10th
of August. Franco will then have the power,
and, in tho event ol nuerai elections, ttio ton
stitutionel declares slio has the intention, to re
duce Belgian provinces by hostile tanfls to such
a deplorable state that they must of necessity
solicit as a favor that their neighbor may be
pleased to annex them to her dominions. The
writer further impresses upon tho Belgian poo
plo that if they only knew their own interests
they would desire annoxauou at an events, lie
mnundd them that for fifteen vcars thev btdnn
ed to France, observes that the Flemish part of
mo population lias a commercial sympauiy wiui
tho French, that the remainder aro naturally al
lied to them by community of language, an i us
serts that annexation to Franco would bo of un-
lucnso commercial advantage to Belgium, while
to Franco tho bonefit would be 'infinitely less.'
All tins oetrays a Hankering atler tieigiuin winch
must be anyuung out pleasing to Leopold.
Don't Like his Looks. A sheriff's officer' was
sent to executo a writ against a Quaker. On
arriving at the house, ho saw the Quakers wife
who in reply to the inquiry, whether her husband
was at homo, answered in tlio affirmative ; at the
same time roqueted bun to bo seated, and her
husband would bpeedily seo him. Tho officer
waited patiently some time, but the fair Quaker
ess coming into tlio room, ho reminded her of her
promise that no Miould seo her husband,
" Nay, friend, I promised that he would see
thee. He has scentlieo! Ho did not like thy
looks j therefore, ho avoided thee, and has leil
the house by another path."
Half Fare.
Persons wishing to nltend tho Statr Conven
tion, at Burlington, will be carried over
Railroad for faro one way.
Auburn Theological Seminary.
The anniversary exorcises of this Institution,!
commenced on Tuesday afternoon, Juno I5lh,
by a Rcrmoii beforo the Aluiuin, by Dr Joel Par
ker of Now York.
Wednesday at lO.'J M Prof. W. T. 11. Shedd
late oftho University of Vermont, was inaugura
ted as Prof, of Sacred Rhetoric nnd Pastoral
Theology. The subject of his address was Nat
ural Rhetoric, as distinguished from Artificial.
Ho dwelt particularly upon the importance of
ilccp thoughtaiid ardent piety, to the success of
tho pulpit orator. Tho Puritan Recorder says j
For clearness of thought, and simplicity of style,
wo have seldom hoard this address equalled.
Weather, 'c Fine, and a good deal of it
It is just about right neither too warm nor too
cold and stands thunder remarkably well
Corn is late, and grass light Farmers would do
well to sow corn for fodder, in every unoccupied
patch, and where the grass is dried up by the
drouth, or killed by tho severity of the last win
ter, Tho lato rains have put a now face upon
the fields, and hay may boa middling crop if not
cut too soon.
Y niTi.Mi School, Mn. Aiken, a teacher of
Penmanship, proposes to open n writihg school
in this village, this evening. As tins is a very,
important accomplishment to business men, and
as Mr. Aiken comes hero highly recommended
by several distinguished persons of Massachu
setts, wo hope ourcitfzens will rratromt him.
The school will bo held in the Academy. The
terms ore for ladies, $!, 0 ; gentlemen, $125.
A gold medal valued at $5 will be given to the
student that makes the most improvement during
tho term.
Hotels 'n .hc York. The New York Mirror
enumerates the new hotels going up in that city,
and estimates iliat they will accommodafo fivo
thousand perrons. And such is the immonseand
increasing travel to that groat centre, nnd such
tho expense of house-keeping, driving people to
the hotels and boarding houses, thai all thoso new
hotels will be full.
Vermont MnniCAi. Coui.eor. Tho Annua
Commencement exercines took place on tho Ifith
insL, which consisted of Vocal Music, nn address
by Judgo Collamer, conferring of Degrees), &.c.
Several young gentlemen who graduated, presen
ted claims for the honors of the Institution high
ly creditable. Tho class of graduates numbered
Teachers dissociation nf Vermont. The Sec
ond Annual Meeting of this Association is to be.
held at St. Johnsbury, commencing on Tuesday,
the I0M of.lugiut at U o'clock, A. M., and con
tinuing through the Thursday following.
By an arrangement itii the Superintendents
of the several Vermont Rail-Roads, those who
attend tho Convention, will be carried and re
turned for fiiro one teay. .1 return Card will be
furnished to Teachers and Visitors by tho Com
mittee of Arrangements.
Hospitable St. Johnsbury will givo a cordial
welcome to the Friends ot L'ducation.
1'ourth of July. Tho citizens of Bellows
Falls are uctively engaged in preparing for the
celebration on the Ilh. Hon. Asa Wctitworth,
Jr., has been chosen President ortheday. Gates
Perry, Jr., Chief Marshall. II. G. Parker, of
Greenfield, Mass., will deliver t$i" Oration.
Railroad Openinx- The Raehnd 4: Wash
ington Railroad was opened on the 2Slh and 2JtIi
It should be universally known for it is strict
ly true that indigestion is the parent of a large
proportion of the fatal diseases. Dysentary,
diarrhma, cholera morbus, liver complaint, and
many other diseases numerated in the city in
spector's weekly catalogue of deaths, are gener
ated by indigestion alone. Think of that dys
peptics ! think of it all who suffer from disord
ered stomachs, and if you aro willing to bo gui
ded by advice, fuundod upon experience, resort
at onco (don't delay a day) to Hoofland's Ger
man Bitters, prepared by Dr. C. M. Jackson,
which, as an alterative, curative, and tnvigorant,
stands alone and unapproached. General de
pot, 120 Arch street. Wo havo tried these Bit
ters, and know that they arc excellent for the
diseases spocified above Philadelphia City Hem.
The fourth of July is to bo celebrated in a
spirited manner, at Brandon. Odd Fellows
throughout tho State are invited to appear in full
regalia. J. E. Woodbndge, Esq., of Vergennes,
delivers the oration, and the Middlebury Brass
Hand is to discourse the music.
Jlotary Hoot Heels. One of tho oditors of the
Springfield Republican is wearing a pair or boots
with rotary heels ; and his heels, not his politics
rotate, like modern coalitions, in cither direction
It is said that Stephen A. Douglas, of Illinois,
intends to stump it, before the people in twenty-
eight states of the Union, during the presidential
G'eshire tlailroaiTUo freight receipts a
lone for the month of May show an increaso of
t-lOOQ over tlio rccoipts of last your.
Tho Now Hampshire Senate, on Friday night
last, laid the new Liquor bill, which had passed
the House, on tho tabic. It is said it will not
bo taken up again this session.
An old man was knocked down by an Irish
man, between Williamstown and Pownal, Vt,
on tho 12th inst., robbed of between CO and $70
and left for dead. He came to, afterwards, and
the Irishman was pursued and committed to Ben
nington, Vt., jail. He confesses his crime.
The amount received for tolls on all tho ca
nals of the Stato of New York, during the sec
ond week in Juno, was $UI,C5I, an increaso o
ver tho corresponding week of last yoar of $5,
431. A locomotive on tho Sandusky and Columbus
road ran off the track near Mount Vernon, kil
ling Mr. Stacy and severely injuring the engi
neer. Wo notice that no mention is tnado upon the
Vt. Central Railroad Card of a stage connecting
with tho cars, at Bethel, from Woodstock. Mr
Hillings has just put a new Coach on this route,
and passengers going north or coming from that
direction, will find that he can now " put tlicm
over the road"' in as good shape as it can bo done
anywhere else, in or out of Vermont. ,1ge,
(L7 Gov. Kossuth made a Farewell Address
beforo the Germans at tho Tabcrnaclo in New
York Juno 23rd. Tho speech waa received with
great enthusiasm.
Later from California.
The steamship Promelhrns, Cant. Graffam,
from Han Juan, arrived t New Yotk nt an early
hour Tuesday tho 22d. She loft San Juan del
Norto on the 12th, with 450 ttissenscrs, and
dales from San Francisco to May UHh threo
days later. Tho Prornothetu has $30,000 on
freight, and about $500,000 in the hand of pas
sengors. Tho news from California is of no importance.
A serious accident had occurred to Judge Hoff
man, by being thrown from his horse. It was
thought, however tluit ho would recover.
The steamer Pacific, connected with the I'm
motlicus, was detained at San Juan until tho
10th, owing to n strike for wages among tlio
firemen and coal-heavers
Provisions at the mines were very abundant,
and gold continued to bo gathered in immense
G. Ityckman. of Han Francisco, it was said
would reccivo tho appointment of Flour Inspec
tor. FnnM Sa.i Juan. On the 2d of Juno tlio
British war Bteamer Albion arrived nt San Juan
del Norto with the Admiral of the West India
Station, who notified tho authorities that tho
governments of Great Britain and tho United
States had agreed to guarantee the independence
of San Juan.
Com. Parker, of the Saranac, whom tho Brit
ish Commander expected to meet atGreytown,
had not nrrived, but there was no doubt of his
concurrence upon the part of his government
upon this subject.
The Commissioners had proceeded to Costa
Rica and Nicaragua, for the purpose of definito
ly settling the boundaries oftho territory of San
On the -1th of June, n party of American la
dies and gentlemen, en routo for California,
gave an entertainment at Greytown, for the pur
pose of celebrating the independence of Grey
town. Tho Mayor, Council and Judges, and
other functionaries, were invited.
From Chili. Dates from Valparaiso to May
15. The Reporter of that date says, the coun
try continues prosperous, and while civil war
threatens tho neighboring provinces of Ecuador
nnd Nueva Grenada, Chili remains a quiet Spec
tator, and every tiling follows in regular march.
The session opens on the 1st of next month,
whon we shall transmit to our readers the Presi
dent's Message, and any occurrence subsequent
Mr. J. W. Waddington has by decree of the
Supreme Government, been apoointed Minister
Of Finance, in tho room of D. G. Urmencta.
The Rail road has ceased to bo n doubtful or
visionary scheme. The Company was definitely
established on the 5th, and tho necessity of
giving nn impulse to the undertaking being "fully
appreciated, tho Government Directors have de
termined to commence operations forthwith, on
capital already subscribed, namely, two mil ions
for government account, and two millions by
Tho Telegraph is in operation to the Cuesta
del Prado, and it is expected it will bo finished
to St. Jago on the 1st of Juno.
Tho Whisrs of Addison County aro early in
the field with their nominations. All the incum
bents of last year were renominated, nnd will of
course be ro-clected. Tho most useful members
of the Senrto last vear.
ONT!lr.ll Bl'IKN I IKlC WOMJKtl !-lMrOUT.N T
Pr i. II. IIOUGIIT'IW I'KI'SI.V. The Tru Iir..ll.n
Fliixl, if flw.tnc Jim-p, i.rcpnr.-ri fri-m HU.VNF.T, ot th
F'll'll lll MT'lSIAi'll OK I 1115 OX. lArr djittitoM r
n.iim I 1 Rlllf, Ibe rr-ul I'llvmol leirnl I'hriDI.I, l J H.
llur;HTil.. II. IMiilnili lahu. 1 1ii. 1. 1, ul. a vondoi-
f.il rrnmljilu, I NIIKi hri I ION , 1 1 V-M'I.I'KI l.J.U'MIII K.
LIVUK CDJII'I.MM', i;ONl II' tn'lo.N, IIEllll.l.
I V. r.. ari.t I ri'Rt'.'l IHVN .METIIHlt. Ur ..
TUiU.'rld ' N AOIlNT.ilio IIAMTKU JI'U'H -mph-Icl.
t-o'itmiimy frrinnlihc l-fitlenci of iu vhIub furiiitbad liy
antl giaoi. 8eo notiro among ihe Uvdiral Atlvt-ni.u-mania
3J It,
Pot' Wool and C(innti') I'rixliico.
Hrp;lt4fr Iht H'attkmtt bil PRecitkat Wood, Cumnuntn
ir.rrAn.il. A-.. lt .Sfxf. I'-.....
"hiih. MoKD.r. Juki 28. 18S2.
ASHES Pots per 100 lbs. 4 67 a 5 00
rcarls, S 021 a : 7.
APPLES Dried, per lb. 7 a 8
BUTTER Very choice, per lb. 1(5 n 17
N. York &. Vt. Dairy, 15 a 10
Com. Dairy Ai Store, 13 a M
CHEESE Prime, per lb. 71 a 8
Fair, 5 a 7
GGC.S Per doy.an, a 1U
I' LOUIl GeneseoJdncy, pr ubl.4 50 a -I 75
do extra,
5 00
do common,
St. Louis, common,
do fancy,
do extra,
Ohio, common,
do fancy,
do oxtra.
Michigan, common,
do. fancy,
1 25
1 .17
4 75
a 4 S7
a 4 25
a 4 50
a 5. 50
a 4 25
n 4 50
a 5 00
a 4 25
a 4 50
a 4 25
1 (17
Canada, in bond,
common and fancy, 4 1 2
Rye Flour, 3 02!
Illicit wheat flour, lb. 2
1 20
2 50
Corn, Northern, bus.
Southern, yellow,
Southern white.
Wheat, western,
Rye, per 5(! lbs.
Oats, Northern, 32 lbs,
Oats, Eastern.
White Beans, per bus. 2 00
Teas, (Janada, tu
HOPS Per lb., 1st sort, 1851, 40
BEESWAX Yellow, porlb. 2S
PROVISIONS Beef, Wcbtem.
mess, per bbl. 12 00
Eastern mess, 12 00
Pork, ex clear,
Clear, 20 50
Mess, best,
Mess, & oilier brands,
17 00
14 00
21 00
20 50
10 50
1!) 00
18 50
Prime, 18 00
Lard, keg, lb. 12
Lard, bbl. lb. 10
Hams, Boston em'dl2
Western do.
Hogs, dressed,
POTATOES Per bushel,
STARCH Potatoe, per lb.
WOOL Domestic, Saxony
Fleeces, per lb. Cmos,
Full blood Merino,
i do do
4 do do
Pulled- extra.
Do Superfine,
Do No. 1
Do No 2
Wool Skins,
1 25
ASHES-Pots rather dull at SI 67! a $5.
Pearls in fair demand this week at $5 75.
HU'I'TER In conscquenco of the present
stato of tho market, wo adnso no more shi
ments for somo weeks, or till a favorable change.
There is for tlio season and demand an over
stock in market, and the weather being very
warm, prices aro low, parts ot many lots aro
damaged on its passage by the heat. In all
cases when sent should be in Ice Cars. Butter
in prime and extra grades 1G a 17c, in small lots
fair and common dairy 14 a 1 0, as to quality.
CHEESE Continues in good do maud from
a cc, lor tno best quality,
FLOUR. Prices aro
'rices aro pretty firm demand
quite limited
GRAIN Corn market dull. Oats in steady
demand at 43c for Northern. Rye fc3 a 85c.
PROVISIONS Pork is firm and pricca ad
vancing. Beef is scarce, prices aro per quota
tions. WOOL Tho past week very littlo has been
done in fleece or pulled. Some small parcels of
new clip are offering in market at reduced rates.
Wo hear of sales West at 22 a 33c extra lots
a shade more. Wo quote Vermont fleece at 28
a 33c ; extra Saxony fleeces 35 a 37!. The
prices as far oa wo aro able to learn are about
10 a 1 Ic less than last yea's rates.
ID cat I)
Ib Wa.laiorotand. N. II., June 16lh, Alary Add, wiTaof
Itaorr t-aly, and onl. daugblai el Labu Cbauibarliu v(
forafiel, Vl liidXI.
Ill Wuodinick, Juna SOtb vf AllchuiUl, John W. Hat
lifuok,f itewbaio, Ala, lu lhaS7tb faal ufhit aga.
Iu H..I,. ill., Jnu. 21, Mr Jolm data, a(aJ 7b rl-
niarij ui raacoam.
At PBuuinii.i. lll...n.ii,Mt I Ju.a Ifiib. bTeoQaUfnav
lion, UUa Kmily i , laublat of Ui F. I'.lkt, Kiq. ajad
lu I.andua. Ha. C'.ih. wliam Viab Hubbard, and 79.
Iu Klibjr, Juna II, Un i'baba M., fc ofHulllnauKaci.
uv, a.
la (Iroloii, Jaoa 14, viAoi Mate; llawaa, aged &5 yaaia,
wlfa oftha lata llaalal llawaf, l til. Johaabuij.
In Jvawbuij, Jua 13, Mr Tbomn Uunou,h, afaJ 74
jem ta13 uiimlL.
To nil Trndrrs in our Garden Seeds
mid illaniifafdirrs.
1, OH an ii.mIm ,, ,,a ,cB..rT toemtkm
rMleif, ftn A croon I lt.u.h '. ...
A fator l.i Ilia pul.llr ill !, fonfart.il br baal
rifliuna of Ibn ibi.nnlicoii ,l ,,,. ,,,
alo of V a rmont. 1
nil f-w
prinLd In th
r'AI.Ei! M liVi-n
rinn.M, N. II. JonaOW,1851. M
'Jill I. lit'teinM i of lb. WIIITi: R1VIJK HANK liaaa da
...... M . ,,,.lurnu ui iur par fan!., on thn capita! atufb
t ! day .Hutf "" "",kl Mou" l"
llftbfl, Juna 3.1, lavj
1. I TII.I)l:.V,Cailiirr.
Pure Cod Liver Oil.
wuilhlta., lint Infill; Injiillmia, Iroulilinj; thn dlcftlaa
(an., ni.il dHianiii,. ihn li,ilit.i fcnoomy. Tlia nu
arl'tle 1. ilit.tutite irnn nnu.Cftu. la. In nr lr. b, .l,i..!
1 ro otr,l and if airrlr dulm-ful Of th!. nalmn II, ..I.
'.""' w.ir.i.1. ma , tu on f rail hv him
JIISIlI'll lll'll.NBrT. 33T,Bmnnl tin.
Pure Precipitated Phosphate of
Limo :
nCCOMMnNtlF.il l l'., p,n. ,.! mbf,., i p
Urn l. I till I.IVl.ll ,, 1 her abnulJ tro bant
Jfparatnan.l mn.il l,n, nk., a. il, rolilurr Innr kr-pt
beeorara rffenrua. ffl.i.l phj.lria.na, who bay. Linn
ott or many rai.a Iraatrd wilhtln mlltmn, and arlth nil
Ti .i , '' 'opoil that in .nine calxa Ilia f fftct nf
... .... iiapa,ni rij .u,nnf inf imm, while Inntlicta thn
o lalona l.ra,..llH-n.lr,ol. It i, , .r,n ad.laihla to .m.
Noj n pbj.irtan in rnana whric ana il..nbt eii.ia. for
al by JO.IUI'II IIURM.TT, 33 Trnnionl How.
Caution !
COMTLAINTS liatrln rrat-.ad tba rroprlttm nt
Burnett's Cod LiVfir nil.
'!.'S. i1.". ,il V'.'r" ""' ,M h"r" l" 'mlOV'il, nd in 1 N
rr.Klfllc fill- a.ailan. .1 t... . . a
Il WMiU I-). net lull? mutton tho puMir HfiilnM itieh Im
itnlton -nil rcfnn th into oMrTf tht in Tutui a tho To J
t.ivt i I.I niaiHttarf h. ... .-Ill ... . 1. i . i i.
...... -""-I uur ujiun nio iiuni oi cicn
buttlt.ttia wriiun intiufA of
.... ... ".Lean in ma liar i una V 1 U IT) If rtfrlpflj OfJ
pf-nda U...,i iU(Miruy feni qtuhtr, purihat:ri ifcoai
mr.dr, to pforum it onlj frnm ilftrilef vloe cliimrter anil
ra-itiil ..I u .Ii I,,. - ... . J ....... ... ...
I U la, .....a...,. 1. ,1.. r .1 . . . a . .
J'""""- l' HTOUItS H.VJIiO.N.
50 DOZ
ff Vtarn'., All
rr',a.itian'.. Tall At Kin,t,.'l'.
ufac uri-r
uiaclure, lui aalu by ihr , , )w a, fthn Inn
a roans & i.a.nuuo.v
June 2M,
sctui:s, SCY I'll IS.S !
nlir. celeliraled Scjll,.., lunnuraciuir il by I'KKKINH.
I miHnr.Kt rrii.it v, rr ana by Kiailli. iiak
Kt;P.,.i,d VARHAKTl:il.
fry M" rcli.nl. lupplird al thn manufacturn'. pritn.
Jun SB, Bi
JUST rfi-ittl linui MirlitnriH, h ttpn tnrtnniit ol
Cni.r nn. I Wooil hcnl KOlKlMt CIIAIII.
tiicrlnn nnd Ituiitil I'oit DIMNti CIIAlUl.
CAM: AM " ntil) HBAi ,
- ami V kin.)' m
Children's CHAIRS,
iiiv ni,in, ol .''i.r-,t.
iJT AIai. imt trrair. d fr-iin .New V 1, W'lllrnv VK
una, lllutv (liutra, llnttiuia, LTilltlrrli a
llorkhii; o. Common c'linlra It Ii I ntilra
KrA ffi.aral .Morlmfnl if I.OOKI.Nti (If.AfrPKd and
foitiuntly on hunO
roe rail and nxjuuna befri' ittiiet.aii)3.
Monlpali-r, Juno 3n, lW 1-3 0l.
l)lHn.sr.s Ai:isi.n
FROM A DifOltl Klli:il I.IVF.r.
hon, i.MVAiiii i'ii.i-;!, kiu,i,m:.-h OH fll.OOl)
to Tin: ii bad, Acmii'i- or Tilt: STOMACH,. NAU
Bli , IIUAI1TUUKN, IllrOUHT 1'tlll KIOl), I'lILL
M HS, Oil WKltill'l In ilia 8 TO M A I'll, Ml U It
i i:hinu a'i 'i in; riT or thu
ami impi'icui.t
CATINd tl;NiA'lll)Na IVIir.N IN A l.VI.SO
in.roiu. tiii: nit;iiT, fi;vkii ami iihli.
suiiniiN ri.usiir.s or ntAT, nuitNiNo in the
anih;iii:ai' lii:eiii;.taioN of hpikith.
Can lie I'ltoctiinll)- ciu-cil ly
dr. in)()FLArsi)'s
CKL,KIIKATj:i) CnitMAN bittjoks,
raKP4REtl BT
At Tilt. (;i:il.M A.N MEIllCLNK STllKK.
1 tarn povrar wrer tba be dueasei t nwi txcallati, If
tqq4iietil y any omtr preparation in inn untied Mttie, a
ib rum ftVii, ia uianr ca.ea altai aaiiful ibyLCioa bad
1 h flitlitri art- worthy tha btientioa orinvalid. Put-
vitmr gral virlu- in the mr ihealion nf dliranf tb
Liter and Lcer cLid4, sivrcuinc Ihe tnt arcbn
w)Mia in woka and alitntiuna ol tiie Utgnalivu ufgkini,
loc io vMiiiai. 4f cercaiin htii pifainiii
Vtuit llie lluatloa te.
The editor il. Oer.li
Da. llooi laku'i CaLLiaTto (iBaMiiv BiTTChs for tlia
Cuie ui Liver Ouuipiint, Jiuiidlev, lijtild, Chruuic ot
.Norvou Debility, t ilivirfllt fine of lha inutl jiopuUr
iueUiciiM'1 of ho iUy. Tbe Jfiltara liava bwn ud ly
thouianda, and a frit nd at our elbow anjri hn hai hiuiaelf
iecf iveu uri etiveiual anil irnaiietit cure ol iurt i;ompuint
fiom llio mof i hi in.iy. We ara conTiocod that in the
ub ot thM liitlcra, ll'B patl1!!! comtanlly uiua atrenstb
and ifior, a Jtt wvrihy id great conideriion. 'I hay im
plea nl lo Ihe taita und imi-U, And cau be uivd by priona
wiili ho mutt delicate Htuithi Mitb ifely, un'( kuy
circuii-tiaitcr. V ara tukin from tiiiuct and tu
tba atQiclwd we adt ie iheir ua
hcott'd WreHy," oua ofiba bait Littrary piper pub
liibrd rfid. Au.
ur. iiouFLiMii' likHMtn uiTTxai, inanuiacturau ny
Dr. JactiaoD, ar ui w (soinnat oiad by aoiuo of th modi
iirtxiiiiiMUt Qifit.brs of iha Uculiy a an arliola ol much
oOicury lathe rate of ftiiuala weaknaaa. A aueb it the
hs Huuld advun all roothura tu obtum a boitle aiid
(hut BNve th;mlvea murh irlnfa. Irtena of drbilita
tod CtsntlllutluoM will ti id tbaia liiiif-r adtanta(aoua to
thru belib, a wo know from experim.e the aalutjry ef
fect they have uiton week ay lama "
1 ho IloiiaC. D. Uikclihk, Mayui of the city of Camdao,
N. J. aay :
UautLanoa fiiaMaff I.iitii We aveaer n mary flit
teilU Notieea of tbia medicine, and '.lie vouice iron) which
Ihey tame iiidyted ua la make inquiry reipvcting ila niema.
Klvui l(.Ulfy wo were .iUatled touaH, and tnutl aay
Mvfound it apacifio iu iu action ujoa ditoaaea of the liver
audilieaiiva ortaut. aaJ the powvrlul influeooai it tirrta
o)Mn uervoua i,-ualiailon u if ally auiMln), It caiiua and
tit'0iheaa tha nvivea, irit.fiiu themiulu u atate of tupono,
loakinf ) o, iffrcahm.
' 1 1 tbta lukdienie more gcuarally uadt we are aatii
lid there would Ue Jeaa i.ktie, aa tlm the ataniusb. aver
and uervoua avatcia the treat inuiorltv of ral and ii4j.iury
iliaaattoa euteiiale. Have ihfm m a bonlthy cuudittwu, id
you can bid dirllanre to enidntiiaa encrally- Tbia eitraur
dtnarv nivdicioe we would advtie our frivnda whu are at all
inriitnuaed, lo gir trial It will lecomtnvnd tlaU, tt
abouid in lact. be in t er Ua.il). No vihvr inediciuo can
pro 'uee aueb ettdnrei of merit.'
Lvtdance udou evidanee baa been reeeited (like the fore'
guio') from all dciiuu of the Uoioo tb yat thrre yvara,
nd tba birunvai leatiniotir in Ha lavor. la. that there la
fooie uf H uad lutbe pracj.ee J tba lobular pbiaiciaoa of
rbllade.ohia, lhan all othar (il(Uiua combined, a lct that
can eaatiy h eataDiiaooj, aui luity gloving tut a aciaounc
piaparaliun will meet Hb ilwir quiet upproial wbca pra-
aeiiiou etrn in u.u toini.
That tbia uedioine will cure Livi-r CumpUial and Dya
pepaia, no one can doubt elWr uiltig it aa dirctad Jt acta
apticiBeally uu the atumacti and liver It prefarable to
calomel iu all bllioua diatatbe tllvet ia immtdialt.-
They can be adu.iutaiMad to female or I u faint with aafcly
nd reliable baottii any lima.
They have the writua njnaiuie r i;. M. JACKiO.N
uoa the wrapper end hi uem blown Iu the Mtla, without
wbub tbur art ai'urioua,
Fur aala wholaiale and ratal! at the
Nu. 120 Aieb Hueet, one door be!o Siith, rhilad!ibia j
and by laapeelaMa de-ilei gaearally tkroufhoutthecoulilii
PltlOBS JtliDUOliU.
To analiil all claaaea at luralnla ta anjgj tba J mllf ai
l iL.ir ileal i.itur.lin. tiaia. .,.,.,.,
U'bolaaala Afanu ( In I anno tilt ...
It i.UIIAJ & tu, noston, niiiaa.
Aim. loll.la Lr d K LOl.l.l.NS, Muotixliar, Vl,
CIIAS. CHAPMAN, V ood.twok, Vl,
IIKNUV IVAKUN'r.ll, Wlndauf, Vt.
WAlll) ti. NOVKri, Hull oitoo, Vu
DANA 4. WKKKH, U.u.illa. Vl.
H.P. I'tCK, lluilmitoo, Vt.
wiiixt; ciui'i: uo.,
AGi.it aailatjr mil cii.ai.,1,1 KtlTII tt UiKhER.
' Jooa 1,1051.
' Cloths. Cassimeres,
V MKVl of
Doo Skins, Satin & Fancy Vst-
ingB, ) w m$ ,0"1 ecorr it rutut.
CHI I IS .,, ,tlf ,",., Ji.o-,.1.. of tV,,,':
Ion,.. It ,. Imrimt.nt i,ol onlf that Ibn oil .honl.l b, ,?,.
t".'.!1.'".! '"''""''I p.n..,. riom FP.MII and HF.AI.?" V
I.IYIKr. a. Ihi,t M-hii-li I. ii.i . u.,,.. i. . ' .
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at t aiijti
fm Uaa flat
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''B-w, . a94
And bit d.t. rmin.J nren eanaAf tanai ill a.a a,a ..J
d..pr n. llh nn,tM ., WB, ",. '
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fuitnm-m.d. andarartant.it i ..,.
banlnlb.h1hlt.fp,,ln ' ,VJL "
I hat a lara lot .r ..la ori ,m u
ihal It ret n B.-lon, eu g m
Irfdi-.' niack fc fol'd flAITKR BlVlTn '
Mln' Tbiek HOOTS . PIIOM i
m,)'a 'n.hida Kip .aj Calf HOOT ,
lloy'a Kip, Calf and rata nl I -a. I bar fllnrs.
Attorneys Ac CouttrJIIoro nt lnv,
Denlcrn In I.iunJ Wnrrnuu,
rtmciiASR rou cash ano rY
For 1C0 rr warrants IM
indna wiirantf will hn purebw Qer t9& Hra
liomftinad art by Con(r.
vt tunti aent Uf mall or tpf ptpr ft
b tmmtpiu p,M for r-tuiti niiil m 1
kl ork a iikkI varitit .f ,.u.m -h A't
for tclrriinft.
a ff
ii tin a a'ti h I.' i . a x iT
t-TOIlltaji. I.ANODON b... hiii iKft,a4 'to).
Votk t
DO p.. or llftlfa Iloljna,. of baaMlfnl atllaa,
lbJ l lellinf uf the lama in.l ly ikat loU fVat
(ii alSQ to 30c, now It 15 to SI
Jonn 31
CTOtiriS. l.AMlllONkaaa l.lrl, lawralbaj W
-J Votk nlam and He'd Tlnk l.a.n.. Abao, aW. Rnran.
flirm, lllur, t ,,ulj cola, ard lllark and tWf ra.n
m.d fa. I eolura, Ml - oa
I A II IKS' Kill and nn.mrlad l,ik, tIAITWl IKXiT.
J JKNNV l.INO HO..TH , J. I.iwl Klltim , 1
HLlPdall cu.tom mado and varraMad.
Spalding's Block, headol State Street
.Montpalla r, Jooa 1, I POT. H
Every Vnrlcly ofChildron'.'i .lioc,
jPldi?gy Utort. head of Shttt .SViv
Information Wantbd."-"""
I rKr-OMll:!! frnn, ,1,, r-r ln, - M '
N Vermwnl. on of alniut tlia Vi h H.mM, a akJ
RI'Kni:i, HTItMV, a iau.r, . h..t-.'4a la aa
am, ruled furm, liit, a full - r i iiallain flnaaala I
Haul Ktraw waa aema nil. at f afa.
Ibonvrrean an4 ill f , infatMrtl caaMaaavaf fcai
wil! Krnatlf quint tha fa.- laf a .1 aaaj ., aaat k taaM
nftha fi tanda ol tha miih,i.
1 IMIllir.l.H CMKNIK. fl. . Pa.
IValriburj, Juna ITin, ItVal M
CAHII paid fo, WOOLH, m OTT rtSI.
11 B. I
mm iii:i r. . m.i.-u, uhtunm,
' I 1 I.Y XMl'IIINJ-- Wi.RKia, rt,, b. - u
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- thf nlfl tit 'r " II hrm t'w4 Vr ft t 4. I t
or prpiauif , oftSr w-tiat
--r X 9
xiayiw: We tbo,
a nt ittbar
nnd tat Hndav i'i ia
'I'M i)Mt IP Ihe Wm
hkaolifail airuMaawea. uf tb
at 1 i nt 1-4 ale ai f i ppmt
which, i aa i wall kawi u
pratelbr the a gala
- ax tam aaiae wita 4ij m
The pnariHal featete in ifcM al ui mmi
inj water, ita dertttlity e4 axe taokeiwe fyntt n -a
uar. i anaii ve ei in t. mr
a abort Mm, whare e b i
wbrei. iliawlosa, Ae . aed all
tVitar whaeja and fwill wte trii , artUte g-af aaaJway
riven. We mapurapiorr all ai4 m
cuuntrv mtlla t furbish kafttea.. t mnrnt. Xm
All latlari addraaiert t the a t M.
J9 prompily attved' i
Agent for UT.LLIMJ-I.V l t H.Vf tVft
Oflne i Uoarea, A It. Htf Man
June 13.
New Hanipshiro Wodical Insti
IMIF. KirrV-SIXTII t'OI'RjiK ir I.RKT"Wl -.-t
a ennima -ea on '1'hur.nar, Awgai.t IMa, ML font m
tlnua fouilun t,l, ,atriMM.f Uxnww afr !..
I'llELIM. at 4 P. HI.
linn. JOLLPAKKKIl, I.. U H, Tnf f III.. I
him citnsnr, m. n i'.rM. (., i.M.
and di.aa.. a nf wnmtn and aolharM
Al.lir.KT SMITH, . fr,r,mm,
Materia -Madiea.
KIlVVAItll K. PI1FI.PH, M tl, ratnwrf IS...-.
Mndicina and Palhnlof at Aftaaaaftf
i.iijiu.ili u. rKAM.crc, Jl. II rwaVaaaa 1 -aaf
od I n.ainlof .
HAMUEl, IV. BOIincm A. R
tlaajaaaatalaa mt 4a
Kan. nayal,la In adraaaa.
NV ntu raiaaaW ral.u a.
i.a.iai. nun-itri,
Faaa fat tho com.. $'). iUtrtaallUaM tt Saaalaia't
.ip.a... JIS.
r. R ritASticr .,
Ilaaoaar. N. II., Juan 1, laM. B
T UK auUrr'tiera otfrfe H uaear 'alHt
nleaaaaily aaatted ua Warrant kft WH
mad leaiilGf iron Varr i UeMieM, m
tatniep about IW 4 aM Hea t
known Iu be etjecl im say I Vft&t&t
(.'ouBtv fvr alawk er I'ttaaa. aawt la - "
upptied with water from litiaar 'irtfa It Umm&t
eicellent orchard of rtilid fran, a4 a woaa M aajUail
fifty acrea, a t t of wbl it kaavdaMaMa aaavea) tnirijHjwi
Haul Faiw willb aoid ai e iigam. 4 ey vaWa
wiihing to purehaae a ;kmI Uim ia iotJ t eaat el
the premiaaa nreviuua to puicbainf UewVea.
J. A. u DMMac,
Warren, Juoe 13, U51 tla
than at ana olh.r maaufaaio,. in iaa ftala af VillW.
Spalding's Mock, head of Stale Strut,
Farmers who know their Intereat
And buj ll.air THICK llll TH, ilnaj.1 aa, laimanalr
and waliautaJ, for U1S I' ,!. .ad KN rfcMa.aMXSo
aola and vkairantad lur 1 ,'tt
Spalding's Jilock, head of State Street.
Ynik. with Iota of New I'Mitac.
rrtcea per cent leaa than a tneat h seal mm aaaaaV
or it, U.. HM'K fed . LANUPwWe
Juoa h. aa
150 Now Bonnets Si Ribbons.
I AV; fut rareive) frum
VmI a Maa
a a and eheepeai lot or H
NNk.fl Ju. tliatiUMe4ftea
been brmight into Moopeli
Jun. M.
I tin - au.
New Silk & Lace Edgings,
WTt'ltUH It. 1.AM1IM N bavo the very im. Hmti
for Uiaaea -vcr bruojbi imo ihi aMkti, l.ta
for TUioiolug VltHcf, aVo.
.rune n
100 Vti. iKW IMtlMTS
SOU E uf Ihnu iUddai colui i al : I U 4 "Mil I
1000 BAG'S SALT.
Ol'TIIATCilKllltc'O.Nn. il..rt.l. . a ttd t. ft t
la.a thau can ti. rot try Iha Ival av. ft.. lUawaaV
Juna II.
niuuaa Ob U4,luuv,i,
N part ju.l tac.laad fiuia Canad ,, and ao tmttlttm
cnaanvr luau can ua pioourau nwa ana aaaiaaa.
BTOUUrt 4. LA.MilHfcl,
Juna It.
In niciinituss Goiiut. auk m" vrrtnto
AT KCIlllaV Blltl-f,
Juua 13, 1SW. ii
j U8T RECEIVE, .1 .. '-SKSTa'SKtEir
Juna JS. M
O DOZEN M1W I'ATTI'.UNB. aom ar; a ja,
. racalntd t low prtcai.
Juan 15. aj
OK UICll UllillONtf, MW fcaaJ al
' kl.lTll I
Judo 15.
8000 LBS. WHlTia LEAD,
500 Gals.'Liaiaed OIL,
IORialalxlow IbgnitUl, . HTOSU A USN(.
' Mi 17.
mt0 t ft. -m
aal "mM
ale atMM 4 r-e

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