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ItY i:. V. Xl'AUTOX.
" lit lhal by the Do would thrive
lllmtetfmu.t mini mold or mill."
Farmers' Calendar for July.
When the dayllng If III hi head
All It cladlngoMen hue)
rieetant I I1t flowery ineatl,
Whllt Ihe tun eahalea the dew.
link I the mower whale the teylhe!
flea thegiatt before Um fill I
Now to lunch ha healene blithe.
To the thelletlng Itted will I
" I went by the field of the slothful, am'
lo, it was nil grown over with needs ;" and
then 1 went on to the field of the industrv
pus and frugal, anil lichold, the cultivator
had passed lictvvccn the rocs of the waving
corn, and the hands and tlio hoc had cleared
o(T the weeds, and the field was clean and
beautiful to the eye of the husbandman and
the traveller I What an amazing difference
between the field and the mind of the
plothful and the industrious farmer 1 With
the one every thing is "out at tho elbows j"
with the other, all is thrift and order and
neatness and prospcrty. July is the month
to ply the hoc and swing tho scythe. At'
tend to the meadow and the corn-field, and
see that neither the potatoe patch nor the
corn, nor the wheat, nor the oat field is ncg
lectcd. Attend to hay-making, and sec to
it that every thing on the farm that can be
converted into fodder is carefully cured
and saved as a defence against long winters
and short crops. lhick and Brindlc will
thank you by their looks if not by their
smiles. A man of energy will make the
most of every hour, and secure his hay
while the sun shines ; one of an opposite
character lounges away his time and suf
fers his hay to be caught in the rain and
half-spoiled ; or if the latter should have
the good fortune of the continuance of dry
weather his hay will he a week longer in
the field than his neighbors, and all its sap
and sweetness dried up by the sun. Come,
neighbor Jenkins, we must be on the ulcrt
among our men, and give our personal ev
ample and attendance. Better say " come'
than "go." A soft and encouraging word
is better than the threat or the bottle. He
brisk among the hay and sec that it is
well spread, stirred often, cocked up at
night and opened, in the morning it until it
is sweet and savory to the cattle as green lea
to a lady's pallet. Cutting down hay in n
hurry, and carting it into the barn before
it is half cured, is poor economy, and pro
vokes the cattle to waste their fodder, and
is quile apt to give tliem a cough.
J hose who cram their bams full of half-
made hay are sure to " pay dear for the
whistle." Please wake up, neighbor Drow
sy ! i our field is dicssed out in all the
pride of a modem dandy if jour yellow
weed is not cut in the blow 'tis lost.
llih gleaming now Hie aunditplija,
Ilia nnveiled face, end routa a blato
Of light and heat on eiery baud
To watm the earth and nerve the hand.
Again we say take heed and not drink
too much cold water. Dear Margaret,
give us a drii.k of sweet and wholesome
beer, and we'll away again to the field, the
scythe, the rake and the fork. Huzza for
tho Hay-Cart, the Plow and the Hoc, and
the Fourth of July !
Tho Canadian Agricultural Fair is to
take place at Toronto Canada East from
thu 21st to the 24th of September. The
prizes to bo awarded will reach G,000,
besides the annual prize of 125 for the
best bushel of wheat, and $'150 for the
best horse, 19 hands high well topped,
round in the barrel and deep in tho chest,
having weight proportioned to the size
and a good traveler. The Canadians are
determined to improve their breed of
horses. To do so they must introduce
the Morgan and the Mack Hawk.
Horace Mann on Labor.
' It was not the design of Providence
that the work of the world should be
performed by muscular strength. God
has filled the earth nnd imbued the ele
ments with energies of greater power
than that of nil the inhabitants of u
thousand planets like ours. Whence
come our necessaries and our luxuries?
those comforts and appliances that make
the diflercncc between n houseless, wan
tiering tribe of Indians in the Far West,
nnd u New England village ? They do
not come wholly or principally from the
original, unassisted strength of tho hu
man arm, but from the employment,
through intelligence nnd skill, of those
grcut naturul forces, with which the
, ;r., r., 1 i II I .
uuuuiuui uicutur ims iincu every pari oi
the Universe. Caloric, uravitation. ex
pansibility, comprchcnsibility, electricity,
chemical affinities and repulsions, spon
taneous velocities these arc tho mighty
.ugents which tho intellect of man har
nesses to the car of improvement. The
npp hcation of water, and wind and steam
frt tlin nrnnnlcirin sit ittnnbutn... 1 r
to the propulsion of machinery, and to
the transportation of men nnd merchand
ise from place to place, has added ten
thousand fold to tho actual products of
human industry. How small the wheel
which the stoutest laborer can turn, and
how soon will ho bo weary. Compare
litis with a wheel driving a thousand
spindles and looms, which u stream of
water can turn and never tire. A loco
motive will tako five hundred men, nnd
bear them on their journey hundreds of
miles a day. Look at these samo fivo
hundred men, starting from the same
point and attempting tho same distance
with all tho pedestrian's or tho equestri
an's toil and tardiness. The cotton mills
of Massachusetts will turn out more cloth
in one day than have been manufactured
by all the inhabitants of tho Eastern con
tinent duiiiig the tenth century. On an
element which in ancient timo was sup
posed to be exclusively within the con
trol of the gods, and where it was deem
ed impious for human power to intrude,
even there the gigantic forces of nature,
which human science nnd skill have en
listed in their service, confront and over
come the raging of the elements breast
ing tempests and tides, escaping reef
and Ice shores, and careering triumphant
around tho globe. Tho velocity of winds,
the weight of water, ntul the rage ol
steam, nre powers, each one of which
is infinitely stronger than all the nations
anil races of mankind, where it nil gath
ered into a single nrm. And nil these
encriiies nro mvon us on one condition
the condition of intelligence that is, of
' Had God intended that tho work of
tho world should be done by human
bones and sinews, ho would have given
us nnnnn as solid nnd strong as the shaft
ol n steam engine ; and ctmblod us to
land day nnd night, and turn the cranks
of n steamship while sailing to Liverpool
or Calcutta. Had God designed the
human muscles to do the work of the
world) then, instead of tho ingredients of
gun-powder or gun-cotton, nnd the ex
pansive force of heat, he would have
given us hands which could take a gran
ite quarry nnd break its solid acres into
suitable nnd symmetrical blocks us easi
ly as wo now open an orange. Had he
intended us for bearing burdens, he
would have given us Atlantcnn shoulders,
by which wu could carry tho vast freights
of railroad cars and steamships, asa por
ter carries his pack. He would have giv
en us lungs by which we could blow fleets
before us ; and wings to sweep over the
ocean wastes. Hut, instead of iron arms,
and Atl.iiitcuii shoulders, and the lungs
of Boreas, he has given us a mind, ti soul,
a capacity for acquiring knowledge, nnd
thus of appropriating nil these energies
of nature to our own use. Instead of
telescope and microscopic eyes he has
given us power lo invent tho telescope
and microscope. Instead of ten then-
sand fingers, he has given us genius in
ventive ol the power-loom and printing
press. ithout n cultivated intellect
man is among the weakest of nil the
dynamical forces of nature : with n cul
tivatcd intellect he commands them all."
Tricks of Animals.
In brenking or managing n hor.'c
however intractable or stubborn his tetn
per ma) bo, preserve your own. Almost
every fault the brute lias arises from i
nornnce. Ro patient with him ; tench
him and coax him, nnd success in time
is certain. There arc tricks, however,
which ore the result of confirmed habit
or viciousness, and these sometimes re
quire a diflurcnt treatment. A horse
accustomed to starling and running
away, may no cilectually cured, by out
img mm to tne top ol lus speed on such
occasions, mid running till piotty tlmr
oughly exhausted.
A horse that had a trick of nullinc his
urime anil meaning it, was at last redu
ced to better habits by tying him tiditly
to a stake driven on tho bank of n deep
stituiij, v 1 1 1 1 ins inn pointing to tne wa
ter ; lie commenced pulling at the baiter.
which suddenly parted ; over the bank
he tumbled, and, after n somerset or two.
and tloundcring awhile in the water, he
wns satisfied to remain at his post in fu
turc, and break no more bridles.
A ram has been cured of buntting at
everytuing and everybody, by placing
nn unresisting elligy in a similar posi-
uon ; me sudden assault on a wnitr. i nv
then resulted in tumbliiiL' his railishin
into a cold bath, which his improved
manners took good care to avoid in fu
A sheep killing dog has boon made
too much ashamed ever to look a sheep
in tne lace, by tying his hind leg to n
stout ram on the brow of a hill, while
the flock were quietly feedim: nt the
Doiiom. me ram beintr free, nnd in
hnsle to rejoin his friends, tumbled and
thumped Master Tray so sadly over the
stones and gulhcs, that he was quite sat-
isueo to contino himseir to cooked mut
ton hereafter.
Man's reason was uiven him to con.
trol tho beasts of the field and birds
of the air," by other means than force.
fl he will bring this into nlnv. ho will
have no difficulty in meeting and over
coming every emergency of perverse in
stinct or bad habit in the dumb thing,
uy hisstiperior cunning American Ae.
Cultivation- of the Huta Hao v ami
Belgian Caiiuot. The arcunienl is
frequently urged on tho oart of farmers.
that the labor and attention required for
root crops arc quite too great, for the
prices that uro obtained for beef nnd
mutton. Now, this is a very casv mode
of disposing of a question, that requires
something more than mere assertion to
convince u man who has rcricatedlv
found by practical experiments, that no
uranch ol farming will afford n better
profit than cither ruta baga or field car
rots, when grown upon suitable soil, and
subjected to a cirnfnl fii'elniii rf j.iilinr.1
J . "i fuiiuiu
adapted to those crops. What these
peculiar conditions are, it might not be
improper to somewhat carefully exam
ine. It js useless to plant ruta bagas on
nny other than a rich soil, which has
been brought into the finest tilth by fre
quent plowing? and harrowings ; and to
'secure n speedy growth of nlants well
. '
icrn.enieu utirn-yaru and stable manure
should bo applied ot tho rale of iwcnty-
fivo two horse wagon loads per acre.
The manuro should bo plowed under,
the ground then should be harrowed,
and tho next thing to be done is the
forming ol the drills with n plow, which
should be two feet apart from center to
center. Tho seed should be sown with
a drilling machine, to bo constructed
peculiarly for tho crop, and nt least one
nnd a half pounds per aero of seed should
be sown, in all locations whore tho tur
nip fly is abundant, and is liable to be
very destructive on tho nlants. and
where these, or other equally baneful
niseis no not prevail, one hair of the
above quantity of seed will bo sufficient.
As soon as tho plants put forth four
leaves, an expanding and contracting
steel tooth cultivator should be passed
through tho rows levelling down I he
drills, nnd so set that tho teeth will work
close to the plant without destroying any
of them. Tho hand hoe then must be
used to cut out the weeds and partially
thin tho plants, A shovel plow must
then bo used, and by passing it down
between each row, tho drills will be
brought back to tliier original shape, and
fine fresh soil thrown up closo to the
young turnips. In (ho course of thrcoj
weeks, weeds will oguiii moku their ap
pearance, and lo destroy them, the steel
tooth expanding cultivator must boused
ns before, followed by another hand-hoe
ing and thinning, and the shovel plow
may bo used tho second time to form
tho drills. This may bo repeated tho
third time, with advantage in some
cases, but ordinarily twice will secure,
on moderately suitable soil, from GOO to
SOU bushels of ruta bagas per acre. The
period for sowing very maticrally differs,
depending much on tho latitude, hut as
a general thing tho month ot Juno is the
most suitable, commencing the first of
tho month in high northern latitudes
nnd ending tho last, in latitude forty,
which is ns low ns thu plant can bo
profitably grown, in consequence of its
liability to form a great top nnd small
roots much south of this parallel. Wo
have repeatedly given out our ruta bagn
crop lo bo hoed and horse hoed by the
season at fivo dollars per ocrc, including
llirco dressings and thinnings in the
manner described. As the work wns
done by experienced hands, good wages
were made, but uninitiated hands under
taking the management of the turnip
crop, nnd conducting their operations
upon a scale that would secure a full
trup, woiini require seven or cigni dol
lars per aero inclusive of board. This
item of expense of course docs not in
clude plowing, manuring, harrowing,
forming drills, seed nnd seeding, nil of
which added would bring tho co3t of an
acre of ruta biigus up to twenty dollars,
nnd affording a crop of at least f00 and
possibly 1000 buscels, worth for feeding
stock, nt least I2j cents per bushel.
The management of land for tho Hoi-
ginn carrot, is very similar to what is re
quired for the rutu baga, the former re
quiring, however, a much dcoper and
liner soil, and the plants in tho rows
need not bo thinned quite so wide, but
in nil otner respects the treatment may
uc mo same, 'i no carrot will answer
for a more southerly latitude, nnd the
young plants aro very seldom damaged
by insects. It also ields a heavier re
turn, and 1,01)0 bashols per nereis a
common crop
Fix Youn Mini). Lay it down as n
sound maxim Nothing can bo nceoin-
piisneti wiiuoui n ii.xeu purpose n con
centration of mind nnd energy. What
ever you attempt to do, whether it bo
the writing of an essay, or whittling ofn
plug, let it be done ns well as you can do
it. It uns this habit made Frnnklm and
Newton, nnd hundreds whose labors
hno been of iincalculnblo servico to
mankind. Fix your mind closely nnd
intently on what you undertake in no
other way can you have a reasonable
hope of success. An energy that does
in a day is good for nothing, nn hour's
fixed attention will never avail. The
heavens were not measured in n day.
The inventions tint bless mankind were
not the result ofn few uioncni's thought
and investigation. A life timo has oltcn
been given to n single object. If you,
then, have a desire to bless your species
or to get to yourself n gloiious name, fix
your mind upon tho object und the means
of accomplishing it and prosecute it with
energy and perseverance.
.Stealing Fmjit. One of the best for
the prosperity of the country is planting
plenty of fine fruit ; the incentives nre
henyy crops of delicious luxuries ; the
discouragements are firo blight, black
knot, caterpillars, borers, yellows, cherry
birds, and bud culture, and when nil
these have been surmounted thou comes
the friiii-lhief for plunder. Somo have
endeavored to plant enough for nil ; the
result has been that the thieves have
taken tho very best, the first pick, and
loll the rest for the owner. Where they
cannot got good fruit, however, they
will take bad, wretchedly bad, rather
than loso their booty. Tho Prairie
Karmer says, " We nro colled on yearly
to mourn the loss of some villainously
hnrd green winter npplos, poached in
August." Ho fcoems to feel some ap
prehensions, that they may get the chol
era. The Baldwin Apple at tub West.
Wo observe a statement in the Mich
igan Farmer, oil the authority of James
Dougal, a skillful fruit raiser in Canai'a,
near Detroit, that the liability of the
Baldwin lo rot, may be counteracted or
avoided by gathering two weeks bnfore
ripening; and that it will then possess
fully those good qualities to which it is
indebted for its popularity in its native
Some fruits attain perfection when ri
pened on the tree ; nnd others nre sure
to he spoiled if left till that period. This
mailer is becoming understood by good
culturisls. Some good sorts have been
denounced as worthless by those who
have not been nwaro of the treatment
they require the Ribston Pippin for ex
ample, which, except far north, must be
picked before lully mature.
Arrr.E Market. Some fear the ap
ple niarKci will uegiutteii, allliougli pop
ulation and facilities for transportation
arc rapidly increasing, and the economy
of using fruit becoming better under
stood. 1 lie Iicv hngland Farmer says,
"A gentleman in New Hampshire in
forms us that when his orchard came in
to bearing somo 30 years ago, the best
market ho found for his apples was at
Harlland. This year ho refuses 425
for the products of an acre and three
forths, to be taken on the trees." The
editor estimates about 2000, families in
Massachusetts. and five barrels, vcarlv
for home consumption in that state, far
exceeding the amount now raised and
saying nothing about exportation.
A philosopher was onco questioned
how he could prove tho existence of God ?
' Why" unswered he, " by opening
my eyes God is seen everywhere in
the growth of the grass, and in tho move
ments of the stars, in the warbling of the
lark, and in the thunders ol heaven."
Persevere in every thing that on en
lightened conscience tells you is honest
and right, nnd you need not fear the result.
Dr.smonNn Mildew. Marshall 1'.
Vit.rEn, in a communication of tho
Journal of Agriculture, speaking of mil
dew on grapes, green liouso plants, nnd
elsewhere, says. " We have for more
than fifteen years used sulphur for this
purpose, nnd in no instance hns it failed
to cfTcct n speedy cure. We onco know
an instance where mildow, in tho space
of n few days, would spread its sporules
over a large rose-hotiso destroying nearly
all the foliage of tho plants, and this, by
the use of sulphur spread on the walks
and over tho plants, was extirpated in a
short period."
Iiin.uin Manukb run Fiiuit Turks.
A correspondent of Monro's New
Yorker, strongly recomcnils from his
own experience, the application of thu
liquid portions of manure, which nro
commonly wasted, to fruit trees, more
especially in very dry weather, and to
those, which have begun to bo injured
by drouth. He digs a cavity round tho
tree, pours in thu odorous liquid, nnd
immediately replaces tho earth. " An
extraordinary growth immediately com
mences, nnd shoots nre forced out in a
a few weeks truly astonishing both in
length nnd size."
Son n suds ha finds
good ; but not nt all equal to liquid man-
Hy the Census Report, wc learn that
the following nro the agricultural produc
tions of tho United Stntes : Acres of
land improved, 112,012,000; value of
farming ulonsils, 151,820,273 ; live
stock, 552,705.238 ; bushels of wheat,
101,790.237 ; do, Indian corn, 59I.5SG
530; tobacco, (lbs) 1 99,532,., 9-1 ; gin
and cotton, bales, -MO lbs,, each 2,-175-2M;wool,
(lbs.) 52,122,797; wine,
(gals.) 111,295; butter, (lbs.) 3 12,202
26G; cheese, (lbs.) 103,18.1,535 ; hay,
(tons) i;5,G0i,381 ; hcuip, dew-rotted,
(tons) G2,lh2 ; do, water-rotted, 13,059 ;
flax-seed, (bu.) 507,7-19 ; maple sugar,
(lbs ) 32,759,2G'J ; cane do., (hhds.)
318,-1G7; home-made manufactures,
I should not think the man sound nt
heart against whom the world has not
something to say ; for some ouo always
speaks ill against n good patriot, u lover
of freedom and nn honorable man.
Horace Walpolo says, " In my youth
I thought of writing ii satire on mniikintl,
hut in my age I think I should write an
apology for them."
The upright, energetic business mnn
makes tho entire circle in which ho
moves pleasant, agreeable, delightful.
Now Tailoring
Over Uirtoian Repository Ollice,
Mult; MriTl, XotitprlicY, VI.
fp!l B tubucriiivr wiibld rtttper tfmly mtuounce to Ihe CtU
I linot MotitfHttiM, tinntyt tlmt he h fremiti?
ftllft up toomi ttV)? where lid if Drnartd to iiM-uta
II ok in tit Into ol hi Uuihmi, in the vtty bel matnicr
and tn Its
Tho ft wuhtfif lo g lll.eir w-Mtk ilnne in tl tl wurhmin
f.lktt nl, would . to site tinri a rn t. be n ru6-
Jnt that he niniioi' Uil to run the moil folltjfu. All
wrl uon- in trio it (Juratl- manner nl watrtiilt-d to fit.
Wat cutis JKWioLifY!
1 1 ,. lll.H'M 1.1) Ills 1UIMM- Of
Iti!siiios, from .liuin street lo
i:. I. Walton's ICiiildiu, on
AIUOINIM; n II MIVKV'M r-ll'iK r- 1()RK
i;iWlnr i rille.l to (lie .t ti ll.mifig with N KW c; (11)18
v- direct frum tl.r tiiy, anil ,nu ran lin.l al my i'lace,
;oi.i A SII.VCK
mtraal plamy. CLOCK that run Irom ma dij o ona
Bomb, .aria aloel ol 111! II JK I'.I.KV. .Ml ainila Mil
VKI1 eroO.!-ri.VI CI) dn.-Taa aad CoATta
Uaae Iliahea, t.old and Hilver Turahlea Hold and htltar
riiM-cl.tl-r , J.)ld Kub, .i and iuard Chaina, Cullrlj.
II u no I loatrnnaanta, K.nrjr Ua4i, Hala Viol aad fiddla
latnaj., Ilowa, tec, Labm rrrfuanerj'. Ilulr Oil, beat
kind, ii; ofwhieb wa vnllaall at pneaa tlal will uluaia
03-l,tfdiaa and f!anllmen plaaaa atari in and Inalk at nor
(touda and aati.ly junrreltea. Wo ara bound tn tall Cauda
nt tli vary Luteal prima
repaired at .hurt nonce and warranted.
My ao, Juha r. Abbut, fjr Ihn future tukea charge of my
work. He la well qmhrWd la eel Jel, and make tbt
moil difficult parla of any kind cl Watch nod tapl.ee aa
luodaa new (rieoled ty Haute.) Particular attention
paid lo Watrhee
N. II. We hare aoarrai(ed our huameei. In loanrellon
with the Wholesale Dealera mthe rn th.it i.ni.l.
at (hart notice Watch iloreraerite to aider, and jet Item
caaad with II..IJ or direr, .rceably lo any pattern, with
Geld or white dila.
Tl aealew Nice ll'J.VTINR WATI'IIKS n hand
andahall hate an additional eiipnU, dlree from IrfraHlon,
which 1 line ordered cipreatly fur toy own trade An ei
tr ertirla and will rnoie cheap.
January (3
Cyrus W. Field & Co.
No. 11 Cliff Street,
are sole ul,'ch( in tin- t'niied .Slates,
Muapratt'a Superior Rleachta; Powder.
Victoria Slilta L'el.biated U'lttiiij I'aucra.
ltu..ell Huperior
lieuneaaee 11 " I'ttniini '
lialiiiatrtoni Fn;lih Tiaaue "
tluwati 4t Uo'e Fnisliah and fealch Wliticj do.
I hey are alan Afenta for tho principal Taper .Madulaclur
era in thit countiy, an.lorTerlor Bale by far the m...t eilen
'.',! nd,d"l'ahli tUck of 1'apar and Faner Mauulaclutera
Metarule that can ba bund in thia or any other country.
It Jfu' . en-nreodiooa W.lahouaee, No.
if.J .? ft" S-SS,U?7", "'''. No.94 1i.etn,,Hu.,l,
and the ljoflt oaerthe Lie. Iron Motot.7 end 9 Oliff Street
'.'i ,,M,V"" " "'."1I Hl"J'"l. and Wtllioj Fauert
are aold by the caae only. r
Their eatiaordinary faeilitlra enable them to offer ell
pilcat' '"''Hand Doinealie, at the loweat uoatible
Paper made to older, any tire or weljht. Liberal ad
eaoeea ruade onon conaijaraenla of 1'aper. 1'aner .Makera'
atock ami olhel m rchaodize.
The ht(heat uiarket price paid In cath for all kindt of
144 Broadray,
I AVE now un hand, nnd will ba icceirlof tltllv thioucn
II lh enon, f.KW GUOIIH.dirm from iha Lurooein
miLufaicturert, ami CASH AUCi lO.Nt, ftuA, bi,ku
He, FlMf Sdk .Vdltntrf Otd$. Our ttock ol UiUII KIU.
JIUM4tcierlt aery vtileljr of ih Utesi tnd uioit tu
lituldebicniira nulled.
AUnyofourjo.diir mnurclurd eipreiiljp to our or
dr( from our dtiifut ami luliirni, titd land unriTtlled,
Wm tffi.t our iooiJc fur net Cak,n luwei price thia uj
credit huiiM lo America can ally id.
All putchi.en W find it areatly to their inlereitto le
e've a purtiuu uf tlieir money and make tteclioo fium our
ireat variety of nek tkip geedi.
Ilibboni nch lor Uonneu. Cpt Bathes and llelti,
Uoanet fiilkt, Hiiai,Crnpe( l.ie( nn 1 Tuletoae,
l.inl.toidetletCu.Uri, Chemiieui. Cape, tlaiihat.
llablu, HleetMe.Cufr-', Kdff1nna Iniertinji,
Liu Utu i Jr d Ueviere. I.ace wudllcuutich t:mhrie HJkfi
Blonde, Illutiunt, aua Kmhruidered Laeee fur Cape
pnbroldered Wee far tiliewli, Mantillae and Veilt.
llonuoii. Merhlen, Vatvncieaeet and UiueU lacee.
tntb and Wave) Thread, Hniyroa. Lule Thread and
Cotioa Laeee.
Kid. Litlt Thread, Silk aud Hewin(6ilk (oi k Jliite.
(viicu hq American auidcioi t luttera
French Lace, Euf liah, American and llafl 10.
Htraw Itonnettaud Tria)U)int.
J.nuity, IdJJ.
nIIlar(et anortment of Hardwire ever vffered Utowo.
caa ba found al low price forcedi. at
N.10.IUL orrkr.Ei.D.a.
T7Otl tale ttllolnlne Iba Vlllaia rial or Vaurun, one nf
1 I lie mnal iplendid fauna In the whole W attain country,
tnnlalnme rlre hundred aerea. Paid falm It capable Wpro.
duclnf annually flea llioutior! hothele of f rain, and of kerp
In rummer and winter ISO head r.l horaea and entile. The
Villaae of Waopurj cnntaini no 800 Inhahlianta, )wa two
larnalloleli and nine timet. There la a railroad now hnlld
Inewilhln about a rnile ofaald falm, which will eonneel
with rtoalon and New Votk. The Plain Minn la hiil'l here.
Waupnn la a beautlM and thtleine fltlare, and aa healthy
at any rorllonorNaw-nntland. Haiti lain) la to lltuated
thai It can be equally wall manajed In one farm or a number
oftmalleronei. Terhapt II would not be too murli meat
that an line a farm, with ueh t lplen.lld location, hatlrut all
Ihe adiantarea of j enteel aneiely. It eery aeldom offered n.r
tale. Terma liberal. Tor .alllculati pleata Incite bj
mail orotherwlae. .
Waunuo, FonJtlu l.ac County, Wiecnnain.
April, Ulh, 1S52. Ktl
Tafl's, Hunt's, and Ilrook's Axes,
Wrrrantel, he
W 11)11 II? At I.AXIIIKI.V.
I IIAVF. lutt received a larra tunply of PPUINfa STYLK
1 HATS AMI ( A Pi-, finm New York and not. on.
Anl, have aln a good aa.onment of 1J ttyle II ATft and
CAI'S that will be anld at coit oa LLta. (Now la the time
fur a pood bargain.)
(t3-IIAT and CAM Maiiufactl.ted to order.
KKMK.MIlP.lt, tha plice to IIUV, la where tliearllclee
am manufactured
You will find at flurnhama, the bet I aaaortmenl ol Onne
Furniahlnf (Inotlt, aauaual.
W. T. nUIIMIAM, Aieni.
April, 18SS. 71
II R adriniijroi of thu, over oiOlnarr neditcndi ttn t
A 1'ffit. 'I hn mnnntr f temoving th petient from the
bed. Thi i eflVeteil ly turnlotr risnli. thu eetir(
and ii striding the plirnt it plfftKnie for the fu finite uf
adjo'tlnx, chflnjpng nJ venliUiittf the v4er beddln to
refietu the paiiunt from the fraction of morbid animal heat,
and glte him the gieifeit facil-liet lor eictetory ovcua
llom. Second. To e.vse and maintain the patient' dead
and ttnna a anv dMiriMe point bt-en a rwomrieet and
an upright, oi 'itiln,j pollute," and when tietlred, the
irci a.n ob inwerev, iiiu miming r ' raj tattr.
Third, A aimiiU, hut efficient min for clianrlng the
un tr bed without removing the patient from the bd , alio,
fut niovinc the paiiont vp in the bed without an lifting, of
Foci th, (!rid.,ting Hide nictation ; to tn n the patltot,
uppurt hi back, remove the weight 01 bed rljthea without
uncovering the patient, forming a c een to I'rotecl the pa
tint from invectf ol the Oj kind, and rooking a
hv ttbieh imn.ercion and vapor hatha hi it adtntniale red with
out removing the patient fiotn tho bed.
Tltee combined faeilitiea for meeting the want of the
lea, and Ihe can and dipatrh of attendance, make Ibia
kind of bdtead an .nvaluaMe piece of furniture lor the
ick roomthe dimderatuin lot.g .ought for hy Tlivtleian,
and great! needed for the tick,
EThn uhfetiber, having made arranfementt with the
ltcntte to manufacture the above named KKDBTKAU fot
the Stale ef Vermont, would give nc tire that be it prepar
ed In fill all order Urnm any and all taction ot the tftai.
Po-etirg the facilmei be'doen for manulaeturmg, he ii
enabiud to ell the bodatead at the rtduced price of $90. A
liberal discount m ill be made to ibo- who puirhaae in ttU
.Muatpeltef, April 1, W&. ?7tf
Another Lot of Sugars,
j armou mnu cocap.
HTOtlRM and t.ANODO.V.
I V !ION.NI.Ti and RIUnu.N'd at Kami U IIAHKEU'd
New at) lea terived every wek.
I Ml llOOl'. THIMMI.Mia aold low by
ltd 4J:w H.IOTT 4. FIULO.
UriCF.IVKIIanl fur.a.u by eTOKIIDeV l,AMi!l(l,V.
March I. lrL m
ru aaoi.uae.ju.iarrt.ea at
a urn
HTOI1RK i t.ANfillO.N'?.
Lace Paper, Embossed Cards, &c
i .inruK i iii in i uf me m t iieau-iful I tee and era
boaaed Note r.r, I.intoed and l' no trdi, Km el
or"", edding Cake Ooir, &c. ile for ale by
1 I P. WAl.Tii.N U PON.
:NTnr.rri:Nr'iKU' cotton tiiki:au.-
All. Mar
chanta aupitliod at Menur.ctur.r'e Pricea.
N 11 & CO,
Wholesale and Retail,
J... Wtli;l.l)reajeoifully turtle attention to their atock
fU.""" 7000 Pairs.
BliPIra, W hue Kid end H.tm do, fiotn 50 .:eel. to $3,Jri
Jli.tet andrhildren-a Fancy Ttp'd tj.,t..t Uaeal,,.,, But.
at ta at alkiax heea.
Uent. Uo'.and youlb'tMrea. and Common Boot, and
Pboet, oletery uy te end uoali! y trmahln fur the altprnach-
mg .ea.,m, j.n.1 al uncea that cannot tall lo tie eellaf.etion.
'i'....: til 1 a. .
ii tuns inn ifiHe liosion as
fo Horns .
for Fnchburi r,S0(7 I -J KiP,aaa, II A. M.,3 3 4 r. M
I,"''"" Mtni II . H 3 IJ.ndb.JOl'. J.
for U. tham, b,S0,o 10, 10 and II A. M. I JI.S3I
J 4 undo . I'. S,
I'nr kVaiertown 7 S, and 8.IS,
12 M., 9,90 4 i-l.
ana o i a f a.
For Lenarton at 8 1 3 A. M , I S aad S 1-9 r. M.
truH j, lllAins Wll.i. I.BAVK Fill! BOSTON.
i.UTi,"'h""ttnM A J'"' 13 J, r', :i8 Ele..)ad
.,amk?"txal'anI9A.M ..l.Oi.5 H.aod 5.5S ! SI.
rrom n.nkam.i 7. tU.tl 44 , S).-J5 and II A.M.
S 3-4 and ti !W V M .
1,34, 4,
. roaa Waleilown at C 1-8, 8 and 11 A
M , 1.30, 3.30 and
o i- ai
r roai l.iini'n tl T.eO.nd 19 A. M..and 4.30 IV M.
I or furthel paiticulara aee I'athfinder Hallway Ruide
M. FK1.TON, duperintendent.
notion, .Of. a, lenji.
ROMN ets & riTYroNs:
iN'by ti 'le "'"""a. Lloiuja, 4.c.Jual received
June a, Sfit
fV DOOIt, LILIMJ A. HASH Tltl.M.II.NGrl f'raaleb,
Ma, 10. Corr "BUJ.
Z ti Tairai 11 1 -2 centi, iut leeaited by
KTliIfPJ i. t lW'r.r.k.i
May 17.
PlIOULnad.lte all that want C.tlto,, t ,,im.
a.- Kiivni if i :.r ' : ' maw
.. , JUUfio .ueir price aro 1 tw and ai,
will buy
er jood liootu Faier, and llwderine eqmlly
ew tt
at., ic.a "ai,iu
(Jrccn Mountain .Miittml Health Asso
elation, .lloiiliiclicr, Vt.
1.5li?;NH S..11"11"-1'. ''ii,
HA.N'IEI. I'.TIIilMI'aoN. Vtci liaaidant
Slim TllllMIVON, Hecm.iy.
JAOOII 8COTT, Tr.a.urer.
OKUIN SMITH, Me, I, c.l Kx, miner.
O M. IIUULUE, Uubatitute.
William Mattucka, W. T. nurnharq
!.,,,lBt.,ir M'Rllei J.T.Thuretbo
Ianlel L. l.tmto, Jahet W. r.llii,
birauel Wll. iv.iiri
Torrey E. Walea,
tU OGUtl,
Willimn llowre.
(eo. V, IJtiley,
In I I . I honip.on.Kului FeAiidiew.
f errram P.Mrri!l. U U Blood.
llHiy VHamei, BethThommnn
ileuiv M. llAtee.
Orrin Kmlth. i. i.'.. '
FIRbr TAIILB-Fracilonal pau.of , week ,Ic.p,ej.
antral, 15 aDj.j ,k,or .,. p
fl.00 pet year drata (,'iuO per e,k.
3 00 a.w
i-O? 4.00
5.U0 so,,
C-llO ft u)
SUCO.NUTABt,C-FI,.l wk and fractional fat. a of a
, we,k pll
o.S p" d"wi tV3.Wter week.
300 400
MS 5(o
A9 6.00
.,;7,:v,;n'1 ",r,i":i tht"td i r...
po'1pl'dll,'IIQi",1, ,hoM k" """'""t lo lb. Secretary,
I'eceuiDert), 1B31.
Wboleaala and Kinil n..t.. t
Foreign & Domestic DRY (JOODS,
HATH A N' 11 pi nj '
HoTi'tnd Mem' nilAUV-M.lDKJLOTIIIvn
B.,...nJ Mar... Thick K,P anil VJt IIOOTd "dl.OEU
tltaaei'and Ladie.'rll.lPS tnrlnf lie.lMand '
Polka and Jenny Llnd UA1TERS.
UnifAlNr,t 1',01,": IS8, IVnlls,
I AIM el and JUioii, lrd and UuaeedOII.H '
Teat, Bueaie and Molaaaee i l.'otTee, Pplcea. tc
OCU1851. Main Street, .lontneli.i. v.
78 M.j 10.
WUUI.D annnnnra that thee aro thla weea reeelrini
theif SrHI.NO UOOOS, to which they would lo.lle
Ihe attention oflhe people of Waahlniton coonty.
Out llock embrace! an endleaa ealiely of
nfall Ida tlilT.ienl fahrlca and moat epprnteil tlylea.
Itlch lllach Mil K9 llltchofl'a manur.cture.
('lown TafTeta.
(Ito do tllime.
" " Watered.
I'Mu Obanrable.
ftriied and Plaid.
llrocadn fieuro
lllace do.
Al wotl.M. II. l.AtNKS-fi(Mand Plain.
Manchctler and Hamilton da do.
Iterate l)e Lainet, ropline,
rertian do. Frenrh flinihamt,
Peoteh anrf American do.
Trench Mutlina, l.awna, lleraeea,
Pll'd.n.l Chin Ktlk Tl.ntra.
lltix.. 1 tench and American Trinla.
Illark an.l t.l(hl Silk.
White Ciapn (wrought.)
Thibet d"
(. alhntrro, l!arsr, Ate. Ac.
W'a would call etpeclnl attention lo the lartett attort
metit nt llunneta and lllbboet erf brou;ht into Monl(elier,
We nre oi.enint today COO Ilonnele of Ilin laleat atyle,
which, wa ulfer at LOW I'lllCX?!.
100 Pa. Ribbons,
I'loweri, Tab. Ltniriga, he. &
An HegMnt anttinetil of
Mntin and Cambtic Colin r.
du do r,di;tri nnd fnicttingf.
do do riounctug
Wrought Tocket lUkf... Cbemhettn. t'oJar Sletvea.
CufTf, lre Cape, Infanta Wnnti end I 'ap a.
Uettha L4Cea, Linen Thread Luce.. Blind do., Taraiola.
Hi dot. KIM C.I.oW.rt.
Bilk, Lille Thiead and Cotton do.
lloncry. I He rjoodi in great vnne'j, IUi h Fana.
1'iorbei Cold
Domestic Goods
OK AM. KINDS IVa hlta alan enlareed tur
Crockery and Hardware Room,
And ara now opening a Ijrgar aatortment than can be lound
ID Cratea nfCrcckery, nlart and China ware.
KriullL'll ANK'rl will find here Ihe larei-l ataorlment of
'plIE undeiiigutd hat Jut opined thia lloute lot the ae
a rom mod at ion of the pubtlr. It i dciitgnetl to make i a
nloaifiAt Tolroul fr.im l hn f a tmt Me. final la of eit V life (luriM? tho
autmoer montbet, for tbepurpote of vtilting Munefield mouti
lama. the highei point of the fJienii Mouniuin, command
ing a view of the Inke, the. bMe Mouoiain. Montreal,
iVe. an1 whnae arenery ii eecoad to none Intbn U. Htalcv,
Toour ntimeruua Iriendf and arauaintance, and particular
It to atrnngori, e would ay that no paint will ba apatdd
for It eir areiHnmndallon, and In all the lover of nature in
her wi .VI and tno't rugged aeeliea. we lay, Vllt Maef
beld'a ".ue" and "CIho." A good road will be eul to tbti
top at eaflv at th lit ol June and by calling at the MANH
KIKLII IIOL'riP vcu will find ihe neceiaaiia for the a
cnat. Ladle will be able to tide to within mile of the
iumroit. We bave alto the "Miu (itenn Fall," chuated
three tnilet front thla home, aroniantic a pot and wall worth
i-it. at .
1hialloue t attualetl at tbeteroainui of the Lautoitlft
CoontV I'l ink Itoed ten mtlea from the ItUilroad, and ail
from tke Mnnuiatni. To Ihe ditrL let of old w WatTow
we wihiU aav that the atreaint from the inountaint abound
in trout.
N It, riener bv ting will.pleaie rcnuetl lo be left
at the Man 6c Id lliue- M
Lntered a''-orlinv to jet Ciiiun-it, in he vear ISfil,
hj J. H. llnL'till'l ti.N.M. U. in ibe Uerk'a Office or the
Dutrlfl Court , for the La tern Hint net of P nn) Ivania
a .otii Kie sii r.'ri t'i f M'OM i:is
Dr. J. S. Houghton'a
tup: trui:
Prepared from KBMHET, or the fiHitth rTC MACII OF
Till: OX after directionaof HAIIDV I.I P.I1IG, lh (real
I'hy.io,.c,cal Cbetniat.by J.B. II O U' U 11 1 t).N , M . I). Thl
ladel.bi., i'a.
rhia ia a truly wBnda.ful remedr for INIIIUKSTION. DVP
l'Kr."U, JAUNBICK, a.tVKIl UiJairL.AI.NT, CON.
BIICATION, end DEUII.ITV, Cunne alter Nalute'a
own muhod, by .Natute a own Ascnt, ihr flattrie Juice.
llalf a tea.ooAfal of l't rtli, mluie.1 in water, willdi.
real or dla.olre, le 'euoala . leaal Bttf tn aaeal tire
aeara, nut of the atomach.
ITrl.N' t. the chief eremeni, or Oreel ri'trealine rrintl
pie ol tke Oa.tm. Juioo (ae $e(eal 0 lie WJ. the ftr
11"t r" errma;, aad Am.lall.f Aienl of the iMotoaeh
nod Inleattiiea. fl . eitraeled from ihe llree.HTe SlMnach
of ihe III, Ihue fnrrainj an AUTIFICI Al. DUIKSIIVE
F1.L'III, prect.ely like itte oatui.l flaaine Juice in it. Cheu
'l'". .nd furni.hinj . COMPLETE and PERFECT
flJUSTn L'TE forri Uy the aid of ibl. preparation, the
pain, ande.il. of I.N 1)1(1 KHTltl.N' and DVSPLI'tll A am re.
anoied, Juat at lhy atouldbo by a healthy ettmiieB, It ia
doins woiutert (or llyap, frfiee, eurinj catet of IIEI1I I.1TV,
a ir.Dtj an-1 n;, auppined to be on the tergeorihe (rate.
Tho Heieauftc Eririeore uwn whth it 1 bated, it in tLe
hllheal derree (THIOI IH and l!E AIIK AIII.E
JMiciilillc KvidciUH-!
IIARON' I.IEHIC to hia erlebrared ork an AnlmalChem
tttrv, tart : An rtifieial lliaet.iae Fluid, anal.roua in
Ihe (..iiic Jntre may be readily prepared from the mucout
membrane of tho eiotuacb of the t-'alf, in whieb varioua arll
rlea uf loud.ea meal and ega, will bo aoreaetf. rar, aatf
daftalea', ta.lta (It aatna aaaaarr lira reaM ae in U( Ini,
Dr. PEIIEIR , ia hit faatoue treatlaeon Food and Diet,'
pnhltaheil l.y Fo I. r. & Well., .New Yni k, page 33, itaiet
the tenanf teat fact, and deacrie. the nielhod of preparation.
Tlu-re ate rei. hif herauthormea ll.an llr. Pereira.
Or. CtJMHE, 10 hie .aluabla wrmna on the" PfeytlotofJ
of llire.tiun,'olirtra 1 hat d'mniutiou ol the dee cjaao.
tity ol the On. trie Juice la a promraent and all pteealliag
"'ante ol l.ejwp.ia and be ataica that a diauneuiahed
i'tolraaur of medicine in ltndun, who waa .eaerely alrltcted
with thitcomplalot, llnrilne every ll.ine elae 10 fail, had re
routae lo the Uaalnc Juice, obtained Iroto the aloanacba of
. e.iig amniala, which pruved completely eucceaafuL"
llr. (ill AIIAM. author of thefanaoua woikaon Vegeta
ble Diet," .aye i '-Ilia . rem.rkeble fact in I'hy.tolo;.,
that the atooi.eh. ol ammala, n.aceruted in watvr. inipart
to the fluid Iho prorlv of dittolving eetiou. arlldea of
loud, an.l r rlTvCtiag a kiail of artinitil dige.tioo or them
in now.ta different from the natuial drgeative proeeat.'1
Dr.hDIO.N'.tgraal wo.k ihe Ciieaaialry or .Man,'' (Leu
At. Ulahchard. Philadelphia, 1S4B, pp. 3J1 J).ayat "The
diaeoaery ol PEPHIN lorin a new era lu the churaleal hitto.
ryol Ilieetlion. From recent eiperimenlt, we know that
.. umutiN aa rapiaiy la an arllticial dljeativa fluid,
prepared ft out Pep.in, aa it la to the natural (iaatric Juice
Protetaot DU.NULISO.N', of the Jeflerioo College, Phila
driphia, lu hi. great woit on Human Pliytiolugy, detolei
more than hfiy paeee 10 an ei ammationol thu .otllct. Hit
aapeninenla with llr lleanmont, on the O.auie Juice, ob
tained fi 11.11 the living human atiunach and floniannnala,aro
well knoetn. ' In all cater," he ay, " digeation occurred
at perfeeily in the arrufctefaa in tha natural digeatlont.'
Dr. JOHN W. DltAPElt, Prof.aaor of Chimiet.y lathe
Medicel College of Ihe Unitcnily of .New Wik, in hit
"Ten Hook of Chemlatrf.' pare 3dd. aait: It 1... A
queation whether arilfirialdigea'ion could be parlormed
11 ....i..ii .uiiuii.u inai 11, may be."
Dr. (. Mtl'E.NTEll'clttaiidard wolkon I'hjaioloiy, which
la in Ihe library of evary Phyaiciau, and ia u.ed aa Teat
Hook mall the Collegee, ta lull of evidence aiunlar to the
ahote, retpectingthe remaikable Dtgealive power of Peru
and Ihefae. that it may be readily aepartleil trom the .trru
ach ol the call or 01, and uted for eapariuieule lu artificial
Dig.ation, or ae a routed; fvrdiaeaae of Ihe Stomach, aud de
ficient leeretionot tlattnc Juice.
All modern wotka uu Chemiatry, Materia Medica, and
Phjaiologr, and all good Medical Uictlonaitea, de.cube tha
character aud properlieaef Pamir, aiKl atate inauy tnlllaal
ing detail, le.iiecllng 11. '
The fact thai an AruBclal Digettlve Fluid, or (ialtrie
Juice, peifeillv reaemii.ing the natural lluiJ, may be readily
prepared, duet not adu.il ol oue.lloo. The only wonder It.
Ihatit hae not before been amUied to Ihe euie ol Innig.atioi!
and li).wii.i ,n uatuialllioea aucb a uae augreai me II
Dr. llnUllll Hl.N'S PEFaiN h.. roducedth,. u'oat ra.rvel.
lout erleeta, ia curiogcatee of Do'jilily, Eiuai-iallon, Ner-
.... ti.,, ana liyrpeplieContuiiiptioo. It 1. inipoaaible
togno Ike deiai a of caaat in the (nulla of Hut adveltito- 1 ! . 0" diacriplion ol 111 titualion, llu. , i . -m-nt;
but ai'thcnticaled certiUcatea hate bceu uvea uf '""'i love.tlgaliug the aellleoient ol in. "
inorethan TWO HUMIItEU llKJIAItKAlll.n l-lft, tw ' perauna deceaaed. (Securm Ihe protieriy bel-nf 1
I nita.l.lphia, .New Vork, and Uoalon aloue. Tbe.e were
nearly all deaperate caaat, and Ilia curea were twl only rau.d
and wonderful, but oeimaiieat. ' '
lilt .great NERVOUd ANTIDOTE, and particularly
uiefgiroi tendency to llillioui D.tordet, Livet Cou.pl.iLt
Lev.randAgae, and Ihe evil eO.cla of Homme, Mercury!
and olbei Drug, upon the Iltgettive Oigaua, alter a loni
airknaaa, ALo. for eie.aa la eating, a.J ihe 100 tree ate of
,l,P"'U' il ,l,u0'1 leilea JtalUk wltu .Itwerr-
4HI Stoiiiacli Complaint.
There ia r.o loiu, of OLII STOMACH COMPLAINTS
which tidoea not teen, lo reach and remove at once No
matter how lied lhev ,. . l,. ....... t . ... .9
Aattijledoee remo,'.. all .hV unpleatVat arnpton , , ,nd (,
ojil, need! to be ..pa.ted fo, a .bin tin,. l.W.,ThVa. Sli
iS'llX-'?',?"""1- ""'V OF lll.OOL),.nd VIIJOi'Sf
Willi follow ,i . u pllcilUl, ,',,',
o la.u.ea, Vomittmg, Cram,!., horenea.ol II . iVl f th!
f,'.T."h' '" ". U of the Hlold.
u"..;.: '. 7 ."Pinia, Uetpondeney, Eniuciallon.
Vt eakne.a. tendency to luaanily, bulcide, Ice '
Llr. l UUllino.Vdl-EPtilN laaold Ly nearl, all the
.. .1-? 11 P"-I'red 10 l-udor Qd UFlu.d VoruT
w tli h?h. '.?'.l",pi'V " '"" "iii... up.
h..ri a ",w aro baaed Aa it it
Mil ABEUUar UEMEUV, noobje'liou can h. ","
agaluat lit uiehy.riiyticl.nalu reapectableauadibgaud reir.
ular practice. I'm e, ONE DOLLAR tier boil ' "s
i"(!)9lii III I'owaler. ,T
IT7Seiit bv Alail froo nf Pnatmrn
,a. r V I.' V 'V . . ' ,"t4 r.i ln, ia put up in
It. form or Ponder, with direction. Iu bedi.aulveil la water
hy ihe l-aiitol. The.. Powdert contain lual the aarn. ruat.
tar at the bolllea. and will be tint by mail. FREE of vnL-r
AUE, forO.N'E ilOLLMI. t fpoat u..dl 1. ?. I i
IIOUUIITON,M.ll..rh.l..l.ir1.ll.Pp' U"'-
pfflK wrlurtt
ICTDold b, .11 Uruggltl, ,od n,.l, Mf dlcl.ei.
8 K Collin, w P?-"1-'
'plinrroprlalnroftlila Line haamadeareM
a tor ine rranaporiairnft ol iirenen th. .. "! ,
end If prepared with SO FIKHT fl.AFa I v"v .''"
running direcllf Ihroogli 10 and rrom N.i'v . ' 'V
Pom on Lake Cliamplaln, iheteby atow.na , ' i
leva In tflhlprlrg (Inodt at Ttoy i.nt Wl.iT.k.'ii '"' t,
T he lloata ofthla line will be intan.ii, ,, '", .
on lludaon River and Lake rhamplain. ''kJf.,
no nB.ii.inin, ui.t lirrt t apt I MT nil . .
LAIN, will rnnlnronneelion will. rh. M .UV
dill; between Darlington and ll.,u,', ,,,, 'll ' 1
cilitiea for tranaportation ofFittgl.t ahdT..'t 1 '
Properle furCannda, Inrwlrded hy Nortl .,1'r .
and ft. Lawrence Ralllead, or by Itartei 11 ' "In
Watehoualne, tluaincat .iom,nly and cireM',
MALCOLM ('ANFIEI.II.Na.t I traeni . e
SMITH niilGliK.Houth Uhaif, IUI "
A. FISHER, Nn.131 R .er P.,.,, T.. 1 v
A. M. IIEIIIIIMAN, II. It nepni,i,,i,V.'., !
FIHl FRF.IHIIT Al'n V Ttl ' '
L. A. CASLHTON, 8 1 SLoent,., Bin. re,. v
W. W. WRIIJIIT. , '"
HOOKER Ac IIDLTOX, al,'",' '
P.P. HCOVF.I.L, 100 Ktata t,i, R0,",;,"
rich dress (ioons
rpHE mntl citentlte ataottment in Mo 1. ' '
1 ' KEITH mm oi 1 'a
1000 lbs, Dried Apple
pORaal.b HTOIUIS & L.N(illO.N. rhCl
1 65 M,,,,
- '"it K t
A OoodaitottinanlolWOODENWAIlF 1 ., 1
V inn,..'..' '
. : ut-.ii 1
State Street.
wyiPE'l.-orm r,::",r".;,Ki?
F O. btronr an! ownr-d bv II. V tiAftM- ttlw t
be pleated to itcetv ttm pitrmiugi (. n,. ,'),, '
Ihem that nuthinf thitl tie v.nn!iin on I i, t ,, u l
eontliiuanee tifwhni ter ftir mny tie tUr i. . ' i' 1
O.Vhand and Toraalu by FTORllS i im n .
I IL, TUllPOTISr., VAI!MSII,ir .... '
U 1jHSw shiiu,;.
i ine i,ut et i,avenui.n l utia"
' " i I HI Id
I A! remn.e.l fr..m MAIN STIll.f.T.in tie II
1 Jomioi V.. f Wahnn k Hon'. Ilook.'otr , , t '
Village II..U I. nn BTA I L. 31 ItEET '
January 1 1M.
pllOPPIMl Aiet, Iliod do., AVe. H' II,
"nil mi
I.linillF in.. tli(iilana a4.. t
docket Chlielf, umy slwaji io fuumi t
Khl 1 II BAPkU
'OU will God that Fatbionable I.,.. .1. , ,.
J Kl.l I M (t I, a,, K;
I'EEIH good CIIEU-1MJ 'lOIIAL. ,,.,, ,
- tVamck'a Aromatic fine cut. '
KrAlao the hetlateortmert ol Cigar. ,,, ,
MA VE juit returnttd from ltniMi i, "r .
dtillium lo thi ir iutnifi !( k ..1 1:. . . ..
'Ilillf fur dub at pure lnwi i limn t-v . Ii ,i
ui in part ul SO,(MiO h,t t-l i,,li.s in 1,1 1 r, ,
Jni' Kura 'J OHALI O, IOUO Hm. J,., h
COrrCKaSS L'hottaal Hmmp.im. Y. II N - ,
NAILf.lJLAHtf, l'ALMH. lH., ( J j 1. i
LAUD, EOtlt Kltill, HALT, Ac
A Reaeral Aortnient ol Dim r,t . u 1
Hllh 100 Ihiiet ol t'u.tom m.le l.i k !
nhkh we ia tiellinx Tur tah at pn ea t . t iv
n Montpki. Thusa wnhingioget (jm. K r. u,
well to eall on i L h i l i .
epaWUga Ulock Main 01.
- fut thmM I exunie aeeorim nt l
Mechanic. ? U 8 01 e,. r d ar-, s
l?IIOi' (iU.SH, HTLt.1. ItlFLt I'lSTuii p ,
neceiary apoaiifiafetf, wbuleala nnd retail, . - 3
teo t
Ann kliD, hat fortalo
IltOX WATBK WllllDti,
U ith Iron tbafia and behneed nuttkt all I, te .
at todiapente with Uudgeont, Bndt, ai.,1 tlt-a-,..
laying lliein in wood , alto ,
.s.nL"r.ti.vi:iu.i:s a.m i,..t.:m
That will grind lOObuabeli each, bvdav lijtii.' !f.
AVriand arbort; DIE or bl'UKW-I'l.Al,
rom (he tne of a PoTcupiae't quill to tbt ol . lt.
ower than the loweat. '
Macklacry Job Work and Gunamitl mj at wiui1 !
. H. A Juor aud Aporeotire wantcU mniuj .,
Moulpelier, Aug 24lh. 1851.
k l the TArER MILL, MuinpHirr, I!
l?traw. Coin lluaka.
a.id rim, ie I ow
tall toon, at tho l' per Mi l of E. 1'
IV LI it
iiecetnTHlr i. Inai.
L. M . 001),'
ISeatty ,11 title Clothing,
CLOTHS, UA.SIMERr.M, Mi E I ?I ,Nt. f'i
TAILORS' TRIMMIYUS r ever, . ..r.i.a .
Fashion Plates, Tailors' Shears,
Jieaaurea, l.layooa, and l'allern F' i,
And a Ueneral Ataortnieiit ol lit utt. m't
Furnishing Goods.
CLOTIIINfi made to order id ih eitrrnu tir it id -ef
Mt'n ""1 lia,mnt warmnifd lu tii
CUT! IN(J done luruttien to make, ami w t'it"
If lijhtly inula up.
State Street, 1st door West of Eastman 4
Danforths Jioakstore,
49 MO.NTI'tLlUR, VT. -
J OR. and MNi; KKJIITS. vde, rub aod Uio if. ' "i
1 cheap, fur dretttjf, iui received.
March 1,1. k -.SSe
20 Mils, &. Test SAL.MO.V, "
fT lll'II?ON l.y COMPANV-V.ry ir,m-Ju.l
ccivcd and for tale by harm or le.a.
, Uy sroLIISaVLA.NbDt'V.
March 15, 1?J2.
Attorneys & Counsellors at Law,
1V1I1 give prompt attention (o all hu.tneaa entruatcd . ".t
care in any of tha Cofart it. th 1 a, Ta 1 a
Thee ala etinim... t., ....... 1 i .i.i.ih.. in . 1 ef '
fiOUTHEUN Oil WEtl.UttN Sl.Vl'tS, am It at fat
cha.ing (loverntneut Land. 01 Itninote!! Farmi. 1'. 'a
Laud Titlta. Patlne Tat... lla.niininr Land nil I It 'r 'I
eatatea. Collecting ll.lti of all kind., and AilLM"
Lanl IVarranta nought, Bold and Located for lit StM.ar,
and Bounty Imnd diajioaed of nn Coeimlaaioa.
Mr. EiJredge, heaing tratelled eitenaively in Ike alter,
and on (.overutnent laode, and tkeieby eeijuile.l a hi.wleiiga
of the beat localtooa, and a geaatal buuneti a"!"-1111'11'
will eutitinueto make journejt l KElitHH iSni-
ALH, lo ultt nd the foreign butinj-tt of hejrti e
During hit abtenee, Mr. Jobnaon will he lot-nd al ,tM"
nce,toellendlo al! home bunaeaa, aad will m'e.ri tJ 4 '
ward lo Mr E. all loraigti juiioeii lHwub h m
All buiio.it tent by mail will beallcodcl to eii'tdt ' '
and fanhlully.
M. F. ELIIREDOE. 72:tf J. IV. JQHMx,
Planing Machine.
rOULUglv.DOtii-. .hat he bit ree nt t ,' iK
" lloo ouo or Woodwotlb'a Pali ol PtlM'l ''
chine, in the large building 'near Ihe Old An
where he will do Planing, Iniuiiar, Ma'chmg, laref
aud halting Iwinlaal abort nolne. Alto. Jot .Sear"!,'
lag plaak and boaida for futringa, feerlng aluff. -c
Pereona bringing board, from . dlalaat a can uauai r a.
Ihem planed lo cany huiue w 1th thi m ...
H. V A. would alao give notice thai by an arrinia""
ilh.J. it ti, W. Putuatn. who owd the llgbl or H awlawi"
Patent Planing Maclilin for tbe county ol l aiKu (t ' l"J
Ue will aell Iowa and alfop nglitt, and trananti ty ' ,
etVlng to the lunulng of Mat timet in taidcouoiy
IV. any information he may be la po.te.no. of
toioachioe.. Meaara Putuama wanufai'lure aaaerai a a
iiacninca, adapted lo tlroti uae, and tur iJ.oieg .u -
ioaaaa,wiiu lonfuiog and roovlug atucneu
ivutemner, iroi.
DECEIVED tbia day Three Caret
f,EiV W
UritlNC t BUMMER nu.N.NE'lrt
April 20, mi.
SCOTT da FIELD ara file- weak leteiaioi a latga a
lloo la their HTOOK OF OOODS, which ml'."
i a
t.viy iwwpricev rur caaB.
April S7, lsSJ.

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