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l)1alcl)mon&" State Journal.
iV." v. Ai.t ", jis., i:irroit.
Tlnusiliij , Jiov. !2., tHilJ-
SiTtmDAT, Nov. 20.
I'rayer by the t hnplatn.
On motion of Mr. Goodhue, the reading of the
journal was dispensed with.
llillmntrotlurrd and rtfuri,'. Hy Mr. Bald
win relating to itumran. , health by foreign
companies tulheJmli nn committee, lly Mr.
Martin, to repeal see. ii of nn net, npprovedOct.
0, H?I4 ri lating lo the militia ; to i he committee
on mi',i'uy affairs. I1, Mr. 1 1 -i It-, relating to
form in action ; lothe Judiciary committee.
From the House, altering the timo or holding the
Comity Court in Addison Co., to the S tors
from Addison; relating to the office nf St.ite
Superintendent of common ft hurls, to tin com
tntllce on l.diiculloii.
Hesolulion. lly Mr .N'eithiop, for a distribu
tion of tho public lands of the Fulled States
among the Stat' ; reti red to a select committee
consisting of Mesrss. Northrop, llailey of La
molle and .Miller.
Mr Stone called up the bill relating to the
traffic in intoxicating liquors, and proposed to
amend by striking out tint purl that provides for
the election nf a commissioner for each town,
which was rejected; Mi. lllako moved to amend
so that the bill ehall not take effect until Decem
ber 1st, 1853., which was supported by Merss.
Baldwin, Eastman, Blake, Martin and Seymour,
opposed by Mesrw. Hale. Go idiitie, Stone, llailey
of Lamoille and Northrop, mid rejected ! to 11) ;
and on motion of Mr. Martin the bill was ordered
j0 jlt, .
r.mtd milt. Providing for the pubhea-
linn nf a n. man of the State : nnd relation- to '
tlio Grand List; each pised.
The House bill, relMtng to applications to the
General Assembly, wis taken up, oppoud by
Mosrss. lllakn and Northrop, tnd rejected.
Iteports. lly Mr Watson from tne joint com
mittee on the Library, favorably to the reaolu-
tion, providing for th- purchase of 50 copies of
Washburn's Digest, ami it was adopted. Hy Mr
Bogite from the committee on Itoada, favorably
to the bill relating to the laying out and discon
tinu mce of highways mid bridge; passed. Hy
Mr Goodhue from the committee on Honda, on
that part of the Givenwr's message relating to
railroad and railroad bridges, by bill, providing
that bridges shall be built, lo that the height of
the truss slnll be 17 f. et in clear, and it was or
dered to a third reading, lly 1r Howe from the
committee en agrienlliiic, 1'ivoribly to tin- bill
relating to the m.apei 11 hi of hops; p.iBHed
.Mr N'liiKiur called up the bill relating to the
trnllie 111 iiiloxicalin ,'iiio!s ; Mr Knsti r iimv d
ton nidei tho hi, .r 1 ii ,og ..1 tl.e tmieiuliiii i,t
to MibtiiJ :l,e (iiestn 11 01 iN .iiioplioii to Hie i o
ple, winch was h'ip,K r 1 1! I, .Mr liaie ojipi si il h,
Mr Gooiihno mid an I lo, nnd the aiiiendiiient
was oppouod ty Mo-i., Ila i inn, Mnrtin, Itni'ev
of L'uuoille, und Hawlilwtn, l'io;ed by Mr II ile
mid adopted, 15, to I !, wle n .Mr llaihy of La
moille moved to lay 11 the table, which whs lost;
Mr Martin moved to ai'ioiiin which was loct, I
to 17; and the hill was ordered to third reading,
!i'2to(j. Adjourned.
Prayer hy Rev. Mr. Ballon.
Ilfsululluiu. By Mr. Barrett of M., that no
bill he introduced after Monday morning next;
laid on the table ; for distribution of the public
binds to the Stat' s ; adopted. By Mr. Slwiird,
for a committee on mileage; adopted.
fi t's IiilroJiical aitd rejtrrtd. Prom the Sen
ate, n i.itjiig to the elei Hen of town representa
tives, to tie committee on Rleeliona; relating
to rnlio.ids, to the committee on Itoada; to nu
thouse the consolidation olceilain railroad com
panies, to members of Bennington county; to
establish town and county lines, to Judiciary
committee ; to incorporate Underbill Academy,
lo committee on education; relative to life in
euranco companies out of the State, to commit
tee on Banks; to incorporate Iriishurgh lintel
1'o.to Judiciary committee, um! Irasburgh Ac
imoduct Co. to rommitti 11 Maiiufneturi By
Mr. Il'isa, 111 relation to proceedings ngiut 1
trustees, to Judiciary committee, lly Mr. Brad- 1
ley, supplementary to the present laws against i Savings banks, and they were ordered ta :ld re 1
the traffic in intoxicatieg luiuora; Mr. Bradley 1 " "elect enmumtee, m f.nor of bill iel-
explained that tho bill inadu tho keeping of a alive to conventions for amending the constitii
xippling shop an offenco, imposed 11 fine upon j lion (tlio primary design being to abolish the
every person found intoxicated, and prohibited 'Council of Censors ;) laid on the table. By com
tho sale of adulterated lujiiora ; Mr. Harlow ob- mitten on eihe utiou, abkmg lo bo discharged
jeeted to the bill, aa distinguishing between
drunkards In broadcloth and drunkards in rugs ;
and then tho bill wasrtferred to the commitlco
on temperance memorials. By Mr. Stan, repu-
lating tho (lowing of lands 111 Whitinglnm and 1 uniiecrasiuj,) i.nd ild reading w.is refused. By
Wilmington, lo Judicial,' committee. By Mr. general committee, against bills repealing ihe
Hiakok, in addition to act to incorporate Bur-' Itl lor the preservation of lih, ami re
liligton gae-hght Co., to committee oil Mnpufac-1 lating In I'm of town clerka ; and they weie re
turcs. Hy Mr. Steward, to incorporate I! inland 1 j'cted ; m fuor of bills relating to railroad, (n
and Chittenden I'lank-road Co., to committee on 1 damages' at bridges crossing highways 01 atreLls.)
Roads. From the Senate, for anew map of ! d for presi rvatnm of fish in Castleton, Hub
Vermont, to committee of Ways and Means; bartiton, Ilineaburgli und Shelbiitne, passul, and
relating to the grand list, to committee on ' reading was orden d. Hy judiciary comtuit
Banks. , tee, bills in auieiidiiieut of sec 7. chap, ill, C.
The amendment of the Senate, to Iho bill ro !y (extending the provisions to ciIiamm of other
htllig to lands in unorgan.zcd towns and gorca, ,
was concurred 111. I
llngrosntd Hill. Altenng tho time of Addi 1 ild reading. By tihct committee, ngimst hills
son County Court; relating 10 the office of Stnte 1 10 incorporate the I ssex and 1 astb ton and
Superintendent nf common schools; both paa- 1 Churiplain V.illey laihoul coaipaiuos, and they
cd, the latter IU0 to 01. 1 were dismissed. By coiiiiinltio on ediicitioii,
The Speaker appointed the committee on the ' Semite bill to incorporate Fuderhdl academy,
geiiernt railroad law Messrs I'age, Gibon of 'and it w as niil'ie.l to ild reading, llv connn.l
Foilllret. Hurler of FajMon, Gihiiuu und 11,. k lee on unitut ictures, a written repoit on the.-iib-liell,
J. et ol the T 1111''.
Mr f'euiie called iiji tie resolution of the I Itaolulion. By Mr. Ikulow, to pay J. Math
Senute tui adjouriiineiit on Wi dnesdav next, uud t'1ev jr. baln.ee of debenture last v. ,ir : I. Ii i
after considerable discu ,on 11 inotiuu to luv 011 r"'' 10 coiuuuti, e on ediicaiioii.
the f ibhi was negatived, IM lo bO. Mr. Hnrrett 1 Mr. Wright of C. hid leave to introduce a
of M- moved lo postpone unti1 Monday morning, bihon Monday morning 11 M.
10 o'clock carried, 0e to J .'. Mr. llirkok culled ii the resolution limiting
Mr. Hayden moved to r. consider tho vote j "I1"'' he to ten nn it. s, an I it was adopted,
dismissing tji" Burlingtnn citv charter; opposi d ' The Home c n-i1' n I the bill relating to the
by Messrs. Hickok, Wardner and Reed, and r ghts of married w.1,1,, 11, nnd the amendi ient
supported by Messrs. Ne dh.iin, Grandey, B ir- 1 of Mi. Hirrelt of M. (exempting husbands from
rett of M. und Gray of . und carried. Mi. 'be d' b'j contracted or torts committed by tin ir
Grandey moved an aim n 'ment providing thatuiv' ' bvt'ore or after marriage,; was rejected,
llio pooplo of Burlington and South Burlington I Mr. BaricUnrMrr uU) proposed to am. nd, 1.0
do not aaeotit to the act in pieference to a vd-jl''' I'ie private property of the wife b ill be
lago oharter.tho act shall bo void. Opposed by liolden for half of the support and clothing of
Mr. Ilicltck, and laid on the table. her children rejected also that in cse of dis-
Tlio Senate bill r lating to action against I pule between the husband and wife as to up
towns fur iujune to highways was passed. I Purl. board, house-rent, fee., tho county court
1 lie resolution prodmiting the introduction or!"1"11 appoint a committee to ettle the maltor-
bills 'tfttr.'Morwluyunfcvtiilii; at n' 'coiandcred ftbp
rules-biiirtjr'l sMpellde'ily Arid 'albifAlbu! it :ii io!
insorl "ihfs .tnA.;.J,1'.e.,V0'Jv'll.l;iWl WUn .'.J
..... s iirwhi, .OUIIUUV, Ul.U
do nted
mrveyors lio keep tracjoj, i.goyyeA ,brjdH(i:
covered with snow in winter) was tagged.
;ock, iOjCQMiniuyi limiiarnjicejiiqnipjrJ
'JHUIIiiVr e sum 1 MM ,'U.U l.Y.Vi .si.ii
Tt;ttnvf-Mc50r l M.
or, to itKor.ipfat(yi81qiciiit.H,tltaulc C.
to JudicwtyjcoiBilUUc.I'' .ll ,!."
.tolov L'U ijji.o joj.j ntjiiJ
frpti,lt. By Mr. Seymour, from the S.lrrt
r.iniin.'tiM-, f ivurably lo t'i" lull to nit' r tlx- time
of linl. ling the comity emit in Addison county i
passed, lly Mr. Goodhue, from tlio committee
on itosos, mi ontuiy iu un- mi' inMmg " "(,
oa, witli amendments, which were agreed to,
anil the bill w.ia ordcrial to ti Mil rending, lly
Mr. Miller, (nun the committee on llducntioi ,
fatorab'y to tin' hill to incorporate the lon.'o i
derry Academy, with an amendment, which was
agreed to, and the bill wt passed. By Mr.
Goodhue, from the committee on Roads, favora
illy to the hill relating to Wmnoski Turnpike
Co; passed. Uy Mr. S' yinour, fioin the Judi
ciary committee, fivorably to the lull r. lating
to insurance on health by foreign corporat.ons ;
Id reading ordered, lly Mr. Blake, from the
joint cmmitti e on the Library, favorably lo the
bill providing far certain purchases for the Li-
bnry. with an amendment, which nag agreed
I to, and tlio bill was ordered to a :td reading.
I llngrntvd Hill. To prevent the traffic in in
' tnxiruting Iitpiora for the purpose of drinking ;
' pissed, 10 to ti.
j Mr. Make was excused from serving on the
select committer on the bill to annex a part of
Richmond to ilo'inu, mid Mr. Goodhue was np
pointed in hi- pi iee : Mr. Goodhue was then X-
ctid, nn 1 Mi. Hale n,i appointed in bin jl .ee.
Itrports. Bv Si Ii i I coiii'iultrr. Senile bill to
consolidate ceitnin railroad companies, nnd it
waa pnssed ; by committee on Banks Senate
bill to incorporate the llenmntitnn Savings Hank,
with amendnienU, which were adopted, nnd the
bill waa pasted, lly Select committee, against
the bill Ii vim; a tax on Orb ana county, audit
wart dismissed ; by Select committee, substitute
lfor bl" 1"J""'P n Itutlnnd count, for build-
ing a jail, and it was ordered lo :td reading, lly
Mr" !'or,"r' rroln '"' committee on the pc.
Mmnc "1um m,v' a repon, giving
the number of petitioners at H8,0t0 inhabitants
!ol this Hate, of whom 17,500 wern legal votei.
and nrgoing tlmt the law h ueciKasrv, constitu-
lionul. nnd Would be eftWtive for the purposes
designed, and recommending a substitute (being
the Senate bi'l) for the bill referred to them.
Mr. Stevens submitted a minority report, taking
the ground that a mujority of the pop!e bine not
nked for the law that the present law would
be sufliciently effectivu if enforced that the
constitutionality of the Maine law is doubtful
and, finally, the expediency of it has nol hiitli
ciently been tested in the slates wlieie it has
been adopted. The anbatitute was agreed to,
when Mr. Barlow moved to di-miss the bill,
which wiw ipioaed by Mr. Sloconib, when Mi.
Barlow 1 lotlil'n d his motion, to as to mike the
bill the specnl order for Monday morning: nip
ported ! y Me- is Barlow, De.'tie mid iiiaill. y,
oppo-uil . Mi ,,sirs Power-, W.irilner. Kn.ipp,
Wright ol C. ami Alb 11, and earn -d, Ml to I.
Mr. (ii.iiuli, ulit.iiin il leave lo introdiiiea
hi. I 011 .Moiiihi, i.ioriiing ii- t.
Adjoint!" d to ti 0VI01 k. I'. M.
Housi .
Tho nineiidineiit of the Sen it to the bill 111
corni.rnlni;; Londoiiflerry Academy was concur
red in.
I'rom Ihc S nule. Bill to prevent the tratfic 111
intoxicating hrpiors; referred to committee on
temperance memorials.
I'diliun rejtrrtd. Of inhabitant of Middle-
bury, to committee on temperance memorials.
Iltpeih. Hy judiciary committee, Senate bills
relative to Windsor Co. fire insurance Co., and
to revive oet chartering the llrnttleboro'and Ben
nington railroad Co., and they were passed ;
House bills relating to witnesses, to proceedings
agiiust trustees, to Jowing landa in Wilming
ton and Whiliiigliam, and lo incorporate the vil
lage of St. Johnsbury, and they were severally
ordered to ltd reading. By committee on roads,
agumst bill relating to railroads, (passes nnd
Ireight tanti's.) and it was laid 011 the table. Hy
eomuilttuo on agriculture, bill n latae to occu
pancy of lands in common and it was orih red to
!td reading. By committee on road, bill rela
ting to plunk road corporations, and il waxnidei
ed to Ail rending. Hy committee 011 banks, a
giunxt the hilU to amend the act to authorise. tli
litHincss ot' banking, and olio w.ih di-imsst-d and
the other rel mod a lid reading
0 incorporate l'ranltl:n coimiv
ill f ivor of lolls
inn! I'.iNsiiinji-K
from the bill t purchase, Di-iniug'H Appendix
discharged, and the bill orden d to .'id reading.
lly judicial,' committee, ngsinst lull repealing
the law relating to general ii-saigniiieiiU (being
states arrestrd in this slate.) and to legal,... the
grind list ol Brmntree, and they weio o.dered to
rrejected. Mr. Ilickuk moved a nubslaluie. m.
cldntTng the perstmul I'roi.pC.lile Jmill
l',VllhH ff.itfiiVftfll?, MWl.t Jwtctkal.
irjiu t'iini;ijii ,:?-.t--in ruj
ji'A.'a .
her uroitcj-tv it lent in .litu- ,i.u -......s...... t.i.
W -'l-V- in--II---T. 'I'V 1WriVrTTI'l'M1C3 l'J
7''MtHld?j(,iUw(id.itdiilkilo'u mill wrtl,a
ilh-'uiid.Mr,! ',tvlkcr..ni,n, d Jto,nitjikt5 dUihih'i
pr6viBO,thut u.tii,irnutl ofni)!'s liill'iirrftuMiUnH,
a aiiillluguinij' hr lliiishilii,liU'ri!i.rV'U. ' Mr1'',
'HotclAli-W'tilMed' WhWko thulBlirtK8Wdq,r'6r
ti'd dav for Mo;.day afternci1-oAi!'0Tlu; bifi'.
loll? YjriilWttHM .3t1!Uv'itf;fs
111 rnaillnnr A.1,nv. 1
.i. ,'-jiij.vvleiv!i Juno-, l.itb y. !,!)
F ou, , .'I JiiilMiiM)viNjpiiyJ jifjl' .i
'..L'rjyijDby tUii.(!).itil,n;';"i'',i l,-i . ,.
IfJlrtiltAlotioJt Mi'.GUtjdhUb'l'ho'rAa'dtiorilii,'
,(i A ii uoi.'i .i-.lMnvi.A jn-ajtki jf i
i t.fnil wis i!rp' nsed v. .th for tl, - remainder if
i. .ii. :..i'..i,....t i ,fi,rrr,L llv Mr llh'se.
i , PX.1M1 Lifi.Ins.ro.: to the in-!
i diciary committee. 1'nan the l!otie, to lay a
! lax mi Rutland to build a jail, to the Senaton-
from ltutl ind ; r lating to the duties of I uhway
-iiirvevors; relating lo railroads; nnd to pi ml.
roul corporations each to the committee on
Bonds; relating to fire insurance by foreign cor
IKirations, and to airchase BCO copies of Dem
mg's Appendix, to the commuter on Finance;
dating to process, and to proceedings against
trustees, to the Jtulii nry oiniietti ' ; to h gal. 71
the grand list of Bramlree, to the Senatois from
Grange; relating to the icenpincy of lands in
common, to the eoiiitn, Iter on Agriculture. Bv
Mr. Blake, to incorporate the city of Burlington :
nn h't motion ordered to lie.
Juinl Iltttolvtion. From the House, ril.iting
to the distribution of the public lands; on mo
tion of Mr. Northrop referred to the select com
mittee on this subject.
Jjr.-ocJ Mitt. Relating to bridges ; to
health insurance by foreign companies; to rail
road bridges severally passed. Relating to
purchases for State L hrarv : amended, on mo
tion of Mr. Seymour, so n to include the workn
of Daniel Webster, nnd passed.
Mr. Bntes called up the resolution relating lo
1 lie introduction of bills, and on his motion it
was amended sons to provide that no hills be
introduced into the Si natc alter this morning,
and adopted.
The Senate concurred with the House in their
amendments to the bill to incorporate the Ben
nington Savings Bank.
llfnrls. By Mr. Martin, from the committee
on Military Affairs, favorably to the bill relating
tnithe militii, with amendments, which were a
greed to, and the bill was ordered to a fld rend
ing. lly .nr. Meyinour, trom me juoiciary com
mittee, favorably to the bill to inenriorate the
Montpelier llydrauli: Co ; passed By Mr. Kast-
loan, from the committee under the joint 4th
nib , that no further action is necessary on the
animal report ol the State Librarian. By Mr.
Hale, from the S lect committee, ngiiit the
petition of Byron Stevens and others, for a rail
road from Kex junction to Brandon, and the
p tltioners had leave to witlidtinw. lly Mr. Hale,
from the judiciary coir.mittee, 011 tho resolution
directing them in impure what further legisla
tion is necessary the hi tier to secure the ri jl I
of married women, that no further net um 1- ne
oessary. By Mr. Buck, from the commit'!' on
Militaiy Affairs, ngamst the petition of A .!.
Laird and others for increased co.npen-atioii for
performing military duty, uud tin
1" HI'""" i
had leave to unhihnw. By Mr. Bile-, from tin
committer on llleet.ons, en the itsolutinn ilm i t
ng them to inetiire ns to the c ; d, in ot pr"
iding by I in for t he ideetion of 1 . p 1 -"iit.'t ,11 -bv
p'oraiilv on the thud billot, to it tio turtle j
.' 1 1-! 1 1 10. 1 i ii' i 1 -s 1 r . , dji 1 1 1'
l'i iu r hy V.' . 'Ii. I'utii 1111.
IU .'.1 intio hicitt unit liftmtl,
i!ey, to nicutpni ite etgelin
Bv .Mr tiimi
, 1 1 iiml icttn hi
1 ami by An. light ol I
111 aiii.'.iion to the
act iiicoiporaling tho Hvdevill'
SI ile Co.: lo
erini'iiit ee on manufactures.
Mr. Bradley had leave of nb-tiK-miming.
to luoriovv I,
The rhair appointed as committee on delo n-
Hires, Messrs. Batchehler, Wi.l.aui ; Blood,
iliirditt ; Bancroft, Francis ; Stickne, . l'nrt ridge;
I'arr, Gale of liotlien ; Giluian, iute of U in-h
ington; Wn.lit ol'St. George, Drur, : Hancock,
Scott; Cobb, Divinnell; Rose, Hartshorn I
1' helps, Iluzen. :
linifroutd Hill. Senato bills to incorporate1
Underbill Academy, and to authorize the consol
idation of certain railroad comp um ; Hhimo
lull to legalize the granJ list of Biaintne; liy-.
nig a Ux 011 liio county of Rutland u- t"it 11 '
j id ; 111 rekitiun to plunk roul corp nala us ; 1. -lating
to proceedings against tru.-ie: n l.itiiig
lo railroads ; ril.itiugto process; 111 n Litnui to
ii'Mirance ngamst fire by foreign 1 oinpmnes ; n
litiugto the occupancy of lai.ds 111 coiini oo : to
pnrchiin' I'.IH) copio of Den.mg's 11 j; 'i !. IK'
to 5 1 :) - -sever ill, p issed.
. ,11111 nmetit. T'i" I' - I'titioii of i'ie Sinti
'ii ml uriiiiH nt on WcdiH diy im. 1 .iu 111 ;
as mi p oiti d b, Mii-ii. Deaue und li.n'ow , . ml
oppo-cd by Me-Ms. Jo-lin. Browning .11 il MoT
hi in. Mr. Ni ( dh. 1111 Ha ved to ni-s-it S.iUmlay
instead of Wedned 1, rcj cted, at. w...-. t.ito a
motion to he 011 ihe table by Mr. Shcrm.m. Mr.
Allen moved Friday 1 ejected. Air. .Nerdlmm
iinived Tliur..il iy oppose,! by Mr. Wictoii of
W uud rejecttd. The resolution was then a
d' pled 111 coiicuirei.i e.
I '1 he llnii-e coli-l'leted the bill making nn np-
, piopi latimi for a uioiunuent to Win. Fr mil.
1 Mr. Grnudcy proposed an amendment limiting
the cost of the luoiiti nciit to the $'1500 appropn-
nted ; agreed lo, when Mr. Bradley unpolled
the hill hrielly, and il was rejected
Hie House took up the sjKcial order, being
the bill to prevent tin) traffic in intoxicating li-
1 quois.
Mr. Barlow incvid .0 dismiss the b,l,.,ega, privileges; Adjourned. I
I ni 11 test question, ami 011 tuat motion dtmauded
uhe previous question On seconding the pre-1
I v u.iis qiii aiiiin, the ayi'H were , noes !'ti, so the
inamlfoi the previous qu.stion wa-s not sucon-
ded, when Mr. B.rlow withdrew
Hie IllOllOll to
jil-m-s M-. Grandey then moved tlmt the
House r,nlvo elf into co uttee of the w hole
ou in.- ...ii-cirrieu, iicniue uouso w um into
C.l 1.1 .1. ,. .. f (
I coiienittee
the whole, M. Biriett of JI. in 1
the chair.
Mr. Bi.idl. y i cept, ,1 to the
ceptn to me constitulioiialit) ,
of the b.ll in two pointM, to wit, the
o. -a, o,r ,wvr oi
sc , tch, and the ex. lu.sioii of jurors.
V I .11... ,f
,i.,,.ruyJiC -
Ginndry, liuilow uud Deiin. , und in tin- course I
I me u isc ii sum nit- two rent,, men last nan
1 1
nish tempera," drinkers gentlemen , ri,d
1 cloth and carrying cut ghss decanters: if the
I) lUIl' , v I U'l I I iilliim ,i mom ii nr.
lull would entirely exclude the crittur." thev i
w i iild eo for it. 'I be first seven sections were
all iicoiniiiended without amendment, rxcejit
The con tteeros, and the House HZ U
.MfiMIAl, t! o'. LO. k i. u.
i lliporli
By Mr. Stone, fiom the select com
, mittee, against the bill to annex a part of So
, inursct to Dover and a art to Wardsboro' ; on
hismotioii indefinitely postponed. By Mr. Soy -
inour, from tlio Judiciary committee, favorably to
Hie bill rcl.itiiig to process; passed. By Mr.
Wboeler, from a majority of the comniittee on
fuled. lly Mr. Northron, fro.ii Ufo' lleritam','!
riiUarWvoAW td th'rcsMrtlitiiV k'fafmg'to'
B,vi?,ftiiiirAlJl. frVIJBSIIH-MWtj rVvliCQIt-UKin,
C k. . .. ca 1 y. 1 1
m'i tuuouaiimg iiiu oiiici ,) ,'I ,Whfitim rvtsloill
i',,j..,l.i;i,. i ..in- m. m,i, it.,.,., .A v, ' !
"T-'UCl HfVUMf 'Mil' tl"v,. itoii -ia S01CCl'VV0ll
cdiiiin'ittvv fivmablyitJ tlioi rt,riidiitiqaTivl?'i't
tu thefrciciprocity'iof lrvitlt b(l.:eh -tW-Uitltodl
statiafaAia'-'CftiiAitio-daiifed.''' hu1. UWm,','-
from. iho coniuiitteo olVl'.'ribric'e'fjVoydiill' (oTtoJ
I J rltflltLj to Dre ' insura jjL-o W0 jjf'), ,p,efj''o-
rn'KTT". , ir. G idli'te, fro;UTpi -imn,
'tee.,n lleli, famru.lv to tholj.il relating
tlio ilulu a rt b'L'hwav -urwora- e (. h r.rd. red
lo a .id reading, llv 'Mr. Baldwin, from the ee. 1
lett committee, fawirablj to the bill to legalize
the crnud hat of llraintrce; passed, lly Mr.
Goodlni", from the committee an llmds, favora-
hly t
Ho 111
the bill relating to pl.mk rout corpora
; pissed. Hy Mr. S yiuour, from tin .111-
diciary committee, favorably to the bill relating
to proceedings against trustees; the bill wa
favored by Messrs. Seymour, Blikc and I lab',
opposed by Mr. Martin, anil pissed, SO to 7.
Mr. ittera pre-ented three remontrinee of
sundry ciMcna of Burlington ngimst the grmt
ol a city chnrter, nnd they were ordered 'o he.
lltsohilion.t. By Mr. Halo, to appoint the
Governor and S"cretary of Slato a committee to
pramine into and rrpott what hi due to llenrj
Stevena for making an index to tho Vermont
Stale I'apors; referred to the committee on l'i
nance, lly Mr. Tluirber, directing tho Auditor
of Accounts to transmit to tho Sonato the ex
pense of tlio printing during the preaent session :
On motion of Mr. Martin the vote refusing its
passage to the lull relating to applications to the
general assembly wns reconsidered, and the bili
(VMS pas.-od.
The bill from tin; House to restore sundry
persons named therein to their legal privileges
waa referred to the Judiciary committee.
On mot km of Mr. Goodhue it was ordered
that when tho Semite adoiirn it be to this eve
mng at 7 o'clock. Adjourned.
Ufporti. By g neral committee, bills to pre
serve fish in Cook's pond and I'nirlee hike anil
its tributaries, to alter the names of certain per
sons, severally ordered to Dd reading. Hy com
mittee of ways and means, against bill relating
to the grand list, and it w as dismissed ; against
petition of Henry Stevens, and he hud leave to
j withdraw.
By judiciary committer, bills rela-
ting to injunctions, in addition to sees. 11 and
l.-,,.l,ap.ti(sC.S.,iel..tiiig to rights of married
women, and thev were ordered to ild reading;
restoring Re die'.. R. Trow. Art-mas Bonus, John
W. Fuller, Kdward liodguiai. and Livone
W.-slsto their legal privileges-passed. By
committee on education, that no legislation is
required m reference to a new inp of tl.e state,
m e geological survey, except such as is pro -
v.I.l bv I.,"- b. lore ihe House, ll,- select
1 'nii'tt'-e, a
0! 'll lll.spilt'
'I he i Ii esf
-olutioit in f ivor of tiling
bv aibitratiou, which was ad'
''ii! nto committee of th' whole
01, 1 ,o h.pioi I. Ii. when Mr. Dean,
moved that
h irgi il l'i ( "11
th'' ' omillllti . 1 ,-e and I t-k to le di
1I1 ' 'ill : 1
Mi. (Ii"i.
"in il by
ml ., '.'
Mr. 1).
1 1"
d bv
id to. 'II,
III11 . W III 11
imllti e
I iirlovv
iiioii 1
d I . d
, II. ,.
' . ii
d t MM
v 1- 1 -
i- to
'."g th
.sell it
1.1 ltd
bv th
i 1.0 t
ul -o pr. v iding
I I It
M u
I, ' poop
-!i ol t .1,
1! ' ide ,ig.nii-t it 111
1 li' c. 111 Dec. I'd !. -
l)i -mo ,1
.in .vi d t.
I ll tile Hint Hihlll h'. Ml. It II-
tpono th.s lull to Wi due-d iv
' h.e, h ijiiiv.il, nt to lb-mis', :j
The qn 'Minn reeiirn d on the
' morning next,
ayi - .-r1, n iv-!'7.
I amemlnient to the lull, au.l it was h
( Me-si. 1'oweis and Willi iins, nnd
uppoited bv
oi;i---d b,
'll Mr. I'age
The Iloii-e
M -'is De.ine hi.i1 (Jr.iy of A., win
j demanded the previous ipie.-tion.
-"o tided the call. I.'it to and th" ni.ieiid
iii"iit w as adopted. A motion to ndjoiiiii w.,s
lo-t. f() to and the I
r. eha T read and ps-.se
II was order.
I. ays DI, no
.1 to
Adji irned to nil! pi lnv,
The Seui.te con-'lderrd the m
l'.V r.MMl.
' V.T 1 .ll.ii tld-
1 the Llipi. 1 bill,
1 , the li.il and
III. I '.s I ropi,- ( d b, the llo Use t'
w hi 11 Mi. !! blw in 11 .in d to
Milieu, li,n nt on the t 111
.1 t I-. .in I the I'u-' pi.
in - in,' -o um. h a- ,0
the iiiutii.n vv is lust,
-l 'I Mill ' villli n', si lv.
- ll, it pel I'ls ip, ,,.
Ill "11 ,' -' ' HI' 1 onvii-
iu r fr"'1, iiii , men'
-h ,il.
' ..ii, p i do li.'e th
v.asa.i.ilti. Mr.
tie -I 1 em! Illil. lull 11
.idoptloM , t the law
' 1. 1 'l'u -dav of M 1
Me.-r-. Hildwin, S
in i'i'i' lini d 1 i' 111 11 l,.--t,
i . .iintir m iv . i to .1111. ml
t. o t I It til ' V"te up m the
!. ol hi 1 ihi 11 up in ' h s.
'I. w llA ll w 13 f iv oied bv
iiiotir 11, 1 I Maitin, oppo-ed
liy Mes-r.s. llailey of 1 .111.1, idle, Goodhu, ami
Howe ; Mr. Howe .!' man b I the ayes nnd noes,
and tin siiuei dun nt v. - r' j. cted, H to J!), and
tin niiieiidment of th House was I'oncin red 111
Itijmrti. By Mr Harvey, fiom the cmui.tti
on Agllctllttrc, faVo..il,lv lot! "hill relating to
the oerupuicy of lands :u coi.,i. on ; pa-s,d. I !
Mr Howe, from the s-,.,,,. committee, without an
ex pets, on of opinion, the lull IW ng the nUn
darl weight of bem, and pea-; mi motioii of
Mr. liters md. Iln.t. 'v posteon. d. Bv Mr.
Seymour, from the Judiciary committee, favora-
1.1. . ... .1. L..11 ...
uiv 10 mo um to restore certain persons to llieir
hrwh. By select coinmittee, substitute for ,
the bill relation
to r.olroads, (iirovidunr for a
board of commissioner, lo lav out railroads, reir.
--n ,
I nl.lo oiinorli.ins , ,...,1 . ........l...! ... .. ,
Jc.de le-r .dative inveMiL-otu.ns -1 fc,i.,nori, ,1 1 J
Mc-srs. VanHicr, Barren of M. and HBvdon 1
opposed by .Messrs. Deane, Barlow, Grandev
I ..... ' -
anil Blodgett, and dismissed. Bv the commit-
tee on banks, against Senate bill amendui" the
eIlcml ,snkliiif law of 1HAI. fsntlmriTinrr
s, , of capita to be naid n soeeierl snnis.rtr t
i bv Messrs. Wrieht of C. and Itlod.r, -ft. I il ions... 1
..' . .. "
by Messrs, Page, Deane, Barlow and Hale, and
rejected, lOOto hit.
ai, i ,,,. .... ... ,r.,lwllll,r ,), ., ,.
.1. ..... ... . ..
oig uir .-venule urn to prevent tne tratne in in-
loJllculmg llrlnk amt mp(, con.
lrir,. u. liis .men.,.,,,
. . ., , ..
irary lo ins intention
, '
the pise,.on ot the House.
a,r. ..ar.ow inoveu inai u. rvenate ue re,.,,es- ,
.r, ' . . .. '
Jir. mcixiu caueu upuie oni relating to the
location of school-houses, tho question being on i
; the amendment limning the land taken to one I
lour,,.,,, a acre: .vir. linnow mvl.u ,0 add
"and not within twenty rod. fro,,, any dwelling-1
homo. Agreed to. and the bill was committed ,
for amendment.
TuEaatv, Nov . -J-J, a. AI.
iZ'M Iff. WvTBWJkwM . J5I lo. .t:-, ,
loreii.efiujpiiiuBjipiubKi tbddutves.br hljhlvuy
lUirli'ycirBj'VV'Wc IViSl'dldH b ' m ); k,..i .,,n j !
P"-ltr.!:u .Kriloile ir. 'n.i'iir". .
vfrwrfjj' By MnJii'iiiy .-ilJUtland-.tmiiii il.n
T 1
Hoi ct committee, bill to In'fV ta'UiiXIfollai'id
ity to bmld-a jl1trth-'aiirendijioiis, winch
.; agreW to. 'ft'n'd'tllU Hull1 wsJt1ite', IlV
Mr.,llaii. 'frpiu iho, Judiaarv.coiriiiiiti'u." vJoii.
jliI L o-j.f"s i -.in -jc y.ii-.-i-i ---mr- -.11''?'
im NiftMwn.-vftf iiibidti, tio .luiitKiiiiiiig tu
M pano!al.IiJ(V '.JrWCMt'l'thV Criin' tlkleil
tIiatlro!lrrHiyera'floi'tf,o'Wf,ilita. k..-
i a Vi. r'i i- j.'s, UV TH ) , i" v '7"fl it)ri?ajsi 'a.vui"i't J.UV7 mil wjH oruortdro
fli-rj Ihe Ml voiiVmplJcd , ujjrji, jbjj, VJ " 1S i Kfl--lgJiWiliU.a .lalll"litiito
a - eVct win. Ii has already been passed tipont
t'i, tngl'i pr s"n ei hi, and cnld not there-1
fore, under t!i" :ld rule, be rntetbuned.
Mr. Carpi nter, from the Select committee, n
gainst the bill grouting n 'i-rry to Amasa U.
Holcomb ; :M reading rcluaed. By Mr. Nor-i
Ihrop, from tho commiftco on Claims, ngnitist the'
resolution nliting to the indebtedne.ss of the
State to Henry Stevens ; the resolution was fa
vored by Mr. Ilnle, opposed by Messrs. Nor
throp, llniley of Lamoille nnd Seymour, nnd re
jected. By Mr. Hale, fmm the Select commit
tee, agfiinst the bill to annex a part of Richmond
to Bolton ; Hd rtadinjr refused. I lo 'H'.
'I'll" Clrur laid before the Senate a cuiiiioiitii-
cat'ini from the Auditor of Accounts cut. lining
a stiteincnt of the i xpcn -e of the printing ordei -ed
during the present session.
llenoUiliont. By Mr. Hates, for a joint nssem
by this afleriiaon at 1) o'chwk, to ehct a State
Siiperintf nd, int of common pchoola ; adopted.
From the House, for the suspension of the tilth
joint rule until 8 o'clock this 1 veiling; and re
lating to arbitration as a substitute for war; both
concurred in By Mr. Blake, that the Secretary
be directed to request the Governor to return to
the Senate the Liquor bill ; adopted.
From the House, bill fir the preservation of
fi-di 111 Weathersliehl, referred to the Sem'ors
from Windsor county; for the preservation of,
fish m Fairleo pond, to the Senators from Or-,
ange county ; relating to the rights of married 1
women, to the Judiciary committee ; to incorpo-1
rate the city of Burlington, and to incorporate j
the village of Burlington, to the Senators fiom
Chittenden county ; relating to witnes-es, lo the
Judiciary committee; for the preservation of
fish in the ponds therein named, lo the Senatois
from Hiithind county ; to incorporate the village
of St. Jolmsbury, to tho Senators from Caledo
nia county ; to incorporate tho Fassdhipsic Sa
vings Bank, and the Franklin county Savings
B.ink, to tho committee on Banks; relating to
injunctions, to the Judiciary committee ; forthe
, Fcservnuon o. ..... ... ...nesuurgn ami m.ei-
, b,,rno fn,U' l" "tt from Chittenden
rol"'y, altering the names of certain persons
, ,ll"r,'m ,mmr,1 ,he Jl'ciary committee.
, Mr. Blake mov n,l ,0 return to the House the
, ''"I""r bl11 "cording to their request, which was
b elded, by the Ch.nr. to be out of older, unless
1 11,0 vo, concurring w ,th the House 111 their a-
1 niotidincnts to the bill was reconsidered ; Mr.
Hale n.ovd a reconsidera.ionofthe vote, which
: i i ll ... 1 .. 1 tit 1
was biet, 1 1 to Li. Adjourned.
Frayr by Rev. Mr. Walker.
ftw'itfioiit. By Mr. Grosvei.or, for copy of
pew -paper containing the laws to be li.rinsheil
to 011 h member; udopti ,!. By Mr. Sloeo'nb.
111-triii't ie' our (h b gitioii in Congress to v ite
toi a r. peal of ihe fugitive -livi I iw : hid on
the t, Id". By Mi. Gr."i by. 'ii-pi nd.ng the I :t.
1 1. 1.! rule until - o 'm k ties i ,1 mng .
liilLi i.vi'. To lii'iuporite lite
it. d.
i ,1' ige of Huriiiijtoii. two !i,l - ''.'Ii rei) nr.ng
h in 1 . . I th 1 eop... .I It e n- .j, : p. p., .
-live li-h 1111 rt ..11 1 ond-; .-o'nito billpn.v.d
nil' fir the est, ild.-iiuent ot town and n v
lei'-: nlitui.'to the rights of mimed none 11,
. um nd. ng tin' act of J-M7.si thi! it sh ill nut
lie retrospective m it-, operation ;i rcl itmg to in
j'lnctions ; alti rating the lrime of ci it 1111 per--"iis;
reliting to witne-ns: to incorporate the
village of St. J htisbiirv, Fassimip-.e S.n.iigs
I' ink, and Franklin co, S iv mgs hank : nd iling to
th" bs'ation of school hou-es.
lUlta dixmimd or rrjtrtal. Ililituig to the
fl'iMing of lands m Whitingliniii and Wilinmg
I011. relating lo ihe righta of married women,
1 curing to them their personal property -up-1'iiit.
d by Mi t-- s. Itied, d'ray, Birlo v and
Smile, opposed by Ale.ssrs. I ny.l"n II ,tcl,kis,
WardinT md Brow mng. and lo.st.'.HI to 7r-;) mak
ing an nppiopri ition Corn statue to ICthan Al-
liuis 'com Ihi ."vin.'r irfrrnj. Relating to
hug. s, t committee on 1011I-: relating to pur
in i-es for the state library, to committee 011 hb
iiry; r. lating to railroad budges, to committee
1 11 1 Is ; re! .ting to he dth insurance by rom-
P nn. s out 1. f ihe si ee, in judiciary committee ;
in 1. I nn. n to tin ii.htu, 10 comniittee on unlita-
IV lit'.. 11-.
Ii ml. I'v 1 " inttee of ways nnd uieiiis
raising a 1 . -in 1 making nppronnntions for
th. -uppoit of govei i ment, and H was oidered
to .id r. .uling.
.Mr. It iloiv unA.d to reconsider the vote re.
e . ling the luil amending the act to authorize the
'"'si ol banking; agreed to, and all of the
bill was Mricki n out except a provision as to the
.I. pi -,i ofbili.- protested and the fee for protest,
led passed. Adjourned.
2 o'clock, I. M.
Mr. Baldwin obtained leave to introduces bill
to incorporate tho Chelsea Steam Mill and Man
ufacturing Co, nnd it wus referred to the Sen
ators from Orange county.
1 rom the I!ou,-e, the bdl relating to tho oil
!,... .r.....,.i . ... s, .
Airairs: nnd rc itmnr to lbTT,r, -u
homes, to t lie committee on Education.
q , 0nrilrrP,i .,, ,1,,, ., ... .,.-
...., i,,..,.., . ,1... 1..11 . 1 .. ...
.!..:- .l 1 ..r, ......
uivi u.c 111,1 uiiaiiir-ea ul WUIIIvlll.r.
"",,,on 1,1 Wr- ''"'" H was ordered,
ii;;; PZ ' "
j Itriorts. By Mr. Miller from the Select corn- i
t unite,-, in favor of the bill for the preservation!
of lisli in Weathcrneld ; passed. By Mr. Bald-1
win from the Select committee, in favor of the I
bill for the preservation of flub in Fuirlee ; pass- I
ed. By Mr. Goodhue iroiu the committee on 1
Roads, in favor of the bill relating to railroiuU ; i
passed. By Mr. Seymour from the Judiciary
committee, in favor of the bills relating to in-1
, unietioiis nn.l nliorma ..... r . '
10 Znl T" I
lo 1 y 1 U" fr'n the '
' t"'cl r"'""""'-'. B'nt tlio hill to alter the .
noiiiing me courts m Essex, Calrdoiua,
(), ,,., Lamllle collIlliM. roadillff
fed. By Mr. Bailey of Rutland, from ihe
atl"" ot" "'' ' l,,e P"'d therein,,.,,,..; pass-
ed. Hv Sir. Srvmnur f tA,i
tee, in favor of the bill relating to witnesses
psssed. By Mr. Hale from the Select committee.
, ftvor of the bill to incorporate the village of
St. JMwj . r b(fom
ii, m..i.. ... c. . ..
corKirsU! the Chelsea Steam Mill and Manufac
turing co. ; pissed. Hy Mr. Bates from the
couimiUue on Banks, in favor of the bills to in.
corporate the Franklin county nnd I'at.sm,,p.c
l1"! tlw.a'ftetf "vninf ..illiftior.pf llievklllsi
td'inoiwpprivJOnrV'ftf W .tvf 'BiirJmgtH'iiliid..thrj
(lagvi.of liiriuigtitn'; ccu jlaaaeUI .By Mri"
JVstej:.fr(iiii;lJivi cit-'luvD ciimimUcD, in thenitfrnii.
rul apij3Qtitiojirt,rettui'o,ibeJtiMiio Aayhmi,,
by v qUeu.n-flQrlij UiU ,llw Jinltutiqii .lus Itpvn,
an'd i,HtU 'MllingClli ittfld &l,uvld:Je. .the subject
'of cmmendatipfjraxlittriJjiMi .nf ceiwuKUi tlia.
ti(Vio,Mj3y! iP.WrlhtJrawnnltyMhsUalii;
fnum' tho ifivfS (uiiii$t.vo.,lnfiivor.bf th.o'bills
ircIat)pg,lirr,riHsjj jifttjioii,, m u ea; btumidmcut,.
vv,nK?, ,vv,;a!rA1.1ji,i0j dll,ci bill wjuonlerrd to
tho nglita of married women and its third read
ing waa refused.
Jlr. Hale moved n suspension or llio !IJd rule,
to allow the enlertninmriit of a motion to rccon-
sider tho vole concurring with tho House in their
..i. t i..ti ...1...1. . a. I
aineiidmciit.a to (ho Liquor bill, which, a Senator
objecting (Mr. Miller.) was decided by tho chair
to tie out of onler 011 the ground that it requires
unanimous con-ent ; Mr. Ilnlo took nn appeal
from tho decision of the chair, when Mr. Good,
hue moved to lay the appeal oil tho table, which,
after some discussion was withdrawn, when Mr.
Hale renewed the motion to lay on the table,
which was agreed to.
Jninl molitlian. By Mr. Seymour, that the
Governor appoint a committer of throe, to ex
amine and report to th" next general assembly
such provisions and amenilincntJ in regard to
pleadings and practice in our courts, as 111 their
judgment will bo beneficial ; adopted. Adj.
jmtKil. Senate bills relating to life in
surance by Ion ign companies, and to incorpo
rate Irasburgh Aqueduct and Hotel Compinies ;
House bill relating to Ihe militia.
Itrporl. By select committee on tho petition
of Stillman Morgan, n unanimous report highly
favorable to the Vermont Asylum for the Insane,
and the petitioners had leave ta withdraw.
Iltlli ditmiiatd or rrjrclfd. Senate bill re
lating to the election of town representatives ;
House lull relating to the grand list, (assessment
of bank stock ;) to pay Mmot Wheeler; for per
fecting probate records ; relativo to parties in
civil suits being witnesses therein, (a like bill
having alreadv been passed ;) in addition to the
act of l.-ol authorizing the business of banking,
(authorising the incorporated banks to increase
capital under that net, and the associated banks to
bank on cash capital in part;)to establish a board
of education and providing for teachers' insti
tutes supported by Messrs. Barlow, Bicknell,
and Blodgett, oppossed by Messrs. Barrett of
M. and Joslyu, and dismissed 78 lo TH.
Jltmluiion. From the Senate, for a joint as-
scmbly to elect state superintendent of common
schools : Mr. Barrett of M. moved to fix 8 o'clock
this evening, which was adopted, when the reso
lotion was opposed by Messrs. Barlow- and
Blodgett, ho wished no election to be made,
and snpMirted by Mr. Grandey, on the ground
that every member of the House is bound by
his oath to obey the statute law. The resolu
tion wss rejected, !X) to XJ.
The bill to extend the Holland and Whitehall
Railroad to Whitin, was dismissed.
Adjourned to half past 0 o'clock.
Tt-snvT EvrsiiMi.
motion of Mr. Hale to suspend the il-'kl
ru'e and the appeal from the decision of the
i h ur on this motion, was taken up, and the ap
p. il was withdrawn.
Joint ll' mltitinn. From th" Home, directing
t 1 State Librarian lo furnish the libraries of
Munich and New Orb ans, with certain works ;
adopted in concurrence.
'Ihe Senate concurred with the House in
their aim ml ment to the amendment proposed by
the Senate to the bill to l iy a tax on Rutland
County to build a jail.
lltKilulion. By Mr. llailey of Lamoille, that
the thanks of the Senato arc hereby tendered to
the Hon. Win. C. Kitlredge, for tho able, effi
cient and impartial manner in which ho has dis
charged lite arduous and responsible duties of
President of the Senate during the cession that
is now drawing to a close, and that our best
wishes accompany him to his home. The reso
lution waa adopted unanimously, and the Presi
dent replied in a brief and handsome speech.
From the House, tin; bill relating to the en
couragement and promotion of Agriculture,
Domestic Manufactures and Mechanic Arts, as
referred lo the committee on Manufactures ; re
lating to fees of sheriffs, relating to the settle
incut ot est lies, in addition to an act to mcor
. t. ,v , , 1 , , .
juuiciiry committee ; to incorporate the rr
geniu s Manufacturing co. ; and in addition to
an act incorporating the Hydeville State Co., to
the committee on .M.inuliictiiii s ; making provi-1
sion foi the mppoit of government, to the com- j
linttee on Finance.
llr.irrossul Hill.
Relating to forms of action;
Ilfpurti. By Mr. Hone fro n the committee
on Agriculture, that no firlhor legislation is nr.
cess iry, 011th' petition of suudrv inhabitants of
PitUfurd, praying for a law to regulate tho sale
and allotment of public lauds ; and the petition
ers hud leave to withdraw. By Mr. Gleason
from Select committee, in favor of tho bill for
the preservation of fish iu Hinesbnrgh and Shsl
burne ponds ; passed. By Mr. Miller front the
committee on Education, in favor of the bill re
lating to location of school bouses, with an a
nienduient, which was agreed to, ami the bill
was passed. By Mr. Martin from the comniittee
on Military Affairs, without an expression of op
inion on the bill relating to the Militia ; ordered
lo lie. By Mr. Seymour from the Judiciary
committee, in favor of the bills relating to settle
ment of Estates; in addition to act incorporating
Burlington Gas Light co. ; each passed. By Mr.
. L ... ..
rosier irum uio ooauuutce on .Manufacture, in
favor of tho bills to incorporate the Vergennes
Manufacturing cos, and in addition to unactiti-
corporatmg the Ilydevillo Slate co. ; each pass
ed. By Mr. Hale from the Judiciary committee,
in favor of the bill relating to fees of Sheriffs ;
tho bill waa opposed by Messrs. Bailey of Li
moille, Baldwin, Bailey of Rutland, Martin ami
Carpenter, favorec by Messrs. Seymour, Hale
and Miller, and its third reading refused. By
Mr. Howe, from fho committee on Agriculture,
against the bill relating to the promotion of A
gricullure, Domestic Manufactures and Mechan
ic Arts; tin; bill was opposed by Messrs. Good
hue, Northrop, Badey of Limotlle, and Millor,
and its third reading refused.
Ilnoluiion. By Mr. Hale, to request the Gov
ernor to return to the Senate the Liquor bill,
that tho request of the House to return the bill to
its possession may be complied with ; the reso
lution was ruled out of order.
Un motion of Mr. Goodhue, it was ordered
thst the Senato adhere to their amendment to
the bill relating to the location of school houses,
tho House resolving not to concur therein.
Htsulution. Hy Mr. Seymour, that tlio Sec
rotary and Assistant Secretary arc entitled to tho
thanks of tho Senate, for the admirable manner
in which they liavo discharged their dutios;
adopted unanimously.
The Senate concurred wiih tho Houso in their
amendment to the bill authorizing tho removal
of f'fV'm'!l,4fH!!''rii,,.,Livi'-i.,,. i .,
mupcnsjon qftbo Hill, jauilrule, dumy tiio ri
rom tho House, tho bills to iiicorpaafsitJiQ
Klip lun.j iaii(l,1,jiijiijen. plmpr. m.W..,H.A W
lirje .bV'itq-) Cjoumiiljro ,pn jioaiVA!reJittiiB.
THfifiRtH ,S'ilSfEf3r!?. dB,',!fl'C.iiW,i,ttjqWi(
L'd ication; nnd in additmn.tq, R.V.jHfikJiiconiotri'
"iJyBfiiwk-AJwWiii'fiWom piftUKuwd-,
.jtui to Iho cwnwittw OMiR.oads,,. E.rii.,tl,H
I ' iltnorts. Bv Mr. Groonfromtlin commilten on
FiihustV! ift fJjVur! Afuho bill, making an appro-
pciflwl lor,tbciHui'iiotl ol gdvarrimlit j paisedy
.Bj?IcsiriJbubJViliir,thc cmmulttcu on JtoJuU;-
against ttia bill in addition to an act income
ting tho St. Albans nnd Ricliforil plank rcne'
third reading rcriised, Hy Mr. Miller from ll
committee on lJditcation, in favnr r u in '
lnling to lim-kccpcra and rower. .,1,1
c .1... , I-"" and the salo
wi ...,w..,v..H urinusi passed.
IU. It. K.I ,
...i., r,... n. ,.. .. . '""11-
,,",.",' . l"u"""mf,p " ll0d. in favor of
the lull to incorporate the Ui.thndandCI.it.
tendon phnk road co.) passed.
On motion of Mr. Miller, it waa ordered that
the Secretary bo directed to inform tho Governor
nnd Hie House tint the Kcnato have on their
pirt completed the business of the session, and
are ready to adjourn without day.
A message was received from tho Governor
'hat h had received the communication from
the Senate, nut! that h had no further commum
cation to inako to them,
A message was received from tho House, that
they had on their part completed the business of
the session, and wete ready to adjourn without
day, ami thereupon fho President declared the
Senate to bo adjourned sin dit.
The amendments of tho Senate to the lull
laying n tax on Rutland county vrero concurred
Hilli iligmlntd or rtitrtal. To lav a tax on
the county of Franklin ; relating to Die sale of
property on attachment; lo alter time of 1), n
mngton county court ; to provide for publishing
new map of the state ; Senate bill relating to
railroad bridges (to bo 17 feci hijh in tho clcar.i
relative to division of school money supported
hy Messrs. Barrett of M., Gray of A., Joslm,
Denison and Williains, opposed by Messrs.
Needhani, Barlow, Deane, Hickok, Weston of
S. and Wardner, and dismissed ; to extend the
Woodstock railroad Co.; Senate bill relating to
highways ; relative to remedies against judg-
. 1 . 1.. . r
muni uvuturs , rewuvu 10 lorrus 01 action ; re
pealing s. 2J, c. 1 10, c. s. ; repealing Hie habeas
corpus act (as to fugitive slaves laid on the tn-
ble, not to be taken up ;) relating to innkf-pera
and grocers, (another bill having been piss, d.)
j m relation to witnesses, (an act having been past
UetoliUion. To furnish to the library of Bav
aria, and also in New ( )rleans, such documents
as Can conveniently bo spared in exchange for
similar documents ; adopted.
Pciitiontrt hating lam to irithdrato. Wm. S.
Bishop, II. II. Hammond, W'm.S. Lewis, Win.
C. Cutting and others.
Jlillt jxtsitd. To authorise certain purchases
for the State Library ; in addition to the act
to incorporate tho Hydeville Slate Company,
and Vergennes manufacturing Co.; in addition
to set to incorporate Burlington Gas Light Co :
1 , -,..,., e., ,i.i, ,..,.,.
1 , .
, llli:rvalllg yJ vi Biiiuiag.ui miuiifl. 'IIIII poors :
j amending section 1'S chnp. 50 compiled ttatut. ;
, to repeal the act for lb" encouragement of ngn
culture, nniiiifactures and the tnecliiiii.' arts
supported by Messr-. Hnrlow and N-s .'h . .,
oppnsi'd by .Mi'-r. Iliv leu. Gray nf A. Bl.lg
eti. Joslm nnd Grand. ,'. and passi-d, 'J to 7 1 .
to mcorpo'ate the Montpelier Hydraulic co -up
ported by Messrs. Herd, Blodgett. Grand" , .1' .1
' Needhini. opKsed by Messrs. f)eai and llir
I low, and passed HI toiif1; to ini'orpor.te the
I Chelsea steam mill and manufacturing romp on.
Senate lull relating to railronils; to re love ob.
struct ions in Huntington river; to 111c irporate
Rutland and Chittenden plank roul conipmy :
in addition to the act to incorporate the St. Al
bans and Richford plank road Co. ; 111 addition
toe. 87, c. s. ; relating to the Militia.
ItetoltUiwu. Hy Mr. I'age for n joint assem
bly ibis evening to elect superintendent of com
mm schools ; laid on the table. To pay Joua.
Matthews; rejected. For remunerating clerks
in the House ; rejected. From tlio Senate, for
committee to report a bill to the next session rcla-
' tivc to pleadings and practice; adopted. For a
j repeal of the fugitive slave law: Messrs. De.ine,
Barlow and Barrett of M. deprecated action on
mis siiujvci ai 1., 1 imv nil uvur kiiu 111 u iiuii
.1 L . ... . . I I ... .
House, and the reslulion wits laid on the table,
j -."1 to 'S).
Mr. Pag" introduced a joint resolution sua
prilling the lilth joint rule, which was adopted.
Mr. Grandiy ui'roduccd the following resoiu-
I t.oll.
! "";r"- 1 uaunc manks 01 tins House are
hereby tendered to the Hon. Thomas E. Powers
for the able, impartial und hichlv courteous man-
j '"'r 111 """" m Ue arduous anu
' r,"P,wlbl'! d'"109 of P"'oing c,!r of Ule
House during the present session.
Which was adopted unanimously, whereupon
tho Speaker addressed the House as follows:
(lenilrmen, It is wiih no ordinary emotions
that I rise at this time to reciprocate, in some
small degree, so flattering a tribute of respect as
is evidenced by the complimentary terms of the
resolution which you just have been pleased to
unanimously to adopt. Culled, as I was on a for
mer occasion, to the position which it has been
your pleasure again to assign me, and when my
inexperience in the affairs of legislation admon
ished me of the hazard of the undertaking, noth
ing but an unshaken confidence in the uniform
courtesy and forbearanco for which the House
of Representatives of Vermont lias ever bem
proverbial, induced me to venture upon Us van. d
andiiitricato duties. That confidence, it gives mo
P,eas"re toaay, has not been misplaced: and.
gentlemen, if tho truit reposed in me has been
executed to your acceptance, the object of my
ambition is accomplished.
I need not remind you that the fow remaining
and of a pleasant, und 1 trust profitable and
well spent session, are fast hastening their
course; und that whatever of responsibility at
taches to tho various measures we have adopted
or rejected must be shared individually between
us. Neither need I remind you tliat our numer
ous acts, whether of omission or commission,
will be scanned with that commendable scrutiny
which becomes a sovereign people. And it is to
be hoped that each may stand justified before
that tribunal as a faithful, Itonost representa
tive and guardian of the people."
And now, gentlemen, for tho uniform courtesy
and many kind indulgences which I have re
ceived nt vuur hands, vou will bo pleased to ac
cept my most giatoful acknowledgim nts, with
the asauranco that my best wishos will act om
pany you to your respectivo homos, und attend
you so long as a recollection of the events con
nected with tho section, which is now so rapidly
hastening to its close, shall retain a placo in my
Tho I louse receded from its disagreeing vote
to the amendment of the Sonato to the bill rela
ting to the location of school houses.
The u.ual messages vvero exchanged and the
"Sbeliljer Wljo .
iir! lJip,!f ripl,1Rv,!mHrljr pea,ccahlejuivlipl03a'
nt css,pn, ,ii- , ,,... i
.1, irjj.juuirtli'iJi.-i mi' 'l.'"' -.'
llojJlru1 7ift7(ilfrj''Htlriliiri 'BitlbrsJ lirepared 'by1
.Dr. UJ'MjjMikioii; ota jtfsnyi:recKoiiea'aiiwng'i
fttHistiivaluobldtinrrilcney.B Wdiika&rSi- "
peviia,'iivnpw;Iikcr.wgl(Si-'yirdiigtt?nitig mo
.qfill iiioliwiUii'tl1nnlaig"B.uMiyUvy
and L'lving ruddy health to tho cheek.'tmd brijjht-
nessj.to;tmtey--TlIti'o, are thdUsands' ni ttm
coniliWlllty wlionoairlesiliyro ineir vnmi -tliiJ-n)iHi'UilMlt4JeHirt'i,da
llielrliiliihiriy. fc

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