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Vermont watchman and State journal. [volume] (Montpelier, Vt.) 1836-1883, March 17, 1853, Image 3

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Official Proclamation.
Wasiiimitiin Coun-rr Clkkk's Or.rice, )
Mnrcli 15, 1B5'1. (
I, SI1UI1A1U. WIIi:ni,i:i!,Clrrkof Wn.ili
incton Comity Court, liorcby certify that I liavo
tli& ilny cnnviissed tlio votes nf tho Frcemon of
sntd (jounly, ct on tho soeoml Tuesday of
Alnrcli instant, for County Comminsionpr, tn pur
fciiniico of ii hw of tlm Statu, npprmotl Nov. U:l,
P,Vi, entitled tin " An net to firpvrnt trnfllo in
Intoxicating Liquors for tlia pnrpoiw of drink,
injr," mil tfitit tliu result id ns Ibtlowi :
Wliolr nnmher of votw cnat IKVi 1 of which
Hon. Daniel llaldwiii received
Scattering II
Hon. Cnlvin HlodRelt received 1077 1077
I do thereforo declare and innke thi rny l'ro
clnnmtion, that the lias. CALVIN HLOIXi
Kl'T, of Wnterliury, havine tho grentCTt mim
bor of votos. is duly elected County Coounissiou
cr for the Connty of Washington for the year
cnsiiinp, by tho votes of the Precimui of said
Count) , as appears by said canvass, on record in
this otlice.
The abovo result is certainly rcmarknhle, and
nobody will bo surpmed, under" the circumstan
ces of the case, to see an intimation in tho Re
pository that there has been some smart figuring
on the part of one of tho returning officers. Of
course we do not mean to say that there has ac
tually been cheating : we only mean that the
closeness of tho vote, and an allotlged contrarie
ty in the unofficial and nflirint returns of the
town of Woodbury, leave a chance for those to
indulge suspicion who are inclined that way.
l'or onr own part, we are surpmnd to find that
the lection of a Commmioner, who, do what.he
will, cannot relly effect very much in the appli
cation of the law, should excite bo much feeling.
Wbether many or ftw ia licensed to sell, we
take it that the lata will still be enforced ; and
shook! any commissioner attempt to mako the
law odious or to disregard it, an intelligent pro
jilo will soon learn to discriminate between the
law and its administrators. Judge l)l'dgctt is
in, and we have no right to suppose that h" will
not faithfully erform the duties of the office.
The followinghst of county commissioners are
olectod I rum the several counties heard from. In
those counties where tho nams are in italic the
candidates were elected by the opponents of the
law; those in roinan in taor or the law
Washington county,
Calrin n'odgrtl.
Rutland "
Addison "
Win l-.ir
CltlUfn.l 'II
( Irunj '
I.-iui ..II"
lr' in-
IV niKi.n .nnl 1 1 r.i nil I-."'
Ixunaril Sargent.
John Ilobcrtt.
Silas W. llodgcs,
Davis Rich.
.Y.i'i urn il'i J i ''.
U in. I . i . 'u ,r.
( 7i irii l(lt m.
.Mm ;. CI,
II. II l. It.
S i' ,w! form
(,,, ih
i I'ltl'ii - Ii w
' i." m . i .i
" . I
- II , V
I t , (V .
! ' I I
-. . -' . -
1 1 ii
. T, a U
i r ,
1 1 !
. ' ,i
l.i . I
Nil ii I I ' - it
11. -.
L 1 1 f
of Ih. I
W. U
R. K ,
Rev I.
i i
i r
i;. 1' .1 . r. II i i i . I ,v
CriM.-, M. l ni r .t jr , u.i i i . , - i . . ,,i hi.
Town timn I JnnH!..
New Hampshire.
Vf iir 1 i'i n-!'.;! of p tur. - lr t 'i iirje
nuiiite'r ui'litt ei t'l. S' i'", 'i'i - i"i
ly in'lrve i!i re i r. w ih-. i th"1 , : i m .
of nun) li.'Ui I li 1) r i nr.' 'ii I'i 1 -
PIOIl ot llo ill. .1- n-ilil, .e.'v I..! 1 l.i in i
OoveriinrMirl.il i-r. e!e f.-1 ; :oi p il
inajoriiy, thi'iii;ii b n tntii. r ite t nn he re
ceitod li ) i' ir. Hi- iinji.-'t) mi. he .ii,iiit
liall'iLS lire .i ihiif i i.uim'il I ir hi.n in tne tele
graphiL ui -i it ,;i 1 1 ii j t'uin r.l in ) . sii rii i's
Miiit . we ! li it t.iillk It Wnl lie ihiiim turner.
The l.xotiie (mi li it'.' pmli'iiiiv t .t i N of
the S 'tut . ti.ii! 'i .ir"! )iep in I' r.ui . in tli-
Hilll-i'. Th" WlllJ- IIU". II ie '. I I nil- .1
iiiulIi hete-r li;.'i' t'nu wa ex, t d, n . lor ilie
Ciri ui.et in i -.
In llio t'onri in i! e' '.on. 1 lit v i, un
der appe ir t ! i ... inlet ') - i . . K.t
treili;i' is jiri ImI- y i veil m t.i t .1.- , . i.
Morn-oil 111 tie' ' n.ni .'II. II .'iirl i'i tlie
tmril. The on ) 'I ii it t- .ii I j t t ' ii " r
In tin' !r-t iii-'rii t i liu, . . rt-
turus :
T lv '
Itin i:ii'i.u i, 1- t hi in I- .
S' r ilKu I, I. t , in- I - o I :' i
II Ikn i,i. J t i.i n- 'J i .. 1 1
Tot ii ei - ; t.
Tim- in A i.i,'
of Nell II imp- ill
til in fimr-ii'irm ot
by tli- inn) rn of
Ulljoillv. ilep.-iv 'il
in 1 tuili'ti ot
. ii li j 1 1 , ih
til" l.i't'r- ol
the t ritnii.i
. (I
r i. mi h'i i i .re
111 It Suit!, If,
I mid ri e. ,3
ol ( Veil .1 i-.ll r..'
'l of the NaUoinl
tive m either hr.im
Co n gross ;
and tin-", wo aro told, is a democratic triumph !
Twenty -five thousand voter, comprising a very
large preponderance of tlie intelliget.ee and sub
stantial interests of tho State, are virtually dis
franchised, and at thin very democratic result,
the Boston I'ost is hugely pleisej. Vet in the
columns of the same piper we nny find an un
limited amount of complaint of the Constitution
of Massachusetts, because, it u alluded, the
minority in soaie of our large towns and cities
cannot choose a. portion of the representatives.
Tins is consnlency, with a vengeance. ! -. ltlat.
. I Chatlengt to the SUilt.Mr. I'arker L. Chase
of Charleston, Orleans County, purchased in
March lr.iO, 75 ai res of wild laud in said town,
paying therefor $190. lie has suico then paid
out, besides devoting n part of his own time in
carrying on another farm, tlie sum of SltiC, also
built a large barn and log house, worth 5Ml);
and up to the present timo lie has sold as products
of the farm, 511 bushels wheat at $1.25 per bush
el, making joT,.iO ; 'J 20 bushels grass seed at
$".'.75 per bushel, making $tiU5 ; '-WU bushels oats
at er busliel, making titi.li? ; !il0 buaheU
of iMtatoes at llu cents per bushel, making $'M ;
20 biisheU barley at 50 cents per bushel, making
$10 ; ashes and salts of lye j'-!.")."). and has been
offered for bis farm $1'J(K). lie has also kept a
large stock of cattle, leai ing a net gain up to
the present tune, yli years) of about JJOi), reck
oning growth and sale of stork.
Mr. Streeler, ulso of Charlestown, raised (Mi
bushels of wheat from 3 bushels sowing.
The above items, which we lmu from good
authority, coiitinu what we haxe beton-stated to
be true", that in Orleans County is to be found
some of the best land in tlie late. It ulso ap
pears that they have fanners there n ho know
liow to make it yield a rich increase. Catedo.
n ian.
Subscriptions to Extend Ike Railroad. On Mon
day lutt the people of Slaiwtead hail mbbcnbed,
ns we learn, some over $ti'l,0lK) of their share of
the $;100,000 to be 'raised in the country to ex
tend the l'assumpsic Road.
.Viio 1'vsl Ojhrt.A new I'ost Offico has
been established at Went Ilurkp, and Silas Iteck
witli appointed rostmast'T ; also one ut Will
oughby Like, in Westmore, and II. II. Hall, aj
pointed I ostmasier.
Tho most disastrous fire that ever occurred in
New Orleans, broke out on Wednesday after
noon, March i!d, in the uppor purt of tlie Alaba
ma Cotton I'ross. Tho tinmen spread rapidly,
und gained a tremendous headway before the
engines arrived. It destroyed nearly all tho con
tents of the press, besides a large quantity of
cutton piled in the street. It far oxecod tho
first estimates. It is supped that over UOfiOO
bales of cotton wero destroyed, aluetl at from
$800,000 to $1,000,000. The projieny whs most
ly insured. Tho losses fall heavily on the fol
lowing offices : Crescent, Home .Mutual and Sun
Mutual. It is believed that several negroes have
perished in tho flames. Many other prusscs in
tho city wcro in great danger, but wero saved.
Tho fire is still smouldering, and tho engines are
kept constantly at hand. Another account gives
tho following purticuhus: The amount ot cot
ton destroyed by the fire of Wednesday, is as
certained to bo about 1H,000 balce. Insuranco
had been effected ns follows: $15,000 at tho
Homo Mutual; G0,CC0 in the Sun Mutual:
$00,000 in the Liverpool and Royal 'Liverpool
offices ; S0,000 in the Tennessee ; $15,000 in
tho Merchants'. Several cotton factors had no
Jlnolhtr victim to the Spiritual Happing Hum
bug. l'erliapa the fact is not generally known
that tho .Spiritual Rapping Mania prevails to a
considerable extent in this village, and that nl
tnost nightly orgies nro hold, whero pretended
communications from the spirit world nro receiv
ed ; nnd frnil, weak Immunity deceived. At one
of the " Circloi," in tthich tho Spirits delight to
proambulate, Mr. II. Nichols, n merchant m the
lower villngo, was introduced, n few weeks since,
nnd the inclination and machination which he
has been subjected to, have finally resulted in
depriving him of his reason. Isodport Courier.
Il'ttrherafl in I'cnnsylvanin. Tho Chambers
burg Whig of tho 17th inst says a correspon
dent, writing from Fulton connty, infuniis us of
a singular cane of supposed witchcraft that oc
curred near Sideling Hill. There is n certain
religious sect in that neighborhood ca'ling them
solves tho Christian Church. A lady, one of the
members, was tnkon sick nnd lay for some tune,
Until she finally imagined herself bewitched, and
a sister in the Church was settled upon ns the
witch. A meeting of tho session was called in
duo season, at winch tho minister presided, and
the charge of witchcraft was formally preferred
against the lady. Being a new cose, nnd wo
presume, not provided for in the diciplme, the
session was puziled as to tho proper manner to
proceed in the case ; at length it w as proposed
that she should bo asked to step over a broom
stick, as it had been said that n witch could not
do so; hut the accused got over it without tip
iiarent difficulty. After a consultation it was
then agreed that she should then be tried in a
pair ot weigh-scalbd with a bible to balance her,
and if she was a witch the bible would be Wo
heavy for her. Accordingly she was tsJren to
a mill and the experiment tried, but she proved
tn heavy for tho bible. It was then intimated
that probably her clothing prevented a fair test,
and half a bushel of corn was put on tho scales
with tho bible to balance tho clothing ; but null
the lady was too heavy, and the charge was for
mally dismissed. '
General Henry Leo remarked nnee to Wash
ington, " We are amaxed, sir, at the vast am
ount of work that vou accomplish." Washing
ton replied, " Sir I rise at four o'clock? and a
great deal of my work is done while others are
Strange Death. Two young men of the vill
age of Rrnmle, m France, lately perished in a
very singular manner. They went out to shoot
wild ducks, and in order to arrive at the marshy
ground which the birds frequented, they deter
mined to proceed down the canal in a boat, and
then crossing over to the oilier side to walk
the rest of the way. Tho waters being unusual
ly high in consequence of the rams, the young
men found that they could scarcely puss under
the arch in their boat. They thought, it is sup
posed, that by lying down m the boat they could
pass. It so happened that the water was higher
t.i .i they l.i in.r it, and was nin? every moinent,
.l lll.lt nIm II t.'lr ho it 11. ill iT'lt lIlnl'T tlie lircll. it
iick t i-t. tlim ene) 'Mtiij the vomit; ne ;i run
pU'i." v .th ml their Ii in in;; aitv iiii'iiii ol 'tr t t
tm' 1 .' n 1 1 - !en. The) were I'mnul tiin
nt'i r, cle nl mi liie h lit, uii.l ela-jicd in inch o.her'i
i A 1. 'I of hi!
1 (ir tn.l .1 in am.-t
i i i - r ol ,n ii .
t I" 1
bin hi
i l 1.
et ut
it- a'' l
t I" n,
-,f iij
it ii
' II - I ' 1.1 I
i r. i i I -i, t li i n '
' I u i in
I- o' H I I I I I - ' i -1 . "
; ii r.n t ii ; - i'ij- o! )
ii m 'o' n ii i.i in li.- i
t- -'iij. . In t!. poll.
' U oi
Tiei li
UTi 11
- .i- t.i - ii . . i put
ill'' :
li tMi i - IV It i- i' .'ttlt i.M t'
tlii' 1 i-" "t"il ' " 1 t 1 1 '1 1 1 -,n 1.
'1 !' . j 11 lnt-'iiij'-irr p.1'"'
ir i. iiii mt r j 1 1 1 1 fin t in! in ( in.f
n tMrful fti'co'int of a Irfiip i.
hl.fnii iti ill'- ni'i'iutams nr ir Car!':i
w ti i c ii ! tli-- N ( otnl SuiMiuit. t'K'
cruu'iit h'llilnf til" t(s (tfpni trf
1 !
1 M 81, 1
j ' y. Ot,
" : i't i v
. .ni'i .1
c'i tJ( ill t'n'V won? om kuudrtd Jiri m tuticth !
M. I1. riJuinr"1, tiii of th'1 tx-l'rt", w ill
fir 11 a la i 1 rt uerhip in tin .tv ut Siv Vrk,
ill, n ct Mr 'oru i, itn.l hi e unr Mti n' .Mr
( orvMii 1- b'nMjj.y ttjiL)t t d ut an tfltu'to,. ti
,. iiv m i. iMj'ir-' h eli r. i IV u ( t 1-
ui'iin to Uf adili'tl to ttK fiTi'1- of i uii ritnibi
UK .t-'itv-. SprittL'-Jklii JltpuMicun,
Singular Phenomenon in Maine.
i n' siiuvv -tonu f.rcoMijtiinii'il hy 1 .1 u n ! t
hjlifini'', Im fi ('cMrri-,l hi'ro on th 1 l 1 h
t f 1 II !
' nry 1 it' I Vh. ,, vi e
.loiiii S. l).nl' , writi.i
! to
M 1.
I - -
I 1-
nt r!. to fi-- t
oil. r j 11 1 I
1 ii' .
1 I ' "MX" J 1
t r. H ,,,
1; tli. 11.' t
v 1 1 ,
1.! I,
1 . M..
I'. M. ,t
il .
- .. II .1 I'l.Klk
1 it wikI tlt'srrtji'iiiti.
ilfn r.'jua tlio all'ur anil titf
in 1 .n. -. I in1 ii.:lilinUK w"i ol a ptiriilt' col.ir,
in. - 1 in 1 H - .c ttareil like bulls nf lir-j, com
in,; 111 MimiiIi the wiiiduwa and duors, utij liuwit
tiiu chimnoyi, whilt the Iiouiea trembled and
ehook to their very foundations.
Mrs. K. Holdun was near a window, winding
up a clock ; a ball of fire came in through the
window and struck her hand, winch benumbed
her hand and ann. She then, with all in the
hi mac, retreated into the entry. Another Maaili
succeed, and in the room Iroom from wim h they
hid retired resembled a volume of fin-, whirling
round and producing a crackling now:. A sun
liar apperance of fire wai neeti, and crackling
noise were heard, in a large number of the lion
sea. Some who heard the noise, say that it soun
ded like breaking glass.
Captain Maurice Rich had his light exting
uished, and In wife was mjuted. lie got his
wife on to a bed, and found a match ; at that in
stant another flash came and iirnited the match.
and threw him several feet backwards. John I.. I
Martin received so severe a shock that he could
not Hpettk for a long time.
A great many persons were slightly injured.
Some were struck in tlio feet, some in the eye,
while others were electrified, some powerfully
and some lightly, liut whit was very singular,
not a person was killed or seriously injured, or a
building damaged : but a cluster of trees, with
in a- few rods ot two dwelling houses, was not
thus fortunate. The electric fluid came down
among them, taking them out by the roots, itli
stoues and earth, and throwing all in every di
rectum. Some were let! hanging by their roots
from the tops of tlie adjacent standing trees
roots up, tops down.
The lifrhlmiifr. alter entering the etirlli tn tlie
depth of bcvenil feet, and for a space some etglit I
or ten feet in diameter, diverged into tour differ- J
cut directions. One course which it took led
through tli" opfn land, making a chasm to the
depth of several feet, and continued its nurch, j
unobstructed by tlie solid frozen ground or any
other substance, to the distance of 1170 feet, lilt
ing, overturning, und throwing out junks ol froz
en earth, some of which were ton or eleven feet
long by four feet wide, and hurling at a distance
rocks, stones, and roots. The tower here dis
played was truly awful, nnd had it f illen on a
building, it would have thrown it, with its in
mates, into ten thousand fragments. It really
seems that Hod's mercy w manifested in sparing
our lives tuniust such dingers und destruction,
And whilst wo thus enjoy His mercies, O, tiint
we uiignt uo uuiy alh
ifected with gratitude of
1 understand that in South West Harbor, nnd
North rast Harbor, (in this island,) so vera 1 ves
sels had their mists rent in pieces ; one had
some plank torn from her, and ono man was
knocked down, hut not killed.
The Cleveland Herald givu tho particulars of
a recent movement 0:1 tne part ot the women of
Ashland, Ashland county, unio, to restrain tho
liquor tratlic, which is ijuito novel. Tho Herald
says: "Some thirty of them, well lacked by
gentlemen, proceeded to the groggory of Antho
ny Jacobs, and asked him to discontinue the sale
of liquor and tho use of a bagatelle bouril, which
had enticed many of the youtfi and soino of tho
married men from their homes. He-refused, and
the ladies chopped Ins bagatelle tablo into kind
ling wood and emptied his liquors. They then
visited another grocery and a tavern, both of
which capitulated. Mrs. Witz, better know n as
"Mother Vounkers," was obstinate, and tho
spigots wcro pulled from tier whiskey barrels,
and now not a ' drar! of tho critter can a solitary
horseman which may bo seen in the twilight of
a spring day winding into tint town, ouiain to
put into his camphor botlU.
L'Weuju'e Kidnapping. Ily a friend who ar
rived this morning from Mobile, wo learn that
two white men, named Mublcy and !.ong, have
been arrested there on a r.lmrgo of forcibly car
rying off freo person of color from this state,
nnd attempting to sell thorn. F.ight colored
person? of French extraction, named Frozinc,
Madeline. Knllv. Ozenne. Juhn. Hvnnolito. Ade-
la nnd Kudora, were taken up with them, and
are now in prfnn. These colored persons sa)
that they nro freo. They refer to Messrs Fran
cis L? Ilenu, Scverin 1'nnse. (lustave, awl Ar
rnauld Grenin, Major Theorende Ijome, IIyio
lile Damon, and Charles l'oydras, of I'omte
Coupee, jilantors, for tho truth of their state
ment. The w lute men are also accused of hav
ing sold five kidnped roloiired persons m this
rity, for Texas. .Yew-Orleans Ptrwjune, March
Threo hundred Hyde, morn or less, met in
Convention at the United States Hotel, in Ilos
ton, on Wednesday, to adopt measures to secure
their rights, ns heirs nt law to large estates, un
told dividends and countless stocks in Knglnnd.
A finance committee was chmen, and a iiberal
amount subscribed for the l'uitheranco of tho ob
ject. The Marriage of the Emperor'f Phyiician.
The marriage of the physician of Ixmis Napo
leon, Dr. Conncau, is announced. We learn
from tlie Courrier des F.tttts Unts that ho has, in
imitation of hi' royal mister, esX)iiscd a lady
thirty years jounjrer than himself. Dr. Con
neau, who is stud to be a most excellent man,
had been the tutor of tliu younr lady Imm her
infancy, having bestowed upon her all the tender
rare and solicitude of a father. Some tune ago,
finding his charge of an age and m n position to
be married, he offered his services in making for
her an advantageous selection. Hut I have al
ready made my choice, replied the young lady,
and i nm ready to be married at any time. How !
rejoined the astonished doctor, hae you indeed
selected your husband, and who is the happy
man ? It is yourself, responded the da-nsrl ; 1
love you with all my bport, and I am now ready
to become your wife. Too much surprised at
this declaration to believe his pupil in earnest,
the doctor turneil it oil' as a pleasantry. She in
sisting that she was serious, he at length made
n formal and distinct refusal of the hand she had
offered bun. The young lad.., honour, as it
seems, well considered the subject, and her pur
pose was not to be changed. She reproached
lier tutor with uiikindncss, and with a willing
ness to make her miserable. The doctor yield
ed so far as to take the subject again into con
sideration, and after consulting with his master
and friend, the Krnperor, he at length decided to
accept the lady's offer, and to become the happy
husband of his now hippy pupil.
R. E. R.
lt:ulu:tj 's Ki'mty icolii-f
H ill instantly ttop and iuickly rtmove the curist.
i; k k
i - i. ''tiuli'fa MitrlMl. Hadwtr'. Kciil,
ti.. ii i.-t i-ninful (MhATf. mid .lop ihi
. u- ii i I M nimuit.. Il ull.jr. till tiiiLt
H . i i : i l.i -H, n-ck, or f.ci-, u
.i.i t I - n ii . ' I , if.iKlll. mA
,i i . i I n - i.iv .... ...i ,. i. . K K.
" I I,
r I i - I V ,. . II - , I .,. ,
-i.i nm , 1.. .1 i i
I!::ilu .ij "s It. not .lium itcsoli -;it,
1 ,illtlU.
1 , in a 1 rtwal
(Hill. li It
r nlit r int-uit; the
1 ii ei,n;i) itftt
1 1. throuit hia ya-
1:. ic. 11. a.
i:.i.vs !:i:'in.TORS
, - ,i4lint r'milliqe-
1 iji. , . Iiitnf will fnnertjl-
i. n,. miAi 1- , 1 ; m orn in the -
1 i - ' 1 1 1 hiilut jt nri liltdder
11 1 '.1 i.i- dpM i j, kidney
t - li. niui im ' 1, 11 . Nil dtri tf ulti
i , ,,.t, , 1 j i. ,u , it i,;ieocB uf R. JL 11.
II K R- , ' ' it ,-jd $1,
(( h
K iH'M.. par box.
li , lX) , lWt. a j
if 1 I 1I1 , atreel, oppoc.te P. P40IV
i: t
' H. .' m! Vrrmoul. V! K. COLLI Ntf
11 i 1 l l 11, M . l.fr. 0:J
n? Poisoning..
! 1" m n 11 c Vi r miliiiTfMTioarJ of
m ' . I ft-not an ir thai tttnlu ibiynp
' 1 o lt met, urn sctuuli 'ani)( Die
- - 'i - "t Jl i", auctt JivjIiuu, Ui
- - fcr
1 11 1 b- fo ind the advartuemr nt of
v n 1 Mfturn mi Mk tie atieni ion if
f 1 nwn it rll thutr rhtUfn
I . i, in 1 ml a, I ilifturofiB tm tn$ from
' H ulii in ik-u-m ol ih colj j. iiuine
I - l.i r I ill.
vi1," 1 tit t'r Holi'-ima- k' W.irin
' 1' 1, ki (1 u 1 tli it fiili ha 1 Im kijEtiu
i M'jiiii .1, J - n U.NrfAuK, mi none tUn
Kii-.'liloii .ntiiiu't, Itlui'cii 10.
R.-,.t(idlor tho ilu.toii luil) adiertl.cr.
At M irk-i fit Lot f t ,it 13 orkin oirn, -15 rOHlaod
ant 0-ilro, 1 ti3 .hcoii told 13.1 rfunia.
Tana. KM anlo nuiicd a he.atiful cow from
Aotiuin, X. V. (in. i h i. 0.1 ti, Mr. Mitiitn.ol Bof ion, (r $10
poi honored. ; alo.nuii k at ao uriiatice, onie ol Ute liulcn
or. I. .mif a .hurl .u-i-l)i iorclia.t-d ol iha t'.rmori in the
n-igiihon.ig ooui.li.. earl; ill too wok. We quote Cure 7.
4 T,Tj , tii.t qulnv l',5 a 7,UO,i .oeond qualllv b,'tUa
U.V, ilurd fl $0,i3.
lVorlii,fi.ii 7, 85, 99 120 135
I'uw, und I'aivp. Knit- Jm, m, 'SS, o7, 43. end 65
8h.o ial". quick at llio lollowiu onao., 3, 4 .So, t, aeo
in.i t V .1,1.1. dnikll lot. io peddle York oo., a4
i 7 Im IU.I. 7 J I tt tut hirio-,., tuio and Canada 6 a b
1-4 l,.r.ow.,7 a 7 1-4 lor 'jenowt. Larf nog. ba7. ' Al
retail, o l-y i.i a 1 a.
In En ii Munitiu'lft. nn 6tb .u.l. liy flv lili Kiillog,
Mi. Viutltiut ni.i, -M, I" Miki-i i uy P rimitb, ut lltrr.
In Et M.mtpilior, .Miir.-ti 3J, by Itt. Iili bjllou, 5lt.
LuruuP Pruflloi., ut C'llutuitu, Ob.o. a4 itiaa liuf L.
On, of tht- fn tacr pUo.
In P ict.Rm. Fh. IJ. hv Jlty. A. Uoull. Mr. f. J.
MMily of tiiinnjfbold. .Mmi. aad JlJiti birti A. Cout of
l eaciisiiii
In lui. village, on Thuraflar la.t. Vita. Adeline OUrk,
wilo of S.lvin K. Collin., aad 4C Ml. C. wsa a worthy
woman end an eeeaiiMar Ohrullan.
Inltorlin,on g.tord.T la.t, Mr. Heater Maj, ared 05.
On. ul lb. eallv te.ldenla, and aaieog ike oUieat innakll.nti
of the town, lit hed Line hern a valuable lueotbei of the
euureKatiuaal ehurcn le Mil. town.
In llm.iro.d, Sib Ma.ch, M.. Bl.e.hvlk Teewwoa Pnaberd,
wilu of Uo.iun (Jeoro VV . rruhard, bl.
Mi.. I'm limd wa ..no ot ili.i.. women whote price Bolo
man n.l pionounced I or ulmvo lubto..
In Keg ., V I ,ol P4iimnj lvor, F.b 17, Mr. John
VV., ..in ol ll.m. Wiu P Hogg., ol' RirbUMMid, Jlll.iuiiary
Tviit hi-r lo Ih. i I.I indol J i mam. , uedSli.
I ii IV oi Uuiiiuiy. kl.n h 1, very auddea ly of tuns f'rer,
Au.'o.lu I' , d.u.lltor of In and t'arollne Uoya, and (laud
dan. riti-t ol J uili- inii.-un, in the 13ih veer .l her age
In Cuitini .u, Olm , ii'ioir. itm tli ot February li.l,Ilon.
Tlh.y I oiti. oil, toiuioil) ut L..1..I.. Vl.
In bSilin. Fol. isitk, ul t roi,f, .itoi. Adele,chtHl of Jan..
al. ai.l alary A. Uiow, IS m.i.
iu Worca.ter, Dee I'i, 185), llr. Jneieh ll.tcbelder, 45.
In Feat alontitt-liof. Frli. 'il. Mr. I.aec H.lckoider. 75.
Al.ii, Feb. 33-1 Auielia A., dfauahler ul Auautlu. F. aad
i i ti.... i. i.i... v
In IVilliamatowo, Pub W, Mr.. Eunice Iluinbam, wlf. of
i.niK'n ltui.ill.ni, r..q. ol IV llll.iili.lown, 7tf.
Iu Muutiiolioi, kljicb utb. Mi llirew Kow.U, S6.
1)CRiON4 havm unsettled ftceowts oa the hooks of the
Is to him uf tLLH, WILDER &. CO , who wish tu
ith thn punif ai ur otlme, cau ha the pmite) ofiUi.(
nu UUtl I mo eflU W I p 1 1 1 .
Mircb 18, 1-U.
A 1.1 wlw are wiahiaf to supply thsunslvrs with Butter
Tuha tot Ik ntHoiujf soasuu, willdo wall t aall, aa we
neve Itiffu oi of mce sues Iho iifht sin whieli w will
sell ehenp. l.LUd t U VM'KOFT.
March 18. Ji
Clothing! Clothing!!
rpllE Ua.ae.1 aoJ llo.i Aiaoiiiueui ol' aiwu'.aed laj'
a t'ljOTlltNG avnotlofe4 al Uiia.ea.oa ol Ike )rei,ju.t
leceiv.d. ALKKIl A. WIUTt!.
Marcti IS If-.'
Our Crockery Room
I IASjuitbeu filled lo oveittowui3--of ihe 111... elilea
II ana nn e rr low, lijr WALKUl; i UII ITU
H.icii 15. ii
To Farmers & Dairymen.
IOH SAI.E-BIIOATrl fiom 49 to IHI III. , anil TIUS al
- lour weekaoll. l'lioe c.llins fir.l Ulll have Hie ten
chant-.' nf .election.
March 13.
WAI.Ktlli. wiiri u.
A VERV MCX arllclo ol alLTTO.V lUMd In the Fickle
lor lata be
March 15.
10 Ticiccs iorlhcrii Saliaou
Fni iinlriitn llottH-l'lcituln,
Irivltiv or any Ont of toor
uoilt, which soils ilit fntiKls.
'iMtKY urn imi VI lenfihf In ptwi't the wrin n1
i rm Ironi ni.tir Ily welting tht (slotvi, tha
hind irr mudn iotj n tthft.
Ladies Bleaching Mills,
Mltjr n nrn hi lit Hr-wmf of I? 1 Mn,?.
Iiiitlics' Dress Protectors,
In pfpTrnt the .uilinf efdrMtv. unri'r On. .rmii lit rt f.olra
lion. l""t ..lfo ih. ir..!, h NHItl lit ISS A. 'IOVVN,
n.'nn . TI T'l'l.n, tIL'TCIIINfl; HSSUI.U91 Llbtlll
II. N Vmli, nint I., iili r.ubhr ituslet..
?rrSi.ll rtoulllif l.'ounltjt MMchsau neul!j.
. IbitIi. IMS. jajn,
A NVw and Valuable WorkT"
The American Illustrated Hiograpliy,
rrrnrt WllrltM, t.nr.f nr.tirfit. of Itm
Oiim Clifi-t. ht r Columbua down to ih prnent time Mn
plftr tii ix tMluttnte, out votH to M limed aflnuallj, And
w-JI I. iis irfrd ,nto thriM 1f1i
PAH 1' I l.mhrnnnif lh ffnA ftnm ilia OiifutetT 1'T
(tlHinhiia. to tho tterlmlHM f Intfrpn-lnirt1 .
I'Attl'll Ki.hriiriiit(hi imtM ffm tit a tetirttlon of
lnl '("-n-f'-nrH tn Hit Wat ot IB1 wtth btifland.
tak r 111. r. i. ifMci.it tfc rt nitiieqi t0 t,e Jt
of 19(9.
J. Mlll ON HJERPojtcO.,
I'Sbh.hrtp, rw yor),t
A A. BACK, Utneml Acat for VfHwnt.
Viiidnf, Marrh Ml, 153. Ktf
List of Letters,
KM AIM NO in th 1W
,Moothr, Vl Mareh
1, l-.-l.
N (tlim. A'ima
Hiirm' tul n
i .Iii..n. ,1 Atvrell
I. lift
I1"t Tli. '-n
I mi. Mid 1' Oil'
Pt r fc. Pi-tty Bunjtn
Ilnnor Ridilin
Hit Bttttoi
Ilnry Hrttwn
jitn ti Itamtt
Dnti-I t'Hrry
Mr nin CVmrn
Krrd 8 t'rnirtard
W I) t'utlvr
h W Onoio
John ttvti
tXHC t.'ltirk
J 4:Ciro
Maty I' t'rat'i
Margaret A Colhy
Mi fimli llnvia
A'tfrtttntn i ta I
! J-..m M Ooty
J. r it l ini' I
I' , ii n O vi
N. llMM. Ifl.M.
I, 7 i'i. k. i D.t
Wi.l. I.i
EmiW M Ktt i in
Mr Sy.mu L'lta
Mtf'i i) I. V iti'tiit
"t r.irfMvMirih
II 1 I I
r am i I iriinworth
Mnrv (lrrw
J. h.. iMtuld
Jill-Pil iiuM i
Nnhii I itaUym
1 1 r rttm
M.titin Hiti9
H1lI Gimi 1
Win IUuImi
jNamni llitna
I'll-1, H- ,.r)
im: ii
.... linnii M11-UII
tin f 1 1 rn mni
fl II I.
Cwliai V KItnn
Ifeintrd K- hun
Ctwrlfl it KiitiMi
Wm A Kt-ll. t
Ja(l Kfiimin
l!Haj labi-y
lUrr.M Ln'id
OMbanae Ir8h"v
TMy Moutthfn
MM V Minn
IfrMejr Mi lei 1
F4nb Ann MtMulten
JiAt II Mnt.n
iviflof Mrlntrre
II I Vtlrholl
Jufl Almnh Mr
W llli&m Mil.. 1,
Hi orr Meruit
MiehiH MrL'aro
JnAjir Ni lin
lercrnmh bon
Ciark ft -Nuy.'i
Kmelir. T-kii
l.tmin lu h 11
11 AID A. .i -ill
J I Pr .'t
Muiia Pital9
K.'in A w.mth
Jirirtle Stutter
rXuimun A Pin 1 1I1
Mm I. VW.on
Ij C Hytvpntor
1jm Mnith
Jfli,ih rtrnr
hnmi el !iinoni
J?m (niunvr
Mich it I S. nn im
Chnrlee Tebur
'I i-ll r A Fwtet
Lemuel Trn
llpir jHtnea U'liton
lvr W White
AUr.i'.n P Wuxat
I l:o- Mkeli I
I). udare White 3
P .1 N li'ie
t- irh l Wl.iio
Jii nr. U .4d
J M V ....!. n
J V Ml,.rt
! Jtjir. W 1 V
I . .1 Mil v A Y rd
I J .fi r" 1 f. , -y
1 J.,,,. t J 1H-
J 1 im Uiiirijii' 0
F rot h)i'j( li.r n aliovf, ittd it. uraitjct to iy tbey
art- niiUiiiHi i .
i .1! '-.it rteit !il T. fi a. m.
Mail 1 -t l uok ii 4 1 . 111.
Mf - tier nui itc in tin rT. e tit tint time to so the
im' .lot. (. IIAUL..8 LMA.N.P.M
MurcS 14, i-V. ffj
Newspaper Establishment for
AM: VVS r PKIt KS I' . U 1 .1 - IHI E ,N T, I.h:. tod io on. of
ihn m.t H" iri.liuif town, in 5l.u.iicii.iilii, ii ofr.r4
for fal, 4t a l fuiiiur c.li. 'I l.o .utMciipiton Lulu
fair, hot coiil.1 bo imfe'li moro itod willi very htUo o0oit.,
n.l liio JOIIllfNQ i. it.ilii)Mi oqu.i in ellenttoany other
olAc. .a ttia M.ito.mil ..ntoaloii. Th. H.t.bluliai.at, .llo
felhor, 1. nor wliieri, lo .n oattv. tu.tne.ii man, e printer,
tith .ooo AtiiUtio., m worth. .4 alieoliiin. The vreaenl
projirHtor jell. Im-iuii. ho I. aboiK to l.a.e the ftlalo.
All loiter. jii.iii.ii! .ttdrr.d u ' Ntwaraama." and
loft .1 tho Office ol to. IVaienmaa will tet wmIi iroart
il.nh, WIS. m
The Rector of St. Bardolph's,
TUP. &F.CTOR uf ST. UAUUOLPIPS; or, Hupfww.
lo.l. H It-. F. W tfkaJtwB, imlior i "irlatxtvi
the lr por." vol 13 mw. Pnee $1. i;scobi1 Kuiiiun.)
" Thia ))ol. li 1 n'e to that Wat of W'uika l th liad
of v. hrch should r )i if rd, Tiu 1'nur Vicar,1 ik1 ' Hunuy
hiin.' It 11 nu uutrurnialifj auil aitn;U lole uf tb Itli- (
r r.iontry jiannii., rule a man BniirtfCid mylt ol pure
K)i.' ilt, hiiil rmnr 'yutg in life liko aircuricv antuift(
in' it cm., tte pti atiniu.Biirf , th xt.ro tiu!.ntl the va
cioua vejait ucluiiuk iu tli ul(jficiice of a aiiuiatar tf ib
Tin- numrrou rr-a-1cra of the ?u-n Sifir-'and 'A I'eep
nt Num'iir Puf,' uil' ht tintl otnt-tliinx ni'itr of lli mne
ho t . rJ'lio hstiiH n rd "I ndoM nnil i )' n ll aoiue uf the
lam r, 01 cii. ii tit lilt , utf well tirtiub. uiit." l'hu Vtby
tf t n
In it ti" fki'tvl-n the !ifo an) dutif of a country partoa ,
iuji in t'i' i Ir-ui'i, ,u iint maiititr ft !! tVtorgo JlurlWi,
but in t hf-t fufru of u rtuitiouiiUi no fa'if. Mr. Hlii'ltnn
untfo tu u Mri(Mit, tun)) e ttYle, and wiih a great deal of
qill- l lnitlutt ' t t . I'ljrtt.
I I ftt i i tfin oi quit t homor and ant in1 riuinins throufb
im! il.' H'.n , h ul itn nuilivr adimtrib v Im tH the foible
riuminii. i i -JurttiT rntftKh, Il n trran- h-iw Mi. Admul
) r in' Uk t r runtu to ier(irn tit ml , ami htm nt-w
limtijii ('! t Itun , how hta pcuiI ltj pun I'd wiltl lum
im w ukr" i uti mttlr )oiulur , hi en. k avrmtMi , au en
oilitic wudiio.J hiv lUctiir Ut a ItttlovtttU pipu
Urity, an account of uo) lit Hit snuudtrtauiliii with a
iieW'Comt" anil the eharactertatlo of Mr ripjierrll, '.ruuble
in i hp rtiuii-ti rhuir , ilia arrival uf a Il(Mnr.,ni ot Sn of ;
'I'dnml.r, mti) how the Keet or itiajtosed of hun, pl'- for
elerfiwn, rhitdrca, cumSaiting tho opmiui. tlut thajr are
nim tracubl that. mhr (vopto'a clul Irf u uud lh uiljio
ofthLfjme, tlm Keeto. tniioeRtly firsriL hca a lernion, ctm
atdarud ueraon.! and fivra wtfencr, and the ticutilea eiwumf
with m lew MiinJi un lha 0rin( uf the clergy; thcbr'
aeter of .Mr. praiijri the poor of tho pariah j the Willi-j
williwa and thvir ion ; th fradual Miirkiae of the
Itfaivvu wf dmlfaetion ad .ho avil atliK'Eiee ol .Mr. iippreM
ami 'I uuiffit. How Mim Valiarjra oe aMname cracked,
ntl'l ahn la requeatud uiHIo aiMg in the choir, nd the fearful i
con tfiencea whtvh eaaue l, aiid ho v the Ktrtor had lo I
aulfcir Uir tl.oe nonsteuical affhira. Mr. AHmullttt,a ImHh j
daclutftt aau he ia funtidered aufierurttiuaU-d. A few tn- i
niatka on tiroucMtik. I le old teiton. A ihott accuuut oi
tbr U dev., ut the Hertor ot fci. Hard' If
"What imt tlnkea one in thia hvuk i ihi quiet, pene
trntue, u.icrwco,'iu analyiia t-f ctuiactfr.' Kickerlcck
or. ' Ilia pen mmkii wh it vm lo.e to tei. In thia volume hn
li'ia produced a Mutk founded on the eior-MMiee o( tnany a
lurul paatoi, who Ii it bvvu tried am) xnet-ed and uorn to
po.rrty nail the !favt hy the tnean. fwttt annoyincei of
tcnoruiiC4?T uiide. jiuloutv Hurldlmet. and iiiirifuea o hit
pamhioutn." ' t w Vuik dtist rur
Jui iuhlihed by
i ' Mim s is is us s i - :t siuYt: is ,
1 hVUIs
I'orl'rcsrrviiis, Itslortii sV Uran
lii) in llio Hair,
Cauainx it to grow Imutisntly, and fvme It a soft and curl
ing Hpvi i ii( e,of the UMMt deliliiful ohiractai.
rpllF. K A I IIAlltON neutralaes tl effects of disesie,
ohaialn and old in prutfniu: and minimi the
lluiuan Hair, eveu attar a IJA I.I uf many years f it
clnanes the scalp from llANDUFIr'. ami aj) its natural liu
putities , ituutodmialy isltsve aynpituitic attacks of
And cure all ulanaut I ht eases ol the skin, such at Bait
Hbeuot, Efjiipelea, Uth, Iatlaasinatiii, i. V.c. As a
For glvinf th Iluir a ueh, soft, thi and cuil'mf appear
ante, nohma has evr haen discoveted tu euual its lncuo-
teted -its ineomeattbhi virtues. It exhales the perfumes of
me mo-1 ueugbuui and e a otic iiuwet, i iiiin nom ail
annual properties, or any subsume wkicb cau colur the
km, or sijtna Uds hat. For
Ills menaaittenily heuefieiat.
"The Ksthsiron has fully issued my hair, after a bald
nes oUwilts ytuta.
A. JAY COUKTniUUT 76 RouJ st., N. Y."
The use of the K at hen on i. adopted hy th fin pbyU.ini
In Rurop and Auisnes, and has a pa'.ionag aud stU uu
iiracsduated in the bisturv of ike SI si et la Madlsa.
Hold by all rapuukdo dealeis thtwhoat North ami Houtb
Aniwiea, Burope, atiki all tho lalandeol ihn ocean, iu Urje
itauoanuiii ooiiica, mr va cent a.
Faoriti unLr in csvENiiva Bites.
Hold to tu the uade at a liberal ducouat, but eoramiision
ed iu uo UMtarteo.
K. T1IOMAK LYON.ChsiDMt awl Manufacturer.
U.b.lIAKKUii, l'opritor. WU Kruadway.iN. Y
To whom all irdi should be atldi sated,
tOroklinMonlpoIier, and by all Ihujflats era wybere.
Also. I.you's Extract of Pure Jamaica tilofer.
ii4t-h, &3.6mo.
faT.Vri. Or VHItilO.NT.l At a rrohatn Court holJta al
Waihiojton District, ss. i 1'iubte utfice, in Slontpellet,
wltbiu and for sa'ddtatrjet, on the lUh day of Urch, A.
ii. icw, rrttent, tne iioa. jrpn i uiana, juuge,
AS lutrunieni purporting to be the Ltit will aud 'iVtta
aivnt ut HUl Loouuii. lanol Walerbury.ln iujd dutrict
deceased, baiu piraenied ui the t'outt here by Kluin
leooiuis, the executor therein uiuxl.N Probata i It is or
dered by said Couil, that all poisons ce bee road therein be
uptilicd lo auDsar at a session of s m t'outt to ha ho Idea at
ti.e Ptoh j in Oltice, in Moutpeliet, un 'ha 5th day of April,
jo', uu biiuw cnuif, ii any ti.ey "are, sjini iue
1'iobsta of said Willi for which pur "oae, it is further or
ueicd that a copy of the record ol tbts oidsr be published
thiea weeks successnely in thv Vermout Wairhinin and
Hate Journal, priuted at eMunijUsr,, preiuus la said
.mie appoiuicu tor Hearing.
A tiue copk of lecord,
Ctl Attest, U1AHLE3 UKBO, Refiater.
All that waut Pure Teas
CANiuiUnl(Wattkl L MAN it KINO-.S,
I I Of.
8TATU OT VHRMONT, A( Prcbiti CmM holl-n it
Wiihington lhitnri, ii. J frobite CinVe, i , M'.i.i, . drr,
within nn1 Tot iid Uliirirt. on tli twtlllb dty of Marrli.
A. I). '
rrMenffittft lion. JMpn i'oinnl, Jmtfi.
N INflTnUMn.Nr.nitrporilni; to U tho I.AMT Wll.f.
AMI Tr.HTAMHNT of William Lurthh t.i. r
U'attrbiifr.ln aAld liiatrtet. dweaiit. Urlnar atmtil tn
the CoflM ht tif Jamfi Ortrn, th tee tor tlteroin
itimwi Kir rroMitf : it li MitttM bjr nid Cnort, (hit all
peraoffa cunoerntHl therein be notified to aptnir at Mton
of aunt t'onit to be htden it the Pinbnte (ijir it in Mont-
iwiirr on inw ibi nty 01 April, ipm, una nmr reu,
tf in; thef tnuy hll,alrt th Prrttute ol taid til i far
wlneh pariMHo It tc fatther ordernt. lint n onr nf tho ts.
eord orthla nrilrr bo publtfheil thru week iuerfftt tn
ttio Vetmont Wilehmtn nrd Hutn Jnutnlt p hnted it
junnipaner, prevmua to aaia inn appointed ir tioerlnf.
n into oopy ei iirevrii.
w Anpat, ciiAni.na HKRn, Itltf f.
Linseed Oil.
'pill: FitbcriUr will furnWh the rtiMIe wtth pure I, IN
I PUKl OIL t ttoaion nrtce. Mithlfnifnt and-1. dr
liverfd it hi. Oil Mill, In MMdlcrt, or tht- Mintut-Iir
lnt, hp mm hi nretftrel hv ptlffhai-ra. Oil Mn.il. an
ft lie tit article for cowl and othor rnti le, kpi tonttnnUy
at the Mill, and lor aale hy the tun or huohM.
MM.lWei, March 4, 1P.M. ftJif.
Wolfe's Celebrated Schiedam Ar
omatic Schnapps.
DHCMI.VO it unnecessary iu teittiMi ujr refular member
uf lh Alrtdiciil prornation. ol the e-iu.hli.hfd SI di .1
propertiKt of PUKK HOLLAND (.IN. in many dueaataut
dropaiml ti'tidenrv, I reaneotfulU invite )iiur exiimn ititm
to a fuju-nor nrtirl, minufacturcd hy mvaclf ieljivt i , t
rrhietlam, in ilnlland, hy a pforeai perul nt tn toy ow.t
Factory. It ia flnvored and mfdicalcul, not hy th romnmn
hat alt hftry, toil l.v the r hoi or botanical variftv t (lit nro
malic Italian Jumper Beny, whtwe tiMir- tniuiii xirn't n
iliilillrd end fet titled with ila t)niHuuua aoUi ni, ami thui
Inc., in a conrnn'ratd linrture.of c iqinnte lIvralHl Mil
mo, nlt"gHhtr tr tr '-ndenl, in its rurdulavd taedreinttl
prnpprtn , lo any Hollind tiio h riiotote Laowa.tatjw
Amid the ihdax of ttiferior dl.titlationa withjw.eb th
market is now flooded rlivtiriina bod no diflllvuk' In t nro.
corits fcioslsml pure t!m, which they can prectho with t
coohleae in Ua benelsciel tfl(. A en lrap,rtif J
iweaiy eara- planning, in me city oi i ort., aui poef
laAiMi uir eMeiaiiy. I be to mom it to yimi alteiHiott
my "AKOM.VTIi; tc'IlinnAM CI.A.." uloea
which eennoi fall to rvalue ur utraoat esiirtatioo?an4
I ahsill Le bap) y to Wward tn ynn ho tile uf it, fi&ofi
eharfo in aof lo letter intimattBg your leaulnef to
aceeiii it.
Il te now atarcotr ntM year slitee I have prepared and dil
ttihuied my CIIfllllAM J1N, ezrtuatve'y for medinnal
purpuae i yet withm that btUf prtoit, I hare received iiu
mena letters, both from phfiirlam and patients, tontify
int to tu ell moid i nary efficacy is tlravtil, ocipient Itiooiy
and alTrctiooa ol the Kidne) and llludder tnrrally alto,
in Ofappptic M.a(adies when taken In proper qiiHntttiea ar a
Ihei frriuk and eenecMly at die Mr It found hy uniform
eipeiirnt to he emmenilv efficMimis in the mont obdurate
caan when iveo th bt of ttte eaaal remedies have tailed
to afford .more than temnoraiy relief, and 1 have no doubt
thnt it wou'd yintd aimtlur rerttl't with precision tod ret.
tainty in your own proftimtal eipcrtenee. The AliU
MAIlt; SCIUCOAM fcrllNAITl, i put rp in Uroi.j
bottles, pints and qotrt, neatly Mvrod uod U helled witn
my name embmsel uc the bottle, atto, a rae aimil of my
siAaiiiTe cm the lahel and my seat on the cork with nn es
say upon lis proper t'es.
uikilpiio wor.ra
Marrh, lda. 9l:n Impetter.M Itavr at , New York.
IXnl)UlMiI l.'jrnr nf,'"1') Dr. KIMCIM.I.V,
IV W'oCoriirr oTThltit uinl Union Ml rets,
( tie t ween piuce an 1'ine atieeis,)
IMlllndi Iplil...
iPlPTEEN yeara of ettne.ii-e and uiinterrupted practice
apeut in thin nty, Iisvh rt ndere l Di. KiSlUl.l,N the
moat vripert and suecerul prsrtiunei, far and ntttr, in i.te
trwatim-iitof all dnensts of a private nature. I'eiauos af
flicted with utcrrs upitn the boly, throat ot leg, paina in
the heed or bonea. mercurial thfumatiam, strieturet. rtivtil,
di4eaaa nnsiux truui youthlul c i e..es or imp riiiuaot the
hh'od, whereby the cuifslitULioo haa beCutue t afoehtud, ate
nil trtfd wilb aureea..
Ho who pi i eta hiiimeir under the cam nf Dr. KINKEL1N
may retigiuntity routide ifl hta hofisrr aa A geutlunisu aud hit
kill us a nhyti nii.
Take Particular Notice.
Yimng nifn ho hivp itijurd thetn.i Ivi by n rrrhtin
)tiatM induliod lit a huhii fri-qiioiillr I-biih'i fn,m t,vi
rom".trnun at vhnol tt e efl fl of whit-li me ihjhUi- ! ii,
i ven wne i aK up, tti.il drumy otli mint! and 1h.-h , ulit.ul.l
npjh inirnr i.iti j . f kiit 'u.tl t i.iMtru1 i'iml di s i i . ,
I ni ol tii'i-cuUr eiiuigj , m)ic.il I itude uud g imm il t-n
tt ition, iniva'litj, una all ncrou ariVcuoin, i.itliiiMtii.
tiiifn)nitii of ih- hvt r, nnd fit ry diieute in any wu uo
n.t let wuli ihe disorder ol thu procruuve luociiuui cured,
and lull visor restored.
iki:ae !
youlUnntl IMntilttHitt i A Viaroua Life or n
I'ltiiiultur Dentil.
Thi Book, just puhtlshed, Is filled with ueful informa
tion on the tntirmattns nnd dltordma of the (ieueralite Or
aans. It addresses itself alike lo VoITII, AlAMlOUU
and OL11 A(lK,and ahouM he read by all.
'ihe valusulc ail Vice and Impressive warnm it rives will
pre sur yna s of misery and sutteiius, nod ssvo annually
thous mds of liv.
l'tr.oi. hy reidinff it will learn bow to provent the de
struct ton of their children.
jtCrA leiuiitnnee ol Stents enc!oied in a letter, address
ed to Iir. KLNKGLI.N, N. W. corner of Third nnd Union
streata, heiAeen Spruce and 1'ine &tinvHt I'lnlridolplua, will
fornitbr aeUj a f sesftM'a
ilh UiaWre X a al V ufiwSSkZ
i im
OFF Ell FOR HAM. hythe purkse or piece, the tol
low 1 1 Good, at N'BT CASH ince.
I'll fVJ'S lerrtmsc, Cocheco, Alte-i's, and all deslrt
bin hi ilea.
GfY(mt!I7IS Laneaater, (ilasgow, Manchester,
Fi-ovti atiid Kim'ioh.
mUOVS I,.I I, Y ISS-A Ullsioea American, French
uitd leiilish.
J.tCHO.VHYS V r.f ltV.V-A larSe variety of
Fuieiti slid American iiisuiilueture.
jrilllir.V .SJi;iX.l'f;.V-Atlantic, Uwrence,
Indiun ll'nd, iiatk, I'!tpcri:l , Mtrimiietck, buoti, wilfi
other kuown tilit.
ItlslZ.tCXl Hi SltiSZTI.TiSS'S, York Mills,
J Hints cm nm Mill, Uil.t, Louidute Oabott, Uaii
lett. Uoott, WaoiuUa( Kt.
IZhachttt, IXrotm and Ulttc HIS iT.X.S-Ml
thnrnot d(irable niikets.
TICSiM.YiSS, JT.T.-V-Suipes, Apron Chaeki,
Ate. tr.
SV.lI.yiKZS .STrriW-Kor Uoja and Men's wnar,
York, New Yotk Mill. JUpka'a, tit.
T.I.YU.YS, n.g.V.iSHS-Wtin Goods and lU.sie-
), m 4tuuieuso vanet),
WOOX'ti.Y Wfif7.T;.l, Comprises alt
the hst tutikes ol Cloths, tMsniinttrea and Vesting,
hulh ot I'uropean 'HhI Amwricio maaufsriure inc'ud
nit; vvery desirable alyln of Fney t'kt-Hiiere as aovn
asiaaued from the Mantifsetory This Dupwitment Is
adapted tu all the wants nt tte Merchiut Tailor aiJ
lluihtt-r and hta our b-t atteution.
All of which will he olfsrud at pneos from ten to fifteen
per ceut lower thn nn 'e bought oa tlie uual credit.
rtew lork, .nareii, itvu. smniait
75 doz, Axe Helves
I U6T rerened. The Tiude .utiolird e. usual at nt.nu.
1 l.otmri'- pticei. KKITJI ac IIAKKUK.
r'.b.iu, SJ. '.J
I70K nUtNOI.NU aT.w Imji onlr on l.nnJ.nf the beat
1 euahlr. Hl'OltllS &. LAXOUON.
Fel. US. IH
-lANAltVand IIKlir ciEUU. at KKITIIA. BMtKl'.II'S.
H, N, GATES & CO,,
Storage, Forwarding 6c Commis
sion merchants,
cteieaa in
vmntvci:, sai.t. risn, .vc.
Ovitt's Fire-l'roaf I Varchottsc,
"lA.f.Avf'l Cleveland, Ohio,
Uy neiiuiasion, wer.f.r to
llet.ia. Ill Itll.V.NKlt I.AM1IION, MoslpeUer, Vt.
HUom. HIL'Kb i. IIAlllAVVAV, Uo.loo.I.M.
Keesville, N. Y.
rpllll tubscriher larites the attention of Cultitratoii In
-a- Veriuuot to his uirivslled rllf riit.ri t
ricuii Tici:i:s.
for sal this aprini. Of Sl'I'I.I.H. I'K.UH, I'lX'MH,
CIII.KRll.l4, (JltAt'ry, tititHHHK.KUIKrt, CUKIlANTrf,
lI,Hl'lrJliai:.S. HTitAWlir.tllilUS. etc. 11 the lesuUar
tfevrU can he furnished trg tM (Mdssiiy . aud iptamt trees or
pUots eaa be supplied, of nearly luOu rfudAvct vartclias, a
larce portciu ol whtch are w and rurs.
I be collection oi rt.AltB, iiuinouiiio X'scr sreca ann on
th (gallics,) the largest itotth ol Albany, aud one ol the
host and n.ost complete in the Union.
Al't'lH en Ihn Mrsou', and CllCUUIC on tlie AUttt
htasixi, int DH'AHb$i sm ha supplied of wauy ol tb
HMdiiiS tru. 1 lie collection o
llartl)') Ornaiueittnl Trvvt, Miruba t& Ilan(a
is aUo very eileusitre i Includioi a Iir supply of HOIltiK
cnt:HNL'T,i:unoi'i:AN aiuO .stain ADii.wiiHri.Nu
Wll.I'OtV, aud otherthade Tiea, -CIlQibin,;, (.var-blotNU
inj. Moss and oihar KUdU4, iu IM tsiuiios , DAIlLltri.
an equil number, cuiupri-iug all the nticc aud aai,
rilLUXlEh, W of the fiuat sorts t and a toti variety of
Miscellaneous ihrmbi und lUtt filb$us Httottt 4' 4
fine ,uil, OAUhK.N and FIAJWKK KletUrt, Vc.
Cieeu House I'lants ik not propagiied lot sale, but can
be mpplud fiom reliahl sources -f vtitrttiwn.
Those who piefsr tiuitinf tu mi aipcriaaco in the selec
tion uf vaneuas, should dsrrihe their soil, the Mm iu
which the Trcs will be tiamed, the vso for wImom the iruit
Is iniiivled.aDd lha varieties already possessed, bd Ihey
may dsjend on receiving the best seUctioo which can ha
Orders alwaji eieeutcd ia rut til on, a (Jtey are rrrirra
llsne thoaa who desire W ohtain thiir trees rly, and to
tualio suie ul a satisfactory seleciiun, should oiderwitbuul
ritlCr.H, as low as at any respectable Nursery to the
countiyi with a hbeisl atuteaat on all bills niuouoliu i
fi1-, oi mure.
MtCKill T, on all paciaies, paid le tho Lake. AuJ os
Ireca, aVcotdeied aritbin the present month (Match) and la
Mi of not leas value Ihsn fftb, ll will b psld tu Uutlinjtoo
l'itlt.i:i CATAI.O(iUhri sent to all who apply psl ft
and eocloae a posuje stamp. Addisss,
J. UAl-l'KVe
3d mo. (March) lit, 1353. inViw.
TASbeen lepleoished with new styles White Wsre
I (Duuei oval shapal Also, New buUr stamps tc Ulai
vvi. LidUs a. iMMJuurr.
I TAVINO nl,lm.n. OltltlHJ. AVRnf.M. Iim iof
Inf th. r.nmip.iMfti hit mtnotlty, I .hull cl.iranoti. of
hl ennlnt, m p.y in; ol Im debt. nr thu Hal..
Wllnrii, V. N Arm..
W.l.thori, IVh. IB, l5.1. S0-J:
Crockery and GlasB Ware Room
is Tiini'i.vct:
II' ten ouM irarnlii.e'a tnnerlnr artirlo efrilOCKERY)
of the orwe.1 de.iaii., al li-n 'owe.i erie... end rromllie
mmt of lomive naeoituienl. Om iloek i. alnar. coreplele
wiih atery aittrie or
Dining: and Tea Ware,
oi Mrmi'i oi. i, r. tn.i pi: HI. WHITE,
tloeerlo. pl.l. IV II I I 1! rlll.NA,
llrtb riol.ll II A Nil .Iu.
Illeli MOi( ROKB H'Alin,
Klrti CEI.KBTP. Pt'ltri.E Hn.,
l.AHlrneaS nnlTTANM WARKi
TAUI.R I f l LIIUV, oi .apeflei nullity,
erKleh we eie nreuoreS 10 lsrtii.li tn an. quantity, en.1 all
Hhoereln w.in of the .Ik... wood., will ItnS nlor Jielt al
.aat.ffo tohmi at our ware, hcfoie pen liallnS.
!., IBM. SO
iha inbscitlior. TWO ARI.I1 nODU.l) YOU.Nd
MCN. to work oa a Faint, oa ffef a vanr and ono fnr
spteo months iVutn thn ftrst of Apnl twit Yankees art re
qui ted that tiiiltralend tho hnaina. Any ono wishing tn
rotne can enl hia ad dm a to I.UTIIEIl II Al.l, of Walliof
ford,ani fit-hn naitm nnd pi sen of rfldence and Inweat
prn-r, thfiil Uf Htiwid immdintely, and wilt pay hall the
expense ol t are)
WiiHInjtford, New.llavan County, Conn
Fehtoiry flftth, IfW. 5ftli3w
On hand, nnd for Bale,
i. i.. Nnd lhv.'th.:k IIOUT3
" " hip do
il-i " " tif do
.1.. KuhhM.
Bills of 1852.
rUn I'ft will lioSTl. ti.Jnc.il to a ljrr If not toon
iall'AII ! l'-A 1-1)-!-'.
Illtl.t. flVf;
Tutelar end Otoaa Col tfo. Hand and
II... .-.I I.'.- tl..l .i . ......... r....
are I'.pei ilo ;
' I p.l .... . ...1. Pll.l l.u.O u., .upc.IV.
rieci ii ood s.i ira. uouaunll ina naeo at
Feti uerj V. SO
New Dc Lanes, Prints, &c.
I far U.ci.ndbjtflllltltB It I.A.NIIIIUN.
I III Teh. I, ISM.
Feb. 1, 1053.
STORKS A. I.AN'UDON have jost rnturnsxl from tloston
and hase rw;eled and will h reetlvln this
100 Tons of Merchandise
to finlah out the winter n-holeenle and retell trade, eon.lat.
init in part or
9000 ?rie. Cottotie, Ducking;. IJlllUnga and Prieta,
1.0 l he.ta Te...
10 Bun. 1'i 'iai co,
10 Ilea. Coder,
l&OOil uai.,
5U Rmna t'eiolla.
SOoil lla. Cod and Halibut,
40 Kit. .it Mai-kirel .nd Salmon,
3000 Hie, Pnlniun in Tirrrea,
4IKI nnia, 411 Ion' Pl.l.tnl,
S.. Uox. . nnd hi ff. Rai.tna
3 Too. While l.it.
ltthW la l.inweeJUil,
I Ton Zmr W hue.
lnill llnah. Hook Halt,
190 lla Cnadii Huh for Cattle,
30 Iter. I.ieotp "d t'o. for choeee
1000 tl.. Ilniti .-all in eleen White llefa,
4000 ll,a finished llrind.iano..
We .rn nretiared to aed be ihe load or atmtller qnnntitf on
lie mil libeial acela. STuRll8dt UA.MIIIII.N.
20,000 Fl'JI A HOGAMY
And ISIncU IViiliuit
J I r r ri-ri ivi il i ml iur nale, by
Junmirt -J I, Klt
Nev uooden & Willow Ware
Nc::t Door to R. W. Hyde,
7 1 1 K R K m if tin f.iiind nn e&'nnaive and uiaiioKt entlleil
Vancly of WHHil.N aud WILLOW WAHK.
M nut polier, January 91, IA
IROMthe lOthnf February to the lath of Mareh, we
want to see KVrXY IT.HOaV in Waahmitnn County
at the I'lwoli i Btoie h-ween the asr-a rflS and M f ears.
Mesara. LYMAN fc KINC purehme their Guodi in lar;e
quantities with Cash, ami are determined to convince all
that durins; the year IftSU we will fire them wore jouda lor
tb" same money than any other house
Thfir assortment is quite larce, an-l are anxious lo re
duen H rery low pr siona tn Invoiein;, js et that imu we
pteler ruth to Goods, if we lure to piy the simein two
wteks alter. It wii) Im foi the intereal of all to Improve
litis chaneo, and thosnthet eannot nie should asndhv their
neighbors. ORamemUer the I'oople's atore, opposite the
llriek Chwch.
Moatpelitr,Fahraaiy B, IHB3. 17
A I.L thai wael A ORIIAT MAMV (50011S Air A LIT
a Tl.l! MONPV, will be lulled an; lime lint month al
tbe rEOPLL'S Tllir
Januerr, W3. 14
TIASrni.nr(l U tlio 8 tore recently ocrunled hf VAfK
l I II 6l Vi'fU'l'K, twn itrs irom tin Hout)t corner of
f'ale and Mem Mr t-t, tiRu lias ou hand , a ire asaor intent
Cabinet Furniture
I.tioliiii ;i:is''., ':i1iiii(i Triin
iniiiKN, .Itiilionii)',
and a variety orottiet aitirk. in bi. line.
Ready-made COFFIN'S
always nn hand
eMonipftlier, Ot. 13, Kr. O01y
f I1 1113 art trie we Intra cuiiMjtned ui, with orjers to SKLL
it ; and if uu with tour ' money's worth we can
It. Il tn I'I I.N Ar III Vfltfll'T
cite ll to vu
: UANC1101T.
20 tons Corn Husks and Husk
A IaO, Vnrlril Hnir Hint Jlalr .Mnltraitrt
arlialehjr W. AUHUTT, tihepard'a lluil line, eornei
ofMein and ttarte at.
Nov. Id, I'M
Looking Glasses.
i MOnn euni,deio aioca, then ever brlore ofTred,and
a my fai'ilmea for .eltatia; tlieui up, warrant Die in aajinj
tliat I Ban .ell cl eatutr, lliao can be found eLewliere.
GL.ii PLATI ofallatiea.
J. C.Ca.EltV.
Doeeraeer 1. I DM. 07
Picture Frames.
jVl'.aV aariatj of Moulding, and made et the enoiteat
J notice, by J. C. EUEllV.
lleccmbiir 1, 1838.
1K. u;
Carpets ! Carpets !
V HO willforio ibe UUMPORT aud I.U.XUIlV ofa jood
' waiinCAUPUT, at line aeaaon, when " riUC'M" nice
vnea may be obtained ao cbeuolv at
Ileeember 3, 1831. 07
Carpeting ! Clothing !
Room Papers ! and Live Gecsc
ITVitthm'n f
Al lUdored Prieee at tbe Pooolo'a Htoie.
Ilea. MA
Crockery & Glass Ware.
I H It uernsaiy lha. should ssy snvthiua; in rr?ird to
1 our CROChKUY rTA.Nl.' IUe mu novcr learned
oilher from persouul eipt'ftuc, onset vaiion, or thruujh
your frieiuls, lltst her.- is Hie place tu buy f Ail w have to
say is, that iheru is a bvitur usaortumoi uoouour stand than
ever tuuotoloie. l.LUt IIANCHOFT.
I'fUlhtMs, niutlrnsx, riiriiHuro A:
i;ii:iu, curiam ;ioiii tv i i iurs,
I'iiiiilod Wlnilou Initio,
i hU'A.iiuu lum i ind ut low puies in tipsuldtng 's
Ulu-L, IKail ol muu etreei,up tir.
j.c i;mi:uv.
Deeomher 1 L 67
William Upham's Estate.
'pill sutwafiwra having been 40010 ad hy thi Honorable
1 1'ruhwte t'outt lor the Uuiiici ol Washiuatoa, Cumtu-
siobers, to leroive. i lauttne, aod adjust ail cl.iim and de-
snmas 01 an peraous sjsini me 4tie 01 111. am upuatu.
bite of aloatpeiiur, in said district, daeeascd, lepfeaeoted
inaolteal, uud thv li riu uf Sii moutha from ti hril day ol
Msrieh ItXi, allowed u saidCobrt to Ihe eiedtlois uf said
dueaaswd. to r ih bit and ptova their if entente c Is lent hrfore
us no pe sou Ms mat wa win attend lo tue tiutirs or oai
sppotuliufut al vU dwellmf house of hurah Upbsru, In
Muuiiwlii 1 in said distriet. un the Imsi rtidsv ofMatch Inst.
audlba hut Fruldty of uputaer nest, al one o'cloca altei
(woo, on eaca 01 sain nays.
ntfftaiivi n'r.nTiit vriTi. v .
Ir - I. MIIUKILL, if .
JAMUK li. UANUDON, J tuners.
MuotpetUr,Maib I, A II I0&3. SO
CtASHIMUItl At tVOUl, KUUCKINtd., Sheep's Grcv
' Cassiteres and Utuseyi, will bo sold at their real al-
ua, at buijio An. i).iaiuiur 1 c,
laremherl& WJ
OTOUT. Medium. ) in fine, and cxlia Una for Shirtior,
O bought at ies ibauthe prseui market value, can ba
boujni low, at auuuia &. UAAtuur 1 'c
Uetember IS. 0J
OUUtHuckof Ileaiiy-nisJe Clothinf Is now comMa fur
Tall and Wialer Trade. We defy coinpotittoa In Ibis
branch of our butmefts, eltherln uantity, quality ur pilces.
Just look in end see. Fur a tride compared with old puces',
you can eel nny kind of a anneal for the buy of 7 years ts
U the adult uf fr. WarraaUdto KIT In every esnse of the
wed. KLLtt 4k UA.NCHUrr.
Maul feller, Oct, IU im d w UO
ISavo your Empty Dbbls.
f Y will UvW Fluur turret, wauleil by ibe luuicii
1U,UUU belt, Tec ulilcbaucenla -lllbe paid.
(1853 VI. Central l.allroad 1853,
tt7"7'ie UrUith and V. S. Mailt go by thi) route.
Northern nnd Western
ItltlTISH AMI V. S. 31 .VI la kouti:,
ri i
nEI.t.mV0 r.M.!.!, NAllt v i.nwsr.t.. WOttCM
Tcu.priiiMipiiii.il r.'if r.i. iMKninii,
AI-tl, TO--
ITIoiitreat, (inciter. KltMishur;;Il
mill life AVost.
On and arier Mairh ?, ISM, rncr Tralna wl1 roil aa
lolWiwa i
Iaro Itnti.e'. Tmnt al S rin A. M.,aiHl B P. M. Ri Atnan.
al 6.00A M. and 3.B3 I". M., Ilarliixlon W A. M end
3JI1 P. !., Vaiertorjr at P 111 A. M. end .,50 P. M.,
Montpeller, et W7 A. M. and r.ot p. M., .Natl .f.H.t
4 311 led atO A. M.. for rmd.or, B !! Fall., .-ti m.-
.li llattlord, iVew-Voili, Naake, Wetrealrr, l -ell,
iMorne, and lloetim. arnrin, be the flrat train at
ti".lon .1 (i.oo p. !,, nnd at N. York at II P. M. the
a.tM dai, and hy the eoitid trem fr.im Rieiae'i Point lodfe
Ji.,hf,,J' ertlt Ihe fnlloinf da. at Doilon al I J.
60 r. M, and New Voik at 7 JO P. M.
t.ae Winilw.. .. I in ..J Rita f U'lli. ni...
Junetlon at 2 and 7 P.M.. .NoUnfeM at S P. M.. nnn n H
A.M., Montpeli.r at !t :l P. 11. il .U A. SI.. Waterhuae
at 8I P. M. and 9JI A. M llorli.non at IU P. M. .n.1
.A,"' "t- Athan. rj.no P. SI. end ll.il A. d. r,.r
Rooie'. Point, Oxdenatnirth ,d .Moatreel.
KT Thia ia tlie MnRiTrnttto lo Naahtta, Well
and Uwrewe the Uatinrihi. m.d pa a tnrottfr l.
hlaee. daile elan. on nan th. I'i.-. 1 1 1 MAI Ml II Al I
KUAII lo tlmton, and ticket, am ...i l .ie thai tool, atal.o
tie Ihn txiaell end Pllchhure;.
KrFteilil Traina duly, aarh wn.
.... . - f.r!t.S, Afettt
Noillitlrld, March 3, 18S1.
For Sale and to Rent,
is II n suWribets haveareturnel tnim New York kh a
splendid afottmont or'New and Second Hand Dmi
FUR'l'iaf, from th most enhshraied minataet&tr
Thoaa wishtnK a n Fwno mat ha assured of attUjt -it
perlor tHiriiment. Those dnaiiouiLf rent lag can also b
titw Flsnos Hiflinned fm OM emst.
Over Ellis & JJaucrofVa .Str,Sute Street, Mntitpcin r,
Vermnni. JI:3m
Carting up from the Depot,
i i !lhit. MtMcared ?i!9tr,
IU 10 bbU.eruahed do.
10 pow'd do.
15 " Cotrsa CniahM 8tjar,
25 Cheats lit. Fine Y. U. leal,
Hoji-a lUtsma,
Kers do.
And for sate he
N'oremWr 3. 18S2.
at wiiixr.
'iMtB suhacribera hare Jim returned frnm Boston and Kew
-I Votk MaiketH with the largest arsortatent of Goods sf.
er otTered In luBpclir, housht myttth for Henaiors,Kep
re reutatives and iMtnihffs ol ih Thud Hume, f rid alt others
visiting ltitpeller. Those within? to carry home a I.'sn
Uundle fur a lit t to money wilt not lml to rill nnd pmcharr at
u Ai.K::it v tviiiTi.'&.
JCoT.mUcr Int.
iticn i :...
Juat receired al
.No 8, 18W
House Trimmings.
flood aaaoitment nf llouae Irinimtnga, Joine r'a Too!.,
Mill awa, llrnaa Kettle., I'.tJ. and Plated Shotela,nd
almoat eaery thins in Ibe llarunmn l.inn et
SCOTT Jt riF.r.D'S.
Mootpolier, rati. IB. 1M t'j
nKMll.RVK 1.1 PK HP JM'KKtlN Ic PCOTT in.)
I'llANK FIIIU'.MA.N'S l,Ai;tlF.ll'M f HOP, lor ale Mr
Id r.. P. WALTON' fc BOX.
Ilr.ltucldiiau's iinprot t'tl :l;vnliii'
mill hiispoiihitui
MAN'ITFACTL'ltCIl and fm ftalo b, 8 W. AMIOTT,
Corner of Mam and Uine at.
NnT.inlier 13, ISM C5
"notice to tailor'esses.
WANTlllt, Oor 8 ood COAT A PANT ?l AICKIIS
immedlalalf . Watratltod It-e beat uf treatment atU
con.lantanrkb; C. CIIAMUUR3.
FebruaijS, 1S53. li
Ladies1 Victorincs, &c.
4 Coinpleto aaaortroent of Ladte.' Viclotinea CufTa lo
'aroaten. iCQl'a llullalo ui.ri-ota rcc'a ini. d.y al
WAI.Ki:il i. WHITE'S.
N'ntemtierS, lf3t
British Periodical Publications.
Delivcreil in ill the Prlncipil Cities of, tho Uolisd States,
Aud futwai(3bfUli mitt, lir htt;lvttVlr,oT'lo Xtm
run tJiuee uw.
2. THB r.niNniMUIH RGV1MV (Whie).
4. TUB WKSTMI.NHTl.lt lti;VIBr (Liberal).
Althooih these works aPe diiilrznished by tho polilieat
shades above indicated, yet but a aiuatl port inn of their con.
tenta la devoted to political auhjectv. It n their literary
rhsracier which jivea them their chief value, and in that
the v stand cunlesscdlv fsi abntii al! o'hei jouiuals of their
cists. Illsckwue.l, still undtir the fatherly cure ul Chfitio
phi'i North, maintains its annum cuirbnty, end is, at this
lime on ui unity attractive, from the snrial works of Iluiwer
and oilier Ineraiy nutablts, wrutou for that Yiiagaiiae, aml
Hist appearing in ilscnlnmn both in (Iroat Kritaln and in
tbe Unitt'd Mutts, futh works aa Tha Ccituns'and .
.Mr Nnw Novel.' (both bv Iluiwer.) 'The (Ireen Hand."
'Katie Stewart," and other aeruls.of wbieh numerous t('.
val edaioiis are iaaued br the leading publiahvrs in this
country, have to bo lepriuled hy Ihoae publihera fiom lha
paxes of liiackw(KJ. altar it hs Imjoo iaui-d bv MeSirs.
r'eiilt ico., so tht suhaeribers in the Krprint of that
eMftjfNTina mar aiways reiy un me eutiiest rsautiif 01 inetn
lasciu-aling lalva.
j niiiia, ytt an.
for any one of lha fout Ilaviawa, 3 GO
For auy two of tb four Iteviewb, it 00
For any ihtoe of the lour KevUws, 7 00
Fo all fifurof the Reviews, S 00
Fur tlltckwood's Msjaiiue 3 00
For Hlttct.wod aed threo Reviews J 00
For 11 ackviood and the foot Uetiewe 10 U0
ra.meuts lo he made in all cases In advance. Monar
current In the state where iaaued, will be received at par.
A disrount of Iwentv-hve or rent, from the above prices
will hs allowed to Clubs ordutiuif four ur mora conies ol any
one or moro of tha above workai Thus t Four copies of
Blackwood, or of one Review, will be sent to one sddiesa
fcrj'J. four copies ot the four Reviews and 111 ick wood for
(3(1, and 10 on.
The following table will show tha xtoar reduction which
has been mule on these periodic.! slnC4 ld4l, and tha very
tridiag rates now charged.
i r annum.
Prior to 1845, the rostajo on U live k wood was 40(
41 unaanule Review 1 13'
From IBIS to 1351, on Itleckwood J Ml
cn a Review 50
la &l-52faverar,e rate UUi.kwua4 7i
" ou a Review 34
The present pottifo un U lack wood, is SI
on a review
TThoae dates ate now uniform lor all dlitance witbtn tha
United matei.l
At these rales surtlv no objection a kouhl bo made tote
catving lha woike by mail, and thus ensuring their speedy,
stfeand retnlar delivery.
$3UeiuiUanrea and lommunications ahoutd be addreis
eil, post paid, tu the publishers,
' .... n r annfai a. a-' a
1 aCiVr.t .. it I' CV.W I 4. aat.
79 Fulton itreet, Hntranee 64 Uoid street, New Vork.
ft. It Ia.fi. ate (To. havo riToatlT euMished. and haw
now for sale, the Farmer's Cutde,' bv Ilaary tilepheas of
Edinburgh ami Prof. Norton vf Yate Collere. New llsven.
complete in a vols, ruyal outavu, conUioinx lP0Opaes,U
slselandCOO wood enraviofS. J'rice, in muslin biudmtf,
!$ti , iu paper eovsra, lur ihe mail, $4.
ttfr"! his work Is asttfae uld "lhiok of lha FftimMattly
rtutttet and thrown upon thi market. V0
A. F1TCII wuuld anoouuev tu the public that he ha
taken the Manufactory lately ore unit) by H W. AII
IIOTT, where he micuds to uam factuie
CHAIRS m all tlioir varieties,
Also, he is prepared to incut J II WUKK, such as
with promptness
UNTHI).lii.00Ofeetia. Il&d VOOI PLANK. lor
which lha highest market ptire will be paid.
JUllA A 1 11 tJII.
Miintpelier.Feb.2l, IPiW. C7.Iy.
House Trimmings, &c.
LA1UJL addilluuiil supply ol Hume Trimmiagf, Ma
cbai.io's Tools and ulber IlsrU Ware, juatiecetvid.
Nuv. 3,
r. .Vi gTIi. icTlruurne,
Orri iIiir6(:,.fuar..Tii(. .lfantjiellrr,
riU'.LTII KILLKII.eVa Hilli i.r.laal.ilaie In a Here',
1 Iliil.lliltiiiV.li'.i"". ""I elalleU l.lbla iut.,
UtaeaaeU liuut tvelb rtamr. .1 iu l.e.lth, aail pieaeltei), bj
an uiierKlluu pracitaed by no nt' r lieutial la Ibi. riciaity
THhTII i.i.ertett by wee r"" " i aiakl. eljle. al
fruUf rut. ltd lull. Utlico . .lil li.tieu' in leM. bitlr
At lilt: TiiiluiliiK i:st:iliUsliiiiciU of
1 H VKilV WO.NUBllt'ljl,, anil bj abouUtt net bat
1 Tb. Uarwtou tbat b. uiaoufaeiurea al. tbe nioal bab
lunable, aad tbe beat anil clicaieal tbat can be made.. Aed If
ion wsat a cuwd fit, give htin a callt ana II bedoct&l fityoa
It la uaaleeetolMoeut sum to any giber eaUbliabuicutia lb,
tfi. le ul Veruiunl.
Kemeinber ibe .UceOpnoile t.V. Walton it rton'a book
at.te.ovei Walbeik Vblle'a&lurlalontjielier( Vl.
Montuelier.Nm.lSib, lt.vj Oi
Crockery, tlOtKi:ilY ii CUTLERY.
OUKla&4! rull afKID. enl out aa.urimcacueauieiea
haaiu; lecelaed ..ratal lelf. cilia, anit paabal li
day. We cau aallrog any nuatiUJ air low.
oct. it dw ilus . iiAKCRorr.
Gl.AaS and HASll.auda Itaal tariete aif liKUC'CKICS.
,l bCOTT IlKLUtl.

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