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Vermont watchman and State journal. [volume] (Montpelier, Vt.) 1836-1883, February 17, 1854, Image 4

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tilntcJ in summer nnil winter. The
(Surplus lionoy can bo Inkcn out, at all
scafons, without clctrimctit to tliu
been. The work anil condition of
the hecscan bo inspected nt nil times
without injury to them or their owner.
The bees call be fed without insnrt
ing robbers tho nmplo room furn
ished prevents swnrniirig. It ii easily
cleared, nml is of great diirnbilily.
Every body thnt has seen the Protec
tive Hcc Hive likes it, except flic
Bee Moth. They liuto it. Come,
Doct. Eddy, send tho General' n
Hive, " free gratis for nothing," in
payment of this puff, and if it proves
just the thing it is cracked up to bo,
he will sliowtlio model liivo to many
a Bce-rinancier, and thus make sale
for hundreds of them, " nwuy out of
the world, up in Vermont." X.
Hints to Farmers.
A word to farmers in miniature
to the young of both sexes. Hoys mid
girls, be kind and respectful to then,
gcd. lie their stay and staff on the
down-hill side of life. Youth is ncicr
so beautiful as when it arts th" guard
ian angel, or a ministering spirit, to
the deaf, tho lame, the blind, and the
venerable in old ago. He that is rude
to either is next neighbor to (Milium.
Tho Indians toll us tint )oung bears
oven are rcsp'.-ctful to their superiors
in years, and that liriiin, though his
exterior is rough and his movements
by no means graceful, always rises re
spectfully upon his haunches nn the
uppronch of iigcil bears, and is not in
difl'urcnt to good manners. Tem-j
perancc is snid to be a good fanner, -
putting wood on the fire, (lour in the
barrel, meat in tho cellar, intelligence
in the bruin, and happiness in the fam
ily. It will be entitled to n premium
nt the next Slate Fuir, if ho deposes
King Alcohol from his throne.
Tho Secretary of the U. S. Agricul
tural Srciety informs the public that
to increase and difl'usc rural intelli
gence and build up agricultural sci
encu arc the leading objects of the na
tional society, and lhat if the firms
nml gardens in the vicinity of Wash
ington were nil properly cultivated,
tho necessary expense of living in the
metropolis would ho reduced ono half,
while the mnrkctw the oily would be
twice as well supplied as it now is.
We believe what the Secretary says,
for if the OARDf.NS wo saw at Wash
ington ore fair specimens, many a
farm in Vermont would not sutler in
the comparison. The best way to
break u colt,- and not his constitution,
is to halter Mm soon after he is foaled,
bridle him just after lie is weaned, and
saddle him when hu is two years old. j
Always make n pet of him, treat him
kindly, feed him regularly, but ncvci
back him until he is four years old.
Let him always understand that you
nre master, but u humane and icnson-
ublo one. Ten to one ho will muke i
kinil anil noble horse.
Black Hihcii. Will some one
give us the reason, if I hero is nny,
why this trco "is not a suitable one for
shade and ornament, to boiulcrspcrsr
cd with tho mountain ash, the red
beech, the sprnco, tamiau, cedar mid
sugar' insiplc ? They are all native
of the Gieen Moimlnins. Arc any of
thcrn unsightly to the eye, ur liable
lobe infested with unclenn insects ?
A Short Chapter on Poultry.
uv A LADY.
rrm lha Patru Journ ,1.
Mr. Editor: Perhaps nl this pe
culiar period of hen looiii cclobnt),
while the ntteutimi of farmers uml
houso holders is so urgently directed
towiirds tho improcmt-nt of their
chickens, u woman may bo permitted
to give tho result of her own exper
ience, for tho benefit of those unfor
tunate mortals who arc unable tnob
tain the fur fumed Shanghai, or other
imported crowers and cacklcrs.
I have been nominal mistress to
flocks of chickens during at least
twenty summers, but for u input pari
of the time 1 left the management of
tlio poultry jord to whom r pleased to
attend to it. And it wns tuunaged
after this manner. The eggs wore
collected fur eating, ab long us tho
cool spring weather continued, anil
no liens permitted to.but until May
or June, j lien tnc earliest chickens
were eaten in tho fill, and the lute
half grown ones, kept to perpetuate
the stock. It is n popular belief thul
lato chickens lay best in the spring.
Well, our chickens deteriorated sen
sibly. Thoy grew to bo nn larger
than pheasants, and many of the
young chicks wero cripples, mid un
able to walk. We wpro always
ciianging wiin our neighbors, 'not i
only, cruwers, but hens und setting j
et'cttall to no nurpofo. Finn r I
begun io pliilosoplii.o upon tho sub
ject. I nhviiyg preserve tho earliest
setting of pea, benns, nml other gar
den vegetables for seed, nnd so im
prove my varieties j and I now resolv
ed to try the same with my fowls. 1
observed that half grown chickens
in tlie fall were only half grown chick,
ens the nc.xt spring. So I com
menced by "setlipj" my liens os early
os they showed an inclination to hatch
and then selecting (lie largest and
finest of the chickens, far my next
summer's" stock, I also kci p ono crow
cr for every five bens, nnd liuvo no
Jame chicks. Now I Imvo.ns largo,
fine, hardy, nnd prolific fowls, us nny
reasonable, woman con desiro to pos
sess ; witnout tfie extra care und nur-
sing, which is requited liy tho impor-
lea breeds. l.tDU Jani:;1i;ihson.
A Cloths, Cassimcrcs,
Doeskins, A.c,
m pci.ti nr.uvs.
r?f pUmlat 13, l!.U
Fashionable Tailor's Shop.
at tnr. sio.n or tiip.
JANUARY, 1854.
LI return It ting unirtlfed n.-rooejli with tha
tubCilbr. are t qui ied in ml! and Bet ! in the
month of Jenokrv. nt ahotl iHilcmfni ronkw lent
friar-tla. 1-5 MU- H rHBCH.
Fin. Out Si Ca.andl.h Tobeo,SnuH & Plpel,
old if tail 1 At FIFI.II.
1T iTYS" ko OsS'TT"
4 1. 1. SIZEr? jnrt.ijle o( lilNIIINO, Lranla ?
t lire. I. H l. W'At.TQ.N.
t ADC eipreitly ft F-i-toM!, Ma elite. Phone, ftt.
Vm br 8 M WALTON
I NBIV I.OT-a.inn..i,I..Jti.lrii.rd.trlCOTT
'VjiriKi.u. un.as, tx
( ....ni. ir..lnlli,au..tc. SCOTT St PICl.U.
oc as. risa.
4 Siileml.J rii,.M, r IIEO ! -I.OTIH, IIOE-
l iKIN8, AK.IMKKiSi.t,o at
oci in. ii w icirr.i kikmi'H
Important to Youiir Men :
Bowman's 30 Heady Ways to
Make Money.
IOPrnil fw n.1.1 upward, nl Tklitf rf.di-tt,l R
r-tptt, many of whtth tiaa hm 14 1 1t- i i-i yar
fir fivn I'ara aitjar-, awd Ilia 'la cwn, 1 1 ing .a
m.ny dilfwrwitl wa," to mn n. IiiM .al, ul
mi ol Hitiao arlii.la'jtlun0 I fca.f Iiimb .flung m-i
taa pna.yaarln maka rrttni Hva to i anty Ilia dollaia
ptfday, and tn lha manuiatliirn am aala ol any ona
oflha arut.la.( no loung nun ol vntly and alnlityean
Tailt" maka m'inv
Adiliai l:. lloW'MAN, Union, la... cnrln,in ona
.lollar, and th whola nuinber al rpraipi. uilliia Cor
wrdail by mail. No iatlnr lakon ff.,m tba olT1-e 011-
l.t prepaid
t Hood aanaly m " Dayfiai." KM 4WI.K j "Km
pun"' and Waiorlia. do i II-a.y WOOL do. i
llUob Cilk do. C.ibHKia d. lot le a'. I low price
b. HCOTr&riP.LU'K.
Oi l. 13, 'M. i '
wci.klv curt. roi.iaitx
,, ,,a by rl. II. W.M.'I X.
M-irMif.,(-tillr' (ii ' TAt i , it, "lmrt ri'tiic .-'
Wooihvoi Hi's A Daniels'
hi m; i i.AM:iiH,ri.4riMiai i'i. m:iif mind
MACIII.NUn, ri'.NDMM., i HI I ml Ml
AMI ,,'IIAUrlNli HAI.IIl.SKtl,
diwAr1iori Hollow Autui. Punt Mill, Uon Ai
Is. Ut'fich fln.l Jnrk HlIcwi, I'uiifli rr-tt,
Vl. '1'ife Hen4lui and In llmf Uh'Ii int,
sMDi; Arn iTvm i.atjiks.
rtlUi- I I.NfJ Jt. Mll.l. VVUHK.
Linseed Oil.
rMHJ PuWnlM'f wilt fur of ill thw cuhli- with pur
I IdlkNiiLLI) Oil. at Hoiitm fice. with lribi
addtrt, dlivef at ImOjl Mill, in MiUllfcK, or
al lha .Munle!ifr ol, a nm be iiffle irml hy iur
rlinsart. lit) Alfdl, nn hici llei.l arllctf Tor onwi mid
nthsr rattle, kpj.1 oriUi,tl it the Mill, n(t loraala
bjr tbo iba or blithe I.
M.JJloiei, Mtirch -1, 1S&3. !WtT.
A New and Valuable Work.
Illustrated Amcrirnn I'iugrapliy,
CO.NTAlM.NfJ rmtfct jotiriu, a rid 'iitf nuticai.
orihe ntLNcirAi. Aoroiis i.n mehuan'
III3TORV, fnm L'hrMtiilir Cftlumlto dottn lt tint
prctent nmu cotnplrlA in Ik vulumof, 0119 oliimaiu
lit liaufil annually . inn wi1IIa diifetl .i,iu 3 (tarn.
I'ART I Lmhracmg llin petiutt from ihu IIicot-
rr h Ootumbin.io Ih D.m hr itimi urtntlcpon'liri.
I'MtV 11. nnl)racinj ilte pmirwl from Hi Dnelara
tloo ol IndvpeuklanCM tu tho Wuiol 1813, with llnj.
TART III. Uinhraci.iy ttie I'ariod uliiequfnt to tho
f'ubluhet, iNVtv Vork.
A. A. Itl.TK, CfBfrit Aient for Vermoni.
Win.lur, Marrh 10, yjtf 1
l.AUai. lotorltminit Aiimii
u-H tu J 1-30. luit reottitwd ai
HOUTT& rini.u fl.
Gold and Silver WatchosT
CO.NSTANThYon havdai mytloioon Htnte iliaet,
Imiturlirl to ml older, anii aunianiinnilc
I them much chitinm Ihin rmih tiniialit ! uitiaats
(ll,,'lw"tcJ,.eilt,c fi.iUoduimarcit
leri a U alchlmriorlru by inellairoaly r. "hul our-
pu.r ,.nu in, r;a I lieu ilia rM rttica (r r allol liar a.
1'leaia call and lamlnalbr roni.a'vea.
Ttoom, E. r. WAl.TON'rt IIU1 LlU.VU.ri r AT11
AlflLLL'S "ALiM rsrACK",
larrj a loi Ju.l rarlart anil lor .ula l,r tha rio.a or
iloaan at fair I'IMll.lrtll UK'S I'Mi'llM, b
I'i Mnntprlirr, Vl.
Tho British Quarterliosr
Blackwood's MAGAZINE.
I.KONARl) .SCOTT .t CO, Nuiv Vork
continue to Itu-piiblish ilio followinj
llritjsli Periodicals, viz:
2. tin: nniNnmuiii ui-.vir.w iwriij).
3. TIIP. VUITII IIUITlnll HCV1UIV (l.a.rhuitl,)
I. TIIU WRSrMINSTKa IlRVIinVd.ll'ar.iy
rlta irr.ont rri'laal a.,ta of Kinniniio alTura Mill
raauariiia.a .uoiiciiitoa naiHiiali,. lolairatiiig O'Jiln;
tha yrar IS5I. Tory aw ill occupy a mitliltu gjuoari bo
twaan lha ItH, Illy Villllri, ilea. It, Hi., noil, j,aeuiil-
lioi a, anu iiiiok iuiroi in ilia na'iv a.iuitwil. una: Ilio
jiooilaiou. loiua ul tao futora hi.'iKian, wrnluo aftar
in,a,.. an'i v., 'nam, at iiiu ,1 p-jliiiQa!
uaia uf it o tuna ahull lota parl ttwat It i to
tliao I'aiioiMi 4'a tliat roaUr out tuot. for lan only
laalljr intt-llMl'-le nj l Il ill It) hiMwij ofcurfi nl th
VPBla, aod at aoch, in atldiliuu tn ihmi w atnbiith
td littiar), acitiftrt ami tbaul gtrvl cJ.arrtcf , ma
ui titui ujuhi Dm cuoid(ir tion ol ttia raadm urihc
Arrnnffomaoia ar m uiofrra to. iUh rM-i,l I anttj
alitlfon all it H'Hiah lttfaiKbrri. by which we
ahalluo uUIm to all our ran taw tu lUek.nlai.raul)
etiliti. nbtful aaauuu aatkaycan br furtiislttid iiL
tli furifn cti)ne. AUw0 lltia will invittra a vtiv
lngioulUr no iwr jMitau ahall rontinu io Turiiuh
lt.a (idiioJ.caU al lU fmo U iaiaa aa Imiatwrwr
tia 1
TCRMO. ptf .
r or any 00 ft otllm futii l!vitwit 3 O)
Tot any tuooflh taut IUiflv4,, fi tW
For anf tlnvf ultha four Htviawa, 7 00
all t'uurof tha Havtnwa, g 00
Vot HUcaMtHinl'a Magaiii 3 (H)
Pur UlaekMvoJ and ittme Ktvltwi 0 00
tVr U acWootl atnl ilt fui Uafiawa Q qo
ra)inautatirha mad In all eaata la adi-an-t. Moo-
y urraiH in lha atat Hbera Itiuoct, wtll Ua loaonud
ai ir-
A diacooDl of twaoti fit a pt ooui. Trow thaaWva
(trlata will 04 aliowoat 10 Ulotn ordaui.y four or oia
eaia ol any o or imwc of ik abov wwikt 1 1u4 1
Koor ropioa of Ulackwcsod, ur of una Uoviaw.wlll U
ttnt to oo adii.HM for Uotctvpi ul tha four
lilfWIVU UI41.aWOUU IflrfliAU) 00 Ofl.
In at) lb miQcip.l 4'ltia aud To im mMtJ wink
wiiuoiiTaid tufoogn .faout fUKE Or I'Orir
Wheafoi by ml, ih I'oau iw auv Mit f tk
IJoitwl d'aiaa will U TWBNTV PI VI t'K sT. .
fr U.a a wood, aud but EL U Cli.N I tS i fw
tied of tho aloa Hi iew
-Uamittaooaa and rommoatr atluoa ihooldocad
tliaaaadt (ot paid, to ill" puHutiora.
LnO.NHll HtMlTTt ro.
TSFuIloaalirai, !luac- At tiuld autt. New Yrfc,
N U L. ii I'o. hata fLi-anlly uitliaKi d. ttd
ttanow fur tba ranuai'a iuida,' by lUury
Ctapkana oftlintutb and Irof. Nih uf Vaia Cut
Up NvwlUven, oompU.a in ft ul rikl u itot
sonlatolRf 1W9 nagat,!! ittelaod 60V uuuj diu(
li2i. Iile, ia iuuilit.t,it't.l2 fc8 . la pft owvrt
Kr'ih'iia win., nw-'iwior a, r.,mn
'""'uu4 -11
tba mark at. ttf
4 M, v. ho wtT.al AXKt of tba ial COLLI S i CO,
luaka abuuld je itarticulailu iiuiiom the alaoifia, a
Ibare are variou eurHtrfit ad iiwiiatKiu aiaaiiad
COLLI Ne bl4 lbllfd tiiuih lik uura, htk f fro
queMly a n Id ta tm paiti of the I aited tttataa aa td
uur maeufaatoi. Thi. tibia tu (Ufa t pu, vf
tha couotijr by taiiuwa ata-aa .ktra, aital are ManMy
aiy inferior quality. Tba seui COLLI 8 AXW,
wbub bavKaroiuIre I auo at. eitaaaiia i (iitalu. are
lavailkMr atampad I OLM NS fit CO IIMH rORD,'
aodib air data printed label vnb my atnaluie. It
li now tut.) a than twaiitbto teara at ova vwnmeoe
d tb huaioenawttli ilia itatfool ' Coltiaa ti Co Mail
ford," and I da wut koowut .my uthor ae makir oi
iLt name ofCoiht mtbo Unit id Hi.tta.
Auyatt I I'M. 4JJI,
Til 15 (iKMJIIN'f.
AaT.'OKlicou.ir,Ax-:t t Lruu.d.t
KlUTIIt UAKKi:n'rl-
.IIJII, AX l.M nl ditTrranl u.l.. al kot,,,i. tQj
tatall, ! KE111I t UAltKEK.
i'rt'tnliim Axe Helves.
VfOU ill find aomt l tba very teal at lha eoraa i
1 .l..r..r hTIi U II r( n.l I . A fli I m VI '
i iaiiieF
'iu, - ,",
ii.n . i, ,,. i . r 1", w
ran.uii i l.iiih' i.oaki.mi nin.iia
loaiiltl KKITII . ItAUKCil.
18J33 .
Wffl. P. BADGER Sl CO,
r.ismo,AHiii: IIATTI its
I Slnlo tii!i:l, JIoiH.ioII.t, V.-rt.,
i Fall & Winter Stylos.
Under Shirts,
Carpet Bags,
m t. n-i. ... n,.,Biaaaw. anJ Htil I ba . aid
atch.apaa lhay can ba l.omhural ol Ilia eny.
W.1I. I. lI.IKaK!t tV lyll.t
llalMlhaa.lanlaf,llMioilli only PRACTICAL '
I Vl TCKC i ii Vlnntprllai and h,rj barn atl"ad In I
,b.b..in......il... I -I aa.. Rdllar'lhfn-
la.lhlll..l..lliaal,l..o to m inn,. Iholl bOi-,
chlffe ltti !yinj rl.ttitr, n.rifcquBtitiV llinff
AB ln"tf 't'Hii!'ir'.
JfrMA't I in miiiU' itne.l I" orJf
An.-. 91.
Cutlery, Plated Ware,
IT.Itl'l UltlltV, TOV.S, I'ASCV
ati., Ac.
in tiii. mi r, m
W'HO r f
rtdfTiinii'tir tw (hi wnt) of thv
MILLION, jmUii l-'rnu tlmi c ii.noi Uil lo -toll
r friMii iIip HtST Jl in Uer(.'tl, Tiiri-ami
Uoni'ti, of on i nn imporiiihH. tnl m m o.iely
fu( ii, tl.eitjl.) ki."i i.t-'ii 4kfuru.iL
Al, lafifl " "'tmont r RILVllU WARE, of
pvvi dMCMi.tton, 't oor o n nni"ti loro nrt wBifiint
oil .ftlic nmlHtiiil, anil hi k lecunnnmirtitiun oi
ilyl autt Tinith, wu onlr n8l liny fueli:a !(.
fttft I'temiuttt si nttr Mti9 VuS'.
Plated Ware ;
A I.4UCC A0'l I ME.T Sncli ii.l'.ko llaakala,
Ca.lorl, Taa Hal", l.idlaa, t. ,on, Korkf, 0.
Cn.ujrflM. tlttr OiU, aiidviinj ttojf itnlCreami, N
4 tent variciy.
Hair Work,
Light! Light!!
Patmt Halett K.' 1
nrn tv. AUo.l I
C(,mintii! "ii lini'
t 'ct,t)tir ), ltM.
ii j.i.on mid l Iiiul I.Tfin-l ftf fry
I vali.'lv al ICI I I II dl HAKkUKH.
III, 1.1. ''
l,IOM.-b''l.OI IIH,
AII-,iolO,' I.ANny,
I'otlon nml H' -lo.
111 I, 1 ISi.ick cILKn.
I'I 11, ,!o
FlcM noil I'lnm 1.1 1I0
ni..KT jnl nillllllNS1.
Kilk aud Caahnwin iAVlJ,
' " M TI.B",
VKdTlNIl, An'l n st.at arirty of
Embroidery Goods,
fl'looar 1.1. il
1 Pyou lh lor auroe t.f lltata aplendid HAY TAT,
CAt-IUl tit Bond tilt.KMIAU'LS, yvU wilt Butt
jut tim Ihtns at
UeiOhM 10
Every Lady and Gentleman
'I hat vrnabea to aire S3 eonU on viety dollar, 4. a i. e
flMtfi tha Urifeit aaaottuiaut ol tirwda 111 ion 11, 1-111 be
iyilo.t nt l.YIAN U KIMi'S.
lN., I65X d&w.
ii;V lilSS UOOl) S.
M, II. I, INkJa all wool, (tlain and hfurail,
lln. Cut tint und wuiil '. do
TllinniH.LYMNU1!: fidrAlUfll-e,in
tlful (.'olma, aud (real arieiy ol (Mher Orea .oiila.
Abo a ttonaral 4aaoitmoiit ul TltUUIIMIH, il tho
Uteat aty lo.
Main fitt tel. MimiIiioIii r, t Violtr 19
Under Shirts ami Drawers,
4 Pull uaaortmvnt il Ot-nt i White and eoluicd Un
i dor tfrilrta oi UrMeia
.Mo, Uu-itoiidara, (Jmbielia, (itovei, Shuts, Dot
Oft) a mid ColUra.
Juat rac(Mvt.d hr I.OUMIH ft KKI I IL
OetuUfif 19, ISM.
"clot h I ng!c U 6 T U I N G '.
nJ ih, I'llKAPl !.T iM.tti,iant ul
1 ur.Alil MAIH.i l.lillllMi
ii luiinu al
Head of State Street,
Including nil kind and nil quliun for Men', ll'iy'a
dr.d Youih'a Wear. In ndti n nmv le Uniril a gund
ataorimeni f IIDOI'H and HlluKH whith wit) ! auld
aa law lot C th na ut uuy tht mh in .MtmiiJuJier,
Faii., 11.
.Mil AH t llh.MJII
LA 1)1 K.S,
'0 enn find aluioat LVr.UVTIIlNQ, in the Hue of
fich and fai n.nable
lit calling at Ilia Curnai Bmra rif
bTllhHat 1.AMIIION.
OverCoat Cloths. "
A NICE aa.urlnint ja.t racaitea ba KHITII Sl
UAIiKl.ll. d Oil. lit!.
la tba oiai-n whrtv vhu tin tmd etv hiticlo ta tbo
way i.f ClttiCKLItY At (JLAKSWAIUS
9TJL3I3slS TLrCEaltaitT
fca.,&,.. ami M ata .,it iirepaicd tu lurnt.b it lu
laiea ur awiall nunlitia. a. duairad and at tha liwtat
li,o. KUI'I II 4. U tUKl.ll.
i;n ftom in. nir't iiiu;vi tiAiiivi.in u.
51 M)1'AC I I'Ul'.ltS, nt ilia
PiSQaPlla&'isS jiS
Our .tuck i. taiy lara, wall aalaetaJ, and pun ha.a.1
Milh L'a.h rruni ilia na,Mrli. and nunwr.rlurer., (at
la uuiiu1U.) Many iuorta Iij adtancml la ilia mar.
Jvii,c,..uui ou.Kiinai. will aea n, .iii.iui.. aood.
ana pun... a teei gratalul lu ,ur iriaou. ir i na ta I
ry l.ri. ibara orpationaia w. hate tacaii.tl, an.l liuua
ti, kaapiai a laia .....rlui.ai ofeuoil oud., aud .allmr
at low prioaa, tu mam a auiilinitaaca ul il,a amn. '
tim Matio-LAiioutjAuus ami shall rnor. j
,Tl."n.di...n,,ri,wd.iiy...i I
I'.Oiilai. Biota, Maluljlra.l, ou.i llrlck Church. I
depot storTup town i
II AVH iet letaraed from Matktt ttha itch an I
1 eaenptete saurlraent ut NE GttODS, autjr
I..WR Clalke. Hhii Uteolt Mltv TrteiFea.
Thilwato. ..,,.. l"MtaQultl
l!lluii mad IV.ul llo. tlu. Cul.lHtii.Jb I
All IVaWl VUt4t Vrvjl VlHajjt t4H &. raM,
t'otlun a m1 Vol -lo Silk do, do. do.
PuM a4 l'ti -itka, Urinudmt , du
II-. ll4M.hlla.hi, ei'',iai,.MU,,i
Uadiea I'caifa, Uaatuner V all n'b
jtttlM daw no.
(MHi'a IK-Avy Twillail Kuitovl,
IUy but Hkawla, leaf Jt vo, aIitur. da.
Cttiiiir di do 4-t ititv uit.l IVtwl da.
11 Ik dt- I'ode r Mbi t I)ra t
Cobenwrt ltj pt- y t (i.oU. ;
Alteeaa. f tpiMtt I li.tdiet.' Hurka
t'miluB OltAba. Oitjckery nnd
ltsintaaii-t -Tiitltti utU iy, h ijjJea
4 4aaei I umb Vrlveti fr Mentill, .id uaaurtuii ut
frdill. a.w j,c. Vc!i
du I'mtaa tlti j
VbUi atlvuiiua ia r apfelfitlly tatted tu the nlHTe
atack l Owittf IMura fttrrh .ha; (Ui utiei, Aa oRitta-
Bof latent ic U,u.d pruWa .all i r.i t-iil
Ml BMIlM. H J J It It M Of: I . IV Ill 1 K.'
'.U tlw.a n,i li- to lb. (lOUl) ( .ilflMM
I it VhttV Ut)W ritlfK, a HuulJ tVat
wo ai. ittt.4 tn ruml.h all w uti
Dry Goods, Groceries, Hard
ware, Glass, A.c.
n.ut. is. rutiT i & 11 n i.n
CAMUItlCH, nuii, FuM At CeMed, MUSLINS,
Uwut. I'urtaU ifuabiia, Kdinf. InteitUca.
Uute ...d (?ultiu l-lfiuji, it BUUri'aV t llH.U.
tSe,ue.Wr U, le&X 4
is'n (T i" 'v r Ivn.M it1 f h
II TAHtur..lCU.LIillY. M....t.ll.rrt,.,d'.B;ilirj4".
aa it.
aiilamlKtWJ, ISS3..
KJ(IB ULANKCrd and I tXl'At-l Ku'trL'ILTS
d H.t Jl At KGlril li UAKKKK'tl
State Street, Montpellcr,
(Otr nun a. nnctofti piofi,)
18 TtrMd I. Ilka IHnl'KlllllJOTVl'KS nl Ike
1 laf,..i altn.a.l be.l .tain, warrtnl.d food. U.m
anil ae.
ln.W, 1IW. "
OFthelMMlKladaaUiyft fn ha ad It
XBW l,t In.t r.r.iaHni (TOBitS and I.4XO
lltlN'r.. cin. l-.H.
, Wool!
Cash paid for Wool I
Bj scott i. riei.r
Jan.l,18M. S3
Oct. IS
ri-:A, ti-:a, TiiA.
I'GWCIIGSTX i.f Hint .Op-Ilor Vonna ll,.n
TK 4 on hand and lor aale at oar rortner low prl
tlel 15 ST0riR! and I..4NODO.S.
y INC Willi f, fiound m dry, Plorama Wlia
f ' I a.d, jromiiUiid dry, I'a.ia llraan, Mciram do ,
l.iMraM d . I,. M. Illu.- rmlan lliaa. I.,n..i-.l Mil,
and bo. lad, Tii..,l,i,c, larnUJ,, ic. at
. ,. UCOtt fc ril.l.p'J.
Under Shirts and Drawers.
Tllh I. t"f a n rt nfty i tite e'uthtiiy t.r -hi'iiled
in Moi.t,clir ,uil rocne-lbf
Loomis & Keith,
iinri with t' eir ftien ivn ! k tlt? are imn ablt to
ho" a ' 'tm,ipio tienl of
cm in tim 1 itat ttt .1 1 nd wBrr.intci1 m hp HI ma)
thfl 1 .n e tiii i ty In, -t
Mam Slr-'tM, Miuik net, Srpt. I, It. 13. 47
mm K.iiui(nU(:uTi;s,
AL'nURV'S Ml) nUlVR-",
Zi VH Ii IVORT :iir).
1 IIIMMIN'un of all ilr-iii I ni
KKI I II St H I. r.lirf
Sugar, Tea, ColTee, Spices, (all
kinds,) Citron, Currants,
IkAll,, Kutrarta l.ein, o, ,!,, ,'lo-p 4, V,n
4 lllu,M.rh, foa,ia, .ill kn,'-t ml m.ny oiiiai
art rl-a iotjii, i.,if l,iie-il b, !ii UTI'li 111'I.U.
Sn(laH.hr 1.1, lJ 4H
ILL ilfat ruiitaxntir it h (ir noin)' AubryN I
mi ai.ovas, i
whli-li hnr won anrJi an unri itl rtft,in,i hhi. eitn ;
ii-t-.u. at KHJJIrk HAUkKU j
lllitts & Gloves. j
Ore at iy ul Mihh .1 i-f flhitfo .it nil -tuti nt '
M I HI v Jl Mv ! ll'H.
- FUISS. " """" ;
4 M.W li.t .1, VII Tiii in.H-inSj.ntra,
. i en... ) ,l,, jtl -K l n i 1.1 ' -t I 1. , , j
c.i, I.n, 1 a far aei.t li,-:i i,,.v 1,1 1 i irr, rf
J .1 ni l 1 f 1 IN'.. j
01' all .liuica.m. 1 l.,i I 'M,, I: i- , t.a 15.! !
l KI. I 1 1 A. fl . I M.H'aj. j
BUFFALO !(,!5hS.
EMLMliLR Hul thr nl rr wh- .,11 nnd iht)
I la-gi-st am. tat lut l I'-uiriixlt. i. , 1. ,i
tiMliUit la sGiiitVii.
Notfn.'MT 7, 1.13. d
DlUiaSiS t.()OS)S
IjXTE.Ntl Vfc. HaaotiiiHiit hi' h-, I ItlUK T, rifLK
C'nttim a,tfu Lfin Imi .,,1 figured liV
Lannt Al ..iiO-, AJoinca, Ve.it and Ld(i Clotht
fur Ulottli, aiik and liMcarf fhuwhl,
lollilng, Jim id
llrmly .Miute CJniltlnjj;, Cm id Clot In, rihniore
and V l ii,?,
('rot'kery and Glnfs Warp,
and nil ktliL's Uuuan ftttainii-n (mm., li-eh m wilt
t-il ai roaondhffj pi let a nt lli dtcin B -t nod Hraoeh
Ao .1. d
Buck SkiiTtilOVES &MIT
TENS. fiov. 4, A
Beautiful Plaid DoLAWES
Jutt racoltaj at
Not. 4., 'S3, d
KBl nit lUUKCn'd.
Cashmere Shawls.
A NUIV LOT, Ju.l racaita.l at
M'l'l II h llARKEIl'H.
Nut. 4. i
Roarty-Made Clothing.
CimTOU-M.MlG anil W.,rr.iiie.l I l,a h..jr.,.,
.uitniaul aval otturi J in Mnlr.. lir
l.V VI AN & KI.N'J.
Oi-tiJiar, IrCl.
Head of "Sta"teStreet.
fV K W r3tylea olOlnttiirn juat ri t ivt d ihia dtv at
Tiaut li'e elolbin aiura i.Lu out, -tmf a rub
ber. ' .XlDnljvpliM, o. ISil.
MAVK nu hand lha luryeai and heat a tueted Stock
nl CLOTIIH i ( nverv doteii(itMiii attd variei t tr
oiTortd in M.mtelipr. IV are ne a red tu a II at (l-rt
eci ih ti oill dufy roniK.titon. t' vudaee iHam
Oct. 18. i Ttiltl ic fANGt)ON.
CO Indian Tunned, Upper iliswouii,
HO " " Ictra Kobe,
18 number ono, Season Itobea,
81 Summer ami other hinda Itobus,
Maklnjour naauiimiit goxi I'hn, ... a Iniln aijtriar
ihtn lull vaar. Itm a .mall prolil wilt laa natLail-ol 1H0
Tnopla'a lur,t wbolaa. a and reuil.
l.VMAfi Si KIM;.
UatUr 1&1. da
4 T lha TaNl 6li,ra ui town ana be louml a aplanill.1
aatortmani (vf Kinliiitid rn 1 1'mtania, Willi ul tha
fiiiae. lu Willi R. whirli will l.r nM u4 uauul. ai aiua
urain.ry U price, lit M OIISS i LAMlOu .
Nut 91. I "53.
Mauufaetorrra and Dealeia in every variety of
Cabinet Furniture,
ll'arl Itooms on Comer of Hon u and .Maine
slrnl, na.i doi lu it. W IIYIIfd STOIIl".
.... t , .
,,., . "J rouodnit.ai tirltly or
oUl' Ah, SINKS,
Alao a (eneial aaaonmeol ol
AMI VL.NKCIIS, u Heaiiuj, tola &ovrg , CurUd
Hair, lluaka. if. . .i
Hair, lluaka,&.c.
llllAtl II
statu s'ri8i:i;rt
'11CBK may l.e IoudJ en DQtna aeW lut ofKAI.L
auJ WlYmt "oiBir.ii.ia
ir,,l'''A. M'fc-PKMiLKB UUJV 1 H 111 ".IT
iad .MIT.
t'l irra ttot eliiy lotrt r than my t.ouhliarc. but
a iuw.
I nncvu ritiacii.
j Meutpelier, Vt , t.citii'er 1'Jih, IKr9. j
: Under Shirts ami Drawers
J At KEI'lll U 1U UK Hll'sl.
ioonus v Keith
t 11 WD raeMV d their .twk of N
li ..
uoda auita-
-! iut li f 1 hlinjta, lAunfM-, Mp,aJ uhiin
and ! itu.'l M li'i.uiiif, 1'ri il Oiu j fcft,
Mo.tiMliaS.jrt.S, 'A3,
20,000FT. MlillOCMNY
.lint ItliuiK tVnliuit
vr.M.nus ,v itoAitus,
1 VST raoaivagtudfoi aal.,!,,
20 tous Corn Husks'and Husk
K...l.ltH AClJOTTJ. ru.
l'1 KI-tUMAN'S
Kctu-Doik U;avi)5.
JEnnoiiis'sr a irAftMns,
WliolRsalc Ilriifjlsls,
oa vtiJEV,.NUAniiiinEswiniii.,.Nr.tvvonK.
OlUICItS rrti-onallr rr k laiiar aa,a!li r-rtl Jd
Inpri t-a, qoaliliaa.dl.faltl,, t. P!HI
ppillS IMachin la now Jutil) thi mntl uppreteil, tnd
nu conlrovrry ita hntwrrn It ann anf nlhtr
patAnt. ri(Rna, 45 IlManair. Nif Xnrk , ll-iv-nafkft
CqauFP, lloats.ii and Suyth 4ih Ht., I'hiU
mphia. . iVi.My
AlATfMIt!", "upir'nF nnirla, rnanil ami qnati'
I'I vptliiia in fitfMKd IIM tnH S Pajfr Vttf,
put up In ahlpitnt oinVf, tnu iitl I nl tliu lowest pfltM,
b Cll ttLE8 1'A llTRltHlE i. CO., 195 Mal-tftt Lane,
New York. nOn.ly
mino ruHTfi?". neNNtirr Al eo., m nroa
way New uitt, ar" manufictuttntt 'id hnitli
aiantly on hand an eiten-lve ata-itment ofl'linna. rtn
braciBJ uttj verity ol myhs and alie, from 6 10 7 I fl
OfiUvea, from U 10'J $ t wach. W hatft l
timftn.Hlt from lU firat Pia iNla in the country of thn
aapctlor Briitunuf, tlrnt4tk $ 9tfftararion ihtnush
lui tht entire rrttaier of our t'innon, Miil'e a dullcnt"
tlatkit of tou-h han hcen rr cniMientlv ant tired, 'ill
rnr inctrumenta are fu lit wairnnn'H 10 jjive tut 1 foe
tlon. tlayra who umlrMtand thmr own imereata will
call before purthaffuif lprher
50:icly 361 Droadw iy, N-w Vik.
riAo roitTi:s.
lit Itromlu ny Tvv Vork.
rp IIB Lnifct and float Aaanrimont nf Firt LI Ti
I mm rfoitfa in Naw Ymh, l-lh with uid wtthoot
Ihc iljtihan Attachment, ma foond ai 441 Bread,
tvav. Atl pr. un wialilnff a mod Inatiument at a low
ttflf o will ho uie 10 find me nl
L!tUOLN At TtlOir.-(0.'S,l', Ilroadwav.N. Y.
e'iaxo ri:Ti:s.
iy J A. T IIAINE", IIB ai Av-nii', Now YnV
lit lipn'pr an)(ilid oh li'-rrnl tcntia. 51': al v
CIUJAI' 1'IAAO t'tW! 1 Ii llol'Ni:.
(1 P. UlLL. 51 On .it iona. puea, naar llowaiy.
'. .Nawolk. I'i ir,o. Iiinail anil r,.,Bun.l. &0:faly
l.ookiiiK-lii'-s'.t I li'lurn rrnuic
K- r .pul St. N. Y. fiilthnit in 11 ha hranrhea. &0.1)
I ALI.4HI'tf Nw nnd lnitifivd Kditlon ta the
' - l.t K i und ,i 1 til.' It in w olli rd tn Ihv i.ublifl.
It m I I r f tlitl ir nut ait
fi'iti trL nrni 1 31. HaotowAT, N. V. 50.ily.
t lit I I I i. I I.LI-.i.H M'll, U matt, t2 rra
J v a a, imf mi-n kiium, ami ml "nam L ftnua
for ,. Iiv iMKI'KlDtit t HiilTAIN, W Mr. .a, I
W.t;, . .S. SO.Iilj
' iiiJiail aFaSjH jDSr
(From Hoi 111,31.1 .. Vl.)
One door rasl of llrondwny,
Commission Merchants,
No. II Cliff Street,
Arc soli- iiK t- 111 lli: I. t:itc
M'i i-uit' r,i,
. m Mil
ll. I ,
I, - .
-.' Pi.,h t
Ii . I'ai.i
r wu i .in, r ' ii i i
T., ., ,., ,, ...
( ii'iuii r k ir i nt i nu i i i
lllljftl "St.., HlM Hid it t i ,
M nu' 'itiioi Mbit- n l.
i ml I'hii Manu
'I . - .in I r it.
' "i '"' '
i 1. I ...il I in 'I i, ui
ill.) O'liyr C un rv
ll.fv.uru j iii. 1 1 r r Hide .n.iiiid'uiitt U' rot
Nn UT! llNi.it, i, IH Jirn
i...Iim S net he Lvd i.c st-ue.
7 ii JUI lit Hi rent. 1
lli-ir If ni nt aa -rrn'H, wiml
P.i" 'a iiii -i nt ' ilie C .a- . iiiy
I h' if ivrB,rdiu-ir , t, , ,tt , nn'i'n (ho t . ftei
nllOi'd, 'tli lull fcti u till d.tu.atic, ut Ihe In w eat
luiiattijo cure,
I'ajier ninde lontt'tr, my me or v oifiht. L'brta!
advjiioaa i .fl on i iimiumv nl (iu.ei, l'aor
Muki'i ' aitir-k ir d ui hnf m nhir
'I fi-gheai naikt-t ori' r I'llJin Caah for all kinda
"1 il4j- tfCl-tiaj'!.
If joiuWish to Find
Mt'liMlW UIONH ltlJG-.,ii!.d nllkindauf nHiJaw
el ml Km- Oouda, liyi.! Bead, Be. ofHainra,
Knivf-a, i ir..,f th (, r-iii,.- Napkin Riftga, Fid
dl"a. I Ut,(j,if Fluiea, Ai'Oldmma. ftnw Viol Bud
Kiddlf BtniiKi, (ilt'ii-etoeall in to my atore oo Slate
i fet. m. I there uti wiU hn.' i'lut,.
Al) lioo ti(f j vaarron'ed lu he whwt I aellthem for.
Htictnin M.l. Vlnm. Buldiag,Mitaetreetr
ittititjM hor, M iy I'i. 1t3 t 95
Lntlhs cliildre h'ft irorstrd lioiods
' . li. J. i K HI..
DIlAI'Ei; AM) TAinoll,
J Iu,n, il troin M;V DllK villi a anod
, ut'iiniil uf
Broadcloths, Cassimeros, and
wltiil, Im ,'iH mika iitnlln ) ne.t l Ina aud ba.t
ni 11. m r.
HUMCNTS CliT fur olhir. 1,1 imika ,. .,nrf
w jn jiilfil t . I'll
1 1 St !. 111. I.-, TMI.OK Ml' tJI Itl, fRAV
ON Mill it iiiisiiM-i.i lll.l.MIr! .M) rtl'liT I '8
ilEI'OK'lr- I IF .BV iO-iK K kHUIOMj, fur aalt.
Way I. if 53 m
pl'lll.ir MlTII.'Kn lw,al; sI'antaallg.MnKKne,
I linn I lin li, at
i.iii'iftfrnit fjK.iHs..vn viitiu
i.va Toit.tno,
ear Iwjwindai il," Urualliirft ulr.MTll It P'BrX'G
At the Head of State Street,
Devilled oiriunivcljr t.t
Itcadj-mado Clothing ic Fiiruish-
jCoarcaquenllvetatlemei. ma rot aoretl thai they caa
Udiln'tir aei.rtn en ut Uouda there fitiu nt nny
tAtiet ature til Mutitpelier.
Kiai rTi & k "k iris"
Ilia day ol
lm worthy the. mtontiuit uf uu u ho aura. They Up
jtuaii-tl u(t" un of Ilio uoUiea u( ttia aenautv.
50,001) 1 "7- "-sr "ilrf 1
For which eaah v. ill : pan hy
f ort tiiliflt, JW3.
?rLB,NUIl naaorluiam Juki rar-ived at
'v Hioitrts it n.Noon.N-a
Ocloliel IS
SO LA lt"L7 IT'S
20MUv.r, nie. and cbuica pattern, may bo found
ot Kt.l I II 11 !KE11'S.
'iiiiobi: rttii.Yctfri.o.tii vt.oriis
1 at KUl'l life HAUKBK'S .m oij f,.i
Wanted Immediately-
Afltlfl W. KWIKULE TOW, br
u I u ea. V. A1IUUT T St CO.
Novawbar 3. jw
" New i,veNtioi.
Newell's Patent Fluid Lamp
and feeder,
V'u r",,C""01 el,'o0 " 1,0 eipladadj al.o,
041 L.bitiuoti uud ir t!t- t
-ii!Lti"'l' '53. PIIINNKV L MTAfl-H.
S.AHII.IlUOIUi.i.c.cun.Uiill, nn band and ft.. ll
' . ... l)OTT i flll.ll.
Jan. S, 'St.
.it vim in; i' o f sruitt:,
Uppaaut. tbo P.viliui..
ItlAV VI! FOUNU, taam ol t.a ,aaa...,lt l
' l.il,', ...oe of taltlvl aro
PIIUNE3, I'l.a and !',.. COTTt),g'
AflXKH, - fiiuukim:
OFtMlB., I'tlllllSLI.AS
linrfHt tliltrlug .V flunk 1 11 a fubutcm
1 I'aaaivli.li T01
StlUt ti.Stt , iiml of rvtrrar. Cti ;. f.
WIl.Dlili, SCOTT .J- CO.
Oeiuu. t 16. j
Fancy Velvets & FLANNELS
ful clitldrtn'a dta.aaa, ju.l raca .ail liy
100 itciv Hay State Sliatils
(lav. rireiT.d .nd or. raccmna thairanoal M'lie
.1 li ml. uf all 1I11- i. .ail altfaal atiaiaa and .1.
nianaraii m.' Il lt m at rbi iQwe iinera
II ,B,IAVl,JI, ( .briar.d... it "
Mi- in.'.. ItJ Kt'Ullt UMlKKRd
' 'IS
an PArinonnivAiiv t rim or tub hav
kl. ami a wr i)tiKiuii; Livtu
Cpvar Lttttr 44rtfd tt J. A, th, lUf.t Ifd
ary, .Nitf South U'altM. Httrt .9tt.i, L-Al.
Sit. A Mr Tln.i.inCiitB aailUt-iai l.-ikv (nr$rt
wtittnf a eonaMer-ilil" t une a il.oty iiftln led wild a
Onmplaitil "I ih Lit, teijtthri with the Cntti l Ilia
mniiiral tttcndti'il , ulin trruig ull bf it aa.il I, i-nndlU-Iy
told l.im tlui bi cn w ia bujn I a. n 1 In a itua
l-oti, ntil wlu-n npcinij ery ily would ti-inun it
hia ii-trm r, a Irirnd rt rmn nild (inn In r Hullo
ti)'. IMIi, nnd 'ta a lorlt.rn lipt lie did o ; Ihc ttrat
dr i; 1" lii". rttniilMtiMe n-in l,h' tltrn fnrr pr"eif
ad rn lahingitH'in rr,ilinK in th diifttion, Mitd ta
nnw re ottd tn fipHrd h-altli. Hi will fW I (ffat
)in .Mite In ontira.niK this siutrim nt. r evrn 111 11 lie
un tRilBTH to tho mn fact, lmutd H be nquirrtl.
(tM.ned; WM J M Is, I'm.,. nr.. .r l tn
floulliuui Uf.lJ,Nf ulli u.
CIJRK (P A PtN & TlfillTM-.! IN THE
I Hr.-T AND f TOM At'H OP A 1'KHhtiN M
Prom Me-ira 'lln-tv A. Srm.
Pru riett' the l,un Advt-H t-r who r in vnnt h for
ltie, ) li w nia nt .ttmt ti'i, Aug 11 at i2d, L
To I'.OfOMnr H..il 1),
r,r, I dt'ttre to htar tpalimoiy to lh fu of
foci uf (In ,'itt 1 'a I'i) t or c,tal i-ura I -.ulfer
fd p 1 rt 1 1 trniii u (.tin nnd ttltin at m iitr !Mniteh.
whu It vaa 11U0 ire iioii mim d ! a almrlnaa (ilfx'Hlh,
tit it (trt vrntf tl tut- frtint ttitlkiiii tt'i-tui I ii'n 14
ul it, nnd 1 otwiilmliiniliiij my ndian-fd tr
ul life, thie ptlla It ri-o relievtd lint I am tie
noui that nt hp i" aiiould tn mule . qu inlr-n unli
1 hfir v irt lie a I urn now rt'tnlffed, ti t t tt niran. rntli
ji it nniiy ti'dve, nd cm 1 ik f it i nhiut tncun
vanrt i' ti ih 1 it , m lurli I run lit not .hi In-fure.
iSUnul llJiXKa C'lK .Nini.Hirctf, Lvim.Nfrff Ik
WiMitlrfitl Kinvncy iT llnllouny'a IMIla
In t jafa of Dnipi)
rr' ull tmij Iroiii diu. a. 1 iitirf nloil (If
1 ul Me, ur nl oiln" timoa l otild Mnuiodiait)! .a
' aconite t th'-aw I'lM, 1 Itun.lre I id 'fMi mi' ni
nu llv mtfd by tlitnr B-", uf th' dirrlut cixnplainl
in da ditT rent xlfy, Vt, Lie 11 alt tlirr 'nana had
t'.tH .1.
I'luac celebraltMl I'llla nrc ivuitilrrfull
lilt m I tut a 111 ttie InllMtt I up oniiInltita 1
A Clie Ur-t" L It 1t1nnnin.11 Mr. Ilunl
liiHA Ov t' IV i UI ( cu finm t (. it
B Innta 'mii. " l.t ii(n . 11 Liv rl nii-Siru iin)!i(
BIoihimtli" I-1 m .to Ir- pinnix Ta i ulvri ui
kln rrstnantit't Lutnltitt 'Itminuf'
Rt I roinfl F. .pf i.l.ill 1'ilfi I'i. .ii
C(i' y kM 1 (hrurintt-m Wn'rt'i ntfit'a
( Vclijoli'in I iti Ifittcn tf Horn.-, .Ilkit'da
.dilu'l.o L Cut l'nn Wt't.U. .H in
r. n m;'ttt..i Ili Si In iu'um. i ham 1 1 u,i j
I, 1. ilny, ndifptiMi. huu'a r.v, at. iV .
I! I DDI 'J ir t 11., (UiMun, Mnia , Aonta for .New
Hngl ill.
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Sit, 1, !. nt T. n. It 11 .r,) 1 ,11 diiii, in, tit 1 I
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An invaluable Book for 25 eta.
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honor and tntoyriiy th m v nin e i hi ff.iti t-oiir.
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to add twy Uattii.n; lu im pnttn,H .i'.ihi f ilia
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ba rwan aiiloeulrii. ,1 not b,oi. down. .! ihay do
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II. dona .u 10 aohjbtai, an I Inftiirnc. thr oublr, muni
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wt.ro. of bua.an wr.teb.dnra., would rnnfar Hm
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riao of B11.1 ia to una part of tba Uoilad K.,1., fu, .J.
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To the I'roplr of ?SoittpcIor iV
I 1 VnitO-ELKCTlUC Vi'LTAIC t'llAINH. ...,d
tur ihe ttMt rtUef nad perml cure of all !
XtreJh94c H ure lit ilm flr.t time ml t uti. ci,J in
to the tfutt) t.t Veruioitl. "J lieaefthaira uure fiiat in. !
trudured in TiaRce t o eara anim, iBtl lioui ibec.v
have eltsudetttoOufiuunji, Aoilria, rrwaei i, Kul.u'l, t
aad but one year tiea eliiiaed amcu tht-y were inlro
uuawaj iniu in uttiteu emtwa rar ate nuw t.i m
the bo. pit I of Loud in fiiria, Vienna, li.rlin, ul in
avetj lloaj.it , n N Vwik. Vavy i . Ul, , ,,,
(JAientetl ut five dtlTc out Kingduma, ttlao m ttiH ou i
liy. and aro oMnatdi.iiv u-ed nyth tbe Hoat latuuiali
nf auaa, Uy beth Ptivaieiaa end l'tta its hi tlie te
lief end cure ( Itltuia4tni hhiIuI auJ b. H.-.i
Jotnia,,Nuri.liia mi tba lace. I)itm a, Uhrirtit. ft,
Nervous, lle.)derhe, (liitttiroa l tli Hean, Cu liv
tioa uf ihv L-iirba, IJ .r-UalfiU, I ulietat us, U..n,u Lit.
lih tf, 1 111 (ut 1 111 e, t U rum T-iiia. au-l BJ ,it,u.-.ea
whi h am ttiuilueed ftom a dirsltnatinil mituiit oi Nttr
tuua Fhiiei. rj(tiHjta uf the muai bnerieij effetti
pfadiiond i tha abotrv diaerea. tm. uttuti leeeived
fi-wn freteafe ilattt, Vbb Uuren, I'wt ef Kw V- ik
iijt Uoi io'i titiliiins, Ilud and I'erviiara, ut Loo bin.
laofiorn diatinfuiahi 4 Medieal Mea in moat of Ihe
citie ufCurepe, lioi.lm m-.te then one tliuuaod trom
piM'att who ttieve bom ruled bv their ue, in verioua
p.n t.f ihia coutilry. It i-aB em,.li Ute.d fct, whub
uu I'lijaicun dare, .i can dftiy, th-t nil iNnvou i a
aea tire incr-iaaod hi vvriijr. r.ilier than bontbuid
by a cunattut mlaiailiaiiuo til IiU,itod thv tnnnni u
aeueaof tbaiwople ta lnm nwekeoed tu tbia trutti
Uy ttvoidinf atl drug nod pateui Nu truma M out ni-ia
hare been aared bjr the all pow trial uoula t n t0..
pure tr, (iruprr e, rt-ien, dirt, lalhn j, to. H, itie'
Me af tha i:tito( nulur i g j.tll Raaiteil m n r
etSwH, end imputae la ivn to the uvrvuua ent i9i oi
tba BtBtem, ttn h roaioraa to belth wit hum tl.e i.rj
can of f wbIIowidx the aickeoHtf , di-xuatjitjt im am,.,,,
tit l aitt tbruwn biluie th (mWluie. . ian,in ,
utttiaertifi.-...iu ufruie.a dactiniioo tf ibi ,,t
o4lbawo-.gl'u, m) bu tun ad liev vfotam ,t
Iba Drag 8turt) of 1
SMII'U MERL'i:, Hub,,,, m
CniiUii to IdUtlios.
liaJiaa whine imunM, are teijoanlej uufatbatn
wiili greit caution, tut .oej runtiotud ua miaetii
rmxe U (t lobe iiroilqced.
rurale in overy titjr in the fftitiM SutfUi. aa. caa
ba aunt bv m ul ttiy tiurt n tbe rouniiy.
.. .KHil1 ''IKkL'fi.ajaweforMarttPiIlM.
II. H L Hiom e.
J. S I UIN'RUTt !an. ACn, 468 i!radw,, tf, V,
Aiso la's.
?l V t CAM .HirSTAAG 1. 1 xi7
IKOa. n hand,o.r. bond and fre all(ridaa, col.
a- or on,l cumiuion., the aam.ioa.d uf ,rauo I. 11.
ro.i.nbl, giv. a lo tbia wooilorful rr,aratloo. 1 liuu
aauil. 1 1 tu.it! . ur. .aid aad riard cmlf, anj but una uo.
ituualt.piuim, i otteiad by all vrbu u.o il, .oil that
la, that no temadv .... b lura di,cnaraa'f io.ae.af
jucb I'erluot baatiuf nnd email. e propaiti... t.,1,
Iiia raairir in ralie.lnj pain, uf to. kind, no iiialur b
wh.l aaoaad, or bow n.tiua, Hlaj .pr., liloori
lioo nl joint., bl lli. . cola, bor cjld., oc, r, 1.10.
cu, .btuinall.ro, pil. rakad Irraiu. ur any paili
anttaaii, .iHi.a.. or weakna.I ..fjoini,, ma.claa or
lijaniani-. fba lioiioani . ,o,oril, n.pl.c.i In auJ a
?.u'..'.t '"' '" ?'inl mufoula , Iml '',. It A
"I. 1 IIIAUIJ tt Tl) , ti.la l'(S1.,M,o,P,.MiWfOflct.
.'Olllroidw...,N.Vork. ndei I j, ,,!,. ",
',. 1 F7 Iffl - 1 J K11V Ml fcv'TI'ifrl
' iyssi
(untilmi(t ni
Druggists nnd Apothecaries,
l,.t,M nf Main anJ Klafo Sltaal.,
I'li.llrlan'a milar. k ntfrtlrlla fat.-loll, .llar""
1)UU(.S aV iMIiDlCIiNLS,
UF l VI tl V VMlinTV.HU'MlE UliAl.ll V,
l-,.il, 1,1 II TVI.i:tt,.iiialiatf i MlP-
, iil.rna ana llulnl, I FluHl. all Unil.
,. i. M tt. a -ri'i.tnt.
t, r ,U
iirClmr 1
Ginseng &Malva.
riMJlrofpounii,i.t ta'ilillcheil wonieial fatOI
I Uf 11a iiiCut un I itkno orfsetl ro-?.lt, i"
.rl,.m..lt.l I,, hII .l,..lcln. Tina ui.nitiiia la
hi.rJoi.uii a icciri.. imeuiail 'n China t Ha. I aiat,
.......1. ..jli.,1 r.,.nlrl UnVa'l I 1 1 " V 1 H tHII. I an
naiit.f.,1 I'nrirjilliB the lllnoil, n m
rtlal i t,il a llll.riHl. alia aLf r,ara e.araajh. ra
I , llit-
Mlgail I oi
Inllnnininllon or lite Ltmg-t,
tllllllta f lllriml, Itnini-liiiia. nnd i v- r, .l.aai.a
ill ihe li il uisan , tin. fr.nt ramarlji ia anlio.a a pat
allal I or
Coughs, t'roti), Whooping-Cough,
an t all I1mo f the 't hfnal, it H a a urn and nrompt
eo'. L piaaeaea the romarltahla prwo'oi IJlaaul
lux;, liOuartiluK nml Itrinn lii, d wnward,
i-ll phtt irm thw m. utfatmet lh tlito (.mdiiwlib.
out a ta.etioi Naiwrti'i oot .ottnt i inei fur
andail I'l'Ba-a lhat itrno from I'owtfha end t'O'VnM
l(,'d- I' haaiCnrrd rtnker.Sa't Klii-Om. Km-i,hIi.b, A.
FrtoftH i DiafHuea which hute nofted llif "' ' of H
rrmirii ino liai yitldad to tbia. It ia . It a. a .il and
fialaiable, tod in
IlU'-torer of Apitililis
It t ,nla rnii.vaL.LtD. It hai nevi r ben. equalled aa a
jnd Irritation nTtUt Arrvra, l-o llfta of
t"pli It a, or II -m tint lie. ia a aoia t n is.
Ti-e iinrraiiit hiato y of tha (Jeoaenc, k.-,, I tle
hjd 10 p(imi'hle'",4ratia. The C'-mpoaJtHl la t Out anted in
'it.WItT ItOTTl.IJs.
(In, llulliu per llotllr "lx llottlea Tor $3.
sole phoprieturs,
Xos, !3 6. I.'i-ll IXOVEIl STIH5ET,
Jty-:,i. I".r ! h, tlio , 1 1 iii i. il Diuaji.l- i . lli cu.
anii rntjnii a I I I""1
J. It. MAUClflsfS
lor thr IlitufSi Curt of Sitfrrins; fiuoil
It i nitl'iite ma
iden fi ( ii mti
liv n ..w r in all
wit ! it i r- tut.
in n u.mlt;
t 1 1 el
Fen-': ". "fill's
M .1, . t, I',..
I ,..ii. I i . . I'll
n i. i ii i u-,,,,1. .
I I . , V . ii . '
t . . I hi. li. r
II... I 1
II I i ii I Hi.
1V , I c, n M
Hat i, I ii, ni
f I... ,i i . fiii.li.l,
tt ii. .a ui i I .
reul i Mi iuru"
tun . t.a ki'l, II
tin i i -,.(i ii.t we
ri n t . ( m i u i il. ti.. isuttr
how I ti r'AtM ii
fi.oiii .Mho, la.ncilii .,-n b. 1 1 mi,r rt nam la.a
H,iiii'') n9l.inn;ilio.,".wli, h.'l fi. iidl'ion.
I,. I -II ml ii .'.deitl .uliit 'in .1 ' in a) ion
tiitiln .r-,.lr u.iiif. Iiom Iba nina! r.a nrlnlifn aoorraa,
,.l tin. i.i ur,, il rp.tili. ol ila o. . tt-aaitipi wilrt lci
lar. 'ioui I . a , , xrairi.nrnd pi, l.ician-. .Id ' i , . ...
, rl it i i h,' t pr tcttea, and .po.k Ir i . .. . '., r
f. It I'-r-KIIM. M i. I n - .
I.. l. 1 l.KMI M. M II I i .an in,.,, . Y
l II. Mil I - M i , K, rl
K V. t mi I I , vl li . -n . . .i . -
Prut In'NHUl H. II. II. 'ii . ,r v .
l.V KilltltK. Jl. 'J., It. nm.i ,., t
t' . v KKINK, M. It. Nat. 1 ink t ,,.
W PHI-.m (II IV . II , t'..,r..l. N. II
J P Nr.WI.AMl, HI P.. Tlie., S. V.
Br. r- f. l)K mil. Clrnii rtprin... S. I'.
Ilt'llillll!t llllll Kl'Olio '
At thf ttiita ot
ii. o r ,i:it. .Venn,
llriifKlal, Mulitir Her, VI
A Word to the Ladies.
t lifii.l I li i , niriiailid o'H. aa I i I kr flir , , I,P
lll'ilMi I lii.ll'(l. I , ,,l In. ..1,1.11, ,i
tliiil I Ii ... I... .ii ii, ,,.i ii.,.t a. uti .. ml. , 4tl ,
hi' -I. I r, i. 1 ,. . I il mi h lb- d.. ... I . I ,. h It ia
in. Hi' in, i. . ti.lail, iiii,.,i.irIfl ii,l I., at
l- ... n t 1 1. it. i lii a, I in I, ror, d, u I Hm. itn.ua
"Ii " 'i' i lie, and , tin, ii tur Hi unelit uf
M.!-.. a li UT, ..9 Lo.n.bri. :
Aaan f t llo.t ,n.
D-VJ MMirm.lt r I, PtoHi.t.. . I ', 1 1 ml
!i. ,i .HI tl,. ,u,, s V .,..,.
M.) , . '! I. ii ' rr A Pi tk, I'utl . :u.n , J I ,
II n li.iin , r I In .' u,.
Disco verod at Last !
A Mystery Explained.
Hi volution ii Certmu ! Victor) 11 ours!
DR. A. L7il)A3IS
VCW THLDUT ip IHKAir; .4 ,,L Diott tbe
mrtairt id the iinr.d of til wt.o read H : II'. if it
l bil Amrt (nn hav beoo ee Inuij ttd ebMvitily tm
mui-d tn 4arkf ind ifereawe oa tbe Ki tct o the- 1
4mtf 1 (
Dr. .U Li ..dams9 Liver Uulsnin, .
t'Otf. r d to t tie evicted of tho ftile- m-d Ttnito
fli tut tbe e-rtnii cure of t.teur Cnmiilnii i m Mt i
fea, Uilli ua f. er, Ayua oad Tever, t'lit.mic Lung
t'rwft, tltoptti-al Aiitfiiuna, Cnniun,', Howil
t'oiup'ttin.a. IhKirlr tty lry, Ktieunt.it irm. lilei d
n.f I'll. , Dl.itil i'ilaa,rerufuli,tfalt Ubeutu, Uyspeow
tidier l IJe .il iy N-jnoiiBiieaa, rualiveueaa, tuduea
tlmt, Oiair jcli d Menetatittiiona, fcf,
tr.A U AUMIrf' I.IVKIt HAI AH baa dood
Ike urtnk nnd teat tur the iat It A fin veaca and h
ruvca 10 tlw inoat akeptical, beyoad the b .iw el a
iloubi, thmt it t
The Only KrliuMr .lliliciiiu liv
er lic;ovora !
(being putflb all vegetable fur the tmrmaoent eota of1
i hi- we bMifir, Tbe ru't tkepuemi hw ieume
it imiBl aofiguiue votinee, and pronounce tbe Iivar
Ua'aiii to 'mi the
KVKItVWIlKUI.. 'i'eatimoaiela cento up from leery
irc n Ima widn. iM-olivii with eitfBiiiB ut gritt
tude. fur the relief rr aired by it, ae. And in aub.
iniuiDa thia tbe LIVllKnALtJ.Ml tB i ocuwideudcd
to all tliwc auflerinf under tbe
mux t:i(AM or tub jio.nstisu dis
ijam:, and at onett procuru a bottle of A. L. ADAW.i'
The render i teferrt d iu tba Medical Tt u l, Iwund
by itiLiliiit apt.lir-.it il(n to tha A, nt, win m the li M
i sold, jjifitig i lull fitume ul iln-nu und cure wfi
alldwaa... bold by U. O. 1 VM3 1!U Jloot
uter. No 6 KanJolph Hirttrt, t bicnyu, I It. nine.
Auul, -1.1:1 f
iHxvruu vot.icscn.E' : "
Or, j;vrry unrllis own S'lsysic
iun. 'p II B f'ORTicTII
I L II I I loft, i. ub
on liiin ti..d (,....
'(!, ahuwiiig Ui-eaiies
liiitj MallO'utBUoua of
tin llu'iitu vA'atn Jn
every l.a,o mi fotm
To I I Ii ia B 1,1, , u
I r.ij i. is un il,, I)ttl.
ei of Friita , Ihii.jj,,
be liileat lpwiuHce
ii nomed , B,1(,Bl '
lUtiae Ckn,t niiUiiH
niattiagt1. (J i
YM fit V.: rat I.
t'UI.AI'llfs lu ItiaebilJ it may bnq (rotit
au en fly fr. 11 tu. young may or women enier into
tha fierod tt Ixaliona if mirned l.t-w llioui roadm
u. ruoKUT ruidAPjc. ui -ir;;j
froat a haakmed Vuuth, IVin ta in? H.,i r, ,,iaea
afjbU. BcretMia faiU, and the lvl, tm,,, .fdia
p.ptioienaiiwia,Bnrl tm ubfib,1rph.Mri.i)
ptoibai mum ot a ithuui ronaultniK tt. LT 111
UH. llee tim marued. or ih.iae about tu he uurriod"
any liupedimeai, raei. tbia nuly uaeful biuk, ii baa
l?attlh mn"ru,,'k9tu,it ' Itte lerytHa '
fcT ny per.on aeodinf TU'ENTV I'lVE CENTH 1
eoiloa.d m a K ..,,, hiII rewi.e oae eop, 'tJ.i
walk 7 ai I, or flre Wilbeoai f..r Oee Itelj,.
AdUtaai.'puai .el.l.) flit U'5I.YOI'.n '
May, 153 W ,,,M- !
Iti-llcl In Ton .Uiuiiif s !
A lit! Dnr..in( inili.ruir of COUfilltl. fill Im
Luk Js WK " " '"' ION "J lUS UASES T'll tJ
.JP".! h". "i"a.! orn.c.licina, nrl an, ctilJ ,
I. lh..ni. l lioo.aod. h... baan o ,, , b
lltat bail boror. dnpuwl. T..lloooy , j V'.
u.o.i. ..r c..... a ..nji. d.. ,.i,.; i.",".;,1,";
A.iroi nrr.o'a I'olmool. WaCa-iba oi,, l.nd
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lliy 4 ' lf R"fc"-'. V . r.o;i.l,lor..
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.at, Jltimnra,Nctt"iisii n, Irnt tlnlitT, Infl u
tion. Uo.ul.irhp, Tnirn tn Uip Iiirrtit. Side. f
and Limb, Y tn 'e 'nt imU, r , -, , i t'
it-ry fpwnrr thedinpnapa in whu ha Pur ' tt.vr j '
rinc ia not morp or ipt rpinircd, nnd mu h .
jiMtt antl MitTerbit? might be jrionlrJ, r n i ir ,
Iras bnt effpcttiol ( nlhnrtir were mure frftl ir,j
Nn person can feci vrt! irhile n ponIims ha' t i,r
body prexstilit , bf Bi'lm it on fcfwrMes am .i. iUt
pftrm fatal tltseaspt, wj.t h might htno bern a i
br the tintclv nti'l I'i'lti tmn ucp of a gmA ina .tn-.
lltif i. alike true f l oltl, Keierish jmitntit ft,
IHHous (IprniiKcmcntH. Lhvy nil trml tn b - m ,. r
prndticc the d fp to itetl and fnrnnd.iblr di- ! m,;,, n
isliich load th1 honrnri nil oirr tiie land Ii , a
reliAble fatml) ph sic i" of tho fitM nnjuirtin
the jmblir lit ilth. .ind litis lill Una b"'ti jmi'i ,
with finjHiiinMfite "Jfill t tnept that drmninl v
etti iNto tn il "f it irtttP14) br Hi)i unt, I'i ,
r. and rtitunN. h.w shown tpmiIi siitpt. t
unv tti:ii.( hithrrtn Itnnnn uf miT tntKh- hip t
hdr fn-t-it pfffi'U d Lfximl bflii f, wm thei u t , .
atnntntnl er' mi "f .Mrh ex niton iti. - t
chnractt r na Iti forbid the ttapM ion of tint i -it ,
Aiuoti the rnnncnt frntbmrn to whtnu ar
albmed to refpr for tboat; f ict. nre
fBor. Vt i.ntinp Muit, the dMtinguialuit .sMr.
Reon of New York City
JtiT. A, A. IUtm, Vrnetii'iil Cbemist nf
Ptrt of 1 tost tin, and OeoloKut for the htate U Mw
B.u'htiaett .
tn Ti Moohp, M P., an eminent Kurfnt n. ,(
ni ileiin. of" tin ''It f Tn'Il, nhu ban bnii..(j
them in Lib cxtoi-siit- jirietifo.
H. i. S t thw ii k, Vt.t onn of tbe first mfr
chnnla in Ntw York Cit.
C. A. lia, M. 1 , Miip't and Stirteon nf tha
L'nitoi Ht.itfH Murine Iloejntal, at Chelfrpa, 1 i
Did pu o fietintt, wp eould ffire manv hur, t,.r
nth nutnefi, frtmt atl p.tita where the Villi ),n i
been tiiwd, hut evident v even more ronvineitis tuan i
tho eortifienlot i'f tliMi pminent publir mm !
ahown itt fheir erteeU ttjion trial. J
1 hese PiUa, the result of long inTetiatton i
atnd, up u tiered tn tho publir nn the ite-,t ni,- j
mnsr 'otnpltt hich tbp present tt.ite of tm 1 -,1 1
ic.i'tu i -at ..rfiitt! They aro compimridifl tn-t o'
tbe drt.is Ihi mrKca, but of the medicinal rtun
otilv i-f eueiabi' rptnedies, ettraeted by hin i
j.itM in it ftnte ol ptlVil , and rtimldned tor tl
tu tiHi .i a iimiitifr .! tu insure the boy t rewulis. i Ms
stpm nt cmnpiwtinn for tnMieinea basbren '.j i i
in Ihe ( berry Pettoral and J'UU biith, to pTiwhior a
Miou. Hu ieit rwmdv tltiin hatd hitherto u n -tntned
br nnr proce-w. The rrasrm ia perfpttlv . !;.
H-u. V hil-' bv the old nmde cf rtm)N).ttteti rs
trj moil ii in1 t imnU'iied with more or if i !
nionmu and nijurif-ua iuahtiev, by thi- e.MU ' j
Mfinnl vlrtne onij that t doeired for the u.t.i ? i
elfttt i- prew-iiL All the inert and obitoMm s .ji,
iti i oi phi It Mltainee enipUned are lett bii,H, t
ettrAtin1 virtue1 tilt lieitiff rrtaiiicfL Henie it ,
tll tid'-nt Ihe p'ie t ihutjld prote na thn ' if
prott d more pun remedial, and the u -'n r
tuore pfiwerfti) at.ttinte to diaeaae than any t' r
medunie known to the world.
A it i frwittntly eiedti'nt that my n-'t'iM-oKotttil
W Ink n under th eunel of nn nUi i t m
Phn. i in. nnd nn Ut rouij not pnmerly ju'it -f
rrtntdi tMt'i .'it liniwi'ikj itn c tnporittioTi, 1 't
i.pi.it d lb( .ti irati tinti'iltr by whieh h .
IV. ti"- it and I'lli-. ati tf rt to the t-n(p b il i
lrt(fc'H'!,er tit tiie rntti i t t- and Hitth m. j.
! .ui 1 r"mtPK If t.er thtie sh."tld Iw an
o;,f Mim ha n t r-'fn"i them, iht ni.l ln
prnnpii, pii irdi i.i rl to hi addre".
i ' J! i " r itm M ' ii th t art f ml. i ow
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k" i it lb 'r 1 1 itipv.tion vrat ktH '
-ts in the.r iniaten I ho t
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tn' j p mh''i is 1 1 ' n
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i .i kit' wbl4r tht ir mn tton
iiu'i .-- i he t'herrv Pei t .
tir ' i n .'.ii
thi -ll'W r t t!
of tin t .iiirt'.-i
iin! " iii 'i It
'itntilie nion to be a woi1(1ct,'u1
ll.nt)t r; t V Inp l . t It. i if. IV'TI' Ht0ni. Ul ftfl.
nn nt l' if:tt haw tit1-Iir-1 tin tii.nff lit
tu !'!:, in I rti i nt in i unhdrn. Iy, aud an will-
inij: li .tiltf, tli-it t'air antiqipatiofta were i
Ih in reahT'-l r th.-u ftFf ta miwii trial.
Tbrv ufHTAte by their fniwerfttl mHttture on tt.e
itiUniil t if nt in purtly tii Uhhhi ana fcuimtl .tt t
irto tnlth .it t.uitrin)iuo tit nbatmrtinn nf
the h.mi.uh. Li.it '-, lvtr, and othT orKaniyof the
lux's i. i I1.-.- -t t" artit'tt to no .1th, i-iil
' ..n'-.i- hti. . t ' -t. uch dcrtatt.-
i: i ' jfirt 1 . . 1 i t'f, iu Lrt,t can wii"' from
tV livt Tl lit 1 lJ,t.t
I' r tit i a'.- ! i i'i ti 1 1 . . sit the wrarfer on the
i ;:i I'akh) in
I't'iii tlritl mitt .mil) te:ii Clit'ini'-t,
I.'iWKI.I., M bS.
IMm 25 Ctsti par Cox. Tm Bom (or SI.
I mii.i. nt
A.rnt, I M
IW.EB. M.l,
VcRrtaiilc I'tiltiioiiarv CnNant. I
t h f . r I r i. . id nor Carlr Jjoifjc.
v 'I ' 1 1 I.- el' rlTLMOsf.1RY
'AljTV ' ' ti t.Jii, an.i lli Priti-ti P..-
a"l ' - 'ini ij (H-riMinr tAtenix
rn ent a ee .'ms'Nl Fayr
nM ('I rgvmtu. i'rult rm pf d It
Lfyi, 7yM-fi al StntmHr.rt. i-ita
t.M A H ftjn.Af J PnHti Alt
anil in lull, brelli!n Ho i hiihruiiu i t.ir
ulhcri it ia ren fiord ! v Ke Dr. l.vMan 1-m.H
I. I Pn-Bl.rnl ufl.tiu TtiKulu-.r tl iik,i, I'i -i-c.i,nr.ti
f ihin , itf. Or l.aao U ota, jiwt
P'cl.til 1 tii I it m .An.trr I li-(-l..ijir .1 ht- . n jij,
Mu , lun Da hi 1 1 P. "I H Her et ay ui Cut
of Vermi't, tu ol ' t.rt-eo taNiam Boy-,
" I.'ttl.e Aina ten," itr , MoH'p. licr. Vt,, .N P. iL
Liam, t'f) , lomirlv rot lector ot the Putt ol Re it
mr-. Mil., K JniCfH Ijitrn, rbiladflolii Pa., li.
(' I'tHALt), l'.ii lirt't Me., nnd inmny olhtjif
It. elltrT CttOli ill Kill (ltd .Vl t I lit ' 1 1 I" at not
put up a $1 ane, ilrft sfattrr ti-Utu rM rifA eaeml
ed We mrttpprr gt'i 4t'ertim, mud Jut iit'r of Hm
.m'ti Ctttlrr, ri ti'ttuiing itrarly rora traiaa tbi qaeo
tti i.i i if tuiKlIrr Hijia.
CjlUuncr of CuunltrftiU and Imitations!!
Kuqtiir In tho mtieltj by tt wholb want
' VF. .l,TAni.KPt'tMiNAKV I.I.HA1.,
Prepared unw by IIKKO m'l.CH &. t ., Uidj
giate, 33 ln.)a at., Iift .V.( and atilJ hy Aolt.e
trariea aad C-motry Mfi.,nta euer.lh. I'me. laite
le (, amMl.i,, eta.
Kor n- in Mouilnr, uy PMITII K. Til l'V.
OC im
Tho Lawrence Water Cure
En-itfllelMM-o;, Voriuoiil.
yH,U4M KUNUKR, (tuimrrly of Ur Vtir
' ' h.ielt'i taibliliahiiienl,) he- the hitv i a Mleio
bta rrieada n tbe iui ir, ilmt be will u en it. nbote
eatabhabui int, bmli aui y lor liim, uiHitrhittm
ncdiuto atiiterimeiit'eiicr, on the ftrat dv of Slay aea t.
He l3alt ra hi well thut Itt lutif ck,mriet ee alio Ihot.
oufb acquMiiitiRce with tbo U'nei 4'iirr treatment,
tO)fetkei unfa tnt eomtoilk and cm cater t-ea of inn
Ubliabueet built eninely tor.be eecrBmtiNJalion ol bit
aUeitt, will BMore hiw a lull abate of iba puWie pat
roaage. Tl.e laedtettl Uc-p-itaat at will U uod r ite
kartfe of C. W. Oreo, aeBtlenaa efemiaaat ability,
aod lui eiMriaoee io hie iiiofreaiee. Tbo ptopitriof
pleilxethiB uniemiitlttg attrotieo to I be intereala aad
eumforta nl thoac wbo atayfivor Mai w itbtbeir pattea
ae. Bialileboto1 ia .K-iic.t in tl mWl tt beaattfal
aronerir, nad is ttnexrtillwd lot ita pole aad healthy at
moepftere It tatiiuaied nWwt hhlt way b-ltteee ikt
eeWnraied White itutmittnia ol ew lltiau tlilie an'
the any ol Yo-h, ul,, u'ni pUceia (aclie4
Hy aooeeotcnl iailrad l raft I m tigbt houti. foi forth
ar p-iifi,lki ti n-i-iti tiUiaeaUbliabmest w.urfja
terma.tkr. the pinprietoi lafen to a pamphlet which
be wij! itaue la a lew data.
VWLMAM KMNtii:, Prnpf,e'or of iK.
OTif Iaowretw-e Water t'ute. llratiUbt.ro', Vl.
WITH Tim L'. ti 1-A'l KT (ll'l ICli, WASIIINU
1 OS,
7iu. Uv!, Sat si., IIo, itm.
'I'HK.otMC .' i ulan, Asini ortiu I'.t). I'.u., Oglca
uiular tho an J, ,lrla,r,n.d to i...anl ad
va.iu,lin a,,!,,,,, 0, I'ainnu, ayeorioi lo thoar oV
ari.,1 ut.iiiiloi. ',, olh .r., ha. tu.J. .rran.auu ol. . r. .
n ..ff...'1 I"' r...r. d aa4 aooitocla. bl Mm,
. iimi , UWI.I.AUS I in. loud f ,,,,, ,,-,,, i,.
will b raio.tliMt li. L,n. ,., n . ... r.Ti ...
hImhii, . 1M, a, .Ld iB. wiihm.Hi ,,.....,..1. , .... u ..l..
,n,,i, oa,. un. ,n iij.liiuo. t'a.ai., r..o,t,.t,oai..
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loi ...iiCUIlll pmtiil. il i. , f,., luuol.l. oi
Itatud. and a Inco rand, ,. d laL.l .,i ,c. nl.tm lu.l
mi. i... na, la.iiiuu,,., lolnojcoi. III. 01 I .1.01.
lo.ioioi. cao ool al, !, obl.m ibel .1.. ci.
t oo. ,,n Iba mo.l loa.oD.' 1. bu, can ...all
tb.o,.c...oril,a.l. .ori.i,t, ..aia'tuailiar,
.,. ami.li. i,o ,ibi.r ul l,t;,ad Mek,,t,i1j1Ml
o.ratt ,oi. oi,l. l,,.,.ni. ,Iad ,. ,b, .J ,,',1,-r
...oairi,. . Iw.iil.a b. in. ...14 . jo,, , Va.bn-;-ton.
lliao.o ils,.,, ,l, Ihrm, w,IU, ,, ,..oal
troubia lo obiaioioe ihair p.i.nl.. Cooiaa ofelai.i. ol
ao, ti. loot ruroialtnd b r.otiltiny .o. oollat.
A'alSuioautai. Lord.it at Warbiufiou.
11. U. Klirti .Boliciiniuf I'.tanti.
ll-.aai.jla.JJ, SI. Ul.Do, .0,1 b. un. 1 ...
L"'" ""ooci ol I-.icnr., K.H.
Urn . V J"1 .' ..iba l-alant
Offle...oliei.oiro,i.run,,,,,l,llli Tl.ro ..ra
(0, llaor.p.r.oo' .Clia, l.lk.l o,B.l,,bo,.d
ao ii, uck bu.titM.b, I.,, ,b, r, , oatl '. kll,
vr. ia no.a wbo t oniloclrd . lib more .till, (id. 111.
.nd.uro.... .af,d Hll.i:dd,..,ofib. !..lii..
ronitad aod luo.i .ilfu I'.ioo, .olniiur, it, ,n Uml
nl Bute., nnd Im., no haail.iloa lu iuriii Inxi i
or. tbnt lb ciinnol employ a par.on mora coraiitunt
andtroatwortb,,d mote capable of pulllnitbnlrao
lilleation. ina torm lo ...ur. for Ibaio aneailv and
U.oiam.eon.ldaiallon.ith. I'alnn otlicc.
UllllUMl IIUll Mi,
Lata Coinmiiiluntt ul I'tlicli.
,. n it .. 1'AttNt Orrici
R. II. l:oor,Bq , Radon. .Ma...
Sir: Your f.c.lill.. r.n il.a prn.atitt on or f
oil, ion, coa.rli d with tbl. ttflicc, ai. equal to tbo..
or.njr other i.tint I .n r,-r. ra,iMilull,. , our.. ltd
riimiAS liWHANK.
Ilo.ton, Matcb. 19, 18Jt u 35 1,1
U hate lual receited I.i-. J.t.it. m u
atiieb nf IIAIITitVAirr fiV. . ...
. iwr , wa wnp win ai.fl
lloarTrla-rola,, Jb,,r, TmI, c,1iU,, ,j , j
noli., Mill ,,,, tgd do., I'm.tl'ot do.. Circular .lo.,
Ur... Kcltlo., Sad ioo.,.od imoit ao.lbinr in tbl.

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