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Vermont watchman and State journal. [volume] (Montpelier, Vt.) 1836-1883, April 28, 1854, Image 3

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.1 ntioXelrnsknlill lf'athington, April Tht Iost Tribes oiinii Tlic tendon
2.1. A dcspcrato effort will bo ini1c in llio 'Standard linl inado the iliscorery that Iho
Huiise to morrow tn piss nnothi-r Ncbraakit Tiirks aro the decrnantj of tho lost ten
bill, cnntatnlntf nil the Msential features of irilirs, and predicts their conversion to
llio llmiglss measure. Tim nuiiiurr of mem Christianity.
hers absent, will.it ij fuarr.,1, render. tlij -pha funnm car of JtijrRprnaiit, of Millies,
sclienm successful ) nt least ilicopmrieiita ofi ne,r Serampore. was totally ilcstioyed ly
tho billaro pprcheniveor the result. Mr. firo one niclit in February, and Ihr prnprii
llenton has prepared a long and aunging lnMVo been in great trouble, attributing
speech in opposition, i im accident to the fury of the pod fur causes
rnlifnrnitXewsperSteamtr Unite I Statu. ! "hich they are not cojniMnt.
AVie O.'mii, April U I. I lid" Steamer Unl-1 Tnr foentTUATr. H ink. of Ilnstnn, mis
ted States from A.pinwall, wmi ualllorina ,
,!! in the Is! Inst.. Ins arrived.
The news ta very bare, and m irkets ex
cessively depressed.
The Until ship Clmllehiru was seized for
a viulitimi til tho revemio law.
Col. Waikttn, of W.ilker's expedition,
ws found guilty, but recommended to mcr
A thiol had taken placo between "r. Wash
ington, oil') ot tho editors of tho Tunes, and
Mr. Washburn, of the lti California, in
which the latter wns badly wounded.
Tim Japin squadron arrived at Loo Choo
inJnnuify. .
The steamer Illinois left Apiwall on the
I7th of April, with the mails, 750 pissen
(jers, mid upwardi of $I.U0j (Aid in specie,
oroujfht down by tho steamer Oregon.
California A'cirl. -Wit York, April 2.1!.
The steamers .Northern Light and Illinois
arrived here tit noon todiy i lie Nor'hern
Light from San Juan. t'lth WO pissi'iisvra &
nori rlf t.OOU,' Ml inspect'! ; Ihu Illinois front'
Aspmwall, witii (i it) iiKSengersatiil $l,. U,
in specie, on t rely lit and ill ptsiuneis'
Jtldse Picrpont has deciiled at llutland
that so much ol'thcLquor I'rohibi'ion act
of tins Sttta us direets tint seized" liquor
shall bo destroyed wiiliout direct prool that'
any hn been sold is iitieointilutiotial. (This
is on the b.tai of the late assaclmsetts de
cision.) The esse Rous Up tu the nupreint)
Miss Ihx's Hill Vetoed. Ifaihinclon,
April vl). The grant of ten million acres of
public land, to be dtf ntiiiieii am ing trie
Mates t J ameliorate the condition of the in
ilnrpiit iii4ane. niracd li v the 1 louse vester-
.1 . I k .in. .a Mi.. Ili.'j hill. lull... I In I
become n law the President's signature be
ing denied to it.
Ithigs vi. Slavery It is n pratlfying fact
that ot the twetity-eigot Northern votes in
favor ofthe .Nebraska bill in the House, ot
one teas torn rt Whig and tint of the ten
S.ililhi-rn votes against it, eight were Ifhigi.
f-o it Ins ever been.
Th' .Stlrcuka Qu-slion in Missouri. Tie"-" p.,... irnni i,a 6-i qu.iiij n..i", iiiei
Mismiiiri Democrat, of M. Lotus, status that , 'ilZ"' h M'"'"'"" """
the iemucrats of thattitiio 'areunited. to: "' 1
a man. in nppostion to the violation of the; Wlioli'siilc Prices Cm rent,
plighted faith of the nathoi, by the reical nf Montp-iur w.rktt, bf D. L. rOLLBB.
trie coiiiproiiiise anu a new agitation in
slavery, llenton, tho leader of the party is
oppo-ed to it, every democratic paper in the
Mate denounces it, and the Democrats stand
united against it."
DoL'ffi.u' UicrioAkr. .Von Interven
tion. i he giving of a Constitution or polit
ical organization to the jh ople of Territor
ies after Iheinnnnerof hereditary moinrcln
in I1umim; not the formation ol a Constitu
tion by the jieoplo themselves.
Sottreignty in Ttrriloriti. The appoint
ntnt f tioverimr md Judges by Prooidriil
Pierce; not the election of them by the pen
pie. Sonntltr Sorereienll in Territories Tho
exclusion of half the settlers from any voice .
in the poverntiicnt.
W Ittpubtiain Government in the nfie1
Stales guaranteed by the Constitution oj the
Uniteit Hatri. tono of government lor j
exleiiiloiir ttcroptoatinir Slavery, and for ills-
... , .r -
iiiilil)ing many co tnt..rs of the soil fr 1
o li. rsn.i ill u.e or ns pro icii .
Jh- Kiuallyol I'olUieal Itighls 1 lie
oniaisile nf wlntcvt'r was intend.il bv llio
uecumtioii tr. independence. - .7(oanv jour-.
,,a' stock mi.iirk.'t small the upiiiiun prevails
The dwelling-house of Mr. Win. Smith, ' that prices will en no lower at preent, etcn
of Oreennburo', took lire by tho stnvtvpipe un if the advices Tom abroad should prove un
the "JJil till., btftween i) and IO o'clock m I favorable- salt's fur common brands. Western
the forenoon, and was burned to tho ground at i6M a t'.T.'i ; fancy brand at $3.87! a
with all his liirnitiirc and nil his gram in the ,2."j and extras at $"J.50 a lOOOpcr bbl.
chambers, with the wood-shed and wood. No Kxtra Ciencsee is held quite firm siles at
insurance. - Patriot. i$IO."Ua 10 SO per bbl, fur small lots.
. r.i e. it ii -.i COIIN Uirly in the week was In fair de
At a niectinff of the Stockholders of the d a, ,J4 ,j , fuf yeowargl.
new Ihnk of bt. Albane, held on the I ml., , , ll(J cll,icms'rUt lui . , t
the follow,,,r were elec.etl Dirt ct.-r. - w, g. g
Asa O. Aldis, lliram II. Sowles, llomeo ,
a ... ... . it . ii- ii i,.. niniiiy.
11. i.oyt, ktin. l. tiutt, umuibv tariu,
John 0. Smith, W. W. t hue.
In i( inland. I'uleg Kddy has recovered one
hundred and twenty dollars and costs in an
action Bjfiinst lleiijtmin Kisk, for taking
away his wife and veruin other articles ot
household furniture.
liiauili. t tl. j. in iiii.u. i.i iiiiu i.u. uc.iiuj-
cd by fire on Tutwlay mornuii;, I lib. inL I
Loss tailinuted frmii ili.OU) to d,000i no
... ,i... ..). i
1 ho list of visitors to the West Point
Academy for Juno 1st next is announced.
Anion-' tliini wc i.iilite (tie iiamesof lion.
Win. i . Clatfef, uf Nfw Hampshire, Rev,
Itobait. Allymof East (jreeiswicli. K. I., and WOiil. Tlia demand lur ilumrelic Wool
Jacub Kent, lUq., ol Wells liivcr, Vt. J is cuiifititd principally to the Inglit-r grailts,
Aibmit Ila..N.of.VicfiU.I'"t.ecn I'"0" vv l.'ttl cl.n.jrf, ".th.iulca
aptKiititt-d CasmwoUhB Exc-hansa Uat.k at f t a Mc fur haxony llcecs, anc 5J a S5
tllttpltou. ll.T.lluouuKTTof tli0t.raniB'orl,ulledux,ra-
County lljlik at t.lieUj, is cashier til' llm
llrudriirtl j,,k, and U.oaoK l.ESUK.ofj AISISOT vV' LKATIIK,
Se. ' "l j cs, ,SSIOiN ,.tOI)0i:ii DE LEHS
Liquor Law in Pennsylvania. -Harris-, UM Cheese7tZuV, Grain and all kinds of
bura, April -Jl. ho U.u iiiltcu onmur rnitMTnv punmtrr
ciicu ut' the two lluiiscs, relativo to the Ii- CWUiMlHJC 1 liUUUiu.
qunr Utv, luvo nirrued upon lubuiittiu the Na.7l -nJ3 BuimuaaSiini. lio,i
nn...li.i,i ti, vntM, hir llm iM-i.i.ln 1 8-al ' alimiantr m 'II' J l...n'r Pin-
quvatioii to a sole uy ins pvupie. duc. ,,,;,, r i,.ii, .,.... i- u. ( s
ll amiears tlrit three hundred and eleven
lives wire lust by tin urrck ul' ihu ship piw-
hattau. Tho ullicers nl crew bolonid'
chitfll to Maryland uud Nuur Vork. Up to
TliursJay noon, out) hundred and thirty b'i-1
dies hid uoen w islied a.li irtt al Atisccuuib,
llniriiiiiiiie, and Eon,' lI'Mchc.
;.....l il. t'...l. VV'.. l.i-,.. r.... il...
I.I..I..I..I..I... ., ,1.., Mr ! s- ll
TkVIs, ut that city, lias applitd for and re
ctivuii an anHjiiitiiient 111 tlio Turkish army.
as aid tu Ucue.al Uuyun, until Ihu rank of j
l.ictit. Culuuel. 1 lu h is Uktu hu nauiu uf I
.Vujim lltu, and by the litt advices was on I
1 ...... '!-. 1 1 1 I'. t ... 1
ills nay iu i tmiaumi, iiaiiuiu iiimvu
Vie lltulind and llnrtinton llairoad
Cvmpsny at a llltllljr of stockholders at
lldllows Fa I la, the I'.'lll IllitJIlt, Voted tO '
execute a third IllOrlgJifO Oil ttlU road aild
eijuipinen'.s not exceeding S l.'iuO liOj the
b.iuUs runiiiiijr 10 Iriu'l, mi . bearing 7 pr
cent interest, piyjblv semi auiiiully ,
Thesa bonis are tu bo off'red to the credi-'
tors uf the COiliptliy at pir, II) settlement of
claims. Mdtuiiients were nude e11cour.11;-
iiiL- lolhe business piospicls uf the rodd. 1
ThuCheshirH and Fiiciiuurg roads are to
furui.li the necesstry itiuipiiienu tu trausjet1
llin liiiainHis nf tun Imp nil.) lima reimivi, all
cuuipany. An arraiitincnt has been nude
with the boats, on Like Cliauiiildtii, by
winch the Rutland Company sell their boats
on Lake Champ am, and thus cuds the
competition fur the Like business, the boat
"cumjuny running in connection with the
Uutlaud mad.
Wm. Katmond Lee, Esq. made an elo
quent anJ t'tfcclive sneich in explanation
and deli-nee uf lus cuurse while 1'resldeutuf
the Kutland ruad.
Vtrmonleit in Congress. "Vermont ranks
Gtli lu the number uf members furnished to
the !iJd and Mi Conj;reosea, ahliuuj;li but
the 'J id in popiilation ; and that she lurnish
cs moru uieinbers of Cuurreas than any oili
er ,-tuto in nroportion tn population while
population even! Iu South Carolina, fur
instance, there are more slaves than white
persons; but even the white portion uf the
population of lhat State do not furnish from
amoiij' their sons so tinny members ol Con
t'rtss, as the same number of Vermonter-.
W hat a mutiveuhis, so to educate them all,
Out. wherever they may go, they khould be
found true to good principles I Although
Vermont electa but threo ti. .'s, her sons
represent constituencies, amounting in lh
segregate, including fuclions, to more tha
nilliun and a quarter, Chroticle.
Tho Kicbmond inquirer sounds the alarm
to tl.o South urging tiieui to withdraw their
pairo: age from Piurlhcrn Collrges on ac
coui.t ot I lie expression given by llieprufes
ois m Vale College of thoir sentiments on
the Nebraska fuiquity.
ppiiueil piyiucnl .sturui in cnns-ipiciicn m
the recent failure of its president An In'
junction has been laid on the llmk by tho
Hank Commissioners, but it is said tint
there is no reason to apprehend loss to tho
depositors und billholders.
Nine lirgestieks of elm timber, sqnar
ed SO by II inches, and over 00 feet
long, were taken from Tollbridge to Hus
ton, last week, and sold for $d00, or
nearly $100 a slick.
New Establishment in Mont
Messrs Oliver & tlehner are coming ear
ly in May with a complete assortment of
Hhelfand Heavy Hardware, consisting in
part of 1 oieli, Saddlery and Harness Hard
ware i a great variety of House lluildcr's
Hardware; Meclianica' Tools, Kurming Im
plements, Tin Ware, tie. ttc, and invito
those who are about purchasing to examine
their stock and prices, as they hope that ex
perience and facilities wiii enable them to
compete with the city markets in supplying
country incrchints, and also necn.ro for them
a reasonable share ol the patronage of the
, :iiiiliii(t.;o
Ciitttt Itlnrkvi.
M ton. to. y, April W, 1651. ft
Itrpui,.! foi ll, Alia, j
Al fli.lt. t tiota. C&3 Caitlr 5.10 Harrr., und 119
"loi. a, coat III a ot ooltli Ol. n, L'ooa tml Calvr,,
Y ,i r,.. Too and DirHf.O
IM... tlaitrt ll-rr-l'it a (9 00, lt.i.'ti fJM,
Sa qnall't "Ja tfiSi :VI qualllj t7"5i unlla.l)
7 ll w 7 SO.
s. .tViki CI, n-tn 93,100, 15i, 137, U1.
I'.... .ndc.t.r.-$33 J1, (3, (7, V , iS, li76. At
mrktl6I. m
I mm .! HM-3S. 40, 41, 47. SO a St Thr.r
V,..,. I'l -.J rVl,M,17. SI.M. 7Ja.
SU.p aaJ L...U IO," at lkl. Ellrt t.'fl,
7, . 9 a II I S. I 1.1 4, 4.25 4 SO, S a ',75.
n.maika The iuarl.1 t.flrd writ vn l,f.p ant
lh. kl w . . . f a rf.lr In&lli.n ,1, ll.llllt
An.no? iiJ,i
APPLES lined, per lb.
li a
0 rafted, perbarp.'l,
Com. "
Bli'PTEH Very choice,
Ordinary to fair,
CHKESKPrime, per lb.
Com. mid fair,
(70S perdozen,
H.'IUR per barrel,
(iKAIN Corn, per bushel,
live, "
0tf. "
White (leans,
POTATOES-Pcach blows
3 W) a r) 00
SO a I ('0
17 a 120
15 a 17
8 a 0
C a 7
8 50 a 0 00
- a r3
75 o 1 ( 0
371 a -tl)
75 a I 25
75 a I Oil
50 a . S5
45 h'J I
II'isTii.N, Apr I "5.
.-uc- i oe inn
been cood-sales at ti
AIl E The Innaaciinns in Pots liavo
!lr, P.'arls dull
mnU, lIpill,n ,(1 ,i!c D,.r II. c..,.
eiimii i... r..- ,l ..K-,.w fmm
Ilunipo have linl nn eflVct nntlie Klnur mir-
,., ,k ,.,, i., i,.., ,., i,.,i ,i
m i' i ,v,l. I,,!.,. I,n l,,l.i
pretty firm fur Northern at 5t a .'.tii; per bu.
Rt K Scarce and linn- aalesat l.l!ii per
b ti, cash.
WHirC tl -'.ANS. F.tirdemand-$l .5
a 2.0o per bn, as to quility.
tlAl .Market tirrn sales ot Eastern at
i ah. . . .i.
VilUPkeicon,i,,uts dutl-sales.t
15c per lb, cash.
BU I I Lit Very scarce prices have ad-
Kales of choice at 'J l a '.'lie. fair at
20 a 2.c, and ordinary ut 14 a IB'- per lb.
CI 1 KfcSE Pair demand si !) a I'Jiccasli.
PtllAI'O'S Iho maikel poorly sup
plied prices hijher sales of common
lutes an': I'eacti istons al :u a Hoc
t.'arieis at SI vh) a I .-.5 per bu. cai-li.
1 "' i auii.i.c.i.. t all i. m.j
h lli.ir c. M.icn'i ema
, ir v 4 l.lca sai vradi ( rtttrKi .
11'. I uul'.
r. II I.Ull in:.
Can. K. P tVallu.1, llotlr. I'et Vi. I. K. tliut
VVr.lonl, Vi. Ttiti.. Ity tiin-MO, Nltbit.iil-, .N
UtV hliiiita. Wo. orlhu i4, ,N Y. aIv.h hin ihmI.,
, C Mar n.o...a.t. II, ak. lU.l.a lla.l.f Tan II Swl.
- or-, 11.10 Eljal.Moi..,llii.l..n
1 N. I'. Mia., IIk.Ii.
Another case of Fever and
Ague cured.
A fMwd.jb aw w raeurdrd tn aamnlabiu;
tul. f !.,, Aria or llir u.r of IK. M'l-u.'a
l.iarl Pilla. m ! Ouw Inolk Si tu nrilllol., it I
Taat r !, J an.a. rU-r;, ol IUui.uiitiui;a. aba
alai.a thai ba had I h..fiSuiiil,i tail ar,ie atiaca
ol Auj aid Par ei.aad aaaniuir.luim!i) ilia ui.
ol Ibrit IMIa. Hi. rl...- aiaotljus.araaa ooialus
MuJoJ 00 ubaait anon, n,at ilir I.1111 Till, ma iba
'" biluu. t. Umucti .0'.a. J iu 1.1. .cento
01 sii.
AitiwajU loo- laon .,ti.i,o nmnlr f-i
tkroms eaaraol llilmlic dnatIt.rU. di.ra.raol
,l 1 " w " ' " '
f'"" '' "!'.'"' trniii rrm.re..
" "' ' raH.an). imsna
'("'.'" imsiaoilo iu.itu. h.a ,c-.d,d tb.ii
' t-Ulto.s,oa l..iloc.d Ib.m tokop.
tb.t r. villi 1.0 I blroducail loio otrrr faoiily lu tb.
Uoitrd dlaiaa.
dqrruicbi.ttr wilt oa earorul to oak far Ur.
.ll'Lull.'a trltbrotcil l.tvcr I'Ula, aud taka
nuna. laa. Tbaio ar. olber IMta liblriortina 10 b. Liart
Till., nolo tbo 10 ilia. Ilr. Il'liua Ut.r fil'r .1
ao bia Cvlauralrd VVimifaxa, aa now bo bad ol ail rr
.naclablo UruK rlto.a. io ilia U. d. and Canada.
UU.tlt A. I' .It it V,G. o.i.l tVbol.aalo A'uta
lor Nrw Cu.luul,No I Corultill, Uattoii, ti whom all
urdala akotild bo aildraa.a.1. cloldiu Atoo p iliar, Vl..
by sjiii'ii PiBaCu-Sonmaid, b F. a am i ii,
audby dru.iaia laoaiaflv. kOilw
lflaill a Oil liittifull, u"J,wi b bia-liUcal l'U)lr,
ill raliava and cult
Ui. COUK 4U, fAlAa IN MDCdtHAl'K.
U. CVLi.HH, 5 i. II .ull UALCudllV'i.Me.
yj. Aiinu. uu. iii uri.u tuuuii.
And if Ur.Uf autHija r latt Us utUi ul.,
Atenti Sa I'h l'.ar-a. U.U. I'ylai, Muotaiitf.
Alau, a tilt uj ail dealer- In Attjiiima
PUt Kti tj Ut mi iXiti lut gun
Nature's Grand Restorative :
lUa IIALI.UcItmOirVt.
llkM.lUllAHUlM.UOCWlN.N If.
liuti.TIH.S. H. L AHJll O.N.N. U.
Kn.CMAlil.tM KAKt-ll,
Uat. i.tl'i.rtluUati.
K.i.JAUt:- AlOK.
lUf.'ILlb llLr.V,
UiT.CHAUl AliAiiH.
Hi. CI SliWAA. '
Ai-ot--tlli v fan a, B. tl.Tjler.Maoipil.fr.
Al0 al4 I'l all ' la lirdieihf, iaic.i t. bn
aiJtiI lUt'i. t3.ly
Id II I'dwictv AnritS h Jhii4 8'rfti-f o.. M.
0 ((r(l'(na ind ii. Ann t'h' f r. twiti cf Hrd-
In Kornifn. 0tlifor.U. VtH, 19 Mr. Ilirim Kntfti f
In IVf It. W I riM-ln !9lint.. I iitlsrih. daattait
f Dexcan Al fs-d Till. n. t.f hi v it
N t!i. t. II. is', Aj.fil-J.it, lt.y U'iiKoij, -)
In 'm1h, l 13th JfB((J. Kiln, fiJ ?8 jw,
utinf lnt til KM! .
In C-'h.i Xftfilllth JalHhK., wtlwof rifiM ty
tulAt T5 J f anil 1 1 nmnth't
in Mao, Atti II IWh, ,dtui AmU' n, Ij-O-. ilea li
in f M'mJ, A i.l M. Ara l K. Phiw. 'rafMut,,)
Im V.i'l rinf. Atrtil'lb. nf cmo ption Marr
Aih Ha C'dniua. fstraitili of aihiuctun. ajcfld V3 ttmtt
urtrl 10 mmillit
In Nornah. W lacontln. Mi'ch Cth, at th roua of hi
tuvltt-tiW, t , M, Itinnfy, llaen ti'tftfi-r Utwdhuo f
In 8 -in Ptanctaco al . tb. lfehi Cbttlia T. Mo .
I qo tlt-i Hill.'- .l in ll.io,H IliMton, inHi-in
tht I'tiMi'' t'f h th inp. and invile aittntiwn i th ir
ThU Mai ) lof t.l nn Watlilfif on rt . it tb
" Nt Ojm fi IItuf ,' n th CtiaiHioii, cwt-xl ir
irad-a nq '(unfit-, r uPtiaMmrt.ia wii
in tift f. (ai f Ut-t mi th fi l-f M.fnen. wl.fl
riim., laijuita ii'f im;itiiiHi nil ha- hfeu. and ar-
nr maflf, n mlief partk it) llm rm)f,, and
hall "ttw I a'tlu lutnub acCtiiiivialio)ni ui lo
KenHf' d und fill r pmaua
TU'. " 1dmt Hittl.e1' will hp em nelfrrf . Bft
liot I, tip in I n(ff in. ifflit!, and wn In
fitior 1 1 cqiain ntiti) and taifuit whil al Ih
.VlailiMitt'' tnrt fe ill ."'iren llut. m wM! a (tit
nf our if' tin! latln. and tne t.ihiie r-nernllr. lu
call "O u. with h uMrt.t If lntori-H hh 'bnt
palHift'i:, 1 1. hal fin I ttliffACtttrv '6mimMl4tmn.
Lhaifia 915 ir ilat.
Kmiob, Apr. 17. t8tl. 80:4l T-r Cha. .in.
Vni'n Street, Monlittier, Vl
MlTllR fi ni it-th i mi: iia!i'I'i;m:ii a
On nIh ht.t ttniiutlle the llitck Chttrrh,
ar-d will ifro on tt-tnd jftod a-nanmedt tl Utfreik
mettii, V Dit-cllonaf jt Nui, Fiutl, ki.t Jte
sMnUrUI for Cake
IO1 ttlfa da rinf f ttfir 'ao-i. fJl Rnin,
IfM uf in Ca vttl & id tltata altiClJ
2110 will alo tMitiaur tulnfa at the OJJ
Staotl, 111 te ifaai kitd( lb Vf-rm.-nt llnnli,
Mntp"iUft AftH &o. trit. eotir
Summer Ter in
1 II I
otliicilay, aayJlt!i.
r. r.
Bay lit en, Apnl 31, ICi4
tO 3 -
MIT SI RSI Kl nctt a., U baud aad I. St.nuf.c
I im unl' r.
Doors, Sash, l!lim! and Wiudotv
Frami'.s, of all ilcscriplions,
kifk will l ...Id In, Ca.h 1 xtcdllie;l Loir.
urdala .f..i-iil ..iMnlea.
Kin I.' Nil
AiMWirh, V
Ai..l Iril
SIIOHS ! ! SllOnS!!
I i;i,us A; a.wcuorT,
! (ICR 1. 1: . w. ill .-.V 111 VT I II tV II iVV. Al0
I M I'l.Cn Ai Dial1.,
j CO.ValSt IMI or I VI.RV V t,WKrY OF
I Ladies Dress Goods,
I (ad.M, a.noi la i.nlicut.ir .a w..uM nn,,i...UO7t.V-
t tNJI' a a CJ .iucU.tw.Va.raia UJlt.Ail.XJ
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Paints, Oild, Window Olaes, Vurnisti, &c,
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Copal Varnish,
Ol all gr dtf(M i.iil.jf'itffsl by H Mll.I.UIt iffjn
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Suit AfiUl.nJ. n;VKI'l' at Tt 111!
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Lady's Now Fashion Book.
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MILL, CuO... CUr, tall Olid Ul, .( S.lifM,
BASS Rg'ff'ffkiSS,
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Uncle Tom Dramatizad,
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Flill Till.' IIAIIt.
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IV. U. ltUi(tt,l'ropiiui, 304 Utoid.a),N.w Vr.k.
JJ-Lirso Sbcvsat to MtnbaoK S7.lmii
National Lifo Insurance
iivronroii itbu i. 1 8 1 0,
CAMI ASKTS 8! 10,000.
DlltCOI'O S.
t! ATt'l rAltlBANKS. JI'I.'U v. tirwF.v.
IIK" V .rul I.4.M' II.
rii'l. i'i i.i.i . m,
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l!IH I.B OB v i.v.
(!IIA .11. l.irM.N,
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it m:k (V. lll.AT I.N,
JOHN A IM',1'.
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IiUK.M" miDrM A-SH UAITllltS.
M.kiai lli I. tja.l a....rtlnlit aa, 1-IT.riHt in lawn,
aial all Mineht wj'h CAalk aiKl will ha anlj Ui eah
in .h.,'1 apiii,ta' eiailn
w,.l, ti, all lhat want (ockI giMla at lair
pile, Ir. Inx gt ii. fal tut ih aai, .ra Haflnnaa
we liava im.1I"!, lliall en.lo.nr to m-lil a cuitlaa
-aft. aif ih. aama
People's Store, opposite llrick Church.
Uaalpslitf.Arll.l, l4 77 I.VMAN KINU.
holcs;io I)niCKl3l,
na VF.i'.v,Nr.nr.iiCKN.vti;ii .t., .sr.tv vonic.
RIlERf .ai n tall, n, l.jr le"M eiiial' I .isil
la pit a, qualnif di'palfli, f. vnaif
tiiitovru, i;AKi;n & co.
'pills Hacl tfl iinusi jutiy mc tniat an,",ii, ana
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,.iept. Offie-f, 43 tlriirttT. cw Virb , IU
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ril,.hia. lTrHr.J1, un"tl" artl'la, rtinl nnd ni-.r
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rat n m-Mpit..f r.l t, ...ll a h-- .i nt i.ftr,
iivOII lll,E!rAR'rillttr.fcC(..12S Malign Lane,
Ni'W Vrk. 'If
IjM.N't rOKTi:-". ilr-NMirr A. CO., 3BI Kruad
nay.Nw 'ik.iir- mamif cnniHg li i
taMly n hali'l fc rtlfn-ll a iit.nl f 1 1 .mm. i-ik-hr.ctnj
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1'IAO 1'llltl K.
4 11 Hroailway, Arw Vorli.
J'tlC liij-.t ami lla.t A lime lit f r'if.l l.l a. I'l
I an., in NrwV.Mk.lM.tli with afn arilruiit
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Hit. AH p. rii.n-wi-i iii a cimn! in.tlia'abl al a lu
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riAX ritTi.
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oniivi' iMAaYn vuit ii Ti. usr.
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'. X Soil. I'l im,. iui.ii) .nd ,rwtrr I. 0:hI
LookiiirT-pluss .t icliirc 1'iamc
Kit TanalSi. N. Y. i;iWij mall I. . i.l.nchr.. 10:1,
hr-uiifai Mfiil 'n -l aftl' i h w 4iirr.ii tu lb iubtl6.
It 1I ci I -laf tl ii - ana lt ulf i 'Ut K.
raiacirakiirrut -3 Druadwav, .N. Y. 60.iat).
riUI I UAIs I KI.KWltAI II. Wclilt. 5 rik
tvtlt, ni"f m- r t''H, and ml riftttlML II ihi K
Ibr ul- bt l'UI'ttl)lii: tt HKITAI.N, 3tU Hruad
way, Y. 60;ialjr
tPfoill 11 ut I -(to.i, V,
One door east of iiroadway,
The g.cnt Piano and 3Iuic
10 S VA lit IS 11 IS NT.
I tlK HL-T A.NII M tnT IMPKOVell PlA.stis
AMI IK(.(Hit-:iiNc. I tJiLBtaraiC.'. WurKj't
Fair rfrmtmn I'nmki, wl'b or Milliuist Ihu 4C A an,
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cam u(( r tb-m liwr tbau anj utho r Ik uf. llutACK
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baviDaj grual (sasarrr l-l iou mud cl-taiKity ( tUJtb
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atilrctl.iRi not tu Im had t lastwbi ra. Soiftind-b 1 it Plan-
al twl targiii.it, Pi cm fioiii $'rti tu 9-75
t.ci loiiiuuieal lull vi4riaiiltd ur tin uiOuty intuu
(sufdirtm. St lluldrlii' Int nt Organ Me
luiUlilia, Milli ui hK4 uf aoya 4 i and
puutnu Is-shno) il Psicwa trmii $1 in $itx) ti. 1 1,
& II. V. l-MIIll' etUkruted .ItLOPIvOflsi .MtRTlVl
artea'I4 ttiruifu, Uiu-aa'a IUria, I- lutim Viu-iih,
hia-f m.truuts-tiu, e,c , ta Ua(i aupt'lia I th
1'linM.trid ilidiuia i fjttuiy pruai. 1313 pr
vwjI uucuuat lu Cliff jrutn.
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of bii'b tha AmineaQ aud Carv tn c.iuii(.iil, aod
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tiuaultb' cbncnaat tou)iii pirc- ul tha J iy
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10 ur:i'aaa,iijr luuie u iu.bwd,r ta.tiv airao; 'nirQt
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m Ml a md it ti. tbeir lmiaii luai'l a. lufward 11111
brdt Muite arm tn aa pirt ut tha Uoton ir Cans..
d,0tponsf fff. ?74i llilU CH iVA'lhlid.
To Will Owners of Vermont.
rVlCutteribr httinf pu cbaibM nt TIM'iTMV
h Ut fui f.a Hutu ul Vermont, paivo aJ (rej-l tiib
1 1 fady tu furnub
Watrr Wheels far Snir Mills,
llfU .Mills, Slnrch .Mills,
or fur any ubar IVatvr Wbvrla, aueb Ppar Ml)1,
Trip Haaimrit Jtt lh atraot-ca thfa Wtioela
htha to-r utta. it, it they ri,'iir imUcn lana water tban
mm ether sjbaai(irwr.l tho uver.ttul, ur I ttm Hrtta.t
Win- ,.f rKMr Mtlla I u fium Ii t 133 in b
aln. aa 'ha bil -f tater raouirsm, rwirirrn faal
bad uf water ai A 45 iu h a ot wiwt te euffi naul tu
dna m uhm 8 w Mi 1
Tfieae t b tl r dm uf rm, and 1 u
pl'tr, fbrraarav t.uu Ufa uf Wb al , 4J laebr,
4 feti, 6 iet .! 4 f. t, T y are u euii.irucittl ibal
ibry ci. balachad la wutd haf(, wittv.'ut sllna
ungual bat p uryi-artti Aitiie
71 aitsu.v Ut. .l Mil npit n,
Uj'laaii, Varwunt.
NATH AN CI. Pir.ltl.'C, iruliai.,!tr, lliadloa, Ci,
JOHN I.U.MI, Onf, CoJadanio Cm
OAMIINKil A. I'VLul, Curt.
Ji'tEl ll d.TEVE -r, .ro'v l,
t;iiAi'M.'i-vo.n:iiiw.. ok.js.id,
IIII.AMlE.t UtV't. ,, IJU.r, Or..a, Co.
JlHINKKLLV Bfrkl,., tU.tt. Co. 7&:ltt
LYil is u sllciutVi.V, lrtu Ft k, Ut-.il C.
IIAdloat i -rciKil wkickwitl bo .old theap fur
I !..
III1ME I'ICIIIKK k) Mi.. Haal.ua.
UP'I I1B KIVKll " ba.Uo,
Ir-AAUT. HtlfPf-P " ' Ckild.
HAlil tK UlKlMt: 11
lillUE m.'E.NKjI k) Gi.ra Aialll.l.
ORhKNtVlllllt I EAVE'-
I.II'B Plt'tOaEK kl Allk.r.
Ul.ll UA.N'S liBlUE-''
rPAUl .(I'lllHI't.Ml
'JUI'uNt.V KuU.VIl lilt! IVI'Bt.U1
TAI.18FUO4 KtSAI. l-lffc
AKrilUU'a AllVIUUTtl VUU.,0 I.AnlE3'
t t. .. .. j
T IM.1.B lOUUf tLtS
Complalo oat of
Arthur' U.usekald Library,
"ecornsii ciucps'i-jiubrui's
IVIIKKS, ts ks.
. -AUI't
Ar .ml'lM Mlaetlfa rf Bjot. fai Cb'Uias. T7
I Ml I -fit " I I
Fanoy Goods, Toys, Musical
Instruments, Unskcts,
ro('K'. V I L .V, VI 'l.i.V, (11)11 tit l i:UI.
LOTHI.Nl fihra .. b-.l mlillaa
Oaaotiha ha.t.J I .ra,t .inrimaaia in tha fta-
''Vha tri.ta I. IMltadlu rail anl atamlMa ut li ck
Kafif iiuichi.ini.
tana. I. J.IA. H MUlnanii t , nrir SI UK al
lira S3. ISOISn . HUSTON.
wo. ar u sirci-i, homou,
AKi:.NotVuRt't.ivrori:i. arkiVii orEtt ii
PACKET alTjt.VKtt,
FKC.4M i;out!i rnn riti in !i'ho itoi'K,
falrfi. Jt, Mr. Ilutai, lnl In l.'ufi",
rf.iHliria.liS i'"l. i
rtiicn timoisTS' tkadk.
tUi',1tband N It nr.il.r-.
farm i C-ln (4 7 1 bf -nil) and JcH AntvtB
t.ii1 1 l siftif ! nittifsin v I r umij.
F-ney iS M4 CJn il- ls..w(, itrt I1ritaniiihi
lr.aifi U.uiib f 11 m.bi-il, iHll ItKul.bat
Pin - r-Miihaiti' H..f an Ivhi. &.t.,v e.
roitj. wcMaKK.v i itvni:.
TMmt.1 a (tuniio ilt.liiJ'l and ft.
Ilili ItoHirh Kffncb and KnIili
Mlirk Un r n ami Mick 'laa tlf&otLft.
It. rllt left id Ki-il t'ont Hraci I ti
tlstsiln Jat Tlrarrla a an. Crara.
Csllsil - laf 't ttai. difrt I fnt ..pVa.
P it. iMiirl' f allti t)lo, ll'l Mlk l?0lfda
llairm ll Hilraimainii.h. l a.iMint-nt l lb"
Bilit Twih rifk-,tll.W anlif-r,iVi'., Ate
iVnlrniffinfM , Hrtrk-km Pur.a- Ad allttf.
r amtfsm ! l.ut," -.ixl U1!'
fCsttTe V" Cri'fc ' n tbf.
ark' ou'.s-.f n .li"t ll.tif ItDtTam. .r.
IsMli!' Hfllcul- and (Ian' lf aln L'attf.
Work 'I aiJ H o lf"f.
Itvtdi-'frt, (Jilt Hfrr,l,nd nlbar varlallel.
(Jtrmin C-ytM H it, nil KIJ H ilta.
AUN.t r uwl raMi M ii-im imhIi.
t. Ilea K id F. Hlir,en qntfitf
rmyll it I'in. m te i if-t tniethff with
aoo in rAN,
iifiUfr, PiimWh. Ited llnnn. urift X rMyla all ol
whlth .re i'tTit Tor ata at tbcloartt maike pr'fr
UolTO. M 3J I'M. ?3 frn.i
CopiMir-Ptiilu and Lllliompfilc
E. P. Walton, Jr.,
I4 fiirnale 1 lo anaairi .trf'cf. tit I'nppar nr lrl Tlala
avl l.ltlmtianltin frlntia la tba bs.t aljlal and al
clly priCMa ucn aa
wnom.vn, iit.t visiTi.o& nusi.VKSa
ote-. nn.tvur.u.fl. n'tNix.rtTt'CKCLiiTir-
IU.Ti:Ht liKAFI'd te.
t.ithorrapMi- wnik don aa h ind-otnH ai aitcl ftalt,
and tnurh bf ijiar.
iF-r't ecuoen in be pii at ih nflW.
G. A. IM.iaSFI KlTl) ,
V)io1amIo l)a!-r ind Jobber in
Boots, Shoes,
j,i:tiii:i: a i i.j)i;s,
Ordt it ul. IteJ aad prompt If icrtiteJ C9.3 it
Papier Mache.
li i ih .i -iitii m (orr.n m tf r al li.i-n for
t'lftur Kr-iinfl", Muulill -J, l.'.-rnt it, Uakl,
llouisft' p t'aitlTul., t'ii.aila Uln "Mur I'' fn fM,
and nil kniili of II ium i. 11 mi -'!' , t'a.fra il-cri
f-r CeViiiti all --I And .rir a. wlntn raittrnt
In nik pirl uf lh Cinitili), a it 4 ny ? ifjwi.it T ra'l ut
tbe'ii up hi loar mo ipit . wilh iu ''rsitinj an dn.i
.fi'lr. Ali i act. I,tia lor -itn. tliti luiin
Ntsd C-iniifM, f-i Hhip II i'iI 1 . Bltip C4 a, b h pl.-n
a ml uiii.iu' t .t1riim uie.t I'i la r. JWc-, t itl tnt
rrci in . !.. 1 clr-r l t'u i --, itut wra p "
nr .tiirt, in kiii a It can iw rul. hit- , imcrl,
liiatifif, attd tunifil bf a uih", ( fsti tiei.i.it'd iq
.tr-hh,i tai n -n niu3in uf i.at.
The Boston Papier Mache Co.,
Ula til. iiu Ifi is)iiU l th- iii. I ul ibiaaj un'ri,
tn ii bf 1 nsv htvi iuliti: ijori a mil' ninnu
f iclur. r inr Mari l lrna tti.ta al arpr-par-
isji ma ilrn i-tuhr fi it h it a His".
1'uruuta.i. b en lulty t 'tf", iiirt la prlnd
alhb'l tskmnj, Nitilituia Uita ..o-lh!inic-.s'W' r
ti kititl t eirr d w.nb, idh wi. cb it I il-fS nil
lur f-Tf" I If mil iiraft rat iyt in d- ttnai.ili l . W
l liuMT r'iml I" ' uf tb' U't-a ol I'apirr lacb
Uut a mail' r ul cwnj e Ull "l W-awuik, bulaaa
Wa woiibl lff pattit-uUily hi the nw and b utl.
lul cburcii l-i eull bo.li in ux ikri . hj tht Uudl
(!: Ui it u tat. wtiT' urn (Iiiibie Murh may da
Mti lu I'irtiiaN, Cicli?la. I.'r.el-f md Klu ai In
tr.'i.l uf J iiii-trjr lt Ar b., ut. frtf b. Uat
ib mwnta, ''ul'imna . , nr ci n I 'tera'si, Fit 01",
Nutuiau Hii.i, U4u tor Mul.'i', amll tl 1.11 n g Mary
may I't ui-ti una r ii-r - Ini.i.uo- k. Cu l-rfi 1 r
urnatDs-hladeattra with P.hwi lrtir, A I tin, 10
m l4lt tiuai'-cr tlaiit psirMc buu-ra Intliiarity
iid vieiu ly. Tuwr 1 uih an Qiiih.d by t b'l .-nl'ur
nr A. t 1. , built y 4 A Van tr Cn., Cbif Jua
tier hb 1 w'a hu'iaataO, lwun V. itua rtla-- , ami a laif
HUmln l uf ulhatia luribid tnslh niitt an out, and
tu ! abip'a Ca' in ut lUiil 'ibir,H( ff .r-lsibirr,
Utm uf ti'f tJten, llnald uf ihw Muuiumj, toton
tstttht. vo Slc. &c.
A rbitrria a id oibrra u tb P.pler Jtacba In pr
fi riiic- lu any ulbor iuttriil Wm li.itt aiticll
at uih Witri itous4.at Muium Hut) liitf 31 V. M& I r
miHt trait, llutluD. artnl ataiuft, Im raw ift(r
u.d at ru tnuta fur Card wnuil, Pj ian r, and C.iu
p.'.Miun tiiitsiiiiaQtiJ wuik Orileia piunmlly attaod-
ed tn. A-Mffaa
button r u'lr.it MACiiBrn,
7tJ6.n itt.'DdCG 1 raaiui.l M , ttuatun.
uu.vris r,
Ht.t.Htrert nrrt Vhlrnay o II- ul'a Jaarcli) Plot.
Monlpelier, Vt.
UATkS! 1 1 ATS T i TiVT'SM
W. P. BuDGER & CO.
Ilitlibotttolkotr Hint It, lte Mioot.
.niMTi'tvr.iit, iv,
U'OUI.I) call ibr ailrailon of tbrii fnaa and pat.
101.. to iba aaw and
Clcgant SIMil.Mi FASUIO.V,
LIcssra BEE13E & CO., N, Y. City.
r-OMls TllK liUfT OUrrW IN HUIllA
an.ly lbuuielr, hieh the' will ti t dui on
Satiiid iy, .Uaicli Ul.,
W. I 11 tCl'o., IC p eonnatty i.-n treat
f niiy uf Kurnnd i i. I Kiutti and CbTliirfn" Fancy
II at., 1 li ih, ti'U ao'l Ou?i a i ait and wTury t)arip
Huq ut Q U'lawlta t-'urutabltif Cud'. 73
8 TO li E..
.IE au'l.rriSrri wnu'd Inf rnilb. citllrnaof kloflt.
.ll-r and ri. ni ,.lhl Ibr, kar.a..oclatad Ib.in
ilrr. 1,-seibrr uo.lar Iho Firm f
rui'ivoa & sriintMau,
It ike lit.. I) of STATIST UBET.
; Ready-Made Clothing,
I bat laa lual .yaest ft (k.u luailil ml b a laiaa Ua fat
, 7m Miiif tlmi$ we t.hie'i a a.t.ltiioa tu
I ur luftnwr a-uck uiahf a vur tamliueajt rr dfnlfablr,
and wm uitt tuvMn our a all lnaa uae luuk at
i uui aa we chara ulbl for tbuwluj uuiUuodi, Our
1 muliu la
Sin 11 I'roiltt mid Itcncly I'ny.
lacinrrcli n ma, bo fHiid .r-wl a.a..rlio.ot of
tftixr i.vin.i oooni af ana.
cum lis.
MIl'AII FltEVril.
llootpo'la,, Marcli 1, IMI
Data barn rumpatfed tu r.l lulbciruul attaint
tlifa, uf iurshlof many fltcl't Puiuliura j uut
witb.tamllfli tbu iffaat varlaiy and lintua ui quaaillt
mauuftciuiad by lbim, Ibty ara uuab'u lu aupplr tfH
cnaatiullv I .eramliij dani.nd, euaqiaatlv ihi bva
m4ila airaoamf ola wi b auiua ufiba bail Mauutaetu
rara In Iba Nuw Koflaud Stitui ami f'uw Yuik ti
aihv ui Ibn stUi If.
Tlxy duw rutulti-daud urdrrad aavtitl ear
toad of ibM.o.t UtbiouabU a.od b It ujuulacturod
gouda o bt prttcurrd.
Sofas, Tete-a-Tetea.
Mahogany Parlor and Hocking Chairs,
l AUl.K.H. itAII M)A. VflNK-i. ta.
whlek Mib Ikalr lurna... alock pra.loo.l. mo han,.l
tkalr owo mauuractut., ni.k.. coa.id.iabljth. gloat
ct faiiatr f
New ana Jb'asmonablo
lU'.Wr.MHi: . Ika i l.c.-CUKNEB Of MMNC
AM. BAStHBSTKKEl'S.ii.il Soo. lo tt, tV.Uj.l.'..
Joaual) -US, 1631. ' 67
Afiirr.iiion ciianccio makb monev
NOW 1. llio 1I100 fur lu.n uol of aiopo.oianl lo
auak.ow.naj, will .and. on Iho lasript ol l, ry
,uiar'ur aut valoaba. la.lio.n. I., wilk Ibo ...rlpia,
tor nsaeuraelatiaf .owolw..ly u.rni'oad vatsahla at
tiolas oow is ff arral Sau.an-1, Wllk largo poiia,M
Tbo.o trortot. ba.s fut Ifom $o to 10 ..cb. I will
a Lo Mad Ik. roiaolo for oiaking on lafatlbto IM C.I.
hiaial I.V MLLKH oa wk'k tko aj.ama
l k. no iSo-u.rS. of dolt.it, It kaiag ooo uf tko
koalpr.parallooa .il.ot, AS.Iia.aPi al.ll.LIVlMl
BTIIN.i. paS) Uol 113 ol.ltrpvliua I'.u HIBto.
(S.'i'lall8li.i, K. Vcikri'l IIJo
A Mil
Omul 8 Suiiimrr Mrci t,
Ilarf rrrrir-rl, hr latr Hlrltula from Fjarot.. li-ra;
aaS liraollfol norb of Ooudl, odaplril lit lbs ore.rai
aod 0l'r"rMftl fratiHl ei.n.1 fiamf tfca a wrat nd
mo-t fati ooab. oriicVa, ar-rl nnllnS al"vtlhrr oim,
i,r Ihr r.1.1.1 aliiatt anj d.-lr.bl Ploela in Foflo
Oo.r1. i. hick thry bar. Srrr oITi i.if. Con lit BJ ! I
(i KJ nf r.tir drxrli'll'K.
ta UVI.f In a. wand l-aiur.MilTlir.
HII.K HU."l.i t lal.
KII.K TlHriOC " "
IHm.OFjJ o.tlrala. j
tltt'IAMUCr'-rsi) rick. 1
It jrtM.N'iFreafri anil Hnjn.ti.
JAi'OSETr? neat ,illlia." !
riRlt.t.t $Tr a ompl.ta o.aoitnaat.
rRI.STS fori ak ana Frriita.
niNUIIAMK .trip.., jl.ll.ndplala.
Jltltlfl't.t.t.NI. Ih I, MMJ"-do. d.i. do.
SPUN fll.K! nw pail.m..
I.I.NM'.N COdllS-of all tini).'.
F.SillKIlllFllin-rlra. tt) ...
IlliSlfJlV a loll i.ii.ncii-nl
lll.UV-Hl, IIUK'Fr" do. da.
P tt !OI.!J iaf' do.
JIANTII.I.AS of lb. oawr.t I'jl...
U'lllTK UOIIIIrt. '
HiiUm,KtCPNO fllUlIH of crrrd9.crlptloa.
In addition lo oni Flock or RICH t'ORCin.N
(1UOD-, w. hatn in .Itiia aelrcl.t Biotk of
Ibonii.t oi'piomt lljlM l.r Atir.nlOAN (ll)iyib,
whicli, tnlbar wltli our Impo.tti? fwit, mt offrr op.
oatba muat fa. oiabto terras. Tl Car
u v m sr. 11.111:1s sii cci.
(lircraaiir ti. It. db ti. II. Kllhuuilte.)
Over B'.irhsnk'a More, Main Street,
(Office Established in 1842.)
OK. K. Inrilea attcrtiUn lu bit lm,trvirt Com 1 utb.
( utfltiat'-il tttid tnaon by him asetunv. It, whlrli
re bo Hiarrttd furtnuoihi iaal f triieii ta at
D !(( ran fitrl TrtH ft aaM mly at hi
ftfSr-C Njiiii,I,v tfclKIB.ll' ruBCHntibjlloPUl, Wuultl
14 ali0l stllh any vllt if kl-tJ.
FILLING T I;. 1ST 1 1,
Ofhii ahtll lo llii ilitBcoU art. Ka iar-ma ant 11-milk
Uttft-rn.intt -trvllnrf hit Itl uHHtt. OH lb tum nt
ul hiiamuJi wbubatt mitd rtia ira'itr. yt-ut
lal. 11 1 I)f
Cheap Cash Bookstore, DiiuliTjr
M".i; ikit i'll II. IHOK jouein (.nilToriru'a
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d Km- bft pabll.bail.
Uulaa litaia.f UwMiiitie A aim it, wlllivut doobt
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Stationery of all kinds.
rri!,rcacil. luktUaitt, Uidi a"aud tStboul,
'I a' llifjf InkalauU, Qj-ll. tiodt A nJ ttkiirl,
Vu.r trii. tann,Mtabtud rl ( Isttlftl titauipa,
Imlivliulk. Uk.rHarea I'callcf Wal,
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A Ur lot uf tha bat) M, J u Quail, Tint, Ut. ud
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wall ruNalr.
Lrft'ar, Ccnurarria! Note ur Uu'latf t.atter aa
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He tn I. Medium. KulUildtl. I'uit Ofiicit, BtKik Cuttra.
lllultiut tC. i.c.
.000 l.T,,t" wa.rri.w..ii .u...
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PampLUtf, llaaS.uts, 4kc.t bound to any llyU dt
Uut..iniMa aaudmi tbair orJaia Cr rrulWte, Town
or 11 bur Kaci'tili, Journal, im.k. t. or UMiki mls-it
aodb. ud lu auy uaturu ubatarar, uiy laly uud ru
C.ivtit; perl-! 4tnucliwn.
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BtKUUfOKT, it.I,
mo ;0O). WILla DB FROM !.?5 TO
M. II ah) lm in-r dat. Tba wwrk uiba ba.t of
ti LuilJin, mi uf toMi by Isad uiaalbar, I nil
at lama I la tnadt wild raffliniau ininthly. Th ttmu
c.-mii.f pittiuu lu tbo first f M) I bail Fata will
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It l r 1 tie mi ara, Jan. ,S, l.er, O, V. Moiluti aad
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FOR 1054.
Slate Street,. UnXWELIEIl, Vl.
Tlmo of fashion H?,:'."'-' "..
Ill WH Ju.t luiuioud fiuM lb ditfaraiat euitat
tilth lar( 4irtmtat uf
IIAT8. OAP-t. hTilCK", CUAVATfl, fUtPtN
UEKH, PUAKI'd, Kid, 1 1. la ,oS Cotioa
UUUVi e,o.m. sr.CK UllKrV.
PHUKET Utl , tlllKlf.DO
tllHI, HlI'lllLll. K IIK I.
11 Had., JkoH ..,
WMeh I kooibi l"t ca.h.sad will aol ko aal.r.old
'. ooy oio to oi ool of town. 1 ho.o la waat of aajr
of lb aU.,. ttood. wi'l wa'l 'oeall b foi buiiog
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tj ao doltg.
Monv.liar, Apill 1, 1631. 7
rplIU HUUsrlllnKIl in.il.aiboa,llin.ltoa or Colli.
1 titai, in lb. Ckamplala Yallry, tt, bia usii.allad
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opat-Qaaa maamsss
die, for ttale this S(iring.
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Vail, aad which ar. stM oit. jat. .1 tha Jttsl
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W JTtw, BHtrij-tif Trite t Cm la.
l.aT. fr !.), I. now .a, out lll to Mi.
waiood alalia toali pe.t.iw.!d apolwatooa, ealilg
mm .tanaploitii..p.)oirot of Ih. po.l'C..
Tioiiti tlrn'l'.Mrill)lTlk,Wt, 'Mo,
APRIL 1ST, 181.
O.VE IIUXDRED DALE3of lb. best dsscriptisn
of K.tdLlslI CARPKTIIIGil, swh as)
Rich flrnaacU and Tnpestrr Carped.
Telret niul Untch Cnrpctt, Ettfa talr
Cnrprjto, Snperflne Injmln CnrptrBtl
Tlirte Ply Carpels, Chnmbcr Carpet.
ale. StC.
Tlicw) Carpet aret tlie firil of our' Spring
Importation, and are now tlljcharging (rots
Litcrpool, and ara received direct from tea
lest English manufjctarcrs.
Tlicjr liavo lcn selected for the Retail Tntte
of the city, with a tlew to the furnishing of
first-cl.tw .
Among thcin are very Into patterns, many
of which cannot ho found in other places.
The assortment is very large, and price
will be made lavorahlo to purchasers.
Carpets will be cut to a plan of any room,
and made and put down if required.
Importers of Ctirpetiafo
Next to Trinity Church, Summer Street,
of all kinds and prices,
Corner of Washington and Summer Sta.,
Importrra of
nl th - full'twlne 4et-P' J". l!
Bopariur mtd & ad turn Va? m Pile.
' Trt'.'-atrt rtiuiatll.
" Kid4rmln.lr
Flnr nninolha, tlnja. Mkta, ie
Wa hatrt r alr 4 treat tun fly f i-lWfci patterM
fr tnlnit alto, Ati.llaTi ariiiitf . (tlf'ow Itrnat
n't, twrll 3 iit atnt IriinUe, and almit fvrry 4
acriptiuotu bu tuund iu tha Diallct,at tltt Inwutt
pure s6 3na
P TaNC 13 11 All RI NOT O tiT
iriMioi sn Ri:irf
oUermfif lina uf raihlonabtu ratnltnrc, eilj.
iOl Washington kt.. Boat.n.
II tHltl Mil n.V PAT BT
Fr.rcxiFortM I'uuxrruiiE,
Ii It u-fil. bibs fiLte Mto(. wta aairdfd at tb
!ia-ar usi i I ihiil. .USI. flrt nnltrtaal
fitiw wiih llti inilir, tht, rnfkvl ryi m m mlnanaj
at oi.cn .al- Ulna Dnrrhi-nr nl i ilfeuird Mhtri0ritm
ptMf ih 1 1 nt k , aad at gTimm-wj it tm-t.
K. I. t 8 1 (i: l ATT it !: KH A N II IIKIHIIKa.
tVIN'lliUt Hit Ht. tVI i.Brii'lt hi' ,
GX I CKSJO S i.l nl li TABi.LS.
Un Qdilvl Isir lhi C'.t ttilfd't and itletabt
nilitaa fy Thfl ni'k?i m?nt I'll tay
arrurale I bit blbl ty ttmtd wt 0 4M il. ni tbayy
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miMHifi t wl'li r'.Clf rttlimf h ia pf.trd4bala.ur
ni"tHiie 1 s.i ra.imi I t'uaanl, U (tii, a'l out
(bjoei ti. st-riitfuiUki aa I uuat tli Uttra with
it. Imi T-bl,.
rQr tciwiiiall iM.ilirM i.f Uuhul ti work earu
full an pnnfius'lr irctfid. 6Pw
V LLl M 1 1 A LL,
TPHRf f.if aal the 1arx and ll"o(T,f,idlxtlutl
1 ' nf Piuu ami trK4iuunl Tta. Ebtub.Bt.e .cul
tlr it ed by bun at bit
Nurseries, DiUUFORD, Mass,.
Eoil.rarlna Ilia mo.l anprorrj Valletta, or APPLE,
I'l.UM.IT. MII.Cllt.K.lY .111 IV C 1r.a
oll.iro.i... l'Kttl Tltl.Ks of lorn
also and kno Torin. K " fH Kllnl I
MTK Wtl K K I E-a. a IHS s K nl I -rtMHS,
t"rMM..Vl'.V,illt ll'VIii.a,
...UN t.tltl'i'Al. Tiraa. Cluwrrioj Shioka.
II.J;a dam., ItOflEri, VI .Kl", 1 L l-lt5. Ut. Jtc.
tliSriawttl recairo urontitt att.ullon. Trros
patkril will, Oari
ITY r or plluru li. I api or mail. JLl
Urailf.ild. II...., Matcb !)5, lSI. 70 4
IlUTTr.lt conltaria Utto fot tl. .ei.au t'JT Iks
IS aotiaerlbar al ll.
M.irb.ieib, ISJSI. ?tf l. L. rtll.LF.B.
uviin.smrtt .vi.ii' block, m
Stato ttroot, MONTPELIEU, VT.
Moatpallat. Matcb lllk, 16JI. Tl'lf
81'UllNG STY L liS
DcLaincs, (Jl Mill A MS aad Priuts
tbl.itaj r.c.i.o.l at tbo ra..fl.' ritoro.
af.tr aa.oitmont of all llmla or Oooifa In nnrtlotw
ll.al balg.ina will ko (ron, fUM,S0.r, ao4
mo will couilaco too Ij tlio pin ra ll'V ojaaT.
Ilalrl. Ilih, IS5I. 74
Dit. i.AV(ii.nvH RtroiM.tiitii.nJAUxnrc
HIT EUrikiviiw.tl f t4aiaailll4, Yllw
IIogIi, llaud liati, Pric lyA-h, VV.I I Ckaff.-, taad.
fakf, Ukiibaib, &i aarutanHiunda! aa a't irt cu
crt ahk 'mure. TLuilTet at ibla ot-dicUu upui
tb ts.m la io t wucvdarul, lby euu ilrdi
cali 'iuiu tb yli lia 1'tnut li,i 'kit utal
Hl.tr luf roi dustrfft JauvIicb, Uili. IiyaiiJupaiu,
CuiVtn.'l lluiik.tr i uf tbu nhi--l aut jkiaf Indijut
U.Mit Naitual tWakita and lldtcb. I'l'', t."HaN
al liability 4i.J tbu huU uf iltdiad fttaa UflalUf
l.iu a ttitur tufu 1 ttiuuiitb wt Had uud luiu.n tit a
lb afiaitt.
0'y Hi ( a plot, und 3? I-9etat fi qarl
Viti'i-. Trr ii d ki'd will ! -M6Vd. H'ho
l,-u ,VJ V l-n hi itti, ttuaiDUf Culdt.; all ftldM.
U"4lfiuV tkuout. 7S 0u
WuuU-i Aifi.i.n. 0,1 Y( r.U, MM.iKlur, Vt
UhroT jstuiiii;.
'llllplM. ilar HD'llli I'llEAl' l ...all.
I Inliklag lull,, loy .f 10 .o ..oiibrr. wlliaa .
ci:i:ki. a auttl iit.NT. coo.i.uigio..n ofik
lollaoior, ria "
ai r-.. n tt, ru.iri,,
& 0 B ill art clad rilooo Lima,
Kl li'ia Ft..,
10 ' Wbn 1'i.baod klt.w Tiout,
5 41 r1.liaoitTi.iol.
to l..k.i. ..J S.lt r..it,
S I Quintal. IrtJ F ab,
1UJ lli.b.1'. I.d,llt(rr,ymc.
Tobacco, Ta-,t off.., 'o r., ,.o(i, !. ,Nslc,
Ca.bsu.lo .o it wit, aol go to ay ooifl, If t iw ptlss
ale okat tbay waol.
Uoutil'ar, Match II, IrM 71
Itiorurys ami Cauasellors at Law,
and Sollcltora in Chancery,
r..ao P.Mas.iu. 71 Cm. .l.i W.Wtuaa.
I aitroiu urua-i lur thrir T4la.bl ,VIITt; 2I.1U
PA1T. wbUb ia osackawladfa4 bu aupriWr t
U4 in V tlTK.Ntirt. URlLL.'t.NUY uud I.UKA
ULt Y, tht?rf-" ia'tdtw uuill.ui. Audit it
now tbaapar uud wilt cwrur u tou;bnrtator aiufaUO)
thaa Luud,uiuji aijatlaijtiUtndU uot (HMauuu a,
jlrtcuuiuauda iuif, butkua '.bu cr;u ufbrahb u4
A imuiKusJ uf ir-ptrttlku Laa irutl b dlaii
td ubb oikiralba Cumuuy ttl mfli Fnata
lu iui,Mfi-bM uflio U kugpt Iwtaay iu.nabU
tiiaa, lutbiait-fiuutlboir fuUi will bu Obtfuriai lu
toy utbrf U tu mtrkai.
tbrirlll.nV,S ZINC P INT,uiblch Ittoldat tt
tow pile-, i nuw wall kuuwu Im Ha pffir'.t ajU
iu, wbuo uisjsa io Iroaui ubr JkkMlta oti'tMac.
Tb"TtiU CULUU t'AhSt; uuaaaiava ml tka
firckBa-iti'tiaftbu Bruwu, uud 1 tvfuo ar kt e.lat
tt KutiM Cuua;rt Umi..Uui tu.-Mu. tiflJfw,
T44t Pakti, wkUk tu C4 Qn.4 U ML
iwarrut4 M'tad put a U W-'f m MalB
uudMlb.ibq 4 lU VI k lu Isuutl JT
Cut etlu oy U JXiiKif! liaaiwauf tku IUM4.
tkut4at or Ivy
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