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one, itereotypetl for liim by the own
ei before starting, nmltnlks so' learn
edly of hit treet, their growth and
root grafts, that ha induces many to
ensrace Iherri in advance. The trees
are received in due time, and the
purchaser, much to his surprise, finds
long' switches of some three years'
growth grafted on pieces of mutilated
roots, instead of such trees ns ho ex
pected. But, ho says, pcrhopj they
nay, grow is a smalt mutter to quar
rel abrftt, so ho plants them for an
orchard, and, in three years, a cood
portion of them nrc not to be found
in this world.
Such as have been reared in New
England in the good old way, prac
ticed and taught by our fathers, arc
more hardy, and commence n new
struggle. Removed from the portion
of their fellows in tho nursery, they
attempt to protect their naked trunks
from our burning suns by twigs and
leaves, hut aro still pursued by the
old enemy", the jack-knife, if tho own
er finds time to use it. After grow
ing in a state of half starvation in a
'kbit deprived of its original inrcdi
ehts necessary for their health nud
productiveness until thoroughly dis
eased, they then attempt a new exist
ence by throwing out new limbs or
sprouU but are now met by the nxe
anil hand saw tho sprouts arc brok
en 'ofT, and tho lat-go limbs removed
in quantities, in March or April, when
the owner, having completed his win
ter's work, has time to do it. As
warm weather approaches, a poision
ous sap runs from tho wounds, black
ening and killing the bark, when a
few years ends their miserable ex
istence. This may look like a fancy sketch,
but I ask any intelligent cultivator,
looking at cause and effect if it is not
the causo why so many orchards in
New England arc worthless at fifty
years of age, instead of being healthy
nnd fruitful at two hundred yenrs old
OS thoy would bo with proper treat
ment. A tree left to itself, needs little or
no pruning. Look nt our fields, where
we find owners of tasic, we find n
liberal supply of shade trees where
dame nature planted the seeds, and
has taken all the care of them. Docs
khe not dispose of all the twigs and
leaves on the bodies as soon as she
has no use for them? And, as a
whole, docs she not form as good and
even better, more healthy and grace
ful top, than wo find generally in or
chards that have bten liberally aid
ed with the jack-knifo nnd hand
saw ? Certainly for such a teacher
wo ought to be able to take some
piactical lessons. I do not say that
pruning is never necessary, but to
say that, in the culture of trees, na
ture should be studied und aided, nev
er thwarted.
When one procures trees for orch
ard planting, his inquiry should be,
not how tall, but what is their diame
lerat the base? arc they on entire
roots? at what distance liavo they
grown from each other in the nurse
ry ? what has been their exposure
in winds? have they been once or
twico transplanted, so as to bo well
filled with fibrous roots? and have
they been grown in ordinary soil,
or have they forced growth l.y
stimulating manures ? I will not in
sult the common scute of any man by
saying what answer should bo given
to these questions, lio tree requir
ing a stake should bo planted in an
oicliard. If not rooted nnd grown
enough to stand alono against nil
winds without throw it aside ns usc
Icfr. Trees properly planted require at
tention during the first few years, to
form a well-balanced top, taking out
some and shortening other limbs.
After this the pruning required is
very trifling in most trees none dur
ing the ordinary life of man. Hut in
this wicked world we must take things
as ihey are, and not as they should be,
or would have been with proper early
attention and culture, and as far ns
practicable, remedy evils already ex
isting. The most common error in prun
ning is thinning out tho whole interi
or or central portion of a tree to let in
die sun,' tiius destroying ono half of
tho bearing branches, leaving Jong
naked limbs producing fruit only at
the ends beyond the reach of any
thing larger lhan a raccoon, without
the aid of long ladders, lessening the
quantity of fruit and injuring the
quality. Apples protected by leaves
are much better, larger and fairer,
(being grown as nature designed,)
than when grown on the ends of
long branches, exposed to the sun
in July and August. In ilie cool,
moist and cloudy atmosphere sorno
or our American apples requiring (he
trees to bo trained to ft wall to ripen
their fruit; but the course taught
and practiced by tho best English cul
tivators is for their climate, not for
ours. A tree properly trained for
them, in a few years may be ruined
by tho hot suns and cold winters of
New England.
Trees require differing training,
depending on varieties. A course
to perfect the Northern Spy, or New
ton Pippin, is wrong for the Rhode
Island Greening and north varieties
When old trees are grafted, a very
different course of thinning out is
necessary, and generally during the
first few years it is necessary to cut
,oui many or the grafts, It is of
Jitllo use to prune old trees 'standing
on worn out soils (as is tho case
with most of our old orchards) with
out first cultivating, manuring Ind
supplying alkalies, of winch tho soil
has become exhausted ; but as this
aiticlo is already quite too long,
shall say nothing of cultivation.
When a tree throws out sprouts on
its branches, it is a sure indication ot
disease, and the natural remedy is to
leave tne best to lonn new limbs and
gradually remove the old branches.
If this is done with the first sprouts,
K wih oe necessary to leave very
kw, aad cut out old branches ac
erdisgly. Old decayed trees which
haw mm entirely neglected, when
Sited with vigorous shoots, can iu a
lew ytrs bare entire new tops, by
rrrrnrirp the rtronsest in proper
places, and cutting out nil the old
limbs. These, evcty man understands
should be cut closo to the growing
limbs, nnd so as to heal well, and
cover with some composition.
The best I havo ever tried, is compos
ed of tartlnckcd with brick dust,nnu
applied when warm with a brush.
Grafting wax or Gum Shellac, dis
solved in alcohol, isliablc to peel off
on largo limbs.
Tho time for general pruning in
New England is in Juno or early in
July, after tho first growth. Tho sap
is then rapidly formed, and decends
from the leaves so that nil fresh cuts
commence closing immediately.
Largo dead nnd dying limbs may bo
cut through the summer, nnd Sep
tember or October, covered with
composition. All winter pruning is
bad. February, March and April
arc the worn three mouths in the
year for pruning any trees. Sap soon
after ascends, flows from tho flesh
wounds mado by cutting largo limbs,
pensioning nnd killing the hark, nnd
if a general prumnr s then done it is
very destructive.
1 am nwarc that winter or early
spring pruning is advocated by many
very intelligent men, but in a country
where every winter the thermometer
falls from 10 to 20 dcg. below zero,
is it far better to let trees alone. If
any one will notice it to treated (and
it is often done) seo it again in
August, with the black and dead
bark on limbs and bodies caused by
flow of sap, nnd marks its progress n
few years, ho must bo satisfied it may
ho as well to cut a tree at the root,
and remove it entire, ns to cut oil"
one-fourth of its top in the winter or
early in the spring.
C. Goodrich.
Burlington, Vt., March, 1831.
A Woman on the Bone Ques
tionCountry Gentleman
The question, " What is the best
way to dissolve bones ?" has been
greatly agitated amongst our agri
cultural exchanges. The Country
Gentleman published nn elaborate
editorial on the subject. Mis.
Swisshclm tho universal precedent
in her case, is our justification for
quoting her by name pitches into
tho Country Gentleman's article ns
"It is a fact, Mrs. Smith I Yon
need not rub your c)cs nod look
again, for there is no mistake about
it. Tho Country Gentleman is
right, nnd the agricultural papers
are positively discu sing the question,
' Will ashes dissolve bones?" Aye,
and discussing it ns gravely as if it
was a profound mystery. Ono agri
cultural paper says allies will dis
solve bones, and another says ihey
will not, which only troves that every
agricultural (taper should havo one
housekeeper in its editorial corps, to
keep them from bcin ridiculous oc
casionally. " Any Western farmer's wife or
(hughter could answer this mooted
question on tho instant, nud would at
oneo say, 1 that depends upon the
" Any ashes that will make soap
will dissolve bones, if you put
enough on ; but when so dissolved
they aro rather-nn expensive manure.
We should as much think of sending
to the chandler's for a dozen boxes
of soap, nud putting n quarter of a
pound on each hill of corn, as put
ting nil tho bones of tho kitchen into
a hogshead, dissolving them with
ashes, and using the mixtuic, ns did
tho writer iu tho Country Gentle
man. " His was rather an expensive
economy. His manure was simply
very stromr, unrefined soap, which,
with n very little difference in the
manner of preparing, would have
done nil the washing and cleaning in
the family, when, iu the form of re
fuse suds, it should have been poured
on a bed of loam or clay, to mako
manure for the corn-field, or aroltnd
the roots of tho grape-vines and
fruit-trees, ns a liquid manure.
'' The only difierenco between the
plans of making clean soup and the
dirty mixture ho did make, would he
to empty the uslics into a hopper,
put tho water on them thcie, let it
run off iu tho form uf ley, pour this
upon the bones, and either boil them
iu it, or let it stand iu the sun. The
bones would dissolve, the limy part
settle to the bottom, ami thu animal
fatty and glutinous matter unite with
the Icy to mako tho soap.
" One hogshead full of bones and
good ashes would make n full hogs
head of soap, leaving tho leached
ushes nud phosphate of lime from
the bones, into the bargain.
" Uut quick lime used in this snmo
manner, will oissolvo bones until
they are good food for plants, and
this is cheaper than soap uslics."
Our Legislature and the Farm,
ing Interest.
What have they done for tho ben
efit of agriculturo ? Nothing noth-
j at all. Tho Senate with few ex
ceptions, were disposed to do tho
honest thing, and did pass acts de
signed to promote that important in
terest. Hut the majority of tho
Home and may God forgive them
for their folly, not only manifeited a
total disregard for tho farmers, and
tho farming interest of tho state, but
an open and decided hostility to it.
They not only upset everything that
tho Senate had done, but even at
tempted to abrogate laws passed by
formor legislatures. As we stated in
our last, there were some individuals
thcro who seemed to be thrown into
spasms, whenever the subject of ag
riculture was mentioned.
Some of theso were farmers them
selves, to their shamo be it spoken,
and some professional men who sid
ed with them, would excuse them
selves by pointing to them, and say
ing "why thejurmers themselves
are opposed to it."
Such farmers are probably afraid,
that their occupation may rise to an
equality in knowledge and influence
to the learned professions, and that
the next generation may bo wiser
and know tnore than they do. The
Board of Agriculture recommended
the passage of nn net, authorizing the
introduction of the elementary rudi
ments of agriculturo, into our more
advanced common schools, and the
adoption of a text book to aid tho
It was thought that this, while it
would cost tho state nothing, would
be laying n firm nnd sure foundation
for the futuro spread of agricultural
knowledge. To this tho Senato
agreed, and incorporated such pro
visions into nn net additional to nn
act providing for tho education of
youth, which they passed. But the
House, as soon as it came befoic
them struck it out, thereby virtually
saying that not even the simplest
form of agricultural knowledge shall
enter your schools.
They then vented their spleen up
on tho Board of Agriculture. We
happened to bo present during the
debate upon the question of destroy
ing tho Board. Maine Farmer.
Cons Biiuad A new recipe.
Everybody who has been at the
Mansion House, Buffalo, N. Y., has
learned the luxury of tho corn bread
thcro provided. Tho clerk is often
tnxed to write directions for home
manufacture, nnd 1 thus procured a
recipe for domestic use, which 1 copy
for you, so that those who wish may
try a piece of bread from the Man
sion. It is as follows : Onu quart of
sour milk, two table spoonsful of sal
erutus, four ounce of butter, thine
table spoonsful of Hour, three eggs,
and corn meal sufficient to mako a
stiff batter.
Buck Eve Biibao. Take a pint
of new milk wnrm from the cow ;
add a tea-spoonful of salt and stir in
fine Indian meal until it becomes n
thick batter, a gill of frcdi yeast, and
put it in a warm place to rise.
When it is very light, stir into tho
batter three beaten egjjs, adding
wheat flour until it lias become of
tho consistency of dough ; knead it
thoroughly, and sot it by the firu un
til it begins to lisc; then make it up
into small loaves or cakes, cover them
with a thick napkin, and let them
stand until they rise again, then bake
in u quick oven.
Fiif.su Mfat Gmnni.Ks. Chop
all the bits of cold fresh beef or veal,
season with salt and pepper; make a
griddle bitter nnd lay a tea spoonful
on the iron well buttered, to prevent
its slicking, then a spoonful of baiter
over the meat, and when cooked on
ono side, then turn, nud when done
carry them on hot, und they are very
The gv cat Piano and Music
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com unfw(ii i biLiiir1' Itui'D hk I'mci, nn ele
gant niairument lur mull room Millet Cum
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(Jj. Mr XV ltitK iul" iigent fur ill the atmva t au.
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vleclinti nut Mi Uv hud i Imwh tm. tWu-id-h tl IV
aim al gre-it tariiia. I'mc-- fioni f'ltt iu $ 175
Jit rr iiiiliumartt lull wnrraott d or lit raoiiwy mluu
ded. iui:ijOi:;s.
(JntHliiiaii V I!uti In' I'ntflil Offnil Mr-
IMIcOIIK, With 1WO BNK of ) l m
powerliil i it 1 1 rum itl. Pni-e r.Mii a)7" i. $100 H
Al II. H Pmiih's calibrated Milouloim Mtaiin
mnnt'tti (ItmtM, Itrawn'a II irtis), r'tutnu. Vih.iim,
Hraii iMirumtnw. Ate, lult uiilit I wnli
I'lanua und MsIiku m facti'iy itma. 12 I S er
rant tluoouut to Clenfjinrn,
hi tr -sic.
Till Hit eoiiiisjiij jtrnlii U nt' Mi trat maitau
of btsjii lite Amopcin ! K ir n cm' tu ntt, nnd i
reraivin? nontiam mldititni by mi eiuntivn puliltoa
lifinttHh' eU m an I Mi,ulii Men ul ihn U i r
t4liniu llmie, nn.l l0detirul JeniitMN winning
to purr-ti.isaany nitHie u'Hmiim.I , or m tfc uirung -niHitt
for runlMiu"! uiia f .Ir. Water's) nnw iambs',
will Und n to tlmU Ini'intt tociU or forward itieir
nrrfr Mue stm tn any (nil uf the Union r ('diia-
.1.., t. d-m. ?7 3 n iiuhm;i; w i r,u.
Hcghtou's PsUcul afety
fpllll IjATK'T nl fnlv iTectly safe Lamp f.tr
(turning t'A.Ml'IILNII, trid will a ford iwenty
per cttit aiorr lijrht than Hny ticr Itiiinp wlialr
r. Aldo, HejEimm' Pati'n" KnfVly l.l'IU I.AMI'
Iba only .Saful) fJuidI'n mtw in iii, .i nil hv
d It. O. TYI.Ktt,MHiittrt Vt
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Mr. h, Lull ISM 71 l.t M AN K I 11 s
Cheap Cash Hoolislore, UiniTcry
l'APKlt WA lllil I (JUS IS.
VMUNti the.-rilOwl, I100K3 juu can find Town
1, 2, 3mM Utadtfj, Do. tfteilcra Hndet'a
hrnta of I.aurfwst and fpullera; Town'a llrammtr
Pchotil ltnd(r , iiUra Httrical Rnadtrt I'o Anal
yl ; AndraMr'fandHio.Mard'a Latin Ueader aiid((Hiit
mar, U'ald'a new Ilnj. tirammar Weld'a Latin dram
mar and lUadt i i (iuacaeiiboAa fiui Letmt in (,'uu,
Miiita , ( iotiya (iicek tJiaiumarj Adarufa New A
rtlhmetie tnd K)a , lies, do, ltrvlard do.. Cojuinf
Ailllimcttc LiOBiiou't do. j timilha fitit l,fmut in
:autrtihy , Do, Uuurti (;iir)thy Mucholl'a IJeof
rapliy and AtUa, Ulst edtilon j (llnay'a and Tatlay'si ,
Ilavie'a Lerndrt. Uo, Alfabraj HoUuiou'a do. do.
I'm. E 1. 1 K)aa toaima, i'aikei'a and OomtlucK'a
fliiloao.tuy Louirtuck'i Cliainittry t Lcvciell' L'w
car, Aekcrmto'a tNalutat lliilorr ; orrratar'a llhtu.
ry , OutDsay'i IJ. K History t Wt-dttar'a licl.ool Dic
lionary & W inter' Uni. Kd'tionaodotbari j twhol.
ila and if toil -clip for cash,
'JHX'iIM tVM'S-Utf aorl amoll ,
it I It As'.V Tuck, ctatpaud (luarto Family,
Trairr Ituuka , Wnt'i and tiiUvt, and Mt'thwditt
liyinn Hook. lUinea' .Notes. ,
Tba wuiii of VVillia. HruU, Camphall, I'ope, llowiUt
Hhakitaf, Tiionipaou. rultiWk andutheia ;
HaUd Tor Solitary, ljfty andlhw Lowly,
Moid hceot. Mtrfarat 1'erciral, Dreamy Life,
fiaiiiet At tJravi'i, hacrad ttriott Hnuw lm(,
Uoukiof Huuhv, FaU, Talea o( a traveller,
lollara and CMlt,Holomao Nortbiou( 13 y '11 aUv.
May M trim and o(br taUa( ievii edition j
I llutw) of Vet meet,
'Itmuitiaoa'a Veiiouai and Aio'lto. ic.
Also, a good lt uf
Alra Mow land New Kitflami lluuiakeaper. consider-
edtht belt pubhsbkd.
Ct-le' Utieaataof Homvitis AainI, without donbt
Iba ttatt valenan hook rver Usued. j
Stationery of all kinds,
Pcoi, Pencil, laktnda Irtdiai and 8ohoit
1 ravalliDk Inkatau 1, Uuiltt, Maud, Srnd Uost
Waf( whit, liaoiparebtandted , eltef t5lunt.
Iudlible Ink, Kuarea, tfalin Was, ,
Lidi Note and Leuei 1'aper, ruled and uarulaj,
1 p It t and id no nnttlopaa to nifclch aoine tilra j
1'rD Kuive, U'eTirf lloita, Pwrt Folio, 1'urt Muoiet,
(trd Cum, Card of all kiodi, Vlsitinx autl Uauie,
Wuddmf Cida and Caka Hosaa.
llriatel Hoard .11 use aad thickneite,
Urawitc Fapart from Cap to tioper Uojal, i
Uouavl Loard. Httaw Itoaid. Itiudai'a Junk ltard.
(Mi Cuir.ctd and alarbtad e-o-r.
A laria lot of the bwai li la Quart, Pint, Ui. and
Pciiooivoiiics, raia Hooka, oiaica uf alia)
ta--flj made.
letter, Coinmernia Note fur 8oitn Itten, a
cbapta bu tan purcbaee u ia Uoalon, iuld and un
ruled. Itatui, Medium, Fol'oPost, Pott OffieefUook Cover,
raw J ... .nmiLin
and Manilla i i,ai iif,
ULANK U'H)KHw MKMORANDUllH f all kludi
coaitaiulf vu Laud, and made to order
Pjioplilcti, tla.aoaea, tc, bound to any alyli de-
C'uatomeri aaodlnf their order Tor Probate, Town
iii.ih.i.wiui, vufutt. svciit or booaa ruia
aadbtaUBd toau pattern wbalevaf, may rely upoart
ceivinf period eatiifaeliou
Mr. F., Uavia, wfaoee acvuraey anJ woikmaotblp fu
iMa biaocb of buaiora ba toen ao laeorably known
forte vert) year pa I, will five tb nepaituteat bit
p.tlicuUr aileulioo. 6. II. WALTON.
la lbs tore ao loriweuplJ by C p, Walton at C
P. Walton it Hon.
K i.c.l.a BONNETS a. try wock flora Iba mag.
1 ufactorara at wkolaaaU. at City prieta amill
rrotit, at l.lall-UONNUT KlUBONtllroa Aotliooa
-l LVMAN 4 KiKO.
s. o. he'rsey,
State Street, Montpcllcr,
(0er Will t nimtin' ("lorn.)
IS riepitnd to lk IIAIIUI'.KRGOTrrCS ot U
t liritntMil 1 br,t wallintcil food. Oomt
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Mi9?, KM. 321 1
OF the best Kinda it way on hand at
men i:Mi!iioii)i:iiu:s,
Auntmva Kinoi.ovna,
Zf.NIVR W(IRUTrilll.
TIII.MMIM;t ol ill df'Hpllnnl t
rm; la i) Iks
'1LIj pleate rfmemher that the fan ulna Aubry1'
it 1 19 utsOii:s
which haeft won inch an unnvellnd reputatlnn. ran
be r-Hind at KIIITII &. IIARKVRtfl.
Mitts & Gloves.
VOrett vaiiety oTMitta imI Olovea oliiM fctnti at
OF all .IxdeiJut Cm n.uli, llic'.i .ilre.,
m m;it'i u niiKEn3.
Maoufictnrrr and Denlrn in ertry rnriety o
Cabinet Furniture,
Hart ltootwt on Corner ot llorrttnnd .Maine
Nlrrrl, Mil d.Hil to It. V. IIVni'.'H STOKE,
Where niav be Tnuod areat tanetv nf
chairs, wash stands,
hbdstkads, occamon i'aiii.ks,
nuitr.AUs, whatnots,
i-KNTRETAJUES, Maliojr'y.lhir&IIusk
AUo a ganeia) amoriinent ol
ll'O0IIV.V 4- ll'JJ,J,l. Il-.fr,-
.Nil VEMIKRH, ll.lt B.ailtij.fo'a Xpnria.UutUd
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Ami Itlnck AViilniil
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Jl'ST roffi.pd t ltd for ea!, lir
S. IV. AUI10TT k Co.
January 3 1, 1853. IS
JoiiN ilTaj3doc k,
Manof ic'urtul to nrilf i , 'rv'hnn n"tic
AVooflvorl!iH iV I:mirls
planum; aiachinks,
aim: ri.iNr.iis.oi.Ai'niiAiin pi.ankrx, mind
GIUViriaAlt Mtl.t. SAWS.
nw rbor. Hollow Aurttm, Pun t Mill, (run A&
Ii ilrnch find Jttrk t i w, Pimm Ii ft'' ,
Vnai Tire Uendin; and Itr l!iti(j M( 'line.
XII KI'I.N(I k Mil. I. WOlth
Tho British Quarterlies,
Blackwood's MAGAZINE.
continue to Ito-pubiish the t'ltlluumj;
UntUli Periodicals, jz:
Tllr' I.DINIltlltilll IIKVIRW (V.ij
X TIIK.V'K'l U BK1TMII RLVIKi 1.K.1 .'hurcli)
Tho prpaent rri'lfal at itn of niirnpfan itT-iif will
remlr thaia imbttr i.tiona nnuauallj inl tfuhng iluring .
ide year 1851 Tir w 111 occupy m midHe iuu'nl ho
IWftn ih1 h i-ii'jf willli n tinw ttf in, rriiilt i-yrriiln
lioi . and 11) nt rumtn or the Utl Jtiornal. anil lh
(Mtnjt rotii Tomn ol Uto future (iiuirian, wrulen after
the llvirx intereat and eirlteun nt ol the ere a politic I
oventa nl tl limn ahall have paaard awar. It 11 to
tlif rerklir-At l)nt roadrr titot look Tor the only
ready int Iliat,le and reliable lnMnrj orrufreitt
vrnta, nuita uoht ailditiun i than wal rth(i(.
d lltetary, aciaatirie, and lhlffol chunetet, we
urge them utuii ihe coullor tiou ol the re a tin, poMic.
Arrinoraent ate ia pfngreae to thn r '(,.! f ejrlj
iliirH fioni atlihn ICiltlth luhtihr, b, which we
hall tie able loplaea all uut reotUu Uth htiiUi'fatib
cnft, about naaoon na thoy can br rurnineil with
the fori" if 11 rvic. Althouli thii will itv,.ltru verv
Inrjeoqtlay n 0111 pailw ahall coatmue to furnih
tho pi'mxiioal at the aataa low i at lieraiufurt,
TEHMrt. Iran.
For nnjr one oflbe fiiui Heviewa, (3 00
For any iwooTth four Iteviewk, & 00
For nnr ihrne oflbe dtar Uevicwa, 7 00
Ftir all f.urf th lia.wUw, 00
For lllaekwnod'a Magazinn 3 on
For Mlackwood ae4 thie Koviewt 0 Of)
Pr II ackwnuti anl thi fniir Kaviewa 10 00
Fajmenta in b ma Jo hi all ctae in ndvane. Mko-
ey rurreni in iha ttalv uh re iual, will Iw reeened
at yar.
A discount of twnnt fir per Lont. frrm Ih above
prirtf wfl) hi nlluw(d to t'liih nrilvrii.it fu n or irmre
aoila ol noy out or more ot llitt a dove wnrlmt n'hu :
Four eopiea il ItlarkMooil, ir ol ont Uf view , will He
ni Iu one af(li for $t i touropira i-t tha tour
ItfTiutvaand ILIaikwrnHl fur (JO, nnd on.
In nil ihi min'-tp Litiea .twl 1 nwni lltra winV
witl tiodf hvmti.l ihfouh Vfiiu, FKCi: t)F Pi JHT
W ln rnl hymnil, ihe Pnati tit ntv nari of the
Jnn.'.l rtuic wtllhaTWUNTV l' V II ( 'LINT- ijwi
lankwiMMi, ami t-ut i n r.l K ui.aN I a yeai tui
i ttf tho a'tove Ht'Vi- 4
,irHtinnur.cvt ami kVjtiiKi.uiMCHtton ihould be i
rt tot-ed, post paid to the uMiarter,
1.1: i.v uit rtcoTT l rn.
TJ Fulloii t Kntrane M Gold nrvet, NVw Vork.
N U I. K A htc rcrwnll? puhliih). and
h4i now lorinl1, the Far met (I Hide hy tUorr
Sti-phcnt of IMInburgh ainl Prof, .ortuti i-f ale CnU
lr2. Nmw llnteu, romple'e in tt rnval oruvu,
eimtaiuinf 1600 pas, It teel anH bOO wuol nigra
inj. Pneo. in mueliu 'iindinjj, 56 , In papurouitr,
fur the itiuil. $5.
0-Tbl work I aartlte old ltMik of tho Farm,"
it ty runlit4 it it thrown ntin th inarkat. ifi
Looking ( lasses
pOtMI'.sglM? iu,.e.i..r facllllie fr xeltlnz them
1 up, 1 nan nlTer IniluremetilH in lhl dfpariment of
niMMfoiurniaiiinz iauiiiiiHeiii no vrucie ewe to
be luund inlhl- iieishboiliDO.I.
Moatpelii,Spt S4it9
My Notary Plitinm; .Maehlne hue jmi bnen decioetl
not to IntrinH 1 he Wuuil worth Machine hy Ihe Su
pinia Court uf ilia Uuilad tilali, and I am now nra
p-ued lu r II rulit to una m all paiti of the Unitnl
Hiata, Thi Much inn 510 univt-riail Btufjetloii.
it obtained a Medal butii in .New York and Motion ov
er l ha WooJwuiih Michir.it, a fer tt u al of three
N.G. NOKUKOrtrl.
I,o t ell, IVb. 14, ISA4. 71 Gino
'i'liu original 'l'lucei" stiU opiY
Are laceiviiif from the 11 imnufaetoiie in the
country, a boiler itotk of
iiotistin'riMsiiiNoonorisTilAv kvkr de
fnra orTitrilin thro .M BTItnrOLIS Initio
our alot k ton.l.la of aver Tarli'ty of
MAIltHJANV HOCK, Oent'i:..j, anJP.MILOlt
lIUJtEAUS, Cano and Wood seat
Chairs, Picture Frames,
Ornnmontod Ohambor Furnituvo,
Anil tai varivtv of cumroua (ooJ. niadt tuou Jowo
-fcatljcrs $z illatlrnsscff.
A j.w lot of OAKPKTS, l.ubt oinranly for wjulai
Irada, al tar; Iu ilcoi, anil will tin .ol.i eoirciiioiid-
To maaa ruom forSprin foojl, wo acll
2000 Rolls of Paper Hangings
at iioallr ladueail pricaa. I'or avidaoca, plea.o call
audaiaiulna.ai tbaulJ" IIKAUUHARTKUH."
(Fukmcki.v J. ninEitva '
Monlpa.iai, Jamiity II, 1651. fcj
Maps of theVVai' In tho East,
Vary chaap.
Ali, r.pata ol allVluda. 1'olaalahy
ft H. M. WALTON.
PKKdONrt wialiia; for a superior artfl vl Wa.
RiaTto coieied Cariiax, Wooa cr Bit ijh are u
sperlfutlf Jav-ited toeita.int our wulk.
rAHordwu piumplly atieoded in.
"0. W. Cl I K
11. II. -HIKER,
UAH luatraturnadrroo. NEW VOUK wilha lood
Broadcloths, Cassimores, and
which ho will mako ilaltiallit atilaiand boat
auaaaar. s 1
WrUABMENTd CUT Tor othatato waka op aud
warn. tad to 61. 1
N.t'tll I'd ..lllnUld IlltlSllnn.. .
KErOKTaoPNEW V6RK r-AnlHONB.roia.u
I It. KnNMKDY of Roitttry, hai . (Uncovered in
iI on e.f rftir f ommon Paiore lVreda a remedy
tMI rare KVT.RY KINO OF lIL'.MOit, from the
worn Hrtnfula dow n (o a common Pimple. He hat
ttlrd it in over eleven hundred tae. and never felled
etrrpt in two trastt, (both Ihandei humor.) Ila baa
an In hi poeitin over two hundred certificate ol
id value, all within twenty inllf of Uoitoit.
Twnbottlea ate warrcatett to cote a nunlng or
One tothree bottle will care the wont kind of f lm
f e on the face.
Two to three boil let will clear the ayitem of bile.
Two hot tl are warranted to cute the wortt canker
In the mi'ulh and atomach.
Threa lo fiva hot Ilea ate wattanteiUocurelha won
caetif nrjipfli.
One tn two buttle are warranted to cure all humor
In the eyre.
Two bottle are wattanted to cura lunning f the
ear and bletr lira a morn the halt.
Four to ait bull 1 1 a are warranted to cura corrupted
tunning ulcer.
(tne bottle w lit cute tcaly a r option of Ilia akin.
Two to three bottle are warranted to cure the
wont eatn of rhigworm.
Two to three boitlea are wattanted lo euro tha
moat drape rata caaa of rheumatlam.
'I bred to Tout bottlea are wariantrd tu cute the aalt
Five to eight bottles will cure Ihe wont cate of
A bona fit la nlway etperienced from the fir I bottle
and a peileetcura la warranted hen the above quan
tity t taken.
Sothinf lmka aotmprnlwble In thoae who have in
vain iried all the woaderful medleinea of tha day, a
that a "ommon wtd, (rowinf on the paitorta and
alonf old atone walla, ahouhj cure every hvtnoi in the
ytem, yet I; ia now a fijed fact. IT you have a hu
mor It haatoal.ri. There ate no ifa aod anda, hum
nor ha 'a aHoul tt i Iting anme eaae but not yoora. -I
peddted over a thoMand Utttlea of it In the vicinity
of Hotton. I know the eflvct of it In every caae. It
hat alrfady done aomeof the xreatf-at rurra ever done
in Maavirhetali. I nra it to children a year old ) to
old people of Mate, have wn nmtrtpun, wot my
l.tokiaaa; chiMien, whnae t1eh aoft and flabbv, re
atnrad to a perfect at ate nl he ill h hy on battl .
Totboaawbn are anhjret tn ick headache, one
buttle will always cure it. tt $rr great relief In ca
lanh nnd diriinei. 9ome who have taken It have
brencoatoe lor yean, and have (wen regulated hy it.
Where the bdy ia nond it work quite eaiy,'bul
where twe la any derangement of the functions of
n i tuff, it will cauie rv rlniular ferllng, but you
tnutt not he al timed ; they aiwava disappear in from
four 1rj a wak. Thete I eer a bad remit from
iti nn ihe cnnirorr. when that fofllna 1 gone, vou
will fr-l jouraeli like a new peratm. 1 heatd a erne of
tho most pfirnv ignnt encomium ol it that ever man
Net hi in th nnoai u' Potent Madieinea has ever
been ri i ' ivrd y the piiMm with o mucblavor a a thf
simple preparuiijit, h i now enmposed of nlaeditTor
enl herht. In May IrJ.Vl, whnn ! rnmn.enccd making a
butti"aa "f it. I "ld about two hotl I e per day. In
June, IfVt. I cold 330 bi tile. In October, 1853, I
an)d6I.U tKitilt 1 hope you will en II that doing well
t do.
Ia mv rwn practice, 1 confine it atrictlr to humors,
but thore are mmr who a" o enthoiaitie In its favor
Ihev think what cured thcro will cura any thing anil
any body , they accordingly recommend it for evry
varietv ir dfeafi. In thta way a great many virtue
ol it h.ivr been found that 1 never would auipact.
L'aej uf Dviiciiat, of many year standing, thai
wttheM 'Hi evert known raaauriy, have been permanent
ly cured.
1 know iie men to cain 17 lb, by takla thirehot
lUa amtiht r II lb ; another 10 lb , and another gala
7 Iba die tem-rtitili' Mosin Rohm-on, of ltoton.
In diae nf the I.vr rt is u ecihc I know sev
r.tl wih)elluw kin and eyi-s, the body emaciated
and th mind inclahcliuK, gi't (4t and ehaerful by a
fw h. ttlv.
I know aevcrnl rare nl ropiy,and on ptriulr
ly had. A I id aged 79, wa unable to leave, kai
bttufe for tho iMtttnelva ) an, wav so much relieved
(-hit wa reduced in circumference thirty-four toe he,
a lo vialt her iriamle in rra! neirhburmg towns.
Anoihrr had tti- I)ripy tn br left leg, and was un
nbU lo wilt fi't ten ycjr, romrtime welling to an
eiiornMu aise , it la-l bunted, making a bid wound,
whirh n'uld not be be.itod , (ty taking thiee btll
, and uirv boii-a ut ointment aha i now quite
well. U ii) it uhimlil n aka om lat and otbi lean I
e iti not u Ii, hut so it it.
It Ii i- iHtelv been fuund to be a sura cure for the Pan
amattk.r. Immr r Ihe first onnful put off the
fit Iwn fimir. Oi.n btitile cun"! htm Aooiber cine
In me t .hp, and wu indue ii by In brother lo ny it. I
'I hrc I' tin en ml him
It likii-c din- tcr'tit 'el of in the Anhma. A
liidv in I tiw rt in o wn uttal I- l li in bed tor i num
ber of ) tin , ilie i mi nut .iu itliuut tlto leatt tncun
vetiieprr. A ' t ft VV. hi utli 1.ft the u-e nl tier In t Mile U
tho EfH(tU-. On the ai'rood Imui1, !) lroke nut
in niiu in t hiifiiur from henn tu funt. In a few day
lio nm w. la.
It b i. I Italy been found to Ii- aqutiHy (nod lor humor
outaidi) maide, (taking n inwardly ii the me-iniiine,)
fur KfVMtn'U, Hi lllteuiu, Pnn.ila on the Face, o
ny eiu.ni- n ut thf kin wlntevct , nly where the
fUh l9 vrrv sore vu must di'utt it wnh water.
When mire weak eiuugh i i the beat oyo wah lor
weak md watt-ry eye that I eter saw.
Otliari u it to i'l .ur ihe ttundrulf nut of the hair
and ti ngihan i? toot, which tt cartataly doe, and
to crown wit. It mado tho btir tn grow on bald lieadf,
which, tt I b id nttt swan vttk my uwr ee( I would not
bvllere from you or am bod j re,
A re g a ni dieting, I never came aero the Glit per
oa Ih t wor got any heaeflt Irom it. Onthe contrary
numbor cama lo death' dour by it, it give the hu
mots the upper hjnd. Mv medial e requirea the aaost
itooriahtng lood you can gat. It will soon give you an
II ri"i for a moroeot auppixie that I warrant a cure
of all tlime (t!eaa in ovary eae. Imarelvtell ynu
w lint il itn duns, hoping It wilt tin tha same for you.
I do not waiinnl a cure in auydifeae hut humor,
wh' re it never fntla For further pjrllculaia pee the
clrrular around eeh boMln.
N'u i hringonf diet oereiary, Kat tha beat yu can
get i and eat arough of it.
I h ire nn herb, limine ied in olive oil, sattnra Bcro
fatl (. sHt.iUia.tf. nflhe t'aek oad under Ihe fattrt.. Price
ajO neiiis net box
OiRBLini- roavoc. Adult, ona tabl spoonful
(writuv, I'hildien of eight yean, deisert tpoonful ,
frogi hw ' tn eig it, teaB'KiMifi.l. A nodirect'on oan be
aiiplic t'i!i iu alt conatituHona lake enough tu opetatt
un (lie rxtwnla Iwiee a day.
Maimf.eturrd and rralahr DONALD KCNNCDV,
11 V trn it stiee', Kotburv. t
HMD lit I'lPaKCl, ilo.tptier. Agents fot Vermin-1.
73 6mo.
Newcll's Patent Fluid Lamp
and l-ccdcr,
Tlllt'll cannot oipludn, 01 !m xiludad ;
' Horn.
un Kihibiiiow aud oraau at
M.i trelmr.Uav SX PIII.S.NT.Y Sl MEADM.
O AHII ,l)(J()llI,f.eonUi.ll on hand and IVr sale
y (jTT ft- FItLU.
Jan. J, '31.
Valuable Heal Estate for
HMIK li;iItt:Rinr.U,d4iiouur engaging in rural
imriuil, or the Wan tit nf fan ht utih, olTar lot
aalo the tolluwiuf rual oatate in the vilhge of Moot
pelier and vieinilr t
Hi ieidcne on Htatntrect, near the Court
Uue. Two dwelling hcue, two stuilus and ha a
mem to ei cli, ou lligh-stiei-l near the Hlata Houte
wt-hitnd newly fioUhad. One d welling hvue, ttoiy
and a h ilf hlih, plcaaaatly loaated ot, thi, bend o the
river at th lower part of ttatt-tret. Tu buil ling
iiiiai in nuiMrii-iiiiii, iimip in irre neveo ui
right buiMins lot. overkokini tha vilUie.on Main
street. Thirtt-ait acre ufocMnt land, principally
ivnir" wim tiiuiuiv 'ininfr, un i ueriin tine
of tue viMsgfi nil) puud AU, a valuaMe water priv
ilege and saw tnilL with two ncrr ol food laud an
nexed one oflbe beat water p.iwcr on the 'inonki
Ulver. thrve mile fmm the Uailroad Itmit in Moot-
peller, and on a lev made goo) hre road leading to
Denvillo, All or any p4'l ul the uboru piuMriy will
un eoiii, on rwwciiiaoie icrm,anu ot era tin tl deireJ.
i: P. V ALTON.
Moqtpelier, Jan. S3, 1&51. 67.
A Now and Valuable Work,
UliHtraferi American liiograpliy,
rlUNTAlNINd correct nottraita. and buef .tiei
IIIl'OUV, front Chrutopher Colutnbua down to the
Jirefent ume compltleina ia volumec, one volume to
i iiiukiI aunually.arid wtlibi'dividcdifitu3iarta.
PART I rmhracingthe perid from the Uncov
er nv l olumbus,totha lleeliration uflndcpenlctice!
PAItT II. Kaibracmgihe pariod from Ihe Declara
tion ol IndepcndcncM to the War of 1013, with Eng
land. PART III. aUuibracitigtbereriodaubaequentto lie
J. MIM O.N r.MP.RHONfcro.,
Publiihet, New York.
A.A.nUCK.Cecaral Agent for Vermont.
Windsor, March 10, 18M. mtt
o u nc r 6 c k eu yrc76 m
ta tha place where you ran find evrtr article lo the
SAffiEiU CUaiL-Hffiiay
J"'.-t . ud aia al.o prppaicd lo fornlili il in
largo or aaiall quQlitiaa aa Oaairril anil at tba livaat
Linsood Oil,
'l'lli: Kobieriliar will rurnllb tha public with nuia
I.I.NtiLbl) Oil. at I'.oaton pricaa. with friiilii
ildait, drliaercil at hi. Oil Mill, In lllddlaiai, or
ebaa.ra. Oil ileal, an .eillantarllel. roreoaaaod
otber rattle, k.j.i ton.tuml.. at II. a Jlill, and loraalo
tijr tha tou or ljuihti.
Mtddli'iei, March 4, 1S53. " giir
Important "to Young Won :
Bowman's 30 Ready Waya to
Mako Money.
I OPfllR ror aalaupwardi or Tbirta difler.nl R.
caipta, many orwbieb bavo bcenaolJ thopait fear
Tor Ere iMLta apiec, and tba ttliole compriiln, ao
maejr ilurerent uaia lo niakr money, latbaaale ol
on. ol tbeaa arlicie.J.lono I have koowo jouaf mea
the peat fear to make rrnni Ore to twenty fi.edollaia
I'f'o! anil in tb. iiianulaclore and aale or.iiy oaa
oftba article., nu muni nuu nt anarxy and ability can
r.llto mak. nuojier. '
AJJr.., K. lltUVMAX, llotoo,Maai.aoclo.iinooa
dollar, uj tb. nliiil. ouinhtr ol nc.ipla will be for
w.rda l by waiU .No letter taken fruni ihe olliea un.
Iraa prepaiit
"JC W:Cmo.
l I I AKTl'HRII COI.I.IN8 AX". ee. he round at
piii: tie.t ,r v.iiiitiiLiJs7,, .t
UIUplac to I bay GOODS CIlnAP end eeutlo
ulluwia. wi. i 1
( inarl oHli
rultuwln. !,
21 Ton, N ft. Planer,
8 Bbla. aelected 8tooe Urae,
JIM " P.nre Floor, '
'2 lvt"'""knilUael!t.iw Trout,
o M etaloioQ Trout,
10 ' lleekerel and Salt 1'orl.
50 Quintal, tlod Piib, '
100 llu.b. T.l. CJall, ( ,)
ToUeeo, Tee,rorTee,Bu.ri,(",ruB,Molaaie,Notl.
Co..eliooai),aVc.,&c '
.m Vk.'ul';.".".''' """'""''Pi;, iriow ptie,,
H.,t!,a, H..kl IMt " U r"tU!?4
Ji i f
T0tkt Citimtef tki United Str tctt
I mot bombty and sincerely thank you for tha
Immense patronage which you have bestowed upon my
rill. Hake this oppirtunity ff stating thri my An-
ccstora were all American Citliens, and thai I nntct
tain for all that eon-erni America and Ilia Americans,
the molt lively sympathies, so moth o that I rtlgtn-il-Ir
com(ouiided tha Pills ciproty to suit yout c I, mate,
habits, co-ftstltutlens, and manrrer f living, intending
to eitahliitt my elf amwwg you, wbicli I have now dine
hy laVing prcmtcs in Now Toik.
3), Cn(t f ,1n 4 Xan Hrttt,.ra )'et.
ruitiFicATioN nv nn: iuooi),
a "ft
The Citizen tif the lfatn a(Tr inii1i frevm Ait.
ordt of the Liter and Stomach, acecly any are free
Trom the liifluei.ee of lheaedetrueliv maladies, hnc
life wears fail. The fair set, perhaps the tnl hand
some in the World, tip to a certain period when, dia
trevstng lo a it. many loo a their teeth and good look-,
while yet in the heyday of lite, such ad evils may b
edeetually remedied by continually kntpirg the blood
pun-, and the l.iver and Stomach tn a healthy action,
when III f will fl iw muthly, and resemble plants in a
congenial 'lime, where an eternal spring appeal to
reign. As it regard the prmervation ot the human
frame, and ifee dutNllon if lift, much may be elTacled,
and tay feni llv. that health and Ufa can be pruloa
ed for miny veatt beyond their KCiiinaty limit , .f llnl
lowia,a Pill are taken to purily the blwtid acciitdmr
lo the rules laid dew n lur health cunleiued In the dirat
tlona which accompany each boa.
Copy lAttrr rem Cftia Jm JttAajta, A (er lion ft
Vrv l't;, dated January fob, 18AL
To r.ofesaor llollaway, 3A. Corner of Ann and Navu
streets, Nw 1 urk.
Sir, tt is wlllt the met haartfolt eleifarc I bava
to imtorm vou that 1 have been realored to health nd
lrenfth by taking jour Pills. For the laat ten yeats,
I suflered from a tlaiangmanl of iIil I hvt and Htom
aeh, and waa reduced to such an aatiemt'y that I gave
up my Ship, never eipect.tg to go tu iea aaj mere, a-
l had trten every liftmray that waa ipeommendad la
me, hut all in no pwrpirae i and bad gtvan inyaf up io
deapare, wh.,a I waa at 1 ! teeui)uwiHld lo tke
your Pill. Alter utlng Uemfur throe month, tht re.
suit I tbat 1 am now is better health than 1 have bean
fr elen Star mi, aftil taleedtta wall a aver I
wa tn my life, You are quite at ri'icrty to rank. IMa
known for tha Ar tba benetit ot othen.
I ternain, Hir, ynnia reaper tfVilly,
Tlirac celebrated I'llla nro vontlrrritlly
cllicnt lua In (lie rnlliMirliir ciiiuplnliita t
Ague Hebtltty Ueai'tcha arofuia, or
Aithma Ilropay Indlgastron Klaa'a F.il
Ililiou Lo'pV tryaiprlaa Jaundice Htune At, Grate
Itloichneon Female Ir- I.lvi r 1,'oai- Secondary r-ymp,
the Hkm rfjulaiitiu ptaioia VeneieatatTcc'
Itowel Co'ti Fuver oInII Pile Worma. ill aiit
Contipatunof kind He tent it. u Weahne,tr m
... ...... i v.inr wneievei luuio
'ihl Ml the elitll.linient of Proftter Ila.l.n
wy. .1", Corner of Aii'i nl Naiu Htraei, ,t
York , aU'lit all retnoct tt Ir Drujiriti ami i
er in nirnic n i nroiunoui itir i nitco rtal'-a. ut
Poll St. tKia i,at 37 I Uct,H? rent ami Ifj0cntcrt j
To be IihiI t ho)eal ol fi pn i i,ir Drun Il.ut' m
the Union, and by FKtD. K. MI I II, Monipetifr, i I
flrtT Thoro It a cuiiiid ra lc ivmr in takinv ii..
Iarg in-.
N.II. iH.eettoe fur the aui lnnca nt ltlm. 1
eviy dinrdei are a (Died lo each tun. N e;owl.
An invaluable Book for 25 cts.
"livery I'mnily slioulil liavi- si
rn ... jt i
A nw edition, revited jtitl
itupioTea, juii iueo.
DR. IILNIKP.i Sini-ll
7iiiWVV AL M AM'AL and HAM1
' " l,OK lot theAFFLICTLP
Containing an ooi'me of the urig'n, prc(e,
tre.it ment anj cure ot every rurm of duceae, ton
tracted hj prumitcnuus anaual tnleretiuoe, by tilt tt
uie or by ftual aires, with adviee for titeL prevftn.
I lor., written tn H miliar ije, avoiding all wte.lieal tech
uielitu , anil i very ihuis that wtuln utfoad the eur o
docnrv, fruiii ihe result nfsosno twenty yeara urct .
aful practire, iitenivel7 den.lKd in ibe coute ot dia
eate ol a delicate or private nature.
To which ia added, rorpipt fnt thf t ure of theaUi h
disease, an4 h lratie on ihe cauac, yauptuw 4i.tl
cute ntt ho Fever and Ague.
l'IIIA-"UR IIUNTKR'fl ufciUCAl. M M'A1.
Tha aulbui oftht wutk i-jlike t) lunjurilv ut th..o
wotka who adverliaa to curn Ilie tliactai a nf h hiih il
treat, i a gMduatt- of vnrof thn !itt Collfg- in the
United Put. It atTuril me plemure to ri mp.f.d
him l the uuloituosf , or in thu virimia ufmalpracnr ,
a a uecfi'ful ami eiprricnct d ut . t loner, in u ina
honor and integrity they iimv place i hajgrietoat tonli
VF.ltHITY, PIIILI)KI.PIIIA -Ii gi.oa me pli,. un
to add my U alimony lo the prnfv.KK-nal ahihtv of ihe
Author of lh 'JlioiriL MisciL" iNurierou cai
of Diseases if the (Jfiii'Hl o.gmi,, MOmlt nf l(,
la g utandiiif, havf come under mv norie. ii.Lrii
hi kil h ti bern wa tift in re.toriog lo pi t(rr
health, tiiaoino intati't-N wlivro the patient Iu In .-ii
eoosiilrrrd hfoad medical lid. tu the tieatmrn of
Seminal weakneta, or diarraiigoment ol lb funrnan
Crudurvd t.y reli alio), or iire f veoery, 1 do not
nowhi autrior in Ibi- profusnui'. I ha vj been nr.
quaint'd with the authoi tntne thirtv years, and .trt-m
Il no mora than jtnt.ee to htm a well na kindne to the
unfoituttale ticttra of early indicretion,t lecosimeiid
him u .e, ia wbo-cprofetnoo-l tt a II andiaieaiity
ihey may aafely euafide tliemttlva.
.-..i alfuf.o Woodward m. i.
I hi ii, wiihoul eteeptiun. the moat aompiehenaive
and intelligible work plihr.l oa the clsofd esa
o.i which il treatf. Avoiding all technical tarmo.itad
dree nvctf to th reaton of it rejdeii. It ,t (re
from all objectionable mailer, ) ou parent, however
fastidious, cau object to plartog a in the baotla of hit
una The uutbor hvsdevwled uiaoy yeara tu the treat
ment l the varioua roaaplaieta treated of, and with
too lilllfl reatb lu purl.' endMoa litile iireumpllon lu
impnie1 he ha oflTarod n the woild at tba mare I v
nominal prite of 23 cent, the fruit of twenty year'
must aueresaful practice fULi.
".No leaohr or parent tb'iuld be without the knowl
edge imparted in tbi valuable woik. It would ave
year of pain, mortifieniiun and aorruw u .be youth
uud.r iheireliarge.' Ptroria'a Apvocaie.
A Pretyikiian clergymen In Ohio, in wrltiag of
Mlualera Medical Maaual,' says: TJiuuende uimm
thousand of our youth, hy Ai, t-iample and iDfiueoee
or Iba paaaious, have been led iutu the hall of ali
Pliilion witluiut rwalizirtg the m and farful conte
UKncca upuo themtelvcsand thoirKterity. The eon.
tltutii.Q r thouiami who have l.een raising families
have been enfeebled, f not broken down, and ihey Ou
nol knowthe cause or tha cute. Anything thalean
he don-so to enlighten and influx nr. tbe public mind
aa toLberk, and ultimately to leiuuv thi wideipread
aourca of human wretchedneaa, would confer the
greaieit hletsmg neat io tbe religion ol Jesua Cbrit,
on tbe prevent bud coming generation. Intemperance
or the tio oflntnaicating drinks, though ft hss slain
thousand upou huuand( iaunta greater aeourire tu
UicLaman race. Aceep- my thanka iu bebalf uf the af
flitted, and, believe me, your co-worket in the 0ud
work you era ao actively engaged in.'
One copy, (aecurely cnvl,rf) will bo forwarded
fie ufpostnge to any pnrt of the United (stale fur 25
centa,trali cpiei H,, Addre(pol paid) COS.
DhN & Co. Publnh ra, Bui Philadelphia.
llookaeilers.ranvaktera and lluk Aganta snpolied
on the tonal liberal term. 3:ly
To Hu; IN ojilt; of ?foiil(t lit.r ,v
I ivinio-Li.Etrnia' vultaic i ii.m.nh, rt
Tor the la.tuat rcltrf and pemuaral tare of all
AtrvnttDitt.tMt ere for ihofir.ttiH.e lulrodecJ tn
lu Ihe flala ol Veruuut. 1 bc.et, b.ira ware tiitl in
trodueed in Kranrelau yeera elrrVu, io. fiora ibene.
baie eitendedtollarmany, Auilila, Truaei i, Knel.ud
and huliMie year baa elap.eii aine. ll.y were mlrJ
i i . , if i ! 'li" u.eitn
theboipitalaurLoixlon 1'aiu. Vienna, liciho al... in
erery lio.pil .1 In New Vo.k Tl.e, are a,tu,ed .d
patented iu Ore dirTetent Klnfdnmi, al.o in tbia loun
tiy.andarecon.taetly used nb iba o.o.l ealool.b
inj .uoc.l.bj both I'li.aiciam ar.ill'atie Ha, in the re
Iter and eure or Uti.um.tiiui, f'ainlul and Bw.lled
Jointa. N'uraUla or the face, Ila.fneaa, Blmdn.aa,
N.i.ou., Headache, ralpitation ol the Heart, Oonti.c
tiun of the I.inioa,Uardial(ia, lodiee.tion, tleneral 1)..
hilily, Impotence. Uterine Tama, and all di.ea.ee
ubicb ale prodoced from diniiol.bcd amuuntof Net
vouil'luid. Ueniticaloa urtlie mo.t beoebeial etfert.
produced in the abovo dlaearra, h. been recoi.ed
from 1'roroa.ora Mult, Van Uuren, Tuaiof New Voik
city, Doctor. Coldinr. Oird and I'ereif,,,, of Loodoo.
al.o Imin di'Hnfui,l,.d Medical Slou ,a iuo.1 of tbe
eitieiort:uropo,beil,iearii.,re tbaoiHio thou.and froo.
patienta wbohae been cured by tbeir ua.,ioaatiou.
partarflhla country, lit. an e.labli.bed fact, which
no I'hysicia'i dare, or can deny, tbat ell Nereou. II. tea
eeear. incraa.ed in aeaoriljr, raiber than beoalltied
by coailaal adioioi.lialion of Drug., and the comraiMi
een.aor lUepeople ii l..int awakened to Una trutli
llyaaoidiot.il druf a .nil patent No.truma t'.oua.nda
bate been cured by Ihe all puwerrulafoule of nature
pure air.prop.r eiereiae, d.l. bathme. ie. lit i I.J
use or IW Oli.lni, nalur. I tieHy e.sisled iu b.r
eflorta. and liopol.e II siren to tbe nervous eucriiee of
the eyalera, which re.loraa lo bealib without lie pro
ceil of a.allowlof lb.aukeola, di.jostiuj mutruoia
bat aro thrown helote the publbl. p.,,rpblel eon
taininccert floalea of cure., deacrirtiou of tho Uh.loa
lll.X" U '"'U',,1 "" "f '"'"
BJIITIIfc riKHCK, Montpelier.
Caution lo I.ntlles.
Ladiea win are eaau.u, are iciueslo.l to use them
with area! caution, or by ion( cootiuued use rolscai
rlaie la apt u be produced.
IVtaalatueeeryelly lolLe United 8ltes, and can
b aeot by mail to aey part ol the couolty.
n HMITIIt l'ii:i:ci;, aieol.lorMoolpsli.r.
II. S CASH', Hlote.,
1. tt'iUINKIIT.Cen. Aleal, S6S llroadway, N. V.
Au,u.t UiX ' " ,5.1
Y, Vll''?CU . SCIUIIMIII, n..t kind, of
Luajoer in eicbaugo lor Uooda at uut aloic
loaipa)t( kUnb VtnlfiM
fofaelehyll O TVl.Ell.al hie droit store In Moutne
Her Also Uaniphene and llutnlrit Fluid, . nil klnda
tirame. nee, tm sell, h) It. O. Tl'I.HIt
Ginseng ft Mai va.
r jilsrnmpottnd,nrwca'ablihfi In universal fayoi
I by tia ffieit and arhnsw Indeed mull, I
and terommerried by all physicians. This medicine la
baaed upon teclpa procured tn China by Da. Comh,
hecfl brnted nncntal tiaveller Its wnnor arui r ao
rtal la fm PurlfjIitK thr 1)1 nnd, and In all com
plalntaoraltiliiouacha attu, are evryhcraar knol
rtdged. For
Iuflatiimnlion or I he Lungs,
Itlttlltft of lllnnil, riionchilia,enil eerry disease
r.l ihe vital oran., tin. creat temedy ia without a par
allel I'or
Coughs, Croup, Whooping-Cough.
and all Dieaes oftba Throat, It I a sure and prompt
cute. It poee the rcmnrkaMe power ol Dlaanlv
litt;, liOoaeiilttR ntitt HeitiovltifCi downward,
all phlrm that tnav obstruct the thront, and ia wnh.
nut a queatiotl Nature moil potent latnedy fur
and all Dnesv ihat ansa (rnm troths and ne'cferl
Old It ha mreil (' inkr, Sa't Rhi um, Ltjlipelu. 5l
retofuia Disoaae hirh bitve defied tha powai or otti
er medicine have yn-1 led to this. It is pleaiant and
palatable, and aa a
Kctorcr of Ap('lil;f
Itstand civHivaLi.KP. tt ha never been equalled aa a
and fot trrllntlmt nfthe .crvn, Loirnria of
yplrlta, tir llrmliirlie, 11 a aula cure.
The Interesting hiato y of the (Jantenr, br., t lobo
lud in pamphlets, gratia. 'I he c-impound I contained in
One Dollar per IloHlc bU Huttlee for
ios. H A: .l.ri HAXOVKlt STIIEKT, i
OTAI.ofur .sle by the tineip.llliuigiits Inlh. city
andeoimtir. C3 Cm
Discovered at Last !;
A Mystery Explained.
Revolution is Certain ! Victory is ours! I
VtHV TIIBORV OP DICAHB is awakenlnc the
1 tncjnirr in the mindi o( nil who read 1) : tlw ia it
lhal 4eKncaf nave been u litnL 0'l aoalavithly ioi
mnredm dmrknett and igJkvruht on tha suhjret o tin
tm$ ?
I)r, A. L Adams' Liver Halsam,
Isotrari-dto thcalflictid of the futea and Territo
ties for the entiia cure of Liver Complaints in all ta
, HitliMu Paver, Afue and Fever, Ckrnnie Lui.f
raver, Drupairal .Mlttrnun. Uimtumptlun, Howri
ioaapiainis, irrairnea, L';ntery , itneumatisin, Uletd.
ing I'ite, ttlmd I'Hes.Scrofula.all It he urn, Dyspasia 1
Oenern) letiity, Nertouane, Ootlivene, Indi"
llun, itbairueled Meiiatauatiuns, tie. ,
Dr. A. I. ADAM.-' I.I VKR HALAM ha ito.d
the wre k nnd teat lor tha last ft Attn year atui ha
proved io lh most skeptical, beyond tbe shadow ol a
doubt, ihat it i
'I lit: Only ItHiuMe llotliohio liv
ibfina purflyall vefi'taM'') for the permanent cure of
tlf niiai tfiMi. 1 hf iii-Ht ayttcal have turnnir
n. mt sanfuiM votane, ud preaouace tb Liter
lla'aam to be the
f:T.RYlVHKRR. TestlmMtal come up fromavrry
track it ha madr. awollen wiib eipreeaions ol gran I
lode, fir the relief recnivad by Ila use. And in ul- I
mittinjj this Ihe LI VEH HALM A HI i itovmmenda
ta all lhe anflerln( under the
1UO.V flltAsl ()p Till: )IO.STKU DIS-
ksi:, i
and at miro procure ona boiile of A. U. ADAMS'
Tbereailer i refer r-il to ihf aledical Traet, fouod
by makliis ipplfativn to the Aimt, where the IMaam
I sold, Kin ijj i roll fjntntiuj of ih tau and eura nf
alldiaea-. Sold by U. O. TYLER Jt 10 Slunt
pclier. ti. K.SCOTT, aeiural ApriK,
No 67 Ran Julph rftifet, Lbira-o, III'Oih
Anfiixi, rti. 4J.if
Cutlory, Plated Ware,
ri.itrrniKitv, toys, r.vxtv
i i in. " i .r., n v
! Il ri 'v n 1 iiiintt'-r to thr1 want uf tha
1 lll.lir V am! on term that eai.ni tall to uit
IV f ha P o h'nt a t 'Ite art marl of fin VTt,H
E frn.ii ilif ItEttT JMKCHS in Liarp4.l, Tank nod
I !.., "f am nwn impor'aitan and matt aiprat
fur u, Of irlt fivintt u hii sortmnt ol tatter qua!
it than nrr ttfiou fBti in a rourtir j Kop
Al..., a lur aurtmont uf 1LT.K WARE, of
even; (lrrltUia, of oo' own aianufariura aa4 wi rant
ed nf lto W! raatana), an.it ai a rteommaatlaituii ot
ttTlf ax-l Ainal, we orilf nrad a, ibej tflrai tb
f.tt riouuum atuar tuteKair.
Plated Ware
A I.ARGI: ,H.J0:t I'Mr.NT Huehm.Cake tlaikat,
Cattorr, Tea Hat, Idlt, iSjiooo, 1'ork, it
Cetoyflr. Hair Oil, PhaTin Hui aiidCram, a
jraai variaty.
Hair Work.
(ilttica, Wl, Cuil, Ve. a )lor1nj aiorlmeat.
Light! Light!!
Talent fafatjr Oamphaiia autl Fluid l.anif of f vert
raruty. .Uo,Caroaen and Flaldbf tha beat quality
caoataniljr rn ban I.
October U, I? 63. d.
KK 1 V U iTl A I K liTTs"
Uisplajr ol
iti vim nit m:ss a o ip ns
U worthy tha attotioo vf purchar. 'i'Lay Wtf
pemed up" one of tha novaltira nf th raiwa.
Nil I'AI'nitH of all kinda can k pureh.i.J at a
. email advaaca Irom cost lor eaali.
Illollcrs! lilulltrs!
I.Anui: li.t or IILOTTKRS r.r aale bv R. M.
WALTON. Pea t.
.4 LL who want AXES of tha real COLLIN'S 4. CO,
make bouldb partieularto not lea tbe atarnp, as
Ihtvaam ariuu eocaterfeit and laiitatioua fiatoped
rOLUNd and labelled much like our, which ate fre
quently auld in aome pan of the United Htatet aa of
our msnufaefuie. Thuy aremsd in different part- nf
the country by various aif-ni iker, and are feoeiaHy
very infenur Quality. Tbejanuioe COLLlNb AX US,
which haveacriuire J au h acaaleDslve reputation, are
liivstiaMy atamped' CUI.UN'H A. CU HAItTFOHD,
aad each uxa bai s pnuti-d label with my ifoatuii. It
li now mure than twantfive year since wa e omraepe
d the but iseuwith the stsmpol 1 Col tin k. Cu Hart
ford,' and I da not kmiwof any other ass maker of
tbe biioe ofCoihn tuthe LTnltrd Hlatvs.
Auguit, lf&3. Vj:ly
Ai.iril lnJilwuosrirru inn win io r ii t.ie
cuouxli tor Cah, bt H. M. WALTON.
ANILI.va HTItAW r all sues, at 8. M
i'l WALTON'S (lootsure.
1 50 1) OZ. JM lTCTTKLiT
AX 10 11KLVES,
ALSO, AXflB of difTtrent makea at wholevaln and
retail, by y KE1TII Ir. HARK UK.
4 Li;umotiir(raan& Araeni-anCLASa Irom
ef 6 -a tu 5ii ;tJ; jut rscaivrd at
CES-ilsp aa ca dO. oo a a 3 a
SOMKterynlc.andchuiea p.tt.tna may b. ruu
al KEITH, li AUK Bit 'a.
WE liave larfe ainount ut accouota due ua wliicu
mual bep.iil-AMTIIATt9(IO..
W. want it ilisli nelly uoil.rstoii. that we must bate
March, 1st. vj
AlJENTri nr lb. ..I. orM.rev'. COTTON YARN
COri'UN TllltKAU at obolesale.bv
of all Iviod Ftna Dook DUiy cbeai forcsh.
A vsrv fcbod paper fur tbe law prlee or
1.5 er lecuiu.
esll aooa or you loose tbaebancff.
A alee article very cheap.
My 8. M. WA LTOi
hlih u, Ituhouit uuil Collars.
A Few mora riL.s rUBtllDM llCT6and CAVS
iX p ' J f. KINHil N"H.
Axttvr and ilnirtiliitlr sncccisful remedy for th
cure oT all Hilton tliarur. Conthcucss, Indlt
SMlion, Jaundice, Dropay, Itlioumatlam, IVtrr.
ont, 1 tumors, NfrTOnsncm, Irritability, InSimma!
tiona. Headache, l'alni In the llrcaat. Side, lilc,
and lJmtM, Female Complaint., Ae., Ac, Indeed'
Terjr few are tho dlaea.c. in which a t'orgatlte Med.'
cine Is not more or lean required, and much icX.
ne and .ntTerlng mli?ht be prcrcnted. If a harm
lens but effectual Cathartic were more freely n,ed
No person can feel well while a coalite habit of
body prcralla beside, it soon generates senoni and
often fatal diaeasea, which might hare been atolded
br the timelj and Judicious use of a good purgative.
Thi. I. alike true of Cold., l'ercrish symptoms, and
Bilious derangements They all tend to become or
produce the deep seated and formidable distempers
which load the hearses all orer the land. Hence a
reliable family phytic is of the first importance to
the public, health, and this Pill has been perfected
with consummate .Vill to meet that demand. Art
extensile trial of its rlrtues by 1'hysicians, 1'rofcs
ors, and Patients, " shown results surpassing
any thing hitherto I n of any medicine. Cures
hare been effected beSr nd belief, were they not sub.
atantiated by person! iwf such exalted position and
character aa to forbid the suspicion of untruth.
Among tho eminent gentlemen to whom we are
allowed to refer for these facts, aro
1'aor. VALstTIKtt Morr, tho distinguished Sur
geon of New York City.
Doct. A. A. Hates, Practical Chemist of the
Port of Iloston, and Geologist for the State of Mas
sachusetts. Iui.L. Moore, M. D., an eminent Surgeon and
riiysiclan, of tho City of Iwell, who hss long used
them in hts extensire practice.
II. C. Sotrrnwicx, Esq., one of the first mer-
cnams in new lorn. i;itv.
r . t r. ! i cs . ...
v. iAiin, u., oup a ami oarxeon nt me
United State. Marine Hospital, at Chelsea, Mass.
Did space permit, we could giro many hundred
such names, from all parts where tho Pills hare
been used, but evidence cren more convincing than
the certificates of these eminent public men is
shown tn their effects upon trial.
These Pills, the result of long Investigation and
study, are offered to tho public as the best and
most complete which the present state of medical
science can afford. They are compounded not of
the dniRS themselves, but of the medicinal virtues
only of Vegetable remedies, extracted by chemiral
firocess in a state of purity, and combined together
n such a manner as to Insure the best results. This
syctcm of composition for medicines hu been found
in the Cherry Pectoral and Pills both, to produce a
more efficient remedy than had hitherto been ob
tained by any process. The reason is perfectly ob
vious. While br the old mode of eomimsition, ev
ery medicine Is burdened with more or loss of acn
monlous and injurious finalities, by this each indi
vidual virtue only that is desired for the euratne
effect is present. All tho inert and obnoxious qual
ities of each.substanee employed are left behind, the
curative virtues only being retained. Hence it is
self-evident the effects should prove as they have
proved more purely remedial, and the Pills a surer,
more powerful antidote to disease than any otht r
medicine known to the world.
As it is frequently expedient that my medicine
should bo taken under the counsel of an attending
Physician, and as he could not properly judjo of a
remedy without knowing its composition, 1 have
supplied the accurate Formula! by which both mr
Pectoral and Pills are mado to the whole body of
Practitioners In the United States and llritiah Amer
ican Provinces. If howcier there should be anr
one who has not received them, they will be
promptly forwarded br mail to hi. address.
Of all the Patent Medicine, that are offered, how
few mild be taken if thnr cnmpoaltion waa known 1
Their life conaiat in their mystery. I have no
The composition of my preparation! i laid opon
to all men, and all who arc competent to judge nn
the anbjeet freely acknowledge their ronrirtiona
of their "in trinaie meaita. The Cherry I'ectoral was
pronounced by scientific men to be a wonderful
medicine before tt effects were known. Many em
inent Phy aidant haTe declared the same thing of
my 1111, and eten more confidently, and are will
ing to certify that their anticipation were more
than realised by their elfecta upon trial.
They operate by their powerful influence on the
Internal viscera to purify the blood and stimulate it
into healthy action remove the obatructinna of
the stomach, bowel, liter, and other orpins of the
body, restoring their irregular action to health, and
by correcting, wherever they exist, such der.mge
tnents as are the first orism of disease.
lleing sugar wrapped they are pleasant to take,
and being purely vegetable, no harm can arise from
their use in any quantity.
For minute direction, see th wrapper on the
Practical mill Anal) Ileal Cltrnilst,
Frloe 23 Cent, per Box. Five Boxes for SI.
Ateale tor M.ieterl .r SMITH h. I'll.tlCK. I'R
J AH. SI'AI.MIM;, 11. I I1LI:I.
iriICnK.my m.eV.aekrw.waa" Keiinrlya
I Alrillcnl llco cry" ht Wen countrrlf 11
el and o(.l by anpneii4et re-aa, thi mo warn all
c'eeUr and acent, to aard rgeiMt pwfTbatlnf the
piriw end worth ir article end ta rswive thvir
wrptie trmn ey Bhofiicet) aijenl, who will fbrntah
the medit-iuv a tow a it can i ohtainrd timo m-
A an aivttl l appoiaied in aa-h tfiata It' dralrr
wilt lied H a Ktvat Cuovenifiir a titrf tan jr: a mall
quautity nt -h time of patcbjtuif ai.d ave th frnglti
Irom mr pi ir.
Mr. FKllJ K. HilirH. ApoibMrv ami O'ucfi.t,
Mentpeh r, Vt. i fvncial -frnt fii Vermont.
DONALD KK.F,IV, l'fU(.r.Muf.
7S;3nw 190 art an 0t. Ilvshury, M
riiiLADiii.riUA uunicAi. nout4i:-nut'iifa
d90yeaia aihy Dr. KINKF.i.lN, coiner ul I bird
m4 Itmwn t Lotwaeo fpri-cv aad 1'ine, 1'hiUarl
phla, l'a.
Are sptrlcd Ihat Dr Kl VRIILIN ronhne hi prf-
to a part tea la r braaob of m4ieine, whirh wniact
hi uidivltietl attentitM. He cuiiun the unfortwna'e
afljeil the es t m.fiiry , l oond ate antiua'ly
niartutUtliad Ml of life. necnt aiTeclion are prompt
ly eillnfaiabad.
rwcuiy Wars of Kxporictirr,
In Ihe iraataaent ol a elra ufdteae hllhtrl n
lecienl aad lmifaetly uadrtood. ba enable' Dr.
Kl.NKULI.N'.fvfiOAar nf a vrk m 8lf rrtierrat,
to ?rev tbat nine teoihft of tho oaue of oervout de
bility, I owl ami eostituunal weako, maotil and
phyiaal uu"iliifl are warn a bit to certain habits, fur
mln(f Ihe mot eere yet deadly and lata! prie(i uf do
mealte muery and prematura mwrtality.
Taltt; rarllcular police.
There is an evil habh ometimn Indulged In hy huy
In aoltluslf , olteu irowlnt up wib llew io mabbood.
and which, If sot itiormed in dec tune, not only iiejfeii
aeriou chtacle tu inattiaicnial hapine, but
rie to a etieif prt.tractd,U'ditu, aud !vaiaui X
aifiction Few ot ihote who ite wai to thi perm
ciou practice ate awera of the conaequenre. un I
Ihey find ibe nervous eyetciu batiered, feel tttuoa
and onaccwUBtable fteliai, an4 vswgv fear in tb
mi ltd.
Tba unfurlunale thus afTecUd become feeble, 1 ub
able to labor wlih accuatomrd tjr, or to apply hi
mioj loatudrt bia lep la tardy and weak . he u dull,
irreaolute and rafa(ea la In sport with Ua enstfy
Ibau utuul.
If ha emancipate himaelf before Ihe practice ba
Jon it woMt, and enter matfiuony, bl marnaie
unfro.ifcl, and hi ene tell biro thai this iirimed
hv bi early futile. Tkttt aft tMtiitratin vktk
kouU ntcaltn tht (UUh then HmUttf mtttttd.
Itequirf Ihe Iul61ment of eeveial conditions iu rr
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Could the veil whirb cover the ortjm of domrti
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He who places himsall unda-r Dr. KINkLLI.N'
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llenaan, and relr upon ihe a ur .., that lbas'irt
of Dr. R'a pall' ut will nrer br disclosed.
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and ruplatiliiy, eat conotaly Wlnend you.
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thi a fatal teWsUti, and bow many a tumiting murii,
man, who might have been an ornameut lo soctrtv, h'
faded Irom lbs ttartli
tftrlctuie of tl-e umbra are rapUlv remoTi u i tbe
application of a new therapeuttral aut, oed onlr
Dr. K, Itktt4 nud temtttttitutl dtidJg ftt"tl
Card, dflt ttgr itftvrrit,
Can hate (by tiatinit tba-r ea eipliciily, together
with all their tymntoma, par latter encttwiof iruii
tai.ee) Dr. K'i rnvdiLina, appropriated ec'dtiif ly
Torwariledto anr nit of the United Male, a'
packed secuiv from DAMAUE or f UUIU61TV,
v1 ngorvut lift, pt a Vrytatur )ralA, Ati
St If FfTiervuXttui 0y 23 crat.
It la a work nminemly reqoired, at a rueaii of '
forming the vice of tha ej ia which we live Also
riATim t;s taJini:.
Hit fttt tr tht Vewafansa lJtt iiitr-t'
A letter wnh a remittance f cents, or the vaiae
ioiioat tampi, addrecd loDr. KI.NKELIN. I'b'11
detphta, IV will secure a cotif of either nf tba abevt
hooka by return of uiail i or 13 copies will b ,,"
of pottige fur 91. IJookacl'.era, Oeovsttar, Tr'el;
log Agents, tc, supplied wholesale at the publuhct
prices, which admit of a large profit
T All Utter mmi( l a( aid. 7t.ljt
l.litJ. OR AN OU CAR ROT SEell. lot aaleal
tri'irii i. liAitKLU'.
Maicb JO, 1851.
. Machine Shop.
I ANUPACTUR RI) to crder, qn.liort oolite.
All utdet. ptumplly attended lo by
a:, ts, iitv. ion wnsTrr.i.inK, vt

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