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Do toon Best. -This U our ad
vise to young farmers, young me
chanics nnd young men, of every
calling and profession- do your best.
In every tiling you undertake, exert
cverr faculty to do well.
" When I was n littto boy," said a
gentlemen one evening, " I paid a
visit to my grandfather; his vencr
al.le breeches, nnd huge silver Uncc
buckles fdlcd mo with great nwc.
When I went to bid him good-bye,
ho drew mo between his knees, mid
placing his hand on my head, si id
Grand-child,, I have one thing to say
to you : will you remember it?' I
stared into his fnco and nodded, for
I was nfrnid to promise nloud,
Well,' he continued, ' whatever you
do, do the best you can.'
"This in fact was my fathers lega
cy to me, and it has proved better
tlinn gold. 1 never forgot Ins words,
and I have tried to act upon thorn.
After reaching home, my uncle gavo
Marcus and me some weeding to do
in the garden. It was Wednesday
afternoon, nnd we had laid our plans
for something else. Marcus, fretted
nnd ill humored at his disappoint
ment, did not more than half do his
work ; and I being pretty much like
him, until grandfather's advice came
into my mind, and I determined to
follow it ; in a word, I 'did my best.'
And when my uncle came out, 1
sluill never forget his look of appro
bation, as his eyes glanced over my
beds, or the fourpence ho slipped in
to my hand afterwards, because as
he said, my work was well done.
Ah, I was a glad and n thankful boy,
while poor Marcus was left to drudge
over his beds nil the afternoon.
" At fifteen, I was sent to the
Academy where I had to earn my
own way through the course. The
lessons came hurd nt first, for I was
not fond of slud) ; but grandfather's
advice was my inolto, nnd I tried to
I j my best. As n consequencn of
tins, though I was small of my ago,
and not very strong, my mother hail
three offers for me beforo the year
wus out, and onu was from the best
merchant in the village, a place in
whose store was considered very de
sirable." Here then was the key to the
nun's character. 11c is considered
hi. e ol the best business men, nnd
one of the best citizens, one of the
In st officers in the church, one of the
b at friends of the poor, one of the
best neighbors, fathers, husbands,
Iriunds ; in a word he is universally
beloved and respected. And what
is thesecrot of it all? Ilo always tried
to do the best he could. Let every
boy and girl take this for their motto.
Anted upon, it will do wonders for
you. It will bring out powers and
capabilities which will surprise and
delight yourselves and jour friends.
" Do your host," or ns the flible has
it, " Whatsoever thy hand findelh to
do, do it with thy might ;" or in other
words, " Whatsoever you do, do it
heartily as to the Lord."
Milch Cows.
1 have never kept more than from
twelve to fifteen cows, and so far as
my experiene goes, I have come to
the conclusion that it is best to keep
good ones, and no moro than I can
keep well. When they come to tho
bain in the fall, I am careful to give
them n change of feed ns much as
possible To those that do not give
jnilk, I givo the poorer hay, and oc
casionally corn husks, stalks, ifce,
until about six weeks before calving,
when I give them better hay anil
soinu grain. By this way of mana
ging, the flesh that the cow puts on
by her own industry in summer, is
easily kept on through the winter,
with a little extra care, which ena
bles her to bring us a good, strong,
healthy calf, worth at least five dol
lar when four weeks old. To the
cmvs that 1 milk through the winter,
1 givo good hay, giving them for a
change a loddcring of clover, husks
and rowen (if we have it) almost ev
ery day. The clover I alwaysintend
to uso up before tho first of Murcli.
1 feed them on thd chop twice a day,
mixing n few hours before feeding,
giving thciri about four quarts of
shorts and two quarts of cob-meal a
day, with about half a bushel of cut
hay of poor quality, with a table-
spoonful of salt at each lime of feed.
ing. i. Jus 1 think produces more
milk than llin same quantity of grain
given in any other way. Great care
should be taken not to excito the
cow when driving to water or tho
pasture. If the boys must drive
them, do not let but ono drive nt a
time. Kindness pours out the milk
nnd lays on the fat. Kicking cows
arc always plenty where there are'
Kicking milkers. I know it by expe
rience. u n an old and true saying,
that "good pastures make fat calves,"
nnd it is equally true, that much feed
makes much milk. As to the dif
ferent breeds of cows I have not had
much experience. I have one that1
is called tho cream-pot breed, which
is one of the best I havo ever owned
for milk. Thero are quite a number
of half-blooded Ayrshire in the
neighborhood, which have the name
and appearance of being good milk
ers. 1 am rather partial to the old
native breed for milkers, when I can
get the right pattern ; that is, I want
a cow of cood size, ono tlmt will
make five and a half or six hundred crs spread green drcssin; upon tho
of beef when failed ; wide between sward and turn it under from six to
the eyes, small horns, long slender ten inches, and say that they obtain
neck, head inclining downward, ra-' fine crops of corn from the process,
llier a thin skin, broad across the while other declare tlmt thoy have
kidneys, small tail, small flaltish leg tried it with an utter want of sue
the udder large, running well for-'cess. Now it would seem that each
ward and back, equally quartered, , one might settle this queblion for
and the teats well apart, thin thighs, himself, by treating the same field
and bit, though not least, a large with the same kind and amount of
crooKea mtii(vem running well for-
ward, with a large hole at the end.
One thing more should be taken in
to consideration, and that is, the dis
position, which can almost always be
told by the countenance. Tame
nesi and docility of temper greatly
enlmi ce the value. One that feeds
at tae, and does not break over fen' sons what particular process they
cgs, and is kind to her associates, will 'ought to pursue with regard to the
ulwati yield more milk than one of depth lo which manure should be
'ipjwwitft dUpoflition, When I placed from the surface.
buy a cow of the above description,
1 nm pretty sure I havo got n good
ono, and think the nbove marks arc
a very safo guide to purchase by.
New England Farmer.
Labor and Its Rewards.
There is n crcat difference in the
relation which capital bears to labor
in this country nnd in huropc ; in
Europe capital is tho mastci of la
bor; in this country labor is the
master of capital. The law of sup
ply and demand regulates nil things;
capital, labor, oven the increase nnd
decrease of population itself. The
National Era lately published the
following interesting facts relative to
wages of labor :
The average wages of agricultural
laborers in England last year, were
forty cents a day. The wages of
iourncmcn carpenters now in Wn-
lerfordK Ireland, are cigiiy-tnrce
cents a day.
In Central India tho wages of a
field laborer are now six cents a day,
he finding hi own food ; women re
ceive 1 l-a and boys d cents.
House servants nre better paid, and
they arc compelled to wear better
Thirty years ago a field liborcr
cost his owner in tho Southern States
less than a dollar a week, (interest
on his price nnd cost of keeping,)
now the cost is twice us much.
In 1831, average wages at l.owcll,
Mass., in the factories, for females,
thirty three cents u day ; for malos,
eighty cents, clear of board ; or fifty
two cents a day for females, and ono
dollar twelve cents for males, with
out board. The wages in 1810 were
precisely the same there.
Tho wages of labor nt Greenwich
Hospital, England, for cnrpcnteis,
brick lavcrs anil masons, doubled
from 1735 to 1 88, (from ils Gd per
day to 5a.)
The weekly wages of husbandry
labor in England, in 1700, weru
equal to tho price ol fifty-four pints
of wheat; in 1700, to eighty-two
pints; in 1832, to ninety'piuts. (Gl
pints make a bushel.)
From Wm. l'eun's cash book, it
appears that in 1G99, it required 137
days of unskilled labor to earn a ton
of flour cash wages nt 113 cents a
day. In lSli l, such a laborer nt
Philadelphia, could earn a ton of
flour in 78 days cash wages 75 cts.
per duy. Flour was at tho former
period $'I5,:M ; nt the latter $58,32
per ton.
Thus, in 132 jcars in England,
the wages of unskilled labor has
ncnrly doubled when estimated in
wheat in cash they had quite doub
led, and in nearly nil other commod
ities thoy had many times multiplied
their nominal value. Even in the
year 1813, n cottager's Sunday hat
cost 20s, now is; n shirt lO-Mid,
now 3s ; calico 2 9d, now Gil ;
brown BUgar lOd, now -Id. In 1-1
years, from 1820 to 1831, cotton
cloth fell from 12 3-4 d to Gil. In
these years the price of cloth dimin
ished fifty-one per cent, wages re
maining in money price the same.
But what is more remarkable, tho
money price of all tho British and
Irish productions and manufactures
exported from England had fallen in
these M )cars full forty per cent.
Tins reduction continued steadily till
1850, Sll,G3 would purchase as
much of these nitidis which make
up tho multiform exports of Great
Britain, as $91 would havo purchas
ed thirty years before The money
wnges remained the same thu real
wnges had more than doubled within
thirty years in every thing but wheat
and house rent.
The wages of women in the Uni
ted states, measured in thu same
way, nave trcuieit since the jcar
18 18 the period of the general in
Iroduction of machinery into manu
The wages of husbandry in Franco
have in like manner trebled in 130
years. While the process ol doub
ling the vviiies of labor was going on
in England, thu population rose to
fourteen millions.
The facts of political economy
must have another and fairer hearing
than the old school authorities could
givo them. Increase of population
and the unlimited multiplication of
products by the use of machinery,
do not depress wages, but on thu
contrary, the improvement of the
condition of tho laborer everywhere
keeps even pace with all such in
Tho laws which povern society
are better than tho disciples of the
dismal science imagiuu, Lifu is not
necessarily u battle, nor is humanity
a failure. We have indeed n great
deal to learn, but we have ns much
1 hope for, which will come in tho
fullness of lime. Thu present uood
of this faith is, that wo can thank
God and take courage.
I'lowino and Manuiuno. Soils
aro so differently constituted nnd lo
cated, and present so many peculiar
ities of their own, that only n tew
rules nre of general application.
That a gradual deepening of the soil
is beneficial to crops, is a well settled
principle. But even this must be
varied according to thu manner in
which the manure is to be applied ;
so that it socms necessary that each
shall cxpciimeut for himself on his
! land. Some most ciLMnolnrv farm
manure, first by plowing under, and
then spreading the manure and
working it down two or five inches
by the plow, cultivator, horse-hoe or
harrow. An experiment of this kind
instituted upon each part of the farm
where the soils vary, would produce
such results ns to satisfy moil per
G alls ok Houscs-To curegall,
on horses, laKo wuiSKey, ana nun ns
much pulverized alum ns it will diss
olve; with this batno pans ancc-.eu.'
I havo known tho very worst of galls
healed in tliii way, and tho horse
kept in conrtnnl use. I ever resort
to this remedy, carrying it with tne
wherever I joumoy, nnd continue its
uso with undiminished approval. I
npply no other remedy. When n
horso has been put out for tho win
ter, and has not been used, hisbrenst
and back get very tender ; n single
Imtir'a usn. then, on n hot day, will
scald his breast so as to cause serious
injury. My uniform practice, there
fore, has been, for a week or so be
foro beginning to use the harness, to
harden the breast and back by bath
ing them regularly two or three times
a day. No injury has then resulted
from the application of the collar.
To 1'nr.sKnvF. lluTrr.n Fresh
Finding the following receipt m nn
old paper, I send it to you, hoping
that some of jour many renders may
bo bcncfitli d by it :
" Tnku of best pure common salt
two parts, sugar one part, saltpetre
one part, bent and blond them com
pletely together. Ono ounce of this
mixture to every pound of butter, to
bo well worked into the butter, which
is then put upclosu for use. It is to
remain three or four weeks before the
salt is sufficiently blended. It has
beon found sweet when threo years
old." I'iiii.ip.
A FAnMnu'i Wirr.iN OlhenTimes.
Sir Anthony Filzhetbert. Chancellor
to Henry the VII., thus describes the
model farmer's wife: "It is a
wy ves occupation to winnow all man
ner of cronies, to maku malic, to
wash nnd ironying, to maku hay, fill
tho muckwyao or dung carl, drive
tho plow, load hay, crone, nnd such
other. Ami go or ride to market to
sell butter, cheese, eg's, ehuykms,
capons, hens, pigs, geese, and all
manner of crones."
The giuat Piano and 3Iulc
10 S T A 15 LIS 11 M HINT.
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tW P-j, nf lh wll Uldnh"d hn.i t.l' II ifl.il A.
(Jo .Mr W. beiiji iiil'i a j "lit for il I hu nhn e I 411 ih ,
mil otlt-r Ibirti lr tltn mny other l-i.uf. Huruca
Watkii' Pi no, itiunulKtuiffl npn-ly for him.
tmvins Kraut powi r nl to cm nnl cl u'U'ltj touch
3J3 ItroaJwny i the Utfeil o,h1 l.tr Muttdl lnlru
mnnt hi il.it Cotiti'ry. ff.iilm nn o t trliiniljr lr
lrun not to U hut i Iv!m ro. Ssi tuid-h it Pl
an oi t groit trjtrttm. Pr fimo 9'iO to $175
I'.TPry inliumant lull wwrrttiitetl or ill money irIuu
ilcrl. (iomliiinutb. ILulit fii'4 1'itUut Oki Mr
oilruiis, with two lutfc of v t imwi nn
iontrlot inairunKTit Prtrvt I mm $75 ti $K) i. 11
& 11. IV. f Mitii't tttibratti UtLOotum. MtRTin't
vnrma'teii (iuiTAft, Ilrown'i Harp, ('lutiniti. Viotlnft,
llra intirumenu, e , ttr l)ter uoot(J wltli
PitntinI Meloifrona hi Cictij pmc. I "J 1-9 rr
ce'ii uifuount to i;terf)men.
M If S I c
Till lit comuloiihe urmlm-Hor U9 jrtat mttfn
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llonnl tli eliiiinn n po mlir nt-cf til tho ili
l4l-rin Mutie, Did Teaelit-r ol inilinrit wUhmf
to urrrtMfi uny ntU'in uMmhttrl, or on k uf rit2ninnt
lor ro'ttinu'i; iii'H"ii oi tir. iv tier unve uu,
will find it to their Iniriittt tncill of turward liir
nrJorn luiaai to any mrl of lb t'nton r ('na
d.a, pofltiff (tyn. T7 3 n IP lt W T. VV l I'-lts.
Cheap Cash ilookstorc, Ititiilery
VMO.N'i; the -fill I )1. ItOOK' K.ti Cin rind l'owu'
1, it, 3 ami 4 lndf ; IK rtp.ltra . nd r'
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intr, W'witl' nw K114 lt.initnai , VVod' I ilht (!niti
ninranil IUdr , UiKirhnibti'ii' Firl l,i'.,ni in i ..in
initin , fonliy'a liimti Hitmnioi , Adam' N w A
rittimeite nnd Ks j ! do. )C vitt-d do. , Cl unn'a
Aritlimrtir , r.inMlun'i do. ; Hnii'h' Hifi I-hmibs n
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mnhy 4nd AtUa, lit-! odtiton ) uluot'4 tind Pirl)'- ,
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lit Ml ttS& Tack, clr nd 1 ' irlu rinily:
Pr"r tluokt , Vit' tod Hwltin, asd Muihodut
II ton Uuokk, lUi not' .Note-,
The mirk of Willi, fnuu, Omiiphf II, Potto, I Jow tit,
Ph ik,rtt4rr( TlioiuiQH, Pull-mk unu i hiti ,
HUU (at H10 Hulltiir?, liotf mtdttiM Itowlj,
H-inio rntii'i, MarxHrtl Perm), (ia4inf I.iAi,
liaiiiu & Gran tit, rWitd rticot iw IrrtJft,
Uitukaof Hnub, l'(itui. Twit- ol a J r oiler,
IhilltiT nd Conti.olo no a Ntirihioji, 13 y'iraUv,
M iy JUrlia and n(lierlln, ivied tdtliuu J
J. iiiiinaii.'i lluti'iy of Votnint,
'J hotnooui Vonuont and Aptt'd't.&.. be,
A lo, good lot uf
Mr !lnMUnd4 ftitw KdjUiiil llouketntrtcoiiiilrr-
! the bi-I pobll'iibU
Cole '4 l)inof liuiuiio AAinia, without doubt
ll a hi at wlariao hoo. rvr Uod.
Stationery of all kinds.
Ptiii,Pa!iCili, lukiUiida, ltdiir 4od Sohool,
'1'tavullitis tnkttnH U, lltiilli, iimt st nd l)oia(
Wulor whila. liuiiaoareot and to J , (ftlti Uiui( ,
ludohbiti titk, tar, atliij Wax,
Itidir' Not and Lriiei P'r, rulod nil unrulad,
lilii ud i-liin lUitolut to luhlrh Bom ruia ,
Pen Kntfo, Wafm Ilovt, Port I'tdioa, Port ftlwiiiei,
Cu mi i, (,'aid of all ktudt, Vltltlllj od (Jaiutl,
WmHidf Caid and Oak lloiea,
H11410I lluard all ! aod thiakoa,
liiuwiif I'm nar from Vap In tfupvr Itojraf ,
llonnvl lloard, Hiraw llo id Hiudei'a Junk Hoard,
(ili CutfcMl tod Hafblfd P4Mr
A lar lot tf tl.a bi it in (tuall. Pml, 4o. tod
hrhoul iluulfl., Wr.tins llooki. Hlatea o' till ai
tu well lundr.
Iftlter, Comnitcia! Note Cor Duinjii Lvttar, $
chtiapai ou cau turchao it lo Uosion, lulod and on
Utoil, llaalium, t'oIioPott I'ott Office, Uook Cover!
lllottmt, VC.
500 B;i-sa: (wiuhmnu.. .......
11 LANK lUt)Kf MCMOItAMilMSo! all kutdv
Cootaotly on liand, and road to ordr,
Panphleti, ila(azinta, ic, hound to any atjta de-
Coitomt-ri leodinj thair ordeta for Ptobite, To 11
oroihtr Uteordf, Journal, Dockf U, or 1mm) k ruld
aoiltx.uBd to ao ptttcra whatcrer may raljr joa re
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ilr. t. l)4Vi, ho0 accuracy od wotkraantkiri In
tbli biaech of bo tine b4 bvaq ao Urori y known
forvorhl yara pl, will giT ihi Oapaitutcnt bin
pttiuli aiUnuoa. t. M. WALTON.
lo tba Htoro ao long occupied by H. P. Wnlioo at, E,
P. W4IU0 At hoot.
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1)URK dry and rround Wlutv Lead and Zme, Wbtta
. Ztoeio Varirb,r'oreoeo While, Fire 1'ioof Taiot,
U. kl. and Ptu. Itlua, Utiiome anJ Frentb V-lluw,
Uttflitth. Chiaate aad Atnerieiii Veruillioa. Chiorue
and faiii Ureaa, lUilad and Itiw Oil, Turpentine and
VeinUh, and many oihar articl in this lioff which
will U ul t vary low (or caib by
.May 4, iWl UCOTT A, FIKI.U.
A m:v lot ok-
West India floods anil (irocerlcsj
Hicaivail t.i day by FKE.NCU At Hi'.UIONEK.
M unipelirr, klay 9, US ,
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W'uiL in Li Horn, in tLa Leu an la. u..,..,.. i
lvo aaiiafactUa.
1'araeU Jeltal French it Bcrthaer1 Htore, Montpe
Het Village, will be liken aodrtlurocd w1tr.9u.tiue
C,b palj for Wool aod TeWa.
Warrt, May 27,151, W-eo.-nC J C. I'ARKr.H,
AM.iiitiQIMlMAN t.4 AUKniCAN' Clm for
ttle low by
n. i. ism. i9 urorr t riui.n,
Stato Street, Montpcllcr,
(Ot.r F.lllt II Btricrefl't Stn? 1
IB Pftiit,l to take IAUIIr.KUKilTVPCSr Ike
I Nrtet I tltettr A beet title, witianlnd food. Com
end tee
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Kl:lTII tt H.MIKER'8.
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And Itlack AValimt
vj:m:i:i:s .v icoauds,
II'rtT reoeived c ,irl lor , liv
8. W. AIlllUTTfcCo.
January Jl, 1M3 IS
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Wootlworf Iin cV Oaiiii'N
rlllll. I I. WIMtS.CI.WllO Mill PI. .KI!-, Blind
rbor., Hollo. Atiitut.. I'm.t Mill, Iron Av
ln.. Ilanch .ml J.M'h ft li'W., I'uncli lf..r.,
i.e., Tiru Il.nduig uad llr thi .Mudiin..
sudi:a.m) isAKi iatui:s.
Tho British Quarterlies,
Blackwood's MAGAZINE.
IjKONAKD srOTT"& CO, Nuw York
cotilinue to Ki-pubiith the fnllotving
Itnii.oh Periodicals. viz:
V'aii'). 1
3 I 111'. N'luril It K I T I - 1 1 RL ( Pu . Churrli )
I. THK WKril'MlNHTbU UL'l I BW ( Li' ifi)
Tht r--iot rri'irnl at it ul Bur ftrfan titTir will
romlcT iiin tuhlieutiuii imiMuail inu-rrKtma; ituritif
lite teitr .851. 'I' tj will occupy a mid.l'a fiuuml de
I wrnn t he Itxt-til wiiMrnnrM i(-tn, crui permit
I Hum, il nil tU'M lU'niMnf tln (ttW JiiUrcal, Mlirl ill"
Mntlnr'Mt Tonia i( t-ii funiff In man, wrliUn nflet
tlia living intarMiiaHl Picitam. nt ollht frett (ioitiek
avonta ol tin 'im- fcll tavo pard iwiv. It i ti
thtia IVrlwli' that ittfr mut loud fur ilii- only
raally inullll'-l and rail ibf hiatttrjr of current
van. nwtaf neh( 1h il111i4Hi l lttn wtl'Mfitililiih
ad huury, aitivtitiMs, and iliol 'richI chHractei, we
urea Oram Utm ttva ctmidor ttua ul tha rahn2 public
Arrrftifoiiiflnm ari in ptocrra tor tha reeji,ii f try
tiatl from alt ilif ll'itikli 'ublttirrt h which w
tttvll h Mttla ipla allour furiut iu l hnnda f autt
ot ilfi . ibtiut a ifMn aa Hit can Ih furmtherl wnh
tlte rufifti c4t,tio, tlthoifh tin will larttlva fiv
UrgemitU on our .mrt, e ah ill ciioilnua to rurnili
tho p tfiiMieal at ll-e in lo raua at Lofttfor,
Vli I
TEU.MS. Teran.
For any una ofiha fnui HfHfl( (3 00
I'nr an i wo nl iIim four Uirwtl A U0
Por any thr ot tlm Iniir Uiw, 7 00
rf nU muri'l thg tNvitw, r3 IKI
I'nr nia'hfHi4,a lUiiriia 3 00
Pur ltlMeaootl and mraa Urviawa 0 0
I'.rll i ari il mid lit foui Rintwi 0 U0
I'hj mt tu Ito mu'lf in .ill cu- in adanfe. Mon
jr i urrtiui in llo tala wnaru iaua l, will u teceiied
at par.
i Ghibbintr.
1 A Jiaionltif innl 6vh )( ant. from ihHabove
prlca will i ullowfrt tu itrrif nr. Imn f intna
fnitiea ol it ii v imi r mora ul lli aUuvu vtorln Thu :
Ktiiir ropie ul llUck woml , --r ii' inn Up ii , wi II Uv
iil lo una ttoMifta fwr 't, Tour ropiPt ol tba lour
Ilt'Viaw and lllackwoml fr k.IU, mid an on.
In nil lha nrininil Cltia Hid 'I own th wuiha
will hedVlivniHd lhoU(h ASi oi, FUUH OP l'OS I
l tu ii fnl by mait, tho l'ml ijr nnv P'' f Oi
Uaiii'ri tf'atea will bt. I'rtKr FIVIH KfVTHy-r
.i ko.d,a..d l.ui 1 IU VKCI.MH a jshi for
i of I ho lMita H vit-
'"ll Mlltiiitr and i imuuniri! iin ihould l -d
wktti, ol naiti.to ill ulhatit t
70 Fulton t real, Knlrancn .11 Ui.l 1 iret, Nrw Vura.
N U L. ti. Ac Cnw hurt) rfitantlr publiahtrtf. and
hi) now loraalr. tli l'uMi'nr' (iuide.1 tt llanrv
Htpphana of Kdlnhurfh and lrof. Norton ofalOol
lrg) Nf w llivpit, Kompla in 9 o'. ntjal ntin,
Mintniiinc 1600 iiajr, H atl nn 0M) wool rngrav
in. Frien. in muiliu binding. f6 , la iipvrouTrt
fur lh nmit. $A.
bit moil U nattha old 'Mtooli of lh Farm,'
ilwly ravtlfftfmid thrown upon tha inarkt't- 2
Looking iluss(Si
pOStJ-4H,NtI u7itr fariltiiaa fur fltln- thfm
1 0(i, i nan otfer Initurmanla in tki iliiarintfltoi
uijr h u-i fjinifeliinR nlalliliuiint oo whtro clta Lu
be found lultil nalshboihooil.
Montp0lit,8-rt S4:4't
My Roljry riainins Muchine Una iui hnrn dec mud
not to infringe Hie tvoidworth Mi.:lilne by tlm tiu-pit-oie
Court of ilia Unitad hutea, und I atu now pre
pwted lo Bfll hM tout! in all patta of the IToltad
tiiatea. Thia Machine xtvoa um rial allileclleD.
It obtatnoda Medal both in New York n-1 linatou ov
er i ha VtHdimli AUchuit, ar er h ti al of three
N-(J. NOltCltOH.
lrf)atl, Feb. M, ISM 7 1 6mo
Tins o ii iTiTi I I' Iti ci! 1" slli I open
Aia leceiviof from the beat manufactories in, tbe
country, a better itock of
noirsr. FimMsiiiN'ocnrinsTiuN nvER nc
f..i ulTerrJ m thi MKI'KoroI.ld. Inllie
Ilrp4rlm.nl or l'LrilMTl'KU&CIIAIlId,
out tluct cuo.iil, or eviry ttrh'tjr or
MAIlUUANY ROCK, Glnt'l Eu,, tntl I'AULOK
IIUREAUS, Caiio am) Wood Beat
Clmirs, Picture Frames,
Ornamontod Chambor Purnitm-o,
Anr) gretl variety orcommon rooil, mtdt loouiown
-fcntljcvs & lUntluaosco.
A new Ul ofC.MU'KTJ, bmlit einrei.l, for ,nei
trttln, at very low prlctt, nod will te o).l correapuad
1 ro.KA ruoa fjrr?pna soodi, we will ,ttl
2000 llolls of Paper Hangings
l fleetly reduced price,. Koi evidence, piece eell
od eienime, 1 ll.c old' IIIIAI) UUARTt'.llB
(OllMKItl.V J. V. li.MBUV'd
Alonlpu.ier, Jtnu.ry 13, 16AI. C5
Maps of "the War in theEaat,
Wry cheap.
Ala?, r-pei vt all kind. J'or aalahy
77 ti. M. W ALTON.
I ARdl AflE! II A Nil PA m'l! It Kill M,.lri-i.:.
MANUFAOTUUi:Ki4, &aipeliar,
rCUSON'd wlahlnt Tor a aunarior artielo ul V.
atntio covered i'tifiaxe, IVefone r laiyba ire
pruiiiil intiiaa iueautio our vvtk,
tttTAH rJu piumtly attended tu,
V. CUitiiii, Jao. W.
11. &. mm.
j I I AH Juit ieturncd from Ni;V VOKK with a (ooJ
I ' aiiortmaatof
Broadcloths, Cassimoros, and
wkicb ke will make pln the Uleit t)laaana beat
&CT GAKMBVTd CUT IW olUt to malt on tad
wairanted tm ft.
Iw.-n. nn i iii nunuiio.LULIUS A.I U BUU i 'a
Btl'dttTHOFMUV YORK tUIO.H,ruriel.
May 1 lPi3, ft-j
till. KCNNKDVof lloiunrt, haa dfieofcrrd In
11 onn of mir eommon l'ature WVnIa a rrmedr
llit rtire. LVLUV KIM) OF HtT.M()ltt from ll.a
ort Hrrofula down lo a common I'lmi'lr1. Ha hni
xtUd ii m ovet elfn hundrcdcaoa, and netrr failed
cir-rpi in iwoeitu, (both thundei humor.) Ila hi
now in hi poeiaioa nvar two hondred certificate ol
fta itup, all within twenty mil of lloaton.
Twnbotia ife wtrrcated lo cure ruining aore
Ona tothi-fehotilf will e ate the wont kind of pirn
plea on th lace.
Two to three bottle will elnar the tyiir-m of hilt.
TwobotttM are warranted In cuie the worn canker
In th mtuth and atnmkeh.
Thrf tn rife Sot tie ire wtrrintcrJlri cure the wora
caieof Ilpela.
One to two butt let are warrant ad to cute til humor
In the M-e.
Two bottle are watuntedto care tunning i f the
car and Ii loir be amnnj lh4 hali,
Four in an liuHUitre watrautvd to cure cot f opted
tanninf ulcer
On bottle will cute icily eruption of the Mn.
Two to three bmile-a are warranted to cure tha
wont rati of lifigworm.
Two to three hottl are warranted to cure the
mott draper ale cam of rhtvnttiim.
1 hree to four bottle are wnii anted to cure the alt
Fit to eljht boliln will cure the worl cae of
A betieRt I alwita eiperieneed from the firit bottle
and n peilectcure 1 warranted when the above quan
lilt t tken.
Nmhinc Ptoki lolmpfohible In thore who have In
vain tnrd nil tne wonder 11 mdlrttte or 1M duy, av
that n common wend, ftowlnx on the paiturte and
along old atone walla, ihould cure every huimn in the
yfftriii, yet I; if now ft faed fact U you have a hu
mor it Ml to alrt. There are noiTa and and, hum
nnrhn' ihout It i itlng tonn- em hut not tniu.
f iM-ddtrrt oter thonaand boitlfa f it to the vicmilt
tif Ilo ton. I know the etTaeti f it in everv enie. Ii
.a nht-ady iloneaomeof the freateil curra nvar done
in Mn huaalta. I g-nvelt tn children a year old ; lo
old people of aiit-. hie ifli'l poor, punt t woimy
hitikina; ehilihen, whine fleli wai mft and ftabb. re
mote,, lo n petfeet atate e.1 health hy on batll .
To ihoan who are inhject to ilck headache, one
with- will alwaya cure it. It U trnut mltef in ra
unh nnd dirarnw. ?offl who have takm it have
h' en rotlivn lor vein, nnd have bean regelated by h.
Wtierr tie nouy l ponna it wori quite eny, out
whnre i'r ia any deriuennni of tea fun e lion uf
nilnr,n wtllrauae vi-rv incular feflio, but you
mut ii"t hit alirmetl , thoy a wa dlaappoar In from
rur ! t a week. Thre i never n bad reault from
h: nn the fontrarv, whin that fnnlint I fooe, tou
wi.I lri-1 tuiirirlf iiho a new peraon I heatd aome of
thr in n i .itntig,nt encomium ol tttliatevor maa
!itnrd i"
IS. .t hum in the intai o' I' Ir-m Medicine haa ever
b ti r r i vi d ly i !n (motif w ith o murti Invnr a I hi
imph' itrrparation. It i now coinpoaed of nine differ
em hrrl. In May ir5'2, when 1 coo. me need imikiujfa
burin' "f tt I ixlii about two bottle per dav. In
Jim, IK.t, I eo'fl 4 J i 'luttlt-. In Orteiwr, Ir63, I
told CI iU dultlei I liotrti )ou will call that rloifif, well,
1 do.
lo mt own-practice, I conflae It tnetlr lo humeri,
hut ilx-rn ir innia who arn ao ntiiuiitlic in Ila fvor
they tlnnk what rurrd them will cure any thin; ami
any hnitv . they f rrdin(ly leeommead it fur every
t et of .iieae. In thia wy n frat many virtue
uf ll bavi' '010 foun-t that I never would upcl
ttC4 of ()fpffiM, mt many ran atandiny;, that
w itheiood t-Terr known remedy, h ire been peioianeol
ly i-uted.
I know onemnn tn ain 17 lb, hy taking thtee not.
't a a it tli t 1 1 lo" n not her 10 lh , and ancther pain
7 thvthr rncrabln Mtei K(ikinn( of llntH.
tu d i" i?uf tho LiVr It t n .nrie. I know aev
ml with yellow 'km nnd eya. the Hidy amarialed
andthH m tid meUicliolj, jt t ht and cheetful by a
i-w b Ith p.
I know mtrrml cue ol Drnpiy, aad one pirtiratar
.y bid. A I dy aged 79, wm unab'e to nvw hei
. imiip for tro i4tiwislv j iii.fimo muchretfrd
be wi rKilueed in eircnrnfmenro tlitrt-four inrhi',)
a lu vi it tier iimnda in ernl nitvh)orlns town
Anoi lu'f hud the (lrnpfy in hr tilt fft and wm on
ulile to w.tk for nn yi-ar, r-omviime weliinf tn an
t nor mo ii sire , nt In i buivifd, uukina; a bid wound,
which fifiilil nut )- lienled, Uy trtkinj thioe hotlte
and uioj two lioim ot oiiitmr'nt lo i now quite
ell. U ii) ! hi o Mkn mine lal and oMitr lean 1
o.iimot tvli, hut ao it t.
It hut Ui-1 tie en lound to he a tore cure for tho Tan
nnintVm. In o'ir i hoi tlto firt "-locnlol put i-ft the
til t wo hour. Our Iml i to rure-i him A not her i nnie
home l ")' iml mil i il br in lirollier lo tiy ll.
Threo I. i tic i-i ( t hiin
It lilioritc io art-it te r-f in the Athmn. A
Udv in I i rt tv - w i uti 1 1-1 t t ho i ti i-fil lor iiuin.
her nt y H-, aho can now lie wnimot thu leait moon i
V I'ltlTI M.
A 'i-lr m XWyin m'h ot iho ue of her li t tide hy
ll-e KrteiM I n. "n ihe afcond tiotttt', alii' hruko out
:aj on joib ! huuioi from tif u lo loot. In a few day
fir wm n It
I h' t ily been fonnd hi Ii etiunlly aood lor humor
ontaoif tnsidff, (tn'tina it inwardl in tho oiannttniK,)
ftr RiyM'Ua, l.ili Hhum, riuiilea on thi Face, o
oy eidftii. n of the kio wmtlnvei , nly wlmre tho
fla h i r aore tu moat ili'.uL" it wnh WMier.
When ninii weak ewiugh u ia the het eye waib lor
wnak nil wntftrv eye that I rver caw.
Other " tt lo rlamao the dandrutf out of the hair
and ftliennthen K rqnta, which it cnrtainly duet, and
to erswn .til, it made iho lui' to fiw on ha hi head,
which, il I had not aoea with my uwr e)e, 1 would not
hYe from jou or an) body cle.
A regaiui dieunp, I never eama aero the fmt per
ron tbit ear gotuay hen til Irom it- On thu contrary
minber rente lo death door hy it, a it five the hu
mor the umter Ii ind. My medicine require tho moit
nourishing load yuu Can et. It will anon you an
II t nt for a moment auppone that I warrant a cure
of alt lliotn dlaeae lit every eae. I mirelv tell you
what it bar done, hopinaj It will do the unu for you
I do not w.iiinnt it cure to nut niio hut liumor
whi ro il iiwrr fail. For further pailiculiii nee the
11 rrul i r trninnlearh hotlio.
No i I tiif1 t't dint nerraaary. 11 t the het you can
'icet t "nt ooofh ol it.
I have oi hr'i, iiiimeifd m olive nil, a;atirri fie to
ful'tu awfhin of the iinck and biirferttte eur. I'riee
.'A nam )tfi hot
Dibeciio-b roa oe. Adult, on taVU mfal
p-rdrti , rhildian ol eihl tear, darit apooaful ,
friMii fivi to eijhi, ten innnrul. Aa no dirtctoo can be
auplicnhlf- i -11 rititiutiona tnhri aaovcb to opeiati
on ih" intwfU iwirf n dar.
Mmiuf-iriur.'dandrtrotia bv 1M)N LO KRNNF.UY,
ISCt V'nrr'ii Client, Kotl-tir-.
riKltt'K oitpolier, Aertla foi Ver
noi.l. 7i6mo.
Ncwell's Vatent Fluid Lamp
and I eerier,
irtlirlt eanout .iplMl, .1 ciplotlitil ; alirt
on Kabihiiiou and rata al
M limit, r, Miv'-'C. IMIINNKV At Ml' A IPa4.
Afll , liOaRtf.&c.cua.Uutly on h.nil RifHorinl
J... i, '51.
Real Estate for
'IMIK h(jn.;niHr,It.Uaireuor eiifrasing In rural
1 pursuit, lor tho betnetit of ht h. allh, olfara loi
ala the tulltiMtojr reiil etnir In tho vill ga f M Gal
lic her md vicrliity i
(lu leirlettce un tlali-trert. noar the Uourl
llue. Tw ilwelttn; hiu, I wu utut lee and baa
itiem t ei rh, on llif htie'l near the Htate Hume
t It and nearly fitibed. One del.in; hu, ftniy
nnd u h t't hi jh, ptoasamly Inflated uu t baad o lh
nv. r at th luwer part f rftate-ireM. huillmj
lt tin lluhiwrd-alieei, laadiej lo lUrre. Hi rya n
Ijiht buildmz loll, iir-rlouktna; the village, on Mam
street 'I lnrl.-lt acre fwaeellant land, principally
'0tred with valutibte ItyaHim'ter, ua tha Urrlin ilda
if the vitlitgo mill piind AU, a valuaSIn water pnv
ilecwatxl law mtll, with iwu acree ol jod (aiwlan
neied imn ttf the bell Wotar puwttr on thtvViroiki
hivar, three mile fimn the Itiilruad lpnt in Meat
iialifr, and on a lvl made fotwl hnrie riiad Ivydmf tu
Danville. All or any pt ul lha hove pMiHMy will
he aold.on reaenblelerini,and on vradil ifdvired.
Monipelir, Jan. S3, 16SI. C7.
A New and Valuable Work.
Illustrated Amcrictiu Ulogrnjihy, '
("lONTAIMNtl eorreel poitraiti, and IiiikI iioticwa.
J oflhe 1'ilLNUIl'AI. AUTIl 'N A31CUIUAN
lllrfl OUV, frwin Christopher Colurebua down l the
prenl nine cmuplrleiiteix vulaiuee, one volume to
lit mued uq nually ,aud ill b- divided into U jarii.
I'AUT 1 Hmbiaeinf the pound from the lucov
erv hy .uhiinbui,lu tha llacliratioa oflndrpMrleoce.
I'MIT . J.uibracincibe pwriod f nun the DetUra
tioo ol ladependtuc) to the War of 1813, with Kni
I' A IIT III. Kmbracln-the Period luHiequent to the
I'ubluhen, New I ork.
le , U l , If a rj
Wiodior, March tO.lBfiS.
A.A.iUL.i,i.aneral Aieni fur crmuri.
t ...h tfl 1RR1 tl let
Ii the place where yuu ran Gnd efy article in the
UAEItlS CffWSi2tIBlSl'Sr
A.e.,&o.. and wa aie alo prepaied to furnlili it lu
laiye or email quotiliea ai dnired and al the ljweit
pncea KLt'J'M II BABKKR.
Linseed Oil.
rtillK HunierlUr will furnliii the public with our
I l.I.N HEi;n OIL at Iloiloa price, with fieijtn
adJnil, dtlivrtat at liii Oil Milt, 10 Mi ddlairx. or
attbe Alontpeliar Itopott ai may be preferred by pur
rtiaiari. Hil an icalleit artielo for cow land
othsrcatils, atpi conitanil) at li.i 31111, and lonala
by the ton or boiliel.
MiJalaaai, March 4, 1843. ftttf.
Important to Young Won :
Bowman's 30 Ready Ways to
Make Money.
I OFFER fttf aale upwartli ol Thirty difleraat Ha
I ceipti, many of Hbicb bars bain sobl tbt pait jraar
for five dulUra apicca, and tba whole coranriiiwc iu
utaay ditfaraitt bi to make money. lotbaiala ol
ono ol tbaia aiticlajijilont, I baa known youoc "tea
tba paiiyaarto rotas from Gfetu twenty (ivadalUri
tdfi and ia ida uioaulactura and sale of any one
f lha artlli, ao iuun( mn ol argy and ability can
fill to male mooav.
AdJrai. i;. IHUVMAN, Hoiton, Man. a nolo 1 ox on
dollar, and tba whola number ol rcalpti will b for
wnded by wail. No letter lakeu from tba office uo
Un prepaid
)e. M. C'3;Ciuo.
I I AllTFOm COLI.INH AX"1 ctu l.e r.uoil at
ritlir. Uc.t .r CUlllllil.Jl., lur (ileal
1 4 KI.NfJMA.N'S.
'l'HBplat. I. lay (iOOI)j CHEAP aol tai.tl,.
..V..,;.IJ.r.'1.1,'"'tl",),"f inb.l, holitt a
InAMlAI. AMS0ttTME.NT,.ltllf I.P.ll oflb
r.ll.wlaf, .It! '
JJTuol.N 8. Pl.iler.
yK llbli a.ltcll 8uoe Limt,
IW hm n.ur.
Wbile t'uh aad MatklLaw Tr.ul,
10 Mict.relaad8.ltr.il,
.uin,.,. ..uu . ,.e,
IU) l!..t.r. I. 8, It, (ivrf ale.)
Tobacco, Tea,('.rr.e,le(4r,,ti,rup, SUUnc.
CualncUvaar,. Alb., a...
Ila.n cmtuiaer, will u.l . t,r eiaplj, fu pile
are wbattbej a.t.
,r ...... p' K VVLLtU
Tlht CSliitnitf tht Umttd Strtrt,
I mot humbly and ainctirely thank you (or the
Immense puronige which you have bellowed opon my
Fill. 1 take tM opp, Munily of itntliif tht my An
eeilora were all Amerlein Oillieni, art-l that I enlet
tain for all that cenMM Atnefita and the American),
the mott lively ymp4thiea,o much i thai I ottgtnat
Ir compounded the Fill riprenly to aolt )ooi rt.mate,
habit, constitution, and maniter of llyiif, iniemlin;
to eatibli all myielf among you, which I have new done
hy taking premise in New Voik.
3 Ciraer .1 aarf .Vaaufrff(, ,ia Fark.
Thr Citifena of the Lruion n(Tnr much from dn
ordera of thr I Iver nnd Piowtach, acnery any kra free
from lh intlaeoeeor theedetrnelie maladlea, heore
lila wear tart. The lair ex, pethapa the ohhi hand
tame in the World, up to a eettaln period when, dia
treinf to a iy. many loom their teeth and good 1-Mtk-,
whllo yet in the bryday of life, lueb rail etila may he
ettfcOiMlty remrdii d bt continually keepirg the blood
purt, antt ihr Liver nnd ti-mnrh in a healthy anion,
when hf will fl .w aniuoihly, nod reaemble iUnl in a
cort(niaI I'll ', where ao fterntl apiint apieaia lo
re ten. A it regard the prpnervatton of the humnn
ffme, and the. duration of ll, mfb ma be tf-ctd.
and I eay ftaileiile.thal health ri life ean be pioton-
eu tur inuv yeaia bayuml their orditMry linilitt, .f lltil
Inviu'a Pi IN are taken to pat lf the tilnod areoidint
tn ihv rulf ,iddn tor h-ailh contained 111 tha direc
tion! which Krcompany aarn hot
A CASE OF wkakm: AMI 1)1. fill. ITV, oF
Capy a LfUtr ran CdjKai JthnJkn9. Atr Iht
.Vrw Vert, 4id JHry&tht I6ii.
To l'.ofeaior Ilnlleway, 33 ("er tier of Ann and Nati
Htreet, New York.
Fir, It il with the mol he an fell plaare I havn
lo imform ou 1 hat I have been reatnred In health and
imnrth h inking jeur lllh. Tor tbe tait ten yeam,
I urtrrfd from a deiana;innl ot the I iver ami Hrom
aeh, and wm induced lo inh an aitieml'v that I
op my Jhi, never etiieeti- g tu fn m Haa an more, a
I had triad emry Itatrdy thai vtaf teeonmended t
me, hot all to t.n purmee , end had Jtvrn nijcjf np to
di)iaie, wlnntwiiaat litt t(CMmenrhMl to take
your Pi It. AAer uaiu( idem fur three month, tl t re
mit i that 1 am now in heller hen Ith than I have ben
ftr efevnn yean pait, ahd ladaed mi well a aver 1
wai in ray hfe. You are quite at ride Mr t rnikt. tin
known lur the fur tbe benefit ol other.
I tematii, Sir, tnuia rpan fully,
(irnvd) JOHN JotlM'l.V.
1'heac rcletirntetl IMlla nre trontlri fnlly
I ei1!! cm intia hi tlte rllt In i .impLiliila t
Atue Dobellly Uea-ache Pftofula. or
Aihma lro,y Indif elion KJng'a Hil
Ihlioua t'o'.' I rvaipelaa Jaendire tloie ai Crate
Uloirhrnnrt f fmiln Ir- Livirt'om Saroiidaty ymp,
th tktn regulantH nit ml Yrneiettlirfec1
Howe I Co'i'' I'ovara null File Worm, all kind
ConetipntKHi of kinda Utrteotlnn Wini,hvui
ilia howtl tinut of Urine whatevri cauo
"ild n the eitnl..i.meut nf Troffaaor Hol'o
w iy, 3", i'l.nt' r of Ann and bju ltri-i-i, , w
iirh , mm U al) re up ri utile l)fU(;i( and He. I
er in Mriticnta I hi(iuvhniit I'm lrtited Mile, in
I'ott ft li-m - .m 37 I i!ct,B? r.ntund ..'0r ntcerirh.
To tin h d hotcaalt nl tht pnn - I I'ruf II oa in
the Cixun, uiirl by FREH. E. MI I'll, Monipi Iter, Vt
$y I lire ia cu.iid ia')lt 4tu( In 'akinjr, thu I
laiflnt IX",
N.l). Di.nctiona f'i the fnidnnrn ofratlent la
evoi y dianrdei tire affli d to each tox. Ml ;wl).
An invaluable Book for 25 cts, j
14 Every rauiily should havo a ;
XV5J1T,IAN nv: most 118
w iir. iiUNn:nii MKPir
Ct.ntiit.ing an nui'ine uf the urig'a, troje,
trel metii and cure ul every tonn of flite, mn
true ted hy proomctioua mai lalereuurie, hy ell b
uae or hj t. tunl ! , with advicf lur thai, preveic
tioi,, wrulnn tn It rat Ii r H ja 4vmdinittl m ttcal tech-
nieaniM a, anu everininj iaai wouiti nrreeif tlia er ot
deeeac, from the rtauli of anme twenty year tu rt -ful
prariire, eilen-ivt I davt. d lo the couran ol dia
aiei nt a delicate or privnte nature.
To which it edded, r r.rtptt for tbe i ura of lheahi
diieaac, ant n iraaiie on lha ciuti, y nittn and
euro ah he Fever and Ai.
TT1TI HiN V or I'llB r ft OKA .-OR l)F OR
I'IIIA-"I)K IIU.S IHfrt ilSlflCAl. M NUAL "
The bUthoi oflhi wora ilike the m.jttrity nt the
work who Kilvertie to run tht dmra- ff w hi' b n
Irnata.i vi ;raduate of uni-ol llie ttetl Colli; f a in thv
I'nitol I4i.it . It et(T..MU nu p ..vtirH n ie ooiin-,d
hiia ttt the unltnt un.it f nr in lh virtun ufu n ltretlc,
a a ur-fpff'u, anl t-iperfnred urt' utinai, in whie
hoHr and ntegrit) iht iti , nUc He ulna I una
deie Ji'-I I'll I.ONl.llilRI .
FKtlM Wti.illWAHU, M. I. i'F I'l-NN IJM
VKI.H1TV, I'lllLAOl LPHU -li hivaa ma plau.e
to ami m) it "iinmni ,t i),r iriiir.n t miit uf tin
Author of thu 'MioictL llii'L." Nui'iitoiii e (rt
ol Ilm jar i.f i,e utal U4.'ant aome nf them oi
lo jf t iiidmx, hav miiii under no nolicf, iovtiuei
hit kil lii- I i n inn i.ft i hi re luniif to p rft-et
health, to aumu luaUnre wfcfrt, the pulient haa heen
cunMilfr-d h mnd m ilic.i I nut. In tn iiralaant i
ftemmal wekne, m diairrangemerit ol thp lunction
Erodocvd by r.li.abae, i,f am. nl veeeiy, t do nut
now hi iu lienor iti 'ho pro! iiioi I nvj brea me.
4U iiiiled w Hit tbe uuthur uine tlnit j ear, and deem
it no enure !hn alice tn t'lra a w aklfidneatothe
unfuitunate vicUia uferly indiacreiitm. i, lecoHomaad
h'ni aa u i, iu wbi profehio.i kil audmivnly
they may I ilely conrlde lh. nMelvt a.
Thi i, without ukrrption. tn moat eoaiptehenuve
and inteliihhi aoik pnrilihed no 'he eUatofd enei
ant whirb it i real a. Avoiding!! tachnical tarma, il ad
draataa itaelftu the roaaoa ot M rejdor. U 19 free
(row all ohjeelionable matter, aad tio pareat, however
ftaiid.oui, can objeat 10 plarmi it in the hand of bi
on The author he devolfd many vear tu the iroal
inaat ol iha vuriovi complaint! treated uf, and 4witb
loo little oreeth 16 put), i.d'lo littU prciuniptioo to
impoae.' be he offered tr tha wrHld at the merely
nommalpnea ufSSconti the fiyr ,4 twenty year
mui w-ctfl practice llaaaui.
"No teacher or parent bu)d be wilhout the kno
edfa imparted in Ibi valuable wuik. It would an
year of pain, MwliRaaiioti imI aorow uJiyHilh
unihir Hioir cbarse. I'corLa' Advuciitb.
A I'reinyiatiao elerfylnan In Ubio. in wrlllnj of
Mluflter'i Medical Manual,1 aayii Tbouand upou
niouaanua 01 our youin, ti evi exampl and innuaace
oflhe paaaiou, hav been led into tbe ha'jit ol tlf.
polution without realitin; the m aad er!'ol eoae
queorva upnn tbniayef an-l lheirpo,itrity. The eon.
tilution of tliouiuuda wliu hate heen railing fa mi he
have been entoeltled, if not bruken down, and ihey do
not know ihn rauie or the eor. Anytluity that ean
be dona o to enlighten aad lofiiienee lha public mind
a lu (.hack, and utliniatdy lu lannive ihu wtdevpread
aourca nf human wretrhednea. would fmiftr the
greate.l Meiaiuf neil 10 the religion ol Jeiua Chritl,
on the present uod coining jenvraiioo. luieisperaace
or thu om of intuaicating diiiik, thuua,b it haa ataiu
thousand upou thouandv, la not a greater acoorgetq
thrhuman rife. Accep' my llnnki iu behalf uf tha af
flicted, and, believe Die, ycut co-workei lo the good
work yuu are iu actively euearad in.
One copy, (aecurety elo(d) will be forwarded
fiee ofnotago to any prt f the United fjutea for 25
eenta,orili rupieafoift. Addro (pot wjid) CUii..
Hi:N Al Co. Fubiiih u, II un I9T). FhiUdeliitna.
Hookiellaif.Canvakiari and lltok Agenta aupohed
on the moil liberal term. lM:Iy
To Hit: IN'ophMii loittpclicr V
for the lacUnt Tititf an t pinaaaraf cure of all
J'tTttuslitsts ara fur tb firit tiuia tu(ru4ucJ in
to tba tilaleof Varraoui. 'J Jiaitfcbairt werafintin
trodured in France t o ttin unrc, ind fioin tbeae1
have eitendeillo Ovrmany, Aintria, Pruula, CniUnd,
and but ooe year bai elapicd atnea lby er lotio.
ducrdlntotbe ITuitrd rtatri Thyalanow tued in
tha bopital of loodin, Failt, Vienna. JUthn, lgu m
every lloipitj) in New V.nk. Tl.ay aia secured and
patebteit iu ti dilleient Kingdumi, li m bi roun
liy, and tie constantly umd wilfa tba ntoit ailoutib
inaT loeean. by both Fhviiciani and I'atiaiti in tbe ra
lief aod cure of It bail mi tun) , I'aipful and Bwled
Joints, Neuraljia of tba face, Iieifatii, llnudncii,
NTou, Headache. Ftilpitation of tho IJntrt, Coatue
hon of tha Linilii,Carlialfia. Indiaitioo. (icnenl lia
bility, Impotence. L' Urine 1'aim, and all diiics
which aia produced float a dimiaubad amount of IN'et
rutii Fluid- CertiDcjtei ff tbt- molt baoebctal etfecti
producad In tho abuvo duaarei, have been rtceirad
from I'rofeiaora Mott, Van Uoran, I'oitof New Yoik
city, loctoisUoldin;, Uird au4 PfrciUri, of London,
aliul'iom dutinfuiabrd Medical Men ruoat of the
Cltiaiof Europe, betidec inbie than one thoutand from
patient whojhava bean cured by Heir u.e, in lanoui
parti of tbli country. It l an eataUUbcd fact, wbicb
do I'bynciaa dare, ot can dany,tbat all Nervous Dtiee
aetata ineraaiad in leventy, rather than btnerliied
by a conitanl adrolaUtiatlonof l)ruf,aad tha common
aania of thapeople ll lcin( awaSaned 'to tbli trutb
By avoidmi all drui and pi taut iNottiumi tiiounodi
hire botn cured by tha all powerful agent uf mtura,
pure air. proper aaercua, dut. baihitf, Jk.e. Uy the
uia of tbat'riaini, ostur I really anuied in br
etforii.aod Imputie i jlreo to tba natvoui oneriics of
tbe syatrm, )ieh rcitorea o health wit hoot tbe pro
ceil of iwaHowJp the icLealn;, ctitfOt t u noairuios
tht ai thrown before Iba publbie pamphlvt con
tainlnzcrrlifieules of cure, a deciljilloo or tba Chain
aad tbe mode of ue, may be oitaioad free of charse, at
the Utuf iStore of
UMITI! b. riKUt'E, MoolpiUer.
Caufiou lu I,nUt:s.
I. sdles who sie cactiara, are ieueite1 touiatbcm
with treat ciuti n, for ioi( contiousd uio luiicai
liate u apt in be producad.
For.t.e metery city la lha Uolled Hiatal, andean
be seot bv mail tu aa part o tha couniiy.
HM1TII aV IttUCU.sseutiforMoalPcIier.
II. 8 rMtHowe. T
J. 61 E!NF.UT,Geo, Afsat, &C8 nroadnay, S, V.
Afcjuii J8i3. 43:ly
Uv Kitr.xoi v hcninxi;u, n,0t kiadso
Lumber Jo etching! tor (IioJ a out storv.
Moott.ilirr March ViblP.'-l. 47
- few W?C$Fmi m
Tor lain I; II O. TVl.l.11,.1 M ilrntt alom In Moul(-f
llrr Al.o. mil Itumn f I'loM.fc .11 kind.
i.f!rooilf,l.rllJ Ml. if- Tl'I.HIC.
Ginseng &: Mai va.
rplllS Compotind.now eatabllihed in uniyeitai tayor
119 tvmiviiniinnw ri'iuninry m ui.n
hy III great and acknowledied mtlt,f
and iccommerded hy all phyitclana. Thia medielue la
rt.iiii roi P.iriryliiR ihr llloo.l, .n.l l til torn.
puiniiufnllillioinilii IiUt."!! njliei.. kno.l-
i-droil. I'm
... . ii,. I I
IllHamiliatlOll 01 IHO I.llllgS, J
f-i.tllliiK or lllon.t, nirnchiiit.ajtt, )!
.1, hVIlili ,.. tbltiirtitemed, It lihoii .(..i-i
alkl tor
Coughs, Croup, AYIioopitig-Cougli,
and all Oneaiei of the Throat, It I a ure and prompt
cure. It poifetha remarkable powerol llUaillv
lti(i, I.oich1iic and Jtctni lit;, downward,
alt chlnm Ilia' may obatruct the ihrol, ard il with
out a que 1 1 on Nniurn' moil putint ienedy fur
nnd nil Pi that a run (mm C'ohi and negVeted
Told' ll hat cund fiinkcr, Sa't Ithf urn, Krynpelm. k
gfit-fula Dneaiei hn h hnve defied the pnet of oth
er medicine hae yielded to thia. It ia pleaiant and
palatable, and ai a
llcNtorcr of ApiM Jilc,
ttntand TjinKiriLLVD. Ithamevr been equalled aa a
...1 r.. 1..11.4U.. r 11.. v.... .. t !-.. r I
tilrlte r Hinilnthf. ii a uie cute. wla and Scurry, Colds trith aorencaa of the body,
T..ein.re-i.n,h,iio y of the Oen.ene, &r., iMn he Ulcrri and impurity of the blood i in short, any
hi.d,nprrH.Meii,rli. Th e .rnipoand i ronuincdtn . and eTtTT cae where a purgaUte is required.
. I They have also produced aome alnfrularlr ttuc
(l VIL1 1H a a , ceasfuleurcsinltheumatiam, Onut, Droper, frirel,
One llollnr per Itoltle-Mx Hiilllea fur $3 yfnelas, Palpitation of the Heart, Pains in tho
Hack, Stomach, and Side. They should be freely
SOLE PROFKIETURS, An occuicmal dco ttimuUlrt the ttom.ih u,U
Xtt 1 tr 11 t vjtl'lMi crtuillrn , bowelt into hc.ltlir iietion, end l-torc the Pp
0S 'li iV 11,1 Alt bll M IClil'i 1 , ' tite and vigor. Tln'y purify ttir Uwd, nJ, by thoir
itnt:Tiv stimulant actlnn on th. circuHtory eyitcm, reno-
1 I te the trrnnlh of the bodT, nd rettore the
JrAlt.fur ill. Uy lho,Minci..l I)iu(lit In Ike cily watted ot dlteued enrrir, of the whole organiim
andeojmrf C3 f-in ucnce an occatlonal dote it advantagcoui, ever
Tl J n - n M . .1 Tnn.ti
A Mystery Explained.
Revolution U Certain ! Victory is ours!
un. a. lTadajis'
'RV TIIIJOUY OP IH3BAH1. ia awakenlnf the
inquiry in the inindof mII who raid iti How ia 11
thai fMrrlceai have been 10 Ion; nnd aoilaruhly lm
moiedin atrknett and iarantl on the luhji-ct n fu
ttut I
Dr. A. Li Adams' Liver Ilalsain, I
i 'JtTnr.d to theafllicied oflhe Hut and Tartilo
rie for (he eatite cure of l.tver Complainta in all at a
fr, lliltioo Paver, Ague and Pever, tnrnie Luhf
Kever, (tropateal Afteei.one, Conaumplioa, Unwel
CoaBplalaia.lliairhaa, Drieter) . llhevmuiiim, Hleed.
H! fttea, llliml riloa,r5crolul,eall Kneum, Uyspepua
Coneral frajhility, Nortounea, t;ottvenei, indi;ei
ti'io, Obiiruclad Menitiuaiione, fce.
Dr. A. I4. ADAMrt' I.IVKIl it A LHA M haa Hood
lha wraek and teal tor the lat hfiean year ami ha- ,
proved to tha moat alteptital, beyond the ihytnw ol a
dooltt, that It ia
The Only Kcliiibtc Ucilicinu i:v
vv Iico'rrctl !
() if purelvalt eetitahle) forthe permaoent 1 tire of
?it ,iiui aoMMi. 1 be iiial tkrpttemt aaf befonie
H- iitoat aoKiae eotinea, and pronounce lb- l.iar
iu am to oe tun
KVF.UVWtinHn. Tetlimonlal rome Hp from every
iiaca. it ha madi-. iwollen with I'tpietiion ol (trait
lode, jvr the raltef raceia hy it ue. And in tub
nut 1 1 nf thia the LI VtiR tlAIHAM ia recommended
to all lboe aatfertngnoder the
1; m;,
and at ooee prryure one bottle of A. I. ADAMS
The reader ii referred 10 the Medteal Tre t.fuund
liy matting application to the A( nt. whi-re lha (l.tm
l Bold, nit-Hie a full ftiiiiomti nl 1 hf raoae and cure of
aliriiaaaiea. Bold by It. U. TV LEU Av CO Sloot
pilier. i:.S(M TT, (acncral At'iit,
No fi7 tUnJolph rttrwet, (uiuxo, lllnoti.
Aout, fb.t. AJ-.'t
Cutlery, Plated Ware,
pi:iiri 3i:iev, tiivs, r.ixcv
(;! D., Ar.
liO uff r-a
t ml 1'iiiiitrr to tba want of tha 1
aodwa lurma tliot cauaot I til I lo utt j
it lmf it, band a I !; aaeufimeot f ftaa WaicM
t ti-om th.- ' l.PT MAKUHH hi l.ivfrrwl, Part aod
tianari, of am own iaooi'iin, and maa,a aspioaaly
fni u, thuiM n givitif na 10 iMM'iiMMit 01 bettai quat
n than ur oliiti. fo.ii I in a couar) lhp
l.o, a tar eeeHmrut of MI.VCll WAKE, of
vn v dearriptiow, ot our n maiiitl.tara an) wai raw
ed t.'t the bi mianl, an a j roeM(ueuiaUHi of
tty audltnh. mm only nrd , hay racetvail lha
oral li eon uw al our fuia Fan.
Plated Ware ;
A l.Mtnr. SdOItr.MF.NT tSoehaOahA)4iketi,
Cattail, Tea Bat, l.tdlf, pool, Forli, 4.C
Cerae, Hair Oils, i?Uain; Hojp at.dCrenii, a
jraal variety. j
Hair Work. j
Fllxetl, Vlj, ('ml, &e. a (londid aiorlment.
Light! Light!! !
Patent fafaty Csmptieaa and Fluid Impi of erary I
vanity. AUo.Utiiopiiaaa and Fluid of tba beat quality
eoBitsiiity on Us ml.
October 13, ttl3. tl. '
KEI TH &lJAUkliirS ,
lljiplay ol- j
ISMCil MtlSSS fit HUtS I
i. worthy the altantioa uf norebaiar. They keap I
poated up" one of lha noattlf tf tbn aeaaoa.
Nlir,r(',UH of III kind! tea be purebaied el I
mill advance Irum o,t l.r ra.h.
IJIolltT.s! IMoKcrs!
I.ARfJF. lot of BLOTTERS for tele h H. H,
WALTON. Ic. t.
4 LL who want AXHriof the real COLLINB A. CO, j
A make ibouldba particulsito notien tbe itampi, aa
lbr ara vanoua cornienen anu imnauoDi ismpau
COLLINS and labelled mutb tike our, which are fro
quenil) aold in puma pain of tha I'miad Htate a aa of
our oiitiufaetuie. Thay aroiaada in difTarent parti of
tba eountty by variwui aie-mtkeri, and are eoerally
very inftriwr qaality. The ganuiiic COLLI Nti AX EH,
Ueli lnviacfluirai iu-h ar.eitanilva reputation, are
InviniMr itamped' COLLI NSfc CO. IIAUTFOKD,1
and each ate bai a prnit-d label with inyniaatura. It
ii now more than lwentfie lean lnc we eornmene
ad tba boiinaii with tba ill row of Cotllni Bl Co Matt
ford1 and I do not a now of any other ate rualar of
tba bwma afCoilin luth llnild Hiatal.
Augu.t,lfi3. U
new no dies.
ALaree lliut recaiied -and will bo iold cheap
enough lor Cash, by t. M. WALTO.S.
M AMI. I. At 8TIIAW of all tiaet, at 8. M.
WAI.TDN'8 Rookiwre. SS
T5(Tdoz. ii itcTTeITs-
ALSO, AXK8 of dilffraot m.aea at wholr.tl. .d4
icl.il, b KI'.ITII it 1IAHKEII.
LAUUB lot of (leiruao at American GLA88 Jrom
ti-rj l.SI .ID; lull recited ai
Gjj & a? C2 LQ CrU H G3"
COMK very nice aod choice patterns ovny be feu
O .I KKnil.UARKEIt,8;
nn i ii iuu iiijj uii
haM k l.irvat iDooot of aceouiiti due ua which
1 iuut bo p.ia-AM) TIIA'rhO).
Wm u ..l ,1 i.Hnrtla Kiilalr.lAn.l thai un miial hat traa
. t .
Mtrcli. Itt. j
AliUMfol the tile .fMirc,1, UOrfO.N VAKN
COTTON Till! EAII at bolt.ele, b, I
of all Mod Fins Book I)iai cheap for caifa,
A isry food pnrer forth low price of
I.J5 tier iukaint I
call loon pr you iooie thebiec,
A ale. article Terj cbetp. j
t 1. A. V, 1IA1NEX. IIS 3d Ateaue, Ne Voil.
It. Pcafer lujioll.d oa liberal lerni. M:,lf
Tit tub hat lanff rilstf-d a mUIc tlrmand fnr an
cffcctlTe purfratlTo pill which could b rcllrd on n
sure and perfectly in fa In Its operation. Thia has
been prepared to meet that demand, and tn ex ten
rito trial ot nn virtues has concluslTciy shown with
It s jr to rauVe physical ptlhM not mst to
mule the hat ot ll pilU ono which (ihould hate
none ' the ohjoctlom, but all the aclianlRt, of
ctitt other. This ha been attempted here, anil
withhat inceesj o would reupcctfullj' lubmlt to
J'10 m,ylc.drf.lion.1 I' t", bw? "nfottunato for
the patient hitherto that almo.t CTerjr purgatit.
medicino Is acrimonious and irritating to tho bow
els, litis Is not. Many of them produce so much
priplng pain and revulsion In the system as to more
than counterbalance tho good to be derived from
them. These fntis produce no irritation or pain,
unless It ariso from a previously existing obstruc
tion or deringrrtcnt in the bowels. Being purely
TegctaMe, no harm can arise from their use in any
quantity 1 but it Is better that any medieln should
be taken judiciously. Minute directions for their
uo in the several diseases to which they are ap
plicable are given on tho box. Among the com
plaints which have been speedily enred by them, we
may mention l.hrr Complaint, in its various forms
of Jaundice, Indigestion, Languor and Loss of Ap
petite, Listlcssness, Irritability, Diliou. Headache,
i llilious Fever, l'eter and Ague, Tain in the Side
ana Loins ; lor, tn truth, au these arc but the con
sequence of diseased action in the liver. As an
aperient, they atTord prompt and sure relief in Cos-
ttrencM. Files. Colic. Draenterv, Hamora, ficrof-
t'lougu no tcriout derangement exittti mt un
cecc.ry doting thould never be carried too far
a cTtry purgaiiTO meainne reuuee inr eirenirin
when taken to excett. The thoutand catet in which
m phytic U required rannot bo enumerated here, but
they auggest themselves to the rea.on of every
body 1 and it ia confidently brlleTcd thia pill wit
answer a better purpose than anr thing which hat
I hitherto been available to mankind. When their
virtues are once known, the jmblic will no lonzct
doubt what remedy to employ when in need of a
cathartic medicine.
l'nictical unit Aunl) Ileal Clu-mlst,
Price 15 Cesti per Box. Five Boxes for $L
Por (lie rapid Cure of
imo.vciinis, MiiooriX(i-cor(;n,
cKorr, ASTii.nA, a.m
Tims lemrdy has won for ttaolf such notoriety
from it rurca of rtrry rarirty of pulmonary diaraar,
that it i entirrlv unnerrssarr to rrronnt the en
deocea of its virtues in ny CfrnmuTiHy whvre it
haa been cmplojtxl. So wide ia the field of lta uac
falneaf, and ao numerous the ca of ita curra,
that almost every section of the country abound
In persons publicly known, who hare been restored
from alarming and even desperate diseases of the
lungs hy its use. When once tried ita superiority
oyer eTcry other medicine of ita kind Is too appar
ent to escape ober ration, and where its virtues are
known, the public no lencer hesitate what antidote
to employ for the distressing and dangerous affec
tions of the pulmonary organs which arc incident
to our climate. And not only in formidable at
tacks upon the lungs, but for the milder varieties
of Colds, Corn mi, IIoauseni:-", Ac.; nnd for
Children it is tho pleasautcst and safest medicine
that can be obtained.
As it has long been in constant use throughout
this section, we need not do more than assure the
Eeople its quality is kept up to the beat that it erer
as been, and that the genuine article is sold by
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Mr. Frith K. "MITIf, Ap..iK-riT i,d l)iattl,
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phjiieal lulTeiiaf , ara irafeablv to ecruin babiti, (
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Thaie ii an avil babit toinelinaa taduljd in by bt.j
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aad which, If oi itlotmad in daa time, not only beti
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riia tu a leneattf protracted, Ineidioui, and dvaitein-t
altictloni. Few of iboia who give av to thii pern"
ctoui practice aie awara nf the consequences, enttl
tbay find tbe avrvoua s)itira iliatleied, ffel itranja
and unaccountable fueliogt, auJ vau fears tn tha
The unfurl unite tbui affect id become feeble, ia un
abl to labor wttb accutonid vigor, or ioap')rhii
mind to aludy t hi itep is tardy and walk, ha u dull,
lneiolule and rupees la lit (port with leu eery
than uul. fc
If be emaocipata bimnif be fare lb j-raeiice bit
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by bie early folhaa. Tkttt art tpusidtrAU) vhick
skuutj trait U ttttHtum ef tktst natlsry if aatft
Itequiree the lulfilment of eeveial conditions, in or
tier thai il may ba really lh cauie of rauiual hinpinel.
t uuld ibe veil which cover lh origin of dememe
wiatchcdneaa b railed, and lis Uu source ia ary ni
tince dneloed in bow many ouM It b Iraccd lo
phytic al diiqualititaiioni ! Api'Iy then wl tie it ii y-t
lime, in ordur i hive rour umiiunf and related vr
gaoizallon rebi ltd, revmlied and itiKpibened,
II who plaeai l.iratelt uoder Dr KINKULIN'd
Ireatmant may iclifiouity coufide mbii hbtior ai a m
ilaman, and raly "100 the anuraitee, lhat tbe leiieii
of Dr. fii pailaot will never ' dnclued.
Vooaf man lei ao fafaa modratv daler oo fioni
inaltiocyou caaa known luuni who, front education
and raipactabiliiy , eao certainly befriend ou.
Too many think lby will cuoet-al tbe serial 10 Ibf"
ewa beans, and cor tbRitvre. Alaa ! bow ultra n
Ihu a fatal dalmioa, and bw many a promiiinf
man, who inijbt have been an orntinf ot lo iocity, hm
faded from the eartb
Stnctuies of the urethra are rapidly removed hi tk
applicaiioo of a new therapeutical ateat, oed only by
Dr. K. h'tmkunt aad caairifalicaal dcbd.tf fr''f
(rnftd, 4fll ir tttvrt4.
Can bain (by nailn their eai explicitly, tofsther
with all their ijiuiunia, per letter eocliMiac a 10111
lance) Or. Ks utedictae, appropriated sccoidinfly
Forwarded to anr part oflhe United Piatei. snd
packed lecuta from IAM AOD or CUUIOSITV
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It i a work eminently required, ae a niasm of
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In peat .urn ul, addrei.td lo llr. KINKI'.LIi. F)"1'
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ttr IMUt raa.1 1 ft. I paid.
Ofli LnsroitANODCAIlllOT 8EKII, I"! tal"1
M.icb 10, IMI.
Machine Shop.
MANUPAinUllElllorfdei,o..b.ll'liee. Mailt
1XG, I'Ul.l.liVrJ, BAV AtlBOllH. l i-l--RONS.
Allvidtripiomplli tUeodcul.bj
Au,,fiS, m. mi MONTPI'Lir.U. VT

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