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XtONTPEUKU, JAN. 5, 1855.
Itroi-CTION br Wxor.9. At iheCtiirles-
ton Navy Yird, an order has been received j
tor curtail'm-; Ilia wages or the mechanic
employed aout 1 1 per cent.
' So say-tho newspapers. This ordorcomc. ,
1.. .1.-1. r - ...... ...II.
... teVfjlllUlllj; ui n ?uveru wmier, mm
the midft of a pressure said by somo to lo
fully equal to tint W ISW-7. It conies
when tho poor have to struggle hardest to
J;oop body and soul together, aficr the cold,
t-st, saddest, bitterest fashion. It Comes
when thousands nf laborers hivo been
.i e . . r..t. (
tnrumi ou oi cinnioyincui j n"J innow v
... . ., . f
Some anil tho til-lues curtailment or niult.
-ludee. It comes, loo, from a rich employer,
liuraVned with money, and burdened also
"with tt pressure of business This order
rL .i it u r .
tomes from the U. b. Government from
the Secretary of tho Navy, unJer tho very
eye of President Pierce, who well knows tho
sufferings of Now i:nland'a poor in a New
Bngl.nd winter, it come, from Uncle
' , , ,, , , ,
Sam." 11 ft! zcttinff cold hearted, and
stingy, and cruel ? We liopo not. Is lie
getting poort No! The President and
the Secretary of the Treasury have just told
tu no! told in that tho treasury Is full
too full, and that the tariff must be rcduc
cJ in order (o cut oil the revenue. What,
then? Is this a now measure of tnoJcrn
democratic "retrenchment and reform ?"
What! beginning upon tho hard woiking
New Kngland mechanic?, and in December!
whllo in the genial air of Washington the
President docs not have enough at $25,00,
a Tear and a houso to live in and they aro i
talkinrrnf fivinirliimnnnltior rpsiilnnpn flir
summer use ; the Secretaries pocket their
SG000 per annum and keep coaches; the i
foreign ministers are aking for higher pay,
and are likely to pet a larrre incrensn ; tho
judges ditto; and finally members of Con
gross aro not satielicd with for (to a
majority of them) about four hour's labor
per diem, and Senator Dadger has proposed
to raiso their pay. And so, with all this
going on at Washington, orders aro issued
at Washington to cut off the day laborers in
New England 11 per cent. Justice, mercy,
charity all forbid it. Rather let tho gov
ernment shorten tho hours of labor through
tho winter, and increase tho number of men
employed. If the pay to each individual is
to bo cut down, at least let the number of
tho laborers bo increased, so that the for
mer amount of wages may givo bread to
more famishing souls. So shall tho shock
ing contrast between tho fat salaried men at
Washington and thu lean laborers of Char
lostown be tempered with just enough of a '
very cold sorlof charity to repress popular
indignation. Winter is not tho time to cut
down the wages of men who cam their liv
ing by honest industry; mid least nf all
should the government try the experiment
with n full Trcssuiy.
Wulujistow.m, Doe. 125, 1851.
Ms. WALTOfil
lhar Sir, Frequent allusion his been
made in thu papers and by individuals about
the cold weather in diflcrcnt parts of the
country; soino contend tho present Decern.
ber is the coldest ever known ; othors, that
it is not. 1 havo examined the record that
1 liavekopt for Iho last twenty-one years.
I find that on tho SGth and U7i.li of Decem
ber, 1651, the mercury at half past six
o'clock A. M. was thirty degrees below rero,
which wcrr the coldest mornings during thu
above ieriod. On tho 10th of tho present
n until, it was J I below; on tho UOih 'M
below, and ten below at noon ; un the Uii,
MS below, and on the V3d .W below ; ai.d on
tho 21th 18 above, it difference of filly do
grecs in twenty-four hours. In January,
Ifci'i.'i, it was below zero eight duys in mo
cession. On the Ud,J8 below ; uu the ltli,
41 below; ontho'.'lh, JO; on ihufith, 1(1; on
the 7th, 'M ; on tlio 8 Ii, Hi; on tho 1'th,
Hi; aud uu tho 10th, 1 1 below.
Voura respectfully,
I). I'limr.
(E7The Annual Meeting nf tho Wash
ington County Agricultural Sociity for the
choice of otlicers stands adjourned until tho
third Tuesday in January, Sot, at len
o'clock, A.M.
A. D. A uis, .'JjsV titc'i.
Tht Jioal Club : A 'J'ale for Hoys, lly
Oliver Optic.
Ju Door) unit Out i Or Views from the
Chimney Corner : Oliver Optic
Such are the titles of two well printed
and handsomely bound volumes, published
by Ilrown, lisziu &. Co., JJoMon. 'l'hcy aro
young men, and have but recently, and wo
aro glad to add successfully, commenced tho
publishing business.
The " Uoat Club" is a (Ino book for Hoys.
Tho story is well told, interesting through,
out, and the effect designed upon tho char
acter of the yoimg reader is excellent.
"In Doors and Out, or Views from tho
Chimney Corner,'' is a collection of various
tales and sketches of domestic life decid
edly good. PcrhajRi wo cannot more favor
ably introduce this new author to old read
ers than by saying that ho writes agreeably,
and for a purpose fur practical and moral
effect much liko Arthur of Philadelphia.
DlatXwooiTt Edinburgh Magazint, for
December, has been received from Leonard
Scott & Co., New York. This number
closes the volume, but comnitncfj, wu ob
soive, a scries of articles, entitled "Tho
Utory of the Csmpaign, written in a lent iu
the Crimea," which will add new interest to
tho ever excellent Illackwood. This num
ber also contains the fust part of a now ro
mance. 3 per ycr, postage ill cents.
CarJtli. Embraced in tho great annual
sale of the New Kugland Carpet Company,
are 100 rolls of Supvrfino Carpets, for 75
cents iter yard, worth $1,000. lioiton Her
old. Sea their advertisement in our paper.
Judge Ucun't VtcUlon. The decision of
Judge Dean of Now York on naturalizatiou
is meeting with high favor generally. Tlit
requirements of the law, as set forth by him
i. Five years continuous residence of the
applicant wiUim the United States, and ouo
year of like residence within the Bute or
territory, where the court to which the an-
.. i .. ! .. i ....
yiicauou w lusae IS Held.
o. 8. Tlwt Uie spplicaci during the five years
has conducted lutuself as a iiersou ofcood
moral character.
a. That the applicant is In principle it.
latched to and well disposed towards tho
Coustilu'ion of the United States.
These questions must be decided judicial,
ly by the bench, not by a clerk without
A returned CaliforniaD, Win. Hankerson,
.fMsss. lias been exploring various locali
.Us in this Kutc Plymouth, Sherburne,
'Mock brides, etc. in search of precious
luciai. mm to litre igir success.
Counly TcmE.no Convcn"
A contention of Representatives o( llie
friends of tlc prohibitory Liquor Law in the
i County of Washington, assembled in the
' i Comt Homo in Alontpeller, Thursday, Dec.
, 2Sth, 1831, at II A. M., anil organized by
inWtint- I ln,i. Wooster Spraeue. of Montpe-
licr, President, Hon. Alonzo Pcarce, of Cal
ni, nnd Hon. (!. W. llailey, of Middlesex,
Vice Presidents,
Lh llallou wss chosen Secretary.
, n,1n7"!"11!?"," t '
Orange Smith, Lester Warren, O. H. Smith,
-"! - "I
ami J.G. btmison, were elected n i.oiuiiiit
tcd til draft and present Resolutions for tho
consideration of the meeting.
On motion, n conunittce of two from encli
town represented, was appointed to present
a noniiuttioii of acaudidatu for Cuuilty Com
missioner, County and lonn Committees,
... I fi.i ... .1 U... i ........!..
and DelpiTatc-. to the Sinio
,. , . . , . ,, , . .
IU UIU OU11U UUII. Ulllll.ll.
l lie uierpi Biniuu uim i,un. ioium vnnju.
win llo nt County CoinmHsioner. hml
-equaled him to inform tho Convention, that
' ho declined being a candidate for thotolHcc
1 nothor leim.
Adjourned lo two n chick, P.M.
1 AvrEttsoo-i.
, ,(. convention met and w'as ci.llcJ to order
at two o'clock P. M.
I The t oinmiltee on nomination rcportedthe
i " '
ins a candidate lor Ihe office or o.ccitilnis-
I :.-,, r iv..l.ini,mn. ill,n nomiiialion as
unanimously confirmed by the convention
Un rioimuition by the Committor, 11. I).
Green, of Wateibury. O.I1 Smith, of Mont'
potior, and W. Spraguc, ot Montpelicr, uoro
elected a Counly Committee.
tow,. t'OMMirrf.rs.
Cilais- Lester Waren, A. P. Slayton Jr.,
A. II. Dwinell.
Wnitsfie!d--Ira Richardson, O. Jones.
Middlesex Stephen Hcrrick, Win. Alcln.
tiro, C. C. Putnam.
Montpelicr Joel W. lliiloy, James G.
French, l'dwin 0. Lewis.
Marslifield K. .S. Pitkin, Lewis Putt.
II. Monlielier I'dsuu Slayton, Clark
Kim'. James M. Tcimilcton.
Woodbury Klnill Haskell, Thomas
nJJSlL Wardner, S. P. Or
cutt. t)ramol Krchardson.
Huxbury John II. Parker, Charles lluck-
Icy, .. A. Crossctt
llerlin Jus. Hoyden, Dr. Bates, Jns. Sco
Northfield II. Orcult, Heed Gould, Dan
iel P. Ivinnoy.
ll.irre Joseph Gale, John Paine, S. 1)
Wuterbury Harvey Collins, C N Arms,
.Mr. Hopkins.
Worcester OlivcrS. Watson, Horace 1).
Itobbins, II. II. Harris.
Warren P. Spaulding, C. Parker.
Moretown Uriah Howe, C.Clarke, M.
Koyston J. Campbell, Mr. Newcomb, S.
C. Turner.
Phlnticld L. Chamberlain, II. Ketchu u.
Delegates to tho Stato Convention, to be
held at St. Albans, on tho 17t.li and 18th nf
Jnnuiry iirormio, with power lo apint
subbiitutes and fill vacancies.
Uoxbury Aaron Wheeler 2d, Allen IC.
Leander l'oster, J. Gould
Piurtntiriu James iioiiiu, joint iirogory,
Mlddlcsex-M. Iloldcn, (!. W. llailey.
Ilerlm Dr. llatea, .Mr. Hovcy.
llirre L. Keith, J. Sargent, S. W. Da
vis. Plainfield L. Chamberlain, 11. Ko'cliuni.
Morctnwn Dr. Kingsbury, N. K. Fouler.
'Vaiufield Dr. O. Smith, J. Uiulincl.
Worrrn D. Uplnin, F. A. Wright.
Dntbury L. (J raver, II. M. Muiison.
Faytton J. Campbell, Mr. New comb.
Watcrbury J.G. Stimon, James Green,
Win. Carpenter, J. M. Henry.
Marshliohl J. II. Kddy, C. W. Dwinell.
Cahii-Jesse White, al. W. Powers.
IS. Moutpelier T. II. Sjiciicer, J. Wheel-
Montpelicr F.li Mlou.0. 11. Smith.
Worcester Dr. Kingsbury. 11. Putter,
CIibi. C. Claucon, II. C. Watson.
J ho Committee on Kesolirious reported
tho folluw-iiig, which, afler remarks by O.
II. hiimh, Axel Spalding, Jan. Ureen, Julin
Spildms, Geo Ripley, Mr. Carleton, F.li
Itsll.m. (J. W. Iljlloi- and inn r resilient of
iliw civiitiun, ncru unanimously nuopieu,
as follows :
Whtrtas, tho great evil of intcinperincc
still prevails lo an ulsniiliig extent, ill stent
dem, and places consecrated tu tho wicked,
unholy, and unlawful trallic in intoxicating
drinks, therefore :
Jtesoleid, That wo will labor unrO earn
estly mid faithfully than ever tu put a ay
this ' alxiHimu'oii of iMofnfion." irnm the
JttsohtJ, That wo have faith and confi
dence in iho lans of Vermont, particularly
tho law in relation to tho suppression of thu
life in intoxicating liquors as a beverage,
and wc earnestly recommend to tha author
ities in tho several towns in tho county
faithfully in cxacuto the provisions nf said
Iltiohta, That in our opinion it is llicilu
tv of all i.mchI hn-aliiJuiL' citizens, to give
iniormation lo the proccutctng nlficers of
alt breaches nf the In which cumo tu their
Htsohul, That wo are in favor of restor
ing tha .Miner amendments, so called, and
will uso our inllucncc, on all proper ucca
sioih, to accomplish tha object.
Ituolttd, That wo havo nw cunfidcnco in
tho inlrtfritg of any man, who sells or gives
nway Intoxicating lupmrs contrary to law ;
such men ought not tu be trusted.
'Hcsolnil, 'I hit tho liquors in use, at the
present tliy, not only inluxkatc liu'. kill.
ffrjdfi'M, I liat wo win encourogo alio
sustain our Conimissioner in his ullliciilt du
ties; and wc hereby tecomuieiid that ho ro
quim bonds uf his ogenta in all cases as the
law diicrts.
Ilcsohttl, That wo hereby pledge our
selves to use all honorable means lu kecuru
Die i led ion ul linn. Alouzo I'earcc, hs
Comiiijjsiouier of this County, un tho first
i ucsuay ni Miucli next.
On motion.
Itetoltut, 'j'hat the County Coniniilteo be
rcnuciteu to tniko an arrangement, II prnc
ticable, with the railroads lo convey persuns
going to attend Ilia Uonveiitiou ul bt. At
bans and reluming, for fare one way.
Ittsolvttl, That thu presenco and nasis
tauco of women in Temperance Meetings
havu ever proved a iowurful auxiliary in
advancing this good cause, and, therelore,
wo ilioiild rejoice lu w lluess a large ueleira-
tion of Ladies from tins County, ami also
iruui oiner portions ui iuu matut in ine
next inectiiig of tho Stato Tviperaiico Con
vention, lo bo held at St. Albans on the I7lh
and 18th of January next
Ittsohtd, That o hereby constitute as
our dulcL'atcs, all the friends of Tcmpcranco
residing in this county, who may be pu'sent
at ttie next meeting ol Uiu I. blate t ern
pcrance Convention.
Itaolvtd. That w o hereby request all news
papers, published in this county, friendly to
the Cautu of T cmperance, to insert the pro
ceedings of this Convention in their columns.
Km Hallou, Setrtlari,
Mormon ihctrint. Tho Deseret
of Oct. ItHh and 'Jlilh, conlairs full repuits
or lectures lately delivered by Klder Orson
Hydo aud Govcniur ltrishaui Vouul', ad
vancing the doctrine that the Saviour was
not only tho husband of a plurulily uf wives,
out ino lamer ol cinklrdii. I.IUi-r llytlo pre
dicted that tho Mormons uf Utah would
speedily obtain possession of all iho women
of Illinois: and Uovernor Youul' explained
that thu scripture m relation to a bishop
uuiug tue iiusosiid ol ouo wilo meant mat
lie should have at least ouo to btiu xexih,
Tho perforuiince concluded with a solemn
cursti pronounced by Lidcr Hyde, ngauut
tuusu uii who uoasi uuuuciy ul tliuir un
seemly conduct Eagle.
hlillttil. Mr. Archer. Wlii.- Iiha nnlifiA.1
Mr. Allen, the member elected by one vote
in the 7th District, tint he shall cuntett the
scat, un the ground that the returns aro in
correct, sua that the poll books or the sever
al counties show that be received a majority
or the legal vtites.
Sail .lccidtnt We learn that an old lady
upwards or tO yesrs of age, namo.l Tewks
u-ij.rtiiaingiu weuacK pari ot Uimown,
was to acveruly burnt ou Monday morning
last, by her clothes taking fire while seated
by the stove, that she died the uet day.
K. N. Gossip.
To the Editor of the Indiana Chronicle :
Drn Sir,
The great National Convention which
assembled at Cincinnati did not nominate a
candidate for the Presidency. Such was
not tho object of their assembling. It was
to form a platform on which tho now party
is to be crccico. i o lay uiu corner oi a
prcat Political edifice which is to bo built up, '
out of Iho il -shapon ond discordant blocks IIO,mnation. iere j, llo ,ci,nr, ,Tlllt (
which by the latp convulsions havo been ' rcl., figuring may do.
thrown out from tho old pol'""' pytic. .tacob ilrod.no is n small, obscure, fanati
it was necessary, Tor success, that there j col mlUo American, wilhout nnyantcce.
should be a distinct tinderstaridinc between 1 Ucnt8 cxcev,t it i9 ,,,, he ouc'0 in(lcA
the North mid tho South on tho slavery is- a ,cries of resolutions which were odopted at
6UC- koMh tlctiinntlert t int there , Nnlivo American Ward mcetini in Ken-
should be iiotlimg anli-slavcry in mo orgam-,
B,lrin 'Pliat, ln.leln.1 Ilia, -i... alfti-nrtf !
..i.j iii.i.i.ii ..,. ,......
and it was finally settled that iiou-nitervcn
tion should ho tho futurn policy of tho party.
there should be no Interference by Congress.
'PI.... .n .n.nlnd.1 fn .ruwllfl, till, fl-nAni.-.
i,v7 ... ... . , ':-. 1
live sectarian view of the question, which ,
B've"! 10 Plr,y 1 1 C'e"t'enB-h t '?
North. They saw at one the effect of at
tempting a religious political organization,
when the country is divided into so many
seels; but lliey resolved to make war on for
eigners without regard lo tha irreligious
predilections. In this the South gained a ,
Liu,,,,,.,. I... ""' "" - 1
always been popular at the Sou h.
Furemners who emigrate tu tins country,
come here with strong ami slavery prejudi
ces, they generally settle iu the North, and
tend greatly lo augment tho political power
ofllio I'reo over tho slavo States. The South
scum; this, is determined to pursue such a
course us will effectually close iho duor a
gainst further emigration.
This new secret organizat'rn which lias
heretofore assumed acrysalis form with va
rious hues and colors tu suit circumstances,
Is now fh iping Itself for a nation l organi
zation preparatory to tho Presidential elec
tion nf Ic.Vi. To secure the South, great
concession must and wilt be mule. Tlie
anti-slavery spirit of Iho North must be
crushed out. No man tinctured with any
such viewe con bo the Know Nothing can
dula!". Wo are glad of it, and aro ready to
endorse, at leant, olio good thing which is
to cmno out of Nazareth. Wo aro with
tlni in heart, at least, iu this lulllc..Notiif.')
Tim names canvassed at thu convention
were :
Win C. Rives, of Virginii.
.Stppl.cn Adams, of Mississippi.
R chard Stockton, of New Jersey.
Ldwird llvcrelt, nf Massachusetts.
Henry A. Wise, of Virginia.
Genrgo Law, of New Yurk.
Samuel Houston, of Texas.
Millard Fillmore, of New York
John JI CI-ytoii, of Delaware.
Kenneth Kayne-r. of North Carolina.
Garret Davis, of Kentucky.
Jacob Broome, of Pennsylvania.
Dmiel Ullman, of Nuw orlt.
'Pi... v;...;..u .l..ln.,ninu n-f..n,ii..,l tli.i
name of William C. Rives. ilia political ,
path was deemed too circuitous, although, ;
iiis history while in France, was satisfactory. ,
He, too, was a Jackson rinn, a Whig, and a 1
Democrat, nnd his namo was pissod uter
coolly. His chances would bo i-ry good,
should Virgmi i, under Ins lead, gu Know j
Nothing. j
flephen Adsms, of Mississippi, wna con
sidered excellent timber, and his out nil uut ,
career in t-ongrcss in isvur ni iu iiiw i
Notlnng psrly, was regarded in his favor,
In time, his namo will be u lower ot strength.
The Southern delegatus generally favored
him, lli'iouygct tho nomination for the
Yico Presidency.
Strung"! as it may seem tho namo orilcnry
A. Wiso was introduced amidst shouts or
laughter. Ono delegate stuted that Wise
hid endeavored to get tube n leader iu Iho
Know Nothing ranks nnd was really a mem
ber ur thu older, but not being considered a
member ofllio urder he was not put forward.
I ho result was. he quit tho Virginia htato ,
Council, and wrutu a letter to put tlw Kn iw
Nothing, down. A Virginia member said
iimi no ivuni.i ima u upuu iuiiin.-ii m mi-
tocimitf buck to iho Kuuw Nothing fold it
gam. The speech was received with de
rision. Commodore Stockton was talked about,
but ho did not seem to have many friends in
favor or liu nomination for the Premdency
His course, politically, was regarded will,
Mr F.Jward Kverett was placed in nomi
nation by om of tho Massachusetts delega
tion His claims wcio treated uithgruat
rcspert, but there was an evident ileterinui i
tion in iho Council not to take up tin- name
uf any party hack.
George Law was born in Washington
county. Ho is obout filly years of age. lie
will prubably bo the final choice uf the Na
Council, mould mo nomiiniion "'.
, i
postponed fcr a year, as l.avv is the tavuntu
with ho great inasso Iho Know Nulhiiigs.
llo was n warm triend of the late John C.
Calhoun, ond is a warm fjiend or Iho South. ,
llo has never been In oiucc, nnu is tiniram
melled. lo cuiiunenced Iffe ma Rtone
masuu, and has amassed on independent for-1
tunc. Ho is a man ur strong sunse, great
vigor, and indomitnblo will, and upposed to
the plunder nceking tnint or the age. Im-
inciisely American, honest, bold, mdepen-
dent in opinion, and determined in purpose,
and being Iresh Irom Ilia peup c, iiru quail-1
ties which strnngly cuuitnetnl him tu the
now party. Mr. Law has netcr meddled
much hi politics nnd is untrammelled It
.wad tho inlliicnco or his friends tiiat post-
puned a nomination by tho Nalmnil Council.
Georgo Law is a mechanic ond a BelT-uudo
man, nnd ho it tho choico of the great miss
uf the Know Nutlun-'H lu both sections and
time will inako Inn. the Btron;csl candid ite
in the held.
ham Houston is a Democrat and an o d
jacKsriiman ; .uppuneu , urn uu t.. . ...e
Ii-ati VV sir 1 Is in fill LiillOht Illflll- AILil IV (ill III
anco lectures, and would intti tluce total ub
stliienco into thu White Huusc. That will
not suit tho Know Nothings.
John M.CUvtnu is well known Ho was
General Taylor's Secretary of Stato - is a
man of expenonco and ability but lie
now seventy years uf age, and although for
'l-linw I .n.nr...n r..nlLn.l tltnl lm 1 J1u.r1.1l1l
r'r.i , siate. lie is a lawyer 01 soino
,( stiouiu not uo an nooiuion piny or a ,ho cj . am wn9 orj,,iMy a y?
pro slavery piny, uut inrtl mo matter snouiu whig, and a mombcr of the Union
lie letl to tlio blatci nna territories, aim inai !,,. ',; nml,;nnn i.i
uraw mo inuu ui .ur. vv isu as too eiuiuwsio Bt tnu i.e.avenwnrtli isills, and can, there
.., th.l U nnw Vn, l,l....d 1... 111.. 1 ' r ..a 1.1 .. II i tf . ,..,. I.......... . i
Si . "T i 1 . l..i . . i speaitoi ine urucaauiiis at mat po nt irom
Uiat, probably, wlien be was ileiuate.1 as ' L,,ta...i u.ito.tgn. tiil.v Uj-J r...lctl,
make a fsithtul executive. Hut lie stands .... , WM cuu.m.nded Iho Leavenwor.h
earlhly chance ur a imnunatio,, '; ';,, J,vll,o of ll, grand invading army, unly
tr-.i reurtiiw the .Jiioil.oiii.i in he .orlh, llt.cjrca ,,lU lft sl0,U b ; ..iciwsary.
said ? leading Know Nul ling del-gato Iru.n , ,Uml() , Vl.tler, Mlouti WU
the huuth, to-us, tt few days since, in Lin- t,JMp.u.,j m Kansas, m order lu ...,ko it a
cinnat.. Ho has been delivering temper . u,,, , '
yoars he has been a consistent Na'ive Alitor- getically protested against tha appointment
lean his zeal is nut equal lo soino of his 0f a foreigner.
new cunverts. His chances for tho numi-1 Congress, it is said, is in 11 . hurry to act
iistiun nre not equal liiUm, but better j ,!, mlter ,,f ,,e sn,10iation uf tho Sand
than citlier Houston or 1 ilhnore. wicfi Islands, although tha adinini.trstiun is
Millard 1 illmuro is a favorite, nnd would anxious to hurry the affur.
unroubtedly receive tho nomination if ho sJU10 douht is expressed of tho truth ot
was regarded as available, llo is strong 111 . lno story that .Mr. Soulo was cordially re
tho South. His course tltiring the fxciting ceived at Madrid. Tho correspondents of
bcssiun of 1850, his approval ut: the fugitive t10 uaon p,pCr!J 6ay nolhiug about it.
slavo act, ond his general disposition to It is said the Comniitteo on Foreign Re
crush out freesoiiisii. til tho iNorlh, would h(i01is will report on making the govurnmenl
make hiinu lurinidablo eandidato in tho 1 or th , ii.,fU0 rcconsider and modiry iheir
Southern sc:lion. I he same reason which BCUon ln ,ho (il)SOI, ca,0 a,hol,2, coercive
gives lino Mrongth at llie .South, makes liun , mc,ure ,, ho rece.s,ary for the purpose,
weak at llie Nurlh. Ho nill therefuro bo. The rumored purcluso uf tha Gall.psgos
throw 11 overboard. Islands lacks official cuiifirinaliun. It his
hciiuctl. Itayner, or North Carolina, tvo , 110, ye, bet1 C0lnnlualC!l,ed l0 tie sWto da
aro told, is in iho Held ; his chances furlhu ,lr.jClt-
.iiim.i.i.,.. u u ,v.r-v.a.,.v-. u puu ......
events ho received an oflico under I11111,-
Siuco that time, he has been actively engag
ed in politics. Wo aro nrt certain but ho
now resides in Alabama. He lias largo
collou plantation, and a groat number of
f.l"CVn.,l';US MC-. 1U.ne' 14 f"'
....... u, II.UUI.1IIIU HUlllllV.. UUUII.VII1 UI1U I
4J.... 111. ,, I i. .; ,1 1
ntatu mguts 111 an 111s views, 1.0 wou.u
bo a tt.ong candidate. In tho South ho
would bo suppuittd bocauso he is right ou
the slavery question tho resolutions uf Vi,
and is kuown to bo oppuked lo prulottiun aud
a National Hank, lit tho Nurlh ha would
receive tho Know Nothing and old lino Whig
WiUisst a wV- et wlisi.fnts.
Kenneth Ra) nor, small man as ho is, may
yet bo President, but we don't believe it.
Ills chances lo be, u candidate, however, ar
good. Should Law not bo nmniuited, in
originally a btalo nights Calhoun llcmocrat, ' tie 41Vy
but tho toruiof IcUOcamcd him over to, In t0 Mr Molina, llnvoy from Costa
Harrisuru and he , c.ino 111 iho next Longress , K lc, 5 protested sgauut tho Kinney ex
a State Rights U h.g. W o believe ho ap- pcdltloni ,ScC,eUry Warcy has written a let
proved the administration of I ylcr. At all 1 L,. 1.. ui...i. .. ..i. .. .1. ..
which case, Rayncr would, probably, bo the
candidate Tor tho Vice Presidency.
Garret Davis is an old lino, high protec
tion, National Hank, distribution Clay Whig.
Ilia nomination would bo to rcuvo Clay
Whiggeryand the American system. Of
him Greeley says, with much truth, ' Mr.
Davis is a respectable upright man, but
stubbornly conservative and pro-slavery.'
!l I.. ,l n,.n.no. ..,.! .. , i
i,,i r n,, r, ,i, vi t.i.i.,.n
gi lon u is unnecessary lo discuss his
Daniel Ullman was the lato candidate for
Governor of Now York, and polled tho Know
Nothing and Silver Gray strength of thai
eminence in
L.n.I.m till,
u k ' frost r November nipped his
.7 . ... . . .
dopes in the bud. I lis delcat lur Governor
(J j, Uj nomlnalion in ,ie ;rliria
Council ofKnuw Nothing.
The Outrage In Kansas.
Letter writers from Washington announce
that Whitfield, tho Missouri interloper, who
misrepresents Kansas on Iho floor of Con-
gress. intends lo make a speech in attempt-
cJ ,icfencc of -j,!,. (!) ,u lis , cati nnJ of
the legality of his election, Hut in what
manner ho can hope to establish any rights,
or tu prove any legality in thst lawliss and
In v It hanJcd outrage, is not conceivable.
Will ho pretend to deny the accounts that
como to us from vyo witnesses without num
ber, of the highest respectability? Can he
explain the u',17 votes credited lo him u. the
seventh district, where there aie not twenty
tnliabitants f o aliall see. Aleannmlc 1
wo ask our readers to examine the statement (
below, published In the llaltnnore Sun a '
paper conuueted by pro slavery Democrats.
The letter is wrilteii,to, by an avowed Dem
ocrat. Wo hat o already accumulated cvi
denco upon ovidence, establishing the cnor
mity of this outrage, yet wo cannot fnrbeai
to add yet one more corroborative statement
even moro clear and conclusive than any e
havo yet published:
" The election here, on Ilia !2!)ih tilt., fm
a Delegatu to Congress, ocuiisinnod n high
degree of excitement. Gen. Whitfield, the
pro-shivery candidate, is s.iul to have been
elected. You hsve, noduubt, been so infor
med. So far ns the number of votes cast in
his favor may go to give him th election, ho
has it; hut if Iliu olnrnc er uf thujo votes
has anything to do with tlio result, ha Ins it
not. llo was lint elected by the peuplo of
Kiiihus. Ho is nut thpir Delegate Ha was
put upoi tha track by the puople in the Stste
of Missouri, and put thro ugh the ballet box
iu Kansas by the people nf that iStati. Uo-
fnri! the near apprnncli of the timn of el
lion, mi sign onulil bo iliscern.d by the most 1
observant, iinliuatintr nnvthin? rlsp thin thu I
succession or tlio anti-slavery parly. i
"The Gnvernor of the 'I'crritory. and all
his peisoiul and political friends, were ou
that side, together with two out of every
three persons in all puts of the Ter
ritory. llul within a day or two uf election, !
1 1 ic country began to swarm with Miss jii-
nans. They camo uvcr in crowds some
m wagons, others on horsebick, and others
y,.t on f0t. They were for the most part a
,1t unseemly and reckless set ul inuu. i
I hey crotsed tlio river in separate detach
ments at dilTerer.t places nlong the border.
Thoy seemed lo be organized ill septrate
parties, under tho coni'iiand nf ptrticular
leaders, each pirty designed tu npurato at
specific locslliles. Thus, the polls in eviry ,
district, except lit Lawrence and far up ,
toward Fort Riley, were surrounded and j
tikun i)H"Ssion of the moment they
were opened by those insolent invaders. j
Thoy tiireutcned and intnuid Hud the judges, ,
crowded out nnd violently drnvonti nil thus
wlr, ,.rp munpr.ti.d i,f limn - in i'ivnnif uiv
j olJt.r candidate linn thsir uvvn.nnd pill their
i,vn votea ,0 u10 ballot box ut the jioinl of
(,0 revolver. I was myspit present all day
sembfud early in the morning, and common
rod operations by iiisisiiu un filling a tem
porary vuR.tucy which had ucciired in llie
Uoird of Judges by ulecting a u.an named
ISiirgcsd, a resident of PIlio County, .Mis
kouti Tlu uiher judges protested against
Iho proposition, but yielded immediately, tu
tha storm which their resistance iu a iiiouient
provoked. They I'jIi thuinselves in danger
of being ruthlessly murdered by the crowd
'Plus linn from .Missouri accordingly served, ,
from beginning to end, ns one nf Iho judges '
uf tho election in Kansas Turrit ry. i
" During thu ontiro day, persuns wcru
seen coming over in boats from tin) .Missou
ri sulu of tin) river tu put in their votes;!
iiiiv I'Cinup, uvtuji iioit.tiiiuT u
while persons, actual resident ol too Tern
torv. SCel.i'iL'. iu tho most peaceable manner.
tu j,,., hHir Allots, wero set un, charged
with be- .abolitionists,' and driven from!
,10 Ktoun,, T1U. eft( in ,,,, 0Jsejl) tu
BVui(, ,m eciM31,y uf shcotniir down their
, ntsJ1.lnW. when I went up to vutu. I was
j npproiched bv a fellow who demanded tusee
my licltt, j f.eusri)i 0f course, to heed
, ,in . wlcrellJ)0n i lvlls ,,nniedialely . rowd
C1) out by sonw dozen persuns, all wurking
jjlt Ctlllcet,. Ti(.y openly declared tint none
i ,,,),, apvmeh ,lu ba,lt Uox cxcept lh()W
, ,vho intp1(eil , vul() ,r .Vhillleld. Toward
C0JC 0,- ,10 j,y Uw vloiL.11(:e ntnoll,f ,1B
drunken rabble became so grout that lliv
judges grew nlarmud lur lluir personal sat'o
ty. nnd closed llie ulls. I'hui cudud lha first
election in tins district for n delegate tu
Congress Irnm thu Territory of Kans is.
' No pretext whslever is ull'srod by thoso
peuplo to vxeuso ur justify their conduct.
lln llm .....ilrn... ,l... ....I... ...,.. n
, lulr lclg re,;d,oll,1,,or .Mi.si.uri, and not
residents uf Kansas, lliey tlecloro their
i llllelltio ct- Ulll , , lhj ,. (tnng oter again
t c election. Gen. Sprn gl. Iluw.
. ....
ll'mhinzlon Gossip. Tlio proposed ap
poiiitmeiit uf Mr. Grund to the Mursuillvs
consulship causes the administration no litlle
trouble, mo I'rcsideui 1.1..1111.0.I tho place.
, but Divis. Dnhhm nnd Gmli-in h.n. ,,...
imi, ferry claims ruyment as Minister
peaks of the proposed
as "a peaceful enterprise, involv- !
''ill pussiuiy, ogri-:uiiursi, mining auu cum
mercial speculation, but contemplating no
,,ablo to tho neutrality laws of iho Un.lcd
Blntes." It it said that Mr. Cost Johnson
measuro which will render them nms-
ms been elected President of the Company
An extradition treaty wilh Hanover is 111
course of succesful negotiation.
According to a special despatch to tho
Herald, a majority of the Cabinet is in favor
of an immediate negotiation Tor tho purchase
of Cuba, with ("lulling as tho champion.
Marey has, it is said, consented to tho nego
tiation, and a message on tho bubject may
soon bd expected I .Was.
Dr. Powers retires from tho editorship of
tho ShinJard at the close of the year, aud is
succeeded by Guy C. Sampson.
firtilttlnrlt IMtlltini'iM r1 usmin mail in.rnl
.11 Jlln-i, si, ui.II tifl his mv 1, f .lit-lli rxt
1.,,, .i.viin. Ul 1I1Q UIUIIUIIU 1111
Trouble In the Money Market, i
The American ybutl. early boast, or hi ; suio Snand md hd it
proficiency ... cyphering, and however proud b fc , t , t ,. Fcl'nccr. Vot four
I,o may be or other proofs o.f ignorance, he thisdifgraceful neglect ha, been al-
never likes to be caught in an error of fig- ( ' J "
urine. Uut as a nation we have not arrived -f, ' , i. ,l i, .... ,
at the easiest rules of calculation ss Is now
being chalked up upon the national black
board, in large figures of distress. Wo are
hopelessly cinbarrasccd. Wo have been
spending recklessly for each million of gold
wo havo drawn liom California, wo havo
sent twenty abroad, and havo now nothing
to show for it but a little expensive uphol
stery and piles uf laco at J'.'U tho yard.
It is not that wo havo lived too cxtrava-
...tl.. tl.r.i.nl. P..II.. 1. .....II.. i,,..lni in
this is in other things, it is not that wo
have spent on gew-gaws and tlio most''"'"K-
fragile and senseless tnllcs, our hard won I OJce of .wms I,-Co., t
dollars, but that we have spent it abroad.- . , Martinez, November21
Wo havo been giving our own earnings to 1 At an early hour this morning, the streets
nourish foreign workmen, and now our own of this quiet httlo village were thronged
artisans cry aloud fur labor ond cannot find , with people from various parts iff thocounty
it. Tho tariff was cried down, voted down,1 (ralhercd to witness the execution or the
attacked as a scheme of Iho rich man for 1 1" on the person of Henry H. Mujiroe, so
oppressing his neighbor, aristocratic, old "lieu, no nsu oecn coni emeu to uo imiig
fogyish; every vituperative epithet was thij day for tho murder orJames M. Gordon,
applied to it, but now iho time or trouble 1 , During the imprisonment or Munroe. he
i. ,., .i ,.i (r.. s 'ri.n pnnimli.t i has nrmitestcd entiro indifference to his fate.
can suit uu means irom ono inouo oi m-i
vestment to the oilier ; if lactones doift pay
vestment to the oilier ; ir lactones don't pay
ho has his thips, if hocau'tmakoirenhe
can impoit it, hut what is tho laborer lo do,
he whoso hands aro hardened to one nude
..r-miiti.vmeni n.i scr.iinii nil ntliprs ? i
e havo supported the Southern scheme i tint bo alone was guilty of tho muider; that
by which the masters, who buy everything Gordon wos the only 'white min he had ov
and pty in the raw material grown by their 1 " Killed, though ho hid shot Spannrds and
slates, nro benefitted. Wc have dono it at j Indians merely lo sco them jump and die.
the cost ufonr own wurking men. Wo have His death was accompanied wall but a brief
kept down native copital anJ native Indus-, struggle. Tho crowd was orderly in iho
try, we have driven it into all sorts of false ; extreme. Among those present wore noticed
oi.d destructive channels, wo have tempted some fifty females, thirty or whom wcro A
uen into the strm-gle for fortune, not by moncaiis. Munroo has said while In prison
iMiiest industry but by tho dark ways or the tl't was n it his real namo ; that he was
quack salver, and the note shaver, by the , rn. Kmhmd County, M, where ho had
nuirnl ilinin and tlio stock iobbin!-. the relatives.
dishonest and rotten tricks which corrupt
fii-lcr than lliey can possibly enrich. That
is a bad system by which, at the saino time,
tlio rich grow richer, nnd iho poor, poorer,
and such 1ns been the result of Ireu trade.
l'hero is no questioning it, the result is
i.i ri. iiinp.i ,..;.,!.,.,. r,., in,,.,
self, the iHililician cannot help them. They
must stuJy the 1 1 n or political economy as I
applied to this country, unless they wi,h tu j
live at tlio mercy of tho Southern masters.
Wo were told some tun., ag'i.coti'uuipluusiy,
that Protection was an obsolete ides, but tho
nnsiter is in the balance sheets tl our fui'-igu
There Is a small city of foreign impartera
grown up in New York, wiilnn lha last ton
months. I liaie men arc neither iiiuaiiing
tu htu among us, nor itorkforus. They
arc the lax levicrs of tho Kur 'pom mami
factitror, collecting their revenues fruin tu
un thu very soil wo own.
II lliusu thing are dnuuted, looK at llie
business statistics which tha New Yurk
vtntten in tho wide spfcad dislress with .Message Had been delivered. I no w lugs
which this winter opns, nnd on which it members had rulopteJ n .platform, discount.!
will as surely close. Tho mechanic and tho nincing in every way the effirts of the I reo
Tribune is collecting and publishing, llx- 1 the papers they canvass fur, as ih author
Biiiine their lling-osula delusive Iheorus on I ,ze, ani official organs nf the Know Nuili
the subject ul" 1'iotecliun. and seo whether mgs, nnd by tins deception, are miking n
the true American party is not nticr all that! 6Uccesjful spcculaliun.-HialtUburu' Slides
which asks tlmt Ainencun hands should do ' man.
Americin work and tint American money ' .
should remun!ralo American industry.' J)n Monday morning last. complain's were
rather than be squandered lor the fripperies
ul Frincc, ii ml Un; ,
;ew-gtts ol tieriiiany-
.Y. 11. Mercury.
t'firtn lht UulUad Cuu. y Ilm.lJ.
The Unseen World in Vermont
v ermont is t .e inos' ueinocranc inoi loco-1
fuco,) Hate in Iho world. Its onguut form j
oi government seems to invu ueen ionneu
by the people themsulves to suit tha cxigen
cies ut' the times and the circumstance uf
the people. Its cuntlitiiti'in and laws seom j
not to have been copied from any known
forms, but tu have originated with practical,
honest, nid jpenilent inindod men. Only
Mich offices were created .s llie good of the
peuplo plainly dam indad. 'I'll- pay of of
fice holders was ndiplud lo tho amount of
work nciuilly duns, and presented, and now j
presents, lillle inducement tu one seeking
woalth. Tnerc his alwajs been little ten
1m.... in ii-iiii-,i.ii t.t nuuvr 'Ptin pow
er ut' ilia ciuel Lxectitlvo is very limited,
mid his salary abmit twu dollars each day.
Rich ui'Miuer uf thu Legislative branch rep
resents but fuw men, ami represents uo luwn
whero ihero is any compiling interest sua
nur to agriculture. .Men mil labor are rep
resnnttd in the General Assembly, rather
in .n money
Phis state of ion thousand souarc milos is
divded into fourteen cuuuties, each liaving j
i'.s iiidpi-ndeiit courts and peculiar execu- )
live nllioes. l.ieh comity is og un dividej 01 actual per.onai trial, we cheerlully rec
iiiiu towns uf nearly cspil sizj, 111 which, 'ominend ur. lagers' Syrup of .iveneort.
annually, the people muut in 'town inecling," Tar and Gincui'iiginr, tu all nfllicted with
ur ''lucnl legist auru," tu vute upon very many C'oiurAj, Colds or Influenza, The madical
ut' the interests that eunceru them as ncigli- . qualities of liu, first twu ingredients aro wull
bors and inoiii'aers uf a coiniiiuuity. known ; the last is a Calil'uriua plant, whoso
Within this third division there is a fourth, virtues wo believe, oro not unfamiliar to llie
formula fchuol Districts, wherein tho "legal , medical profession fX""'s hat never Ined
ulttrs" vnlo in refetenco to their schouls, 1 " remedy Jorn Cold ichielivio fed moie iffiat
in which ninotcnthi uf Iho yuuth reottve nun in uter otru cise tlumlhs preparation "
thwr educatiu-i. Tho "School district" is hs i The following is a letter from Major Van
old as Vermont, for aught we know, and tho, Hun km, brother of the Kx-Presideiit, Mai;
three ihousnnd Districts form three thousand im Va.x Ruben :
Republics, in which jiowors aro exprcned ' Kimieriiouk. Sept. 120th, 1 65:1.
will, independence nnd caro F.ach District I Messrs. A. L. Scovill 4o Cu.: Dear
built its Schual-house, gooJ, bad, or nmiffer-1 Sirs Having uccasiun to use an lirpertor
ent repaired it. pullud it duwn. ur suld it ns ! CougA llrmedy last winter, I was
lliey saw fit. Many it School liuuso served, 1 advised by the l!uv. I'. T. J iff.tny, of ilus
nnd boivos, fur it plica of worship. Hero 'place, lotry Dr. Itogeri' 1,'verwirlh, Tar and
tha children uf " uur d stncl" aru educated ' Clinnclin'.ngua. I did so, and I think I wss
tiMellicr, under uno master, selected and I k'ruatly benefitted by ir, and do heartily
hired by 'uur Com uiiteo " Hich district,
or lUtimr, o-icii " legui vuter, chosus Ins uwn
soli Kil-biHiks, mi l U10 " ma.ler'' is " buirded
rouud,"uud becuines an nti-iorlant circulating
I huiillention uf Iho people was well cen
tered in the school district ; and each one,
being uiJopifii lout, and salf-relnnt, had en
ergy an I etfijicncy devuluped 111 it. A
large part nf U10 scholars lived fir from tho
,Z ? r i',?'"1 Pwio
w 1 1 , i1 7' I0'? tva,'
cut l a higher grade ut school, whilo
1 iuXidition ofthings. it appears ,0 ,,,
s. iiool liouse, ana hail deep snow drills to .
,v,i. ,i 1 .... . . . , uiu 1 ivii 1.11 iauu, nuir tiireu wei'iis sgu,
wailu thruugl . Gong to school' was anJ (ur j .CVIOUJy lu my
uuiethingllut required labor, unu it natural. bkt,M1H , foll , ,e nMo ',"
L I" 1 C"'r-y '" lJCl'. VT "' b- "-""M'-iied bv tho utmost p XI
eachers we to young men who wurked upun 1 t.vcr , stlem eJ tu ; , ucliiii" and
iho lar.11 in tho suiiimer, and carried iheir , .,,, i.L,, . , ., ,' ' '"l""u
, 1 . 1 . , , , cuuiiiu ui uoxes oi your
tbiichors, nnd scholars liad their attention 1 mv i.e. n
m-are ounceutrated within the district. mY. ' C' A' br LuA,a"
Rut a chaiiifo camo over Vermont. Tho . J""' n" '"''S'"' Xun'herner Thints.
factories or Massichiisctts and other states, I A ieUer ric0'ved in Union from a leading
began to operate, and many voun -men und !a,vyor and 0110 of tho largest slaveholders
women wunt thero. Other .talcs paid high-1 111 -""-""cy. has tho rollowing signifiennt
tr wages fur teachers, and many went uway l0"ts;ipt !
U tench. Kmigrnliun to tho west grew, U l0Te 13 Northern spirit ? Is Kan
moro rapid, and multitudes went there. Tho 1 !? '? bc ? s,ive tiutu c-" 11 b" that the
attention of Iho parents aud tho tax-payers I North will tamely submit? Tint a single
vaa turned away, more and more, from local 1"""' BllJ.uIJ.bo turned from tha North, who
inalUrs tu better wages, and better firms '-jVu tho Nebrai,ku iniquity is to me inex
ubroad. Of course, tho schouls suffered, and I''lcuUl,;'
many saw :t. , Tht Gall,pagos.-TUo Providence Journal,
Tho schools muat bo ottended to, and if a'lof B'''S a description of theso islands,
tho parents will not, somebody elso must. In concludes its article as follows:
1815, a law was passed creating a system uf " Faking the Gallipagus as 0 whole, with
tuwn, counly, and slaio nipcrvisiou. flu. their great sterility, their two thousand era
periiitoiideiiey" w as a new ilung .11 Vermont, tcrs ul yulcanoes, active and extinct, tho vast
Phc two hundred and forty town Supcrintun- f'dds uf sconco and black mud thiuwu up
dents, the fourteen County Supts. and tho , f'" the bowels of the oarth, and Iheir gen
singlo Stato Supi, went tuwurk, und worked 'c"l woithlcssness in other respects, wo
bird, fur small pay. Schools and teachers should cunsider that after piying Mexico ten
wero examined. - Fncts wero gathered. Hut millions or dollars for tho deserts of Souora,
tho rejected teachers were clamorous. Tho three millions would be a fair pneo for these
Siipermteudeiits could not afford lo du the ! islands."
work required for the small pay, and the tho "me article the Journal intimates
wurk began to be neglected. Tlio Report that Gen. Frunklu. Pierce, President of the
of the Siato Superintendent was published, United States of America, does not know
bnt the Public Press took little or no nniicn : mud from L'Uano:
or it, undconsequcntly, three-fourths of tho1
peupiu kuuw iiuiiiing ut wnal lliey intended
tu du, and tho Press, for sumo unworthy
reason, neglected to tell what had been done.
Soino unlucky appointments of County
Superintendents had been undo, and soma
portions of tho Stato became restive and de -
sired a change. "What has been done ?'
said some. "Wo duirt know," said nearly
.11 I.. 1 -us I.- f'..... o.. 1
work, lie teas alone, ha did not como iu con-1
tact wilh schools, teachers, tuwa-Suprein
teiidcnu, or the peoplo. Hj was orer Ver-
mout, bnt not t t. Ha could not succeed,
aud ibu Legislature, reflecting tho whims,!
H,i. " l".' wuwill, UUUUlllllBllUeUCy 1,1.1 , ," : ,
was abuh.hed, tho iiuddlo part or tho system A ll:!'lS,"i backed by a part oniio male pop
was wrenched out, a high salary (for Ver-' "liUo" recently attacked two groggeries in
iiiont) was given to tha State SupL, and his ' "- Xaw nc! "piHeJ a large quantity of
powers wero increased, lie went to work, I V0!" Uln I he landlord or the hotel escaped
but no matter L, In, I n. u l, ,l,,l l,ij 1 by promising to stop sellim. A similar da.
"llicr Ihanlhe tloliberato judgment of the
1 1 iiere siiuuiu. iiicit. ian uu uv iviuiii iu
that rejected system. Central supervision,
one-man power, salaried offices whoso
duties aro poorly understood, will not bo tol
erated in Vermont. This fact should bo
seen, and understood by those who would
benefit the Common Schools, or their efforts
will prove abortive.
J'rfclid'oTi of Munroe al .Martinez. Wo
sre indebted to Mr. Geo. V. Worth, the at
tentive agent of Adams & Co., for the fol-
" - - "p'"K ",,,u " "'"S"'!;' t""JM,s """
banes, tun composing oDsceno songs.
hen the hour arrived for his execution, he
walked with a firm step to the scaffold, and
on his arrival addressed the crowd at consul-
bones, ami composing oosceno songs
erablo lencth, elating among other things,
lirjoitr.. IntlieSenato of Missouri, on
Monday, Air. McCrackeu, anti-Heiilun, was
elected Secretary, and in I he Homo Win.
Newland uas elected Speaker, twenty Hell
ion men voting (or him. The Governor' j
ooiiers and ADouuonists to continue ino ag.
illnn r dwy, and declaring they will
"t "'lo lor any person fijr .Senator who is
!",,.f?.!,rab'0 to ,,,e,r Kieni nni1 Nl!UM8-
ka bill. Mm.
Know-.Yolhtvg Organs. The whole I
country is lloudcd jOst now ith agents fur !
city papers w Inch profess to be organs uf i
the Knuw Nothings. It is well know.i unJ !
understood that this Society neither havo ,
nor want uny newspaper organs, and these
prutended organs nre mero ca'ch-peimv con-
trivances uf city papers to speculate out ot'i
the public. Those who ought to know, do
claro that nu u-nspipsr is authurizeil to i
spoak for them, as they reach the public, by i
other means than public discussiuiis. Yi t it '
n saij that these Irsvcllnur n ienls rpnrrsunt
omciaiiy inaue against all me rum .ules uuil
other places in the village whero the
" critter" was supposed to be lurking. 'I ho
work of selling distilled damnation m 1 1 1 1 -mngton,
and in open violation uf law, has
been carried ou fur the past year to an
alarming extent ; and we cannot but indulge
pleasurable omutiunsat tho prusppct ul tm-
, 113 eul 0 , Cl)nml,lmly to ,nan.
kmj in general nwted out iff tf.. i.l.ce. It
u8 Mre0()y C1,pd u3 too long, ond rendered
111 as a community a by-word and an
occomoii of scorn all over the State. Let
the work go un - Iho good work already be
guu until this foul bint upon our clnr.acter,
this enemy lo the young men uf our village,
and this drawback to those uf riper years
is, root nnd branch, exterminated. leaning
ton llanner.
Valuaulk Tr.9Ti.ioM4i.s. There is a
very common impression thai Patent Medi
cines, ns they aro termed, aro used only by
the lsior and tho ignorant. Uut from the
lollowing, u appears that tl.cro is at least
one .Medicine which has worked its way into
high circles, and is being usod extensively
by " the upper ten."
The following conclusive) statement was
taken from thu editorial columns of the
.V. 1'. Courier aud Knquiier, of Feb. 1 3th,
1851. edited by Cul. Jumes Wntsuii Webb.
ao V. S. Chargedcs nlT.iires at I'unna.
"Wo carefully keep aloof from Patent
Medicines 111 general, but on the strength
I recouimend it to others as a Cuuh Remedy.
L. Va.N HuRfr'l.
I fully concur in the above siatomnnt.
I'm hkiiick T. Ti t'Ar.
Hector of tho Kpiscopal Church.
Ihllowai's Ointment and I'ills. Wonder,
ful Remedy for Salt Rlioiuu. Copy of a
letter from Charles Augustus St Clair, pis
sender per tho Atlantic," dated Now York,
March llith, ia"l. Tu Prolessor Holluway,
I l.ll I 1. '
over, immediately -ffler I get on board, I
''c11 orso than ever, and was cunfiued to
,y cabin for six days, when a leliuw Pas-
1 H1"1'" JlfW.) preseu-
"It is said that there is a great bed or
"-"" in tuese islands, i nu cannot bo so,
01 o motion or it is mado by iho cioiiiifaj
'""I'i who made a pretty thorough exiuiuia.
tion uf them. It is prubable that tha great
1 hods uf volcanic mud and ashes are tuba
1 p-dmed off on General Picrcu for Peruvian
, Buiuo."
monst"tion had previously been mado by
1,10 "-"nenof Nile.
Cincinnati, Dec.20.-Ex.Gov. Morehead
died at his residence in Covington, Ky., last
night, in tho 53th year of his age.
1 ninv sironr-.tnimipii wnm.i r.r ni.n
WcnnciDAT, Dec. 27.
Senate. Mr. Badger, or North Carolina,
moved that the Senate adjourn till Friday.
During tho holidays very few Scna'ors
would ho In their seals; it was not right
therefore, to transact any important business,
and ho hoped tho Scuito would leel uis
posed to adjourn till Friday, and from Fri
day till Tuesday, a hen Iho Senato would be
full, and prepared to dispatch business cor-1
Mr. Johnson moved tu recommit the pond
ing Territorial bills. Agreed ro.
MrI'ish, of New Yurk, moved thai tho
Committee on Foreign Affairs be instructed
to consider whether any, and what compen
sation should ho paid to Commodore Perry,
fur his services iu relation lo tho ocliiev
incut of tho treaty with Japan.
'Iho Senate, without transacting onv
other business, adjourned till Friday, with
the understanding that it would then adjourn
till Tuesday.
Housk. Mr. Forlpy, nf Maine, from the
Committee on Territories, reported back,
with amendments, tho bill authorizing the
construction of a subterranean line of Tele
graph Trum Mississippi or Missouri River to
the Pacific Ocean. Reared to tlio Com-
miltco or the Whole.
The Senate bill to continuo in force for a pased tins point,
limited period the art Tor settling private , The news from tho seat of war is without
claims in California, was refetred to the any interest whatever. The Allies find that
Committee on public lands. , they can do nothing with their heavy battery
The House went into committee of the t uf gnus, on account of the trenches being
Whuloon tho Armv Appropriation Hill. ' filled with water.
This, together witlthe bill making appro- Omar Pasha, at Iho last advices, was at
prist ions for the General Pust Oilier, was Anapa, embarking ISltO Turkish troops for
subsequently reported t.i tho House without the Crimen.
debate. I Tho Hrilish Parliament was duly opened
Mr. McDougal or California wished to on the appointed day. Tho Cluecirs speech
amend tho army bill by appropriating SiO, is alm-wt holly relative fo tho war, and her
OUO Tur the purpose ul demonstrating how Mnjety speaks admiringly iff the bravery 0r
Tar camels can beuspd for transportation I tho allied troops in the Crimea. Sho Rays
over deserts. that a treaty has beer, concluded with Aus-
Tho spenker ruled Iho amendment nut of, tna, which calls Tor large reinforcements or
order on the gruuiul that the law dues not troops. She also says that on important trca
authorize, such appropriations ly has beonconcludcd with the United Stales,
Mr. llenlun, of .Missouri, mid.i nn infffic- settling numerous questions of great mter
tual effart to amend llie Pint Office appro-1 est, and which had been long in an unsettled
prtnlimi bill so as to authorize Ilia Pustuias nd vexations stale.
ter General to contract fui carrying llie The Queen's speech produced no quotablo
mail from Impendence, Mo., lo Sin Fran-' llnclu ition or tho funds;
cisoo, in conches, wagons and aleijln, tho j Tho Cotton market at Liverpool was less
contractors to uprn tlio mid, and charge a 'buoyant, and holders were tsiing their
moderate lull Tor travellers storks t a reduction on the last quotations
Roth hills pissod. I'ff I t (l I -1 d. Tho sales or the week Wero
Mr. McDougal iff Cilifunut presented .1?,0.X) biles, or which l.'OO werulnkenby
Col. I renionrs tttrriiive, iljscnhing ins last
I'xp'orntiona, ninth Hero urdeiuil tu bp
Mr. Nohlr, of M'.i h'gati, iiitr.Mliii-eil a bill
making nppnipri.itiuiiH for ciiiitinuuv the
publ.c Wurks nt Monro', Michigan, and
moved its reference tu II 3 Cuiienittou on
Mr. Haven, of Nuw Yurie, thought the
Huii.e should instruct tint ciMiiimltac lo
report one l.trijred nnd forty bills, the mini-1
ber iff it-ins 111 iho River nmlllitbor bill
v.-lip-d by the President, llo knew iff 110
oihi-r way to obtain Iliu ri'iron why ihe
Pri-sidu.it veiiii d t!.i- bill.
.Mr I imli ..' nf 1. im ss opposed to s i
mint lull.. I ii' re s'i.iull.1 tip a general .H
fur n.-r un I It ir mr itupriivoiiHMils, lliey be
ing ot u lilt iimi loiiiott im'p.
Mr. II iv n r,"p iimi til it Hi-' President hid
proiiused his rt'.tson. ul length for his
Ust veto un.! Iif (Mr II.) wiplied by the
course tin Iiid sugeste.t, tu lUtatii ih.'in. -
II,. desired in tooa- wheiher the biisintxs of
leirislation n lobe confined tu government 1 lakfl the field ns early ns possible,
ortiwrs alone. 1 Chunb l'acht is appointed I'uikisli M111-
Mr. Campbll said that tha ennstitution istor uf Fuunce.
lequired iIip Prp-nduiit tn guo lu i-iu-hiim ' Thero is a report from Sebistnpol that,
furlhcvp'u. lie thought it but courteous to 1 500 Russians had retired from tlisir eecund
the President, to delay action, 111 urdor that , line of defence.
his views might bc placed 011 the jnnrnJ. ,i,n.i i-i.i Ttnt
Mr. RaboJck. .ff v.rjr.n.a, wished iu know ! Additional Forciga Intelll-
the reaKins gentlemen had fur dosinug the J JJ0I1CC.
promised views al length. j A Conttaiitinople despatch, telegraphed
Mr Campbell replied that it was due to vii Vienni, of Dec. I, says that tho Russians
the Kxeculivo. tare understuud lu hive retired In their
Mr Haven rep-taluil his tlasirolo obtain ; secoml line of defences or Sebaslopol.having
tho promised v ies. Iqulttsd Iho Qniranuna battery, and are con
Mr llayly. uf Virginia, expressed surprise ivoymg tho guns to their ships. A frosli
at the views taken by Mr Haven. IU was Ifurce uflluvsians had arrived at Perekop.
against th praelico uf rvery member intro-, A new bitlery of 3(J siege guns had been
duciug a p ir.it.; bill, for they tt onld ml- pol in pusitlon ngitnst Sebastupu).
urally bs bleudt'd by s system of clubbing. The Paris Muuileur publishes Intelligence
Mesrs Wns'iburuuf Mn'me, and Itayiy of j from the Crimea to December 7th. The
Virginia, coniiuueil the debate iimn the batteries will be ready lo open their fire in
point ol' tho Prwident being buun I by the three days. The entrenchments of the ollies
Constitution tu give his reasuns for tha veto. , being completed, they can winter in their
The Hour was obtained successively by present position. They were ossily and
Messrs Orr iff South Carolina, Haven of regularly suppl.ed w ith provisions.
New York. I.elchi-r uf Virginia, and (irtreii- Advicos received through Vienna state
wood ul A1kun1.11, and ttXvr a s miewhit tint tho Russians maJo a surlie against the
desultory d.sciission, Mr. Noble's bill was French line mi iho 5th. Bight divisions uf
referred tu ihf eo nnnttpo on cuumu'ree. Uio lino, under Gen. Forey, repulsed then
Mr WhithVIJ of K uisas, inlioduced hills with great luss. Tuey ul.u stats that Uiu
for the i-reclum of pu'ilie buildings in ICsn- Fronvh ore arming lutleries with guns from
uis, and protiduij for tho ounitruction uf tho Henri IV.; that ibo Bnglish Itivc con
ru ids nml bridge-, an I thu i iiproveiiicnl ul struclod new .1'J gun hiltories, oik! that
rivers 111 the Tprrmiry on I fur gi-ological Gnyon, llaslnn Pha and ten Pulish staff
surveys, as well as 10 oxmnpt certain luwn officers gu from Bricruuni 10 the Crimea,
s.trs frum salu ur prH-inpliun, and lu eitnb Prince Menschikuff, writing from Sebss
lull post ruads. Ail wero appropriately re- tupol, Dec. 4, rowrts lint nothing ol import
ferred, ond the Hutiso adjisinwd. nnca hsd occurred up to that date. Thu
I'iuiiay, Dee. 0J. ' firo or tho allies c.inlinusd to bo very weal;,
Sr.NATK. Tho annual Appropriation bills and caused Ibu Russians scarcely any loss,
for the Post Office and Ihe Army, for tho It is also reportm! that ho announces in an
year ending July I. ltd!, came in fro.11 Ihe unpublished despatch uf Nov. til, that near
House, and was referred to the Committee , Cap llerdjanskala (un iho north coast of tho
on Finance. 'Sea uf Azd) a hurricane hid literally
".I r. Cooper, of Pennsylvania, presented demolished the breakwater, driven on short)
sundry memorials, one ul' which was in refer-1 :l. Russian vessels, and dished to pieces
enco lu un expedition lo tha Attic So is, in I fivo otliers.
soaruli nf Dr. Kane. ; Du'luuatic The text of tha Russian
Mr. Fish, uf New York, introduced a bill j note, which Prince GurUclnkolf addressed
to remit to inorclnnl vesiols certain psnal- 'to Count liuol, at Vienna, Nov. Udlli, was as
ties incurred by a violation ut' the statutes in ' fulluwr ; " Tho iiudersignod is authorized to
regird tu the cunveyanco ur passengers in, declare to M. lluul tint His Majesty tho
greuter numbers and upun different decks Binpnror occepts thu four propositions uf iho
than thoso swo:fied by the I iw. I.anl oil the Cabiiiet of Vionua, as a basis fur negulia.
table, to bo called up on Tuesday next. lions uf peace."
Mr. Cass, uf Michigan, givo notice ihitot A despatch from Berlin, Dec. I Ith, says :
a proper time he bhuold inquire what provis- On Salurdsy last iho Germanic Confcd
ion had buou made tor ventilating ihj new I eration uninimously adopted tlio additional
Senile t.'hainbor, in the Cupitnl extension. article lo tho treaty concluded between
A remoiistranct) ugitisut (he renewal of Austria and Prussia on tho iiGiIi. Prussia
.Mc'Virmick's pa eut was presented. has not joined tho alliance ur Austria and
On i'uesdiy, Mr. Iltdger will call call up tho Western powers. When lint treaty is
thu bill increasing the pty of Judges and ' ratified sho will bo invited to join, and will
Congressmen. Adjourned. ' prubably comply. Tho Empress of Russia
SatI'RDAv, Dec. IW. is very ill."
Ilousp.. Several executive communica Tiie treaty of alliance between Austria
lions wero received. land France and Bngland was signed at
Mr. Washburn iff Maino osked leave to Vienna, De-. 3, and tho ratifications wero
offer a resolution that tho Secretary ur tho exchanged on tho I lih.
Navy, if, in Ins judgment not inconsistent, Holami.-Iu tho House of Lords, on
with tho navol service, provide a ship for the I Tuesday, oiler tho reading of the Queen's
conveyance of works of art and induslry tu address, iheio was un unportanf debate upon
Franco fur the Great Kxlubitiuii at Parts , tho war.
next year.
Mr. Hamilton, of .Maryland, objeclcd.
Mr. Faulkner, of Virginia, retried a bill
extending Ilia provisions of the act ot Aug
ll.Md. tu tha widuws officers and others
dying in the military scrvico of Iho United
State. Referrpd to the Coniinilteo of the
Ou motion of Mr. Phelps of Missouri, Iho
Committee on Post Oilices was instructed to
inquiro into th-j expediency of ostabhshin
on express mad between St. Louis ami San
Francisco, Tor the transmission or letters,
and fur increased rates of postage for said
No quorum bein present, tho House ad.
journcd lilt Tuesday.
Tuesday, Jan. S.
Se.matf. Tho only matter of general
interest today is tho discussion uf Mr.
Urudhuud's bill granting bounty lauds to
certain officers who have been engaged in
tho military service of tho United. Slates.
Amendments wuro proposod. and a rcneral
discussion took place, but without any do
finito result ; tho bill to amend tha judicial
system of tho United States was made the
order of the day for Thursday.
IIoijsk. Mr. Perkins, of Louisiana, ro
ported a bill, with amendments, remodelling
ihe Diplomatic and Consular system of tho
United States, Pustpuned to Tuesday next.
Mr, Siraub, of Pennsylvania, asked leave
to introduce a resolution offering the Hall or
tho House or Reprcbcntalives lor tho use of
the Convention of Soldiers of tho war of
ld!2, to bo huldenon the P.HIi nf January,
Mr. Jones, of Tennessee, objected.
The House proceeded to consider tho bill
to amend tho act graduating the price of the
public lands to actual settlers.
M r. Dowdell, or Ala., explained an amend
ment. Ho wished it udupted so as to pre.
ver.t any person who had not declared his
intention to become a citizen or the United
Slates lro.11 claiming pre-emption land.
Under the present law, foreigners of all col
ors, without such declaration, can avail
themselves of its provisions.
Mr. Cobb, of Ala., appealed to his col
league not to persevere iu his amendment, as
it would open discussion on the Know Notli-
ing question, ami retard the passage or tho
Tho bill nnd amendment wcro finally sent
to the Committee on Public Lands.
A message was received from tho Pros I.
dent, giving his reasons for his veto of the
River and Harbor hill.
Mr. Haven, uf New York, suggested that
tho message bo referred to the Committee of
tho Whole, and it was so referred.
Mr. Mayall, orAIaine, spoke in opposition
to the Reciprocity Trpntv. rslppniinit it tnti
entirely to tho odvantago or tho Ilritisli
American Provinces, and explained a bill
which ho intends to introduco, which will bu
mutually odvantageuus to both parties. At
the conclusion of his remarks, the Commiltco
Mr. Wentworth or Massachusetts, intro
duced a hill tu prevent the introduction into
tlio United Stales ol foreign criminals and
paupers. Recommitted to tho Committee on
Nino Days later from Europe.
SAMir IIuok, Dcc.OIJ 15 P. M. Tho
Collins sleamship Atlantic, Capt. West, with
Liverpool dates lo tho Kith inst , has just
'1 ho llreSkstoflj market was quiet, and
the Ptipply dm ill. Wheat has advanced la
III; floor Is with a steady market at tho
i-lusi. In In Inn C im there is 11 1 clunp.
Provisions quiet. AtJies ver) dull. Lard
Is lower.
Parliament lias pissed n votp nf thanks to
the army and navy in the Crimea.
The duration of thu present session of
Pannment deppiids on llie progress tff tho
government measures, but it ill probably
adj.Hirii .1. about a week.
Gen. (Men Saeketi lus airivod nt tlio
Ciimea, tu lake command ur Daunenberg's
A private letter snvs that tho ratification
of ih " In my ut Austria was exchanged at
Vienna on the I Ith.
If the negotiations now pending do tint
produce pence, Russia will call uut sixteen
m"ii in pvery thoimn'l llimughnut the om
piro (which is eiiual lo a million of u.eii) lo
The Bail of Derby proceeded lo comment
upon tho courso pursued by the Government
111 tht conduct of tha war, not so much as to
whit they had dono, as because tho words
" too late" applied to all their proceedings.
In declaring war they wcro "toolato,"in
sending their llect to thu Illack Sea they
wcro " too lato" and they were "too late" in
sending an army to Turkey ; and, although
1 Ministers had taken credit to themselves for
the energy displayed ill scudin-ron an armv
of yU,0(JU men in three months which boast
was almost a reflection on a great country
liko this vet even in this matter they were
" too late,'' Tor their preparations should havo
been made threo months earlier. Uut even
oiler this great exertion, they neglected to
make any provision Tor reinforcements, and
it was admitted lint their army or 00,000
men had no resorvo whatever.
'Po crown all, they wero " too lato" in
arriving at Sebasiopol. That expedition ap
beared to bo a step in tho dark, without any
knowledge uf the strength or tho place, ex
cept rroui tho warnings which wero given
nunine, Htlapbitii, I, .1 nil I
, ... u..i.v...( . u, u II. , ..UlillllCillUU
'and condemned tho defectivo supply of
cln.n. W'.ll. .,... ! . .I. ....' r '.:.l.
...v., itiim iu mi, iicaijr wiui
Austria, their lordships could express no
opiuion upon it, as they wero wholly ignor
ant of its provisions. Ho strongly condemn
ed both Austria and Prussia for their policy.
Ho had little lailh in cither of those nations.
The noble lord concluded by urging upon
tin; Government tho necessity of energetic
measures for the prosecution of the war, a
course in which ho was convinced they
would bo sustained by the public feeling of
tho country. His party would offer no
factious opposition, but would do its best to
maintain tho honor and interests of the na
tion. The Duke of Newcastle replied at great
length in defenca or llie guverntnent ; ha
said the policy orthe government had been
identical with that of Napoleon III. He
defended Iho government against the charge
of dilatorincss in conducting the war, and
said that from the first thu invasion uf Ihe
Crimea had been confeuiph led.
Ite denied that the order to attack Sebas
iopol had been given in spite of the opiuion

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