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Vermont watchman and State journal. [volume] (Montpelier, Vt.) 1836-1883, October 21, 1864, Image 3

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lloufin FKtTCii cr I'bbdidrni Lirnt,jf.
Stmator Shcrman of Ohio, in a late ipeccb.
at 8andmkjr, drow thls tough but accutate
outllno of tho tiresidetil's character :
" I know old Abo. aud 1 tcll vou thcta ia
not at this hour a motc pattiotic, or a trucr
man llvinj? tban that man Abrabam Lincoln.
Somu say ho ta an imbecilo, but be not onlv
held his own in hl ilnhaim ltl, ii,,,.i..
"-"'-J- ...... UUUIM,
wnuso iowc ia admitted, nd whom I con
idercd tho abloat iotallcct in tha l!niti..l
Statca Benate, but got a little tho bcttar of
mm. llo has bocn dellbetate and slow, but
wben ho puta bia foot down, it ia witli the
uetotmlnation and cortainty wlth which our
Kinerala Uko their stops, and, liko thcm,
whem ho takoa a city ho nver xhet it up.
This firm old man ia noblo and kind'heattcd,
ho ta n child of tho poople. Oo to him wlth
a atory of woo, and ho will weeji liko a child.
Thls man, so oondemned, works moto houta
than any other prceident that over occupiod
tho chair. 111s aolicltude for tho pablic wol
fato la ncvcr-cuajing. 1 dlffered ftom him at
flrit myself, but at lait fclt and Jclieved that
ho waa tlght, and ahall voto for thia btave,
true, patriotic, kind-heattod man. AU hla
faulta and mislaaos you havo icon. All hla
vtrtaoi you nevor can know. His paticnce
in labot ls wondetful. Ho works fat hatdcr
than any man in Kfio county. At the head
of thia great nation, look at it : ho haa all
tba billa tn slgn paised by ConKteas. No ono
an be appolnted to any ofllco without bia ap
proral ; no one can be nunlsbcd without the
judgment reeeivcs his ilgnaturo, and no One
pardoood without his hand. Thls man, al
wayt tight, alwaya jut, wo proposo to to-
eloct now to the ptosidency. To swop off
auoh a man aa thia , my countrymen, for Mo
Clellan, idle, ineomtietent and unwilling,
would, in my oplnlon, be a devilish poot
Comjreasmsn ii. 11. Hill of Georgia, In a
reeant spaeeb at Macon, urged upon his bear
era tha necesaity of defeating Sherman, aay
ing :
" If Llneoln ia defcatcd and McUlolIan
eleoletl in the coming election, no may have
peaee. liut there is no paaco party in the
North If we are willing to be aubjugated. All
will subjngate us if they can. l'eace can only
eorne by the defeatof theenemy. McClellan
will never be olected unleas Shcrman ii de
faaled. The preecrtation of our honor, tho
preservatian of our Stato, the election of Mc
Clellan and the necuring of an bonorable
penee, all depend upon the dofoat Sherman."
A great polilical meeting in Sprtngfield,
Illinola, waa gladdened and amused by a ban
nar, borne by wounded aoldiera, reprenenting
a globe, wbich I.inculn wat prying up with a
rail, wti'.le Andy Johnson waa aeated cross
legged on the i'or.th American part of it,
utlor-fashion, sewing up a huge rent. " Old
Abe" aays to him, " A few more stitehcs,
Andy, and the dear old Union will be mend
rd" The Herald eorrespondent with Qenaral i
Itutler sys our losces in the reconnoitsanee (
on the 13th were three officon and thirty
men kllled aod fourteen otHcers and two hun-1
dred and mnety-six men wounded. One ol
fieer and twenty-three men are missing.
'ihe robl firing on Dutch Oap Canal has
ceased since Uen. Hutler placetl the rebel
priaoners init. The trees in front of tbe 18th
corps have been out down by the rcbels to
obtain a better new of our operations. Oen.
Kautz'e cavalry on the right still hold the
poeition gained by tbo reconnoissance on the
13th. Iee'a otiicial reportof tbis affair claims
a itbel tielory.
A rebel army correspondent says that Oen.
Lee keaps a rlock of her.s at his bcadriuarrera.
One of tbem, a cock, is said to be a great pet
witb the Oeneral, who has bad him from the
beginning of the war, and carries him wher
ever he goes. The Oeneral Iotcs Ireib laid
rggi, no doubt. Oen. Hcauregard's pet is &
fine milch cow, wbich shares all bia cam
paigns, and is most indiapensable compan
ion, his hoilth batng so delioate that be can
eat little clse besides milk and btead.
A anMEHoua Doxatiox. Mr. O. H.
Hougbton, an artist of Brattleboro', preseot
cd to the Vermont Histo'ioal Society at the
annurl meeting a beautiful gilt edged quarto
volumeof I'hotographic viowa taken ln Vir
giata duriog tho Iast tbree yeara, exbibiting
trutbful and lile-like scenes, and photographs
o( most of Vermont field ofQcers, making in
all one of the most raluable and reliable bis
toric colleotions made since the commonce
ment of the rebellion.
In viow of tbe value and appropriateness
of the donation, Mr. Hougbton was by una
mous vote elected a life memberof the socie
ty. The buok will for a fe days remaiu on
exhibitian in tbe State I.ibrary.
CtRSKs or the Hobsk. The clerieal
force of tbe Houae is likely to be maked this
sesslon by at Uaet an averagc dfgteo of abili
ty and efficiency. John H. Flagg of Wil
mington4 the newly elected clcrk, is a young
cr man tban has usually filled tho responsiblo
positlon be now holda in our Legislature;
but his experience m assistant clerk and tbe
ability be has mantfested thus far in the dis
cbarga of bis'dutiee, lead to the expectation,
tbat hi aervices will be found eminenlly ac
ceplable. He has made the following selcclian
of aseiilant clerks, which so far as we are
acrjuaiult'd with the gentlemen named wo can
aafely pronounce hiiihly judicious.
lst Assistant Albert Clatk of Slontpclier.
2J " J. H. Hougbton of Chelsea.
3d " N. H. Smitn of Clarendon.
'lo make up tbe the grand list. Mosos
Hurbankof Ludlow and Matin K. Spriguo t
-Isa healthful beter-
aue that is becoming higbly popular wher-
.ever it has been introduced. It will be found
to contuiu the putest liquora and the most
houltliful coinpounds of barks and roots. We
regard tt in every rcspect as a superior ar
ticle, pos.essiog a flne flavor and being a
healthful tonic, without the drawbaclta of any
reaction, as in the caso of most stimulants.
Kor dyspeptics, it will be found a most valu
able and safe tonic, which can be drank as a
boverage, and oven the most delicato lady
can use lt with the best rosults. Theso blt
ters are known by tho cabilistic letters, "1.
m n V 18114 Y! Y !" Thev are used by
.... ,
nvervbodv. and havo the hiabest recommena-
atiou. ftom those best ablo to judge of their
.,,, or Kir.e lnnce. ana cannot lail 10 oecunio
' ... .... o ,1
wulely patrunizeu wuetuvui iuu,
by atl druggists.
Beautlf jI 1'lota, oy of our home I
I Ight hearled falrr I oh, waere has ahe gnne I
The sunsutnaof Buinmer yet lles on the flojr,
And the toses aro clirabiog all over the door
Htlll does sho tarry. our uesutiiui our,
Wh(idncfdtUrough the cotUge(ni ,rIPPtd 0 er
Ihe lawn, ,
Who soatlered brlght hlossoms ol love In our way,
- Wbo stole .11 our be.rts, au . then v.nl.hed away,
Down In the meadow the b?ilr..P 1 1
Aih ii,Mii, .,,,1 w.viiiv. .ua wblsnrintr "come,
And Ihe gay litilebrooklelpetps out 'raong the trres,
But goM.n-halred Flora it never more ees,
lluahl dld at hear her f ah, nol ahe 11 not come i
lltau'.iful Klora, her mlssiuii la d'lne I
Never agaln wlli llght lo.'lsleps fall,
Never again will the bi d-liko voUecall)
Litile white mcbud t,f tei.dcrcit love,
Angrls bave wooed licr. aud iirne b'r almve
Startlhig Iutelligence !
Kcbol Raid into St, Albans I
Dispatch to Qovornor Sinith!
Tho Lcgislaturo hastily Assomblod.
Prompt Mcasurcs for Dofonco.
Tho following dlnpatehes woro reccivod at
about four o'cloek tbls afternoon:
Montpelier, Oct. 19,
lhj Ttltjraph from St Alban:
To 11. llarhw :
Thero has beon a robel rald to thia placo
and have robbed all tho banks and hare ahot
one or more men.
J. D. Sowxes.
St. Alba.ni, Oet 19.
To Oov. Smilh :
There ls a party of rcbels here abootlnz
and kllling citizens. Have stolen as many aa
fifteen horses, and robbed all the banks.
K. A. S.mitii.
Qov. 8mlth hastily aummoned the Legls-
lature to assemble and communicated to them
the above dltpatches also the further iatelli
gence that tto aoldiera of the Invalid corps
at Montpelier and Burlington about two hun
dred In number bad been ordered torward.
Helmd atlo directed the citizens of Burling
ton to organlze for defence.
Two thousand stand of atms bad been or
dered forward from Vergennes. Ho had au
thorizad a company to be enllstcd in Mont
pelier, and as we go to preas men are enlist-
ing at the l'avilion. Qreat oxcitemcnt pro
rail.. Latkr. Additional dispatches say that
tbo raldlng party numbercd about forty, that
they have taken hsrses and startcd back for
rVe hear reports that there is lour kllled
and two wounded.
New Youk, Oot. 18.
The Herald'a eorreapondent wlth Oeneral
8heridan says : Tbe atfair of laat Wednes-
day was managad wilh the aame caution that
Oen. Sheridan evinces. Early In the morn-
ing the rebels appeared in his front In the
woods and along tho hills nf South Cedar
Creek. Shortli after noon they opened with
artillcry making (?ood firing and causing the
lt diviaion of C'rnok'a army to retire a little,
Our artillery wasas aoon brought upand made
the enemy retire wilh tbeir batteries. A nor-
tion of the 19th army corps adranced to feel
the enemy ind beeame hotly engaged. The
infantry firing was aharp and lasted three
The firat brii;ade commanded by Col.
Wells of the 25th Man. was hotly en
gaged and tbougb cbarged by the enemy
repeatealy they stood tbeir ground nobly.
The brtgade was heavily prested. Col. Wells
fell mortally wounded.
Cll 1TTAXOOOA., Oct. 15.
The reports of our acouts fail to show
the preience of any considerable body of
rebels north of Tunnel Hill. Walter and
Wbitfield counties have undoubtedly been
icourad by a sruall body of rebel cavalry
wbich ba not beon vcry effec ive in destroy-
lin? the rallroad throush it bad been in their
posaeision at Alton Ollicora blockadcd bere
on their way to Ihe front hatro been ordered
to join tbeir commands ot once. Oeneral
SchoMeld eent out a strong reconn6Itering
party to-day to diseover the whereabouts of
tbe rebel oolumn which is said to he murtng
West. Scouts of tho 4 lih colored regiment
ib garrison nt Dalton who escaped after John
son'a surrender arrtved here to-day. They
gire numerous accounts cf tho aifair. Hin
guld and intetmediate points have beeq
atrentbened by Oen. Schofield. 'e hae
nothing definite as to Oen. Sherman's wbere
aboits. He is known to be energetically at
work to open aud keep open tbe route to Al
lanta. No matter what rebel column intcr
vences. 9:15 P. M. Our forces to-day re-occupicd
Htngold and the lilock Hottse, three miles in
advance, and fouud tbe railroad and bridget
safe. It is generally believed that- Daltun,
with the 44lh colcred regiment surrendered
to Hood'a army yesterdny, but nothing otiicial
bas been received. There is no communica
tien jet wilh Oeneral Shcrmati. Abundance
ofeupplies hare been culiected at Atlaola in
anticipation of auch & movcmcnt by Ibe
rebels. Mai Oen Steadman had arrivcd and
resumed comnmnd of this district. 3ix munths
supphes aro on hand, and the officers of the ;
army feel tbat Hood ia making a movement
which will prove his ruin.
AT CA M 11 lt 1 1J 0 C ANI) BRIGHTON.
Ilteported anl teleraphed to the WatohmaD.l
For ihe week eu.lin; Wolnetlay, Oct. 19th, 1804.
Auonar or stik at mibkst :
Oatllo. Sheeii. 8hote Fat Hoes. Calvn
Thls week 3014 8759 1MO I14S 00
Laat wk 30 6337 1!7S aioo 00
Onejesraen. 00
llarr Cattlk Bxtra fat and heaev iiremlum Oien5
313.31) a 414,30. lst nuality SI2.00 a 813,00; 2ad
MU.uu a u,uu; aquauty a,w a oiu.uu per
100 Iba , ou Utal weight uf hide, taltow aud dreeeed
be.t BulU, io., 5,50 a 3,00.
Vkorkioc uacn 00 a $)0, or aocordinf: to value as
Milch Cows, StO a SGO; citra cooJ S"5 a 8100
with ur wilbuut otlvts.as may tieacrcedi iarrow and
ordinar) t0 00.
St.ires-Yearliuijv. 315 20: Iwo-years-olJ, 823
a thrre.yeara uhls, 5M a t05.
g6 00 a go oo per hV,l.
Hbeepanil ltruDs, u a o oie. ciir, orst,
Bos-whoitfie iJa
retail 00 a OOOo perlb.
Veal CaWk SrO.oo a S00 per head
llHlceH all 'inrH. Caltskins 10 a 170 per Ih.
Tslluw 10 19o perlb.
l'elts willi wool im, 81,50 SI.75 eaeh. But tbis
markel fur all I heiw) artlolee i-emaiue uostttled.
We Biid2li3 hoad at Cambrie or 400 more than last
week. but as thire are leta Weatern eipected at Brlgh
lou, ihe uiiiohere picked oat tho bef the Norlhirn
prr tty raiddly, rweday forenoon, but left many of the
ligh'er or, u try their luck at Brighton. C. W Balley.
of Montpelier, Vt , aold three eatta good oaen, at 12 1-2
a Itopir Ib., a fair aampleof thesale cf the NewEng
laud lota at matkvt thia week .
Al Brighton 131 westvrn, and 200 from Maine, or
.,, iuo l.aa than last week. Cattlecost more ln Albany
thls week than last. and conea.unty Ihe betler soit
brlog about one half bent per lb. here more tban lait
week. Home iols belng auld a 14 l-2o perlb, but thls
Wiatrrn aoru-fed bcef ls geliing to be a Irade by ltself,
with prlcea of us own, wlth which dealers ln Nntlhern
atork have little to do, white ihe best beef ls rather hlgh
ei than lasi week, beoause there la little nf it. Oidluary
,11 nuiolh. deinand. Thi
betf reiuatna about me same a. ucrcwiorc, uec.u.r u.
"" .'".".. ,, ,,rr. bllt th.r, i, little ev Jence of anj
tne aappiy ui uvvp
oier.lock.d ..i.rae Pric
7. 711.9 1.20 per 10 invre were aome nemuc.j
i .,,...t llilahumaveraglog 110 Iba, which we under
r;iolli b,0 ,gt,. 31s per head. ine
1'bers were 2921 Westein
slec.'p at m ikeu
Corn Emhauirt) Tbe rewipts slnce jMier.lay have
been 5183 bl.ls Flaur, 2431 busb Oals, and 1000 busli
Bhoris Tbe inarket for t'lour, ia firin, and I lnces
' tend uuwardt wenuuta weeiern aupciuuo .
I 80 00? cQiumon eitras at 49 73 a 810 aJimeJ.um do at
1 ?07,,, gt loaiI braoiii. l W 75 KU tr bbl.
.. ... I a , ...!.. ln f'j,rn Ih.ffl Htll
laouthern Flourls firm but oulet. In Corn thero h
Boui B"hiou" ' ye,,DJiIel at 8lta per b
Ay'K ranee from 91
) and 'canada. ll. 81 55 .81
Hittr,ern eiourisnrm imi iiuib. -
90 a
Old for Noutbern and Canada. "e i as a Bi uoS
Shorts S38 a 40 aud Fine Fetd 847 a S50i and Mld
dltngs aro held t tfOO .er Kn.
Provinons-Pork is qulet at 838 a 840 pr m 84J
a 843 for messi and tf43 a 847 pet bb for olear oasb.
u'franges from Slba 825 ..cr bbl lor U.tern and
Western L.rd 22 f) 1 bbls. ad t Brcjs, and
Smoked llams IS a 20.i r lb, ob. Batter aa l
t'beeee rrml mllii'Ul nbaose
IUltim iiK, Oct. 10.
Tho latest footiog up ol the returns of the
tho contitullonnl election ahow a majority of
4200 against it, Tbo 'oiUoWl returns can
alone decide it. Tho friends nf tho measuto
bclam a'majbrlty with the soidiera vote.
To Mii.ita.rt Orjrior.KB A.nn Sot.i)tR.
From Col. R. K. Jone, MaJs. 20th. "With
me, tho use of tho 'Jlrontlital Trochei' is an
abioluto neceaslty j and I Cannot underatand
how any oilicer who is called upon, by bls
positlon to uie his Toico in commaml, can
aucceed wltboot them." 27
prcial Kotirrs.
tbc Voluattcri I'jrhttDdrrdi. thahoijiluW rrodfd
Vilthtlnm. Soldiert, t) wtrned in ilm. Ilollowsj'i
I'llla trc frtikiftl; itifilllblt in the cute of thia dtii
oiiirnl doiM of thm will jircstrte the helth een
under the Ktestect eipoturrs. 27-dar
If the rtidfr of thU "iwtlce" eannot gft a boiof I'llli
or Olutment ftotu the druit ttore in bl pUce, lel him
wtltf to trie, 80 Mildfn Lne, eneloelne ihe amount, nd
lillmll tol ftre of eipente. Mnj deiltri will
not keep ray niedldnei on hand because thej etnnot
n&ke al muth profit s on other pereone ' make. 3S ctl.,
b8cti., and S1.40 per boi or pot. dawdr
ITBLtPttoi'm"oK Bi.CunBD' ! I)r. Loekion
hattng btonietn!oentlT lucofnfiil m cutten thle ter
rtUaaitlid;, iatttei all elmllatly am.eted, toctll of
tend for etrealari of itftrenees and u.Utaoalali of nu
inerout eaei eared of from one to twtnty-foar yeare
aundlfi. He devotes hts altention eipeolally to dlseaa
es of the Cerebro Splnal Aila, or NeiToui Sjstrm,
aod lollcili an lntentlgaUon of his elalm to public con
fidenee. Ile may be cemnlted at his ptltale retldenee, No. 111
WH2ittc. d.lly from 10 A. M. unlll 1P.M, ea
cept Satsrdar and Sunda;. Addrest all letttn to Dr.
V. 11. LOOKUOW, Cate of I". O. llox 5110, New
Yoia. M.J7
A ClKjmn wMl restding In Bouth Amnica tt a
tnUaionai;, dilOQTeied a aafe and altnnl rrmedy for the
Cure of NerTOi Weakneu, Karlj Ueeaji, Dlaeaiesof
the Urlnary and Semlnal Organa, and th whole traln o
dlsordels brought on hj banefal and Tictoui habfla
Great nnmbere have been alrtady cured by this noblt
icraedy. Piomptedby a dealre to benefit the alnloted and
unfortnnate, I will aend the reeipe for preparing and
uslng thls medleine, ln a aealed euielope, to any one
who nels it. t i of Chargt.
Heaie indoae a itamped enTelope, adlreied to your
eelf. Addrtn
osarH T. Inki,
9M9.dw Sutlon D. BiMeJlone. A'n York Oity
IT A PmsioLoOtOAL Viiw or Makkiaoisi Con-
tainlng neatly 30U pagea, and 130 rloa l'latea and Kn-
grafingn of the Anatomy of the .Uuman Organa in a
etate of lltatth and Dlaate, vrltli a Treatlie on Early
Krrori.lti Oeplorable Coniequenees upon the Mlnd and
Uody, with the Author's Plan f Treatmeni Uie only
ratlonaland aueeea(fil mode ef cnre, &a abown by the
teport of eaaea ueated. A tmth.ul adneer to the mar
rled, and thoae ooatemplating marriage. who enlettain
doubuof thiir phyaleal condiiion. Sent free of poatage
to any addreie, on reeelpt of 'J$ centt, in itarap or poat
al ciirreney, by addreeilog Dr. LA CltJlX, No. 21
MaMen Lace, Albaay, N. Y.
The author may be ooneulted npon any of hi book
treati either perionally or by moif , and medidnea aent to
any part of the wwld- 27 .5B
Dii. tohias'
VENETIAN limmbnt.
A eerfain Curl for I'ain in fimftr and baeJt, lort
tbroat. oroup, rheumatlim, oollc, Sc A perfect family
medleine, and neter talla. Head ' Read ! ! Kead ' ! !
1.1TOMA, Watnb Co., MtcB., June 16. 1663
Thlali to oertlfy that my Mfe waa taken wlth Qulnaey
SoreThroat; It commenced to swell, and was ao aore
that ahe eould not awallow, and oonghed violently. 1
uied your Ltnlment, and made a perfeit eore ln one
week 1 firmly beUere that but for the ltnlment ahe
would bare loat her llfo.
Friee V and 40 centa a bottle. 8old by all Druggiita
Offiee. 66 Oortlandt Street, New Tork daw.ly
Ily the almost uoanimous action of the partlea Inter
haa replaeed the old worn-ont mTentiona for coloring the
halr, which the better eiperience of yeari had proted to
be InelTeotiTe anddeleterloua. Unllke the eompoundt that
npon the health of the halr ani dry up and osnaume the
jaleea whleh auataln it, this mlld, genlal and perfect dye
ll found to be a Tltallzlnr aa well as a coloring agent.
Cnitatfaro'l Ilatr Vrettrvativt,
a raluable adjanct to the Dye, ln dreasing and promotlug
thegrowth and perfect healthot the hatr, and of Itaelf,
whenuied alone, a safrguard that proteeta the fibrea de
cay under all eircumatancea and under all climes. 27 30
Manufelored by i. GRISTAUUHO, No. 0 Aator
Ilouse, New Yorlt. SoIJ by all Druggiata. ApplltJ by
all llair Ureuera. daw.ly
Manufartured by 1. CRlSTAnUKO, No. S Aator
Honae. New York Sold by all llair Dressere daly
With corrupt. diaordered or eitlat
ed Blod, you are alck allorer. It
may burat out in Pimplea, or in aorae
actire diaeaae, or it may merely keep
' yoo listless, depreaaed and gooi for
nothing. Gut lou eannot have good
iahealth whilo your blood ls impure
Axan's SaMArAHittA purgea out thme impuritiea and
sltmulates the organs of llfe isto vlgoroua aetlon, restor
ingthe heallh and eipellli g diteaae. llence lt rafldly
curea a Tarifty of complalnta whleh are caused by ira-
pority of the blood, sueb as Scrofuta. or Ktngt' Ecil. Tu-
mora, Vlctrt. Sorti, Eruptioni, I'impltt, BlotcAtt, Botl
ST. Anthony'iFiTe, ffvieor Urytipolatt Tttttr or Salt
Itheum, NciW Head, flinfj Worm, Caneir or Can
cerout Tumort. Sore Eyti, Femalt )iaac, such aa
Httention, Irrtgtttarity, Sttpprtu(on, ll'Aifel We-r'ify,
also Syphilit or Venmal Diirtuer, Ltver Complainti,
and lleari DttMiti. Try Araa's SAinAPAnni.A, and
are for yourself Ihe surpriilng actlvliy wlth wnlch lt
cleaniea the blood aud ourcs the disorders.
During late yeara the pub ic have been miiled by large
bottles, p-etending to glve aqu&rt of Kttract of Sarsa
parilla for one dollar. Most of thete have been frauds
upon the slck, for they not only contain little, If any
Sarsaparllla, but often no euratlve propertles whatever.
S nee bitter disappolntment bas followed the use of
the vartous extraets of Sarsaparllla which flood the
markel, untll the name itaelf haa becmn aynonymous
with imposltlon and cheat. Still we call thia compound
-'Sarsapanlla," andintend tosupply such. remedy as
ahall lescue the name from the !ad of obloquy which
resta upon it We think we have ground for brlievlng
it haa vlr Iues which are Irreslatible by the ordlnary run
of the diseases it ls Intended to eure. We can only as
sure the slck, that we olier thcm the best alteratire which
we know how to produce, and wehave reason to belleve,
it is by far the most eiTdctuat purider of the blood yet
dircovered by any body.
Avxa's Chruhv Pbotoral ls ao unlversally known
to aurpasa every olher remedy for the eure of Cimghi,
Coltlt, Iiifluenza, Uoarttness, Croup, Ilronchitii, Jmi
pimt Coniumptton, aud fjr the rtlivf of Consumptive
Patlents in adranced stages of the diieaie, that it la uae
leta here to reoount the evidenee of lla vlrtues. The
world knowa them.
l'reparedby l)a. J. C. Ayk Co., Lowell, Mm.,
and aold by all Pealera ln Medlcines. 23,31
The Weak, the Consumptive, Itheumatlc. Costive,
Blllous and Uelicale, after aome daya' use, will hnd rc
newed atrength and life prevade every orgau of their
Kvery dose makea the blood porer The nervea com
menee ln the arterica and termlnate in the veina, Tbeee
pllla, as a first cffect, actupcn the artcrial blood, increas
ingthe oirculation, by which impuritlea are depoalted ln
the velns, and they throw off such collections Into the
boels, whlih organs, by the energy dnlvcd from Bran
dreth'a Pills, eipel thcm irorn the system. When first
used, the Pills may occasiou gripiog, and even make the
patient feel worse. Thls ls an eicellent slgn, and shows
the dlsease will soon be cured No great good ls often
achleved without aome troubte In its atlalnment, and bls
rule applies to the recovery of heallh. 27.30.daw
Sold by all reepeuable dealera ln medlclnea. daw.ly1
BATDUKl.Ult'a UKLliUHUTlil) I1A111 OYK
Is tub Kkbt IN 111 Wobld'
Tkt o7y Uarntiu, Trut. and HtliatU Uyt Hnown
The spfendid Halr Dye ia Perfect chauges iltd,
Itusty or Orey Halr, Instantly to a (Jlosay Black or
Nalural Urown, without Injurlng tne Halr or Btalnlni
the Skln, leavmg the Halr Boft and Beautiful i imparti
fresh vlullty, frrijuently reatorlng Ile prtslloe color, and
rcctlflee Ihe 111 eHects of Bad Dyes. The Oeuulne Is
algned Wllliam A Batchelor.all othera are iinltetlone. and
ahpuldbe .voided. Sold by all Druggist, Ut Kacloiy
81 Barclay Bt., New York. Balchelor'a New Tollel
Cream for Dresatng the Halr. UiM daw
Ayer's Sorsaparilla.
From the army hospltal the bloody battle-Beld tbe
mansion of the rich and humble abode of the poor
from the ofAee and ths tacred desk from the mountaln
top, dlttant talleys and far off talanda of the otean
from erry nook and corner of the ctrlllted worldls
pouritig ln the irldenee of the aatonlahlng elTeets of
upon thouaandi of letters llke the following may be im
at our offlcc.
HaiiisHuaT. Wis. Bept 16. 1M
i e bate been In the army hotpftaU foi
fourteen raonlhe apeechleaa and nearly dead At Al
ton, 111., they gate nie a twttle uf l'lauution Uit'Jn.
Thi ee bottlcs resioreU nti speeuh aod Mred
0 V K1X1K.
South Wamaw, O., Jui) J tsos
" One yoang man who had beeu stek ana
oot out of the hooftf for twu yeara wlth Hcrofula and
Ktralpelaa, after paying tbe dootors oer glAn wilnoul
benefit, haa been cured by ten bottlea of your Uitteta,
The following Ia frora the Manager of tht Unlon
llome Schovlfer therJilldren of Volunteera.
NewVork, Augusta, 1863. (
"Dk. DaAsa: Your wondeiful 1'lantatlon Uitlera
have been glrin to aome of out childen autirrlng from
weakneaa and weak lungs with moat happy etfeet. One
little girl, ln particutar, with palna ln her hel, losa of
appetlte, and dally wasting consumpuon, on whom all
medicalekiil had been eahauated, haa been entlrelr re
tored. We eonimenced wlth but a teapoonful of Ult
ters a day. Iler appedte and atrength rapidly iner eaaed,
and ahe ls now well.
Bespeetully, MIIS. O. M. DKVOK."
" I owe mueh to you. for I eerlly bellete the
Plantatlon Ultteia !,' saeed ut wlfe.
UKVi W. 11. WAOOONKll, Madrid, N. Y.
" Thou wlli aend me two bottlea more oftby
Plantatlon Oittera. My wlfe has been greatly ben
eSted by their use.
Thy friend, ASA OU11KIN, rhiladelphla, Pa."
" 1 hare been a great salfrrer frora Dyepep
ala, and had to abandon preaebing. The
Plantatlon butera haee cuted me.
UKV. ;. 8. C)ATUOHN,ttocbeter,N. Y."
Send M weaty-lour dosen more of your
Plantatlon Bltters, the pottulartly of whioh are dally In
creaaingwlth the gucata of ouc houae.
Proprietors Willard's IIoUl, Waehiugtoa, D. 0.
...... 1 nae gtten the Plantatlon Blltera to
hundreds of our diaabled eolttlera wilh the most aaton
uhlng etreol. O. W. 1). ANDKKW8.
rjuperinicn dent fcoldier s Utn,a, CiLriti atl, 0
. . . xhe PlantaUon Uittera have cured me of
Ueer oomplalnt, of which I waa lald ap proatrate and
had to abandon my Duelnees.
II. D. lUN'USUiY, Oleieland, 0."
e xhe Plantanon Dlttera have eured ma ol
a dsrangement of the Udneye and urinary organa that
has dlatrcased me for yeara. lt acts llke a charm.
U. C. MOOUH, V llroadway, N. T.
Ae. Ac Htt. o. Jtu. Ac.
The Plantatlon Blttera make the weak atrong, the lan
rfntd bnlliant, and are eahauated natute'a great reatorer
thty are eompoaed of Ibe celebratcd Calteaya bark,
Wintergrren, tia.satraa, ttoota, tlerba, fte., allreaerv
ed in perfectly pure bt. Croia Hum.
S T. IS60. X.
Perlons of aedentary habila troubled wlth weakneaa,
lassituude, palptlatlon of the heart, laek of appetlte, dl
ueae after eating, turpdd hver, eonsdpaUon, Jto., deaerve
to aolfer if they will not uy them.
They are reoummended by the hlgheat mediual anlhor
iues, and are warranted to pvoduce an immtdtnt beneQ
eial etlect. They are eaceedinly agreeable, perfectly
pure, and harmleaa.
Noticb. Any peron pretendlng to aell Plantatlon
Bltters in bulk or by the'gallon is swlndler and irapoa-
tor. lt ls put up omy lu our patent log cabin botue.
Ueware of bottlea refilled with imluUon deleterous atufl
for wbicto aeveral pcreons are already in priaon. Hte
that every bottle has our prlvate United Statea tamp
over the oork ucmuQlatetl, and aignature on ateed plate
slde labet.
Sold by respeeuble dealera throughout the habitable
elobe. P. II. D1UK.K tt CO.,
91:42 dtw -m Broadway, N. Y.
LYON'S PEIIIODIUAL DHOl'SCure all complalnta
tncid.nt to the aei, and remove all obatructiona of ua
ture from whatever cause, producing heatth, vigor and
LYON'S PrtnlODICAL DltOPS are better than alf
Pills, Powders and noatruvs ; being a fluid preparation,
their action is direct and poaitive. and tl oeda nothing
but good common sense to aee ana understand the reason
why they eure all thoac Uls to which the female avvtem
ls subjected, with dispatch and degreeof ce'tainty which
nothing but. scientlhcally comiHmnded huid prfparation
eould reachi they are; ln the most obeuuate caaea,
To the most delicate constituttons.
LYON'S PElUOOICAL UKOPS will certainiy pro
duce li.e regular retoru of natu-e, if taken a day or two
before the cxperted perlod, and it is a maxira in the pro
fession, that prevention is better tban eure
LYON'S PKR10DICAL DKJPS bave been used
by over twtnty.tlve tbousaud ladies, withm the past .la
months, and tne teadmony of all ia, 'lt aurely curea."
Bear in mind that I guarantee my DKOPS TO CUKK
Suprevsion of the Mensea, from wl.aterer cause, though
care should be taken to ascertaln ir prrgnancy be the
eause, as these DHOPS would be sure to produce mis
oarnage, If taken whilst ln that situation, and all are
cautinned againat using them, aa I wtsh it diatinctly un
derstood that I do oot hold rayeelf reaponeiblo whcn
used under such circumstancea
Thf y are prculiarl; adaptcU, aa laeg bnnij tbe iDonthly
1 eould fumuhany kjuantity of tratlmoniala of ita etfi
ccy frum my own paueata, but tht prtatice of paraduiji
bougUt and ncutioui oiifa txiuic tbe puulic ia ao preta
lent, 1 do uot tieciu lt adtlaabU.
Lct no diaeaae deauoy your coniUtutioti. Try a bottle
of tuy 1'KltlUDlCAL UKUl'S, aud tou will t aattaGed
that 1 am no imiKistitr. fell your amioieJ fneitd wbat
I tratoted tbe blooia ot bealtb tu your cbecka, aud ihf reby
coniet a uvor mute Taiuaoie tis&n gma ror pamiui m
acanty Meuatiuatiun U ia just ibe thitjg I h&f e now in
cuy uiuid an lnatance uf i Udy nhu had been autlertntj
from patuful Meuatruatiou two or tbree ytata, ouLbmiia
ber to her room each Urae. tihe bad applied u aevcra
rminent phyatcuna, without retie, wben aoue bottle of
in r DHUl oentiitly cuirdhtr.
la almoat evtry ca,ae,
lt ia impostible to enjoy the bloora of bealtb and tira.
city of ipuita, unlcia tbe Meuca are rfffular aa to the
Urae, the quantitj. aodquatit) Wbn titey areobitruo
ted, natute tnakea her efforta to obtain for it aome oth
cr outlet, ana uule&a theae eaurta 01 nature are aatua
ted, the patient uaually ezperiHm'ea Dt'apondeucy. Nrr
rouaneta, ftndgenprally, CONsUMi'nuN aaaumea ita
away, and prematurely teiminatra a mierable life.
I)o not autfer from thtae iirvrfulatitiei when an inreat
ment of one dollar tn Lyon'i i'rnodioal Dropa will regu
ate and reatore nature to ita lieu.lihy courie , aud
by thoae who have other preparatione, whicb they den.re
o palm off upon the atrength of the popularity of iny
Uropa. But when tbe UruifKiAt you apply to haanotgot
lariu, eiiiier ro nun uuy iucia iui juu, wr vitv cui,4ur
one Dollar to tbe neareit generat wboleaale agent, wbo
ui rciurn you duiuc j teium n&piron
bee that tbe n.me of Jno. L. Lyon la written upon tbe
directlona which art wrapped around each bottle None
otbera are geuuine. Therefore, beware of counterfeita.
Ihey are for aale by every drugtfiit in city and couutry.
If you wiah rellef uke no otbrr
The traJc generaily aell thi abore article at one dollar
and (wenty-fivd cei,w Y$ per bottle:
' Df. JNO. U. LYO-i,
Fractlclug Fbyatcian, Ntw Ilaven, Conn.
Who can be conaulted oonueruliig all diaeatei, either
peraonally or by letter.
Oeo. 0. Uoodwin A llo , Uoaton ; D. 8. Uarnra X Co ,
New York; Lord A Nimih Chaago, Wholeaate Agent.
Fortiale by WOOD, UIXIiY & CO., Nuntpelier.iVt.
mar4 daw.euwly
Du. UaKanaiaL'a Catakuh bMvyr, curea Catarrh.
Dr. Marshall'a Catarrh Huutf, curea Cold in Head.
Dr. Marihall'i Catarrh Bnuti curea drowaineas.
Dr. Marahall'a Catarrh fihutf, curea Ueadci.e,
Dr. Marahall'a CaMrrh SnulT, Curea boie Byea.
Dr. Maraball'i Catarrh Snutf, curea Deafneae.
It opena and purgea out all obatructiona, atrentttbena the
flanda and givea a healthy actiou to the uaru atfecti-d
Sold by all Druggliu, OU 6l.daw
niTOtt or ma WiTCKHiK Dear btr . Wlth yout
permisalon I wlsh to aay to Ihe readera of your papei
that 1 will aend, ty return mail, to all wno wiah it (freej
Itecipe, with full dlrections for making aud uaing a
simplo Vegctable Oslai, that will effectually remove, It.
ten daye,l'implea, lllotches, Tan. Frecklea, aud .11 Im
puritiea of the Skln, le.vlng the aame soft, clear, smooth
and beautiful,
1 will also tnall free to thoae havlng Dald lleads, ot
llare Facea, aimple dlrections and iuform.tion that wlli
enahle them to start a full growth of Luxurlant llair
Whlskers, or a Mouitaohe, in less than thlrty days.
AU applicatlous answeretl by return mall without
charge. Hespectfully yours,
T1I08. F OIIAI'MAN.Chemlst,
13.'i4 daw tai Ilroadway, New York
V. ll, Dowk's Btisia ia wlnntng many new friends
ll haa long been Uied, with perfect auecesa, and to curs
. Cough or Cold, Croupor Whooplng.cough, lt b.s no
superior. We csll ths .ttentiou of our re.ders to the
oolumn of J. V. Ueury & Co.,for full p.rtloulara.
All our Druggiata In Montpelier actl ths Klialr dawiti
Ayer's Gherry Pectoral,
V.'BtliaKnriatD, Conk , Matrli 2, 1 V3.
I)a. V. II. Oiito-
letr Slr . llavlng aeen your advrrtlaementof "Con
stltullon Waler" recommended for Inflamallon of the
Kldneya, and Irrltallon of the Bladdtr, havlng BnlTered
for the past three yeara, and trledtbe sklll al a nnraber
ef pbystelins wilh tmly atemporatyiellef, 1 wsslndueed
to Uf jmt medleine. t prooored oi,e bottle of your
agrnta at Hartford, Uessra Lee.Slsson A Co , and wben
I hsdused htlf of it, to my surprise, I found a great
ebange In my heallh. I have uied two bottles of it, aad
ara where I never tipettrd to te In my llfe, well, andln
gnod splrits, I eannot espresa my gratlluJefor it, I
feel that tl Is all and more than you reeommend it to be.
May the bleistng ef Ood ever allendynu In your labora
t fi've.
Yuurs, ifulv,
l)n W. n Oatoo-
litar sr.- I have been aufferlng f,r a long tlme with
wliatphyeletana call Diicaara of Ihe l'rmtralt ainnd
and HettiMon of Urint, and was unable te obtain any
rellef untll I used CosarmtloN Watbm, which began
toproduce Iti euratlve efTeet aiter taklng one or two
doipj, and no man (an be more graleful than t il there
enits havlng sulfeieil all that a man eould anHer. and
live, and rather Ihan to be deprited of ihe medicinc, I
wonld be wllBg tj pay ftfy Uottart a bottle for ll.
lt has not only eured me but aeveral other otfioers ln
my dl.trict have been cured bylt,and 1 wiratd reeom
mend everybndy surTvrlng from any dlseaies of the kld
nt) s, ta use Constitutlon Water.
Sergeant 9ttl Ward Pollee.
New York. lleo. M, 1861.
MOHOAN ALLEN. Wholesale Asents,
it Clilt Street, New York.
Sold by all DroggUts. 26 37
Oonsumptlve tufferera will receive a valuable ore
selptlon for the ourc of Coneeumptlon, Aetbma, Bron-
ohitis, and all tbroat aud Lung aneiStIons, (free of
oharge.l hy mvliog thetr a'ldreas to
Kings Oo..
New York.
rpll7:dw JmtSS
In tVest Ilandolph Oot 11th, at the reaidenee of
the btlde'a father. by ltev. 0. D. Allli, Mr Albert U.
Chandler of Waabluglon. 1) 0, and Mlsa Marllla .,
dauahterof llenry K. Stedman of W Randolph.
In Mootpelier, Oct. 17th, at Buraham'a Hotel, by
Hee II. P. Cuahlng, Mr. Itlehard O. Klmball, ofthe
Barton llotel, and Mlsa Ilarriett K, Broon of Barton.
In Barton, Oct 10th. by Iler. II. P. Cushinx, Mr.
Albert B. Bllke of Barton and Mlss Emlly B. Mason of
In Orange, Oct 14, Col. Artemas Iloughton, aged 03,
In Barre, Oot. 19, Mr. Mtrrlll Albre, aged 61 yrara.
In Marshfield, Oot 12th, Mr. Lucy Puinam wldow of
tne laie jcod rutnara, aged yeara, 4 montua,
They were atnnng the firat aettlera of the town havlog
lived in town 42 yeats.
In West Ilandolph, Oct. 10th. Ilandolph Pilmcr, aged
83jtt Mr. l'alner was the first male child born In
the town nf Uandnlph,
In Bethel, tlc 7th. of mallghant ftrer, Ann B , wlfe
of Phllander I'iah f Ilandolph
In Calais, Aug. 20, Trum.n Doty, aeed 17 ye.rs, 10
montha and 17 dtya Aug 31, Mortlmer I lty, agel
lt J titi. n mnniQi ana 10 uay.. AUg. Ol, uinaiau Ki
!oty, aged 17 yeara. and 5 daya Hept. 1th, Mlllard P
Uory, age.k0 vea,s, l mnnth and 10 dtrs.
lt wiu De seen oy tnese oouuary notlce tnat rour
I members of one family, died In Cala with'n the abor;
It?riod of ten ditt Lno d.ed on the inmr day All
ri.rd or dipbtheru. 1 hui tht? Uxhtr and three on psi
ed ftwaj ln sbout one wrcW'a timt ; Ifating ihr widow
(wou waa alao alck. at the tfrae nf their deaih) and two
o'her childrn to mourn tn derpeat lorrow
ilclu tHjrrttscmrntfi.
. 1 1 1 ti i f :'oirlur advai.laf i ' 'ir
, rrl' tf'ttf rat
i i'iiri . ',."lo tn iN ronstrin t',tt
t itnni 'i
T in-u r ' I, t 1
, 'f dl T roi.t pl-'. 11 r Ui"
u'llrli ui bi i.'illy t.:,ti mil,
! 1 an l rpl il, ci'u-fs,'!, m l;
il'imtt'tn i hni':. r, ii, Kr
t i Im 1 1-Hlj.iun,t, a nl ,na
tlw nrl.
I II i I
ll tn .Vii-
. ii.nl
.4 lt
.1 lt .
1 -
" rn,i(l y
vr ir t'.o
, a.ll Itll U.B ,i
1., .nuHln"th
pi . ii, i.
tni'i Llit rtui ii ttti i :
i iti 1 ln
ntl i
' I1
la y i
f .l.lltl ll ll
w. II"
Afn-r t i n i t i i "l hin n 1 lmu p .t lutixh"
)iopi--. a, 1 1 iri- i t i iiitj ,ni ui t4 t;ti rt, . t a
IHu i i j t r i unfu .in i i (itu u(aU.U.iiii u n ut nif hts
twn 1 u iJur I'm "tii i h
Vhvn Ula rntwi t t-qOarc f larpaUta i t ciui t
he doue vitb t luto u.v,
No. i -rmn ;v r f no
" 2 "T . Vt. I . fi 01
S-f r) I Mi t.itt.. it. c H
H -v .i - L .-I. 1 , . . ? i (M
4 - ntn
They can be aern In operatlon at the Meat MaiVeti of
ii. ii. wmttier, mtttt x atanaian tna uirm t'uniti
3, XbGi. d.wtjanl
T ETTKHS romaininz unclaimed in tho
Jli VtwX
Office at Montpelier, Btate of Vermunt,llDtb
.Vuitin. John Q
Hlanchird, Wm U
Cotton, 8 A
Kdrrly, Lorinda
I'arldtu, Bimeou l
Fatrbanka, Wm K
Freocb, L 1
Uray, Sulhran
Ouddard. Levlll
Jonei, Fanny P
Lwitnne. Caroline
Leeton, John
Ktraight HUam
tShermant Clara Mri
Tucker, Ueorge T
Whcelrr, Hoaea
To obtain anv of Ihe Irttera. the Apnllcmt mntt cill
j for atUcrtiaed letier. rt the Uate of the hit, ani pay
j une oent for ailTertipinj;
jf notcalle-l for witbin one month, tbey will beieut
(o (jje Ifeaa Irfltf r UlU3e.
j JAMK3 Q. FUE.VC1I, PoatmaiHer.
I -p VT'V
' I .
EHS remainlnK unclaimetl in tho
oat Office at NorthfieM. State of Vermont. lHth
tlny nf Oc, 18(H.
Cartier, Lewis Iloltnes, Mary
Ciobesy, Mary Iloward, Knnn.
llurkee, beyroour ltin, Msrth.
Dtcklnson, 11 II Bjivester, K
Tu obtain auy of theae letters, the spplloant must
call for advertleed letlers and glve the d.lo of the liut,
and li.y one oent for atvertlsintr.
If mil oalle.1 for wtthln ono month, they wlli be sent
lo me ueau Leiur uuice.
UOSWELL DEWEY, roetmaiter.
Mm H. ItiohrtfdHiion,
rnoM MoNrasaL, 0. K.,
respcetfully announcea to tbe Ladies and Oent'emen of
juontpclier, anu tne puuno tn gencrat, tuat snela pre
pareu tt,
Make and altcr new antl old Kura
of all kinila, In the latest faahion. Old furt eleaned to
look aa well aa new.
ltealdence, ucxt door to Anson Darls, Statc Street,
;W. It. OAKES, M. I).
From tht iloyal Opthatmic tnfirmary
isonaon, i nyatciau ana ourgmin ror tne Kje.
Kar and CaUrrhal diaeaaea of the lunga, Faucea and
Naial paaaaei, alao Nervoua maladiea of all kfnda
Eartlcularly thoae affec in Femalea All of which he
aa made hla epeclal atudy, and aucceaiul prautice more
thai thirty yeara.
Tratimoniala ln abundance of bia auprrior aud aucceaa
ful treatment, can be aeeu at hla otSce aud reaidenee on
Scbool Street, Weat Kaudoiph, 4th door below tbe
Acadvray, wber be will be tn dally attendauoe to treai
thoae who may dralre hia acrvlcra.
1TX Oonaulfatiou gratia. Medlclnea (preparedby him
aelf.) and operationa charged la acoordaucea wilb fair
uprfftht deating at all tlmea
Oihce boura, from 9 A M- to b V. M., on Uonday,
Vuraday, Wedneaday and caturdaya of every week at
Randolph, and ihuraday and Frtdaya atlhe Ilolel ln
Nonhtleld, Vt daw:ag0.tf
ttrutg Strtet, qppohU Frttoht Ihmt.
We are now prepared to LRV all kiud of teama
that are uaualy ktpt at a
At lltasonable Jtattt,
IMcss gtve us . call.
We aUo waut tn uurchaae a few good Ltvery Horses,
Montpelier, July Wm, Ibul. daw tf
H. II,
TopTliroo DnyH:
TacasDAt, October20th,
FalbAt, " 51st.
If Life and llealth ate valuable. wht not uae the rro
per meaoa to preaerfe them t If the eyatern ladiaeaaed,
whr run any rlik by uafntt Medicinea that are dtleterloua.
ana that injure your yiteu i
Nearly all dUeases originato with
And when the Hrer la dlaeaaed, thi bile beeomea linpure
and tendi t dUarrange tbe whole ayatrm. Thte tmpurt
bi!e paaaea into
And prodaeei a bad tatte in tbe mouth. Tne tongue
beootnee furred, attended wilh dlastneaa and paln Iti tbt
beads The blle then paiaea frum the atomach Into
And produceaooatiTeneai, unheattby bumori and an Im
pitre atate of
And tendi to clnae the porea of the akln, wbteb upon tx
Bimiuaiion pe iouiia to d ury ana nuvay ; auQ ll
alao tendi to diaarranpe
Whioh will abow itielf by tbe quantity and eolor of tbe
urine, and, aa a natural conaequencet a loiig traln of dla
taaea wlit fellow.
D R . 0"a K S
Is t greduate of the London Medieal Colleges, and has
praelteed in Hurope and Amertca for more than 17 yeara
wilh unparalleled suceeaa in the treatment of
A'omcj in (As Utad, D'aiintu, and all
Dutaiet of tht Eye and Ear, Throat,
Jltart, Lungi, Luer, Kidney, Chttt,
Spine, Jlronehitii, Contumj tion,
Scrofuta, Cancer, Dupepiia, Filtt, Jlheuma
tism, tc., tCc, ttc.
The Dr. havlng a large and eilenalve praetiealeipeii
ence ln the treatmeni of diseases generaily, ia prepared
to receive patlents for medieal treatmeni on Ihe most
Improvrd prlnelple, and to Ireet their diaeasea ln a very
eupenor and aatuf.ctory manner, and in the mejorllv of
easea tu far eaeeed the moat sanguine expectationa of
the pali.nl, without reaortlng to any snpieasaut or tor
turibg prucesaes.
Dr. tjk. treats sueeessfully .11 dlsoes of the
on themoitimproTrd and td(drn prineiplea, with en
Irely new remeulea, and with Little or no autlerlng to
be patient.
MiLPOKti, OTaBiuCo.,N. Y., May 9ih, 1901.
ThU Ia to crriify that t have been aickwith "Catarih
al Uroncbttia" fnr nine yeara. last Marcb 1 waa in
dueedtotryDr Oaka' treatmrnt wnieh rellef ed ue in
ten mmutee I uaed to cough half the nighl, and raiie
on an aferage aa mutb aa a large tea-cufull of vtacid
pbkitiiii my aleep wa au inuchduturbed, that 1 would
awake wlth burtiing fevrr and erapiration. After uaing
tbe Duct r'e metltcine orw month I gained in tteah ten
pounda; at tbe end of two montha I welgbed twenty fire
pouuda mo e than in Mareh previuua. My Cough left
me ui mo wetas, itic mgm aeata ceaaca in two or tnree
tiigUts, my fcver left me, my apetlte and aleeprcturned.
and l tanttulyaay that 1 bavebetn aa it were ralted
(iu.h tbe dead to newueaa ol hfe, and Ihla, wilh but one
ruouio'a treatinent.
Francbs Howland.
Jous XV. Smitu.
For rrfer.&ceal reapectfully refcr to Dorr P. Kuaiel,
Uank Uoipctatonii, John F- bcott, Cooperitown, Oeo. lt
Wt'rthiitKton, Woithington Uank, Cbarlea W. tim.th.
Otaego Uank.
1 hereby certify to the veracityof tbe abora.
Hlhitlaes of l'oiiy Vtir StaiKllnt;
I Bamuel Steere, uf Fly Creek Otifgo county, do
hereby certify that I hare been totalty blind for J-orty
Vtari, and have been under the treatment of the moat
cxpencnced oculiala aud surgeona of New York, wbo
hare pronounced my caae incurable.
I hate been under Dr. Oaka' treatment for sevenweeki,
I bae aeeu him but three tiraea. and for tha firat tim
lo dar theae uianv veara. 1 waa enabled to diacoter ob-
jecta clearly twenty roda distant I can alao aee to read
Bia name on ma winuow enauce, wnicn i nare dona ia
the prvaencc of witneiaea, from exceaaive delight at re
lurnirg viaion. When I tlrat aaw the Doctor, I waa corn
pletely proatrated in bodily bealtb. He haa completely
reatorea me, anii I am very happy to aay that I feel full
twenty yeara younger. I am nearly 70 yeara old.
oakiml onni.
UUca.Sept. 6th, 1SG2.
Witneaa J. A KAnneT and Dr. Caltln Klnner.
Frankfort, llerkimer county.
Catarrh cau bo Cured.
CiNOKAMrroM, Dee. 3, 1M3.
DlU OAK Ktnd Str ; I reotvifed vour letter Inform.
Ing me when you would be at Little Falla again. and
that you woufd be happy to hear from me, and to aee me
there. Well, air, 1 knevr of no two peraona whom I
would rather aee than vou and vour wiie. Fiiat. vour
wile, becauae abe waa an old achoolmate of mine, and
aecoodty, you, becaus I know you bave cured me of a
diaeaie our pbyatciana called Conaumption, but whkh
you calted Chrvmc Catarrh and ln juatice to you, aa a
good pbyaiclan, I write to inform you that I am entlrely
iured of Catarrh, whicb haa aflUcted me for twenty-two
yeara; my lunga, eyea, throat, and head are well; my
brcath doea not amell aa lt uaed to 1 do not hear thoae
awiui aounua in my yeara, ana ln ract l never enjoyed
better health m my whole life, and l am ten thouaand
tlmea thankful to vou. Mt beat love tu vou botb. and
may Ood bleaa you in your noble arocation:.
aoura in naate,
Kuwa A Pabeib.
From tht Ifttcii Mornitu; Herald,
FiSTCLa. LACltiitHaLla. A wonderful eure Derformed
by Dr. II. A. Oaka having come under our nutice, we
fetl tbe greateat oonfldenco in recoinmcndintf hla aupe
rlor treatment to auoh aa may be atllicted wlth diaeiaea
of tbe eye. Thia eure waa perf-rnud after tbe caae bad
ueen pronouuceu oy eminent pnyaiciana incurable, and
tne eye entireiy aeatroyra, ana uie aeapalred of, Tbe
eye ia aa well, bealtby aud bnlUant aa ever, and no one
can dlacern tht Uiffetence. U ta teally a wonderful eure,
stud woald arai.e any of our "medieal rerorda Sue-
tea to Dr. Oaka and hla auperlor treatmeut, which it
eutirely new. A. J. McNaihb.
Utica, JMayzlat, ibOl.
From tht Vte Mornipp Herald.
lake ureat bleaaureln rccordinir anotber worider.
ful eure by Dr. Oaka. A youngmanwho la eroployedaa
a clerk in the eatabltahmeul of l. Wilklna, Kaq., confec
tloner, &c. No, U7 Bleeker atreet, Utica, waa cured of
tolal blindueaa arning frora Amauroala. Ile la now aa
weu ana can aee aa pertectly aa at any period of hii life.
Utica, Auguat, lbOU 11, O. Luwaudi.
The Doctor may be. conaulted at Montpelier, at tbe
Durnhatn llotel, Uoom No. 0, for t0 daya, Thuraday
Oct '20lh aod Frlday Oct. 21at.
For refercncra aee circulara to be had at bia roomi.
Omce boura from 0 A M., untll 8 I'. M.
wepropoae to contlnue tbe
at bis olJ stand.
In invitlng the attentionof the purehaalng commanlty,
we assure them that lt
Will bo our Aim
To koop tho bost qualitios !
Tho moat approved and latcst Stylos !
And givo satisfuction to ovory customor 1
' To do this
Our prlcea wlli be aa lovr as poasible, aud we ahall nov
abuie the contidence of one custotner by selliRg to an
olher .t . less price, but b.l! oonftne ourselvea strlotly to
Ono I'rico, and no Yariation,
Our 8tock is complets of
and everything pertatning lo Ibe buslness.
Heialring uf HurnUure protnptly tlono.
llltAlNKltD CO.,
timveiwrt to J, 6. Emery,
aaoaaa Bkainsh, Mnninellee V'r
Faan. K.Hkith Jtontiiellcr, V l.
October 4tk, 1MI ll"!i?ra
Touchlng at UUf.KNSTOWN (Coai UxsBoa.) Ths
well knowuStearaeraof tho Llverpool, New Voik and
rhiladelphla nteam.ntp uompany (inman L.inej car-
rylogtheU 8 Malla.are intended to sail aa followa
RUlNOUVnall. kalurday Ocl. 22
,VlrV Uf ilAHI.'HKsrHH. Halmday Uot 6,
and every aucceedicg Daturday, at Noon, from 1'lsr 44
a.TBS or rassanai
Payable in gold, or its equivalent In eurrency.
do, to london, 86.00
do. to l'arls, V00
do. to Ilaubuig, (0.00
SfKISHAOK, - 10.00
do. to lAttdon, 91 00
do. to I'aria, 40.00
do. to ilemburc, 37.00
1'aaaensera alao forwarded to llavrc. Uremen. Hotter-
lim, Antwerp, tc, at equally low rates.
KaresfromLiverpoolor Queenstown. lstCabin,)r?6 ii,
tSi and 81M. Kteerage S'M thoae who wlsh ir
send for their frlrnda can buy ilcketa bere at these rates
Pnr further luformation apply at the Uompsuy
... JOIty 0. ItALH, Ayenl
mwM 1 Hro.,AM '
-Ayer's Cathartio Pills.
JLtflal HotlcfS.
T O II N 8MIT H'8 E8TA TE.Tb.7
0 subsctlbers havlna; been appolnted by the Ho.
or.ble frob.te eourt for the cllaulet of Il.ndolph,
Commiasloners, lo receive, et.mlne snd adjuat all clalma
and demands of all persons, sgalnit ths eslata of
Jnhn Hmlth, Isle of ilandolph, in aald dlatrlet, de.
esased. represented Inaotvent, and tbe lenn of sia months
from Ihe m day of fleptember, A. D. IK4, belng tllowed
by satd eourt to tbe eredltors of aaid deceased. to eiblblt
and prove thrir re.pectlve clalma before us : (live notlee,
tbat we will atiendto the dotiea of our appointment at
Hulehlneon 4 Ilowell's office, In Ilandolph, in aald dla
trlet, on Ihe Drat Wednesday of December and Marrh
neil, al ten o'cluck, ln the forenoon, on each cf aald
d,,' 3. B. IIUTCIIINRON, .
F. 1). SALISUUHY, $ Ccm "
AVest Ilandolph, Oct 8.A.I). 1864. 26.23
COhNKLIU8 NYE'8 st"a"t"e"
The subsctlbers, havlng been appolnted by the
llonorable I'robale conrtfor the district of Washington,
sommlssloners, tn rteelve, eiamlne aad adjuit all efalme
and demandsof all nereons.egalnst the estate of Cornellus
Nye, lste of Uerlln, In s.id district, rieceaaed, ttp
rr.ented insolvent, and ths term efsit months frora the
llih day of geptember, 185t,belng allowed by aald eourt to
the ereditora of said deceased. to eahlblt and prove their
reepeetive clalms before us : Olve nolice, that we wiu
attend to the dutlea of out appointment at the dwelllng
houae ofRjlvanua P Nye, In Berlin, in said district,
on the UiHidijsof Detember and Marchnest, at one
o'sloek, m the afternoon, on each ofsald days.
J E. I103WOHTI1,
V. N. DUSTIN, i Ctm
Berlin, OctjOlh, A. D. 1864. 20.28
V rerlhers, havlng been appointatl by tha lloa
orabble Pmbata Court for the district of Washington,
ooDDtselaners lo recelve.eiBtnlne buJ aJJast all clalma
aml demands of all tereone,.nlnet theestats of Jamea
Clark, late of Marshfield, In eaitl district, deceased,
rcpreeenteil Insolvent, anj tbe term of siz months
from the 3lit day of AurusI, 1804, belng allowed by
sahloourt lo the crejitors of sikl deceaaeJ, to elhlblt
aml pmve tbeir respeotlve clalms before us ; Olve
notlee, Ihat we will attend to the duties of onr appoint
ment at the tlwelllng-houra of the deceased, ln Marsh
field, in said district, on the Snd Tuea lay of December
and Maroli nexl, at one o'cloek, ln tha afternoon, on
each of satd days
Marshfield, Oct 11th. A. D 1814. 26:28
ALl'HA H Ii UCB'S E 8 T A T E.
The subscribers, havlng been appolnted br the
llonorable Probate Court far the District of Ilandolph,
enmmtsaionerf, to receive, examine, andadjust.il claims
and demandsof all peraona, againat the estate of Alpha
II Luce, late of Ilandolph, in aald dlatrlet, deceased,
repreaented insolvent, and the term of slx montha from
the llth day of July, 1SC4, belng allowed br said
eourt to the ereditora of aaid deceased, to elhlblt and
prove their respectlve clalms Vcfore us . Glve notice,
thalwe will attend to the du'lea of our apnolntment at
the dwflHng honse nf the widow ot Alpha II. Luce, tn
Ilandolph, in said district, on the Thltdday of Novem
ber and ihe 12th day of January nexl, at ten o'cloek, ln
the forenoon, on each of eald daya.
Itamlo!ph, Aug. 2nd, AD. ltSCt. 2J.27
(JTAT E 0 FV Kl J! 0NT',
In Trobate Court, held at Montpelier, withln and for
snd District, on the 4th day of October, A. D. 1864 :
An instrument, purporting to be the last will and testa
ment of John Uatcbelder.late of Wheaton,ln the State of
lllnoia, deceased, being presented to the court byJ WU
lard Shrpatd, the executor therein named, for Probate r
lt ia ordered by aald court, that all persona concerned
tberein, be noti6ed to appear at . aeaaion of said conrt
to be hnlden at the I'robate office, ln Montpelier, on
the lst day of November, A. D. 18C4, and show cause. if
any they may have, against the rrobate of said will ; for
whtrh purpose.it is further ordered, that . copy of the
rrcord of this order be published three wreks successlve
ly in the Vermont Watchman A 8late Journal,printedat
1 Montielier. previoue to said tlme appolnted for hearing.
A true copy of rccord.
2fl 2H Atteat, T. U. MKKUILL. Judge.
aold at Publlo Auction to the h'ghest bldder, on
Wednesday the llth dar of November, A. D. 18S4, at 10
o'cloek A. M.. the followintr deacrihed nrooertv telonir.
ing tothe esta'e ofMary Hopklns, late of Brookfield,
deeeaaed. vis :
About 33 aeres of land aituatrd nn the East slde of tbe
Branch Itoad, 1-2 mlle South of the "Biglow Vlllage,"
(ao called) conalstlng of abou 12 acrea of tillage land,
ln . hlgh st.te of cultivatlon, Ihe balance, pasture land
Also, 20 acres of wood land, lllng on the North alde of
the "Urook lload," eo called) leadlng from the Branch
Hoad to "Cleaveland Vlllage,'' about 1-2 mlle from said
Branch Hoad. Also, one alngle Wagon and T.rloua
.rtlcles of Household Oooda too nutnerous to partle
ularise. Sole ponftes Terma Cath.
Brookfield, Sept. 30th, 1804, 25;27
Prepartd Jrvtn a prticription oj Sir J. Clark t A. D.
Vhytican Extraordinary to ths QtMetL.
Thia invaluabl medleine ia unfailing in the eure of all
thoae painful and dangeroua diaeasea to which the female
eonatitution ls aubjecu Itmoderatea all exceaa and re
movea all obatructiona, and a apeedycure may be rtlied
lt Ia peculiarly auited. It will, in a ahort Une, brlng on
the tnonthly period with regularity.
Kach bottle, prics One Dollar, beara the Government
Btampof Oreat Drltaln to prevent counterfeita,
The$ FilU ihoutd not be taktn by femniei durina ths
FIRST TUHBH MONTHS of Vrnancytat thty
ars aura to brm-j on Miiearriagt, but at any othtr timt
thty art taft.
In all caaea of Nervoua and Splnal 1 Affectiona, Faine
In the Dack and Ltmba, Fatiguc on alight exertion,
ralplutlon of the Heart, Ilyatenca and Whitea, theae
PUla will eflect a eure when all othera meani haTt failed t
and although a powerful reineay, do not contain iion,
catomel, antiinoiy, or anythlng hurtul to the conititu
Uon. Full directlont in the pamphlet around each package
which abould becarefully preaerved.
Soie agcnt for tbe United Statea and Canadai,
.10B MOaliS, 27 Oortlandt bt., N. Y.
N. B. ifl.OO and aU poafage atampa, encloaed to any
authorlaed agent, will inaure a bottle containing fifty
Filla, by return mall. Bold by aU Dr'iggiata
iUeattentlon of the nublia la called to thia moat ei
cellentof allLinimcnta, aa a perfect and apeedy eure for
all tbe acbea and paine that neab ia hclr to,
la cauaed by a atagnation of tbe nuids, arlaiog from
checked nreapiration ia cured bv a few bottlea of Ken-
I ncdy'a Hheumatio iUnlment,
Are cauaed by an over-eitenalon and a audden re-actlt a
of tbe muaclea la cured by a few bottlea ot Kennedy'a
Kheutnatlo Llnlment qually oood for man and beaat
Tbe king of all paln, la caused by an inflammation of
tbe nervea ia inatantly cured by a few appllcationa of
Kennedy'a Uheumatio Llnlment.
Ia ar inflammation of the linlng of the rlba ia eured by
a few bottlea of Kennedy'a Uheumatle Linlment.
Are cauaed by a audden preaaure of the fleah and amaah
ing of the liiauea ia inatantly relleved by Kennedy'a
lihematio iUuiment.
Ia a contraction of tbe muaclea, cauaed by a audden etop
page of tbe nervoua fluid, which preventa anlmal life
bavtnt: a free flow fured by a few appllcationa of Ken
nedy'a Hheumatio Linlment.
Ia cauaed by a neuralgia tn the atomach aod bowrte
lake a tea apoonful of Kennedy'a Hheumatio linlment
in warra water every half hour untll cured.
Are cauard by an unnatuial dryneaa of tht glanda wet
apiece of flannel wlth Kennedy'a Itheumatia Linlment,
applv lt on goingto bed, and you will bewallln the
FLKS. Ia cauaed by a preaaure from inaenalble peraplratlon ll
cured by a few appllcationa of Kennedy'a Hheumatio U
Fullow thedlrectlon in theclrcular around each bot
You will lake one teaapoonful of tbe Linlment and four
teatpoonfula of water. tiargle the tbroat twlce a day In
a few dayalt will be well. Thia one teaapoonful will b
worth a dollar to you.
And all inflammation ofthe throat, tonalla and palate,
wlfh a dry, hacking cough, you will dilute tbe linlment
wlth four or tire tlmea Ita bulk of water, gargle the
tbroat, and awallow the moiature. Th never aiff.
It is good for Toothaeht, Karaehe, SietUtd jFnceand
Injiammatton of every klnd, Ktery family should have
a full upply for the wlnttr.
filanuravtured by DONALD KENNKDY, Uoabury,
Mm. t'.ffe60 centa. Sold by N. K. Drown. Mont
pelier 01:o3-ia
1'utlea going West, will find It to their adrantage t.
call on the subacrlber, or lnqulre at the Hotels, wher
information may be had, In procurtng tlcketa
Vla VaaMONT CiKTaiL OonBNSBvaoH, Itvnairs.
Tbe public will aee by the above notlee that they e.vt
kave their ehoice, going West from Montpelier or Bur
lington, and
Anr information wanted. respecting the above notlee.
addresaed to me by letter or etherwise. will be promptly
attended to. Z. K. TBU8 Art.
Moutpaller, Bept. 1. Wi daw90
And wlahlng toexprees my gratltnds for the very
gens'ou. patronage 1 have reoetvcd, at the banda of tha
I people of Montpelier and vtcinity, for .ixteen yeera, 1
would reeommend a continuance of the same to my
at whose hands 1 am perfectly confUcat ths ooramunlty
j will receive every atlenUon wilh fair ana bonorable deal-
1 ahall remain st ths old stand for a few montha whera I
1 shsh be bappv to see my old ftlcnds,
i.M,lui J. U ESJKUV.

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