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Vermont watchman and State journal. [volume] (Montpelier, Vt.) 1836-1883, May 13, 1868, Image 2

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Hnw IVcMw Askrtl Uip Old Mnn.
l'oeblcs had ju.t nkod Mr. Merriwoalher's
dniifrhtcr if elio would 15170 him n lift out of
baiholcrdoui, aml sho liad said "yes."
thiref'ore bccamc absolutcly ncccssary lo gct
hi- old man's pcrmission, so, as l'oeblos snul,
ih,i arrangomcnts might bo mado forlmpping
ihe ronjugal twig.
l'ccbles said hc'd rathcr pop tlic inlcrrog.i
lory to nll of old Mcrriwcilher's daughters,
nudliis sistcrs, and lils femalc coiiin, and his
i iint llannah in the couiitry, nd tho whole
or hi foinale rclations, than ak old Mcrri
wiathor. Uut " n"it I5 l'ono- nn M ',0
ci,.ffii and framcd a FpcccU which hc wns going
1 . dwharso at Mcrriwealhor tlio rcry first
. liniu'O ho had to shy it nt liim. So l'ccbles
droppot in 011 liim 011 Hutnlay evcning, whcn
nll the family had inoandcrcd around to class
uvptintr. and found him doing n sum in becr
inoauro, trjing to calctilato tho cxact nutnbcr
of Urts his mtetior eoum 110m wuiioui oiow
mg tho hcad oft" of liim.
"How aro you I'oob?" said old Mcrri
wcathcr, as l'ccbles walked in as white ns n
rhunk of chalk, nnd trcinbling os if ho liad
-wallowcd acondcnscd oarthquako. I'ecblos
w.is nfmid to nnwet, bccauo ho wasn't surc
ulxmt that spcech. Ho knew ho liad to keei
hs rrin on it whilo ho had it there, or it
would slip away from him iiuicker tlian nll
,,ilcd ccl througli nn atlger holo. Sohoblurt-
1 1 itfht out.
Mr Morriwoathcr : Sir, jerhaw it may
u it l)o unkliown to you, sir, that during an
xtcnded pcriod of somo fivo ycars 1 liavo
bccn buily cngagcil in tho proserution of
conitiii'rcial cntcrpriso
Is that so? nnd kcopin' it a sccrct nll tho
tuno. whilo I thought you was lcndin' storo?
Wcl). byGcorgc, you'ro 0110 of 'cm,nowain't
you 1
l'ccbles had to bcgin all over again to gct
thr mn t 11.
Mr. Mcrriwenthor : Sir, prrhapi it may
imt bo unkliown to yuu that during nn oxton
di 1 pi'riod of somo fivo ycaru I haro lioon
n - ured in thc tiroocution of a ponnncrcial
. nt. rprii' with a ilflfrniination to procure 11
I'lli. ifiit niaiutenaliro "
' Sit ilown, l'ecb, nnd liclji yoUrwlf to
li . r Dmi't ftnnd tlioro holding j-our hat
Vtlf a blind boggar witli tho parnlysis.
WKftXlSDAV, MAY M, 1808.
TriKH-tt.WI'M rcnr, rtlr tn K'ltniiroi t.rI.SH
If tiot mM nttliln tlirw montlil.
It will lw fecn by rcfcrfing to onr tele-
trrarhio ooluiiin, that tho bonalo hnw pot
pon(Hl tlio tlmo for taking tho fnmlWe upon
inippachini'iit untll Sflttmlay noxt. 'llilii no
rton Mwnn to havo Ix-en forrwl iijmmi thfin liy
the dickneM of Mr. Ilowartl, yel, wo cannot
hclp rcgrcttlng thid luwilty. Tlmo enough
had liocn int upon tltis mnttpr, aml enougli
liaa boon prood ngainst tho I'renidciit to con
vict liim n hundrcd told. 0 arn nnxious
for, and the eountry dtmntids, Ihat quict
whicli would follow his dopooilion, and tho
installmcnt in hi. plaro fif nonio 0110 in whom
tho pcoplo hare oonudenoo.
What'n tho niattcr with you, nnyway' I
n( w r icc you bchavo yourpclf so iu all my
bsirii days."
I'robfcn was knocVcd out of tuno ngain,
nnd had to wandcr back nnd tnko n IrO'fh
" Ir. Mcrriwoathcr : Sir, it may not bo
unknown to you that dnring an oxtcndcd
i. riod of somo Gto ycars I havobocncngaged
111 uv iruci;uiiuii Ul H lUllltllUlllUl uilivilfl lU,
with tho dctermination to procure a pufiicicnt
" .Vwhiclinnco akcu old .ilcrriwcathcri
but l'ccbles hcld on to tho lasl Word liko it
was his only chancc, aud wcut 011.
" In thc hopc tbat somo day I niight cntcr
wcdlock, and licstow my carthly posxowioiK
upon 011c wlioiu 1 coulu call my own. I
liavo liccn a loncly inan, sir, nnd havo felt
that it is not good for a man to bo nlouo;
" NVitlicr is it, I'ccMos, nnd I'm nll flrcil
clad you dropptxl 111. How s the old inan?"
Mr. Mcrriwcathcr : Sir," said l'ccbles,
Tn dipairing confusion, raising his voico tn n
Vi ll. " it may not bo unkliown (0 you that
iluring an cxtcndcd pcriod of n lonely inan I
liavo uceii cnaacpii to cnter wortlock nnd I
stovr.all my comincrcial cntcrprisc upon 0110
vthoin I could procure to be a dctermination
to bo good lor a nulhcicnt possessions 110, 1
1111911 tuat is (hat .'lr. .ilernwcathcr, sir,
it may not be unknown '
" Aud then ngain it may. Ijook herc,
IVi'ilei you'd bcttcr lnydownand takosomc
thiiitf warm, you aiu't well."
I'ccblci, swcatiug like a four-ycar old colt,
wiTit 111 ngain,
" Mr. Mcmweathcr! Sir, it may uot bo
lonely for you to prosecute ine whoni you ean
call a tricnu lur conimercial iiiaintcnaiicc,
bul but 011, dnng it Mr. Mcrriwcathcr:
hir it "
" Oh, l'ccbles, you talk as wild ns a jack
a 1. I nevcr sco a moro urst class ldiot in
tho wholo coursoof niy Hfc. What's tho lnat
tcr with you, anyliow?"
" Mr. Mcrriwcathcr : Sir," said l'ccbles,
iu an ngony of bewildcrmcnt, "It mayiiot bo
unkliown tiint you prosoeutcd a lonely man
who is not cochI for a comnicrcial pcriod of
wcdlock fclt for somo fivo ycars but " I
" Soo hcre, Mr. 1'ccblfcs, you'ro drunk, and
if you cau't bcliavo bcttcr than that, you'd
bctter lcavc. If you dou't I'll chaseyouout,
or I'm a Dutchman."
" Mr. Mcrriwcathcr i Sir," said IVcblcs,
frantio with despair, " it may not bo unknowu
to you that my cartlily iiosscssious aro cngag
cil 10 cnier wciiiock uvo ycars wiiu u sum
cicnt lonely man, who is not good for a coin-
inrrml inaiiitcuanco "
"Tlio bloody deuco ho isn't. N'ow you
ju"t i;ct up anil gct, old lioss, or I'll knoek
what little bralns out of you you'vo got
AVilh that old Mcrriwcathcr took l'ccbles
by tho shirt collar nnd tho part of his pants
that wears out first if ho slts down much, and
shot liim into tho etrcct ns if ho had just run
nirainst a locoinotivo Eoini! at fortV lullcs au
bour. llcforo old Mcrriwcathcr had a chdnoo
to sliut the front door, l'ccbles collccted his
leiM and one tlnns nnd another that wcro ly
ni arouml nn the navcmcnt, and nrrangcd
b.iin'ulf in a vcrtical position and ycilcd
out :
" Jlr. Mcrriwcathcr: Sir.it may not bo
unknown lo you," whlch inailo tho old
man so wrctchcil mad that ho wcnt out and
.Ltt.OUU,, ,..6, .V .-'l
writtcn out the substmieo of his reniarksmadc
al 1'ortland 011 tho 20th ult., fur publication
nt rorllaifil,"Vo"liaTTb7cn furnIhtHl a copy,
whieh wc publish bclowJ
Sir. Chnirman aml Gtnllcmcn :
llcforo wo lclt Monlpclicr wo had a rall
road gathcrilig Iti whicli thopropriMy ofsciid
ing dclogatos to this (oiiycntionwasilisciissod.
Holno orour jiOoplo thought that inaHiiuch ns
this moetlng was intcndod for and callcd ly
tho eorpoiKtors of tho 1'ortland k Holland
road, wc would bo regardoil ns intcrlopcrs.
On thc wholc, wo coiicludcd to como to your
Imautiful and cnterprising city, and, if invit
(1 to scats in your convciitlon, to oocupy thcm
ns hcarcrs rather than sjmkrrs.
llut iuaiimrh as you havo cnllod upoii mc
peiwmally, I will slato to you tho poition
that MoiitjM-licr occuples in rclation to a con
nection with your city by rail, nnd whcn I
have said that, I have ilono.
I.mt ycar au cflort was mado to bond tho
towns througli tho cotitoniplatcil routo from
Montpelier toSt. lohmbnrr, thero ennnecting
with a road througli tho Vvlilto Mountains to
1'ortland. Sovcral of the towns, nnd l-rhaps
nll througli whicli the road wns to pnss bctwccn
Jlontpclicr and St. .lohiifbury.ogrccil to liond
fnr difTcrent siims, according to thoir abilify
aml interest In tho prnioMil ronto. The lnat-
ter was nibm ttI liv the mhaliitams 01 .iioni-
iielier to a coniniiltec of twolve, and I had tho
honor to lio ono of that miinbcr. lhosuli-
iect wasA(uand I believo faithfuUy invcs.
tigatoj, ns tlio turnliig 1101111 secmcti 10 naug
unoii tho nctioit of Montpelier. Tho rosult
was that tlio coiiimlttco rcporton uiuavnraiuy
to thc raisiiitf of the nccessarv sum by liond-
I I.., Tl.:. ,.l,,.i.,n u-'s nnl nr
IVIii) Slinll Iti'ar llit' Stainlai 1 .'
W'c are now within less than oight wreks
of the day 011 whicli tho Pemocrntlc National
Convcntioii is to Ih) holdcu, and yct thcro aro
110 seltlod indiwitiotn upon whoni tho distili-
gulhl honor if such It thftll prow of a
l'rnsidcntial noinlnatlon will fall. On one
lay tho loyal eleinent sccuis to be in tho as-
ccudant, nud ficn, Ilaneock is tho favoritv,
with his nnblo wnr rccord i but then eomofltip
tho rccollcction of his prominent ngenfly in
tho trial aud conviclioii of Mn. Surratt, nnd
his proipcct niddeiily kick the beaiu ; for
nclthcr his gallant bearing during tho rebel
lion, nor his moro riicstiouablo pnrtizau scr
vico at Xer ()rlean, tuin atono fur lliii gronl
ofTvurp. Aiiolhor d.iy tlio poaco olciiicnt is in
I ho asccndaut, aud l'endlctou stock bears a
prciniuin. And llicu.dospniringofsuocewiwilli
lcgitimato Deinocrnt, n raid into the Hc-
publicaii rauks is ihrcaleiied, iu favor of
Judge Chaso, or Oharles I'rnneis Adatni, or
somo othcr 0110 who cnu be sulliuieiilly de
moraliied by the cuiiiruiicnt lo aeccpt tho
Thc truth is, thcro aro irreconcilablo dilfcr-
cnces iu principlo cxisting iu tho ranks of tho
Ucinocratic party lictwccn tholoynl and tho
lisloyal during tho latc wnr, nud bctwccn tho
rcpudiatois of thq West and thoso in tho Ivut
who would Iionornbly siistain tho obligations
of tho govcriinicnt, which will cllicctually
prcvcnt a iinion of tho party upon nny rcpro-
scutativo Dcmocrnt. In fact, 110 0110 man can
rcproscnt. thoi-o hontilo clcniciits; and thcir
only iossiblo aa of micccw) niusl lic iu liud
ing 11 rcnegado Kepublican, or powibly 11
taking up nt tho la"t inomcnt nu entircly new
nnd unthoiigbt-of Dcmocrat, a 1a Franklin
l'icrcc, nud ruahing him througli upon tho
" go-it-Ijlind " principlo.
W'b incliuo to tlio bclicl', howcver, that tho
grcat nud rapidly incroasing influence nnd
boldnpss of tho repudiation, nnti-war clcmcnt
in thc party, cpccially nt tho grcat West, to-
gcthcr with tho ignomiiitous failuro nf tho
Bcmi-loyal cxpcrinicntof tho last 1'rcsideiitial
clcctiou, will indiicc thcm tn tako tho othcr
tack and that Mr. l'endlctou will bo tho
staiidard-bcirer of tho parly.
llut it can mako little diffcrcncu, o far as
tho result is concerncd, who wcars tho cmply
honor of a noniination. Tliaf Ocn. flrnnt
will be I'rcsidcnt, by nn uiyircccdcntcd popu
lar inajorily, 1111 sano niaiicnu doubt. Itonly
bchoovea tho parly to selcct a candidate, and
plan and coudtict a cnuipuigu, that shall lcavc
thcm tho best possiblo rocord for the future.
inir the town. This conolmion was not ar-
rivcd nt becnusc wo wero unfrlcndly to Sl.
Johnshury, or to I'ortlaud; 011 tho othcr hand,
we regardcu the cilizcus ot liotli placw ns our
Vor Ui itontpllrr Journal.
Wnrifii Ooltl Mittos.
Thoy opcn rich and wide. W'e havo soino.
thlng tangiblc to show this tinie. Ours nro
a vcry diflcrcnt nlTair from tho l.isbon iniiiOB,
wlioso lnck-lutro quarti rclcrs you lorasight
of the glittcriug tnctnl to Iho cruflicr, tho
nsaycr, to tho liaiik vaulls, Ihcnco to tho
I'iiiIiM Mntes inint, nno stlll turtner, uoiilit
lcss, if you pursuoil tho inicst. Our rock
shows tho color, nnd yiclds satisfactory rc-
turris at oncc. Aml it ts not tool s gold, nor
that othcr klnd that luakos fools. VV'o liavo
had, as you know, nll sorls of inen poklng
aliout among our hills within a ycar or two,
111 sonrtli ot gold. Jlndgowntcr clooil lier
immcne inllls, aml abnndoned her auriferous
quarrics for a tiinc, and cnuic hithcr iu tho
bclicf that Warren wus the origiiinl Ophir.
Capitnliats from tho citics, scicntifio incn from
tho unlvcrsitics, old stngcrs from Cnliforiiia,
wcre riinning abont our slrocts and ficlds nnd
wnding up nnd doivn our streams. Kxplura
tions, digging, blasting, nnalyzing, loasing,
and all that, wns going 011. llut 110 rovenuo
flowoil into our coircrs our land did not lu
iiicrcnse iu valuo 110 profit of auv kind ac
crucil. Heccntlywo fonnod a stock compiiiiy
among oursclves wo eoiicluded to put our
own home.tnlent nnd yankec ingenulty at
work, and lo, thc result ! Wo struck n vcin
at once; wc opcnoil a drift of troasuro, plea-
suro nud improvcnient, that cnhaucos the
vatuc of proprty snini'what, nnd thc onjoy.
niont of Hfc a hundrcd fold!
Our gold mine is a ni-.w I.iiuiaiiv. (ioleon
da has nothing so fiuooud pure. Talk nf uu
dovclopcd rosouroe ! what so raro and pay
ing as this I what will touch decper spriui!S
of power in a coiiiiiiuiilty ? what will bo so
likoly to hrcod entcrprtse niul thrllt
" llroad aud puttcr I e tor liuinan souls ,
will furnish an liitetloctual fcrtilizer siipply
you with tools of uiodcrn civilizatiou.
1'Ki.T It Out.
Montpelier nml Wells IUmt Ituilnnnl
At a incctiiig held nt Yillago llall 01
Saturday cvcning, tho Ooniinittee nppointwl
to visit 1'ortland, mado n vcrbal rcpott, tho
fi icnds : wc hnd lonu bccn 011 iutininto terni
of fricinKhip with the citizcns ol St. .lohns
bury, and would lio glad to perpetuate 'that
trieiiLl.hip liy kind acts, and a moro uireci
coiiiiiiuiiicntion by rail. lfut nhen wolookwl
uihiii our maps e fouud St. Johiinbury north
of r., and 1'ortland south of us. 0 also
fouud thc distanco longcr to St. .loluubury by
soveral milos, nnd the gradcs linrdcr, ovcr this
routo, than from Montpelier to Yt clla Kivcr.
Inadditinn to thcso ndvantugos, by going to
Wells lliicr wo wmld nail ourBolvm of an
other routo to Massachusctts. Wo have fora
long timo bccn taxed with an cxtrayngant tar
ilTtrom lloston to Montpelier 011 frcights.
Thc ratcs liavo bccn sohiglitliatwecoiildscnd
froiglit over tho l'"itchburghaiidlUitland roads
to lliirliii"toii, and from thcnce, near forty
milcs. back to Montpelier, at 11 lcss cxpense
than from lloston to Montpelier dircct. W'u
havo lunibcr, catlle, shcep, hogs, horsos and
othcr orticlcs of froiglit that for the prescut
niust find a maikct iu Jlassachusctts : nrticlcs
that you havo in abundaiicc, but which thoy
ncal to uso and commuc. Thcso nrticlcs of
Ircight nro not confinod to the vicinity of
.Montpelier, lnit aro auunuant 111 nu 01 tlio
north-eastcrn portion of Vermont, nnd tho
iiorth-wustcrn part ol .New llatnpsuiro; and
whctlicr the road shall bo built througli Kt.
.lohuibury or Wells Jtircf, all of this class of
Ircight trom tlio Lamoille allcy aud tlio
nortli-oastcrn part of Vermont aud north-west
1 r if.. . I. l 1 ....
xcw iiainpsuirc iiuisi hcck .uaH.Hiicnu'icun inr
11 niarket. You would rcgard it iinpractici
blo aud a piccc of folly for 'us to think of
scnding hcmlock bark and hcmlock Iuinbcr
ria 1'ortland to Manchester, Nashnn, Worces
ter or llostou. lly going to St. Johnsbury,
wc would havo to scnd this frciglit down the
Cohnocticut river, by tho l'assninpsio road,
or ovcr tho Concord k Montreal road from
Wells Kivcr; by going to Wells Kivcr, wc
conncit dircct with both of those roads
which giv"cs us tho uilvaiitagcs bcforo nanied,
and a bcttcr roulo toyour city. llrf nroben
cfitled by this conncction.andyOTtby nonioans
injurcd. Taking this vicw of tho tnicstion,
tho coiiiniitteo appointcd by tho citircns of
Montpelier, could not iu good faith reconinicnd
tho hcavy burdcn upon our town ncccssary to
bulld to St. Johnsburv, whcn a moro fuisilile
and advautagoous routc uiiglit bo sccurcd for
less iiionoy. Jlr. Ving has laid bcforo you
tho btatistics emliracmg ilistanccs nnd grades,
by which I think you will find that this istho
least expensivc, and tho lcst loute to rcach
Corrwjwroli'nw of tlin Vstlinifin A Jrmrhnl
ToitT HirilAnwoN, Toxas,
April 20. 18GR
.Mtasus. J'.uitoiis :
1'lonso find cnclusoil n vcry amusiiig lett
Imitoiiclimcnf l'rocccdlnp.
WASiitsflTox, JIy 6.
At tho openiiur ofthe oourt, Mr. Uinghatn
rcsumeil his argumcnt. Aftcr rccnpitulntiiig
his nrguincnt of yoslcrday, lio took uji the
qitostion whothor or not it is noecssary 111 this
caso to provo cvil intent. Hc rcad from rco
ords of Kuglish st.Ho trials to show that such
proof is not nmleil. Ho olllided to nn 1n
stniico whcrc a ccrtoin Knslish kinsr had put
Kiinc little childrcii to dcath ns au oxamploof
thc absurdity of tlio J'resulent s plen. Jlo
would not ariruo tho point at nny lciigth, bo-
causo it was plainly scttled by common law
and tho practicc of ccnturiw. Thc argumetits
orthe counscl 011 lliis nuestlon wcro unni 10
lm ullprnl iu tho nrosciKM of tho Sciiato. Ho
tticn refcrroil to tho ipicstloimf Iho powcr of
tlio I'rwiucnt to iill vacanoics created liy liim
sclf during tho sossion of tho Scnalc, and in
tsr& that tho fact of thc iutininto oouncctinii
of tho powcrs of tho appointiiiont willi that ol
rumoval had bocii studiously kcpt out ofslghl
by tho adroitoouiielopiosingliini,nndwcntoii
to argue with refercnco to all tho provisions
bearing 011 tho subjcct, that tho rlght to ni
mint cabinct ofiiccrs without tho conscnt ot
thl Scnato was nowhcrc grantoil to the I'rcsi
dcnt by the Cointittiliou. It could not bo
iucrcly fllled as a vaoancy by a tdmiornry ap
pointnieiit, fur liia lettera or nutliority appoint
cd (len. Tliuniai for an indcfiiiilc timc. To
show that it wus not aniong thc I'rosident's
iinplied powers under the Oimstllution to v
nilc and fill ofiiccs without thc eolisont nf thc
SriMtr, he read froin thc writiiurs nf Ilainil-
tnii and Wcbstor. Ho fitrthcr niainlaiucd
that the fpeochcs of Mr. Sheiinan nnd othcr j
Pcnators wcre not succptiblo of tho iiK'aning
iut upon tlicin by the opposltioncounsol. lio
akcd nf what BVail would be Iho provisions
of thc Oonstitution liiuiting tho powcr to fill
acancioa during a rccess of the Pcnatc to tho
icue of coiiiinisKionsto expirontthctjegiuiiiug
of the ncxt session, if Iho I'residcut could cro
alo vacnncics at will, duriim tho sossion of
the Svnatp. Mr. lliiighain oliallcnged the cri
torion of anv law section of the (Viiwlitulion
which woulil limit the terius of ofiieers llius
appointeil by thc I'rcsidcnt. lty such ap
H)intmenls he could kcep nicn in ofliiv at his
pleasure, without regard to Iho ('oiislitulion
thcy had brought It hcre, and thcy now re
fiucslcd tho judgtncnt of the Scnato. Tho
I'rcsidcnt stalc tnal liis oniy purposo was 10
instilulc procccdings In tho Siiprcino (!ourl to
lest the validity ol llie law. What would tho
honurabla Scnatnr from Maryland, Mr. John
son, full of loarning and ycars as ho was, sav
to this'l Ho would fay that it was imposM
blo that tho I'rcsidcnt could not nf his own
inotion institulo thnso procceding". Why,
then, insult tho pcnplowith thisliold andhyp
ocriticnl prctcnco'f This dcclaratioii of tho
I'rcsidcnt is but another 0110 of his falschooik
Thoy say that tho I'rcsidcnt did not rcmovc
the Socrclary of wor and that hc cannot lio
punUhoil for tho nttciupt. Aro wo to hold
tlint n iiiaii iu this Dislrict of Columbla who
altcmpls your lifo is lo go ncrjuittcd beonuo
hc faila iu thc attcinpt, aml givo him nn on
pnrtiinity to rcncw it nt somo moro fiivorablo
occasiou'f It has bccn scttled for moro than
n ocntiirv bv thc hiehcr coutts, not only f
this eountry bul of I'.nglnnd, that 1111 nttcmpl
to commit 11 crimo or inisdcuieatior, cilhcr nt
comiiion or slatuto law, is tho samo as if tho
act had becn cominittcil. Tho only quostion
that rcuinin-, is thc tcnuro of oflico act valld?
and 110 mnltcr what may bo said, thcro is not
a man iu Aincrioii who doos not know that
the l'msiilcnt has committcd a hlgh crimcand
misdciiicaiior in violation of tho stalutc, and
it is idle to wraniilo aliout it. Now ns to the
(picstion whctlicr tho act was valld ; and that
(piestinn ought to bo coinidorcd closwl. It
was pnssod by Oongrcss iu liug under tho re-stmn-iliilitv
nf their oalli". Tlio Tlilrt v-nintli
Cdngrcss passcil that law, as they boliovod be
cnusc it wns a nccessity, and, as they liclicved,
within thc reuuircineiits of tho Oonstitution.
It was sent to tho l'resiilcnt, rcturneilb him
with hii objections, and being rcconsidcred
again, passcd in accordaiicc with tho provi
siona ot the (Joiutmiuon. nud tt was then n
law, is now a law, nud will rcinain n law for
nll timo uiiloss rcpealcd or niinulleil liy the
propcr judicial authority. Yct tho counscl
rome 111 hcre insl nsscrt that it is nn uneoiisti-
pcrmltlcd to llle, within two days aftcr th,
volo is ttaken, his writtcn oplnion, to g0 0B
bnn'r.vrr. bccn Vcrv Poreflll liot to SBV whctlicr
thc I'rcsidcnt would alrido Iho juugmcni 01
thcSciiato. llow ilid thoy know mu wnat
thc l'residetit wns playing thc samo rolo as iu
tho caso of tho suspcnsiou or Mr. Stanton.
lio would ullow tho Sciiato tu ait 011 this trial,
nnd if their judgtncnt did not su't liim.ho would
rcsist tt. lio would not lio surprisou 11 i"
tl-.;.1,i,t blinnlil fn.nmrrfSw! Ilirnii'th his Ad-
iutant Ocncral, dispcrso tho Scnatc. His nn-, Scnator shall ix pcriiiittcd to Iilc, within two
swcr says tliat ne 1100s noiTOiisuier uio ccuaie "" "- "," "nuin
.Mr. Druko inovcd furthcr to nmond U
striking out the aboyo words and Inscrlin
at tho tlmo of givir.g his volo," This
rcjcctcd-12 to ih '
Tho iptcstion wns takcii 011 Mr. Suinuor',
motton to idriko out tho w6rds, "nmiciwl.
1 ii 1 .. iii-.li.. r.- . vq
vo ycan R,
wrltleii to a fricnd of mine whlle au accnt of 0 tlii.t snbicct, aud 011 the nmwtion uf whut
tho I'recdiiicn's D1110.1U, at Hcltou, Tcxas. , lii,,;!,,!!,,,,. r e itivi- nnwer. bo oltnd
Tho writer is ono of tho loading splrits of tho Luinorous lcgal authorilics and titl from
vuuiiiry, nuu, us yuu wiii pcrccivc, is nioie tlio pcochca ot .Mr. Welwtcr.
than ordinary in his uso of ndjectives and Wln, T..a-.M n the l'nw'nleufs dcfciwo that
ttylo of compositioii. Aftcr reading it you )10 sought to tcst the validity of the tcnure of
" " " ranrn iikc inu- piiico law , he asnortcil Ihat tlicro has nevcr
kecs, ctc, ctc. a cloar. uneniiivocnl dccisloii of Iho Su
liad 1 tune, 1 would cive you thc (lelails nm,.. fWt niniiisl ho .Kimliliilion.illtv nf
..!. T...11... . .....i.ti... ; .r 11... '. . . .
ui nu 11,11 inu pvw.ii, ni.,uu u t jniiuuii 111 mu the law ot tjongrcss, and lieid il was oniy
conimaiid at this post, includingiiiy Uomliany, a rutciiic of tho I'rcsidcnt to lake up-
Which rosultCd 111 killing soVcn Imliaiis, l,;,wir n rkiini,;i,li;tv n liloli thc onurt
ono Mexican, and 0110 Negro or lialf-hreed ; iteclf had nevcr assutiKHl.' Ho thtn rccited
but 1 cannot go into particulars, as tho mail is tho thrco laws which the 1'rosidcnt was chnrfr
aliout to closc, and 1 havo 110 tiiue.
Vcry truly,
li. A. AiinoTT,
iitioual law, aud they nsk this Senato to chango
the rccord of this ense, and put it to tho pco
plo of the Uniled Statcs against tho Senato
and House of Kcprcsenlalivcs of the I'nited
There had bccn a grcat deal said abnut 1 llut the gciitleman had spokcn ahout thc IU
' cltarity," and ho had thought that charity crty of spcoch. Hc (Mr. H.) stood for the
od with having violatcd, nnd claimiiig that it
had becn already shown that these viobtions
wcre inipenchablo oflensos. Ho (juotcil Kent
that liialadiiiiuiktration 111 ollico was also
grouud for iiiipoachmont. Hc s.iid it was en
tircly iinmatcrial whctlicr or not the nrticlcs
were iramed 111 the technical lorni ol an indict
luent. Kvcry child know that his ofTense was
the assumptioii ol tiower to judgo nl the va.
substanco of which was, Ihat thcy attcndcd tho grcat walcr eouiinuiiication to tho Wctt,
set a bull-tcrncr on l'ccbles before ho had a
chanco to lift a brogau, and thcro was a sci
cutific doi! fieht, until thcy got to tho fcncc.
and cvcu thcu l'ccbles would havo carriod tho
bull-tcrricr hoinc, gripped liko a clamp 011
too tcndcr, and tho dog, fceling ccrtain that
fiomcthiug or othcr must ovcntually givo way,
hcld on until ha col his chop off of l'ccblo's
calf, and l'ccbles wcnt hoinc half a pbund
lightcr, white Mcrriwcathcr asscrts to this
day that they had to draw all tho dog'g tcctli
to gct the flcsli out of his mouth, " for ho had
au awful hold for such a nnaU animal."
Ofcourw) Jlcrriweather's dauKhtcr hcard
nbout it, and sho was so mad that sho nevcr
gavo tho old inan nny poaco until bo went
arouud thc ncxt day to soo l'ccbles about it.
l'ccbles looked pale as a ghoH from loss of!
bloou aud ucct, aud ho had a wholo picco ol
uiuslin wrappcd around hisleg. Merriwcath
er said :
" J'ceb, I'm sorrv about that muss last
mght, but if you didn't bchavo liko a raving
uaniao' I'm a Joafer. I nevcr sco such a
dcliberato ass sinco I was boru. What's tho
incaning of it, any" way?"
" I was ouly trying to nik you to let
inarry your dauahtcr," groanod l'ccbles.
Oreat-, what? you didu't nloan to
say well. I liopo I may bo shot. Vcll.
you ain't a rogular woodcn-hcadcd idlot '
iiiougtit your niliid was waoderlug. 1U1
didn't you say it right out ? Why, of courso,
you can havo her. I am glad to gct rid of
ncr. laKoucr, myuoyi go it, go It, and 1'
ihrow a lot of first-clas blcssTngs into tl:
And J'eeblea looked rucfully at bls dcfecl
Ire lcg, aol wishod ho hadn't bccu such a fool
but ho wcat tnd niarricd tho cirl, and livod
happily with her for about two moiiths : aml
nt the cud of the time ho told a oonfidcntial
fricnd that he would williugly taku moro
troy blo and undcrgo a ullllon moro dog-bites
10 gcv rm 01 uer.
A N. Y, papcr is rctpoiitiblo for tho fol
laborcrs cmployedpy
havo lliclr tlmo
;iliUhour tvstcm. UhoCom
modore ordcred thcir time reducod Ul itren
I hours, nnd pald thcm pro rata. Ono of the
I Irishmcn, who did not liko lhls turn of af-
I fain, aid to his neighbor : " Well, Miko, I
with the (cuuaodore was in .." " Och
I saidl'it, "lledad, and that wouldu't hcln
I you, for he'd havo tho coutrol of lh whole
I piace intuie ot a wook'.'
1 ' -
" Come gentld sjiriug, ethereal mildncas,
rome." Snring hai come, Kthercil mildness
Js cxpected on tue ucxt train.
tho Ooiivenliou at l'oitlaud callud by tho
of I Corporators of tho 1'ortland and Rutland
road, to which thoso intcrcstcd 111 other con
nocting routcs wero invitcd. Tho mecting at
1'ortland was harmouious, and they fuuud
bomo of tho strongcst and most rcliablo rail.
road mcn iu 1'ortland fricndly to tho Wells
Kivcr and Jlontpclicr routi, mcn that will
not ouly talk, but ivork in favor of this routc.
Tlio pcoplo of 1'ortland havo had thcir ottcn
tlon callcd to tho White Jlouutaiu aud St.
Johusbiiry routo, and wcro gcncrally unac-
quaintcd with tho advautages of tho Wells
Kivcr road. Thcy aro, howovcr, now getting
tho facls licforo thcm, nnd as they do so this
routc is fiistaining fricnds.
Tho Coinmittco liud au informal mccling
th tho I'rcsidcnt nnd Directora of tlio Con
cord nnd Montreal road, which tcnninatcs nt
Wells Kivcr, and found thcm favorably im
prCMicd wilh this road from Wells Kivcr to
Montpelier. They wero not, howovcr, ptC'
parod to mako a definito propositiou aeccpt
ablo to tho Coinmittco, but gavo such assur.
anccs as warraut tho Coniinittco in thoopiuion
that, in cam a libcra) subscription to tho stock
can be obtaincd at Montpelier, and from tho
inhabitants 011 tho routo, and othcrs interest
cd thcrcln, tho ueccssary hclp can boobtaincd
to build aud ciiiiii tho road. U'ho Coniinittco
roconiiiicnd nn oaruest aud dotcrmiucd clfort
011 tho part of thoso locatod 011 the propo.tcd
road, to sccuro thc buildmg of tho samo, and
in ordcr to accomplish this object liberal fill
scriptious for tho capital stock aro noecssary
If $250,000 can bo obtaiucd 011 tho routo,
thcy havo 110 doubt tho road will bo spocdily
Licut. Oth U. S. Cav.,
1'ort (irifiin, Texai.
1j1Tti.b KtVEit, Heu. Oo., Tox.
Deo'r 12th 1807.
Oait. Stilkj, Sir
l lem vnu have Immii I'liiMiml (nr tu-n iIav
lookiug for or aftcr 1110 under bls bKMiking lldlt)' r ''tws lor himseir, and to oboy
iu nu privato ladios, not ncgro wiinon but ,,iem or llot llt h" plenmrc, and it was not loo
white l.idios that snnrns tlm fiiin nf n v.mliw much to say that a boldcr piccc ol cllronlcry
that holds tn tlin ilnetriiin that slm U bul llm was nevcr bcforo known. He adnultod that
upi.il of tho Afric.ni. Such ladios is nfraid wa" l" "f Oongross to dctcriuine
o vnnkovs not boeauso sho or thov nrn mw no lenurc 01 oiuees ; tnai ine sumeci was
onls. llut thov know thu habils ol' vour kind "ot dctermincd by tho comtitutlonality of
... ... . . y I.I.- ! 1 c,o ..1 .
Vispickingup spooiis and cvcrythina valua- u,u I'ruvwious 01 iouo, 111111 iiruccuuni iu
blo that thcv cant heln fanriiii vnu coninieiit 011 the act of lbi 111 ordcr to show
... 1 . . o - - !i , 1 l! !.. :. ,
i ow 1110 Sir to rcin lul vnu nt nnn l ni "" " " ciear auu uxuncii 111 11s lerius.
that llcll Co has Sivil Ofiiccrs and if you will Kclerring to !-onator S-hcriiian rcuiarks that
ret Somo coinnetant nmn lo rend tl.,. nr.W nf ho would coincnt lo tho rcmoval of n cublnct
tien Hancock vnu will find nut tlnt vnu h:iv ofiicer who should be so dcstituto of honor as
110 business wilh 1110 to refuo lo resign when reriuosted by tho
Furthcr alow 1110 to Say to you that I Shall penale, .Mr. tlin.'ham said the remark was
t Surrcndcr myself to a military mob to bo vcO' natural at that time, for cireumstanecs
had not then dcvctnped tho inallgnity and
d.iugcrous iiitcntiens of thc I'rcsidcnt. llc-
sidcs, tlio cxpresMon showcd that tho couseut
of tho Scnato was uccossary, nnd 110 011c
Lloubtcd nt that tune that .Mr. htantou camc
within tho provisions of tho act. The l'roai
dent hiuisclf had acknowlcdgoil as much by
marchod off a 1'cw hundrcd ynrdi & Shot or
hung to whet your appotilcs for blood, 1 havo
moro sciicc besidcs i liavo a tomily to livc
lor iV buport u lamily that has bccn roboi ly
brutal yankeys fc alow 1110 hcro 0110 fur all
in your grcat anxicty to iiumortalizo your'
eoll Should you Sco Gt tovisit inyhouso again
If you shall como to this conclusioii, wo will
do what wo can towards 1110 coinpictioii 01 n
road to Wells Kivcr, and nt no distant day
wo shall cxpect to sco you again in 1'ortland
and to recogu'uo your plcas.mt facos al tho
capital of tho (Irccn Mountain State.
ilnnf iliwnH Inir rnmilv tinr IimiI nnflilni (iii
.i tl... C.......1. ...in i. i .i t ...rii 1 1 whcro else had tho Powcr of susncnsion bccn
J ... 1W....UI.1 ,
YOU tLII JJtUll tllU IIUIUIII Ul 1119 lilWUjU
Ifad 1 bcen at hoino whcn you first sent for was Isjrrowod in part from tho languago of
1110 wilhout Suspecting anything wrong I Iho act, and this oxcuso was nn afierthought
Sl.nuhl Imvn onn.i bul frniii vnnr rn,.,lnr.t nn lo COVCT Up llls Vlllalliy. Ho held that tllC
ycsterday your object is not iionorablo I'rcsidcnt was rcpouiiblo for having abused
lPidii sii,.r;n" n. imti nilmr Siii,, nnii.ir thc powcra Erantol him by tho act to sus-
comcs aftcr mo thcy can fiud 1110 & I havo 110 rou'1 lr: Stautoit without alleginj; or proving
wish to cvado tho law but a military mob I ,hat ho latlcr '!,l.d hc.?m? "squalilied 111 any
Bhall not fcurrcndcr to J. dont tluuk. Now
Sir I havo writtcn to you for the solo purposo
01 icuiiig you Know ine preiuiffcs 1 occujiy
ns having thc authorlly to try, bccaiisc of tho ojunlon, lo gu 011 tha rccord," and
twcnly fccnators rcgutarly cleeled froiu ten tion was dctcriulned in Iho negalivi
Rlnf.,!. vl.!M, wn n imnllnn witli wbii'li llie ' liaVS '12.
I'residcut had no moro lo do than tho Oiar of Mr. Morrill nf crmont then luoilifK,! ,
Kussin. It wns iuipudciieo and iirroganeo nn-, ordcr ns follows, which was ngrecd lo, nam,..
nnrallcle.1. Ho hopcd thc Scnato would cniu- j ly i Ordcred, that whcn tho Scuate adjonrn
lato tho licroio oxamplo ol tho rrcnrii as
scnibly of whcn Mirabcau, thopeoplc's
tribune, told tho mluloin of Iho Klng tlint
bayoucls had no tcrrors for thc Kcprcx'tiln
tivos of n frco pcoplo. 'J'hc counscl, Mr. IIv
nrts, says the artielo iu which his clicnt is ac
cuc"d of cndeavoring to scduec n gallant
ofiicer of tho army, is n iniscrablo ncciisntion.
lsit? Such nn necitsallon in nny cnunlry
whcro tho laws nro propcrly cxccutiil would
have lost nny cxccutlvo his head. In refer
cnco to the tcnlh nrticle, of which so much
has bcen said, both by tho opeiiing nnd tho
elosing eounicl, chnrging thc I'rcsidcnt wilh
sedilious languagc with resicct to tho HOlh
Oongrow, what uid tho counscl say nbout it ?
Thev rcferred to Iho sedition law of 17DS,
and assortcd that it was odious. He did not
know that they said that it was unoonstilu
tional. No court or no authority in the Oon
stitution liad everproimiinecd it to bo so. He
grnntod that such laws were not propcr fnr a
frco republic, cxccpt iu tlnies of natioiial
peril, and it was a tlmo of tiational pcril
then. The French Mlnistcr was going nround
stirriug up sedition. The counscl has said
that Jcflersou camc into Kiwer opposiug this
law, but he did not state Ihat JelferMti im
moiliatoly reenaeteil it in relVrniice to your
nrmy, and thern it stands uncliallongcd in
your ftnluc linoks to this dny. It sulyects
evcry ofiicer of your army nnd everv privule
to eourt miirtinl, tn puiiishmeut even iiuto
dcath, for speaking disrcspcidfully nf the
I'rcsidcnt, ('onirross, nr his suiwrior ofiicer.
was confinod to iriving your outcr garments,
niont nnd drink ; but now they wero nskeil to
surreuder up their cliarter, to part wilh their
good liamc, tn uckunwlcdge that they had per
jureil theuiMilvcs, nud violateil tho dietales of
their coiiscicnecs. oll, u tlic scuate acccd
cd to this dcinnnd, ho did not know what
would bccouio of tho Senato. There was a
ihbet which niight conign tlicin to mimortal
nfuiny. Thow who knew his (Mr. Il.'s)
course, kuew that ho had kept lilniself back
Irom iiiaugurallng this eonllicl lietwecii tho
pcople's Keprcaeututivos and the Ktecutivc,
nud the Scuate gavo Iti 111 evcry cliauoe to re
traco his slcps ; but no, ho would go 011 il
btstrating thc old 1'agan saying, that " whoin
Iho gods iuoan doslroy thoy first mako mad,"
and hcnco wo have tho proceedings of to-day.
Mr. 11. then arguod lor the couttittitionali-
ty ot thc 1 euure-or-Olhcc law. romotlnng
has bccn said alwut the practico of ,s0 ycars,
but ho had said eiinugu to answer all ot tho
nrgumeuts 011 this point by the lenrued cntiu
scl. Ho.had proveil by Mr. Wolistcr that
thc Act of 17811 scparated tho removing from
tho appointing tiower, and Ihat both wcre lejj
islative. Hc (Mr. 11.) stood hcre upon his
consoienco and as one of tho pooplo's rcpro
sciitativcsprusecutini' thcarticleaof Impeach-
nicnt, aud claimed that Irom 1VSU the wholo
practice aud tlieory of tho goveriiiuent had
bccn that Iho removing and appointing powcr
could only be cxerci.ol by grants of the leg
islative aetion under the cxpross provisions
of tho (Jonstitutioii. He considcretl the
wholc iuostion scttleil tho powcr of thc
l'rusideut limited by the Constitiltion and
furthcr. liinitoil by legislative ciiactincut.
1 lio senato had mado Us rulos ot cvidcnce,
admiltcil his doclarutious, aud without oalh,
aud wliat was it that ho had violateil tho law,
lor tho purposo of bringing tho law inlo the
courts, and this nt his owu pleasure? This
was uot oveu a tolorablo oxcii'c. Ho had
risht under any pretcnoe tu violato tho laws
of a frco pcoplo.
Wasiusiitox, May 0.
The Court of Inipoachment was opened nt
nooii. Mr. llingham commeiicod by stating
that upon tho law as road by tho oouusel, the
acts of 1780 and 1795, wcro no longer laws,
and llio rresideut can lio moro aci uiui
Aii.i, papcr it rotpOHW
lowiug good ouo i Somolabor
Mr. Vandcrbilt npplled to
rcdueed to the cigliUhour yl
r. WiHttlljrlilgo 111111 Mr. Va.sliliiirne.
In tlic fanious tirado of Mr. Uonnelly he
nlltided to a dilTiciiltybetweeu Mr. Washburno
rmiuois, and Mr. Woodbridge of Vermont,
follows :
Ho fMr. Washburnol told tho ccntlcmaii
rom Vcrniont Mr, Woodbridge tho othcr
lay, that ovcry corrupi aud proiugato nieas.
uro that was passcd m this Ixidy liad uict
with his support, and whcn thu gcntlcmaii
Irom crmont roso upon huu ho cringed out
l it liko a wlnppcd spanicl.
Mr. Woodbridge nlludcd to this iu tho dn-
batc on Monday, nnd aftcr saying. a good
word for greater eourtesy in debatc, wcnt on
to say :
He knew his fricnd from IUiuolssaid what
lio ouiht not to liavo said ou that oooasiou,
and ho Mr. Woodbridgo was irritatcd by
tho rcuiarks ; nut no kiicw wiicro ino gcuiie
uian's rcputation camo from and on wliat ho
based his famo it was cconoiuy. Thcro
could bo uo moro suceCHsful man in Oongrcss
lliaii his fricnd from Illinois. Tho gentlciuau
was not of his stylo preciily. (haughtcr.)
Hc did what ho dccmcd was right : ho accord'
od to thu gciitlcnian tho samo crcdit that ho
claimed for liiui-elf, but it sccuicd to him
when a poor womau or orphau camc to usk
lor tho discliargo ot a dcbt wlucu tho govern
nicnt owed, and which was lust as mucli ot a
debt as Ihough ho owcd it to tho Speakcr, the
gcnllcman should uot got up lu his placo am:
cry " robbcry, poeulation and uostniction.
T. !.-. l l' 11 ! .1 ....!.! !.. 1
li is uui, -iir. il uuuuriugu siiui, iu uccuruuiK'c
with niy tasto; it is in nccordanco with his,
Tlio Civll SfiUti'.
It is aimounced that tho Uiyil Scrvico llill,
iutroducod last ycar by Mr. Jcucksof Khodo
Island, will bo rcported to tho Houc iu a fow
days. Its purposo is to socuro houest aud
coinpolout mcn in tho publio ofliees of tho
nation, nnd to attaiu that purposo it crcates
a " Pepartmcnt of Civil Scrvico," or Koard
of Kxauiination for all npplicants, to bo coin
posod of tho Vico I'residcut, or I'rcsidcnt of
tho Semitc, as chairuian, nnd four othors.' Tli
duty of tho lloard shall bo to fix tho uuali
ficatiaiM for oflice, to cxaiiilno tho npplicanls
pcrsonally, or by person dosignatcd, und to
reoommcud for apiiointmcut thnso who pau
sallsfactory cxainination. Tho lloard shall
also proi-eribo tho grounds of rcmoval, and
tlio uiodo of tryjng ofiiccrs charged with mis.
oouduct, andsllall couduct tho trial, rcporting
tho result to tho hcad of tho dcpartmcnt
which tho ofTcndcr is, who, whcu found to bo
an impropcr pcrsou, shall be rcmovcd,
0Tothe enterjirising houso of Koberts
Drothcrs, of lloston, wo nro at last Indcbtcd
for a good Gcrtnaii uovcl,
On the HeiRhta." is the litro ofu chiirm
ingbook byAucrbach, rapitally Iranslatud
liy Mlu Jluurictt. aerinan novcls will do
servcdly lake s. hlghor rank among us einoo
tha publication oftuii work.
Deatii nr houn Kuocuium, Hcnry
HnugUmii, the emliiout Jinglish ktatesman
and ex.chanccllor, dled at Canucs, I'ranco,
on Baturday, in hie nlnctielh yoar.
Kleven persons united with the Congro
gatlonal church in Middlebury, on professlon
offalth, lantSunJay.
cntly prcilict that tho coniing soason will bo the I'residcut of the I'nitcil Statcs is tobo al
. fruitful oue. That th
:io carth will this ycar lowcd to bo rccreant to his oalh. Without a
yield a Iwuntcous crOp, at least in all this rc- shadow of ovidenco that your Secrctary of
gioii. llns prcdicliou 1 ground on tho unus- i ar was legally di(u.iliucd or had comiuit.
ut! dcptU o: tho lrost. All tlus will be mclt- ted any crinic, he ilarcd to susnend liim in cle-
cd out iu Junc, at least, and must iu so doing Ifianco ofthe Scnato nnd in faccof thopooplo'a
looscu nll tho carth, dissolving all tho hard tribunca and Scnators : whatevcr may bo tho
placcs nnd leaving tl ns Ioono as a subnoil rctult ol this day's proceedings, iinpartial lus
plough, and thus mellow and nianglo tho tory will do justieo to the memory of your
ground, which cannot but bo favorablo to pro- Secrctary of War. Ho has becn spokcn of
pariug it tor tho growth ot vcgetation. t na "a thoni iu tho heart ot tlio rrusidcnt."
This will Icavo tho eurfaco'to tho depth of For four long ycars ho was "a thorn iu tho
tho lato frosts in tho best possible coudition, hcart" of 'evcry traitor und evcry traitor's
unu tlio result wiu bo n great erop.
Wo regrct to lcarn that a firo was discov
ereil this morning in tho old paint shop be.
longing to tho cxtcnsivo works of Mcssrs,
Colby Hrothcrs tt Oo. of Waterbury. Tho
firo whcn first discovcrcd was iu full progrcss
aud bursting out at tho windows of tho build
iug quickly communicated to Iho lunibcr
shcd fillcd with timber to bo usod in tho con
ktructiou of thcir cabs, aud from thcnco to
thcir Machino Shop, a part of which was con
suincd bcforo its progress was arrcsted. Tho
old paint shop whcro tho uro Origluated was
used as u storo houso for their cabs beforo
thcy wcro put togethcr and paintcd. This
building togethcr with tho lumbcr thod and
contcnts of both wcro entircly dcstroyed
Loss from 1 1000 to 85000. AVo aro unablo to
learu tho amount of thcir iusurancu.
WoonsrocK. Tho Kutland Couritr of
Vriday eonialns tho following rclativo to tho
survoy of tho Woodstock Kailroad :
Clilcf Ihigiiicer Kaudall iufuriiis us that
tho suryoylng party now cu-routo for Wood.
stock have passed tho NUimi.it nnd aro uow
dcseeiidin tho castorn slope ot tho niouutain
Thcy cxpcct to reach Shcrburno to-morrow
(Saturday) aud that tho gradcs and curvcs aro
very lavorapio.
It can bo said of Mr, Kvart's apeoch for
tuo l-rosident, as -Mr. Ulay rcmarkod of llcn.
tou's agaiust tho Umtod Statos Uank, that it
was longor, by one day, than tho Frcuch Ko
vomtion ot iau. Tramscript.
A Washington corrcspondent sava Mr.
Kvart's spcoch Ts ono which will go down to
poatcrlty, It did como prctty near it; that'a
a fact.
Tcn persons united with Dr. Scavcr's
church at Kutland last Sabbath.
ou cau tako it for counscl or let it nlouo.
Sir I reinain out of your clutches
0. 0. Oiaiik.
Fur the Jvurnal.
A Knilll'til Sensoii I'mlided.
Xotwithstandiug tho lato spring, 1 cnnfi-
way from exercising his dutics
it 2.1U r. il., the usual reooiw was taken.
At 2.40 1'. M., tho court rosumod its sitting.
Mr. llinghaiu had stntoil nll that ho thought
needful to stato to show that the I'rosidentby
his own confession stauds gmlty uf all tho
charges containcd in tho (irst, second, tliird,
cighth and eleventh articles of imppachmeiit.
It is for tho Ecnate to decido whether tho
laws are to bo vindicated, or aftcr ull that wo
havo sccn, aftcr tho sacnfices of blood, that
lils'rty of the Conslitutiou, Imt not for that
sodition whicli would dcslroy tho Oonstitu
tion aud tho penoe nf incn in their gravw.
Ho conliniicd in support ofthe charges con
tainod in the lltb articlc, coinmeiitingatsoiiie
length upon thc tolegrams ofthe I'rcsidcnt tn
Uot. I'nrsons of Alabama, as indicatiug his
intention and desire to opKso thc reconstrue-
tion pouey ot Uongress. hat right has ho
to mcddle with it ? The gcntlcmaii undertook
to draw a dlstinction betwcen Amlrew John-
snn as a eltizeu and as I'residcut. He liad
thought at the tinie that the gentleman would
have been plaeed in an awkwartl position tu
defeud tho acts of Androw .lolmson in viola
tion of his oath aa I'rcsidcnt, and thcrrfore
sought to placo him in tho position of commit
ting these aets as a tititen. Why did An
drcw ifohnson in collusinn with those who
wero in rebcllion, sock to olwtruct thc passage
of thc Constitutional ameiidnicnl ? Was it
that our natinnal failh should 1m violalcd,
lioth to thc living and the dcad, or berani he
did not coiwider you eoward", or that you had
any right to propose cnustitulioiinl atnend-
l'erhnps ho was saying too much, but he
asked Senatorsto rrmeinberthat he wasieak
ing to-day in liehalf of a violatcd Oonstitution
and laws, nnd ol the rights ol a lroe people,
and that he was speaking iu the name ofa
half million ofbcrocs who slept in death to
day, who liad dieil that the nation might live.
It only rcinaineil for him to thauk the Senate
for thcir attention, and todemand in the name
of the House of Kepresentatires aml a free
people the conviction ot this oecuseJ l'resi
lcnt, who stands guilty liefore Gmt aud man
ofthe high crimos nnd inixdcmcanorsof which
he stands imieached.
Mr. llingham then sat down, antid grcat ap
plause, which tho Ohief Justice in vain en-
ntoavorwl to suppress.
ASiusoTo.v, .May M.
Aftcr tho gallcrios wcro cleared it is tin
derstooil that the Senate, in secret session, by
a voto of twcnty-two ayos to tweuty-nine
naya, rellinl to adopt a tuotion of Fenator
Morrill, that the Court adjourn until ilatur
day. I'he motion of Senator I'Xlmunds, to admit
tho oilioial rcportcrs during tho deliberations.
with soveral auiendments, was laid on tho ta.
toilay.it adjourn until .Monday at 12o'chyk,
lucridan, for tho purposo of dclilcrating on
tho rules of thc Seiuto sitting on tho trial or
iiiiiioncliiiictit, and that ou tho Tuesilay ncji
fullowing, nt 12 n'clock, mcridiaii, Iho Senate
shall procccd tn votc, wilhout dcbatc, od n
scvcial articles of impoachmeiit, and oach Sen.
ntor shall bo pcriiiittcd to file, within Wu
days aftcr the voto is takcti, his writtcn opin.
ion, to bo priutod wilh tho procccdings.
Tho Senato then jirocccdod to tho considcr.
ntion of Mr. Drake's proposition to amcnj
the 21id rulo, so that thofiltccii miiiutes tlicre.
iu allowcd for delinto shall Ih! for the wholo
dclihcralinn on the final ipiestion, and notni
earh articlc of iiii'achincnt, and this w,
ngreed to.
The Semitc then prwwded lo Iho eoniJ, r.
alion of thc following additioual rulo propo,!
by Mr. Siimner on the 10th of April :
llule 2. On taking Iho votc of the Keo.
alo ou the artlclos ol imieachiiicnt, thc pre
siding ofiicer shall call oach Scnalor by his
nauio nnd iijkiii ench artielo proo the fol
lowiug ipicstion iu Iho inniincr follonitig.
Mr. , hnw say you, is tho respoislent
guilty or not guilty, as clurgeit iu the articli
of iuipenfhnieiit ? WhenMiui ich Senator
shall ri.-c iu his place antl nuswcr guilly or
not guilty.
Mr. Ooukliug iiiovud to iiwert "or a high
crimo or uiisdemo.inor, as tho ease may Im'."
Aftcr ttchntc, Mr. Silinlicr modtfied hia rulv
aeeordingly, by inscrtiug nfler tho wonb
" guilty or uut guilty, the words "ot a lugli
crimo or iiiimlcmoauor, na the casc may be."
Mr. lluckalcw suggostcil au amendnieiit.
which Mr. Suniiicr aoccpted, as follown
" Mr. , how say you : is the respoudeiit,
Andrew Johnson, guilty nf n high criine er
misdeinnnor, aa the esse may be, ns chargcl
iu the articleo of iniaulimeiit."
Mr. Connem uiot1 to aiucnd tho rult U
striking out ccrtain words and ndding others.
so as to rend: "ln taking the votos ofthe
Senate on the first, second, tliird, fiflh, serciith.
ctgth, nitilli, twilh aml eleventh articles of im.
achmcut, the prcsiding ofiicer shall call eath
Scnatorby his name, and propose the follow
ing ipiivtiou in Iho fullowing inauner :
.Mr. , uow sav you, is the respnn-
moro act under
thoie laws than tho humblest citizen of tho jble. twcnty-eight to twcnty.
laud ; aud, furtlicr, under the wholo legUla- The Chicf Justice announoeJ that he had
iiuu ui wiu vouuii , , mu uui, iuti ui uo- rtsjeivou a leiier irom tne
iiointmcnt givcn tu tho I'rcsidcnt was a limit- H
tC7" Wo find tho following iu an old iiuiube
of tho " A'ermont Kcpublicau " datcd Wind
sor, .luno 15, 1812:
friend. Ho (Mr. H.) eharced tlio I'rcsidcnt
with caliimny in aiscrting that ho, Mr. 8., was
in any way disqualihcd. Whatevcr may bo
tho result of tho day's procccdings, your Sec
rctary of War will stand in all timo as a man
bii'h nnd nnhle ns over brp.i1lir,il :i nitin ivlin
It was CXplicitly Stated, a fow days sltlCO orcanized viidnrv fnr vnnr leillnlinti. ii, Ihn
by n gentleman ol high standiny not mauy ficld such as no living maii ovcr had. And
milcs from Wiudw, who is ono or tho lcad- this is Iho man whois tobo snspcndwl by
crs of a sccrct trcasonablo combination to your cornipt, oatli-brcaking, lawHlefving l'ros-
ovcrthrow our prescnt govcrnnicnt, that the j idcnt. I disiniss tho subjcct, satisfied that
Il ashuujton liennolent bocieties wcro com- your Secrctary of war ean tako caro of him
plctcly organizod, in such manncr that tlicir self. The I'residcut has abused tho powcr
plallS COUld bO COIllllIUllicatcd tO allllOSt CVCrV nhirli vni mnRirml nmn liim Hii rniu.snl
part of tho Union within cight or nino days ; may doubt or alfect to doubt tho validity or
i..i iiiu nnuuiu, nnn iuicu uim unus, opnusu ine tenuro ol othco law. 'I ho I'rcsidcnt nov-
n war with Grcat Hritain; that thcir (lencr- er doubted it until nftcr ho was impcaehod
l fMr.nA ......... ....-.t..i...i r.. ,i.. l. .. . . ... i
ui uuran uj,iuiim.-u lur mai nurposc, njr tlio people s rcprcicntativos.
nnd wcro umler pay i and that Mr. Madisoii Tho counscl lntlllatci, ,hat it is
uuiu io'so his ucau iu icss inan uvo uaya ai-
tcr war should thus bo dcclarcd.
It is bclievol tho abovo is, in substance.
corrcct and can bo provcd by crcdiblo wit-
ncsses, u ncccssary.
tulional, and thoy Etated ono propositiou to
which ho (Mr. 11.) entircly aascntcd, that au
unconstitutional law was no law. Uut it was
only no law to tho I'rcsidcnt, no law to tho
people, no law to Oongrcss, no law to tho
This illu,trates tho spirit o( tho tiincs, and Courts, until it had bccn authoritativclv do.
tho rapiil comtnuiiicatioii that cxlstcd iu thoso cided to bo no law in tho manncr nnd under
iluvs. when thu Ilninn " mnnii.tml mn.iW tho rczulattoiis prcscrilied in tho Uonstitution.
tho narrow slopo along tho Atlantlo seaboard. ,U,T " ?" 1 wus la,w 10 soul m tlia
nanu. unuer any ouier principlo our Kovcrn-
Ono or tho prisoncrs, Mcrritt IjearncJ.l.i.,. .,,.',,. p.;' r i.i
f tho Jnil in Sl. Albans on n, i.i:i!, i,,nL p",i. d
I,., ,.,, t . , ,"V .Mit.llklK iruvvllVUVU Ul 111U A lUBlUVUb
riday ,, ght last, w-as capturcd cdncsday n9 of tho lm;cst BnJ )lulnWost mall oftho lfln,j
iiigitatduskiuhisfutliors barn iu lairfiix, Tho I'rcsidcnt was no cxccption to tho law
and aga.u lodgcd in jail. ,lia. , w, . A .
i,cariKHt aud tomstock had takcii up thcir Uq, lll9 oVll 8CCr(,t and cno coulll
rcudezvous ou a ;uouiita.ii in llctchcr, s.tua- C011cnJ that ,s ,u'tcnt was t feui,t
toJ alout four mtlos north of 1 airfax vi llage, Look nt 0 nmi as C0Iltu;,lc,ri in ilU lcttor
u.y.uu.ug uic uciguooruoou anu rcs ucnco to Gc!)i 0ran, of rcbnlar 10 !n l10
orLeari.j.Ufathcr. On Saturday mght fol- 6a Yoil (Gcn.Oraut)!utc..dcdto circum
bwing tho cscapo from jail, hcarncd and wJnl ,ll0 VtXimt Vou lncw u wa8 tll0
r , , . c'.""l". 'wre i'rcsideuf purposo to provcnt Mr. Stanton
E. .. . auu carneu ou to tncir mountain i.o.nc, from rcmaifgln lho omoo of Secrctary of
potatoes, pork, doughnuts, eooUw, Ae. War . aI1J h5w would )l0 know ,ho vJma
thc ru otK dwjn: :r dwJ7 Wliat y tho
tl1. S'f? '."aU a 7 t0 ih0 fMOed Will rcsu.no his functions fortl..
ZCn : X c-r. Tkoj 1 a.kM u, to proyo tho in-
. " "7.. " i . . .7 . """"I'' tcut. iNow wo liavprovcd It, and in flod's
tt .puuuy 0l (.rcsorvcs. nain0 w)lal moro at- 0 , rrovo MoI0 tlU
Tho oxnrcss car attachod to Conductor man II to bo rwnovcd ? llut let us havo tho
1t,,(,h,HM-!n r.... ir...i: i i..ii i lliAnna. ci.i- ...i.i i ni : 11.
..uLiw, i., iiwiu jtuiiingivu lur Ahmiui.u I Mvtivn ui liis n tiuiu iuiiiubbiuii, 1 1.ery IS .1111.-
Monday aftcrnoon, was discovercd bv him to Ing that this stammorinii violator of tho laiv'
bo on firo noar Now Havcii. Tlio train was can eay that will holp huu. Ho know that if
toppc4 and ull hnods sct to work and put Mr. Stanton wns turucd out that hohad no
out tho fire, with ouly tho lo-i of 10 or 12 power to go to tho courls for redross, and If
tuos ot buttcr rcodoreii worthlcss, aud asllght no didn't know it, a comiiiissloii of lunacy
damage to the car. ought to bo Instltuted ovcr him nud ho should
t i. ..i.i .1.. ii . f. . i. uo turnod out ot his ollico Tor h s stun'ditv.
-ii in hiiu liiu ruuiiiH ni inu it riuuiii ... f.
Houso, St. Albans, aro folly cngaged for tho W t!; 'I ' ,?mx w1,',0 iad BCscn?u8
pleasure travel this soason, tosides many ""d way to tho cap tol ought 16 havo
rooms in tho ncl..hluirbn,Kl c"s0 'oufiu to know that. Let ihq 1'rosl-
rooms in tno ncigiinorhoou. . ,., . , . ... .--. ,,
Tho UenuIiiKton llanncr U to bo cularc- mav babble it to marlnes Imt nnt tn tho Ren.
od about tho let of July.whcn it will mako alo. Mr. Stanton had Jioredrcsaln tho courts
iti appearancv in a new uress throughout. and no rcdrcss hero i but tho pcoplo had, and
ed oue during the rccess of tho Senate, and
all such apKintmcuts cxpircd at thc cnd of
thc next session of thc Senate. Ho, Mr.
ISiiigjuni, cjred nothing Tor tho conflictitig
opiuions or lucinbcrs of the first Oongrcss ;
tho wholo subjoct was scttleil by tho statutos,
and Iho coiitiuucd practieo of oighty yoars,
and this bcing the casc what uuthority had
tho I'residcut to mako a removal nud nppoiut
uicnt during thc sossion of thc Senate.
The law of 18(13 moro fully than the othcr
shows tho complcto powcr of tho legislaturo
ovcr this wholo subjcct, that powcr only bcing
restraiued by tho power m tho Uonstitution to
tlio I'rcsidcnt to fill vacaiicics during tho rc
cess ot tho scnato.
It is apparcnt that tho teriu of tho l'resi-
dent authorizcd by thc const i t ut ion and tho
law is thc tCrin ot tour ycars, and apply this
to tho prorision that, in tho ovcnt of dcath or
disability of tho I'rcsidcnt, tho Vice-l'rosi-dent
shall cxccutc tho dutics of tho offico un
til such disability bo rcmovcd ; aud is tho
Senato now to bo told that the Vico-l'rosidcnt
upon whoni tho dutics of tho l'rcsidency havo
now dcvolvcd that lio is to liavo a tcrm, and
that, by rcvsou of it, evcry cxccutivo offico
immcdiatcly becaine vacant? and aro you to
carry this out to tho absurdity that tho ofiiccs
aro ngain to hccomo vacant by tho rcmoval of
tho disability? This wontdo, Androw John
son has uo tcrm.
In pursuranco of this point, Mr. It. nrgtiod
that all tho ofiiccrs1 appointcd by-Mr. Lincoln
had tho right to hold tlicir ofiiccs until (he
cnd of tho tcrm for which ho wns clcctcd. If
this cbnstructioti is to bo allowcd to suit this
guilty I'rcsidcnt, then ovcry niortul inan must
como to tho conclusioii that, sinco tho 11th
day of April, 1805, wo havo had no constitu
tional Secrctary of State, of War, of tho
Trcasury, or tho Navy.
bcnators: xour law mcans no such thing.
It norcr cntcrcd into tho miuds of a sitiglc
mcmbcr of tho 39th Congress. Tho law wus
Sasscd for no such purposo. Thero was no
oubt about tho truo construction of the law,
and tho accuscd had no doubt on it and nevcr
set up such a plca as he has, until aftcr thcso
nnpcachinent procccdings commenced. li
.Mr. J.iucoln liad Uvcd, ho thoucht that evcry
Senator would havo hcld thathc, Mr. Lincoln,
could not havo rcmovcd any ouo or thcho
Oabinet ofiieers during tho four ycars. Tho
statuto cxpr'essly statcs that thcy shall hold
thcir othccs tor tho tcrm ot tho i'rcsidcnt, by
whoni thcy wcro appointcd, and for ono nioiith
Acain thcv sav. supposo aftcr all that this
act did not includo .Mr. Stanton, or that it is
unconstitutional. Ho had not tho paticnco to
pursuo this point any further, but, supposo
that theso absurd pointa wcro concoded,
what answer wns there to the 2d, flrd aud 8th
articles of nnpcachinent T It was no answer
at all, aud thu counscl vell knew it. Tho
counscl wcro a little loo fast. Tho Attorney
(lcnoral, Stonbery, hid said that this wns au
odlous, unconstitutional law, that it was mado
only to cficct tho I'residcut, but ho forgot
that tho Utlli sootton mado cycry inan who as.
sistcl tho I'rcsidcnt in vlolating its provisions
?peaker of the
Iouse stating that as it had heeu dccidod that
guilty of a high crimo and inlsdcmeaiior, and
enually answcrablc,
'iho Uonstitution itsclf providcs that, aftcr
th impcachcd in rcmovcd, hc is liablo to in-
.11.1 1 1 1 . iVil I.. 1.1.1.
uiciincui auu puuisiuuon tur inu crunes huii;ii
ho was Impcaehod for. Thcy had hcard dur
ing tho progress of this trial cxlraordinary
lnniruai'u ou this floor, The counscl, Mr.
Nclson, who staicd that nclthcr ho nor tho
l'resldcnt rcgirdcd tho Houso of Kepresenta
tivos as haviii'r tho rlcht to iinueach tho
I'rcsidcnt, or that tho Senate had the right to
try him. Thoy wcro all vcry much obligcd to
tho l'rosidcnt for his graeo fn permitting tjio
ncuato to oit on tbis trial, iho counscl liad,
tho Kcprowutntivcs could not be prnt at
the bar of tho Senate while the doors of that
body wcro closed fnr deliberatioii, he would
tliank lnm to have tlic llouse notllled when
the doors wcre reopened.
On motion of Senator Ivhnuiids the Secrc
tary was dirocted lo inform the House that it
will bo iiotified whcn the Senato is ready to
rcccivo it at tne bar.
Seu.itor Drake inovcd as an amendinenl to
the 2!!d rulo that thc fiftccn nitnutes thcrcin
allowcd should bo for 1 ho whole deliberatioii
ou tho final ipiestion nud not for thc fiital de
liberatioii ou cach articlc. It was laid on
tho tablo under tho rule.
"Chicf Justico Chaso stated tho ncxt mioS'
tion tn bo nu tho motion of Senator Sumner,
that tho rcnate will procccd to rote on arti
cios oi impcaciiment at t'j o eiock on the day
aftcr tho argutnents shall havo becn concludcd.
The Senato adjourncd liefore taking any
WAsmxoTOX, May 7
Thc following is tho rccord of tho sccrct
session of the Senato this aftcnioon, whicli
occupicd about six hours :
Tho Chicf Justice stated that thounfinished
busincss of ve.stcrdav was ou the ordcr nf Mr.
Sunincr, subinitted by him on tlio 25th of
April, as IoIIowr: Ihat tho bcnate, 8111111"
tor tho trial ot Androw .Johnson, 1'residcnt o
the United i-tatos.will procccd to voto ou tho
soveral articles of impcachmcnt nt 12 o'clock,
on the Uay auer tho closo ot tho argiimcnt.
.ur. .Morrill ot .lamo movod to nmend tho
order of Mr. Sunincr, so as to provido that
whcn tho conatc, sittinz to try tho impeach
nicnt of Andrew Johnson, I'rcsidcnt of the
Unttcd btatcs, adjourn to-day, it bo to Mon
day ncxt at 12 o'clock, mcridian, whcn tho
Senato shall procccd to tako a voto by ycas
nud uayson tno articles ot imncachmcnt with'
out dcbatc, and any Scnalor who may chooso
shall havo pcrinission to filo i. writtcn opiuion
to co on tlio reeord ot procecdinM.
-Mr. wrako inovcd to nmend tiv adding nllcr
tho word ncrmissiou. " at tho time of irivinv
. , , a ..... o o
nis voto auer ucnato.
Mr. ConkHn2 movcil that tho furthcr con
sidcratiou of tho subjcct bo postpoucd, pcud
iug which Jlr. Trnmbull inovcd lo lay thc
subjcct on the table, and the ipicstion was dc-
cided ln tho nuirmatiuo.
Mr. Morrill of Vermont subinitted tho fol
lowing: Ordcred, that when tho Senato ad
joura to-day, it udiourn to Mnudav. at 11
0 ciock, tor tno purposo ot dcubertiii!! on tho
rulcs of impcachincnt, and that on Tunsday,
al 12 o'clock, mcridian, the Senato shall pro-
cecd to voto without dcbato on tho sevcral ar
ticlcs or impcachmcnt, and cach Senator shall
bo permittcd to filo within two days aftcr the
voto is takcn, his writteu ojiinion, to go on
tho rccord, "
Mr. Anthony movcd an amcnduicnt that
tno voto bo takcn on or bcloro Wcdnesdav,
This was dotcrntlncd ln the ncgativo by
ycas iu, naya oi.as louows:
l'a HtMTi. Anthony, lluckslow, ndU,lllxoii, lo.
iuiie, rowier, jienuriom, MOirBcrri l'ttcroq u. Tn
JUm. KuuUliury, Hprsinie. sd1 Vtcken 13.
JVuys Mmn. Cameron, (,ttoll, (iiftntUcr, CoukllnK,
t VIIIIVW, VV,"1, 1MU1WH1I-. WVftf , JTIB-
llnKliuyvon, llarlan. IfemlprMin, llowartt, Howe, John.
ron, Murpin, ilorrlll at llalno, Morrill ot Vt., MorUjQ,
Norton, y, l'attriiou bt N, 1I ronmroy. JUuimr.
hlicromn, fitcwart, Sunincr, Thal er, Tlliton, 'r;uuivufl,
imH lltii.iv, t,,o, .iiiiiiiMi., ,, iiauit, Bti.l l Ml'vlf,
Mr. Sumner movcd that further considcr'
ation of tho subjcot be poslponod, and that
tlio ttcnaio prooced to considcr the articles of
Mr. Bumncralsomoved toamend Jlr. ilor
rill's ordcr by atrikinK out tho word "Mou
day" andiusert "Saturday," ns the tlmo to
...1.I..1. il.A a i. :ii . i.
niuvii iuw pi--iittiu vru. aujourn. J.nia was uc,
termlncd ln the neeative. 10 navs. HO vcaa.
Mr. Sumnor moved lo amcnd by striking
out tho following words from Mr. Morrill'a
ordcr, namely : " And cach Senator thall bo
dent, Andrew Jnhhou, I'residcut oftho L'ni
tod Statua, guilty or not guilty of high criniaj
or miadcmeaiiors, as charged in thoso nrticlcs V
Audon the foiirth aud tixth : 1 Mr. ,
how aay you.is the respondeut, Andrew John
son, l'rmident of iho L'nitcd Slates, guilty or
uoi guilty, as cnargtsi in .iiesc ar.ic.es :
llai'h Senator shall rise iu his placu and aa
swer ' Ouilly' or ' Not Guilty.' "
Mr. Heiidricks morol to amcnd by iusert.
ing the following at the eud : " llut ou taking
thc votc on thc 11th Article, the quettion
shall be put as to eaeh rlause of said ar
ticle, cliareing a distinct ofletiee." Afterdc-
bate tho quottion on Mr. Hemlricka' ameml.
nicnt was ilecided iu Ihe alhrmative.
Aftcr further dcbate, the ipjeiition lieingon
reeing to the amemlnieut oOIr. ConneM,
as thos ameuded, on inotion or Mr. Johnson,
tlte subjcct was tablnl, 2S to 11.
Ihe ( lncl .lii-tice said it would placo luai
an embarrassini; tKMition to frame nues-
tioui, and therefure ho should like to have
the advico oftho Senate on the subject, and
ould bo ohligud to thcm II they would ad.
joum unlil ten o'clock on Mnuday. Whcrcup-
nn, on inotion ot Mr. late, the hour ul
meeting was Gxcd at len o'clock on Monday.
Wapiiixotov, .May II, 1S0S.
The Ohief Justice stateil that the Senate
mct this morning with clood doors, and the
dioni were now to bo chwed unlesg somo Sen
ator desired to makc a motion.
Senator Slicrman theu said that to-morrow
will bo a day of great excitemcnt' and hc
moved ihat tho Sergeant-at-Arms Ik dirccted
to distributo his assislants throughout the
gallcriee with directions to arrcst nll disorder-
ly persons without nny furllicr directions
iL ,i. u
111111 1I1U I1A1V.
Senator Kdmunds said there wiu .tlready a
standing ordcr lo that cffcct.
bcnalor Williams suggosted, as theru would
bo many straugcrs iu tho gallcrirn to-morrow.
that thc l liie'l ,justiee snoulil, lieloru Ihe rult
was callcd, publicly adinouisli all present that
no exproai-ions or approbatioti or disajiproba
tion would bo tolentted, and all Uiomj Vlolating
tho rules of order would be placcd under ar-rest.
Sciutor Oonuoss and othcr Scnators
That'a il."
Senator Siiermau theu wilhdrew his motion
and the doors wcro clocd at 10.20 A. M.
Senator Stowart of Ncvada mado tho fir'
spcoch, declariug that ho bclicvcd Andre
,lo!in.M)ii guilty ot all tlio nrticlcs eharced. nnl
should thrcforo voto for liis conviction.
Ho was followcd by Souator Shcrman, who
said hc would vote for tho l'i6sodcnt's convic
on thc sccoud, tliird. fourlh aud cight articles
ot impcachmcnt.
.Senator Shcrman was followcd by Senator
Grimcs of lowa, who said ho could not vote
for the I'rcsidcnt's couvicliou on any of the
articles of impcachmcnt, aud thercforo would
east his voto lor l'rcsident Johnon's nciuittal.
Mr. Grimcs has just concludcd and his specih
has causcd considcrable commcnt among h'l
As soon as ho sat down .Mr. hdmunds ol
Vermont took thoiloor aud spoko iu favor of
Tho Sciuito adonled tho folIowiiiK formula,
whicli tho Chicf Justico is to ask cach senator
whcn his name is callcd : First " Do you
believo Andrew Johnson guilty of this article
aa charged?"
bccond, " Uo you bcliovo this coustilutcs a
high crimo nnd misdemcaiior 1"
Up to tho tuno of adiourrimcnt cnrht sena-
tors had spokcn under tho 15 iniuuto rule.
Thoso wero Mrisra. Stewart, Shcrman, Grimcs,
Hcndricks, Mmuuds, Williams. IIowc, anu
Morrill of Maine.
Jlcssrs Stewart, Kdmunds, Williams, anJ
Morrill, siistalncd all tho nrticlcs of impcach
mcnt, while .Mcssrs. Shernian and Ilowe iu
taiued, only tho 2ud, 3rd, 1th, 8th, nnd 11th,
Mcssrs. Grimes and Hcndricks took sides
with tho I'rcsidcnt, and dcclarcd him innoccnt
of all tho articles,
Mv illfornmiL savs that all but tho 2nd.
3rd, 1th, 8th, and 11th nrticlcs arosuro tobo
dcfeatcd. Knough ecuators who havo not yct
spoken, havo so cxprcsscd thcir opiuions a
to lcavc no doubt tlint tho othcrs may be dcfeatcd.
Mcssrs. Trumbull. Fcsscuden. Koss aud
Fowlcr hayo not iudicatod as yct how they
will vote. althouch It is cxnected that Mcssrs.
Truinbuli and Fcssondcn w, iil voto with Messrt.
bhcrmau and Howo.
flcr tho rccess, Garrctt Dayis took w
tloor in support oftho I'rcsidcnt's innocence.
lio waa tollowcd by Bcnator Jlondcrson "
snoke 15 ininutcs ncainst the lt 2d and 3d
artiolo, and ccascd with doclaring or intimat'
ing that ho was lu Javorof anyot tlio aruciv
This somcwliat discouragod tho freinds of in'-
Messrs Kovcrdy Johnson und Dixon lnW
botli spokcn ou tho I'rosideut'n alda ainco Mf.
Ilendcrson, Thcro is ovcry proapcct thal tno
session will contitiuo Iill very late.
Jlpusi:, Jlr. Btovcns trom tno roconsuu
tlon coinmittoo rcported tho bill adinUtmg
tho slatoa of North and Bouth Oarollna, flm
rgia aud Alabama to roprosoutation, whion
waa mado tho special orucr for Wodncsdaj'
Auothcr rcsolutiou to tako a recess from
Salurday, tlio 10th, to ?Iondav, tho 25th, wW
introduoed at a lato hour and agrocd to by
voto of 08 aycs to 07 iwys.
Largo suma of raoney Jiavo boon cxpenJ
ed !u Tcxas thlaSpriug forcaltlo for tho Nor
thcm markcU, and extcnsivo drovcs anj now
en rmtte througli Arkansas.

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