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$j$ntchmnn C $owmth
F)cal Ilcms
Thumfs nt fifty c ents to $3 00 at ttwcom's.
Tiik Pftv.Ilon la ln wantot goodlielpfor kltciien
and latindrj. Good wagfi pald,
A frw plecos of Kenntoftton for iale nt reduced
prlce to clone them out for a new stnck, nt C. A.
Knioiit ot Waterbury la braclnn up for fall
trado. He has just opened n llae of new fall
lTlaevldent tlioflehfttA nt Best'a ftretwugftlns
at twenty-flre cent, flfty ceuts, and 81. They
are nelHnn faat. " I-'lrst come, flrnt nerved."
Don't send to New York or llonton for your
black eilk when you can buy one nt Knlflht's,
ln Waterbury, worth $2.50 for 52.
J. C, Gilman, nt Waterbury, lms put tn a stock
ofsheet inustc and muslc bookn. Any plecoof
mustc you see advertlsed will be ent by mail on
recelpt of the prlce. Orders by mail Rolicltod
and carefully fillcd.
What the.adles jwyof the "Quoen Iioopklrt"
witb the adjustablo bustle: "The best klrt I
ever wore. Vou can get them at Knight's, ln
J. C. Gitums Ima hls fall stock of boots, both
calf and k!p, and a finer and better made lot was
never shown ln Waterbury. Itemeruber thls, and
before you buy Jook us over.
Mns. IIattir Thuk ha some fine Kncllsh lvles
whlch, by reason of movlrtf out ot town, ".he
wonld llke to selt. They can beseen at tho house
of Mrs. Lord on Datdwtn street.
At " Kedfield'B old und " eUbll9hed ln 1838
andnow keptby Frank II. tlnneoni, partles can
flnd everytlilDg usualty kept ln first-claas drug
ntorea and of the very best qnatity.
Tiik White sewlng-machlne stlll takes the lead
as the easlest, stlllest runnlng, nnd most dur
nble machlne ln the market. Itemember tbls
If you are thlnklng of bujlng a sewlnj;-machlne.
Sold ln Waterbury and vlclnlty by J, C. Grtggs.
G. II. Smii.ik, successor to Walker & 1'uffer,
makes an nnnouncement ln another column tliat
wlll lnteret buyers of boota and shoes. Mr.
Srallle succoeds to a good buslness and we have
no doubt hls enterprlse and management wlll be
equal to the tank of malntalnlng It.
Currcnt Mcntlon.
JoklT. Claiik has been appolntod postmaster
at Topsham.
Tiir ctate equallzatlon bonrd meeta ln thlit
Tlllage, Augunt 15.
Windham county medlcal a.oclatlon meett At
Jackffontl1e to-day.
Hrmiv S. Lawhfnck Jias been nomlnnted aa
pOHtmaster at Newport.
Tiir Central Vermont rallwnywlll aoon havo
steel ralls ti(on erery mlle of Ita road.
AnouT flfteen thousand people attended Ilar
num'a ctrcut ln Keene, X. II. It exbtbits here
Ukv. Gkohhk S. GuEitNtr.v will preach ln Han
cock next Sunday, August 13, nt one o'clock ln
the atternoon.
Dumxt the tliunder atorm of last Saturday
lightnlng kllled three cows belongtng to iUtld
Currler ot Middlesex.
Tiir receljita of butter ran ratber llght last Sat
urday. Whnt was offered brought frura twenty
to twenty-one centa per pound,
Hkv( J, II. IIincks la expected to condnct the
nervieea ln the meeting-houe ln Wriglitflvtlle
next Sunday atternoon at two o'clock.
Colonel Ghef.nleak has Ispued a clrcular
recommending preparatlona by the ofllcers ln cor
taln tnctlca for tho approachlng muflter.
An excbange pays that Gulnea fowla wlll eat
potato beetles a potnt for those who do not ute
laris green, and a cautlon for thoae who do.
Tiik slngle track wooden dry bridge at llethel
haa been taken up and a double track Iron one
put ln Ita place. A nimllar bridge wlll replacethe
present wooden one north of Georgia.
Tiir beautlful dl.play of aurora borealislast
Frlday night wa almost the exact counterpart of
the one durlng the fall of 18H0. Such dtptayn nre
very rare, even ln thia nortbern latitude.
Hf.v. Gkohok & FoitiiFa wlll preach hta fare
well scrmona ln the usual placea ln Calais and at
the usual houra next Sunday, nnd aleo at FoMter'a
grove at four o'clock r. m, of the aame day.
Tiik Vermont Mutual Flre Innuranco Company
baa completed Ita fifty-flfth year of buslnctta. Tlie
looses and expenBea.ot the past year haecalled
for an aBnesament of only three and one-balf
per cent.
At the annual meetlogof the directora ot tbe
SoutbeaBtern rallway the followlng ofllceranere
elected; liradley Darlow, prefldent; Duccan Mc
Intyre, vlco-prcsldentj A, 11. ChafTee, aecrctary
and treasurer.
Tiir lixtera conventlon of Orange county, whlch
aj)Bembled at Chelsea, Tuexday, August Ut, raised
the grand llxt of the below named towna aa fol
lowa; Bradford, 100 per cent; Brookfield, 10;
Corinth, 40; Strafford, 25; Orange, 40; Thetford,
.13; Washington, M; l.ly,
We acknowledge the recelpt of an invltatlon to
partlcipate ln a plcnlc at Dea Molnea, lona, wblch
took place yettterday under tbe aufplcea of the
Sona of Vermont. Ilad we been nble, llke 1'uck,
to " put a glrdle around the earth ln forty min
utea," we certalnly should have been there.
The first number of the Vatrons Haml, tbe or
gan of the I'atrona of llusbandry of thla Btate,
has been recelred. Wblle Ita typographlcal ap
arance Is good, tbe matter Is hardly what Is
needed ln the organ of thia large and powerful
society. Improvement ln tbls renpect wlll un
doubtedly be made.
The Uobert Johnson whose dcath la reported ln
the state news ltems we auppoto to be the Kobert
Johnson who llved for many years ln Cabot and
Iclnlty, and whotte prankB ln that locallty have
been the theme of many an nnecdote. lle U
properly called a hard cbaracter, though he was
not destltute of vlrtues.
Tiik janltorof Capital llall was remits ln bls
dutlea on Saturday, Tbe members of the con
ventlon crowded lnto the hall through balf of n
Blngle entrance way, and the chalrs, tables and
pettees were tblckly covered wlth diut. llut Mr.
Voodry, janltor of the court house, dld hls bet
to atone for the neglect of the proper ofllclal.
Oun people thould not be ao anxlous to wltnetttt
the street tthow of Harnura'B clrcus to-morrow
mornlng as to leave thelr bouses without protec
tlon agalnBt tbe inroada of thleves, It la no more
tbe fault of the proprletors of the clrcua that
many of that fraterntty travel wlth them tban It
Is our own that we bave many ot horue pro
ductlon. Tiir gardens ln thia nectlon whlch were looklog
80 promlhlng, and the lawna wblch looked no
fresb and green, bave lately been drjing up and
rpolllng. It Is boped the procewi has been ar
rested by tbe raln whlcb vlslted us Tuesday
atternoon. On Saturday and Monday raln fell
plentlf ully at varlous polntawlthln two or three
mlleti, but very little fell bere.
Foi.utwiNi are Bennington county republloan
nomlnatlons: Senators, A. II. Valentlne of Ben
nington, J. It. Judson of Arlington; amdittant
judgea, Obed 1U11 of Stamford, M. Cantleld of
Manchester; state's attorney, J, K. Fenn of Man
chester; sherlff, V. J. Walker of Manchester; blgb
balllff, James S. McCall of Ilupert; judgea of
probate, Uanney Ilpward of Manchester and J, L.
Slbley of Bennington.
Tiif.hr wlll be a publlo entertalnmentnt Cap-
Ital hall Bome tlme next week for the benefit of
Hlchard Dutlge, who served falthtully ln two
wars tbeMexIcanandtherebelllon. Mr, I)odge's
penston has been cut of?, whether properly or not
we are unable to aay, but be should be glven a
aubstAntlal benelit by our people. It la under
stood that Brooks Post, Grand Army of tbe lte-
publlc, liaa the matter ln charge.
Aiiiai, SiuritTi.FFF, fatherot S. C. Shurtleffot
Montpelier, aged elghty, was run over by tbe
mornlng mail traln at Barton Landlng, lastThurs
day, while drlvlng across the track, One foot
was severed at tho ankle, and he was othetwlse
so badly Injured that he dled Saturday evenlng
S, C. ShurtlefT was telegrapbed for, and waa pre.
entat hl death. The remalns were taken to
Walden, wbere he bad lived for many years, for
Tiik ldy of I-'ugeneLalluie, whosedrownlng ln
Iake Champlain on SumUy, May 14, we chrou
lcled at the tlme, has been found by mere kccI-
dentbyllenry Bradley ot Boston, who waa out
trolllng, and three other meu, lt was lloatlng
about a fuarter ot a mlle from the ahore and was
atonce towetl to the wharf at Burlington and
relatlves nnd frlends notlfled. Ou lt was found
hls gold watcb, chaln, rlng, 811 ln money and
many other valuableB. Ihe reward fifty dol
lars bas been pald,
Foh aome tlme past the wlfe ot Wllbur Brown,
who llves on the Shepard farm near Montpelier
Junctlou, has been partlally Itisane and has made
threats of drownlng herself. bliehas beeu closely
watched, but last Thursday mornlng, Junt before
seven o'clock, he dlsapiieared, The anxlety ot
lier frlends caused them to soarch closely the
ntreaiua. JAteln theatternoou nhtt was found
nenr J. It. Langdon's place ln Uetlin. U seema
that lier deluslon nt the tlme wa thftt she was
obllged to go on a long journey,
Tim democrats of Windham connty have nom
Inated the followlng tlcketi Senators, Panlel
Campbell of Rockingham, O. ll. Lawton of Wil
mington i state' attorney, 8. T, Davennort ot
Wilmington! AssIstAnt judgen, 1. I'. Leonard of
Dover, N, S. Weeks of Grafton; sherlff II. W.
Hellowflof Marlboro ; lilgh balllff, It. C. Wlllnrdi
jndgos of probate, II. G. I-nne nnd Mllon Davld
eon. 0. II. Davenport of the Jiformrr lald be
fore the oonventlon hU re.lgnAtlon an a member
of the democratlo state coramlttee, but wam re
elected by a unantmous vote.
Lkht Saturday atternoon an rhtlander Voung,
hU oon Chnrlea and grandon Wlltle nnd Merton,
wlthCliarlca Corry, were gettlng ln bayonthe
farm ln Worceater owned by Jamen W. llrock of
thla vlllage, ltghtntng Ptruck the wagon, kllled
Merton, prontrated the otber four perKtnei, kllled
the horre and burncd the load of hay and wagon.
rhtlander recoverod ln iieasion to rencue thobodieH
ot Merton and Charlea from the flames. The lat
terwaa bndlyburned, but the prospect forhls
recorery are favorable nt latent accounta. Tlie
funcral of Merton was held at Mr. Young'i houae
at four o'clock Sunday atternoon.
Tiir Augut term of the nupreme court for
Washington county wa begun here ypflterday.
Jtidgea ltoss, Towerfi, Veazey aod Itowell are
prepent. Tbere are forty-three cnse ujwn the
docket, none of them ot more thnn uatial Im
pottance; but tt Is tbought that the court wltl be
unable to fintsh tbe buplnena ln the tlme nllotted
to the present term one week and that Reveral
case wlll go over to the general term ln October.
Mr. Zcd S. Stanton of Uoxbury, havlngpaHed a
very ducceooftil examlnatlon, was, on motlon of
Mr. J. A. Wlng, admltted to the bar of the u
preme court. Mr. Stanton la one ot tbe most
promlping young lawyera ot the county.
Conoiifj"man Grout hns returned fromWnBh
tngton. TnoMAfl Mahtin, A.B., toaches ln Batton
Academy thia fall.
Dn. Gfohok L. Wai.kfh of Brattleboro hna
gone to ftirope for a few weeks' vacatlon.
r.x-GovKitNnit STF.wARTand party have broken
up camp at North Ilero and are at horae agaln.
CiiAittKa Lyman, formcrlyof Burlington, haa
been appolnted tTnltcd Statea constil at Canton.
I F. Tiiuhiihh, secretary ot clvll and mllltary
afTatrf, has gone to Nasbua, N. II., where he haa
a sltuAtion as book-keeper.
Kx-Govf.h.nok Homikook has returned from
hls vacatlon to lii-i home ln Brattleboro wlth
hta health sensibly Improved,
P1toFF.ssoKlI1n1.KV, lnteot Middlebury College,
has returned from hla camplng out nnd wlll start
for I'urope about September 1st,
Wim.iam W, Astok has been nomlnated by
the pretldent and confirmed as mlnlster to Italy
to sncceed the late George V. Marsh.
Ixhikn M. Jrnnr haa been engaged as prlnct
u ot Newport Academy. Ile has taught ln Is
land l'ond, North Troy and Hardwick.
Hf.v. r.nwAiinT, Faiiuiankh, Mlaa Agnes Falr
banks and Mlss Mary K Stone of St. Johnsbury,
have returned from thelr Kuropean trfp.
Dit. CiiAiti.F II, CiiANR has been confirmed as
surgeon-genernl ot tbe army ln tplte ot the earn
Oflt efforta of Dr, J, II. Baxter and hls frlends.
SAMt'Kt. .1. l'nKSTfiN of VprpftnnPH. fl. trrfldmitft
of the hlgh Hchool ot that clty, baa been engaged
as pnnctpai 01 uie graaea pcjiooi at Diamaronecv,
New York,
AitTiirit N. Wheelock, prlnclpal ot Barre Acad
emy, tt la reported, has reslgned. lle has well
filled the posltlon slnce the death of Dr. J. S.
Juuub S. GniNNFLi, clty nttorney of Chlcago,
and famlly are visitlog hls brother, Dr. A. l
Grlnnell of Burlington. They have gone to tbe
Gix)itnR W. HooKFJt, tergeant-at-arma of the
natlonal house of reprBsentatives, has lately been
nt hls home ln Brattleboro but has returned to
ItoN. T. W. I'aiik of Bennington la supplylng n
bouse ln Bennington wlth furniture and other
house-keeping artlcles for the use of the " frenh
alr" cbildren from New York.
John W. Ci kkieh and famlly of North Troy
are allllcted wlth the prevalllng manla of drhlng
long dlstances wlth a team lnstead of golng by
rallway, They have gone to Saratoga.
Phofessoh Jkkomr Hopkin3 has formed an
" Orphean Afwoclatlon " at Butland, witb proml
nent gentlemen at Its head and as directors. It
la a inuslcal soclety and meeta once a year.
IiEV. 11 K, Gilheht and wlfe, atter tesldlng
eleven years ln South Afrlca, have returned to
Castleton, wlth four daughters, who are belng
educated at tbe normal scbool at that place.
Chaki.fs G. Chuicii, forraerly of Burlington,
now of Watertown, Dakota, haa gone lnto the
newspaper buslness, bavlng recently becoine one
of the proprletors and editora of the Watertown
Cbu rur.
pjiOFKfttou C. A. Nkwton, Instructor ln an ln-
Btltutlon at Bellvllle, Alabama, has been visitlng
bia brother, George W. Newton of St. Albans,
for tbe first tlme nlnce be left, twenty. five
yeara ago.
Commakdfk IIfmiv I, Johnon, Unlted StAtea
navy, who bas spent the wlnter and sprlng ln
Burlington, baa been asslgned to the command
of the lron-clad steamer Nantucket, and has gone
to hla post of duty.
Kkv. A. G. Bl'ttox, now ot Kvanston. IlllnoU.
haaglven $1,000 to the endowment fund of the
Vermont Conference Semlnary. Mr. Button was
the buslnesa manager of the Instltutlon for a long
tlme, and superlntended tbe erectton of tbe pres-
ent bulldlngs.
St. Albans, wbo haa just been home, satled last
weekon tbe Unlted States fiag-shlp Hartford for
a two years crulse ln the Paclfic ocean. Tbe
destlnatlon oftbe Hartford ls Valparalso, Chlll,
vla Cape Horn, whlcb wlll be reached ln three
Tiik wlfe of KIdl' Ilumbert of Italv laablcblT
cultlvated woman. bhe appreciated tbe emi
nence of Unlted States Mlnlster George P. Marsh
as a scholar, sought hls soclety, and felt an
eapeclal frlendship for blm. A dlspatch from
llorae saya that Mrs. Marsh wlll contlnue to re
slde ln Italy,
U. K. SiMONUa ot Manchester rlvals General
Grandey of Vergennes as an ofllce-holder. He ts
liostmaster, town clerk, secretary of tlie Benning
ton countv aerlcultural socletv. reninter of Dru-
bate for the county, publlsher of the Manchester
,ovmm, 300 pnnier, secreiary 01 tne repuuncan
commtttee for the county, chorlster and edltor.
Geokor BAhcitOFT. the hlstorlan. Judee lloar
and famlly nnd a large number ot other dls-
unguixueti guests were present at tue marriage 01
Mlss Uettte I'.varU to Mr. C. C. Perklns of Boston,
at Windsor on Wednesdav of last week. The
ceremony was pertormed by Blshop Doane ot
TnK vacancy caused by the resfgnation of Pro
fessor lldwln II. Illgley ln Middlebury College has
been filled by Professor W. W. Katon from An
dover, Masa., forraerly of Amherst College. He
is proiessor 01 ureeic language and J'.ngllsu Htera-
lure. iiie uev. irank 11. roster. pn.D.,oi sprlng
field, Mass,, forraerly of Harvard College,
Kroiessor 01 pnuosopny ana moaern isnguages,
as been addwi to the stafX ot Middlebury College.
PitOFFJtaoit J. B. SouTiiwoitrn has entered upon
the practlce of hisnew iirofession of medlclne ln
tbe clty of Albnny, N. V., wlth llatteriog pros-
pecu. jiis oiuce is in conneciion witn inac 01 tne
celebrated Dr. John Swlnburne, forraerly health
oflicer of the port of New York, and ln the inontb
of July they treated over two hundred cases,
more tban onefourth of wblch requlrcd lurglcal
treatment. llls old frlends wlll begtad to bear
ot 111a succesa,
MONTl'KLlKlt. In Sentember AVflder llnntlntr.
ton and Luclus Curtls remove thelr frult buslnesa
ln St. Albans toa new bulldlng on South Matn
street ln that vlllage Fullowing are the olllcers
of Thomas Wlldey encampment, No. 11, I, O. of
u. t. ! u. i. aumtners, u. 1: ; w, a, Ueorge, II,
P. : Charles II Caustic, 8. W ; George K, fapear,
scribe ; F. W. Mnne, treasurer i Johu K. Gould,
J. W. t George L. Une. eulde 1 I). W DnrlUv
first watch ; C. W. Guernseyt second watch ;
Henry Whitcorab, thlrd watch ; II. II. Slayton,
fourth watch: A.T Kelth, rlght guard of tent:
C. O. Foster, left guard of tent , John p. Dono
van, Inside sentiuei ; A, 1). Ijine, outslde senll-
nei.....iiieioiiowingomcersoi uapiUI Ixxlge. 1.
). ot G, T. were elected last week 1 W, C, T.,
Klmer Bancroft ; W V T Mrs. Onln Dn.
ley ; W. Chaplaln, Mrs. Hinltli ; W. Secre-
ley ; W. Chaplaln, Mrs. Smlth ; W. Secre
tary, Mr, Barney 1 W. F. Secretary, Mrs, T. J.
Keegan ; W. T Mr. T. J. Keegan i W. M
Mr, Fav ; W. I. fl., Florence Peck , W. O. G.,
John Hardlgan ; OrganUt, Clemiule Hargin....,
l, L, Fu'.ler and familv were vUitlnn ln liartiiu.
last week., .Mrs. U S. Colllus, who formerly re
plded ln Ijist Montpelier, was lately thrown from
her wagon wblle drlvlng from Craftsbury to ber
bome lu (ireensburo, aud serlously Injured, Two
ribs were broken and ber shoulder dlslocated.
..,.Mr, aud Mrs. Joel Foster left towu last
Wednesday afternoon by the Central Vermont,
Mr. Foster for the west, where be wlll remaln
two or three weeks, nud Mrs. Foster for St. Jobns,
r, n . . tiAJuiu uiHKviy rrgiaierea ni loung i
Portal. formerlvof tbls vlllaua whora ha lu wbII
and favorably known, has bought out the electro
plating buslnettsof K, S. Ilotham In Itutland, ...
buiuuer KlmbHll thlnks he luust bave bought
the Ploneer pbops when he was asleep, fur he
knew nothlng auout lt untll he read It lu the Ar
'jitt I(v. Olin bherburnof White KiverJunc
liuii preacbrd at Irinlty churdi last Sunday In
eiuliHiige wlth Mr. Mllltr...,.Mrs, Drew, mother
of Ileury Drew, express and tblegraph agont, dled
last biiiiday ot typhold djseutery. Funeral
waa held luesday..,,.WUl ltlters bas lu hls
iKissesslun the boot wbkh the Vuunif Im iiml nn
when hewasstruck by lightnlng at Worcester,
last Saturday., ,.,S. O ohurtleff. l'jq.went
10 uarion jjmuing w see nu lainer wli
fatallv Inturnrl h thn traln nn the Pa-
sumpslo raflway...Judge I II. Thompon of
inuDurgn waa in town mursaay iiou, iinnen
Dewey and famlly leave for Old Orchard. Frlday,
tlon nt Northwood, N. II, ...The rallroad bridge
near tbe Junctlon N botng tliorougbly overbauled
and repafted....IteT. Iloward F. Illll haa returned
atter a brlef nbsence, nnd ClirK chnrch wns
ngaln open last Sunday J. W. Brock la bulld-
ingRcoaisnop 01 large caiacHy uesinemo v-ep-tral
Vermont rallroad traca near the bildge over
the Worcester brnnch.. ..Dr. C. A, Barnes nnd
wlfe nre anendlng the snmmer at Old Orchard
Ilearh. Malne. Thftv wlll rntnrn the first of Sod-
tember,i,,By Invltatlon of F. W. Morae of the
wciis Kiver rauroaa, AtouttweniyiiTR irora iihh
vlllage spent a very enjoyableday atOwl's Ilead
last Thursday.,. ,,Mra. Morton Marvln dled last
Sundnv Afternoon. fihn had not been In irood
heAltli for some tlme, but was conflued to her
room only about two weeks. The funeral was
heldTuesday mornlng oarly Mrs. MaryTrue
la about to move to Randolph, nnd Mra. Wm.
11. liOra wm move tinck inio ner om uome,. . . .
Mlsa I.uln Kllla wlll attend school lifixt yenrnt
Bradford Academv. tlradford. Masa. .... Professor
George Chatelatn haa dectded to remaln here du
rlng tho romlng wlnter and glve lnstructlon ln
rrencn ana uerman.. . ,uir. i. u. iiuiiock nna
familv of Chlcacro. who have been storwfng at
the l'Avillon for a rouple of weeks, lenve town In
n day or two Tboao who nre givcn to prophe-
sylng declare that there wlll be a larger crowd In
town tomorrow to greet the Barnum show tban
waa everseen here before.. ..EdwardDewey and
famlly returned Frldny..,.J. K. Dlckerman ot
Newnort was ln town Mnnriav A. Averill
of Barre, a brother of A, C Averill, the rpgtiiter
of probate, has taken tbe posltlonln A.C Brown's
ollloe formerly filled by G. It, Smllle. ..George
r. oflrgeni ia uaing nia vacation ai me 01a pmce
a rond In the vlrtnltr nf Ttaniror. Matne.....
Tbe wldow and daughter of the late Stoddard B.
uoiuy, lorraeriy 01 tliis town and late reginter 01
the treasury, are Btopplng At the Ulverslde for
the seasou. . . . A traln on the Wells Hlver rallway
kllled a stcer near Klnney'a MUls yesterday
mornlng Ilenry Oviatt reglstered At Young' h
Ilotel In Boston tAst Saturday. He hAa returned
totown Mrs. Charles A. Barnard, although
still In a crltlcal condltlon, la somewhat better
and her many frlends are more hopeful ot her ul
tlmate recoverv... .An elehteen-months old son
of a Mr. Smlth who llves on Court street dled
Monday nlgbt of cholera lnfantum..,....Jonn
Voodrv bas bad rlna tnmatiir.11 for seveml davs.
John will step to the f ront as the producer of early
frult ln thls late Benson II It. Sklnner's horue
does not reallre that be N not"as young aa he
used ter waa," although he apparently thought
so Tuesday afternoon when he pranced down
siaie street at a nveiy gait. ue cnangeu ms
mlnd atter reachlng the insurance bullding, ...
Woolson Ilrothers, the tallora who " make gar
menta asthey should be," glve the employea of
thelr extenslve establlshment An excurslon And
tjicnlo at Albunrb Snrlnes. Thev exnect to leave
a week from trldayand return the Monday fol
lowlng. Although conclderable expense attends
such an afTalr, lt Is safe to say they wlll lose
nothlng by It In the end Wbose fault It Is we
do not know, but It Is a fact that the courMiouse
yard Is ln a shameful state ot neglect, and lt Is
exasperattng to hear strangera comment upon lt.
. ...wie omcea 01 uie aionipeuer weiisiuver
rallroad wlll be readv for occuoancv bv the last
of the week, but lt wlll probably take a conple of
weeaa tonger to compiete tne rest 01 tne wora. . . .
Mr. N, P, Brooks remalaa about the same, not
havtne as vet recovered the use of hla left arra
andside., .Tbe Origlnal New Orleans Minstrela
wui appear at uipitai iiau on aaturaay evemng,
the PJth lnst.....Mr. Charles Upham haa been
vMtlnir wlth hls aunt. Mrs. fiporea Lanudon....
The blll provldlng for the erectton ot a publlc
ouuaing in ima vniage naa passea tne senate, uut
probably will not be brought nn ln the house un
tll next December Mra. Ulcbard Busteed and
her son and daughter of Jamaica, L. 1., who
SDend a nortlon of each season ln town. Are now
At the pAvllIon Uev. J, II. Hincka la expccted
nomo tms weeic to occupv nis puipit next run
day,...The cbildren of Mra. Hanna and Mrs.
Bullock gave an entertalnment of thelr own
prejmratton in the Pavilion parlora Monday after
noon, much to the edificatlon of the Invlted
guesta A night blooming cereus opened Its
Iietals at Mr. K. N, ScovlU's last Monday evenlng
....Mr, and Mra. Jopeph Flsher and daughter
llattle nreatBIock Mnnd Mhs Carrie Ktlls
has returned from a vlsit at Danville.. . . , John B.
Thurpton and famlly are at Cushlng's Island,
Portland harbor. . . . Some of these days when the
afternoon expresa Is late the Barre traln raakes
pretty qulck tlmeln order to go tbe round trlp
and beback In tlme for Ihe old mail. On a re
cent day It requlred but tblrty-five mlnutea to go
up, set off two cars and return. Conductor Balley
thlnks that about equal to the fast expresa
The heavy Bhower ot yesterday afternoon bcat
down theoatsln thls vlclnlty very badly.
Washington Couuty Convcntlon.
A eoodlv number of the renublicana of Wash
ington county asnembled ln mass conventlon at
Capltnl Hall, Saturday, August 5, at ten o'clock
A. m. The conventlon promptlvorganleed by the
cholce of Hlram A. Iluseof Montjielier, presl
dent; Frank Plumley, Northfield, and George W,
wtcg, montpelier, secretnriea; 1.. A. j-.iuredge,
Warren, aud J. A. Coburn. VJint Montneller. vlce
presldents. C. II. Heatb, Montpelier, A. Dwlnell,
Calais, and Ilenry Prlest, IJarro, were made com
mtttee on resolutlons. 0. II. Heath moved that
the conventlon resolve Itselt lnto town caucuses
for the purpose ot cboosing a commlttee ot two
from each town, to represent tbe town In the
county nominatlng commlttee. Thls motlon was
opposed by Uev. J. U Bartlett of Barre, wbo
inougma more lmpaniai expression 01 tne wiuoi
the people could beobtalned by maklng tbe nom
lnatlons from tbe tloor ot tbe conventlon rather
than throceh the interventlon of a nomlnatlne
commlttee, and he moved an amendment to Mr,
neatn a motlon to thia euect. itandaii 01 water
burv. Ferrln and Heatb of Montpelier onnosed.
and Hoyt of Plainfield favored Mr. Bartlett'a
amendment, wblch was rejected. Hoyt of Plaln-
neia movea tnat tne county commlttee oa ln
structed to caII tbe next conventlon aa a delegate
conventlon, to consist ot five delegates from each
town. Dwlnell of Calais moved to amend by
maaing me numuer 01 aeiegatea two insteaa 01
five. Poland of Montpelier moved to lay tbe
matter upon tbe table so that the conventlon
mlcht nroceed to the nomlnatlon of countv olllcers
and at n later bour resume the dlscusslon lt lt la
deslred, nnd tbls motlon finally prevalled. Bart
lett of Barre then moved that the nomlnatlng
commlttee be Instructed to present for the consld
eratlon ot tbe conventlon twocandidates for each
county ofilce and hls motlon was rejected. The
conventlon then adjourned tlll the hour of balf
iast one o ciock in me auernoon. ine iouowing
ls the nomlnatlng commlttee chosen at tbe varlous
town caucuses;
ltArre.K. E.l'aturton aml Natt Whltllerj Ilerlln, H. R.
Wliwlock ktid W. A. LeUndl Cabot, (Jeorkte Ooultl roi!
11. J, Ince; Cslaln. K. I.. Ilurmpand 8. tt. Falrt Iuz
burv. II. U. WardandH. .M.Tnrnert Kmt Montxlnr, Auit
tln Templeton sntl L. T. MftUoryj Fayiton, A, 1, IlrxKK
sni (Iwrge (). Itorce; Mldlltex, WtllUm Cluttln andJ.
II. llolilcnt hlntiliwllcr. (ttvi. W. Wina imlJrum.i lf.1an.1.
MsrnhOrlil.li.M. rerklo aml K.l), IIoUInWi .Morftoua,
tJeorge Knlkley and KurmiII KaVyer Northfield, J. II. Or
rutt aod I'. 1. liradford i rUlnflel.l, O. lt. Oale and F. A,
wln?ll; Itoibury, W. 11. Orruttand Z.H.Slanton) WalU
fleld, W.ii. SloAlllKter anJ W.A.Jone; arren, H. Itan
nUr and N. lU)tlnMn; Waterbury, J. K. Fullertonand
J, Hlone and J, A, Kellon.
The contentlon reassembled at the appolnted
hour. The commtttee on resolutlons, through lts
chalrman, C, II. Heatb, reported the followlng,
whlch were unanlmously ndopted:
Tothe eonvmtion note in tettion : Your coramlltw on
rwoluMons berf leave to report aa followit
Henohtd ly the RepuhUcant of Waihington eouniy note
eqtml ttiat llie proorty and jwlii of Ihe ttate ihould tar
lt; tliat to Mmt end an lioiiel aiirali(mient of atl ratable
rnUtn at Ita fair alue ln monpy nhould be made tliat Uh a
adequata to auch nl ahould fo uvheld; tnat our prwent
Krand Ut lawUauch a lawt tliat iicominendaurliaiufiid
inenU ttiert-to u wUl ald lta fflVctlveuiwii j and UiatHade
intnd of all ottl(ra whone tiiiir(iof otllue our votM may
afftHit a f iill cndoraeiiitmt of tliww prlnulplM and lu nr
tltiular, tliat allttte rallroad coniianlei aud ottmr coriora
tlonn belng lu or tlolnit buslneM ln ttils state, utialt notbe
Rttohtd, Tliat we adbera to tbe prlDclplea and pUtforms
of tbe republlcan party aaaetforth by tbe liwt rvpnbllcaQ
natlonal conenUon andby the rcpulilirAo atate conven
tlon. and the cunarewlonal eunentlon held ln thli atate. at
thelr conttjntloua tbta current year, and eapectally do we
lnolKtoo eoononiy In tleexpnditureof tlie publlc treaiure;
tliat e coniiiiend clrU aervlce raformi that wetlilnktlie
eirti of revenue, If any auch there be, should be applled ln
payinent of the natlonal riebt rather tttan ln creatlntf a clvll
jjmlon ludorln Uie ao-callelrlverand barborlinprovement.
Krtolvtd, Ihatwedeiuaudtlie linpartlal entorcenieut of
tbe lawi prohlbtUnK thetraHlaln IntoxlcatloK lltiora, and
tbal wedemandof tbe noiulnw ihla day naiul a faltbful
dlMhargeof thelr duUea In tliat behalf) andUtalweeiiect
of tbe aenaton thia day nomlnated, If elected, to caat thelr
votea In f avor of Ihe pr0oeali of amendment to tlie conU
tutlon of thla aute now pendlnii, w aa to aend aald prooaed
amentliuenta to the ieople for tuelr vote.
The nomlnatlng commtttee, through lta chalr
man. Josenh Polaud. reuorted for the consldera-
tlon of the conventlon tho 11st of ofilcera, whlcb
wlll be found nt the head ot our column on the
second page.
The reitort waa accented. and. on motlon of Mr.
Ferrln of Montpelier, proceeded to consld er its
adoptlon name by name. Wlth a slngle excep-
uuu, uagu numinaiiuu wns ruuuoa dj a viva
voce vote. A count was called for ln tho case ot
J. M. Flsber for asslstant Judge, wblch resulted ln
the cholce of Mr. Flsher bv the emnhatlc vote of
one hundred seventy-slx to slx. The followlng
are tue county ana town committees tor tne two
years ensuing;
CUrk Klng of Montller, F. A. Dwlnell of I'lalnAeld, W.
r, iJuuuKiiam ui tv ateruury, tv . a, JODea oi waiunMia. r,
1. 1'likla uf Klontpelter, O. Jl. Boyce of llarre aud C. A.
Kdvertou of ortb&eld.
llarre, (leome W. Tlldn, Cliarlea A, Smlth and W, I.
Ilookert Herllu. U. XV. WbKelotk, J. a, Ubtwlotk, T. H.
Ilubart. A. J. Aleiander and 1'lerre Wekli) CaUU, O lt.
Hirnkue,(ieorue.M, WebRler aud (leorije tlunldi Ituxbury,
E. W, llunUty.H.Hou)ervilleandJ,A.Iurkeerut Monl
twller, J. II. Itobblni, tl.lt, CutleraudE. 11, roterj Kaya
uwineu, u. ii. ionara ana t, n. (irayj i-anoi, a. r.
i AIorttown. kui)u-ll Niwfr.
tleorue Uulkleyj ManibflHld. 1. II. 1'llkln, II, 1', Martln. W,
(ieo. 11. II. llenny. 1. A. lloltou, W. W, UuWn, K, Wrll.t,
11, O. Averill, U, A, Trary aud A. K. Imnnyi I'laluQuld, X,
C. Ixuiibaiil, 11. II, Smlth aud K. J. Uaitlettl lloibury.A,
J, WalbrlJjtn, A. J, Ituyut, Aleiainler Jtrd, tawremie
llruoe, F, V, llall. leor Wllllama and U. (I. Iracyi
WaiUfleld, O. M. Katon, (J. K. Joue aud U. I., IU liardaon!
Warren, 11. W. Lyford, Cliarlea ltraw and H. H. Allent
Waterbury, W, 1'. lmilnithain, K. K. HmlUi and J, M.
nnmiieri noonuury, u. lt, JOWU, ll. ni . mMD, U. V,
llaakell.rt. F. llalley, L. J, lleiilainln, Iltlaod llarvvyand
Daulel Wllbert WorowtUjr, 11, I', DarUntf, II, W, CoUlui
Tbe motlon In relatlon to delegate conventlons
ln tbe future was called from the table. Atter
f ull dlscuBsion, lt was rejected by a Jarge majority
and the conventlon adjourned sloe die.
Tbe selectlona at the sesslon of the nomlnatlng
commlttee were generally arrlved at without con
test. There was an exceptlon In the case of the
uomlnation ot candldate tor judge of probate, for
whlch ofilce three balloU were taken, Oeorge
V, Wlng recelvlng eleven, and Hlram Carleton
elgbt votea. Judge Tltden's nomlnatlon was
finally inadeunanlinous. The opixwl tlon to Judge
Tilden was understood to proceed from aconvh
tlou that the ofilce of judge of probate should now
be filled bv a uian of lettal tralnlnir. and bls ud-
anclng years were alsoaiitrungreasou wlth somo
lor iuu uommation oi a youuger man. cabot
was represented by a delegallou of seventy voters,
and thelr caucus In the uuurt room waa ery
much llkoa town meeting, Thls large turnout
waa understood to be lu uontteaueme of J. 1'
Ijiinson'u asplratlous for a senatorshlp, agalnst
whlch a stroug opposltlou was expressed by hls
townsmen, 'Ihe proreedlng ot the caucus were
harraouloua, and, whlle lt declinrvl ou Mr, iJtm
son's motlon to lustruct Its ooiumittee to ote for
llon, w o, Martlu tor senaU)r from tliat sectlnn
ot the county, the seutlmeut of the caucus was
overwhelmlugly ln favor ot thelatter geutleuiau's
candldaey. 1 iie trilliug opwItUn to Mr. i Isher's
nomlnatlon to the asslstant judgeshlp seema to
have beeu of a facttons cbaracter, aud ls Iiuputed
toMr, Ijtmsou'a t'orsonal hostlllty.
Vermont Hffttc News.
Apnllcatlnn wlll be made to the leeUlatnro for i
n tax upon the county for the purpose of purchaa- ,
iuk a iui nuu uuiiaing n court uouae.
Judge Sktnner of Chlcniro haa slven tbe Con-
gregatlonallf ta of Manchester a new bell., . . .The
rauway oriage between liennington and nortn
Bennlncton waa bnrnM lat wnftk .Tlie new
pulpralil whlch la belng bullt at Ueadsboro by
the Newton Brothersof Itolyoke, Mass., wlllcost,
tngether wlth the constriictlon ot the dam, over
$200,000. About aeveuty ItAllana are now em-
Eloyed thero The arteslan well At Bennington
aa been sunk one hundred and twenty feetand
nelther rock nor water haa been reached. The
rock bottom had been anpposed to be about forty
feet below the anrfaco The equallratlon lxard
ot the county decreased Bennlngton'a llst fitteen
per cent, nnd lncrensod Pownal's fif teen per cent,
and Shaftsbury's ten per cent Tbe burned
bridge between Bennington and North Benning
ton baa been rebullt and tmlna are now runntng.
DlnhtherlA Is tirevalllnr' ln flroton. One chltd
haa dled and othera Are alck, Tlie vlllage school
has been closed The teraperance camp-meet-
Ing At Lyndonville last week drew large crowda.
Dr. Mlner of Boston spoke tbe Ist, and Dr. Gor
don tho next mornlng, foltowed In the Afternoon
by Dra. Cusblng and Petrce. Clty Mlsslonary
Ilugh Montgomery of Norwich, Conn., spoke ln
the evenlng. General Neal Dow drew a large
auaience on tne m, ana vermont speAicera iuiea
the restof the day Knoch Smlth of Danville
waa thrown from a Inad of hav and had an arm
broken., .Dr. Alvln U, Stokes, under two ln
dlctmenta for abortton, haa been Arrested at Pjtst
noston Mr, II, H. Parker, a traveler for Cro-i
& Bradley of St. Johnsbury. was kllled bv the
cars at West Burke, Saturday, He waa on a fast
traln whlch dld not ston at West Burke, where he
destred to get off, And he got on the forward end
of the rear car And jumped off. In dolng so he
was arawn unuer tue car ana ootn iega cut on,
the unfoVtunate man livlng only half an hour. . . . :
Uobert Johnson, a hard cbaracter, was shot
through the rlght temple and kllled at St Johns
bury, Saturday mornlng, about fivo o'clock. He
had been Awnv from bome reddllnir nollsh And
caroe back ln flnancial trouble, and sought tbe
ald ot hU wlfe. Her story ls that she went to her
nrotner s in sutton lor money, returning auout
four o'clock, when she told Johnson that her
brother would help them no more. Soon after
ward Johnson went out ot the bouse nnd she sut-
posed he had gone to the barn, where her brother
waa puttlng up bls horse. Not long after the re
port ot a plstol was heard and Johnson was found
dead, wltli a bullet bole ln hls rlght temple, And
a revolver nenr by. It was belleved he shot blm
self, although medlcal men say he could not have
shot hlmBOlf without dlscolorlng the ilesh, and
there were no marks of powder About the wound,
An lnvestlgatton wlll be held. ...The state tem
perance camp-meettng nssoclatlon elected these
ofilcera at Lyndonville; Preddent, W J. Johnson of
waterhury; viee-presidents, uev. It, u. u-good,
Uev, B. M Tillotson, L. Gilman, Uev. H. A.
Spencer and D. M. Camp; secretary, George H.
Ukhmond of Northfield: treasurer. C. W. Wvman
ot Brattleboro; executlve commlttee. W. L. Pearl,
u. ii, omaiiey, u uuman ana , i iioiton.
Durlng tke school year endlng March .11 there
were 1,542 cbildren In Burlington publlc school s,
aealnst 1.425 the nrecedinz vear. Uf the num
ber first given 85 were non-resldents. The nggre-
gate numner oi aays oi scnooi lor au tne pupus was
159,ilt3. Tbere were slx male and twenty-four
female teachers, ...Atfred Cote, a brakeman at
the Central Vermont fretght yard ln Burlington,
had ahand crushed whlle shackllng cars last week
Wednesday Burlington grocers and ineat-
market dealera now closo thelr establlshments at
balfpast slx e very Thursday evenlng Clay-
ton Ilronson waa shot through the hand at Ilines
burgh recently wlth a toy pistol. The boy la
dolng well, but the danger of lockjaw Is not yet
passpd. nnd he may lose the two mtddle fingers.
. .. .Suuscrlptlons for the Sherman band, Burling
ton, amount to over 81200.. ..Work la pushed
vlgorously nt the Hownrd Park, Burlington
In Burlington, Thomas Sulllvan waa sentenced to
the house of correctlon for tblrty daya for stealing
a bag....,Child's Chittenden County Gareteer ls
now belng delh ered to snbscrtbers. It Is a hand
aomely prlnted and beautlfully gotten up volume.
A bear waa recently seen In Bloomfield.. . At
tbe conventlon of Usters, held at Guildhall last
week Tuesday, lt waa voted that all the town llsta
stand as reported by the Usters except the towna
ot Victory and Granby, whlch were ralsed ten and
twenty per cent respectlvely Dr. Cuttlngof
Ltinenbtirgh haa mowed thla Reason over eleven
tons of hay from a little o er three acres of land.
The I'jist Swanton rallway statlon was broken
lnto last week Tuesday night by snenk thleves.
The tlcket desk was not touched. The money
drawers and several otber drawera wererilled,
but they got only a few pennies. The statlon
agent slent ln the room adjolnlng.. ..The four
butter tnb factorlea ln Montgomery wlll turn out
400,000 thls season. IIoop stuff la shlpped from
Mlchlgan Jay Webster, thlrteeu yeara old,
whlle trylng to mount a horse at I!ast Fairfield,
caught hla foot In tbe barnesa and was drngged
around tbe yard and badly injured. About
fitteen years ago hls brother waa kltlcd under tbe
same circumstance Thleves entered the store
of C. C. Gllmore & Co. at Swanton, last Frlday
night, through the cellar wlndow, They then cut
a bole through the tloor large enougb for a boy
to crawl through, nnd It Is supjosed they sent a
boy up through It, as a boy's tracks were found
tbere the next mormng. Several sults of cloth
lng and other artlcles were taken.
The Morrisville band bas a drura whlch was
used ln the war of the revolutlon The store of
D. C. Smlth at North Hydepark haa been closed
by the sherlff Johnson people are wAklng up
to the project of extending tbe Burlington and
Lamoille rallway to that town. A rallroad meet
Ing was lately held there and It waa clalmed that
the money to bulld tbe rnad would be forthconi
lnglf the town would bulld a statlon house And
pay land damages. A commlttee was appolnted
to press tbe matter. .... Wyatt Adama of IMen,
fthlleln Belvidere, attempted suiclde by taklng
paria green. Ile came wlth hla team to hls wlfe's
father's, and told wbat be bad done. Medlcal
ald was Bummoned from Waterville, and hls life
Very near an accldent occurred to the steamer
" Lady of the Lake " at Newport recently. The
captaln, supposlng the pllot was at hls post, gave
orders to east off, but that oflicer was asleep In
blscabln, He aroused hlmself ln tlmetoselze
the wheel, reverse the englne and whlstle before
the bow struck tbe wharf. The blow was suflt
clent to break In two a stlck of timber ten lnches
snuare, and the passengers were shaken up . ,
Tne chlld who was accIdentAlly shot ln Lowell re
cently la stlll llvlng, but the ball haa not been
found. There ls as much dlsagreement among
the doctors as to ita locatlon as in the Garfield
case Dr. Blackstone of North Troy was se
verely Injured last week by falllng from a etag-
ing, whlle at work on hls own barn The rasn-
berry crop has heretofore been a nource ot much
Income to farmers in thla county. In somesec-
tlons lt la rejtorted that the crop Is a fallure
A servantglrl ln tbe employ of Mr. Kltchieof
Montreal was drowned In Lake Memphremagog
whlle bathlng, last weekTuesday, Her body has
not been found A man named Klklns bas
leased an acre ot land ln Newport, and Is digging
for some money supposed tobe burled there. He
haa qulte a forceof men nt work. He commences
atonesideand dlgs across the lot nt a unltorra
depth of slx feet A late dhipatcb from North
Troy says: "The flre at George G. May &, Co.'s
nillli is stlll raglng. Several hundred acres of
woodland have been burned over; one house oc
cupled by Albert Frasler ls consumed, lta occu
paut narrowly escaplng, One chlld In the second
story before belng reacud was serlously and
probably fatally Injured. The results thus far
are, steam saw mllls valued at $4,000, owned by
L. G. Spauldlng of Nasbua; 3,000 worth of bark,
84.000 worth of wood, $2,000 worth of logs,
510,000 wortb of lumber owned by May & Co.,
are burned. The damage to land Is not known.
Several thousand dollara worth ot lumber and
slx bousea nre now ln danger, nnd the flre ls stlll
Mlsa Allce Smlth was thrown from a carrlago
the other day at Rutland and badly cut and
brulsed Appllcatlona wlll be made to tbe next
leglslature for amendmenta to the Itutland char
ter for an extension of the llmlts of the vlllage
corporatlon so as to take tn the terrltory north of
the vlllage known aa Perkinsville Mr, John
Wilmarth, a respectedclttzenof North Clarendon,
dled the 2d, as the result of lnjuries roceiveda
few daya before. Ho was engaged ln taklng a
mowlng-machlne from the vlclnlty of the bouse
to the barn, whlch ls nt the lower slde of a slop.
Ing grass plot, and had hold ot the end of tho
tongue to prevent the machlne from golng too
rapldly, In some way hls feet sllpped and he
fell to the ground ln a slttlng posture. Mr. Wil
marth had been allllcted wlth a hernla, ln conse
quence of whlch tbe Intestlne had adhered and
become tlrrnly nttacbed to the wall of tbo abdo
men. Ai he fell thls ndheslon was broken. tear.
Ing the lntestlues and lettlng tbe contents lnto
tne nbdominai cavlty, ot course producing deatb.
Lealle Douglass, conductor ot n frelght traln,
waa kllled lavt week Wednesday near bouth Ver
non, lle fell between the cars and the caboose
paased over hlra. Ile was literally cut to plecea
He was Injured some months ago and had but
just returned to blsduty ...All tnattera of dl flor
ence bfctweeu tbe Connecticut Ulver Mutual llre
Insurance company and George Slate of Brattle
boro, lt former treasurer, bave been left to Uoya'l
Tyler of Brattleboro for arbltratlon Phllander
Averill of Wilmington has had hls hand polsoued
whlle aprlnkling utris green ujkjd hU jtoUto
vlnea Mrs. George Ilobart of londonderry
waa recently thrown from a buggy aud aerlousty
hurt, , .Landlord Goodell of Sadawga, sentenced
toslx months' Imprlsonment and $1.0tX)llne for
selllng llquor and tobucw without a llcense, bas
been lurdoned by Presldent Arthur, after servlng
hls seutence. Ile had no money and would have
been obllged to work out the fine at twenty ceuts
a day If a petltlon slgned by many persous bad
not brought the presfdent to hls rellef Work-
men digging grlst-mltl iond, Brattleboro, un
eartbed a valuable statlonary engioe boller, whlch
waslost ln the great freshet of lWin.. .. .lUvld
Lynch, Joseph McNulty, Mlchael Drlscoll, Horace
Lynch and Ttmotby Bowen, at a hearlug at Bel
lows Falls furniehed ball In the sum of 6100 each
for thelr appearance beforo the Windham county
grand jury, for breaklug and enterlug a sealed
car ot the Ceutral Vermont rullroad company last
week Monday ulght and carrylng awaynquan
tlty of beer,
WllUrd Johnson of Ludlow, whlle inowlng last
week, was thrown from the machlne, nnd the
kulves passlug over bls rlght arm completely
severed tbe bonoa betweeu the elbow and tlu
wrlst. Ile wlll recover from the lujury M
F. Barrows of Bridgewater baa bwome Insano
aud wlll be seut to tbe asylum Mlss Clara
Murdockof WtMjdstotk, upon her elghty-second
blrtbday, gave a iMtrty aud Invlttxl lu tweutytwo
young men aud matdens whose ages rauged
LetH eon seventy-one aud nlnety-one. '1 he oldest
iersoulutovu. Mrs. Beulamlu Matk. bl'oiI nluetv-
three, was tiunble to be present . . . . A Hartland
drover says that ho Is pald three ceuts per toiind
attheltuston market for liogs that dio ou Ihe
way, but hetUetn't know fur sure wbat Udouo
witb them, ..A company of Boston men bave
purcbased a saw mlll aud !KJ0 acres of tlinLer lamt
In Bridgewater! aud are puttlug up a boardiug-house.
Washington County YAtnntlotu
The folIOTlnff la an Aiblblt nf thfl valiiAttnn- nf
the real estnte of the several towna In the county
of Washington for the year 1882, aa established by
the Usters of the county In the county fquallelng
convtntlon held ln Montpelier last wik. For
the purpose of comparlson the llst of 1878 la alao
iilii i
liililm njhm
: : ' : ! : ; n ; ; ; ; ! ' ! i
rsst oi
SS: SSr- 2: : S: 3SSS3
8181 1I
-. uo 55 1 x m fi
33: S33: S: : 3: S3S3333
'E88I "I
' St: s: K8: iSCS6: S
1093 J.tl
StcZ 5333S3tS3S333S3
The conventlon ratsed tbe llst as returned by
the llstnra of Berlin five per cent; Calot, ten per
cent, 1'Ast Montpelier, ten per cent; Northfield,
fif teen per cent; Uoxburv, ten per cent; and
Waterbury, ten percent. It reduced the appralsal
of Montpelier ten per cent; Plainfield, five per
cent; and Waitsfield, ten per cent. And accepted
ot Barre, Calais, Duxbury, Fayston, Marshfield,
Moretown, Warren, Woodbury and Worcester as
reported. It accepted ot Middlesex na tbe stand -ard
town, whose aggregate Increase waa fifty
three per cent, and whose landswere appralsed
at S 1.170 per acre. lt elected Willlam Chapln of
Middlesex delegate tothe state conventlon, and
C. J. Gleason of Montpelier, substltute.
MoitKTowN. Mlsa Orpha S. Freeman, wbo has
been worklng In Lowell, Mass., ls at home, She
Intends returning In October... N. U. Spauldlng,
formerly ot thia place, haa sold hla raeat market
ln Burlington, and has bought a large farm three
mlles from that clty, From all accounts be haa
got a good farm,
5VA fiNT of tbe finest Ink for famlllesor
school s can be mado from a ten-cent package of
Diamond Dye. Try them.
In Waseo county, Oregon, n early half tbe
erowinz crooa have been destroved bv errass-
A SifiNiFiCANT Toast. An Irlabman drlnklng
tbe health of hla blshop, gave thla toast: " May
your rlverenco live to eat the old hen that crows
over your grave." If nnvthlng could make that
toast true, lt ia Hunt's Ilemody, whose one raia
slon it ls to prolong llfe, and todellver from tbe
power of Insldious and mortal dlscase. And
what more terrlble and fatal tban kldney and
llver dlseasest What intense sufTerlng, too, Is
connected wlth urlnary troublest Yet bere Hunt's
Uemcdy Is klng, and It worka marvels ln those
who are allllcted wlth tbese allments. Why
shouldn'ttbesufferlng live to eat tbe aforesald
old hen. when Hunt's ltemedy gtvea such re
newed vlgorand health?
gjusiness otices.
" Itouoii on UATfl." ABk drugglsta for It. Clears
out rats, mlce, roaches, bed-bugs, skunka. 15 cts.
Cfi'iialink relleves nt once bysterla, nervous
spasms and St Vitus dance.
Nothino so vltallzes, purifies and enrlcbes the
blood aa Wheat Bltters.
When bables cry, some say theybawl
Not so; but 'tla thelr way to call
For Brown's Teethlng Cordlal.
Moiik unlversally recommended than any pro
prletarv medlclne made. A sure nnd rellable
tonlc, Brown'a Iron Bltters.
Thkhk ia no cough medlclne so well adapted to
the young aa Dr. N. G. Whlte'a Pulmonary
Kllxlr; lt relieveacroup Instantly,
Don't wait untll your are slck, but buy two a
bottle of N. K. Brown'a Isence Jamaica Glnger,
whlch is pure, strong and rellable.
A Pkehlehs Pehfume. The refreshlng aroma
ot Floreston Cologne, and Ita last Ing fragrance
make lt a peerless perf ume for the tollct.
WmAii'a Balsam ok Wild CiiRitHV cures
coughs, colda, bronchltls, whoonlng cough, croup,
lnlluenzn, consumptlon, And all dlseases of the
tnroat, lungs ana cnest. t uty centa ana 91 a uouie.
$1,500 per year can be easllymade nt home
worklng for E. G. Kldeout St Co., 10 Barclay
Street, New York, Send for thelr catalogue and
iuu pamcuiarB.
Skinnv Men. "Wells Health Uenewer" re-
stores health and vlgor, curea dyspeisia. Sl,
Monthh of nauea are spared to women who
use Heaty'a Vegetable Tonlc Cordlal; it helpa
moinerana cuua. aee aavenisemem on louriu
A vmonous growth of the halr la often pro
moted by uslng Parker's Halr Uilsam. It alwaya
restores the youthfut color and lustre to gray
halr, glves it new life nnd removes all Irrltatlon
ana aanaruu.
11 1 am now ready to lay down my bundle." So
sald a laborlng man who for long years bad tolled
to support bia famlly, and bad become reduced
ln health. Ile now saya that Hopa and Malt Blt
ters bas made hlm a new man.
A Cuhe rou Pisii'Mts. My face for the last
few years was covered wlth pfmples so bad, that
I used be ashamed to go anywhere. I took two
bottlea of Sulphur Bltters and the plmples dlsap
peare1, I use them every sprlng, G A", lht
tnu nwr.
Manv of tbe troublea Incldent to tbe women ot
our land are so much more exhauatlng than
any wlth whlch men hae to contend, that any
remedy for the sneclal complalnts should be
halled as a natlonal blesslng. Such ls Dr. Hardy's
M Woman's Friend." Try it, motbera, wlves and
Tiik Uev, Charles R ilper, formerly of Pitta-
" I bave used Baxter's Mandrake Bltters in mv
famlly for over two yeara, and aa a result bave
not caiiea a pnysician in me wnoie ume. aiy
wue naa oeen an invana lor years, uuc inese itu
ters bave cured ber."
Kioiitv.fivk DouMiw Lost. " You do nottell
me tbat your busband is up aud entlrely cured by
ho slmple a medlclne aa Parker's Glnger Tonlc?
" Yes, Indeed, I do," sald Mrs. Benjamln to ber
nelghbor, "and after we bad lost elghty -five
dollara In doctor'a bllls and prescrlptlons. Now
my busband feela aa well as ever.
Dkad Shot koii Bhd Buos. Dutcber's Sure
Death, Qulck work. Use it now; break s up
ineir nesis, prereni increase. uec ria oi tnera.
Mrs. F. used lt thoroughly when she cleaned
house, and has not seen a bug Blnce. Flght it out
on thls Une lt it takes all summer, and sleeplu
jwaco, ooia every wnere.
Foh thlrty years Dr. Graves' Heart Uegulator
has been before the publlo as a cure for heart dls
ease, lt ls no new, untrled remedy; nelther does
lt cure every dlsease known, but it is a remedy for
sieepiessness, nervousuesa ana neari aisease,
Pamnbtet free of F. K Ingalls, Concord, N, H.
Prlce M ceuts and $1 per bottle. For sale by
A Gooi lNVMrMKNf. One of our promtnent
bulnes meu sald to us the other day: " lu the
aprlng my wlfe got all run down aud could not
eat anythlug; passlng your store 1 sawapile of
iiooat &arwijnriiia in me winaow, nua 1 got a
bottle, After she bad taken it a week she had a
rouslng apixitlte, and dld her everythlng. She
took three bottles and it was the bost three dollara
1 everlnvested." C. I. Hood & Co,, Lowell, Masa.
M Uuciiuiaiiia.m Qulck, compiete cure, all an
noylng kldney disoasea. 81 at drugglsta.
Phvbicians say lt comblDea all the destderata
ot etery ferrugluous tonlc prescrlbed by every
school of medlclne. Brown' Iron Ultters,
Iticn pbosphatea ot wheat aolutlun are easlly
asntmllated. In Wheat Bltters is the only prac
tlcal way to get them. Uead advertlsetuent
Peiiuvian Svitui- cures dyseitsla, general de
bllity, llver complalnt, bolls, linmors, chronlo
dlirrbea, nervoua atTectlons, female complalnts
aud all diseases arlslng ln a bad state ot tbe blood,
Tiik old need them for strength, the youug
waut them for a toulo, the slck crave them to get
well; the well take them to remaln so; dyspeptlca
need them for rellef; eplcurea llke them as au ap
iwtlrer, every body lakes Hopa and Malt Bltters.
Tiikv Havk Nkvkii Faiikk. 1 have been slck
more or less for the last teu years, whlch bas cost
M4 many dollara In doctors' and drugglsta' bllls.
The last two years lt only cost me three dollara.
Why? Because I used Sulphur Bltters In.timd of
euinloylng doctors. They cured me of jaundlce.
J J Jhiil, Jlobok'n,
Uescacd from Dcntli
Willlam J. Cotiffhltn. of Somervlllfl Xfua .ataf
In the fall of 1870 I was taken wlth nutF.DiNfl of
tiik i-UNnfl followed by a severe cough, I lostmy
appptlte And flesh, And waa conflned to my bed,
In 1877 I waa admltted to the IIospltaL The
doctors sald I had a hole In my lungs as blg aa a
half dollar, At one tlme areport went around
tliat I was dead. 1 gave un hope, but n friend told
TIIK LUNGS. I got a bottle, when to my sur-
frlse I commenced to feel better, And to-day I
eel better than for three years past. I wrlte thla
hoplng every one afltlcted wlth diseased lungs
wlll take Dlf. WILLIAM IIALL'S BALSAM, and
beconvlnced that uonsumition oan nECURFi. I
can jiosltlvely aay It haa done more good than all
the other medlclne I have taken since my alckneaa.
Docny of tlioTcctli
Atlses from varloua causea. but prlnclpnlly It may
be nttrlbuted to earlvneelect or tlm fnrllnrrlmln.
nte use of tooth powders and pastes, whlch glve
a momcntary whltenesa to the teeth whlle they
corrode the enamel. The tlmely use of that delf
catearomatlc tooth wnah, Fragrant SOZODONT,
wlll sieedlly nrrest the prngress ot decay, harden
the gums, and Impart a dellghtful fragrance to
the breath, It removea those ravagca whlch peo
ple miatAln ln thelr teeth from tbe useofsweet
and acld artlcles.
(Jooil Hablcs.
'Tla a Jolly day from I'Ast to West,
For cbildren thrlve And mothers rest,
The darllng glrls all named VIctorlA,
And wlth the boys, they have Cntorln.
It ls a fact, there la no " may be,"
A mother'a mllk can't save the baby,
Wblle sweet CnMorla dlgests thelr food,
Gtvca them liealth and makea them good.
An Ahuav of Facts. Speclal telegram.
Calro, N, Y, Charles HolTmanof thls place aays:
"I bave used for a year or more Baxter's Man
drake Bltters and flnd they have been very ben
eficlal to me, In fact cured me of dypep0a In lta
worst form." tsaac HofTman and Frank Hennle
bave also been cured of slck headache and dya
pepsla by thelr use. Westel Salsbury says they
have been used by hlmself and famlly to great
advantAge; have cured hta daughter of slck head
ache. The Bltters seem to be jtist the medlclne
for the dkeasea for whlch they are recommerjded,
K. C. Stevena. Prlce twenty-five cents per bottle.
A TiiAVRi.Fit'a Storv. After spendlng montha
at waterlng places and consultlng the best physl
clans without benefit, I returned bome dlsheart
ened nnd expccted to dle. A friend urged a trlal
of Parker's Glnger Tonlc. Three bottlea and
careful dlet have brought me excellent health and
anlrlts, and I bopo my experience may benefit
almllar sufTerers. Clnclnnati lady, See other
11UKLL and tlKItrUUIiK FltAKV.
Tn HMnlnston. JtilT Jl.byRcT, K. (l.IbAl. 1IARRY W.
ln St. Jolint.t.nryl.Inl27. AAKON HM1TII of Dsntllls
and Mrs. IRA HAtlLKV ot Mt. Jolmnburjr.
In CfllAln, Angnnt 3, lr Rev. Orin DavH, MAKTIN ll,
TOHV oi Calais and ALM A A.STONKct Ijmt Montpelier,
ln Newport, July 27, hj rW. I FUOKNE UT-
TIMlorllatlejr, P.t., and M1NME I). ltYDKU of New-
In riwtomvllle. JnlT2, by Iv. A. 11. Knrljilit, J011N
.ii. auu ii a 1 1 1 r. r .
. 81'AULDINO, both of l'roc-
ln lllctifont, .Tuly 3fl, by Itev.J. W. lltiri. IIF.UTIF.RT
E. WOOIlWAKK of Ktiot.bnrBti and JENN1E L. COllUKN
or lUclitord.
In llnrllneton, Angut 2, by Iter. L. O. Ware. Dr.
CHltLKHN.ALLKNorSbeldonand KlJNA I,. MAdKK
of Hurllnjfton.
Tn New IrKlnn, Conn., by Kev. I". Tsylor, 0 FOItOK II,
FI.INT of Williamstown and HAKAU M, WHltlHT of
ManLlc, Uonn.
tloYIiof Nt Arm&ml.'r. tj., aiid .MINNA M. 5lAYO of
In flrarford.JuIy 2, by ltcv. R, A. Parker, DKVIDM.
WnomtlJKY r.f Taylor'a FalU, .Mlan., and K8TELLA
NM1TI1 of mraflord.
ln Hartford, Conn.. July 19. by llev. S, V, Davla, KL-
tiKiiMir. it. iiAiirtr.H or jiiiiwaaiee, win., ana m,
A1UU C. IIAHDY of (lloter,
ln Siirlngfleld. Mw,, AiiRiiftt 2, by Itev. A. W. Cady,
ItOKAl'F. W. SlAirKso.V of North Itcnnliigton aud
r L.UKA V. WAKKr.N ot HprtllKfleld, Ia.
InMontiirller.Alun.t . ALICE (llINClll VM) MAIIVIX,
ulf. o( AlortoD .Marvln. 41.
In .Montillr, Anitu.t II. Un. I1ET8ET K. 1IASKIN5,
mottirr of llenrr Vt' I)rewt bl.
ln lloibnry, Jnl; 28, l'F.TER 1'IIKVO, 36.
ln We.ton.July 19. SELSOX l'EASE, !B.
In Corinth, Aninut 1, JOIIN E1WAKI4, 64.
In Worcester, AiiKU.t S, AAMUEL HALL, 80.
In NortlineM, AWi.t 1, Jln.Z. K. IIOWE, 37.
ln Olovtr, Jnly 19, WILLARI) I.EOKAHl), H.
In Worcenter, Aiiuu.t S, SIEKTO.V YOU.NO, II.
In IMrlon, Angiixt S, AI1IAL SHDRTLCrr, B0.
ln ll.rton, Aogu.t 2, rl VMUEL II. KELLON', II.
In Burlington, Aogo.t I, MICIIAKI, KF.F.I K, 31.
In Felclivllle, Jalj 21. Un. AIIIOA1L WOOD, i,
ln (llOTir, Julr 20, 1.F.NMK K. t'ATTEIfON, IS.
In North Si.tlnjdel.l, July 22, Jln. 8. 1'. l'AUE, U).
In I'.ellowi F.lla, July II, Brt.II. F, I'ltOUTY, 33.
ln Lontlonderry, July 28, Mra. SEKE1) ALI.F.S, j;.
In Crft,bnry, July 29, Mra. DF.SIItK OKCUTT,
In rutney,Jnly21,.Mr.ELECTA LAUOI1TON, 89.
In Obot. Agn.t2, IIAKlilET II. IIUCIUS'AN", 78.
In 1'ltUford, July 27, Mn. C1IAKLES I1LMID1TI.M.
In Coventry, July 27, Mr,. EDWAI1I) L. FOSTER, 22.
In ll.rilv.lck, Jiily30,of cncer.ALONZO l'ORTER,6S.
In Sliaruburr, Ainu.ll, JOIIXIOS MOSTflOMERY,7l
Ia Woodstock, July 27, ELIJAII H.MIT11 of We.t Wlnil-
InSt. John.bury.JulyJl, Mn. CIIACSCEr Bl'AUI.I).
In Sontli llclley,M.u., July 27, AII1I1K L. KF.SDALL
oi mnuu.in, .
In Dover, N. II., July 9, Mr,. SUSAN 11. JONES, form.
erly of ev. bury, w.
ln West lloltou, Auguit 1, WALTEII, Mn of Mr. nd
Ain. i erry l,. lower,, a.
Llte Stock Market.
Th followluR Ii s teleRrsphla report of tbe llre itock
market at Watertown and DrUbton for tbe week eodlng
i ousuay, a ukuhi o. iwu i
Cattli. Jihtep, Hovi.Cal9t$,
At market thli wwk 1.W M,Vi7 13,M1 fiW2
" tast week 1 1.71 11339 14, "87
" one year ago.. 4.UI6 li,18 lu,;J7 M
PRinKH. F.itr fat and heaTTDremlamoxen.tloaiO IS:
flrft qaallty.HWiS'M vetxind qnaltty, tlM&lMi; tblrd
qoallty, 16 WCttl AU per IUU Ibi on tot&l welRtit of hlde. tallow
and drwne.1 t. A (ew cholc llnnte tmlrn. f 10 MB10.75.
iiqu. eioH9i 0'ni.w. notilDB oien, 91 pitir. or
KOoordtng tothnlr value aa bet, Kteore. JlidlW. Mllcb
oow, tJtlooeil.lxii eitr ftood.flOOHCi.Wlj Ilhor wlth
ont calfiw, as uiay bfl r(d farrow and ordlnary.f 15 O'fC
3101). StnrM. YearllDBi. 110 OLflliaiOi two-Tear-oida
f fl37.INI; thnw-ymr-olda. W)N'W.W. Kbeep, 3(lV.'n
W Ki. ShMirfMliirtiwD. tKi0(ki'W Tb. HhoUM. wholeiu.lt-..
reUll, GQlDo V 1b. Fat boai. (KiflOiic 7H Jb. North
frn drtw-iiMl Uo 10'f(Mki )1 tb. Veal calrnt, 37;c
W Ib. Ilrlithton tiidea, 1O0fi rinuntry loU.eC. Calf
nkliiN, l.'ftUXo m. Tali)w,737fc V Ibt oonntrv. Sv.
rtF.MAUKH. Tim movMiirnt ln rattla ronUniifi alow.
lluUbert flnd a llglit call ln the clty On eatrn, dealeie
clalinVc) Ib deollne on live wpfght, and the nonliern
ranic4 Ji Ib eanl?r. dreMed. There aa not fully ',ci
tb.oflun diwlce vtock. The nortbern ran more lnto tbe
coumionlti klnd of cattle from parturw. J. C, Jlrowo eold
neventf-ii tbree-yearold nteer. avvraRe H5U tb, at 4fc, Uvei
K. K. Frcnrh it Hon nold aome two and Ihret-yvar-olil
Klefrsatlc, Uvei T. J, Klchardwm aold tnoozeo, to
dieM 1,730 tba, at lde, dretveil; I. 11. Harxeat sold one
vearltn bull at $11. Ibe iliwp market haa ImproTed e V
Ib. llutcbera ent up to meet cattle traln. and bought
nearly all on tralni, to controt tbe market and to aeU to
outKlde iiartlee, I. Ptilrley aoUl nne bnndrnd thlrty-e'ght
lamba, averaice 63 fbi, at 7';o L. SlorM oold a flock, moslly
lambn, average M Hi. at tC( Taylor & Harpln aold twenty
lamb. averane 5JTbat b)ic II, UuhIi aold tno hundred
flvelainb. averaklHbl fbi, at 7c. Cornell Ilrotliert bounht
onie at 7QTn jl rb. I'oultrr waa Pteady. Fowla and
lumeya aoiu ai iiinyitu, anu luilkcub ai iou 11 m.
Itoston Prodnce and Provlslou Market.
I'OTATOES. The market haibren falrly aarilled. and
iirlifi are a nhMde letut Onn. Long Ittlandd aud Jvrwya are
aolllnir at 13 Vi &U V bunhel.
1 (101. Tbere lian leen a sood demand. and iTice are
i.tiimy iuiiiier. r remi umifrn are wriu iiut,nv, uurniem
aSw0i "U venuoui auo ew lora jhjio ff uozeo,
HAY The itivket lirnt been aulet. but uoo-1 itock hai
Ixwn ln Kond duinand. We (tmte 4 holre prlme har at f
21, medfuin and ordlnarv at f 13QI, ooor at tU&U, wllli
eaniera auaie a iiu ft lon.
1( F.AL. KTC.-Com meal onntlnuea qnlet at 3 70(33 75 Tfl
Iknrrel. wllb rve Bour dull and eaiiv at St Wltftl IS Vl barrf 1
In a mmll way. Oaliufal oontluuea strong at I7Q7.25 ft
barrel for grouud and ii for cut.
CIIKKSK. Tbe niarkct liaa beeu qulet and rrlcei are un-
witb couunon at !tto )t lt, aawrdlng to Quaflty,
(IKAIN.-IIIkIi mlxed corn U qulet at MQmv, No 2
mlie.latWtlC'Uc, aml good uo Krad at wJc ( DUMie'.
No. white oaU are fitm at and No. I white atbT
B.uo fl uunuei. jiyo cvuuuun quieva nw ft uuauei.
ltKANrt. Theinirkeihaa l)en onlytllgbtly actlve, and
prl!ea are eany. L'ho1i hand-pUked wa beana Rell at
I1H0Q3K3, lmprovtl Yrllow Eyt at 1IW, old-faxhloned
Yelluw Kyea at 3 4U($3 t aud Ked hklaeya at tl H4Ai U
)l buxliel,
IlUrTER. Tlie market haa miisl uioderalely aetlve at
falrly au-adv prlce lor Qne creawery. Wealern cre.uury
eellsat 'HQI'h oorUtern creaniwry at JSt$.Nk, rhuloe I reuti
airyaii4u. lair 10 Komi u.iiiiuud Ji'o.tc.
cholon wetern datry at2IO.'Jc.)iolcv fiwti eteru faciory
ai iBBOiBjio, ana oomuiou w guou at iwouc 11 10.
FI.UUU.-Tbe nnrket rulM dull and onlet witb a llght
buNlueNM dolng. We quote flne at $3 Vtf(3 50, uieirlne at
JJ I9t ixiiiiuiun riiraa t . vnuita, oa.ra a t-iw
50, 1'auad t aupfrlor at ft3), UloneuoU Uker t$l
Ht. toiiU aud Houtheru lllinolaat i-&H 5U,ihotoe Mtnueaota
and WbteooRlR aprlnil wheat paleuu at tT.?i.li, wllli
aome fnoy braud Wgher, aud wluter wheat pate&ta at
eew dverjisemenfs.
I-Ia.ii' Jewelry
HrallMandinountillnorder(wltbtolld gold) byUra. C
M . 1'IIA Y, at U, 11. II untlugtou', Hchool Htreet, UODlieller,
IOK HAI.K,--TwOUno-box tepbugglei.aerond'baod.
1 llittui iiarilBirea were cuitoiu luade. and oue U liearlv
new, Auy one UeMlring ft rrrlge aud a guud trade
WUI UO WUII tocail III.IUiinriT uu
5ti-U UtO. W ItuU fVKI.L, Elm Btreet, Montpelier.
tt lltKHAXIIlN NIITlUlt. Ibt I Li railirr tbat I,
1 J A. F. buliiam, havegtwu AUwrt Hulhaiu. Jr., hl luue
Uu rlng tbe reiuiUuder of IiU nilnorlty, and aliall cllm uoue
ur iiih earuuiga uor pay auj i i.m uuuini imii iuji-
U.Udat. ' A. K ULIUM,
Cabot, VL.July 1I.1BHJ. W M
XTOTICK. Ifl the encloaur of K. T. Ilopklu of
i Cabot, ou Uie nmt day of July lat, four ytrllng
oatlle -oue rl bull and llirve helfer. Uue vt Uie belfer
wa reil aud white, oue a little brludle aud oue red. Any
one lufonntng Uie autNH'rlber here aald ratlle rao le found
willbellUerallyrewanled. K. 1 llUl'KI.Ntl.
t'abol, Augut T, M-58
Notlce ol AssBssment (or 1882.
The membera or the I'NIUN UUTIUL FIItK 1NSUK
ANCr. t'UMl'ANY are hervby mjllllnl that the fullowlug
aMMiiitnU Imve bevu inade by the lHrvUoni ou duUw lu
furon ou Ihe followlng day, to wlt-
Heplember I. IM. k of oue i-er cent..
,mhImt II. lnii. Ji of oueifr ceut.
Kll M
131 13
t,tH wt
474 e
January V, 4'ol uue ifr oeiit...,
Mnh2ti.lMfi. I' 1-erwuL
Jiiiih 11, MLltot oue i-errent ....
July II, ISW, Vof oue ier ceul
ToUl Vi54 1J
Maklng three imrwut for Ihe luaurauce year eudlng July
31. 1HJ, U beildUitlieTiei"'r,athlellfi'elnMonlfllr,
uu or Iteloie the tint day of Hepteiulwr, lndj. Whfro prat-U-vable
aaiwwiiuut reiwlpt wlll be put lu the band uf ageul
luroollwllou. NuattentlaftuthuruMtd toorlltM laMMVtfiiumU
eatvpt IhoM havlug the 1runr'a rwUl o dellver to
Mili lueiulier w heu patd. Meuitiera are injUfeU-d U pay
proiupUy . Uila wUl aa.e lntrel and tuurh liouble,
v 1 ' w. r ItitAMAN, Trttiturtr
Itonlpeller? VL, Auguit 1, lBM. bb-t
G. H. SMILIE, Successor to
Walker & Puffer !
Ilaving bought thoir largo stock of Uoots and Shocs, I shall
ondcavor to soll to tho people of Montpelier and
vicinity the best goods the market affords nt
Tlie Lowest ossilble 3Piice !
For THE NEXT TIIIUTY DAYS I shall make prices
especially low on all Summer Goods. By close attcntion to
busincss and fair dealing, I hope to see all of Walker &
l'uffer's old customers, and as many more as wish to prno
tice economy by buying Ihe best goods J'or Ihc leasl money.
Mr. PuFFEit will remain with me six months.
Walton's Bloclc, Stato Street, Moiitpelior, Yt.
The Largeat and Most Successful
Commercial School in America.
nif Trnlnlnir by I'rnrllce, ln a aeiert and
thoronelily itructIrH.1 courne uf atudy, lntendeil
to tueet tlie wanUi of llire who know by eirwnenre thnt
our 1'ubllo Hchool are not prepartng tbe yonni ln a ill
rct tnnnnnr for the ncllve ilutlra nf llfe, and ia
the flrat rhool In the rountry to preneot a lract Irnl
and tiHeful courxe of tralnltiR entirely rold of all the
ohjMtlonable feHtureaof the cutture-crAminlnjc
Aa IhorouKh and compiete Iralnlnti ln glven ln thla iiool
to thone who delre to prepare for Alercitntlle I'uraiilta
aa 1 given ln Terhnfcal Kchooti to those who ehootte a
Next School Year begins Sept. 4th.
rtutila rerplved at any Ume, lf there are vacanclen, For
clrcular of ternie, or admliwlon, addrewi the I'rlnclp&l,
H. B. HIBBABD, (iOS Washington St.
Take Totice!
I Am now ofTerlog
Summer Goods!
Boston Clotliiuff Store !
C7? My stock raust be reduced, to make room
for ratl Gooda, Call earlr, before the aaortment
U broken. J. C. MOHU1SOX, llnrrc, Vt.
.Tolinson, Srt.
A Two Years' Course of Study.
The alm, I'rof e Monal ; the method, RclenUflc,
Experlenoed teachers.
Favorable Hates for Itounl aud Kooms.
A term of twenty weeka
Begins the First Tuesday of September
Send for a Clrcular.
EmVAItl) CONANT, - - - - Prlnclpnl.
aff jrds mirlor advantagea for
CoUeye l'rearatorft Itln and Jlntltah, or
an EnytUh nnd Sctenttflc
Course of btndy,
Four of the prlzee Ukea at Dartmonth Cellege, and the
flit Orw-lt prlze ln Ihe Freehman claaa at Amhent, ere
nv, ardel IhU year lo graduatea of thla acbool,
The fall term fur wlU begin Tuettilay, Aufftiat
29tli. ForcatalogueiorfurUier Infonnatlqu addreaa Uie
M-V.3 II. T. FULLKIt, St. .lohnabury, Vt.
Normal School.
Fall Term opeoa
Tuesday, August 22, 1882.
Kuperlntendenu, Committees and Prienda of Kdacatlon
are Invlted to notlce tbe advantagee bere offered for tbe
tralulng of Teachers.
Calalopes Sent on Appltcation to ths Principal,
Aiibiirndalo, Musr.
AdvanUges of IIohIoii wlth qulet iuhurbati rexidenoe ln an
atlrat'tie Iiomei unuitully Bood boanl and pleaKantroomi
pwlal careof IieMltlit thoroutrli Inntrurtloii luaoourneof
study (Hual tolliaiof uiont colleuea for wotnen. Inntruc
tlon In Molo and Uotlern Laiitfue by beat clty uiaiters.
DreM-vutUng, CookliiK, eto.,Uught by exjierlented ladles.
To itture place, apply early, mentlonlnii thla paper. Ad
drea C. C. lilUOUON, Vrlnclpal.
Green Mountain Seminary,
Waterbury Center, Vt.
Coursea of study, College 1'reuaratory, Claaolcal, EnglUb,
Couunerrlal. Kpeclal advantKea for sludenla v. ho are pre
parlngtoteacli. Ihe beet Couimerclal IieitartniPnt ln the
tatet one of the beat teachers of eniuanfiblp lu ew Eng
land. 1'honography a spt-clalty. KiiMuiaea le than ln
any other school ofriiu&l grade. Fall tvrui begtas Auguat
'it Wluter tenn begma November '7 Nprlng term beulns
Februarr W, Ity. Tor further Informatlon, addreai Hct.
H. 1). CIU'KrU, A..M.. or the I'rtnclpal, UUs L1ZZIE
COLLKY, at WaUibury Center,
Barre Academy,
Barre, Vermont.
A flrit-clajti flttlng school for both seies, The thlrty
fimt Mhoul tear will begln Tliuradny, Auvust Hl,
1HH3. Tbe bulldlngi are belug Uioroughly repalred. For
t'-aUloguee or other Informatlon, addreM
Cbalrman vf KxocuUtv Commlttee,
Uarre. VL, Auguit 1, im, &vtf
Th. F.U Teriu WkIq, WMlll..tlir. AuKU.t S3I,
A bo.nl!n, Krioul rur bolli mn. Miiwrlor .(u).
Ite. lur flulng for collv,. or fur bmlnrw. KtMtiH. tuoder
U. r'or culotfu. or .njr Infonniitlon. .1lrm,
51-S1 IltMU I'llIKST, 1'rlnclp.l.
25 50I
N- Ki BROWW, ProP.. BurllngH-n. Vt
6 and 7 Per Cent
oblainel at M ont jteller, Vt., fhrouKh U, J, (U.KAhON,
UtNT COMl'ANY of ltoatou, MaaecnuMlte.
durinfT tbe nweat of ttH-tklnir. M
Abd the tiest baby modlctne ia
thrt wrl.l ll.ml-l.f. I.
orld !.rol. M ls
lVlco oon U ft bottle.
W. K. nROWN,
Burlington, Vt
(((frrraf.and sent puat-pald for on r four l-oent stauips,
U uawks for twenty l-t-nt slauii. Addrru
UN10N UAR1) UU UoQtueller, Vt
If you w!li to gel the only triie " Uli haMoon "and there
Is only one be partlciilar to order by the whole Ullei
Richardson's New Method
1'RICR J3.21.
lt la the mont wonderfully tucmuful loslructlon book
ever publlshed.
OVEIt 300,000 COI'IES
have Ut-n sold, and tlll lta iiopularlly does not w ane. Wlth
Its perfwt and progreMlve xyntem and thorouglily prac llrat
courne of muxlcal study, 11 BUndn ithout a pt-er aa the
Most Perfect of Music Books,
ftbsolutely without errors, and a unlveraal favorlte.
TIllKltATION NOTICK.-TI1M l locertlfr tliit 1
J iLTe ghvn John Cftllrr titM llm. durtnR Itl, tnlnorHy,
.nl .hall imjr none of M. debu nor cl.lni ,n. or hl, wiiKi-f
Wooilhurr, Vt., .Marrh SO, Ira!. SM;
gjn.'iincM gljrcvtonj.
' J.A, l'aite, 1'rwlilenti J. C. Iloiitftiton, C'a,hler.
CO.Ml'ANV. I'.y, Inlcrwt ondpMMlu.
Ilomer W. IlpaUin, VrWent; A. W, I'nrrln, Trctwurer.
Oilb-e over ltlxby's dnig store, State Street.
lloom 6, Vnfon ltlock.
nT. "WIIITNKY. Ofllce and resldemw ln
rrenih's Hlotk, South Maln Street.
t ME III OAN HOUSE, State Street, Ooen fornleht
1l tralns, C'tmrges raonable. Chester Clark, 1'rop'r,
NION HOUSE. Lately Kffltted. Carrlfltte to all
)AVIMON 1IOTKL. Flrit-cUns ln every resnvt.
L Oppoelte C. V. lt. K. suUou. T. O. Ualley, I'roprletor.
BISIIOT HOTKL. Old and rellaUe, Vrlopa tliat
canuot be beatea at any hotel la Montpelier, Come
onc, come all, and you wlll Und tlem 1'revoot at the barn
to take your homes. 11. Fales, 1'roprletor,
"VATIONAI IIFK. Safe.sonnd.ubRUntlal.
Oeo. S . Heeit, CecrtUry j Chas. Dewey, I'rewldent,
Jas.T.NAbln.Sec'y; W.II, II. Illngham, I'rea't.
TITKIN Jt CO., General Insurance Agents. Thebmt
1 stock coinpanlet reprenented. l'ont-otnce ltlock.
omce ln .Hsbln'ri lilock, South Maln Strett,
Otllre ln Itlalto ltlock, SUte Street.
Offlce ln roel-office lllotk.
Law and collectlon offlce wlth S. C. Sburtleff.
for all occaslonn. I'rtcea reaaonAtile.
DW DUni.r.V'S I.IVKKV, Feel and ltoanllng
suble, Teanis of all dewrlpuons, Ilead of State SI.
nLOH'E & SON, Ten Dealera andOrooers.
ColTee roasteil ou tbe premUes.
JC. EMEHV. Crockery, tllau Ware, CarpeU. Cur-
talns, Hooir. 1'aper.etc. sute Street.
nE. SLAYTON, hUtioner. llor.kseller and News-
dealer. HlalUi lilock, State Street.
GAKMENTH inade as they should be by Woolson
Itrothers, .Mercbant Tallort. fc.ntabllfied ln IV.
A. MDAD, dealer In Watches, Jewelry, Sllver and
IV I'laUxMVare, Toys and Fancy tlooda. Cnton lilock.
WATCUHAM tt Jol'BKAL Offtce.
1 II. CIIOS3 & SON. Montpelier Crackera and Cou.
J lectlonery, Tbe best tn the sute." Maln Street.
I.i N. SCOV1LL, Furniture.
li Keed'a
UIork.Main StreeU
AIILOW, 1'botograpber.
Kllls ltlock. State Street.
S1ATK OK VhUMOST.ltutrtctof Washington, ti.
In the mattir of ORSO.V KlMBAll, IntoUent Debtor.
TaVe notloe.tliat a ietltlon for adjudlcailon of Innolvencj
was flleit ln thls Court agAlnMt Orsou Kltuballof Cabot, Ver
mont, on tbe 31 t day of July, A. 1. 1SKJ, at tbe 1'ro
bate Otttca ln Montpelier, in sald blstrlct. npon wblch
be haa been adjudned an Insolvent debtor; and that a
rueetlngof hlscmlttori wlll be held at a Court of Insol
veucy, at sall rrobnte OrHce, In Montpelier, on the 21st
day of Augut, A. I. liw.'. at teo o'clock a. u., to prove
thelr debtn, and chooae one or more asalgnee of bls ea
Ute; aud tbat the pay men t of any debta aud thedellvtry
of auy properly belongtng to aald debtor to blm or for hls
use. and tbe Uansf er of auy property by 1dm are forbidden
by law.
laied lt Montpelier, Uila fitb day of Auvnst. 1SH2.
A. C. AVKKILL, Iteglster.
gtrobate otice.
Tbe nndanlgned. barlng been apiwlutwd by the Uonorable
Probate Court for tlie Hutrtet of washington, Commlaslon
ers, to receive, ezandoe and adjuat all cUkiia and demanda
ot all parona agalnst the esute of Solon J. Y, Vall, late
of UonfiH-Uer, tn sakl lHatrkt, deoeaaed, and all clalms ei
bibltwl in ott thereto, bereby glve notloa that we wlll
nieet fortlie purport aforalI at tbe offlne ot Ilomer W,
lleaton, tn Montielier, aforenaU, ou the 21th day of August
and tbe itlh day uf January neil, from ten oxlock a. m.
untll four o'clock r. Hea(h of sald daya, and tbat sli
months from the 2bth day of July, A. I. IWi. ls the tlme
llmlted by B4ld Court for sald credltors to praaeut thelr
ctalins to us for exaiutusllon and atlowance.
Dated at Muattellert thls VTth dayof July, A, I. 1S83.
IlOMklt W. IlEATON,lroiumidr.
65-37 J U r MKItY, J totummioners.
U SlAlkOFVKKUUNT.Ulstrtctof Waahlngton.ta.
lu I'rotiwte Court, held at Montpelier, ln and for aatd I'ls
trtcl, on the tb day of July, A. D. lUrJ t
AnluitrumeutpurtUugto be the last WUl andTesla
meut of fc-leauor Sorcross, late of Kasl SI ontpeller.tn sald
lilntrlct, dtxtMMNl. belng pretwnteil to the Court by Tnoiuaa
II. stevens, tbe t.secutor ihereui named, for probate t lt
ls ordered by sald Court, that all persons concerned tberelu
be notlfled to appnar at a seaalon ot sald tourt, to be held at
tbe 1'robate Ot&oe tn Montpelier, on the 13tb day ot August,
A. D. IWJ, and show canae, lf auy they may bave,
agalnat the probate of aaid wllli for whlcb purpose It la
further ordenht, tliat notloeof Uila order bepubllsbed three
weeks aucoMuhrely ln the Vermont Watcbman A bUte
Jourual, prluUnl at Montpelier, prertous losaldUin ap
A. C. AVKKILL. RegUter,
ll STArh OK VKKUUNT, DUtrktof Washington, as.
ln 1'robate Court, held at Montpelier, lo sald Dutrtet, on
tlie VM day or July, A, 1. l&ffil t
J, V K. Kenl, AdiuluUtrator wlth the wlll anueied, of
Ihe twlate of Stattry 1111. late of Calais, lu sald Dlatrk't, de
iaiel, preseuu hls adiulnlslratlou aouuunl for ezamlnatkiu
and allowauce. Wbereupou,ltls ordered by sald Court, tbat
sald wuul aud aald appUcatloii le referred to aaeMlon
thereof , to be tuud al the frobal Ofnoe, ln aald Montpelier,
ou the 14th day ot Aug , A, D. 1&8J, for hearlng knd deuUlon
tbereou And. ll la fuither ordered, that notlce bereof be
fivvu U all persona Intervsted, by publloaUon of tbe sawe
lircewteka suotwMslvely in tb Vermont Watrhmau A HUte
Journal.anewsMper publUbed at MontpeUer,prevtonaU
aald Ume appoluUd f or neartng, tbat ther may appoar at sald
luiie aod plaoe, and show eaue, If any they may have, why
sald aooount should not be allowed, aud suoli deeree uiade.
M-M ' A. C AVKKILL. Regtster,
HfAla. OF Vt-ltUOM, Hutrkt of Washington, u,
lu 1'robale Court, held at Montpelier, ln aod tor aald fla
trU-t, on Uie Ttli day of August, A, I. lfJ t
Charles A. lteed, Aduiluutrator of tbe esUte of Arthur 1.
lUncroft, late of Montpelier, la anlil iMstilcl, Ueceaswl,
mskes appltoatlou to sald Court. wlth the oonseut aud ai
proUitUm, ln whiting, of the ldow and helrs of aald ue
iwMM-d.lor Uoense to sell allot the Tect esuteof sald de
whm1, liichuing tlie real estate wtikh came to sald estate
from the esUle of Carloa bancrolt, etoeptlug Ihe liome
slMd aud dotr. but Including ihe retrlon oi the doweri
iminwenUug tliat Uie sale tliereof would be beneflclal to the
w Idow and beii s of aald deceased and Um lotereeted In hl
twtaie. VthereuiHia, ttlaurderwl by aald Court, Uiat sald
applluatlou be referred to a shwIuu thereof, lo he held at tbe
1'rohale UR1 Ui aald Montpelier, on the iSUi dy of Au.
gut, A, U. ItiM. for Iioarlng and dHOlslou Uiereou) aud. lt la
turUier orderml, tbat all iwraons luiereateil be Doufled
lutreor, by publicatlon of Uolioe ol aald appltoatloo and
order thereon, Uiree weeks suoueaalvely lo Ihe Vermont
Wakluuau A state Jourual, a uwir tub'lshed at
Moulpelier, and whkih olrralatea ln Uie Melabbornood ot
Uioae luterwteil, before sald Ume of hearlug. tbat tbey
uiay arimar at aald Ume aud plaoe, and, ll they see oauae,
obteolUteraUi. Ily UieCeurl Alteet,
WJ-58 A, C. AVF.KILL, RegUtftr,

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