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Vermont watchman and State journal. [volume] (Montpelier, Vt.) 1836-1883, December 13, 1882, Image 5

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MNlHll.k ffrWW
t$thhmnn C $atmnth
Frfncii kld dolli ni Webtei',
Dolla of Rll klnds at Wcbster'n.
M AJOLtOA wate aod Rlajwware At Wobxtet'o.
Ladibs' white Pllppers at OrlsgV, Waterbury.
Tov"., gamen, work bot.es, deakn. etc., At Web
stor's. Laiorat ltne of Chiistmaa carda In town at
Grt white purl nublas for flfty centseachat
CmtisTMAB Is comlngandso ate lota of goods at
Fon majollca ware go to W, E. Carpentor,
Ciiina vases, cologod eta, copfl. saucera, etc,
at Webster'a,
ViaiT Fred 0. GraTes' new and attractlve crock
ry ctore, Waterbury.
If you want a good gold pen, Thinney'i book
store la the place to buy lt.
L. W. Wklch has added rofllns and casketa to
hls exten'lve llno o( umlture.
Pjiinnkv la cow openlng the finest stock of
hollday goodi evpr seen In Montpelier.
A heautifcl llne of scrap books and card
albums at Slayton'a from ten centa to $3.
Eleoant tea and dinner aetfl, plain and decor
ated, at Frcd C. Gravea' new Btore, Waterbury,
PniNNKT's book etore ls hcadquarteru for gtft
booke, photcgraph, albums and Chtlstrnaftcardf-.
Decouated tea and tcllet ets And plaln ware
in great varlety at W. E. Carpenter's, Waterbury.
Fon warm boota and rubber goods go to Rich
ardson & Fullorton'a. Prlces lower than clse
where. Ankw stock of floe iteel engravlngs, hello
typea and albertypes just recetvcd at Plilnney's
book store.
SupfejwI nlipperat All k.nd-, every style,
hlgh prlces and low prlces, at GrlggH ehoe etore,
CnniBTMAs cardh, the largeH And the finest
asMrtment ever ahown in Barre, jusUopened at
Bmith's drug store.
FiNEdlsplayof majollca ware, lu great varlety
ot articles And in many beautlf ul deslgns, at Fred
C. Graves, Waterbury.
Tinmen take notlcel C. 0. Graves & Co,,
Waterbury, want a good journeyman tinman,
Steady work and good pay,
D. HorKtNa wants lila Chrlstmai poultry at
Stowe Saturday, December IGth and at Water
bury, Monday, December 18th.
Dit. J. E. PiiESCOTT, the ocullat, will be at the
Pavllion next Sunday and can be consulted Satur
day evening and Mondny mornlng.
Handsomk gtlt bcok, poemg and mlflcellane
ous booka, pipular juvfntle work, alburos of all
grades and prlceg, at Smith's, Barre, Vt.
Fink box pipeterle, first claa statlonery, fancy
Inkstands, piper knlvea, writlng deski, work
boxe9, etc, at Smith's drng store, Barre, Vt.
UicnAimsON & Fcllpkton, Waterbury, bave a
new lot of wolf and full buffalo robea. Also
wolt and buffalo coit3, just the thing for ihU
sharp wlnter weither.
Ir you think of buying a plnno or organ, conjult
J, C. Grigg, Waterbury, Vt and you wlll learn
somethlng that wlll be dectdedly to your advan
tage In buying puch an instrumtnt.
Linkn towels Bnd nipklnf), sllk handkerchlefa
and face ahawls, staple artUlea of all klnds and
fancy goods In great varlety, can be found at
Elcbardson & Fullerton'a, Waterbury.
W, E. Carpenter, Waterbury, baa thelargest
stock of vasea, Chlna cupa and moustache cup,
llbrary and t&ncv lamps, common latnps and
crockeryware of all klnds. Call and ezatnlne
hia new stock.
J. S. Wheelock, wboowna the mllls on Dog
Rlver ln Berlin, bas lately put lu a run of Munson
Brothera (Utlca, N, Y ) patent under-runner
mllls. It glves great satUfactlon, both in the
speed and quality of Ha grlndlcg,
W. E. Carpenteh, Waterbury, wiU sell you
fancy tollet articles, perfumerlea, hand mlrrors,
pocket bookdand wallets, pocketknlvc?, pcfFsors,
razors and table cutlery, in short eyerytbtng in
hls llne, all of the best quality and at prlceB ez
ceedlngly low,
Mn. T. J. Dkavitt of Montpelier has prlnted a
11st of all the llvlngsurgeona and assifltant pur
geona of tbe Vermont rcglments ln the war of the
rebellloo, wlth thelr pretent post flice address,
which be offers to send any soldler who wlll
wrlte for it and send a three-cent poptage stamp
Fred C. Graves, Waterbury, has stocked hU
new btore wlth everytbing that iselegantaod
useful ln the way of crockery, Ile hasalarge
and tasteful assortrnent of vases, chlna cupa and
saucers, fruit plates, tollet seta, common and dec
orated, chandellers, lamps, plaln and fancy,
standard and banging. He 1ms many beautlful
artlclea for hollday presenta and a large llne of
common ware, for eale very low.
What are you golng to get for a present for
someone and where ia the best place togetlt,
wheu so many are filllug thelr wiudows wlth at
tractlve goods? Itis sometimes hard to declde.
After you bave bean all around, takealookat
the curloslty ahop, where tbey are pleased to
ahow goods and then sell them. I( low prlces are
an object, don't forget to go to Webster'a, lle
thlnka be has Just what you want.
What can make a better or more sultable pres
ent thananlcesewlnsmachlne? Thlnk tbla over,
and then remember that J, C. Grlggs his the
leadingmachinesfot sale at fair prlces, and every
roacblne warranted. Go to hU store In Knfght's
Block, Waterbury, and see the machlne on exhl
bltlon. Machines sold on easy installment when
delred. Also a few second-hacd machines, ln
good runnlog order, that wlll be Bold very cheip.
Holioat gooda in e ndlesa varlety at Slayton's,
fresh from tbe market at prlces that defy compe
tltlon. Also a full stock of such goods as la
usually found at a first-clasa book store, coneUt
log of booka, statlonery, papers, perlodicals.
plctures, plcture frames, cutlery, portmonles, tol
let articles, albums, scrap bookB, ornamenta,
toys, ChrUtmas cards, etc, etc. People who vWt
Montpelier wlU do well to call on Mr. Slajton
and ezarolne hls stock, as hia rootto ls to please.
Charles Keene of Waterbury says be haa a
larger stock of goods than ever was in tbe town
of Waterbury. Ile asks all who are buying
Chrtstmaa presenta tocall And see hia stock of
sllver And plated ware, watchea, clocks, jewelry
ofalt descrlptloUH, toys and fancy goods, vases,
tollet seta, wallets, harmonlcas, cutlery, gelatlue
statuary, autograph and photograph albuma,
ChrUtmas carda, etc, cblldren's sledsand rock
ing horsea and othcr gooda too numeroua to men
tion here.
Currcut Mentlon.
Rev. Georok S Gufbnskv wlll preach in Waits
field next Sunday, December 17tb, forecoon and
Postmaster-G enehal IIowk has glven loslruc
tlona th&t la future no Uformatlon be glven out
by the post-otfice departraeot In regard to the
welght oi copies any newppiper may mall.
Tiieub ls much compUInt in nearly all parts of
thlscoontyof alsck of watcr ln wells andcte
terns. The farmers will be greatly inconvenlenced
lf there ls not a fall of ralabefore wlnter setsln
for good.
Du. J, M. Bt'CKLKV, edltor of tbe Chrittlan Ad
vocate, New York clty, v.111 preach the bacca-
laurate sermon, and Dr. J. T. Duryea of Boston
dellver the commencement address at Lasell Senv
luary at Auburndale, uezt Juue,
Rutland IIeiiald: "The neirtnt approach to
atranaltof Venua observed here yesterdayoc-
curred on Ceoter street, The mud was dee p, and
si a countrjman carriea hia nife across lu hia
arma. No smoked glaas was requlrtd by on'
Thk IIelp ani IIoi-b society of Barre wlll
pifsent At ttie town hall thu eealng "antnter
talnmente ronsyBtlng of ye old lunea by ye an-
clente syngera nnd somme mode'ne fonges," In
anort, an om ioiks' concert. The chorus U com-
posed of well-knnwn elngers, Tlckets, which 1
may be procured at Gladdlng'n, fltteen ceuts. I
Thk stockholders of the Montpelier and White
Klver rallroad roet at Barrf, December 8th, and
elected the followlng nfik'erat Dlrectorn K. K.
Frencb, Joslah Wood,Barre;John Lynde, Matthew
Martln, Wllllamatown; Marcus Peck, Brookfieldt
J. 0. Smlth, St. Albans; J, li, Ijingdon, Mont
pelier. Tbe dlrector elected K. K. French, preal
dent, and S, F. Aldilch, secretary and treasurer
Thk Madtson Square Theatre company sn
nounce "The YoungMrs. Wluthrop" at Capltal
Hall, January 22d, It ls tlie thlrd great play
brought out at the New York theatre of the
above name. "Ilaiiel Klrke," the first, and "Fji
meralda," the second, have ench been played
here to crowdd honfts. The tliird la sald to
rank wlth Ita predeceasors In Its poputarqualltlea
Nkil Bdhofss, the Inimltable comedlan and
character dellaeator, famous the couotry ovrr for
hlaWldow Bedott, will sppear ln Capltal Ilall
December 28th aaHSamantha AMeu," Mllltons
bave Uughed oyer the adventorea of " Samantba
At the centennlal," her experlence wlth her M way
ward pardner" and her other adventures. The
oaylng and dolngs of thU cccentrla woman wlll
lone none ot thelr humor and plcturesqneness at
the hnnds of Nell Burgess.
A tiECKNTcasebefore Judge Itedfield Involved
a new pbae of the doobllng aectlon of the taz
law of 1880. The llsters ot Tli town of Barre
doubled the estlmated tazable estate ot a taz
piyer. Amtit grew ont of the clalm on the part
of the "doubled" Indlvlduat thAt tanglble proi
erty mnst be found by the llstera to double, not
an estlmated estate. Judge Bedfield gAve h pro
forma dcclslon lu favor ot the town And the caae
went up to the supreme court,
The Birre lorture asioclatlon wlll glve tbe
fourth entertalnment ln the course nezt Monday
evening, December 18th, when wlll be glven dra
mittc recltAtlona and character sketchea by Stew
art Itogers. Ile will glve An ImpersonAtton of
the noted " resthete," Otcat Wilde, and reclto an
extract from hls Ifcture on " Art Decoration,"
Thts ls not intended In any sense as a burlepqtie
sketch, but a falthful portralture and an accurate
lmltatlon of thla celebrated personage.
Lyndon Unioni "Forsoveral days aftet rep
resentatlve Noah's return home from the legtsla
turo to ShefBeld he wore hls Montpelier clothes
durlng the forenoons and was an object of con
slderable attractlon to old associates In home
spun. Hia store as generally well filled wlth
neighbors anxlous to hear yarna from abroad,
note the Improvement In raannet see the mem
bcr's atore clothes, and smell of hU breath, Hls
vlsltors Included a liberal sprinkllog ot both
Thk eleventh aonual meetlng ot tbe ttate grange
of Vermont wlll mcet In the Pavllion hall to-mor-
row morning at 10 a. m. Tbe blenntal electlon of
ofllcers wlU occur at thla meeting. Sevcral amend-
ments to the conatitutlon of the uatlonal grange
wlll be aoted upon. Much other Important mat
ter relatlng to the interests of th order ln Ver
mont will be presented for cculderatIon and ac
tlon. It la ezpcctcd that the mcetlog wlll be one
of unusual Intercst. Many promlnent membera
of the order are ln town.
Thk Vermonters associatlon at Worcester,
Mass , has ekcted thcaeofllcers: Prepldent, Cla.
G, P.irker; vlce-presldents, Alfred Holden, George
Prltchard; secretary and treasurer, Alezander
McDonald; ezecutlve commlttee, George G. 1 1 11-
dreth, Alezander McDonald, H. W. Watkini,
George Flsher, Mrs. A. W. WIIcoz, L, M. Smltb,
Frank Lalngj hlftorlan, Hon. Clark Jlllson. They
votedtohold the annual reunlon at tbe usual
tlme, about the mlddle ot January, ln the form of
a regular Vermont supper.
Governor Barstow has appolnted ai the state
dental commlcfion Jamei LewN of Burlington, 0.
P. Forbush of Montpelier, L. T. Ijiwtonof Rut
land, G. II. Swift of Manchester and R. M. Cbase
of Bethel. The law ronctitutlng this board was
passod by the recent legMature and allperfODB
Inteudlugto practice dentlstry In Vermont miiBt
be czamlned by it, Governor Baratow has alfo
appolnted Prenident Huckham of Burlington, Prln
clpal Charlet K. Putney of St. Johnsbury, and
Prlnclpal Charic-t B. Mettd of Middlebury atate
Normal school exaniluers.
At a coudcII of phyidcfcins yesterday, at which
were present Dra. Chandler and Kenipof Mont
pelier and Dr. Faseett of St. Albana, lt waa de
clded to amputatfllhe legof Charles McAllister,
the Pullmin car conductorlujured In Lbecolllflon
at Montpelier Juuctlon two wetki ago. Ttie leg
has made no progreoa tfiward heallng, and all
efTorts to put the mangled llmb ln shape to facill
tato the pmcess of knlttlDg have beeu frultlens.
The nmputatlon wlll probably be msde to-day,
and about raldway betwecn the ankle nnd knee.
Mr. McAUister's condltlon laconsldcred entlrely
favorable for a miccecsful operatlon.
The followlng U the programmefor theweek
of prayer in 1883: Sunday, January 7 Sermons,
" For there ls one God.and one Mediator between
God and man, the man Cbrlst Jesus, who gave
himselfa ranaom for all" (I. Timothy II: fl, G).
Monday, January 8 rralse and thankpgivlng.
Tuesday, January 0 Htnniltatlon andconfcs'lon,
Wedneday, January 10 Prayer for famllies.
Thuriday, January 11 Prayer for thecluircb unl
versal. Frlday, January 12 Prayer tor the na
tlons. Saturday, January 13-Prayer for mla
slona. Sunday, January 14 Sermona, "Looking
for tbat blessed hope and theglorlous appearlog
of the great God and our Savlour Jesus Chrlst"
(Titus II; 13).
At a meeting ot Mt. Zlon Commandery, Xo. 0,
Knlghti Templar, held December 7th, the follow
lng offlcera were elected and Instalted for tbe eo
snlng year: Slr Henry D. Bean, eminentcom
mander; Slr Frank II, Bascom, generallsslmo;
SirCnlllm Blakely, captain-generalj Slrlloward
F. Hill, prelate; Slr Wllllam A. Btlggs, senlor
warden; Sir Wllliam M. Rumb-iugh, junlor war
den; Slr Jame C. Iloughton, treasurer; Slr Geo.
Atkim, recorder; Sir George C. Beard, standard
bearer; Slr J, C. Cudy, Bword bearer; SirThomaB
W, Wood, warden; Sir. B W, Braley, first cap
taln of guard; Slr Danlel C. Wheatley, second
captaln of guard; Slr M Maiinlng, thlrd captntn
of guard; Sir Alleu McGillivray, comralsaary; Slr
Wlll II. Herrlck, commlssary; Sir James V.. Er
wln, sentinet.
A sai aflllctlon has overtaken Mr. C. H. Sever
aoce, a falthful emptoye of thla oflkefor mtny
years, In the suddcn death of hls wlfe eariy Sat
urday mornlng ot heart dlsease, at the age of
slzty-seven. Slio arose early, as upual, and waa
buty lu her household dutlea wheu the stroke
cime. Mr. Severance liad nearly finNhed dresi
Ingwheohe hoard a shriek and rushei loto the
room just ln tlme to save her from fall Ing upon
the Btove, but she waB dead, The funerat ser
vlcea were held at the house on Monday after
noon, Rev. J. II. Iliucka conductlng them, and
she wa burled in Green Mount cemetery. A
portlon of the Watchman force attended the
funeral, and all joln wlth the nve children, who
were all present, in mournlng the great loss wblch
thelr old companlon haa suttalne d.
Many of our people will remember the Red
Polled cattle exhlblted here durlng the lateses
slon ofthe legUlature by Colonel John B. Mcad
ot Randolph. Tbey are owoed by Robert J.
Ktmball and Col. Mead and are kept on the farm
of the latter, They have lately issued a catalogue
ln which the edltor thus speaksof tbe breedt
"Thla importatlon, I may truthfully say, is the
best selection ever made, the endeavor belng to
glve Amerlcins tbe opportunlty of seeinggood
typlcal animals of sevetal of the most notewortby
trlbes. The sellers have parted wlth anlmala
which they would not sell to any Engllsh breeder
f)r much more money, especlally to support my
expreased wtsh, and they declared there basno
herd been formed wlth a few anlmala wblch had
such favorable prospects aa Mr. Klmball'a."
IIazel KiitKE waa played the second tlme ln
Montpelier at Capltal Hall lant Monday evening
by a Madlson Square Theater Company, The
east was an cxcellent one, and all the charactera
were well sustalned, The audlence manlfested
Ita appreciatlon ot the humor of the play, the
amusiog t ituatlona and the effective passagea In
the acting by rlpplea ot merriment and by fre
quent demonstratlona of applauae. The auccesa
of the traglc and pathetle scenes waa evlnced by
the subdued huah they enforced upon the audl
ence, aa empbatlo a recognltlen nf good acting as
the outbun-tB wblch greeted tbe Inimltable humor
and eccentrlclties of Plttacua Green, which, wlth
Dunstau Klrke, must rank as the best played
parts. lUzel Klrke lacked torcething of the dra
matlo power of the first preeentatlon here, par
tlcularly In volce and facial ezpresslon, but we
believe the charaiter waa very SHtlsfsctorlly and
efiectlvely p'ayed, as waa Alao that ot Dolly Dut-
ton. Aithur Carrlngford and Aaron Rodney, Mot
Mlgglns and Birney O'Flynn, sustalned thelr
parta Admlrably, and all Beemed to have a tf nder
feelitg for Mercy Klrko, the old mlller s pa
tlent wlfe, The ptanlst, Mr. J. J, Moylar, played
much better than the average ot muslclans vho
travel wlth theae compantea.
The Washington County Good Templara Unlon
met at Roxbury, Docember 6, a goodly number of
tbe lodges of the county belng repreBented. The
forenoon was devoted to the buslness of the or
der, lDcludlng the election of the followlng ctll
cers for the yeir enculng: Worthy chlettempUr,
E, K Bancroftof Montpelier; worthy vlce-temp-Ur,
Mrs. Kllen Huntley of Northflfld; worthy
secretary, K A. Nutt ot Montpelier; worthy
treasurer, John Heath of Gouldaville: worthy
flnanclsl secretary, Mrs, l.ee Wllley ; worthy chap-
laln, Rer S A. French ot Roxbury; vtorthyrnar
shal, J, N. IUmsey of WaitKflM; wortliy deputy
marahal, S.uah S. Lsugtirey ot Montpeuer; worthy
inaide guard, Mia. A. II. .Selleck of Waterbury
worthy outslde guard, G II. Gray of YaH Calais
At the afternoon sesloQ the fulloning pr
grainme was taktn up! Mulc, Temrance Home
Ijdge; declauiatlon, V.. A. Nutt, Capitol Lidge
dUcusi-lon of the followlng quentiont " llesolved,
That the present condltlon of iHjlltlcal paitles U
auch that ttie hopeof the temperance csusede
mands a new paity whose central plank shall be
prohlbltlon; aftiniutUe, Guuldvllle and Moscow
Lodgea; negutlve, Capitol and I'lumley Lodges.
Volunteer rematka by Mcsn. pjumley ot North
field, Newcomb of Warren and others. ln the
evening Rev. J. JUlward Wrlght of Montpelier
dellvertd an able addrefs.
."Bettfii be wlse by th inIfortunea of
othura than by your owu " Tske warnlug ln
tlme. Avoid quaik nos ruma, by wlilch thou
sands annimtij periih, Ue only such letuedles
as ate dtmontrnt(d above sui)lclun, foietuosc
among whlthl Kldney Wort. Vor torpld Ilver,
bowels or kldneys, no other reroedy euuaU it. It
la sold In both dry and Uquld form by all drugglst.
Kx-Mayor 0. H. Bloikiktt of Burlington U
very ptck,
Ltcius Bioelow, editor of the Rutland Ilerald,
has gone on a three weekn' vtslt to Mlchlgan.
U. M. Bailkt has sold the Middlebury ItegUter
to a flrm which proposes to enlarge and lmprove lt.
Dr. Ciiarlm P. Thaykh of Burlington suc-
ceeds hls lamcntod father ah lecturer nn anatomy
In the medlcal college the present term.
DilJoiin B. WnKRLRnof Burlington, who Is
oneof theroost thoroughly educAted And skllful
young surgeons ln Vermont, haa been Appolnted
attendant surgeon at the Mary Fletcher hospltal.
Hon. Norman Mit.LiNaxoN of North Benning
ton, has returned from a four weeks vlalt to an
aged brother resldlug In the weatern part of New
York. He ppoaks wlth much pieasureof the trlp.
With the close of the present offlclal year Gcn
eral Wllllam K. IwIs, town clerk ot Norwich,
wlll have served the town ln that capaclty for
forty yeara ccntinuonsly. For many yoara be
baa also flllrd the ofilce of town treasurer. Dur
lng the same tlme he haa also repreaented the
town ln the lcglslature for slz years.
Rev. II. A. Rooeri, who haa ao long and so
falthfully served the Bapttat cburcb Inthis vll
hge aa lta pastor, has reslgned hls posltlon to ao
ccpt one more lucratlve and one which wlll glve
a wider sco'pe to hia abllltle that of pastor of
the Main street Baptlst cliurch of Worcester,
Mas!acbusetts, and wlll begln hU dutlea on the
first Sunday In January, Mr. Rogcrn ls a gradu-
ato of Yale College And prepared for the mlnlstry
at New ton Theologlcal School. Not only the
church but the people of our town iegret hls de
partnre, but rejoice that he hss been called to so
large and Inlluenttal a church the second tn
wealth and Iraportance In the clty.
MoNTrELiFH. There is likelv to be an ezodua
to tho vttst next sprlng, several young men cnn
templatlng golng there. ,.Snow haa now fallen
In suflkient quantity to mako good sledding and
buslness has perceptibly Improved. . . .The new
bard of bnlliffs hM notlcea furbldding
slldlng on the stdewalks of the town. This ls
well, as far ns It goes, but the good work will not
be romplete until slfding in the hlghways Is pro
hiblted....The auctlnn rooros of John Watson
have been elosed, and Walson and hl asNtant
have departed for pastures new. , . , Fred K. Smlth
hat returned from Texas....II. A. Ilttse, R-q.,
wltl noon move Into the Mr. Iord boue recently
tmrchaaed bvhltn..K. F. HathawAy. formeriv
ttie artlstlo slen-palnter here, has returned tn
Hoston where he is at work for J. L. Blackmer St
Co., ln the shop where he learned hls trade.
Clark D. Roberts returned to towu last Saturday.
Ile will, as usual, spend the wlnter here and re
turn to hU old emplovment to the cuatom houe
fnthe sptIng.,..Willle Glrard has left Meron'a
barber sbnp nt tbe Pavllion. He went to Man
chester, N, II., Monday mornlng, to opeu a
Bhop there. ...Judge Wa)etnf Burlington was in
town Thursday. .,.Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Fifteldhave
Ppent the mt week ln Bostou. MNi Fannle wlll
come home from her school nezt wenk, to spend
tne iioimays.... ine laaics oi iifitiany ctiurcu are
prep.iring an entertalnment which they will pre
sent at an early date....T. C. Phlnney was in
Ripton last week, buying Christmas goods. . . . Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph Ficher enteitalned the sewing
society connected with Bethany church at a pleas
ant soclable Thursday evening. ,, .C.W, Brwnelt,
the worthy secretary of the tenate, was tn town
Monday. Ile vlgnrouMy defends the right of the
sennte to gi intn tlio commlttee of the who'o and
shut the doors, )f they see fit to do so. .Kxper
Imentsare belng made to test the acoustic prop
nrtiet of Bethany church, by ptaclng tbe speak
lnedck tn dllTerent parts of the houe..,.,A
slfzht, common enough In the west but qtiite un
common here, was tcen on our ttreets a diy or
twu slnce a palr of oxen wlth t U in thelr muths
attached to check-reln ....Tbe frieuda of the
children ln Bethany Sabbath-chnnl wlll glve
them a slelgh ride Mouday, the 25th Instact
Chrl-tmas day and afterwnrda a supper at the
chapel. Tlie mu-lc ot the plino which wlll te
there v 111 add to the merriment lueparnble from
such occasions....tCaKhler J. C. Iloughton last
Siturnay rereived a letter froin llon. Julin A
I'age from Kansis Clty, Mhsourl, where the
Ratraond excursion had iuot arrlved. Ihe whole
party were in excellent liealthand splrlta.
Thr follon ine nccount of the recent sale of the
Middlebury Iterjistcr, bich we find in the Free
i'rest, mentions sevcral who were oncn engaged
in lournalWm In Montpelier and others well
knnwn ln the state. Wo copy the itein entire:
'The sale oi the Jteaister last week wlll prnbab v
mark the beginning of n new et och in Middlebury
ouroaiini. ine men iniowntse )OHBesfinnt it
s understood. the naner has raBed are ex-Gover-
Lor John W. Stewart. Odoiif-1 L. E. Knaon. Col
onel Joseph Battell and Mr, D.ivid Smlth of Fer-
riourgt). wno was one oi tne roortgage noidera.
Colonel Knai n wa formerlv nrotirletor nnd the
editor of the lieyister. The Ilegteter, it is be
lleved, will now be such a good paper as the town
and county wlll be willlng and glad to support.
The paper was started over fitty-one ytara ngo
unaer ine name oi ine merican. unuer vanoua
names and mansgement lt continued lu ezlstence
until about thltty-three years ago, when the name
was changed to the MlddUbury fieyister, which
name it ha ever slnce retalned, Duilng its ei
ltence seeral newppjper men have gone f orth
from Middlebury to seek fur fortunes, and some
of them have gained both farae and fortune in
otlier Ftites Amnng these may bo mentloned
Uliver Johnson, who came here from Peacham.
and who traditlon sava was some what inclined to
be mzy and conceited durlng hU Middlebury Ilie
Another ls Wilbur F, Storey of the Chlcago 7'ime$,
who waa born la Salisbury and learned ttie
prlnter'a trade in Middlebury. Mr Storey was
(Mor enough when he left here, but be lnip ened
to gointo Chlcago when the clty was young and
growlng, and he now haa all the utonev a man
can use. Elam R, Jewttt of BufUlo, N. Y , la
another. Mr. Jewett removed from Middlebury
to BufTalo, bought out ln succession and mottly
on credit two moribund dally papers, unlted
them, and after a hard struggle made hls ventute
a success. Mr, Jewett was a pet ot the Fillmore
aduitnltratlon and dld alargeamount of printlng
for the government. He Is now wealthy and
livea In Buffalo, ret-tlng on hls laurels. Another
U J II. Birrttt, who wss nt one tlme commls
fdoner of peminna. Mr. Barrett and three others
foundod ihe Clncinnati Chronicle, and the four
aiterward4 purchased the Clncinnati limes, pay
lng 8400,000 for the property, which theyafter
waidi Bo'd out at a handsome advance. Among
the younger genetatlon of newspaer men whom
Middlebury has sent out are Charles M, Prynne,
v. v. itny nna uarry n uorr oi tne apnngneia
Hepublican stsft, The three last named are not
natlves of Middlebury, but recelved theireduca
tlon here. Theveteran Middlebury lournalUt U
Juftus Cobb, editor of the Addison County
Journal, Mr. Cobb ba been cmnected with
newspupers ln all capacitles, from derll up to
editor. almoFtcontlnuallv slnce the American wss
changtd to the I'eople's Vress in 183G."
Barre. Tlie wlnter term of Birre academv
commenced last week Monday with a promtne of
iuu anenaance. liiere are auout seventystu
dents up to the present tlme. .Goddsrd sem
Irnry opened laat Thursday for the wlnter term
with about the usual number ot students....
Tutsraton and Hutchlnsun ot Dartmouth and
Hslier of Burllnston colleee were at home
ThankFglvlng week. C. O. ThurBton ot Dirt-
moutn goes 10 u ivernui, ri 11., to uacn tne com
lng wlnter. Haverhill people may congratu'ata
themseles nn Becurlng the services of a gojd
teacher,,,. The wlnter term of the villsge bcuooI
commenced again last week Monday uuder tbe
old board ot teachers, which ia a guarantee of a
auccessful term..,.MIcah French, an old resident
of thN town and well known ln this sectlon, has
biught the ho'el property at Williamstown. He
removed there last weeK,.,J N. Kttcbum haa
puichHsed of A. B. Averill one of the new liounea
recently erected H the vlllage, paylng 82,000 for
the 88 ine, Mr, Ketchum Is foou to move to the
vtllage and leave hia son Cbarlie to carry on the
farm,,. .One of the large Iron rods acrosa the
hall gave way lat week Wednesdy afternoon.
lt fortunately occurred when there was no one in
the hall, so no one was hurt. There must have
been bad lt bappened when the hall was filled
with people... A M. Jackman has sold a bul'd
ln lot on Merchant street to K. L Smlth for
$500. Mr Smlth lutenda bulldlng there and com
lng to tho village to llve so as to be new hl
granlte shops. . . .The ticual yearly dance occurred
at Nathan Harringtou'a hall last Frlday evening.
Tbere were about flfty-five couples present and
a pleasant tlme ia reported,..Major H, C. Dane
of Boston gave the thlrd lecture lu the course at
the town hall Frlday evening. 111a Ircture waa
Hntened to w tn interest bv a larce audlence.. . .
There came near beiDg quite a fire lntheTlllage
near ttie aepot. uneoiu j jiuister s tenantson
Saturday morniog took up fome ashea and itlaced
them in a barre! in the basemeut. The barrel
caught fire and set the woodwork near ln a blaze,
butatlmely dlacovery and a few pallaofwater
sioppeu u.
MoKiiisvJLLK. A soclablo was held at Mtsa
May Nujes last Frlday evening. A large num
ber waa present and a good tlme was enjoyed,
, ...Ano:d gentteman by the rjame ot Cirbun,
who ha been living with Mr. N. II. Hale for sev
eral years, dled last Saturday nlsht, sired ninetv-
slz years acuool openfd lfin WtdnesdMy wlth
a sood number enrolled.....Theseveral Siubtth
sclipola buve voted to have a unlou Chrlstmas tree
attlie town ual!., ,,The Peak Blsteia repeated
thelr entertalnment at the town hall last Satur
day evfutngto a good house,,,, .The old folks
wlll slinw the young people on Wednesdav of
nexi v.eeK now uiey used to improve eacti snin
Ine moment. Tbe entertalnment ls eotten ud bv
the old people ezcluslvely, and will comdt of
BWiugliug, hetcheling and splnning llax, cardlng
and spinnlng wool, etc.....A meeilog of thn
Green Mountaln muslral assocUtlon was held
hereon Wednmlav evening last, the prestdent
Hon. George W. Ilendee preslJing, A. 0. Gates,
recurdlnir secretary. It wasdeclded that tlie next
conu-utlon of tlie asHoclatlon shsll be tol iea at
Swanton January 10th. 17th. 18th and lUih. A
good attendance ls expected. The musio to be
ued will be mostly new to tbe acsocifttlon and
will embrace antbems, part Honga and choruFes
by the ablest of modcrn ooinpoera beyldes lu
cludlug selectlons of ora'orlo aud oneratlo cho-
ruses uf such a c'amh as to be withlu the easy ex-
ecuiion oi average vocaiisia. t rof essor 11. a,
perklna of Chlcago Is t- be tbe dlrector.
WAUsnELD. Ainswurth PoU, Graud Army of
ine uepui'iio, vtiu jireseut a war arama entitied
" lue Oiu rlag, on tne eveumfc oi Decemuor
20ih and 21st, in the brlck church, 'Ihey wlll be
axHtfieu uy ur. aua airs, r, a. ujwhoi ppencer,
MasHHchuhetis.. ,, There laa cood deal of iuov
Ing about lu the village tbU wlnter, Wilbur
Juslln has moved into the tooma In the upper
part of Haatlngit' block, where Mrs Joillu wlll
cairy on tne miuiaery butlaesi. W. ti. lUtn
has moved Into the house vacated bv Joslln
Charlie Smlth hasguue to Waterbury, nnd Widow
John Hlues goes luto the houe he leavea. O-car
Mton muves irom Warren luto the tenement ln
the upper partof Moses Laug'a house.,,,, .Tliere
will l litertry exerclsea aud a Chrlstmas tree at
thn M' lhodUuhurdi, Mouday evetttng, Dttceiuber
2M1 G II. Llmore ls glvlug daucmg choola
Ht Lamb'it hall on Wtduefdiv evenluif of tnt-h
week J. B. Atherton bas tikeu tho lead iu
thla town in ralstog iiork, havlug nlaughtered a
pig the day lt waa elght months old that welghed
Williamstown Itnns
Tho MethodNt society decldea to have but one
preachlng servlce durlng the winter, servlco le-
(llnnlng nt 11.30 A, m. Orvllle Brlggs was recent
y elected superlntendent of the Sunday school.
....The Free Biptlst society bejlns again, on
Wednesdav evening of thla week, theserleanf
dally meeting that was Interruptod three weeks
ago by tho slcknessot Klder Dickey, and other
slcknesses. They earnestly deslre the help of any
And all others that have nmlndtowork, ..Rev,
Mr. McMlllAn of Barre occupled the Uongrega
tlonal putplt last Snnday on ezchange for tne
fiwt tlme. Hia sermon were very much llked,
andwehone he may come again, TheSibbath
school of thla society is About to add twenty or
more doliars' worth of booka to Its llbrary,., .
Mlcah French of Barre baa bought the Hlbbard
houe and moved Into It. He brlngs a wlfe, who,
we predlct, wlll make one ot the best ot land
ladlea, And we hnpe the house wlll be well
patronlzed. . . .The Wllllamatown llbrary assocIa
tlon held its tegular qnarterly meeting on Tues
day of thla week, Ihero were added to the
llbrary thlrty-three volumes. It la a aourcoof
sattsfactlon to see the Interest taken In thU
llbrary by lta sharpholders,,, Atbert Goodrtch
kllled An owl the other nlght that mBasured fivo
feet and thtos Inchet from tlp to tlp nf wlngs. It
waa taken to Chelsea, sold, and ntuffed....Mrs.
AlvAh Slinons U very feeb'e, And seematobe
growlng more so. She crosscd the llne of "three
score And ten" snme yfAra ngo..,. Wllllam Ful
som of liurnett, Wlsconsln, son of the late Knos
Foleom of Washington, hss been vlsittng his
brothers-ln-taw, Chauncey Lougee nnd OphirT
Martln,... Mhs Fannio Carleton, Rupsell JelTords
and Herman Burnham, of our voung people, have
returned fiom the west. ..Charles C, Barnca,
who has been canrassing fnrmapsln Vermont
and New York, left on Monday for North Caro
lina, expectlng to fanvana Id tlie south durlng the
wlnter. ...Charlle llaywood returned from cen
tral New Yoik last week, whlther be went as a
map cinvasser. ...Sorno of nur cltlcens nttend
thelecturo course At Birre and enjoy lt much,..
Amonar our early And pleasant recollectlons are
the eitorta ot Mr. and Mrs. Orcutt Ahbott tn
make thelr home pleasant for thelr children and
thelr children'a fiiendi, These elTorts have long
borne thelr frulta ln a verybappy home. Last
Thanksglvlng there was a "iinme-bringlng" of
all the members but one ot the family lncludlcg
a son-ln-law, Martln S. Adams ot South Royal
ton, one of tlie bulet And rheerlent of men, nnd
Mra. James S. Abbott. .George Blanchard has
begun hN work as a teicher of vocal roulc
rlasea. He bas a classln ICast Randolph,., .Mrs.
JamcH K. Lynde INtened by telephone one day
last week to the playlng of a piece of plano muclc
she had glven a Barre pupll a day or two before
and made pnggestlon as if she were tn the same
room with her. And yet hasn't Joseph Cook
told us slnce hia return frnm "Around the World"
that In the llgbt of comlng tHya Aaneewillbe
looked ujwn as a benlghted onet...iJ. Munme
Seaver haa sold the Dlckerman farm to his
brother-In-Iaw, George W. Bruce Orange
D!ckenon, who haa oneof the cleaneat farms in
town, wants to sell out, Two or three others of
the best farma in town are for sale becatme the
owners want to be free from the care of them.
Bradford. Last Sundav was mlaionary
day atthe Methodit church. The pastor preached
nimn the enhject of ml.isions and a collectlon was
Uken. Although the day was stormy, a good
audlence was present and a liberal collectlon
reported...,.A young ladles bencvolent socl ty
has been orgwfz d In connoc'lon with the Meth
odit church. The second meeting la held this
week wlth MIss SuIe Doty, 'Ihe yourg ladles
say that the prosnect U encouraglng..., ,.Rev, R
B. Fay of West Bradford bas been sick, and was
unable to preach the first Sibbath In the month
Ilis health U now sr much lmprovcd that he ls
able to restime hls duties..., .The winter term of
of the Bradford academy began Monday with a
good number of students In attendance Rev.
S W Dike lectured before the reform clnb on
the snbjpct of dlvorce Frlday evening ., ,,Mr. R.
M. Kent has been confined tn the house with
slckness for severat weeks, but Is nowreported bb
ontbegain We have two floe churchea and
two seztons to correspond. What la a fine
church without a competent sexton? " Chet."
and "Jes." know tho biislnesi and caunot be
bcat The goods at C. S. Stevens' store are to
be sold at anction, the snle commencing at noon
Thuridav And rontinulng until the stock is closed
ont The pop beer senson lata astonlHhingly
thlsyear. It la stlll drlvtng No profpect of a
lull ln the buFineBi durlng the cold westher of
theholidays. The Bradford loafer takea U pop
beortbevear round wlth unvarjlng regularlty.
At least the ezpress team goes laden with cases
nearly every day, and ot couiso nobody BelN
lager.,.,.It cann"t be that the above mentloned
tritific is the cause of the trilllng irregularitiea lu
tlie tower clock. Tbe ngltationi In the atmos
phere occaIon the trouble. A heavy wtnd for
tnelvehoura sometimes makea a dlfferenco of
five mlnutes at one tlme.
Brookfield. The new church waa dedlcated
Thur.-tday, the 7th Inst. The order ot the ezer
cises was ns follows: First, Blble prefcentatlon
from the Sabbath-fchool by J II. Sprsgne, re
sponse by Rev. D. Kilburn; second, Invocition
by Rev Mr, CorllBs; thlrd, reading ot the Scrlp
tures by Rev, A, Shepard; fourth, prayer by Rev,
D Kilburn; flfth. dedicition sermon by Rev,
Mr. Hardy ot Wet-t'Randolph. The exerclses were
interBpersed with anthems sultable for the ocra
Elon. Atthougb the day was stormy, the house
was well filled and the services very Impresslve.
The Blanchard family was present on that occa
slon. .. . A very pleasant company githered at Lu
ther Blanchard s Thankoglvluc day, to witnca
the marrlge of hls daughter, Mrs Celia M. Ben
edlct, tn WalterP. Hubbard, recently of Petalumi,
Sonoma county, California. , . .The newly wedded
couple on the followlng mornlng stirtea for New
Hampshireon thelr wtdding tour...,WUllara F.
Reed lost four head of cattle ln three daya last
week one by belng eored to death and three by
a diease called "Blackleg." ...The Ilelp and
Hope society wlll meet with Mrs. J. K. Sprague
Thursday, the 14th lntt....The school ln diftrict
No 7 commtnced last Monday, wlth C. C. Good
rtch aa teacher; ln dlstrict Nn. 10, Mfsi Grare
Dunham aa teacher; in Nn. 11, Ml-s Adell F.
Heath as teacher; lu No 12. MIss Nettie L Moul
ton as teaches; iu No. G, Mlss Onle 1 Conland ss
tetcher.. .. Ou account of the prolonged drouth,
water has falled at a good many barns in this
North Thetford. Our respected cltizen, C.
D. Dlmlck. nnd famllv left late last week for
thelr new hrme at Lyndonville wbere he has
been employed by the Paasumpslo rallway In
thcir shops for quite a long tlme. We can at
onc eee the ditTerence lt will make In our neigli
borhood and hls loss will be felt Our Sundav
school haa voted to have a Chrlstmas festlval, for
which we feel yery glad. The commlttee consists
of flx, three gentlemen and three Udlea, and
there Is no doubt but an excellent and Instructlve
time wlll follow Mra. Brock, who has boupht
the C. D. Diralck place on Brldge street, has
commenced movlue her coods from the farm.
uev. . a lt'Ud nnnouncea mat jtev. Mr. i-aui
from P st Mllls will snpply the pulplt here two
weens irom last btDiatn. mr. i hui nas preicuea
to us before and all wlll be elad to hear hlm
aealn ... .Rncer Howard. who very lately re
turned irom tiOHtnn, ia agiin in mat vicimty ior
the purpoce oi purcnasiug n " nearse mr tne
town of Thetford.. ....The Paumpsic rallroad
has completed the depot and shed4 at Kaxt Thet
ford makine a verv cood pet of bulldinet
Thetford academy opens the wlnter term with a
very good attendance. The fall term closed wlth
much better success tban could be expected, At
the trustee meeting they vitedtoput new seats
and deks lu the lower rooms a long-lookdfor
Improvement,. ...,A slnglng-school ts on loot to
improve tne winter evenings.
Nkwbcby Messrs. Greer and Klmball killed
over Iz bundred Bheen last week and sent
them to market The Montebello prop
erty, rormeny neia ty uev. wiuiam uiartc, uas
passed Into the lOHsecslou of Mr, Joseph Atkln
son under a mortgage of 8,000. Mr. Atklnson
h&i formed a hotel company and bad the com
nanv chartered for a hotel at the last ieglslature.
. ... Ihe babbatb-school of the Methodiwt church
have voted to have a Chrlstmas treeon Chrlstmas
eve The wlnter term at the seminary com
menced the 5th inst. with a good attendance
Mr. II II. Demlog and wlfe of Moutpellpr were
vlelting lu town last week Dr. S, K. Darling
and lamuv will spena unristmas witn tneir
frienda In Woodstock, ,. ,Mlss Relle rarnhamof
Burke ls aFsistinz ln teichlDe at the seminary
tnia winter term. , ..mr. ana mrs, unarue uem
lnff of Lowell. Maas . are vhsltinz friends in town.
.... Water Is very low In atreams. Sprlngs are
falllng Ad unle-s we have raln soon our village
wlllbealmost destltute of water.. ...The depot
and Btore house near by have been recently
palnted, wblch adda very much to thelr appear
ance MUs Hattie Keyea ls golng west noon to
spena tne winter.
Wfht Randolph. Iheclrcular conference ot
churthes met wlth Braintree hill church on fues
day ., .Mlsa Sarah Wheatlev. teacher at SnrloGr-
neid, vermont, naa oeen vidticg in tnia vtcinity
. ...There la auite a strlfe between the to bauda.
The new band wlll play at the ladles oyster sup
per inursaay nignt...,Mngingscnooi naa opened
very llitterlngly, There ls a large attendance
witu raucu interest snown, aa ia uouauy tne caxe,
Ourchoirs, which should be the most inteto-ted,
are consilcuous bv thelr absence Albert
Salisbury hss retunifd from New York. Stlis-
bury Brothers are dolng a fine buslness In thelr
isctory ana woik iuu ume auuoois uegsn
Monday with an lncre-ised attendance of non-
resldent pupils. Mlss Kmma Sinlth haa charge
oi the mlmary school. MIa Maeirte bmlth tak
Inz a much tieeded vaciitlou. bho wlll return
in the sprlng.. ,, ,,A, II. Beedle Iai been on the
sick litit ,,,.Mrs. Dr. Uphatn haa beeu to Boston
mr treaiment oi ner eycs, stie ueing neariy onnd
The doctors there fear there Is bo lielp for her
Shehaa the heartv Bvmoathv of the entire com-
munlty.....FozeB are plenty aud hunters rejwtt
lota oi lun.
llANDOLril. B. G. Mclotvre his advertised to
Bell hls large farm of 188 ttcres, nttua'eJ ouemlle
aud a hHlf south of the tlllao, togeihfr with hls
crop-, ttock, tools, etc, publlo auctlon, Thurs
day the 14th lntint. The sale wlll rommence
promptly at nlne o'clock a, M,.,.,The village
schtMil opened Mundav of lat week. Mis Nellie
O. Mead Is again teacher Jacob Onutt and
hU son, V N. Orcutt, will soon move to at A
twus. Mr. Orcutt wlll have charce of Hun, J
Gregory Smith's large farm, and his s n will have
charge of the stock MlraJennle M. Welch ls
teuchlng In district No. U ,,, D. t Averill, I-q
of Northfield delivered a weil wrltten aud iu-
structlve addroits lu Normal Hall last Thursday
evenlni!. HU aubject waa "Some of tbe com
mon evlla that alltlct tho community and how re-
Oiunok Gejrge CruckHt, Methodlst, has been
engagtd to auppty uq pulplt ul tho uougiea
tioual sucletv for a shoit time Kdmund K,
Noves is dsnuerouslv sick. and lt 14 itmttA he
may not recuver.,...StolU Waterman haa re
turned tj acuool at Barre Actdemy acconijanled
bv her brother Sabln. . . .Mis. Mumpm L'louuh. an
aged lady, died of pnenmouU at the recmeuce
oi ner uauguier, mts, iiomer i, Lntup, on oaiur
day morulug last, at three o'clock, Ihe funeral
took place ut the huut ou Monday at ten o'clock
a, m.( uey, mr. Miuuieioi jurre omciaung.
South Royalton. George Bizby and Charlea
Shepard have opened a roller katlog rlnk lu
ia'l'arbeU's Hall George D)dge ls to work ln
the depot for Mr. Haynes... Clurles W. Smlth
u( Tuubridge car red a large number of fat shoep,
uows aud calves thla week,. . ..)au June-4 fold at
auctlon ou the street, Monday, the old Irou that
came out uf the long bridge, . . .Mrs. Rutti Foster,
daughter of D. W. Cowdeiy, ia vUltlug her folks.
The South Royalton drsmatlo club U to pre
sent Nelghbor Jackwuod and Two Orphana,
Borton. Hon. .Trutnh fl. Btirtnndted Atbla re-
sldcnce In Rupert, recently, Aged seventy-two
years, Mr. Bnrton was all hia actlvellfe a proml
nent clltaAn of hls natlve town, and of that seo
tton nt Bennlnirton cnnntv. He was of hltth
standlng among the Odd Fellows, havlng been
grand master and grand reproentatlve, in the
Grand Lodge of the Unlted States. He had fre
quently repreaented Rupert In the leglalature, and
wKs senator tor two terms.
Prehton. Dleit ln Dnvhurv. November 27th.
of consumptlon, Mrs. Jnlla Ann Preston, aged
twcnty-eeven years, daughter of Dolly and Ira
?rnK"e. jn ino nelin oi airs. rresion, iuzDury
not only Iopos one of lts most estlmable women,
but a home ln ro1)hrr1 nf a mnch lovnrt rlantrhter.
andAhitsband bereft of a most amlable and de
voted wlfe, Pure ln character, lovable In nature,
Amlable to dl'posltlon, and ChrUtlan In all her
wavs, she leaves a large ctrcle of f rlends to mouro
her loss.
METCAt.F A. D. Metcatf of Northfield dled
suddenly at hls home In that village last Sunday
mornlng. A week or ten days ngo ht went to
uiover, and wnfie there indtrationa ot insantty
were verv Rharntv dpvnloi fld. 11s npffotlated for
the purcbase ol twoor three farma, nnd blred n
man in woik ior nim lor ten years. ne uecame
so Ylolent tlint twn tnpn wprrt rpnulrfd tti rentrnln
hlm, nnd In this rondltlon he waa brought home
last Thursdsy. IIo was raving crazy and qulie
tmcontrollable from that tlme to the moment of
hls sudden death. It Is a very sad case, and the
sympathles of the cnmmunlty are warmly excited
in behalf of hU survlvlng relatlves.
CoPKLANn Mpv. IlivM PnlAni1. D. T).. who
dled recently at Royalton, waa born ln Braintree,
t, uec. zi, iku, iie was son ot uieiaieiiftv,
FImund Coofland nf tha Vermont Mfthodlnt
C-inference and waa grnduated from Wesleyan
Unlverdty In 18.15 He engaged ns prlncinal of
the Monroe academy, Henrletta, N, Y., durlng
the same year and In 1850 ns teacher ot naturnl
sclenrennd mathematlca In Fulley aemlnary, Ful
ton, N. Y. He jolncd the Genessee confercnce ln
18S8, nnd was then appolnted prlncipit of the
SptlngfWd academy, now the GtlflUh Institute,
X Y. In 1805 he was elected presldent of the
HillsloroFeinale Colleee. Ohio. and In 1872 aa-
sumed tho posltlon of ptinclpnl of the Wyomlng
seminary, klngiton, Penn. Hls mother resides
ln Barre, nnd a brother iu Lyndonville ls tbe
only aurvivor of a family of seven chUdren,
West TorsiiAM Svlventer Meiker And famllv
hAve moved Intn the tenement over the Cunnlng
ham store which F. P. Cunnlngham vacated... .
llon. R. M. Bltl isauiteslckpcaln with hia old
dlflletitty. ., .There atesnme slgna of an approach
ing unritmas as tne subscrlptlrin papers begin tn
make thelr appearance. . . .Tlie l earlng of the
case R. M. Bllt et al. ys Jamea Dickey, which
wnstobeatR M. Harvey's rfMce last Saturday
before Hon. N. L. Uoyden, referee, was continued
until Fridav nf tbla week... School commenced
In village dlstrtct latt Mnndav with same teacher
aa tangh1 Insummerand fall. ,. .There la a grent
scArcItyof water, some farraora havlng to drive
ineir storK a long aistance ior water... .ine
family of the late Knoch Bsgley have moved Into
the house wlth Mrs. Sanborn, mother of Mr.
Bagley. .. .The merchanta liere are havlng a good
trade, thelr teams cah hardly supply the demand
for flour, feed, etc, as fat nslt is wanted.
Foit nne dlme cet a tiack.itre of Dlamond
Dves at the drueeM's. Thev color anvthlnc the
slmplest and most deslrable colora.
J. W. Maloney, a resnected lawyer of Scran-
ton, IVnn , has been arrested, charged wlth for
gery for $1,000.
Makino Short Wohk of It In the Bietre of
Trov Apollo encouraged the Trojms to be vallant
ngaimt the Greeks by saylne: "The mlghty
AchUIos does not fight to-day." It would seem
ns lf Dtnth had beeu blddlng diaae to make Its
greatest lnroHds upm men by saylng: " IlnntV
uemeay h out oi tne maraet. mit tne i roj tns
found tn thelr cost that the mlghty Achllles came
to the fleld, slew thelr greitest champion", nnd
made short work of the bnttle. And Httnt's Rem
edy, as an Achlllea ngainst kldney and llver dlp
eaes, 1 as taken the fietd, aud is maklng short
worKoi au sucn aiimenta. liundreds oi terti
mouials from all auarters are comina tn as to the
mlght of this champlon medicine. Not Biirer was
the sword of Achllles than ls this powerful yet
peaceful remedy in battlo form, as it wagea war
agalnst dtopsy, urinary and kldcey complalnts,
and overcomea It Is vtle to call in lta ald.
nsiness otkes.
" Rocoh on Rats." Ask drufireists for It. Clears
out rats, mlce, roaches, bcd-bugs, skunka. IS ctB.
A fountain pen that alwavs wrltos and nevtr
leaks." that makes a f ilr. nlsln Hre. and never
blackens the fineers, and that, once filled, can be
nsed for davs without change, avoidlng all the
botherand interrnptlon of reachlng over to tbe
lokxtand for a fresh din every two mlnutes. that
cin be rarrled lu the pocket, and is as haudy for
use, and as neat as a lead pencil, and that wrltcs
on any paper however thin or soft; such a pen
Is worth havlng. And sttch a pen ls the " Stylo
gnrMc iVn." This we know from personal use.
Editor Chlcago Advance.
Notiiino bullds un shnttered constltutlona bo
qulckly as Brown's Iron Bitters.
Mcch dlstress and slckness attrlbuted to dyB
lepwla nnd chronlc dlarrhcea Is occasloned by
lumor ln the atomach. Hood's SarsaDarllla is
the remedy.
Ser "Blrd" advertlnement: cret Holden's Bird
Book; food, care, diseaaes. breedine. Ile haa ex-
tra Bingera,
An ExrLANATiON. The dellcate. flowerv and
laHliig fragrmce of Floreston Culonne explalns
why lt is such a favorlte wlth the ladles.
When bables cry, sjme say they bawl
Not so; but 'tls thelr way to call
For Brown's Teetblng Cordlal.
" BucnurAiriA." Qulck. comolete cnre. all an-
noying kldney diseaaes. $1 at drugglsts.
Don't walt until vour are sick. but buv nmo a
bottle of N, K, Brown's Isenco Jamaica Glnger,
which la pure, strong and reliable.
Wistar'b Balsam of Wild Ciierry curea
coughs, colda, bronchltis, w-hooping cough, croup,
intluenza, consumptlon, and all dlseaoa ot the
throat, lungs and chest. Flf ty cents and Sl a bottle.
Marsttall Hall's readr method In drownlncr
aa to what to do and how to do it, will be found
in Dr. K'tufmann's Medlcal Work; fine colored
plate from life. Send twn 3-cent stamps to pay
po4tage to A. P. Ordway & Co., Boston, Mass.,
and recelve a copy free.
Angi.va I'Ecioitis rheumatUm or neuralela of
tue utatt la a strictiy nervons aieae. lt begtna
wlth a aensatlon of pain and constrlctlon lu the
reglon of the heart, accornp'inled wlth moreor
les tnio and numbnes ln the left arra. For no
other dit-etse ot the heart la Dr. Graves' Heait
Regulator better ndatited, and a test of its reme-
aiai propertiea wiii snow linmeaiate re.uits.
That weak back or talu ln the tdde or hlns vou
wlll find Irnmedlately relieved when n Hon flasttr
Is applied. It strengthena the musclea, givlug
tue aumty to ao nara wom wuuout euuering.
Take none but thla, 'tls snre.
A Loss Pkevfnted. Many lose thelr beauty
from the halr falllng or fadlng. Parker's Halr
Balsam supplles necessary nourlshment, prevents
laiiingaud gruyness adu is an ezceiient uressing,
Pehuvian Syhlt curea dysjiepsla, general de
billtv. llver cnroulalnt. bolla. bnmora. chronlc
dltrrhea, nervous affectlons, female complalnts
and au dtseasesarising in a bad state oi tne biood,
Notiiino ls so reliable as Ayer's Cherry I'ec
toral for colds, coughs, tn fdiort, for any and all
derangements of tbe resjilratory orgaus, which
tend towards consumutloa. Iu all ordlnary cases
it ls a certalucure, and It aCFords sure rellef for
astumaana cousumption, even in aavancea stages.
Skinny Men. "Wells Ilealth Itenewer" re
stores health aud rlgor, curea dyspepala, 81.
Puny, weik, and slckly children are made
neaitby aud strong uy uaing urown a iron uitters.
A Bia SucCFiis. "My wlfe was in bed two
years wlth a compiication oi dlsorders Jierpnysi
clans could not cure. when I was led to trv Patk-
er'a Glnger Tunlc- It was a big success. Three
bottlfi cured her. atacont of a dollar and tifty
cents, and she Is now as strong asany woman.
" Tkied nud true,M ls sald of Ur. Graves Ileart
Regulator as a cure fur heart dUease. Phyelclans
recummend it, nnd without doubt lt ls tlie only
known remedy. lf aflected with heart dNeaseln
any form, don't fall of givlng lt a tilal. lt ls pre
scribed for all forms of the diteate ln young or
old, Send f or a f ree ramjihlet to F. h. lugatls,
Concord, N. II. l'rlco tlfty ceuts aud one dollar
per boltlo. For sale by drugghU,
That old cstahllxhed remedy, DownV Kliiir,
sllU more tban holda Its own ln the publlo eatl
matiou, deitte sharp and nctlve competitlon,
It is a "home remedy, and ln thla locality uecds
no words ot praUe from us, so well and favorabty
known ls it. It is the etandard remedy for
coughs, co'ds and all throat troubtes, with great
numbers of our people, and thelr routlnued use
aud uusnllcited recummetidatlou ot it xiteaks voU
nmes In i's favor, iiitrlington, Vt , Vee J'rets,
January 20, 1883.
IIuman Blood. Oq the purlty and vltality of
the blood depend ttie vigur and health of the
whole system, IHease of varioua klnds is often
only the afga that nature ls trvlng to reinove the
dlnturblng caune. A remedy that glves life aud
vlgor to the blood, eradlcates scrofula aud other
impuritlcs from lt, as Hood's SarsapaiillA un.
doubtidly docs, must be the ineans of preveutlog
many diseases that would occur without IU use,
Sald by dealers,
Why Should TnfcY,Nu man or woman can
do satUfsctory work wheu the bmin ls duU, the
nerves uunteady, the system relaied and they
lebl generally wretched, Why should' auybody
drag througti thelr work tn tbls comlltloii when a
bottle of Parker's Glnger I'unlo vtlll at mndorate
cost glve them the etrt-rgth and wlll to perform
thelr duties satlsfactorily. Kd,
Old Winter has cume Vilth hls great white
cloak, and hls rolsterlug son, Jack Frust, ls creeiw
Inglnat every crevlce, even Into our s)tem,
aud sovi Ing seeds of death. U not ueglect a cold
ur cough for one day even, for it may be too late.
Ur. N, 0. Whltb's 1'ulmonary Kliiir la for sale by
all dealers In medicine, aud should be on tlie
medlclue shelf of every family ; and usedasdU
rected, bas already saved thousandsot llvfs, and
will yet save thousauds more,
One of tho Itrlghtest Channs
Of a fair face U a llne set of tectli, The lAdles
belng fu'ly ullve to thts fact, itroulxe bU.O
UONT in preference ti any otlier deutlfrlce, luco
tbey kuuw by eiperlence that It precterves llke no
otlier the prUtiue whltenFss aud cleanllnes of
tlie teeth, and makea a naturally sweet breath
uddltl nally fragrant. It U one of the prlvilfge
ul the beaux sex to lo k lovely aud that protf
tlon ot It v. liich uses SOZODON r, has learued that
the artlclecoutrlbutes ln no small dcgree to the
end In vlew. AU drugglsts sell lt.
liescned from Deftth
Wllllam J, Coughlln, of Somervllle, Mass., aaya l
In the fall of 1870 1 waa taken wlth hlkkdinci of
thk Limofl followed by a severe congli, I lost my
Appetlte and flenh, and was conflned to my bed,
In 1877 I wns Admltted to the HospltAl, The
doctors sald I had a hote In my lungs as big as a
hatf dollAr, At one time areport went Around
that I waa dead. I gave up hope, but a frlend totd
THK LUNGS. I got a bottle, when to my stir
prise I commenced to feel better, And to-day I
feel better than for three yeara past. I wrlte this
hoplng every one afilicted witn dlseaaed lungs
be convlnced that oonsumition can hkcured, I
can iN)sltlvelr say lt hAa dnne moro good than all
theother medlclnesl hAvn uken slnce my slckness.
How Clilldron Hnd "Fnn,"
On a summer dAy, they went to phy,
D-twn the roid to Doacnn Jones tiasture,
Dlck cllmbed the tree, VIc looked so gay;
The bours werespent tn fun and laughter.
Tliat nlght thono yotingsters yelled wlth paln,
Yes, t''fi funny Dfck and Vlctorla;
The grfpps were nt the green apple klnd,
Butqtilckly cured by Cnstorln
What a pltv that an mmy ntherwlie attractlve,
polite and jtartWilar people sfillct thelr friends by
the foul Aiid dNngreeable ndor of thelr breath; it
Is mninly caused by dlsnrdered dlgestlon And can
becorrectrd by removlnarthe cauep, by tiIng that
pure mcdlclno.Snlphur Blttcrs. Health Magazine.
In Tmrtl, Nor, 29, TI10MAS PATTERSON SD(1 MAT
tn t. Johnt.nir, Nov. 30, MILO B. SPAULDINO and
EDNA h. WhtKS,
ln llurton T,nllng, Nov. 23, D. W. HlLDRtTlt and
Mrs. hTTA FL1.NT.
In Ht Jhni.htir, Nov, 29, FRANK L, KASPALL and
In fntni-T, It. 6, FRANK A, CORV snd L1LLA E.
WOOD, loibof I'nlticy.
tn f'honir,Nov.3ft, Lt.OYD A.VEAZET sndMART E,
POWLKH, both of Chester.
In Newiwrt, Not. 27, UARY ilORQAN nd MYRA
IlKOWN.bothof Newiwrt.
In Patton, Not. 30. FltANK W. I1ERRY and M, ELLA
KAHTM AN, both of Lyndon.
tn Lin.ton. Nov. 28. 1NIKL DAVIS and A. ETTA
NlCKKHSON.bothof Kirby,
In nplliol, No, 21, N ELSON T. LATI1AM of Barre and
EUNIL'EK. 1'lKKbt lUmard.
In liiilwi. Nov. 21, WJLL1AM PETKH9 and ilrn. MARY
J. F. TAI'I.IN, txjth of ChelsHH,
Ti Kt. Alhins, Nny.n FRE1 8. ULI39 and MARY A.
CLKVf LANU, Doth ot U orgta.
In St Allwn. Not. 2t, ARTIIUR CIIURC1I and UZZtE
CAM I'lttLL, bolh ot at. Albann.
tn lliukc, Not 30,(JEOItOB N. TENNEY of Albnysnd
JENNIE L ItUWMAN of liuike.
ln ItoTalton, Not. 21. WARREN C. MARDEN and NEL
LIE CULUMHIA, botti ot Royalton.
ln Nlanrt Pnn1, Not.31, HOS II.ORAYor nurko and
LUCY A. IIOFFMAN of Wtieelotk.
In MorrlnvlHe Not. 30, FHEt) LINCOLN ORAY of
L'HUIaand IDA V. liri'8of Wolcott,
In St. AH.ana.Nov.2, (lEOROE W. CLKVELAND and
LILMAN E. ADKLL.Ioihof Omrglfl,
Iti IlPTkMjlro.NoT. H, FRVNK E.THOMASof Ilerkihlre
and J EN M E OL 11 S 1 1 A I) of Franklin.
In rfMbAtn, Nov. 31.JOI1N K.GRAHAM of reacham
and 8 MtAtt E. 1 1IAV LK oi Monroe, N. II.
ln tiullow, Not.20, byHeT. E. fnow, FRF.U F, WOOD
and I.LCY E. 1IHINN, both of Rockingham.
In MI-Mlfburv.Dw. S.RIMtNKItt) lt. LANE of Corn.
wrtll and C'LA ItA E. 8 1 OWK of .Middlebury.
ln Tunbrl.lifP. Nov. 21. REURFItT C. HI'AULDINa of
Royalton and C'LA ItA E, HL'NT rf Tunbridge.
In St. Jnlintbnrv. Nor. 24. WILLIAM O.L1 VF.It and
CL tt V t'AH O.N V L'ER, biAh of Ht. JohiiaLury.
InMiddlpbiirT.TW. 6. II. M. rARKKR of MlnneapollB,
Mlnn , and JULU DOL'ULAHof Middlebury.
In CambrliliiPiwrl.Nov.OT.MAKTIN E. SEVERESS of
Haxton'ri Itlvtrnud 1)0 liA YtuuLLEY of Orafton.
In HpUowb Fall.IfC. 4.OE0K0E W. WIIITCOMH of
RoUlnghAin and LULA A. ILDEK of Martl oro, N. II.
In rharlMlon. Nov. 23. WILIIE E. 1tOllIN'4rw of
ChartpMonand tlRACE C. WlLLoL'UIIItYof lilund I'ond.
In Hardwick. Vov. 30. bT Rbv. W. C. Riblnnon. REAU.
MAN (. IIOG bltl ot Cbot and JENME L. TIIOMA8 of
In Kt ILindnlnh. Vov.M. WIT.LARn n. PRITniARn
of Waterbury, Conn , and JULIA F. IIOLUEN of hat
LKVI A. nol'nFlTONof WmlnMer, Matw ,'and ELLEf
SLM.hY ot trllnsbin. Atno, hr tlie mnie. ADUISOJT
amjkcw ana iu v ai. ivakm.k, toin or Arlington
In trtrkfdoro, Oct ft.by Rpt.J. W. Hnmtn. VERRY L.
IIALLOHK nnd HA ItA II K1MHALL. ttoth of 9tnrklrf:
iKjlhof strkPt'oroi Not. 28, LoYAL J. RROWN -nd ANN
J. LAMll.hnlhof SlaikatiorotNoT.29 LMER A.W LLLR
and MAftTIIA J. Ith H"EY, tKth .f IUiifiilni.Rhj Dec.fi.
CHi ION V. FL'LLEK and LFF1E II. TYLKK, both of
lW M lf 1 HI1I.II1AYS
Evcrything new and dcsirable in Dry and Fancy Goods
suitaule lor
Laiies' ai Chilflren's
In all tho best styles,
Black and Colored Silks, Satins,
Vclvets, I'lushes nnd Wool Drcss
at lower pnces than
In ereat variety. Einbroidored
nnd lmnilsoine stylcs. Voo Blankcts at greatly rednced priccs.
Ladics' mul Cliildren's Jackets.
Iloods, Ilosiery, Gloves, Mittens and Lcggins. Elegant Lnce
uoods in all the new
Silk & Linen
In lnrger assortrnent than over belbre, nnd n lull line of
Collars, Ties nnd Fiehus.
Table Covers, ITapkins, Towels, &c., &c.
KSCall early and cxnmiuo these goods, and select
u uhcJ'uI present for your friends.
State Street,
WII.I. oonvlmeTyou tbat HVUUI' (IF TAH ta a
Ornat Iteumly, 1'rloa llfly cnta aud uiie
ititllar wr botllw. fct-BI
Millineryat Oost!
I wlh to annminite to the peopla of Waterbury and
vlclulty ttut ( bave m large BMorlmeutof
Ladics' Hats and Bonncts
to Fur tleaver, Vtt, l'luh anl Velvet, and alw a few
Hoy' 11 au ttnd Tapa. which I wttt ae'l o( eoit tor tha next
thlrty dayi. 1 alo t flur, at a ffrtat rtJuctivn, my totk of
Flowers, Feathors, Long Plumes,
Pancy Illrda and Wln(i. French, Hnanlh and Qermaa
lilbtMMia, YeWeta, .luih, Hallni, rlei. A lull llue
or DrcRa and Cloak Ituttona, Zephyr Worilod. L'otUm aud
Wuol Canvax, tc. I'ltttern a' oua-half Ihe regular piWa.
You wlll fliid It for your lotereat to wlt and examtn the
, ticf nt,
li. K. BQOWK'S
25! 501
H. K. B.OWN, P,np Bufll.m... vt
thn Wlerlurv Natloual Itank. for Ihe rhulo ot dliM.
lora fur the emulug var,lll be beld at aald llank, lu
Cl'HIH Ul.LLS, Caabler,
Waterbury, Yl tcuiber,.J. 74-77
ln C.bol, TK. t. OKOROB BI.KRET.n, 91.
In Omitfr, m, 8, Mtl. MOIKS Cl.OfOII.
In Tovmlimil, Dn. I, rOKTK!KlAl.R,7).
In ll.rlon.DM. I, wlt.l.lAM nl(AVr.K,71.
I n C.mbr l!, Not. 80, JA M ER A Ul F.II, 13.
In r.r.flon, Not. lf, I'ZRA T. WALKER, M.
In Wllllmlon,Nor.J!,JOIIN COLIIV.M.
In Ilnrllnmon, Dco. t. I'l ERRE VINCENT, 71.
In 1'Minmp.lc, HA1IOARET (IALIIHA1TII,71.
In V.rstinnw, I)m. 1, Mn. HIIIAM AIIAM S, 77.
In I.tiillow, Not. 31, Mra. AIIIAI. RUX1E.L,I.
In T.IUTlll., ttn. 1, Mt. EMII.T CELLKY, 71.
In Norwich, !ra, 1, Mrs. I.EVI t. l'ARKER.IQ,
In WMt Concord, Not, 21, A ARON OLCOTT, BO.
In Clarendon, Dee. 10, IIARVEY CIIArMAU, 79.
ln Wolcott, Heo. 3, Mra. POLLY IIUTC1I1N9, 14.
tn Wnt Imbj, Not, 10, Mra. I'ROCTOR CIAY, 41.
tn Woodstock, I.0. 1, OEOROE IIRAIlFORI), (9,
In Ilurllnnlon, teo. S, KI.LK.V A. II A9KLTOX, M.
ln IlnrlltiKton, IMX. S, Mra. M1I.F.H A, KVAUTS, Jl.
In Orafton, llce. t, Mra. CAROLINE 11. AIKEN.TT.
ln Rochcttfr, Not, 29, Mra. ADEL1NE 8A.RGENT, U.
ln Mctndora IM. I, CIIARLE4 W, rilKNCIl, 10.
Inllelloxa Falla, Not. 10, CATI1ERINKU. IIRYAN.20.
ln Londonderry, Ko, 11, Mra. I.fCIMlA KURHEE.e.
ln Fairfax, Not.10, MlaaBALLY RTARKWEATIIER, 0.
In St. Jolinaunrjr, I)ec. 2, Mra. A9A H. MVINCHTON, 41.
Inllarmton. P.O.. Sov.lO.JOIIS LlVIXOSTOSof Co-
entry, M.
In Wrat Cnitrieiton, NOT, 12, Mra. RACIIEL E. GAR
I.ASII, 79.
In rnrtland. t)w-. 1. TIIOMAH A. FI.EETWOOt). for T
leara aalatAnt poRtmaater nt Ht, Johnatiurr, 49.
In Hardwick, Dee. 8, Al'OfqTA E.,wlfaof Jamea Kelao,
and dmigtiter of HarTr? and Marv Ilancroft, 12,
In ClKlm, Ieo. 10, IlfOH VINTON, onljt eliltd of IVIJ.
land 1,. and I annle E, riargent, 4 roootba and 5 da.a.
In lan nernard'no, Cal., IH'C. I, F.LI.F.V FRASCE4
I1ALK, daiiKliterof IteT.J.O. Ilale.lataof ftowe, 14.
Vermont Markcts.
VKRflENNFS. Rntt-r.2Hffi!I7p. artd 2Sa for aHfrtlonn
egit.aoci applrfl, IJl'tiS D0 liaT,($H straw, $1,
MONTrFLIr R. Tliere waa 1 tt or no ehartire ln tlie
bntler nmrrtet from thi t.m'vIoub week. Uood luter but
ter waa aold at about 2V3 Tfl nound.
niHIIMnNIl. Ilnttfr w ftrmpr. Salp -weTfi mndnat
71lp for frMh-mi'tei 2(tu for criolpei 230 for Octo-
Itoston Troduco nnd l'rovlsion Mnrkot.
F.firm. Frfh pimtirii W at VChilUt. snrl Vermont.
Nw York and nortliern at 3(Q3to V doxen. The maiket U
flrmer than Unt eek.
rOTATOF.". Th dfrnaml haa teen only fair, andtb
acconlliig to quality,
IlKANfl. Thfldeniitnd haa been moder&tc. hand-nlcknl
P Imiii racUlrii t llRWM. aciwrllnii In nnnllt. 1m.
provcd Yellow Kyea at S3 2U3 25, and Ked Kldueya at 1Q
i2AW buabel.
CIIEI'.SE. Tha market baa ixrn attlte. ann holneri
sre tlli flrm. We qnota cholre new northfrn factory at
lltKia'r-.cholco wetern factorr at I2kft)13c, fair to Kood
at iu5ll;c, wlth common st f9c Tfi Ib, accordlng to
nurTEK The market nai rn ed au et and rteadr for
freh-mad" creamerlwt, and tha recent advanca la intu
Uln-xt W qnote cholce frenh-mle neatern creamerlts
atS'ilSi, nrtrihern crenniertea at ih&Vc, pummf'r cream
t at yiiSiJSIf, tholM New Yotk and Vermont fall dnlrf at
203JC, flnn Frankitn rounty (Vermont) rinlry at KOS.'V.
Ioiik dalrlpa at 232, coniniOD at 20i2c, ctiolrtt frmh
y,e tern dalrjrat 2J4iiV. ihotce frerli inrtnrv at Itftttc,
coinuion to good at lbQHc, and bakera' at Illbc, Q.
Mvo Htock Mftrket.
Tha followtrjK ls a teloffrapblfl report of tho Uto itocK
market at Watertown and Brlithton tor the wenk endltnr
IneadAt'. December li. lSM t
At market thla week 2.1M
laM week 2.3'
" " one yoar Kfto.,. 2,417
Bhttp, Htyi. I'alf.
11 119 16.243 21
I3.4M Itt.lH 2V
6,283 16 211 Ul
PRICEH.-Eitra fatandheftTT premlara oxen, 9 0009 30
Bret qualttr, IT 50 1 rerond qnaltir, 15.2386 ?3i llitrd
qaalltr.ll lwS OOperlW) ttion totalweleht or htde, tallo
and dreaacd leer. A few rholce iIdbIb ralra, 1 00ft 00.
HqUr. etc., f l.2B0.0O. Worklnit oien, $10li2V W palr, or
arwordlntt to thelr valne aa beef. Hteera, 73$t0u. Wllch
cowa,f.0.0DQ39.0l)t eztra (tood, 0U('9.(H), Ubor wlth'
ont calTM, aa tnay lieatrreed, farrow and ordlnary, $16 o fl
301-1. Htorea, Tearllnira, 9 ihi20 COi two-TKar-old
33.C0 t three-yearolda. 2Mx43 0(1. Hherp, 2HOtc;
etra, etl;3 V fb-or 2 3nTMVW hea4. Lamur, 0(.l
W fli, Htieredhepp, 00f00c?i Ib. Htmtea, wholt-nate.Oci
retall, 6I0o V fh. Knt bou.? 77?io 7ft ft. Norlh
ern nrenned hon, 83 ) Ib. Veai c1tph, 1&1k
TH Ib. Hrlnhton htdea, akftilik'j fotintry lota,8Kfl93. ra.i.
klt.UKoH Ib. Ti(uw.7K9J Ibjconu.r. 4tJrO
l'eiu wlth wool on, 75l 1.10 twch) ronntrr lota, 75cfe$1.10,
ItEMARKS. There M tietter mnvementtn cattle. wlth
an advnnceon alt erad,equat to Jio V tboil commnn lo
fair (cadrn, and IV) Tft cwt on the best lota of falllng
Cotuitrjr ralllf- were dl-poned of early. 1 woyar-old
ranue'i ai j'WJ3 fl ueau. noine iwo-ycar-oia nuna werit
hmdled for ftjre nnrpoea. and wlll ba nhlpppd to L'nha.
Thev were vart full-Mood Dnrham and vntt erade.
Twenty head were ahlppd y Dlman & Llbby. Tiia bet
prtcfl on northern waa flr )1 Ib, drenxed. Mllch cowa o
uooil Bradfl nere flrm. eal fAlvmwere ln llnht hqddW. but
were aotd al ateady ratea aa q noted 8hep were ln qulckr
iciiiJiuii, niiun irn imii'.-iy. i ii run "i iiuiiiiriu mu iiuw
d'-creaMt. Nalea rnnawl nt 2H85a 11 Ib, except a few very
cholce head. There was nn- miii itne-balf tona of poultry at
the season.
Beafly-Mafle Garments
at cxtremcly low priccs.
Goods in completo assortrnent,
ever ollered in this town.
Pelt and Plannel Skirts in new
styles lor neck wenr.
Montpelier, Vt.
Musical Gifts
;i:us or i:n(;i,isii nomj.
Tha ueftvvl and bunt gduerat collectlon.
Ihe nBwt culleu luu of Ihe bwt Plnno muslo,
TliJ 11104 iopuUr uielolif la the world.
ruANZ'8 Ai.iiini or st)N(is.
t'utHiHlll wrray ol Uunnau geru.
iii:autii:n or nacui;i Nt3,
Laigu ouuiLiera of the bcat aongi.
ThM ftbova ira tnea of about thtrtr voluinea. eath oon-
aud fllte.1 m 1th Ihu very hcat aeWled inuMo of tU clat. all
Itermaneuur vaiuauix, nnu bii nrni iiu r.mnni uooai.
rnoo ot eacn puiu. J w m cioin, aj ov; gui, ii uu.
Ia & snlendlil Kiid unlnua book
flllM wlth Koraa tnunld and Kuuio rlirmea, aiich aa Lona
fellow IovhI, and Ole llull lHt lnWrpreUxl, and Ooata f i W
piKIU, fj UU III VIUIII, ff( vv in BMl,
SK.VD FOR .9r5.(lracriWngouraUraotlTt and "
ful Itmika uf MiuIcmI I.HerAture lll.tw to tnm.
our (Milleouona of flaMli'al muto, aa MouaUs of Moi trt or
jieouioveu ( w per voiuinej, eio., oio.
Amy Jhok UailtJfor tht RtUul I'ric.
0LIVER DITSON & CO., - - - Boston
'i bt Uly iuut lia t u'tcuud our
JurtDif tbe pnmci of tuethtn. M
And the beat Ubv tnedlclne in
thfl wnrU lnniUl,t, U
N. K. BROWN, Iro, Burlington. Yll
itico aa oenu a doiuil
Orcgon and Washington Torritory.
A Houk gllntc a oouiptete daai-rtpUoii of tbclr ClUea aud
luHlio, iittiKiM, 4iiruau, Tiur nuu nivrn. ui in,r
Iuu ini4rt'itU. Cual of cominii aud coat of IWlnn heie.
Itullng ptltva ot landt aud lou, tock and arllcW of
hent luwt-pal'l lu nuv addn-m tor f l 0 1, Ad lreaa
74-77 HOWAUI IU., ronland, Ortnoii.
To Knit and Crochet.
Good wagea. 1'ay wet'kly, Llabt. iteady work, glven out
lobu luade atboiue. Woik ctlled for, and dtillvered free
You wlU mnko a serlouB mls.
toke lf, before purohaBlng
your Plnno or Orean, you
fall to address Cluett
& Sons, Troy, New
York, and not
low prlces and easy
terms on tho
Troy, N. Y.,
Repreaent eleven of the " World'a
Ilet InttrnmentB for nearly
three Btalra, Inctndlfjg
M'rlti for Pnrtlrulnra,
of all
tbe Fianos
and Organs manu
fnotured. All Instrumenta
eeleoted with critloal
care at the manufaoturors'
warorooms. Competitlon delied.
MTATF. OF VFKMOS T, lM-trlr-t of Washington, m.
In Trolute Conrt, held at Montpvller.ln and for aald Dif
trict. on th29lh day of .Sovember, A. I). IWl!
An ltiPtmment piirportlnit to le tha laot Wlll and Tet
mentof Jr.hn 11. W'tt.late. of Montpelier, In aald dlntrlct,
neoeape.1, being iirew-nteato tne uoiin ior rronate: u in or
ilered h aniit (.oiirt. that all laeraonH ponrerned thereln he
notlfled to appenr at a ealon of aald Conrt to be beld
at tha I'robata Otnce. In Montpelier, on the 2Jd dav of De-
cemler, A I). lHfi, and nhow raue, If any they may bave,
anftlnnt the proiiatoi aald ni: ior nnicn minoM lt ia
further onlered, that notlre of thla onler be publlxhml three
weeka aucceMlvely In tbe Vermont Watrhtnan A Mtate
Journal, prtnted at Montpelier, prevloua to aald tlme ap
polnted for hearlng, lty the Conrt. Alttt,
MTATK OF VKRMONT, Distrkt of WnrtilnRlon, .
Prohate Ponrt. hld at Montneller. ln aatd Dlntiirt. on
tbeilth day of Decemlier, A. I 1W2:
S, M.Kelton, aperHl Adinlntntralof of the eMateof Ad
dloon 1't-ck, late of at .Montpelier, In fuld Dlntrlct,
dteasH, preaenta hia ndmlnh tra tlon account for examlna
tlon and allowanee. Wheremmo, lt ln ordered hr eald
Cturtthat ald nceount h referrl to a fenlon threof,
to be held at the l'rtbate Offlfe In a1d MonlpfllT, on the
2d dy of January, A I. 188.1, fnr heailnir a"d declnlon
thereoni And, l l further onlered, that notlcehereof be
Rlven to all pernon lnterefted, by niibllcatlon of the same
nree neeaB Rucreaveir in m termoni naicnman a
Uln J on mul. n ntHnaier nutilltihed at Montr Ker. nra
vlouatoanM tlme apixlnLed lor hearlng, Ihnt Ihey niayap
pear at Rald tlme and place, and ahow ctnu, lf any thej
may have, why aald account ahould not be allowed.
74-78 A. C. AVKIttLL. Iteglater.
The iindprnlaTiM. hnvlna )Men aiinolnted ttv tha Ilonor
ble I'roluiU) Conrt for the Dlntrtct of Randolph Comrnln
lonerv, to melve. examlne, and ndjunt all clalma and de
mandaof all ppraona analuitt theenUleof Frank . Hunting
ton, late of Waphlnirtnn, ln axld l"t lct, deceaned, and all
clatim exhlblted ln H-et lherpto, hereby (tlve notlee that we
wm ireei ior lie purrOre) Biorenain ai me eiorts oi c . n.
Iliinllnotnn .?. 'n . nn the lSlh dav of Mav next. from nlne
o'clock A. M until four o'clock p. k ,on rald day, and tbat
ix riKinini irom ine iiin nayor ovemoer, a. i. ippj, ib
Uated at Waahlngton. thla 8th .lavof Itecember, A. I). 1S82.
T. C. W ilt I K, J CommJ8lonen.
Ihe undendtmeil.bavlnii bwn appolnted by the llonorable
Frobate Court for tbe Dlxtrtct or WanhlnKton, Conimliwlon
era, to recelve, examlne and adjuntall rlalma and demnnda
of all peraonn asatnot the eitai of Arthur Dngaett, late of
Harre, ln aald lHKttlct, deceanetl, and all clatma ethlhlted
ln offiet thereto, hereby (rtve nntice that wtll met for
the purpooeR aforeaahl at the realdence of Jamea A. Coburn,
In Eait Montpelier, on the lat day of Februarr and th 12lh
day ofAprll next, from one oclork p M, nntll f our o'c'ork
r. li., each of aald dafa, and Ihat elx months from the 16th
day of Octoher, A. I. m, In tbe tlme Itmlted by aald Court
for a.Id credltora to preeeut thelr clalmi to ub for ezamlna
tlon and allowance.
uated at e. Jionrpeiier, inm un aay oi uec., a, u, ibbj.
The nnderalgneil.haTlniibeen apnolnted by the llonorable
ProbAte Court for tbe Dlatrlct oT Washington, Commlaaton
era. to recelve, examlne. and adjust all clalniN and demanda
of allperaonp agaJnnl tlie etate of BefeySt. Clark, late
of F.aRt Montpelier, ln aald Dlstriet, dereae!, and all ctalma
exhltilted ln cfl-wt tbereto, hereby give notlee that we wltl
met for th purnoaea aforea-tld, at tbt reldnce of 'at. M.
Clark, ln rUinfli'ld, on the 11th day of February and tbe
31 day of Mav next, from oue oMock P. u. nntll three
oVlnrkF. u.. eachof xalddijN.and that ilx montba from
the 6th day of Jiovemter, A D. 1W2, la the tlme Umlted by
Nald Court for aald credltora to present thelr cLaluil to ua
for examlnatlon and allowanre.
DAUsi nt caat Montpelier, tnia ainnnyoi iec a.i'.iiku.
IRUtN d. KM.TON'. trommlloneni.
7I-.6 TlIU.iIA B.lt.Vt..f,l
The nnderalirned, havtnir been appolnted by tbe llonorable
Prohate Court for the Dlntrlct of washington, CoinmlNKlon
era, to recelve, examlne and adjunt all clainiR and demanda
of all peroona aamt the enUte of Cleore Wllley, late
of Moretown, la aald Dlatrlct. deceaaed, and all clalmi ex
htbiteil la oftaet thoreto. bereby glve notlc that we wtll
mcet for Ihe puqvwa aforeaald at F. A. Darretl'a Ilntel
m Mddleaex.on the flmt Tucsdar of January and flrst
Tuendayof May next. from one o'clock r. u until four
o'clock r. M , earh, of eild daya, and that alx months from
the 17th d,ty of Novmnher, A. 1). 134J, U the tlme llmlted by
sald Court, for paldrredlto'a topreaent thelr claluis for ex
ainlnailon and allownnre.
Iat3d at Moretown. thlN 39th dav of November. A, D. 1B&3,
M1ATK OF VKKMON V, IHftrlct of Waihlnnton, .
In rrohate Court, held at Montpelier, ln aald Dlatrlct, on
ttie 11th day of Iiecember, A. I. 182:
Charles I. Carpnter, Vdmlnltrator of theeeUte of D. P.
Carpeuter, 1at Admlmatrator of the estato of Ju'ius E,
Adams, lateof Fayston, ln axlil D.Htrict, deceaaed, present
tbe admlnlatratinn account of sald I. I. Carpenter for ex
amtnatlun and allowance.and makea arptlcatlon foradecree
of dlmrtbutlon and partltlon of Ihe estate of aald deceaeed.
Wherenwn, lt U ordered byaald Court, that aald account
an4l sa4l appllcatlon t referredtna eecslou tbereof. to be
held at tbe I'robate Otflce In sald .Montpelier on lb 12tb day
of January, A, I). 13, for hearlng and declalon thereoni
and, UlsfurOier ordered, that notlcehereof be glven toali
persons Interested, by publlcatlon of the aame thre weekl
succeRslvely ln the Vermont Watchman A HUte Journal, a
nepaier publlHhed at Montpelier, prevloua to aald tlme
appolnted for hearlng, that tbey may appear at aald tlme
aud place, and show catiMe, lf any tbey may have, v, by aald
account iliould not be allowed, and auch decree nude.
lly tbe Court. Mtest
74-7 A. C. AVERILL, RegtBter.
HTAIE OF VERMONT, Dlmrk-t otWaahlogton, aa.
ln I'robate Couit heldat Monti-eller.bi aald Dlatrlct, on
the 8th day of December, A. D. 18& l
Allen I'errv, Executor ot tbe esUte of Martha V.
IIIU, late of Cabot, ln aald DUtrlct, deceaaed, preaenU
hia aUmlntatraUon account for examlnatlon and ailow
ance, and makea appllcatlon for a decree of dinribu
tlonand partltlon of theeetate of aald deneaal. Wbere
npon, It U ordered by aald Court, that aald account aud
aald appllcatlon t referred to a senslon tbereof, to be held
at ihe I'robate Offlc In aald Montpelier on tbe SSth day
of December, A. D. 138J, for hearlnii and declalon thereoni
and, It la further ordered, tbat aotlce hereof be xlven to all
peraona tntereated, by pubtieatlon of tbe aame tbree weeka
uccetwively In tbe Vermont Watchman A Htate Journal, a
newspaper publlahed at Montpelier, prevloua to aald tlme
appolnted for beanng, that they tnay appear at aald Ume
aud place, and ahow caune.lf any they ruay have, why aald
account should not be allowed, and auch riecri made.
By tha Court. Atteet, A. O. AVERILL. EegliUr.
nrAfEOF VERMONT. DUtrlct of Washington, aa.
In Probate Court. heldat Montpelier, lo ild Dlaulct.on
tlie 5th day of Dw-emher, A. D. Itoi.
Wanen C. Nve, Adn.lnU.tra tor of the estate of Ca
llsta French, late of Harr. ln aald Dlstrtct, deceaaed.
preaiMtU hli fclmlnlwiratlon account for examlnatlon and
allowance, and makea appllcatlon for a decree of dia
trlbution and partltlon ol the entate of aald deceaaed.
Whereupon.lt Ia ordered by aald Court, tliat aald account
and aald appllcatlon be referred to a amalon tbereof, to
to be beld at tbe I'robate Offlce, ln aald Montpelier, on tbe
3Hlh day or December, A. D, 18(0, for hearlntt . nd decUlon
thereoni And, It la further orderud, that nolloe hereof be
Klven to all i-eraona lntereeted, by pnbllcaUon of the aan.e
three weeka iuccelvely ln the Vermont Watchman A Ktate
Joumal,anewRpapr pnbltahed at Montpelier, prevloua to
aald tlme appolnl! f oi hearlng, that tbey may appear al aald
tlmeand plaoe. and ahow cauea, lf any they tnay bave. wby
aald tnwnnt should not beallowBd.aivl ancb lej'rtx made,
By tha Coart-Atteat, A. C. AVERILL. KrgMer.
ht." itf Vh itunsT. liinti-ii-t at WaHhlnirton.as.
m rronate i oiirt, nem ai Moni)u?r, m nnu ior w
trlct.on the hth day of Deormher. A, D. 18S3i
Iruuun 0 Keiton, AdmlniHtrator of tbeestateof Jobn C,
Tator,Ute of East Montpelier, tn aald Dlatrlct, deceaaed,
makea applloallon to aald Court, wlth tbe eonsent and ap
prol atlou tnwrl'lna of thewldowandbeliaof stld deceased,
for tleruao to aell all of the reit eotate of aald dcceasM, slt-tiatt-d
tn si I Fsst Monteller to m It 1 ht home farra and
out land ud Iherewttb.exLeptkng the dower thereln, but In
t Indinn the hnmestnad and reverslonof thedower. repreaent
Itig Ihat ttie aale Ibereof wou'd IwbeneflcUl to aldMow
aud helrs and thote luteresiVtt Iu Ihe estate of tbe deceaied,
atoreaald hTeupon.lt la ordeml by sald Court, that sald
appl.talhn l referml to a mwsIod thereof. to le beld at the
Frobate Ofllr n aald Monteller,on iba 3DUi day of Decew
ber, K D. for hearlng and declalon thereoni and, tt la
further ordered, that all peraona lutereated be notlfled
hereof, by publlcatluo of notlee of aald appllcatlon and
nrder tbereun. three wk aucceaalvely lu tbe Veruiont
Walcbman & Htata Joumal. a nestler rnbllsbM at
Montpelier, and whkh clrcHlab ln tha nelgbborbood of
the lntereated, tiefore aald tlme of heartug, that tbey
may appettr at aald Uine and place, and, lf tbey aee caose,
oMemt tbervlo. By tbe Court AMesl.
li-76 A. C. AVFKiLI.. Bemlr.
niAir, ur r naiu- i, iminii vi hiuuiimiii,m.
I'robate Court. beld at Montpelier, ln and for aald Ila
trlct.on the Mhday of December, A. D. ISSjt
Truman C. Kelton, Executor of tbe estate of Arihur Dw
gi'lt, Uteof Barre, tn tlxt Dlsirtct. deceaaeil, makea appll
oatlun tn aakl Court for llcene tosell allof the realeauteof
aald dcceed. sltuaud In ald Barre and lu East MonU
wllr, lu sald DUtrlct, repnenlli g thtt the aaie of a ivart
tbereor la netvasary for tbe payment of tha ttebta of aattf da
ceat'd aud theeieuaea ot adm nlslratlon of b eaUte,
aud that such nnrl can not he add without Injury to
ihinxj Intemteil ln the remsiiidT, Whfreupuu, tt la
ordere.1 by aald Conrt, tbat sald appllcatlon l referred
to a seweloD tbereof, lo l beld at tue I'robate Oftire, ln
aald Montpelier, ou tbe 3Ulb day ot lecember, A. D.
for hearlng and ducUlon Ihereoni and, lt la lurther
ordeml, that all peraona IntereeuM be notlfled hereof, by
publlcatlon of Dotb-eof aald amillcatlon and order ibeieon
three weeka uoceMlvely ln tbe vermont Watchman A Ktate
Journal, a newspaper publlahed at Montiellr, and whlrli
rlrculalea ln the nelghhorhood of tbuae liitereeted, twfore
aald tlme of hearlnii, Ihat tbey may appoar at sald tuue an
plae,and, lf they see cau,b)t tbereto.
Hy the Cnoru Allat
STATE OF VEKUOM, Dwitbt of Waaldngton, aa.
lu 1'rotjaui Court, beld at Montpelier, ln and for aaid Duw
trlct. on the 'Jtiih day of hovemlier, A. 1. im :
Jufiu Hitl, Adnilnisirator wlth Ilie wtll annexed ofthe
esiAle of Nallun Hill, late of lialnfleld, lu aald Dlstrlct.de
twatwd.uiakeaappUoatUmto aald Couit, with tbe couscut
and aiiprobatlim, lu wrltlng, of Iba helrs of tha lrgtteea and
deUseeof sald dewased resktllugln IblasUte, tur llcenae
lo 11 all of tbe real esUtt of sald deceaaed. altuated
In sald I'lalnfleld, to wlt Ihe " Iloma Farm." repre
aentlnii Itut the aale tbereof would be bent-tlctal to
Ihe belra vt aaldlegaoe anddevLwe (who hss dled atnoa
Ihe deatb of aald Nathan IUU,) and thosc luterested ln
ber estate. Vtbreuon, itla ordered by iald I'ourl, tbat
sald appllcailon be re'erted lo a aeouoD tbereof. to be
baldallhe I'robate niHce In ald Moiupeller, on tne 16ib
day of Deueiuber, A, D. 18HJ, for bmrliiK and declaiou
thereoni and, It ls further ordered, tbat all peraona lnter
estett tw notinnl hereof, by publlcatlou of notlee of aald
appllcattou aud order themm, tbree weeka auMtaHlvely
lu th Vermont Watchman A HUte Journal, a riewspapttf
iiubllshwt al Montpelier, aud wbki lt vln-ulatea la Uie nvlgh
LorhiMid ot thoae lutereaUnl, before aald Utne of beaxbur.
that thev may appettr al aald Unieand place, and, lf tbey am
oauae.objeot tbeivto. By tbe Couru Atteat,
7Wi A, C. AVEiULL. Reglate

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