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"There can no longer bo any doubt that the in
domitable democracy of ilie Empire State have
come up from the eon llict covered will) glory."
Herkimer Democrat."
DO" Cowered ivith. glory!" Ay , that is the
platidid for a set of men who have come in almost
breathless from the task of riveting anew and tight
ening the chains upon the limbs of Three Millions
of their enslaved countrymen, by voting lor u
bis veholdinir tyrant and oppressor.
" Covered with glory!" es, the 'glory' of en
couraging the sale of men, women and children nt
auction, in this 'free country,' by electing n noto
rious slaveholder to the highest ofibu in the na
tion. "Covered with glory," by voting that honest
men shall have no right to their own earnings
that parents shall have no right to th'-ir own chil
dren that husbands and w ives shall have no right
to each other that hundreds of thousands of I) 1 1 -tiren
shall have no right to instruction that mil
lions upon millions of tho American people shall
have no right to protection, even against the vilest
personal outrages.
"Covered with glory," by honoring wick ed men, '
who lend all their iull.ieiiiie to .sustain 'the vilest
RVstein under tlie sun. and the som nl' all 'villain-1
ies.' j
"Covered with glory," by giving the lie direct to j
all the professions of regaid fir'cqtial rights,' here-
tofore made by this same 'democracy of the Em-j
pi re State.' i
Well, tins is 'glory enough tor one day.'
. j q q ----
U. S. Senator. It i.s.tnijra.iiod iln.ttho Wbign
of Massachusetts will now etmetlv seize the oppor-
ttmitv to pav a part of their debt to Mr. Adams,
by electing him to the United Slates Senate, and
let Mr. Bates al-o be otherwise provided for, so as
to pivj his place to Mr. Wehesler; th.it N -w York
will uppoiut Mr. Van Bitreu in place of Gov. Tnl
tnadge, and in the spring re-appoint Gov. Wright
in bis own place; that Ohio u ill a ij oint Gov.
Corwin in Mr. Tappan'.s place; that Kentucky
will return Mr. Clay to his old place; that Mr.
Ciilhotii) vs. til return to the Senate from South Car
olina; and thus fyht the old battles over again.
.'lure oj Ihc Citali ion. We learn from the Bos
ton Atlas, that Menry B. Stanlou, one of t lie lead
ers of tins self-st) Is'd Libeny Party, has been noiii
in.ited i.s a candidate for the Legislature by the
Locofocos of Chelsea, M iss. N. Y. Tribune.
Now that the election is past, it seems to u.s
that 'Mr Roorbach' requires a season of reoose.
Surely there can be no necessity now for this con
tinued tasking of his imagination. Henry B. Stan
ton was not 'nominated by the Locofocos of Chel
nea,' but the Liberty men of that town, who gave
h'nn a iiobh; support. Hartford Freeman.
5X5" As the Watchman reiterated tiie falsehood
of the Atlas, we think it ought to publish the n-
Death of Rev. Abkl Biiow.n, The labors of
this fi iend of the slave have ceased ! We do not
recollect when intelligence of the kind has broken
upon us more Unexpectedly or willi deeper effect.
Mr. Brown was active, zealous, fearless true
to humanity. His memory will long be cherished
by the fneuds of the slave. The Albany Patriot
"He died at Cammdaguin, Ontario county, on
Friday last, the 8:h inst., nt the house of our friend
John Moslier, Esq. His sickness was of but few
day's duration, and was, as we understand, the
brain lever: caused perhaps by his unremitting
nml indel'u igabie labors in tin; Liberty cause; in
which fir several years he has been a most cfiicient
laborei : since ihe formation of the Eastern New
York Ami-slavery S i.'ieiy, in the spring of 1811,
he has been its General Anunt, in which capacity
be was acting at the limn oi b:s death.
Bro.vn's activity in the great reforms of the
it nt
procured for huti
souk: enemies
of the baser
us is I he case in every such example, while
the saute procured for him many fiiends."
Hokrop.s of TiiF. Slave-Thade. The South
African Coiiiiii.'icial AJveiiisor of ihe 27ih of Jan
uary, says, that in some of the slaving vessels re
cently eapimed, the siiaee between deck, where
the living cargo was stowed away, was so small,
that young ehildi en, boys and girls from eight to
ten years of age, could not creep in on their hands
nnd knees thry were pushed in, or, lying flat on
their faces, crawled in like worms!
A Texan's Appeal.
Felix Houston, a distinguished citizen of Texas,
has addressed a letter to the Democratic Associa
tion of Clnriborne, La., evidently intended for gen
eral circulation at the South. In this letter he
urges with much force and eloquence, the impor
tance of prompt measures for the annexation of
Texas, provided Mr. Polk should he elecu-d Pres
ident of the United States. He also says that if
Texas is not immediately annexed -it nlvei! will
be as ilaveay wilt be abolished in that country
within a few years, by the ballot-box perhaps as
early as 1845 or 1346. Indeed, such a result is in
evitable, provided annexation does not take place!
Mer. Jour.
0CJ"Beverly is said to be the most moral town in
Massachusetts, if not in the Union. With livo
thousand inhabitants, there has not been a person
convicted lor five years. Walchlowtr.
Banks. Hereafter, when the idea of a national
bank is as obsolete as the New England belief in
witches, the Whigs will of course say they were
never in favor of such an institution. Do not con
tradict them; admit that you might be mistaken,
and add that on thinking ine inauer over you it-collect
thut it was Jon Smith, and not Henry Clay,
who so vehemently desired the establishment of a
United Suites Bank. Eve. Post.
Post Office revenue in England. The triumph
of the penny postage system is so decided, that its
former opponents are now its- warmest friends.
The increase per last accounts of the Post Office
revenue is $400,000, and is supposed that the sur
plus revenue will be a million of dollars next year.
So much for Laving men of judgment to manage
these matters.
Another Cargo gone. A. portion of our citizens
witnessed the other morning, nnotherof those heart
rending scenes which so often outrage our church
going city, in tho shipment of another cargo of
slaves from one of the Pratt street prisons. A friend
who was a looker on, remarked to us, that at the
least, the slave traders should be compelled by law
to make such shipments before day, in order to
save the beirT lV-Hitm of our citizens of scenes
so revolting. Bat. Sal. Vis.
.Maine. Votes from 154 towns nre 27,283 for
Polk; 21,459 for Clay; and 2,983 for Birney. A
democratic gain over the whigs of 1198; and a lull
ing off of both the whig and liberty parties. Polk's
majority over Clay in the uhole State, will be a
boul 13,000. Harrison's over Van Burtn was
nearly 400. All owing to the unbounded personal
popularity of Mr Clay.
DC?" A Yimkeo has invented yellow spectacles
for making hu d look like butter I ! They are a
grat saving in expense, as lard eaton with these
spectacles on, tastes very much the snine ns stewed
The Land ok Blood. A rencounter took
place near 0 .vihirsville, Ky. on the 6th inst. be
tween Charles Whktington nr,d John Storms.
The crjin'iatan's came together with knives and
belli were killed one instantly, and thft other sur
vived but ;i few hours. The cause of the quarrel
is not stated.
Parties. It seems we are to have four politi
cal parties; as VVeb.iter and several leading Whig
papers have come out for nativeism, while the
Evening Journal, perhaps the Tribune, Gazette,
and a few others, are determined to abide by the
fortunes of Whiggery. Liberty Press,
Eighty thousand liberty votes have probably
been poiled in the United States within the past
(n inth. If there have, not been more than sixty
thousand votes we shall be full of courage. Com-
tiare it with the vote of
wine1- vvn.j nlintir I
134U, Will .. was HUOUl
G00O! Have nut abolitionists ground lor hope.
Bangor Gazette.
Virginia. The "Richmond Enquirer says,
'We have returns, official and unofficial, from 1 19
counties and 4 towns, which make the present
Democratic majority 6,008."
Official Vote of Vermout.
Chiy .
j ttT,, . . .,, . T .,,
inemis ot i euiperanee in uriinoi.ieoit..-
v : w id nre no oseo to inn use oi tox cm tr
liquors as a tieveriige,) nre requestcu to meet at
the C 'iirt House in HydeparU, on Tuesday the
I7ih of December next," nt 10 o'clock A. M. for the
put pose of nominating candidates fir County
Cominis.iionci s, to carry into i' fleet the new Li
cense Law.
Latnoile County, Nov. 16, 1844.
SB 2 1 ft II TOrtf M A. E2 KE T .
Monday, Nov. 18.
The gentleman to whom ue are weekly indebt
ed for these repois, is sick this week, nnd unable
to make his report in detail. Ho semis word,
however, by a friend, that thero were 1700 to 1800
beef cattle in Market, and that the prices of last
week were fully sustained. Last week's report
iis follows:
Prices Beef Cattle We quota first quality,
$'4,50; second quality, $4; third quulity, $3 a 8,
60. Working Oxen Sales not noticed.
Cows and Calves Sales at $23, $25, $27, and
Sheep Last week 'a prices fully sustained. Old
Sheep, at '1,25 to $2,42. Lambs, $1,12 to $1,87.
In Hard wick, Mr. David French to Mrs. Doro
thy French.
In Ltn!on, Nov. Mr. Orison Graves to Miss R.
S. Spauhling.
In Cavendish, Mr. Joseph P. Barnes of Weath
ersfield, to Miss H. Augusta Putnam, of Caven
dish. Iii Hnrdwiek, Nov. 12, widow Piercey Sanborn,
aged 30.
lu'Daterse, Ms. Mr. Daniel L. Jackson, Hged
In Lebanon, N. H., Oct. 16, Dr. Phinens Park
hurst, 85.
In Weathersfield, on the 8th inst., Mr. Allison
W. Richards.
In Fail fax, Oct. 22, Hilkiah Pierce, 57.
BSeceE9ts ior (he Freeman,
EM Perry, C Ellis, I Arms, J Barries, $1,50
eacti U VVooU,7oc. A Clarke, $1. J Chipman
Z Robinson 66; II F Martin 37.
f$oafiions for Ulrs. Work.
S. Bates, ,50
A. P. Chase, 1,50
Friends in Williston, by W. II. French, 2,19
" " donation in clothing.
Mrs. Clark, " '
The next Convention of the Lamoile County
Musical Society will be holden at Wolcott on
Thursday the 12th day of Dec. next, commencing
at 9 o'clock, A. M.
All lovers of Sacred Music are earnestly request
ed to attend, whether residents of the County or
Several distinguished instructors of the science
are expected to be present.
It is expected that entertainment will bo provid
ed for all who may attend.
By order of the last Convention,
Secretary r.f the late Committee.
By Express.
rsimsihty received by BALDWIN & SCOTT,
" 8 pieces Alpfiecn, (at our former low prices;)
lso: .fiic ft Bnnnelt Ribbons. Gloves, Tabs, Flow
ers, Furs, Salsbnry flannel, Canton, do. do.
nHIS may certify that I have sold my Son,
Leonard Thayer his time, from and after this
date, and shall neither pay any debts of his con
tracting or claim his earnings.
Warren, Nov. 15, 1844. 47 3w
rjJMIIS may certify that I have given my Son,
Hiram Nelson, his time during the remainder
of his minority, nnd shall pay none of his debts or
claim any of his wages hereafter.
Waterbury, Nov. 15, 18 14. 47 Sw
rrHE Winter Term will commence on Wednes-
day Dec. 4, and continue eleven weeks.
Lectures with experiments as usual.
Bonks are furnished at reduced prices by the
ljunrd im biding rooms, wood and washing from
$1.00 to $1,25.
Rooms for i hose wishing to board themselves
ninv be obtained.
Tuition per term from 83,00 to $4,00.
Ornamental branches SI, 50.
F. W. PowrRf, Vt. University, Ai.istnnt.
B'ik'iW'!, Nor. ?. !?44. ' 47
ms re o w.v v fmt. n om'ss
EE vou have Fits, Grave!, or any disease of the Kid
neys, Worms, Bowel complaint, or any Nervous dis
ease, -buy a bottle of Jlroivn's Fit Drops, and Vou
will find immediate relief and permanent cure. They
are also an excellent external application for Bruises,
cils, sprains, burns, &c. , also an effectual cure for Piles.
Although Ibis medicine has been known anil used by some
few in this country for nearly a rentury, owing to a want
of exertion or the part of tho several proprietors dining
the time, it has not had that general circu'ation and esti
mation which so valuable an article desrrves, and will
cinmand, whenever it is fiirly tested. loonier to induce
people to try this remedy for Fits, ami the other above
named ilise.ase.-i, wo annex a few nf the many certificates
which we have of tho edicucy ol ihe medicine.
I have used tho above Fit Drop in many of the above I
diseases, ai.d I hereby certify that I have seen many verv
. . . . . i . i. i . .
na,ipv elk'CIs Irom their use. 1 am nappy to ue iiuie 10
' r- . . ,. i .;,,, ,.., f ,, ,.
i ecuiu menu ineui 10 any one ui.nci . mi uj v.
hove named diseases, and in particular rua, in w nicu
they act li';e a charm. L. Ukew.ter, m. u.
Craftxbury, Sept. 2G, IS44.
I hereby certify that for the first part of my life up to
1332, (a period (if nearly 30 years,) I was afflicted with
Fiis, at w hich liaie I pro'emed of Miss Brown, (the pres
ent proprietress) one hottloof Brown's Drops, which I 11
sed avoiding to ilie directions, and have had no Ills since.
Bainel, 0.',t, ID, 1342. Wnt. 8. Buock.
We have used Brown's Drops for four years, for Grav
el arid Fits, and also for sprains, bums and bruises, and
Called and cor!ie;l '.lors.'.s, ,nd we have found it a sure re
medy, and recommend it to ' :hrs.
Eliphai.et Carter,
Craf'sbury, Vt. Oa 1.1 ? D A C. RTt n.
Sold, wholesale and retail, by Ihe Proprietress,
ft, ts
bio y. l
.l ualfl,3. P. IUtinll,
.diiiilpelier, Vl.; also l v Pec' & Spear, lini liie'ton : Dr.
Brewster, Craft, bury; E C Brown, John !lat)in, & Isaac
Walls, I'eachaiu.
N. B. All genuine Fit Drop ill ho signed By Mary
Brown in her own hand writing. 47;Iy
Ladies and Gentlemen!
"ST HAVE now in store one of the mo.-t extensive sloc'is,
II and the largest variety of EXT" rSlT C GOODS,
of every description, to be found in Ne.v England.
.72 irfV Vsrom '23 cchIs to 3 rioUat's !
The materials were purchase I of the importers in New
York, early in the season, f.ir CASH, and have been
manufactured in the best manner, under my own care.
Also A very e:;lensive assortment of
of every stylo and quality.
The readers of this paper are respecliully invited to call.
ICF Wholesale Hoonis 2d and 3d Stories, 173 Wash
iiiRton street. WILLIAM M. SHUTE.
Boston, Oct. 81 46
F o x - II u n t e r s !
OU are hereby notified that EC3 El SfS3 "HI-jEC &
and the lushest prices (as usual) aro paid for all
kinds ofSIIIl PirVC rUlt at the Drugstore of Clark
& Collins where you will find a large assortment of K I
fle Powder, Miot of all sues, & Percussion Claps.
Montpelier.Nov. 12, IS44. 46
Cash, Cash,
TTgAID for Hatting and Shipping Fur, by Wm. T.
Montpelier, Nov.
45, Sin.
Sheep's Pelts !
g-i EN TEEM EN call with your PELTS, at Burnliam's
in Hat Store and receive the Cash and tho highest
Mon'pelier, Nov. 5, 1S44.
45 3m.
PEUM OIL. Best Bleached Winter Strained.
Sperm Oil, for sale by
Montjielier, October 30, 1S44.
warn I
Coi':sci- of Mnin acjil Sfa(cS(s.,
C CONTINUES to perform the v-irious operations in
DKNTAL sunGKiiY, necessary for the preset vatinn
and health of ihe Teeth nnd inms, Also superior in
destructible teeth inserted, f.oin one to a full set,
by engrafting on the foil's nf decayed teeth, or on Gold
Plate, as the case may lequiie.
Particular attention given lo I he prevention and remedy
fin irregularity of teeth in Children and Youth, which is
often the cause of premature decay and loss of tho Teeth.
Montpelier, September 12, 1844.
M 1)1 (M ICS, n rocenes,"
Will spare no pains in selecting Ihe
Purest Medicines, and the. Choicest Gro
ceries. Prices warranted satisfactory. Also, a general assort
Corner of Slate and Main Streets, -Montpelier, Vt.
March 8. 1844. lOlf
Furniture Ware House.
lly A. W. Caldwell,
Sofas, Secretaries, Dress and Com
mon Bureaus, Centre Tables, Book Cases,
and a general assortment of olher FURNITURE, manu
factured and sold at a large discount from former prices.
October I, 1844. 4J.
:a(jl i: hotel-
THE subscriber would inform his fiiends and the pub
lie generally, that during the year he has thoroughly
repaired the
situated on Slate Street, in the village of Montpelier. Vl.
which house he has kept as a
Tcisiju'raiacc Mouse,
or a considerable length of time, and now invites the pat
ronage which a deteiminalion lobe faithful to his business
in serving his guests, in adapted lo secure.
His siables are large and convenient, and served by at
tentive ostlers. SETII KIMBALL,
3Iillinery Goods!
ICU Velveu Silks Ribbons Floiv.rTbs
&c, just. rcoivd by Balpwim , Scott (t Co.
id 1
RON, Wedgeveood, Glass and Marble MORTARS,
For sale by . . S. P. 1IEDFIELD.
und FMuck Ink of
the bent quality, for
sale !v the botde or gallon.
March I4th
f4 PICCES mure of those splendid Alpaca Lustres,
as cheap as ever, at
Stobrs & Langdonb.
Oct. 18.
TUST received, and receiving from New York,
5 hhd
molasses, 2000 Ibs.LonfSiigar,
5000 lbs. Brown Sugar, 15 chests of Tea,
JOO lbs. Spices, 1000 lbs. Ginger,
anon ii.. i. . . o i . . . ... h it, .
J"uu in. nest aiuiuruiUS, HJUU IDs. 1 oliiicco,
Iqim 1! t,V r.nnr, i,. . I", ... o. C..U LV-1.
. . .7 VJ; u , juuu lus uiy CC OUH 1 1511,
vuuu ins 1' rest! butter ct 1 able Salt,
And every thing else in the Grocery line all
boughr with cash, and will be sola cheaner than
can be bought in Vermont.
Oct. 8, 1842.
II a i r 1) r e s s c r
Tffr IKKR'S building, opposite the Bank, State Street
Keeps on hand cheap for cash,
1?, Top Pieces. Fnezctis, Curlsfic.
in a great variety. Julinson's Veeetltble, Mahone'a Pre
servative, Delluile Antique a la Rose. Also,
Ti-icophcroiaM, or
The best article everofTered in the United States lo re
store the Hair that Ins fallen off, or become thin, c. and
ii eiieciuaity cure ISon-for Dandriff.
Montpelier, Jan. 10, 1844. 5tf
0 bbfa. TniiiiergUil,
lor sale tit a trifling compensation, by
Oct. 7, 1911.
Trtisscs and Afosl'l f5iijjB'tcrs.
rHC best assortment of Trusses and Mdominal
Supporters can be had by calling at the Dru '
Oct. 7.
2000 yards of Flannel,
1000 yards of Frockinsr,
o00 lbs ot Knitting Yarn.
Oti. 8.
fIXE Cut SmoMng and Chewing and Plug Tobacco
Lorrillard's and Surresers Macaboy and Scotch Snulf.
Montpelier, 14th Maich, 1844. lltf
I!. Hobnail' s Nature's Grand Restorative, for
complaints, &c. &c. Sec recommendations.
N Ointment nnd Powder, which tozether ares
.certain cure for Salt Rheum, for sale bv
March 14th lltf S. P. REDFIELD.
CITRO.V, Mace and English Currants for Cake, and
Extract of Lemon and Hose to season it with, for
sale by
OARSE and FINE SALT for sale by
lltf S. P. REDFIELD.
Important to .11
rfnHIC Constitution, I ha 'vis vils' of our wonderful bo
JcL dies, constantly require and. alternative, or regene
rating influence, to create and retain a healthy existence.
Air, light, and somo other elements are brought lo Ihis re
quisition, and for a time prove sufficient for the require
ments of the system. But when from imprudence, and a
violation of the laws of the animal economy, morbid hu
mors arts--, acrid and viliatia or juices ore collected, the
system requires assistance from some oilier source, or it
sinks in disease, decav and death. How wnndeiful und
salutary at this period, are the ciTt els of an appropriate
alterative medicine, la'ien in season? Thousands have
been saved from death, and millions from sufferings in
describable, and again restored to health, by the timely
use of Phllps' Tomato Pills, which are so etlicacious
and potent, in cleansing the stomach and bowels, purify
ing Ihe blood, .mil renovat ng the glandular syMeni by al
terinij the secretions of ihe liver, nnd other glands, and
i an y ing off the morbid juices and humors: that at the
south they huve acquired tho name of "Fever bane," be
cause they invariably prevent or break op bilious, remit
teni, yellov. , intermittent, and lung fevers.
Five years extensive use, have proven ihem tho best
and only sui e and safe remedy for all the numerous chro
me diseases, where the system requires something that
will opera'.t on the L'lood, Liver, and various systems of
vessels, givins them a healthy action, at the same time ex
pel the morbid und poisonous juices and humors, wlit.;!!
it separates from them.
In this c'ass of diseases, are Rheumatism, Dvspeps' ;,
Dropsy, Liver Complaints, Bilious stomach, scrofula, g- -vel,
uorms, tumors, and eruptions of the s', n of vari-' s
kinds; permanent weakness about the loins and lirn
King's Evil, constitutional or hereditary feebleness of e
whole or p;irt of the system, etc.
Thousands of cases of the above diseases have been cu
red by Ihe Tomato Pills, and thousands of deaths would
have been pp-venled had these Pills been used, instead of
some irresponsible, baneful, qtiac.'i pill a remedy with
which the country is flooded. There is no mystery or
charlatanism about this universal remedy.
They are prepaivd of valuable vegetable remedies, that
are known to bo botti p-.tl.i anl efftnUuil, andare used very
extensively by physicians in their private practice, be
cause as hundreds have said, they arc the most pleasant,
effectual and sale medicine we have ever used.
The above Pills are for sale by ajenls in all the coun
try towns. Agents are cautioned not lo buy of Pedlars.
" One word lo tho wise is sufficient."
G. R Phelps, M. D., Proprietor, Hartford, Ct., with
out whose signature none are genuine.
For 6 tie hv f P. Uedfield and Clark 4' Collins,
Monlneliei; Gos:i and Huichins, Wateibury; O. French,
Darre; R. and M. Hammett, K. Montpelier; A. T. Ban
crcf , Plainlield. " 40:eow6iu
REDFIFLD'S Pictoral Bible Sears' History
of the Bible Guide to Knowledge Bible Bi
ography Wonders of the World Bible Illustra
tion Bible Quadrupeds, &.C., together with an as
sortment of Church works, which will be sold at a
small profit.
Subscription:! received to the Columbian Maga
zine; tha Rover, u weekly Magazine; Anglo Amer
ican nnd the New World, Sec, by
At the residence of the late Judge Buckley, in Ber
lin, or by J. A. Someiibt, at this Ollice.
rM1AT NO MAN VAJYov WILL sell anv description
of Dry -ao&z2miiM&izm323m
in this county at less prices than at Ihe Old Cheap stoie,
41 by UALDWis, fccoTT & Co.
TO AKKEIt'S Congh Syrnp, one of the best med-
JaJP icines for s cough, cold , or anv disease of the lungs,
for sale bv P.' . it ED FIELD.
Anti-Slavery Books!
Isl. of almost every description, just received at (bit ot
fice, and for sale at. the wholesale prices. Call and lift
Orders fiom friends in different parts of the itt Will
immediately attended tc Oct. 8.
Pure Winter Sperm Oil.
tAfc J& GALLONS more of that very superior LiAjl
W W OIL, just ree'd by Storhs & Lan GBONi
Oct. 18.
Montpelier, March 14, 1844.
f.OlJI(MNO CJOODS of every description,
Uct. 1. 41 uai.dwin, Scott, & Co .
1 ONSHTING of HAND, from 1 to 6 inches.
ENGLISH IIOOI'ING, 5-8, 3-4, 7-8. 1. 1 1-8. 1
ENG. and A.M. ROUND IRON, from 3-16 to 2 1-2 la,
do SCiU.-MlE, do do
Old) and NEW SABLE,
IRON, of all si.es,
Old Sablk Naii, Hods, C'hobars, Slkioh-h,
Eng. ai d Amer. Blistkr Steel,
Round and Square Cast-steel, (Sandeiion' Vwt,)
Sweeda do
German do
Toe Cork do
Spring, do, etc.
are weekly receiving addition to our tok wkid
we offer at extremely low'prie.es.
Purchasers will do well to give us a call.
5Jt Pieces ruoro cf those beautiful Cloths for oti Ccatf
also a few paterns rich Vesiingsat
Nov. 5. 1S44.
WAVE great pleasure in giving notice lo onr fiioads it)
.H this vicinity, Lamoille, and other section W (&
State, that we have received
5 bales SHEETING, at 6 1 4 per yard.
5 do do 8 do
1 'o do 9, heaviest and best In fiarttfO
20 Ps BROAD CLOTHS, f,om ft 1,75 to 4,50 p. rar
100 Ps PlilNTS, from 6 1-4 to 1 s.
50 Ps AI PACCAS, from 2s lo 75 ctf.
10 Ps ZL.N015IA, 3s to 5s.
2 Ps CAiSSLMEUES, 6s lo 9,.
100 SHAWLS, French stvles, from $3 to $5
50 doz. winter GLOVES.
100 UMBRELLAS, from 67c to' 1,50.
20 Ts heavy 1'ILOT CLOTHS.
In fact, we have all !inds of fl3-SUSaU&H9SS9l
that one can ask for to keep off the cold anl polling itoraav
--A I so
io rolls CARPETING, having been appointed agaftti fo
selling Carpeting, we can furnish at Boston prices.
20 Kidderminster and Lowell RUGS.
3 Ps beautiful FLOORCLOTHS.
20 doz. Fur and Fur trimmed CAPS
A I no
One of the most beautiful assortments of
from New Yor'n, ever offered in this market, ind It Mfr
and freight.
HARD WARE, of every description for fimlly -
5 cases Thick Boots, bent articles, 2,2$,
3 cases Calcutln Boots, 2,50,
106 pis India Rubbers.
50 do do Fur lined.
30 prs Misses Rubbers.
It would be impossible for us to enumerate the many tr
tides which we have for sale but will give notice last
we shall have this week
3 tons Portoiico Sugars r
1000 lbs Loaf do.
5 boxes Havana Sugars,
10 bags Coffee,
10 chests Tea,
50 bags Pepper and Spice,
5 lids Molasses,
1 Ion Saleralus,
10 bbl Rocli Salt;
Which will be sold at Boston cost, wiih Ihe freight
added no mistake! We have pursued tho Cash sys
tem Ihe last thr-e years, and we find it gives much beW
ter satisfaction, its goods come so low all must be satisfied.
Montpelier, Oct. 1, 1844. 40
T6-;rr BALI'S
BROM six lo fifteen cents Tickings, Drillings, CU
. ton Flannel!, &c. Call at the old cheap tore of
41 Baldwin, Scott &Co.
Nails and (!nss,
T th e lowest market prices, by Baldwin, Scott U
L-0. 41
of appetite, palpitation of Ihe heart, inability to exercise,
willi drowsiness and disposition lo sleep, take Phelpi'
Tomato PrLLs; one or two doses seldum fail to relieve
all those unpleasant symptoms arising from congestion aed
languid circulation of the blood, and a redundant quantity
or inoibid quality of the bile, which is so apt to occur t
this season of the year. Pain ir. the limbs, headsche, and
other effects of a recent cold, arespeedily relieved by them.
For sale by the Druggists generally, and by Agents in
all the country towns, and at the General Depot, No. 226,
Main street, Hartford, Ct. Also, by S. P. Redfield, and
Clark and Collins, Montpelier; Goss" and Huichins, Win
teibury; O. French, Barre; R. and M. Hammett.E. MonU
pelier; A. T. Bancroft, Plainfield. 40:eowin8m
PICKS of all kinds, Teas, Coffee, Sugars, Raisins,
Lamp Oil of the best quality, Glass snd Putty, for
ale by g. p. REDFIELD.
March 1 lltf
P& KINDS Chewing Tobacco, cheap, at
w Oct. IS. Stobrs & Lanodoni.
Cation (oodtt chenu.-
j ()(()() 'a"i 4 Cottons from 6 te 10 ent fC.
Xor 5. 1844.
and M

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