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Fourth District, Official Canvass.
GO1 lo"Lb
- 565
Dillingham's plurality over
" lacks of a majority,
A Fair Proposal.
The friends of Mr. Clay, at least in this region,
having repeatedly avowed astheii opinion, that ho
was ready to emancipate his slaves, and would do
so immediately, were ho not a Presidential candid
ate; and some of Mr. Polk's adherents profossintr
to Ijclievo the sainu of him wo may now suj;;et
to each, tho expediency of wiping off tho "damn ing
spot" which slavery makes upon his charac
ter, without delay; and wo engage to. warrant to
the one who first perform tho obvious duty of lot
ting the oppressed go free, the reputation, in all
coming timo, of having the biggest soul. V e pause
For a reply. Herkimer Freeman.
A Prairie on Fire Three lives lost.
The Cherokee Advocate states that recently
EzeUiel and Jack Folds, with their two sons, resi
ding in the Noithern part of the Nation, went for
the purpose of preventing n fire, then sweeping
over the prairie, from consuming' their fences.
But a high wind prevailing at the timo, the flames
rushed onward with such speed, that they were
obliged to leave their work, and endeavor to save
themselves by flight. Tho two men and one of the
lads werp, however, soon overtaken and burnt to
death. When found tho next day, the son was in
the arms of his father, who had doubtless borne
him as far as ho could in his efforts to save their
lives. Tho persons of these unfortunate victims
were painfully disfigured by tho fire. Tho other
youth saved his life by rushing through tho flames
to tho windward.
American Slaver.
The United States Brig Porpoise, says the Cou
rier and Enquirer, arrived at this port a few (lays
since, from the coast of Africa. She brings intel
ligence of the capture of the Spanish Slave Brig,
Bolladere. She was taken by a British man-of-war,
of course; the patriotism of our countrymen
forbids their committing such an act. This is the
third time the Bolladere has been taken, having
been each time condemned and sold, and purchas
ed again by the .slavers. She was built at Balti
more, and was sent from that port in the first in
stance with emigrants for Liberia, and sailed for
Havnnna with a cargo of slaves on her return voy
age. She was celebrated for her beauty and fast
sailing, and her capture had caused great excite
ment. Sympathy for Mr Torrcy. We ore permitted
to make the following extract from a letter written
by a clergyman of color, ami dated Baltimore,
Nov. 26:
"My mind has been much agitated to-day on
going to the court home to hear the trial of Rev.
CHARLES T. TORRE Y. He was loaded with
chains ar.d crevvded into the box with all soits of
prisoners. It reminded mo of the blessed Jesus at
Pilates's bar, and tho early martyrs dragged to the
stake for the rights of conscience. It is creating
much sympathy here among the rich. They pub
litily 3tiy a.)tueiha must be 'done to extirpate tho
the damnablo system of slavery within the bounds
of Maryland."
Melancholy Occident. Frozen to.
Wo learn by a pfiitloinan from btewiirtatown,
that two men named Joseph and Jeremiah James,
left their homes in Caiman, r., on tho 4th inst
for tho pnrpo.-io of uxairiinin sublo traps they hit
previously set up ten or twelve miles in the wilde
moss. Tho day they left homa wa pleasant ai;
warm, tho second day was uncomfortable, and the
third snow fell to tho depth of two feet, accom
panied with a heav-v galo of wind. Not rettirninir
in due time, anxieties were entertained that ill
luck hud attended them; accordingly search was
made tor them, but with little effect until the 1 1th
inst., "when they were both found dead, probably
on account of coU and hunger.
The youngest, aged about 20, was found first,
lying with his face upon tho snow, or downward.
From the position in which ho was found it is
supposed that ho fell while travelling and died
without n struggle. Jeremiah aged about thirty,
was found about half a mile from his brother, who
from appearances had anticipated his fate, given
up all hopes ot reaching Ins lanuly, consisting of a
wife and three small children. and made such signs
as were in his power, which might lead to the
discovery of his remains; this ho did by breaking
the tops of bushes near where his body was
The places whero they encamped the first and
second nights were found, where, from appear
ances, they had u fire, the third night's cainpins;
ground has also been found, but it is thought they
were unable to obtain n lire, und consequently di
ed. iv. il. Statesman.
A Bear chase. The Cleaveland, on her nass
age from Chicago to Milwnukio, n few days ago,
discovered a largo bear cruising off Long Point,
and immediately lowered a boat in pursuit, which
captured him ns a lawful prize. Mr Bruin not be
ini? able to icfthnw his rianiirs." nrul frnm tlm fnt
of sailing under a black ilau, was accused of being
either a slaver or a pirate. His carcase weighed
400 pounds.
We learn that the clerk df Faneuil Hail market
received on Tuesday last a check for one hundred
dollars, from Samuel Appleton, Esq., with a re
quest that it might be invested in turkeys, or any
other suitable provisions, and distributed among
the poor of the city of Boston, to give them a good
dinner on thanksgiving day. 1 ho request was
pvopererly attended to, and many hearts wore
l i,.. .1,,. .:.!.. ..:c. hi
tile Journal.
Mr. Appleton laid the corner stono of tho for
tune which he uses so generously, by saving a
fourpence halfpenny, got for assisting n drover up
in NewHanipshiro, where ho wns born. The son
of a hard working farmer, ho came to Boston
poor, and has made himself rich y honesty and
prudence. Mom. Chron.
The Weather.
New York,. Nov. CO. Here instead. 0f snow,
there has been for the last two days, a c-i, ravv
atmosphere, with n drizzle of sleet ut timo. which
has partially covered the ground; insomuendjat n
few sleighs were out yesterday morning byway
of experiment. Jour, of Com.
Albany, Nov. 20, Tho snow fell yesterdayv.
tho depth of six or seven inches, and our streets!
to-iiny are merry with the music ot the sieighoeiis.
The yvemhrsr is inild and tho navigation of the
river still unooBi.r.4cfi.t ,.Tjywnii,
Cleveland, Nov. 25. Winter has paid us a
chilling visit, sinco Saturday, accompanied witn u
slight fall ofsnow. No ice of consequence in the
cunal yet; and boats have cleared to day for Ports
mouth. Herald.
Conk-jet. A Whig was lamenting to v dis
tinguished barrister of tlm party, the terrible de
feat they had sustained, when the lawyer repli
ed: "Rut we havo accomplished ono groat, good
thing. " "Pray, what is that?" imiuircd tho oth
"Wo have got rid of our everlasting candid-
Tcnnessee is a Whig Slate. The oflieial re
turns show a majority for the whig electoral ticket
of 113.
The Rev. George 13. Cheever, D. D., has be
come one of the odiors of the Now York Evangel
ist a strong man.
go vol
nor of New York has received the
resignation ot both tho Senators of that State; Mr
1 nllmao:t: iiemg appointed tiv tne president gov
ernor of Wiskonsnn, und Mr. Wright being elect
ed governor of his own State'. Governor Bouck
will appoint two Senators to act until a choice by
tho legislature.
The Journal of Commerce says that Governor
Bouck has appointed ex-Governor Marcy and ex
Chief Justice Savage, U. S. Senators until ttie ap
pointment by tin legislature neither of them to
be then candidate)?. Tho Albany papers say noth
ing of it.
The Hon John Quincy Adams wn3 chosen
President of the Lord's Day Convention at Balti
more, instead of Mr. Frclingliuysen, as first pro
posed. At tho Baltimore Sabbath Convention, held on
Thursday, an official address reported by Dr Ed
wards, was unanimously adopted. Mr Adams va
cated the chair, and departed for Washington.
There arc 685 foreign delogates in attetidunce,nnd
1111 from tho city of Baltimore in all 1796.
A furious Texas paper urges that war should be
declared against the United States, whereupon tho
United States would invade Texas, and of course,
conquer it, and thus secure annexation!
The Baltimore Patriot has made arrangements
to receive reports of both Houses of Cougrcss by
tho Electrical Despatch, or magnetic telegraph, so
as to publish tho doings almost up to the moment
of going to pre, ;s. We can do the same thing
here, when we get the telegraph established.
The Journal of Commerce makes Polk's popu
lar majoiity over Clay, (exclusive of South Caro
lina,) only 33,590.
The Montpelier Young Men's Lyceum will
meet at the vestry of the Methodist, Chapel next
.Monday evening at half past 6 o'clock preciso-
(.uostion. Is intemperance in youth as great an
evil as intemperance in old free.
Disputants F. A McDowell, affirmative: Rob
ert Hargin, negative,
A general attendance of Gentlemen and Lad ica
is requested.
Dec. 4, 1314. Secretory.
Elcceipts fics' the Freeman,
tin UTT, d il- r. .
o luiniscy, ii u Dpnuinmsr, i smitn, & Morso,
A Nuwton, J Abbott, $1 ,50 each; H Bencher, 83:
W Anderson, $2,33; R Mason, $1,17; S M Sher
man, Due.; JJ lslicll, 1; D I Marckros, !j?l,75.
teKmijsumi jKawm yTttainni. rxjtx Jjscara:
In Benton, N. II., Nov. 14, Moses MeConnell,
ot iMewnury, Vt., and U'ma Jellurs.ot 11.
In Piermont, N. II., Nov. 14, Ephraim Foster
of Cabot, Vt., and Sarah 1J. Moore, of P.
SiiUi '40 1,.1J 2
In N. Y. City, ult., Mr. Mouse, late Pi ccen-
tor of the Academy in this village, aged 23. Me
was a s:m of B. Morse, Esq., of Andover, in this
State, and was a young rutin of projiiijo and great
In West Rupert, Vt., Nov. 1 1th, of consump
tion, Mrs. Aiitiv E. IIasei.tine, wife of Enoch S.
Sherman, and daughter of William Haseltine. Eso.
of Pembroke, N. H.
1 he niimei-ous friends and acquaintances of the
(leeeaseU, at u distance from her ate residence, wt
be interested in hearing ti brief sketch of her last
illness and death. 11 dr bereaved husband, and
her sorely aillictod parents and brothers and sis
ters, thouirh thev deenlv (eel and bitterlv mourn
tier loss, yet they mourn not without the lichest
consolation. biie has eft bnsrht evidence behind
her, that sho has gone to rest in the bosom of her
Saviour. Her disease was so flattering, that her
friends and physicians were unable to determine
its nature, until a short timo previous to her death.
She had cherished the fondest hopes of recovery,
and at the first intimation of her danger, she ex
pressed great anxiety lest sho was not prepared to
die. Siie carefully reviewed her past life, exami
ned seriously and prayerfully the foundation of her
hope, and cast herself anew on the inercv of God
for salvation. Gradually her doubt and fears were
removed her mind became tranquil and serene,
and she was enabled to converse upon tho subject
of death with calmness and composure. Her lan
guage was, "I trust alone in the rVieri:s of a cruci
fied Saviour for nci.eptaucc with God. It is all
grace nothing- but grace enables mo to bear the
sufferings I endure."
Sabbath morning, the day before her death, when
it was believed that her end was near, her husband
nsked her, if she was willing to die. .Her reply
wan, I long to dcpn.it nod be with my Saviour. I
feel that to live would bo pleasant and happy, but
to die would be infinite gain. 1 have no wish of
my own, only that tho will of God may bc-dono.
Perhaps I may be the means of doing more good
by my death, than I could by a much longer life.
Mourn not, but rather rejoice for my sake. A few
hours before she died, her friends were called in to
see her for tho last time. She greeted them all af
fectionately , sent messages of love and cratcful
remembrance to those who were absent, and cx
prcsscd an earnest desire to meet them all in hea
ven. She then pressed her littb babo fondly to
her bosom, kissed it with all the ardour ot a moth
er's love, und then committed Tt to the euro of its
heavenly Father, without a tear or sigh! Soon
after, " soothed and sustained by nn unfaltering
trust," she sweetly fell asleep in Jesus.
In the li fe and death of this beloved friend, we
have exhibited a noble specimen of n christian.
ftlic seemed to have lived but to give us glimpses
of heavenly purity, and toll us, " of such is the
Kingdom of Heaven." Com.
In Swaiiton, Nov. 17, Hon. James Fisk, need
Sii. Un ha severally hold the oflices of Judge of
tho Supreme Court, Collector of tho Customs, and
a member and Senator in Congress.
'I'HIS may certify that my wife, Lucy Drew
forsaken my bod and board, and I forli'n
iid nil
persons barborin
or trustms her on mv account.
isVshall pay no debts of ber eontr.KMiujr nftor this
i'Me. fc'T is o rsuiMr
"OX -,ter. Mer. 1A
!. i-.Ul.
npHE Winter Term will commence on Wednes
day Dec. 4, and continue eleven weeks.
Lectures with experiments as usual.
Books are furnished at reduced prices by the
Board including rooms, wood and washing from
$'l,00tofrl,25. ,
Rooms for those wishing to board thcmsolvos
may bo obtained.
Tuition per term from $3,00 to $4,00.
Ornamental branches $1,50.
F. W. Powers, Yt. University, Assistant.
Bakcrsfield. Nov. 9. 1844. " 47
JUST received, and receiving from New York,
- t AnA II..- T PC?.. .
a tilnls. molasses, iiuuu ms.uuiu sugar,
5000 lbs. Brown Sugar, 15 chests of Tea,
500 lbs. Spices, 1000 lbs. Ginger,
3000 lbs. best Salajratus, 1000 lbs. Tobacco,
300 lbs Snuff, 5000 lbs Dry & Salt Fish,
2000 lbs Fresh Butter Si Table Salt,
And every thing else in the Grocery lino all
bought with cash, and will bo sold cheaper than
can bo bought in Vermont.
Oct. 8, 1842.
SHON, Wcdgewood, Glass uiTS Mari.le MORTARS.
Tor sale by S. P. REDFIELD.
SpLUH and mack Ink of
JD sale by the bottle or gallon.
March 14th
the best quality, for
0 PIECES moro of thoao splendid Alpaca Lustres,
as cheap as ever,. at Storks & Langdoms.
Oct. 18.
TTjROM six to fifteen cents Tickings, Drillings, Can-M-
ton Flannell, ka. Call at tho old cheap store of
41 Daldwin, Scott &Co.
Mails tmd Viltzm,
Ttho lowest market prices, by
Baldwin, Scot I &
jmm p.: Ei ale,
$j40UT1I Eaat corner of Branch Cridgo, state-street,
N. D. Particular attention paid to Cutting for others
to make
Oct. 9, 1844. 41
T HOICE brands of Choking also Lorillard's
LJ Chapman's fino cut chewing and smoking.
41 Baldwin, Scott, & Co.
KINDS Chewing Tobacco, cheap, at
w Oct. 18. Stoiirs & Lanqdons.
r 1) r ess er
"flIKER'S building, opposite the Bank, State Street.1
Keeps on hand cheap for cash,,
Wis, Top Pieces. Frcczclls
jsxxj.w:u. re: a. exBEr.m-!3
in a great variety. Johnson's Vegetable, Mahono's Pre
servative, De Hude Antique a a Roso. Also,
The best article ever offered in the United Slates to re
store the Hair that haa fallen olT, or become thin, Ifc. and
will effectually cure hcurfor Dandiiff.
Montpelier, Jan. 10, 1S14. 5lf
20 hhH. Wtnmcvs
for sale at a trifling compensation, by
Oct. 7, 1844.
'UVhs.scs aza3 APxl'l Suppon'lcrs.
npiIE best assortment of Trusses a?id Abdominal
" Supporters can be had by calling at the Dru
Store of CLA 11 K COLLINS.
Oct. 7.
(?B Pieces moro of those beautiful Cloths for ovor Coats
"KJE? also a few paterns rich V eatings at
Nov. 5. 1844.
PIECES LPACCAS, some very low prices.
Baliiw, Scorr, & Co.
LBS. S weeds Steel, suitable for
Sleigh Shoes: Also 50 pairs Plated
Shoes, from 12 to 50 lbs., selling loto by
Pay We Must Have.
6 TORUS 8,-LANGDONS;,vc notice that all de-
tnands duo them, of over one years standing,
will bo put in collection on the 1st of January
next, if not paid previous to that time Special
Contracts excepted.
Nov. 25, 1844.
t t i k r
E 15 ,,$&. I'iJT CIV"
Will spare nn paina in Bcleclin'.; tho
Purest Medicines, and the Choicest Gro
ceries. Prices warranted satisfactory. Also, a general assort
Corner of Stale and Main Stroetp, Montpolior, Vt.
March 8. 1814. . lOtf
Mondav, Dec. S.
At Market, 840 Beef Cattle, 12 yokes working
oxen, 28 cows and calves, 1900 sheep, and 1000
Prices. Decf cattle extra, fro; first quality, 4,
50 a 4,75; second do. 4 a 4,25; third do. 3,50.
Working oxen 2 yokes at fr'7o a 94.
Cows and calves 22, 24,60, and ono at 34.
Sheep and lambs, dull.
Swine brisk. Lots at wholesale, 3 n 4 for
sows and barrows. At retail, 4c for sows and 5c
for barrows.
N. U. Reef cattle generally .very poor, lint nil
sold ut tho nbove prices. Ran elors were not able
to got any lots of cuiuutjaenco.
Ladies and Gentlemen! j
HAVE now in store one of the most extensive slocks,
and the largest variety of JS IU ESi. GOODS,
of every description, to bo found in New Lngland.
Slntr from 2a ccuats to 50 dollars!
The materials were purch ased of the importers in New
York, early in the season, for CASH, and have been
manufactured in tho best manner, under my own eye.
Also A very extensive assortment of
ppm ij
CUi3 US !t&
of every stylo and quality.
Tho readers of this paper ore respectiully invited to call.
ICPWholesale Rooms. 2d and 3d Stories, 173 Wash
ington street. WILLIAM M. Stl U J.
Boston, Oct. 31 4G
2000 yards of Flannel,
1000 yards of Frocking,
500 lbs ot Knitting Yarn.
Oct. 8.
TT7UNE Cut Smoking and Chewing and Plug Tobacco
1L Lorrdlard s and Surresers Macaboy and scotch Ssnufi.
IVIontp'.dier, 14th March, 1844. lltf
Ilolman's Nature's Grand Restorative, for
alo at thiaO.Tice. A valuable medicine for billious
complaints, fee. &c. Sec recommendations.
A N Ointment find Vowdcr, which together areo
x l.a-Cfirtain cur lor Kali ICbeum.for snlo hv
Marcfi 14th lltf S. P. REDFIELD.
C1 ITIION, Mace and English Currants lor Cake, and
J Extract of Lemon and Rose to season it with, for
sale by
OA USE and FINE SALT for sale by
lltf S. P. REDFIELD.
OEDFIFLD'S Pictornl Bible Sears' History
of the Bible Guido to Knowledge lltble Bi
ography Wonders of the World Bible Illustra
tions Uiiilo lluailrupeds, &c, together witn an as
sortment of Church works, which will ho sold at a
small profit.
Subscriptions received to tho Columbian Maga
zine; tho Rover, a weekly Magazine; Anglo Amer
ican and tho JNow World, &c, by
At tho residence of the lato Judge Buckley, in Ber
lin, or by J. A. Some rot, at this Office FREE
'3M1AT NO MAN Wor WILL sell any description
of Drv CES- nC.CI23CTZ3'CTZ3SS.:EIX333S3
in th'i3 county at less prices than at the Old Cheap stoie,
41 bv tSALDWIN, aco it U Co.
A.IUI ITCH'S Cough Syren, one of the best med-
3 ioines for a cowgh, cold , or any disease of the) lungs.
for side by S. P. UEDFIELD.
Iff TfJJ311
1 UJIL 'i'JJ' I
Coa'inicr of Maisa and faie Sis.,
a i JL i iN u Lo to pei'iorm me various operations in
iiental surgery, necessarv for tho prcseivation
ami health ot the teeth ami uums, rtlto superior in-
D&nTmrciijjLti TfcfcTH Insertfd, fioiu one ton full Bel
by cngraftine on the fangs of decayed teeth, or on Gold
Plate, as the caso may require.
Particular attention given to the prevention and remedy
loi irregularity ol teeth in lyliiltlren and foulli, which is
often the cause of premature decav and loss of the Tooth.
Montpelier, September 12, IS 11.
-Furniture Ware House.
By A. W. Caldwell,
Sofas, Secretaries, Dress and Cmn-
mon JUtreaus, Lcnfre I ablcs, Boo'; Cases.
and a general assortment of other FURNITURE; manu
factured and sold at a large discount from former prices.
October 1, 1844. 40.
ash, C a s h ,
PAID for Hatting and Shipping Furs, by Wm. T.
Montpelier, Nov. 5, 1844. 45, Sm.
Sheep's Felts !
!p ENTLEMEN call with your PELTS, at Bu rnha m's
VLTf Hat Store and roceive the Cash and tho highe st
Montpelier, Nov. 5, 1S44.
45 3m
SPERM OIL.-IJest Bleached Wintor Strained.
' Sperm Oil, for stile by
Montpelier, October SO, 1844.
By Express.
tiuwaj uw tkiiap.
AAAf yrds 4-4 Cottons from 0 to 10 cents per
B .J,V k var.j,
N5, 1344.
OU aro hereby notified that dZi l.SMSM.1S:9
and the highest prices (as usual) are paid for all '
kinds of SHIPPING FUU lit the Drug store ofClark j
& Collins where you will find a large assortment of Ri
fle Powder, Shot of all sizes, & Percussion Caps.
Montpelier, Nov. 12,1844. 4C
njMUS may certify that I havo sold my Son,
" Leonard Thaver his timo, from and after this
date, and shall neither pay any debts of his con
tracting or claim his earnings.
Warren, Nov. 15, 1844. 47 3w
'FpHIS may certify that I havo given my Son,
"Hiram Nelson, his timo during tho remainder
of his minority, mid shall pay none of his debts or
claim any ol Ins wastes hercaltor.
Waterliurv. Nov. 13, 1344. 47 ap
-gnus nay rcceiveu uy mllivvidi tt &UU1T, Will and Testament of Benjamin Porter, late of
., Alpacca, (at our former low prices;) Randolph, in said District deceaseed, testate,
Also: hioi Lonnctt Ribbons, Gloves, Tabs, Flow- makes application to this court, for license to ell
ers, Furs, Salsbury flannel, Canton, do. do. all the Real Estate of which said deceased died
Anti-Slavery Books!
of almost every description, just received at this of
fice, and for sale at the wholesale pi ices. Call and M.
Orders from friends in different parts of the state will b
immediately attended to. Uet. o.
Pure Winter Sperm Oil. .
GALLONS more of that very superior Leap
OIL, just ree'd by Stoiuis &. LAKQDOira.
Oct, 13.
Paints and
ye Stulft,
Montpelier, March 14, 1S44.
CUNNING GOODS of evetv descrintion. l
Til Oct. 1. 41 Baldwiw, Scott, & Cu'$.
CONSISTING of BAND, from 1 to 6 incheo,
ENGLISH HOOPING, 5-8, 3-4,7-8, 1, 1 1-8, 1 1-4,
ENG. and AM. ROUND IRON, from 3-18 to 3 1-8 in,
do SQUAKE, do do
IRON, of all sizes,
Old Sable Naij. Rods, Cbobars, SntiOH-imu,
Eno. aid Ameii. Blister Steel.
Round and Square Cast-steel, (Sandenoa'tbaal,)
Sweede do
German do
Toe Cork do
Spring, do, eto.
We ore weekly receiving additions to out stoek itUtfa
we offer at extremely low prices.
rurchaaers will do well to giva us a call.
'i.-' tVi Irfi 0
TTTAVIJ great pleasure in giving notica to our fileaai
.111 thi vicinity, Lamoille, and other Motions' el t&
State, that we have received
5 bales SHEETING, at 6 14 per yard.
5 do . do 8 do
10 do do 0, heaviest and best 'fa Marl
20 Ps BROAD CLOTHS, from SI, 75 to 4,50 pii rar.
100 Ps PRINTS, from (t 1-4 to 1 s.
CO Ps AI PACCAS, from 2s to 75 ct.
10 Ps ZENOBIA, 3s to Cs.
28 Ps CASS1MERES, Cs to 9s.
100 SHAWLS, French styles, from $3 to JJfc
50 iloz. winter GLOVES.
100 UMBRELLAS, from C7c to; 1,50.
20 Ps heavy PILOT CLOTHS.
In fact, we have all kinds of ZI3$Z25'5&3&C3II
that one can ask for to keep off tho cold soi pelting itefC
AI so
lo rolls CARPETING, having boon appointed agoaMfw
sollinn Carpeting, wo can furnish at Boston ft't$f.
20 Kidderminster and Lowell KUGb.
S Ps beautiful FLOOR CLOTHS.
2U doz. Fur and Fur trimmed CAPS.
Ono of tho most beaatifurassortments of
from New York, over offorod in this market, s4 a eA
and freight.
A Is,
HARD WARE, of overy description for family w
5 cases Thick Boots, best articlet, 8,29.
3 cases Calcutta Boots, 2,50.
100 prs India Rubbers.
50 do do Fur lined.
30 prs Misses Rubbprs.
It would be impossible for us to enumorate the msnr ar
ticles which wo have for aalo but will give notiee tba
we shall have this week
3 tons Portorico Sugars,
1000 lbs Loaf do.
5 boxes Havana Sugars,
10 bags Coffee,
10 chests Tea,
60 hags Pepper and Splse,
6 hds Molasses,
1 ton Saloralus,
10 bbl Rock Salt;
Which will ba sold at Boston cost, with tlie froieht
no mistake! We have pursued the Cash st-
tem the last threo years, and wo find it gives much bel
ter satisfaction, us goods come so low all must be satisfied.
Montpebor, Oct. 1, 1844. - 40
District of Randolph, ss.l Court. holden
nt Randolph in & forsd District,on the lShrrtlay of
jmov. 1844. i'reseiw? lion. L.evi iJ. Vilas, Judge,
Win. II. Harrison Porter. Executor of the last
CP i7fi I n nrl nnuanaAil w it n l n Hi I a tatct d rtrl ronro.
sents that the same 13 necessary lor the payment
ot (1('bts and Legacies asjainst saitl Estate : And it
is ordered that said application ho referred to a
probate Court to be holden at tho Inn of Calvin
Rlodgett, in Chelaon, in said District, on the third
Wednesday in December next, and that notice
thereof be given to all concernod in said Estato bjr
publication of this order three weeks successive
ly in the Green Mountain Freemen, printed at
Montpelier as soon ns may be, that they may ap
pear at said time and place, if they see cause and
object to the same.
Uy order of Court,
District of Randolph, ss. X Court holden
at Randolph, in and for said District, on the 19tb
day of November, A. D. 1844, present Hon. Le
vi U. Vilas, Judiie Ei.iSAnF.TH Young, Guardian
for Charles E. "Voting and Andrew A. Youn', mi
nor heirs of Alexander Young, Into of Randolph,
in said District, deceased, makes application for
license to sell nil tho Heal ll,stnte of her saul
wards, mid represents that the same will bo bene
ficial to her said wards, and it is ordored by the)
Court, thai said application bo referred to 8 Pro
bate Court to be" holden at the Inn of Calvin Rlod
cett, in Chelsea, in said District, on the third
Wednesday in December next, and thru notice
thereof be given to all coicerned by publication of
this order three weeks successively, in the
Green Mountain Firemen, printed nt Mont
pelier, in this State, ns soon ns limy bn; thut they
ui:iy appear nt said lime und pfire, if ihey seo
ause and object thereto.
lty oiiier of the Conn,
niil.AND.k PEHRIN, ?leV$:c,-
-- -

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