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P 0 E T il Y
A Legal Ballad.
An attorney was 'taking n turn,'
In slmliby habiliments dressed;
His coat was shockingly worn,
And the rust had invested his vest.
His breeches hail Buffered a breach,
His linen and worsted were worse;
He had scarce a whole crown to his hat,
And not half a crown in his purse.
And thus, lie wandered along,
A cheerless and comfortless elf,
He sought for relief in a song, t
Or coiniihiiningly talked to himself.
"Most unfoitunate man that I am,
My only client is grief;
Tlio cnso is, I've no case at all,
And in brief, I have ne'er had a 'brief.'
"The profession's already so full
Of lawyers so full of profession, .
Thai a modest young man like myself
Can't make the smallest impression.
"They grant I'm acquainted with grants,
Can devise a 'devise,' or a plea, .
Can make u good deed in 'fee simple,'
But I cnu't get the simplest 'fee."
"I've waited, ami waited in vain;
Expected an opening to find,
Where an honest young lawyer might yain
Some reward for the toil of his mind."
While he ihus wandered along,
His eye accidentally fell
On a very deep hole in the ground,
And he sighed to himself, 'It is well!'
To curb his emotion, he sat
On the curb stone, the space of a minute,
Then cried, 'Here's an opening at last !'
And in less than a jiffy was in it.
Next day twelve citizens came,
The 'coroner's' inquest to attend;
To the end that it might be determined
How that man had determined hi! end.
'The man was a lawyer, it soenis,"
Said the foreman, who opened of course;
"A lawyer! alas!" sighed another,
"He undoubtedly died of remorse.'"
A third said "he knew the deceased
An attorney, well versed in the laws;
And as to the cause of his death,
Twas no doubt for want of a 'cause.'"
The 'crowners' at length gave a verdict,
Which finally settled the matter;
"That the voiinir man was ilrown-ded, be
He could -not keep his head above water
Fopu'av E'radings.
From the Symbol and Odd Fellow's Magazine.
In one of the morning papers, not long since
there appeared the following singular advertise
" A lady is desirous of obtaining for a short timi
the sum of one thousand dollars. Any gentleman
who Would be willing to advance this sum without
security, will oblige the advertiser liy addressin
L. L. M., through tho post office. Circumstances
of nn extraordinary and peculiar nature have coin
pellcd the advertiser to resort to tins step."
This advertisement created no little sensation a
tnoug the monied bachelors with generous temper
aments. Manv a confirmed Cielelies began to thin
of bright eves and matrimony. That the adverti
rer was young and pretty, there could be no doubt
thought they all. tor wlint plain lady would pie
some to ask such a preposterous favor of a man as
one thousand dollars without security! i'retty la
dies a handsome widow, for instance might do
it, but no one else !
No one was more profnunlly moved by this ad
vertisement than Neal Nclvilie, Esq., though not
exactly in the same way and from the same mo
tives. This gentleman was a bachrlur of forty;
well preserved, and without a grey hair; for eve--
vy morning he carefully extracted sueli untimely
intruccrs from his dark brown locks and silky
whiskers with a pair of tweezois. Ho was a man
of cheerful temper, and his face, therefore, had
few wrinkles. He might have been taken for no
more (Jian. two and thirty. His person was well
roadafml compact, somewhat tall, and inclined,
the least in the world, to corpulency. He was
handsome that is, 'the ladies called him so with
a clear, florid complexion, fine teeth, and an agree
able smile and voice. He was a lawyer by pro
fession, but having inherited from an aunt a good
fortune,he gave himself little trouble about briefs
and fees, constitutionally -u lover of ease, and a
great pattern of indolence, lounjiers, and eimirs.
His ""sign,'" nevertheless, kept its place among the belter and happier.
very luxuriously, and that his rooms were in every
especi wen appoinieu. mirrors aim soias, a vei-
et ui van, and voluptuous easy ctiairs on roeKers,
were but part of the means assembled to make him
comfortable, and yet he never felt at home. There
was something wanting, and his conscience told
him it was a wife. He would lay late of morn
ings, read newspapers an hour over his coffee, lin
ger long at his dinner, and plunge into every vari-
ty of amusemens in the afternoon and evening,
to keep from feeling the loneliness of his bachelor
chambers. He never liked to be in them unless
he had a friend; and when that friend got up to
sro, ho would take his hat to go with him! He felt
the need of a wife, and therefore ho sought and was
only happy in ladies' society. Why, then, possess
ing all ma'rryiiig ad vantages, did he not take to
tnmselt a daughter ol Hive anil enu ins misery r
That is a nuestion a great many beautiful girls and
handsome young widows of bis acquaintance put
to themselves, but wnicti tney were not atne to
answer. Fortunately, it is in our power to reply
to it.
Up to Mr. Nelville's thirty-fourth year he had
ot along without much solicitude nbouf. marry
ing, lie lelt himseit still young, and tunc mere
was time onrush; nevertheless, he kept his eyes
about him, and was on the look out for some one
with whom he might unite his destiny. But being
fastidious, and requiring a high order of perfect
ion, he was not easily satisfied. Une was a little
too short, another a little too tall, another talked
too fast, another too slow; one was too lively, an
other too sober; one had a nose with a high. bridge
on it, another without any bridge at all, and fi-tljjrd
had a saucy turn up at the end. Une laced too
tight, and he feared slio would die n his Itands of
consumption; and another was too lat, and lie np-
nrchended apoplexy ! We might go on with the
enumeration without end. Neal Nelville, Esq.,
seemed destined never to marry.
But when he bad, as we have said, reached his
thirty-fourth year, chance threw in his way a piece
f perfection ot woman kind, one seemed la u It-
ess in his eye and taste ; not that he kissed her as
the butterfly in the song did tho flower! He was
at Naliaut lazily lying on a rock, fishing for gudg
eon or any other fish that might be foolish enough
to bite, when he was startled by seeing a straw hat
and ribbons flying directly over his eyes, and after
nguyration or two through the air, alighted gently
upon the water and there floated. It was a lady's
hat, and a lady must his near. Up ho sprang and
looked around him, for the place was somewhat
etired, and he saw two young ladies, one of them
bonneiless, and both running towards the spot
where the hat was cradled upon the waves. The
one that had lost the hat run like n fa wn, bounding
lightly from rock to rock, laughing as she flew, her
golden brown tresses dancing in the wind, anil her
countenance Hushing with health and excitement.
Our bachelor stood entranced. Such a beauti
ful creature had never before met his eyes.
"My hat, sir, my hat," she cried in a voice of
music, like a silver trumpet sounding down the
winds. Her voice recalled him to himself. With
characteristic gallantry he bounded down the steep
rock, and with his long fishing pole fished up, just
ultimo, the sinking straw hat, heavy with the un
ity fluid, which dropped from it as from a sieve.
" W hat a condition, ' said she merrily, as she
look it from the pole, for she stood several feet a
hove on the rock, and he had to reach it up to her.
Sir, 1 air. very grateful to you. 1 lie rude, saucy
wind took it off and bore it away without ceremo
ny ; indeed, sir, ir you nan not tieeu so goou as to
fish it out for me, 1 should have had my complex
ion spoiled. Have you caught any fish, sir? I
hope my hat has not srared the fishes away. '
" No, I assuro you. It would have an attract
ive power. I have caught no fish; I am satisfied
with having caught so fair a prize as your hat."
" You arc very gallanl, sir. Come Juila, our
party will think we have fallen from the elitT.
Good morning, sir."
And liefoie Ihe fisher could speak to say, he
hardly knew what, but with one idea of desiring
to have her always present, she was far away,
bounding like a sylph along the ridge of rocks,
and was the next moment hid from bis sight. He
had been bewitched by the bewitching girl, and
stood a while with his fishing rod in one hand, and
his cap in the other, like a we won't say "fool"
exactly, but looking very foolish. As soon as he
recovered his senses, he started in pursuit, resolv
ed to ascertain who she was. But no where could
he discover her. All day he was in pursuit, and
he could not see or hear any thing from her. From
that time theie was a change very perceptible to
his friends in Neal Nelville, Esq. He was senti
mental, wrote poetry for the magazines, and stay
ed about of moonlight nights.
But this wore off in lime, and ho become him
self again; but the face of the beautiful unknown
was so indelibly impressed upon bis heart and
memory, that there was no place there fur any
Tho world knew not the secret and many a fair
maiden secretly accused In in of being cold and hol
low hearted, when unknown to her, the purest fire
of devotion to one of her sex burned on the altar
of his heart.
Having now acquitted Neal Nelville, Esq. of
this serious charge, we will proceed to our story.
He was n generous man. Liberal to a fault, he
gave to the poor and needy, and blessjd with his
benevolent donations many u roof of poverty. lie
delighted in seeking out worthy young men and
placing them in business; and he was a public
benefactor of the poor and industrious sewing girl.
Such an advertisement, therefore, as that with
which wo have prefaced our tale, could not fail to
attract his eye and move his benevolent feelings,
ever alive to any calls of misfortune. He was
lounging on a divan, taking his coffee and reading
his newspaper together, as was his custom; now a
sip of coffee, now a paragraph, then a bit of toast,
then a dozen lines. In this manner he came up
on the advertisement. It at once dissipated all his
ennui, for ho felt particularly dull that morning,
and an opportunity'of doing good always made him
lie read it over three times,
er. Its appearance was very respectable and was
evidently once the residence of nn old and distin
guished colonial family. He knocked, and a wo
man that seemed in the condition of a servant,
opened the door. On asking for the lady who had
advertised, she showed him into a small wainscot
ed room on the left. A patchwork carpet covered
the floor; old highbacked chairs stood stiffly a
round the room; a black beaufet was in one cor
ner, and one or two portraits of gentlemen of a
former age, in queues and ruffs, hung on the wall.
The air of every thing was genteel and respecta
ble. He had just time to make these observations,
when the door opened and a female entered, in
mourning and deeply veiled. She gracefully
courtesied, und said with a silvery voice, that
strangely thrilled his soul:
'Pardon me, sir, if I do not unveil? If you de
cline to grant my wishes, I do not desire you to
know whose request you have refused, lest we
meet again! My object in advertising as I have
done, I will briefly explain to you. lama south
erner. I married the son of the lady who dwells
here. He was defended from one of the crown
Governors of the province, but was not rich. He
went south and became unfortunate and lost nil
my property with his own. We came north. He
dwelt here with his mother, ond here we lived re
tired from society. He prevniled'on her to make
him over tho house and all she was worth. I shrink
from the exposure of this act, but it is needful you
should know the circumstances, sir. He got the
property unknown to me and lost it all in a few
weeks by gambling. He then became desperate,
The flrcaf R E M E l Y for
k J
. ' h -' ' ht A. v -r
4 St.
and giving himself up to intemperance
To Families and Invalids.
c?HE following indispensable Family Remedies may
beTound at the Drug stores, and soon at every coun
try store in the Province. Remember and never get
ihem unless they have the fac-simile signature of Com
stock & Co. on the wrappers, as all others by the cam
names are base impositions and counterfeits. If the mer
chant nearest you has them not, urge him to procure them
the ntxt time he visits New York, or to write for then.
No family should be a w&ek without these remedies.
BALDNESS. Balm of Columbia, for the Hair,
which wUI stop it if fulling out, or restore it on bald pla
ces; and on children make it grow rapidly, or on tiioaa
who have lost the hair from any cause.
All Vermin that infest the heads of children in schools,
are prevented or killed by it at once. Find the name of '
Comstock & Co. on it, or never try it. Remember this
Rheumatism and Lameness positively cured, and all
rhrivel:d muscles and limbs are restored, in Ihe old or
young, by tho "Indian Vegetable Elixir and Nerve and
Bone Liniment" but never without the name of Corn
stock and Co. on it.
PILES, fcc. are wholly prevented, or governed if the
attack has come on, if you use the only true 'Hay'a Lini
ment,' from Comstock & Co. All Sores, and every
thing relieved by it that admits of an outward applaalion.
It acts like a charm. Use it.
ho soon
died. This was lout n year since. I was left
destitute and remained here, my mother-in-law
giving mo an asylum. She, as well as myself,
were ignorant unlit yesterday, that he had mort
gaged the whole property obtained from his moth
er.' " i
'Mortgaged it!' exclaimed Mr. Nelville, deeply
'Yes, sir. Yesterday morning the mortgagee
came to say that one thousand dollars were due
upon it, and unless paid within three clays, the
whole should be sold. I did not feel much for my
self, as I did for the-venerable lady wdio was thus
to be turned into tho street. In the impulse ol the
moment I sat down, wrote and sent the advertise
ment to the Gazette, hoping against hope, that it
might meet tho eye of some benevolent person,
through whose aid this calamity might be avert
ed.' She ceased, weeping and trembling with the
deepest embarrassment.
'1 will advance the money madam. The mort
gage I myself assume for the present. Let your
f'ancj l.u ..II..,?. til Will imn At met rltn Ifiiwlnn til
I 1111 S kJK Cllllljl... I, 111 JUU Ml till. I. IV IMIJllll'.o.
raise your veil r All tho while you have been
speaking your voice has seemed familiar.'
She uracefully vet modestly obeyed, and he bo-
held the loved lectures of the unknown.
'Can it be possible !' he exclaimed. "This is a
moment of happiness I did not anticipate. Do you
recognise me?'
'Yes, sir. You rescued my straw hut from the
water with your fishing pole. I have never for
gotten von !'
o .
'Oh that we hud met before you were married.
But I trust'
He blushed, and with an embarrassed air, said:r
'Pardon inc. I have long remembered you, and
have daily hoped to meet you again.'
The lovely widow hung her beautiful head,gen-
tly smiled, and suffered him to take her hand and
press it to his lips.
That day, three mouths, to the surprise of eve
ry lady of his acquaintance, Neal Neville, Esq.,
became the happy husband of the fair advertiser.
True benovoleuce never goes unrewarded.
There is not loom in a newspaper advertisement to pub
lish the numerous certificates of cures, but the invalid is
referred to a medical pamphlet to be bad of any of the
gents gratis. Such proof as we are constantly laying be
fore the public must convince all that
is the only medicine in the world that will cure all who
are predisposed to Consumption, Liver Complaints, or
troubled with Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Pleurisy. Spitting
of Blood, pain in tho side and chest, difficulty of breathing,
tightness across the chest, palpitation of the heart, Bron
chitis, throat complaints, and all alTcctions of the pulmo
nary organs. If this is not sufficient, he will refer any
one to. otln'rs, who, at the dale above, are now using this
article in a variety of protracted Liung and l.iver com
All the certificates shown to the public prove conclu
sively one thing that the Vegetable Lxtract of
Lungwort is possessed of certain powers in healing the
lungs and restoring energy to those who were biipposed
to be fast sinking into the grave, over every other remedy
ancient or modern.
And why not! It is a medicine that is not tho work of,
a day the compound of a drug shop, having only for its
object a sale. It is a remedy that owes its existence from
nature's source, a certain cure for complaints of the lungs
and all the premonitory symptoms of consumption.
Q,uackery would probably put new life into a skeleton,
provided you would believe il at least; the inventors of
some of the seeming popular remedies would induce you
to believe so, if possible. It is lo put in the place of such
stuff a remedy really of use to mankind, that the Vegeta
ble Extract of Lungwort was made.
Tho study of years the proper proportion of ingredi-
enls their ellect upon Ihe different systems, and the
stage of disease in the patients all these were in the
"mind's eye" of the physician who formed this medicine.
Me knew that to make somethinz really useful as a reme
dy, study and observation were necessary, and ho failed
not to devote all bis attention to the purpose. He has
WORT has taken its stand, and beyond the leading med
icines of the present time, as the only true eradicator of
pulmonary CONSUMPTION extant. This is true and
certain trfie, because susceptible of proof certain, be
cause its power and usefulneFS in saving hundreda from
death cannot be controverted. J. C. ROOSEVELT.
Sole proprietor, 27 Broadway, Albany ; S. P. Redfield,
Montpelier; Goss k Ilutchins Waterburyi 44:ly
Horses that have Ring-bone, spavin, wind-galls, e.,
are cured by Roofs' Specific; and Foundered Horses en
tirely cured by ' Roofs' Founder Ointment.' Mark thur
nil horsemen.
31 the Corner Store.
A RE receiving a full supply of merchandise adapted to
Jt3l- the Fall Trade, to which they invito the altention of
purchasers. 1 hey have a great variety of rich and fash
lonable DIU'.bS KS -SSd&aCDJSn&SSi such as,
Choice CAMELEON SILKS, new and beautiful styles,
Do Black and Blue Black, plain , fig'd , slHped & wors
ted do.
Real Aflghan and Fancy SATINS, rich colors.
Pure, all wool CASIIMEUE, a splendid article,
Do all wool MUSLIN DE LAINES, new and elegant
Real Cashmere De Ecosse, of rich ond beautiful
colors. Imitation do do do do
Superior Rep Cassimeres, new and beautiful article
tine Cashmere De sue, new slvlcs,
Light and dark, plain and striped Muslin De Laines,
Changeable Lustres, new If rich style of dress goods,
INcw styles of 1'rints, OtNGHAMS, etc.
Real Rob Roy, Gala and LiNct P.'.aids, for Chil
Cloak Goods, in great variety, and of extra quality.
Real silk warped Indiana Alpaccas and Alpines
do Linen do do do
Changeable and black, strbed and figured do
SJi.iwls, Cashmere, Kabylk, Silk, ond all Wool.
Do Highland, Muslin De Laine, all si.cs.
Gloves, Hoisery, Mitts, &c.
Linen and Cotton FIou?e-keeping Goods, all kinds.
New Crockery & Glass Vuare, Table Cutlery.
Bleach'd and brown Cotton, Ticking and Batting.
Groceries in abundance, and cheap enough.
Oct. 1. 1844. 40
Important to 111!
FJJMIE Constitution, tin 'vis vilai' of our wonderful bo
JL dies, constantly require and alternative, or regene-
Magical Pain Extractor Salve. The most extraor
dinary remedy ever invented for all new or old Burns jt
Scalds, and sores and sore-eyes. Il has delighted thou
sands. It will lake out all pain in ten minuter, and nv
failure. It will cure the Piles.
Lin's spread Plasters. A better and more nic aneF
useful article was never made. . All should wear them,
Lin's Temperance Bitters:' on the principle of sub--stituting
the tonic in place of the stimulant piincip1r
which has reformed so many drunkards. To be used with'
Lin's Blood Pills, superior to all others for cleansing th
system and the-hnmors affecting the blood, and for all ir
regularities of the bowels, and the general health.
HEADACHE. Dr. Spohn's Headache Remedy,
will effectually cure sick headache, either from the nerves
or bilious. Hundreds of families are using it with great
Dr. Spohn's Elixir of Health, for the certain prevei
tion of F e v e r s, or ony general sickness; keeping th
stomach in most perfect order, the bowels regular, and a
determination to the surface. Colds, coughs pains in th
bones, hoarseness, and D r c pay, are quickly cured by
it. Know this by trying.
Corns. The French Plaster is a sure cure.
The India Hair Dye colours the hair any shad yo
wish, but will not color the skin.
Sarsaparilla. Comstock's compound Extract. There
is no other preparation of Sarsaparilla that can exceed r
equal this. If you are pure to get Comstock's, you will
find it superior to all others. It does not require puffing.
Dr. Lin's Ce'estial Balm of China. A positive cur
for tho Piles, and all external ailings all internal irrita
tions brought to the surface by fiiction with this Balm
so in coughs, swelled or sore throats, tightness of th
chest, this Balm, applied on o flannel, will" relieve anil
cure at once. Fresh wounds or old sores arc rapidly ci
red by it.
Dr. Bartholomew's Expectorant, will prevent or cure
all incipi. nt consumption, coughs, and colds, taken il
time, and is a delightful remedy. Remember the Bam,
and get Comstock's.
Kohnslock's Vermifuge, will eradicate all Wo rati
in children or adults with a certa inly quit astonishing.
It sells with a rapidily almost incredible, by Comstock J
Co. New York.
Tooth Drops. K I i n e ' cure effectually.
host of sijrnH of the livhisr, anil dead thai crowd the
facade of the black granite law buildings in Court
, Neal Nelville, though endowed with every qual
ity of mind and person to win the female heart,
unaccountably lo his friends and to numerous (air
aspirants for his hand, remained single until he
had got n full lustre past the halfway stone of his
three score and ten years. He was, nevertheless,
what is called n 'lady's man.' He had leisure, and
this he devoted to the sex. At an opera he was
seen ushering into the boxes the brightest beauties
of the town. If there was a concert, Neal Nel
ville was present with a smiling belle on either
arm. In Washington street he never walked a-
lone, and nt every third step he raised his hat to
Bome beautiful girl or dashing widow. Yet he had
never proposed. Nobody had ever heard of his
ever having been in love; and the ladies at length
despaired ! But so long as neither of them caught
the butterfly, there was no envy or cold looks, and
bU presence always brought smiles to the lips of
those who no longer thought of him except as a
friend and gallant for tho street, concert or drive.
Thus the happy, handsome, rich, young old
bachelor, fully realized tho desire contained in the
well known song
I'd be a butterfly, born in a bower,
Living where roses and violets meet
K iving forever from flower to flower,
And kissing all bud? that are pretty 8t sweet.
T!:e apartments occupied by our butterfly of
forty years' experience, were Ht the l remont. It
iis.noi, therefore, needful to say tha 1 was lodged
ami then seemed to dwell upon it, and endeavor to
be guessing nt the circumstances which could have
produced such nn advertisement in the public ga
zette. 'No matter what they are; it is plain that a
cloud hangs over some one's bead and heart; it is
in my power to remove it; she is a woman too;
this is anneal enough. She may be young und
beautiful. She may be old ond infirm; and in this
case much more is needed. I will respond to the
advertisement, and see the issue.'
With that noble sentiment he took a pen ami
wrote us follows:
'Madam Your advertisement has met the eye
of one who is able to serve you, if you can show
that the circumstances of which you speak are
such us to render his assistance judicious. A re
ply addressed to Iiox No. , informing me where
I can have an interview with you, will receive
prompt attention.
To L. L.
This note he at once despatched to the Post Of
fice. In the afternoon of the same day he found in
his letter box the following note:
'Sin Your kindness commands iny gratitude.
If, as I cannot but believe, you are sincere in your
feelings, you can have the interview you request,
by calling at No. Sudbury street. L. L. M.'
Mr. Nelville knew this street to be a retired and
by no means o fashionable one, though none the
less respectable. But he did not expect to find in
fashionable life, n person advertising thus for a
loan. He took bis way lo the street and found the
house to be an antiquated mansion of the last cen
tury, with a bronzed lion' head for a door kriork-
BStOl 8W Af FI T i) Si O I S !
IF jou have 'Fits, Gravel, or ony disease of the Kid
neys, Worms, Bowel complaint, or iny Nervous dis
ease, buy a bottle of Brown's Fit Drops, and you
will find immediate relief and permanent cure. They
are also an excellent external application for Bruises,
cuts, sprans, burns, &c, also an effectual cure for Piles.
Although his medicine has been known and used by iome
few in tliiscuunlry for nearly a century, owing to a want
of exertion or the pail of the several proprietors dining
the linio, il liuj not had" tlnt general circulation and esti
mation which so valuable an article detrrves, and will ;
emmand, whenever it is fairly tested, la order lo induce
people to try this remedy for Fits, and the other above
named disease?, we annex a few of the many certificates
which we have of tho ellicacy ol the medicine.
I have used the abave Fit Drops in many of Ihe above
diseases, and I hereby certify that I have seen many vary
hn,ipy effects from their use. I am happy lo bo able to
recommend them to any one afflicted with any of the a
hove named diseases, and in particular Fits, in which
they act like a charm. I.. Brewster, SI. D.
Craftsbury, Sept. 26, 1844.
I hereby certify that for the first part of my life up to
1832, (a period of nearly 30 years,) I was afflicted wilh
Fits, at which time I procuied of Miss Brown, (the pres
ent proprietress) one bottle of Brown's Drops, which I u
sed according to the directions, and have had no fits since.
Barnet.Oct. 19, 1842. 'Win, S. Brock.
We have used Brown's Drops for four years, for Grav
el and Fils, and also for sprains, bums and bruises, and
galled and corked horses, ind we have foun d il a sure re
medy, and recommend It to rlhera.
" Eliphalet Carter,
Craftsbury, Vt. Ohlinda Ca hti b.
iZJ" Sold, wholestie and retail, by the Proprietress,
Craftsbury, Vt., and by her general agent, S. P. Redfield,
Montpelier, Vt. ; also'by Pack, & Spear, Burlington; Dr.
Brewster, Craflbbury; E C Brown, John SlaKin, & Isaac
W atts, Teacham
N. B
Brown in her own hand writing. 47:Iy
rating influence, to create and retain a healthy existence
Air, light, and some other elements are brought to this re
quisition, and for a time prove sufficient for the require
ments of the system. But when from imprudence,-and a
violation of the laws of Ihe animal economy, morbid hu
mors arise, acrid and vitiatia or juices are collected, the
system requires assistance from some other source, or it
sinks in disease, decay and dealh. flow wondeiful and
salutary at this period, are the effects of an appropriate
alterative medicine, taken in season? Thousands have
bejen saved from death, and millions from sufferings in
describable, and again restored to health, by the timely
nseof Piillps' Tomato Pills, which are so efficacious
and potent, in cleansing the stomach and bowels, purify
ing the blood, and renovating the glandular syMem by al
tering the secrertons of the liver, and other glands, and
carrying off tho morbid juices and humors: that at the
soulh they have acquired the name of "Fever bane," be
cause they invariably prevent or break up bilious, remit
tent, yellow , intermitlent, and lung fevers.
Five years extensive use, have proven them the best
ond only sui e and safe remedy for all the numerous chro
nic diseases, where the system requires something" that
will operale on Ihe Blood, Liver, and various systems of
vessels, giving them a healthy action, at the same lime ex
pel tho morbid and poisonous juices and humors, whi.:!:
it separates from them.
In this class of diseases, are Rheumatism, Dyspeps'i,
Dropsy, Liver Complaints, Bilious stomach, scrofula, gra
vel, worms, tumors, and eruptions of the skin of varr' s
kipds; permanent weakness about the loins and lim' :i,
King's Evil, constitutional or hereditary feebleness of .. e
whole or part ol Ihe system, etc.
Thousands of cases of the above diseases have been cu
red by Ihe Tomato Pills; and thousands of deaths would
have been prevented had these Pills been used, instead of
some irresponsible, baneful, quack pill a remedy with
which the country is flooded. There is no mystery or
charlatanism about this universal remedy.
They are prepared of valuable vegetable remedies, that
are known to be both safe and effectual, and are used very
extensively by physicians in their privale practice, be
cause as hundreds have said, they ore the most pleasant,
effectual and salo medicine we have ever used.
The above Pills are for salo by agents in all the coun
try towns. Agents are cautioned not lo buy of Pedlars.
" One word to tho wise is sufficient."
G. R. Pheli's, M. D., Proprietor, Hartford, Ct., with
out whose signature none are genuine.
For sale bv & P. Redfield and Clark l.nT.Y.THJM
Montpelier; Goss and IJutchins, Wateihury; O. French,!
Urret K. and M. Hammelt, K. JIonlpelier; A. i'. Ban-
cron, riainneiu. 40:eow6m
Entered according to act of Congress, in the year 1844, by
Comstock 4" co. in (he clerk's office of the southern dis
trict of New York.
Bv annlvins to our jncnts in each town and village, pa-
pers may be had free, showing the most respectable. name
in the country for these facts, so that no one can fail tobs
lieve them.
CP Be sure you call for our articles, and not b pni
off with any stories that others are as good. Have thei$
or none, should be your motlo and these never can bi
true and genuine without our signatures. All thes
articles to hf had wholesale and retail only of us.
Comstock 5' Co., Wholesale Druggists,
New Yoik, and of our agent.
J. SI. GROVER, agent for Colborne, C. w.
SCP For sale by S P REDFIELD, Montpelier, Vt. 48
& II Y
ill IS
fSaailuin, Scolt & Co.,
AVE just, recoived, and are now selling, on of the
bes't assortments of every description of
ever offered in Montpelier.
a:. e. it. wood,
AVE on hand a complete assortment of
Cooking, Box, Parlor Air-Tight
some large enough for meeting-houses. They are con
stantly receiving additions from Brandon Furnace. Also
Scotch Box Sloves, Troy Parlors ani EailorCook iloves.
All genuine Fit Drops ill he signed by Mary Russia and English iron Stove Pipe Copper, Tin, and
oiieci-u on i immure oueei X.UIC, Xjeau ripe, copper
Pumps, Flatirons, Tailor's Press irons; also, Fairbanks'
Side hill and Common PLOUGHS, &c, &c., all f,
which they offer at prices comforraabl to th times. I
Montpelier, Oct. V, 1844. I I
iTIillinei y ood$!
CU Velvets Silk Ribbons Flower Tabs
fee , just rcivd by Haldwik , Scott & Co.
F Fancy nd Plain Cassimeres Sattinclti and
VestirSS--sme beautiful style selling low by
Baldwin, Scott St Co.
!ogUh' Itemed? for the Tiles, warrant!
icure or no pay. For ale by
f S. P. REDFIKT.n.
fllB1 nffla
NY quality or quantity may be bought' jffWuiifL
For Coughs, Coins, Asthma, and
THE great and only remedy for Colds, Cough,
Asthma and CONSUMPTION, is the HUN
GARIAN BALSAM OF LIFE, discovered by th
celebrated Dr. Buchan of London, England, and introduc
ed into the United Stales under the immediate superin
tendence of the inventor.
The extraordinary success of this medicine, in the cure
of Pulmonary diseases, wirrants Ihe American Agent in
soliciting for treatment the worst possible eases, that can
be found in the community cases that seek relief in vain
from any of the common remedies of the day, and have
been given up by the most distinguished Physicians, a
confirmed and incurable. The Hungarian Balsam ha
cured and will cure, the Most Desperata cases. It is no.
quack nostrum, but a standard English medicine,of known
and established eflica-y.
Every family in the United States should be supplied
wttn Buclian's" Hungarian Balsam of Life, not only to
counteract the consumptive tendencies of the climate, but
to be used ns a preventive medicine in all cases of Colds,
Coughs, Spitting of Blood, Pain in the Side and Chest, Ir
ritation and Soreness of Ihe Lungs, Bronchitis, Difficulty
of Breathing, Hectic Fever, Night Sweats, Emaciation
and General Debility, Asthma, Influenza, Hooping Cough
and Croup.
ICPSold, in large bottles, at $1 per bottle, with fulL
directions for the restoration of Health.
Phamphlets, containing a mass of English and" Ameri
can certificates, and other evidence, showing the unequal
led merits of this Great English Remedy, may be obtain
ed of Agents, gratuitously.
DAVID F. B7JADLEE, sole agent for the U. State,
119 Court street, .Boston.
A G ENTS. Montpelier, CLARK nndCOLLINS;
Rutland, D amis and Bell; Woods! )ck, S. J. Allen;
Windsor, .?. and H. Wardner; Burlington, Peck and
Spear; Concord, Ji' II., Allison and Gavet; Clart
mont, N. IL, Chos- R. Farewell. 45! ly .

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