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M. pi n ,.,' t ... T7nctni.n " Tue Mormon War. The latest accounts from the
I OKUeiy t'0nenil011 OI Hie .UilSieill, seatoftb.ew;irr;ive reasons to believe that the worst
Middle and Western Slates.
j is over. Ifte hu Liouis popcrp or the v.M and Htn,
speak in dtcieil terms against tlie Anti-Mormon move-
Messrs. Editors: Aa vou desired, I took note of ment, and in terms of co ninendation of tlie perioral
the last davs nroceedintrs- but can eive no special de-1 course ot tne Mormons in tins contest. nacKenios, vvinw, , M .,, . M Smill s t vvmk.ii, i. Ward, m each ; w.
uio last uays proceeuinga, inn an B" I M (,,; ,:,K . nf o..:,,o fiu Loomi. Z. Smith. 75 cent end. : P. Men o e. n' ..,.. no .
i that I could not listen to what . , , , , ' . . , , , , .nat ,h. ' e. AWrirb ssr. ; J. R. b,.:it an , r. m. Powers, 3,5J ; x; .Martin.
I u. uoin, ll. Kicnurii, J. r. M.utiiworin, a. Hoi (Inuii'li. 1. A Beers
Ilcceigits for the Freeman,
hot previously acknowledged.
U Fnssi'tt, A. Palmer, E. Flnnd, E. Field, D. Sherburne, J. L.
Sliaft.-r, S. 1". Bran, J. Town, F.. Wo.,.lwur.l, II. liurhank, M. I.ew-
r.uo-iu, rt. unpiey, ur'iwn oc utrrrilt, l,3Jracll; f . r. ui-
k, 1. Richardson, b.
! Irr, A. lliililwin, J. S,:avi,r. 2'B each ; C.
tail, for the good reason
was going on, and at the same time record what had
been done; and to I threw down the pen and put my
self in as comfortable a fix as possible, determined to
make up my record after adjournment But thus much
I remember.
After called to order, and opened by prayer, Mr. Se
wall, of Boston, on behalf of committee to whom that
matter was referred, reported an address and resolu
tions on Texas. Dr. Lemoyne, of Pa., being called
to the stand, made a most thrilling speech, approving
the address, and detailing many new facts in relation
to the position of the whig party on that question. lie
thought we deceived ourselves and lost our efforts in
courting the whigs upon this subjec t. As a national
party they had no sympathy with us, and many of their
leaders in the west openly- rejoiced at the foul consum
mation, because it would punish the Liberty party.
He never heard a complaint that the wings were agriev
ed at all, or felt themselves hit by the measure. lie
therefore opposed the resolutions of the committee,
recommending further resistsnce to annexation. He
was replied to by Judge Carter, of Mass., Scwull of
Boston; Booth, of Hartford; Gen. Iloyt, of N. II., and
Mr. Rice, a revolutionary patriot of Muss. In these . Mre Pickpockets. The nirablo-finger gentry are
, , . , ., .. . . . . . , abroad again, at work, rwo gentlemen had their pock-
auurosraiiwiu BUOi. ul u me .cue... H.g.u yei ets picked, while attending tlic Liberty Convention, at
aeieaiea oy ninety aim proper enuri, uiai uiu next the Tremont Temple, on Wednesday evening. Mr-
Congress must pass upon the Texas Constitution, and John A. Andrews lost his wallet, containing $44, and
it would be in their power to exclude slavery; and they ! Mf; Josf ? Hliylcn a niemoradum book, with between
11 j i e .i c c . , , , $fjO and 70, and several papers,
would do it if the people of the free States demanded j Either Wt;dn(,sjay n,,ht'or yoster(ay mmmg, Mr.
it. -Most eloquent as well as argumentative appeals J. E. Yetman, of New Jersey.stopping at tlie Jefii-rson
were made to all tlie opposers of slavery to remonstrate House, lost his wallet, with about $S5 in it, 51 of which
with Congress upon this subject. wa? in Nf w Yo'k ,0.ney-
mi 1 1 i i . ... I A gentleman had his pocket book, containing about
The address and resolutions were then adopted, ; 115 faken from hi L whjIe st;mlin t flie tick.
which you will see m due season. A song by Mr. ct office of the Melodeon, on Wednesday night,
Wheaton. Adjourned to halt past two.
hundred men, seems to hive had, at the latest dates, the
field to himself ; his enemies having fled the county.
His conduct is represented as forbearing and praise
worthy, considering tlie provocations the Mormons have
had. Some accounts, to be sure, charge thorn with
having commenced depredations in the vicinity of Car
thage. It is cltarged upon them that they hive pillag
ed several houses in Carthage, and have driven oft' tlie
cattle and horsos from tlie neighboring farms. But oth
er accounts say, that they entered Carthage and War
saw, deserted by their enemies, and left again without
the slightest acts of violence.
" When tlie Mormons find themselves surrounded
they will retreat to the Temple, and then if they are
-outcd, it will only be by the hardest fighting that the
country has seen for many years. The Temple com
mands tlie country for miles around. The snints have
'24-pieccs of artillery, (12 pounders,) plenty of ammuni
tion, and are now laying in a stock of provisions, by
plundering the old settlers, which will keep off for
If a seige is commenced, what will be the conse
quence it is impossible to foretell. The whole country
will rise en mime, but can N'mivoo be subdued by force,
commanding as the Temple does so wide a range of
country, and armed, as the Mormons ore with 24 pieces
of heavy artillery and 1000 stand of revolving rides, be
sides common arms to any amount."
Steamboat Accident. We hear a report that the
steamer ureat Western in coming out ot ureon my,
I. Smith, F. F. Harmon, S. KVntlall jr. L. Hushell, A. Worlty, B.
Merchant, h Ji.ua, si. l;wm, o. winsinw, s. M;iior, J. Dranem,
O. Ilurg!-, 1,.'.J each ; II. UilLiisl.am, O. Smilh, E. l!urnham, E.
Button, 75 rtfl rai.h : Livt-rmore, Uefbuu,C. tone, 37 eta each ;
('. Huntmrtun, 1U) ll. Norton, 2,lW ; A. Johnsm. S. O.L.v.lanil, M.
Weill, G. P.;nse,.U c.-i.tB .mil; R. Fitrniwturtk 3,M; A. Hill, 1,37,
O. L. Shiifier, S!S,iW fxr aulMcriU'jrs ; J. KifurdiVj R. Haien, 4,UU.
Vocal and Piano
Great Barsain ence more, at Auction and
usts of iht ff ild Chctr Ever since
tlie settlement of America, Wild Cheity lias been
known to possess very important mcdicifcl virtue.
Every body knew this fact, but nobody knw how to
extract its essential properties. Every nutyier gives
Wild Cherry tea to her children for worms, fy- colds,
and for almost every disease ; and adults tlipughout
our country are in the habit of making a comund or
syrup of Wild Cherry bark, and other ingrcdfyits, to
be used in spring as an antidote to complaints iikident
to that changeful season. It is found by expedient
that tlie Wild Cherry possesses even far more iitior
tant qualities than was ascribed to it. For the irst
stages of Consumption, Asthma, no matter lutw Ikig
standing, Coughs, Liver Complaints, etc., it is proved
to be the best medicine known to man. Dr. Wistay
Balsam of Wild Cherry is a. chemical extract, combj
nod with a similar extract from Tnr, which enhances
its value. Its success in curing Pulmonary disease, in
almost every stage, after our best physicians could do
no more, Ins astonished the faculty, and led them to
confess that Wist ir's Hxlsam of VVild Cherry possess
es a principle heretofore unknown among medicinal
Of the Boston .icademy of Music and Musical Educa-
, tion Society,
i Rffpectfully innouncee liii inlenlion of giving
SATURDAY EVENING, O. toher I8th, commen-
On which ntfeasinn he will ling Sohq, entitleil ' THE
) VEK MONTE Bfl OF 1719," logeiher with t
I vaiie.v of oilier cnmpoailiona.
Mr. HOUGHTON hai the honor to announce lhat he nue.h A.Ik. All Wool Uam, Jlor.no, ca
U"Prnl Ihe la.t .w. ,n traveling will. Mr. HEN- jnb.uou?!., Nei. Cha.nelinn, e c., will, one .lown S.n
IY RUSSELL, Ihe celebrated American Vocalist, for the ''' Chinere, All Wool, New tat Style of Shaw thee n
pirpn.,e of rreeivinc in.lmction, and a knowle,lBe nf Ihe , uch a biv been told in Boston f,.r
Old English BallaJ Singing, which Mr. Russell lias revi- '2U
vtd. 'I he btai.ty of singing, every one w ill tdn.it, is in J O JT1 C " f (l I) $i t t t
spca'ting the words so that thy may Vie understood, In- iiliOI. V M f f MJ KJ .
gather wiih feeling and expression. On this cession Mr. j A first rate assortment nf Diest G"ndf , amonl which
II. will introduce several of Mr. Russell's must popular may be found Silk anil cntion warp Alpiccas, Merin'M,
one, enmorising a numl er of his descriptive scenes. 42 Imliara Clo'.li.Camelion, Rent. Cashmi.e and other Ue
f'OMSTfM.'K & CO'S Coiicentrated-C'uitipouiid and Fluid Eiua
'SMM(ioTiiiarfoIthecureuf , .
Hcorfufn t hron.c Klicuraatiim,
Geni rui beMlity Cutaneous Disease,
Tellers SealycruHiu.noflliesk.n,
Pimples' on the FVe. Men ilrial at 3liiluil dla,
tJhratioiM of tlniliro.it, B.k-s from im)" aabiH of tii
Fains and swellings of tlio bo-ly,
bjnes, I'iver Afti. t,
and all diseaaua arisinj from an impure rtn; uf n- hloo'V ipo an
anilininriiclenr.KiflifertiiessiveiiwiifiivrUiosfcC' .
The Hursupjinlla can he dep. nd : d upon by ev.ry m ; as fcein
mmi asauv eitllur in this coilillry ur l-.ur. p I eopie. ...
.OI.rCITS Ihe favnr of Ihe Ladies ailJ Gentlerrren of I uutuoiu as lar'ue or lareer h,.itL- as any .sold for one dul-
Montpeller and vicinity. t call and eiami rrf a large
stock of various kindt of GOODS, consisting in.
the fellowinc, tit:
0'ie nf the lies! assortments nf Shawls ever offered in
k.r,at the unpr.-ce.h'iiteil low ir.te ol :.J cents per ih.ui..
.,W bv Coinstock fc lloss, No. VJ Tremunt How, Uuston, and bt
K, Cull.ns, Montpelier.
This ereat'llealma .lv.i is aekuow l.-deed by a who have use
it to b.,tl most wo.KlerlnUrt.d.. ev -r k.;wi.. It cxo.-l : a J uy f
,v by liw, eiifrucls a,T puiii, and prevents mort.ncafi.ift in .
C.S- ltW:Uc.arcan) of(li;Mlow',iil;ci,iolM.iHvorpay is rtlu-
s -d fur it.
iiurns, -' r ,
Tender Fei-f.-
Old SuMf
Kcal.ls, nruises,
Salt Klieum, Mcotfula,
Eruptions, J1."'1; ''''
U.dMns, " ,"- ,nr.vln(, ,iu.m itll-
cut mi cnSonv'sp-iedilyall.vs intlanu.1.. n and reduce, swcl-
kaMe case was l'uruifhed usquile recently, VSZ
equally wondjrf.il, (many even more so,) wipM bi added, but luf
want i.l room e i n", m..... ... . v-i-l nf
I" . . . . . . ,.-h..,.
when Council'.
In Braintree, 8th inst, Mr. Oramel Richardson,
Roxbury, to Miss Rebecca E. Morfit, of 15.
Adverllsement In taper a year agn, was
c'iite of my forming tnuy valuable acquainiances,
wlich I Irust THEY will not have occas'-on In rBt!,.
)lnpe to see then, again, ay also niatiy of their friends,
and the numerous readers of this valuabi. sheet, who visit
llils city, or are in (lie way of sending fur Goods in my
1 i to.
BIJ.Ji3.r"JBL', a lff55 My place for Hie sale of HATS, CAFS, and every
In Williamstown, Oct. 2, Jliss Caroline Stebbens, of. ""iption "f FUR fiOOIJS, is 17 Washington street,
Mornstown, aged 2!).
A -li:i.l n m-
Lames, Itoj.erv, elf. i boiling water, and scaW-jU its leg up to tne y" -
Broadclo.hs, Cashmeres, and Cutlery, a'so a splendid fain liMraet.r fro...
Iwollorse agon , with lour eiiptic .pnngs, aim cast ' w. 111V 0i,i.rnd in rraiit sever. :fj-, unit i
iron bubs, will b? sold without, reserve. Salve, which gave, in-taut r.h. i' and cur d it
PM Tl,n. uidiinir m oor.hssa lioods W. olease U.ne ci.ulil m.l DJ .nunc -u 01 .... w .... j... ...
call forenoon and afternoon, as I intend to sell at private
sale, and in the evening at AUCTION'.
Montpelier, October 8, 1845.
and rich
very low
At Salt Creek, 111,
aged li'l years.
In Williamstown, Oct.
aged 10 years.
Sept. 17, Win. Addison Knight,
12, Miss Martha Robinson,
reported for the traveller.
At market, 17C0 Beef Cattle; 1250 Stores, 14 yoke
Work 0 m, 3i Cjws and Calves, 34C0 Sheen, and
P.... U !). TIT. !.,, AU, AXIvo l,
;,. --r. ,r , near Death's Door, struck a rock and broke a hole in
Rev. Mr. Baker of Bangor, Mo., upon the pro slavery her bottom.. By vigorous pumping however, she was
distinctions between organic and individual sins. able to reach Milwaukie, but s ink when within the
Further renort from committee. Several resolutions piers. She had no cargo in her hold.
adopted without debate. Mr. Bigelow, of Washington, ' Tha "ft? Junn.ied &p pisscngei-s on the i aboJt 2;)(j0 ;jnn
D. p., was called upon to make a statement respecting j , lbot ,vat accordin;r to one account) ond according . J!'f of H.'11"1
slavery in trip Nntmnnl TVTnn Mnrlrni. I In rlorlinnd. nr. ,n .!,, ; ,in.i ;.tf, fe.4,..a.); second quality, 4,2oa450; tliird quality, Ji5
j f ni i . l., , ., . ... , . .i i.i -i .... a-i
uie groujiu oi hi ncaitn; anu sam mat nounng out tne , aiuvt
deep interest he felt in the proceedings of that Conven
tion kept him from his bed. lie had come to Boston
on purpose to attend. There were
Boston Wholesale Rooms, 2d and 3d stories.
42 W. M. SUITE.
(Tr The " True American," as we learn from an
! some twenty slave- jdvertisoinent in the Cincinnati papers, would be ready
liii t i -. " ll--MVUiy ill V.-JIJUIJIIIUL. till IV UUIIt'MHIV ItlOL. 1L
holders he saw in that Convention; he wished 8omojwmll(, contilin tll0 Appeal of Cassius M. Cluy on the
one wouiu oe iaiimui to iruin, anu speaK. isoutli l,ar-1 sitliiect ot tiie late attempt to suppress the paper.
to 7,50
olinia, Alabama, Kentucky were called upon to speak
in behalf of slavery, or against it, as they pleased, gen
tlemen from all these States being present. There
was no other response than a few suppressed oatlis,
clenched hands and blank faces. They had left their
chivalry all at homo, except a branded hand, an im
prisoned Green Mountain girl, end some twenty oth
ers of their flayed and scarred victims of slavery, who
at upon tlie platform, looking them calmly in the face.
Rev. Mr. Colver, of Boston here inquired for Lewis
Hay den, the slave who was assisted by Miss Webster,
and for which crime she was imprisoned in Kentucky,
stating that he had not been seen since early in the
morning, and that it was known that his former owner
was prowling about the city, and even in tlie Conven
tion yesterday and last evening. Mr. Staunton of Bos
ton answered, that he did not know where tlie negro
was, but he knew well where the slave catcher was,
his movements had all been noticed, and they wore
fully prepared for him. Mr. Picrpont said, if a slave
catcher was in that assembly, or in that city, with any
design of interfering with the personal liberty of Mr.
Ilayden, or any other MA.v,without lawful authority, he
advised him, first of all things, to go down to the life
insurance office and take his policy. Not that the
Bostonians would kill a man, or anything ofthat sort,
oh no! They were not eivon to mob law and blood.
Hereafter it will bo published at Lexington every Tues
(jCf" It is tlie funniest tiling in the world, says the
N. . Star, to h"ar a mm with white hands and a ruf
fled shirt talk of the '-dignity of labor." The workies
are beginning to find out precisely what this cant term
From the Seine of the Mormon Riot. The
Baltimore Sun says Inform ition Ins been re
ceived by the Laclede, at St. Louis, on the 1st
inst., th it Gen. Hardin, with two hundred men,
marched on Carthage, and to.ik I he town. The.
Mornu ns, on the approach of the besies'ing force,
took refuge in the Court House, which they
fortified and prepared to defend. Gen. II. at
once surrounded their citadel, and ordered them
to surrender, giving tliem fifteen minutes to
deliberate. At '.In e:id of tint time they Ind
laid down their arms, and were prisoners of
war. This accomplished, they were permitted
to depart on their patrol qI honoi!
Slorc Cuttle Sales of yearlings from
a.8; 2 year old from $11 to 15,50.
Barrelling Cuttle A few lots sold, but prices not
Working Oxen Sales not noticed.
Cows and Valves Dull. Sales were made at $14,
17, 11), 22, 2ii, 31, and 35.50.
Sheep Dull. Sales noticed of lots from 84c to $1,
1,S5, 1 M7, 2a2,42,
Swine Old Hogs at 3 l-2a ic; S.'ioats 3c for Sows,
and 4c for Barrow s. At wholesale or retail 4 1-2
and 5c.
BOSTON, Oct. 8, p. m. Provisions Fair busi
ness doing; sales of 100 bbls prime pork at $10 3-4,
cash; 250 clear do, $15, 6 mos; mess beef, !) 1-2, 4
mos. Flour Further advance good demand for
Oenesse at $5.0(5 1-4, and .porno sales at $5, 12 1-2;
fancy brands $5,25. Corn Arrivals light, and prices
have an upward tendency; sales of yellow flat ut (13
a(!5c; white (Jlufi2. Sugar Sales to the trade as
wanted, Havana brown, 'y l-4a9 l-2c; Porto Rico,
8c; New Orleans, 7 1-2.
New Hampshire. The returns from all but
one town of the late election for cougress show
a majority against J'dm Woodbury of 419; that
town, Windsor, will red ne it under 41)3. The
but he presumed -a thousand obstacles would be thrown governor and cnuucil h ue decided to order an
other trial November 20, as they -are bound to
do by statute.
The 27th of November has been fixed
as the annual day of Thanksgiving.
in Ins way, and he might die of mere vexation of spirit
before he got liis slave out of Boston. If Ilayden was
in Boston he was safe quite as safe as the man who
shotiM attempt to kidnap him. By this time the inqui
ry had spread until it reached the ears of the negro,
who made hie appearance upon the platform, and thus
relieved the anxiety of his friends.
A resolution was then called up from the table, and
its passigc advocated by Goodalo, of N. Y.; Mellen, of
Boston; Hutchinson, of Vt, claiming for the Federal
Government the right, and urging upon it the duty, to
put an end to slavery in tlie several states. This res
olution will appear in tlie series. Fuller, of Vt. mov
ed to lay that resolution on the table, and gave his rea
sons somewhat at length. lie said the federal govern
ment was limited in its authority by tlie grants especi
ally delegated in the Constitution, and could no more
Tiboiish slavery in one State than establish it in anoth
er. The resolution contained a new doctrine, which lie
did not recognize; and, if true, we did not need its aid
to abolish slavery. He would say to the federal gov
ernment, hands off let slavery alone. Ho went for
tlie rights of the States, and even for their wrongs, in
many rsepects, so far ns tlie federal government had
power over them. There were other remedies, and
those should be relied upon. All he" wanted of the
general Government was, to let slavery alone, and it
would find a perpetual death in five years. Judgi
Hutchinson explained. Mellen appealed to Fuller to
withdraw his motion, but he refused. The question
was taken, and the resolution was not laid on the table.
Before any further question was put, on motion of Ful
ler the Convention adjourned.
Prayer by Rev. Mr. Phelps, of N. Y. city. The res
olutions which had been under discussion, were refer
red, on motion of Staunton, to a select committee, for
publication, not as adopted by the Convention, but for
public consideration.
Resolutions of sympathy with Mrs. Torrey and C.
M. Clay were then offered by Mr. Tappan, of N. Y.
and applauded for many minutes, on their first reading.
, Mr. Tappan was then loudly called for, and at length
came forward. I will not attempt to describe that
speech. No man but Lewis Tappan could make it.
So sincere, so earnest, so bold, I fancied I was in Fan
euil Hill, surrounded by the patriot fathers, listening to
; the searching appeals of an Adams, or the thrilling el-
.., oquence of Otis. I turned my eye from the speaker to
the audience, and looked for a moment upon that sea
of upturned faces, and saw the response to the noble
. sentiments uttered, in more than seven thousand drop
ping eyes. I thought the best wine was saved to tlie
" last of the feast Mr. Smith was sick and did not
leave his room through this day nnd evening. Mr.
v .Pierpont being called, said he would try to let the au
dience down' as gently as he could. That was all he
hoped to do. But that audience was not to be let
down by him, especially by such a speech as he made,
for the feeling of satisfaction, and I may say delight,
was unabated when lie resumed his seat Gen. Fes-
fXjNo honest man fears tin truth. It is
only your corrupt knave who troubles when truth
sends her proclamation through the world.
Show us a man politically and mor.illy honest,
and we will show you a man who m no ac
quaintance with fear in any of its aspects.
Important from the llivrr Amazun Open
ing of a passage from the Atlantic to the Pa
cific, The New York Herald says: We have
received the Grenada Chronicle of the Cth ult. ,
which contains intelligence of the highest inter
est to the whole world. It appears that while
efforts are making in Europe to cut a canal
from the Atlantic to the Pacific, through the
Isthmus of Panama, or to construct a railroad
across the the country to Tchuantepea, at an
enormous expense, the Americans have achieved
the gret work in the must simple way, and at
comparatively litUe or no cost. They 'hate dis
covered the Amazon to he navigable for steam
ers from its mouth on the Atlantic to Limn, in
Peru, and within eight, miles of C.lloa, one of
the principal ports on the Pacific.
Occulist and Optician from 437 Broadway, .Veto 1'orA:,
HAS arrived, and liken rooms in Rilter'a Buildinp, op
posite the Bank, where members of the Legislature
and others can be supplied with Optical Instruments of
a II dcscr.plions. 42 :if
Daguerreotype !
OCLD respectfully inform the citizens of Montpe
lier, that lie has opened his
DAGVERREL1X Rooms in Spalding's Budding,
over lhe Store of Panerofl k Riker, where lie would in
vile the uliciiiinn cf the eitizont, and Members of the Lc-cis'aiu-'e.
to Wift sj, I en dul .see.imen.i of Daguerreotype
POliTKAlTS nntl .HIM ATURKS. lie is prepar
ed to execute the viuimiM si.es Iron. th. Nina'les: to ihe
freest ever la' en eilher in this country or in En. ope, and
,ii a style wh-ch c-mnoi fail to p'ce. Groups of from 2
to !5 u';en on snit!e piste Luii'Wupe vien's taen in
superior myle. The public generally are invited to call.
Uooins open f.om 8 A. M. to fi P. M. 42
tU'ERY de.cripiion of WIGS and HAIR-WORK con
jlj stantly manufacturing and for sale, Wholesale and
lieiail, at
U F. BURGESS' Establishment, 303 Washinelnn St.
Gents. Goisamer and Weft WIGS, nf superior make
aid finish Lsdies' Self Contracting HALF-W IGS en
tile new model Itnd fit. themselves so completely to the
lilad that they can be combed nnd arranged without Ihe
let trouble from moving nut f plsce. -These articles are
a ureal improvement, as they can be worn without a cap.
All kinds of ariicles for Hair-Duessch's use. Those
wishing to buy tn sell again, or at Retail, will find it to
tieir advantage to call as Ihe arsortutent is very exien
sve, of ihe best quality, and at the lowest prices.
iAII aiticles ordered warranted to fit. Choice l'ERFU
i'mv, Combs, Brushes, &c,
3)3 Washington street, (opposite Avon Place) Boston.
October, 1845. 42:6w
ROBERT LABORE, Surgeon of the Royal National
Yaccine Es-alilishiiient, No. 8, Russell Place, FiU
ry Square, Loudon, hns just received from I tie litslilu
tiin a fresh supply of YACCLNE LYMPH. .Surgeons
rill be supplied, and the Ueporl of the Institution seen,
hf application to the nbove.
N. B. R. L. H. has practiced upwarr's of 2U yenrs in
Lmdoii, and oilier cities in England, in all c.'tecs of dis
eases, and can be consulted by letter or in person.
North Fe.risburg, Vt., Oct. 7, 1845. 42:3m
HE subscribers are now opening a large
oe'i of FALL GOODS, which we will sell
for cash, or good credit. Please call and see
60 pieces Silk and Cotlnn warp Alpaecas,
100 " Cashmeres, D'Laines and liryiantinoj,
10,000 Yards P.inls, from 6 lo 25 cts pr. yard
1,001) " Rich Diess Silks.
Domestic Goods.
5.00!) Y.trds Brown Outlon,
1,00 ) tJo. Bleached, do.
1:00;) do. Ticks and Drillr.
Worsted Department.
AOMjFljf Marking Canvass and Puitcrns, Steel
and Gill Beads, Steel and Gill Bat; Clasps, Purse Rings,
Purse Tivsi and N ik. lias and Mall cord an:! Tsssels,
Perfura'ed Paper, Carpel Hags, tic. tic.
Woolen Goods.
50 Pieces German, English and American Broa ICIoiI.s,
100 " Plain, Striped anil Checked Cassimero and
Doe Skins 200 Vest Pstlerns, Rob Roy and Linscy
P'aids. Black and Blue Black Silk Velvet, Cravats, Rib
bons, Gloves, Hosiery, Linens, Linen Lawns, Damask
Napkins and Table Covers, Lace, Muslin. Bonnet Wire,
Wire Tasie, Edgings, Guuse and llaniian Veils, Plumes,
Velvet Ribbons for Trimming kc. ike.
ALSO, a full supply of Hard-Waie, Crockery, Nails.
G'ass, Painis, Oils, and Dye .Mulls.
Montpelier, Sept. 29, 1843. w.
Elms, Wilder and Co. will pay caU for good
Duller and cheese.
' Montpelier, Oct. 9tli, 1S-15. 4w41
ILL be opening this week and next very exten
sive assortment of N E VV
JH-r- ysv HL-s ET-J S7S-JaMa MSW
Sept. 8. 1845. 38
t Ellis, Wilder and Co's
Oct. 8, 1845. - 41
A. DODGE, respectfully informs the inhabitants nf
Montpelier nod vicinity, that lie has opened a SIimd
over Ellis & WiUler's store, where lie will make ALL
kinds nf BOOTS and SHOES.
N. B. A discount will be mnde for the journey up two
flights nf stairs. Theodore A. Dodge.
Monipelier, Oct. 13, 1845. 42;3w
NOTICE. I lierebygiv notice that I have this day
given my sun, Horace, his time, and shall hereafirr pay
no debts of his Cf.ntiBt.ting, norclaim his earnings.
Moretown, Oct. 9, 1845. 42 Lyman Child.
For the bragging part, we refer our friends
to some of our neighbors' flaming advertise
rs o
mcnts; and before purchasing elsewhere, please
call and see the shows.
L. &, A. A. CROSS.
jMontpelicr, Oct 1, 1S45. 40:44
Baldwin, scott,x
yAVEjust reeeivodat Ihe Old Chcvp Store, a coin
H olete stock of RICH SEASONABLE
amoaa which are GERMAN, ENGLISH, and AMERI
CAN Wool Dyed
'b road cloths
Beaver and Pilot Clolhs. Kuban or Gold Tweed, (a
hi-ntttifnl nrlielo for Fall wear! 30 nicr.es I'.ancv DOE
SKIN and CASSI MERES, Velveis and SATIN'S Rich
French Vcslinas, and Tiiininiiigs of every description.
Rept. Shaded "and Plain CASHMERES, Merinos, De
Lanes, Orleans Cloth, Indiana do, l'ln;n anil I laureu.
Rich Cashmere (VI I f T kj delaine, French
Printed, do. Dllil. 1 J J"ni Common.
a grcal variety of goods for Children wear. Carpet
Baps Cord and lussels Muff.-i Boas (.apes litis,
Gloves, Hosiery, Milts, Cravats, lid, fs., German Worst
eds While and Mixed English Yarn Merino Shirts
L'mbrellis l.inseys Table Covers, and Napkins Lin
ens, Cambriis Alpacca Aprons, Kni' Wool Caps, Flan
nels, kc. kc. which we offer at. LOW PRICES. Pur
chasers will dn well to give us a call before buying elsewhere.
utirt.lv, nn-.l I f..r
think every family
i ,i k.,, i, ..n iron o. case ot SUCH (irxturiu-,.
11. U. MM, 1'astorol 'Trimly Church.
Hatieerties, N- w
Mi by Comtek k n-.su, N-. in, Tr-mont Row, Hoston, and l)
ft. K. CUlins, Montpt lier
This reni-dy for Worms is one of the inert e.vtraord.nary ever
used. It eOUtiially erad.cilti Wornw of aUs.rfts, from- th.Walf
and adulu , .
Thousands p-r'nhlij- w .rro without the r-al eoSise l,-.umr known.
Seine oilier reason is assign -d fir lbs sickness, until Uju Use kcut
tlm inn! cans:.. .
tt hat immense ,e:n:iliil:l:tv lb -n rests uprn tin parent who
docs ll .t know, nnd tile dmtor who does not under-Hind the mm
pi. lint whirh is di-Htroyinir Ui.hl- precious flowers of liR- children.
Wlut slMUIil U: UHl'.-r
I Thj answer is id dn. Giv this Wrminia which will bp sura
U do Bond, il'tl. -v have ll i woriiH, and it th -y have it will ucaimy
and eradicate with a certainty and pereisiun truly astonishine,.
It caun..t harm tie; sinall..t iuf.nn or the stroiifcst ndull. rher-i
is llu uurcurv or mineral in it .M.-rc.ury is th : basis cf most worn!
remedies ; mid tie; rein -dv is s.iii.eti.oes worse th in Uio disease
Son.;v, r use lowmjies; but r.lv nnou this. Every person w.ll lei
colivilir,:.! on ull.i trial that it is tlie must perfart eur.) ev.-r Invent
ed. We call on . II gum! citiz.-us t. lnak : known tue err -us of tins
wond.-rfiil rim i.
Tj" Price -ir reel . .
bold nv 'imsiork fc lln .''u. 19, TicinoM Row, Eusarr, oftJ
by W. K "(.'(.llins, Moiitp. her.
I'r.jin the I'httnleliihm Spirit of the Times.
.Mr. P. X. I.vin oi, ."!, (.'num. -rre street, was rureil of total d-.-af-V3S
of ttfl.-li year's si Hiding, hv a lew Hasks of Dr. .Mc Xait's-
Acoustic Oil. Hi- had a short tune l 't .re rutiirnu ir.mi uusiun.
vvh -re le: had spent IjT'i, had th timsili of his ears taken out, and
many olIieroxperilhsuH tried with the f u-i.ily, hut without success.
Il Ind al.sosp.int ov.-r Sim in llu city lo the faculty, bat h- was
1 -ft in the anm.i nt.tto w h :n th :y were through. II.: then in despuir
tli.i glit he wuiild try on-' m-ire thini; before lie gave up; and procu
red a 'Husk of Dr. .Mi X.iir's Air, untie nil mid heis cured.
Weld l.v C.jnistiic!; & It-HS, .No. Ill Treliumt Kow, Hoston, ana Djr
H, K. Collins, .Montli-li r.
For som? umccouiitibl ; ri;a-n,n, f..r ths.- list tnic or tt.w v:irsina-'
ny VtHing p opl-.'.ib itti iml -;ui'i f .-urilc, have had tn-'i iitHrirtune ti
Invt; tluir hair turn p :nri iiivntty eniy. VVc havn (von 'rt-rwmiy
niplici. to f irwmi -tliin; 1 1 turn tli? Ivur birk t llu nutti nl color,
ojjicli li:is intiurtui nU Eoto uim h troiiM'' and c.it'iisi: in oitl.r to
furnish onr tutjiir'rs itml Ihf pnMic p.-ik-rully w itli a now nnd uii-
niovfd U vr Jyc hi tfi.it h n- iirly t-tt :rtui stnii not inu i-ai in-
j iriotif ti) th'.1 Uv'tut or li.itr for tli : inoaeniU' pnc-n oi .' miih oit doi-
tl '. W t; IlIlVi' SUrPeen Ml ll''yoiHI our t-.n:':v.iiniiii. J ntn niuu.; w
oti" r tt) thi public with grL'u'l ciHitiilfnr.'. WV Invi liml it tlionnieh-
tirly t;-d. tun nlti-'riim u -i r; wo rimiu ou.T i wr am-. j
price is such thai all cm iUf rd to iwe it, and iH qu.il.ty w.) blievo
tu b.i sup-friur to any vor bytore mirlfl.
S.ld by OwinHUclt 4 R.i. X 1. 10 Trernrmt Cotton, 8J1J by
K.OuIl.iw, Mont) H r.
Boston, Concord, unci Montreal Iluilroucl.-
Q7500 Pages for Fifty Cents ! ! !
The editi'irs nf tlie United Ptatbs Jouiihal nronnss to ctm-
mt nre, with th next scmion of Conur.'a, a wei-kly p'.iblicntion un-
acrin'! anovp nu 10 cununuu tiiruugu iuj wiiuL' notion, at tne un
precedented LOW PRICE of
F I F.T Y C E N T S!
to rnch miliMcribpr f.trn volume of five htxdrcd paoei!
It will nmtain n fiithful and impartial rvrord of bith Iloiisen of
Cont'rcs:, tho git-t of all th.t iinport-int pijL'clia which may bj riVliv
cr.'d, &c. kc. Thi! m.wt coninil mt n-iiurtjH will b emid-jvcd and
nutliuip Kh'iil pr.'Vfiit itn b.'it)!i m'ul.' worthy nf tin pitiMmffour the ; nold in Montpelier lat fall, pxceptin? m lew irttcloi that
are liiGhur in market. - We have received.
From New-York and Boslon!
PIECES PRINTS, from 6 tn 17 ela.
3VW UIO do MllCHMN D'LAINES. 17 to 84
25 ps CASHMERE D'CO:iSE, 30 to 50
10 " Rep CASIl.Mi:i(E3, 37 1-2 to 50
25 " Silk warp ALPACCA, 5S to 75
5 " Twilled INDIANA, C7 to 1,00
10 ' CAMEI.HNS, 33 to 37 1-2
100 New and I'.Ieeant SHAWLS, 2,00 to B,00
50 for. MUFFLERS, 12 to 34
so ps liitoAD-curnis, 2,00 to 5,00
20 " SATTINF.TS, 58 to 1,00
25 " Fanev DOE SKIN , 1,12 to 1.J4
50 " Bedtir'.mgs, 12 1-2 tu 17
10 dm Face Shawls, 75 to 1,45
A splendid lot nl Florence Blue TEA-WARE, and all
other kind, of CROCKERY, at the lowest New York
We aln sell all kind of GROCERIES ai low a. were
puhlie penerally. The Journal will end rav.ir, in its r -c:inls, to do
justice lo Imtli parties, so that ll :th parties will f.-el allowed to pnt
nmi.se the ii'ililicntit.n. It b -inn the !..ng session, a- it is railed, the
111 i.i e i ' i nu.. vniiti'iiii-n .tii-.M ju .ii:-i( iinii ouiiii...-r win column
We are gl act to leam tint the prospects ol this siue. -n p-ut.-s ofs did matter, which will enal.l the pul.lishirs to
important road are more promising just now llnn!&i
hare ever been. About $1,000,000 of .'"'.V'" , w:n r-'',cl! "V " ,"' innu;rii..pethat their friends
tf'J'liose ivliol'.rward F.ve 11. .liars s all receive Elvn copies
Ten d.ill.irs, Twentj--three copies Twenty d.JUrs, FIFTY cop
ies reducing the price tn fifty cents, fir n v. 1'iine of 5 II paces.
JTj-A till-iinse nnd enmil.:t'i Index will lw added at ths end uf the
volum?, to make it th ; more conveni--nt f ir future r -f -renee.
TIIDOIillUifl FitiK,
Washington, August 11, IMS.
they have ever been. About $1,000,000
the stock is already secured, and it is confident
ly believed that the remaining 400,000 which
their charter authorizes them to take, will be
secured in a few days. There is to he a meet
ing of the stockholders on the 20th of October,
for the purpose of organizing the company.
It is the opinion cf gentlemen of this city who
are intimately acquainted with the route, and are
men of sound judgement, that the road promises
to be as good stock as that of any railroad in
New England. Traveler.
2000 Ins Si. Crnix SUGAR,
1000 " Loaf do
1500 lbs SALF.RATUS,
15 bags CoO'ee,
3 boxes Bar Soap,
50 lbs Cloves,
1000 " Rice,
25 Chesta TEA,
15 boea Raisins,
100 Iha Cinnamon,
2000 ' Tobacco,
100 " Nutmegs;
Rum and its Results. The Albany Knick
erbocker says : "It is stated that the preseut
number of distilleries in the United States is
10,400; the number of gallons ( distilled liqu
ors, distilled annually, is 31,502,007, which if
sold at 20 cents per gallon, would produce $8,
000,000; 4,000,000 of quarrels; half n million
of assaults and batteries; one hundred thousand!
thefts; eight hundred suicides, and about one
hundred murders.
Mr. Frclinghuysen. We learn from the
New York Journal of Commerce of Monday,
the painful intelligence that the Hon. Theodore
FVelilln llllVSIPn lin.v I'iaa rlfiriirr.rnnclt ill lit llis
endun spoke briefly, but forcibly, and called upon residence m city
Brudburn to unfasten the audience so that they could
retire. But Bradburn took the wrong way to do it, and I Thanksgiving. The governor of .. Mass.
at half past 11 were obliged to break loose, without !by and wiln the ndvicend consent of the Exec
being unfastened, adjourn sine die, and seek our lodg- utive Council, has fixed on Thursday, the 27th
rPIIE adnve may b had at S. V. Rsdi-iei.d'i Drug
X B'.orf, one liotile of which will cure any Cough.
CONGRESS SPRING WATER, for sale by the
Buttle or Bos, bv
Monipelier, Se, "'
HAVE jut received the largpst and bsl assortment of j
iCP CAPS ever o Hi? red for sale in Monipelier.
Boys, you can get a good Fur Trimmed Cap for tlie small
m nf 75 cents.
..September 8, 1945. 38
T&OUXUX23G GQODSj of every description,'
Medicine for the Million !
FOIt lUs rurt! f Rli.Mim:UM!ii, Omit, Sprain!, Itniwes, Hwdling.
t'mmp, iNumhrrtHK, Lamcnt-ss nf till kinds, rain in thnaidti, bai l
or UiiiH, A'e:ikncHs uf tlm ju ntsauduerve, Apiw, still lu-ck, tling
. f mHuct, ChiUhLiP i'renli wount!Wf lhiriw, i tc- z.u, anil ull canun
cf Hxti:kxk Injchv,
'I'll tc h nvviT at)L'iircd a mt'dirino wl-irn prtsrt'S1" the p(!ii
tratin" aifcl h;:ibm; iiVfr in n iuu.it a dt-pre', wlnu sit tin; smnu
tim it i-iriit.t by any p bility prudnri; nijuriiius cft'-cts. P,y its
action on tin- sk n, it excit n b'-;il?hy cirnilntimi ( f the IiIimkI, nnd
rwntiVe- llif (ibstniclii n. tit the I v;npipl: I'tiisfiHA ifjm wiiirh ii
thf i::iiisi' f su umrh li'.niiiin smt-M iiiir. It i-omilctf ct.ntr 1 over
lr -, and mav Ik' us.nl wttli i rf t Mai. ty uithi'WnM cn.-uf burns.
'J'Il' prit ! ,iit ni.m it, buiim far b; l iw (.Ult m:-dirbnw ff tlu kind,
mtiiit i-ll. Tin ally r. niuV:a t-v.'iy t,bKt:n:l- tn its imivi'in::! use. Why
will yon sutLr pain, whi )i a naf , tifiicackiuti uutl cheap tucdicinu i
witti. n yuiir r.'atlir
This Liiiini.-itt is intunly hrMi!tiri! tn thf htiniiiii ystrm, but U
tin' bst artit 1-' that an lif 'tiHed fur Horses that have Iwi-ti galled,
Mprain.'d tir liniised, and f.ir many other riist-ascs r (piirinj; nu ex
t rinil ri'in.'tlv. 'i'he iniih rlinrnrt -r cf the prntl.-im-n signing Hit
t ll.;vniff cr ilicati1 will r.-mli-r it of mfefeal to all who may liavei
ncea-iimi to use u iir'dirine nt'the kind.
g-'J'Jit; liiid'-rstijiiied, Imvinp made nw cf Heaver's Liniment fur
Mow, ami thidinp it t" he n vat.iiibl;' remedy for lameness, paHaf
Hpraint, bruises, wuuld n cninnind it tn our fik urts nnd thts
pal.lir een'-rallv, btlii-vhii that those who may have occasion to ime
a remedy for aiiy cf the diseases f..r whtrh it ia reium mended, will
nut be duappoiiit.-d in its effect.
I.otv.ll fna, I'rattli'hitro,' Vt,, "
inn HRnwEix, WuIjm.I , . II., 1 Ftngo
Geo. Himimjton, " f Prnpritstors
I'ei.etiah AnMfiTnoto, 11 J
Trpparcd tnly by T. Hfavf.b & Hurts DiupeMs, Valpole, X. II.
R;ed, Wing & i titl'T, M Clmthani st.. Bust on, Who. 'uul'! AEentsj
OiH',nv Evory buttle of tlie genuine will have the ifmiture,
T, Heaver Ac f.n en tti ' inside wnijip-r. , "
Price !.') and .V) cents per but lie.
Tor Rnl i by P. K. Collins, Montpelier; G. T. Stowell, Miildlesex;
J. (I. .tiins4i., Waterlmry; I). French, Harre; N. G. !lnl,, Chelsea ;
(1. H. 1'ierce 4c l-'o., Nerthliehl; K. IVrry, Cabnt; IVrk 5t Spenr, Hur-lin.-tnn;
toddrtrd, Kiithnd; and by iiieuhauts and dm foists gene
rally throughout the irtnt?. 'M'.ly
Faints and
Bye tuir-s,
bs. Grounil IIOCKSALT;
10 saclis Livprpool do
Coarna anrl Eine VTetern rlo
Eor yals low, by Baldwix, Scott and Co.
Just received by S. P. RED FIELD.
Monipelier, June 2. 1845. 23.
Tlie Han. the Prntnt.i Court f r tli" Diltrirt i f ftm1i.lih: To nil prr
sons ci ncrn -il in Urn esin:i cf IlK.N'JAMIN POUTER, late of
Ranilt.ljiti (l.-r'Tivoil, Ur.'.-tiii!::
y mini, Wm. II. II. Puitun, F.i-rntor of tin list will nnd Tea-
Inn -m nwl of lb i t'sl ite of saiil d :c":is-;.l, r !q'!!''t s;iid Court
lo all 'iv lihn lllr f. irtli t 'inn of nns Vi'nr from nnd nfb'r Ih'i eitlilh
d.iy of Oi-.tob'.T, A. I). I8IS, to nrikj p.iyini nt of Hid dbta and L-ga-cieH,
and r.l'W.' tb.i Rifttl 'in nti.f lli:i est-it
'I b 'r.'f .r,', von m hwliv nutili.il tb it nai.1 application will bn
hnnl at as'ssi in i f "h I'nlli it Court, lo li b 11 nl I). Tlnynr'n Inn,
in llaintolpli, in suiil District, on f.c uvi lfih duy of .Noveintier n-jt,
at whicb t'ninyon nnv !); li -trd in llu- pr-'iii''.-!.
Andllii.1 or Iit slnll b pnlilisli 'il llir -e w ...ks"iirc iv.'ly, in tlie
Grei'ii Monnttiin Fr ninn, a n"p:ip -r print"d at Mon-n lier, in
this Stttii,tloit of whirh pulilicatloli slnll bo I) fore tile day align
ed f.r hcariiiL'iis af ir -snid.
Oivi-n nnd' r my hnnd at Tiinhriilfja, in said District, this tivcnty
ftfih day Bcptemb-.T, A. D. 1Mb.
IJUSTAVL'3 ROLrE, Register.
aruci of.lI.-iiB) ;3ibI Stale 81s.,
O.N TLX IJ CS in perform the Tarions operations it.
dkntal 8URGEHY, nei:iiasarv for the nrnseivatioH
and bealtli of ihe Teelli and jnms, AUo uprior in'
destri'c tible teeth inserted, from one to a full set
by engraftins on the finas of decayed teoili, or on Gold
I'late, aa Ihe case may trqnite.
l'.irlicoUr allention given In the prevenlion and remedy
oai irregularity nf leeib in Children and Youth, which i
often the i-iuse of premalure decay and loss of tlie I'celli
Monipelier, .September 12. 1844.
In haste, Youre.
day of November next, us the day of general
1 htnkRgivjng in this good old Commonwealth
By T. G. BEACH, Westford Vt.
SOFAS, Secretaries, Secretaries and Book Cases, Dress
. and Common Bureaus, Centra Tables, Dining Ta
bles, Toilet Tables, Wash Stands, Light Slands, Work
Stands, Bedstead and a "aiiely of oilier furitilura.
Dinning Chair, Parlor Chairs, large anal small raised
seal RncAini Chairs, curled maple, Italian kattoai Chairs,
Seilea Cradle, all of which will ba sold ery cheap for
Cash nr in exchange for all kinds nf product or sprues
Shingles, Claptioarda and floor Boards.,
February ', 1845.
In facl, wc have all kinds of Groceries, which mimt
and shall be sold, a' Itnmnn pricey, with freight added.
A I -SO: 10 Cases Men s Ihiei Boon, 5 tin. Boy's 3
do. Ivip Men ' Boots. 10 Cases Rubber Shoes.
It is tieuilleiiH to say anv ihing about the pnces of
Bonis, for we will sell tbem less than cm be bought in
10 Bales of heary SHEETING, 1 We lime on hand
10 do. Fine do few bales of Sheeting
5 Twilled Cotlon. J 6 1-2 cts bv piece.
We return thanks for th many favora which we have
received, and shall continue to sell Good on the cash
principle and al lower prices than can be bought in Ver
mont. Just rsceived a large lot of HARD WARE, Brass Ket
ties, Knivea and Forks, Butts, Screw, &r &c
Also received, a larao lol of NEW CARPETING, com
prilling All Wool Kldderminnler, Cotton Carpelinit
tiiaii Carpeting, RUGS, of various stvleg and pattern.
Opened lbi day, a Urge assortment of MUFFS and
6 doi Spring Top CAPS,
Finally, wa would s,iv to Merchants and Pedlar oho
with to replenish, the r aloe'i, that we will sell as cheap
n O T P li L I K R STO V E
mWySaV dft EI BrisTIJ HUSKS Cm
Z. & C H. WOOD
HAVE just received a new addition lo Iholr laige and
ejlensive asyorlment of STOVES from iheBran
don, Albany and Trny Furnace, and now otter
Victoria, No. 2, 3 and 4.
Yankee Notions, 5 varieties,
Conant's, 3 " Cookitig
Vermont. 2 "
Parlor (with cast ovens) 2" STOVES.
Divino Flue ,
Rotary, 3
Gothic AirTight, Parlor. j
Low' Patint, Troy, " " i
Conant', 5 varieties, " "
Four Column, " i
Two Column, " I
Vermont, "
Box Stove nf all kind and sites.
Potash and Caldron Kettles; Fairbin'.;' nd Coj
nant's Plough" ; Hollow-ware; tin, copper and aheet
iron Furniture; Russia and English iron Stove-Pipe.
Lead Pipe that is liuned Inside an eicellent article
which prevent the corroding uf I lie lead, and keeps the
water pure; copper and cast-iron Pumps, &c. &.C.
Pleaue uall and examine.
Montpelier, Sept. 18, 1845. S8
-jr; M'HE Subscriber won'd inform his friends, and
jJfs the puiiblic genernllv, that
during the past
year, he has thoroughly repaired Ihe Cncle
Hotel, silualed on Stale Street, in ihe villsoa
of Monipelier. Vt.; whirdi he has kept as a strictly Teni
pe in tue Ilousp, for Ihe last 4 veais, and now invite
the pa'ronage which a deierminaiinn to be fuithful to hi
business in serving guests is adapted to secure.
llis Stables are large and convienenl, and served by at
tentive ( Jstlers.
LyMemhers nf the Legislalure and oilier will And
Ihe heat accommodation for boitd, and roun.s during 111
Montp ilier Sopi. 8, 1845. 88 4w
JUST rereived, in nddiiion to our former stock,
5,000 lbs Engli:li TIKE IRON,
assorted BAND '
SQUARE ' S-lf lot 1-2 iurh.
ROUND " do do
Scroll, Nibb and Hame iron,
English Hoop
Shoe Shape "
hel R. Nail Rols,
Old and Now Sable, Swesd's, Jack and Draft iron.
Naylor a Square, Flat and Ronnd, Cast Steel,
SweeJ'a, German, Eng. Blister, Toe-Coik and Spring
a large ..ipplv of WAILS, GLASS, PAINTS HOUSE
ACE, Citron, English Currants, and Ext, Lemon fc
S P, RrDriii.0.
Rose, For sale h
Montpalier, Jun 2, 184ft.
w., at ihe Lowest nrics. Call and
as you fan tend to Boston and obtain Good of tha sam' "VTOTICE. The vubsonber inform hit former custom- oe befora purchajing elsewhere,
quality. ,. LV.MAN & KING. 1 1 ar and the public, thai he s'ill carries on ihe manu-' BALDWIN SCOTT AND CO.
Sept. 24,1845. factoring of EDGED TOOLS, al Ihe old Sland, near Ihe , , 1 . .
! Arch Brido on Berlin ide, wber ha will in ami fact ore I
1. wTr'''? ""a tb. following iool:-AXES iumoed or repaired, BHOAD
fjjsaii Di.iricL bn lb 7tli day of Oct, I84S , . AXES, HAND AXES. ADZ. CHl'SELS, SIIAVLSV In tha Whealwriabt bliaineMa. to whom irnn.! encouraira.
FRKIiF.it li :k n p.ru.'r.nw p.r.piti..r ... ih mi.. Ar n. ..h n n . .ni.r.. . enrn cnDiwr-a r . - -
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t PPRENTICE WANTED! By the .uh.criber, a hay
of good moral c'haracler, from 16 lo 18 year of age.
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r.-ned, all 'Rint Unit it is necossary to sol) ti part thereof to pay the money refunded
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si.ld without injury to thi-n-mBinderVVhereimon it is Ordered.that "ouipenr, ;iiarcn i
tlie snmu be hxnrd iu a Probata Court to hj holdon at the Prutnte cf
lico in WaBhinaton, on Ihe 31st day of Octobor, 1843, and notice
hereof ordered in the Gree Moujitain Freeman, printed at Mont,
poller, tbrea week surcewively. tha last of wbkh to be previous to
said 31st day of (Vt. JOHN COLBY, Judge.
T ADIIs AXd Gints. will find
Prime Article m
WINDOW SASH. Blind HINGES, Nashua LOCKS' IU Ruhb.r o bho. A'ao; Kid alipa and Wal
and LATOHE Houe BELLS TTIMM1NS8, hg shoe, at Et Wilpir Co',
Baxpwji FeotT h . i Ort. P, 145. - t
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