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We rtMlre to make the Fauna particularly valtia
ale for Us news from all parte of Vermont, ana our
friends to different parte of the State, especially in
WaiUiQtfton.OrantreaDd Lamoille Couutlee. will eon
firirreat favor uponmand our readers by aendinv
n locsl IntfUUrence. Otve ue faoti and we will arranir
tbm fnr the pe iwr.
Ch:inge or time on the railroads Mon
day. Several rainy day last week were what
the farmers wanted.
T. W Wood, the artist, will make his
summer home a visit next week.
Carpenters have already commenced
the framing of the new town houso for
II. C. Webster has moved into the
Sc ibn T house on Berlin side recently
vacated by Charles Wells.
The usual evening services at the Church
of tho Messiah will be omitted nfier next
Sunday till the middle of S ptembcr.
Trinity Sunday school have a picnio at
Q ieen City Park to-day. A large number
went and have a fine day for their excur
sion. Azro Stone and Julius Sulinas have
rented the store reoently vacated by II.
C. Webster and will soon start a new
Spriukling black pepper upon cabbage
plants when the dew is on is sure death to
the cabbage worms and does no harm to
the plant.
"They say" Joe Jefferson will play Rip
Van Winkle nt the Howard Opera House,
Burlington, about the first of November.
J. J, will draw a full house.
Tho valedictorian nt Dartmouth thi.
year whs Asliton R. Willard of Montpelier.
The sulject of his oration was " Tho Re
lation of the Orator to the Audience."
St. Albans Butteh Makket, July 1st
Attendance good, receipts large, marke
dull and lower. Wo quote good to choieo.
10 to 13 cents per pound; fancy lots at u
higher price.
In January, 1879, the Masonic Relief
Association of Northfield had a member
ship of some five hundred. To-day it hi
over nine hundred and ninety-five and i
rapidly increasing.
The examination) at Union School lasi
week passed off very creditably to al
concerned. The exhibition on Thursday
evening and the levee on Friday evening
were very pleasant affairs.
Strong soap suds will kill the oankei
womn that infest trees. It is most easilj
and quickly applied when they aro in nes
nt morning or evening, and a largo swab
on a long slick is just the implement,
Mr. A. A. Earle, editor of the Vermon'
Citizen, has just arrived home from En
rope, where he has been for some lime t
recruit his health. We are g'ad to say thai
he U apparently muoh better. We wi-h
him continued health and business pros
Tho Capilol Guards of Montpelier, Co
II, 1st Regiment, N. G. V., elected Is
Sergeant B. F. Spaulding to be 2nd Lieu
tenant vice 2nd Lieutenant Charles Wells,
removed lo St. AlbanB; 1st Corporal Frank
Pitkin promoted to be i h Sergeant and
Private Fred Eaton to be 4ih Corporal.
Some of the farmers have commenced
haying. All ought to commence by mow
ing the roadsides. Quite a quantity ol
good grass can thus be secured, which i
too often allowed to waste nnd to dlfigar
the country. If farmers would take iuoiy
pains to clear np the hedges along the
road fences, it would pay not only in
grass but in reputation.
The exiniina'ion at the normal school
at Randolph resulted in the graduation o
a class of twenty-six, twenty-two in th
first and four in the second course. Prof.
A. E. Leavenworth, who has had charge
of the school for some time, is to leave a
the close of the present term, ami A. E.
Elson, (Dartmouth '78) is to take his
place. Mr. Rocheleau, Misses Jones, Sher
man and Fair have bjen re-engagod.
A store was broken into one night, but.
strange to say, nothing was oarried off.
The proprietor was making his boast of it,
nt the Bnme time expressing his surprise
at losing nothing. " Not at all surprising,"
said his neighbor; "the robbers lighted a
lamp, didn't they?" "Yes," was the
reply. " Well," continued the neighbor,
" they found your goods marked up so
high that they couldn't afford to take
A Bio Bug. Frank Pitkin bus a de
ceased tarantula. The stranger came with
a bunch of bananas billed lo Frank Curry
and endeavored to make himself at home
in the fish market. A pitch fork tine
however put an end to his dangerous ca
reer. It was lucky be bit no one, espe
cially as one or two tried to put a finger
on him not knowing how deadly his bite
would have been. His looks were enongh
to condemn him to the sudden death that
closed his career.
The following resolutions were passed
by Capitol Lodge, I. O. of G. T., at the
regular meeting Monday evening, June
Wiiere8, Our brother, L. L. Durant.
has been very sully itnd suddenly bereav
ed by the doatli of hU only d tnghler, Mrs.
Let 10 lorrev of Burlington, therefore.
He olved. By Capilol Lodge, I. O. of G
T , that we extend to our brother in this
hour of his bereavement our warmet
sympathy and heart-felt condolence, and
may he find that consolation which the
1-rien lot Irienus only can give.
fiemlved. That a copy of these resolu
tions be presented to our brother, that thev
bo published in our local newnjaoors. and
that they be entered on the rcoorda of this
Ciias. B. Goodrich
icii, )
) Com.
T. It. Gordon.
K. L. Hathaway,
Saturday night Sheriff Tuttle received a
dispute h describing a man that Sheriff
Drew of Burlington wanted arrested on
theforenoontrainsoa.il. Tho day-before
while seeing to the unloading of a barge.
Mr. Alvaro Adsil of Burlington had his
wallet stolen from where ho had left it, by
oie of his workmen, John Thibauit. The
thief left and we n. to his ancle's about
three miles from Eisex Junction, bought a
watch nnd new ruh of-clothes, nnd Satur
day morning took the train for down
coun.ry. The di p.vctito S:ier'ff Tuttlo
e imc of er the train bad gone to Montpelier
Junction but Ad mis drove down with him
"on time" and tha th rill boarded the train
from Essex i 1 time lo gel can ieJ to North
field. On the train hi found his man who
insisted his nam) was Maoarl m and that
nobody wanted him. Thibauit was
brought to Mon'pjlier and put in jail for
safe keeping till the af.einxm train, when
Sheriff Tuttle too' him to Esuex Junction
and delivorel hlmtoS'jeriffDrew. Thirty
eight dollars of tho one hundred and
twelve were found on his person.
Bradford. B. P. Baldwin's saloon'
v.. i i - . i i , t- ,-l
w uiutcu into nj ourginrs on ouauaij
night and a variety of good- taken away.
One of Geo. W. Sampson's matched
horses died Saturday night. It is thought
that it died from a disease ot the brain.
Brookfield Oliver D. Metcalf lost a
valuable horse recently.
Clarence Clark -caught a fine trout in
the branch that weighed three and a quar
ter pounds.
Chelsea. The ladies of the Methodist
church held a strawberry and ice cream
fe-tival on Wednosday. June 25, in L. B.
Dutton's front yard. The attendance was
large and tho occasion mst enjoyable.
The proceeds amounted to $30.
O. A. L -ar has sold oat his blacksmith
ing business to a man by the name of Sul
livan and removed to Sunapeo, N. II.
We learn that B. E. Uydo is improving,
and has recently received a large addition
of permanent boarders at his hotel.
The late copious rains will insure a good
crop of hay,' though a little later than
usual. English grain looks finely. Corn is
rather small for the time.but is doing well.
Potatoes promise well if the ravages of
the bugs can bo prevented.
Rev. W. Divis of Beverly, Mass.,
preached at the Congreg-Uionalist church
last Sabb ith. lie will return to his pas
torate this week.
A severe hail storm with thunder and
rain passed over this place on Monday
Corinth Corner. The dolegates of the
Young Men's Christian Association from
Chelsea are expected to hold a meeting at
the M. E. Church in this place on July
6ih. Tho meeting will be conducted In
their own way. It is hoped there will be
a large number assembled.
Corinth. Hon. A. E. Kinney lost a
horse Sunday morning from lung disease
The day before he appeared perfeotly well.
North Fekrisiiurgh. 0.ir farmers
have commenced- their haying quite ex
tensively. Mr. C. II. Mai lory met with quite an
incident on Tuosday. the 2 lilt tilt., falling
from tho plaiform of the carriage shop
belonging to Charles Collins and injuring
liis wrists nnd hand considerably.
The closing examinations nt the ncade
ny on Tuesday last were most oreditable
nd satisfactory, demonstrating a most
borough drill in all the branches pursued.
The exhibition in the evening was most
highly entertaining and was fully attend
ed. We understand that Miss Allen pro
poses lo teach a second term at the Acad
n y Hall, commencing the first Wednesday
in Sep'eiuber next.
N. J. Allen and wife attended tho clos
ing exercises of tho Troy Conference
Vc tdenty at Ponltney during lat week.
Misses Abbie Palmer and Jennie Btrbei-u-e
each at home spending the vac ition of
heir several schools. Gideon S. Fuller is
ilso al home.
Several people will attend commence
ment exercises at Middlebury this week.
The attendance at the M. E. Sunday
school last Sabbath was eighty-two ; penny
eoileution at iho same, seventy cents.
Some of our people will go lo Burling
ton nnd some to Fort Cassia on the
Green peas and potatoes are becoming
i frequent dish.
North weld. Tho Universalist church
was last S inday made very lovely by a
profusion of roses, fl wers, etc., it being
' Rose Sunday,'' also the day for the
monthly concert. Prominent among the
.Ural decorations was an immense bou
piet, or mound of roses, flowers, etc. This
the ladios presented, through Mrs, George
Randall, to John Gregory. It is certainly
i " thing of beauty,'' and Mr. Gregory is
liighly pleased with it.
The cadets of Norwich University, as
sisted by a goodly number of our citizens,
l.i-t Wednesday raised a splendid flag
ruff in front of tho university. From its
summit the " star spangled banner " was
flung to the breeze, and greeted with
three rousing cheers.
Waterbuhv. -A two-yenrs-old child of
E Johnson of this place fell into a tub of
lye on Wednesday, but was rescued, and
there is some hope of his recovery,
although his eyesight appears to have
been destroyed.
Waitsfield. P. Bushnell picked in his
garden, Juno 30th, a stem of six straw
berries, which weighod one ounce; nnd it
was not much of a day for strawberries,
Williamstown. A bridge over the
branch, near Howe's meadow, broke down
while Mr. Hersey was crossing it wifh n
loaded team. No very serious damage
was done,
Worcester. Marshall W. Bailey,
while nt work sawing, in the saw mill of
Chester Ladd, got his left leg caught be
tween tho carriage and one of the guards
and out n bad gash on tho inside of the
leg, j-ist below the knee.
C. C. Putnam & Son have carred and
shipped eighty-one cars of lumber or over
one million feet since the first of January.
They have also supplied the homo market
with considerable.
Tho Good Templars nre prospering
finely in this place. Many nre joining the
order, ami there is harmony- between the
lodge ami its members.
A good many of tho farmers nre coin
mene.ing their haying this week.
Tho potato beetle is making consider
able work for the farmer, tho slugs having
oo in mo need to pit in an appearance
Some of the farmers have used Paris green
but others will not use It because they
have read so much of tho evil efFjots,ot its
State Normal School. Tho follow
ing students graduated last Friday nt the
R mdolph School :
Kirst course Elva L. Clough, Bethel;
Abbie P. D.inion, Randolph; Minnie G.
Putnam, Barnard ; Lillie W. Mason, Win
ooskl Falls; Hatlio E Bingham, Randolph;
Clara S. Dickerman, Williaiustown ; Clin
ton S. Soier, Bethel; Imesa A. Douglass,
Shorehiim; Mary J. Hale, West Windsor;
Mary L. Chtdwick, Bethel; Ella M.
Powell, Richford ; Rogena A. Trnver,
Lowell; Miry M. Divis, Montgomery;
Viola B. Wet,ster, Urookfiold; Jos. W.
liultei field. East Montpe ier; Helen A.
Story, North Fairfax; Addy J. Thomas,
South Royalton; Hannah M. Schuster,
Brattlehoio ; l.illa E. ApuletJti, Victory;
Sara Marshall, Ludlow.
Second course Addie Phelps, Grafton ;
Fannie C. Taylor. Andover; Mary E.
Thompson, Northfield; Ella J. Taylor,
The lightning rod. victims in Caledonia
county met last Saturday, numbering 26
or more unit ro-olved to resist the collec
tion of the notes given lo A. A. Gay lord
& Co., who made a raid through Vermont
last fall. They resolved that they would
pay filly oents on the dollar rather than
have trouble with the company, but would
resist any turtner oeinano n-om the com
pany nnd In case any of the notes are
sueuV they have all agreed in writing to
combino nnd snare i no expense or lltiga-
Vermont Sews. .
ADjHON county.
A pirty ofirentleaton are golDi lato the Atiroa.
dacka eooa, from Vergeunes.
Dea. L, C. B truwa, or MnUleburr, wit aarioae -j
hart lately or baln( thrown from a ausnr.
Tub Sli.l llebory 1.0 Igt of uood Tem,,Un will
nava an exonraioa to Q una Cltf lr oe We !oc
d ir. July MU.
E. S. Kirbj was thrown from a mizm in Middle.
burr recently, an I u 11 lie seriomly injured. A
naracLti Samaritan resuscitate! hi in caponed toe
a ,wsr team, and aent .h m home, whore for ecr.
eral day he waa closely coodne 1, but la now on
uie g-ain.
The estate of Harmon Can Hold of Arlington antra
alx per cent UItiJjo.I on tdowOof debts.
At the recent term of the Benniniton county
court the twenlr-reari,i wife of C. U. Sweet oli.
talned a dtrorce from her eerenty-year-old but-
Itev.J. L. HtrrlQiton, aitiuj ptitit of the Or
ange Congregational church, accept a call lo Kaat
John P. McKoon, a yountc Bennington carpenter
died su l lenly the other day, from drinking ice
water too freely.
While M Iichei I Seymour of East Dorset was at
work near a circuUr aaw.Kceotly.one loot came
in contact with the saw and was split from the toes
lo the instep.
John Keinedy, who escaped from the j til at Ben
nington several montheaeo, gave himself up the
other day. Barnes A. E 1oq look him in charge
and relumed him to Ban-iington. There was a re
ward of 75 offered for bim.
Krank Amur, a St. Jotmuury blacksmith, was
drowned while bathing on Wednesday evening.
In SlR'ftl.'lil most of the wool soi l for SI cents
pergoun l. Karly lamba have brought (3 each.
John Hopkins, of St. John&bury, was arrested
for int ik'.auon a few d trs axo, an I disclose! on a
strangdr. 1'iuse atrangors are mighty convenient.
Moses Frost and wife of tiro ion are 66 years old,
were married in that lownlij years ao, have had
1 children, 8 ol whom are living. The couple are
still in good health.
The Ua'eionian Bays tho jury in the Peabody
case went to church three times on Sunday, anil
considers it a rare thing for soine of them. Does
the Caledonian oonsider such thius lo Jtiry-ous?
iturgiurs at St. Johnsbury have Djen rslhor
annoying 01 late. Several houses have been eo-
leied, and one mm loses about iliTi. The authori
ties are endeavoring to fen et out the guilty par
lies, but nothing has as yttl been discovered .
The house of Cyrus Hill ol Waterford was struck
bvllghtumg, the other day . Mrs. II ill and Mrs.
Uitlliken were in tho room together, and the baby
was playing on the floor. When the craih came
Mrs. Mullikcn was knocked nearly across the room
the stove was upset, stove-pipe knock d down,
looking-glass broken, dower pots upset and some
sixty lights of glass in tins and other rooms broken .
Mrs. Mulhken was muoh affected, but well enough
to return to ber home in a d ly or two. Mrs. Hill
was not injured and the only indication that Hie
baby bad experienced any shock was a constant
pulling of the ears. The lightning struck the chim
ney, which is Just ab)ut deinjllshed, and entered
tho room wheie ibeee persons were by the siove
lunntl, pnssing through the Qjor into ihe cellar evl.
lently, aud escaped iuto tho ground by a water
pipe melting ihe pipe some two loot outside ol the
cellar wall. The stove otood upon a piece of zinc,
and small holes wee mulled where ouch stove leg
stood, and one end of the zinc was melted off and
the dress which Mrs. Mullikon bad on Was
D. H. Mclvin. tho Uii'leiliill burglar, had a hear
ing, and was bound over in 50j. The other poi
sons arrested weiedischarged.
Essex coosrv.
O. W. Humphrey, of East Haven, had a thigh
bone broken the other day by a log which rolled on
to him.
A bear was recently caught in Montgomery.
Mr. E. P. Phllllp, the well-known St. Albans
musician, is to rem ve to Ojdensburg, whero be is
to tukechargeof the Episcopal church choir.
The auction sale of 4 500 shares of the stock of Ihe
St. Albina Iron and stoel works, resulted In Ihe
same being knocked down to r J. Houghton at 81
per cent orthe par valuo of each share, and accrued
interest, the araountofthe punMias. bjing tl ,037..
hmoille cousrvr.
Hnzen Homer of Hyde Pa- k has been hel l for
trial on the charge of robbing tho store of Miss
Oreztna B. Foss.ontne niht of thnuih inet. He
says be will starve himself to death lr he la kept in
j ill. Charles Manning and Harrison Bldwell, who
were arrested lor the same offence, havo been dis
M-s. Jullns Sow of Watorvillo reccntlr, met
wilh a severe acH.lcnt. .She was unhitching a horse
irom a wagon and having nearly UuUhe.l the horse
jumped sudd nly kicking her down and stepping
upon ner head, cut two large gashes upon the left
side near the ear. She was taken up insensible and
thought to bj dead. At last accounts she was
comfortable and will fully recover.
Justin Lindsoy and wife of Newbury Center are
each 71 years old and have been mariiod 52 years
Tun'iiidge proposes to trot horses on the Fourth.
and 1285 aro offered In premiums. Aside from this
there will be other diversions.
A Derby man, named Uennclt, Iell35 foot from
a barn roof recently and was probably fatally
Leonard Austin's hotel at Lowell, owned by
Herbert Drown, was burned Saturd iv : loss iion.
parti illy insured In the Vermont Mutual.
Mra. Sarah Willuy of Glover was found dead
recently, in an old barn near hor dwelling. She
lived alone, and was not missed until half-past
live in the anernoon ; an I as it has been discovr-rtd
that she went to the barn early in tha day. she mnsi
have lain in the position where tbund during the
whole day. ,
Kuruisu COUNrr.
Hartland is to have a Fourth of July celebration.
There will be racing on the track at Rutland the
Fourth of July and a large meeting is contemplated
the latter part of that month.
David McBrldo, proprietor of the Brandon House
was the victim of a runaway acoldont, the olhor
day, by which be broke a leg.
A Pittsford young man, seventeen years old
quarreled wilh a school c-inpamoa much .bis
junior, the other day, and kicked him to death.
ThedepotsatSunderlanil and Danbv, were en
tered by burglars on a recent night, and at the
former pllcefll'iy old copporj wjre tholr only
A one leggod hen In Jamaica prides herself on
laying an egg weighing !Uf ounces and measuring
Vi inches.
Henry Allen bad bis eyes Ulleil with powder by
the premature discharge or a blast al Jam ilea, and
it is feared he will lose the slht of ne eye al least.
A Plymouth mare has twin eolis.
A Norwich mnn has made a set of wooden teeth
which be wears.
Mr. C. W. Smith, of Plyra uith, knu.pi a man dur
ing tho summor to chase trumps.
Royalton is the oldest loirs In Ihe stale; the
original village was burned by Indians in I7U0.
The late Isaae Morgan's son, Leslie, is years old,
was drowned Saturday while trying to swim across
a mil!-pond at Windsor.
At a recent Congregational Sunday school con
vention held lo Wlodh im oilnty, 17 of of t le 19
schools of the county reported 3171 pupils and 193
A correspondent of the Winlsor Jouroil, at
Felchvillo, gives a" heart-rending "account of the
stato of m-itrim ny in that placu. Ho saya there
are'- sixty marriageable women and only flncen
marriagebte men.'1 -
Gaysville, a manufacturing village In Slock-
bridge, live miles from Bethel, has a large vegeta
ble ivory button factory, employing about 75 han-ls
Tue ivory nuts from which the buttons are made
are a product of Central America.
Collamor C. Gilson, of South Reading, was
ih'own from a load of shingles tho other day and
hud bis neck broken. A bundle of shingles was
thrown on him, striking his hea I and erushlng it
tut of shape, one halfoflhe akn II being telescoped
into tlie other. Ills age waa 42 years and S months.
lie leaves two small oblldion, boys.
A Ludlow man now has a good ol aim to be Ihe
champion absent minded Individual. Ho is an ac-
commodatlogcltlsen and member of tbe church.
He frequently volunteers, with his team , to take
those to meeting who desire to attend but ha von 't a
team of their own. The other evening be took a
deacon's wife to divine service, and bitched bis
team In 1 neighboring abed. When services were
over and tbe deacon's wife looked about for ber
escort he was gone. She waited In bop of bis ap
pearance, but the amllonca vanished bomewsrd
nntil th lady found herself alooe with tbe janitor,
lo wham she stated ber predicament. Tha horse
shed was examined snd tha horse and wagon
round, but not the owner. The Janitor took pos
session and carried tbe lady borne, and tbe drove
wltb th team to th boas of Its proprietor, who
was In bed and asleep. Ha failed to remember the
faotof blagolog tooburch and using bis team, or
tbat the lady in question rode wltb bim ,
P. T. Barium's Greatest ot all Shows.
Barnum i coming; he and his great
how will be in Montpelier on Saturday,
July oth. The New York Jf ail says of it :
" Sunshine and circus indicate that .
sprlnjr has displaced storm and snow, and
the lhron2 of gaily-clad huliea and chll- J
dren at the yesterday s inaugural ruauuTO
performance of P. T. Barnum ' organiza
tion invested the occasion wilh buoyant
interest. The American Institute build
ings, althoiijzh very large, were scarcely
adequate to tbe requirements of the com
pany, the menagerie, the ranseum, the
sttblesand the audience. Nearly a score
of elephants of all sizes, from the mam
moth uncurbed Emperor to the infantile
tronkling of six moons, disported them
stlves uneasily in the presenoe of crowds
of cake-donating juveniles. Coal-black
camels and milk-white dromedaries of
immense proportions monopolized a large
space on the Second avenue side of the
locale. After an entry quadrille by the
hand, the trained stallions, Mameluke and
Pasha,dis played their extraordinary intell
igence. U Dale Stevens followed with a
lobe-and-table act, and was replaced by
Lizzie Marcel his in graceful equestrian
ism, which was enlivened by the popular
clown, Mr. J. Uolloway. Performing
ponies and mules came next, succeeded
by Katie Stokes' marvelous bareback rid
ing, with Charles Seeley as clown. Carl
Antony then introduced seven Kussian
stallions in a series of clever evolutions.
These paved the way for Linda Jeal's
wondei fill leap through a hoop of flames,
both horse aud rider going through a
circle of burning kerosene, and Miss
Jeal ending her performance by leaping
over a number of gates in rapid succession.
Madame Dockrill. with Will II. Slowo its
clown, furnished an artistic exposition of
arenio riding. The Miaco brothers sup
plemented Madame Dockrill 3 act wnn a
humorous display of physical elasticity
and endurance, and were followed by
Emma Lake in a skillful menage exhibi
tion. Tumbling was next in oruer, ami
preceded Madame Dockrill s great four
horse eouestrlan feat. Egyptian jugglers.
Signor Sebastian's great bareback leap
through a circle of daggers, tho Trakene
stallion exercises nnd the batoute leaders
closed n really good ring performance,
ami which, gave unq'ialmdU satisiaction.
Mr. Barnum has evidenced his desire to
please the public by the costly magnitude
of his new circus."
Be sure to see the great procession nt 9
A M. on the day of exhibition ; and if you
wish to avoid the crowds at the ticket
waeon, purchase your tickets and reserved
seals at l'hinney's bookstore where they
can be procured at a small advance. Mr.
Uarnum will address tue audience.
Tbe Rutland Herald denies the truth of
the rumor of the Hon. John U. Page's in
solvency. Mike Kelley, of Braltleboro, Imbibed
too much tire-water tbe other evening and
made un assault on Geo. M. Colt, for
which he wits allowed to pay fifteen dol
lars nnd costs.
Tames Ferriter, n brakeman on the
Valley railroad, had his thumb caught and
badly mangled lietween the hunters of the
cars in the yard nt Bellows Falls.
The affairs of C. F. Glynn of Saxton's
river, who recently absconded, leaving his
familv.business and creditors in the lurch,
look more promising after the inventory
ol Ins stock ot goo ls. 1 lie stock invento
ries about .$7,000 with liabilities of about
ilO.OOQ. Nothing has been beard from
him since the week nfler his departure,
lie was then in Now York.
The Free Press says that Mr. John E.
Lang of Burlington has been appointed to
the vacant route agency between Esx
function and Boston, via Rutland, lie
has been a faithful and competent clerk in
the Burlington po-itofnYe, and is brother to
Mr. L ing who is chief deputy at the St.
Albans custom house. His papers, whioh
ere very strong, were endorsed by the
Vermont delegation in congress last win
ter. In the Rutland police court, Saturday,
Mrs Mary Bouer was brought for breach
of the peace, and failing to pay her fine
was sent to tho houso of correction for
eightv-one days. John McClellen was
fined S 5,00 and costs, amounting in nil to
17.i!b : be was also tiled for breaking tbe
peace and found guilty, his fine nnd costs
amounting to $9 16. He disclosed on
Vine Watkins and John Stewart, who
wore each fined $17.50 for retailing intox
icating liquor, and a like amount for keep-
mg Willi intent to sell.
Contested Taxfs. It is reported that
Estey & Co , with other parties, propose
to contest their taxes this year on iho
ground of a defective list. Estey & Co.
claim that sixty thousand was added to
their list without the legal notice by the
lifters. On the other hand the listers, who
have undoubtedly tried to do their duty in
affording honest and equitable taxation.
say that Estey & Co. gave in their list for
property, machinery, etc., at ntty tnoupanu
dollars, but refused to sign and swear to
it, as repeatedly requested to do, that I hey
warned that it would be raised, ami lhat
1 hey could have "sworn it off" if they
bad chosen by making a dennite state
ment before iho regular meeting of the
listers, ot which publio notices were given,
and that personal notice was given lo one
01 me nrm. Hvormer.
btop lhtcotuihing; if you do not it may kill
you. A Bottle ol ur. Hutrs Cougb Syrup only
costs you !25 cents, and Us timely use may save
your nie. rwi.
The Tribune says : " The whole country
feels towards congress as ihe wenry but
irreverent youth did toward the tedious
preacher who at toe event or sixteenthly
said : "And what now shall I say P" "Say
Amen!" promptly answered tbe young
Lyman liny, convicted in 1875, is serv
ing twenty years' imprisonment at Auburn
lor brutally maltreating a young girl
Recently a man named Corwin confessed
to Postmaster Hunt at Meridan that he
was the criminal, nnd fled to Canada
lie foi e ho could be apprehended. There is
saiil to be a remarkable resemblance be
tween Hay and Corwin, which accounts
tor Hie girl s positively lilenlilying tbe
Careful cotton crop reports place ihe
yield of that staple for the current year at
5.150,000 bales, or seven per. cent larger
than last year. Tbe average yearly in
crease in tins crop lor nine years past has
been 100,000 bales; nnd, as the ncrnage
devoted to the crop yearly widens and the
methods of cultivation improve, tho limit
of cotton production in this country is
still far distant, even with the crop 400,000
bales larger than when it was raised by
slave labor.
Almost Given Awav! More than
600,000 copies of this popular work have
been sold. Mr. Barnum h is now put it
into smaller type, and nlUiough the vol
ume is neatly bound in muslin gilt and
contains tho entire work, with steel
portrait of the author and thirty-two full
page engravings, it is sold in the show for
only 50 cents! This is tho exact cost when
printed in editions of 100,000 oopies nt
once. Better than all for only one dollar
a 50-cent tlckot to tbe entire great show
nnd the life of P. T. Barnum are both
given! Thus this elegant volume, with
Mr. Barnum's extraordinary life, written
up to 1879, is obtained by his patrons for
only 60 cents! No person Bhould fail to
secure this.
Thousands of men aorl woman araitarrinf them
selves to death. I hey dare not eat or drink ihis or
tbat, fearing It will Increase Ihelr seen. Life He.
haimI. noon oontinn iUS self-denial. The nnlvsafe
and reliable remedy lor this' terrlb'e ooml Itton is
Allan's Anti-rat. ma wnouj Tegeuuie and per
fectly harmless. Iu use insures a reduction of Irom
two to ore pounds per week. Bold by druggists.
Buffalo. N. Y., June Win, Hits'.
To Ihe Prop'iaof Allan's Anti-fat :
Gentlemen Tbe following rpoil in from flit
ladr who used Allan's Anti-fat: " It (the Antl-Fsi)
had Ihe de.lred elleot, reducing the fat Irom two to
lire pounds a we. a, until Iliad lost twentr-llre
pound.. I hope never to regain what I have lout."
Yours thankfully, Mra. PAUL K, BAXTKR.
IXtm tTswalleal far at Meatsxller. V. Part
- Jim tS. IN19.
tVTo 'italo tbee letters, persons anaet lf tie
LADIU.-M1M M.y rant. Mrs. Kmely OoaM. Mrs.
Addle P. Bolt. Mies Mary L. Holt. Hue Mar Kelram,
Mrs. Austin sales. Mies Alkie Stevens.
Oiwtli.. Pbllo W. Brown-a'Prel LoCUre, C.
A. French, Sm' OUee. P Xsltr. Beanie Smrua.
Kev.C C.Hbarpe, Jobs B. Rular. K. W. Tremain.
Frank 8 Whitney.
Cbaw Jackson's Biisl Sweet Navy Tobacco. r52y
A Fate Book of near It 1 00' large octavo naiea
or tbe sick. Full of valuable note on Scrofula ;
Diseases of tbe Breathing Organs; Dlseaaea ol
Men; Diseapes of Women; Aches and Paias;
Heart Troubles; and great variety ;of Chronic
Diseases, with evidence that In most eases Ihue
diseases are curable. Sent for one stamp.
rlSmS No. 1ME. 28th Street. N. r.
-'?,BonthBsrr,Jnnelth bvthsReT. Mr. Snofrord
of Wllllametnwn. Mr. KIXBU.L BLNCHtHD, ol
Barn, and Mrs. JDUA UASS.of WUUametown.
. In Csmbrirlfe, June i. by Rnv. P.P. Brew. Mr
T p. s.uM , ,, w n t Yi ,
iwi" ui uuuernui.
In Gamhrldm,. Inn, IT k S Tk V Sn Mr
J.r?!lKOl2r ' Jobaaon and Miss MABIUA 1.
yi LLttja 01 cmmorldKe.
In f. V..I , B, L T-- n T, u
SOLOMON N.GiRHS nf IrlnuhAr And' Uiaa IX1TTIK
A. THOMAS of Cambridge.
In WmtOnnn'ml tthW F Mnnnu Jim, t hr
HV. John Mrtru. Mr nVOHO IT M HklTHnf Ml
Johnsbury snd Miss ELIZA A. PAGE of Orford. N. H
III Randnlnh JnnM. Mr W. R SMITH nt Knvhnrv
and Mlee tlAKY 11. UOWE.of Hill. N. U.
In Bro(Aeld.Jnne l.h, by Rev. W. A. Bnsbbee.B. P.
MOIILTON.aiul JKMNIE FUI.I.Rlt. hntli nt knmk.
In Nortlifield. June list, ELIA8 BROWN, aa-ed St
f n ILtnfh H.vu , M t . MTYnnV
P., son of O M. 'and D B. Towa, aired al years, I
TViJLen La&ves' Senunatj.
Hereafter, our Student! who eome otst tha IUi)
road under the management of the
Central Vermont Railroad.
can secure ticket At half fare by applrinir to
HIRAtt OttOUTT, A.M., Principal.
West Lebanon, N. H. FMtttf
Beta ir a complete htstorr of all the Important
lndualrtoe nf Amerlra.hioludiiur Agricultural, Mechan
ic!, .U.aiifactiirinif, Miuintr, Commercial aud other
enternriaea. About 1000 octavopages and three hun
dred Hue engraving.
Th New Vark F.wm. Nnvtu Sm nrk& tinfk
work exittsV
For descriptive circulars and terms apply to
The Honry Bill Publishing Co Norwich.Ct.
This side of the
Now lolling off at COST at
CoWa 3uarAe WoiVb
Montpelier, Vt, Mar 1st, 1B7I. tmt
D. L. JLLI,ft St SON.
They are selling Good Pine Doors, 85 cts,
Blinds No. 1, all roll, - C5 cts.
They keep a full stock of above
on hand and will not be undersold, (rive them a call
before buying elsewhere. Also full assortment of
Lead, Oils, Puints, Varnishes, Carriage
Colors, Mixed Faints, all ready
for usinij,
Windows glazed ready for the house,
Blinds Trimmed and Painted.
The sbove Goods were bought low for easb, and will
be sold low.
Head or State Street.
Montpelier, Vt., Mar 17th, 1878. rltf
The andersiirued .havlnr been appointed by the hon
oral ii Probate Court tor the Dtntrictof Wanhiuii-ton
conmiisHioners, to receive, examine, and adjust all
claims and demands of all persona aaiust the estate
Erneliue A- Jooljn, late of Waterbury, in said Ulxtrkt
Uecttatied, and all claims exhibited In offset thereto,
hereby wive notice that we will meet for the purposes
aforesaid, at Geo. H. Lease's store on tbe 14tb day of
July and llth day of January next, from 10 o'clock, a.
u. until 6 o'cloc k, p. h. each of Raid days, and that six
mouths from tbe 14th day of July A, D. 187,is tbe tune
limited hv an Id conrt fur laid creditor to uremut their
claims to us tor examination and allowance.
Uaieu4fct wa-eiDury,.nisau.uuay uj .uoeA.ii, mv.
M. O. CANRRDY.r ,.,
GEO. H. LKA8K, i w"""wt
STATE OP VERUOST, Washington District ss.
In Probate Court, held at Montpelier, within and for
said Dlstiict.on tue Kinaay oi juue, a. u. itnv:
An Inatrtimttnt nuruorttntr to be the laat will and
testament o Oramel Hawyer, late of NnrtnQeld,
in saiu aiscrici,aerBea, miuK prseaiea to uoan ior
Prnhuto: It Is ordered by said court, that all persons
concerned therein be notified to appear at a session of
said court to be held at the Probate Offloe in Mont
pelier, ou the lfMh Any of July, A. D. is: 9, anO show
(in an If aiiv tliflv mav have, atrsfuat tha imrtjate of
Mid will; for which p irp tse it is further ordered that
a copy of the record of this order be published three
woeK Puncenuivnij-in m urwu .uunuuiu irwmiia,
lrmtHd at Montpelier, previous to aald time appointed
ior uear.uK . . . ,
By the Oonrt-Attest,
STATE OF VEUMONT. District of Hmdolph. as.
In Probate Court, held at Randolph, within aud for
ma metric., on me sum asy oi si uue, a. u iev.
AimiiAl Ktmhftll.iriiardlan nf Khoda Hatiborn. tnaane.
mikiH application to said Oonrt for license to anil the
IoliOWiurueacriotHi rwi ntiu wru, w wi,
a nrtiLi.. uarcel of land. sttiiatl in Toosham. also.
one other parcel, aitnated In O riutu,reireeiitimf that
the sale thereof, for the puriKHe of ixtttin the pro
weds of aucu sale at lutereat or investing the aame in
Htoi-ka or rual estate, would be benetfclal to aald ward:
Whereiipon.it is ordered by said court, that aaid
pi1 teuton be referred to a session thereof, to be held
at the Probate Oft.ce, In said Randolph, on the 33d
iliy of July, A. I. I87tt, for heariuK and decision
thereon ; and, itt further ordered, that all persons
iitterented be notified hereof, by publication of notioe
of satd application and order thereon, three weeks
tmco' SBively m the Green Mountain Freeman, publish
ed at M on livelier, before aald time of hearing, that they
may appear at said time and place, and. If they see
cause, object thereto.
13 y the Court-Attest.
Every Cracker Plainly Stamped "H AlSTO VER."
Daucht k Co'b Advertisements.
Absolutely pure made from Orape Cream of Tartar.
Imported ex-limively fnr this Powder from the Wine
district of Franca. Always uniform and wholesome.
Sold fin tv in mm hvH trnnr A nnnnr) rn h
mailed to anv ad lr)i. nOHtaifn nairl.nn rMwInt nt Ml
coQHi. linnu I'UWllh.ll UU.. 171 Dm lie
St., New York. Most cheap powders contain alum;
dnnureroiiB to health: avoid them, especially when
offered looaeor in bulk. F3i24yl
ENLARGED MAT 1st, 1879. Price nnchand.
The only combination of the true Jamaica Gtns-er
with choice aromattcs and French braudv which pre
vents malarial ferer.retrnlateg the etomach and bowels
nerfects ditreatton, and insures protection from di"
aP8 and ailments incident to travel. Is Sanpord'h
Iamaica Ginokb. Put a bottle in your travel Inn- biff.
Ask for Saneobu's. fm26w4
1 OAft returns in 80 dsys on 9100 Invested.
'IiltUU Official Reports and information free.
r.Ura nmAfa w.tiltr nn Utn..b , u AH.
Araaa T WiTTt'l tt'IllHUT C tM 1 n.,kn-. oe
ORGANS $30 np
warda; PIANOS
tlfi IIDWardR tint iiapH a i Air irrvvl tiAw wnrritntpd
LCW price for caih. CHtalotrues Milled. HORACE
WATERS. Air... 40 East Utll St., N. 7. P. O. Box, 3U0.
Two enewettr! men wanted to sell atandard (roods to
Merchants and business men in Middle snd Hew Eiur
land States. Good Hil&rv and ntnarlv emtilni'ment fur
shirp salesmeu Uut oan sell the troods. None others
wauled. Address
ir45w4 B. 8. Rprnorr. S7ff Broadway, N. Y.
Mew Hamtohihe, West Lebanon, (Junction of Con
noetic maud White Rivers.
School for Ladies, unrivalled in situation, implt
In facilities, thorouirh. Christian, bomciike. 422a per
year, wiVh certain extras. Cataloirue on reoueHt.
4tf UIRAM OUCUTT. A. M-Principal.
r.nnir I a Stereoncopic Views, I Card Photo's, 1
UUWft Sheet Efnb-)Baed Pictures, W Traun.fr
Ornaments. S Comic aud Acquaintance Cards. Ti t
ibove 84 cents worth aud catalof ueK sent poet free f'T
JjceuU. Address, H. E. iLAYTON, Montpelier, Vt.
For Temperance Gathering. '
Received with tbe irreitest favor. Great variety of
souks. Temperance aud Social.
For Uonpr.l Mettinyt and Sunday School.
By Rev. 8. Almak and fl. H. Hpeoe. Nothing; freeb
er, newer, brighter or better of the kind baa ever a, -peared.
(26 cts.)
For Kvervbody.
Almoit ever v bod v has it. All the Worda. Wit and
Music, with L.brettocompletefor 1.0U. Send also fnr
the noborheb. MameauiuorH .una quite nstrooa uiubic.
(Iu preus. Faxiniza, the new Opera.)
For Musical Student.
Johnson's New Method of Harmony !
Ennbatlcally m good, easy. Interesting;, thoroas;h
method. (CI 00.)
For Young Singer.
New Cantata by Fbanz Abt. For Female voices.
Fine music. (50 cts.)
fiend $100 for tbe Musical Record oue year.
A Grand Improvement.
All rrnn about tonnrcham Monnmente. TTeid
Stones, Tablets, etc., will nnd it for their Interest to
Arat examine and see sample Monuments and speci
mens of White Bronze work at my residence on Berlin
We now make nearly 300 different styles of Monu
ments, rrom a it. to w it. in nettcut, at prices irom
to $6 500; in style so diversified that all, we think will
be able to select what will fuhy suit their taste. Our
fltfttiiarv alone ia worthy of tha hltrhfist conHidnratlnu.
It now embraces many beautiful 1111 res both for
adults aud children's Monument. We also make
Medallions, Portrait liustg, HolUier'B KUtue, 7 feet
Vase's and Bouquet Holdkhi, for Cemeteries and
Laienn; corner luaraeri ior temBwry Lroia, now
ers.Bouriuets. Wraaths,Lamhs, Uoves,Ceni.ury Plants,
Odd Fellow aud Masonic Emblem and Cemetery
Ornaments in almost endless variety; also Pitrni,
Door Plates, Numbering Letters for buildluKs, 4tc. , Ac.
ThMiAam all made from imre Zinc. Tin and Con
ner and cast: actually Thicker and Stronger in
naieriAi, man oronse atamary, mat uaa buxxi umm
pared for thousands of years: and pronounced by
icleutlsts.to be tlie bent material now iu use for Ceme
tery Purposes; also
Kenney's Patent Tubular
Indtffarentstyles for Cemetery Purposes and City
Descriptive Circulars sent free on application to
A. BANCROFT, Agt or Middle and Weetem Vt,
Montpelier, Vt.
Messrs. PITKIN 8c CO.,
Invite the attention of the public to the foil ng Us
of Companies represented by; them, In which
they offertolnaurelyour property In
Strong Reliable Companies,
aodonasgood terms asean be procured elsewhere!
jETKA.of Hartford.
H AHTFOKU, of Hartford,
feANA&Af! Pullphia,
FRANKLIN, of Philadelphia,
HOME, of New York,
AMERICAS.) of Maw "
BPRINUCIELD !,anrtn.ij
F1BE A M U I N R.i SprillKrleld,
' I.ill,e3
UINDO.M mi ULOBE.i OIEniflsnd,
SOOTI ISII j , m,,i,
Aud all tue
dolnfr business In the Bute.
tWCuTftspondeiice byMaUtr TtUtnph KllUnrtttl
Prompt Attention.
prDne Notice of Kiplratlon of Pollrle.Alw.y ilWrii
Offlcs iLanfrdou'sPoat Oflve Bulldlnir.
P. T. Ba&RNUIfl'S
rot. jt
?XS e3l
Mr. BARNUM will -positively
ence from the arena.
tmabmi'&ArJam &mae.r 3
E33D1.0ISr OF 1879.
Iook at the list of Fresh and Novel Features adilml at un extra cost of $250,000 !
IlAnGEST TRAVEIjING ivt luisr A-G-EniU,
20 Imported Royal Stallions and School of Animal Training,
All combined in one vast undivided sliow, together with miny additional attractions
from Kurope, at a total outlay of nearly
The champion male bareback rider of the world.
ESigrlxt Lady iFfcicLersj !
The " Empress of tho Arena," the pre.ite.et female ruler on the globe, who will ap
pear in her beautiful SINUl.H HAKEIiACIv ACT. and her electric and
sensational ACT ON FOUR HOUSES.
" America's 1'rido '' in her charming, principal bareback act.
The " Queen of tho Flaming Zone," in her thrilling sensational Leaping and Hurdle
act, concluding by leaping with her steed through circles of Blazing Petroleum.
" America's Side Saddle Queen," in hor beautiful Tarlor Menage act.
ANA, ANU MISS ASUBY, in thrilling bareback acts.
Among its New Features for 1879, are the
Only Coal Black Dromedaries
Ever Exhibited.
A Ml lite Camel, A Doie-HorEi Rhinoceros,
Ever Exhibited togother, and more than all the other shows in this country combined.
For which wero paid pne hundred nnd fifty thonsnnd dollars. These reason-gifted
horses have amazed and delighted all who see thorn, and words aro Inadequate to fit
ly describe their Startling and Tremendous Performances. They are accompanied by
their trainer, Mr. Carl Antony, and were purchased at an expense of 8130.000.
A Museum of 60,000 CuriosiiieB, Capt. COSTENTENUS, the tatooed Greek, Col.
Goshen, the Palostine Giant, Little Queen Mab, the Smallest and Prettiest Dwarf ever
seen, a sight worth ooming 100 miles to soo,
A dinramie and panoramio procession of bewildering magnificence, to be witnessed
in the Georgeous Street Pngeant, on the morning of tho day of exhibition, at 9 o'clock.
Among the prominent features of which will be seen the Ilerd of Elephants and ton
of the twenty Royal Trained Stallions, led by their foreign grooms. Two hundred
beautiful King and Draft Horses. Neptune's Golden Chariot. The Gigantio Or
cbestmelocbor, The Chariot of Orpheus, with Whilher's New York Band, forming a
glittering line of Georgoous Magniflconoe over a milo long. AH to bo seen without
money and without price.
Doors open at 1 and 6 : 30 r. m. Performances one hour later. ' Admission 60 cents.
Children under 9, half price. Resorved Seats, 25 cents extra.
Txxxa iiiFia or xj.a.rnsrTTivE
Sold on the grounds, price SO oents, usual retail price $1.50. For the accommodation
of ladies, children and all who desire to avoid the crowd surrounding the ticket wag
ons on the show ground, Mr. Barnum has opened a ticket office for the sale of Tickets
aid Reserved Seats, at the usual slight advance at
ladles, children and others wishing to avoid tho crowd in the evening nre advised
to attend the afternoon exhibition. UT Excursion Trains on all railroads on the day
of exhibition,
JEY 579,
be present and Address his audi

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