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w a 4ahIfb to maksthe Fbbbmaw narticnlrly valuab
or Us nawa from alt part, of Varmont, aud our f rleitdi
n dlfToreut oarta ot tUa Btata, aspaolally In wasmnir
ton.Oraun. and Lamollta Oonntlea will oonfer a a-roa
avor upon ua and our readera by Bending; ui iocb
nt.lllKenoo. Olv.ua faota aud wa wlllarranKethem
rtbepap .
Spoor & Lane say, "Dont forget" that
they soil fresh drugs, medicines, cigars
confootionery, snuff, tobacoo and a gener
al assortment of fanoy goods at bottom
Bie bargain at the 6 cent store. Look
Sowing machines from 5 to 20 dollars, new
and second hand, at the UapHol oiuce,
South Main St. All kinds of sewing
needlos at special rates for the next sixty
Big discount on all kinds or sowing
needles, eto. Singer needles sent by mail
for 15 cents a dozen. Address, J. P.
Donovan, or call at Capitol office, South
Main Street.
Shoot music, books, stools, etc., to order
nt wholesale rates at the Capitol organ &
sewing maohine rooms, South Main Stroet
J. P. Donevon, Manager.
Wo have now arranged to sell the
celebrated Mason & Hamlin organs also
the Palace, Shoningor, New England,
Sterling, North American organ and the H.
T. Miller, Vose & Son, Emerson, Wheel
ock. Hallet. & Davis, Green & Pond
Piano's. Special rates to oash customers
for the noxt 60 days' sold also on easy
monthly payments at the Capitol organ
mid sewing machine rooms. Address all
nnlers to J. P. Donovan. Remember the
Any ono wishing profitable employment
will do well to write to C. V. Roberts,
' Brown University," II. N. Bosworth,
"Wealeyan University," W. J.Hutchinson,
"Dartmouth College" F. E. Donahue,
who Is soliciting agents at "Yale College,"
E. K. Doxtor.or B. S. Currier who among
many others engaged in this business are
well and favorably known in this vicinity.
Mr. Murray is at the "Pavilion" for
a few days with some fine new "works"
with whioh agents can do better than ever
before. Pleaso call and examine. He is
about establishing a general agency In
this place. During his absence parties will
please call at Mrs. Hibbrd's opposite the
Court House and see his Superintendent
of Agencies. All competent judges unite
In saying that J. Morrison Murray's pub
licalions are the only strictly reliable, new
and standard of their kind published. No
ngent can conscientiously say ho is carry
ing the best map when he has any other.
Nine agents out of ten who try other maps
are glad to come back to his as these who
try are constantly doing. There are
wlwle counties and hundreds ef towns near
you that have not been canvassed, near
which agents are doing better than last
season. Ho is the only map publisher who
protects his agents and thoroughly sijo
matizes his business.
Agents going away to work on any
other map are liable to find their territory
all worked and lose their lime and money.
For further particulars seo other papers
anil special circulars.
David Sanders has moved into his now
house on Barre street.
George H. Guernsey, is building a fine
residence for J. M. Gould, at Northlield
George Hathaway has got through at
the machine shop and intends to go west
again soon.
There is to be a meeting of the Womans'
Christian lemperanco union at Trinity
parlors, Wednesday P. M. at 3 o'clock.
The Lano manufacturing company are
to shut down on Friday and Saturday of
this week for the purpose of taking an
Joseph Galaisiza who has recently,
returned hero to livo from Montreal
lost one of his children by death from
scarlet fever, on Tuesday.
Samuol II. O. Bosworth or Berlin, has
purchased the C. F. Fullerton residence
on Loomis street paying $4000, and is to
move in to it October 1st.
Edward Sullivan and James Mullala
were each fined $15.00 and costs by
Justioe Clark, last Monday, for an assault
in East Montpelier, last Thursday.
A Montpelier & Wells River Railroad
engine ran off the track in the bridge
across the month of the branch on Monday
afternoon, without doing any damago,
Humphrey Campbell has purchased a
half interest in Scth Jones' restaurant on
Main street, and is to run it, Mr. Jones
going to Northfi eld to drive horses this
Martin Pembrooke, aged 16 years, who
lived with John B. Thurston and went (o
school, was taken sick last Wednesday
with the diphtheria. He was taken to
bis mother's home, who lives in the
Calkins neighborhood up the "branch,"
where he died on Tuesday. He was a
very steady and industrious lad and bad
made many friends who will deeply
mourn his loss.
Mrs. Harriet Angell, an old resident,
has been visiting in town for the past
week. Meeting many old friends and
acquaintances. She is 85 year's old, hale
and hoarty. She visited the grave of her
husband, in the old Elm street graveyard,
and was gratified to see that it was noticed
on "decorntion day." He was a veteran
of 1812. 6ho has now gone to her son,
Sylvenas, at East Montpelier, for the
Oiianob County Couht. The jury in
tho David Gusha will caso in the county
court disagreed. In tho case of Daniel
Magoon against Levi Clough, Jr., for
damages resulting from an alleged assanlt,
the vcrdiot was for the plaintiff to recover
$82 and oosts. Bills of divorce have been
granted to A. P. Barber from Emma E.
Barber for desertion, and to Curtis S.
Slovens from Marion Stovons for adultery.
The grand jury reported June 15th. They
found fifteen true bills. The prosocutlon
of the oase of ono Robinson, a pauper of
the town orThotford, charged with Illegal
intimacy with a maiden lady, has boon
discontinued, and ho has boon released
from jail by ordor of the court. He Is an
old m in of about 70 years of age and had
been in jiil about nine months.
The Marvel of Knropo lu America,
competitor; for uuhoit.'s giikat
est sensation.
tor several years put lottois in the
newspapers from diffurent cities in Enropo
have spoken or ths reigning sensation
there in the person of a wonderful woman,
oalled Ztzel, Indeed so gre it booaroo her
name and fume, that one or two pcoplo in
this country assumed the same name and
attempted to give imitation of the thrill
ing performance whlcn m tdo her the gro it
leaturc of European xhiwi. Sh3 U the
original, in fuot the only human projectile
oroannon b;tll firoJ fixm out a powder
loaaeu oannon. After a most active
competition between American managers
to secure her for an attraction, John B.
Dorriswas lucky enough to got hor.anJ so
our readers can seo her on Juuo 22J when
his show, whioh he rightfully culls the
great Inter-Oooan, the largest aud best
show on earth, will exhibit here in Mont
pelicr, June 221.
Hon. Chanoey L, Knupp of Lowell
Mass., is in town ut the Pavilion, fin'
founded thoStato Journal in 1831 and
was secretory of state from 183C to 1810,
He has resided in Lowell since 1814 ami
represented the Lowell district In congress
1855 to 1859.
Last summer the managers of "The
Country Week" sent twenty-two young
children, out of the nearly eighteen
hundred persons assisted by them, to this
vicinity for a fortnight's recreation
Appreciating the kindness of those who
opened their homes to thou- little charges
ami noping umt iney iouna a blessing in
the exercise of this hospitaiitv. these
managers ask that a similar good work bo
done for some of the worthy but ill condi
tioned poor of Boston this year. Those
who may bo willing io assist in this
charity are requested to communicate
with Itev. J. Edward Wright.
Anuoveb. Mr. and Mrs. E. WostOrms-
bee of EaBt Montpelier, are In town visit
ing at Mr. A. A. Davis'.
Jerome West of Speneer, Misj., (for
merly of this town,) anj bis young wife
have returned to town, and, we understand ,
are to remain on tho old homestead.
Mrs. Byron Stickney starts for the West
the 25th Inst., to visit relations and friends.
Sho expacls to bo gone two months or
more. Mrs. Jamos M. Woodburn leaves
town the 25t h inst., to join her husband,
in meir now some in IJuffalo countv.
The best wishes of her friends go with her
as she leaves ber children for her now
home in the tar west.
Mr. Henry Wiggin came near losing a
norse recontiy. uoing to bis pasture to
salt his colts recently, he camo npon a
young man just in the act of leading off
one of his colts, he made haste to find out
the particulars, but tho young thief object
ed to an interview, slipped tho haltor off
the colt and started off on bis travels at
such a lively paco that ho soon distanced
Mr. Wiggins.
Barton Landing. Tho M. E. Sunday
sohool was reorganized by the unanimous
eleotion of the old board of officers. S. K.
Yarkin, superintendent j Win. W. Foster,
Rev. L. Dodd has returned from his
visit to England. He preachod his first
sermon on this charge at tho M. E. church
Sunday, June 4th, from the words:
Therefore camo I unto voo without
gainsaying, as soon as I was sent for : I
ask therefore for what intent ye have sent
for me?"
The strawborry festival hold at tho M.
E. church, was a success. "David Hill"
entertained the audience with his lecture:
subject: "Tongues and Wheols." - A very
enjoyable evening was spout by all present.
yuarterly services held at tho St. E.
church, Juno 17th, Presiding Elder Gran
ger, officiating. He also preached from
Luke 2410, And, behold, 1 send the
promise of my Father upon you : but tarry
ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be
ondued with power from on high." Bro.
Granger brought out the idea that it was
necessary for God's people to bo converted.
in order for the accomplishment of tho
work assigned them; whether ministers
or laymeu. That it was not nocisssary
for them to go to any particular plaeo or
gathering, in ordor to obtain tho "prom
ise of tho Father;'1 but wherever they
were, in their secret places of prayer, they
should tarry, until conscious of receiving
the promise, and their hearts so full of tho
Holy Spirit that there would be no room
for anything else. When the whole church
wore thus filled they would constantly enjoy
a revival season; souls saved, and the work
of the Lord prosper.
Chelsea. J. B. Marsh of Strafford has
commenced to peddle hulled corn in this
Mrs. L. II. Sanborn and her daughter,
Minnie E. returned to Middlesex, June
Mrs. B. Martin returned from Vor-
gennes last week with the intention of re
moving her household goods to Vcrgennes.
Henry Martin of Illinois, a resident of
this town twenty years ago, is visiting his
old homo.
Tho old Motonlf farm whs bid off at
auction by Morrill Flint, for, as wo learn
The butchers at South Boyalton have
commenced to run their meat carts to
this village. Competition : said to be tho
life of business.
Nora E. Hobbs and John O. Hunt, of
this town, were ia the class for competi
tion speaking, at tho close of Randolph
Normal school, last Wednesday. Subject
of the former, "Kentuoky Bill," of the
latter, "Character of Abraham Lincoln,"
J. B.Bacon is receiving the split granite
from Barre, with wbioh to build a family
vault in his lot in Highland cemetery.
Rov. Mr. Hcrriok was called to South
Royalton last Thursday on tho occasion
of the funeral of Chester Sanborn, who
died Juno 12tb, aged 54. He was formor
ly tho proprietor of Chelsea hotel.
Mrs. Barney of Providence, R. I.,
lectured on temperance at tho Methodist
church, last Monday evening, in behalf of
the W. C. T. union,
Adam Fifield died June 13th, aged 80.
Funeral services were held at tho house
by Rov. A. Webstor, the 15th.
The prospect for a large crop of hay
and a ruinous crop of potato bugs is
remarkably good.
Hon. N. B. Cobb of Strafford nnd E- B.
Stanley of Brookfield, wero nt Chelsea
June 12th.
Willard S. Hatch is preparing to build
a large store on tho lot betweon his resi
dence nnd the Methodist church.
Williamstown. Mrs. Fred Graves of
Watorlmry, has boen visiting nor parents,
Mr. und Mrs. Honry House.
Dr. Loroy Merrill of St. Albans, lias
boon slnying at the home of his uncle, the
tho lato O. II. Merrill, the Inst two weeks.
Mr. an I Mrs. 0,-oiilt Abbott, oelebrated
thuii goldun wedding recently, and rocclved
presents of about eighty dollars In gold.
Mr. C. II. Merrill, who has been In
feeble health for soiuo time, passed on to
a hlghor life, and his funeral was attended
at tho Methodist church, Sabbath day 17th
Tho funeral of Mrs. Elson Martin, was
attondod nt tho M. E, church, on Tuesday,
12th inst. At hor decease the Motbodist
sooiety coma in possession of a valuable
Mrs. Jonathan Liwis, an agod lady,
passod on to join frionds gone before, and
hor funeral was attonded at her late resi
dence at 3 o'clock, Sunday, 17th inst.
White Kivkii Junction. Mrs,
Martin Is very sick.
A. L
Rov. Dr. Leeds of Hanover, o tine over
Sunday to attend the funeral of Mrs
Mary Nowton, agod 93 years.
G. 1j. Walker attempted suicide on
Sunday morning, by lying a handkerchief
around his neck. Poor health and family
troubles being i ho c iuso.
There was no decision on locating our
school building, at tho meeting on Satur
day night.
II jv. Walt'ir Dolo hus boen spending
the wcok at Northficld, altendi ng the com
menccment exercises.
Mis. S untiul B.igley, who has boon so
very sick, is bettor,
Suicide at Faiiilee Alexander D,
Pierce of Fairlco committed suicide Fri
day night, by cutting his throat. He was
58 years old nnd leaves a widow nnd three
Drowned. Jesse Bradley, a lad 14
years old, son of the late Thomas Bradley,
of Milton, was drowned in the Missisquoi
at S wanton on Friday night wtile bathing.
Tho body was recovered byCapt. Hawley
All efforts to save life were vain.
Tho fourth of July oelebration at
Howard Park, Burlington, bids fair to be
a success. Iho programme comprises a
parade of horribles, bicycle race, horse
trot, foot raoos and greased pig chase.
ending with a brilliant display of fire
works in tho evening.
Fast Time by Mil Vandekbilt's
Team. William II. Vanderbilt drovo his
famous mares Maud S. and Adeline against
timo Friday afternoon on tho track in
Fleetwood Park. About 100 spectators
wore prosent. The mares were harnessed
to a top road wagon weighing 212 pounds,
and Mr. Vanderbilt himself weighs 210
pounds. The quarter was made in 32 1-4
seconds, the half in 1:05 1-2, three-quarters
in 4:41, and tho mile In 2:13 1-2. i be
mile was made without a break on the
part of the mares. Cheers greeted the
result. The best previous records made
by double teams were : 2: 16 1-2, made at
Hartford Inst tall by Adeline and Jwly
Rose, and 2: 16 34, made by Frank Work's
celebrated team, Jul ward anil iJicK owiv-
eller, at Fleetwood Park,
The Circus.
Everybody was tbero and everybody felt
paid for going. Tho procession in the
morning was lol lowed to tho gronnds
by several thousand peoplo who had come
for the day, some by rail, some on foot
and some in conveyances which apparent
ly nnte-datea tne barge ot Uleopatra. The
throng found plenty of amusement prepar-
while waiting for the groat show to begin.
Tbe various side snows also found ready
and anxious patrons among the rural
visitors, to whom tho gala-dy would
lose half its interest without the huo and
and cry of the oily tonguod solicitors,
whoso gestures and descriptions nre a
circus of themselves. Under tho huge
tents which contained tho managerie
thousands spent an hour walking around
and studying the largo variety of animnls,
which were will arranged to be examined
to the best advantage
Tho great attiaution, however, was
miller tho main circus lent, whore wero
arranged seats for 15,000 poople, fifteen
hundred of whieh wore reserved, and we
would remark they wore quite as comfort
able as represented, e.ich having a sub
stanlial back and an easy foot rest. Doth
morning anil evening tlie seats were all
filled long before tho ring performances
commenced. While wailing for the grand
entrco the audienao w.is treated to really
excellent music ay tuo onnti, undor direc
tion of A. K. Mentor. Soon the pageant
procession appeared on the hippodrome
track while the rings were alive with tho
dazzling costumed equestrians, all forming
i most imposing spect-.tcie. We nave not
space to notico oacti net at length, but
every promise mado in the advance
descriptions of the show wns fulfilled.
1 here wero no delays to causo annoyance,
and no exhibitions of a nature to bo con
demned. Tho clowns were as clowns
should be, notors, and not dopendont on
the worn out speeches nnd ring talk for
their success. Tho ring performances
wero fully up to tbe standard and the
riders evidently artists Tho specialties
introduced were many of them quite new,
and all successful to the detail. Noticeable
was the nerformance of the T.lnvd hrnlh
ers, the double tight rope performers who
appeared more like jumping jacks filled
with springs, wheels and patent self acting
e.soapemcnts than living human beings.
The elephants wero well drilled and under
complete control of their trainer, Adam
Forepaugb, Jr. Tho famous equestrienne.
Miss l.illie Deacon, appeared in the ring
with a diamond embroidered dress. This
dress was presented to Miss Deacon by
the empress of Austria, end diamonds are
usod in place of tho ordinary circus
Tbe seemingly perilous midair flights
by the Silbou family were marvellous.
After a series of evolutions on tho trapeze,
which were skillfully and gracefully
performod, two of this family proceeded
to execute ono of the most difficult and
daring feats of the evening. Starting at a
given signal from one side of the mam
moth tent, the youngest member made a
swing, letting go bis bold when about
half way across the open spaoe, turned a
somersault and was caught by tbe feet by
his sister, who was banging by her toes
head downward at the opposite side nf the
lent. The startling act was repeated in
responco to an encoro, and tbe youthful
gymnast then proceeded to tho apex of
tho tent whilo his vis-a-vis began swinging
head downwards on the distant hanging
bar. At a signal he jumped fully thirty
foet and was canght again by the brother,
who was swinging below. A sigh of relief
was heard escaping the vast audience,
who wero spell bound at the seemingly
perilous act. While tho slightest miscal
culation would causo n failure of the act
itself, no serious accidont could occur, as a
not is compelled by law to be spread
under tho trapeze. A noticeable feature
of tho show was the orderly manner
and nppearanco of tho attendants. The
audience was not put out of humor by
venders of peanuts and lemonade, which
is a good card for the managers. Bridge
port (Conn.) Standard.
Forepangh's great show exhibits nt
Brattleboro, Tuesday, July 10; Rutland,
Wednesday. July 25; Burlington, Thurs
day, July 2C; Montpolier, Friday Jnly 27;
White River Junction, Saturday, Jnly 2S;
St. Johnsbury, Monday, July HO; West
Hnndolpb, Tuesday, July 3a; St. Albnus,
Wednesday, Aug. 1.
RtpwUni and UtwWied prety for the iw
Mountain freeman.
frr tht wMk witnt Tuesday June t, lm,
CaUtB, XKttft. IViQH. ttuiin
At narkt thli w Uf I,n44 .mo 1 flirt
" " lnt Wft.ik M-4 1.0J U.III5 l,H7
" 11 ono year iu t.7T lu.tkA HUli) MM
PHlOKH.-K.xtri fiit nrt heavy premium oimi, H1H "111
8 76; tint fiullty,7.Ktt,75;'iflcoiid iuallty, (it iHMUd;
third quality, 9ft.(Hx47.7fi per liM Ibi. cm total wt-lK.it nf
bide, tallow aud dressed beef, A iow clioJce alnirlB
nalri, i,25. HulH, etc.. Wort.utf uxnu.
$luu4J&tf plr,or,aflOorditi;c to the. r. valuo hi ben!'
nteori. 9WVi. Allien cow, ew.u.wr).wu, extra Kum,
i3.ixxri.o, with or without caIVbb, bb may be a-remi;
larrow aua ordinary. bib-imu uw oiorea. yearim,
lvMJlV0u, two-yer-oldi, B18uu4'Q iM); three-year-ohU
Hheeii, &Vi
extra. ttttWn!W to or tu.uu
imi.ai y neaa.iiarauB, srjo; renin, wio r id. mtmiK"
W lb: northern dreBsed hovs.tl'rf
:wWIb. Veal
nalvei. mmx V Ib.HrlKbton hll,Hy!
Wo country Iota
ft47e. Calf BkliiB.tKiaXc.w H. 'Tal
liiB.tl(iaj4c,W tt. Tallow, 4M47o V ttti
country, 4Jj(45tfr!. Felta i
o ou ntry lots, each.
reita wuu wnoi uu, sui9sou ecu.
Furnlabed by rMHIilNU HO -IMF, II, ot the llinlon
Prudurn Kxctiauitfl. Oomtniimlon MnrcUauta,
ao. ti uoinmerciai ureal, uubluu.
IVHhlppora should bear Inmiud that the mtotntlon?
bnlow represent receivers' prlcos for round
rminu lotit. and
are made up from actual tratmactloua. Kxtrouip iuo
tatloua can only ua realized tor produce that coinoH up
to the standard or choice lu every reaped. Tho qual
ity, oonditlou and manner of preparing Produce fr
market are rery cloaely obaerved by buyers, and bare
an important bearluir upon pricea,
There la a firmer tendency lu prices, and In aonia
InatanrM an advance nf nun cent a imunrt han hnfcti
obtained. The trade are buying fairly, but there la
no apeculatlve excitement, aud only The very ouuat
lota are taken for cold atoraira. It ie dlmcuit to eHtali-
llan any advance on the bulk pr the receipts, and con -
Hiiriiinnnia mac ai-Aiue teuton ,n no
aefl at inside quolatioba. We quote :
Creamery, choice, V lb 22 ra 1
Do, fairtOKOod I-.! (4 21
Franklin county, Vt., Hue, V B " 't
New York aud Vermont, choice 10 (ft ilo
Do do fair to good 16 A 18
Do do common lu (is 15
Creamery, choice 23
Ilo fair to good ID
Dairy, choice IS
Do, fair to good 33
Ladle packed, choice H
Do fairtofrood 14
Do common to
m 2i
;s is
a 26
ft it,
a 13
The market colitlnuea rather quiet for cheese, and
the teildency of prices Is still more or iess lu favor of
buyers. We quote:
New York, choice, V tain
Vermont choice..
Northern, fair to trood
Do, common
Western, choice
Do, choice to good.
Do. common.....
..11 (112!,
.. a a in
..U a I3X
...in a r.i
... i tt V
Tbe tendency of prices baa been in favor of buyers,
and our quotattona are one cent a dozeu lower tiiau
laBtweek. We quote:
Eastern, dozen 16 ft 17X
now lorasuo. vermuut ...io;, gii
There contlnnes to be a alow movement In pea and
medluma, aud pricea are barely maintained, We
Pea, Northern, H P, V bush $2 88 (SI 3 fid
Do New York. H P , 2 ml ( 2 ii
in, ao, com. to goou.... i w, i, ?n
Medium, choice hand nicked - 3 31) lis 2 &
Do, choice acreened 2 ai 5 2 28
lo, common to good l!to;M2G
Yellow Eyea.improved R 8o .3 3 9n
Do, choice Sata Hia.ni
Do, common 8 so ( 3 65
Bed Kidneys 3 00 li 3 6
Canada peaa are Belling ruokerately
at previouR
..SSI 1(1(31 if,
pricea. Wa quote:
Canada, choice. V buati
Do. common
GVreeu Peaa, Northern
...0 85 4
.... SftlSl 211
nil, western
...1 26 O 1 3ft
The market continues dull and pricea are lower. Wc
Early Boae, V bUBD 1. !(..
Proliflcs m (A Wi
Peerless 46 (4 0
iirooKa..,,....,.. ........................... ....... 09 19
Sweet potatoes V hbl t
There 1b a falraupply of seasonable productB aud
prices are wltooul inucu cuacge. we uuote:
Cucumbers. W dozeu 1 (10 a
Lettuce, V doz Mi a tfu
New beets, Vbu 1 uoa....
Cabbage.V obi 2 IW2 60
onions, til bbl 2 Ma 2 26
Native Spluacu, V bu 4d,a 6(1
There Is no stork of any consequence offering and
prices are nominally uncuaugea, ne quote
Applea, choice, V hbl .....80 00 (So 00
uo, commou to gooa z ou s a 60
Cranberries, choice, Tfi bbl 1.1 Ulhgll 00
ill. aouiuiou to good 10 OOdU 00
Eastern and northern quartered and sliced suBtain
full prices, but vaporated are lower. We quote:
Southern, quartered, V H
Do, h iced
New York, quartered
Do, aliced
East and North, quartered
Do do, sliced
Evaporated, choice ,
Do, good ,
. 6 (3 1
, 8 I J
. u (4 io
. 9 (4 10
,9 (4 11
1U M 12
,lri 17
,14 id 15
ThedtimiUiUfor iiif-ir cojlinuos to fait oil'. We
New suifar, small cakes, f lb. 2a4
" lartfo " " liktil
Old Sutrar : itaio
Old 8ymp Winl or 10 lbs 6,j(t70
New syrup fli ml. oflJ Ibi. 75a cto
Tho demand lor Umx miitlmitm to rail off and
receivers flud it dimcult to sustain prices. We quote:
Easternland Northern, choice, coarse 918 oo rt 19 ft)
Do do, Rood Ill 00 (4 17 0(1
Do do, flue 16 00(4 10 00
Do do, poor 12 00 $ 14 00
Western Timothy 17 ....
Swale Hay...... (4 9 00
Rye Straw, choice (4 14 00
Do, commou to good (4 13 00
Oat straw 14 a uu
Buyers continue to hold off and there are iio sales of
couseq ueuce. Y e quote;
Oood to prime, 188J, Eastern V S flo tf$ fl5
ISO, IB81 03 10 bO
Western and Canada, V bush $1 42 1 43
No ru ivement of importance lu Grass Seeds, and
prices are nominal. We quote:
Clover, weaurn 134 14
Do. New York 14 4 lo
Timothy, V bush S3 00 (4 2 Sift
KedTop.Vbaff 3 75 4 50
Do. uo, uneven weight 3
Cauary 1 70 a 35
There has been a slow market for beef, and nrlcim
are lower, particulars ou furequartera, which are nff
about one rent a pound. Muttnu and Lamb are easier,
dui quuiauoua uucuangeu. . eai aieauy. te quote:
Beef, bind quarters, choice, V lb II (9 13
ua, common v ig 10
Do, fore quarters, choice 7 (4'7V
Do, commou to good 6)$6
Muttoo, extra 9 4 10
Do. r minion to .rood 7 A H
Spring Lamb, choice 14 3 18
Do, commou to good 5 (4 1
Veal choice 9 (3! 10
Do. fair to good 7 3 8
Do, commou 4 (rt 5
uo, Worcester county, cuoice v m
Do do. do. com 7 (3 9
8:iioiaM ejuliiil t a ntll loti at steady prices. We
quote :
Northern Turkeys, choice. 91 (8) 35
common to lair 1 m au
Chickens, choice 30 4 3i
commou to good 14 (4 lri
Western Turkeys, choice 3J (4 23
common to good H (4 2d
Chickens, choice, 18 (4 lw
Fair 13(4 H
Live Fowl II a 13
Hides, Brighton. V lt
Hides, country
II id 88, Western
Dairy skins, Ifi piece
Deer skius. each
.... 7X
... 6 '
'."bo (4
','.'.'20 3
Calf skius, Vlb ,
auib Blum
Ltre.V Ih 7 (48
Western.dre4Sdd "4
Northern 9' 4 9'
Extra prime, V bbl...
New mess
Western extra clear..
Boslou clear
Boston basks
,.817 00 -V 17 50
.. ) 50 (4 il 00
.. 21 75 (4 23 Ml
33 75 t4 a3 00
Western mess, V bbL ,
Western extra
Extra plate aud family....
Beef hams ,
ir m 1.1 (Ml
J 14 50
i 4 is 00
Beef tongues
Western, smoked, V lb 13
Boston a
(9 14
Fancy, In bags
Western, kettle rendered, lb u m 11
WfuitArn. ntAAin .a
City, rendered .'...',.. 11 (3 12
Markfit Is firm for (lorn Ma1 with aula mi m
3,1C bbl.
The sale! of Rr Flct'.ir Qsve hxn i.-inrin,i in
iota at $175(44.00 V boi., as to quality.
Thwn Is vorv littln nhanirA in rv-irn Tint ma.ka. 1.
not quite so flrm. and the ssles of the different grades
u.c uooaa a. a, sv V uaoaaos, 1U II1U1IIK ItHlIUBr yl-
low at the latter rate. To arrive from fihikir
rule at lUlic y bushel fo. high mixed. -
The mirket has become dull Brain tnr v1a .
prices for some days psit have been rather unse'ttlfd
nil nnmlntl Tho H7 urmnp watathaiT. ! w '
admonished dealers that it Is not good policy to car
rv much atock at present for fear ot mmrinir ik.i.
purchases for some days psat have been r.f limits
Patenu, choice i? 00 A 7 sa
Patents, common to good g 25 '4 75
Ohio. 8 o 60
Michigan nu i ba
Ipdtana 5 75(6 50
Illinois. 00 17 w
Ht Louis 6 75(1 3ft
Wisconsin........ 4 50 J 00
Corn Meal, V bbl .8 uo ft j 10
uyoriour 8 75,4 W
Oat Meal, common to good west ,
6 254 8 AO
....7 357 50
uai neai, uncy oriDai.
Buck wheat, V 100 lbs
IrLous srsnra wheats.
Western sunerflne -
....3 35(3 4 Oil
4 35 ? 4 75
, ....6 50 (4 s 0(1
7 354 8 0
nnmmon extras
Minnesota oaaers
Minnesota and Wlsnonsln patents
Thfre Is nothlna- dolnv In Tlarlnv nfl nrlcaa ....
quite nominal, with sales at 96cll 05 V bushel.
Tin m trlfitiH -i ilJta id tU-t ailed hive bami tiinalUt
Tim jiurki't fur M'lortH In steady, nolMa itt
nulling lit AMfi'JI U
ikfi! frmn Jid'JJ
tl nulla HiWyii y
roti, hh tu i.,iiity. UdUuu nood muu
'J'lio umiktt ri-uiahia lu irucl$t ly tlio mima pnclHoii
an noun-it iiii.ui-luHt ruport, Munuiuoluntta voutUm
imrrliUBi'H lu ai'tmil waiiU and ant Ui-M'pponmsil aud
i)iirotiruifii .i t tliu duiircBit'd atate of itit) kioiIh iniif
kft, wlid u, wltli txiUu of woi-Hlrdtt, remulua
u iu i mm no iironpem in nuy iiuituvciuuhu
Oli l ami Pouijuylvniiia-
(Jiiofi XjC!.."!.
Fine X...!
Coarse ,
Mteljlwan- .. ..
Extra nud XX...,
Otliisr W enter u -
Jiuo una X ,
...4U (HV
lit 40
...4 J tlu
...xi 4w
(4 4H
....IK (A 38
....40 (4 43
PuUiul- Kxtrit M
nupuruuo jh ( 4f
No. 1 15 (llU
Oombilitr niirl iMi.iim
Medium and iSu 1 uumbiiiK ,
'lne dulafjift
Iiw and rniirHH
Medium and ui.wuaL.ed
..4'i l46
,.,.;H i&M
....25 WW
Jt) 3:;-2
.....ii6 -$H7
liUW UliWUHlmil
Kuiitucky cumlhiitf..
Ur. N. (J, Wlillu's lu Into navy Elixir has no Ml
perlor as n Cough remedy. Price H3 and 50 cts per
boUlei 'iiml
Co account.oltlio b ml don changes Id tho temper
alu e at this suuaon and in this climate, H Is almost
impossible to kocp free from colds nnd coughs;
but a .vrompt use of N. H. Downs' Vugotuhle Hal
sarnie Elixir will prevent any serious result from a
sndden cold nnd effect a speedy cure. If you are
bilious, or have the Jaundice, sick headache or diz
ziness, try Uiixtci'i Mandrake Ui Iters. 24ml
A Norwegian who nrrivud ut Puiladel
I'liiit thn uliior day spulled his name.
K;tgnilU Kndiusdutttiijoeistiid.
'VVhcii I publicly testified that 1 had been cured
of a terlible skin hum or by the Cuticura Itemed it's
1 did so that others luilit be cured, and do not
regret tho time given to answering liujuiiies."
lion. Win. Taylor, Uoston. i!3w4
J)nrin tliocl ivon months, ondin May
81 nt ttiu puhl'm dubt was ducruusiil nuurly
Food and medicine for young and old, prepared
witbout fermonlatlon, from Canadian Barley, Malt
Hops, Qjinine, Bark, etc. Malt Bitters are war.
ranted more nourishing, strengthening, vitalizing
and Purifying, by reason of iliolr richness In
Bone and Musulo Producing Material than all oth
er forms of malt or medicine, while free from th
objection urged against malt liquors. iiiiw
London had, durinp; 1882, 133,200 births,
34,414 marriage and 82,905 deaths.
"I buy Dr. Benson's Celery and Chamomile Fills
and introduce (hem wherever 1 go. Personal
knowledge and experience ol'thclr effects on others
prompts tills act." lEcv. J. P. Fugctt, Rector St.
Lukes tin, Myersburg, Pa. 50 cU, at druggists.
The United States treasury h:ts nvnilnble
cash on linnd amounting to over $J 30,000
000. The best preventive of fever and ague and all
miasmatic diseases is Wheat B liters. One trial
will prove this. Sold by all druggists. 2jw1
The London Times c ills Minister
Lnveil the h?st af'ter-dinuei speaker in
Great Britain.
What arc tho desirable qualities in a whisker
dye? It must be convenient to use, easy to applyi
impossible to rub off, elegant in appearance, and
cheap in ptice. Buckingham's Dye for the Whisk
ers unites in itself all these merits. Try it. 25 wl
A good Baptist clergyman of Bergen, N. V., a
strong temperance man, Buffered with kidney trou
bie, neuralgia, and dizziness almost to blindness
over two years after he was told that Hop Bitters
would cure him because he was afraid .of and prcj.
udiccd against "Bitters" Since his cure bo says
none need fear but trust Hop Billets. 2'iwl
It is said that in New York 200,000
children aro growing up without any
schooling whatever.
The Hindoo widow," chants tho Boston Tran
script, '-is tho only one that cremates. The others
rem ate." A lady nfllicted with a gcuunoundnau
seating case of catarrh whether she is single or
married, probably longs for cremation (of tho dis
ease, if not of her persons). Tbe sickening, rcvol
ing breath, foul discharges, racking pains and oth
er characteristics or Catarrh render life a burden.
Ely's Cream Balm is a reliable, fragrant, yet cer
tain cure for all such cases. Tho Balm is not a
liquid or snuff, and is easily applied. 'My head
ached so severely, from Catarrh." faid Major
Downs,Military lustructor.Mt- Pleasant Academy
Sine Sinir. N. V., "that I was obliged to ava up
everything and keep quiet. Ely's cream Bnlm cur
ed me" This exquisite preparation will cure any
caeo of catarrh. M cents. 2;w2
.rtirrM I'ikmIIimI Tor at .Monipelier. Vt., Post
Olllce, Juno Hi. ISSIt.
tV To obtain those letters persons must five the
above dutt
LAtUKs.-MiHS May Harvey, Miss Nina Hull. Mrs
Lizzie A. Jonoit, MIrs Mary K. Massey, Miss Aunie
Tnt tie.
Oksti.emks. -Benson k Co., C K hur, I'r. M. S. Weth
erby, C. C. Warion, E. E. Moore, Mathon M. Parrons
Nathan P-itHnns, Muses Kuttle.
J. H. rKCK, P. M.
In Mtri'ilpRpjc. Juno . hv Rrv. Hnwnrd F. Hill, of
riirist Church. M.mtpclier. UAltltY WII, 1,1AM BOB.
KitiB aua j-;.vm,v tavi.uu, notu oi Miauieeex.
In Blonmfiftd, June 17, at tho M. E. uarsouairp , by
Rpv. C W. MurKH.Mr. KA11XEST F. ltOVAL. itud Misn
CAIUIIE It. TK ASK, both of Cuaau.
In MontpeUer, Juno 19. MARTIN PEMBROOK, atrcd
16 years.
In Mnntnelicr. Juno 1!).a dauifhtor of Joscnb (lalaiza.
syed 1 year.
and all Bilious ComplalnU aro relieved !y taking
Wright's Indian Yegctablo Tills.
fiitlT VsgrtatU; Ho Orijlog. Price 25o. AlllnjJllU
JBlwu. - "
Termont Methodist Seminary Female College,
Kev.J.D. BEEMAN.A.M., Presidont,
Kev. B. A. BISHOr,A.M.,rrincipal,
Mus. J. D. BEEMAN, Preceptress,
A Full Corps of Teachers.
Catalogues and Cihcui.ars Sknt Frer
New Champion
ff ROYAL ICWfil Jt
Absolutely Pure,,
Thli1 nnwdar never varien. A marvel of purity.
ntnuitfth aud wli'ilenoiiiusn. More ecouonifcai than
tlio ordinary kiudn. Btid cannot Iim sold iu coniiwt'
tiou with tlia iniiltitudn rf low tent, nhnrt waikfht,
alum or phoaptiata pDwdori. Sold onif in .can.
Coughs, Colds, Hoarcaess, Sore
Throat, Bronchitis, Influenza, Asth
na, Whooping Cough, Croup, and
every Affection of the Throat,
Lungs and Chest, including Coa
sumption. Sold hy all Druggist
Apprentice Wanted.
A trustworthy and iuduKtrloiiH hoy of from H to 18
yearH of aK-p, to learn tlio pniittT'i trade and do chores
about the U'liine the rirnt ytiar. Ono a. 'customed tu th e
cure ui c .ttie. aipiv io nr utiiru."8
H. U WUKKIj'JOli.Moutpelior, Vt.
Louisa S. Coltos, WaHliiuiftou
Addison li. Uolton, ) Sept. tterm, A. D. 1883
Wit ir til? in I -Alii an M flulrrm nf Pn vat nil in tll ftrimit.V
of WuHlilinftou, hiH thin day tiled hi tho.oitico of the
clerk of the cniinty court for th county of Wanliiuif
ton, tier liticl for dlvorr-n, nelliiiK forth lu stlbBtftiice
that ou the 20th day of November, A. LUH8l,H)ii wax law
fully married;to Addistm 1'-. (Jolton, tlmu of Bald Fays
io ii : mat sue on iif-r part naa ihuumi ny Kepi anu per
funned her Hitid marriuKt? covenant; hut that tho eald
AildiHtiii K. lias not keut and iierlorined the flame: lor
tliattlieaald Ad .Uhoii H. had treatod the petitioner
wuu inioierauio severity, huu oounr oi sumeieiii
pecuniary anility had woutonly refusoJ auu neaflected
to nrovidn anitahle maintenance for the tietitloner:
and prayiukf tUat for the cauiid atoretiiid, that vhe
mlht De (Trained a divorce it-om tlio said Audison b..,
aud that she he allowed to rcsiuue her maiden uame oi
ijdinsa a. Aiauuroii:
And whereaa it lri marlo tn annoar that the said Ad'
dlBou K. now resides without tlila ntato where the uro-
ceflB or said court cannot be eervod upon htm. it in
tuerffoie ordered that tho nald Addison E. Colton be
uo titled of tho nenduiicv of Haul libel and not i lied to
appear aud make aiifiwer to the name mid show
cause, ii any ue uave wuy tue prayur inereot ne noi
a: ran ted, before tho cuiinly court next to be hold at
Montiitflicr. within and for the county of Washington.
on the second Tuesday of Heptember, A. D. liw;), by
tne pumicauou oi cue suoscance oi Haiti uoei, lOKeiuer
with Mi Ik order t.hnrnntt. Hithh weektl HiiecdHfllvnlv in
the Green Mountain Freeman, n weekly newspaper
published at said Montpelier, tho last of which publi
cation shall be at least six weeks previous to said
secona ruosuar oi Hepteniner, a u. iwi, wuicn suau
iiHaeemeu siiiiuneut uouce to tuo eaia auuibou &
Given under my hind at Montpelier, in tho county
Ul 1 USUlliKlOLl lUltt 1U V III ,( IIUI', ft. II IW,
Ml-XVIMsE K. HMIUK. Clerk.
P. Un.i.iNoiiAMlfc Hon, Attorneys ior libelant.
Any coNNoirs estate.
HXATE OF VEUMOXT, District of WaBhinictou, tn
Iu Trobate Court, held at Montpelier, in and fur
said District, on the Hth day ot Juuv, A. D. lbW
Francis B.Conuor.adtrjinislrator of tho eBtate of
Marv Connor, late of Worcester, iu said district, de
ceased, makes application to Ha Id Court, for license to
sell all of the real estate of Raid dereasnd, situated lu
said Worcpstpr.to wit : One undivided half of the farm
now occupied bv William JI. Counor.roproKeuttnK that
tue sale oi a part tueroor ts uoceisary ior tuo pay
ment of the debts of said deceased aud tho expensos
of administration of horeHtato; and that hikUi part
cannot bo sold without injury to those interested
tho remainder:
Whflrminon it In nrrlercrl bvMnfil court, that said
plication be referred to a sokbIou thereof, to be held a
tue rrooateumce, in said Moutpeiier. on tne ua aai
of July, A. D. 18K1, for hoarlnir and decision thereon
"ifcatiou and order thereon, three weeks imccoHHively
iu uiu ktrceu iiou'iihhi I'rcemau. a newspaper iniuusu
ed at montpelier, and which circulates iu the ncitfb
borhood of thonn intnreHted. hclore SHid time of liear-
Iuk. that they may appear at said time aud place, aud
ii ujey sue caime, ouject incrcio.
Uy tho Court Attest.
r35w3 A. C. A EUILL.llPKlster.
STATE OF VKBMONT, Dlntrlctof Washlmrtou.sB,
Iu ProbateCoiirt. hold a!.lontiolici, lu Hald District
onthellthdayot June, A. u. lfBit.
Olive A. FiBk and Martrnret F. Carlton, executrlces of
the est a to ot Clark l ink latcot .Lontpcuer, in said uis
trict.dwiiaBetl, present his administration ac
count fnr p smi in nt inn mid ullowiim-e. and tnakefl ni)
plleiition for a deTce of dmtributiuu and partition
oi mo esiaie oi sain uecoaweu.
Whereupuii, It is or dent. I by said Court thit Raid ac
count and 8am application in rotrrea r.o a session
thereof, to be held at tlio lrohate Oitt in said Mont
pelier on the 2d day of July, A. D. im, for
beanntr and decision thereon :
Aud it ia further ordered that notico hereof be
given to all persons interested, by publication of the
same throe weokn sucee.sstvnly In the Green Mouutaln
Freemau, a newspaper published at Montpelier, pre
vious to said time appointed lor hcariuK, that they
mav anncar at said time and nlace. and show cause,
If any tliey may have, why said account should not
be allowed, and such decree made.
By the Court -Atte-tt.
1-3IW1 A. C. AVEKIIilj, Register,
STATE OF VERMONT, Ilstrict,"of Washiiurtou , hp.
In Probate Oourt, held at Montpelier, lu Baid
District, on the Ilth day of June, A. D. lt:
William II- Pttwoy, admiuiatrator of the estate of
Edwin Austin, late nf le rlln, In saiddlHtrict ditceaoed,
ureHcntH hiB adiniulHtratfou account fur examination
n,i,i ittlfuvancfi find ninlii'H aniilirat inn for a docrcn of
distrilmtiou aud partition ot tbe oh t ate of Bald de
ceased :
Whoreunon. it is ordered hy said court that said ac
count and said application he referred to a bchsIou
thereof, to he held at he Probate Office in said Mont-
iller, on tue an uay oi June, a. i. ira, ior
lariiiar and decision thereon And It is further ordered
that notice hereof he kI veil to all peraoua iutereted
uy nuimcatiou oi wie same turce wefKn Biicccsaivciy
tu the Green Mountain PrHumau.a nnwBpaper publlnh
ed nt Montpelier. previous to said time appoint ml
for uearuuf.tnat tuey may appear at Bma nine sua
nlace. anil chnw cause if anv they may have, why said
accouutahould uot be allowed aud such decree made.
iiy tue uourt Attest
r34w3 A. 0. AVE RILL, Retrister.
riff ?lte-TfZt: Tf
. Jfr ajf
TbolDoalionls imsurimsscd for hcaUbfulncas anrt
beauty of BurrouudiiiKS. lOBtniction thorough;
eitfht courses of study. Excellent ointortnnity for
rocal and instrumeutal muslo, and art.
noard, furnished room (Hiirinif beds throiiKbout),
aud washlutr 10 iiiecoB--3.lKI per week, If paid tbe firBt
week of the term.
om ArrucATioN to the Phincipai..
Horse Rake,
rrni . m ..tj
On account of thu great si.o (if FiirepMiili's Iiisoum, Menag
erie, Triple Circus, and Roman IIi)po(lroiuu I can exhibit only at
the following points in the State : JJnittlolxjro, Tuesday, July Kl,
Rutland, Wednesday, July 25, Uurlmton, TluiMihiy, July 20,
Montpelier, Friday, July 27,
White River Junction, (Saturday, Julv 28, St. Johnsbury, Monday,
July 30, West Randolph, Tuesday, July 31. St. Albans, Wednes
day, August j.
Wait! Wait! Wait'.
nlj (Krcat Sjjofo Coming Sljis Reason !
the csxs: rr
(iff 1
I :-- :
3Tiu.ii Hal.r-lVIilo Race Traolt,
Monster Trained Wild Beast Show ! Mammoth Menagerie !
Absolutely and indesputably tlio most Gigantic Consolidation of Old
and New World Aronic, Hippodromo and Special Foituros ever exhibit
ed under canvass anywhere in tlio world. No time-worn acts or actors
The Groat Foropaugh Show don't rely on a single animal, large or
small don't depend upon a name don't rely upon a solitary feature for
public support No it desires to bo judged and patronized solely upon
its superiority over all other exhibitions, no matter where they conw
from, whoso nanio they bear or what they consist of.
25 Ponderous Elephants. 25
:adau roRtPAuo h exh i b its
V - M 0 R E -: E L E P HANTS ,:,
f i
Only Trans-Atlantic Hippodromo.
Half-mile racing track.
Only $30,000 stud English rui
Only genuine English jockeys.
Only French race-riders.
Bacing elephants.
Steeple and hurdlo races.
Newmarket and Derby horses.
More Performers
Great French circus.
Wonderful Silbon Troupo.
Leonoti, bycicle wonder.
Purvis and donkey clowns.
Hindoo snako charmer.
" Littlo Allright."
Newbould sisters.
Champion riders.
Te Ofay lyi'it-uoM Dollar Srjaw Coifiq HEE.E
Mostodonic menagerie.
Trained Lions.
Red and grey kangaroos.
Largest giraffe ever seen.
Leviathan hippopotamus.
Double-horned unicorn.
Animal actors.
First genuine zebra seen.
Only man-facod gorilla.
Peerless pageant Uleopatra.
Scenes of splendor and beauty.
LalU Rookh leaving Delhi.
Guards of Kodar Kahn.
Jibe ftfttsiq, 0rqi)i:jfioi5 it? ii)c Sitec. ?ni9c.
Exhibits every Afternoon aud Night. Same performonco Altomoon as
FccrVcss, PoeVvc, PmvceYj,
Everv Forenoon of Exhibition Day,
and gorgeous CARNIVAL STREET
wonderfully grand and sublime lagoants,
Willi the Handsomest
Peraonntinff ' Lnllft Rookh." and the Barco of Cleopatra, with Egypt's Queen, the
most Magnificent Spootaolo ever beheld upon tho streets of an American city. Liv
ing Wild Uensts Loose in the street. A score of sun-bright. Sumptuous Chariots. A
nnl Kimnn Pnro Ti-nnnn nf Rmiilinrn Camlimonlinir Mulodies. sintrinff as the Droces-
sion moves. And the very largest, longest, greatest, grandest, gratuitous and only
MILLION DOLLAR PAGEANT ever seen on the streets. Admission, 50 cents;
Children under 9 years, 25 cents. Exhibition afternoon nnd evening at usual hours
Arenic Chairs. Promenade Concerts one hour boforo commencing, by the Great
Bands. iy Low ratos and exonrsion trains on nil Railroads to this Great Show
jj t ri
Bicycle races and prizes.
Knees by dromedaries.
Laughable mule and monkey race
Exciting Roman churiot races.
Every race a real one.
Four hundred horses.
22 trained stallions.
3 rings. 3 circuses.
than any other Circus in
Universe. .
World's illustrious gymnasts.
French female charioteers.
1 entire English circus company.
1 French and German circus.
1 American circus company.
All in three separate rings.
Italy's greatest rider, AGUZZl.
The light of the Harem.
Costumes from Paris and London.
Slave singing band.
More costly chariots than any show.
More massive dens than any show.
Museum ot marvels.
Giants, d wails.
Wonders from everywhere.
llnUx-nt tho heaviest nnd handsomest
lOlldr, elephant.
Seats for 15,000.
Independence drum and fife corps.
Great herd of Albino-eyod cattle.
Marine monsters.
Grand, Gorgeous rcc Sireel
botween 9:30 and 10:30, the grand
PARADE, in which is seen the
Woman in America,

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