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O. M. TINKHAM editor.
All commuoleatloM tor thU department Would be
WM Wto-lltor. Mr. O. M. TIMKUAM.M. Pou-
i or Initials m .
mix "" .port mco-0ouu" ui
Astliotimo draws nciir for gathering
Vermont's greatest crop, wo all naturally
14re desirous of doing it in the cheapest
way possible that will secure it in the best
The inventivo gonius of the country Has
seemingly reduced the labor of haying to
, i...r.. nnlnt! with good mowiug ma
chine, tedder and horse rake, the hardest
mrtofthe work is materially lignum.
Wo liavo heard of various hay loader,
and have seen one work, hut it was not in
perfect order, or at least that was clmmed
L .h exhibitor, and it did not work first
.-m Tho one we saw delivered iho hay
continuonsly to the loader on the wagon
which was of course moving all the tune
Where hav is to be pitched oil by hand
w slmnld think this an inconveniout way
of loading, though it might do well for a
horse hay fork. ISut with an elevated
drive way to an upper floor, wo would
not take the gift of tho best uorea fork in
the world and use it for ouo season.
There lias been a great deal said and
il,ia anbieet for tho list few
vears. and many, perhaps ruoat dairymen
i.v advocated early cutting, cut as soon
is fairly in the blow, some before it
reached that condition. Hut some have
, liniA atasrsrered by the -results ol
IIUUU i nw nn " i
tho feeding experiments of Farmer ban
i,, nt. Dartmouth, whicli suoweu
cd away some distance from Iba houso or
oontinually absorbed by dry earth thrown
upon it. We have often wondered how
rjooolo could tolerate such disgusting,
stagnant pools of filth near their dwell
ings, and then wonder at tho "dispensa
tions of providence" which bereaved thorn
of some loved one when tho death came
from disease as directly taken from these
jioison springs, as It would have been
from a dose of arsenio, though perhaps
not quite as suddenly. Cleanliness about
tho premises pays in dollars and cents as
well as comfort and enjoyment.
greater gam
in stock on hay cut after the
asjtngtfltt (founts !
Don't forget tlieOltt Rtf'id on 8 jalsHtrort. opposite
For the Freeman.
Farm Notes.
Bisnnr now
Wliere you can Kfct a mvm moal, and hone 4
No rout to pay
And doing business on Uaiid Tan Prices.
Oue and all itlve us a call,
And you will savo ouonl! to buy your wilo ne
rl'AC ' KALEH.
hnd matured. However that may De
if animals do make a better growth on
.;nnffd ptbss. we think that at the pres
t h,tn of investigation, it has appeared
to dairymen that tho best butter in color
and quality Is secared lroiu eariy cut u.iy,
and probably a greater quantity, though
perhaps that is not quite so well estab
lished. But it does seem sottled that the
early cut hay gives tho best colored, best
flavored butter.
For horses, good horse men whom we
Vnnw and in whoso judgment we have
"roat confidence prefer hay cut when ripe
enough for the seed to shell a little wlicn
feeding in winter, herds grass being
understood to be meant, objecting to feed
ing clover as likely to bring on heaves
when fed dry. One objection made to
feeding herds grass cut in the blow is that
it carries so much dust from the blossoms.
Where one has a horse barn separate
from the others there will of course be no
trouble in putting in the hay to meet these
required conditions, and in most iarms a
efiflhld or "bent" may bo sot apart for
that quality of which you wish to have
the least.
Wo have tried to so manage tho putting
: r nnr has as to bo sure to have some
as good as there is for feeding in spring.
..,.1 nnnmr nualitv and such as we
f.HU Uli. i 1 -
mav have had wet by itself so it can be
fed iust as wo wish. And cattlo after
bain" fed their usual ration will eat quite
., ,,,tin7 nf noorer stuff, during the
night, which we sapposo they pick over
to keen themselves busy
Of course thore is now no uceJ Co speak
of the benefits or desirability of a mowing
machine, as they are so generally in use
In some cases a teddor is equally or more
valuable, though in the. heaviest grass
wo find it of less value, as it cannot do
iho work well and for such grass we have
found no substitute for hand turning or
.link-ins. Of horso rakes there are scores
and each has its strenuous advocates
The first thing wo look for in a rake is to
,ee that it has each tooth independent
and without any spring to hold it down to
Iha o-round. A horse rake with springs
tn the teeth is a seratcher, for though
may run without the teeth touching the
floor or a perfectly smooth surface, there
will be enough inequalities in mowings so
of the teeth will be scratching.
is not every farmer who is so situated as
to make it wise economy to buy all these
things, but there are few who may not so
.,rr,.,,ffn it bv hirinir or changing work as
to secure most of the benefit coming from
improved machinery
Brother farmers, give us your views
about having time, manner, etc., of gath
ering this most important crop.
Tho oreat mass of farmois cannot own
oven one pure blooded animal, but, as
stated in a late number of the Fhue.man,
ono full blood Jersey or Holstein or Short
Horn bull will enable a large number ol
furmers to improve thoir stock. Men of
means can not only make a good invest
ment, but also benefit thoir neighbors. It
is not so difficult to improve a herd of
cows if one only takes pains. Tho poorer
cows should be fattoned and heifers should
be secured either by breeding or purchase,
which give premise of first class milkers.
A fine calf can ofton bo purchased for a
small sum, sometimes for the prico of the
hide, which in two or thrco years will
make a good cow.
Next to having a good breed of cows
comes tho matter offocding. Tho com
mon way is to let the cows get what they
can in the pasturo nntil the milk has
shrunk nearly ono third or more, then
food corn foddor until the cow? are turned
into fall feed. If it has been a wet season
the mowings will givo a good supply of
feed and tho milk wilt increase consider
ably. It is easy to seo that if cows could
bo kept in Juno feed or fall feed all
summer the production of butter would
be greatly increased. If winter rye could
be grown in northern Vermont it would
hoi p to solve tko question of summer feed.
Corn, even sweet corn, does not get to its
best condition for feeding until after the
pastures have begun to fail. Spring rye
liMilv recommended lor feeding cows,
cut when it is in bloom, so aro peas and
oats. Peas are not easily obtaluod hero,
we have sowed oats alone, plowing a
piece of unproductive pasture, and spread-
in" on a light dressing ot manure last
winter. ' w-
Flrcaud Lirilnsurauceriacedlln
l'ANIKS AND A I'llOl'KHJi'liO.
Losses adjusted and promptly paid a
this Ollice. Communications by mail wii
receive prompt alttention,
Orric r. Connn o' finnn f lonu
Vegetable Balsamic
l-'nr tho euro uf
fisasumption, Congas, Colds, Catarrh,
Croup, Asthma, Pleurisy, Hoarseness ,
Infiuensa, Spitting Blood, Bronchitis,
ami all disnisosof tlio Throat, t'lirr.l) an 1
I. tiny. In fill casi'S whero UiN Elixir i
u.-cd its i'!lka'y is nt onco UKUiilV'et, con-
Vawsv Field os Tuhkevs. Fanny
Vinlil. in the Olii Farmer, gives the fol
lowing instructions for the care ot youn
"After vou get vour turkeys out of the
shell you have only to give them proper
food and keep ihem warm and dry.
Improper food brings on indigestion, ami
when a voung turkey's digestive apparatus
ets out of order he is in a helpless case.
Exposure to damp and wet gives them
chills and cramps, and when they are
thoroughly chilled tliey aro apt to uie
before you find out what ails them.
Provide a dry coop anu pen ior uie
mother hen and her brood, and confine
them to the coop and pen nigiits and
rainy days. Do not let the hen out morn
ings until after the dew is oil the grass,
and if she gets caught out in a shower
make all haste and get your utile lurks
nnrli.r shnller as soon as possible. After
they are ful y feathered and have thrown
out the red on their heads you may allow
them tree range in all Kinus oi weauier.
"Until after they Uavo mrown out uie
ed never give young turkeys any uncooked
food. A strict adherence to mis ruie
would double the chances for raising
turkeys. For the first two weeks leed
hard boiled eggs, oouage eiieese inm sum
wheat bread oruinos moistened wmi iniih.
The third week you may commence feed- j
in" cooked corn meal, ooiiea potatoes, etc. ,
ind when you quit loedmg tue nonet! eggs
udd a little cooked boot to their bill of
fare two or threo times a ween, until tney
bc"in to forage for insects, until iney
commence to pick the young grass, give
onion tops or lettuce chopped and mixed
with their lood once a uay. u.v 'unr.
to drink, and keep line gravel whore they
can help themselves. Bono meal, a table
spoonful to a pint of food once a week
u, hn tnnna Deneiieiai.
"Feed your turkeys nve or six times
i. ,,nt;t thflv are three month9 old: after
that age they will thrive on two moals a
; tho nioBt f ucifJillous tliat C3
Eji-i not iuairaMe, if iiropcrly uttcnacJ U. C
At its comiiicuci-nipnt it Is Imt aslitjlit irrit.i- v
09 lion of the uicmlirfmo which covers the Lungs;
Z then an iuflamatkm, when tho cough is ratluT
tlryuciilfevcr.and tho iuilsc more fretincut.llu jjj
C3 cheeks flutlieilfimlchillfiinorocommon. This
. . . . .i t..:..i.
JJixir ill curing mo uumu lompuviiii ..( -
;itos60a3 to remavo nil mormtl Irrita-'
tlonsaml iiiflawntlon from tho lungs
the surface, nnd finally expel them from
tho system. It facilitates expectoration.
It, heals the ulcerated surfaces
.tnd relieve! the cough and nmliPR the hreath-
lingoasy. It suTJnris uie eireiigin mi'i l ""
-ametiiuo re'iiirea in n-n-i. mo...:.
-tniiiopiatc mi'l nt i In gent nrtul, Which an
Mf'.-D .In itifiti imtun t heiiigreatilaTigcrol
.ltmv'tiitf tt,n nntintit: wliercan thin niPlii i ric
rw.'vr.f'.lnrrt I.I' Ptnlifl t!l r.i.lL'll. hut, hv ri-inov-
i mc thHOAfsr, r..jsf.f,iu.ily,wl-:i lh rniltfli
! cnr"I the mtient is veil, r-'-nn khuh-m ui
,1.1.. nivtn.. full iliri'ctioii. )'".
f& ' "rin'O a"ft..''0 ci n.l i--r little.
pig w..r EvntYwnn.K.
t-'i '''i,'MV-i- t'Ilt, Props. , Unrlhii't'Hi. Vt.
. The only known Bpeclflc for Epileptic Flu. "VI
Alio for Ppanma and railing Blckneu. Mcrroui
Weakneii it lnBtantly Telievea and cures, t'leansn
blood and quickena iluwiab circulation. Neutra
Uzea venui of disease and aayea Blckacw. Curei
IglT blotclic. and stubtjorn blood sores. Ellmlnstf
Bolls Carbuncle, and Scald.. t"Permanently and
promptly cure. pralyl. V. I" chsrmlng and
healthful Aperient. Kill" Beroful. and KIubs Evlt.
twin brothers. Channcs bad breath to good, remuV-
Ing the eau.c, Routs bilious tendencies and ma'-a
elear complcilon. Equalled by none In tho delirium
of fever. A charming rcnolvent and a matchl(s
laxative. It drives Blct Headacho like the wind,
t "Contains no drastic cathartic or opiate., llollevcs
the bruin ot morbid fancies. ITumptly cures llhcu
taatlsm by roullngit. Restores lifo-glvlng proper,
ties to the blood. Is guaranteed to curt all nervous
disorders. JiTltcllahlo when all opiates fall. R'.
freshes the mind and lnvlgoratca the body. Curd
dyspepsia or money rcfundeq.
Skin Diseases
Fifteen vears of suffnrinrr. Body covered
witli 'Humor. Had Twelve Doctors.
Taiil out $500. No Cure. No Help.
Wo lnvltt for this column contributions fro n our
lady readers to make It such as .hall ba of Mluo
andlnteresttothe.n. Any topleof dome.t
which may suwest Itself to them may ba discussed
and we hope tUla feature will prove successful, and an
additional attraction to our readers.
Contribution should ho sent to tb Editor ol tne
Agricultural Ilepartmeut
miraculous eitro of
one ol the worst cam's of skin Clsvaso Kuowu.
I will now st ate that I made I
t)lsP680B0f the Mood owti it a confineror. Endorsed
In wrltlnK by over fifty thousand leading fiiUenn,
cicrfrymen and physicians in V. 8. and Kurope,
ilTFor sale hy all leading dniBKihts.
The J)r. S. A. lilrlimond Medical Co. I'rtiji.,
ptjIoBcph. Mo. (S)
Charlrn 1?. CritteW Apcnt. New Tork CUT.
iiaticiitlsamautorty searnoid: had aufferud tifteeu
ywara. H is eyes, Heal, ami uearly his whole body
priirieuiea a lrittuviui uiipisH.rwu.-u. ni uu ws "en
lion of twelve dittereut phjBif'iaun, who preambed
Uiehetitreiiicdina kuuwn to the profession. mucIi aa
iodide notaHBiutn. arsenic, corrosive Biibliinate. aar
Bat arilla.fto. Had paid 5:o tr iijedical treatment,
with but little relief. 1 prevailed upon him to use the
OuTinuuA It eholvknt (blood purifier) iutemally aud
Cuticuka Soap externally. He did bo, and waa four
itfeteturureti. The akin on nia head, faee aud many
..thr ....pin nf inn luidv. which presented a inuut
hiatliRoiuo appearance, in now as Bolt aud ainoothe aa
nu lntunrn wuu un scar or u ui " "
land. Ho has uow been cured twelve months. He
purted hy F. U. I1KOWN. E., Ilaruwell, B. C.
Keleieuce.Dr. II. Uakh, Charleston, H.U.
Helpless for eij;ht years. Unable to Walk
for ono year. Got about on Hands and
Knees. A Wonderful cure.
have had a mnat wonderful cure of Kalt Itheum.
For Bt'vcuteeu year I Buttered with Salt Ktieinn. i
had it on my head, lace, ueiik. anuB, and en. I waB
ncit able to walk, uuly on my handH and knee, lor one
ar, l Have uul oeen auiu iu uuip iujiw i n-t
Hi-si tried hundreds ot reiiiedifKtnot oue had tneleaHt
Ln..,,t Ti,n ,i,.itnrti until mv i'mp wiiH i ncii ral:. no uiy
parents iriru every iuiuk mm i-aim- ohmih. i i n , .....
advertifoinent ami coueiiidt d to try uutici'ra ivkmi-.
:h. i ne u TicintA itnJiiKiii iuu nuuiui v mo
nf mv Kkin. It would droit off as it come out
.....j 1 1 ui.iin.lv xv nil A II r fun suf in I thaw!
yon most heartily (or my cure. Any perunn who thmkH
tiiis letter a traud, let them write or coiue aud see mc
aud hud out iur tlieumelvea.
2&J2 ioaiboru"st.,'cIiicaKO. 111.
THE CUTH'lMiA TltEATMF.NT for th cure'o) Skin
Scalp and Hlood UiHeawa usikir in uie iiitiTiiai n"ti
of CnTicmiA Ukhoi.van r. Hie new JiUiok I'liriti'-r, ami
the external uwe oi ('i'i h i ka and Ci ru riu SnAi'.tlie
rent r-Kiit uurcH. rrire in i,i in imia"
1 ; lai'K' OOXI'K, fi I, X l lll.l HA iir.n.u. r.rs i , t . r"
Itle. Ci Tit i ha soap, Ui'tcta.; tHrin t'UA Shavinu
Sdai', 16 eta. Sold by all DrunvirdH.
rotter Drtttf uitd ( hrmiciil I n., IluhHin.
Affords superior advantages for a
n.i..i..niiia.nmARliiiii aniratu s .eahlnet p and
all cither nolliil appllauces for the heat traluiiiir
li? Kail term lor iwulMwl'ua AiiK.it:il. for further
iiirticuUrsor eaUlciruead lies e iirineipal.
panii.ui4iT.uii. j-Xij.-ijLLl;1(-!4t. JuhuKburyVt
people arealwaVR "u the lookout for
.lnumea to lu-reane tli'-ir earinmB
mi,! in time heroine wealthy: thone
who do not improve tln-ir ouportu
nit ins remaiu in poverty. ottei
. , i,. ,.. lr moliHV Ull U'litlt ninv iiit'i:
women anil iirla to work for lis riht ill llielr
2 S'.K Aiiy can do tho work properly
own liKailu.ii. ,.liuitlliua ,ui ,,.. n.nio than ten
C .' rd riarV ww. " Kxpensivo -nutlit MraWlej!
. .n. ---- - tiron i rt in e w
. on can ' j -v . ... .
rk. or
Full information aud all
that faiioeded WUt ' .'Portland. Maine.
only your Hpare momenta.
000,000 acroa
on tho line ol uio
Hiscovsn (i:TitL n. b.
I'ull linrUcnlurs
Land Commiss'nrr
mii.wai ki:i:,wis
nv wiffsoorcreaii'J'.
Contractor, Builder & Jobber,
In Wood. Stone or Brick BuildiliKS, UridKes, Tiers
and Approaches, Cisterns sud Silos of Wood. Brick
....IKInne. Sta r Kails anu ewei. iiutvu.,o...
Kmioilations nut iu. Plans. Estimates, Sptcilicatious
and Materials furnished,
Bole Manufacturer oi tue
Matchless Concussion Churn.
MWRRH C0L0. rin
Potato ling.
Yes, thicker than ever, iul tlio on
sure thing yet discovered to stop their
rtivaos i3 tho pohoti, i;en(!ra"y some
Drenaration of arsenic, Paris green (arse
nito of copper) is largely useJ both dry
mixed with plaster or ibtir or in water
ami is sure euro for them. But wo have
used for several years London purpl
farscnito of lime and aniline) and like
better, it is finer than Paris green, is held
in suspension with water more readily
(neither preparation will dissolve) is
cheaper and equally effective. It is curi
ous how many ways are brought out
every year to-kill the beetles, which aro
of no possible value. We heard u village
express man the other day, who has prob
ably not planted a hill of potatoes in ton
years, recommending planting a hill of
beans hetwoon the hills of potatoes, us
sure protection, tho theory being that the
beans coming up first would be oaten by
tho bugs, who were waiting about sharp
ening their teeth and appetites for the
expeotod potatoes, and death and destruc
tion to bugs lollow. But it is all nonsense
n.l Dm onlv inconvonicnoo following will
bo not to the bugs, but to thoso who
swallow the receipt. No, slick to the
green or Iho purple ;for the potato beetle,
and raise beans for market or the table as
your taste may incline you.
Skimmed Miuc roil IIkxs and Ciiick-
l.-va I horn is not I n i ueiiei iui i.., ...
C'l, in thn nnrinir than milk, after the
r..-Piiin ban bee'n taken off. We have tried
;i ,.m-iil -prisons wit l coniDieio success
Will, the mi k L'lven Iresti lroni ino uauy
room every day. the fowls will neett no
other drink, and it will supply everything
n,.u,iol iii i m w.iv 01 animal ioou. im
.,.,iiio r,.il willi milk nnd corn, and
mixture of corn meal and milk, through
tho cold weather, have given an abundant
supply of eggs. Wheat bran is also n
l nriinle In mix with the milk. It is
better to give the mixture a boiling and to
feed it in the warm state, but this is not
We have also found the milk
of the best kinds of diet for young
chickens, soon after tliey come irom tue
nest, to promote their health and rapid
oTOwlh. Indian meal, ground coarse, and
scalded wilh milk, is a perfect feed for
them. As they grow older, grass, cabbage
nr nniniis maV be I'hoijpod line and added
to Iho daily rations. A portion of the
milk on dairy farms, usually going to the
pin- trough, may bo diverted to the chicken
coop willi great advantage. Kggs are
worth twenty cents a dozen, and poultry
twenty cents a pound, when pork brings
but ten cents a pound in the market.
American A'rirullnrii.
I; ; :l!n-n h.-v .if 1 M.lfl.itlN' Klccl rlo Sflnl "I
: :i r;i: i n mi w rin 'i'T t In; pii'ture nt Mr.
r in.! iii' KiittTpnee, iiinl mail to uk, with full
-.- " -i ,i nihlr.-r--. jiikI we will Hf-nrl you Irct- ofnll
cm. (!.-.(', v i r nwu ncleetioti from the Mlnwiiitf
1 : . i ii.i t MuHictnthevaliieofOtU'Iiolliir. Wo
ii. ; Ml' IE INT i'.y. that tlm Jinmu in una
!. ii.--' ;. ion! H'ld by tiit-i-'laha miihio hounwa at thn
1 i , i ,L , 11,t"jS,,T1rMFSTAj, PrUt
n rl-f. 1 ;itf v, i hun-l.-r l,fh,.ii,i o) fl(4. Stmfi h
.. t i u;- Ui,U,i., i l.mj.n.r Jnml, i W.tt.ttuM U
Inf. rnal.-. (irnnil 4.iil.1i, Itrtllliint, op. t.l, Afinf "
I ,.i.i l'utr.,1 l(....illp,
.,-. f IViuniitltirlrrM . T-Al'.rt Ml
s ...i. Uilll.-, ..... B'at.f
I I "..,lt rnhiunrH !
win a
the noslrlls. It will lie alisnrhed, el! eelnslly eleaiis 1 itr
A I'liplilvi: ci-iii: is
ELY'S'.'j -'
Cream Balm
tt. i " J-1-: r Ht.
Agreeable to Use
Hofldai'hft ai:tl Dia ii
ir miv iiinl of niiu'
iii'inb'ranal irritat iint
ntUiiu'il ami mmrh nur
Ir :ch. A lircparaunii
niidouhtftl incrlt. A I
bv the litllft iinKPr mtu
catarrhal virna, cauRiiitr licallb
j,. iliintiini Ihtl tirntcctfl tl
memhranal liniliKf of t ho Ima.t from n.lililiniial col. In,
unifll. ti-nchcial rcsultR am rializc(l
. i ),.),, u A tin, nuiih 1 )-.(! in flit wil en
Hfiid for circular'. Will .Iclivcr by mail fitns a nackaif.
-nnHtaifC Htiiini'f. Sukl by wtmicBaiP anu rciau ui
inti.. Ki.vs' CiiKAM Balm uoUffifo, .
Central Vint Railroad Line
Commencing Monday, (tuober 0, 1 HH2.
i ij-yrKor Tnfatitilo ami Jiirth Humors ami sum
1 ; l 1 Itl.'tniHhcH uttti Cuticiira Sunn, a ih li;-nmn
lertuuicd Skiu JiciHitithir. and liulct, Haiti and Nur-
itry HanariVi'. AUtJiuici niu i'
,iHV,itiO cahua,
X Ilrllrioos Comlilnation
VI JWl'Wieu Uiugor,
hcilro Aromntirs anil tlic best J-rMirli iraluiy, asm
iii'.Tiirtoiillotlii-rOliitri'rM.all ui wbirli are nm.le
with Hit' strouK'-nt Alriili'il. ,.,,,
I'ur.-s Colli", Cliills, i'tvnrs and lllu'imiatli; synip
toniH, AKUti l'niiiK mill Malartii. . . ,..
( lin'H IJVSIH'I'lim, nu n lira,.,., imt. - , - ---
IlilfciK-y, i:nmii'K, Cli'ilera Morlnis, i)j aeiiUry , am!
Ills lurlili'IUHl in i iiiuiiki 'in .-mumr.
krnil stimulant witliont alniliulin icai'lioll, tlplirl-
misly lUivort-tl piiri'ly nu'ilii-inal. Santtirirs l.miffr
nvt-rroinuR ('XliuuMiuii. i "J o ' i""-.
sli-eii, eradiratpa a crariuir i"r nituiii'aii Is, ami
Klri-ntlit'iis tliOhO redln:i;tl by ilisoaae, dL-lnllty and
U&'.'"'".V; ....... h. II,. ,.,m or a.
innd as Saiil'.iril'B. Aytiid infiri onary df aliTS. whi lor
li'W t'enlKi'Xira prunt try iw .'"n". 'ii'"", ";;."" "
mi nr nt horn v Inn ymi can iur hamulus uiui.
Sultl by ilniKistH, K-rccers, etc.
1'nller limit null t iH'inii'iil lo., miMior.
llow To Sleki-. The question of chief
importance lo most people in these i over
wrought wakeful days and nights is how
to get Rood sleep enou;h. Dr. Corning
drops a few simple hints which may bo of
value. In the first plaeo peoplo should
have a regular time for going to sleep,
and it should be as soon as can be well
after suBset. l'eoplo who sleep at any
... rrnl Ipsa
time, nccoruirg 10 conytuicuw, b --
i r.i f..r., I r aton man otuuia, ft-1--
hu,n,n mnrn (lifllcUlt ! there
liug oiil' .- ..... i.:i , ,!
; imli.ni'v lo nervous excn.a"'"i-j
dcransement; the repair oi u )"
does not equal the waste, jne uiu.
organized people are, the greater the till i
culty and the danger from the cause. The
first tiling in order lo sleep well is to go
to bed at a regular hour, and m ike it as
earlv as possible. The next thing is to
exclude all worry nnd exciting subjects Of
thou"ht from the mind soinelimo buloie
'l-hn mir .l nnd llOtlV niUSt be lot
leiuiiii;. ,1,1 ui'. - j , i c
down irom the high pressuio strain beloie
oina lo bed. so th t nature can assort her
risilitful supremacy afterward. Another
i, m ihwurt the drowsy
impulse when it comes at tho regular
time by special ed'orls lo keep awake, lor
this drowsiness is the advunco guard ol
healthy, lestoiative sleep, nieep . uuu,
whiel. must noi be tampered wilh and put
off, for if compelled lo wait, it is never so
perfect and restiui as n mi" -natural
lime and way. The right, side is
ilie best to sleep on, except in special cases
of disease, and the petition should be nearly
horizontal. Finally, tti evening .uV.
should bo composed of food most easily
digested aud assimilated, so that the stom
ach will have little hard work to do. A
heavy, rich dinner taken in the evening
is one of the things that minder sleep.
Late suppers with exciting food and stiiu
uhitiiK' drinks make really restorative
leep next to impossible, iviicuian a.
. ..,!, I...1. anvil us used, in c:i.es of dis
Prof. Doremu8 on Porous Plasters.
Cm. I.EI1.N11T-N.A Y lf,.iu 27. HJ
niantelsam .1.'" " WMleri, ,ud iiave submit TltAINS OOINd HOUTlf AN1J KAHT WIIX j.KAVt
Trir, ana Ain.1. determine their MONTl'KMBU AM FULLOWH:
ted tbem to cucm.... , m.j
rlur to tlinse of Allcock's.
Yours resi.'y,
11. OUilEN DOltKMUS. M. D. LU . I.
c'ii.y fn Sellovn "ilos.'ital Medical CoUe.
9.1A a iLf MAIL from KtAlba lis anil linrhui,i,jU
IV "'Iur l.'imc'iril. MmnliMtt, Nashua
N'nrcfiHtpr, Ixiwcll KiiHtoti, riti ljbur
Hj.riuKlield, New London and .Nw
19.4ft D M I.IMlTF.n KXI'IIRKS. from Montreal
U.-lU r. "iMietiHhiiriraud the Wi-i, for liosvui
7:30 P.
11:10 P.
via. l-'iwfill, and N'-w Vurk , via-iiir
ii.-ltJ inm J.'iii'i'.n
yr M!XKlfrom Ht. Alhan. Kutlaud iwi
"lliirlnikti'ii f.ir Nortliticl'l.
u NKiHT KXl'HKSStrmn Montreal, ,
MMlciiBburif ami th wcHt. f-r l "i,
I.iiwcll anil J''ltribuiv,M.r!iiiii''i, Ni-
JiUfi'in ali'l New Vurk.aii'l all
til A-w KnKlaiid. Mec.imf r ;, r t',
HnrinKlielU and li'jRton, via. L'v- -A.
3:10 a
NKHIT KXPHKSH from Y.wu.u s,,,)
Ncw Y'rk I'T .'.i. unreal, i
Cures i)yspeps'a, Nervous Alice
tions, Geicral Debility, Fever an J
Ae, Paralysis, Chronic Diarrhoea,
Bmls, Dropsy, Humors, Female Com
plaints, Liver Complaint, Eemittcn.
Fever, and all diseases onffinatinff
ia a bad State of tho Blood, or
accompanied by Debility or a lo
State of the System.
For Sale or Kent,
and the Weat. hhniunif i ur Lo .M'.nt.
ri al. . , .,,.. , .,
OAT. a if Al I I11 l"l'A i i' i-"1 ii in --"in n n,:a
8:40 A. M.fr inirinnftoii. Iliitlaiiil.anil St ,.,l,.
y;00 A. M.jluirtii,n, tor lliirlhotoo. .st. An ai,.
Jiji'lifori! mill itoiiM'K i-'inii.
,, w HAY BXritr.us, leuv", ij'i-i'i.i 1:1
3:50 P. M.j,.ltl.1imr18:ii. M.. V1H., l.'.wi'ii. :-. !..
Pit! S -IK" A. M. .T-T ll'il'l i 11, u-ti .ii t l...
- Montreal, tlinli'nsliiirif and II,'' Uit.
" llrawini' r-ioiii i-itr to I''iitn :i .
4:30 P. M.J,;,:tjn. for tnrflnvtn, t. Ail';,,,,
llilHnsbnr and Montn'iil.
Trains leave for JJarro at 1tU A. M :r. 4I
'itStoriiiM le. Brr. at :3 a.m.. 11:35 ami
'riroiiKb Tirkels lo f llili-airo and al I I'oints w. .1,1,,
sale at tbe principal i""'"'-
S. W. i;l)MMlM'i-i
J. W. I'll'.
Kill' tliO
W. moi:i:i
l.p srv.
i. ..,.,;,l...l anvil its used, in
' ' . ..i,,.u:..i.itw Tho nruu-
er tiuiu, iiccortliiijj lo oi"'"s. "
treat plwis.i.-ss is in Uie l:iy -tini '
it imisl 1 treiiieu ny n wi.i t--
uie nielhod of living rather tUun ny lut'"'
cines. This is sooil common sense. Ami
.. ..ti ,11 ol llie i elnlitV, t
UUUitl lean . '... ..f
nervous derui)"-tmietit, aim tue iisanujr
our time would ne prcvemeti .v
ooil, restiui nalural sleep 'k
For tbe relict and prevention, the
instant it is applied, ot ltlienniatinin
'V inlTA If j y ... .
VTT'rW-"01'11 Ua ' Stomacli and JJowejp,
. Hliootinia- l'aiiiP.NunibneFHjIyetcria,
.-i'uniale l'aiiis, l'alpitation , Jjytp(?p-
BLECTRI i'ipt(,rs cm KUctric Hattery ro.iv
t. ' ' 'J. Le l.in.'d willi a 1'i.rinin I'litftL-ri
"tA5Tt" laiu'li at )-ai)i. ' u-vt-ry wlierc BB
LivtT C'dinplaint, lilioun Fever
Malaria ami Kpiilemicp, use Collinb'
if or
nml Hi.' rtnirn 1t
Dm. Wlmlo.i
, iKiiulUli Hint tiern
. II. M Hnl..-.,
i.ilr.l l.in.-. 1 nrl Sunt-.l
i l;liiilit ..ri i-ii.'iiinc Itrrcw,
If th" unirir pclr-otr-d nimmnt1 tn .luct $1,pfn! onlv
'v l.'i i ii-,.uvk, vi ni r i hi 1 1 ii' hihI n(llr.ri. f in i'H'"kh
t ril.i-o-ihitf.-MaiiiPriinay l-.M-nrlnH.nl fur Ktirli 'ttvw.
U,. null,.- tliiw 1ilMT.il tuTiT I iiiw we .li'firw to
- :.: Tii'ii! f:iilli.-i.'iit!vliirt-'ti.iiiilii(V"-''rv''i''ti
'i ! IuIii:mk' l'.l'i'lrh' l-i:i a trial l"iikr cnmnrh to
, ,. n- in-t Imw k"l it if. If.aftrtr trial . th.v nm-
li'it- us.' Hi.- Hnip for yearn, we wiall l rfpant.
lii.-v ..t.U- ii- tin- tift.''ii I'iii-r!, ii'ttiiitf the tloltar a
v..!-:!! t.f limbic irraUri, we Miall low n.oiiey. Una
.i,..w (iur miiliil.'iic'e. Tin! Snjip eatl buutrlit 'if
ij: ,-r,,0.rrlti(. inuHio c-in only K- t-r't i'f n.
ii:,t ,'iiiriiniii'Mr-(iliea-llV.'nipi"T. Vnmv thU pit per.
of this Snap rttnain t-ixty ImrH. Any laiy
i.L"i Ims ami ffinliiitf ii'Shixtv euUnf Mrc. F'vy,
mm In t mii'-iidtntlif iniKHint nf !H ... Thin Snap
niiir,ic.'. wilh jiafc, ami vmi an- ju t urk (l to buy a
rti.-lr. 1 u! ou- yn'l i'l'T.V "i'k,
llii fi. r mr it
From tlio recent rc)X)rt of the Connccti
eut lioaril of liealth wc learn that more
than a hnndrcd of the deaths reported in
the last six months were caused by iliph
t ieriannd scarlet ferer. In ono village
sivcral deaths occurred in two families
which had occupied, successively, the
same house. In ono family tlio fatal dis
ease wits diphtheria and in tho other it
was malignant scarlet fever, but the cause
in both cases was putrefying vegetable
w.isih whicli lav under the bedroom
windows and polluted tho well wator
which was used in tho house. Other
fjtal cases of diphtheria wero traced to
polluted woll water.-mcricau Cultivator.
Which is a word of caution uttered in
duo time. Now, If not done beforo, should
the cellars bo cleared of all decaying
vegetables, a clean sweep for tho air se
cured and the waste from tho sink should
l,i looked after. ThisliouH lie conduct-
Vkkdino Younu Chickens. Fannv
Field says on this subject: Wo begin with
hard boiled eggs and stale broad moisten
ed with milk. After a few days of this we
feed cooked oatmeal, corn meal, and cook
ed potatoes, and as soon as they can swal
low tlio grains, cracked corn and wheat.
V fowl everv two hours for tlio lirst week,
nml afterwards live times a day. Tlio
early chickens that aro kept in doors aro
supplied with gravel and groon food, and
all our CHICKS, 'iniiy wuu unu, ., ...
milk- ilmv can Irink. Occasionally wo
give a little cooked meat but with tho milk
Ft is not absolutely necessary. All the
food is slightly seasoned with salt, and an
occasional doso of pepper in the food will
tend to prevent gapes. Twico a week wo
feed bone meal at tho rata of a heaping
tablespoonful to a pint of cooked food.
The coop for young chicks must bo dry,
free from vermin, and should often hi:
moved to a fresh spot of Rround. Michi
gan Farmer.
iijjicu.ii;, jjiuicrj,
Burns and Scalds,
Sciatica, Backache,
Frosted Feet and
Jura's, and all other
tins and Aches.
ll is a sure cure for
Tho farming classes must not expect too
much from euienco or scientists apart from
actual practice and experiment. Science
is conservative. A scientist is seldom an
inventor, ho judges only by what isalrcaily
known, ho neither croales nor makes
anew. In solving many of our agricultural
problems the observing farmer is tho peer
of tho mere neientisls. Olivor Weudoll
Holmes aptly says: 'Seienoo in a first rale
piece of furniture for a man's upper cham
ber, if he has common sonso on the ground
floor. Hut, if a man hasn't plenty of good
fnmmnn sense, the moro science ho has
tho worse for hiB dependents.'- The safest
.,iHno (V,r ihn farmer aro observation and
directed hv the linhts of
knowledge Am. Cultiotcr.
1 sarasS
it Cffi&SiSJ
1 fi?SJ
Balls, Strains, Scratches,
Sores, &c, on
One triul 'will prove its
liifi its. Its cIIlu'Is arc
Ilvi-vy I mitht wiimtntcil 1f
civ.' 'sit ifm-Iltm. Kttiul ipI
ii-i'ts fur lminpli.ft.
rr 'J.'i H. UTlil fit) r(. JH'l
liutth1. Mini ovcrywiiitni,
ll-iiry. John son ft lord, Proprietor, 1
tiurlinpton, It,
It is a most .ihivimI'
nt oncf. harnilt'.ss am
sorvmi; tii iiatr. n
irlnSS iiinl frt'lni'SS nf y
1 Mrl 1 1 , :tii. rM li;tir. tn :i i
lilac!;, as may lie .loin-,
liair is tliifkt'ii.'tl. at
tli.nit;li not always I'Utf
oC tin; hair iuiinflialcly
Tha Richest
Tho Pliosphausa of the Wheat aro 114 met
valuable food property, and aro, when prop,
erly prepared, Iho most accepts Uo nummenl
with which to build up the system.
Ti,o moo,! , Tlrain and Nerves are the rerces
Vilwhich hear tho strain oi every uji -
Sitll,;. in rdfirtOBRVesicaneBBitiaWlBOtO
. BV ll.O FOB "fALTH.
Y n pat mtterflaro prvyoiv, ,
v.., Vitt -niftinn and aro richest in tho
4 PhosphxiteB, while the etarch and impure mat.
.II. i . i im,.ia mall in Uiem
aro 4e' ' rir-dAd the beat and
M choicest medicinal quaUttea, neceaaary to
1'JHI . . 7 4. - ..,;.. MtiK. it. ia at once health-
m.i ..'iisftv! ;ntlitaBto and must not be con
iHI I founded with the thousand and one cheap
A''J ninniiAiin hitters which are sold as cure-alls.
Medicine is douoiy enecuve wueu
food, ko hs to nourish while it correct.
fluid bv ttnicKiBia. ruutt.B,
WJiKAl' L'i'i'l4.ita J; "4 a . -
T.nvnc tv Tiieiu l'l.ACKS. Kxpcrience
shows'us thiit, unless iho hiibit of being
:'.i.i ,iiitP,l in vouth, it never
...:n i.; ,",ra in mainre venrs. Tbe disor-
ilerly girl may b subject to spa-inoilie
iu. rri,iinona nml nt such times her clos
ets, bureau drawers and boxes will be put
: a,.. K.,i u? tlip attacks are Due itm-
Dorarv. they are soon over anil the old way
;.,i,,n-.,m. Such a girl may be
.rood and clever in ninny respects, but her
?...., r,',i,- t,,l sfsiem. besides neing
an inconvenience lo herself, will also be a
trial lo those about her. Girlhood is the
.: i,., i,.,t,li urn formed, and if an
impulse to be orderly is followed then it
will mow upon us. Some girls make
ibeir "things last so much longer than
others,, and wc wonder sometimes by wha
;,i...t, r.un hi, worn eo long without
ilr; lli.ihhr. The reason is. that
they tnTce good can of them. Their dresses
ii,.,wl,H,l earefullv and tho slightest
'.pot upon them removed before haiigin
i iVm hwuv. Hibbons and lacts are foltle
i i.,i.i ,,wiiv with care, ''loves are
memled wbun the tiniest hole shows itself,
a button lost from a shoo is restored im
mediatclv. and tho "stitch in time keeps
nianv a wardrobe looking fresh and new,
whicli otherwise would become old and
worn out if neglected from time to time.
Girls, don't give way to self indulgence
and laziness in regard to your personal
belongings. If you havo a desire to leave
.i,;,,r..,nil. or nut olT mending a gar-
,,,T hummse vou don't feel like being
. ... in ii ninnil for mending
don't vield lo it, for every time you do
you are strengthening the impulse tu ot
.i;u,.,.t.-i,. fiiui iti.iinin-arrinp: any inelinii'
tion you mav have to be orderly, and are
taking tho steps that will influence your
character lor the whole oi your iuun
.Ui.riiil 1 .
in, I, list uml iiinst
i'iy i"' 1 '
II. t'AI.KS, MoNTi'Ki.rEii. Vr.
How Lost, How Restored.
. - .-Ant,.m Of 1)R. ('ITt.VEHWKLI.
J UfM I.IIUllll'-". - ,.f Wl.L .i t .Till
... . ..... I'm 1'ii.tv (ill i ii nii'inn i "it
J i WouIh.crh. liivoliiiitary w.-niinal
f'i...Ti.-N.-Y. MMital rnl I'hvsi. ii Iurai'm'nj
ni' x i in 1 tx" I.t iisf ' in ' 1 ... ..,lli-ui1it Kt.av.
1 "v.. r, .; thirty y-a.v wuii
1 i . . . I. . . I fi.iii i 1 1 j ,.,.tiH...tiifiirfH "1 tti'li-alilli-
iiioiIh yf rtirc
ilNrtl'M I' I M'N.
ty attlf-imlulKeui-e ur
privaiiy anu
li every nuii'-in,
m;y hp. may euro hiifti cut-aiij ,
c-TliiHLwfiirftBlinultUip.in tho li
,.nJt. i t. on r.-.-"-ii't t mx cuula or two iHjtaKe
4 SI Now York N. V.! Po.1 Ollli-e hot 450 !'yt
. ...y . r.. 1 "Y n a1'
A N 1 1
iuuoiiin hv t.'iisof tliiiiisan.ls. It is thn most nnl
v".aly....;f"l ."" tW",'1" V , ,, !T"?
-Sra i"lSitii-naaliill'y.ll'iw to Act in S.H-iely anil
rV'-ryw liei-o. A tful.1 mlMf 'if vario' laforniatlnii tn all
.I,,..,.. I. r I'OimUlit ri'lnri'iii n. At.fcN.lH WAN rhl
,.,. . n nrst.iiri' tun.'. 'I'n kuuiv why tins iiO"K tn n.'a
viiliTi- mi.! attni.-ti'jua wslU butter tliaii any ullior.
'' ,'i.;!,',V'Tl 11. SCAM Jl Uf.r. .it CO.. l.hlla.l.'liiliia, Pa
A Teachers' Seminary of
Established imputation,
Heekfl WKI.L M:V.lA15Kl) STUIH-N T. M wni new
many tcueiiprs in thf- nfia; iiiir mnrn i.ijMn.auimB
rtnn of twclitj' wfftja cm-h hovhi Hip Sl'OON'n
I I-.SDAV nf ,Jilll..Vl.l Una Ui I' llir-L ji r-ni-'.-vi
Sf ml for circular.
fUW.UllI CUNANT, hiiitijia!,
Ilcii'l. l'ass. Aifi
A"enl Wanted
...... ..l,lt.t nf rpfii! urn
1 in urn i !-" ., , ...i
n .III". l-l-fMi, li'Mi, rtn-
ltd natural w .inter ami ;Vl I .Vr ui i j"- a
! i.y..T.Jt .nnl uii.trat.l. Nat ur'
rtwflatii'ii nt l'i in tim
aU.i.u Hiu-hlv- iit'4Hnm.'i''l'
f,V... II. IK r,',i,.,. A l'.rilM. n i,. ,
i'1-riiiiirf ii" wii'.."-.' - -.'. ' - .
THI.Il'lT).U'-i . ' , ,
sclln fat ami I'l.iiHii" ill. A Lit ; '
IS I'll., I'liila.l.'ll'liin, 1'a ; ' in mil'" !.
r ht. Linns. -i".
It. IT. IDI )Y
No. 70 Statu sUupi'f.-it-c Kiin. . !
Sfviiroa 1'iitfiitn iti the I'l.iN-.t sti.tf -:
JtrHuin, r ranri' aim '' . . i 1'
mif .InMar. AKfitftniit-ii'- rrfinl'it .it
tie fufuhtninum M'-' '
bilit y f iavmttun. 1. Jl. IA , -,n !.
rpkfiird Mr. KMy as nitf nf t i,.- -;f
T...sa.itr.Pa iinint f 1 1 1 I 1 ' V it I'' I''-ll
worth v nr nifire i-apahlc ot -i-ruriit t i-r 1 1
aud favnnihU' '-"ii-t i.lt-ritt u ni at tin- i :im-i ,
t-UMUV DLIklVi..
JIOfTON, Urt . 1m r
ii ir.EDrT.Ko.-DarSir: V" I r-: t:-
In l4, my first patent. Sim o tli.-n -.u it iv
Hionalfy-mplny.-.l til" h-ii-;- n
Pbiladelpnu aim nu' '
nvm th whuiHof my liuxiiiesrt, iu j
v lufl o tu era iu t!iiiii j
BiMton. January 1. 1'-'-
r 1.:
Biiifl t'.r
re a
a new
prnwlli in all
not. decayed ;
otherwise tliM
ami strength,
e;iS"S v.hiTe the ulaluls are
whiln M hri-liy, V'i'aU. ir
asrd hair, it iniiiii ts il.dii y
and renders it I'liaMe.
The Vifioii cleanses the .nil, elites and
prevents tho lui'iiiation I' dandruK: and,
hy its cnolint:, stiinulatinn. and sniilliiie,'
pruperties, it heals must, if nut all nf the
Illinium and diseases peculiar lo the scalp,
keeping it cool, clean, and soft, under
which conditions diseases of the scalp and
liuir are inipossilile.
Aa a Dressing for Ladies' Kiiir
and ill
- all
The Viooii is incompai alilc,
less, eontaiiis neiihcr oil nor
not soil while eanilu'ic. Ii i 11 1 1
ateeahle and liiiiii perl'uiue. a)
article for the toilet it is ecnliuln
unsurpassed in its excellence.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.,
Practical nml Analytical Chemists,
Lowell, Mass.
Kvk Practical Life. J S'lSAJlSMK
4IOO up. 4'lrnr (vpc, tlnc-l hlniUnir unit IMiiatralinna.
AllhM H W AM I'.H. in T'" J" T 7".'M.
1 ..r I pi
'iiIh Pa
DnlrrU Premium Chocolate ti)t bft
prrparallon of pluln rtiocolftln for nim
It? uw. Pnkfr'$ llrraKf" Oifim,
from which tha tttm ot nil hi been
rrmowil, partly tlinriiliwliin.l iiliiiirabl7
mlnptPfl for Invalhli. tinkvr' y-miltt
Ch.tcolntr, aaa ilrltik or rmWa aa con
fpcllimrry la a df Ikioiin article i hlghty
nrmtimflnilud hy timrlata. lintar'i
Jimma, lnvaluatilo na a dlvt for clul
ilren. (Armua tttPfet t'hor-nlnt, a
mutt ciicalMut artlclf fur flunillea.
ISuU by (Jrucori everyn hero.
l!i H trado-mni'lis, copu'iKiun ... . .
MH tl,nlTnil,.il Kin ten. nml oolil.iiiiV''."
LsaaaJ Tliii'ty"si yi'inV prrlrln'C.
ot craw
c'-M.iinn 1 i
trarto-mni'Hs, enpj
II. n nilitml KtllfCll. nt
cnU ill I'nniula. J'.nL'liind,
Of rmnnv, nml all nilier co
Tliii'i yi ) ''in s' prnc
riiiirtu ior cxiuii nu" " " ' - -
uikk. Advira hv iiuiil In'0', , ..
1'atontn olitained tlinniali im arc notice, in
tho SHISX'l'lI.'K: AMl.Ult A. Mliuli l.an
tho larornat circulation, rnd m Uie ni.nt . nilln-
cntinl uewspnpcr ni it" l.ni.1 I'lilil
world. iiioaiiiiini'iKi
patentoo undorslaii'iS'
ThialarRO nnd Hplendidly illnstrat. J news
paper is publiBhed WKKKl.V t f;l.2.layear,
imiliaaiimittod to l.oth" hest paper ilnv.'ie.l
works, and other dcpnrliuculs nl iiiiliistrnil
prnL'rcsR, pnlilislied in any country. hitiRlo
iopVes by mail, 10 ceuta. Bold l.y all uuw.-
Addroaa, Mttnn ft Co., pulilishcra of Hciou
tiflo American, Sill llroiulwuy. New VorU.
Handbook about mitenln niailml lieu.
.I in liiu
col inch a noli, e every
There is no escu39 for suffering from
and other diseases that follow a dis
ored state of the Stomach and Bow
els, when the use of
ssssa i sag
Will give immediate relief.
AftlT I'.'lMil'lli"'! f.'ll"M1
Biliousness, Dyspepsia,
Indigestion, Diseases of
the Kidneys, Torpid Liver
Rheumatism, Dizziness,
Sick Headache, Loss off
Appetite, Jaundice, Ap
oplexy, Palpitations,
Eruptions and Skin Dis
eases, etC. a11 of "hich these
lluliTS w ill bl'i'i ilily i uif ny removing incon!.'!-.
Ki't 11 111.' .V"iiM'7i, ri'iiT''", "'ni Dijetlir Or?,it'
,,i .;.,."( irnil.iiij cr,l, t, mi. I ici'fect lirallh
will !' ill" reault. LadiOS mi'l "iII'TS suli-
ii-itio Sink Headache ni ami roller
iiii'lluTiniuii'iit euro l.yllio ni' uf tlioso Ilitlem
llting tonic anil lllilill' pnrKntlve tliey
Price 25 cts. per bottle.
For sulo l'.V all dealers ill Ili.'iieillB. Senil
ail.lress fur pumrlilet.free, iriviiif; full directions.
HESRY, J011.KUS & LORD, Preps., Ilsrlinelon, Vt
urely aid Nature
,,f a iiiiiisiiiatii'
wainst till .''imrai'
If yim are si. k Hoi. llitttrs will su
If you are costive or ilyni"'t'tic. or 'in "i"1"""
. , ,.itiL.. aiiiiiiaeli or
nther 111 IIIH UlllllnrilllH llia,'Ji'en '
l......u it I. emir own fault if YOU reliuiill 111,
b D..,.reill ri'Ul..,lV in ll 1 Sill ll I "U 1 1 ' ' """
. .,i wae willi any form of Kuliu y
..... u. ii.. nih nos liioiiieiit, ami tarn
t.. ..... ... II, ,11 11 illers.
.1..1, wiil, iliallerrll.lcsi. kiies" Nervous
ness.yoil will lin.la" l'.iliu imiil.'i I " "i Hi"
Hop Hitters.
If .-on nre a frcilli-lller. or S r.M iileut
n.,.1.1 i,ri..,l,i v,,ur syslelll aif
. .. . .' .... v, .1...1.0 ...l.l. iui,'. luli.'iis ami ii'l.'i'
I an COUUl l irr ... j."
nilllent fevers -by tli.Mlm".! H"l' i""
if Ii.v. a roiu'li. l'ilill'ly,
i.r..il,.i.aina ami aelH-s. and fi-i'l nii-. ial.l
lion Hitlers will s-ivo you lair fkl"
sweetest lirealli.lieallli an.l coiiil'.rl.
... .i...., ,i,,. enre all diseases "f tin
Howe,.. 1.1.-..I. Liver. Nerves. Kidneys llml.t
Disease. :M w ill In' I'ai't for a case tli.-y will n"l cur
or help.
Tlial poor, l.edrid.len, invalid wif.
or daiiliter.i'iiii lie made Ilie picture
fewlsillles oi I Hi lt!." fl" u'
you let llicui snlVer?
hallow sliill.
rich lilooil.
, sistei'. ui"tli
of health, I'V
1 1. 1 ii IMl'e. '
! IIMH Ml RAM .i"-
Ll ( - 1 . . - fcw I;,. i, I on ,;f
To any sutterlnf) with Catairh or dron
chllls who earnestly desire relief. I can
furnish a means ol Permanent and Pos
itive Cure. A Homo Treatment. No
charnefor consultation by mail. Valua
ble Treatise Pres. Certificates Irom Doc
lors, Lawyers. Ministers. Business-men.
Address Rev, T. P. CHILDS, Troy. Ohio-
Baltimore Church Bells
I'li'hralrd Ur SiiiitTlnrity nviT othero,
flf niri'Nl Jlt'll il'IHI,H il
Stlii'i' 1MII
HT.. MlIL.ll' (HllV
fiArwi'uy. J. UtiKMTKB A SSO.NSt, liultimure, Md,
o e n i if ;i i . . ,i........ t .in i .v.s. i k .. t
i CUt "stnut M.p t liu.uiL'ji
.nti.I.illlDttll'lts'etl'y f-'"-'
1IUW IU I Kin i .
iiiiidrcl otlior i hit
The cream of "all Books of Adventure
Thn thrilling ml vent i res cf all tin imro rtpl'!"1''''1 Bn,l
ffrm, Ir Wht.TK Willi lll.him."llt.IWH1.l lll lll'UHlt.
uvftr our wliuli I'ounttw , irntn tli curiifht iiin'
nn-npiit. I,lvrmnl imiiiiun ni if
Htnii.ltHh. li.ioiii'. K.Mii.m. tini.ti.. cr;
llmitttmi, CarHon, Ountcr, iililiiriiiii ,1
rhlPf" HC'Monof ntlii-rn. tloin.j.i
'HtATi;ii wilh i:r llv Min-rnvhiWH l th
WANTKD. I.'w in h hihI '"HiHii
(.it, Howie,
., Wild Mill,
I i rut I lii'liaii
, if. A I l-'N I H
WAllKANTI.l'. i m.tloiiiii' n.-nt t-'r.'f.
VANDUZEN & TIFT. Cincinnati. 0.
iu 1 A" to Mfll (HIT tiUIJtiCr I riiui-tv .-.um .-am
"leVfr'."TAYLOHliKOS k. Ct., Clevolauu, .
A New Male Voice Choir BoOk.
i foiieetloti of New Haered alusle, easily hrrainrsil
auil kept well witliiu tho eoiiipaes oi Jlalo on es
J'.l) ill T11K AbllLUlt.
'I'onimenit the ICOSDel Mnle
t' lirst liiiou oi us aiuu oei imii
SEW' tA Ml-, .-r - ft
f& WOMAN. THEfR AC 1 fi
;lt'lB-)rt, iru'ie-Illiirht, mum ni'"-!'.
TIlHTltM. IllllT I'TeiH'fr, AlM'-itl--.
I uitutB. and all iniK.-d ttris-intf iiiin
itiitfiiu'n u im. i.'-iii i,.--i-,i.i ...
ran make cIokpp wari'jifrJ, Aim
lnnittly,ai!'l with brnadt-r t l.uui
were reuiotu 1 rum WauhniK'i'-
Wfiiiak' fxitiiiiiiatii'iir -''i1 1
uk to 1'iitcnlnliility. All rorn-sjini: I
ti. Initial. lTicf lnv, ami 1
refr tn otlifials in tin
liiMitu in pvrv stiite of tl
s.Miiitor and H.MTfwciitativ.; in '
rcfcL-i?in'e yivi'ii wlii'n deHircil. Ailaii..-
C. A. SNOW it CO..
Ki.'itf oi-i-;t' rut'-iu a.'.'"''-'. "',
Y-aVvavV Nvi Van'
A Nnrt C nre for nil FK31 ALE WEAK.
KSSF.S, InrhulinfT LcnrorrhPli lr
rcfnilnr ami 1'n.lnful Icnmruatinn,
lnllHiniiiiitioii nml Mrrrnllonof
the WomU, Mnodinfi, PKO.
irn-auittytlntfc-t.'. finiirlous an.l ImmclW
In ttf i-tlY t. It is n (rn-nt li.'lt in im-jmanry, ami ro
H. v. s ialn during lulwr and at rt tnilar in.t1.x1h.
rinMirosit.iT AMntr.stuiUE it khf.kly.
t?-FB niVlMSWi-Efl thr penratv.. orirant
of eitln r -fi, it in m-c. ml tc no n nn ily that ban pv. r
ii,.f,.rf tho imhlle; and for all vliwaif. of the
Kidnktb it In tlu Gmitrst RmetlV ' the iVorht,
5 tTK I PXFT C'OII PLAINTS of Either Sex
Flndlireal Itelit f in lt I'ae.
W a irr n.tWillir1r..t..n.- and rtr-nrtti t.r
ilie nyih-m. A uuu-TfUuUMi. rwultw aa Uio L.itiuuU.
(T..ithtifComiv.nndand Plood Puriflor aro vt
pan-d nt 23.1 and Wfrtrn Av.-mi, Lynn. Maw.
rrl'r either, U Six bottlif for Tin- Compmiml
U went hy mall in the fiirm of pilK or of Inw-nsw, on
rc.'cii.t nf prico, $1 pt lix for either. Mrs. Pinkliam
freely answ.-n. all letter of inquiry. Enrlom-JwDl
stamp. Send tor pamphlet. Mention thia rnper.
iirTvTO E rrNTnA'''I.rviaiPn.i.s rnr Cenntlpa.
tiuo. UilloUBiir! oiid Torpidity of th Liver, w ceiilo.
J-Sold by all Vrnffff.BtB.-u
Obtained for in vcutors, I n t lio fiiit(-d State--, Ca:.:
and Kiirope.at redm-fd rates. With our prinri
Oftiep located in Washim-'toii, directly ni'iionitr-
I'tiltPd States 1'atent Oiliee, we are abb' tr. attend
I'atent hiimtieRB with (creater prom ptnes and
patch and Ienn cost thau other patent atton.-
are at a distance from Washing ten, and v. I
therefore to employ ''associate attorneys." Vv v..:-
preliminary examiiiatioitsatid I'urnifh oi n.:
patteutability.freeof chnrife,atid all who nre
ah ted iu new luveittioua and Patents ate : l
Bend for a copy of our "(inide for olitaiiih:' l'.i' '
which is sent free to any address, and c ntiiii -
pletelnstructwuis how io obtain Patent?, .n. i '
valuable matter. We refer to the (iernian-A; r;
National Hank, Wanhiinf ton.U.C ; the K-v:il : .'::
Norwekrain, and la!iish Legations at W.is-h.i
Hon. Joseph Casey, Late Chief Justice T. S. ( r
Claims, the OnVials oft be l. S. Patent Oi'..-
Senators aud Members nf CiOitrress 1 ;om .-v. ' '
Address, LoiTS lntnilli: en, s..p.c : r
Patentsand Attorneys at Law, Le Prut ;;.'.
Wiliiiirftou. D. C, J
week in i i' !:
Mrs! hn-tnejn im
Itlll imt luedt d.
fliiei' ,li". s and if
to work ior ms. .V
work in spare tint
tllllO to the bilSll.e:
nearly as well
ill pay y
enormous pay. tv entf
terins tree. Money in,
luHfj 1 Address,
de tast. .
t ANDt
Sext Poor South ffJohonnott't-Lf at her Store.
orr-t-: ai it .1 t:.i.r..
ii. p. HIDEO!' r.
First Class Furniture oi
all Kintls.
Mf Best Boreal Sets lor ivs
And Dressing Case Sets for -and
I niaaemy own furuimrs, ami mj- , rr
.In every partic"...
J'.ast Wootlbury, Vt.
l-...W-lt''''-.-l-.Tl....- Q.
.I,, h.-liiiol. I'' In1-l arm, nv
.. . .... ii.. I.',- v
ten thoiiaand
on im i.e,iK "i on- ii. - , . ....
!!!'!:!;,',,'i',,tia '?.ii..t, 5Si. w,h..;i j.'iv."
iitid hciiutlim . .J i V
Hie tieoen mi. . . '
choir No. a,''4 1
Hcp w cents pfr copy, by mail, pnHtpaid; "H rr
dozen. Vy express, i:fav uut i-rei-a.d. s-nuou
Patfe-B Free:
rT'T.!.tBtiF.n tav
NK.W VOHK OFFIlIt'.: ! C i 11 C 1 11 11 11 t i , 0.
Ni. 5 I niou Kimare. I " 1 " '
N PRESS :- Nf.w Ki KDiT si nooi. Hook. 11 v 1J it
(IKO. F. Hoiit AS n C C. Cask.
Mr.Kl.l"'.1 .?' ' Wl.iVli'siiU. iHrinsllhoral
SIF.aii lln wlins. Wy.'iiiliix. Haalur in
oslluisiil 111" liii' lty MuuulalliB.
all kiiuls ol curl
ArrNTA WANTED f'irllio lloat ami Ka.tosl ajll
r5?.y,T,rT!i ,,V 1 llililii. I'rl.'.'S rmlui eil H
'".'ii. N m "a., l-tii." ''...li.-. lilll.'lf'.l ''
'' ''"'-'';i 1
I' ' ,',!.
1 I I II 1 11 A.
A MONTI I l 'Oli
, Yonnj:
M.'ii. Latin's ainl Atreiita. takllin nrili'rs fi.r Lftlfrs In
now ilip most popular NEW IIOOK In tho Held. Iloth a
HHIKI.l-and a KiKl. Everytody wants It. low
PU1CE. Ofli'l Kai.f.h. .S Sit tor Cm'tilm ami Term.
P. W. 7. 1 Kll I. EU St CO., It 16 Arch St.. Philadelphia, Pa.
FMlOi l Ini E. Adams St.. Chlcairo, IU.
not. life 1 Bweeninr Itv. irn and
dare before you die, souiethinir
mlkftitv and mi hi line lenvn tehttid
lUiiiuer nine. tm a wee in your
nwii town. fi nnttlt free. Nn risk
Kverythlnir new. Capital not re. mired. e will fur
nish you evcrvthlntr. Many aro makiuir fortunes. La
dies make as much aft men, nnd hoys and trirls make
irreat pay. Header, if you want tmsineSH at which )uu
can inane ureal pay an me iiiue. i m- u.
iin4yyl ll. lULLKrx & Co., Portland. Maine
Tone,Touch,Workmanship and
S.w 'JciAtAM, West ltullllU'ire Hlreel, Haltluiore N
II.! Ell tit Avmie, N. V, jMrtwJrtUU'HlhuiiUleow
1 ''v--1
Tin.IllS! 1 I !'.! ' "
TIlKlli M ' ' ' 11 '
Ol'T A I'.lKAl 1.1 '
(Iv. T 70.000
Five Cold Mcd.i's
Seven Silver M-'
avviir.li il r r - i ; :'
CnlCI ."'
111 Vrt ar, t',1 I : (.u'u "-
r5iJ1 at tlio French Cove""
Dairy Competition.
li.'hl M. ilil ....1.1,'J
Ipsillnir milk s.'ltliiif apparaiiis y - mio.
I rrli.li iinviTinein. i in-j " '. - ,,,,,'ii:l.
Most Popular in llie Cream l.ai 1
Dis Swifiq
Awarded rirsr Pro- A A
mlum over all by the
iS'll'. It NATIONAL ItAlliV
Kami, after nmipetittv
Kasikst io Wt'lst.
Marks most wtttii
a -'.'V
in n'niF. . . i i v I ' i
i iv; l ' A 1 .1 1

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