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Probate Courts for Randolph
P BORATE 0lRTS within and for the District of Ran
dolph fur the year ensuing, will bi lioiden as follows:
Kt the Register's Office, in Brookfleld, on the first Thins
ilayineach month; at the Orange County Hotel, in
Chelsea, oil the third Thursday in each month ; at ( had
wick's Hotel in Wet Randolph, on the fourth Thursday
in each month. At J. L. Howies' Hotel in Washing
ton on he second Thursday in February, May and Aug
t' Vy order ol Court,
J. it. CLEAVEI-AXa, Register
Chelsea, December 1, lniO.
Prolate i.'ossrS.
Wshiscotox District. si I and for the District afore
said v. ill he hidden at :!ie Probate Office, in Montpelier, in
lid i'isivict, on Tuesday of each week, during the yeoi
p-isoinc. Persons hav:iiij busim ss with said Court are re
quested to atten 1 to the saiuc on said court days.
T. n. mkhrili., JudL-.
December 1, VCA.
SiJu'iat'Et'r leaver's i'X.'ilo.
fitllE Subscribers, bavin;; been appointed b Ihe I i or
fit HE Su
L aide
I'robale Com', for the ilistiitiol Hiiinolj.li,
Cuuiinissiuiiers lo reer.vr . exam inc. a ml adjust nl. uaiui
Hild demands of all pe-oii--,ag!iiii.-t I he F.stnl. nl liU-l" z,r
Sea ver, I atB ol' Wiluanrtowu, ill said lli-lritt, deceased,
represented i ii.-iil'vcii: . 1 M (i the lerni old nionl lis from the
llli diy if.ilareb, bill, bein g a Mowed by said Court to llie
creditors! f said deceased , to exhibit and p rove their re
spectivechiinis before its give notice thai v. i u ill n He ml
tot he duties o !'ou r appoint in cut at I he tin 11 in g home e I
Hie- m blow Sop'in n:a Seavcr. in Williamsiown, in aid
dinLiiet on the Ml-n iay.1 August, ne.l,al!l o'clock in
the foieiiOin on sui I day.
Wihi 'ini-tnwii.Marc.ll ol. iSbl. 4 . 3f
H. fig. Towuscml'N Rfalc.
fTHIE subscribers having I een appointed hy I lie Ilnneble
i I'robale Court lor Ihu Dislr'rtnf Randolph , coluiiiis-f-irnirrs,
lo reciiv , exiiitiino, and adjust all claims and de
mands of .ill persons, iigiiist the eslnle of U. H. Tuwusciid,
bite ol Willimtislown, in said d'strict, deceased, repre
sented insolvent, ami I he. term i f six months fioiii the SiOlli
day of . March, IHiil . Ir.'iiig allowed ny said eourl lo Iho
creditors of s.iid decease d, lo exhibit and prove their re-
peclivo i- l.'iiiiis lieliire n: (live I. tithe, thai we will at
ion. I lo tli dm its i.f our appoiuinn til ut ihe dwelling j
house il tiiii widow 'liny Ann I ovvnsi ml, in unburns
iciwn, in nai.l ..istr'cf on Hie Hih d i il'Sepluulier next
at nine nVhtl; in tut I'.reiioon, on said day.
!!. l ( Co'llVi
JfMIN l. mil:, j ""'" rj- i
Williunisiuivii, March ii, Hil. j
Wm. IV. Woo i3 aril' Estate, j
kTATK OF ViillMON", I in Probate Court held nl1
vVsinc-.ros Uistuh:t. -.-8. ( .Montpelier, within and for.
said Uisti iet. i.n the ili dav of Api'i A. I. IMil.
Will i M AN HUvVAHI),' Admiiiisiraior on tile Estate
of Win. W. WiMil.rd, iat ol lloxh'iiy, m said ilis
tr et, deceaied. pri'sen'.s his adininisl ration accountlor
s-etlleiiu nl : Whereupon it is orderecl that 'tie saiaebere
fcrod to the IHth cl-iy of April next, at the I'roluiie tlllice,
in ea:d Moiilpeiier, fur ex imiiiath.n and allow.mi'e : and
that all concerned, be nidified hereof, bv the publication of
mis order in 'lie Greou .Mountain Freeman, printed at
iMontiirlicr, three wi eK-s Kiicc'Kivrly as fonii may be
that they any appear, and at said limit and place, if they
tec c nise. object then to. ly older of Court.
IwU Attest, ,. A.CilAfE, Kesis'er.
riAHIS is to ceilify,that I have th s day sold my sou, Saru
L u-l Maxham, his time during the remainder of his
minority, and that I shall claim none of his wages nor liay
;inv debts of his contracting after this date.
Roxbury, March :1U, IStil. EDWIN A. MAXIJA.M
Lorenzo Ellis, Witness. t!"li,:iw
(THIS certifies that I ha.'e given oiy son, Henry A. Cul
l ver, his tima dnrins; the remainder of his minority ,
and .-hall no' cl-iim his earnings, nor pay any debts of hi
contractint', Rfter this date. T1I0AIAS fl'LVliii.
DA .VI E h CHASE, Witness,
'A'crcester. .March !,lfil. '7-lf'3
E the uudersiijio d, having fold out our share of
tflock, in the Fo'.-'ctive I'uion Srore, No 704 in
-hiu'ou, July Gih l!s'J, hereby no.ify all persons,
: aid
wk ii.ive no iuteres. in taid Ui ion Store ; nor do we
i let ourselves limbic foi any d'ots contracted by tiic
t'ttion Move, after tl c aforesiid Otli ''ay of .Tiil.v,1f-.!.
y r i-.i'ii i: .v ui iitox.
HliiA .. FEU-OW;!.
crri'iNi; c. ciiE.s'EY.
1 It A Eil E R V .
ashin:tou, April 3, 1S61. CTSat
The subscriber, during the last fev.- years, hai in;; found
tlu I.ovr I'.uoe sJ v s i em to work so well, has determincKtl
on a si'it.i. FUBTHEit I'.kji lotion, in order to meet the ha'd
times, aad the wants of the public. Having lately eiv
larged my rooms and increased my stock , I now offer at
wholesale and retail, the largest and best sio k of
ili'Sli WOiiD A.!) GILTaOUUIXfiS,
Selected White Picture Glass,
Of all kind, and
ever orTsrul in litis pare of the State. Giving my person
al attention to the work, and having no wages' to pay hired
help, or losses to make up for their wast, my customers
may feet assured of not only having their wort donu in
the best lu'inmr, but at the lowest rates.
Entrance to rales-room, through J C. Emery's Furni
ture Sc re, Head of .State Street, Jlontpelier, Vt.
Also, constantly on hand a large assortment of
er.ibracing all grades, from (be cheapest El in to the liiehly
ilnished Ulack Walnut aud ile.alic t askcts, which will be
trimmed to suit any taste, and furnished at short notice,
so that customer from adjoining unvns, after selecting to
suit Ihe i.Eeivcs from a large variety can have them ready
to take back on their reiurn. Customers residing en lie.'
Railroad, can have thera ssi;t by the first train afier re
ceiving the order. Also a iarge ass rtment of
t-'oftini riatcs Ti'iuisiiiius,
which will be furnished to manufacturers at very low pri
ces. Furniture repaired and varnished Lounges and
rforas re-stuffed and covered in the best manner. Few
Cushions, Show Cas; s, aud Jobbing generaly, done to or
der. !!,- Hetumeaiber the place ! Entrance lo Sales Room,
through J. C. Emery s Furniture Store, head of Slat" St.,
.Montpelier, Vt. D. Ale DONALD.
Montpelier, April S, ISO!. 27t)wR
T AVINO purchased .M.
I i t!ie
P. AVHEELF.R'-? inter.
will continue to furnish Fraine3 and fini.hiug Lumber,
Bnlleriiiii, Bass, Ash, Maple k Birch
i laning and Jointing, done in workman-like manner
Stair Kails, Newels, Banisters, Table Legs, kc, kc.
Turning and Sawing done on short notice, Custom Log
sawing done well and on short notice. Terms low for
those! who pay down. A. W. VVILI.ER.
Montpelier, Hoc. 20, 1S50: Ciomf
Ajar at rato Ohance for Business
'i'iHiO S.ihsiriber offers for Sale, all hio ical Fstatc, vis
L four and one-half acres ef choice lind ivith a lirst
class new d relliii;-; hous, tho' oughly finished ami point
ed throughout ivith a cement cell .r, and go d water in
ihe kitcii n, a good w ell i-rranged barn, with running
vat 'r in the yard, a new and large car' (age house wilh a
good arch therein a good Store built lil years siuce, with
shtrd a id g unary at ached well painted. I his property
is situiied ono mile from Hydcpark, two miles from Mor
risville, in a centra1 location f i the trade of Vlorristown
and Hydcpark and adjoining town. In the village area
Grit Mill. Saw Mi 1, Tannery, Wo den Factory, t arilage
Slio.i, Starch Factory, i-bicksmlth Shop, kc. Th s Is one
of the very best Incatians for trado in Lamoille County,
whurs a large business Is being done, a larje busines has
been done here for ready piy strictly. A rare chanco is
here cllered to an active business man. 1 will also seb a
very flye interval of somu 'JO acres, 1 4 mil from the bull,
dings, wed fenced with a jvoimvi b n and shid the'eon,
with water iu the yard, either with oi sepa a:c from the
For fu th-jr particulars cnrpiirc of the Subscriber.
M. W. TEltRILb.
Catlj Falls, Vt., Jau. -:6, 1861.
Ccpud fnra the Cleavclaud l'lalndtaler.
li e celebrat: d New Kni'lnncl leTcdV or Hnljitual Cou
(it pat oii. Jaundice, Fever nd Ague, titneral Debi -ity,
unci ail ; d.t-e..i!ei sriu f.tia a disavied fclo xach
Liver or I'o'.vi Is.
Tic.' lire usee! and rccomniendsil hy .he 'eat'.inp; 1 livs
icians oi ihe C un'.rv. laid all who use tiietii prone ttuce
ilieni 1 1. v a i u ii t If.
Dr. JAM V..i L. LF.KJ'KRK tvriles fum Nat!
C o., ,: ''The Hittc-p are j rat ed by ! !ios.-se I"
ii:die Hm dvsj,ep-ia ul.cl .ivor comjiiniiit.1"
I s. IJA l. i nst 1111.8. er it SVilli.ins.oit
f. tin
(., says :
''Hi y fiivc . a" is acl:o.i. i u-e Hi. in my elt, having ta
k. n cold. I cccine l rostra'e uud lost inv'ti; eti!i: It ie-lii-vtd
me, and 1 can rccomiiieiidit wi.hgrtal tifg iraucc
of its nierils ,;
lir. W'AI. M. KERR, of iio.'or.-vill,'. Iml , writs us that
they ajc the most va liable iueJicine ulleiea. He bus
nc. mu eni-'ecl .hem vt itli gnut uccis-aiil with llitni
inatle several cur-s of ialpi:a:i n o; the h art and ii
ei ul debility.
I MtjAI AS STANFORD, E i , Hlountville, Iltnry Co .
fnd , writes ns a lon Ut c . undei date of .May 4, 1HJ0,
He was much ic .tictil, liavini' been iilll.cted for tluee
3tars; with great nervous eleb.li y, palpda on ot the
hei.rl of ihe most seveie and piostiatinK diameter, " al
ter u iiu a lew bott'es I v as comp etely restored, aud inn
low in roltisi I cilth '
Ci W. HOFFMAN says lie was afllicttd with rheum
atism iorlweiitv tears iu all its vR'ious lo ins, anti at
i lie date of this leitec he lias bten two ) iai s xvell ; the
Hitters ellectin a cure, when s'.veia! l'hys clans at end
inti him c ouhl t o lii.ii uojr.id. lie feys, ' lor rheun a
tism, elipesia, liver comiila nl, hiciney ullvoiioii ur
diopsv. it is a fpeilio c rluiii reined v.
J. W.IIUM wri es lioui Deljdio-, Allen Co, Ohio,
(used ii u where t ever and Ague prevail )thiit lie mo t
clieeilull.v recoii.meoits ill .m ol fieeiciid menl in eHeases
ol Icvei and Attn, D ipipsia ttitl tiilieral Debility.
D- K (i'l.lKill-i:s. vi. I), wiite-l'rom Van Wert O.,
' 1 u.ust rcsjiceilu ly i tcomniend II e Jhtrry Wii e iiit
ters to the ret ce i. I dt S, p'ic p ions, uud all who re
cjuiie a .-: iiiml.ii iiijtr lu' iiiome ; '
Sticli Xfus wenic I :ilvh.jr Unlly.
FLU L UIKLCIlt .N At Cd.i1'AV h.Ai.11 litii'lLE.
No!il by d 'alers in nie.iicinci generally, f ilar. I in"
rPHF.SK JlED.'t INKS liave low 1m.l:i lelore the iitib
J. l.c lor a period of ihi; tv years, and i!iiiii g' that nine
nave maili'ai. t el tt n gn uiiaiuuier in iiiiiom etei v yun
ol the glole lor their t x' I rordinaiy and iliiaiecliate j
power ol le-toring l erleet n. tii I It lo ptisiiis sutieriiiK
under i.c;:ily iveiy kind disease to wli'vli liuniau llesh in
liut le
The following nre amonf; tl.t dislrtsiin vaiictyol
liuinaii riiveins in which tlm
VEGTABIjQ life medicines,
are weii known to be inliiluol.;.
DjsrHPsiA, by thoroughly ckansirg the first m secoi d
ftcmaehs aud oieatina a tl av of pure healthy bile, :n-i-tead
ol the stale and acrid kind: FJa'uUucy, los ol
Appetite heartburn licaonche, Kestle sue s, jii-tem; e:-.
AitXii h , Iii Kuor oud nicluncholv, vt Inch are the yen-
cral symptoms ol liysprpsia. will vanish as a natural
con eiic noe ol its .tiro.
Co-'i ivn.vESs, by cleai.sinjr the whole length of Ihe in- I
ti-t.iits with it i-oivei:t process, aud without violence : j
all violeut purgts leave the towtls costite wi'l.in iwo
days. '
Fi;vei:s of ill I kinds, by rtsto ins; the blood lo a rep; j
ular circt'.la'ion. through the process of iispiinrion in,
in such cs.s, aud the thorough toluuon ol all iiite titiiial j
obstruction in oilicix I
The L ie vitdicines have been known to cure Rucuma- :
littn t cl'iuaiiHiily in three weeks, and ti jiif m half tl'itt
t.ni". by leu.oving local iitliMutivu fn i:i 11)3 lti'.isek? '
r.ncl liindnents of the jo r.U. j
Duoi'sjiks of all kii'.tN, ly fre '.rt rsd : tmigth -ivitg .
the leiib eys and Ulttud.-r; tluy opeiatc most le igh ful y ;
ou t'ij8 iiiiptn-tniit orjtni , Mid hi nee hgv e ver t-te'i ;
icnnd a criajii icmdy l'-i Ihe worst esses, t-f o ravel.
A l:io W'ol-.M--. by t;i;od'ing from ihe 'u:n:::gs of II f
b WhIs ill- si. my nr atter to vthifh Ml eiealiues no! ere I
Souiivv. Ci.CKns and Is.velenAe .iitis l y tl e p;il'-.-ci j
purity winch tlusc I.ile J!ediclii-3 to the OtVjd au4 nil j
t: e b.'.mo s j
cot: lit 'Tin I'lcii TioisB i iicl bad Cois-iex Solid, by flit ir
a!t:aiivc cllirct upt n ' t o linn!.- Mr I iced il.e sliiii, unci
the raotbit! side il winch iic...-;or.s all m.jHivt- com
pinnrs. sal ( tv, il-jwdy end o licr di;np;re?ati e cmnpkx
lor.s 'F: cusc of ;li.eo FiKs for a very
r.n on lire i no ot Salt lihetmi. a
me nt in lie deal ue.-s of the sl.lo.
li !h:?!i.:i v i I ahva; s Ltcti odb
the v.o s' co cs.
I'n.fS -1 he original ptoi rio'
slr'rl. (inie w.ii iff, ci
ci n sinking i:np:cve
e. oiiini'. r. Ci Ids a' (!
one tic c or two in
;r of
mci.it mi s,
was cured of I'i v i 1 1 85 ear.- stHi:d;nj- b; ihe isu c f the
iii;e neaiciiH's an tie .
J' KVjfit ami A oil;.- Ft r this-, sccurge f the Western
co-Ji.tr' , tlitre iU-tliciiHS will be found a sale, r eedy i
anji '-ertaiu : t niOi.iy 'Other m- d cnes Icumi (In sjslein;
sulj-:Ct to c eelus': of iIih disease - a citie bv llie.se mod-1
ititus is j enmiti.t-Try 'J l em buillsltcd. fitd bectiied. j
Il'i.IOIS KEVl Its it.NI) I.I V Bit CMMl'I.AlK'fS Oel cral I
Debility lo.-s of Ap etile Di-eas s Fcioaii s- :lu Mul- i
icine-hive 1 eii ii-, d w i1ii toe tin i t benetiuial results in i
casts ol this descr p'ion ; Kings L'vil, and Scrolula j
ill its worst lorms, v ithls 'o Ihe mibl jit powerful ac- i
lion o 1 tluse ieir:irkfl,le Sini clnec, Nibt .swtelK, !
Neivc.us Oebiiily. Nov m. Comj laln'.s ofa'f til-ds. I'al- j
pitatiens ol the llcait. i'liinttrt' Ctl e, ore specrily cur- i
id. !
Mi;r. i itiAl. Diseafi s - FiiFons whose cotisf'tiilions j
have become Unpaired by .the ii.judicif.w-i ir-cofiierctirv, l
w.ll ffiui liicse Medicines ujehtt ctnet i;s tiny never j
fail I o eradicate !rtm 'he sysiosa all the effects 'of Met- '
cury, intliii'e y Koner then the tne.-t powerlLl piejuni- '
lion of Saisaiiaiil'ii ,
iVo, a rcl erd se,!j ly V. ii. .MOFFAT, :
j;irl t.jj F.ROA uivi v Nkw Vokk I
I'Vit i'aij. it v iii. inut:t; srs. 1
Place? to pui'cl'ifi.e
Uui Q,.inlity of
Marble Work
and of superior finish, is
at the .Marble Shuns of
T.-r. c:iiinin,i ..i m-..i.,..i...m..
'". ai . .., fc'-o tin l UHl ,V
street, and the other at
Stowe Centre, where mav be found rt all times a full as
sortment of Marble and specimens of Vork.
While thankfully acknowledging a constat!', increase of !
custom for the past three years, I would still earnestly i
solicit persons in want of i
Headstones, Monuments, &c., i
who reside in towns adjacent to Wr.torbury and Stuwe I
not to fail to consult me hi person, or by letter, before j
purchasing elsewhere. It shall be my purpose to furnish '
good wore at loev prices. H. I. WOOD.
THE subscriber wishes to give noKec to those in want o'
a superior article of open and covered
made of the best materials that can be obtained, can '
find them by ending ut the building formerly used for the !
manufacture of paper, on ,
Main Street, Montpelier. j
All those acquainted with the work formerly done by '
Oilman k Camp, aro assured that they ran And ecpially a'a j
Rood by calling on the subscriber, where he has facilities for I
2B5ij? Work Superior
to any other place lutlie State. I would also say to tho
frlemlj of F. C. Oilman, that he is also to be found with
the subscriber.
All orders promptly atteuded to. Repairing done with
dcspaich. Cash paid for good Ash Lumber.
, ,. , A. S. CAMP.
Huntpeher, August lO'lSoS. lys
Regular Mail Steamers
tinlliuK 1st, Hih, and int of Kncli Month.
I rc-np"iied in Boston, renewing to New England deo
pie their former fatdlltli-s fer obtaining tickets, staterooms
and berths. Number ofpassengers limited forcachSleam.
cr l.arly application necessary.
Oct 20, 1800. (fyl) . ., jo, urcad Sre;tj Bolton
Manv, since the jjr-at discove.y of Prof. Woo 1 a-e
temped not only to iimta'e hn letorative. but pro.
hs to have d scovetcd .oiimhii -g tin. v ou.d proi.tic
lultsi. en'ical j but they have all come and go . e
:im;o,m-d aivabMho vtrUl routlt. ot I r.
c ciil's preparaiion.and hive bten lorced lo leate the
:!d to its ros stl. s s ay. I!, i d the fo lej , . intr :-
Hath. V il'. Ajiril lS'h lS-.'J I
J'rof O. J. iv-ood&Co dents: Ihe iett?r I wn te you 1
.u.-.i e mil vniiird le llii.r l e loriilne
nod tt l.ieh j ot. have nbli-lud m this vi.un.tv in e e
where. Ins V.vin ilse to nuineriiis iii,Uinc t; ui 1 in
theiaiUin th.-cise I h j iiiiU'i u are, lirs', is il a lacl .
if my bil-itutioii and Minus a
tilled in t e communi-
Clll'ifl : I'CCCnd. IS It line ui ii" ui''-'" - -
thi dd.cMi. y hairvrill continue t be in good order,
and ol n-itural color .' To u'l 1 c: and will r.is' er.
..variably ' es. Wy hair U e on etler III in . i niy
-. n.l II, ..irt:ll (-OH T A : '
::n'o il niv life forlorly yia-s pan, uio.e r , "
, i.,l l,..t . r e,.l. red : .he 111 )S ti lie 01 my
y hiskeis.
and the only can e wliv il is not loiu r .1 y 'rue is that ,
thesubstnnce is wrshul of!' by Irt'jueut ablutioj ot 'he;
face, wht it if ctteweie u edbv wiping the lace, in ,
c'o -e connection with H e w h sse-s, the same ic-ii t wi.i
follow .'sMio hair 1 have be. n hi be receip' ol a
gieit number nl leitcus from all .aU rf cv F.iigland, j
Asking in. if m hair still c.nliuu to Le g"i d ; fs
tlieteTssMi uch Inuid in tlie niaoutavrture aid h-.ii I of
various comi't.ui.il- as we 1 as .his. it lias no doubt been
basely imdal.d and b '.". u.-ei, H'd wttl out any
Kood'luttonbsolnc iijury. 1 bine not uud any of
your 1 Tftotti ive ol ui v account lor tome-mom h, and.
; ... ..... ti ua n -id n ceer.and hundreds IlivetX III- i
iueditwitlisuiprise,.'slaiiin.)w(;i,iei.rs i il and not
n crav luir in mv leal or on my lace ; Hi d to I'mve
Ibis tact 1 send'vou a lock of my hair. t. sen oil the
iijuv,-. eli. lieceived our favor ot two ciuart bottles
Ii j hinnmc" ii r whu li I am very gratelul : 1 gave
it lumv I: ion. sand thereby induced tl em to try it,
many weie skepticle uot il after trial, and then purchas
nl and used it with universal succe-s I will ask as a
f.vor Mini vou send me n test by wh ell I c in discover
fruii-i in the Ite-toialit e sjhl by many. I l.-ut wnlioat
airbori'v from vou. a pure iirlic u will m-tre sticce s
Midi biiieeo v i ere gt od tli'eels. do not lollt v.-the IhiI
ureis cna ed by the iirjiure ait.' ! v.h ch curies the in
invent'Ti l thegocd. 1 deem it my duly rs heretofore
l o kep yo i is p prist d "f c on. 'line l fleet on my hair, as
I assure all v ho eiijuunf my unsli ikeii opinion el'its
vuluiib'errtti ts. 1 ie'1'i'in, ('.ear sir, youis
A. C Raym'd.
Anions linn Ky. .Nov. 3i i8-'8
I'aOK. O.J. Wcop: lui:r sir.-I wtttd ce'aii.ly bj i
ileilng vou a (rent ii justice not lo make lincwu to the j
world, the woni'.eifiit, as we I a? the unt xp 'Ctt d reiiH
I have exprierctd Irom using i .va bottle of voir Hair!
Ile-lcrative, Alter u i.ig every kind of Kc sto.a'h cs ex j
Hint, but without si ceefs, iind nndiua my head nearly I
oe tituteol hair. I Wis finally iiiuuo d to try a bo'tle ol
vour Hair Kestonttive lWi oaodt r and justice coInpl
n o toalint mice to whoever ni'V Mill this, that 1 now
pt's-iss a new and h-aulitul g-i will f l.a:r, w hich I pro
noun, c richer ur d hinilMjai r than the oritinal was.
I w ill Hint fore tale oec.-ion to ri-cmtn end t ln's invalu
al le rimi'dv to ai.i. who nine feel the nccessisv of it.
Kispoctiully ' ours. li'KV. S. Al.l.KN ISKOCK.
1'. S. I bis tt'stimonitl of my at pn batio-' fur your
viilual le niedicii c(n you n-oaware ol) is uusolici'cd
but if you think it woril y a place anions the rest, inseit
il you wi h; if not t estroy and my nothing.
Youis, f c, Kev S. A. il
The Kesio ative is put up in bottles ol ihrce sire-i. viz
Inrge tnedi im, and snii.ll ; t In-small hole a a pint and
lelails lor one Collar je" bottle; the in: diuiiis bol 1 at
leasi twenty per Cent, inure in propo fioutf iiii the smi ll
rdai's lor 'two dodars per bottle; the lurge h Ids a
iucit.4il per ce. t. n.tre in pioportion and retsils lor SJ
a oottl O. .1. WOOD & tl., l'ir.prietr.-s, 4-11 rt ori
way, New York, aril !M "liri-et Stieet. St i.on;p. Mo.
Ami Mi'd by till good Dm rjfi.-ts and Fancy (loo. is Dcsl-e.-s.
art! Hm.
mm mm
t as taken th? store foi nievly occupied by S. II. Wall
Is as a llooktstorc! where h: will keep con.-tanly on ha
a! ton
a rich supply of
VVT Fiji's I .
hill mm I m
Silver and Plated Ware
Such as Gold and Silver V,Tateh.-s Oold and Silver Chains.,
and plated -lo ; Gold pins and Eav-ornaments ; Finger
Kings, Uraceletts, Lockcis ; Cold Thimbles, Pencils pnil
Fens; Hold Keys, Sleeve Huttons and Bo-iom Studs ;
to suit all eyes; a large amount of Silver Spectacles, Sil
er Mated ni.d Steel do., of green, blue and gray glass;
Spectacle eyes to lit old bo.es; Coggles; Spectacle cases
of all kinds.
Of any amount, warranted good; Table Spoons, Tea
Spoons, Sugar Spoons, Salt and Mustard do..
Silver Forks and Butter Knives.
Silver Th'mble?; Silver and Brittauia coffin plates; Silver
Ladles; Plated Spoons a large quantity, rimed Forks and
Ladles: Steel Fob, and Vest Chains, Silk Ouard do.,
and Armlettf, Cornelian Rings; Portmonies, Pocket
Hooks; Hair and Tooth Brushes; Shears, Scissors and
rocket Knives; Toys,
Soap; alur. amount of Clocks of all atees running from
thirty hours to eight days.
All my goods I aia bound to sell as cheap as any one.
No one shall go away dissatified.
S. A. Respectfully solicits a share of Public patronage,
and hopes his old friends and iteiiuaintances will notimss
him by.
I also take this oportunity for tendering mv snsceres
thanks for favors that were gratefully reeeiwd'in former
days which are past and gone like my youth.
aS-i'lnc'js, Watches, Jewelry, repaired on short no
tice and trarranted.
mr . ,. . SAMI'EL ABBOTT, State Street
Montpelier, August, 1S.. isvtf
Til ti
AVatcli Repairing;
Tended to in good Shape
W.I. G-oous and Groceries f
Main Sired, opposite the Bi ick Church,
I If AVR just npent'd a i.w slunk ol fj ROC Ell I
U which they will be happy to sell on the must rea-rii i
utile terms, coiiipi islng i".ii
SCGAKH all kinds : Al CLASS I'S and S Ii I ' P TRe;l
nil kinds, best in town: COFFEE, Cove rum,'
.lava in Packets, assortment in Hugs, jroutid
In bulk ami papers ;
SOAPS Cotu l liar, SlotveV and I avis' ClieiiiCai
(htstilo, Toilet. Fiincv ami shav.ng-
TORACCO- Allkliijlaaiid soils chewing and sinoking i i
SNUFF , black and yellow : ClfJAItH ,lo,.. ,
kinds from thin t Fix to a pliintation. ' '
SPICnS-l'opper, Spire, dinger, Ciissin, Cloven ami Ntil '
inegt ; ItiUilns. Ciirriliils, Figs, t.'itron ; Exi ran, '
Lemon mid Vanilla ; Salerutu ., comm, (l ,. !
soda; Cieani Tartar, lilce, Mtislurd, Prniiei i
S-iuce, Ketelutp-ioiuai.. and walnut; Olive n'l i
for table i Chcrkins-all kinds; Pip,.,, j,tlll,
01) FLS li-Su!iiioii, Mackert liind Herring :
and Lard.
CIIF.ES B TI PS Wash Tubs, Wash Hoards
Pails, Siinvels nnd Hues.
TEllr-lS, CASH.
c. ii. jovce;
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
A nil Solicitor in Cianrtry,
NCaiilFIf.l.U, VT.
1801. isnrcw isoi.
An Entire Slock of New floods!
W" &'
Parlor Suite. Chamber cio.
Extoiisiou. OCTrlc5,
Window Shades, Curtain Damasks
Rer.dy-Made Coffins, &c.
Great Bargains in ali other Goads pertaining lo a
House-Furnishing Ware-House,
At Heed's Jitw Uloclt,
Opposite Laugdou's Fiour Store.
Montpelier, Jan. 1. 1801 a62tf
Qijxr; i toistto
Tho Best Aromitic Toiic Ever Offered
the Public.
For i.n Superior Mt tlicinal Q.iliti('si.
nHIS elegant co npound which has secured the confi
J. dence and endorsement of most of the leading Physi
cians of New England, is a palatable and efficient form
of Qiiininf , containing all the peculiar virtues of Peru
vian Bark, carefully combined with various tonics and
stomachics, and connot fail to meet the wants of the de
bilitated. It is a mild tunic ti th" stomach, increasing the appe
tite, assisting digestion, pro eminently good in dyspepsia,
strengthening and invigorating to the digestive and ner
vous systems after prostrating diseases ; and in fever and
.tgue, or kindr.'d conipl iin's, its aid is invaluable.
For diarrhcE i dysentery and cholera morbus, the pub
lic may rest assured there is nor can be any better gen
erul remedy.
One of the very best I'hysiciaDs In Boston has said
" that it is tli J best preparation of tii'ers that has evei
been offered to the public."
Put up in half pint as well as quart bottles, in ordei
that all may convince themselves of its superior merits.
For further particulars, reference is made to tho print
ed circulars,
Fon S.u.; ny
and by Druggists everywhere.
Boston, Sep'. 1, IfcCO. t 4".yl
OF Till: ACE.
I I B ES ft-''
Alicad of till Competition !
5403 of them manufactured last year more than double
the n urn nor of any other first class stove in
one year, in the L'nited States.
'PIIEV contain a'.! the improvements which are in lulthe
first class stoves, and the advantages and improve
ments over other stoves are in part as follows :
1st. The arrangement for broiling on the front hearth,
an improvement overlooked in other first class stoves.
It has also the same arrangement for broiling on top.
id A thoiough ventilation of tho Oven.
3d. Introducing hot air draught to the fire chamber,
thereby increasing the draught of the Stove, chickening
its operations, and enabling it to throw out inure heat a
matter much and justly complained of in other Stoves.
bh. An important imp ovement in ihe application of
ihe damper, which throws the heat around Hie oven.
oth. -Much grea cr weight , conseiiuently heavier plates,
and more durable as well as handsomer casiip.M.
.iUl'V, A,ll'i.lft 'Ulml-'r at each end or the fire bo, so
that the fire iscipializ.il, and one g, idle will heat as ouick
as the other, also louuing the oven in half the time.
)jii'l'o j'"'i: back protected by soup-stone, so it cannot
It In addition to the above improvements, it has all that is
combined in oilier first class Stoves, viz .-Hot water lies
ervoir Vt arming Closet, P.OHSter in front, llker on top,
Doors lined with best Fusiia Iron, kc. kc'. Further this
stove is warranted to d ihe W(k with as little fu. 1 as any
other stove in the market, and in a superior manner.
All who want a fimdass Stove, should never buy un.t
they cab and see the Good Samaritan, as they have in ev
ery instance given satisfaction. ' ,el" tw
a... ne exclusive agent for the sale of this Stove in
Wpclicr, and sell i: r.n trial for any reasonable length
of time; so all are sufe in billing. -ieni,in
I have also as full an assortment of Common Stoves on
band as any other dealer in Washington County, and sed
us low as any one in the State. 1. iiFW' F V
Montpelier, Dec. 1(1, 18.50. " '
Utvi) Pork, Liii-tl and Hams;
VeM, Uiuli, Chickens, Turkeys reuil oee. ,
fait Pork, Corned Beef, Tripe an! Sausage ;
Ifeat'a Oil, Tallow, Soap, &0.
... Successor to Win. II. Hubbard
M. 0. HEATH,
Attorney nnd Counselor at Law,
Cnmloridgo, Vt.
TZfgfok "M fv sale ,000
Cabot, Feb. 4, 1-61. I.ANCK Jc PAIGK.
AnicaicaiJ Sl Toi-cign Patent,
(Late Agent oi U. S Putenl Office, Washington ,
' the Act ol IS37.) B'n. nf
76 State street, opposite Kilby gt., iIo
AFTF-tt an extensive practice ol upwards (,f
years, continues tosecure I'atentsin the lInitfJ "'f
also In Great Britain. Fiance, and other foreign ' '
tries. Caveats. Sepcificutions, Assienments. sua I"
persor DravvingK for Patenfs, executed on lib( r., . r'
and with deountrh. Researches made into Anic'rir,!,
Foreign Works, lo delermini! the validity or ntiliiv '. , V
rents o linveiitieiis, and leeal or oilier advice in'cl(. pi '
all in.itters Icrichiilg Ihe saiito. Copies of t,P ,.p,; '"
nnv Patent furnished bv remiltiiin One i)n!h,r ' '. I
nients rer.or.leil at Warhirigton. ' '"S'i
'I'liis Agi'iicy is iiui only the iarges-t in ., v, irn,
but through il inven'eirs have b;ive ndv- nirigi-,, f,,', '',l'
patents, or anterttiiiiitis Ihe pateiitaliility of i n verli i" "
ii n surpassed by, if not inline isuiTblvsupeiierto m,v w."'
ran be offered Ihem elst wln-e. The test im-ml; U ,"
given prove thai none is .MO Pi K SCCCFSSITI, ,-y-lu''
PATI5NT CFF1CF, than the siibs-c.riber ; and aSi'i-i't ."
I THE HF.ST PKOOP "F AD V A NT A(i i:s ,r, Mj','
ITV, he won bl add that he has ii'iundant reasons tM ,,'.; '.'
and can prove, thai nt no other nffice of the kind nreY'i
charges fur prufess-ional services so moderate, The "
niense practice of the subscriber during twi-my ',.'"'
past, has enabled him to arc ti mu late a vim cold rt n '
specifications and official decisions relative lo pi iem.
These, besides his extensive library ol lea! and i,.ri ,L
ical works, aad lull account" of patents nr,intr, jn !'!
United Slates nnd Hurope i i-nder him able, heyund ,
Hon. to offer superior facilities for nhlainine pntents " '
All necessity of a journe lo Washington, in pr, c'
patent, and the usual great delay there, are he, ,,
Inventors. "
" I regard Mr. I'ddy as one of the most enpnilt and
cenifu practitioners with whom I have had Imd eili,.
intercou rse.
CH AS. .MASON." Commiixionrr of in, ,.,
' I have no liesitiil ion in assuring Inventors Hun n,,.,.
cannot emplnv a person more competent and liusi h ,,,,1,,
and more capable of putting their nppliralon." in (-.''!
lo secure for I hem itn e-rly and fiivundilo r r n , , j,
at the Patent Office. I.DM US I) h I'RK K,"
I.nte Commissioner of l';ite;,!r
" Boston, Februarys, .v
Mr. R. II, Eddy has made for me 'I'll lu'l'F.FN .',.: ,
cations, on all but one of which patents have been ,-'.',-ed,
and that one is now pending. Sec-h nnmhiaiiit;.
proof ol great talent and ability on hit cart !. -id ine i
recommend a 1 1 inventors to iipply to him to procure -
patenis, as Ihey may be sure of having tbe r.eist rnj,,'
attention bestowed on their caset. and nl verv r.-a;ii-ift
charges Jdfl.'J TACGAR T."
From Sept. 17h. 1857, to June J?lh. iftW, i!,p seb?c.
in course of his lnrge practice, nnr'e.iiii tw ire ri'iic'i''
which was decided in his favor, by the Ciuiiiiiissloncr i '
Patents. K. H. FI.'DV
Boston, Jan. 1, 18f,n. fl4vl
The Only Positively
Certificates of approval, in comparison with other, afr.-i.
Grafton, bic "il
Messrs. Sherwin and Burges, Agents for Mailanil's i1;:.
tent Safe. I have examined the Jlarland's patent Sure i;
your store, and so far as I am able to judge of its ff.
proof epialities, I beb ivc the principle upun which it ;,
built, tne most reliable in resisting beat, of any fire-pro.;
s-al'e that has come under my observation and r ank',
lurly recommend it to the attention our Prol ate bisiric;-.
that are now supplying Ihemse ves, for the pern-Matin
of their records. Benj. V . Dfas, See. of State.
Brattbdioro, Ilec. , Sd 1S5S. This reay c i tify t e at vt
have examined the .Varla ds Patent Fie Proof Snf.-, c.
bibited to us by M r. Anson Hardy, nnd that in err ej.fe.
ion, .Mariand's Safe v.'eiibl be a dc-Mrabe ,n. lo i 1 1 r c 1
for the use of the l'robetc Cc.'.ns
A. Stoooaki,, , ''"'n'tofPri.lf.'!.
Middelebury, April 27th, 159.-Tbe i.f gislr.lurc i f V
titont at its last session passed a i.tw making it tl.e 4":,
of County Judges to procure Firo Frcof t'afes. in v.h:.;
to deposite Probate Keco.d?. In discharge of ilrit ,lr:
we have spen some time in examine ing'. number i.f .-a'.--,
we have come to tho conclusion that the A: r. iinr.il Saf-.
manufactured by M. H. Iligelow ti Anron Hanly ei' B 1
ton, Mass.. is superior to any other v.e hr.ve e'.-:ii',;i.-'. .
for its Fire Proof qualiti. s We have lnucht n -nfe '
that description for the New Haven i'robale Histrict, st
are weil satisfied with his workmanship, iippatni:! f;r,i ;i
and d. rability. W. W. C Weight, ) Ass't .litilfn c-f
II. O. Smith. j Addison Co Court.
Mantifiifttnrcis titid Proptielors,
1-2 School St , opposite Citv Hall, Post..:-.
Sample to be seen at the store of J. W Cllis & Co. J:-..
pelier, Sc ott k Brooks, do ; J. J. Huncklte, Burlingtcr.
(irtut Rcmedr jar t'.ng.v, ('elks m
Kidney Dijicultiis.
rw.rAiiKH dv
'pHK ft)Kov.ing testimonials i.t tell something ale :::
1 a Jledicii e ths; is now bee iniint: po ulur fasttt tlisn
any other article sold bv druggists :
Kev. J. K. Chase, at Itumney, N. II., urder date tt
pr-l 4th, 1800 says : ' M;in j our favor, (two tit
tles o! White I ice Comptuud.) w as re eived. I m si ii
eiing Irom a moit severecold. J took the Compound,
and was ablet preach in two din s. Ibtliev
Ihe Coinroiind is an inva 'liable 'mtoicine. 1 do w.Vn
thousands who know nothing of its virtues', nou'i! In
come b. ttei arqiiuinted with it."
Key. I.. ('.Steven--, IV Mor of the Da." rt Cliunli
Ooll'stowiiCei'l."' -a a le! lor dated l ed. mvs :-
" Sonie of my lamily have tried it. (the Coicj.C'.LiC.
with signal siicees-i. 1 U litre it to U e r rj i.1' '
Coicgi Kfmf'iis tttr friimrtrf. lie ,'eUi-if s value a
Cough medicine I h-ive good reason to luli"ve it lelt
nil ii claims io be for Kidney Diseases tind Dialc't".1'
"'' eiuuuuue, oi now, . ii,. was so prosi.a eu i-.-Di-ibitn.
in IWaich. H-fO, Unit neither h uedl IO'' ic
who saw bim thought that he Could possible live tin o-i!
Iho inonOi As 1 lust resort, he tho'ijht h; ivo'iht "
the White Pine Cim'Pimtl. Hicv titci.r tl a loti.'ftt
llim ' b. I Ptf :l Yl 1 .1 ., L- a il r. .1 . 1. f n 1 IrV
' - - '" i . it . nit in i tie t, u i j r..--- ui .'
rr.e.liatetv boeved siiji's ot w ml went. Heven moiitl'
aUerwaitls ( Feb. 23. 1800 ) in a full statement ' lln"
hesajs : " I believe Dr. l o'imd's White l-ne Ccn.pemr':
, under (Jed, has been the means oi mv rtcovei) tte
Hundreds of case? of Kir'nev conpltrnts. i untn k
TIHKI.Y bv taking t he White I'inc Coinpoui i), bau li
repo ted b cttuggists. Here arc two sample" :
An aged man in Danvi rs, ftlase.. heard ot t he Cor.--pound,
as a wonderful curative fo' kidnev c wplsn-t'
H.ing a greetsiifle er from Hint diliicultv. iie m'i.I tol!
Apothecury I'ortwo bo'tles. They cdkkd him. U
'nev were orth fifty dollars , has since fo;dlW
many Lotties h n self. I
Ihe second Casew.sthat of a business man. in
MasJ. He waalsocurtd of the same complaint- ""'
wards he went to Minnesota I ho srei.t 1t it ue- ol li"
journey brought on n return of his former diffic ulty, an:
seekin? in vsm in Minnesota for il.e Ct nipcurd. lie '
compelled tosend all the way to fc'nlcin lo hate it h'
warded bv fNpri ss.
"Julv. IStj". na. roLASD: Mr. J (M'uttcrlie'il.J"
whosellsyour Metlic ne, has rrqutsted inetoiv-'
briel statement of what your H'An Pihe Conpm nlK
dote forme. 1 had been afllicttd with Ihe K'ilre Oc
plaint fir a long time, piiC had a bad Comb ol
year's ftar.ding. v hieh cauitd n o to .pit bltii'l':t"
treqnently. No ore of my nctjuaiiiiir, ce . J! e'",,:
that 1 ihoulil ever got mv bo-alth aain. Hut "" "
ll-s ot yonr Wlnlr Pino Ci rri -unit Tr.ve Clin"! I'1'1
both the Cough and the Kidnev Com; land.
I Would nl.io state, thst a hid v. a ncighlorol cur;
wai.so batllyi lllicted ltd a cough, that sl csn' "0;,"
longent uli to have her bed inade. at it we nil 1l'f;'
ull:i ITU. r.in,. I.... - ..I 1 . ..... ...I- .lit .r
"""""'sin uutiicK consuirptinii. s ne ii'-
boltie ol yourCr.iipouiid a. d it ( tiT'l h'-r. M",
well now rs she etrwas. S I V I l.'FX
ue'iiii- ui vour . rnii
.tint s well now as she
'. I r i . i - t
, - ' Bll.tHI'l'I'i'.l" "'
" Dn. Pnt Avn ! ,-i. . i ...... . ,v It t
- . pirn in uiai iiivtisuii'i"
value ol your White Pii e Comt otmd.' You wiil rt -nen-ti'r
how feeble 1 v,n at the time I called upon jo.";
Jtl!v Inst. M,. l.i4- ,-i. . .. .. ii t
im n-ojicy. jn atl.litirn to o'lur disatretnb'P
tons I snllVred tlrefdlnll v fiom severe i nin. Y'U"
me a botilx ,i' ti.u vi.;.- i;. - ,.i Mors'
, ; , -- - emci iiiiiniiiHlii. vuili tnn'tn't""
th ni.irv' In litlilit irn In nlliir il imi rrci ftll'C t1)'
. ueiisKen two thuriscf the coi.tetits of that ctt
tie, my pni.i had left me. Though f had bftnsnlii'tf"
With thtit f-i..n..i.i... i . ..... . '. . i.n.l aff
, , . , i, l.lltr i me V l.IITlllllllllI, nii- , .
hod taken two thuriscf the coi.tetits ol that cnf;
, -"..i.iniiii lining rune, l nsve iroi , i
turn k( ii sir.ee, and have for many months psstn jO"
excellent health. Yours truly. II. V. AIKk-
t.i'ttstown, March' 14. 1K50." ,
OKO. v. (iOOX)'lM k ( O.. 11 Marshall St. I''
(Oil. IiKKVh ii. i n u..t.i ... h drutriri
" ""i' i ouiu rrn wiintwj -n-
T. K. SMITH, agent for Vermont.
fe 1 fefS 1' sit
sw '.s ipw-.

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