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l)c Satin
The 17th Eejrment
It seems to us very clear that, if the 17th regi
ment is expected to go into the service at all,
some means other than those now being employ
ed must be used to till up its ranks. It is now
nearly i! not quite four months since recruiting
for this rtgii.itnt commenced, and it i:oea not yet
number five hundred men. This slow progress
has resulted from various causes A very gen
eral, and quite f.iliil fever prevailed among the
nine months men s'ion hfter they retumivl to the
State, which unfavorably inHuencud enSistm. nt.
The bulimy of ft nr hundred and two dollars
was only offered to veteran", while r,t v recr.iits
who chose to enlist received but i'.-c hundred
iin a two.
War Denurtmeiit i.t tin;
cnits who enli-led ia tho old rffjimcnt ; and j
thi:. i'f co'.iitc. liieVt-nleil t ho rccruitinir ' llmcrs
lioin obtaining anything but vntewns for tbu
17th. Whuti the cull for o()0,000 voluiileerti
wtis made, a Government oounty of thri;s hun
dred dollars was ottered to a'l ; and the towns
at ence began to ofi't-r idditional bounties, in inont
oases as high as throe hundred dollars, and in
many as high as fivy hundred dollar, while in
only exceptional inst?iieep, like Montpelier and
Woodstock and some other towns were these
local bounties offered to those who miiit enlist
in the 17th regiment. These bounties still
made it an object for raw recruits everywhere to
enlist for the old regiments, and in nott towns
made the bounties for veterans, who should enlist
for old regiments, from two to four hundred dol
lara better thuu if they enlisted in the 17th regi"
ment. And in addition to this, the great majority
of towns in the State, bein apparently only desir
ous of making up their quotas under the last
call, discriminated in their influence as well as
their bounties against the 17 th regiment, and in
favor of volunteers who would be credited to
them uoder the last cill for volunteers. These
fucts are of themselves an adequate caune, without
impeaching the patriotism of the nine months
men, for the ill success attending recruiting for
this regiment.
But while we are not di.spo.-ed to charge blame
anywhere but upon unfortunate and unforeseen
circumstances for this failure to till the 17th
regiment, the fact still remains that the regiment
.it not full, and, as matters now stand, is not like
ly to be. We have been officially informed that
after the 5 lb day ot January no bounties but the
one hundred dollars will be paid to any volun
teers, and it is safe to say that volunteering after
that date for the 17th will practically cease j and
between now and then, for the reasons already
given, the enlistmenta will be for the old regi
ments, even among veterans, rather than in the
veteran regiment. The result will be that the
fitate will find itself, after January 5th, with
about half a regiment of men who havo enlisted
in good fith for tho 17th regiment, whom it
would not be treajting fairly, either to discharge,
or to disband and distribute among other regi
ments, and yet whosj ranks it will be diflicult,
not to fiay impossible, to fill by further enlist
ment!1. It ii clear that it is the duty of those
having the charge of this matter to find some
emedy for this ditHculty.
And to us there seems to bs a simple, easy,
and perfectly feasible way of avoiding any trouble,
and yet filling the regiment. It is p imply this:
Put enough of the voiunteerd just enlisted under
the call for 300.OUO volunteers into the 17lh reg
iment to fill its rauks, lifter January ,5th. This
must be practicable, and we cannot see how it
would in iliy way lessen the value to the Federal
Government of the volunteers just raised, while
it would make the 17th regiment immediately
ervicea'de, thus adding o00 men at once to the
army, who are drawing pay yet now, and for some
time to come, will otherwise add nothing to
tha strength of our troops in the field.
We suppose it 'vould be necessary to get the
consent of the War Department before this could
be arranged, but cannot comprehend why that
need be a diflicult matter. Tha ranks of the
2d, 3d and oth regiments wjre fi'led with the
men raised by thu draft in this State, leaving the
5th, 6th, 7ih, 8th, 9th, lOlhand 11th regiments to
be filled by volunteers. None of khese regiments,
not even the 9th, requires 500 men to fill its
rank?. Twenty-five hundred recruita must fill
them to tiie maximum, leaving a surpius of some
700 or 800 volunteers if the quota of the Stale
is filled, as there is no doubt h wih b ) a portion
of whom can be put into no more serviceable
place than in the 17th legimnit. This will give
the Suie an additional eil'eutive regiment in the
! ' S fJii JSA fieU, and we very much fear that no other meth'
01 accomplish that result.
Of course this in a subject for the
r" ftnd determina.ion of the proper authoriiieK, State
l" J4!!iWlitioiul. We hone, however, that uo red
? t."ia wif tirove an obstac a t.i a Biieeilv orianiz .-
jgif'Z ?,$$iila piejeteran regiment. At l mst w hopu
i 1 "''ur,1lSk9ite-c!'uthorilie8 will mike a' ell'ort to hecur
' ilv'5 tt thSTjit aTthe War Department to such an ar
- 'rfyf 1a"' l'3en 'l 18 nut wcomplished the
1 ?, yfftcilr,)tOje m this atate.
Northern Faith and Southern Distrust-
The Richmond currtspondt'iit oi the London
Times, in his hul letter, d ued Nov. Utli, give
utterance to some v ry renuikab:e stLi.itmi.ti,
considering the source from which they ourae and
the organ which gives them to the world. We
make the following extract :
" The C jnfedeiate States are evidently approach
ing a stage in this wir which will test rrore than
ever the stubbornness and tenacity of their temper
and patience, and ciin only be successfully encoun
tered by a n i'.ionai spirit as s .-.tenia tic as it is
resolute. Their winy, with as much pertinacity,
and far more sagac.ty than heretofore, hems in
the edges of the ' rebellion ' on every side, avoids
the frequent recurrence of pitched bitt'es and gen
eral engugemtiits, pounces with hawk-liko swoop
upon isolated ut:(l 1:1 tdc qj itely supported bodies
ot men, evinces pussef.-i jii of admirable secret in
formation, kfejm the Cunfed' rate Cieneru's coii
stantiy on the M'..k, i,nd, harassed by irrtiptiors of
c ivalry, makes h:s superiority of numbers, and
still more his ubutx'aucu of supplies ji.r hor; aod
man, more and mure Ml, auu Jinui'.y is invest ar.g
the ports of S' c. s: a with a crdon of vi-ki-.n
numerous us L.t U.e iir-.t t:uv: in ti.ir'y I s to
lnakw m'.L's to fi;o 'utit.i.iei' ;'(..;. si, iciii i ,' li.itl-
i;T'oi)s an ! u.tli ui:. ( )n ih
flJt):tl it fif til.'- i't".!tr .!s lu
o'.li'.T IUl.il, in roL
a . Vi..itT':'i! ;Y.S in
t:it lily, 1...VJ iiO'.il
i.f DW'.'ii tiidtt t tils
i ciioumstcin xs h:i'ii, to m
tin' In-irirniu-;
1 Confc'i- iIm t;ik.
Vi ono v, ho ins beti
in ri.:i(-iii ales durii' ' ll. t
ju: ir .i:it M li
.t two ai,t; oi
yea is c.oi have !..i : .. a Ij no ,v t. . .-,'
toe !,.l;li, r.ti-oiij r ri Cl v.i-,, v,nsci;
Him-i h have exi;.b.td n tne,.- ' star, tacr ' in..:;-
litM. uehtur. .tun rt i;ir. 'ii, tticir Alinn ami
t lilli'.' 1. 1 li 1 ir ii 1 1 a!li ol 0.) a ' ii a a i aa an C'i r 1 k. i '
anil (to quote Mr. Everett's, word.-) ' laini tiu
icy I'oie 'o tiie fLniia;; beit of tiia Kquitor.' No
para iel taoh htf oi oee.i t-xhi ute.l hy the to;-..
fi.dt't.iLe .States iii iiif-ir iutui'e. Six g.-ea'. souiii
ein vicioiies in lie fit id and three drawn battle's,
exlmuriliiig the nin pi'incips.1 c ilisi.ias of the
wur, tint entire ahsenco of any s-uch p.inio rotr.s
as JJuii Kuu 11 Cuickantaiiga, tha tried t-tlicieticy
of the Federal iilufkiiv.e, the umnoiested ilight of
Alaban .t., und Floridas at bea, have altogether
failed to insjiire the masses of the South with a
tithe of that confidence in themselves which neith
er defeat, nor tlisas'ar, nor hope deferred, nor il
lusions dispelled, h-ve ever shaken out of the
Noi h rntrs.
Jletiy it who may, there is something sublime
in this shallow y earnestness und misty magnifi
cence of Northern tai'.h and self-reliance. Would
that 1 could sue promise of the future and final
Southern triumph in any corresponding quality
of the Southern mind.
In many fashions Southern unfuith crops up
and recoils upon the Confederate Government,
making, fur instance, Mr. Memrainger's task,
though he takes bis stand upon raw material
worth sixty or seventy millior.s o( pounds st-rling,
Herculean us compared with Mr. Clhase's, who is
sues vastly larger promises to pay on a security
of brtjt(btuff exports worth only sixty or seventy
millions of dollars. There are, of course, other
reasons to account for the fact that three dollars
in 'greenbacks' will buy two dollars in gold,
while it requires thirty paper dollars of the Con
federacy to buy a like sum; but the fundamental
explanat'an ot the discrepancy in value of the ir
redeemable piper issues of the two sections lies
in the vastly superior faith in themselves cf the
Northern people. For many months we have
heaid throughout the Confederacy the cuckoo cry,
Do something to arrest tho depreciation cf the
currency, or we perish ; ' but hitherto nothing
has been done, and, as is now seen by everybody,
we are on the br.nk of a precipice.
It is universally admitted that the country is
richer in everything that constitutes wealth than
t wis twelve months ago ; that there is a sufli-
ciency of meat and lar greater abundance of cere
als than last year ; that fr iit and vegetables have
been granted us in unufual abundance ; that Kich
mond has supplies of coal ar.d wood vastly in ex
cess of those laid in against last winter in proof
of which I may mention that the streets are now
as well lighted as those of London, whereas last
year their (. unmenan darkness was a fnvonte
theme of the New Yf rk lU rabi ; but in spite of
all these facts unfuith in Confederate currency
grows apace, the farmers refine to part with their
crops ou any terms, flour fetches $100 per barrel
a. id ii risirir, bacon is close upon 3 a pound, ev
erything is proportionately dear, and nothing
id plentiful, fave Lonteot rate currency, until at
last a woman "i::g to market Las betn heard to
exclaim : " 1 carry a b it-kL to market to hold
money, and I carry a pocket-book to fetch home
tne a lice of beta' which it buys.
'I'm; Stokv or a Fkmai.k ifrr. An allusion in
a speech made at a. ISariitary Fair meeting in
Gineinnati on Monday iiieht to tho work per
formed by our women in tha national cause,
called up (ain. lioicians, who narrated a very
interesting incident of i female npy, who came
to his headijuartris more than a year ago and
tated that she foit it her duty to oiler her ser
vices to jenetrate tha lines of the enemy and
examine its condition, &c, adding that she hoped
the general would allow her permission to tro
upon that errand. After considerable importu
nity she was allowed to go, and by virtue of be
ing an aeti'i fs, she succeeded, although generally
ipeakiDg, she was not an actress. After having
been absent a long time, there beg to be con
siderable anxiety lor her return, but although
waiting patiently to see her and learn her dis
coveries, she cunie not. W hen the federal army
took poession of bhelbyville, Tcnuoisee, they
found this woman in prison, condemenr i to death
as a spy, and waiting her late like a patriot and
hero, fehe had been tescued just in time to save
her lrou tho doom that awaited her. She was
immediately sent to Nashville, where she was
lying sick lor a number of months. This (Mon
day) morning, Hiiid General lioseoriuis, " I re
cieved a curd bearing her name, and 1 had an
interview with her."' She has been washing in
Cincinnati fur two weeks, in order thereby to
raise mt-ans to end Iter 10 her friend.j, now resi
dmtsof New York. lie asked the meeting to
assist him in contributing to this poor woman's
iiccehsitieu 1 hut she iiiiaiit, j. ay her hoard, &c,
und roach the home of her friends. A handsome
collection was ut once ruised und will be given
her by the (jeueiul.
A Bea ca'iUiu of forty jears' cx;,t'rit;ii(!u ud
eons that tlieUull Stroam is several liimdred
milts neari r our cou6t than usuu', and jr dictsj
a win 111 winter iu Nuv hngluiid, but out at thu
South, in cuubtquonce.
Rfc'CONaTRtlTION lit Tk.VNISs.LK. The Ml-111
Evtninir BH:t.n ol the 17th k'.v. says that
nii.'emen's tor reconstruction in accord.n.co with
tho President's latu prodd mutton w ill be com
uieiceJ t one. The rociamat cu eiys that
wlitiever, in any Stye in a condition of insur
rection, a num'tuT if fwrsoi s numbering not less
tb.ui one-tuiitli of tins :,iiin! cr of Vuica cast at
the prisidenti :i el.'ctiaii ol lSbO, liavi-.g tak"D
t'.O r.fcCritcd outii, and being qualified voters
at tho ti'uo ii S'iO'.-s.o;:, -ball re esuttilish a Slate
gatorii ment. budi government shall be reoog-niz-
i as t!ie true government ot the State. In
;'( tlio population ol I'tntiesee was 1.108.S00,
a;..l th total vol'-: for i'resider.j that year in-the
Stit'j 14j,o3.. llene- 14,538 cf these voters
have it in their power to " reconstruct " the
Statu of Tent.-.'. The liull!m pertinently
iK-ks, ' Can u-:y one duiibt that it will he done?
List leniiesst.e cm do Jh.e tius'.nc.-s K-'.'lt.
Tut. FkwImik.x. It jssii ti. V the War I) '
Artui-v.t lia.i-nl-nol Li,:ufiiatr.-C.il"n !i;;vc
Chief Ci'iartei m . t -A t'.. l)..-jiartm)fi:--f Wash
ii.to!i, to ',(-ti up :tit t:. !r.''iiii
i:ii; :i u
as i aroM'i.i a--Uii:ti.f., win
Liiui tr;ii:s:'"r ail ; iriKi itx to
i ti.o I'o" i:te.
'. -!ti--i,)-ii
i i of A-
":itl"'.o!i, vv:
; j v, :
land j.
. i 1 , i '
.rja:-.,; :i t'
14 K-ca.-'K'tttb!:.
tilp: ill !!; (l-l .r-inn ..r-r'
, iw.: . ! r,.-: ,, . s, . .j ' 11 1
iv i !tv a.", -iniiK-iit ! r !?.i!
' t; :s.t 1 til. 1 rms a':i )'.". 1 t
:i:-nt i lli.M l u i ion i.n it m Clt U
''tl' ! oia. I. :t '.:., .V ..y. I ;
A am) t.
, -; i in.-
; i l(lC i-uU-.u..-. hfidnr
a.- -.. ,,,, ,
it' ot int'-n
1 lOttiTs
:-.!!ai o.o,
tuauuLi' on
tXaii I t;:,j :.raa
luring of tiij yn
-iuu oi our I'li-t Cum
:..!. A (or-asa! .-f tho:.:
tiiiiti-n ai-.d xtr::i' kiI
ia South ('ar.-hii.i, and
Sjiit:ittttcrii ieoria ; corroborates ;ujo the
povv,ili;!' tti:!io:i fuse .aid at the N irth, that
tho Conleoer o.y ia nearly u.iod up. On
of I
tln't) kiters, writt:-a at Barnwell, exprt'sst.-H -a
hope thai tins ti.i'iio!.) auu duvatating war wilt
sj 11 terminate ; but .1' it doc not wo musf
per.a'i iroin laiu'iio or ! war.t of clothing.'
Anoihor,-.vrittt;n b a m-.-'oinint at Jaeksonboro'
Gorgia, quoted co'iimon heavy boots at $0(1
to ij-To per pair ; coarse muslins at 'Jo oerits to
$125 pur yard ; moats generally ut $1 50 per
pound, and whi-.koy at .15 pr gallon.' ''
roi'Ka-ir-tsooK ia)i
nrllK Baliscribur lo'., Iiftwi'nn Montp.lir nod Chelsea,
1 last W .'di.esaay, an (il l cull -iKia
containing vulualilc p-ipcrs among uiIilts imtes jiaynliie
pome 10 C. t.. A rms old f-omt.' to uiyst-ir. li lirnler
will be suitably reitariUal liy returning said pocket book
to tiie mliscnber.
J03IAH 1)0UUI..8.
Monipelier, Iiec. 2S, IS03.
THE NEW ':uiK 'I'lVKS.
Daily, (.'lorulnq ami Kveolngr.) Srinl-Wof li
ly anil Weekly.
The ::ium Enlcrpnsin? and Reliable Family
newspaper in the United States.
TI1KNKW VOKKTIMfcSi.iuow recognized thru ukIi
out the country u conspicuous among the journals 0
the City ol Acw l'ork tor t lie
in a
AM) Til K
it puyflun!alterhi allegiance to tiie Union and thb
Constitution ; lending a steady, but disciiminutinx
mippert to the rrixeut Administration of the tj ove.rn
n tut, and advocating every timely etlort to promote the
l'roijre?!i, and Elevation ol every portion of the llu
muu Race. In thii udvocucy it yields only to sale
Hud coniervative, impulses, placing, always, tlreil'ub
lie Good, in adv ance ol merely llii'nanitiiriun or Hecre
lariim Considerutiou?. No question ol impoit to the
wellare 1 the nul ion or society laili to obtain candid.
independent and exhaustive uiscus.hioii iu the column
ot tins journal.
la the Department of News th first aim ol the TiMKf
will continue to he the collection and publication ot
trustworthy intelligence Iroin nil parts ol the World.
I is general e.orrei-ponui lice, both Foreign and i)orne
tic, is confessed to lie superior to any oilier Americ.'::i
Newspapers. Its letters descriptive ot
its record i' f the Movements of t lie Contending Annie?
their Marches, their llattes. their Ketreuts. tho Lists 1
Casualties, its DelimvitioiH uf Camp !iie, have given a
new and distinctive in'erest to that department of jour
Its I'.eporls 01 Coiigres ioin.l and Lcj'ii-lntivv l'n'Ceed
ings, ol Kiniinuial. ( oinmerciul and
I. EN !. 1! A L 1NTKJLMG KN C E,
of lniiiorttuit Lei'iil and Criminal Trials, and t! what-
evei may have I'peciul interest lor the great hody OI liie
community, are luSI, prompt Bud reliable.
Ilui whether in the enunciations ot opinions or lh
statement of facts, the Tim kx never loss sight ot Hit
oljiifiui ns ot t.ubnu cr private morality : never con
ciliates Hi-' jiiugmdnt or taste of the vicious ; but Keeks
umiormlv to lurni-n remiingproperiy admissuble in!o
the Domestic Circle.
The NEW YOlfii WEEKLY TIMES is a large and
elegantly printed quurto sheet, of eight pages, or i'orty
e,klit columns devoted to l'olilicj, Literature and Oen-
eiui News, and intended to be the 1!ES! us wet) us the
Clll'.AI'1'.sl F amilv i WHi'Af'iiaiu the L uited States
. ICnpeci.ll atteiienliiin ilevotcd to full accurate and
trustworthy retort 8 or the
for which a special corps ot Reporters is maintained
in compiled fvum avartiy ot sources, many of then,
inaccessible to the American reader, and lurniheit val
uable information to the farmer und dardener.
The WEEKLY TIMES will be sent to Huuscribers iu
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and an K.tua Copy to any Cloh of Ten.
Twenty Copies, 26 a year.
The Wkkkly TiMKsii scat to Clergymen at l,2rj
Any pers in who will seiui us a Club of Twenty, tut
Skmi-Wbkkly Tim ua will be sent gratuitously for one
year. 'J'oany one sending us a club of Jfifty, thu Dah y
Tim Kb will be sent grat is for one year.
I'ublishid on Tuesi1!) and Fridays, and containing
eight pages ol reading mutter in every number, is sent
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1 he semi-V'ki:ki.y Timks is rent to Clergy
men at 9'l.2'i
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bolh of Die Wti klv aiul skmi Wkkki.v, at Club
Is published Kvkuy Moknimo and Evsnino price
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agi Ills. Specimen Copies sent without Jhurge.
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l iAITH O MITNEY'S OIRLUOOD,. jm.t received and lo
1 in by O. W. VYILDKR.
Oyster and Fruit Saloon,
T 9 conshmtlv supplied with all the SUBSTANTIAL:; .u
1 DELll'AlIKS in his line of business.
en Land, and f r sate at
In t lie Ollar under the Vermont Hank, youcin (in.l
ev-rvthing in the Grocery line, except the " fritter," ami
tua' '' Annua!, " for prudential ami l.iwabiding rea
son, isn't allowed a lodgment on the premises
I.. ii. HUNTING i' ' J N
fontpelier, Xv. 10, isfil.
i-'r Kit's, MU-ti. !!ohi ht-, A m,, ll-.-d Itiitrs
?;oIlis Dili's, Uimii-riH, ttc, Insect? t. u
t'v!a. . til i.i i 1, die,
' Oi ( y i 11 f .1 lil .- rian.' .i- s k ;..wn "
Kree from a.ul!.-.,,
" S'a dare- r-.i. o tl; - liiaoan Kamily. '
" lia: c..ia ' ut "" I'.', ir J.t ; die. "
D Y" 1 -1 d Wh -ale in ail Lire: cit it s.
old !' all I'ra'jiO:, and ileiitiiers eve.'y.vl:-. re.'
ff ! .' 1 Bi iVAUK I ! ! ofali woi'tliieis imitation.
gj- S;e that C.stak's " naine is on each liox, t:..'tic
and Klask le;ore vim l.uy.
W lr,s Hfc.NKV ii. COST Alt.
7 1 1 oie 1 j 1 n 1 o t j 10 . , 1 1 . 11 o 1 1 i, i iv y , .,. -
J'r Sold liv ill ti.e '.Vladesiilc and Itetai! l)ruu-L-is' ia
.Montpeli, r, V:.
August tl, lsi o. w p ! y
'OLiriTOR ot r.inw v.y,
L..'." AL'r".: -.it '.' . .- ri.ten: filie, 'asiii;i, im,.'..,
tiie Act i i i -:t7.:;
?tl State street , opposite Kllby si., Zlo.ton.
FTF.U an extenove praelir" ,f upwanls of tivnity
. vciirs. cuii. 1 11 lies In .-ecii re Paten' s in I in- l inu il States ;
ai-n iu ire;;i i!rr iin, t r nice ai.d other I'ure ti::i i aim: t-s
t'ive-os, Sit' lti ;;tnui , Hon".-, Assign iHm. and all Po
liers.iir liriHvinas It-r Patents rxeeuied on liberal terms,
and with di-p itrh. I!es.aielns maile iutn An.-r.i oi or
furei 11 Mrks, to d, term i ne hie validity er ut ilit v of p i
lents or invi r.i ion- anil legal it other .nlvu-e ri'iiib-o il
Hi all mall eis touching the rame. t 'npi es of the i la ins
of my palent fiirin-tieil by reiniliim; one d .liar. Assign,
meats reenrdei! at Washinginn.
The agency is nut only ihe larcest in New Finland , but
through I., inv.-mois have ailv.iniages for securing pa
tents , of ai-cerlainiag Ihe patentability i.f Inventions, un-suipa.-seil
by, if m.t iiiiinea-nralily supenur to. any
wliu h ran he otlered In ihein ef-ewln-re. I'ite lestiniuni
ala below given pmve thai none is n ore sm eessiui at the
Palent 1 llh e lb 111 liie suhsi riliiT 1 and as sueie, is t f t
besi proi'l ol advaniages anil ability, he would add Unit
lie has aliunda.nl reason to believe, and can prove, that no
oilier iittii e of the Ii ind are Ihe rhaigi. fur piolessional
services so moderate. The imuien-e praelu e of the sub
scriner nunng i enty years past lias enai!cu linn in ac
cumulate a vast collection of specific itions and ottir'al
Jtcisiuiid reiauve in paients.
'I hese, besides his exien-ive library i f lesal and inr
chanical works, and full acci'iin is ..I pttents irranted in
the United intrs and Eunpe, render turn able, be; ornl
ipit'stlou, lo oiler supi rior fn'ilities for obtaining patents
All necessity of a journey in Washington lo procure a
patent, and the usual great del ty there, are fere saved in
ventors. TESITHOMAI.S.
' I regard Mr. K.ddy as one of the most capable and
siicces-ful piaclitioners, with wlinnil have bad i IHna
t 'mil Hussion er of Patents.
' I liave nn hesitation in assuring inventors that they
cannni empoly a person more competent an t Irustworthy
and more capable ol pulling their appl rations in a lorm
la lerurefor Ihein an early Qinl favorable cuns deration at
Ihe Patent Office.' ED MUM) II I It K K,
Late I 'oniini "sinner of Parents.
ki Mr It. 11. Etldy has made for me thirteen application ,
nn all but one of which patents had been uantrd, and
that is now pending. Such uninn-takable proof of great
laleni and ability on his part leads tne lo recommend all
iu entora to apply to inn: to secure their intents, as
they may he ure of having ihe most laithfut attention be
slorted 011 tiieir cases, and at very reasnnahlo charg.-s."
.1 OILS' r Atiti A UT.
Ilnritig eight nionths, ihe stit scriher, in course if his
large practice, made, ou twice rejerted applications, su
leen ajipeals. every one of w hich was decided in his favor
tiy the 1 onnnissioner of pateiils. K. II EDDY.
Hoaton, Dec. 1!), 1SI13. yl
or THB
lSth ISc'iiiieiit VI. Voliiiilot i
Tli E subscriber ia now enlisting an at Montpelier for
the reorganization of the Dili itegunent.
Those wishing to enlist can do to u calling on him at
his headquarters.
The Homily paltl to room I la Is lour liiin-
ilifil ami two tlollara.
Pay, III ilollarxi per month
from the United States, with three dollars and fifty cents
in addition, (for clothing) and rations, and
The pay of all enlisted niitn commences from the
day of vn llHliiient.
Furloughs will be given lo men who enlist, to return to
their homes and remain until companies are organized
11 tney desire 11.
CHAKLKS W. RANDALL, Recruiting Officer.
Montpelier, Aug lrt, lstlti. auguniw
U. S. Six per cent. (5-20) Bonds.
fTIIICSi; Bonds an payable In twenty years, but may
I be redeemed In five years, at he option ol (iovern
nient, but Congress has provided thai the Bonds shall be
Thi Binds piv -'ix per cent. Interest, in May and No
vember in ooLD, and are issmd in sums of
Vjo, loo, s.-oo, IOOO.
The Sapre.ne Court hss d.-oid d that llovernment
Stocks are exempt Irotn St ile City or .Jouuty taxes.
As the Prlucirad and Inierest ot these donds is payalile
in Gold, they are the Jh'apest Oovernment Security in
tiie market, and p.iy Ihe largest interest u the cost .
Suiisorlpt o.iS i-eimveJ for any nurtions of this popu
lar lo'n at the VERMONT B.MK, and ihe Bonds pro
cured f t suhscriuers
flCy- Wavm 'nteaQ be made In anyourrent funds.
Aug. 28. ltt:i. J. a. PAG A, Cashier.
smu: tiiiio vt !
Dr. Boyce's Expectorant,
The Greatest Known Remedy
ASTHMA It !, M t .-ilMTri
liitO.N'CIII IIS w u, lopivo CO
SoitETHliOVr weak NKRVeS
Suld by all Healers in Medicine.
fKAXCh DriiKxist, Pruprlt lor,
1)11 r.OYCK.S
in i!M w-r-'. f.a :lh
Liver oo;n;u.;iut and J,iu.;.iir-A
'i'h-y il
I"" 1'
I le y
Ill, I .
I Hail-.
Only tf 'isc. a Koi Ir
I'll M'1S yy.SS, i r upr 1 : r.
The Early Physicnl Degeitracy
AM K i (' A N I I;,) 1' i.
Just I'-ibliBhOtl by i:r. l.TOuil.
t'UVSl 1 N TO '1 UK 'I' HOY 1. 1' Ml AMI II vol KN ' '. y- r
TV1 A 1 UKAT1HK ON I'll K I A l'-K , K I'.A ill. Y
1'aYSlO.M. llKOlINKl'K 'Ml. all AN I'Ko
l'l.K; TIJK t At' HI! OK N Lull rH
i.'KllI 1.1TY. ( (INI V p no:.
.1 .M t!'.A-M l'.
1 'IMilS work is one ol Ugh i..ra! to:;- . vt ti:.; ii chai-b
! ( et t 111 -illiug I'Uinai'. .itui tippe-.. -i.inijv ti the
nioral con-cum.-iie- of ALE. l'c.!..srs aioi 'iI'akd
I ian' especially, detailing sen ntilic iokI . eliulde' aids
' and Ire ronent lor cure.
It wit: be sent by Msii on receii t ul tw o o") cent
1 St v '.trs.
I i. r' t'AKKM's AND (, l'A I'.'jl A S-' (ail not to-..iid and
j obtain 1 his book
li r' i ocsii .VI UN r .ol not to -en. 1 and K-t this book
. I.aioks:
You t' O. should al
I el l.'Of book.
one j ecn re a copy
:A WOitDOr' SOl.KMN', Cii.NSl le.o I ;,il , ADVICF
j It.) THOSE WHO Wloi. HI.' I i-i I .
I A class cf maladies previ.il to a l.-arlio eMei,i in coiu-
mumty, dooming at ieiot lu i .Mo j out !i .1 ,t , .exes mi
I liually, lo an ini ly grave. I Iiiim- diseases at" very lin
i perkctly understood. Their external man. testations, or
symptoms are N'crvou- Debility. Helaxaii o u,,,s
liau-l ion , Marasmus or W'.i.-ung ano .1 snno tion ot
the tissues oi H e whole bo.lv ; shortness 'ol br'eatliiug,
i.r liurried breatl.oig ou ioceteloig a hilior a Ilight ol
stairs, great pBilationol the Heart ; Asthma. I'.ron-
1 cuius llU(1 j,re iiuuait siiuhiog ol the Hands and
I l.imlis. aversion to society and to diwnrj or study ;
dinme-s of Eye sight, ios.s ol Memory ; Dizziness ot
1 the Head ; Neuralgic Pains m . anoiis p:o is ol the body;
I'ams in the Hack or I. nubs ; lumbago, Iv jo-i iu or
juuigeMiim; oieguiainy o. tne Howe s; ib raiiged sec
tions ot the Kidneys and other giands ol the bodv, as
I.eucmrlne or 1'ieur Aldus, fce. l ikewise Epilepsy,
Hysteria and Nervous Mpasius.
Now, iu niiiety-inne cus. s out of every one hunl
dred.all tiie above naiueo disorders, and a host o
others not named, ist'oiisutnptiou oi the Lungs, and
that most insidious and wily lorm ol l.'onsumpiion oi
the Spinal Nerve, known as Tabes Dorsales ; and Tabes
mesenterica. have their seat and origin 111 diseases ol
Ihe l'elvic Viscera. Hence Ihe want ol success ou tha
part of th old school practice 01 treatn g sv iiiptoina
Dr. Andrew Stone, ph; siciin '. j ihe Trov Lung and
Hygienic Institution, is now eiig.iged 111 tieatn.g thu
class ot modern maladies u ill, the most astonishing
success Tl,,. treatment adopted bv the Institution is
new; .t is based upon scientific principl-s, w ith newlc
discovered remedies, without minerals or poison. Ihe
acililiesol cure are such that patients can be euled at
their homes, iu any part of the country, In. 111 accurate
0 scriptioiu oltheir case, by letter ; and Lave the rued
ciues sent them by mail orcxpress. l'riuted interrog
atorieswill be torwurded on application.
Ir-Cousumptinn, Catarrh anil diseases of tiie throat,
cured us well ut the homes ot patn hksk at tne Institu
tion, oy seuuing me ioui .Medicated inhaling lliilsamic
Vapors, with inhaler, and ample directions for their use
unit direct correspondence.
tJ-l'atieuts upplying for interrogatories or advice,
must incloie returu stamps, to meet attention.
JCr'I'he attending physician will be lound at the In
stitution, lor consultation, from U A. M to il 1". M . ot
each day. Sundays, i.i the li-rinoon. Address
Physician to the Troy Lung and Hygienic In tilute, and
Thvsician for Diseasesol the li art, Throat
Lungs, ibi Fifth street, loy. New York.
35 Cents per 1'ouini.
3") (,'t'i tw jut round.
35 Cents pur I'onnd.
35 Cents per I'oiinJ.
Pitt np only in 1 lb. packages, 12 and 24 lh. in a tx j
Kith full directions fur using on eai h paekaue.
lo I lie IVi'int
js loca
Transportation Company
T1I, during the present season, run the ir Line ol tstclm
Daily, between Ogdensburgh.Cleavt land, Toledo, Detroit,
Milwaukee and Chicago, leavin t Ogdensburgh, on arrival
of the Express Triihi from the Kast, culling regularly lo'
passengers and freight at Alexand; ia Bay, Clayton, Cape
Vincent, and Oswego.
Pnaariifcrrn hiiiI Knu.iilea liinrinK Wrat, can
embark with their Luggage, T :ams, Stock. c, and lantl
together without ili-liirl' ince or Tranntrpinent, at their
Port fdes'inalion. These Steamer luve large Ca'.dns
and Slate Rooms, nmply and neaily furnished lor t'n"
I'liixt P.isseng-rt and S-con1 (Vi'iim 'dh Cm k Stove(
and coraiiirlahleaeroniniiidations for I'nssi'iigers and Fam
ilies, who may wish to furnish their own preri lionn ar.o
ey-No etforts will be Bpared to niaiiiliiin Ihe reputatiot
For Tliroiigh Tickets c., apply to
OKO. A. KIIV, Agent. Ogdeusburgh, N. Y
GEO. W .-sMlTH, General Passenger Agent,
Office Corner Ford and Porterson streets. 1"
posite Johnson House. Ogdenshurgh.
fhroug Tick ts can be obtained at all the Princil
I' R. Ticket lie between Hoston nnd OgdensbutK1'-
10O ilttxcs CaiHlIc!
POR iisVe to the Trade.
C. W. STORR-prwfl
MoHTnuia, Jun till, if.93.
Montpelier, Oct. 93, 18C3.

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