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)t pip minim
Corning- edition.
j-The Dailt Freeman, both morning and
evening editions, will be discontinued after this
date, December 31, 1863.
While wa hive several reisons, affecting our
elf and our private business and pursuits only,
for thus stopping the publication of a daily,
thero is need that we should give only this on e,
viz : At the present hi gh price of pa per and
all the materials which enter into the manu
facture of a newspaper, with the limited circu
lation and advertising patronage which it must
always have here, a daily paper pays little if
anything more than expenses, leaving much too
email a " margin of profits to compensate one
for the constant and laborious care which must
be given to it editorially.
The Dailt Freeman has from the outset paid,
and now pays expenses, and we return our
thanks for the patronage which has enabled uaj
to eay so. We commenced its publication
April 15, 1861, with no expectation of contin
uing it but a lew months at longest ; but the
prolongation of the war and the demand for
news has induced us to continue it until now.
The meagre news which we now receive, how
ever, and the small prospect of any important
war intelligence at present, renders tho present
moment an opportune one to obtain relief
from severe and poorly remunerative work ;
and we cannot, in juetiee to ourself, refuse to
seize the opportunity .
We enclose in this paper bills to those in ar
rear on their subscriptions, and we hope to re
ceive soon satisfactory answers to them. Those
who have paid in advance, will receive the
balance of their money through the mail unless
they order differently. We shall be pleased,
however, to receive their names as subscribers
or the Weekly Freeman, with instructions to
put this unused balance to their credit on such
e ubscriptions.
The Weekly Freeman.
We invite attention to the prospeotus of the
Wbbklt Freeman for 18C4, in another column.
By the discontinuance of the Daily Frseman we
shall be enabled to edit the news columns of the
Wkek.lt, instead of allowing the Boston tele
graph operator to do it for us. We shall also
be able to give a greater variety of reading
matter than heretofore, and at the same time
give all the valuable current news of the week.
We are confident we shall make the Freeman a
better paper for the year to come than it has
been heretofore, and consequently more deserv
ing the patronaga of the public.
... ... - t
Many ot trie suoscnoers to our Dailt were
subscribers to the Wkek.lt, and stopped the lat
terwhen subscribing for the former, and we
hope to see their names again on our subscrip
tion list.
Special to the Boston Journal.
Washington, Dea. 30. Letters from Gen
Banks' aiiny state that 300,000 bales of cotton,
now in the hands of Texas planters, will be
soon thrown into the market.
No further negotiations relative to the ex
chaao of prisoners will be proposed by our
Uovernment until uen. butler s status as an
officer of the United States army is recognized
by the rebel government.
Chattanooga, Dec. 2'1. Gen. Thomas reports
to Gen. Uallock that, Deo. 28, the rebel Gen.
Wheeler, with 1200 or 15' 0 cavalry and mount
ed infantry, attacked Col. Libert, and captured
a supply train from Chattanooga for Komville.
The train escort had reached Charleston last
night, nnd Col. Libert's skirmishers were wholly
nga?ed with the enemy this morning before
Col. Long, commanding the 2d division of cav
alry, was apprised of their approach. He im
mediately removed the small lorce in his com
mand, 150 men, and crossed to Col. Libert's
The rebels shortly gave way, Col. Long pur
suing them closely. Discovering a portion of
their force cut off he charged them with sabres,
oompletely demolishing and scattering them in
great confusion.
Seveial of the enemy were killed and wound
ed, and 121 prisoners captured, including five
officers. Col. Ljng's loss was one man Blightly
St. Johns, Dec. 30. A dispatch viaUalway,
has been received here, s ating that the Lincoln
fnvernineni his refused to reojgn i) the French
lezioan policy.
Washington. Deo. 3 . But one passenger
Vain p-r oy will horoafwr leave or the Aruiy
ol the Po oinao.
Postm,wter Gemriil Hl'r hs recovered.
IIakpkk'k Fkrht. Deo. 25.
To Gn. Colhurn, Vhfof Stiff :
li'"'g-(ion. So, li.itii'a uilum.i iih roiurnei
eatii, hriiiiog in one hmnlrtd prmuiitMH tne
hmidreil tiortn , & i. He ciiureo in J i.v. r
four l umi td pileolX'tH itnil n l,tr. hinu iui lit
property. 1J r. Kllv It.iu. Um.
MbW YoKK. I) C 30 I (- e hi lilp Aim
tTnlamuli l td llllh iiiuMiIha; u, 4(7(1(1(1(1 i,
SptCie Ulid tilly JmeMeui.' r.
Washington, Dec. 30. It ip not believed here
that Secretary Chase will issue more legal ten
ders, though it is stated that both committees
of Congress have expressed the opinion that it
would have to be done. It was understood yes
terday that he intended to call for a loan.
Chief Justice Taney is thought to be some
what better to-day.
Washington, Dec. 30. The l'resident will
receive the army aud navy officers in the follow
ing order.
The officers of the Navy and Marine corps will
assemble at the Navy Department in undrei-s
uniform and proceed to the Executive Mansion
in a body.
The otDcers of the army will assemble at the
War Department in full uuibriu, at 11.15, and
also call in a body.
A petition is in circulation signed by the offi
cers of the Potomac llutilla and the navy yard
here, asking that Henry Walters, lately Acting
EnBign commanding the gunboat Reliance of
the navy, that was captured in July la-t by the
rebels, be reinstated, lie was dismissed by the
Department at the time, and it is stated that
Walters on that occasion fought desperately.
i -5le iilarKcts.
At Market U0OQ Cattle, About Beeveand Stores
Consisting of Working Oien. Mil-h Cons anJont, two
and three years old .
Prices Marketlleef Exlralv 7a to y,00 ; flrstqua!
ily $4,00 to 8) ; 2d 50,75 to "" ; 3d, $5,60 to G,U0.
Working Oxen $70 to 15(1.
Cows and Calves J5 to 60.
Yearlings $10,00 to 15,00 ; two years old. $15,01 to M.
00 ; three years old, $35,00 to 45.CU.
Sheep and Lauihs 3500 at market. ; prices in lots $1 00
to 6,00 each ; extra, $4,00 to 0,.'.j.
Spring Lambs 3,25 to 4.25.
Hides to i c pr lb. Tallow to 9 c pr lb.
Veal Calves 12c to 14c per lb. Calf Skins 14c pr lb
Pelts $2,00 to 2,25 eacV
Peotisioss. Butter, 22 to 25. Cheese , 11 to 13, Lard
12tol4. Tallow, 11. Dried Apple, 8 to 11. Eggs, 20 Cent
Potatoes, 50 to 75. Beans, $2,00 to 2,60. WestlndiaSu
gars, 13 to IS. Peas, $1,00 to 1,40.
Onions $2,00 to 2,60. Apples t3,W per bbl.
FLOra-Ultra, $8,00 to 6,50- Doable Extra $3,60 to
9,00. Super-Ultra 9,75 to 10,60
Gluts and Hat. Corn, $l,lii. Oats, 6). Ilerdsgrasi
Seed, $2,25 to 2,76 per bushel. Clover, 11 to 14 per pound.
Hay, (0 to 8 per ton. Rye, $1,00.
Miscillaxkocb Dry andgren hardwood 2,6utu3,00
Shingles, $1,00 to 1,60. Wool common 60 to 70. Bark
3,00 to 4,00 per cord. Nails 6,25. to 6,50.
Flour. Western, $0,00 to 7,2 '.
Port, Prime, fl4,00to$15 : M-ss, $1U, to 20.
Beef, $14,5) to 17,00. l.ard, Ui to Us. llams. Hi to 12c
Hogs dressed, 00 to 00.
Butter, 22 to .29. Cheese, U to 1. Eggs 25 to 26. I'a-
tatocl Mi to 1,50. Dried Apple fJ to 6J.
Beans $2,50 to $2,75. Peal (1,00 to $1,10.
Herds grass seed $2,25 to $2,75. Clover, "j to Si.
Starch 7 to 7J Tallow, 7 to 10J.
Wool. Full Blood Merino, 6.) to 82 i Three-fourths Wood
78 to 80 ( llalf-blocd 7S to 79.; Common 78 to 78.
I Corn 1,40 to 1,42. Oats 86 to 87. Hye 1.4!. to $147.
Hops 18 to 20.
p it i c i: , c n it is i: , t ,
Strictly Produce Commission Merchants,
No. 20 rultoii Mri t l, Now I oik.
We quote for the week en iug December 28, as follows:
Butter, '1st quality S. Y. State Firkins, 30 a 33
" " " Tubs SI a 33
" " Vermont " 30 a 32
i!d " " 2.5 a 32
Cheese, 1st " New York J3 a 10
" " Vcrmuiit 13J a 15
2d " " 12i a 13i
Lard, Ba-rcls aud Tierc s . 12 a l'.j
" Ke(!S aud Tubs 12J a 28
Pork, New Mess, per bbl 2101 a 22 oil
" Old Mess 18 00 a ID 60
Okl and New I'riui- 14 00 a 14 60
Beef l'laiii Mesi 14 10 u 14 10
" I'.xtra Meas 14 50 a 18 00
Cut Meats, Shoulders 7 a "
' Hams, 10 a 12
Bacon, loi a l-i
Tallow, 1'- a l-'i
Hops, 1st sort 20
" 2d sort 15
Beeswax, W a 52
Kpgs, Shipped by Express, in oats, ii7 a 2H
" State and Vermont, 28 a 30
Ashes, I'ots 8 to a 00
Pearls 75 a 00
Dried .Apples, etate and Vermont 11 a 12
" Plums, " " 20 a 22
Cherries, " " 24 a 20
Beans, lstiuality ilediuma, 2 75 a 2 K0
" Marrowfat.-, 2 W a 3 00
Peas. Marrowfats 1 20 a 1 25
" Canada 1 7 a 1 10
Seeds, Clover, per lb. 12 a 12J
" Timothy, per bu, 2 25 a 3 3o
" Flax 3 2) a 3 3j
Flour, Extra Western 8 0.1 a 11 00
" Coin, to good State and West. 7 00 a 8 00
Wheat, Western Wi ter White 1 80 a 1 83
" ' Red aud Amber, 1 66 a 1 63
' Hit. Club and Amber Spring, 1 46 a 1 82
" Chicago Spring 1 46 a J 48
Corn, Mixed Western, "sound" 1 20 a 1 20
" " unnound " 1 26 a 1 27
' Yellow and White Western 1 30 a 1 32
Oats, Eaetern nnd Canada 92 a V3
" Western and State 3 a B.'i
Rye, I 26 a 1 30
Barley, 1 42 a 1 4d
Wool, lat qua). Saxony Fleece, 85 a 88
" $ and full blood Merino. 77 a 80
" i " 72 a 76
Com. and Native, 68 a 70
Rags, Mixed, f a i
Honey, 16 a 26
PuUtoes, Mercers, 'i 25 a 2 60
Peach Blows, 2 00 a 2 26
" Western Keds 1 26 a 1 60
Green Apples, 2 50 a S 60
Turkeys, 14 a 16
Chickens, 11a 16
Duoks, 13 a 16
Qeese, 8 a 10
N.B. Ait correspondence and questions cheerfully an
swered. Remarks llolliday weeks are generally dull ones in the
produce and provision Hue, traductions are limited to
the actual wants of consumers, In sidcs the old yea n iraus
actious must be closed up accou Is etc, adjusted prepar
atory to commencing the new year. We w'sh ad a happy
New Year.
Keapectfully yours,
W. S. MeCLLRi: k Co.
HROW.VM A neglected Cough, Cold, an Irrita'ed
It !( II I A I- or Sur.' Ihroal,, if avowed to progress
I'UIK resluts in serloiix Pulmonary Hrohchl-
pok l and Asih'iiat c Diseases, oln n mcu-
C OUIIS all e. iirown's Mroncb ai 1'rm lies reach
and Hrectly the off oied pans, and givs
' 4IL.IIS tlm si unin' diaie reliel F r Itronchii
is, Asihma, C itarrli . and on-uinpiivc Coughs, the troch
es .r; us fin Public Speakers and Sners s.iould havo
i In- r oches to clear and si lengthen tne voice Al i Itary
(lltkier mid t Idiers who ove lax t"e voici and ate x
po ed o sudden ch nes should il e Hi in. Omalo tho
leiiui e. liro n's Hi one! i I Tu dies " h i v'n;t proved
i lit-1 , Miuacv b a et f uiiiit.v yenr., . re highly r coui
leei.d il i .0 prec, ib d bv ihv sici a ris iliol 'Uig 0 sill
h Arinv. mm havenceivd lestiiuoiilKh fioic many
eillllo in uu
1 1 liniu'gi e aod dealers In M it ii 'ne In the Tin
ted Stiles mii i in ist t- or igneuunirias at -Joes., i ei box.
i- lliul
Vermont Centr-tl and Sulli
van Railroads.
Commencivtj December lilh, 18G3.
Trains Going South an4 Ka.it.
Leave Muiitpeliei at 8 43 a. ., 2 00 r. M. and 10 07 r..
Mail Tm i lonves 8t. Albans at 6 ,15 a. Burling
ton 7,00 a.m., connecting at While River Junction
and Bellows Knlls with trains for Boston, Worcester, Ac,
nnd with Vermont Valley R. U. for Springfield and iNew
Vi'tk.arrivmp in New York at 10,15 r. u.
Dav Kxphkhh Thai leaves Ogdenabiirch at 6,30 a.
H., Montreal at u.(Ml . m . House's Point at 10 45 a. m. l"i
ISi-loii, Troy am! New York.
NniHi Himicis Tea ik leaves Oadeiisbiirjiat 11,30 a. h.,
Montietil at 3.110 r. m., Houses Point al 5.45 r. u. arnv
Hi! at lioston lit H.4.1 a. M.t connecting! at Bellows Falls
with Cheshire It. K. tor Hoston and Worcester and with
Vermont Valley I! R. for Springfield 4.C., and arriving
in New York hi 1 0 p, h.
Trains v.otug Nortt and V; at
Leave lioi.lpeiii-r ut J. 53 a
11. uu ,
, 3.30 r. m.. and
5.'-!5 p. a.
Hat ICiPHtas Train leaven Boston at tf.OO i. h .,
White ilivrr Junction at 1,15 m llurluifiton at 4,25 p.
m., fur M.mtie il, Usdrnsburgh, Chicago and tne tVest,
making Hose connections.
Mail Thai leaves Boston at 7.00 a. a., via. Lowell
and at 7.3o a. m., via Lawrence or Kitc'il'orir. Leave
Springfield ill 7 ..Ml a. m liellows Falls at 12 -lb r. M.,for
St. Johnsbury, Piirlinoion and St Alums and odpe.
j"cC(iionATiui( 'i'HAiri leaves Nortlineld at 10.00 a. h.
and Duiliiigloii, al li.25 r. m. for St. All) ins, Vt.
niQH'r Lti-Kiiss 'I'kais leaves Hell('W Fall a'. 10 V) ? m
receivins panrnsrrs from Vermont Valley K. R. leavini!
Ne York at U.15 r. b., and from Cheshire i(. K.
leaving Konlon at 4 00 r. m. connecting at
White River Junction wllh train leaving Button at
5.0 if, M . , nrrivin.; at llcirllnton :il 5.10 a. m., Uniisrs
Point at 7.15 a. m., Montreal at 9,15 a. h. and Ugdeiis
bumh ut 12 m. Both Ihe Mail Trains connect at White
River Junction with I'ansumpsic Koad.
Sleeping car ;t re attached to nun the niph t e pres
trains running between house's 1'oint nnd Boston, and
Rouse's IViict and prmghe.d.
Through Tickets lor Clncugoand the West for tale '
Ihe principal .stations.
f.. MEHRILl., riup'i
ft. Alkaua. Vt. Dec 14. Iwi3.
J E N T JS T U Y !
PERMANENTLY located at CHELSEA, Vt , will per
J. form all operations on the teeth (that ill be of util
ity! 'n a WE at asd DtaAiai sia.inib. TEETH INSERT Kl)
from one to a full set in any of the styles now In practice,
Gold, Silver, or Vulcanized Kublu r Work.
All of which are warranted to dve satisfaction. Prices
according to the nature of the rase, but always bsasuN
auli. Teeth Extracted Without Paid !
IKther and Chloroform superseded by ihe
Nitrous Oxide, or .Laughing Gas. j
DR.J.O. I'eFORKlS has the pka-iiro of announcing j
to the public that he is now adniiniaterlug the " NITROl'S
OXIDE " or " LAUGHING UAS." by th ai '. of which i
hejis enabled lo '
Eilract Trrlli Wilhoul Ir;.i c.
Unlike I'hlorofurin ami Kiher, ttii Gas 19 perfectly
harmless, ami does nut, like those rh'.,is. leave any un
pleasant etlects after inhiiiinn it.
Dr Otlttin cf Bmuklyn, now at the head cf the " Colton
Penial A!orlatin.M of St York, lor the extraction of
teeth, who ia undoubieiHy the most skillful person ia this
country in mnk iiitf and usinc this Gas, after an experi
ence of twenty years, bears the mo'st liberal testimony
in favor of iu ureat success as an anesthetic.
He has administered it to thousands of Persons of ev
ery prada of constitution, and rariety of temperament,
without a single instance of harm occurring.
The following certificate from Dr. Bixby, is respectful
ly submitted :
TU13 CERTIFIES that Hut given full and definite lr .
Btructionsto lir. J. G. HeKorris of Chelsea, Vt., tomrks
and admini. ter t"e .Nitrous (Hide, or " I-Tiittlunir ties ''
as an anesthetic for the Extraction of Teeth as used . j
Dr. Colton ol New York.
The advantages of the Gas over ether and chloroform
Kikst. It is perfecily harmless. No injury was ever
known from ita inhalation.
tKCoNn. The Gas produces the moid perfect insensi
bility to pain, w hile it avoids the nausea and sickness, to
say nothinK of the danger, from e the r and chloroform.
Third. The Gas is pleasant to inhale, having no dig
acreeatno smell or lasie, and the effects all paie off within
two or three ruinute, leaving the person reeling precise
ly as before inh ilr.ic.
Kona-rii. It can be inven with safety (if , pure) in all
sorts aud slaves cf dixease.
I have given such careful instruct ons to Dr. DeForris,
that I havo no doubt he can make a pure article of Gas
and administer it with discretion and safely.
Office at the resilience of Wm. J. Timill, Esq., of
Chelsea, Vt. F473m
Purchasers are Invited to examine this stock.
Hontpeiier, Oct. 14. BAwtt
And every tl :ni; pertaining to a first olass JEWELRY
1 AND t'A SCY li)i DS STORE t.
G ROVER & HAK lill'S
Jusllyacknowledgedt . beeBKST FAMILY SEWING
M ClilNK now in use. aslts rapid sale mosttruly preves
Machine Thread and Silk
of thtt best (plain y.
am .;jt.vi'
Attendee! to p-rn j.ily and In l1"- h"t manner
Corner of M'o sod State i trerts.
"iontji'lier . October , lM J.
I ITI T i: T A X T T I V 12.
I)ARTIE GOING WEST will find it to their advantage
to call on the subscriber, or inquire at the Motels, j
where infotmation may be had, in procuring Tickets to 1
Kftilroatls, and LAKE CHAM
The pub f will See hy the above notice that they can
have thei. oce, going U rst from Montpelitr or Bur
lington, ana
Xot be ronfuml to any One Route.
Any information wantxl respecting the above notice
addressed to me by letter or otherwise, will be prompt'. -
oltcuded to,
Z K. TKI E, AKent.
sfontpeiier. Sept. 2, J8iii. bitwrit
U. S, 5-20'S
TpJlK Secretary of the Treasury has riot yet L'iven notice ;
1 of any intention to withdraw this popular Lan frm ;
Sale at Tar, and until after ten day's notice his been
tfivrn, the u ndt-rl triifd , an Agents fr the Sale uf the ;
Bonds will continue to supply tlie public.
The whole amount ot the Loan authorized is Kive Hun- ,
dred Millions of Dollars. Nearly Four Hundred Miliums !
have been already subscribed for anl paid uito the Treas- 1
ury, mostly within the laHt seven months. I he larpe de
maud from ahroad, and the rapidly increasing in. me de- j
mand fur use as the basis for circulation ly National
Hanking Associations, now trnnii g in all firu of the
country, will, in a vry short periud, .ilisnrh thr balance, i
Saleti have lately ranged from vn to lift em milhons'
weekly, frequently exceeding three nullinns dailv , a!id as j
it is well known that the i-eenwry td the Treasury lias!
atLple and unfailing resources iu the Dutit-s and Import- j
and Internal Revenues, and in the i&m;c ot th.' Interest ;
Bearing ltgal Tender Treasury Notes, it is almost a ter-
tainty that he will not find it necessary, hr a long time I
to come, to seek a market for any other l"ng or pt-rma-1
nent Joans, the Interest acd Principal of which ar pay-
able in Gold. j
Prudence and self-interest must force the ruin Is of those t
contemplating the formation of N'.itional ItanKing Asso-
ciattons, aJ well Hf the minds of nil a he have idle money j
on their hand- to the prompt conciustuii that tt.t-y should j
lose no time in subscribing to tins hour,, it will soon be
beyond their reaeh and advance to a handsome prt miuin,
as was the result w ith the feveu Thirty " Loan, when
It was all sold and could no longer he subscribed tor at
par. It is a Six per Cent. Loan, the Interet and I'rinripai
payable in Coin, thus yielding over Nine pt r Out. per
annum at the present rate of premium on cwn.
The Government requires all duties on Imports to be
pnid in Coin; these duties have for a loritf time pat
amounted to over a
(Quarter of a Million of Dollars dully ,
s gum nearly three limes preUerthan that rnjuired in
the payment of the interest on all Ihe and other
peimanent l.oani. ro that it is hop d that the surplus
Coin in the Treasury, at no distant day, wi.le ahle die
United States to resume specie payments upon all liulnli
ties. The Loan If called 5 20 Trnm the fact that while the Bond
may run for twenty years, yet the iTov-rnment lui a riht
to pay them off in Gold, at par, at any time af er Ave
The Interest is paid half.yi urly, vn : 0:1 the tirst days
of Norember and My.
Subscribers can have C'oupon Honda, which are payable
to bearer, and re JoO, f I0U. $5o0, and l.(KKj; or Ketis
tered llonds, of same denominations, and in udd tion,
5,WU and (10,000. For lianliinfrpiirpo.cfi and for invest
men's of Trust-njoitles, the KegiBtered Bonds ar,; prett r
able. These 6-BO's canntt be laied by States, Cities, Towns,
or Counties and the tioremment tax on theni is only one
and a half per cent, on the amount of inroire, wlien the
income of the holder exceede ix llundrtd Hollars per an
sum ; all other Investment-", inch as income from Mort
Raney, Hailroad rtock and 13on:s, etc , must pay from
time to fire 1 er lent, tax on the inco.oe.
Banks and Bankers IhrouKhout the country will contin.
ue to dispose cf the Konds , and all orders sent to us di
rect by mail, or otherwise will lie promptly attended to.
The inconvenience of a f w days delay in the delivery
Of the Bond.-, is at times unavoidable, thedem tod being
so great ; but as interest c mmences from the day of sub
scription, no loss is octssimed, and every effort is being
made to deliver the Bonds as promptly as possible.
Classes of Government Securities
38 Wall Street, New York.
B7 Deposits and Bankers accounts received on favorable
Zy Stocks, Bonds and Gold bought anl sold strictly on
Commission for Cash. elor&itlm
For THIRTY TRARB has received the Fsvorsble Rec
ommendation of the PUBLIC, and been USED AND PKK
8CRIBKD by the
' ick Headache,
Nervous Headache,
IDispepsia, Som Stomaoh,
Bill ous Headache, Dullness,
, ,v Coslivene.s, l.o.s of Appetite, Ciout,
- Jndigi stion, To. pid.t.v of 'he Liver, 0 ravel,
Hheunmic Aftllc lorn Piles,
Hear. hum, ro a 8loka ss
Bili ous Atucks, .
fevers, &r. ,
For Testimcnluls, etc., tne pamphlet with each bottle
2TS Greenwich Strcr, New York.
57 poh .alk ui mi hkcoOists. yyl
' F a superior quiMiv re s'ld at J. W Clarkl Carriaa
1 1 stahliBhini nt, Monlpelier, Veimont.
Vermont Mutual Fire Insurant!
mil K Members , the Vermont Mutual lire In,u,,
i Company are heie .y notified that the foliwj ,,!
ments have been made by the Directors on aa v,,.' , , , '
on the following days, to wit-. 5 U,J'
August 11, IfO, J uf Ulle p,.rcfnl
Septenilwr 17 " 1 ..
October 20, " i " i,
December lo, " i .
January la, lsi3 i " i.
February 17, " " "
March 8, " J " ..
April 2U, " j " u
May 16, " j "
June l'i, i " i. ;.
Making 2 p,-r c-.-nt. for the j
nig Aug. 1, 1.J3. Said ptrc i.iaSet,, he ,,Kt upon ti' i
ina amount of the ptnnum note, without reference
indorsement ; and to I e paid to the TicuMir.-r ut hi9 .!?
in Montpelier, on or before the 14th day of urt.'
Members of the Company will find in tl.,. li";ltl,i H. m
Representatives elect to the l.i eisUture, r Lical Ageri: '
the Company, a schelnlei,howiug the ania:it of assi ssu
due In, m each respectively ; ami they r . i.articul irlv
sired to see that the money fortli'it asiMnei.t,
vne .,iuee in ucioner. lie iises.4raen: s i:,u,:
due. Those who fall thiii to pay onirht r. t : .
paid if their property is dei.iru.ved by tire. lt
to this on the part of tin; Members of the L io
proper time, will save them expense and jr.,-jt.t
e pan! w: .
' XpeCt tO
'.He aiieut
panj '. at ;
t) Act of Incorporation, uu your t'olicy, which will l
forced.) j. T. THL'itSTOX, Tp a-u-
ilontpelier, Aug. U,
ItT The pulitishers of each weekly new. p.iper ih tti
are reiiuesteii to publish the above notice three we. t,
ccssively in their respective papers for which Hire.
will be paid on presentation of their bills at this oil;
i IjA I
) Ladl1
!! U aE'S in iimn
i, Misses mil Children's Bo
an thoes of the la t Fret)' ' Importtil Wt,
Also, of oui own mai uf&ctnre,
Ladies ind Gent's Balimirnl li tots, (m;v
Misses C Children's " ''
Boys and Voutis' '
Also the celebrated CNMS !it'iT. and in f;
penerai :iss rtui"nt of
Boys' and Men's llo'-is aud Hhoo
Thick n.l T'un.
We are the Bole ir.;in'.:':w;urers on
P 1 u m o r's fj 1 1 e b r ;i t f d Patent
We can't he heat in Style, vitality or Pricf.
for the Trade at the LOWEST PIUCK.-5 . -.- uses
Yr v 1. k a s v. c a 1. 1. .
The liest Cheapest, and most successful 1'
ily Paper in the Union "
A Completi Pit 1 mini History of Ihe 1 iui
I'liie SixCrntN a Num )() J. ()at'
Critical iVutiresof the I'r J..
Its fre. h leave . it clem- (vpe, irsenli-rtainliijrvari
ts pevere hut just cr tin. ins upon ihe loiliesoi tfieln
ts eleaaiitly w it toil 11 11 1 in-1 ruciive nrticles, ami
utile com-, ponoeiicv a I ' condone to iniike it t;ie in
newspaper ul our country uid one tout eury Co
niu-t pi ze. ltn cotuteMM-d tvteklv uuiuiary oi t v
nnd Domestic I lite I licence is aiioeet iu r t upt 1 lor to :
Ciilllllllled ill ailj other joui mil . liellln pulill-lied i
in a to 111 lor preHervatioii uiid Imoinij.. 11 taken ca
us il deserves to he il will helouiot 111 luti re enr
welcome a i uuijiaii inn lor the l.ui.ilv mm fireside u
dav on ulncli it was first peru-c i.-'.Y V . Krnwg I
We would not so olleii cull attention to Harp
Weekly il we x re not well vih-i ed Hint it is t,n
Kloiiy 1'nnt piWi-A.. in 11. "n .. f'tniri. nnd lor t
reason, and toal aloce e oi.-oe to wee it uuilcrin
and root nut a ccrtnin kin. 1 ,11 liti-nn-ire too pre-alt
villi tl hitiut- til- iiio ii s id its reolerf iliiitw tl
taste for s 11 -ilile read 111:, and is uiiea iy bid in its
lefts.- AVie l.tnd n A 1. 1 i.w r .
Wherever we no 111 uil-ciir and tcnmIioiits wel
t seized wilh en.-rncNS. hec m-e ot its spinled sl-c'c
ot pass uu events We all like t 100k at the Iucm
in n we have rent ol. and ut ships and torts that h
tiltured in the bloody -cene ol war ti all such m
and places, aud events his paper lurnislo s the hesi
lustrations, uur utuie historians will eu.ich llu
selves out of Haiu'Kk'h Wkkkly lon; alter w nters,
painters, aud publishers are turned 10 dust AV v 1
T K II M S .
(tne Copy for One Year, - - - 3.r.
One Copy tor Two Years, - - - ,6 0
An Kx'ea Copy will be allowed lot every Cuib ot 1
Subscribers, at $!2,b0each, or 11 ( opiis for fib.
Haupkk'. Maoazik and Hartkl's Wkkslt
gether. one year, ?6.00.
liiKi'KH'a Wkkklv is electrotj ped, and Hack hi
bers can be had atauy time.
Vols 1., II., 111., V , V , and VI , for the Years 1
to lWi Inclusive, ol " HAKPKU'b WKKKLi ," h
soniely bound ia t loth, cxtiu. I rice f-i'iA t-ac li ,
now resdy. The postage upon Naki'kk'i WaxEk
when paid in udvai ceat the orlice where it is recer n
is Twenty-six Cents a Y ear
ate composed entirrly ot
Chemical Vfgrlable EitrutU,
mostly fiom plums growing in our own country, bo
ol these plants have 1. lined action uu the
ii 1 v 1; IS ,
Others upon the Sk in, o hers upon the Kitutlis, s
others upon the .
Bowels and Lungs.
1 1 is li i a
Pfl tet t i'htiiiit iil t i.inhfiiufidii
I all tin . e Kxtmcs thai these l'i Is an- m-de to p
ess the mosl t xirai rd iiui tluaci ' cur.iin
All II i I i 0 11 h I " '" v.
' This OIS a-e S IMioe pioi el Inn- pe : e I. H'C
Idea ol V i.eti U.e l.nf 's 01 s in i-'l r 0.0.111
bile i inn ure i d ho 'U.i !' tut-1. . n to '(
hecie lot s o I e s f " i ' I e c. n- 1,1 . . 11 is. in. .
health eomplix' n ' ' " ' ' lh A' 1 ' 1,1 ' '-' ' 111 j
ed wilh pan. 11. tne ru I.I hoc 11 s .1 ,
li. uliler-biiHit I 1... .l - 1 '' ii' 1 ' !
Iinli'.i Ion. us mm ss. ivi
L. Mtuoti, ol l 1. ic.i.i .. ..eai r
tor the New M1nl1.nl -i.il.s in omI i-...I ,,c
ore.s d tu lino.
t'-.r-i li V7' tttt eT".

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