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- nlui.iWll' f
Mnvch 1st
FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 1864.
Tne uuitwlRiwl, who, fy nrtutmiJ nppnilnt-
nii nt, nr oibeiu.cnt dcHt-iiiitmn iotlll vae-ani-ic.
.Miititul' the KtrniUvi1 t'ommltter rhMdwl l
the National Convention V M at CMr-a.. "
11:11. .l.v .,f M.v 1w.n li.nl'V rail uin an
,p,aliHod "t-w .1. - '"'"'L"' district is diminishing,
FonwARil.MAnait!! It fs mitfi that
ilio spring campaign will Uo opohed ntt
soon as the first of April. It is thought
thnl it Anil bo simultaneous along nil
points (if tho lino. Tho sei-cnlletl "vet
erans" tiro hurrying" Lnek to their pout;
unrt we arc glnd to seo thfit the num
ber of shoulder straps in tho rnnil
lua,nt.ince ttf th'Vm .n the npreinaoy of the ; , , , ,1
CXnwUtaUoa, awl tin ""'V yn i ' ,,. '""' inni ine contest, miring me
To""Sr t-jnext few montlm will bo npoiiagrand-
xnd li-UK l ' "V ' .'.""'J !.'.'. ?"r.V,f.;M nv Kcnlr. Him, ever hcfiir.t. ntid limv
prove fearfully bloody. "Thn troo of
human liberty is obviously destined to
bo watered with human blood."
Tho interest which tho national
dratnti i exciting in unparalleled in
the history of thr world. The prob
lem of self-government is nbout to be
sohed. We have no fear of tho ulti
mate decision of the contest Time,
wo feel confident, will disclose that the
present orelcd through which this
mighty nation is passing, was a ueeos
Ma. GkouoT. Aoorw Sau. This Unsay Maiitin, tiif. FufflTivi: rnoit j heaven grant that 111611 bootless mor
British writer eif Bonsauon novels and ' Canadian JrsTtcE. Last fall Henry
minor lovo stories has boon Hont to tho ! Martin, of Bedford, a convict for nn nt-
ii 11 timi mi' 1 in:
1 1 rsnvV. Till", SV.MiN
,11 v ! . !w,'l, nt 11 rt't'lii'l.,
uoon, for the purr, i f u-Minn ,'alYV .
for the office of lYund- nt " ' ico rrcaUKtit of
the Unttrd mate, l.nrh St it.' lining a ropro
aemtatkm In Congreiw ill ! ntltlert to as many
ilitlegatoa m shall he e.l twice the num
mr nt t-Jfctom to whi. h micli Utc w ciitHlctl in
the ELrtoral Colli K'c 'I 'I' I mtiil Wtnti'K.
I'.DWIN 1. MOH' VN x" ' orli, t hainnan.
1.. ItUAINKUl). V. mi '
J. . OOODHli'H Ma--' liUHttt.
THOMAS O. TV KM 1! H"h1c Ulmid.
OlDEON WEl.T.H. ..line tuut.
And 1fi tlur-.
l'mW'!!! 1 1 "
United Rlulea and British North Arner
iea by the London Trlrgraih nn its lit
erary envoy and special correspondent.
lie arrived at Boaton in Dccombor
last and reached Montreal Decembor
21th. Jin haft aien in hiH eorreRpou-
tompt to eonimi' arson, broke jail at
Swcetsburgh, ('. K., and escaped to
Franklin county. Vt., where he was ar
roitod by Sheriff Sherman and lodged
in jail to abido the event of a requisi
tion for his mirrendcr to the Canadian
dencoto the London papor a glowing I authorities.
account of his trip over tho Vermont j There was a full hearing at St. Al
Cenfral railroad and ghen' a very bans before Oeorge F. Houghton, Esq.,
Far the free diriiiriiu "f
ni"N rAi'i'.H,
i hiuii in rrc-
ry ilejtrt I
The Vkrm.at Tiiv' inn i- -'t!"1 1k' 11
tliorotiRlilj t'liimi V1T111..11I 11 r ltMnvt
lo Kill I "Ijlicrt bikI 1 m " " iml fun-v. r.
im.. and iimt naral.lc." In it- Iim.-iim mil !
found tho fnlU-t and litit
Uy. Fjurly roportu of the w
jU'ltif of ftuaiii ittl niti'Ili.''
given. Invrti.-1 mti 1 i't
onmmorrial anhjerta will ti t i
timna. In the ilrpuitnu nt I
it will atrivu to be Hurm 1
Journal. In variety and fulli.
on rurrrnt topii x, and in 1)1
reapondene, it will end v i
to all.
It tynojtraplral app. i'l " (,
rommelid it to all rlaases of r ul. i h. With tlie
advaiitaKP "f new typi nml oiligi-nt att'titim
to its mcrhamral lictitn. si ami aivurary, Tnr.
TnASwtniPT "ill ami o merit. hope to i.,cuie,
n reasonable mcaaure ol pupil 'i laior.
EudeaMiring to off. r at o..n 'in mtru tieainl
cilUrtniiiinK Family I'upi 1 n .m full iIikih
ted n cord of cnnuit 1 in t-. ti" l'"blislir will
ttriie to ruiilir Thk u.m m Tnw hut a
lire nnrfij'fij t -ueli ns "1 ,ui tie w ill hi u'iiul
abuaivc account of St. Albans, and es
pccially tho Trcmonl House carica
tured tho landlord, and lampooned the
wailing mnids nnd made himself es
pecially funny in two or three long
columns over everybody he saw or eve
rything he heard, ate. Minelt or louch-
ed at St. Albans.
I At House's Point he was in an equally
J sarcastic nnd vindietno mood, lie fell
afoul of Mr. John Mers, rtf-nt of the
Ulhamplain and Montreal railroad.
ciful than death. JjCt the war-cry
i sound again, "On to Hiehniond I" "Yc
1 will sutler gladly whilo our soldiers go
.without bounty and without pay, if
j nood bo. O, that every voice of tho
breeze inttv bo as tho wail of the starv
ing, smiting tho ear of the passer-by
till lio rcor liis brother in every dying
wretch, his father or his son in each al
most lleshless skeleton nnd for the
srtko of humanity and liberty rosolves
to rest not in ignoble peace till our
poor soldiers arc restored to human
love nml sympathy. Yours, 11.
The February Term of the Oram!
Isle County Court was held at North
Hero, Feb. 23, 1S01. Hon Asa Owen
imon vM'piviin' the decision of the
S. Commissioner and a certified copy
of the evidence upon winch such decis
ion was based, tho Hon. "William H.
Seward, Secretary of St.ite of the Uni
ted States, with becoming promptness.
sary discipline of sorrow for its purili-, Upon Mr. Myeis who is well know it , gin nn order for the surrender of the
ion and future welfare. We await,
then, with ns much comjwsuro as we
may, the cm nt of tho coming battles.
The orders have gone forth. The bu
gles are sounding; and the armies are,
as n faithful and obliging otlicitd. Mr.
deorgo Augustus Sal a pours out a vial,
no! a bottle of especial litcrarv wrath.
And all this stuff this Ijtenuy
I'nitcd States Commissioner, upon this
application under the Ashburton Trea
ty. Much time w a occupied in the ex
amination of witnesses and in carefully
prepared arguments for and against
.1 1 V. .- Tl... ... . H ,t,,u (liut
uie exumuuou. j. in- j i on.,, mm ....... t i i.. i:. ir..,.
jr i .VHiin, . inei uimge I i eKuiiiin,
porxiH V. tioodsell, f sle Ui iMotto ana
Hon. David T. Sweet, Alburn'n Springs.
Assistant Judges. Prayer was offered
by the Hcv. Stephen H. Williams of
N'orth H;ro. The following Grand
I Jurors were in attendance:
r..A ..! Aui Alnniinr .lix.l Tmm.
alleged fugitive from justice. mHm mhhtxui
After the reception of the order from Allmnjh, E. J. Hoynolds. D. D. Origgs,
the L'. S. Government and the delivej y Charles' I L Clark. (J. S. Sweet, Micajah
snob ' of Henrv Martin, the alleged fugitive , 1- Mott, . S. Haynes.
three 1 from iustice, to the Canadian authori- Ilonry Pike, Hiram C.
- t r iu ; i urnn rinii
i,, ii i i. sled
.Intneu Sleuait Jilllt. third 8011
Hon. Augustus Burt, and Mary (Laff
orty,) Burt, was born in Sheldon, Ver
mont, llth September 1SU5, and died,
after a short illness, of diptheria at
his residonce in St. Albans, December
2()th, 180H, in tho !19thyearof his age.
Tho-death of this gentleman, so high
ly endowed with mental gifts, in the
prime of life and in tho midst of a
brilliant professional career, has awak
enod no ordinary degree of regret
among a largo circlo of friends and
acquaintances. Ono of this number,
who ontortained a great regard for his
many oscellent qualities of head and
heart, must be pardoned if ho furnish
iib best ho may, a brief sketch of his
professional character.
Jnmos S. Burt was a man of no or
dinary stamp. He had tho advantage
of an excellent academical education
and a careful professional training un
der parental supervision. He attended
the Franklin County Grammar School
at St. Alhnns whilo it was under the
ohargo of Mr. Almon Lawrence. Sub
sequently ho became connected with
lloclorf thischurch(thelhv.J T
iBlisfO visited him.and after st',lr
f vorsation proposed to him toU I
t " ' 7, v "l1? ncccntnnr ,
uiu inuuiim ui saivaiion rcf i), l
tho Gospel. At lirst, he snid ,,.
too wicked to venture upon such"
omii covenant. But, at last, hi,
grasped tho greatness of his Sp,ri
and the
of inorcy provided in tho nll-uhnuy. '
love of Christ. He subinittcd t , .
terms of repentance and faith t , .
Saviour. He M-as baptized for l,
mission of sins, and if a lunger tt
of years should bo granted h,
promised to lead a Godly tiul a ( ' . ,
tian life. And why shall wc w, , i ,
his Saviour accepted him, av
turned to him in the last lmur - ,
not add his to tho thousand ntrr
stances recorded in Holy Set
and in human experience that thiP
of Divine lovo and mercy ,.r, . , T.,
ded out to embrace tho pemtmt ,
ner, that our gi-ncious Savi,.ur ,.
stands ready to opon the gohlui ,.
of ParudiBo to him who l;no,i ,'
over late. And while we emmf
remains of our friend to the- pr
may wo each one of us be iinpt.
wnu tno snoruioss ami uncenanj
the Bakers held Aeadeim- , mnmn Hf ftml nmko
tho8u,onntcnidence.,f Mi J God while tho opportunity1 is ,
dmg, with whoni ho fitted for college . J
elh(en.i of tllf
m hi and reliable
will bo repnlarh
i tii u iilliiral mid
i place in it" i "1-t.-rarj
litlrei llany
no otlu r weeklj
of information
ti nt of itH ror
r pi c satisfaction
concocted, stntover to London
marshalling for actiou. Belying upon t thousand miles! and the London 7Wc- ties deputed to receive him, he vas
an ovcmling Providence, let them hast-' gntph printed it. and sent it back l! tukdi by High Constable Pickel and
en on to victory. ' N'ot onlv so, the Montreal papers have j imprisoned in the Sweutsbuigh jail to
to enronrage tmtl m
t ' '.r
( 1 1 h:
Mil Mill
"We send to p. , i "t subscri
bers, a copy of Tin 'Ji.v. i.iit, to no
tify them of the rnte" "-c nt which
we hav eiiibttrki d, tin ! 'litis, . .sibly.
induce them to ene..,n us ly their
subscription. As this e the jm'siden
tial year and a timi f -tirring event-.,
we sujipose no faiuib ci'i be jtcrsua
ded lo be 'without M'l.n' mKpaper.
'o shall aim to render an equivalent
to our subscribers for sin-h encourage
ment as thev mtiv bcHtow. His our
purpose to piw nt in e.u'h number of j
our paper, a Aaiiety in which every I
reader may find something to his taste: J
Volunteer correspondence is solici
ted. No notice will be taken of anon
ymous communication'!.
Friends in all sections of tho State
w ill confer a favor upon us and add
greatly totheinlen stof TnuTiaNsoiitpr.
if they will send us froiu time to time
. brief local items. "We il. uign to make
Tin: TnAWiuiT MilimMr as a news
paper 'and especially Hi active for its
news from all parts of -the State.
Fut.w wti ! Muu n ! !
Ocr AnvvKTisKMEMTs. In calling nt
tenti'Hi tt the advertisement'; with
which we have been favored in this
our first issue, we would express a
hope that the manner in which they
are set up and the typo ns"d therein
will not escape the observation, but
meet the approval, of our readers. It
will be our purpose to give satisfaction
to our advertising friends both in the
style in which their advertisements are
displayed, and in the accuracy and
neatness with which they arc present
ed. If we sueei ed in clothing our nd-
Hiding columlis with an inviting
iln-.-. we fi el si, re they will be cousult
t 1 and 1' ad. Tlii. department of our
piiju: is :m important ono and shall
not be overlooked. We wish to make'
the TnNseaii'T a desirable medium in
which business men can gain the at
tention etf the muling and trading
reprinted it, greatly to the disgust, of t await his trial.
tlmso who know that there avo neither I He has recently been ti ied for break
sense nor wit in the ungentlomanly ing jail, fonn'd guilty, and si ntenced to
and unprovoke-d caricatures of Mr. a term of three yeurs imprisonment in
George Augustus Sula, writer of lie- tho Penitentiary at Kingston. He was
tion and lovo stories As aforesaid. also sentenced to an additional term
of seven years imprisemmctit in the
same Penitentiary for the offence of
which he was found guilty in October,
1863, but for which ho was not then
The grand jury also found, at the
last term of the court in the District of
Bedford, a third indictment against
Henrv Martin for the crime of arson.
He entered the University of Vermont
in tho snrintr of 1815. but never was
Grand M: Georo-o W. Hvde. Seth 1 grnduatxd. He left-the University nt
Giiflin. Guv Reynolds. i the first term ef his Junior year, to
South Urn. Jeihu S. Landou, Wallis 1 eomnu nee the study of the law in his
Moft. Tlciirv Hfiliinson. 1 father's office at Sheldon. He was tid-
The followinir Petit Jurors answered ' a ' practic
to their names when called by Flisha
R. Goodsell, Esq., County Clerk :
Connecticut river is free from,
below BelloAYS Falls.
The Connecticut election v.'
nt the April Term cur on the first Monday in Apul
of Franklin Genuity Court, A. D. 1851 -Tho United States public ,),
and commenced business as an attor- .,rch J, 180-1, i8 stated to be, in i
nev nt Sheldon in company with his , T fifteen hundred millions of ,U
Congress has bent in I't-sion sine-e
the first ef De'coinb. r lat-t It posse'ss
eel a working majority l . oted to the'
snpportofthe Govcrni n tit. It was
exjiecte'el that it would coafiue its -df to
its pratitical elutiejs. It w.m hopent es
pecially by tho dominant party that it
would ke ep its eye single to the imme
diate wants of the t i..ntry. Mere
party polities are just row, eoinara
tively of little er im interest to the
people. Politicians nml not define
their positions or spend time in per
sonal debates. Engim 1 1 ing w ith re f-e-relicc
to the ne xt 1'ii suii ncy was not
expectf d of them. The main pureme'
of Congress and the pi .
down the rebellion
to uccemiplish tli.it
Whatever hinde rs lit .! i
ed. "There- is e ieui' li
instant attention t" ;rt
honorable re least n
worels on iu own 11.
things te be leAed
things which increas.
efficiency ef the artn;. . :
dispositii n of th H pill'!
its brave dt f ndcis f, r
Uij;int iJiAainAVitiiiu. jt few
months past death seems to have beon
busily engaged in making sad havoc
with some! of the oldest, youngest and
best merchants of St. Albans. The
deaths of Messrs. John S. Fostor, AV.
W. Post, Benjamin F. Farrar, Wil
liam Farrar. Sandford Gaelctunb, Law
rence R. Brnijterd, and Levi Webster J
have eiccurretl within a comparatively i
short interval of time. I
Thff funeral of the last of those (Mr.
Levi Webster,) whs he ld nt the Con
gregational Church, Marclr -ith, and j
was largely attended. The Rev. Calvin j
B. CuiIa:, of Alburgh, proacheeltho sor-1
jiton, and in the other funeral oxercis-,
m tit the house anel church, was assist
ed by the Rev. D. W. Dayton, of St. j
Albans, and the Rev. A. Campbell, tf ,
I'Vaiiklin. Messrs. Romeo 11. Hoyt, ,
He nry E. Seymour, Charles Wyman,
and Homy M. Stevens ofhYiatod as J
pall-bearers. j
Mr. Webster was a native, we believe,
of Swanton, where his father Thomas t
Webster, ijow resides. He has
been a diligent and highly successful
merchant in St. Allmnsfen-about twen
ty years. He elied in the Kith year of
his age--leaving a widow ami two
daughter" to deplore tho loss of a faith
ful husband and a devoted and indul
gent father.
Dfatu of Euuu Pahks.- -Mr. Parks,
whose death is noticed under th etbit
uary bead, has been a resident of
North Hero for nearly half a century
and has always been ene of its best
nnd most industrious citizens. He
married, many years since, a sister of
Guv Kiiv'slev. En., of Fletcher, who,
with several -children, survives him. j
Mrs Amtisti B. Hiizcn. of North Hero,
.tin I Mrs. Fessenden G. Kingslev, d '
llimgh, his daughters, settled in i'e
near ltini, and Mr. Frederick Parks,
his son, occupies the old homestead
which lies about a riile north of the
'"Carrying Place," so called. Another'
son, William Parks, resides near the'
Court House at North Here', as we are
iufermed. .
"Tho iiirmediate: cause of Mr. Parks'
I death was paralysis. He was buried'
' with masonic honors on Tuesday,
i March 8th, 1801, by the officers and
I members of the "Islo of Patmos"
1 Lodge, North Hero, of which the de
ceased had long been an active anil
1 worthy member.
Aw7i W"o, William W. Russell, fnthar. A few years thereafter he re
Henry C. Mtionoy, Frederieik Parks. I moved to St. Albans and entered iulo '
AMunjfi, J t. P. Kinsley, Asliloy iMott, j cei-partnei-ship with the Hon. Asa Owen
-. a. ratine. Alli
Grand ll; Henry v adswort h. !
Albuiy Spring, Charles P. Harvey. '
.tc Ln Mnlli Caruii G. Holcomb.
Samuel Goodsell. !
Grand hh Henry Hoag, Danie-l M..
South Hero, Goorgo Phelps, Elijah
Martin, Asa E. Hubbell.
Judge Alelis charged the Grand Ju-
-Tlio Now iTirk State Iiui
Asvlum is to bo dedicated on the
The Medical Director prnnou
the quarters of tho Invalid Con-
iooiii itntik ttio i i.iTi AHniiweii .. . ., , . . ., i
... - ...... .. . ijurnngtoii uio oost m tlie iJcpurt':
bng him for about twelve , " A. , c.i '
months in conducting a large anl profit-1
nl.li. Knuinaoa T.-...., 41. A I uu. .1 ,1 1 1 OH '
HUIU IJIWlUCOn. ll.l .LlJ , linn, ....... ... . - j. IOC t
of Hlir'li on-nnvliioi-Bliiii lin nmitilllloil I tllllie, loui.
the practice of his profession until j --A letter from the Army of tit -i
Novemlier 1802 when he entered into tomac says nil ladies have been nr
co-partnership with Myron Buck, ISsq., eel to leave as soon ns possible.
vrmeiumriii. tmvi'rusps lor ,it'
Upon this indictment, im trial htis yet ' ry and the Court appointed Hon. Wal-
been had.
The particulars of this iinpoit.int i
ti.ldttini el''' we have takill sitttf
pains to iisvcit, tin to, d to give in our
col'Unns, bee iilse it excited uiiH-.tl.ll in
terest along the frontier dining the ex
amination before the U. S. Cinniuis
sionor and some curiosity lias since1
bee-n awakened in the public mind to
know the re'stilt of the prosecutions
against Martin iu Canada.
lis Alott as tlie poreinan.
Sereno G. Maeeunber, Est., of Grand
Isle, the High Sheriff of the County,
designated Ransom L CI irk and .Mi
ner Ladd, Esquire s, of North Hero, as
spi cial Deputy Sheritfs to take charge
of the Grand Jury and Petit Jury, and
! thev were severally sworn for duty.
ot f5t. Aloans, wnicn exptrett iv nmit-
ation in the month of November, 180H, j
a few weeks before his death. The
life of a lawyer ordinarily presents
a summary of no remarkable incietents
from which n biographical sketch can
be pri'pareel. Mr. Burt's life was no
exception tei this general rule. That
le- labored for his clients with ynl
ami lidelity, ami prepare-d Ins cases
thoronghh and manageel them with
consummate adroitm ss anel skill.is well
known in all parts of Franklin Comity
where his rcputtition was early estab-
..... f . ...
cavalry horses, to be delivered at M
)e-lie r.
- During the year ending Lit I
'ember nearly 200,000 einigrariti
rived in the United States, 17. 1. if
binding .-it New York alone
-Navigation on the- North Hw
Dr. ith oe Cn i u" Ji-sticlLa F n r.u.Ni;. -Chief
Justice La Feintainoof theCourt
of Queen's Bench died at Montreal Feb.
20, of paralysis, at the age of f0 years.
He Is said to have been a sfate'Sinaii of
stainless character and a lawyer of the
first class among his French cotempo
raries. The Montreal Ga:i'll' says that
he will probably rank iu history higher
as a statesman than as a lawyer. lit"
was an author of two law works. He
dieel at an age when most men aie in
their prime.
His funeral at the French cathedral
was a magnificent demonstration by
the citizens of Montre al. Four thou
sand persons of all origins ami creeds
aro said to havo beon prosent.
Judgo J. F. Duval is to -bo his suc
cessor nnd the Hem. Lewis T. Drum
monel is to be appointed to the vacan
cy caused by the promotion of Judge
To thf Editor of thi' TrnnsfrijJ :
1 am haunted day and night with
spectres that exist not in the lnuigina-
j tion, but in real llesh-and-bltiod misery.
I J never sit eloSvn to my meals but va
! cant faces come between me and eom
I foit, anel famished hands with iuiplor
l ing gestures crave the very bones upon
my plate. Kith nor kin ef mine is
' there ill that Aceleleina at Richmond;
l if there were-, perhaps my suffering
' vvemhl be ten folel increased. Hew the
anguish is borne by v iv i s nml mothers.
who feed that those thev love may lie
I wasting away ami dying, I e-annot tell.
That living martyrdom is worse te me
i than all the heaps of slain that ovit
i e'onseerated the-lielel of blood --worse
has been resumed alree , ant
tio.ds ply between New "ork auil '.
- Hon. L. E. Cliittemlen, He-
at the' U. S. Treasury, was the i-i
tt ei. ,.ii f tl,o ,i.w.l.-ce it li,".,o- lis heel after Ins admission te nract it. i 11,1 uu l" uv "V?'""
y-o .n.ivn,,,!..,,,.,,,,,, I Grand National Fair at a-Im-
ascertained that there were no nry ' TOM f 0W 1 , i ' on the 22d ult.
, . . ... . .,-. ted Ins points to a jury with great skill "
ctises reaely for trial by jurj, the Court : M(1 In ono thp WMlt jn,.y , .(.-(ipt. Abijah Keith, of Mn.'o. ,
discharged the Petit Jurors tho tii-Bt triulH in which he va engaged, Huh- i has moved to Chicago, having m
duv. i lard v. I'lan', ho evinced the keenness j into a partnership in the wholes ui,
Messrs. Giles Harrington, Herman of his intellect and the force of his I gesxls business with Keith. S,v o.
r, t . i i i it r e ,i IolHc to a remarkable, degree. Before Co., of that city.
xx. xveare.Mcy u,, ni,..; v. s mri, he seldom failed
the Committee of Examination, luw- ffl (.om,niuul ti,0 nttentien and secure
ing recommended for aelmiusion to tlie admiration of both bench and bar
practice Messrs. Solon ISaton nndHnr- bv Uio masterly inannor in which he
Eaton of AVest Addison, and argneu ms ense-s. noicem hj im.-,
torcioie in nis loeric, anei terse
George Parker of Vergennes, they tq
peared before the Court anel took the
attorneys' oath anil were aelniitteel to
the bar.
After calling the Chancery Docket
the Court took a recess until morning.
Wi:iNKsn.Y Mokvinm, February 24.
There were several cases tried by the
Court anel eUsposrd ejrf, mid sundry
niotions were heard and the docket
was called. The Grand Jurors re-
than the hospitals where disease andimainetl in session until Thursday,
eleath stalk shallow less through the 1 when after returning a few bills of in
ghastly corridors. Those dreurv halls of I dictmont.the Court, finally adjourned.
sniftering! how plainly I can see them !
Starving men ! horrible thoughts !
What it yonder skeleton gnawing at
his crust, were mv husband V I would
I plead, petition, ave light, woman as I
..... e;u ti,a i.,.,ii,-1,.,.
.i i -ui lit
am, till tno nanny Human eyes looueei
in my own aviui dying thanks, for no
should bo rescued.
Why, where are the me ( 'i Are thoy
all eleael? Has the eoiniumi feeling of
I humanity viinisheet from among ns ?
!t'au wo oat, anel enjoy our comfortable.
Pfiusox.iL.- Tlie- Presiding Judge of j homos, leill on our couches, sing, laugh,
the Distinct dance, itross, ami inousanus oi our
Hon Bar eouiitrymoii tlyinf" in liltli in tho ag-
I UJIV Ul hHll nllUlilHUH 111U11 nin
j draining drop by drop through tho fil
ter of Southern malignity V Do you
see them there some helpless with
! great staring eyes gray and dead as
ashos with fallen jaws anil vacant
TuePuksidexcy WiTimniw n. or Mr.
Clt.v5j- The following is the letter of
tinel lively m ins style, he was neveT
tedious, always interesting, and often
eleiejuent. His argument of the law
points arising in the e'ase of t'aq) us.1
Fimtrr is refi-rreel to among many oth
ers as inelie-ating a good degree of re-1
search anil learning anel gn at keen
1 ness of intedlect.
I Mr. Burt was not only reg.inled as
a superior aelvoe-ate but he was justly
1 esteemed as a jtriident counseiior. His
I knowledge etf the law was so exte nsive
anel accurate that his advice1 upon ini
' portniit questions was eagerly sought
anel highly prizcel. He was remarka
ble for critical acumen, technical accu
i racy anel a thorough acquaintance
A hotw ftdl ef frie-iuls cxlb d t
Rev. Geo. II. Clark, at St. Jolir-I
Centre, on the evening of Mint 1,
8th, and left behind $7") as a tik
regard for their pastor. ('a'-'d'i,
- -It is supposeel that the twn . :
panics of drafted men at IJratfM
w ill this spring be sent to the fnur. .
the company of 1st Buttaliou lio
( 'orps now forming be put on dn
their place.
- The I'n ''man ofhYo at Mei.'p
was discovered to be on lire 8',"
afternoon, but by tho timely un
th n of a few jiails of water it '"
ination wasinerted. Tho Ciiusct'
fire re-inaiiis a mystery.
- We are sorry to learn that I.
Gov. Dillingham has met with :t:. .
dent, by stepping upon the- ears w
in motion, which promises to be
serious, anil may make him lan
tho Civil Commission for
of Memphis, Tenn.,is the
hour Lewis, a native eif Alburgh, Ver
mont. Judge Levvisisilebiiled from the
military sorvice in which ho held a
Thomas H. McLeod, Esq., of Mid
ellebury, Vt., is also connected with the
Civil Coiiunission which is a uiihtarv-
with the science of special pleading, j - " a""n
In tine, wlino po.eMnga lecral nunel , In the late raid of Uen. ivuin. t
MriSecretaiy Chase, withdrawing his , onelowetl with great strength and ticuto-, on Richmond, bonoridilo mem:
namp from tho coming .rroaiiienuai ness no oceanic a superior lawyer ooui m,iiio ui uiu (,'iukihi jiho i;imu
It is iiddrossed to the Hon. i 111 1110 Knowledge ot tne ineoiy nnd Jjieui. cei. i-resion anei i tpi
m tho practice ot nis profession. Xo nnngs, oi tno Vermont uavatr)
thoso he added a keen siiko of the Danville soldiers, and both gif-l :
honor nnd elicmitv of his culling and , ers, as has been shown not only .
maintained a eonrteous denorltoont but on former occasions.- A
toward his brethren at the bar.
Ho w as a most genial and generous
Jainos C. Hull, Senate Chamber, Co
lumbus, Ohio.
WAaut-NOTo?!, lluri.li 5, 1801.
3IvI)An Rni: In reply to a friendly le.ttor
from jotvl wrole brk'flj' Jiat long ag about the
tMich cxpreaacd bv many that tnv name might
ue lavtiramy n ifarueu uy me pvuiuuiiiiui-ir nt'M i i .:.T rm. .i, i.i
..lirtlm. nf n"lr.,l.lent. and liv that milldOll eOmpaiUOU. I llOBO W"IlO llOSt
aiiutiui onr mentu in unw mutnitut prui'ient'e Know nun wi
lor anotiHi, aiiuuiei accept tmir nwunun twtn f ,,.ti,.,11,in uliiuo iittmnlivn rmnl.
the readv acqfliettee-nt'o duo from ono who hax ? n gelltli nilin WllOHO attrai tn O qiUU
Ih-iiii already trualed and honttrud hy them hv ll.luM of llllliel nnd lillUlllOl'
ytjuil merit or lactation. The rcw'Ut action lmi ft tfem.j.j.1 favorite as well as
oi inu uiouu lueiiioerii oi our jA'Kiauaiiire ni.u- , " . , .... .
oatos Hueh a pre-forent e. it b. conn my duty lawyer of raro ability and promise,
thurcfurv aiwt I cotuit it muru a iirivileuc ihuu u His physical constitution was ox-
elutv to usli that no further toiiHideratton he tn- i- , 'ii- . . i i ii
on 'to mv nam... It a neve more inhmt Ceetllllglv dollCllto tllld llO Seldom 011-
lauces so far gone that they havo al- than now that all our cffi.rta and all our ui.i-Kies joyed robust health. Ho foil, there
. xi 11 ...i' .... i.i Uhould be devoted to the HiipprcBHi-m of the re- f,.,. .. ,.,... t .1,,. ;,.u;,i;0
twit., .... ..." '-.' IJinilUUlID 1HO'
Frederick F. Street er, who
cently bung t Medina, for the irrW
t ti.
Dfatu of Piiesident Hitchcock.
The Rev. Edward Hitchcock, D. D.,
jile is to jut fiir seM'ial years President of Amherst
uteve'i" tends d 'lh'go, died at Auilierst, Mass., Feb-
acci jitable. ruary 27, age d 70 years. He is known
t i be' deplor- jto the v, oriel tit large feir his scientific
tnamling its attainments, especially ill geeilogy, in
. ('.(. ,,n Ulm.l, l. nrnlmblv lew! no Himnrioi" at , euurv, l., is also eiouuee icei wiui im- , ,Kt lost tho recollection of their Dloss-I bt.m,m and to the reHtorutioii of or.lcr ami nr.
,, , ! , , , , , 4, i 4 4i Civil Commission which is a military-1 e:d homes V Do "von see the hands 1 perity on olul and itur.- foundatioim of l uum,
the war ot , tho time e.f his death ; and to the poo- , , , , ,. 'I, , 4l ,-. Dt 1i., ,1 i'reeelom and impartial jnat re, and I lanieatlv
. , .... 4. , v ' f 11K 1 i-vio Tribunal for the adjudication of , hanging, their Bhruiken sinews ui d I r aU wlth whJ,m mv ,., havt. ,.i(llti ,;,
I he' tlrst pie of the State of ermoiit as tho last ' bloodless veins standing out like with- ; allow nothing to .hvi.f.. th..m tthile thm reat
r are thou' state Geologist of this State, under , 1 , ...v . tyca XXW tvni Do
umbers nnd 1 u hose letide rship the' geole.gical surv e v our Co,,n,.v ',mr,H ,uul ( uurts of , von hear the divadful monotoneof their
1 show the I wasimshed to its completion. Thefmal . Chancery; only there are no jura. Inillovv" voices that brave .loom w;ith
. , 1 . .. , t , . t if i),,i rmv K.sn fnvmevlv a . forceil laughter no longer ; voices time
t care f,. report upon the Gee-logy of eln,ont I- n..w J.sq.. fenmeih a 0 vm into tL tomb of hope J?oit i-.ic.js Mnib,
iU children. I w til give him, as well as his associates, merchant at ht. A limns ami inooshi , .. , .lllttini. (if tl... ........ i Tho j).mo Anstrians and Prnsians
Among the loiullv de inati It el reforms t i claim to the perpetual gratitude of t' alls, ami late ot tue v msiovv i louse, X(. tin-ninir of the key to sink in otor- j havo had bloody lights during the
nre raising the pay of tin colored sol-1 Yoraonters. t Anthony s ifalfs, -Minnesota, is pro-1 nul nilonce V Do you goo them so spii"'
prietor of the estehester ilouso, cor-1 ulcss mat nre lonps to uie e.ye uo long'
tier of Broome street nnd Bowery, New
York City.
Mr. John Mozier, an
Sculptor resident at Home1, Italy, is en-' voiceless prayers go up to the throno
.rnr,.,l in i,i,il,.lm,r ii vitiled Undine, of of the great uoet. Anil can men talk
.anion. J Jioso who best j q Wlls oxmcTy , Iv
11 longest deplore tho loss ; , . lfejltv jjfnll. ,lfl ttfttviact
v qu.u-1 tl) Sfc johhstmry Ctdedomtm. is ('-r jfi
lenueieei (q lmye Mt iw firef dlMny
so much of that -ullage iu lW'
work, in tumpuriHou Willi wlnth p(tM.m and
eien pint itrt ale nothing, l'omuiim uuaceulu
plinheil. t'oidtulh Mini friend.
S. 1'. e'HA.SE.
diors up to that of v. lute soldiers, ami
new arrangements to stenro the
prompter payment of tl,,- arrems and
jiensions due to the fit win s nutl rela
tives of those who h.tvi fiilen. Wnr
is a terribly hard i.e. i .-..ly, mid Con
gross will be certain to :m 1 1 tl1(. wishes
of its etiuatituenev in ult .t, i r it elocs
to lesson if wpariness ;u:d the suffer
ings of thob! engaged in it "
It may fairly beejtutt .ned whether
any iKiruianeut giHel will k-miU by de
bating the various them n s if ree'iui
utruetion, until tlie military strengHt
of the rebellion iu tntally routed.
That cnel aetueiiiipUshetl, then the Umt
jioliey to ho adopted may be settled,
but not now. Tlie agitation of the
question may turn! to couqmcutc the
isaue&of tho hour and eow seed of
Tho Rov. 12. W. Hooker, D. D., of
NawhurypoiL now at Hnvaim, writes
homo tlml lie'Ifclmprorltig lh lieallli
Coctctt ComiissioxEBs. In several of
tho Counties there was no strife on
County Commissioner. .. .
ddison County, Rev. H. F. Leuvitt. ,
, or, wiion tin insulting loe tuuuts wnu
I cruel eiuestions ? If you do not, I do.
.11 can almost hear their frantic onus
Aniencau 4l,( ,mv,.r nvnrleim tlin liiiM but. liket
( 'deelouitl
Grand Isle
F. W. Hoyt.
John Morse.
Hon. E. D. Mason.
Hon. H. Northrop.
Hon. H. H. Reynohb-.
Joseph IJates.
S. Lane.
N. R. Raymond.
A. G. Button.
E. D. Seldui.
Rev. Eli Httllon.
Ira Goodhue.
Hon. Groeby Miller.
which tho landou Atheuvtim says:
"that it promisos to givo equal satis
f ictiou with his othor works." It may
not be generally Uuowii that fhisseuli)
tor is a Year outer. , Ho was born in
Burlington. August 22nd, 1812.
The death of Hon. Sainuol P.
Strong, of Vergennes, aged 70 yeats.
ot Jacob Tv. Connie, Esq., a jirenninent
and liiyhly nwjiwtwl citizeuof Middlo-
The voters of Now York on Uu ; bury, Yt., tho Hon. Obadiah Noble, of
second Tuindnv of March otEiucfisofl .llnnwuth, Vt., rgHlW yours, nre an-
their views upon the juxipcmeel temond-1 nouiioel. The VurgeiuiOR Vmnontrr,
ment tUtcir Stale (UUtuliou,-stn.d,- SniWlpbury wyiifrr RudltuUand ief-
ing the ploutire frauohUo to sohliwrfiu attl contain otuopUineuiiu'y obituary
Ute field, noticos of the deoenseul,
The State canvanwerfe aro to meet tit John (lihnury Shea, l'Jq., is odi
AHiany and tied we tlie regult on tlie tor of the Historical' Magariue, Now
94tbofUuch. 4 ' York City.
i i e il il u i l. ..tl
IWIIUIJ OI lilOtiO UlUlgh f IllOCl eill-ll UMltU
with (ho coniiuoiirjuace "treating our
men badly iu Richmond" -while my
blood boi'ls while every pulso in my
body leup to the fiory indignation of
uivsoul'. Great liiinven ! Why-doem
Ri'chniond stand V AYhy does patriot
ism go bogging, bruised, and starving?
Why does not every wife say to her
husband, "Go! without pay; buy your
own inin: heir vonr vvav thorn Lilt no
Richford Copper &..-
Cejiupany," which avils iueiTrixii-if
tho Vermont Legislature last N ,v
ber. havo duly organized try tw" '
ease oi eliptherm wtnch ballled tho pouument ot jaiohib ji- "''"" 'i
best of medical skill anel dieel on tho Richford, as President, and Jb N'v"
morning after Christmas-Day, 18C. '. mer, Esq., aa Agent The act of uj
Mr. Burt leaves a wife, father, two 1 poration was granted "for tin 1
brothers and four sisters to lament of mining, working and selling 'v,ll
his loss. and copper ores iu tho Cu'iut; -
His funeral was largely attended. t Franklin. '
Messrs. Seymour, Edson, Buck and j The grounds on which J'1
Dewey, brethren of tho bar, oillciated Ritchie at t Jeihns, N. B., befi""1' ,
as pall beorera. It may bo proper to i tint nir.itns wv bronaht on n'
month of February. Tho Danish army "d'l that his romaina wero convoyod to I healm cvrpus, ordore'd their rel it ;
is not half so largo as that of its oppo-, Sheldon for interment. There, near i the 10th iiist.. wore that the U u'
, , . . , . . A I el... ......t 1 l.: ii i i li i ... . ,...i. '
nenw uut uiey mauo gniiaut resistnnco. ' "1U nl'ul' vvhcio tiitt mouioi-anii inoinor ( eminent hail made no reqm""-'
It is now sniel that thero will be a con-, rejiose, ho sleeps tho "sloop that knows them that tho parties not hat
forence at Leuulon at an early day; ,o waking." in tho United States after thtir PJ
but no armistice is to take place, ill-1 We esteem it a privilege to publish eal acts wero committed, tiny .
though J'jiglanei proposes it U1B uuiowuig extract lrom tho sermon come within treaty provisions ""'"I
In Italy niiiiurs of war grow strong-' of i-ho Rev. Charles Fay, D. D., which I thormore that no proper otH"1. ,,'
or and stronger. Agoiits fioni Italy ! was prouiuincod at Mr. Burt's funoral, J hud cognizance of the matter lDl1,'"
have beon purchasing arms in Franco . llt Luke's Church, St. Albans, on ' pii)cceelin'H elid not comply utuVr'"
-The Now York Herald
that $30,000 aro expended earn -
in iiifi(lot4ni niiiiisiniieiit in .-. .
i ....... -
10,000 rnoro than iu I'oxw-
Mucli of tiiis sort of froight has gono wo -mQ this imperfect sketch of the
forward to Bologna
In England rumors are rifo as to
the probability of an abelioation, on
tho part of Queen Victoria. Tho Prince
of Wales would thou mount tho throno
under the title of King Edward VII.
professional character of our deceased
"Those remarks upon tho text will
preparo our minds for tho comfort I that "Broadway was never
which we neon on tno mournful ocesa-
aii.ti ti.l.w.l. ...ill.. .... 4. .....11 41 .- 1
oiw. niiiuiuiuo no lUKUUirr UIIS Cllly. WOl'0 11OV01'
... n.K
with magniliceiit dressed laehf
own gun; bog your way thero; but go A doe-ided change in tho foreign poli- j Whuthor our departed friend owoel Ins wich numbers of private ami siil'1
and tuar down tho walls of thoMi no cy of Englend would probably aocom- Lord five hundred pence or fifty we ooiiipiiL'es such evidences
ourd pvisou-housos !" I look around . pany such an ovont !hfto reason (.. think the debt was wealth and prosperity. rtl
as vot reanw "
the aw
turn sq scoiiis on soores in iiemuiy i .uum tuiiiuti, n uuw, mis neen pro- , iorgiven iielore he e'losod Iub e yos in have not
i,ii i,iiir 1 4i 1 1 ii 1 11, i M? ii itf iir . j i mi tnnrnei in ii.n rri ii 1 1 i ti im k i j i-v:. t i i ...
1 woud.oi- "Itichmttnd" is not written ou I law. This is Ui bo tho first instance , he was, by eminent ability in his pro-1 hotels ,i i!L,ii bouses r lv.
known m history. fuswou, bo.had yotinhisllay-sof hwdth ,, ft 0ti havoriseiit
111 lei-lltlce llmrn in lnimli lull.- nf n nml uf,...,,.. 11. ......... l...i 1:111.. 1 n . i"OUgn Mil"-" i.,irttlHiv
Uuiir forolumds. But then I am a
wainun why fihijuhl I speak of thuso
things V Wny hhould 1 foul any unxi
ety itliout thuo nion who aro all stran
gors ?
What eau I srty to stir one heart tp
valor ? Alas ! poor souls in prisou-
In Franco thoro is muoh talk of a
recognition by Franco of tho RobollioiiB
States; but tiioro has boon a good deal
of such talk heretofore. Thoro is a
good deal of eyuipathy for the Danes
among tho French.
nun miunyiu given uin uitio need to fio
me 1 -uuuui-iuug u-iuuB 01 religion. But for
although prices have 1 inPJ
jior day, they aie n-i .j
11 " .1i,tinil. . . ti
iiirinor accoiuujui'i'v- t mv
ii"- , 1
when the solemn realities of otonuty 717,
weie opening npon nis vtow m his hist now nud moro inngnificont j,dl
siokaoas, his soul beuamo awakened to There Zuld bo a number
tho convieUons of chmtiun truth. The further up town.

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