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Vol. I.
rulsuaiir.D nvi.iiv rntD.vv
To thoeo receiving Hie paper throiiKli tho I'ost-S'-MMlpcr
annum. To A "lnK" HtlbHCribors
! " nine the paper by the carrier, fl "uiu In
addition will he charRcd.
V, tuner ti8contiutiPl until all i
r il ' x'-i'I't tho option of tho Pi
arrearages arc
TniNSJrAT Auvkiitibkmbsth l'or Bipiaro of 12
i , , ,",r I , of 'his typo, fur first insertion 75
tVii(i f if each subsrcpient insortlon, H" crtilt,
1 , tmmber of insertions must lie marked on
i n 1m rtiaetneiitH, or they Mill ho continued
i ..nil r d out. Transient advertisements to
t ! 1 f.rin advanre.
c,- K lili-ral die-mint will bo made on tho
j,-, - rutrs to thoso advcrtlalng hy tho year.
T 'iju V'TK ks will le Inserted at 12ceuta per
For the Vermont TranitcMpt.
HY S. At V.
Ah. mi ' I tew that blessed time
Will C"t imein ray day.
Thr biuoh whirh should forolcll its birth,
Look dim ami far ,nwnr.
'Twill ! the hint) irtienwtrlotB turn"
Thi ir pockets "iiiaido out,"
Aud show their loyalty hy what
They do, not talk about;
When Judges live, who can't ho bribed
To set the puilty free;
When pompous selfishness shall loso
The puiao of tharity;
When oinKi-maVtirs and tailors learn
To perform what they say,
And ivhun they promise coats and fehooe,
i 'U'rc sure of them that day.
h' u f.isliiou mops a littlo hlo
fill iv mi n catch their breath
'' (hnw a bonnet, while in vogife,
Runs half of them to death;
Win o people ceaso to load with gifts,
Those who were rich before,
Aj u 1i am t'i Know thehuncst poor, . ,
U t.unpt-r at their door;
V -, i. i crnim-nt Contractors lay
s. ' .nil i. -t on the Bhi-lf,
.rr 1' th. Treasury to add
Th their ill-gotten polf;
Wh u lawu rs can tli'iuselvi-H bvlievo
ilui whuh thoy swear is true,
K ..r laugh in fcecret, when they've made
u think that black is blue.
Wui 1 1n iiit -t merit meets Toward,
And puJt its punishment,
Ami tcitobuu n in onr halla would bo
L.ijht, rather than President;"
When i- Id again shall bo at par,
V- 1 . .fun, too, Is down;
Whi j 1.. n respect the lowly ivigc,
ri than tlif wealthy clown;
Wiiii thi n 'x'lhon bubblo bursts
ii 1 1 .- In e till then;
Vfh .i 1 'uon. Liberty and Kight,
.vi liir(U for all uiou;
i h altln stiimii lis, and ole.'.r lieaila
- i.d to lie "the rage,"
i !.-iptie woman is
w ..(,! df thenge;
1 e
tor, bhws thefr hearts, bhall fltul !
ipatiou gone;"
n hfo' a lottery.
A. Ull i lie blanks are drawn,
l I '., -.i 2, 16G3.
The Golden Pippin.
Iww, Itay, .seriously, you aro not
't a wuii me t xou yonrseu wouia
...... tU ."V yj.
Far ilnvn the procipitons lodROS of
illi lunnntaill until in vnllnv nnotnntl
k swim in mists of yold. whilo hero
kiul there, among tho overhanging
Irces, a deep-dyed sumach tossed its
pst of crimson plumes in tho spicy
p of a mid Octobor, and tho coral-
red berries of tho dosrwood clowed
po burniug coals in tho tangled wil
lerness of the woods. It was n very
ptty back-ground for wood nvmnh.
k hamadryad, nnd ltachol Martin.s
TIlTliilA tvno ..iJ-i?.
,w vt ,j ii iii -ill i ni'ii i in i r nr isi if. us
ii n nvmi . 1 1 . ii.. -i n i.i i
uui UttlU UUSKOL Ul J11CK"
v lima r 11. i i i
1 whoso giant branches overtopped
Sho wAg plump nnd pretty, with
- uumiuuiig miiD oyes nu(i n
n 11 t 1.1... n i
" """"""Vi
16 tl10 rois on hor cheeli seemed
' tinu 1 1 it i r i 1 1 iiii i firnnnniTT
Co nnd come with. every breath sho
li ami tho faint touches of suu-
mi mow gavo autimonai
"ui- ircsu rustic uoautv.
lTt Ci I I ... .J 1 1 . . -
m ii i iivnr T ii a t.wior.-
beech root that sonaratcd tlinm.
. -.. iu muo uiu urown imiiii in
uinwu away wnn ue-
(11)- 1 ...
Jiy, (lenreEt, "
Ah, ho did not see tho blood man-
o iivt cuuuk unuer tne envious
nilAlt.n f ii ... ....
ui uiu nurocious "siiakor-
- - u uiu hoi uoar tlio quick,
- "iuuuil OI 1110 until flllt.
"Doarost." indeod ! XVh
oml. Mi . .
'luimiia ucau novcr so miiLli
" ""own witnout asking her
no, and Charley Jenkins had dis-
WPtll. in ft 1 ...
p w i i
--V n.uuMiu mat tlio wholo uro-
"mo of Ins future oxislonco wan to
"lUlCatodfinlj.lv I... tt: ir..,. .
iGS, it Was all fsrv t
. xutu 10 stay atliomo, officiat-
ill Mm TT t .
i, .. "--jmiuuum,:
iiuma itnnni I, i. i
uiuiorm, and a dn'i nl. '
" mmuM eelnt
uut to go I
- '"Hg wo rebo s witlmnt ol
n ,r 8 110r "'clination,
spoiled beautv lhnnu '
- u "meroiit th np.
CT t 1 .. W " '
Reo y aw in no innn,i
Hill Of rf - !' II ,
upturn Mark said, gravoly. j
'.'I hail tlionght, I lirul hoped
yon fcoliiiff diffoioiitly."
fintl j
"In no mood I" ltnchol colored hot
scarlet. AVliut right hud Murk Dotig
lns to treat her lilto n naughty
"I beg your pardon, Captain Doug
Ins," sho said, potnlnutly; "it isn't at
all necessary to discuss a mattor so per
fectly indifferent to mo."
Now Mark Douglas was only a man,
with all tho infirmities incident to
mankind, llo bit his lip, and his brow
grow dark.
"Hnchul, you scorn to havo forgot
ten tho ongagomcnt."
"Engngoment," she ropontod, sharp
ly. "I am tired of an engagement
that only foltors ono parly while tho
other is freo its nir."
"Tired 1" ho hesitatod a momont, as
if vainly striving to command his
voice. "Do you wish to bo released,
Sho did not nyswor pqrhaps she
was n8t (p.iito prepared for this phase
of affairs.
"Tell mo yes or no 1" ho dqmanded
"Yes." sho answered, with pettish
"Thon good-by, Kay."
Gono? Yes, ho was gono.
watched him descending tho moun
tain sido with quick, oven strides un
der tho scarlet drapories of clinging
vines, through patches of deep, still
shadow into belts of golden sunshine,
until tho overhanging rock hid him
i from her viow ; yot it seemed eo diffi
cult to belicvo lhat ho was really
onc- " ' - ..
I She looked down at tho 'tiny on
' gagoment-ring that sparkled on her
forofingor a simple turquoise sot in
I virgin gold, whoso blue glimmer Bhono
I dimly through her tears and sho
could not but romctnbor tho tender
j worTla with which he had placed it on
j her fingor.
"Lot it bo a tokou betwoon us, dear-
est, liko tho signet rings of old times,
j "Wherever I may bo, this ring will al
i wayB bring my heart to its queen."
And now !
"I ought to have returned it," sho
pondered, shrinking as if tho dendor
circlet of gold were a ring of fire. "I
icill somo timo 1"
So Mark Douglas lost his swoet-
i heart,, and marched down to Poters-
burg a solitary man, marveling,
' many a ono has dono before him,
the inscrutablo mysteries of tho
mule heart.
I e i.
I "Dretful keen wind, ain't it ?" said
I IIia AVirlnw Tuvlnr. iintviiu tho fitriiiffB
" j . o o
of hor worsted hood; "powerful sharp
frost last night ! Doncdn rottibono'o
dahlias is black as soot, nnd all Miss
Morrison's morniu'-glories is blasted.
Thankee, Miss Martin, my feet is cold;
won't you tako tho rocking-chnir
yourself? "Why, ltnchol, child, what
ails you ? all tlio neighbors are talkin'
bout how you'vo changed 1"
ltnchol colored and turned away.
"I am well enough."
"I tell you what, Miss Martin," bo
gan Mrs. Taylor, in a mysterious whis
per to tho older lady, "you just tako
a doublo handful o' green wilier bark,
and bilo it up well or snnkcroot ten
ain't bad and give hor a pint noon
and mornin. It's tho most strength
ening ! But I've como round to toll
you what tho Women's Committco
havo decided on."
"Ah, indeed ?" said Mrs. Martin, in
quiringly. "Wo all feel to bo dretful thankful
tho harvest's been so good, aud and
overy thing's fetched up jest about
right," intoned tho widow: "and so wo
thought it would bo kind o' squarin'
up with a merciful Providence to send
n box. or tow o' things out to thorn
poor soldiers that's a fightin' liko all
possessed ! It's only nccordiu' to
Spripter, you know, nnd it would bo a
kind o' nico littlo Thanksgivin' gift,
now wouldn't it ?"
Tho widow dropped her oyelids
sanctimoniously, aud wont on:
"Miss Darby's kindly gin us a
bushel o' them ewcet-potntoes thoy
raised in tho south pasture lot.
They're a littlo damagod, not exactly
fit for market; but thor's no doubt tho
soldiers '11 bo glad to got 'cm; and
Mrs. Deacon Pottibono has civ1' us a
lot o' thnt l'ormontod peach sass, and
Dosiro Wallis has mado up a sight o'
book marks, and Widow Smith has
cooked a peck o' dough-nuts, with
out no sweotiuiu. Sugar's so high,
and tnin't likely tho soldiers enro for
. , . -r . ..i .
sweet stun. ABiormo, i rcoiy
i:i. t i..n i,., u. l,l T l,i.
qa np ft fow o' poor Deacon Taylor s
- i.n 7i :.. a .-.,i
n littlo moth-eaten and rather tender
but I hain't no doubt they'll bo welt
como. Old Jones has giv' us a half a
pound o' tea and a pound o' candles,
V. .Hi. 1 41111 1UJU.lUUbVO 1 wvv
law books, that thoy tell is dretful iw-jlio
provin rondin. And tho Committco
calc'latcd you and ltnchol would help
"Of courso wo will," assented Mrs.
Martin, recovering promptly from tlio
momentary bewilderment and amusc
mont caused by the Widow Taylor's
valuablo list of treasures; "and"
"Then I may ns well bo stirrin,''
ejaculated tho widow, jumping up;
"for I'vo got to soo Miss Dr. Davison
and Squire Lndd yot to-night. Go6d
ovon' t' yo nnd don't forgot tho wil-lor-bark
Mrs. Martin and ltachol both burst
out laughing ns tho door closed.
"Poor Mrs. Taylor!" said Mrs.
"Mama, how can sho ?" domandod
i ltachol indignantly. "Such a box for
tho soldiers 1 Why, it would only ag
gravate them !"
"Novor mind, Itay, dear," said hor
mother soothingly; "I'll inako up a
lot of real nico dnuglinnta. nnd pack
'om nround tho biggest pair of turkeys
father can find, with a box of little
pumpkin pies; aud you shall send a
barrel of thoso golden pippins from
tho old tree beyond tho brook tho
trco Mark Douglas liked so well.
Thoy'ro in tho garret in that old green
chest ; aud bo sure and put in pleuty
o' good straw to prevent their meller
in' against each othor."
ltachol obeyod; and Mrs. Martin
ncvor had tho least idea of tho tears
sho shod, with her trim littlo figure
half way into tho barrel, as sho packed
the great fair yellow applos among
tho yollowdr straw. If tho golden
pippins could only havo spoken, what
a Thanksgiving story they might
havo told to tho Army of tho -Potomac!
Mr. Martin's broad faco beamed
with satisfaction , as ho harnessed up
old Dolly to carry tho box aud barrel
to Boston.
"It's jest liko you women-folks to
keep thinkiu' of such things," ho de
chrrcd "Now it never wouldn't ha'
como into my groat wooden head
and jost to think how much hotter owr
Thanksgivin dinner '11 tnsto for rc
memberin' tho poor fellows that's a
fightin for us ! Gee up, Dolly !"
And Mr. Martin winked his mis
ty oyes and cracked his whip simul
taneously. s)t sff "t 4
"I don't .Geo whore il can
bo !"
Tho golden vapors wore all faded
away from tho sweet vally now tho
jgray November sky stretohod its
it i -i ji .
itroary canopy oi ciouus over ine
glens and forests, and tho yellow
leaves wore raining sadly down
nround Itay Martin's feet as sho hur;
riedly traversed tho mountain path,
pushing nsido tho rod and russet
drifts with eager tremulous fingers,
and searching ns if for somo precious
lost talisman.
"Oh, to think thnt I should hnvo
dropped it !" sho faltered, half aloud.
"Whilo I woro it I could fancy our
parting was but a dream. Oh, where
could I havo lost it!"
And sho sat down on tho twisted
beech-root and cried heartily, whilo
tho moaning of tho chill wind brought
back an echoing cadenco to her
"A barrel of golden pippins! 0
Mars! isn't it jolly ?"
Tho first lieutenant executed an im
promptu hornpipo around tho barrel
ns Captain Douglas pried up tho cov
er with a hammer.
"Wo'ro very much obliged to Com
pany A," said tho latter sedately.
"I hope you didn't forgot that Jon
niugs V"
"Oh, of couso I did tho jjolito.
Company A was so obliging ns to
send us tho barrel, nnd keep tho
great lovialhair of n box for its own
delectation. I just wish you could
havo seen Dodsloy's faco when ho
oponod it?"
"What do you mean ?"
"Such n conglomeration of decay
ing Cnrolinnpotntocs, sour swectmonts,
old rags, and law books! I didn't
stop to investigate vory closely, how
over; it was my interest to roll tho
barrel down hill ns far as possiblo,
least Dodsloy should ropont of his
mmorositv. I confess I was a littlo
norvous whilo you, woro opening tho
barrel, lest it should contain cold vic
tuals and pino kindlings. Hullo!
what's this?" ho exclaimed, taking a
slip of paper that, had lain boncath
tho lid; "A Thanksgiving rcmom,bor
anco !" Much obliged to you my un
known friend. I'll keop my Thanks
giving now."
Douglas caught tho slip from his
friend's hnnd; a deep flush roso to
his chcok ns ho recognized May Mar
tin's dolicato nnd rather peculiar
hand writing.
"Tho samo old apples that used to
, -
liko spheres of gold m tho long
grass of tho river meadow ! I thought
I knew them, ho pondered. "Jen
nings "
But Jennings had dodged out to
promulgate tho good tidings among
his fellow officers. At tho samo in
stant Mark Douglas's oyo caught a
foreign glitter nmong tho yellow'
straw. I
Tho turquoise ring !
His heart gavo ft sudden lonp as ho
rcmomborcd tho caroloss, half roman
tic words with which ho had plncod it
on her fingor. And then came tho;
revulsion of fooling.
"What a fool I am! as if sho
could havo known the destination of
this chance gift I"
Yot abovo tho cold and cnlcul iting
voico of reason, a far moro welcome
tono kept repenting to tho ear of his
heart, with xiorpetual refrain.
"She has called mo back to her !
sho has called inji baqk 1"
- .
Tho twilight of Thanksgiving 12vo
was brooding darkly over Mr. Mar
tin's great old-fashioned kitchen,
whore tho glow of pino logs aflbrded
tho only illumination, and n shrill
voiced cricket piped behind the chim
ney bricks. liny saw tho red glomus
flickering on the leafless maples across
tho road, as she walked slowly down
the sloping path, with a gray shnwl
wrapped round her head, and frc'sh
carnations, born of tho sharp, keen
wind, on her checks. Sho started iu
quick affright as a footstep sounded
among tho rustling leaves at her side,
and a gentle touch fell on her arm.
"Itay 1"
And then bIic knew that tho troub
led dream was over.
Tlio old clock behind tho strings of
red pepper had chimed nine before
ltachol thought of tho question that
would havo been most natural to ask
"But how why what mado you
como back ?"
"You summoned me, Itay."
"I ? Novcr, Mark"
Ho hold up tho turquoise ring with
an arch look of defiance, and all at
onco tho truth broko upon her.
"Lot mo put it on your fingor onco
again, Ray, never to bo removed ex
cept for tho wedding-ring of gold !"
Sho lot her head droop nn instnut
upon his shoulder, nnd then looked
up thixti0h niarkllng tears. ,
"Oh, Mark, I think this will bo tho
most real Thnnksgiving of my life!"
Family Courtesies. In the family
the law of plonking ought to extend
from tho highest to tho lowest. You
aro bound to please your children;
and your children aro bound to ploaso
each othor; and you aro bound to
please your servants, if you expect
them to pleaso you. Somo men aro
pleasant in tho household and no
where elso. I haVo known such men.
They aro good fathers and kind hus
bands. If you havo soen them in
their own houso you would havo
thought that they wcro perfect angels,
nlmost; but if you had seen them
on tho street, or in tho store, or any
where else out of tho houso, you would
havo thought them nlmost demouinc.
But tho opposito is npt to bo tho cn6c.
When wo nro among our neighbors,
or among strangors, wo hold our
selves with solf-rbspect, aud endeav
or to act with propriety; but when wo
get homo wo say to ourselves, "I
havo played n part long enough, and
am now going to bo natural." So wo
sit down, and wo nro ugly nnd snap
pish, and blunt, and disugrccnblc.
Wo lay nsido thoso thousand littlo
courtesies that mako tho roughost
floor smooth, that makes tho hardest
thing liko velvet, nud that makes lifo
pleasant. Wo expend our politeness
iu places where it will bo profitable
where it will generally bring silvor and
Mudioal Use or Salt. Tho Medical
World says, in many cases of disor
dered stomach, a tablospoonful of salt
is a certain cucr. In a violent intern
al pain termed colic, ft tcaspoonful of
salt, dissolved in n pint of cold water,
tnken as soon as. possiblo, with n
short nap immediately after, is ono of
tho most effectual and speody romo
dics known. Tho Bamo will roliovo n
person who scorns almost (load from a
very heavy fall In nn npoplectio fit,'
no timo should bo lost in pouring
down snlt water, if sufficient sensibil
ity remain to allow of swallowing; if
not, until tho sonses return, when
salt will completely restore tho pa
tient from tho lethargy. In n fit, tho
feet should bo placed in warm water,
with mustard added, and tho legs
briskly rubbed; nil tho bandages re
moved frpm tho neck, and coul npori
out procured, if possiblo. In- caso of
sovero blooding nt tho lungs, when
othor remedies failed, Dr. Hush found
that twp teaspoonfula of. salt com
pletely stayed tho blood.
The American Soldier.
Tho model American soldior is
patient nnd enduring; likes camplifo;
is good-nnturcd nnd jolly, nnd makes
fun for his comrades; is always ready
for any duty; does nil tho cooking for
his tcnt-mnlos nnd himself; washes n
shirt occasionally for n tont-iuato; has
his knnpsnck always ready to start at
a inomont's notico; spends nil day
Sunday cleaning his gun; can oat raw
pork on a march; don't drink much
wator on a march; don't consider it
healthy; sleeps with his boots and cap
on ; carrios his pockets full of ammuni
tion; han his tout up and supper
cookod just ton minutes after n halt;
knows whero to find plenty of rail
fences; always 1ms plonty of btraw to
sleep on; don't have a high opinion of
ofticors; wouldn't do any thing for tho
colonel if 'twas to save his lifo; thinks
.ho major ought to havo something to
do to prevent him from getting lazy;
thinks his captain a first-rato fellow,
aud helps to put up his lent; won't
stand any nonsense from tho lieuten
ant; don't liko battles better than any
bod else, but is ready to do his duty;
trios to take caro of his health; has rc
cnlistcd, and intonds to sco tho thing
through; sends homo all his pay; in
tends to buy land nnd sottlo down
when tho war is over; considers it
foolish to get drunk; never spends
money at tho sutlor's; helps tho now
recruit strap on his knapsack; advises
him not to eat much greaso; wants
him to tako caro of his- health; never
gets angry oxcept when talking about
rebels; swears a littlo then; can't holp
it; is willing to sacrifice his lifo to put
down tho rebellion; bolioves Abo Lin
coln an honest man; will v'oto for him
or any other mn,iv that will put down
'this rebellion; thinks army contractors
and officers with big salaries havo kept
the war going too long; is willing to
do his duty any way, and hopes, when
the war is over, to seo Jeff. Davis nnd
the copperhends go to destruction to
gether. "To take it coolly" is an old lesson
of soldier lifo, which was in all proba
bility the tent of savior aire and social
supremacy among tho camps of tho
primeval Aryans or antediluvian Celts,
as well as tho 'Feds' and 'Johnny Itcbs'
of tho present day. And they have
certainly attained to great excellence
in the art. "I havo seen soldiers chase
hares," says tho writer of an army let
ter, "and pick blackberres, when a
showor of tho leaden messengers of
death was falling tlijck nnd fast nround
them, nnd do many other cool nnd
foolish things. But tho following,
which actually took placo at Mine Run,
surpasses any thing I remember to
have overseen or heard: Ono of thoso
biting cold mornings, whilo tho nr
mics of Mcndo nnd Loo wore staring
at each othor across tho littlo rivulet
known as Mino Run, when moments
appeared to bo hours and hours days,
so near at hand seemed tho deadly
strife, a solitary sheep leisurely walked
along tlio run on tho rebel side. A
rebel vidotfo fired and killed tho sheep,
and, dropping his gun advanced to re
move tho prize. In an instant ho was
covered by a gun in the hands of n
Union vidette, who said: "Davido is
the word, or you aro n dead Johnny."
This proposition was assented to, and
there, between tho two skirmish lines,
Mr. Rebel skinned tho sheep, took ono
hnlf and moved back with it to his
post, when his challenger, in turn,
dropping his gun, crossed tho run, got
tho othor half of tho sheep, and re
sumed tho duties of his post, amidst
tho cheers of his comrades who ex
pected to holp him oat it,"
A Woman's Idea or Tnousnns. A
young Now Euglaud mamma, on tho
important occasion of making her
littlo boy his first pair of colored trous
ers, conceived tho idea that it would
bo moro economical to mako them of
tho samo dimensions behind and be
fore so that thoy might bo changed
about nnd woar evenly nnd ho sho
fashioned thorn. Thoir effect whon
donned by tho littlo victim was ludi
crous in tho extreme. Papa, at first
sight of tho baggy garments, so "foar
fully nud wonderfully made," burst in
to a roar of laughter and exclaimed
"Oh, my doar, how could you havo tho
heart to do it? Why, tho poor littlo
follow won't know whethor he's going
to school or coming homo.
I Coi'vixa Wiutino. -If ( littlo. BUgar
bo added to tho ink, tv- copy of tho
writing may easily bo takon off by
J laying a shoot of unsizod paper,
! damped with a spongo, on the written
I paper, and passing avor it a flat-iron
! modoratQ.y heated.
j .
jBQy Tho females of somo of tho Iu-
j dimi tribes, iu order to keop silonco,
! fill their mouths with water. Our wo
men fill their mouths with tea, and
, gossip moro thau over.
Historical KceorrJ.
Tho following is a list of tho Presi
dents and Yico Presidents of tho
United Stale's, ns well as thoso who
were candidates for each offico Bincc
tho orgnnizntion of tho Govommcnl:
1879. Goorgo Wnshingtbn nud
John Adams, two terms, no opposi
tion .
1707. John Adams, opposed by
Thomas Jofforson, who, lmving tho
next highest electoral vote, becamo
Vico Prosidont.
1801. Thomas Jofforson and Aaron
Burr; boating John Adams and Chas.
C. Picknoy.
1805. Thomas Jefferson and George
Clinton; beating Charles 0. Pickrfoy
and Rufus King.
1800. James Madison and Georgo
Clinton; boating Charles C. Picknoy.
1813. James Madison and Elbridgo
Gorry; beating Do Wilt Clinton.
1817. Jamos Madison nnd Daniel
D. Tompkins; beating Rufus King.
1821. James Monroe nnd Daniel
D. Tompkins; beating John Qiiincy
1825. John Quiucy Adams and
John 0. Calhoun; beating Andrew
Jackson, Henry Clay, and Mr. Craw
ford --there being four candidates for
President, and Albert Gallatin for
Vico President.
1820. Andrew Jackson and John
C. Calhouu; beating-John Quincy Ad
ams and Richard Rush.
183!J. Andrew Jackson and Martin
Van Buren; beating Henry Clay, John
Floyd, and Win. Wirt, for President,
and Wm. Wilkins, John Sergeant, and
Henry Leo, for Vico President.
1837. Martin Van Buren and Rich
ard M. Johnson; beating Wm.- II.
Harrison, Hugh L. 'White and Dan
iel Webst6r, for President, and John
Tyler for Vico President.
1811. Wm. H. Harrison and John
Tyler; beating Martin Van Bnron and
Littleton W. Tazewell. Harrison died
ono mouth after his inauguration, and
John Tyler becamo President for the
remainder of tho term.
1815. JanicB K. Polk and Georgo
M. Dallas; beating Henry Clay and
Theodore Frelinghuyscn.
1810. Zachary Taylor nnd Millard
Fillmoro; beating Lewis Cass nnd
Martin Van Buren, for President, and
Wm. O. Butler and Charles F. Adnms,
for Vico .President Taylor died July
9, 1850, and Fillmoro becamo Presi
dent. 1853. Frnnklin Piorco nnd William
R. King; beating Wiufiold Scott and
W. A. Graham.
1857. James Buchanan aud John
C. Brcckinridgo; beating John C. Fre
mont and Millard Fillmore, for Presi
dent, and Wm. L. Divyton and A. J.
Donelson, for Vico President.
18G1. Abraham Lincoln nnd Hnnni
bal Hamlin; beating John Bell, Steph
en A. Douglas, and John C. Brcckin
ridgo, for President, and Edward
Everett, Horschel V. Johnson, nud
Joseph Lane, for Vico President.
18G1. Abraham Lincoln and An
drew Johnson; beating Gen. Georgo
B. McClellan and Georgo H. Pendle
ton. randier Hunt.
A British traveller in Brazil gives
tho following account of a pauthor
hunt near tho Villa do Fcrnaiba:
"Finding I still pcrsistod in my favpr
ito pursuit, tho Gpvcrnor good-naturedly
resolved on gratifying mo with
tho spectacle of a panther hunt, Ac
companied by his sons, wo rode out
early in tho morning to an oxtonsivo
plain, in tho centra of which was a
junglo; into this tho Vaqueiros had
succeeded in driving, on tho previous
night, a largo pnnther, preparatory to
tho morning's sport. Wo took our
station, on nn cmiuenco which com
manded a viow of tho coutro field
Tho loud barking of tho dogs, tho wild
cries of tho hunlsmon as thoy gallopod
round tho skirts of tho junglo, cheor
ing on tho dogs, formed nn animated
scone. Aroused in his lair, tho pau
thor, furious with rago, sprang foith
to meet his enemies. Tho Vaquciro
nearest to tho point from which ho
had issued now advanced to the at
tack. Ho exhibited a beautiful sight,
whirling in tho air his lasso and urg
ing forward with tho spur tho spirited
littlo steed ou which ho was mounted,
whoso dilated nostrils, fiery eyeballs
and erect mnno, proclaimed his in
stinctivo drond of tho enemy iu his
front. The panthor crouched in tho
aqt to spring on his advancing foe, but
ho was forestalled by tho well skilled
assailant, who, at tho distanco of twen
ty yards, throw his lasso with unorting
aim. Scarcoly had it lolt his hand be
fore tho well trainpd lorso wheeled
round and flew across tho plain, dragg
ing uftorhim tho already disabled pnn
ther, for with such beautiful precision
had tho lasso been thrown, that tho fore
ipaw of tho nnimal was fairly strapped
3STo. 524
to bin neck. Tho-(,wlluIo,party"t now
dashed, forward to bo in nt tho death.
Tho Vnqtioiro, slackening his pace,,
gradually shorloncd tho length of tho
cord till ho brought his enemy within
a few yards of him, and then, in less
timo than I can narrate it, snw him
lenp from his sadillo; his brond knifo
glenming in tho morning sunbeam,
and with tho rapidity of lightning
leaving tho cloud, it was buried in
tho henrt of tho panther."
i ' .i i
Kissino. Josh Billings snys tliero
is "ono cold, blue-, lean kiss, thnt nl-
was makes him shiver to sco. Two
persons (ov tho fcmail pcrswnshun)
who hav witnest n grate mennyyoung-
or and more pulpy daz, meet in somo
publiek plnso, and not lmving snw
ench uther fbr 21 horn's tha kiss im-
mcgiatoly; thon tha tork about the-
weather, and tlio young man who
preached yesterday, and thon tha kiss-.
iihmegiatoly, and then tha. blush and-
laff at what tha sa tow each other, and-
kiss again immegiately. This kind of
kissing, always puts rao iu mind of
two old flints trying tow strike fire."
Bfejy- At Aberdeen, Scotland, evening .
services lately held in ono of-tho
churches hnvo beon discontinued on
account of tho bad 'behavior of tho.
young popple of tho congregation-.
There wcro many ydung men nnd. .j
young women who mado tho church a
placd of resort for tho solo purposo ap
parently of having "n lnrk" nud meet;.;
ing afterwards. Laughing aloud, pa-por-pellct
throwing.lucifer-match light-
ing, and wholo sentsful of lads nnd
lnssies, from opposito sidos of thai
church, walking out in dozens by. pre-'conccrtedtQignnl8,-
'currencesj: 4So..bad-did things becomo-.wf,
latterly thnt tho male nnd' female porr
tion of the gathering were kept sopa-
rato by tho ono sex being only allowed ,j
to tho galleries of tho church, while
tho other wcro confined below. Even,,
j this did not euro tho evil, and bo tha ;
What to do with Troubles. When :
we aro fully concioua that the cup-of 1
advorsity lifted to our lips by tho haiid"1
of God, is lifted by ono who tenderly
loves us, and whom we supremely love, '
it becomes sweot even aa tho bitter
waters of Marah become sweot when
touched by tho wand of tho prophet.
Says n great writer alluding to- a fact
in natural history "Tho cutting, irri
tating grain of sand, which by accident
or incaution has got within tho shell
of tho pearl oyster, incites tho living
inmato to secrete from its own resour
ces tho means of coating tho intrusive
subsi8tancc, and a icarl is tho result
And is it not, or may it not bo oven so '
with, tho irregularities and uuovenncas
of health and fortune in oui own caso?
Wo,too, may turn diseases into pearls."
The Most Beautiful Hand. Two
charming womou woro discussing one
day what it is which constitutes beauty
iu the hand. Thoy differed in opinion as
much as to tlio shapojof tho beautiful
member whoso merits thoy woro dis
cussing. A gentleman friend prosont-.
cd himself, nnd by common consent
tho question was referred, to him. It
was a delicate matter. ;Ho thought of
Pnris nnd tho two goddesses. Glnno
ing from ono to the other of tho beauti
ful white hands presented for his ex-.
animation, he replied at last: "I givo
it up; tho question is tpo hard. for mo;,
but ask tho poor, aud thoy will toll
you tho most benutiful luuid ia tho
hand thnt givps."
i- A fac-similo of tho following;
inscription on a gravestono iu Wil-'
liomsport, Pa., is in circulation: ''Sa-?
cred to ilip Memory of Henry Harris
Born jnno 28th 1831 of Henry Harris
and Jano his Wifo. Died on tho -1th
of May 1837 by tho kick of a colt in
hi3 Bowels peaceable nnd quiot, a
Frioud to his Father & Mother & re
spected by all who know him and
wont to tho world whoro horses can't
kick and Borrows & weeping is no'
JSarTho editor- of tho Great Bar
ringlon Courier is sharp. Hear him;
An oditor is expected to pleaso . every-
body, paw out everybody's roasted
chestnuts, grind everybody's axo, keop
everybody's advertisement at lhahcad
of tho column, tell half dojlar lies,, for;
fivo conts, edit his paper to suit thd
tastes of every individual render, Work'
for nothing and keop out qfj debt
Moro fuet than fapcy.
Wateh Pnoor Composition ' roa
LK.VTHEn.-0c-half pound tallow, two
ounces booswax, two ounces olivo oil,
four ounces hog's lard. 3I$lt tho ma
terials by a gentlo boat iiub the
mixture on tho leather a few hours
before using them. By adding a
small quantity of lamp-black and in
creasing tho quantity of booswax, ah
excellent bluck-bnll in obtained,

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