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Vol. S.
11 i'.
DAVIS, IMIInr mill
! f
,i, .., i,i TuinKtlio paper through the 1'osU
sj.tttlper annum. To Village subscrlbum
ili.' paper liy the carrier, OOcrnU In
. b. rhargod.
, it-, a ar will lie added whon payment
,1 i ui'id iix months,
i rli'i'initimiftt until all arrearages nro
, ,i ut the option of the l'tiWInher.
.mm iivniTiKii:vpt. Per square of 12
i. uf tlii- type, for flrat iu.iertion St,
,, (ii. nt insertion, ! rents.
. ; ,i, i ,i HiKi-rtinnB mnt bo marked on
., mi. iit. r thry will bo continued
I nut. Tranmi'iii aurertiaenieuta to
,ul ,mee.
i.il discount will ho made on the
i , tli"f' ailvertifiiiiB hy the yonr.
,i i s w ill Ik- ItiMcrtod at 15 cents per
35To. 152.
The (inio Rooms lonff,-so long, these solemn
t HUTolv darn In HilnV 1,n.- Inn,.
I Since the clow iuskoiI uut of mv ln. lain Hd,t
Ami tho thrill from my robin's song. '
Sinoe the dream In nppte.bucli died from mo,
And tho droam hi the tnirplo hnca;
ainoe a dluitieM fell on the miullt mi,
And a cloud on the maplo'ii blaec.
Since ho lifted the toil and pnterod in
Homewho e away Jutt out of eight,
Since the hroiith of a word has oomo from him
Of lore that panseth depth and height.
And yet, -ah yet, God knows, and I, and he,
Only wo three, how well we know,
I am drawn to him and ho to me
Dearer than these four years ago.
St. Albans Business Directory.
History of St. Albans.
It)' un nlit Hetltltut.
Thero hni been a Univorsalist So
cioty horo for inoro than thirty years:
nny olhor denomination, oonsibling
tnninly of tho Irish nntl French iiopu.
lation, nnd ri f0v jmtivo Americans who
hnve lalterolly united with them.
Somo years ngo a plan wns started by
omo of the iiiiluotitial inoii of that
ordor to build a vory largo nnd com-
jmodious church odifico, sufliciontly
capacious to acconmiodato tho whole
of the congregation Hint usually ro
soited to'this town to attond Roman
, Catholic worship. By tho aid of lib
eral subscriptions, hero and olsowliere,
the society was enabled to commence
hopos of Hiippor more and nioro dis
tant ovcry moment.
"Hang tho tract 1" said John.
"What did T bother over it for?" and
he pave tho papor tt toss ovor a clump
of bushes, and thou his mind rovortod
to Lucy Hood's Bible Ho folt for it.
It was safe. Ho wished that ho was
somehow better, and ho walked along
with tho bridlo ovor his arm; and his
laino bono clumping on behind him,
in quit i) a m'chiuoholy mood.
Suddenly something rousod him
from it. Straight boforo him in tho
road stood a mouutod man, with a
black mask on his faco and a pistol in
bin hnnd.
Halt," said tho individual, foro
ovor mot, and that it was ns boautiful
ns it was wise, and so hero wo nro to
getlior, Lucy. And I'm happier thnn
I ovor expected to bo in this world, all
bocauso of your littlo biblo."
Arctic Kxnlorallons.
Wo present our roadow with a few
extracts from Dr. Hayos' forthcoming
work, entitled " Tho Opon l'olnr Son,"
in press by Messrs. Hnrd k Hough
ton, of Boston:
niim-cATcniso in oiiEnsLm
Whilo I was watching these movo
monts with much intorost, my com
panion was intent only upon businoss,
and warned me to lio lower, as tho
work with a fair prospect of success.
Bishop Mc'Clusky, of Albany, laid tho oiouslj , and John halted, whilo his
........ ..... ..r ii.. . .iv it. hnnst, renc.r.il tn linlt.
ui n ,., 1 1 1 , , in i n i. ,,,,, ivui t in, - - - - . . .
.' . " " " Tf vil r nnifit vnn'11 r-nmn n ft 18 SftW me,
usual appropriate ceremonies m pre , ,.,... . m ' ,. T . wnn, , high overhead. Having at length got
ence of it large congregation of people vonr mail-bag. 1 happen to" know ! m)'80'f stowed away to tho satisfaction
The exterior of tho church was nearly that it is worth something to-nisht. ?f m' savtlS companion, tho sport
tVrom tho Toledo DtaiR
An Important Casc at Tun CoitNrns,
IONS" or Squhib Oavitt.
Post Orris Confi:diiit X Boads, )
(wich is in tho Strttt uv Kontiuiky), r
January 20, 18G7. )
Wun uv tho most important ensos
ttttntdnlif ill r itnolilt I tniiin rfrt
1 III IUl i (1 11 i All ik J 1 tin II 111 DU1IOU U I I 1 1 . a (
tried aforo a court uv justis, cum off CM8od 19 nrr,cstetl OI1b- menshuns p0r.
nfmn Rnn rn Onv tf. nt i in Honrt eiim DUi' "v
i m A . . , . t. ' nuiii em
this court. Tho tiigger not btiin nb!6
to provo bin means of suj)port, nnd oz
Iho court -knoM-n uv its own knollrg'o,
that ho.iiin't now got nuy $200, tho
court Wood ask tho criminal's counsel,
wat oth'er nonsenso ho hez to plc'd'.
Sed Mr. Pollock, tho Illinoy store
"I wood beg leave to slato to thin
court, thet under the Civil Bights law,
tho defendant cannot bo arrested ez u
vagrant, ez tho law under wich tho ac
at tho Coriurs yostnrdav. It wuz im
portant, becoz it involved the Tory
eggistonce of tho iuslitooshn upon
wicn lwentucky iz built bocoz upon
its docoshn hung tho question whellt-
lnnkin a distinktion
agm cm.
Never, wilo meinry retains her scat,
shell I forget Iho sceno that ensood.
Filled with a senso uv the responsibil-
uy restin onto mm, tlio oquir roso
and were Hying too or or Jiot the Bible chould be re-1 s'i'froni his sea hiz fi.coof a dothly
.... , i . ii . ... i.i ... i . ... ... . . Iia 0111S. wieli lmd Ihn flTi'ck nv hnirrh.
i but its activity 1ms been intermittent,
.ui.r-v n.wis, AiToh.VBVS AKl) i and its prosporitv irrcgulnr and fluc. j was suspended.
II , i i Vl, I iiA .i ui .miivsiMfl a 111
i ul,, ! m tin
A Howh
i . . .. i : .
rnoms rormerly oacu- i """&
i, tiailoiinih's Dnililtntr. 1 0f their
rvRK davis. ' William
Among tho early preachers
i.il, AT LAW. Also, Agent for tlrst
, iii,. Companies, nnd for ohtauiing
' - i , A i .
, i I'ki' store. 1-tf
fnitli may bo mentioned Rev.
Bell, about the vear lS.'IO;
Rev. Joseph Wright in 1831, and 1832;
Rev. Joseph Baker, who lived
preached in St. Albans for
completed, with tho oxception of the
tower. For want of funds, tho work
But the interior was
fitted up so that it hai been used for
public worship up to tho present time
Within a few years past, efforts have
been made to finish tho church ae-
nll1 cording to the original design. With
1 nnntalflnrrilOn n!,l f 11 ,ti iol. n.l K .1. , .
several iiiiiiiniiuu
, u.oit(i;
years; nnd Rev. l!li Bid lou at various
periods, formerly and recently. Rev.
William J. Ooss, preached hero some
in 1810. After that year the records
V. IIOl tJUTOV, Attorney and
, ,r at I.aw and Solicitor in Ctian
ViTiiiimt. t)IVn.-t near he I'ost
., deuce on Welilen street.
Slates ('nmmssiolMT, -ommm-: f i ; i Antnotivo until
,u for the Hlatesof, New York, 01 tuo fioclcV nre "Btectne UIHU
. and other stat.-s. lie will Kiv.- your 1858-9, when Rev. Joseph Sar
11 ,11 to all urofi.MUOual bumni-ss " . 1 .
i! i lo eiitnute d. gfliit, of uliston, preached to the so-
;eiety half of the time during two
years, md Rev. Mr. Ballon preached
horo half tho year 18G0-G1. After
that time the society had no stated
preaching until January 1801, when
meetings were resume under more
favorable auspices, with preaching
every Sabbath.
The old Society organization was
dropped, and the old church revived
uud ro-(noddled on a new plan.
The Univerbuhsts of St. Albans have
met for public worship wherever they
could, in school-housus, in the opcu
air, around the steps of the Court-
sOYVIiHS Attorney and Counsellor at
, 1 .,; Solicitor 111 Cliancerv. Office over ,
ul llauk. St. AltiaiiM, Vt.
v :i i!ti ml to Collections, and prosecute j
. ,11 -t the United States for Arrears of
,i loSoldu is. Widow's and Iiialidi
A 1 . 3-tf I
1. 1 I. M IV, I)KT1T.
,M S HLOt iv
,1 Church.
Main St.
UftVe 111 the
uptHiMte the
, il ami Uiiuu's Iru
i.r.i. .1 it..
u u,l Maple
..i... Vt
1 t.iliovfe Vixvt Nationtl OvHtrr Hr iu
11 iiit vtuu, uuuuricu iu nit , xjiiium
it a- l 'ii,' as I have breath 111 my
brulv. '
" That won't be long," said the man,
with a coarse huiLdi. " if you don't
1 . ... . . . ... u
pio ot Uie village, the editice has boon listen to reason.
completed with a handsome tower,- 1 John, for repl, mounted his horse,
the highest in the place. The church 1 n".1' Hilt be1Urint lns -d .
: . ,, . , Your life is in danger, said the
s now an ornament to the village, and ,. .. I inlend (J h thoac leUurSi
has the largest bell in tho county. and a lifo isn't much to 1110. I'll spare
Since tho Romish worship has been 1 jou. though, for you may enro for it;
established ho.e, there has been a ttn'1 1,v lard you woro a good fellow
...K...vf , .(;.; ........i enough ; if you'll just mako mo no
.iiiLui1.1 v,i uiiitiiibuiti uiiueus ill luiuiuu ,l,rt T ,
., 1 . . 11 . trouble. I m 111 earni
birds wore boginning
nrrnill ill wllil'l flluil (lirtlit ulnnai. ir
- ' ' " - ' ' . . . II.h.IW .IVdWl IV.
our heads so close, indeed, did thoy
come, unit it soomcil almost as if 1
could catch thum with my or.p. Pres
ently I observed my companion pro-
panug hiinself as a llock of unusual
spoctod nnd its holy injunctions obey
ed whether Kentucky shood, olingin
to tho Skriptcrs, go on ez a Christian
State, or, donyin it, go back into infi
delity and barbarism. 1 bknsuly need
say that tho porshuns nv tho Bible to
wich I refer is tho ever blessed chap
ters lolatln to Hum, Hagor and Qno-
simus tho only parts uv tho Skriptor
palonis, wich hod tho effeck uv hoich-
tenin, by contrast, tho intensq, rednis
uv his nose, nnd risin to his full hite;
remarked that tho court hed' expected
that objection to bo Urged, nnd hod)
therefore, prepared for it. Tho law
doso'ut bind this court to ony alarmin
axtont, considorin it iz iufriugin otit,fl
the reserved rites nv tho'Stnto.'""--"
Wilt tho court bo so good cz to
to preside over the society, none of
them staying a great length of time.
Most of them are Irish . This church
belongs to the diocese of Vermont,
,e and is subject to the control of Br-hop
Gocsbiiand, who resides 111 Burling
ton. The present officiating clergy
man id Rev. Z. Driioii.
(To In. Com umed )
earnest, yon know;
icn nnv tntiili nflnnc urn ri l(i,l if
thickness was approaching; nnd in a , them is successfully attacked wat fol- j nicnljcn. for hi informashun uv tho
. . . , .... . . , . 1innillnio wnf. Mm rnunrvnl ritntl llif
moinoni, up went tno net; a nan a lows t rue entiro strucKter comes J.1,, 1 t 11 .
1 D7.P11 bin H nv innrt ,ln if nnd 11111 11 nivn fr. Ilir. iri ninwl 1 1010. 1 luu oiuiuo i u :r niuu i unocii.
stnnnod with tho blow, they could not foro, lioldin to Aferkin shivery, wo nro
flutter out before Knlutunah had slip- orthordox beliovors.
ped the stall' quickly through his ' Tho circuuistnncos uv tho case wuz
hands, and seized tho net; with his 'sulhin oz follows: A nigger uv tho
left hand ho now pressed down lliOjiiamouv Gabral, wunst tho happy
birds, whilo with tho right he drew j and contented servant uv tho eminent
them out, one by 0110; ami for want Christian, Deokin Pogrnni, bccuni
of a third hand, ho usod his teeth to I possessod uv tho spirit uv the dovil,
crush their heads. Tho wings woro ; and sullen, becoz thu deekin sold hiz
then locked across each other to keep wife to vaiso tho means to send his
them from fluttering away, and with second son. Tssaker. wich wnz a tiidv-
CO., Dialer
Kry GiwhIh. ltauk
S. H. LEWIS. Jr.,
A. O. UrtAlNLItli.
Lucy Hood's Bible.
Years ago, whon postal arrange
ments were not as perfect as they are
now, the mail was carried between
Boston and tho little town of Primrose
no fooling,,' and he took deliberate nn ,ul" ot truluUJ the okl follow looked in for tho ministry, to n Thcolojiklo
aim at John Hedwiir's breast around at me, spat tho blood and 1 Institoot, sumwhores i 1 Georgia; nnd
John was unarmed, and ho loved lwU"ors from his mouth, and weui on also enraged bocoz hiz femalo ofl-
lifo denrlv, but he was 'no coward. It with tho sport, tossing up his net and spring, Ehzer, happened to nttrnck
was of no use trvin" to outride the hauling it in with much rapidity, until tho attonsliun uv hiz oldest son, Elijor
high.vavman He had notbiu" but he bad caught about n huudrod birds; ho run away in tho first year uv tho
wiien my curiosity oeing ampiy satis- 1 war, anil loilcrod tlio v eUoral army,
lied, we returned to camp, and mado finally euliptin as a solier. Durin the
a hearty meal out of the gamo which progress uv the struggle, ho learned
we had l agged in this novel and tin-, to read, and bein powerful in prayor
sportsman-like manner. Whilo an ' and sich, he headed a revival, and
lmiueiibe slew was preparing, Kalutu- ! hevin gifts that wuv attracted tho no-
. w. i -
nis ust rather a useless weapon, un
der such ciicunistances; but he
" showed fight:" and as the ruffian's
nngi-r kindled, he fired. Tho aim wai
good. Tho little ball of lead lodged
in John's coat, just whoro his heart
bhould have beeu, and John staggered.
Ho was shocked rathor than hurt;
and even in that moment of excite
ment ho remembered having heard
that it wns often so in mortal injuries.
nah amused himself with tearing oil"
tho birds' skins, and consuming tho
raw flesh while it was yet warm.
Tho sun reaching its greatest Xor-
tis uv Geuernl Howard, or sum uv
them fanatios, who had him instructed,
nnd finally mado him. an ngont uy n
branch uv that nccusid Freednicn's
Tho court insists that it shell nut
bo interrupted when its deliverm it
self of a opinion. Considorin it ez in
fringin upon tho reserved rites uv tho
States, uv whom Kentucky is theplieef
ost and lovliest aniuong ten thousand"
at iliis pint his noso glowed redder
and reddor, nnd it scorned to mo oz
tho n halo of lifo encircled his frosty
lied, cz ho fearlessly continued "The.
Court holds that law to bo ituconstqq.
shnol, and 02 sieh, shol not regard it.
Hez. tho counsel nny thin more to ro
maik?" "Nothing," sod Pollock. "And
knowin tho Court ez woll ez I do, I
wonder at my inakin sich an ass uv
myself ez to hov remarked nnytj)in my
self." "Hez tho counsel for tho Stalo nny
Ihiu to say?"
"Nothin," said I. "1 am willin to
trust thocaso in your hands, feelin
confident that justis genooino Ken
tucky justis will be done."
Wnroupon the squiro hed tho priz
ner stand up, nnd drnwin ou it black
cap, in n very impressive mnuner,
sentenced him to eighteen months
iBurow. And shoor enutl', after the
liiiTON, a, south Lake . House, -sometimes not being allowed by a young fellow by the name of John Probably ho hnd received his death , thern declination on tho '21st, wo were 1 war, ho appeared 111 this visinity, sala- , , . ' u,j" , ' ' , ,i
.i!;:!.. outer its precincts. But for the Hedwig, who used his eyes and his wound, and this highwayman would now in the full blaze of summer. Six '?cd by this soc.ety, com.nonost unfit-i lm' J 1 ' b l m 83,0lf
I last twenty years or more, their mect
; ings have been held in the lower story
.1 .,1 Cnjiitrt at the lowest
h' Qiinrt or Gallon.
Maikct ,
oars well, and never,--fond as he was ! w"k oil with the
of n good story,- told lies. To sav. knew woll, reposed tho ten
mail -bag, ns
I VMI trONK, UlUH Kll, Safturd Ilk ck,
J M . n .Mrect, Si. Albans, Vt. 11U
piltillll HllorilHUS, JIEH-
r Chan rs.
. !-, OIiu-k. t ills, Paints, Agncul
- i In -li e otter at a low cash ligurc.
1 1 Lake 11111I Main Btrueta.
Urvh 1(1, 1-tf
ilItl'Mw, j, .li,., in (iroceries audi
nt Wh- nal' anil 1U tail j
v vi.KLii nnos., a. '
1 .t. Alb.i.i-, Vt. 101 ;
'.Tnhll TTiilviir an va on " wno t nni'lL
of the Court-House, in a room which fy j lllc tnUh 0f n ienwni, which
was built at the expense of tho society, certainly was to his credit; and, niore-
The town, by paving one hundred dol- over, he was as honest ns the day,
lars. use the apartment for town meet- an1d, C!K1 lmve bep!) trusted with un-
,. , , ., , . . .. told gold or uncounted diamonds.
nigs. Ihochappelthus bu.lt for the MoPin, VOM cml,fl llllt AluX
with John. Mentally, he wns very
woll for an uneducated man-; but he
had one great failing - -great, particu
larlv in the eves of little Lucy Hood,
doiin eventiul months had passed over
dollars ' sinco tho Arctic midnight shrouded
use of the society, will accommodate
with seats, about three hundred per
sons. Tho first formation of a Uuiversalist
society in St. Albans, was on the 9th
tllllKUT IlllAlNEnD. dealer 1.1 l'ore-
i 1 1 .nicntt. Pry (iooiIh, Root and
V tioiiH, ti,i r of Main ami ll.mk
l..' i.-. Vt . 103
who oinerwisc esteemed doun pei lec
tion. He chose to consider himself
of January, 1S30. It has beeu subjec- , supei iir to ali acct pted dogmas and
Sukey Jones, at service, was sanding us in gloom, and now wo had reached
to her old mother, and the monoy due tho Arctic midday. And this midday
for little Charlie Brown's tuition at i was n day of wonderful brightness.
boarding-school, so hard as it was for I The temporaturo had gono up higher
his sister to scrapo it togothor; and J than at any previous tinio, marking, ',
other trusts were in that lonther bag ! at moi idian, -ID dogs., whilo in tho sun
the humble hopes and dreams of those j tho thermomoter showed 57. A more
who wroto tho lo'tlora twinod about ; calm and lovely air novor softened an
them. Arctic landscape. i
The German and his infidel tracts! Tempted by tho day I strolled down
had done John liodwig littlo good; into tho valley south of tho harbor.
but lio wns Honest ami kindly yot.
"I'll light whilo I haven drop
M ,t III TITO, deal, r- ill
t . ( , .'k, n ud J. welrv. l" rl-
, I Mil, i Pl.it. 1 Ware. Kauc (iooda
v Ntli Id pairing ami Lnura
- t. lot
VUMI V1,I. .i VM., Peah r in PrvGoixls,
Notions, tiilnr Wools, Papir
ted to occasional declensions, and re
vivals, ns uboe stated. A church of
twenty members was organized, in
connection with the society, on the
Oth of March. 1S.")9; but owing to the
want of a preacher it has not e'lj.ned
a great degree of prosperity.
beliefs, and to be what ho termed a
free thinker."
This the. "logical difference nt hist
led to a little quan el; and John tried
to get Luey out of his mind, and failed
to do it ; and Lucy was very miserable,
as woll for tho state of John's soul as
blood loft," said ho to himself, ' and
help may come, and the mail-bag be
saved yot.ovon if I die."
And ho sprang upon the highway
man with such vigor that tho man,
coolly waiting to see him drop dead,
was astonished, taken by surprise, and
tumbled from his saddle. And then
John struggled for his pistol, nnd
I Mud.,
and Curtain Fixtures.
)IUIi:iu.S. M'BAit, U'alrs in fancy
Mi, Pry Good, mam and fancy
- ' "1. r8, Ao. 117.
M ui! street, St. Albaiiu, Vt.
post c o., dealers in Dry Goods
!,!.,, i, e rmnily Groceries. Corner ol
f.iiti.M Streets, St. Albans, Vt, 117
' 'r, JANKS.
niti:ssir. s.vi.oox, Woldon Houno,
. .- l I
"""-i and hair ilvinc. Ladles' and i
1 - !ian . uting, shampooing and curling.
1 a nu.l, to order. Cash paid for Ladies,
' 11 .t ami cold llaths at all hours of
I'Miunir. Hlin.Ut TAT1K).
Pro pr.
for herself: for. thoii"h she had offers
f , irinmnir it. auiotlv Knocketl thn ruttum
Si Jil TT 1(111 "VIM It 1IMI WUU llt CI UV.il ' H O ' 1 ..........
On the lth of January, lbOi, anew, D Boulder, who had, goodness useless with tho butt end, and sat
knows how many acres of hind, and ""u ou ms uosom, Keeping guani, ns
was certainly orthodox in his viows 11 l"llty oi yuug follows, out for n
could be compnrod for a moment in i''s 8P1'. and nil woll nnned, rode
hor mind to John, had John onlv hold up toward the scono of action. They
nronor sentiments. So. thone-h thev ' Know dolin well, nnd the more
I kept apart for a wholo fortnight, at , zealous were for despatching tho high- j banks, nltoinatin
, last one bright morning, ns John rode waynian; but tho voico of tho niajori- tender groen.
alont? slowlv. and stunidlv for him. ty was for binding him nnd carrying A uiavelous chnngo
with a nigger, relativo to a trillin mat
ter uv wages. Tho nigger hed boon
j workin at tho stipulated pneo uv $1
Tho recent snow had mostlv disap-' por monui-uio Lieeiiin orougiit in, ez
poared, and the valley and hillside i !l o tset. his board at i2 per week, and
were speckled with a rich carpot of rutho'' l"v any fuss about it pro
green, with only here and there a posod to let him work tho I alriu-o tin
patch of the winter snow yet undis- " t!l winter months. To this exnit
solved an emerald carpet, fringed ttblu arrangement tho niggor donnired,
and inlaid with silver, ami sprinklod , "o "oani wuz inciootied, and
over with fragments of a bonnet for i u? Gabrol advised tho nigger to suo,
many flowois wore now in full bloom,
and their tiny faces peepod abovo tho
tin tno niggers lor tlioir nor
mal condishon by toachon on em to
rnnrl nnd iiQtoldioliin VCito.li. d..li
among om. nnd given uv em advise I Umy ntlall "And may tho Lord hov
generally wich wuz aginst tho peace
and dig ity nv tho Common wealth.
Tho citizens stood it with tho par
dinner, tin voi.t ni-nl..,u iulit. ....
.... ivi , i.iioiiv.i.i inijiv it, I it.
tho people uv Konluckv, ontil last I Kmon tuo niggers over sinco the dis
Aro.idnv. Tim iwl.-in lw.d n ,i;u.,i I turbin Gabrel hez bin hero, 'ilia
. . "
lurnpiko wich wo aro buildin from
tho Corners to the btnshen, nt Mig
conclusion ot wicn I'ouock vory jiro-
mercy on your sole.'
Wo hov hopes thet this will end tho
nigger skools in this visinity, ez well
oz tho discontent thot hez existed
Corners is now enjoyin a holy calm
moro so then nuy period for a month.
Petuoleuai V. Nasiiv, P. M.,
(Wich is Postmaster, nud likowiso
Professor uv Bibliklo Politicks in
tho Southern Classiklo & Military
pmv iioi-hk,
v Id' iirnnii, Vt. dff!wi
' ' VIW11TCLKMENT, Proprietor. i
v moxtii:aqi:ki8 wanted for
, 'mm I iim iwrt.'. !.. ..i i.i
III" 1' ... "'..l.,JUOl IJUl, 111'
1 'Mllhl, City nulUling, lliddeford
Itttail Doalcr in.
caps, & runs,
i.d"ll4,"'vRlc's,lltobc"'' 'ur overooat. out a niinistor
i- r urH, Fur and Duck GIovoii
'"tt. na. Vali.n- I1...I... II.- ,.,
1 body was organized to supercede both
I the former organizations, denominated
! The First Univoraalist Church in St.
Albans, and intended to tako tho
place and do the work of tlio society
and tho church proviously existing.
Provision wns also, at tho sanio lime,
mado for holding public worship on
every Sabbath. And this may bo
called tho beginning of organizod sys
tematic efforts on the part of tho Uni
versalists of St. Albans, towards tho
pormanont establishment of thoir dis
tinctive faith, in this town. Tho in
crease of busiuoss in tho villago. and
tho iuilux of now comers, consequent
on the location of tho ostensivo rail
road shops horo, has added largely to
tho population of tho village, and, of
courso, to tho Universalis! congrega
tion, which numborsin its connection,
at tho presont time, about fifty fami
lies. Tho Row J. O. Skiiinor, for
; two or throo years, was tho ablo
! and worthy pastor of tho church and
: Kocinlv. But ho has recontly boen
I cnllod to anothor field
j tho society is now, (Doc. 1SGG',) with-
A herd of leiiuker woro brows-
on tho plain beneath mo, and
somo wlnto rabbils lmd como lroni
tlioir hiding-places to feed upon tho
bursting willow buds. Now objects of
interest lot! mo from spot to spot
babbling brooks, and rocky hillsides,
nnd littlo glnciors, nnd softening suow-
with patches of
and lie did eo.
Enraged at this interference, tho
Deokin went beforoSquair Gayitt, nnd
complained uv Gabrel ez n vagrant,
A Modern Pclcr the G'rcat.
The St. Louis Democrat has tho fol
lowing: "Last full one of our wealthy
citizens, who has mado a fortune ns It
bakor, took hiu family to Now York
nnd omployed mo- to attend to tho nnd put up nt tho Metropolitan Hotel.
case. Pollock, tho Illinoy storo-keop-1 Whilo looking nt tho sights of tho
or, volunteered to defend tho nigger, metropolis, ho henrd of a wonderful
nud tnoro wuz a ironjonis oggsito
had como over
ment ovor it
I opened tho caso by statin that tho
nigger's biznis wuz to provo that ho
hod vizablo nieann of support Pol-
i lock insisted that it wuz our biznis to
but the court
iliuugj rtiuM, nun c.iiiiiij' lui linn, o ""o l -" ""ri w...w w.w. j ll I 1 1 1 t
with his mail bag beforo him, ho saw ,l'in to tho city to meet his reward nt , tho faco of Nature sinco tho shadow of Proy l,,nt ." .imu" l
sitting nndor a tree at tho road-side a i tll hands of justice, and with th'.s tho night hud passed away. Recall- decided agm him.
littlo figuro in n bluo dross, that he l'!U'ly ''olm coiucidod. ing tho gloom and sileneo of tho Arc-
couldu't pass for his lifo. So ho stop-1 e weak, and his breast ached, 1 tic night, tho death-liko quiot which
ped Dobbin suddoulv, and called: ; n. expected every moment to tool , reigned m tho ondloss darkness tho
" Luey Hood, is that you ?" , l'.10 faiutuoss of death stealing ovor i nbsonco of overy living thing that
" Yes John,'' said Lucy, showing a him, for thero was tho round holo just ! could rcliovo tho solitudo of its tor-
pair of wot oyos. " I camo hero on ovor U1S uoart, ami tlio buuet must bo rors, it was not possiulo to seo with
iillriinan fn enn vnll T Vft fnlhol 111 lliv bOIHOWIlOlO.
poor, woali, womai.ibh words, but yon l A lew unpleasant misgivings, which
talk so much belter than I, that, of ' proved that his opinions ot tho future
1 -"'a haga, Trunk, Ac, An.
So,"' 3!uj strei-l, St. Allmiis, V.
" ,f
i Vory recently, a Baptist church has
I been organized in
courso, it's of no uso; and all the while
thoro's Ono who talks so plainly to us,
and His words nro horo, nnd I've
brought thorn to you, and please, dear
John, to road thoni, and perhaps "
Sho did not finish tho sentence but
sho put n protty littlo Biblo into his
" I had it bound, nud your namo put
on it in gilt lettors, nnd oh ! for mv
sake, road it," said Lucy. " You can
read a little nt a timo, beforo you sloop
of labor, and i a,,d whon you arise, nud oyon on tho
way, in lonely ptuuua, uuu ii. nm iuuuii
you so much, John so very much."
John took tho book. For a moment
ho felt vory angry, and vory much like
sneonng; but ijiiey was vory uoar to
him; ho kopt his anger under for hor
St. Albans. Tho
wero not so fixed as thoy might have
boon, troubled him, and ho sighed a
littlo as tho new couiors questioned
" Tho bullet wont in horo," ho said,
touching tho holo. "I don't feel any
pain, and it must bo blooding iuwardly,
if at all, I think."
And ho unbulttfnod his coat. No
sign of blood appeared. Thon his
vost was oponed cautiously, and out
dropped Lucy's littlo Biblo, with tho
bullet deeply imbedded in its covor.
Under God, tho book had saved
John's lifo.
Tho tears camo into John's oyos,
nud tho others started, for John had
been in tho habit of boasting of his in
fidel opinions, and it wns odd enough
I out surprise, the same landscapo cov-, grogashon, but I check-mated him
mere, uy suumiiiiu mat tno testimony
uv niggois wuzn't admissiblo, wich
tho court decided it wuzn't.
Pollock submitted that
his chant coodn't bo
considered a vagrant, ez ho cood testi
fy himself to tho fact that ho (Gabrel)
bed in his houso $200 in greonbat
a sufiishent for u time, at loust.
Thbr wuz a immeiiso oggsitcmont in
tho cout t.
"Whor dnz ho keep it," asked the
squire, visibly agitated.
patent bakc-oven, which was tho envy
of nil tho bnknrs of Gotham. Our. ba
kor paid a visit to tho houso wherp
this ovon wns in operation, but was
not nllowcd to seo it, nnd could learn
nothing of tho principlo upon which it
was constructed. Ho felt his Gallin
pride wounded at this rebuff, aud ro-
Tho niggor thon sworo that ho re- solved to fathom tho mystery of tho
. . . - e 1. 1 A.., . . I ..11 1 1 . i-, . . . a rt . ,
coiveo irom ins congregnsuon $;iu porOiuui tin jiuzarus. uoinguuo uuai
month for his servicas. J submitted j ham street, ho purchased a cuit of ohi
that, ez he wuz n interested party, j clothes, and returned to tho bakery
other proof wood bo required. Pol-! and npplied for a situation as a jour-
loci: uitordoost tlio elders uv tlio con-1 neyman nakor.
ered with an endless blazo of light,
tho nir uud sea and oarth teeming
with life, the desert plncos sparkling
with groen, and brightening with i lmmojitly
llowors, tho mind finding ovorvwhoro , whether or no
somo now object of pleasure, whoro
beforo there was but gloom. Tho
change of tho Arctic Winter, to tho
Arctic Summer, is indeed the chango
from death to lifo; nnd tho voico
which spoaks to tho sun and tho winds,
ami brings buck tho joyous day, is
that same voico which said: "Sho is
not doad, but sleopoth," and tho pul-
j soless heart was mado to throb again,
aud tho bloom returned to tho pallid
sako, thanked hor for hor present, and thnt ho should wear n Biblo next his
iho proprietor wes in want of n
good French baker, nnd gava our
frioud employment at $15 a week. In
about three weoks our resolute baker
had lcnrnod nil about tho oven, and
satisfied himself that it was a great in
vention and worth a mint of money.
Ho saw tho put.oj)teo, and purchnsod
tjjp exclusive light to uso tho oven in
tho Stuto of Missouri. Ho then re
turned to tho buko-shop nnd told 'tho
boss ho must lenvo him.
"Don't leave," suid tho boss, "you
aro a good baker, and suit mo exactlf,
1 T .'I, . . i ..
congregation is not largo, ami is niauo pftCOl jt carefully in tho bosom of j heart; but every ono was too glad to
up ofthoso who have for a considorablo I his vost. find John unhurt, to caro for much
tinio boon residents in tho place, nud " As if I wns to bo converted like a else, ond they gave thrco choors, and
i i, ,,. Intnl.. lww.nmi rnai- Elinor i a tract !" said John, loftily, . started cityward with their bound
of thoso who huvo lato v l euomo lost- j jo ljad m hj y J
dents. Tho number oi cnuicu mem-1 womon ul.0 uot to bo expected to havo John followed, leading his
'u presont, but there iniud8 liUo ollrs." And
" iiiMiM ..K,1I1ilfro'ntlluUnltodHtati, i ; rn(.,1(U,t nf a considorablo incroaso pookot-book John pulled
' 'T!7le't? ru uTe id- boforo tho lapse of a groat length of j tract, which a friond an unbelieving , ho thought may bo judged frotn tho nndor him ia
f'ftbi-, , I '""""fniy Moldlur who on- " ,r ,. ,.. l.nhi n tho I Gorman Doctor, had loaned him, nnd fact that six months aftor, Lucy Hood I a lthoudi theso
' .i;M!ioUl,r,,nr ofo,,lyiti,n0' Meetings are now held on tho tu n j , hw bUI jn . .
.. i , ."UU.U'01 in theMerviei. aro eii- i. .1.1...11. :.. n, lT..ifiiisn1iRt nhimnel. ! .i... . . . -i ,i... ,r , . .. bwi.nmeis, x uiuu
Whilo bounding along, logging 10
knotn an hour, wo almost rnn ovor un
immense polar bear, which was swim
ming in tho open water, making n
fierce battle with tho seas, and seem
ingly desirous of boarding us. Ho
was evidently much exhausted, and.so
ing tho vossel approach, doubtless had
I mado at her in search ot sufoty. Tno
horse, i un Imnnv linnst, hnd nrnhnhlv nllnu'pd
out of his I and keeping an oVe to tho mail-bag. 1 or f r trftnt rift" nn nil inn
un infidel und on tho way ho thought. Whuti,.f lmrl unnn tn impppq
. . . - , tUiV 1 MIV" ""
tho heavy aeas.
"In his clnst ut tho houso wher ho ; and I will incronso your wages to $'20
boards," sed Pollock. I a week rathor than havo you quit."
-This court stands adjourned fori "This is not enough to pay tho, ox-
thirty minits," Bed tho Sriuir boundin
nouses of my family," said tho journey
man, "aud I must go out West nnd
seek other employment."
"Why, how much doea it cost in
keep your family ?"
l am paying ?50 n day at the Me-
nolitan mid X ilnn't tlii"..!.- , ,-.,,,,,.,,1,1
polar bears are tine
, , , . . , i i . i i i 1 1. ... 1 1. .. i . . t it '
"i nhiiiln.,1 i .i.i "..I i . i.i i i i i-u ...vw , .ui..!.. ..ui ,w,wi ..v., mv.u in i. uiuiiLu , mvi'iniiai's. 1 liiuon mar mat tno wu vob ; ui un i : uut uu luiuei uioi, ei wio piiz
ii . ".wiu-, mo wi- ,i.i.,.Hi in inn 1 1 1 1 1 vernal lot cijiiijoui, ' ti.:.. .... ii. ........1 i f.... .1.,. .....: i i .t i.:.. i- - . . i - ... . ..... . -
hint , L" ,,ai nounty of ONE HUN-1 ouuuu'"' " . ,, i l,""b l "uui, iuiuu, iui iu uiuuuug, mm uouiu num ms own uiis , Uou d in tho ond provo too much for i nor at tuo bar sitood loon in tuo do
"' ' I ti'11141, ,...... ...1. ,. ...
" t . i7.r:," .V,. ffl wa .a '!an!' or I ... .. n... ... D; nf rnmiliir
to lUlU Buniwwt --o
wiiinli linn liiion uiTorou to tiiom, uu-f liorjjo. loft to hnnsolf. fitunibled ovor tlmt ho lmd not half as hiiOi (in nnin. i r.n i,n,n i mnklmn nv iwm lM fiml ul
t ... 1 .. I i.AI.1, Jhlli.. . . 4l.A ,1 . as .1 In V ' Wt rt F Kir. . I..nr 1 ll. i f 1 . . .... ... t, . 1 . t
notisc, tuo
ovor tho railiu in front uv him. "Hold
on," sez he; "hold ou, Deekin, a fuir
start is nil I want. Don't take advan
tage of my age to got ther first," and
will ttinll HII.H mm r rt ni li 'lifk fiiid'n.
'Uiiiiivi4 u ui uuu tjwbiiu4 viiu villi u i I r t "
I tropolitau, und I don t think vou'would
und me, btnrted on n keen run for'tho ! bo willi"K t" iucrease my wuges to tliat
house. In a few minits they returned, ! a,,,ou,1t.
pantin and out uv breuth," when the I "Why, who tho douco nra yon
Squir called tho court to ordor ngiu, i "IamJ G' , of St. Louis, and
wich bein restored ho remarked: , I. have bought the right to use your
Ef it cood be established thut tho ; pateut oven there, und I intend ty put
niggor hed $200 In gre'enbax-it-wood i up a dozen or two of them, and'-would
necosaurily discharho him, ez ijq. man ( liWto-TDhiploY-ydti As-foreman."
wun mot sum coottuo COIISIUOIOCI u va-1 The NW Ynrl: 1.m1:,.- lmd .,n1.m
moro to say, nud tho two friends wont
to tho Metropolitan and hud u 10111?
,,r'i.'.. . ","'Wrol dUability ouuivulmit tu
- VZI foot' aro to Se j by th0 Univorsalists. Rev. Dr. J. F.
"-' irie.l ..i,i ... ! 1 J , i.
ZZ' S SI! Bigolow is now pastor 01 in s soc.e.y
"lt-h.ehild under nuteon yoara of I
rvi!;'uJ "Jtllro. a'l for arroara of !
Yu'lrl"e n n,Vonofr,a,tiu, prisoners
laiie ri, "i "ttended to ami tho
.,,A,l'w returned to applicant for BiB
V aSS 7nth?,lr't Nl'inal Hank
80inotJ)Ujr on
himsolf; not
I f,iw.,l T.J.ti
i tho road, and lamed Jon of his own Binartnoss, and that of I speck of ico in sight on which ho could wuzn't thor onv moro oz a house
badly, it seemed, but it , his Ocrmuu friend, us formerly, und : yd Bholtor. As wo passed ho touch-1 tho mnterial nir wich it wuz hilt
to dismount and load that ho " bolioved sho was half right" , ot ti,0 schooner's sido, nud Juijson lyin around permislus. Like
over a bottlo of champagne or
IK HOW IKlSlOl OI HUB OUC1UIY. I . . 111 . 1-1 1 1 ii , , -i . I UU I"" nuiiuuuui a niuu, Vi,. V",i""',V rV
1 1 i.v tim friends 0f 1 ""i, and to stop; after a whilo a 11 And beforo long, it was evident that who had seized n riljo was 111 tko net probably, ho woodent bo 1
tomplatod by tno iiioiiua tavern, and oxamino and bathe tho Join; kuow sho was quite riijht, nnd , o nuttitiK an ond to his career, whon tho $'200 ho hed in his e
J'W-tf I
It is con
tim nrdor to build a rospootablo houso ii,ah and to lot tho boast tako his
i.f .emuliiii as soon as funds can bo own timo afterwards; so that instead
of w ot snip s b of trot h ij)to UoBtou bQforo
raised for tho pui pose. sundown, John liodwig found him-
TJ1E UOVAN CATH0U0 HOCICTU l)f bel(lt0(i (l l0110ly rOUtl, B0I110
Tho Catholic congregation in this hours after tho nun had quito vanished,
town is probably larger than that of, tho horse growing lamer, and his
your littlo Biblo,
"Tho book saiod
Lucy married him
"It all camo of
Lucy," said John.
my lifo, and out of a queer kind ofj
gratitudo to you and to it, I took to 1
reading it. And I found that whoov-1
cr wroto it wus wiser than nny man 1 1
1 arrobtod his uajm. liio boast was
making such a bravo fight for his lifo,
that I would not seo hun shot.
l3y "Thoro is music in thy sole," as
tlio nice young man said to his squeak
ing now boot.
wuz I
.'WlbO, I
ublo to find , KtoV-Mv deceased
hist. Tho ' pohto man in tim u-nrhl lln u-nu
piuco met i:nowd it wunst win Know it , making a yoyago on tho Danube, nnd
110 moro forever it lied boon confis-' tho boat mink. My undo was on tho
catod by the enraged citizons. He i point of drowning. Ho got his head
wajitud it understood thot no sieh tri-, above tho water for oneo, took -off' his
fliu impediment in tho way uv justis .lmt aild said; 'Ladies and Gentlemou,
ez tho possession uv $200 coed bo al- will you excuse uie?' and dowu- lio
lowod within tho joorisdicksheu uv ' woat

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