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..I l
- N.'xt State Fair at Brnllleboro'
Sept. 10, 11, 12 and 13.
; -1ov- O. (i. Wheeler, of South Hero
- was recently "(10111110(1" llio handsome
.. ...i....,!,. ti, tin. mivliml (nntm emi.i tt itOlO
I fill menu,- in .... - ....... vii
I ,d .niing eouniii'i win roum
, in is Initx us all Ilnimnflnenl news j
nvTtAsii county. j AtMtetoN or NlilUtASKA. Oil Flidliy
A innn t. - 1 , . f , t i it r . 1 1 ! f X . I I
....... uiuiiPd ueorgo rearce, for- 1110 '"" 101 1110 uiimiss.oi. m oornsKit, on(i opc.iiit. . . .
IllOrlv of Ifr.iwl;.,.. ...... i . . . I ll... (?,,, niii 11... 1... .. " Closed ...
. nH, cuiinnuioa SUlOltiO I"11"' l" oi-imiu Ul" ' v " ; 6.ao rrRiMfml. '88
, " mile cast of Ilutland on vote or tiiirtyono 10 nine, two repuu-1 cmp. or-
j Hie llh just. Ho was subject to oc-! Iienn voting agaitipt it Foster of 7.31 it Jrie.'..!!.'
Htorli JliiHiHi.
NlW Yotui, Feb. 1..
' rt ... I , . . 1 i . n , v I ... . .. .- ,. s s .... I IT M fU 'Wt
-'Tlio St. Albans Protect a.. 01 ,.,,,. I (;onn.. and Alorgttn 01 a. x. The!"
. , 1 , tlieif otnervation. Con- Korial.it.n .,4;.... t il. IH' ,llll"" of fi (.ji'lil filiiotio 1 from House passed llio bill by a vote of
, ,,,, ... nii rao, Rite their name, .. fol. ,,. nmim . ' . ' V " Ilutland (station for tho year ' hundred and twenty to fortv-fmir.
, f,-imi.llMtloft, but an h Ruarnn- ,0 to suppression of the unlawful , i8(!R .., , 1,10 Jtn;v, , ,, . ' ,.
. ...... ft. ..f (..(.., ;.. ... fls '( I.) tolls, a hit'irr. ninmilif I NcblMKka Will 1)0 tllO t hilt V-80 Veil t ll
iliniltriiiiauiiiojoii ... num- in iiiuit cnimrr llflMOi'R in tin .. i .. . ' n-
, ,, givoustho "subject mat- town -commenced its labors Wed-1 ... '. . 1" R'"1S1',0I U(1 tllut t was prin-
i"u 11 "uo 8"B',U' nesdnv ,,.,. MMw. c... ..,r'i"" 'ckb t We purest and hih-
l"""1' " est in .1.1 .
iierei at
I State of the Union.
ne8dny morninp.
n(fn.l. It tf 11 it
-TllO TllAKWUltlf "UIU Mt'Klen llOU-iO.
Vnvrtiwcns. -xm: xnmuuiri , Jloaes ( ' iolhov ,lr li....,l l.i 1,...
.nutation it. St. Albans ..f a largo imut waH expected, but to the ...... ., , , . 1 , . "
ltd ctrcnution ' H,i,.,,i-n nf n. , i,..l....i .. , eariy uiaiory in
wn; found ...di zXr 10 18lc,in H,tt-
good sized "crowd." which goes to "V i ,1 7 n ,
confirm the statement nf , .f fi. ... A n well known law-
tin VfM" lit !!. i. . 1 .. ...... . 1 .1 i lit -v A.tMrvrtr-m 1
nl lt,n I l ( 1' wiuniiu,,, wmos lo J V U I III 1 1 I , I ' 1 1 M 'I I .nr. liee JjiOU.wUO ousn. uros-
speaKe.sntthe iPtei.tWi.tr l.n.p,,- ontl-e Islof Apnl n.At. bv originally paid $400,000 for the
7rl " ,s l'--m nw mill and adjoining,"0"
r,,M, bc..m...b - ,, inii(1MKK coniioctetl with the
, ,!, .1 in tlio Mate.
i-nm thmiigliont rrnnklln nnd
i mluf. I
I,,, sold on Tuesday for from
,-, , , tits per pound.
di.wr.Y wn Li:n Nenrlv nil of the
nfy papi'i-n and llilie-teTitlis of the
pi-dple nf Chicago HOW believe that
the reported drawing of tho Crosby
Opera House by Leo, and the report
ed sale for for $200,000, is all gam
mon. Potter l'a'mor, one of tin
wcnl'hii -t merchants, had previously
' ., ... ,. . 1 ,i ,, , . ! n" wuutuira Willi IUU llllll
,l,smbcrs, with the price then ma.le upon the other hotels, t wo. ks of Sheldon & Slason at
.ptmn, will be entitled to ro- one of which (pule a quantity of the j n.ulan.l, were de.t.oved by fire S
py freo for one year
..,!..( . 1 ft 1 rrxi , '
....-..,.... -,..,, i uurHUBV, . uny. I, ,, f 25,000 or $15,000
v""c' l u"r Miiage wnerc t-ured f.,r $1.1 000
l( ,ting on Saturday even- intoxicating liquors are sold, are being The iu, Works of the Rutland (Jas
in.' iuv ih'i v-wiiii-ii- wsm-ii, miu wnai iev loose traps
. (v of St.. Albans, A Burton aro about am taken possc-sicm of.
l i, sident, in the absence of The Liquor Law is evidently being
, t The following named enforced in St. Albans.
u, re clio'i. jiuectorrt:-
lliarble I ,TI, AV Tinnimi. a nrn.niiipnt cit.
Weftt zen of Kee.sevillo, died on tho 1st irtst.
lie w is a native of Shelburn, Vt.,
f-ervrd in his youth under Capt. Jaha
w Shermen, on tho Lake, and went
into business in Keosoville in 1810,
where lin neciiiimlntfrl a Imndsnnie
Li'ht Company were destroyod by,state.
the Sunday morning. Lor, $3,000,
Til.' n.ln iti' i 1, awn',- In. n ii st.ii nl t i licaltli
mn ipn-wrrUli; n in-j imnlc lvnird , nft?f
liaMiiff Biillcti d several car hiiIi a Mveii- lung
affectum, ami tli.it iIivaiI ili fine, Conpumpti m
i ansioua to uir.W ! Knuna tn liM fcllow-sulKr-ens
the tneatiB of ctin .
TniiUwli.il -in t i v!'l n't a cony or
the pi. , 1,1,',, .,..(,.. ), Willi (li-
ni'tuniM f.,r I"-, p ,.,t i, !n,,,U'thi ,mo, wlitoh
tlioy will tin! i. nil, mi i,r ' . iiiumption,
Anlliniii, Jli' n. lmi. i . M,li i olui, ami all
Tliro.it finil I.i'i,;,. A,', i 'J!,,. in,;,' object
of (hi) advertini'l' in m ,, lnu- tlie l'l-eerijitl Ml I
to twn lit tie- afl'ui'ti ,1. an.l fin a(l iiilorinati.,11
wliieh ho iiiiidnii t. l,e 1,0 aln ibl. . and lie
I liopea eiery aufferrr mil try hi lemmly, as (t
(The Ini'hcts.
ST. At.ll.WS MItKltT.. I'lli ii, itnr.
.-rA.i 4V... ii.-. . . . I i 3 Hui'i-iii win irv iu leni'M v, as n
0)rer?eJir rciwierip rmj IfivV ' J will ptml Uiem nftlliln, and'may prove a blem-
I 1 1
.. . .
vwncu is covered ny insurance.
The physiciiui's aiuhsis found no
, poison in the food that leceutly siek
' enud the Clark family m Hull, ml.
At.mso.v rorsrv. , Anoth,.r fil,, hl,ti0 fnt Mnid
ine laoies oi Aiiudl. oury gave an night in liuthinl, m Iticliardson's
i 1 1 ,
lined, ii rlli,
Hi ., if r lmli:l, .
..I', ii ii, !( i lb.,
i in i .! , "
. !.. 'el bllMliel, .
i oi .Mi s.1 , i. r cut.,
i (. is, p. r diiz ,
I I ' ,i i.. Mii't'i in,. ,
ii.i, .
I .i.'i'i i
' ' ! - ;-i i ii. 1 1 1 I,.,,,,,
II . . i ' i tin, .
I.MUi, i'l .1 .,
tHTH, ' . I .,
1'OHK, till hS,
" clear,
1 ri"ihci ilo),
1'iiTii'iiH, p. r --i I
111 i .
NlI.T, uniilu,
., TuiK'n JhIjivI.
M u 1 1. Si mu,
Wikii. ;n r Hi.,
Woon jii'i eord.
I .Vt 2 0')
1 20
1 2.', "i 2 .'.(J
30 ft 35 j
1 j "J U I
1 a: '.. 1 Do
2 G 8 00 I
25 (ii M I
12 Hi' i. 1 1 1 1)
l.l (K f.4 1.1 ,')((
UiO'i 17 50
2 IM (rt 2 2o
12 i n H IK) ,
IS ' 2.1
(hi Uit Go
0 7j 1 U0
a a 97 i u l
M , hi. 32 in, I
0 a 10!
75 i. 1 Oil1
1 20,
00 ' I ' M) I
o ii l oo 1
it l:i
1.5 r.,i
1 SO , 7 60 I
'artt s w.hi i - i f-c'Tietion. free. 1v riilnni
mail, will n.liin
Wi)li.nn-lj,irj'li, KlUg Co., Ne Yor?..
Itrlolc iri' Hull!
810,000 on hand and for sale, and atao a rj
tlty of prened brick. Ordi'ra for bnck li
I, f ei.t in i .illy, to pnable me to ealeuliiti
IliKlif;atc , F.b. 13 18fi7.
AUhiuh, 77.
looms oi.r I," ,i:u;l, Jiraineni
Tliis inntittiti vi hn b-"n in mi,"
ll 1.V2, 3
sifitl o.i ...
Slate Neirs.
ult, (' F. Satl'U-d, Law-
i : nl, Jr., Charles "Wyman, !
, a Mavnard. Johu J.
i, snbsecjiu nlly appointed entertainment on the 12th, tho anni- lJlo'. "djoinin. the Ih mUl oilieo; en- ' 1?-'f'n'1'' f Scw Y''k. nnd Hon. C.
ii.l I. (iilman Secretary vorsarv of tho t.i.M, f t.i.. In,,.v '"uisuinmg it The tire c.mirht l' 4 i.ann.gimm, oi unio, oaen to ue
A IImm-y FAMii.t. The Kxecntive
( oinniittuo of tho Atlnaili, llelier So-1
ckIj, passed tho following resolution
on the inst: (
Ib'soUed. unanimously, That the I
Lerti1ie (,'omiuittee invite Hon. Hor- !
ace (iueky and Itev. Henry AVaid
liOVIOV MMtlCBT- I'fli. 13.
ot W:u. U. MfUjwan, 1 n Mtill ,.-;), n, whciu
peojile in w.uii of a lleiitm, enn flint tl": t'.at
workmen in tie- unt,il pn)c!(ii,,n, I, ,id, I ) per
form any dcntul e;s lutnri nhieh uin . ! .' n Hir
ed. Dipt-, . .1 at', nti ,) pji'l t) ri'hii dci a .1
teetli, in n iimnble ami Hatinfaetorv in inn. I. Av-
iinciai i etn ins, rtci iruin tme to ,1:1 inn.' Hit,
?!) 'ifl r, f 10 25 ' ."."" '""Til me, I In i,,,,. pi rfen s.ii-tai '.i u
11 Ol ' i' ii . i.i'iii ii.un iiy itie u-.,. in kM-
l.. ll i' t . n ti.,.1. o i..n ...... Iinf.ii... ft... (J.nw.1..
A code of by-laws eoln, for the benefit of the Freedmen's . ''C UuX' v
1, xvhen the meeting cd- Union Commission. It was a success. ,V Campbell, shoe dealer, anil Fair . V
. iturday evening, at which . jiensinoton aiuxn1. Vo., Funiishing goods. Three times nn excellent remedy for toothache.
jcct of defraying tho ex , Tho Masonic Lodgo in Bennington u" " 1
t. oni Mi al per obi
in, I'miir
1. 1 u . ii .per Iiuhui'1:
. in, Vrsti in imed
Kenne's Pain-Killing Magic Oil is j :;' N"rt'"' yt'"t'u' t'a,,a'1-'''
Hi .1 1 ik . bte
1 1 .. ... i .....111 M.. 1. . .mil.....
i'aiiite.ie. aim i.iiiiiv oiner Kinds oi ... .,..
... . . , . ..ii
i).tin. All our readers would do tnem-
i i, ii i. .
, ' tl 1 11 v-tjif 1 fi,,.
cinjMi t, i lr i
in, dium i 1 1 as
K"'"l ill, I I'lmh'i . in-
I- lull,,., i .
adii, Mln.,. .Miehman, H in) r,r. 15 75 ! , .a,,v.a?"".!I!. Ina" "r',,l "'" m io.;iM.
St. I.min. tfoud and choice r,5nw iro" I" Jl yeara of usje. who imhIi. to li urn
10 5 i (it
12 50 f.J lHf.0
i ti'onn Oxjdi "l' I. i.i,;Iiik ( la.
uhccI nitli i, il, c! - h, h i', in
I iiM r kix i ii" n.-i 1 1 1. 1 luitietitji.
n-lii li we have
gtvi n .t ti,
5 75 fia
7 25
0 Oil
8 00
the Peiit.il ir,.fi'ii ):), v.ill li- t.ikci at t!ii-. ui-
,i, in receipt of a specimen
'he Vermont Congregation
. nils paper to be devoted
lists of the denomination
'. mi" bears. It is hand
il' 1, on o 1 paper, and
- .ii! w, !! n-iitten articles
- . i ,,f tlie i i per sil be
i'l ii d. the edtto.' and
? IL, l'i i rin'ui. The i dit
. ,i , sent w ill be Rev. J
f St. A'.bins, assisted by
-is liyitgion, Chandler,
1, Miiith, Lord and White
selves n groat favor by keeping it on
hand for use and see how quick ten or
a dozen drops will cure colic pains,
given to your clnldii n.
Kohl ii. St. Alb.'iiis br Wn1ft A. linv-
kevs, (all having one. mother., which nobis, Grocers.
nn oppor-
tuiigins uio adi , i t.Mn tins cuiupierur of lyh
pi P-..1. IiidigeMi'.n .ii! kiiidti.d oil.
. ..1.1... .... . jl i -. 1... Irtviim I.na. iiifl ... I I 1....... f-- 1
pi. ;iii, ...o...s. i,, v......M ...m . v-virii i..t iwjcii niriiiMieo Willi a, WASIHNOTOV cot'MTy
uillLvmeupfor consider,,- line Cabinet Organ. - Thp 7,wmflH sa,8:JMa'rv E Pcr.
r, fh? Tl ! ih Bem,i,,Kton Bons, living on John Vincent farm in
s.w....y ,,,,. ooc.e.y.s to ue pinintield, in 18GJ3, raised thirty tin-
oeid in uenuingion.
.... c? T.- r mi .
o x. .,iey, ui unio, naa ue- wen. (, 471 tiun! .1 .-
1- 1 ; . . .-..x,. y.i. a... iuuu, one 1,1151,1 ....
Iiverecl two lectures 111 Beuuin"ton. ti,;,..,. c.,. ....1. f .1 fcps. -lie . nim n sales of (.,. Oya-
tT . . . tllim-ine jouug turkeys, from the w-iwia ( me is m o great nieaauro oniiiK to tin
iiis&nojecis were: temperance, and sume turkev winch were sold for 4r, ,''t tl,at ",,ow r'" u euI,ii MuX tuil
" The Poncnc n,1 H,,!.. ..r ' ",1,U1.VNt-le sul" lur J- Hue- tnenda a.l n, .Ki.lof ,t, mi thonaands of
"v ' ui .o Ait- it ay one can " talk turkey " to more
"cmorn prolit tliaii this, they have
r rriKistA corsTv. tunity to speak.
Chas. Webb, former landlord of the
Mountain Hnp, in Lyndon, has
leased it again for five years.
The Lyndon Union says: Eben feil t1owll the 1th inst., nnd broke
Johnson, of this fmvn iu 01 von tc
his shoulder.
, He moved into town about sixty years Cyrm Chambeli-., of West Brattk- vuXX"hg
, .,,,1 1, 1 ... bor.i wns foil, i,l .1sn,l 111 1.;, I.u.l , AN,, mi WaahitiKtons Dirth-Dav. Tridav IJven-
"" eie ever since. - - - iUtr, i-vb. 23, 1W7. JIuniL-lIubbardV 'lUnd.
seen on referring to onr , He is G feet 2 inches high, straight as . tUo 0,'nug of the fith inst. Cause: H8-3w
nmiis, mat .Mr. .S- n an arrow, nnd never had a sick dav eii meue,
Ion, his sold out In
trade to Mr. J. W
Hill continue tho busi-
l striiet. .Mr. hbeldon ' 01 nearly a century 01 tttne. nun. o.t ana giodsy. tor aie by
, , ,1 ., T , 1,,H'(' " dollar a bottle; Depot, 72Vi.naiu
.,1'iab.e experience in On the evening of January 2dth. wisdsou ot xry. street, s. w York 93-eoiy
business and will be the friends of Kcv. S. W. Pel kins, of
IToi Sale,
HiiCsK AND I.OT ,,n the cant Mile of Thom
as Sti ct, and ii" nijicd bv II. A Culler, to
Dr. Charles Stratton, of Brattleboro, wuom application uuy be made at the Tran-
npi I'uice
( leiilm'KiM iiiiiseovado
en. 1.11,11a -l',.t- ,,
r.ak -prime
iik . .
Beef -K i!terii and Western
mcHH vtu eiiia.
Lard, in bbia.and tierces
liutter -giKid and choice
Chciso ...
i.bi - I'ii- b,:
( ill, a Miixco. ado
Cl llsli, d
I ,.!i,'t ( lllolM ,1 ....
U ool iJojiLsric .
t 'million
1 20 lit,
1 8 1 d't
'X SO (
45 Ctf
1 2R
RO '
Htitntioii on the in 1st ru.igmialiip t-i ins, nlien
niu nnt oinpio laeiiitieH are tiirnii'lieil lor a
thorough couiDo of pmetical irhtniction.
AuuliraritH ni-fiKentintf tlienmelvex n ith i eerrl.
,u flcate U1.1t having had one year n piacticc, im
isn der a good praetic-al peruiat, or W, m ,i invtn.
0 1 ale qf " IV-m.h Ihurt-i' lrt;iiU r mil he re
I ceneil as e jii.i jlonl. !.i o.k niiimo in thin iusti
1 tut ion.
ia Korfiiriherpir
10 00 22 00 ! Vermont Dental Institute.
St-Aiban, Vermont.
U'ifi if; Or. L. OILMAN - - Principal.
,..!,., 11. r..i . s...l r . 11.. 1.
ular addrss.1 V)1. U. Me
. Albans. I JM-tf.
10 (tfi 12 -- - - , "i'l ...... ,1 . 1. n .
lUoti ir,i ! Where every iaci. iti wi'l be an.11.hd t. i a ti
1)0 (it 15i 1)("tl Kdiieation. All the sie. 'aid t
lti At , tooii 0:1 Anatomy, l'livmo'iiirv and U. i
iUt II 1 ''ai'11''" W1" 1'" fni'iil-lie I. and ruiun, I, n:
' 1 Pislantu alnnjh in atteiid.m, . . M:i lent . will
.."., ..ll ...1 .. ut. ..11 ... ....I ..... I
$1,000 REWARD
For a medicine that will cur .
wtioonxo cot in'.
or relieve '1
tm qnleh nc
hare bfen soM and not n s!iitle instaiiev ofltH,
failure ia kaoivii. Wo hnvo, In onr iwacsslmi
any iiuautity of Cortitlcatua, some ot ihotn frutu
Emin out Physicians
ti ho have ued it in their practice, and given it
the pie-iinitienes over every other compound. "
l docs nol Dry up a Cough,
x,66shns it,
so aa to enable tho Ijatient to cxpcctoratofrntilv.
Two or three doses' '
Will Invitriabti Cure 'AcUing in ;
halt lint tie has often completely cured tho
tmt Hiiihhom Cotigh, and yet, though it U so
sure ami wieedy in it operation, it ia pdrfra;tl
harmlcRR, Win ptiroty vt fretnhle. It Is vcir
agreeable to the taatt, and may bo nililiiintfrcil
to chi dren of any age.
In ruses nf rriMip ue will Kiiiiiitt i it
rurp, IT lalcrii In sriiaon.
o i wmilv firovi.n 111; wimocT in
C. J CI.AllIC A. CO., Piooi-li lot's,
W-tv New If utcii, CmHt.
1 1 1 r
t, t
05 fi
45 (ii
ItKHill'lUV 31 UKliT- 13,
C':l( cloln's llnlr 1,10)
l!cl ( atilr. ICxtra fat and heavy premium
Oxen, $13. 50 1 ?l:t,75; Int .juaht' !2.S0d $13.00,
2d uality I12.0U n 12 75, ad quollty, f 10.00 a
m.OO, f 100 16a., ou total weight ot iiido, tallow
and dicHKsl Ik, t.
v oi kln ok . . a $275 or according
to value aa bet f.
31 ill Ii C.mi,.,55 a f70; extra and good 75
i 10.l, without cahes, aa may be agreed; farrow
ana unlinan tin u 50.
sliiep mid l.uinli 5c a 4e; or 5,00 ft $5,00
pec iieao
Mil lent i In.
75 ' requned to Mtttv one full jur. and i.tteml at
ii ,st win- . inn s,- ,u ii i i uri s ai f nn,. ji.-iiiiii ( i,i-
Ve h1i.iI! at ad inn, 1, ,, u, i t,, pet form
all operutionti on the teeth in the most thorough
s until within a week p-,st. when he be- M'- Johu II. Stebbins, of ' restore Gray Ittr to it. oripmal color, remom i DZTw wX
can to decline Ho is now tirostrnterl Biattleboro, celebrated their " wooden , J'-1,1"'"1'1 alul J imuimtK.. and preserves the 1 ui .niv..0 w pw Lead.
. f,iiu iu uiuiiit. is now piosliaieo ' hair Irom premature death. Containing nothinir lll.tei. -Brichton lOollc Ulti Connli-v
not bv disease, but bv tho weight wedding on the evening of the Oth yunou, it w unsurpawedfor dreading the hair, lis, 9 a y,.. Calfkii.H lsc 20e per lb.
. , 1 rouiotiiij; a luxuriivnt Rrontli, and leavniK it i.un.u. s 11 lie V. 11..
all UroirtOKtH. I'ell. .1IHI a i .Vl m,.l,
1 I
Hon. Prosner Merrill, of Felciinlle
iy nrinv of the readeis South heeloek, made him a dona- ha, subscribed $1,000 for the estab
as the obliging and uon mm., leaving presen.s in money ishment of a home for orphan chil-
,1 r
! ik, for some
time, of and goods amounting to $11(1.
' 1 ilj'ue, of St. Alb, ins.
- 1 . s th- patronage of the
"! Sheldon and vicinity.
."1 is F.iiley, District Cleik,
-I t il.cn the census of the
s' A!bans, hands us the
District No 1,
nilTTI XIiEN cot MY.
dren in this Stale.
O. A Davis. Ksn . of Felchville. lias
Kev. M A. Wilcox, pastor dect of ,-e ,igm d the oflk-e of Begister of Pro
the Baptist chinch in Builington, b:,te for the Distiict of Wi.ulsor.
M:.TB.XjR.E3XD .
At St. Albaua, Feb. Otb, 157, bv the Itev. V.
V. Hay, Kdrkk A. Hunt, of l'airtax, and 1J
icn 1 cilices iSnnth, of Ht. Aihana.
Ai Vmkihill (imiv, lib. Sth, at the rcni-
ot her lalUer, Hester ain, wife of Tie, in
Special ilottrci!.
I "It llorA'p iV',' i Ch,i -m."
Every p, rcon in thin town mil find it for their
I profit as we.l i.h for their comfort, if they use
I Knim-'n I'aiu hil.uif; Jlairie Oil. when thev hae
' Headache, Toothacl
i Jlairie
he, Chill!
lal.m, Ague in the
commenced hispnstoral labors on the
IM inst.
L S. Drew has sold the "Demo
Place" in South Burlington, 10 Fiod
erick Hndlev, f.,r $11,000
'i he friends of tempt 1a1.ee and the
Prol.ilutot Liquor Law, hold a C'on-
'1 ,1! S"h, ,.
1 a.70:i
"i "i the Village Corpoia-1-t
l'sfiT. :i,505.
- ii' Di-trict No. '1, belwi en
f 1 nnd 20 years, 1,018.
- "i District No. 4, from Jan. cost of site,
''Jui 1, 18(17, 1110. ' Price of construction,
s 'luring tho samo tnno, -13. !
1 Total cost,
' f 'te of Augustus Smith, of 1
' t . member of tho 1st N. II.
"is been ascertained. Ho
1 '- h the rebels near Winclios
1,1.1a, with his own biidlo rein,
' :,t tut, and shot, with sovou
body was discovorod by n
A grand Masonic Ball is to be held
in Chester oil the 20th.
Cipt. 7. nophon Fill, of Chester,
seventy years of age, has killed nnd
ibes.-eil li)7 swine and 28 beeies since
th - 23th of November last.
..looin ,-. t ,0,'inr, t.-' , ot Uuston
iih it. Ilichardaon, of ht. AHmuis, aied 2s car 'Face and .lawn, lame HhonUlim, IlheiiraatiHin
, wuin'ii, uru.se-i, i rani.-,. I oi,im, l roup, Hore
, Tliro.it. or any piuns ot thw nature. The l:idie
wiil llnd its line a pi 1 111,11- lilissing to r, lieve
their pi eun ir p.ims , 1. l,,-i ilun...
to uo 111 the iiniinv ks 1 ;i.n, i al ruiiieUy lor any
, kind of painful dis., lib 1 , or hurt, or lnirn, tier
discoM'i'i d, and it is cl' 11, .c; d hcimtM to use,
is,- it trciiy, S ild lo up 1j, i.-uisti, and M-1
vention on the 27th of Feb.uary, to a lllltio of Proctorsvtlle, died on the
nominate a Count CommUsiouer. o0th nlt from iuton):ll he.norrhnaf.
Tho following is the cost of tho i
Custom House at Burl ii"ton:
$,r.3,G03 71
Tho Burlington city Conucil have
decided to adopt Mayor Wales' sug
gestions concerning tho City Water
Works.and to coustruct pumping app
aratus, and lay pipos through tho city,
which will distribute not loss thiin
100,000 gallons of Lake Champlain
' of the 5th N. H. cavalrv, and water per day. the whole expense not
' found a letter and diary ,0 exceed 50,000.
1 "Vi-geant Augustus Smith, Ctuolus Noyes, of Burlington, has
1st N. H. cavalry." routed his interest in the Winooski
iLitilo Works to o. il. woston lor nvo
utasnnie leveo will bo held nt'voara, at $1,200 a year.
House," Milton, to-
The Spring term of Chester Acad
emy begins on tho 20th inst.
and 20 d.ivg.
i' ..is in le alih Jim last did mtct lur,
H In n the bloom of youth llnsln d lnli;
N in n lur heart was alit and joyous :
.m 1 miild it be that blic liiusi dii .'
Alas', alas! that Ml iteMroicr,
Hud seen and tiiiirkid h r fo'i hw own;
lie bet.. led iMt the youthful sijjiu,
(.'i mourning lin nds, bueft and l ui. .
Whv, in the ficsluubsof life's nn'iiiiii0-,
should siiiiimous eonie for h r to jo .'
l know- it is to gee us wanting,
How short our stay id here beluw.
Iikii let us raise our though to to Heaven;
1 orgettmg worldly toil and care,
lteiueiubering her who panned before us;
tiho said wo "uhould tiiid sweet ret there."
luaniiei-. Artnt), ial teeth miM'it, d liom one to
a full iot on golil silver, and platinn, continuous
gum, or rubber baw.i't a stU,- that will dirv
competition. Particular utteiiti n paid to fill
ing decayed teeth, and lo the treatment or all
dieauef of the teeth and gums. Kici-y Satui
dy afternoon dl lie deviited to operations
(free) for such an are not abb to pav.
Painless extraction of teeth, bv'the u-e of
Nitrous Oxydo (tan, which we have it i. rl foi
more than two yen, having administered it
for nioro than tlvp thouHamt operations with
perfect mieces.-i. Daring the eomin .' season o'ir
nioma will be remodeied ami enlarged, with the
addition of two more oiK-ratiti;; rooms and n
new laboratory. 117-6ii
fjllllS Great Iteinedy for all Ditca'tt of tire
Iailio diceorery of the inventor Of Cob's valua
ble Cough ISalsniu. uhile experimetitlng tor hU
own health. It enml Cralii). in the Stumuch
tor him wlaeh hud before yielded lo nntl.ii.tr hut
'lltenlnHxt djily teslimonv front various parts
of theoomiiy e.ieouragi) ui'to believe there 4
no dtea8o reused by a disordered stomach It will
not speedily euro. ' " '
Physiciuitb' endorse and Uj?c It !
MinisttTsgivc testimony of its cllicacy
And from all directions wo receive tldlags s6(
cures performed,
i3' fisiu :
It Is otiro lo cure.
Hi oi .lnirn !
One doae will cure.
Sli U-Ilcinln, lie!
It has cured in htindrad't of cases
Iiriiilnrlie nml Dltlini si I
. ... It atopa in thirty miutites.'
Aelilltj-of (lie Stoiiuulit
Jt corrects! at once.
Ilisliig of llir l-'i.ti.l 1
. . It filop.s immediately.
Ilnlrr4 iirtri-i:iit.iK;
One lioso will reiuoie.
( liolrru 3Ioiliiis I
. . llapidly yields lo a fow doses,
lluil Iticntlit
Will be changed with half a bottle
lis unprecedented success is owing lo tho fact
that --
It Cures by Assisting Nature .
N'oarly evory dealer in the Citited Statci belli it
ONi: DOI.LAlt IT.lt I50TTI.I;,
C. G-. CLARK, & CO., Proprietor,"
kkw it.ivr.s-, CONS. 130-lv
! W.'I. liPNM 1
I Sold in St. AlnaiiH by .,11 i'n .
I .V ItiyuoMs, (iroc, is.
l.-!i, Id, Mrs.
istn. llll, I , 1 ks
ST. A LB Ays.
Puii riCAi FFEr.n is- Mrvir-n A I Iu St. George, on the 2th of January, 1863,
ai , , iULXIC0- A' Sarah I. Ickwood. wife of Gilbert 0. iaham
gentleman who has served two years land daughter or Orto S. Ijockwooi, aged 20
in tho Liberal army in Mexico, but year, 1.) months and and 23 Uay.
who has returneil to Ins homo 111 the
I livery yi.tng iaily a-,,1 geetJemu in tin
UiiuVefl Ktatea can hear k utietiimg very murh to
their advantage, by return mail, (free or charge)
by aiidrensing the 'underMgmd. Those having
fours of beiug humbugged will oblige by not
noticing thin card. All oth.ru will please ud
di eiia their obodtont sen am,
J1 llrondway, New York.
-vening. Music, Borlc-
Tho 2Vhiok Buys: A six year old son
I of Mr. Patrick Cat ty, of Essex, a few
li';ulril!e Band. An address ' days since, turno 1 a backward somer-
down tho chainbor stairs, and
loft nrm 0 little abovo the
elbow. Tho force of tho full was so
great as to drivo tho bono through
tho muscles and skin, making a
frightful wound.
LAjtoiu-E cou.vn.
Tho friends and Congregation of
Ilov. B. Cox, assomblod in tho church
at Morristown Cornors, Jan. 31st, and
aftor listening to stirring singing by
Bov. J. D. Booman, left for thoir pas
tor $100.
A now post oflico has been estab
lished in Belvidere, called Bolvidero
Corners. II. II. Lengto is tho post
At n recont meoting of tho directors
of tho Mount Mansfiold Hotel Com
pany, Mr. Leonard Lovo was unani
mously olectod mnnngor for tho eimn.
ingyenr. Mr, L. was ClorK' of tho
IIouso last soasoi).
Tho Trottor IIouso in Bradford, has
boon sold to Mr. Finnognn of Wood
stock, for $9000.
Jaiiios Clamout is tho Tempornuco
candidnlo for County Couiuiissionor in
(his County.
Ut' Jehverod 011 tho occasion by ' sault dow
( Ll Bnllou, of Montpolior. Vt. I broko his
, - ' t. & Canada Itailroads
' '"t fare ono way.
k ,Ja tlio Ut of January, Morris
" Last Highgnto, shot a wild
Yr"m tl,c mouth of which was
Al '"8"dcoO that ducky
-nalluwo.1. which measured 13 3-1
hut truo story.
i. ii? 11 lr,utiu' of Ftiosburgh,
' d his farm, consisting of about
J vn,"d8t0cl:'&c-. tJ'"nes and
W 'dder for $13,000.
ht ?' N f PhiliPBburgh,
Ur Umnk8 tw Montreal
On 11.- ...
, 0Ul Ulst- n P,ltnt was
to o i riei. (jf Wnhall
Wmpd.n horse, rakes.
hthM,fT Scnlinel that
fafof 00V 1Ucuf0ltl. "as sold
. ,u. wim stock, &o..
r. for $10,000.
United States, writes hopelessly con
cerning the future of Mexico. He de
clares that it is his-lirm conviction
that "tho Hapsburgh" will not ro
main many da s after the dopai lino
of thoFiouuh; that tho country wilt
then fall into the hands of tho Liber
als; but even then there is uo likeli
hood that poaeo will boon shower its
bloshings upon tho people. A .large
portion of Juarez's army and tho peo
ple, look upon him as ti usurper, who
dosiioa to bo Dictator, and they fear
to trust their liberty in his hands,
Neither are thev satisfied with Oi'tenvi!
but of the two rival chieftains a very 1 FE"W CLOTHING"
largo proportion of tho Mexicans pro- j
for Ortega. Ho predicts the forma
tion of two very targe rival factions
tho 0110 in the intorest of Ortega, tho
other for Juarez- who will carry on a
bitter war, and under tho banuers of
both, all tho Moxicaus will bo arrayed.
Tho lcsult, ho thinks, will bo many
mora years of bloodshed ttud outlawry
in Mexico, unloss tho United States
stop 111 to end tho strife, and givo the
Mexicans a government, peace nnd
Susi'icious. Wo loarn that Honry
Asseltyno, tho mail carrier, who was
drowned by skating into an air hole
in tho ico, while cai lying tho mail
from Alburgh Springs to North Hero,
Vt., on the lllth of December last, was
known to havo about sixty dollars in
monoy and three or four huudred
dollars iu U, S. Bonds with him at
tho time, or just boforo going on to
tho ico to ekato acrosu, Sinco then
nothing cm. bo found of tho money or
Uoiiits, iiiut it is thought tlioy must
havo been taken from his body after
A iS'ew Jintl Grand Epoch in .Medicine !
Dr. Magjgliilis tho founder of n new Medical
Synte.it I "Ene quantltariunn, whoso vast inter
nal tlosee enfeeble the atomach and paralyze tin
bow-tlii, niUfct give precedence to the until who
restores health and appetite, with from one to
two of his uAtraurdinary Pilia, and cures the
most virulent sore with a box or so of bin won
derful and all healing Nalie. Theae two great
specifies of tho Doctor are fast superseding all
tiiastwotypeil nostrum uf tlio day. Euriuir
ttin'ary cures by Maggicl's Pills and Salvo have
opened the eve Of the public to the inulhciency
Of the (fco called) ruuitniien 01 othcis, and uiioii
which people have o long blindly depended.
MagglfTn Fills nro uot of the class that are swal
lowed by tho dozen, and nf which of eicry bm
full taken creates an absolute neeesHity for an
other. One or two of Jlaggiel'a Pilla HUllieeB to
place the bowels inpelfeet order, tonothe hIoiu
aeh, create an appetite, and render tho spirita
light and buoyant! There is no griping, and 110
amotion in the lorm of countipation. If the liver
is iilleuted, its functions are rewtoied; and if the
nervous system Is feeble, it is invigorated. This
last quality makes the medicines wry desirable
for the wants of delicate femalen. t'leerous and
emotive diMeasen are literalh cstiiniuishcd bv
Which will be sold at pricos bolow any thing to 1 the dminfectant power of Maggiol's Halve, lit
be found in Franklin Cvitnly.
AUo, a largo lot
Ha Is, OaxDs, fec.,
fact, it is here announced that .Muuclfl' Hill
mis, Dyspeptle mill Din ri licit I'UU cure
where all others fail. While lor Darns, Health),
I 'l.lll.lllliw I'nli n.l.l nil nl,r-,.;.,,w ,.f ll.. ,11...
! ii.....,t..el, ..i.' .. .. .. .
"hh" -.-. v 19 iui.iL.intu. nuuioy d. jiag
gisl, IDFultoii Street, .Sew York, and all Drug
gists, at 25 cts. per box. Ill-Iy
I.. b.Dutcher A Souk, Aitents, Kt. Aibam, Vt.
Low Prices.
e. in , WM. N.SMITH.
Bt, Albahs, February, 1SC7. 13l-tf
I OtlJ.
HAVrNG disposed of my entlro stock In trado
to J, W. bticldon, I would return thanks to
my customers for theif'klnd and liberal patron.
'Ort.l., 1... ,...1.1 1. .1 r
u UliJBU IW1U IU HUH 1UUUU1C4! to mo 1
would solicit us prompt juymeat as jicissiblp,
..u.i.i iiruu ui tuitili. oy lite iiibuui April.
I can rcfcomiiimul mv MiifU-MSHfte ti. v.i. .....1
recovery from tho water, and before it will guarantee that lie will givy you gtibd 'eati.
was sent to his fathor's hotiso, tho noxt : iry nmi
inomuig. rivo ilolluis was all tlio
money found. Ho was l unod 111 tho
suit ho wore at tho time of hi-, death,
and to ascertain tho fact that tho
proporty was not buried with him,
ids friends had his grave opened about
tliroo weeks since, and an examination
made; but no satisfaction was ob
tained. Champlain Journal.
Yours tiulv.
H. II. GltHE.N.
Having purchased the tok as noted above, 1
shall euiiea?or, by bind attention to biuineud
and tho wants of my cuntoiuers, to tnont mv
Hharo of public patronage. For tilo not sittv
days 1 will nod iny atovk of Woolens and Dross
Goods at cost for cash. Call and see for your
Truly your, Ac,
Sheldon, Vt., Feb. 6th, 1807- 152-lw.
A Clergyman, while i siding iu South Amerioa
as a missionary, discou-rcd a safe and simple
roniody for the Cure of Ni nons Weakness, Ear
ly Decay, Diseases of the Urinary and Seminal
Orgnna, and the whole nam of disorders brought
on by baneful and vicious habits. Groat num
bers have been alruiuU eurtsl by this noble reme
dy. Prompted by a deairu to liulii llt the atllict
od anduntortunate. I willajnd tho reccipe for
preparing and using this medicine, in a scaled
omclopo, to any one why needs it, frcij of
Please inelage a post-paid envelope, addressed
to yourself, Address,
123-ly JOSEPH T. 1XMAN,
Station D, liiblo House, Now York City.
A Gentleman who suffered for yoars from
Nervous Deblhtv, Premature Decay, and all of
lects of youthful indiscrotion, will, for the sake
of sulluriug humanity, scud freo ,to .all who
need'it, tho receipa and diiectlOnsfor making
the simple remedy by wlueh hit vaa ourotl.
KulTorers winhiug to profit by the ndw rtiscr'n
experience, can do so hv addroomig -
JOHN 11. OllDLN,
No. 13 Chambi ts M.. New York.
lIMW.tllll I !
irv v,vf ri n -s s
0. A. J. MAltSH Ij CO., St. Albans.
Stud jut reeeiied at any tiirf. Those enter
ing boo.i can omplet" the course cailv in tltd
spring. Jan. No. of College Journal, giving
full particulars, s, nt fire. 12G
Sl'500 Agents
All Printing brought to tin. Oill, both Plain
and Ornamental, ll maet with pnirnp atten
tion, at prlcw aa 1 w ae t!i titnos will admit.
We do our woii mu u le iter tlun can any
OAlce that will do i, job of i rutting f u- nothing
for the sake of ib pining in of it, and wo are
ready to compare our work with any similar
class of printing don- in the cities, both in neat
ness and price.
Hand your orders into tie; Transcript llook
and Job Printing 1'i.tahlinhini'nt if you tako any
pride in haung y.iu printing done in a work
manlike manuci
I have jut r , i.ed n large lot of tlrst and
second fju i lit v ot stun,' .'in. 1 China Ware, eoin
priHing t,, S w and J. i gant PatteiiiH cilled
'Ueu.Ora.it Path . us. Also u hu ge stock ol
Cutlery, Idas and M ui Ware, which I nil, fm
sale choflli. Pit asc t'i.li and nti btloiu pniehas
ing elxewle re. .Who,
I havo Just reeelretl 1D tonn of flood ltlftck
sinith's Ctial. Will sell cheap for cah. Urge or
small quaiititioH, at the old Patrar lllock, one
door ninth of if ,'igc II. l'atrar's.
I . ti. HlvlNv
St. AHmiis, Oct. ?lth, 1?W),
Vi:.tu: Wo want
11)1. 'JJs Agents everywhere lo sell our
l.itproveti j.'i. hewmg .Maclin.es, 'Jhreo now
, kinds. Under and upper feed. Sent on triaj.
I Warranted live years. Tho only machines split
i in the United Stato for less than f 10. which aro
t'uilii tici'ttttl hit ijtre. U'iciler it H'ffaHjn. r.'ivi.
'.! on'.? Ual er, Singer .t Co., anil UacUihlcr. Ml
other cheap machines nro inf.ingoments and tho
selli r or Uher aro liable to arrest, Hun and im.
piisoument. Illustrated circulars sent freo,
ddresH, or call upon Shaw &. (Jlark, at lKtldc
ford. Maine, or Chicago. 111. 111-ly; ;
III113II.VT10.V MlTltu:. This i lo certit'v
J that I have git un my son, Emtia Gpve.r, hw
tone tlu:ing his minoritv, and shall claim nono'ttf
his wages nor pay any of his debts after this
date. AI.VIN GEOYEIt.. '-
rraitkliu, Vt., Fob. 2d 1837. lSl.Jlu .
rS"t I!(5.
rpilE annual meeting of tho stock-holderi oj:
JL tho Jltssisqnoi Oil Company, for tho ohuici
ol'onicers, will bo held at mv ollfce, on tho Wilf
of l'ob.. 1S0T, at 10 o'clock, A. M.
151-2 11 A. SOWUS, Sec'-; ,
J rouse niKl I'jnt t'or liriilo
rpiIK Subscriber offers for sa'e hii Hoiia ami
J. Iit on .Main Slteot, in this village. Tor
paiticulars emniire of THOMAS h'AInEY.
ht. Albans, leb. 5, 1KH7. I5l-tf
Onion oi l lio lntorii.it lonul IZixi'
ployinunt CoN rs'iiKKim fj5t5i
A EE young men wishing immediate prhp?oy
.V. ment ax Uookkeopeia, Gierka, Salesineni
Porter, Entry, Shipping or Keoeiting Clerk;' or
a.tv kind of OOHltioll In New V.al. Citv e.ill nr
saiwl to tho otllco of the Inturuaiioual Einploy
meiit Co., 81 Nauu. St.. N. Y. for u eireular
containing all informiitioii, terms, A-c.
Partners, Merchants, and all Ilusiiiess nasi In
the Country, supplied True of rhargu All or:
ders from the Country promptly attended to.
81 Nassau St,
General Agent,'
$100 00
he iiaid to anv Dentist iu the Ktiite of i -
tnont, that will put up a set of Teeth on III 11
eLu To Young Ivlen.
Jutt VnUMiCil hi aeMh'l Euuu) e . Vri-c 0 ctt.
A Iii-Kurr nn tlie .Vutuir, Ti t itttnrlil, antl
Hadical cure of Spermatorrhea, or Seminal
WcaknesM, intoluntary r.tniMons, Sexual Dobil
tty, and Impediments to Marriago gcnerallv.
Nervouinesa, Ooiisumytloiii Epilepsy, and l'ltn;
Mental and Phyairal Iiit;apat-i?v, usulting from
Solf.buBC.'Acv. Hv ROUAltT S. CUI.VEIIVt'ELL
JI. 1)., Author of lfie "Grocn lltk," Ac.
The woi Id-renowned authnr.-in this admirable
I.oeture, clearly proves n om his orfn experi'ticc
that the awful' (ou ie.i(cni"CH of Self- busc may
he eff. tilnally eur -d witlnnit nn dit me, and wjtli
ont dangerous migic.il on iiitnui, l,ii(:,, s, u
hli uiucnin, rings, i,i i ,id.als, pomiu,c out a
ni'iln nf ,'iiri' 1,1 .,.',., iiit.im .,ii I ,1','iual, bt
w hi.-li et cry. it 1 1 r v nctt, i wl,a' Ins eniidf
ti n may I,, , 1 1 1 v . in h , nt- II , In .i,i' , privute
h , and tub. . Iiv . Till I.iilnre till! iinne
li Ilottu to (lin.MiiiitU.
Kent under i .it, to unv a, bin si, in a plain
XJ. M. MiivhIuiI'm 'otlotN
Vlt.tMO.ST DlSltUCT, i.s.
Pursuant to a monition Issued nut nf rlin Tton.
lorable District Court of tho United States forth
tt -met, in i erjnout, i ucreoy give tiotico niu an
informatjon for .the violatio.i or the Hownw
Laws of the United States, has been Sled tit saSt
Court by D. C. Deunison, Esq., attorney of thr
United States for the District of Vermont against
seized at St. Albans in said district, on the lith
Esq., Collector of Cuatoina for aald District cntl
trial will be had on the proporty seized and
the same will ho condemnetl an forfeited: agrod
IIHK PEATK, hi as gooil style, and its ts-rfect a nealud ei. . . I u . on Or r, ,-, in' ' f six etinti. i,r
III, In thw samo time, as oan be tlnne by Dit. W. two pontage it.mip AN,, jr. CuWerwcll'x
11. FOItl); whole niuknig from one to three sets , "Marriage luide," i. i. c .j itta. AddruSi. tlo
daily, at my olllce. W. II. McGOWAN, pubdshsrs,
N. 1J. -Every plato wananted. j' CHAS. J C. HMNE.v CO.
St. Albans. Dee. 1st, 1SC0. f 142 tf 17 Po 1 1, Si.w Y h Pot Oftipe box I VJI
ably to the prayer of said information at tlio
next t' r.a of H.iid itmrt. to lie holdeti tit MHrl
lliito. on the tilth day of M-'ivh, A IK
IhiiT, tit lOo'oiock III tliu fort in t,u, i;i3 wcUiAJ
or cliiins tliaii be interpoi-eit vu or Ufore that
day, of ttl.itsh all persons interested wilt tako due
uoti.ie and gotera themsi.lvoH vcnntoly.
Given under my hand at CUettr, itis.tUl.lKK
trlct, this 0th day of Febiunrv. A". 1). I&t!7.
.... II. H. HENKY,
1S1-2w u.-U. Mirshtli
J ttmovow
CEiVltK has remove
Otllco at hU i-eoii!
ht. Albans, Vt., May. 'J, IhM.
1 lt. S.S. CEiVltK has removotl to SoutMala
JW Mreet. unite at His rvaliWnuo-

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