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Frlrlnjs AiiRiist 9, 1807.
The Tennessee Election.
Tho election in TcnncBSco, contrary
t6 general expectation, passed off in
fho quietest possible mnuner. Tho ro
suit is n decided Union victory. Gov
ernor Brownlow's majority will not bo
far from twenty thousand. Trimble,
.Stokes, Arncll, Maynard, Hawkins,
Mullins, Munn and Butler, all llepub
Jicans, aro elected to Congress by
handsomo majorities. Both branches
of tho Legislature will bo strong Union,
which makes tho election of Horaco
Mnynard to tho United States Sonato
a foregono conclusion. Wo givo tho
voto of some of tho principal towns
for Governor: Nashville Brownlow
31G3, Ethoridgo 701. Murfrecsboro
gives Brownlow a majority of G19.
Columbia gives Brownlow 1449 votes,
and Ethoridgo 148. Tullahoma gives
Brownlow ten majority. Humboldt,
in Carroll county, Ethoridgo 61 and
Brownlow 24. Brownlowvillo, in Hay
wood county, gives Brownlow 7G4 and
Ethoridgo 133. Gallatin gives Brown
low 309 and Ethoridgo 122.
Many of tho negroes voted tho Con
servative ticket. Somo of tho froed
mcn who voted the Radical tickot have
locn discharged by their employers.
Employment will most likely bo found
for them by Gen. Groesbeck. Tho
frecdmen evinced great pleasure at tho
.idea of voting, and in somo instances
marched in solid column to tho polls.
Jxow that tho election is over, it is to
bo hoped that the troubles in Tennessee
will ceaso. Tho election has boon
conducted fairly, tho negroes being al
lowed to voto as thoy in their judg
ment thought best. They have been
addressed by Conservative and Union
speakers; but it is not nt all etrango
that tho groat bulk of them should
think t for their interest to vote tho
Union ticket, as thoy did. Thoy ovi
dcntly know who aro their friends.
For the Vermont Transerijtl.
Judge of Trobalc.
Enosuukou, Aug. Gth, 18G7.
Mn. Editor: I havo been a soldier,
and can apprcciato their feolings when
thoy aro unjustly attacked. 1 am par
ticu'arly grieved when I boo that it is
done for political purposes, as in tho
case of Myron W. Bailoy, Esq., tho
present nominee for Judgo of Probato
in this County. While in St. Albans
tho other day, I heard a man of influ
ence, olectioneorin g against Mr. Bailoy,
because ho said ho was not compotont
to dischargo tho duties of tho Office.
I made further inquiries, and found
that tho story had its origin with somo
of tho friends of Judgo Samson. I
will not say that tho Judgo himsolf,
originated any thing of tho kind, be
cause I havo always supposed him to
bo abovo any such imputation.
I havo known Mr. Bailoy sinco boy
hood, and I am proud to say that ho
6 a man of more than ordinary tal
ents, and is in every respect qualified
and competent to dischargo tho duties
of tho offico of Judgo of Probato. As
s lawyer, ho has won a respectable
position among his brothron at tho
bar, in all tho branches of law. As a
ponman, ho may not quito equal tho
present incumbent, but ho is ahead of
three-fourths of tho Judges and Reg
isters in tho State.
Then why this tirado against him? Is
it because ho flow to the rcscuo of his
Country, in tho first hours of its dan
ger, nnd contributed all but his life in
hor defence, whilo tho present incum
bont enjoyed tho cmolumonta of offico
with his family at homo, and contrib
uted nothing ? This is tho question
tho people of this County aro to an
swer in September next I am anxi
ously wailing with a nurubor of other
follow soldiers, to see how tho question
will bo answered at tho polls. I nm
of tho number who was told that whon
tho war was over, tho scarred veterans
would bo remembered, but I carl not
bolievo that au intelligent pooplo will
forget an intolligont 6oldicr so soon.
Jt so, I will thank somo ono or more
m each town in this County to pre
serve the names of those who aro now
opposing Mr. Bailoy, (who was nomi
nated in Convention by a largo majori
ty,) and tho people will then know to
what party or sect they belong. Will
ray fellow soldierB look to this matter.
A Vetkran.
tST Osgood Bradbury, formerly a
resident of Burlington, Vt,, is now
editorially conuccted with Portland
Or Is it thought that Gen. Rous-
oau win bo elected an successor of
Gen. Sheridan.
Absconded. P. W. Patterson,
prominent merchant 0f Buffalo, ab
sconded with the proceeds of eleven
boat loads of corn, Aug. 1st, valued at
about $80,000. Ho wag arrested, and
United State bondB, etc., were found
in hie poudesion amounting to nearly
the full value of tho amount stolen.
Commencement at Burlington.
Tho excrciso? connected with the
sixty-third Commencement of tho Uni
versity of Vermont and Stato Agricul
tural College, commenced on Sunday
with tho Baccalanrcato Sermon by
President Angoll. His subject was,
according to tho Time, "Perfection of
Individual Freedom, tho Perfection of
Obedionco to Divine." The discourse
was of great ability, and was listened
to by n largo audience. Wo cannot
forbear to quoto his excellent address
to tho graduating class:
My lleloTal Vupilt and Frienilt:
Most Affectionately and earnestly do 1 urge you
to show by jour liven that you comprehend tho
true relation of Liberty to Law. May you each
strive with your whole might after that freedom,
which in In Christ Jesus, and winch lit 5011 for
tho worthiest citizenship in thu State and in tho
Kingdom of God.
Home of you have known what it is to mako
sacrifices for civil liberty by hard nervier in the
name iicid anil ny suuering in toe prison pcnsoi
the Bouth. Your Alma Mater, as site sends you
forth with her maternal benediction upon your
hcade, gladly confesses that she has already
b( en honored by your deeds. All of you, I am
sure, aro ready, if need be, to make ccpial sacri
fices. Though happily tho din of civil strife has
ceased. Micro is still occasion for you all with pen
and voice and cxamplo to defend the good cause
of Christian liberty in tho individual and in tho
Htate. Tho first and second and last condition
of Biiccces in your effort, and in your whole life,
la that you seek for that perfect, balanced man
hood which was In our Lord and Master. I know
no simpler, better, moro comprehensive rule of
We, your Instructors, must now forego the
plcasuro of directing your studies and labors,
llellcvc me, we would gladly conllnuo our work
with you longer. Whilo it is with proud joy that
wo see you going forth in tho fulness of manly
strength to tho duties of actlvo life, our joy is
tempered by badness at the thought that we shall
miss your companionship in tho familiar scenes
of our daily lifo.
Do not supposo that our interest in jou will
ceaso. Wo shall watch you with tenderest soli
citude, wo shall rejoico in your succcfcfcx, wo
ehall sharo tho burden of your sorrows. Wo
trust that you will look fondly back to yonder
halls, and regard thorn as your home and tho
homo of your sinceic friends. You have bravely
stood bv the Univcrtitv In her hours of darkness
and trial. You have thus lendcieil her tiuo
service. You have aided in assuring tho lucom- '
ing of that day of prosperity, which wo beljevo I
to bo dawning upon her. May she not still, may
sbn not nlunvs. vnirelvn thnnfil nfvntir inlliipnrn I
your affection, and your prayers? Above all, if I
roachinc tho highest tvno of Christian mnnhoort.
titii ntjinu uu iii-i i-iumi in leiuiuiUKi unit hi.
With this worthy aspiration go forth, my dear
friends, to your various posts in lifo. Go with
out misgiving. Thero Is room enough forciery
earnest worker. No truo work shall fail of its
reward. And may "tho Owl of peace niakojyou per
fect in every good work to do his will, woiking
in you that wliich is well pleasing in his sight,
through Jesus Chntt; to whom be glory forever
and over. Amen."
society Fon ni:uoiot's ixqumy.
Tho anniversary of tho Society for
Religious Inquiry took placo at half
past ten o'clock, Tuesday morning.
Tho address was bv Rov. M. R.
Yin- j
cent, of Troy, N. Y., from the text,
John VII, 20th, "That thoy all may bo
ono; as thou, Father, ai t in mo and
I in theo, that thoy also may bo ono in
us. alio Jrce 1'rcss says tho dis
course was a very fine ono, useful in
its lessons, interesting, eloquent and
able in a high degree
This Society celebrated its anniver
sary in tho afternoon. Rov. Andrew P.
Poabody, D.D., of Cambridge, Mass.,
dolivored tho address. His subject
was, "Positivo Philosophy." At tho
annual meeting held in tho morning,
McssrB. W. P. Smith, H. O. Wheeler
and A. Phelps, of tho graduating class
woro elected members.
Tho annual celebration of tho Alum
ni took placo on Wednesday. Oration
by Dorman B. Eaton, of N. Y., and
Poem by Wm. E. Marrs, of Chicago.
At tho closo of tho public oxerciscs tho
Alumni partook of a dinner at tho
"Lako Kouso." Wo shall alludo to
this moro particularly hereafter.
Commencement at Norwich Unl
Tho Commencement at Norwich
Univorsity occurred oil Thursday of
last week. Tho names of tho gradti
ates and tho subject of their orations
aro as follows: Tho Soldier. His Truo
Mission and Howard, Seth. H. Bonson,
Blackstono, Mass.; Popular Cultivation
of Musio, Wesley K. Walton, Aiiburno,
Maine; Tho Land is Sacred which we
Lovo, ta poom.) Myron R. Hurlburt,
Grand Islo, VL; War not opposed to
Godliness, with Valedictory, Fraucis
M. Gowdy, Broad Brook, Conn.
A poem, sparkling with wit and vi
vacity, was read by tho Hon. Charles
Collins Vauzaudt, of Newport, R. I., a
graduato of Trinity College, Hartford,
Conn., 1850; and a very ablo and ac
ceptable oration was pronounced bo
foro a largo audience by tho Hon. S.
B. Colby. Roistor of tho U. S. Trens.
ury, Washington, D. C.
Honorary degrees were conferred as
follows: LL. D. upon tho Hon. J. II.
Hartloy, Assistant Treasurer of tho
United States, and Hon. Stoddard B.
Colby, Register of tho U. S. Treasury,
Washington, 1). C. A. M. upon Cupt.
Samuel V. Shattuck. Aditinet Pin.
feasor of Military Science, Northiiold,
Concerning tho laying tho corner
Htono of tho now Univeisity building
wo copy from Walton's Journal:
At 3 o'clock P. M. a procession of
tho Masonic fraternity was formed,
who woro present by invitation to lay
tho corner etouo of tho now University
building now being erected in Norlh
fiold. Tho bito of the now edifice is
about midway between Depot Villogo
wu mo oiu rvortnue it vi aero, on n
high eminonco between the main street
and tho railroad. It is a beautiful lo
cation, 60 fur as uaturo has seen fit to
go, in elaborating tho surroundings,
and will, no doubt, when tho artisans
and the mechanics havo finished thoir
woik, and "the tshnvd and tho hoo"
terraced its siiiioundiiicr slopes and
j smoothed its panitlo, be nil that could
bo desired for its purposes. Tho
grounds cmbraco an area of twelvo
acieH, which wo undci eland to bo a
gift, highly creditable to the intelligent
liberality of its donors, from tho citi
zons of Xorthfinld, as ih also tho build
ing to be erected. To this spot tho
long procession wended its way, whoro
in prosenco of n vast concourso of pco-
plo who had preceded them, tho cor-
nor stone was laid "in duo and ancient
form" by Most Woishipful Grand
Master L. B. Englesby of tho Grand
Lodgo of tho Stato of Vermont. After
tho conclusion of this imposing cere
mony, tho procession returned to tho
Xoithfiuld House, where thoy sat down
to a collation bountifully provided by
tho Do Witt Clinton Lodgo of P. A.
M. of Northficld, at which Past Master
Gcorgo Nichols, Secretary of State,
Canada Items.
Tho St. Johns AVieu says that tho
annual rifle match of tho Missisquoi
Volunteer Association will bo hold this
year on tho 2d of September at Bed
ford or Prclighsburgh.
A new tri-wcokly newspaper, called
the Tiw, and understood to bo in tho
interest of Mr. Dovlin, has been start
ed in Montvcal. It is sold at ono
Zion Church, Montreal, was des
troyed by firo on Sunday morning of
last week. The origin of tho firo can
not bo accounted for.
Tho son of n farmer by tho namo of McCartv,
residing a short distaiico in the country, whilo
running along opposite tho market in Ihcrv
Hti'iiix'il nn the end of a looso plank of tho
walk, which caused the board to snriiiir ut and
strike him severely on the stomach, iolcnt
ut, wn
X'lnlting ensued, and although medical assist
ance was at once sought, tho boy dieil in much
agony tho following morning.
The Governor General has made tho
following appointments of Justices
the Poaco for tho District of
A.H. Chandler, llronie; fioloman Hwect, North
Sutton; Nelson l'etts, do.; Geo. C. Dyer, Sutton
l'lat; llichard .Spencer, Abercorn; James Estv,
Houth Button: Wm. A. Urown, Olen Sutton; S.
Judson lllancliard, 1'otton; ltobcrt Manson, l'ot
ton. A droadul accident occurred at
j Bowmanvillc, on tho 30th tilt. Wo
givo tho telegraphic report:
I John Kmart, sr., Usq., of 1'ort Darlington, an
I old resident, widely known and universally cs
' teemed, was, w ltd his granddaughter Agnes,
t daughter of George Smart, Kmj., of Lindsay,
i killed on tho Grand Trunk llrilroad to-dav. Thtiv
had just left tho family residence in a covered
Innrtifirrn nli.l wllptl fmNHimr llin i'npi n liltl.i
north of tho house, tho carnage was struck by
tho locomotivo on a freight train going west.
Mr. S. was dragged, with poitions of the car
riage, about 80 yards, anil is badly mangled.
The train passed ovor Miss Smart, nmtilatiiiK
j her in a irighttul manner. Whilo tho carriage,
witn its contents, was destroyed, the horso was
A Canadian exchange says:
Mr. A. O. Tritchard, Agent of tho Grand Trunk
iiauway company at urompion, lias iicen ar
she bV,n.7 S w "enL f1" V,.;:
r,ictn, no.l l.. 41... ai ...
sums of money which ho has collected on behalf
of tho Company, and not accounted for. Ho has
been remanded, after tho oUdenco of tho pay
ment of the monies to him, and his omission to
enter them up or pay them lit if had been taken.
Tho Clarcncoville Company of tho
Uicliolieu Light Infantry battalion was
inspected iy jjieut.-tJol. i' letclicr, on
Thursday of last week. Tho Company
mustered forty-ono strong, and ovinccd
much proficiency in drill.
Tho Circus of Messrs. Cleorgo W.
i DcIIavcn it Co. exhibits at St. Johns
to-day (Thursday.)
Capt. Horace K. Ido, of tho Vermont
Cavalry, has recently been appointed
Major of tho U. S. volunteers, by bre
vet, for gallant and meritorious scr
vices in tho field, tho appointment to
date from March 15, 18G5.
Hon. Frederick E. Woodbridgo has
rocommended Charles A. Booth, a son
of C. A Booth, Esq., of Vergcnncs, to
tho Sccrotary of War, for tho appoint
ment of cadet at tho United States
Military Academy at West Point.
Hon. Charles I. Walker, formerly of
Brattleboio, has been appointed by tho
Governor of Michigan, Judge for tho
First Judicial Circuit of that Stato, in
placo of Judgo Mitterell, deceased,
Johu G. Saxe has returned from
Victor Hugo writos from his oxilo,
respecting tho proposed nicdal to John
Brown's widow: "My namo bolongs to
all who would mako uso of it to servo
progress and truth. A medal to Lin
coln calls for a medal to John Brown.
Lot us cancel that debt pending such
timo that America shall cancel hors.
Amoiica owes Johu Brown a statue as
tall as that of Washington. Washing
ton 'foundod' America, John Brown
diffused liberty."
James H. Piatt, forniorly of Burling
ton, now of Potersburg, Va., com
manded the volunteer forco at tho lato
Virginia Republican Stale Convention.
W. H. S. Whitcomb, for somo timo
past Teller of tho Commercial Bank,
Burlington, has accepted tho position
of Teller of tho First National Bank,
ot that placo. Samuel A. Drow, of
Fairhaven, succeeds Mr. Whitcomb, as
Teller of tho Commercial.
Hon. Abel Underwood, of Nowbury,
Ex-Judgo of Supremo Court, has been
appointed Rcgif-ter in Bankruptcy for
the Socond Congressional District, and
Johu P. Sartlo, Esq., of Barton, for tho
Third Congressional. District.
New Feature or Thavei Passen
gers from Boston to Saratoga, ovor tho
Fitchburg, Rutland and Saratoga liue,
aro furnished with a dinner, free, at
tho Bard woll Houso in Rutland, with
ample timo to oat it.
Put off tub Cahs. Joiomiah S.
Morrill, Esq., a gentleman past sixty
years of age, was put off the passon-
ger train at Albiirgh Springs, week
before last, under tho following cir
cumstances: On tho 20th day of Juno
Mr. Morrill purchased a ticket in Now
York for Ogdonslmrgh, N. Y., with
coupons attached for each road. Af-
ter leaving tho depot at St. Albans,
the conductor asked for his ticket nnd
toro oft' tho coupon wliich entitled him
to a rido ovor tho Vt. k Canada R. R.
Mr. M. said ho did not wish to havo
that dono as ho expected to stop over
at Swanton, and wished to hold his
ticket. Tho conductor then said ho
would givo him aticket which would
bo as well for him. He theroforo gave
him a ticket upon which was printed,
good for six days only," which Mr. M.
did not notice when given to him, and
there was no dalo on tho ticket
When ho got upon the train lie ex
hibited this ticket'in payment of his
passage. The conductor said ho had
had instructions not to tako such lick
els, and unless ho paid his faro ho
should bo obligojl.to put him oil' tho
train. Mr. M. refusing, whon tho
troin roached tho station, five mon op
proached him, and, by forco, ejected
him from tho train. Our informant
iSiys that tho question will probably
bo settled by tho courts.
41 ii ii.ii
ViiioixiA RuruiiMOAN Convention.
The convention at Richmond on Fri
day was not very harmonious. John
Minor Botls was present, and in vain
endeavored to address tho convention.
Tho colored men appeared to havo
things their own way. When the
business was declared closed, however,
Mr. Bolts made a speech in which ho
defended himself from chargo mado
against him. Ho fully indorsed tho
proceedings of tho convention of tho
17th of April, and doohred that if ho
and his friends had boon admitted in
to tho convention tho day before, ho
should have moved tho re-adoption o.'
the Apnl platform. He hoped that
the colored people would not reject
tho alliance of woll informed rcspocta-
bio whito mon, who avow themselves
Republicans, for whon tho Stato
again in tho Union tho Democrats will
again attempt to assort their power
and to put on their yoko. Union and
conciliation were necessary to secure
success. -
Tho wrangling in tho convontion is
certainly to be regretted; but it is bo-
j . . - .. . .
l'"vct that Jnirmony will yot exist
tho party in the "Old Dominion.'
Mauyi.anii. Tho Convontion at An
napolis, Thursday, finally adopted tho
decaration of rights, ono of tho most
remarkable features of
r . .1 r , , . i
wnicn is tno
section declaring that "slavery shall
not be established in Maryland," and
demanding compensation from tho
United States for its abolition. Tho
vote on its adoption was seventy-two
ycaa and seventeen navs.
Ri:it8usto Rr-sniN. Presidont John
son has written Secretary Stanton a
formal letter asking him to resign.
Mr. Slanfon refuses to comply with
tho President's request. Tho rumor
now is that Mr. Stanton will bo sus
pended. The "Amno.Nu.vcK." This new steam
er mado a successful trial trip on
Thursday of last week; and com
menced her regular trips on Monday.
Sho is vory elegantly fitted up, tho
furniture alono costing $35,000. Tho
entire cost of tho steamer is $250,000.
Tho "Adorondack" is officered as fol
lows: Captain William II. Flagg;
Pilots -Geo. Rushlow, Abijah Holt,
Moses Knowlton; Engineer John
Vishicr; Assistant Engineers John
Bissette, Antoino Robsest; Clerk Mr.
Rossitcr, Rouses Point; Stew
ard Henry Cardner; Barkooper
Michael Madigan.
Institution which was opened hero
last year undor tho direction of Chas.
A. J. Marsh, & Co., provod vory suc
cessful, and wo think that our business
men and citizens generally wero high
ly pleahod with tho course of instruc
tions pursued, and with tho improve
ment mado by tho students.
Tho fact that every man in this
country expects somotimo to do busi
ness for himsolf, nnd that wo havo no
othor schools which protend to givo
tho specific instruction necessary,
makes it vory important that overy
ono should improve tho opportunity,
which is hero offered to acquiro tho
ncodod information.
Let ovory young gentleman and
lady who proposo to nttoiul school
somowhoro during tho fall und winter,
consider whether tho courso hero of
fered is not moro dosirablo than
other which thoy cau pursue
65y Widows who hava boon getting
a pension of half tho monthly pay of
thoir husbands, undor the laws passed
prior to the act of July 25, 18G5, are
not eutitled to an incroaso to $8 per
! month under that net.
A Xkw Sr-ntNO. St. Albans boasts
of a Spring which seems to bo in all
respects, at least equal to those in the
neighboring towns of Swanton, High
galo and Sheldon. It is located on
what is called tho "Western Reserve,"
on land owned and occupied by Mr.
John Ryan. The water is soft, and
oxtremcly pnro and clear. It has a
slight sulphuric tasto nnd smell, and
in this respect is somowbat liko tho
"Franklin Spring" at Highgato. Tho
Spring is daily visited by n largo num
ber of pooplo who aro testing its med
icinal virtues. Those who havo used
it to a considerable extent, do not hes
itate to say that it possesses enrativo
properties, and in time cannot fail to
bo widely sought for by invalid.-.. Tho
water is soon to bo analyzed, when tho
public will bo mndo acquainted with
ita ingredients. Tho location of tho
Spring is very convenient and easily
accessible, it ouly requiring a few min
utes walk from tho business portion of
the town to reach it. Mr. Ran wo'
comes all who come for the water, and
will play noBainbridgoSmithon thoso
who may wish to tako away a gallon or
two to their homes.
Italian Oi-kua. It will bo soon on
referring to our advertising columns,
that tho citizens of St. Albans and vi
cinity aro to bo treated to a great
musical novelty on Saturday ovoning.
Max Strakosch has, at great expense,
secured tho sorvices of tho most dis
tinguished artists of tho Italian Opera,
New York Academy of Music, who
will appear in Donizetti's Comic Ope
ra, Don Pasquale, which has given tho
greatest satisfaction wherever render
ed. Ronconi, tho principal tenor of
tho company, mndo a great reputation
at tho European Musical Centers, at
Paris, London, St. Pctcrsburgh, fee,
before he left for the United States.
Ho is probably the best buffo singer in
tho world. Tho other artists havo also
oxcollont reputations as singers.
This is tho second oporntic troupe
that has ovor visited St. Albans, unci is
' mjich suporior to the first
We doubt
"ot that Academy Hall will bo well
: "'led on Saturday evening, for a lichoi
musical treat has never been offered
! oav citizens. Reserved seats foi
opora may bo had at tho jewelry store
of Mr. A. II. Munynu.
Kentucky Election.
thi: nu-MocriATic tickbt chosen uv IG.OOO
to 00,000.
Lou&viij.i:, Aug. 5. Tho Stato elec
tion in Louisville nnd throughout tho
State, as far as heard from, passed off
quietly. Tho result has been another
Democratic triumph bv a mninrit.v
variously estimated tit from 15,000 to i
It is behoved that the Democrats
havo elected seven-eitrhths of thn Lp"- i
islature. In this city tho Radicals and
third party made n very poor run,
iieim, tne Jiemocratic cnndidato for!
Governor, beating both of his oppo
nonts by about MOO majority.
J ii Gl cneral.
Tho registration of Alabama shows
1 12,500 voters, of whom 05,700 aro
The price paid for wool in Maine,
as wo learn, is from 15 to 50 cents por
pound. Ono clip was sold at 45 cents;
prico last year 05.
Gustavo Doro is scarcely ',)Q years
old, but ho has mado designs for over
50,000 wood engravings, which have
beon published.
What kind of extract do ladies pre
fer in their icc-croam? jlrm-illa, of
If you doubt whether to kiss a pret
ty 6irl 8iv hor tho benefit of tho
A flour merchant in Ohio has his
lifo insured for $300,000. Ho isn't
anxious about tho fall of brcadstuffs.
Charleston is recovering from the ef
fects of tho war. Tho nowspapors of
that city stato that tho "burnt district"
is being improved with great rapidity,
and in othor parts of tho city old hous
es aro boing torn down and replaced by
now and moro modern structures.
An enterprising boot black in Now
York furnishes his customers with a
chair and a nowspapcr during tho ope
ration of taking "a shino."
An English advertisement calls for
a young man to tako caro of a horso
of tho "Methodist persuasion."
A woman in Now York who drank
fifteen bottles of soda Friday died tho
next day of cholera.
Tho Methodists aro preparing to es
tablish a mission in tho now Russian
American possessions.
Tho wheat harvest is now in vigor
ous progress in Northern Illinois,
with a glorious crop.
At Lovettsville, Va., a few days
siuce, a colored man aged ono hun
dred and eight yoars. Twelvo others
beyond sovonty years of ago woro reg
istered thero; and at Hillsboro', Isaac
Camp, aged ninoty yoars, camo for
ward aud registered.
. "Illustrated with cuts !" said a mis
chiovous young urchin drawing it knife
across tho leaves of his grammor. "Il
lustrated with cuts 5" repoatod the
schoolmaster, as ho drow his rattan
across tho back of tho mischievous
Thero aro thirty pounds of blood in
tho human frame, and two hundred
and forty-eight bones. Women havo
tho samo number, not including wbalo-bonos.
Jf you would havo your daughter's
husband pleased with hjs breakfast
teach her to got n breakfast. '
Tho Queen of Spain is said to bo
writing a. work on tho Happiness of
Tho number of floating strangers in
Paris has been averagod this season at
English Indies aro adopting tho fash
ion of wearing belts with a small dag
gor attached.
The N. Y. Times says that "ovory
American is entitled, n's his birthright,
to lifo, liberty and tho pursuit of n plan
of reconstruction."
The Popo, it is said, has invited all
tho Roman Catholic sovcrigns to visit
him at Rome. His Holiness seems
quito confident ho will bo "at homo"
to receive them.
The proprietors of tho London
2Vii's prcsontcd oach of tho members
of their numerous staff with n fort
night's salary to defray tho expense of
a trip to Paris.
Brigham Young declares that Eldors
Pratt and Hydo aro unbclitvors, and
in possession of tho devil. In which
caso tho devil has tho pity of all good
A correspondent of tho San Francis
co Bulletin states j that near Montery
thero aro frogs weighing twontv-iivo
I pounds, nnd thoir croaking can bo
l heard six miles. Tho same veracious
I authority nvors that thoy aro used in
j placo of fog bolls, and cost nothing to
j keep in ropair.
&ff Lewis Dutton, formerly a con
ductor on tho Passumpsie "railroad,
having become insane, was somo days
since taken to tho insano asvlum, at
Brattlob oro. Ho had resided for some
years at Chicago, but recently camo
back and established a lino of singes
between Littleton and the mountains,
and competition arising, he became
oxcited, and aberration of mind on-
j sued
j Fifth Nation ii
HoitSK SltOW A'
Si'itiNorinr.D. Tho Board of Managers
I of tho fifth national exhibition of horn -
, uo iu uu Hum :u oprmguom mo last
week in August havo decided to offer 1
1 extra grand promiuuiH for stallions, j
tho fiMt to bo $n00 and thoJ socond 1
Liinii r i -
r-uu, wiiu ii special view to spood, in
the trial of which at loast throo horsos
imiKf. stot-t Klfilli.tr, .m. I :.. .
j other class will also bo permitted to
' enter this. In tho errand nromiuiii
1 'nv0 mr smS horses, the prizes be-
iiiigvsi.uuuium uu, all horsos that
1 1,... i ... i ... n .
unto uiuuu tjuiciior nine man m
go to wagon; and in tho grand pre
mium race for doublo teams, (prizo3
$500 and $200) each of tho teams on
terod must bo inado up of horsos that
havo been owned and driven together
as gontlomon's driving horsos. It will
not bo sufficient that thoy havo tho
samo owner, if thoy havo not been
considered as mates and so driver.
All grand promium races arc to bo
governed strictly by tho rules of tho
Fashion Course. A larco number of
l "uu uorsos lms nlroat,i' 1,0011
....(..... f r... l i .
Mock Mmkrti.
Xbw YonK. August 8th, 1S07.
' Xsed'1
' 6-20s coupon,' ci
no coup.
of '01..
1 io-ioh reg....
7-30s 1st series
i U. . (is 'til....
alic fcHnvuets.
t. ai.iia.vs .uauicht.
" dried, per lb
lirANs, per bushel,
DurrKii, per lb.,
Cltl'.KVK, "
Cor.x, per bushel, ',
l oiin .Maw., per cwt.,
Koos, per doz.,
Flouu, superfine,
" extra.
" doublo extra.
Ouass Xt.Kii, per busliul
Hay, per ton.
Lauu, nor lb
Oats, t or bushel,
Onions "
Tonic, mess
" clear,
Dressed Hogs,
I'otatoks, per bushel, new. .
Salt, Canada,
Turk's Island
Mai'lu .Suoaii,
Wool, per lb.,
Wood pereoid,
.Knit s, I!r,7
1 00 0 00
18 18
1 CO 3 00
23 27
Vi Ca 'JO
0 00 1 1!5
2 15 S 1! 75
17 25
12 00 & 111 CO
13 00 Q H 00
10 00 17 00
S 00 0 IK)
12C0 15 00
18 no
75 fS 0 80
1 00 1 .U
25 0J ci 2'J 00
ao uu (a 31 oo
0 (I t o
1 25 Q 1 75
1 50
oo u ao
0 00 it, 1 05
12 . 15
15 tn 60
1 50 7 00
Western superfine (c 00 Q
common extras D 00 w
medium extras 1150
good aud choice, in
eludiiiL' Oonosse, Can
ada, Ohio. Michigan, 13 00 Q
St. Louis, good anil choico 13 00 ffl
Corn Meal per Ubl 5 87
ltyo Flour 8 002
Com, Wcstorn mixed 115(2
Oats, Nort'n, Wosfn, Canada, 85 Q
'leans, whito 3"5fii
.iini.i.,sivr gallon:
Cuba jo (T
CionfucKos mnteovado oO ?
18 CO
10 00
13 00
l'ork primo
Uccf Kustern and Woste'rit
mess and extra
Lard, in bbls.and tiercos
Jlutter good and ihoico
.Sushi-I.tr 11, .
19 50
22 00
25 00
25 00
13 M
Cuba Muscovado 101
Powdered U m
Crushed ' '. (x JHj
Granulated jo Jjj
Colleo Crushed
'lno i5 ra
Common jo
IlItlRIITtl.V jrAllKKT- Aug. T.
Morkliif; cii.
-J200 a 1300, or according
to value as beef.
tii " ..Y i "tra and good $S0
aHlordin.iOyUtt50 H. M n,a)'b aBtC furrOW
per head ""a ,"""""-Cc n8c or f,00 a $00,00
n,.,''WiolC8alo8l " 01"! retail, 01 a 10c:
v8.?V. a 00 C0nt8- S. lb a 8c.
n '"vr-Brlghton, 10 a lfo f) tt,. Country
to s 0 a 9o, Calfskins 10c a 12e in-r lb 7
r''.-l2.25 a 2.7Scach .
"ntei: 0n tota''ht of hide, tallow
cd anSM" C S"as Itoot, aK.
Biir ' J",y 29' Cyrus BarUr. tPt,
vT, f n. " V"-l,.r. "'roughly .i'"r,?
remedy. Try n bottle. an MecUenl Cily
Slck-JIeadaehc V
k Imulants its effect is lermn CI ab,,! n k('
parts of tho .yslcm. In old and 'iXi ity '
-ay boused with almost a wrtalntPSte" 11
--v jj k , AUGUST 10.
AT AX HTItAKOSCTI has the honn, ,
1VJ. nonneo that he has succeed ed fJ , 1", m'
arrangements with the principal Art,.? a,kl?-'
Italian Opera, Now York' Academy of'C "
Mile. I'AUMNi: CANISSA, ' ,u-
The illstlnguishrd prima donna.
Sigiior UAllAnU,
Principal Tenor N. Y. ,:,((,Mf
The great r lyric art ,,t.
i'he IlaiUm.
hi. . ..
,,, . I HP Jl,ssr
will appear in I)onictliN Com,,, o.- r,
DON pasquaie !
CoNwrron "' C.VI1LO FATTkIII
3- Admission M 00. No i.xtra cllar.,r . '
cervoil scats. The sale of , ct erve 1 " J . ' .
common, ou Thurs.Uy at!) A "ji a thcvi'r J
V. II. .1IU.VVA V.
Poors open at 7 ..Vloek 1'. M.-.u mn.,
8 o'clock.
rs'ot io,..
Assembly nf the State of Vermont, f rtli "r
tcrofn llaih-oad friiin.si .tm.i...1 ..." " '
1 tag will, the Ht .loh.isbniy nnilMinitpiilnr'h",'
, road at or near West Damille, in III (",,, '
v:,1n!,!',PC('in? at N"'"n foil,,ii;iB pomtwuhi"
1 aTmt' ",ra1' or TAsTA-
,, , , . v.iiiiuinvt: in i ill,
Hyde I'ark, July Z 1SC7. ;:
TS"t Icm;.
P.ir rv. ,,.
ATOTICL is horeby givon that application ,n
1 lie madu al the next session of the tt, n, ,
Aswmbly of the Stale of Vermont, r.ir a i ,t
tin. grand list of the County of l'rankhn, f r His
imrpimeof bnilding a Court Housi , ai s: v.
. 177. ;w "
QUA 1. 1 QOAL1 OU,i
I, HOO Tons Best Lnckawana
KOG and
300 Tons Itcsf Cumberland,
For lll.ieUmith'.i nso. Tliii is the place to v;et
the lnt O.ils and at the lowed pn s. nni ,-
at III old "Jin .Shop, ono door north Kirnt Nv
tional ilank. McfiMW.VN .V CO.
St. Albans, Aug. lot, 1807, I'M?
1'. S. CaMi naid for old llones, Sheep l'clt.
lairy SMiik Ac".
H. C. GALLAIt, Pi'uiirivtor.
J'S ahvaya nippliedM ith the tx-ct.of
.11. it,
Trlpc, nuil
Delicacies of
Hie Season
Now on hand, a nice lot of
X?. 13 S II FISH.
CUSr and
St. Albans.
VT numicing to tho public that he shall cenl
tiuo tho Kilvcr Hating, and Mannfactnnns o- j
At his oldstaud all Uudaof
Snafllo Iron,
Wood iramcs,
North and
(lis Tte s.
ltalls. Handles. Joints and Hands, plati'd i" 1
best manner. All work warranted ei11'
al to any in the Country,
March 18th, lb07. 157""'
A Physiological View or Marriagf.
rim ciiKAVEsr hook hxxn l'W-
Containing nrurl)- tlirrc UHi1re'l ng'
And 130 lino plates and engravings ff lie
Anatomyof tho lluniauOrgaiiHin8tatcofiIc '
and Disease with a treatise on Karly t;0'?' ' rf
deplorable Consequences upon the Jlinu
n.ii.. ...in. .,. ...Ii in.,.'. ..riVeatnirnt 1111
only rational and successful mode or ti if....
shown by tho report of cases treated. A trm '
adviser to tho married and tlHisooontenipw""'.
marriage, w ho entertain doubts of their l';
condition. Bent froo of postage to any a nun."
on receipt of 25 cents in stamps or l'?,1 v 311
reney, by addressing DJI. IiA CltOIX, No; "I
Maiden Lain, Albany, N. Y. Thoautl.orn y W,l
..,...ll.l ........ ..rll... .l;u..nal UOOll WU"-"'!
L.uiioitii.i uirifii mi xn iiiv . . . . ... mail
tho book treats, either personally or W
Medicines sent to any part of thoworld. lwep
of tho ucasojil
JL may bo got lid of elTectua Uv, , l3 .
UUTOllKlfS l.lOHTNlNd 1 Y.,31X'
old, original, and only valuable l ly 11!
ing iiiiiucuiaioresuus, nim wj ; aim0l
of imitations, wliich can be bought for aim
nothing, and aro offered o Just a TVrV,,Fiis
is nothing equal to the genuine "vi "'
JJ to all wnom u may nwi.i ,-,(, from
given my son, John Sullivan, Jr.. s m ' o
. . ... ,i nm
from and alter this date. . '"J? .,r r i v$,
niisdlstrtsi,1RCompiltm;y "rro l,rtmblcl with
ho Summer nionUis. A gentleman ?S "''""Rh

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