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Hb. Editou : To settlo tho qucsuon,
Aln rtn Van Buron b . lHo0d of frcoom and cquul
rigl ts, or nn ndvocnto of tho wot of monopol.os
!lfatofBolling into, and holding in pownal Blnvory,
thoso wiio nro ontitlcd by tlioir makor to cqual froo.
dom with himsolf'.-you will ploaso to publish tl.o
following cxtract. from liia inaugural- uddrosa, nnd
" Porcoiving, boforo my olcotion, tho doop mtor
cst this subjoct Tslavory wns bcginning to oxcito,
I bcliovod it o solornn duty fully to malco known
,nv sontlmonta iu rogard to it; anjl now, whon ov
ory motivo for misroprosontation hns passod uway,
I trust that will bo candidly woighod and, undoratood.
At Ieast thoy will bo my stondurd of conduct m tho
naih boforo mo. I tlion dcclarod lliat, lf tho dcsiro
of thoso of my countrymon'who woro fuvorublo to
,ny oloction was gratified, I mustgo into tho Prosi,
dcntial Chair tho lnflcxiblo and uncomproinising op
ponontof ovory attcmpton tho purt of Congross, to
ibolish Blavcry in tho District ofColurabin, ngairiBt
tho wishos of thp slavoholding statca ; and also with
a dctormination equally docidod to rosist tho slight
cst intorforenco with it in tho statcs whoro it oxists.'
I submittod nlso to my follow citizons, with ftillnoss
and franknoBs, tho rcnsons whioh lcd mo to this
dctormination. Tho rosult nuthor..cs mo to bcliovo
lhnt thoy havo bcon npproycd, nnd aro confidod in,
by a mnjority of tho pooplo of tlio Unjtfod Stntos,
'including thoso wiomthoy moBtimmodmtoly niloct.
It now only romnins to ndd tlint no hill conjhcting
acith thcsc views can cvcr rcccivc my constitutional
Ilcro wo havo tho unqualificd doclaration of Mr.
Vnn Bmcn, that ho is, nnd will bo, tho 'uncomprpm
riMng opponont of overy attempt on tho pnrt of Con
grcss to abolish slavcry in tho Diatrict of Columbia,
:ogainst tho wishes of tho slavcholding statcs.'
FrcomcnofVorniont,do you npproyo of this doc
trino ? Will .you east your bnllots to favor tho sup
portora of such principlcs ? Will you, by support
,ing tho Van Buren party, givo your voico forevor
to mnlco tho city of Washington a marlcot for sclling
ypur fellow mon ? lf you nrp not willing for this,
lot your baljots so toll on thc first Tnosday of Scp
temlior. Prosident Van Duron by this has dcclarod thatjic
will follow tho dictation of tho slavo-holdcrs in
preforcnco to tho will of a majority of Congrcss,
lamounting to nbout fifty, from tho non-slavo-hold-,ing
statcs and a mnjority of pcople iu thoso statcs
.of ubout onc nnd u liulf millions.
lf tliia is thc doctnno of modcrn Domocracy, it
Jias in it nono of tho spirit ot sevknty-six ; it hns
,nono of tho dcmocrncy wliich inspirod our gnllnnt
Stauk, of bennington niomory or of a WAnur.N,
whoblcd on Bunkor llill. This may bo thc domoc
racy of tyrants it mtiy bo tho "domocracy of thoso
who wouhl pnr.rificc cvciy principlo of right, to ob
tain offico ; it may bo tho domocracy of thoso who,
.fi'nrinfT not God nor rcgarding mnn, wish forcvcr to
havo tliia country curscd with its prcsont systom of
Frecmcn of Vermont, ns Mnrtin Van Buron hns
-dcclarod ho will voto nny law mndo by Congrcss
for abolishing slavcry in that vcry plnco wliich
.ought to bc tho citadol of frocdom, so let your bal
lots voto whnt littlo influonco ho now basin this
Stato, and thcrcby rc-asscrt that part of our Consti
tution, wliich dcclaros " that ull mon aro born ctjually
frcc and indcpcndcnt.' STA'RJK
In ouk conntry, in ouu country, Voxcloimcd nn
Itnlinn, wo havo tho ovcr-burning Vosuvius ! In
.ouns, ropliod a yankco, wo Jiavo Uio matchless
Niagnra, which would quoncli its firos iu fivo min
.titca. Doth thcsc romarks iiulicato goncrous pridc
.of country, and illustrato tho attachmcnt ovciy cit
izon should fcol for liis nntivo lond. It is n fnmily
fccling. Tho.cultivolcd and oxpandwl spirit, whioh
tirst bcams fbrth in tho simplicity of childrcn, in
thcir prcfurinontof homo and thoir praiso of fathor's
nnd mothcr's posscsaions. Tho powcr of cnrly
nssociationB cnnnot bo brokcn. It is nn invisiblo
spell, wrapping tho soul in tlio eiloncc nnd grandcur
of its cnchantmcnt, until sho bccomcs hcrsolf tho
onchantross, nnd binds dthors to tlio pillow thni
.crndlcd lior own inspirntion. Tho flro sido and
'jioino y.oiccs, tho gardcn, groyo and rivcr nro not
Gasily foxnottcn. Tho shadow, which dcpartcd
yonrs may havjQ drnwp ovcr thom is not an jmpon.
etrablo vail. Thoy como to tho honrt of tho youth,
who wandcrs far for woalth and famo. Thoy
rush upon tho soaman's momory whon tho lashing
billowe thundor nround him. Thoy como to tho
fnir ono, whon tho bndnl lamp is dim, and to tho
.mothcr, whon hor offspring aro gathorcd nround
lor, reiriambranccrs of hor own happy girlhood.
i,lnus loes ovory truo patriotjovo his conntry. It
,is a natural and univorsal ..ohractcristic, rogarding
.flcithor timo nor locali,ty. Jt inspirca tho Indian,
whcn ho bonds tho hostilo bow, or in tho tcndorn,oss
.of savogo humanity, sooks in "tho nnoostral wildor.
Jicss" a grnvo Tor his dcad. It fills tho soul of'tho
dark Afncan with a darkcr glooin, whon. a victim
rtp tho .Christian's nvarico, tho last ilavod tio tbat
sanctifiod his naturo is brokcn.
Notwiths.tnqding tliia is a natural principlo, thoro
may bo additional roasona for its oxisting oporation.
Tlio Grook may lovo liia country, bcoauso tho thun
,dor tones of Domosthcnos, and tho onchanting
straina of Ilomcr still lingor in hia halls and ccho
ajong lys shorcs. Bccauso a puro sky is his cnnopy
nnd o glnssy sen his mirror. Bccaugo tho islcs
whoncQ lua.bnrds and horoos aprung still slumbcr
,in tlioir mngic occan.
rho son of Erin lovca liia country, it may bo
bccauso it was tho homo of tho illustrious and saint
od Patrick, or that ho can knool at tho shrino of
tho Iloly Virgin.
Tho,Grcqnlandor is bccauso hu.can travcr3o its
.snowy fiolds with tho slodgo, and rcclino on his
turt cnoin nt a board of hard-oarnod and simplo
.luxury. Tho Fronchmon, for his " blushing vino
.liills''' znd lnzling fashions. Tho Knglishman,
for his comniorco, military.grcntnqss, and vonoroblo
Maiiyi.and. In tho 2d district Jamos A. Pcarco
fWhig) is ro-cloctcd to Congrcss by a mnjority of
In J83G, Mr. Poarco's mnjority was only 23.
fn ,t.h.o 1 jt nnd Gth di.stxi.cts Wliiga nro olcctcd,
,but vh9thqr tho rcgulnr or irrogulnr candidatcs, is
not yct as'ccr'tained. ' .
Extraardinary Phcnomcnon. On tho 28th of A
pril, a hill 100 icot liinh nt Kooslin in Prussin-. nn
Bolovv wo copy an oxtrnct from tho lato mossago
af Gov Duncan of IHinois to tlio Ipgislnturo of hat
Stato. Tho opiniong pr a mnn so uistinguislioa as
is Gov. Duncan, for a knowlodgo of pplitical sci
onco nnd storling patriotism, nro cntitlod to n can
did hoaring; nnd wnoro ho is known thcir influ
onco will bo ncknowlodgod nnd iolt. IIo wna oncp
an nrdont supportor of Gon. ' Jnokson's administra-
tion, and did not forsako it until tho clnot coasou
to adrninistor tho govornmont on JofTorBonian ppn-
ciplos; tlion lilfo nr honcst man, truo to principlo
and tho hest intorpsts of his country, ho nbandoncd
an administration whoso acts havosproad ruin from
JMnino to Georgia.:
"In my tnossngo nt tho oponing of tho la&t sos-
tho prospcrity tlion bo omincnuy onjoycu Dy ovcry
nnri nn of our holovod country ; nnd from my in-
most honrt, did I rojoico to soo tho industrious citi
zon ovory whor'o renp thc rownrds of his labor.
And, nlthoiigh, oyon thcn, I wnsnotwithout strong
npprohonsions of nn onrly rovcrso, I nm confidont,
no humnn forccnst could Iiavo nnticipatod so suddon
n calamity ao has bocn brouglit upon tho country
bv tho action pr tlio f ouerai uovornmont upon us
curroncv. ji uio timo 1110 rrcsiuoni 01 iuo unuuu
Statcs assumcd tho rosponsibihty ot ortlcring tlio
puplic monoy to bo romovod from thoir lognl do
posito in thp Bank of tho Unitod Statcs, for tho
purposo as ho avowod, of provcnting tho ro-chnr-tor
of that ins'titution by Congrcss, thoro novcr waa
n soundorcurrpncy,ora morohoalthy atatoof things
in nnv (Jnvornmont in tho world. To offoct this
groat objcct, namoly, that or destroying tho Unitcd
Stntea Bnnk, rivnl institutions woro to bo croated :
nml it will bo romcmbo.-ed, that immcdiatoly aftor
thoromoval of tho dopositos, tho Govcrnmont pnrty
COmmCIlCCU CSinUllSlllIlg OllllU uuimo, nnriuiiu
I.egislaturcs, doludcd by tho Inllncious promiso ot
ndvantngos to bo dcrivcd from tho dcpositcs to bo
mndo in thcsc institutions, which woro to bo fiscal
nironts of Govcrnmont, ronuily toll into tno measuro.
As .might havo bcon oxpcctcd, liuntlieus ot new
bnnUs iuslantly sprang up, uiuir uiu uuUa iBUu
of irrcdcomnblo papcr atibru'cd tho lnduccmont of
univorsal oxtravagnnt Bpoculation, aild gavo us
what all must now rcgnrd, n dopmvpd and worth
loss curroncy.
"Boforo tfio public wcro awaro of tho ruin which
tliis wild schomo portondcd, tho Exccutivc and a
portion o its party, sccing thoir crror, it would
sc.eni, cndeavoiod to cscapo its consequonccs by
amusing tho Pooplo with tho absurd and imprncti-
tiubhj proicct of nn cxclusivo hard monoy currcncy.
. "i r i ii tj.. r
i say nosuro, ior as wuu jmgiu mo nActuiiio ui
tho Unitcd Statcs oxpcct to coinpcl tho citicns of tho
Grcat Valloy to abandon thc uso of stcamboatB and
rcsumo tho ilnt bottom and bnrgo in tho navigntion
of its thoiiHand strcams and rivers, as to foico tlictn
to givo up n pnpor curroncy, at nll timoa con
vortiblo into apocie, with nll its ndnptcdncss to tho
purposcs of tho comniorco nnd busincss of tlio
country. Boforo such a schomo can bo prosccutcid
to tliorosnlts thoy proniiscd, tho intolligonce, com
merco, Iibortics, and boundnrics of nll thcso U. S.
must bo oblitorutod, and tho Pcoplo yiold to tho
stubborn will and rulo of a dcspot. Thcso Expeu
imknts, as thoy havc bcon stylcd by thoir authors,
may, and I boliuvo, havo had thcir political cflcct;
but thoy havo nlso had thoir eflect upon tho coun
tiy ncknowlcdgcd to bo full of rcsources, distin
guishnd for its intdlligonco, its cntcrpriso, nnd won
dorful prospcrity, in roducingit to an ulnioBt univor
sal bankruptcy ; in prostrating aliko, its businuss,
its ouorgics, nnd coniidcuco.
Tlio Commoncomont at this Institution was hcld
tho-2fith of July. Tho addrcss beforo tho LUerflry
SocicticB, wns iloliverod by Guorgo S. Ilillinrd of
Boston, nnd it isspokon of asn loarnud nnd clcgant
porformnnco. Thc Phi Bota Kappa oralion on
Thursdny was by Profcs&or C. J). .Cleavland, of
Philadclphin. Tho following woro Uio cxorciscs :
Mornjn.o. Classical Depnrtment. 1. Thocied
ibility of onrly Ilistory. ChorloslIutchinsButtors,
Pittsfield. 2. Tho conncxion botwccn classical
lcarning and civil libejty. Jerominh Clark, Brad
ford, Alnns. 3. Tlio standard of humnn oxcollonce
nmpng tho nncionts. Bcnjamin Griswold, Jr., llnn
dolph,Vt. 4. Individual influonco nmong tho an
cionts. Luthor Fnrnum, Concord. 5. Tho rcturu
of Ciccro from oxilo. lloraco Mowcr, Woodstock,
Vt. G. Tlio influonco of music upon tho langungo
nnd litcraturo of Grecce. John Binncy Mussoy,
Ilanovor. 7. Tho influonco of physical cnusps on
thounciont tnythologics. Aldaco Wnlkor, Straf-
0TMathtmatlcal and Physical Deparlmcnt. 1. Tho
conncxion botweon tho progrcss of natural scionco
and thc moral ndvanccmont of socioty. Cyrus Par
ker Bradlcy, Concord. 2. Tho lovo of naturo ns
connectcd with tho lovo of mon. William Rogcra
Chnpmnn, Bolkcl, M.o. 3. A Popm......Rolcctions
whilo sin,ndin on ono of tho Tumuli of tho West.
Aloxander Goorgo Johnson, Newbury, Vt 4. Tlio
nnnlogy of nnimtil and vcgotnblo physiology. Al
frcd LoavittLawrenco, Ilampton. 5. Tho hcroism
of scionco. Ilenjy Al. Nichols, Enfiold. G. In
fluonco of froo institutiona on 8ciontific emincnco.
Loron Sponcor, St. Johnsbury, Vt. 7. Tho chang
csof mattor. Edwnrd Dwycr Very, Salem, Alnss.
8. Tho harmony of scionco and rovelalion. Roy
al Nnthaniel Wricht. llnnovcr.
Wictorical JJcutrtmcnt. l. intionni nistory
afTording tnatorinls for nationnl eloquenco. '.
Burns Avery, Gilford. 2. Indinn eloqu
Gharlcs Smith D'ona. "Danville, Vt. 3. Tho
of lyric pootry. Nnthaniel W'g''1 Powoy, Royul
on, Vt. 4. T"ho charactor 'ol Cowpor as ,a doscrip
tivo poet. William Low Eaton, Wcaro. 5. Tin
noet. wi tam Low liaton, vvcaro. u. miio
olonnonna of oxnirinjr nntions.
Tostor, Hn,npvpjr, ,(5. Tho pocticnl m tlio early his
tory of tiid co,untry.. Amasa JCinno, Wiitorlbrd,
Vt. 7. Tho'riiflootion, of a writor'a own oharactor
upon tho subjoct ho treata. 'Amo- Uichardson,
Springflold. S.'Tho uncortninty of litornry juJg.
mcrtts. Benjamin Franklin Shaw, Gorham, AIo.
Afti-.hnoon. Dcpartmcntnf Moral and Intcllect
ual Philoso)hy, ty-c. 1. Tho mutual dopondanco of
tho rich and poor. Nathan Ballnrd, Jr. Concord.
2. Tho distinclion botweon moraL hcroism and fannt
icism. ChnrlcsDarwin Fitch, Groonficld. 3. TJio
ofTccts of a fluctualing policy. Gilman Alarstpn,
Qrford. 4. Tho mon vho ntamp tlioir owh charnc
toron their ngo. Josinh Alitiot, Newport. 5. Tho
rcsprnsib;lilies of mcn for thoir opinions. Willinru
Davis Alooro, Canlorbu.ry. 0. Tho Puritan ohnrac
tcr. Josoph Alonroo Rockwood, nollinghnm, Alass.
7. Tho importanco of solf command to professional
suoccss. Lucius Leslio Scaminel, Bclliugham, Alass.
8. Thc Bacrificoa and rccomponso of tlio philoso
phcr. Goorgo Fostcr Shoploy, Snco, AIo. '
Our Alnino brothren, when thoy do, thing, cor
tpinly do it with a caution. A Van Buren Fourth
of July'colebtation wns got up at, Dolfast. Thoor
ator, in substanco, nmong otlier obsor.vations, said,
" Our praiso and gratiludo was duo to God nnd tho
Administration, for tho prescnt ' uncxamplcd )ros.
perity of thc timcs!'" As a proof of this pros
pcrity, wo havo only to stato, tlint dinnor wns prc
parod for thrco hundrod gucsta, and that only tliirty
partook thorcof bosides tho cscorta and invitod
gucsts. Two ro.voiutionary.charactors woro proscnt,
and onq of lioso bolonged to SUay'a army.
EnnonANTS. In tUo laat ton days thero havo ar
rived nf Q.unrantino 70.G0 passohgora, nenily half
tho numbor at Arriboy, vory mnny of 'whom hnvo
bcon doludod to thia country by.haud-bills circulat
od throughout Eurppo :that Inborors hffsojacarco
that women nro cnrrying tho hod at thrcefdollars a
day j JV. Y. Ex7 ' "-lr
From tho Baltimoro Patriot.
Maryland Congrcssmcn. Tho lnst nnd proaont
oloction for Alotnbors of Congross from Alnrylnnd,
prcsont tho following rosult:
Districts. Last Congrcss.
J. N. Stool,H
J. A. Ponrco,
Jnmcs Turnor,t
5 B. C. Hownrd.t
JVcxt Congrcss.
John Donnis,
J. A. Ponrco,
r 11 f" Ilmuni-fl.f
? l IsnaoMcKim.t ( I'Bano AIcKim,t
G G. C. VVnshinL'ton W. C. Johnson,
G FrancisThomas,! Francis Tliomas, t
7 Dahiol Jonifor," " Dnniol .Tonifer,
Whigs. t Vnn Buren mpr.
SjTho Shin Plnstor Vnn Burcnitcs horp mnko grcat
huzzamg not bccauso thoy havo triuniphod, for
thoy havo gnincd positivoly nothing but bccnuao
thoy hnvp not bqon routcd " horso, foot, npd dra
goona" us thoir allios in Alaino und PorjnBylvnriin
havo boon.
Good nctosfrom thc West. Tho following, which
wo cut from tho Cleavland Horald of July 17, is
ono of tho first hulletins of roviving proBpority.
Wo trust that such will continuo to bo tho tono of
our wcstorri papors, until tho pric'6 of bread is
brouglit down to a wholsomo standard,
ll'hcat IJarvcst. Tho Sciotn Gazotto of tho 13th
snys that tho' wliont hnrvcst has commonccd in
tlint vicinity nnd tlint tho cr,op ia unustiiilly fino,
both ns rognrds quantity and quality. Tho lato
lioavy rains had not injurcd tho corn as fenrcd.
Buf. Star.
Bread Slujfs. Contracts havo boon modoat Rich
mond mills lor whont dolivornblo in nll this month.
at $1 70 a 1 75-,iri August .$1 55 n 1 G2 1-2 and
in Soptcmbor $1 50. " Tho pnco of whoat will bo
nbout tho avorngc throughout tho yoar, for womust
soo anothor.harvost boforo tho country will fully re
covor from tho clfepts, rcmotp or npproximato of a
ycar of acarcity."
Brandywino priccs, wo loarn, will bo opon at
$1 50, whcro it will Hkoly remain until harvcat
is ovcr and grnin in. Thigwqpk will bo higlt-har-vcstin
this district, and thp crop of whont 'though
deficicnt, will bo fur moro abimdnnt thnn anticip&t
cd n fow weeka ogo ; corn, oata nnd potntops lmyp
not lookod bottorl'or tho lnstforty ycars. Dclaicarc
jXcio ll'hcat. Tho Frodcricksburg (Va.) Ilerald
of Saturday, says: Tho first whcat brouglit to our
.vmrlrnt tfiis season. waa a lot ot nnout uu Dusnci
on Thm'sday, from tho county of King Gcorgc, nf
oxccllbm' ouality, which soldfor $ 1G7 pcr biishcl.
Althougli'tho CJOP intiiis paitofthoStato. it is
tcarca, will provo a ?"u . . " V"' ii
to hcar that tho quality Oi ho gram ia gonorally
vnrv foorf.
TJie Statinton fVa.) Sncctator of tho 20th, says:
Tho whoat-harvest, gcncrally, is just commonemg
in this country, boing about tliroo wccks Inter thnn
usual. Tho crop is mtich bottor thnn tho mostsan
guino nnticipatod in tho carly part of thc sc:ison,and
tno grnin is ot oxcoiioni'quamy. i.no ltyo crop,
in goneral, is cxcollont, and Oata most nbundant.
Tlio Corn crop,also,is vqry promising.
Another Baun Buunt. Wo learn from tho
IInrri8burg Clironiclo that tho barn of thcllov. AI.
Stem, of Lobanon Co. Pa. was struck by lightning
during tho storm of tho 19th, nnd consumod with
its contonts. Tliia ia tho fiflh barn tho destruc
tion of which Iwo havc soon noticod, during thc
Etiino storm. Doubtloss thcro may havo bcon many
othera dostroycd througli thn samo causo, during
that Btorm ; but hvo nro enoiijrli to niloru conclusivo
oyidcnco that barna whcn nowly fillcd with hny or
crain, aro narticularly liablo to disnster from thia
causo. Aa wo havo moro thnn onco or twico ro
markod, tho stcam which thoy sond upwhilo thoir
contcnts aro unuercoins tno ".swoatinK nroccss
oneiates, somowhat in tho naturo of a "conductor"
to tlio olcctric fiuid, and thus grently incrcnsos tho
cliauccs ot tho disnster, lor somo wccks aiter imy
and nrain harvest. No barn should bo without tho
safeguard of a motalic conductor ; and whon wo
considur tho trifling costof such conductor, and tho
groat poril to tlio houscd crop, when itis in a build
ing without this protection, it is mattcr of wondor,
that any prudont farmur will suifer hia barn to bo
without ono.
In WnniistoCK 011 lllO'lll uh.,imiii. iluiiiuu.
of Tallahasao, Floridn, to Alrs. Jono IN. 1-owib
' In Vonronnos. Alr. Joaonh Goulding, of Kocsovill
tvt v n r :
In Wnllingford, Uaniol llooorta, Jr. isrj., vuor
noy nf Law, of Aianchestur, to Alisa Carolin'o D.
Alnrtindnlo, dntightor of Rov. S. Alnrtindalo.
In Alnrlboro' Alr. Jnmoa Cnmp to Alrs. Alnry
. f . nt.. A I Tt TT.ml
in ttiontpoiior, on tno rst msi. mr. nuiiur u. uum
of Fnvston, to Alisa L'uoy AI. C. Pngo, of AI.
In 'Irnshurg, on tho 27llf ujt. Alr. Jamos Glcason
of Groonsborougli, to Alisa Alnry C. Dwight, of 1.
ln this town, suddonly, July 20, JJoncon John
Cr.AUK, nged 01. Ilo Iolt homo In n chniso in com
pAriy with tho pnfltorofhd Uaptist Church to which
ho bolonged; whcn thoy Imd proccodbd nboiit a
nunrtor of a milo, na thoy woro dosooridinc n hill,
tlio ljorso took fright and throw thom b'oth out.
Doacon Clnrk rocoivcd n blow on tho' hcad, which
cntircly doprivcd him of boiiso, nnd nonrly of mo
tiop. ' ln nbout 18 houra ho oxptrod. Fowmcn for
n Iong scric's ofyoara havo bconso uniformly dovo
tcd to tho causo of roligion, at homo and abrond, as
DcaconC. ; and porhaps no man in Vermont has
cflocted moro for tho bonofit ,of tho.communion to
which ho bolonged. Com,
In thiB town, suddonly, on Snhirday night lnst,
Alrs. Spaulding, wifo of Alr. John Spuuldingj ngcd
In Hartford, Alr. Soth Fullor, n rcvolutionary
nonsionor. nsofl 80.
ln Glovor, July 24, Alrs. Silonqo Woods, wifo of
ueacon otopnon vvoous, uo. ano nau iong oooji ii
raithful mcmbor of tho Congreg'ntional church in
that town, and diod in tho full assurnnco of hopo.
In Vcrgonncs, Alnck Danicls, 07: In Drandon,
Simeon Bigolow, 87. Iri Shoreharn, Charlotto' AI.
wifo of Gasca Rich dnuglitcr of Elisha Bnscom.
In Brattleboro', Alisa Nanov Burnhnm, 2G. Widow
R. Stoddnrd. rclict of tho" Into Alr. Jonatha'n Stbd-
dnrd, 79. In Alarlboro', Alra. Ilclena Olds, wifo of
Cnpt. Tbaddcus 01da,72.
At Ilanovor, N- H., July 23, EncNEZEn Adams,
Jr., A. Al., aged24, soji'of Pror. Adams of Dart. Col.
His death haacauscd a' doop aonaalion among tho
frionds of this mpst promising youth. Ip 1831 he
rncoivod tho dnfrrno of Bncholor of Arts : sinco
which ttme', ho has bocn ongageil in tho business of
tcaclung, and in tlio study ol ftlodicino. cniotiy to
avqid tho aovcritics of a northorn cljmnto, he spent
six moritha in enoh of tho last two yenrs, in giving
instriiction in a Higli Schobl for yonng l.idica in
South Cnronna.
I,-.' Canterbury, N. II., July ?G, of consumption,
Ilon. Eze.:.'"! AlorrjU", nged 57. Alr. AI. hns filled
matiV offices of r?sPo'ns"ibilIity in tho stato, and for
tho thrco yenrs lnst'pasf, Ung bcon a niombcr of .the
Exccutive Uouncn. , r ,,
At Llnnovcr, N. H.,ontlio 1st inst., vvcry imme
villo, a promising son of Col. Atnos A. Br0Wiitcr,in
uio om yoar oi ms agc.
ln Edinburgh, (Scotland) R. II. t,VHcr.Av, Jsa-i
who commandcd tho British floctin tho ongngeinont
with Comniodoro Perry, on Lnko Erio.
JElcgmit lidokin Cilasscs,
CROCKERY and Glass Waro, Ilard Waro nnd
Cutlory, Room. Papor, Bordcring nnd Chim
noy Pieccs a primo assortmont for snlo by
August7, 1837. 1 tf
Wolcarn from Washington that tho votcrsimpor
ted to tliis city, nt thirteon dollara a hcad. havo ro
turnod. Qn rcsuminK their work thoy wcro hisscd
by tho rcst of tho wbrkmon, in which IiissinR tho
citizuns joined. Baltimore Jlm.
Axothkk DuF.r.. Tho Now Orleans Pio.ayuno
of tho 22d of July says: " Ycstcrdny a ducl wns
fought nt Cnrrolton, on tho rnco coursc, nbout 12
o clock, Thc combatants wcrc coopcrs. TJioy
fought with rifles nt tho distanco'of fifty paccs. As
usual thoro was n lnrgo crowd of spcctntors to wit
ccss tho-fight. TJio first firo ono of thom rcccivcd
tho ball of his antagonist in tho back of his right
hand, which cnmo out a littlo abovo hiswrist. T ho
man was shot boforo ho pullod tjio friggor of his
nuox-no mcn ;ireu anu grazen tno cnr ot ms ndvor
sary. No furthor hnrm was' dono. Liko gonorous
ononiies, afler tho first shot thov advanccd. shook
handsj buriod tho tomahawk, drank njulop,and
aiuuiiuu uio caiumot oi pcaco.
From tho Now Yorkllorald.
Resumption or SrEotE Pavmests. Condition
op the Banks Wo havo at longth, rocoivcd,
tlnougli tho Albany Argus, a full und particular
siiueiiieni oi uio conuiuon ot tlip PanKs tlirougliout
tho stato. Tho factadcvolopod aro nll of tho high
cst importanco to tho public intorest to tho situa
tion ot tho country and to tho moral senso of tho
comtnunity. A ray of light hns at longth boon por
mittcd to shed its radianco abroad, and from thia
rny wo soo tho road to an almost cortain nnd imme
diato rosumption of spccio pnyments.
Stntoment of tho banks in Now York, July 1, 1837.
Spocio. Circulation. Profits.
$2,0SG,354 $14,703,530 $G,432,577
Tho Vicksbunr Sontinol. (M ssisainni.'l of Jnlv
11, says : So far na wo havo hcard, tho niomory of
iiiq uiuuai jnuauiiani cannoi turnisii a season. wnbn
''JVcrops of cotton and corn in tho South-wcsl,
pnmiaeu abundnnt a hnrvost nsi thofl'seDt.. "
. n tho latp Fourth of July, not less thari 300 0
porans m vanous narta of tho country lost thoir
IlvOifrom tho OVOrfoadinff of flrn nrma; nml thrnn
or fbir ti;ncs tho numbor lost tho wholoor u pnrt of
ti niio iroui uiu sumo causo.
Tlo Arkansas Gazctto says Allon Boll waa cxo
cutb'uon tho 15th ult. at Batsvillo, for tho ninrdor
of Wm. Campton. Previous to his death, lo ac-
iiujiiuugou mo tiiiuu, suooiing uampton uqwn
vviinarilto irom itlio lonco.) nnd thia' monstroua
uoodlio nttnbutod toa mndncsB of oight dnys into.x
icntidi . '
Alonday. July 31-. 1837.
(Riportcd for tho Daily Advcrtisor & Patriot.
AtAIurkot 31G Boof Cnttlo. 105 Storcs. 10 Cows
anu talvoa, nnd y7U Sliccp.
IjOii wock s pricos woro lully aupported on lioot.
vojaoticou sovcral youes, oxtra, tauon 7,0U nor
Cqcs and Calvcs. Snloa wcro mndo at ."530, $35
a $5. c,
ct t r t ir -i i, tf ... i
otcj) ana amus. ycry uiiii. vvo nouccu
snlostit f?l.25. 1.50. 2.33. and ono lot nt
2i50 '
ojttKo. Nonp nf .markct.
A KD must bc had provioua to tho first day of
XjLtSoptombe.r noxt, in oxchango for - Goods and
uouuinaa which navo uccomo uuo ljoia oi ann.
Atigust 1 1837. ' J tf
workmnn in nll tho vanoua liranolics ot tlio iron
Foundry buBiUcsa, such na Lonrh, Dry Sap'd, nnd
Common Mouhhng.. Hia worumon nro oi goou
habits, nnd woll acqunintcd witli tno uusinosa.
Tho Furnaco yill bo kopt in constant opcrntion
with a good Stock of Iron nnd Conl. bootcli iron
will bo kopt oonstnntly on hand for Alachinory nnd
othor poA cnstings.
His AInchinoSI)op is under tho stiporintondonco
of Aln. Amasa Kasspn, who ia n firat rato wdrlc
mnn, both iri Iron nnd Wpod. Within tho lnst
yonr tho Alnchin'6 Shop hna uoon furnishcd with
new TURNING LAT11ES, or ENGINES, ono of
which ia supcrior to nny in tho Sfato. It ia con
structcd fbr turninK argp Slirifls, Ahll Spindlos,
Snwmill Cranks, Gudgoona, &c. and for boroing
Cylondors, Pumfis; Htibs, Boxos, &c. &c. ' Thi
Latho will turn tho longth of fouitccn foct, and di
onotor qf tUrcc foot. Ho hoa ono othcr Latho for
cutting Bcrows of nll kinds, auch os taps for scrow
phtes, right nnd lofl hnnd throad, thrend ot difTor
opt shnpo, bucIi as squaro, sharp or cpnical.
Amorig tho nrticlos Alanufactnrcd at tho works,
nro TURNING LATHES'of nll "k'inds, for wood
and iron, CAST IRON WIIEEL IlUUS,for largo
anjl smnll wngqns, wjtlj wrought iron axlotroes,
tuincd anc fittod ji tho pqatost ordcrj also, axlotroes
wiln pipo boxcs.
Orders for pnttorns, Castings, or Alachinory, loft
with J. C. Paddockat tlio Foundry, or by mail,
will bo promptly attondcd to.
St. Johnsbury, Aug. 1837. 1 tf
AT hia Bhop on St. Johnsbury Plnin,
HnIoa ccncral nssortmont of Aledjcir
? I? 4i:5,.l ..n.w'Vir
ke'cpa for
icincs. rny-
siciana'nnd inmlltoS" supplied vvilh' gcnuino nrliclea
chonp, cspocially fpr roady pay'. Tho following
aro somo of tho articlcB
North End, Iain Strcot, Concprtl, N. H.
iUBLISH and keco for salo a largo sunply of
which aro, tho Family Q,unlo Biblo, with a map of
Palcstino, Coppcr Vlutcs, ludex, and nrown s ion
cordancc; also, tho Polyclott and smnll Biblos,
dono up in various styles of binding; a vcry neat
Tcstament, on largo typc, lor oiu peopjo.
for SchooJ Books piopcrly atfcpdcd
Concord, N. II. August 1,1837.
1 8w
To Ootlucrs !
nnilE subscribers havo on hand tho following
X nrticles of DYE-STUFF, which thoy wjll
sell 'nt very low priccs for ensh or npproved crcdit:
JViceragua, ijopperas,
Fuslict Madder,
Cam Woqd. Blue. Vitirol,
Log JVood, , frute Vilirol,
JlUuni, JVut Galls.
It boing our intontion to discontmuo keoping
Jjyu-Biuus tnoso m want ot tno auovo articlcs can
gotrcat bargams by calltng soon on
St. Johnsbury Plain, August 1, 1837. 1 tt
IiBBpi'OVcd Iivlsag- Fluc Stovcs
T7 & T. FAIRI3ANKS & CO. havo ori hand
n a m and will constantly kccp for salo an assort
mont of this exccllent articlo, which for oconomy,
- , i i !!... l I
convcnicnco anu uurauiiuy ia siirpussuu uy jiuuu in
St. Johnsbury, August 8th, 1837. 1 tf
Xppl nt Tlass.
ONSTANTLYon hand and for snlc nt my
Factory at H. Pnddpck's Furnaco, WINDOW
SASH, of vanoua kinda und aizcs. l'AINNia
DOORS, of 4, G, and 8 panncls, from 1 to 2 inchcs
tllick, SUllaUlO lor ouisino anu iubiuo uuura. tvin
dow Blinds of difforont sizcs."
rrj" llo would just say to tlio public that his
Snsh, Blinds and JJoors aro mado ot tlio lirst rato
stock by oxporienccd worknion, and in tho In'tqst
stylo, nnd sold on ronsonablo terms. rioaso to
call.and.Jook. . -....
N. B. AH ordors Ju" uiuwso punctu-
ally attondcd tp- -
$U Johpsbury, Auguat 7, 1837.
TIIE subscribors huvo on hand n gcnornl nssort.
nient of ENGLI$n,.mEXCIl,AJfERICJ)jr
&z W. I. GOODS, nll of wliich" will bo sold on tho
most rcnsonablo torins for cash or approvcd crcdit.
Thoy will ondcavor to do businoss in such n man
nor as to givo cntiro sntisfaction to thoir customorsv
Gontlonion nnd Ladics nro invited to cnll and cx
auiino for thonisclvcs.
St. Johnsbury Plain. ' 1 tf
TIIOSE 'indcbtcd to tho subscribor, or to tho lato1
firm of Brackclt iy- Bacon, aro inforined that
ho will bo at ,tho Stnro of John Baqon,at Passump
sic Villniro on Tucsday and Friday of oncli week
until tho lirst day of Octobcr for tho purposo of
closing hia business.
Tho timo has arriycd whon said domunds should
bo paid, and'n furthor cxtcnsion than tho nbovo timo
must not bo oxpcctcd for ncccssity compols him to
say tlint it cannot bo grantod.
Thoso that do not nvail thcmsolvqa of this op
portunity to mako payracnt may find their do
mnnda in nossossion of Clforlos Davis, Esq. of
Danville. S. G. BRACKETT.
Waterford, Lowcr Villngo, Aug. 1, 1837. 1 tr
Gu'm Opjum,
Bntish Oil,
Castor Oil,
Hnrlcm Oil,
Olivo do puro 8z com.
Croton Oil,
Oil of Chockorberry,
' Cloves,
' Sassafrass,
Pcnnyroynl, '
Oxido of Bismuth,
Bnlsam Tolu,'
Bnlsnm Feru,
Bnlsntn Copuiva,
Crudo Antimony,
Vcn. Turpcntinoi
Ornngo Pccl gr.
Gontinn gr "'
Calcinod do.
Supor. Carb. do.
Liquoricc Ball,
Liquorico Roo,t
Windsor Soap,
Fancy do.
Castilo do.
Burgundy Pitch,
Glaubor's Salts, '
Epsom, do.
Rochello, do.
Rotton Stonc,
Aqua Amnionja,
Blistoring Plnstor,
Dinchylon dp. '
irrt?vlJrsir' ' .
Crom Tartaji
Spirite-lfiter dulc r
.Jamos' P.owdpr;
lodino, .
English, do.
Valorinn, .
Ivory Black,
Bcnzoic, Acid,
Sp. Lavcndor,
Rod Procipitato,
Vorros. ouunm.nuj
Barbadocs Tnr
Tnrlnr Emotio,
Tarlaric Acid,
Sugar of Load,
Alarsh llosoinnry,
Poruvian Bnrk,
Sulph. Quininc,
Wintor's Bark, .
.Columbo, -Luoar
Chlon'de of Limo,'.
do. Soda, ' . '
Carbon. Am'mon. v
Aniso Sqcdji
White VitiroJ,
Snl. Aiiimonui'c,
Cnrbonnto of Iron,
llel'fo's Asthmatic Pilla,
' Aroniatic '
Loc's Husscls
Sjas' Arpmatic
Family Bluo
Rclfo8 Bontan. Rrops,
Jubb's lllicu. Lina.
Down's dp.
Jtemody forPiles,
Eyo Wator,
Brit. AntiBep. Dent.
Albion Corn Plastcr,
AlcJohnson's Rhclmiat-
jc Qintmcnt,
Siaa' do.
Poclorul EHxir,
jCjjro for Gravcl,
f Ilendachc,
Russol'altch Oiritment,
Dumfric's . '
Siibw's . 1 '
Common '
Gordtik's Drops,
Itussol's Ilittors,
Newton's Dittcra
Hydn. of Potash,
tflntik'Alusturd Sccd,
White '
Syringcs, m. nnd f.
do. hirgo,
Nipplo Sholls,
Almiatic Acid,
Nitric Acid, .
Prusio Acid,
Qtiassi.i, ' ..
SpermnCoti, " '
Siilphato of Potash,
Nux Vomica,
VVIiito Wax,
Phosphato of Iron, ,
Cnrbonnto do
Aothiops Minoral,
.Uuguontum,' "
Arrow Rpotj
Cnm.-FIowers :
Extrac't oftGqhtianiffeV:
-- ncnonno,
. 1 Stramonium,.
Saiivin Corato,
Dr. Thompaon'a . prc-
paiation for caiikcr,
Rluiuiiintic Ointmcnt,
" Vogctablo Pills,
Cough Drops,
Sirengthoning Plnstor,
i , Nowton's Panacoa, : : 5
Down 's Elixir, , - -
Pulmonary Billsa'm, '
Illood Root.T
Snakc Jloot,
Andcrson's cough dropa
Alooro's Ii.ss4inco of Lilb
Alarshal.'s Ilcudacho
nuV, '
Tndinn black nlastor,
Tinct. Arur.'of Jron,
Sco. ifcc.
1 tt
: .1 - Jfc,
just opcnod nnd fbr Bnlo chonp by .'"
- 1 S.UEpD Jfc JEWETT.,
August y, ie;7
F English, Frcnch nnd American CiVLICOES,.
S1LKS fbr Ladie8 drosscs; ArcrinPsOnnilctoon
Ckc.'&c. -For salo chcap 110 mistnkefr-byi; '
Auguat 3, 1837. lf 'f

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