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11' -
furnoy of tlio cnrtli,
Slstop unnllicd lo clay
As nian crst did, ero shadow on liia mirth,
Or clouds nnil dnrkncss foll upon liia day
Ilow happy wcro our palhwny to that Innd,
Wlicro tho puro licartcd wandcr an unfuding band!
Spirit of Man! Myslcrious habitnnt !
.Wcll would ho traco tho story of tiiy power
Wcll would llint syrnpathy within uspant
To follow from tlio glory of tliy bowcr,
Tlio Edon wliero tliy lustro cloudlcss shono,
To tlio world'e wildcrncss tlio wonry wny,
Wlicre the wain tonants of that bownr, nlono,
Lcd by n voir.o llioy dnr'd not but oboy,
Wnndor'd, till, minglcd wiili Mortnlity,
Tlioy Riink bcnoath tlio ringing scnlcnco Thou
Tlicy pass'd iulo tlio world and ns thcy wont,
SlUl mtising on tlio eliupus of coiuing ycnrs,
With Btcp imccrtain, nnd witli fiicoa bcnt
On tho snd ground tlicy wator'd witli tlicir tcars,
New tliouglits within tlicir brooding spirits trosc,
With n Btrango inaslery unfcll boforo :
As whon on oponing cars faint inusic flows,
Or light's firslbcamson cloudlcss cycballs ponr
Spirits of Lifo or Darliiiesn, that bcgnn,
As Edcn clos'd its gatcs, thcir cnipirago on Mnn.
It wns tlio bondngo of thoir Destiny
To wandcr and to suficr to ubido,
Unmuriniiring, tlio fato tlicy coiild not fly,
Tlio lioly cngcnnco thoy liad botli ilcfiod;
Yct Lifo should bo but Trial and rcward
Should crown tho struggling ycars, bo Virtuo lcd
To Ilcavon tlio hoart itn mnjosty liad awcd,
And liglitcd tlirongli thu ordeal of tho dcnd
llnpo iri licr angcl robcs still bcckon'd hunco,
And poinlcd tn n homo of noblcr rccoinponco !
Tho following Odo, written by llcv. Jons Pikr
roNT, was sung nt tho oponing of tho iMarlbnrotigh
Ilotcl, 1 ii Uostoii, ns a Tcnipornnco IIouhc, ontho
'llh of July. Without by any nioans intcnding n
cotnpnrison, wo do not bco that Mr l'icrpont docs
not mnko tho words jinglo ns wcll on cold watcr ns
Hyron did upon "gin nnd watcr."
In Ldcn'a green rctrcatH
A watcr brook tlint playcd
JJotwcon fifl mossy scats
JicriL'iitli n pnltn-trco's sliadc,
Whoso rnslling lcavcs
Danccd o'er itH brink,
AViih Adnni's drinlt,
And nlso Evo'i).
lkfiido tho pnrcnt spring
Of that young brook, tho pnir
Tlicir niorning clinnt would sing;
And Kvo to drcss hor hnir,
Knccl on tho grass
That fringcd its sido,
And inaku its tidu
Ilcr lookiug glas-H.
And wlnih tho nian of God
Trom Kgypt lcd liis flock,
Thoy thirstod; nnd his rod
.Sinoto tho Arabinu rock,
And forth a rill
Of wator gushcd,
And on thoy rnshod
And "dnink tlicir fill.
Would IMon tfius havo smilod
Hnd wino lo Kdon como?
Would Iiorcb's pnrching wild
lluvo bccn rclreshod with ruiu ?
And hnd Livo's hnir
Hcon drcsscd in gin,
Would sho havo bccn
Ucflcctcd fair?
Had Jloscs built a still,
And dcalt out tn that host,
. To ovcry man his gill,
And plcdgcd liim in n toa3t,
Ilow largo n bnnd
Of Israol's sons
Jlod Inid tlicir lioncs
In Canaan's land ?
"Sxvcct ficlds" boyond dcath's flood,
"Stand drcsscd in living grcon,"
For from tlio throno of (lod,
To frcshcn nll tho scono,
A rivcr rolls,
Whcro nll who will
May conio nnd fill
Tlicir crystal bouls.
If Edrn's strcngth nnd bloom,
Cold Watcr thus hath givcn,
If ovcn buyond tho tornb,
It is tho'drink of Ileavcn,
Aro not good wells
And crystal springs
Tho vcry things
Fnr our hntols ?
Reliqion. Rright ns tho morninc stnr in thn
rndinnce of thc sunbcams, comcth the Eernph of
niimui luiny.
Religion, thc child of hcnvcn, wcnrs nn nn
gelic emile, nnd isdistinguished by nll thc grnccs
ofitsdivinc originnl. Elcvntcd nnd nsiiiring,
yet winning nnd nttrnctivc; bencvolcnt, gracious,
courteous nnd condescondmg; hcr fcnturesforrn
cd to complnccncy; hcr voicc attuncd to hnrmo
ny; hcrcycs sliining with bcnignity, nnd nll her
motionsjfthotigh composcd nnd stendy, nro yet
graceful nnd unnssuming. Religion orccts hcr
votnrics n tcmplc sncrcd to itnmoitnlity. Invit
cd to heavn, nnd callcd to glory, he sonrs ebovc
this dim spot mon callscurth, nnd is lost in tho
incomprehensiblo progrcssion of cternity, that
opcns to his-prospect. Religion is divinc vigor
in tho soiil, triumpl.ing ovcr tho dnrkncss of nn
ttirc, nnd tcnchmg n8 to ncquicscc in the nllot
ments or Providcnce. It is tho imago of God
stamped upon humnn nnture, rcfining itg basc
ness; enriching its poverty, hcaling its maludie..
und convcrting its very wants nnd miserics into
n btindance, liappini'W, nnd glory. Without this
dlnne trcnsure, mnn is poor indccd! Amidstop.
i 1 . n,,,l linnmfi
" I 1- 1 T I I nnlnrni ImiV fll I 'f -
! liow contcinptiblo on n tlirono !
Trtio rcliclon is tho sotnco of hnppincss, tlic
support of socicty, nnd tho dying mnn's consola
tioti. It is thc guido of yotttli, nnd tlic stay of
old ngc. It is tho fniicst flowcr tlmt opcns on
carlh, thc swcctcst incctiBO that nsccntls to tlic
skics. Wibt.
A rcsidont in tlic Dcitfnnd Dtitnl) Asylurn ttt
Hnrtford, is nn object of mticli ctiriosity thcro,
linving nddcd to thoso r.fllictions, tho totul loss of
sight. Sho is dcprivcd ofnll mcnnsot rccoiving
idcns from others or of cominunicntinglier own,
and it is thus sho is surroimdcd by n cloud oful
mostitnpcnetrablo mcntnl n3 well ns physicnl
dnrkncss. Vo wcro gratificd with nvisit to tlint
institution tho otlicr dny, nnd tlirough tho polito
ticss of thc tcnchcrs, had nn opportunity to wit
ncss tho incntal nnd mcchnnicnl opcrations of tho
pupils. Wlicn firstndmitted tliere, overy tlnng
in tlic world is blnnk, withotit nntno to objccts
picscntcd to thcir sight nnd not hnving ovcn tho
eimplc clnssifications of nnimal or vcgetnblo lifo.
Whcn thc nnmc of nn object is communicntcd
through tlio pcculiar and wondcrful Inngungo of
thc fingcrs, or un idcnisconveycd totheirsimple
ininds through thc samejncdiuin, it is wondcrful
to scc hnwtho cyc briglitcns, tho co'untennnco is
lit up nnd tho wholo mcntnl charnctcr scotns to
be liuisting from its dirysnlis staro into vigorous
action. it is onc ot tlio most ucnutuui cxiiiumons
of tlio bcncficcnt incnns uscd to mnko tho dumb
spenk nnd tho dcnf to hcnr, that wns cvcrdeviscd
displnyingn new nnd intcresting fcnturo in tlio
cliarnctcr of huninnity. Tho rnpidity with which
convcrsntion is conducted, and tlic dcgrco of in
tcHiRcncc somo of tlicso horctoforc bcnightcd
pupils display, cvincc the complctcness nnd cn
tirc succcss of this systcm cf instruction. Tho
Asyltun is iuidcr tlio fiucst rogtilmions, nnd tho
tcnchcrs not cxccpting thc dcaf nnd dumb ones
who havo bccn cducatcd thcre, aro gcntloinen of
great kindncss of hcart, pntienco of disciplino
and cducntioi). .Ttiia I3raco is tlio grent object
of intcrcst, shut out ns shc is by tho loss of the
thrcc iinpoitnnt fucultics, nll conimimication with
thc world. Sho ia not far from th'uty ycars of
ag.;, nnd is cvcr occupicd in somo little house
hold dutics, to checr hor dull hotirs. Sho knits
nnd wushcs tcn-cuiis nnd throiuls horncedlo with
licr tongue, und lias lcarncd by somo sort of in
tuition, to distiuguish thc Snbbath from otlicr
dnys. A fnvorito cmidoymcnt of hcrs, i3 sprcad
ing thc covcrlids ovcr tlic bcds,in tlio grcat lia.ll,
whcro thc girls slccp. Sho wns occupicd tlius
whcn wo snw hcr tho other dny. Tho kccncst
oyc-sight nnd tho niccst domostic tnsto, could
not havo pcrformcd tho duty bcttor, nnd nn nt
tcmpt by a tojiclior to dccoivo hcr, by rcversing
thc ordcr of thc covcring wns dctccted instnntly
whcn shc ntipiouchcd tho bcd. Hcr Bcnse of
fecling, of courso, is vcry ncutc, nnd individunls
who havo onco tnkcn hor by the htind, shc is a-
blc to rccognizc afterward, nlthough sho lias no
tnngiblc signs to indicnto hcr knowlcdge. Hor
wholo hislory nnd habits und pcrccptions nnd
mcntnl opornlioiis tifl'ord Q world of inquisitivo
stttdy for thc philosophor. Northnmpton Cour
Tho Inst Edinburgh Rcview rcmarks "that it
nppcars from thc most ovcrvvhnlniing cvidencc,
tlint thcre cxists in India, n vnst frntcrnity of
murdcrcrs, consisting of ninny tliousnud pcr-
sons; that this frntcrnity has cxiatcd for mnny
ngcs, nnd tlirough mnny riolitical rcvolution:
tlint it lias sprcnd its ramificntions ovcr tho wholo
... 1
of thnt vast country from Caiic Cotnoiin to the
Himaluyns; that it has flouiishcd nliko nn
der Hiudoo, IMuhomcdnii, nnd British rulcrs;
thnt it hns ovcry ycnr destroyed multitudcs of
victims; and yet that its constitution wo mny
say its vcry bcing havc bccn quito unknown to
tliemost nctivo nnd vigilant English functiona
rics, and vcry impcrfectly understood cven by
thc nativo govcrninent. It was indced notorious
thatgnngs of thicves somotimes strangled trav
ollcrs. It was notorious that tho mcmbers of
thcsc gangs wcrc unusually cxpcrt nt tho opern
tion of strnngling: nnd thnt theso gangs- wcrc
mcrely smnll dctachcd portions of a vnst orgnn
izbd c.ommunity, tho membors ol which rccog
nizcd cnch 9tliopas brcthren in the rcmote pnrts
of In.tint, thnt theso niUiiicio wcro n comniit.
tctl nccordtng to certam anciem nn eolemn
forms, and wcro rcgardcd by thosc who com-
mitted them, not ns crimcs, but ns solcmn ritcs
which it would hnvc been sinful to omit nll
this wns rcservcd for tho prcscnt generntions to
"Thcro is no clnss of socicty," snys the Jour
nalof Hcnlth, "towhom tho Inws of Ilygieno
(hcalth) is of grcatcr importanco thnn it is to thnt
pomposcd of thc laborcr und mechnnic. Tosuch,
n hcnhhful nnd vigorous frnmo is cmphatically
wcalth. Evcry day, during which thcir capai-ity
to labor is impaircd by sickncss or accident, is so
much dcductcd from the fund upon which they
and thcir fnmilics cnn nlone dcpend for support;
nnd yct, froni n tliousand circtitnstnnces intimately
connectcd with their sovcral professions, tho
health.and vigor of their systems is Imhlc, not
mcrely to tcmporary impairment, but too often
tocompleto dcstruction, whonovcr they placo
tfccmsclvcs in opposition to tho laws of nattire
or from ignorar,ee, or prejudice, ovcrlook evcry
prccept of hygicne. Ono of tho mcans best cal
culated, therofore, to cficct rlmt amelioration in
the conditiott of the 'vorking.mcn which thoy
y necuy i amicisi uuub iiu hw.,
thcmselvcs, ns .voll as their Aiends of ovcry pro
fcssion, so cnrncstly dcsitc, is to diffuso nmong
thom n knowledgo of tho lnwi of hcnlth, nnd of
tho mcnns of nvoiding tho delctorious ogonts to
which thcy ure cxposcd."
Translntcd for tho Nationnl Tntelligenccr from
Do Ln Martino's Voyago in the East.
Facaudin's Toweu, Sopt. 27.
Wo passcd thc cntiro day nt tho mnrringo of
a Syrinn Grcck girl. Tho ccrcmony hcgnn with
a long proccssion of Grccian, Arabinn, nnd Syr
inn wonicn, who camo somo on horsoback, otli
crs on foot, through tho paths bordcrcd by nloe
and mulbcrry tices, tonttcnd tho affinnced dur
ing this'fatiguing dny. For mnny dnys nnd ma
ny nights, nlrcady, n ccrtain numbcr of theso
fomalcs hnvo ncver left tho houso of Ilnbib, and
hnvc not ccasod to utter cries, songs, and shril
nnd prolongcd gronns, liko thoso vocal shouts
which tho vintagcura nnd hny-ninkers pour forth
iu our own Frnnco during iinrvest. Thcsc clam
ors, these Inmcntntions, theso tcnrs, nnd thcso
prctncditntcd rcjoiciags, nro to provent tho brido
from slecping sovcral days and nights beforo thc
mnningc. The old nnd young mcn of tho hus
bniul's fnraily, do tlio snmo tliings on their side,
nnd do not allow him to snntch nny reposo dur
ing cight duys. We do not understnnd, in tho
lenst, tho motives for this conduct.
Introduccd into tho gnrdcnsof Habib's house
tho womcn entcr tho interior of the divnn, to
pny thcir rcspects to tho young lady, to ndmire
hcr drcss, nnd to witness the ccrcmonies. As
to oursclves, wo wcro loft in the court, or intro
duccd into nn inferior divan. Thcro atablo wns
plnccd in tho Europcnn stylc, covercd with n
multitudo of prcscrvcd fruits, of cakes- of hon
ey nnd stignr, liquors and sherbets, and during
tho cntiro ovcning, this collation is rcnewcd in
proportion ns it hns been dcstroycd by tho nu
mcrous visitors. T succccdcd in obtnining en
trancc, by exception, cven into the divnn of tho
womcn, nt tho prcciso niomciit whcn tho Grcek
nrchbishop wns giving tho nuptial bencdiction.
Tlio girl wns stnnding by tho side of hcr intcnd-
ed. covercd from hcnd to foot with n vcil of rcd
gnuzc, cmbro'idercd with gold. For nn instant,
thc pricst hnsput nsidc tho vcil, and tho young
mnn hns bccn nblo to cntch n glimpse, for tho
first timo, cf her to whom ho united his cxis
tenco. Sho wns emincntly beautiful. The pafe
htic, with whtch fntiguo nnd emotion covercd
hcr ohcoks. a pnleness rcndered moro striking
by tho veflections of thc rcd vcil, nnd thc innu-
mornblo.ornnmcnts ol gold, silvcr, pearls and
dinmonds with which shc wns londcd, nnd by
thc long tresses of black hair which fell, in cve
ry dircclion, ovcr hcr pcrson. Her eye-brows
pamtcd black, ns also hcr lushcs, and the bordcrs
of hcr cycs, her hnnds, with tho extrcmities of
tho fingcrs nnd thc nnils, Btatned red with the
hcnna, and paintcd with squarcs nnd morcsquc
dcsigns, nll gavc to this fascinnting benuty n tone
of novelty nnd solcmnity for us, with which we
wcro profoundly im:ncsscd. Her hnsband hnd
scurcely timo to rcgnrd her. Ho nppenrcd ovor
como nnd cxpiring himsclf, with the weight of
his wntchings nnd latigues, by mcnns of which
thcsc bnibarous customs cxhaust thc strcngth of
cven lovo itsolf.
Thc bishop rcccivcd from tho hnnds of onc of
his priosls a crown of nnturnl flowers, plnccd it
on tho hcnd of tlio girl, took it ofTngain, plnced
it on tho hnir of tho young man, took it ngaiii to
replnco it on tlio veil of tho brido, nnd thus pnss
cd it scvcrnl timcs from ono head to tho other.
Rhigs wcro likowisc, by turns, put on tho fin-!
acrs of cacb. Tlicy thcnbroUe tho samc nlcce
t i. i .i i l .i -. .
ol orcn(15 U10y "innn tnc consccratca wino lrom
thc samo CUP Aftcr wmcll tlie fcmalo friends
carned ofF the brido to tho npnrtmcnts, whcro
tho womcn nlono wero allowcd to follow, in or
dcr to chango hcr toilet. Tho father, and the
friends of tho husband, lcd him also away, on
their side, into the gnrdcn, nnd thcy mado him
sit down nt thc foot of a troe, surroimdcd by all
thc malcs of his family. The musicians and the
dancers thcn arrivcd, and continued, until tlio
sun had set, thcir barbaric symphonics, their
shrill cries, and thcir contorlions around tho
young man, who had fallcn to sleep at thc baso
of tho trco, and whom his friendB in vain arous
od every instant.
Whcn night had nrrived, hc wns conducted a
louc, and in proccssion, to thc dwcllingofhis
father. Eight days must clnpso beforo pcrmis-
Bion is givcn to tho groom to go nnd mUo is
wnonnu cnrry ner tiuma Witirnun.
Tho women who filled Hnbib's houso vith
tlieir shrieks, left likcwiso, a little lator. Notiing
could havo been moro picturesqo than this im
mcnso procession of womcn nnd girls, ii tho
strangcst and most splendid costumes, conjred
with sparkliiig stonos, each ono surroundedwith
thcir maids, and slaves benring torchcs of csin
ous firc to light tlieir road, nnd prolonging iithis
mnnnor their luminous courso nmid tho lonj and
nnrrow pnthwnys shndcd by tho aloo aud onngo
trccs, on tho banks of tho sca, at tirncs in lon
silcnccat others uttering cries which wcro cch
oed cven on tho wavcs, or amid tho planegoves
nt tho foot of Mount Libanus. Wo entcrcl our
own dwolling, ncar tho country seat of Ribib,
whcre wo yct heard tho murmur of tho coivor
sation nmong tho womcn of tho fumily; wa ns
ccnded ouv terrncc, and we followcd, for nlong
time, with tho cyo, those wnndcring fires which
circulntcd on all sidcs nmidst tho trees o" tho
Dr. Franklin observed "Tho cycs of othor
people, nro the cycs that rtiiij us. If all bul my
self wcro blind, 1 should neithor wnnt fino
clothcs, fine houscs or fmc furniturc."
This inscct dcstroyed n grcnt dcnl of grnin
lastycar in somoparts of tho country, nnd evcry
ono who hns grnin growing ought to sow on
litno or nshcs nt tho proper timo for applying
tho remedy, lest thcso insects should bo at tlieir
work of dcstruction, and npply it ub eoon ns thoy
commcnce thcir work.
i.i' i i
ln our lust nttmber but ono wo puimsucu a..
nrticlo by Rev. H.Cohnnn showing tlmt slncked
lime sown on grain ns it wns flowering would do
stroy tho weovil. It should ho sown whcn the grnin
is wet. In thnt nrticlo ic is vccommonded to
sow ono peck of litno to tho ncro ; but mnny
tarmcrs unnK ti ia uuai iu nuw muiu,
as it is
supposcd thnt thcro is no dnnger of injuring tho
nrnin bv nnnlvititr moro lime. Wo huvo npnlicd
slacked limo to tender cucumber andjother vincs
without injury.
A farmer in Kennebec, last sitmmcr, when he
fottnd tho weovil making rnvnges nmong his
whcnt, sowed on it common wood ashes, 2 1-2
bushels to tho acro, when the dew wns on, and
in n fow davs ho found that tho insects hnd
entirely disnppeared and his whcat was good
Tho whcat insect isa small fly which deposits
its eggs in tho hullof tho wheat whcn it is in full
blov,ns tho hull is then open. Thesc eggs pro-
duco a number of maggots to cach deposit.
which aro largo cnough to eat tho wheat when it
arrives to its milky stnto. This fly doposits its
eggs nttho timo tho whcnt is usually in tho blow.
Late sown whcat usually cscapes the ravages
of this insect, as tho timo of dcpositing its eggs
is past beforo tho whcat blossoms.
A corrcspondent of tho Maino Farmer, after
spenking of tho fino crops of grnin, observcs: .
" But havo wo nothing to fenr from n blnst
coming over theso fair prospects of ours ? Yes;
tho wheat growcr hns much to fcnr from weevils,
destructivc insects, mildew, &c, nnd it bchoovcs
cvery mun, whether ho bo furmor, mcrchnnt,
nwycr, or tninistcr, who mny know of nny tneans
by which whcnt can bo preserved from those de-
stroying insects, and carried through to mnturity,
to communicatc it to tho public, thnt all mny be
bcnefilted by snch information ; butho who will
kecp back tlmt which would bo rcally uscful to
the work'mg class, is n sclfish man, and ts not
domg as hc would wish to bo dono by.
"Holding this to be good doctrno, I givo thc
favorablo result of oowing nshcs on whent, ns
told to tnc by ono who can alwnys bo dcpendcd
" Mr. IlerricTs, of Poland, informcd me thnt
a year ago lnst spring ho hnd 2 1-2 bushels of
whcat sown on onc piece ground all alike nnd
on ono bushel ofsowing, ho sowcd ontwobush
els of strong nshcs. He sowcd on the ashes nt
tho timo of n hcnvy dew, and when tho wheat
'was just coming into blow' ho sowed as much
ns ho could on tho wheat hoads. Tho result was
that from ono bushel of seed, ho got 15 bushels
of whcat "entirely frco from weevils, nnd from
the remnindcr, 1 1-2 bushels socd, ho got only
fivobushola of poorblighted wheat, almost whol
I .1 1 1 I m
ly uesiroyou ny wcevus. xiio wtiolo was sown
at ono time -ground manurednlike.nnd the only
diflerenco m the mnnngctncnt wns tho nddition
of tlio two bushols of nshcs. Is not so simple
nnd so chenp an cxperimcnt well worthy of the
nuenuon oi wncai growcrs i ii asnes nro not
hnndy, I would recommend sowing on lime, in
heu of nshcs." Yankee Farmer.
NEWsrArEns. We hopo tho rcndor will not
bo so uncharitnble ns to fhiiifc thnt wo aro actun-
ted by selfish motives, if wo indito n short nrticlo
upon thc importanco nnd gcncrnl usofulncss of
ncwspapcrs tho truo circulating mcdium of tho
mcntal world. Tho fuct that tlieir circulntion is
vnpidly incrensing throughout tho country, is cred
ituble to thc good tasto nnd intelligeuco of thc
people, nnd (nlthough wo say it, who, pcrhnps,
ought not to say it,) shows thafthcy nro bccom
ing more inclincd to place a just estimato upon
tho valuo ot theso brief chroniclcrsof thc times.'
ln a pectiniury point of view no man was ever
a loser by subscribing and promptly paying for a
newspapcr ; for in whatcver busincss he may be
cngagcd, ho will be sure to find somcthing appli
cablo to it in the columns of a well conducted
journal. Tf ho has nny thing to scll. his naner
will tell him what it is worth, nnd wherc ho cnn
find a market for it. And when ho hns nnv
thing to purchaso, it will savo him ilnm and steps
uy uircctina im -k oiice to the placo vvhero it
inay bo obtaincd.
liut thcre is anothor point of view in which a
ncwspnper should he considcrod an indispensable
article iti every Jamily.
It is the hnppy lot of overy mnn in this frco
country to cnjoy tho hnppy lotof pnrticipntingin
its-govornmcnt, nnd of making "his.influencc felt
in tho selcction of its publio officers. No indi
vidual can bo qualifiod to cxorciso this piecious
right, understandingly, unlcss ho makes himsclf
acqunintcd with what is pnssing in tho politicnl
world, nnd with tho ments of tho vnrious ques
uons oy wniiiii u is ngitatcu.( xno requisite
knowledgo on theso pomts can only bo obtnined
from tho nowspnper prcss, whoso peculinr busi
ncss is to collect fncts, nnd spread them beforo
tho public.
But, pccuniary and political 'consjdcrntions
aside, a newspapcr is worth forty times its cost to
tho younger mcmbers of a family, for the practi
cnl information it gives them of what is goiugon
in tho world, n:d for thc importnnt aid it rendors
in qualilyingthcm for tho activc dutics oflife. It
points out to thom the shonls nnd' quicksnnds
with which their pnth will bo bosct stnps vico
of 4b.?Fwed plumca, nnd takcs from tho hcnd
of Tolly its cap and hclls : in short, it is a con
donsing lons, tlirough whieh thoy may look with
perfect safety and profit nt tho'mlnglcdJdiscovcE
and hnrmony of tho scono in which It will bood
becomo their duty to tuko a part, impressing up--on
thcir susceptiblo minds tho importnnt truth
thnt tho only pnth to rcspectability and honor is
thnt to which uprightncss und, virttto point.
Tiicsc considcrations, if all otbcisfuil, should iu
duco overy man who loves his fumily to furnish
thera with n newspapcr. Portland Jlrgua.
Extrad of a Sermon on " Domcslic Happincss,"'
Ah ! what'so rcfrcshing, so soothing, 60 sntis-
fying, as tho plncid joys of liomc !
Sco tho travcllor docs duty cnll him for n
season to leuvo his holovcd circle ! Tho imngo
of his earthly hnppincss continues vividly in his
rcmomhrnnce, it quickons .him to diligence, it
makes him huil tho hour which sccs his proccss
accomplished and his fuco turned townrds homo ;
it communes with him ns hc journcys, and ho
hears the promiso which causcs him to hope,.
"Thou slmlt know ulso that thy tubornaclo shall'
bo in penco, nnd thou slmlt visit thy tabcrnaclo,.
nnd not sin." O ! tho joyful rc-union of a dividcd'
fnmily the plensures of renewed intcrviow and1
convcrsntion after dnys of nhscncc.
Bchold the man of scicnco drops tho labora
and painfulness of rcscnrch j closcs his volumo,'
smoothes his wrinklod brow ; lenvcs his study
nnd unbending liimsclf, stoops to tho cnpncities,.
nnd yiolds to tho wishcs, and minglcs with the
divcrsions of his children.
"Ho will notolush, that Jiatli nfathcr's hoart,
To tnko, in childish plny, a cluldisli part;
But bonuH his sturdy nock, toplay tlio toy,
Thatyouth takea pleasuro in, to pfoaso his boy."'
Tuko tho mnn of trndo What rcconciles him
to tho toil of busincss? What onnblcs him to
enduro the f&slidiousncss and impertincncu of
customers? What rewards him for so mnny
hours of tcdious confincmcnt? By nnd by tho
season of mtorcourso will nrrivc; ho will bchold
tho dcsirojof his oycs nnd thc children of his lovo
for whom ho resigns his cnso ; and in thoir wel
furo and smilc3 ho will find hisrecompcnso.
Yondcr comcs tho laborcr : ho has borno tho
hurdcn and heat ortho dny ; the desccnding sun
hns rclensctl him from his toil, nnd ho is hnstcn
ing homo to cnjoy rcposc. Ilnlf wny down tho
Inne, by tho sido of which stnnds his cottngo, his
children run to mcct him. Ono he curries, nnd
onc hc lcnds. Tho compnnion of his humhlo
lifo is rcndy to furnish him with'his plnin ropnst.
See his toil-worn countcnnncc assumc nn air of
checrfulncps ! his hnrdships nro forgotten ; fn
tiguo vanishcs; hc scats himsclf and is Batisfied.
The cvening fair, hc walks with head uncovered
ntoitnd his garden entcra ngain ond retircs to
rest! and the " rcst of n Inboring mnn is swcct
whether ho.'ents little or much." Inhnhitnnt of
this lonely dwelling who cnn bo indifTbrcnt to
thy comfort ? Pcnco bo to this houso.
" I-et not nnibitioii mock thoir uscful toil,
Thoir homoly joy and dcKtiny obscuro ;
Nor grandour honr with disdainful smilo,
Iho short and sitnplo annals of tlio poor."
A Fisu Stoiw. Dr Vood. n Nnluralist, rc
latcs tho nstonishing fuct that uftcr n thundcrstorm
ut Louisville, on the 21st ult. hc saw tho puddles
of wntcr collected in tho strccta and thc com-
mons, swnrming with a s
pccics of piscutory tribe,
vnrying in sizo from
10 to 3 dwts. which not
without somo hesitution, he ranks with tho "cnus
Exocdtti, nlthough tho pectorul fins nro not unit
od with thc sides qnitc ncar cnough tothcHpinul
membrano to bo the truo Elvolans. Ho furthcr
observcs tiat by pluuing them in a glass jar of
wntcr bctwcen liimself and tho licht of n tnner.
ho found thc body to bo trnnspnrcnt nnd voij of
veins or nrtcrics. Only two parts of tho body
contuincd blood vcsscls visible to the nuked oyo.
Tho uir vcsscl covercd tho wholo interior of tho
sidcs of the bnck. Whether they nsccnded in
tho clouds in spawn und thero attnincd thcir prcs
cnt sizc, or whether they werc drawn up in thnt
perfcction, ho docs not deoidc; but reasoning
from the fuct that young frogs havc hoon known
to cover tho ground after a henvy rain, ho tldnka
it not improbable thnt tho otherenl world mlght
have raincd -thcso fishcs. Hpt tho philosoplicra
of nnture dcterminp.
Thk PonGATonv JBalance-Sheet. Tha
following statemcnt wns, in nll scriousnoss, Btuck
up, thrco or fotir yenrs ngo, in tho churches of
Mndrid, thc cnpitnl of Spnin.
"Tho sncrcd nnd roynl bank of picty hns ro-
li ved from purgatory, from its estnblishmont m
1721, to Novomber, 1826,
I, 030,395 souls, nt un oxpcnse of 1,720437.
II, 402 do from Nov. 182G, to Nov.
1827, 1427(J
Tho number of mnsscs culculnted to nccom
plish this pious wprlc, was 558,921; consequent
ly. cach soul cost ono masa and nino.tenths, or
thirty-four shillings nnd four pcnce." London
Christinn Obscrver.
A printcr, on scciug tho shcrifl closely purau
ing an unfortunato nuthor, rcmurked tmt it was
"anow cdition of tho Pursuits""of Ititeraturo,
unhound and hot prmcrf."
" Havo you seen tho perpotual raotion ?" said
a loquacious old lady to hcr husbnnd ono dny.
Xe,3' myd.ct"" replied tho gnllnnt husbnnd.
Whcro ? mquircd bIic Botwocn your jaws,
my lovo."
m An Irishman, on board a mnn of war, Svas do
sired by his mcssmatcs to go down nnd fotch ft
can of smnll bcer. Tenguc, knowinjr tlmt nrona-
rattqns wcro making to sail, ahsolutoly refusodls
'Arrah, my soul,' says ho. and so whcn l'm jrono
into tho collar to fotch bccr. tho shin will sail
away, and leavo mo bchind,'

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