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TLKMS The Caledonian will 1)0 publishod
wcokly at $2,00 por nnntim, or nt $1,50 if pnid in
ndvnnco. If paymont is mndo within six inontlia
from tlio timo ol subscribing it will bo oonsidercd
ns ndvnnco pny. No pnpor will bo discontinued
iintn nii nrroarngos nro pnid, oxcopt nt tlio option of
rjAdvortisements willbo insortod for tlio cua
tomnry pricos. roraons nro rcqucstcd to stnto llio
niiniporot wocks thoy wish. thoir ndvortisoinonts
publisliod, othonviHo thoy will bo insortod till for-
bid nnd chnrged nccordingly.
Bjaws oSL' VcrDBnonat.
1. An Act, nltering tlio torms of tlio county conrts
in Lamoillo nnd Orleans conntios.
It is lurchy cnacled by ihc Gencral Jlsscmbly of
Section 3. In futuro tlio coimty court with
in nnd for tlio coimty ot Lamoille, slmll bo hol
dcn on tlio secoml Tuesdny of Deeinbsr in eaoh
yonr; nnd tlio county cotirt within nnd lor tho
county or Orleans, on tho fourlli Tucsday of
Juno in encli yenr, instcnd of thc tiines now pro
vidcd ly lnw.
Sr.c. 2. All coinplaints, inlormation, indict
mcnts, actions and suits, nnd cvory otlicr inattor
of thing, rctttrnnblo to said courtsrespuctivoly in
snid counticp, sliull bo cntored, hcnrd and doter
inined, nt tho titncs in this act naincd for suid
courts in snid countics. And ull persons nnd
pnrties, rcquircd by law to appear bcforo eitlicr
of Riw'd courts iu tho countics nforcsnid, slmll ap
penrand Imvo day in tho samc courts nt tho term
of snid courts to bo holdon in the samc county,
nncording to thn provisions of this act,
Sec. 3. This nct slmll lake efiect from tho
pnssagc thcrcof.
Approvcd by tho Govcrnor, Oct. 30, 1837.
C. L. Knapp, Sccrctnry ol Stnte.
2 An Act, altering tlio torms of tho county court
in tho cnuntv nrGrnnd Isln.
It is hctcby cnactcd by thc Gcr.cral Jlsscmbly of
aj inc aiatc oj rermont, cujullows:
Section. I. In futuro tho tcrtns of thc coun
ty court within and for tho county of Grand Isle
shall he holdcn on tho first Tucsday aftrr thc
fourth Tuesdny of April, nnd on tlio fourth Tucs
day of Septemhor, iu enrh and cvcry yenr, in
stcnd of tho liincs now provided by law.
Sec. 2. All complaints, infnrmations, indict
inents, actions nnd suits, and evcry other mattcr
or thing, in lnw or cquity, now pcnding in, and
all writs, warrants, nppcals, rccogniznnces, and
ovcry otlicr mnttcr or thing rcturnahlo to said
court in snid county, slmll bo ontercd, heard and
delornuncd, nt tho' times in this act nurnod for
snid court in said county; and all persons nnd
pnitics, rcquircd by law to nppoar heforo snid
court in thc county nforcsnid, slmll nppear nnd
linvo dny m tho satno court at tho noxt tcrm of
snid eonrt to bo holdcn in tho samc county ac
oording to thc provisions of this act.
Snc. 3. Tho grand jiu v slmll bo summon-
rd to nttftid tho county court in the county of
dniiid Nle ntthn stated session thcrcof holdcn on
tlio fourth Tuesdny ol' September in cach yenr,
instcnd of tho ression holdcn noxt uftcr tho Inst
day of April.
Sec. 4. This nct slmll takc oftect from tho
pnssagc tbcrcnf.
.A:irnvril by thc Govcrnor, Oct. 31, 1837.
C. L. Knapp, Sccrctnry ut Stnto.
3 An Act, roliiting to tho lovv of F.xrcutinno.
II is hereby cnactcd by ihc Gencral Jlsscmbly of
uic ot.uc oj rcrmom, as Jouoius:
Section. 1. In alljcnscs whcre any wiit of
cxooiiuon nas Dccn or slmll hcrcnftcr ho cxtcnil
cd on ronl estatc, and slmll cxtcnt, or levy is, or
tiiaii no iircguiur, iiiioniial, or iu any way not
madc accordins to tho strict rulcs ol law, so tbnt
ino titlo tlcrivcd tlicrotrotn slmll bo dccinod
iloubtful or unccrtnin, it slmll bo lawful (or tho
suprctrie court in thc county wbcro tbojudgmcnt
was reinicrcii, uiioit pctition ol eitlicr party to
snid OACcmor, bis. bcr, or tbcir bcirs, exucutoi's,
ndmirnstrntor, or nssigns, nt any timo witlnn two
ycars afrcr tho pnssmg ot this act, or within r.it
yoars aner sucn exfent simu no rciurncd,uio par
ty nppiymg givmg lue notico to tho advcrso pnr
ty, his, her, ortlioir bcirs, oxccutors, ndininistra-
tors, or nssigns, und filing with snid suprcmo
court a duly certificil trnnscript of tho judginent,
cxccution nnu extent, to vncnto, anuul nnd sct
aside such levy or cxtent, for nnv sucb defcct,
iucgniity,wnnt ot lorm.or lrregulnnty tbcrein,nnd
and to issuo exccution ancw.
Sec. 2. If neithcr party, his, her, or thcir
hoirs, executors, administrators, or assigns, slmll
niovc tho court to set nsido or vacnto such dc
fectivo extent within two ycars fr om tho pnssagc
of this nct, or within two ycnrs noxt nftcr thc
ofini cxiciir, or u, on sucn moiion or
potition Iming inndo, the court slmll thcrcin ad
jn " tbnt such cxtcnt bo affinricd, thcn, in
cr casa, sucb cxtcnt slmll bo deemcd nnd
tnlcon to bo good nnd vnlid to cnnvcy nll surh
righf, titlo, or intercst, ns tho juilgmont debtpr
slmll Imvo, or mny hnvo liad, nt tho timo of sucb
extent, in an ! to tho cstatc so extcndcd unon.
1 I 1 1 i i .
nnu sriau no uccnicd anii neiu as conch sivc cvi-
dcnco of titlo in such estato against said judg
inent debtor, his, her, or thcir heirs, executors,
administrators, or assigns, forover.
Src. 3. Tho first nnd third sections of an act
cntitled "an act in nddition to an act constituting
tho suprome court of judicaturo nnd county
courts, dofining their powers, and regulating ju
oicinl procoedings," pnssed Novcmber tenth, in
tho year ono tliousniul oight hundrcd nnd thirty
five, aro horehy repealcd.
Approvcd by thc Governor Oct. 31, 1837.
C. L. Knapp, Secretary qf Stnto.
4.-An Act relntine to tho issuintrof Exccutions
ets here1y cnaclr'd by thc General Jlsscmbly of
m rernumi, as joiiows :
oection . ITho third section of tho nct of
ovemoer elevcnth, onc thousand oight hundred
and tnrcc, cntitled "an act in nltcration of, and to
nmotwl .... . '
... v..,., .! nrc cntitled -an nct relatmg to jails and
jnilers and for thc relicf of persons imprisoned
ticrein, r,,Ssed on thc nintb day of March, in
mcycnr of our Lord ono thousnnd sevcn hnn
aroa nnd ninoty-scvcn, shall hcrenfter bo so con
ii. .r lJ.'att,)0 clcrksof the sevcral county courts
iim nny 'm vncntion, or nt nny other
unc, issuo nlins cxccutions in nll thc cnscs em
wncea in said section, without any spcciid appli
mnl0" 'Vkc co"r"or thc somo; tho plointiff
f rn-'i? i "PP,icnt'n being first rcquircd to
of Vv- i i c n writtcn oischargo of tlio boily
Ino debtor from futuro imnrisonmmu nnnn tbo
proccss tipon which ho was comtnitted, provious
to tho issuing nf such nlins oxociition.
Skc. 2. If tho creditor in any cxccution on
which tho judginent debtor is conitnittcd tojail
shall dcccnso, his oxccutor or ndminiatrntor shall
have tho snmo power to dlsclmrgo stich debtor
from iinprisoninent and to tuko otit nn nlins cxc
cution agninst his propcrty ns is givcn to such
creditor by tho third section ofthfj.net nforcsnid.
Approvcd by thc Govcrnor Oct. 31, 1837.
U Li. Knait, toccrctary of Stato.
5. An Aotrclatine to Notcs nnd Contrncts.
U is liereby cnactcd bv thc General Jlssemhlu nf
uic ojore oj rcrmoni, l nni wncncvcr nny hjll,
noto or othor contract, not suhjoct togracc, shtill,
by tho terms thcrcof, fnll duo on tho Snbhaih. tho
samc shall, for ovory purposc, bo takcn and oon
sidcred ns duo nnd paynblo on tho Mondny ncxt
Approvcd by tho Govcrnor Oct. 31, 1837.
C. L. Knait, Secretary of Stnto.
G. An Act in ic.'atiou to tho dischargo ol Mort-
gngo Deeds.
is herebu cuaclcil bu ihc General Jlssemhlu nt
thc Stalcof Vermont, Tbnt nny inortgngco of'any
miKis, icncmonts or iicreuitnni"nts, lns or iicr
bcirs, executors, ndniinistrntora or assigns, buving
recoivcd lull sntislnotion ol tho niorf''ii.ro nioncv.
slmll, nt thc rcqucst und cost of tho liiortgager,
lns orberheirs, executors, ndniinistmluru or as
signs, acknowlcdgo payment thcrcof by making
n cortificnto upon thc tnortgngo dced, siguing tho
satno nnd nfllxing his scal thcrcto in thc pri'sencc
oi ono or moro witncsscs. wltic h corti icaic tho
mortgagcr, his or her hcirs, executors or ndmin
istrntors may cause to bo rccordcd upon thc tnar-
gm ot tne reconl, and pcrpetually bar nll nctions
to be brought thcroupon in any court of rccord
us if disclmrgcd in t)ic mnnncr rcquircd by tho
elevcnth section of an act nnssed Mnrch sixtb.
1797, cntitled "an act regulating tho convcynnco
ot rcal cstatc, and for tho nrcvention of frauds
Approvcd by tho Govcrnor Oct. 23, 1837.
G. L. Knai'I', Secretary ol S'ntc.
7. An Act rclatin' to tho ri-'ht of Trial l'v Jurv.
It is hcreby cnactcd by thc Gentral Jlssembly of
thc Slate of Vermont, Thot in nll cnscs wbcro nny
proccedings mny bo hnd undcr thc nct ol -Con-
gross of I ebruary twellth, ono thousand sevcn
nunurou unu ninety-tnrcc, reiativo to lugitivcs
from servicc, tho person claimcd as n fugitive
from servicc, slmll bo cntitled to a trial by jnry,
according to tho constitution and laws of' tli'is
Approvcd by thc Govcrnor Nov. 1, 1837.
C. L. Knait, Secretary of Statc.
8. An Act relatiiiK to tho Judiciarv.
It is hereby cnactcd bi thc General Jlssemblu 'or
prcnio Court, who sbnll try nny cnnsc in thc coun
ty court, on which trial thero sbairiio rcscfvcd
nny qnestion of law by bill ofoxcoptions, niotion
iu nrrest, or otlierwise, slmll sit iu bank, on thc
bcnring of srch qnestion, or qucstions, or hnvo
any voico in tho decision tbereof.
Approvcd by tho Govcrnor Oct. 30, 1837.
C, L. KNAnr, Secretary of Statc
9. An Actto providc for rcporting tho dccisions
ol tlio bunremo fJourt
II is hctchy cnacled by thc General Jlsscmbly of
inc statc oj ywmont, as Jolloivs:
Section 1. Tho Sonato and llouso of Renre-
scptativcs, in joint nsscmbly nt tho prcsont session
of tho Gencral Asscmbly and annually thereafter,
sbnll clcct soijkj person to bo n rophrtcr of tho
dccisions of the suprome court of this Statc
Sec. 2. It slmll bo tho duty of such reporter
pcrsonally to attcnd tlio scsmious ot said court,
nnd mnko nnd faitblully digcst nnd prcpnro for
puhlicntion authcntic rcpoi ts of tho cases nlreudv
(lccKlcd and not rcportcd, and all cases that tnay
licrealtcr bo dccidod, and slmll annually at bis
owu cxpcnsc, publish nt loast two hundrcd copios
or tno saino. ol wincii no sjinii doliver to the Sec
tnry of tho Stato, filty copies for tho use of tho
Statc, and also tiat tho rcjiorlorsball publish and
deliver to tho Librarian at tho Statc llouso in
eacb yenr onc copy of said rcports for cach or
gonizcd town ip tho Stato, to be furniHhod at tho
nctual cost of pubbcation nnd paid for bv tha
Sec. 3. Such roportcr shall annually rcccivo
out of thc treasury ol this Stare, scven hundrcd
dollars, which suin, fogcther with tho procoeds
nrising from tho salo of said rcports, slmll bo his
compensntinn for rcporting said dccisions
Sec. 4. 'It shall bc tho duty of thc jndgcs of
tno suprcmo court to prcpnro and turnish to tho
roportcr, on or bcforo tho first day ol Octobcr in
cach ycar, corrcct rcports of thc opinions by thcm
scvorniiv given.
Sec. 5. An nct cntitled "nn nct nrovidiiiL' for
tjio puhlicntion of tho rcports of the dccisions of
wio suprcmo court," pnsscd Uctober tlio twcnty
ninth, in tho yenr ono thousnnd eight hundrnd
nnd twcnty ninc, nnd tho first section of (nn nct
oiiinieu -an act jto provido lor rcporting tho dc
pisions of tho suprcmo court of iudicaturc. nnd
for other nurposcs." nnssod on tbn tbii tpnntl, in,r
Novcmber in tho ver.r ono thousand imrlu
hundrcd and twenty-scvcn, nro hcroby ropoalcd.
pprovcn ny tne uovcrnor JNov. J, IB37.
C. L. Knapp, Secretary of Stato.
10. An Act providing forn rcvision oftho Laws
of this Stato
It is hcrcbii cnactcd bu thc Gencral Jlssemblu nf
inu oiaic oj rermont, xnai ino uovcrnor nnd
jt.. ri. j -rr m . . .
ijieiueuant liovcrnor ot tnis stato may appoint
fivo persons wboso duty it shall bo to rovisc, ro-
dratt, ro-compilc and arrange in mctliodicnl ordcr
tho stntuto laws of this Stato,and roporttlio snmo
to the Gencral Assombly nt its next session ; nnd
such persons may roccivc a compensntion for
their services out of nny money in tho treasury
not otlicr wiso npproprintcd.
4ppi-ovcd by tho Govcrnor Oct. 27, 1837.
C. L. KNAPr, Secretary of Statc.
11. An Act
tho rcvision of tho
It is herebu cnacled bu the General Jlssemblu of
thc aiale oj rcrmoni, That tho commissioncrs to
ho nppointcd to reviso tho stntuto laws ot this
Stnte, nro nuthorized to nrocuro thc rcvision, or
nny part thcrcof, whon fprcpnrcd by them, to
bo printcd, for the tiso of tho Gencral Assembty.
rrovidcd, tho nurnbcr of copics of any mll, so
"W,TO.mMa,0 .,...lnrir
ordcrod to ho printcd, slmll nut exceed fourhun-
Anprovod by tho Govenior Nov. 1, 1837.
C. L. KpfAri", Sucretary ofStatc.
12.--An Act in addiiion to an nct cntitled "a
act to provido f,,,- tho roccipt aiid distribution
ol tho pubhc moncy ofthoUnitcdStiitcs which
Miny bo (IcnositL'd witb tliio si
II is hereby cnactcd by thc General Jlsscmbly of
thc Slale of rermont as follows : J J
Skction 1. Snch
hnvo nnpointed trusteos, ngrccably to tto provis
ions of tbo socond section ofjtlm act to whioh
Jlns is nn nddition, snving tbnt such trustocs mnv
Imvo been nppointcd nncr'tho first dav of Jnn...
nry inst, fnnd towns ns bln.n, ot' thoir nct
Mnrch .moeting for tho choico of town otiicc'rs,
clect trustccs in tho nmnnor providcd in tho nct
nforcsnid, slml bo cntitleil to rcccivo their pro-
portion ot (lio pubhc monoy, undcr tho samo
rnlcs ntvf regulatinns as nro providcd in tho n
forcsnM nct, in tho samc nmnner as thoueh such
towns had appointcd trustccs within tlio timo
sprcificd in snid act.
Providcd, Thnt nothitijr in this nct shall bo so
eonstrucd as to conipol the trcasurcr of this Statc
to violatc nny o.Nisting contract in relatiou tosaid
Kiuplus moncy. Providcd also, that tho provis
ions ol this act shall not cmbraco thoso towns
which mny hnvo votcd not to rcccivo their sharo
of said mcnoy,
oec. y. This nct slmll tako cftect from and
aftor tho j)assing of tho samc.
onc. .. Jt slmll bc thc duty of tho trustccs in
cach town to mnke a rcport of thcir nrocecdinj's
iu iuuu lu.tpcuiivu lowiiB ai incir auuuai ninrcn
Approvcd by the Govcrnor Oct. 25, 1837.
C. L. Knapp, Secretary of Stato.
Rosiance in Reai. Liri:. Sonie ilays siuee, a
gcntlcnmn arrivcd in Clevcland, in ptirsuit ofa
fugitive debtor; and hnving hcro lcrii ncd thnt the
runawny could probably bc fotind in Detroit,
went on in imrsuit of him to thnt nlnco. IIc
thcrc discovcrcd tho objcct of his senrch, and
witu niii) n vcry ucnmitui nnu inicrcstmg voung
femalc, '.ho was living with him as his wife
Knowing that ho had a wifcrcsiding attho Enst,
our fricnd was somcwhatsurpriscd nt this new
acccssion to tho domcstic circlc of tho fugitive,
auu stui moro so wncn siio ossurcit ium, in a
inannt'r too sincero and innocont to Icavo room
for a doubt, that shc liadbccu lcgallv marricd to
tho person with whoni sho was fouiul. ifot
troubling bimsclf, howovcr, nt tlio timo with uu
inquiry into the mnttcr, tho creditor nrrestcd his
debtor, and brought him to this city, whero bc
wna lodgcd in jnil. Uither tho Indy followed him,
and hcro tho circunistnnccs-wcro discloscd,wlucli
liavc doomcd n puro young crenturc to n inoucn
hcnrt, and will probably tcrminato iu her carly
dcath, or a hlo morc borrililc thau thc gravc.
From tho infornmtion wo hnvo recoivcd nnd
it is furnishcd us on ur.qucstifiimblo nuihority
it nppcars tnat im. a. j . tno lauy ot wiiom wo
hnvcspokcn, was nn inmato ofa boarding school
nt Lcwiston, wbcro sho bccemo acquainted with
tlio man to whomshc was aftcrwards m:irricd.
Sbc was nn orphnn, nnd it is said inhcritcd a
largo fortunp, whiclj was undcr tho caro of aji
unclo, bcrguardian. Dclicately bred, nnd i"iio-
rant oftho worlil, it isnota causc ol wonder that
hcr lochngs werc strongly tincturcd with ro
inanco. Shc was youny, too only sixtccn and
in nddition to extraordinarv benuty, posscsscd ol
cvery accomplishincnt of intcllcct and cducation
Tho villain who d'jlinlod bcr was introduccd to
hcr rclativcs as a gontieman of stnnding nnd rc-
spectnhiliiy, nnd by his personal graces and con-
siiintnato tnct was wcll calculntcd to wm thc at
lcctions of nn incxpericnccd nno unsuspccting
ynablc to nccomplish his objcct by any other
mcans, ho proposed marriago, and contrary to
tno carncst romonstrances ot hor unclo and
fricnds, she listcueil to biscntreaties, nnd finally
eiopcd with tho lasoinating strangcr, to whc
sho wns marricd in Detroit. It was not until hcr
nrrivnl in this city that sho discovcrcd thc fatal
secret of hcr hushand's formcr marriagc. Th
person who gavo her tho infornmtion. statcs that
ho ncvcr bobcld a moro hcart-rendiii'' scenc.
The conviction that sho had bcen dupcd by him
upon whom sho had placcd hcr ficurt's ricbcst
aflcclions, wiih whom but n momcnt bcforo, sho
had exprcsscd her willingncss to dio in a prison,
tojicthcr with thctboujibt thnt she wns not his
wifc, produccd nn nltcrnnto strugglo bctwecn
prido nnd lovc, such ns cnn only bc undcrstood
oy tnoso who hnvo lonrncd its liorrors by cxpcri
cncc. Nnturc, cvcr kiud to its tenderest flowers,
Icft Miss J. long insonsiblu to hcr fate. Anothcr,
nnd pcrhnps little lcss bittcr nflliction, was iu rc-
scrvc. 1 ho unprinciplcd villain Iiau circulattd
far and widc a roport thnt thoy had nover bcen
married. and that sho was onlv ono oftho inanv
whoso lovo ho had won without thc ccrcmony of
a icgai union. 1 lnsstory loo, rcNChcd hcr oars,
and tho conviction of its truth gavo nnothcr nnd
decpcr pnug to hcr wounded spirit.
Ior liun she had givcn up all tho ltomo of
hcr fathcrs, tho associates ofhcr cbildhood, thc
fricnds sho lovcd, nnd hovv had tho wcalih ofhcr
hctut bcen ropaid? IIc, for whom all hnd bcen
s:icrifiocd, dctcrmincd on n still ftirther sacrifico
of hcr onlv romninin treasurc her cood nanu
and by a pitiful and malicious falsehood, cndoav
orcd to c'omplctc tho ruin' his nrts and wickcd-
ncss hnd devised.
In thc mcnn timo, thc nuthor of hcr sorrows
and discrncc, Imvinu nrocurcd his libcrntion from
prison, has gouc, wo know not w hitlier, and cs-
capcd for a whilo tho conscqucnces of his of-
lencc. liut thnugb thc law, tardy nnd uttcrly
impotcnt as it is m mattcrs of this kind, may bc
incfTcctual to inflict upon such n being tlio pun
ishrncnt his crinics demnnd, thcro is va nvonger
m bis own conscience. if thcro is ono snark of
humanity yct lel'r, which sooncr or lator mtist a
wnrd him a retribution moro fearful tban any
liuman tribunal can disriense.
rtliss J. contrary to the orders of Ifcr nhysicinn.
who cousidered hcr removnl. in tho nrcscnt stnte
ofhcr ficnltb hnznrdous, has rcturiKid to hcr home
in Cantida. Poor girl ! If sympathy cnn hcal
tho wounds oftho spirit, no honcst hcart will
efuso her thc balrn of it3 pitv and compnssion.
Cleveland Ohio) Jltvcrliser.
5, BSJB7.
From the. Mclropolitan.
landino of the nniTisii aujiy in eovpt.
On tho 8th of March 1801
. .. . . . ... iu uiw uiutil-
ing, nll tho boats of tho Uritisli fleot undcr Vico
Aduural Lord Koith wero assembleil iu n triplo
line, oxtendinff about
distanco from thcir intended plnco of dcbarTta
tion, bcmg that part oftho snndy shoro of Africa
called Eypt. and in tho Rnv nf At,ir;a ....
shonls nearto the placo celchratcd for givinjr birth
to u.teopatra. 1 ho ccntm linn. I'nmnnri n,a
and Inunches, woro crowdcd to cxcess with the
llowor ol tho ljritish nrniy ; thcse wero towcd by
W?,m' t.Voveinr. V ,W'.". 1 " jolly-boats
Dlcd. Thcy wero drawn ..r"''..1.1.' "ssiat tho. dis.i-
jirtion, thc cniitnins of divisions iu front, .vhilotho
Iloncrablo A. Cochrane, who comniandcd, was
considcrablo in ndvance, with St. Goorgo's flng
lisplayed ; his bargc led tho whnlo of tle triplo
incs. Opposite, and iinniedintcly in front luy
tho Frcnch nriny, on sand Inlls, whosc ridges
wero strongly fortifted with heavy )ieccs of ord
nuncc, whilo hcrc nnd thcro bctwecn tho hills,
pccpcd out tho flying nrtillcry, nnd tho cnvnlry
showed in nunibcrs bctwecn nmsscs ot infantry,
that lookcd Hitfilcii'utly nnniorous tolinvc devour
cd oursmall but hcroic band. Qu thcir Icft, lay
Abo'jkicr (now Nelson's) island, strongly fortificd
with inortars. Tho srcno was beautifnl nnd im
posing, the line ofhnttlc ships lay in tho distaut
pcrspcctiyc, with thn botnbs, sloops nnd troop-
shis on shoro; tho sun shono with grcnt splcn-
dor, and its hcrco rays shot down on our troops
with uitensc heat. The hgbt breczo that gcntly
ripplcd the plnccd;waters, wasjust sufTicient to
gaily wnlt tho vanous flngs and colors tbnt dcco
rnted and distinguisbcd our dilTi'rent ('ivisions,
whilo thc heavy creaccnt of thc Turks lay lor
mant to its stafK
Thc signal is thrown out to advancc luisurelv,
but to kccp stnctly in line till undcr firu, nnd theu
use cvcry cxertion to Innd tho Iroops. Fountnin
of mercy nnd lovo ! that this splendid nnd bright
sccno of naturc'ri subliinity should bo uinned nnd
totally defiiccd by man ! Wbat answcr shoulil
bc given to thc qubstion of the Etcrnal, "IIan,
why sbcddest tbou thy brother's blooiP" Alns,
nlas! thc wbolcsalc slau'ghter of that dny ! All
that inilitary skill could ofTr.ct in making tho in
tended placc of our debarkation invulncrablc, hnd
bcen donc by tho Frenoh Govcrnor of Alexan
Irin : and for eight days hnd wc, by our prescnco
in tbis bny, givcn iiiin duo notico of our iiuen
lion. 'IVhiscoinninnder in chicf, Qencrnl Menou,
bc wrotc, "thnt nothing with life coujd bo thrown
on his shorcs but a cat;'' in fact bc hnd rendercd
tho bcach iniprcgn.'ihlc ; und so it was to nll but
tho stcady valor of Jlritish bands. Inmgini', fair
roadcr! (it any of thc lovchest part of God s crca
tion honor ino so far.) imuginc ten tliousnnd of
EuglaiKi'.s hanlysons, fidl of life and vigor, rusb
ing ipto au uut'qunl coutost llmt in tho spacc of
ono hour woniil decimatc thcm. Ilark! thc first
sholl from Nelson's island ; tho roar, thc whistlc,
tho cxlosion nmong tho boats, nnswercd by thc
heart-stirring chccis of thc Jbitish lines. " Vho
heavy nrtillcry from thc ridgo of sniul hills in front
opcn thcir iron throats on thc dcvotcd boats.
"Givoway forc and nft," is fthn rcspondcnt cry
to thc shrieks oftho wounded, tho heavy groans
of the dying, and tho gurgling sounds nf tho
drowning. Gaps aro scon in our line, nnd thc
bravo soldicr struggling in tho water, cncum
bercd by his npcoutromcnts ; bis ammunition,
his thrco days provision nnd watcr, mvo Ium
no chanco of noatingtill tho liglit boats cau grasp
Ium. iow thcir flying nrullerv. with thcir
long train of horscs gallop to tho boach, and
opcn thcir brazcn mouths on our still advancing
boats. Thnt vcnernblo nnd vctcrnn son of war
oir Rnlph Abercrombio, comniandcr in-chicf,
in tho Kent's l)argc, movmg in thc rcar, now do
sircd tho hcutcnaiu of-tho boiu to pnss through
tno gaps in our hnc, nnd plncc Ium in front ofiiu
firc. "lcommand you, sir," said thc vctcran
"my personal safety is nothing comparcd with
tho disgracc of tho boats turnins back. Exnmnlo
is nccdful in this trcincndous firo, yliich excccdg
all I ovcr saw. Oh, God ! thoy wavcr onwa rdj
oravo untons: onwaril ! ' I lns npparcnt waver
ing wns occnsioncd by a sholl sinking a fl it boal
with sixty soldiers.in hcr, and by tho rush of
sinallcr oncato pick up the sinking soldicrv. Tho
hcutcnant in command of thc bargc rcspectfully
said, he had thc orders of Sir Richard Mickcrton
not to oxposo tho general in chicf unnccossarily
to tho firc, or Innd him till tho second division
wero on shore. Xho JJritish Imes closing, to
covor thcir hcnvy losscs, rapidly aqiroached tho
landing placo.
Tho Frcnch infantry iu hcnvy masses now
lincd tlio bcach. and the roar of nuiskctry was
incint and trcmendous. Sir Rnlph in groat
agitation, ngnin ordcrcd tho ofliccr to juit his
bnat in front of thc triplo line, nnd was ans.vcrcd
by that ofneor rcspectfully dctlnring that "bc
would obey tho orders of his ndinirnl nlonc."
Thc old gencral mndo an nbortivo attcmpt to
jntnp overbnard, snying, "Without somc striking
cxnmplc, humnn naturo could not faco sunh a
firc ;" and imlccd tho sea wns ploughcd and
strnngcly ngitated by the innuincrablo balls tbnt
splnshcd nmong tho boats, somctirncs biding thcm
nltogethcr by tho spray thoy crcatcil, This was
a inost painful sfcnc even for aspcctator; our
fricnds niowed down liko corn bcforctho rcnpor.
liut now u chango cotnos over it. A hcart stir
ring checr is givcn on tho prows t'uiching the
bonch : tho soldiciv, hoartily tircd of being shot
at liko rocks, spring frutn tho boats with groat
alncrity; thnt oflectivo instrumcnt, tho bayoncl,
is ar.tivcly nt work on both sides. Our 'brnve
soldiers in landing, juniped on the French tmis
kcts. for thc bcach was lirmlv disnutcd. but thn'
homo thrusts of tho norvous Uritisli nmi. nnd
thcir dauutless hcarts, drovc back thc French
mcn, who, in rogainiii'r thcir nosition. o jencd for
thcircavalry to ohargn our line, then formod.nnd
for thc first timo thnt dny loadcd thoir muskcts.
If was nn anxious moinont for ns, who wero
spcctators, to seo thn floet Arnbian horscs njoviiig
iu n whirhvind of snnd, upon our bnlf-formcrl
rogiments. Onward thev cmnc. liko tbo libt.
niug's flnsh. "Sare," said Lord Koith. fin his
own broad Scottisb acccnt,) to :hc artillcry ofiiccr
of 'tho bomb-ship he wns in, lying ns closo in
shoro ns tho shoal wator would noi init. "xpnvri
thoso incarnato dovils nnu o' your lnrgcst shnlls."
Tho ox)losion, iu swcoping tho Fronch com
manding ofiioor and numcrous others to thcir
grcat account, cnusedn haltund parliul confusion
nmong tnen
VOjL. ff. IV. ss.
Ihe coolund detormined front prescntod bv
tho rorty-sccond, might. in soitu mcasuro, hnvb
crentci dclny in their ftirious chnrgc. The mn
jority drosy up, nnd tho woll .dircctcd vollcv- of
thosccond and third rnnksof our lino over tho
front ono, kncolmg to receivo tho horscs oftho
cncmy on thcir hnyonets, mndo thcm vvhocl n-
...juk.im, rmrogrniio in qiuck timo, whilo
'J I'oioosiy nnu rashly rodo in on
our troops.
iunii inid norec disappcare( n tbn
an cyo,nml thowholo line heard the oheeHng
oidors, "Clmrgo hnyonets ndvnnco in dotiblo
qniclt timo !"
Thcsc wero reccived wiib 1
I . "'j'i'illinll
v.'ll!!!':! "M,,"-cn-L,..?.,3!!II,i-!.,iS..i.,s!wniini
ccr in front, wnving his mcn onwnrd witli his
Imt; up tbo snndy hills thoy rushcil, looKing to
rne liko a hcnvv wnvo rollin'run a sandv bcach. t
The Frcnch forccs appcarcd astoundcd, dismay-''
cd, and dishcartcned; and thcir want ot tfiat
stendy, persovcring nnd indamjtnhlo spirit that
ncryo.s tho bravc man to cncounter misfortunc
to tho Inst, wns now obscrvnblo in thcir retrcnt.
l hey Ieltt somo of thcir ficld picccs in our hnnns,
which provcd most valuable, as they scrvcd to
freshcn up nnd acccleratc tho spced of thoir rear
runrd. ,Our forccs took possession of their first
line of dofcncc, nnd bivouackcd on it for tho
night. In no cvent, in this ovcntful wnrofu
quarter of u ccntury. did tho finc qunlity ql'oiu'
soldiers apd snilors display itsolf in brigliter colr
ors tban during the landing in Egypt on thc 8th
of March, 1801.
Joiin Q,uincy Adams. Tho Ociober numbcr
of thc "Democrntio Rcviow," published nt Wash
ington, coniuins somo very interesting " Glnnccs
at Congrcss," in which sevcrnl oftho promincnt
mcnibers nro described iu n'grapbic nnd sotne-
what iinpartinl manncr. TticJ following sketcl:
of that cxtraordinnry man, Joiin Q,uincv Adams,
will bc rcad with niuch intercst :
"Our attcntion is now attrncted to n ray of light
thnt glittors on the apex of a hald and noblo hcad,
"locatcd on thc Icft of thc Mouse, in tlio ncighbor
hood of the Spcakcr's Cbair. It prooecds from
thnttwondorful mnn who in his person combjnes
tbo ngitotor, poet, philosophcr, statcsman, crilic,
anil orator Joiin Quincy Apams. Thero lin
sits honr after hour, dny nfter dny, with untiring
patieucc, ncvcr id)aent Iroin his scat,ncver voting
for nn ndjournment, vigilant ns tho mostjenlous
mcinber of tho IIousc, his, enr evcr pn thc nlcrt,
always prepared to go at onco into thc most pro
found quostions of statc, or tho minutcst points of
ordor. Wu look nt him nnd mnrk his cold nnd
learful cye, his stcrn nnd abstractcd gaze, nnd
conjuro up pbantoins of other secnes. Wc loolc
npou n moro tban King,who hns filled every
dcpartmcntoflionqr ui bis native land, still athis
post; ho who was tho Prcsident of miliions now
the reprcspntalivc of forty odd thousandsj quar
relling about trifles or advocating high priuciplcs:
to-day growling and snccring nt tlio llouso
with au abnlitiou potition in bis tro'iibling band,
and anon lording it ovcr thc pnssions, nnd Insbing
tho mcnibers into thc wildest statc of onthusinsm
by bis indignant cmpbatic olnquence. Alone,
unspokcq to, unconsultcd, ncvcr consulting with
qthers, be sitsapart, wrapped ih his reverfcs', ot:
irobubly ho is writing, his ahnost perpetunl cm
ployment. lio looks cnfeebled, but yct hc is
ncvcr tircd; worn out, but ovcrrcady for combat;
inclancholy, but lot n witty thing fall from nny
mcinber, nnd that old mnn'.s I'ace is wrcathed in
sniiles. Ilo appoars passive, but woo to tho uiH
forlnnatc nicmber tfiat hazards an nrrow nt him
the eaglo is not swiftcr in its flight than Iifr
Adams; with his fingcrs quiverin'g in sarcastic
gesticulation, hc scizes upon bis foc, nnd, amid
thc aniusomcnt oftho llouss rnrely fails to tako
a signaj vcngancc . His storcs of Unowledgc cn '
cvery subject, garncredu) :u thc coursuof lu's cx;
traordinarylil'c.in thc wcll arranged storo house of
a momory which is said ;;aver to havo prcmittcd
asinglo fact to oscapo it, givo hitn ti great a(yaiHT
ngc ovcr rill others in cncountcrs of this kind. tio
is-a woiiderful, cccentric gcnius. Ilo belongsto
no party, nordocs nny party helong to him. Ho
is of too cold n nnturc to bo long a party lcadcr.
Ilo is original, of vcry pcculiar idcas, nnd perfcct
ly fcarless and indep.cndcnt in cxjircssing atitl
maintaining thcm. His nmnner of speaking is
pcculiar, ho rises abruptly, his faco reddcnsi
and in a inomcnt.tlirowing himsolf into tho atti
tudc of a vctcran gladiator, ho proparcs for th'o
attack ; thcn he becomea fnll of gesticulation,
his body swnys to atnl fro, sclf command seems.
lost, his hcad is bent forwnrd in his cnrncstn'css
till it somotimcs touchcs tho lcsk; bis voico frc
qucntly brcaks, but hc pursuos bis subject through
all its boarings nothing daunts bim thc Houso
mny riug with cries of ordcr ordcr! unmoved
contcniptnous ho stands aniid tho tempest,
and liko an oak that knows itsgnarlcd nnd k'not
ted strcngth, strctchcs his nrm fortb nnd defics
tho blast."'
GfoIjOoy and Relioion. Rlr FJopkinson, at
English gcntlcinan of much scicnti'fic knoVvledgc,
in a pnpcr upon thc refrigernti()ncf uYd cnrth,
pretlictcd thrcc diflorcnt statcs which "t)ib cnrtli
misrht hnvo originnlly bcen in or rotlicr cobt'-,
cd in, takingitfor grantcd that it was originnlly
a heatcd and tliiid mass. Ilo snid that from
thoso pnrtions of thc crust thnt we linvc bcen a
hlo toobsorvc, and froiii'lhc intcinid construction
of thcso nmsscs whiclj hayo bcen 'cxn'mjnud, wo
aro lcd to tho posilivc conclusion that' such hns
bcen tho fact, and nro dnily in thc babit of wit
ncssing phcnninona that cannot bo occbunted for
on any othor conclusion. This thcory, hd ro
mnrked, wns rciectcd bv mnuv bccausc, as thcy
nssrted, it did noCitgreo with thc Mosnic account
oftho crcntion; but to such persons ho w'ould
iy, that this account is only to bo tnken iis ro-
gards man, nnd not as regards tho nctiial hgo of
thc oarth. There wero somo w'io mado n bnd
uso of tho truths which geology mado manilcst,
rind mndo it a peg to hang their irrcligion on;
but theso ti-ui lis"liI not mako tho philosophcr ir
rcligions, but, on thn contrary, inndo his religiop
rcst on n firmcr basis. 'Mercanlile Journal.
Nn. Joiin ltnndnlpli in ono of his lcttcrs "to a
yomig rolntivo snys: " I knnw nothing tlmt I nm so
misious you should ncqtiiro.n') tho fiibulty ofsaying
nn. ronmust cn.icnlnto ou unrcnsnniiblo roquostfl
noing proiorrcil to you ovory ony nt ,
f ,rnur lifn-, arif
lOh fnc'dily a'j ynn
mns oniiuavfiur 10 tiewi witli ns iiitioi

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