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TJUIMS Tnr. CAr.r.uoNiAN will bo publiHhod
iveokly nt $2,00 por unnum, or nt $1,50 ii' paicl in
advnnco. If pnymont ia mndo witbin six montlis
from thc iimo o anbscribing it will bo consiilorcil
ns advnnco puy. No pnpcr will bo disconlinucd
until all arronragos nro paid, oxcopt at tlio option of
tho pnblislior.
0Advcrtiscmonts will bo insorlcd for tllo ciih
toiiiary prices. Persons aro roquestcd to stalo tbo
numbcr of wcaks thoy wish tboir advertisomonts
published, otborwiRo thoy will bo insortcd till fur
bid nud churgud accordingly.
33. ti:kas, si.avjjiiv, &.o.
1. ' Iicsolvcd ly thc Sr.nute. and llousc of Rcprc
scntativcs, Tliai our Sunators in Congies.s lio in-structr-d,
and our RoprosoiHativoa rcnuo3tcd li)
nso thoir inlliionco iu tliat body to provonl lliu an
lioxntion of Tcxna to tlio Uuion.
2 Rcsolvcd, Tlint, rnprcscnting as wo do tlio
Pcoplo of Vermont, wo do, boreby, in thoir natro,
sor.KMSi.v ruoTiisT ngainst snclt nuucxntiou in
any form.
3. Rcsnlvcd, Tlint as llio Roprosontativcs of tho
Pcoplo of Vermont, wo dosolomnly protcst against
tbo admissinn into tliis Union, of any Sialo wbosu
constitntion toloratos domcstic slavcry.
'1. Rcsolvcd, Tbat Cotigross bavo full powor by
tho Constitntion, lo abolisb slavory and tho slavo
trndo in tho District of Colnmbia and in tbo Torri
torios of tbo Unitcd Slatos.
5. Rcsnlvcd, Tlint our Sonators in Congrcss bo
instructcd, and our Roprcscntivcs roquostou to prc
scnt thc foregoing (4loport and Rosolutions to tlieir
respoclivo Ilousoa m Congress, aud nso tboir itillu
cnco tocnrry tbo saino spoodily into ufloct.
34. ukvolutiokakt cj.ajms.
Wborcas, tbo existing laws of tbo United Statcs pro
bibit tbo grant'mg of ponsions to soldiors of tho
rcvolutiotiary atmy, nnlcss llicro eliall bo inado
jiroof of sorvico of six manlhs, at tbo loast ; and
wliercas it is bnlicvcd that inany mcrilorious men
uro,by sucb laws, doprivod of tliat pittauco wbicb
is justly tlicir duo ; Thoreforo,
Rcaolvcd by thc iicnntc and, llousc of Rcprcsai
tativcs, Tbat our Sutmtors in Congrnss bo instruotud
and our Roprcscnlnlivcs rcquestod.lo usn tboir o.
orlinns tor prncuring tho passago ol'alaw providing
for tbat clnss of old soldicrs now exduded by thc
laws in force.
Rcsolrcd by thc Scnatc and JIuiisc of Rcprcsetxla
livcs, Tbat our Sonators in Congrcss bo iiiHructcd
and our Ropresuntntivos bo roquestcd to nso thoir
infiiienco to procuro tbo passan of a bill utithoriz-
ing tbo paymont of tbo militia and voluntoers of
tins fetato tor tlicir scrvic.es rondonm prior lo, aiul
at, tbo hattlc of Plallsburgh, in tho Stato of Now
Yorkjduring tbo lato war wi.b Grcat Britain.
Rcsolvcd by thc Stnutc and Ilavsc of Rcprcscnla
tivcs, Tbat thc Govnrnor of llih Stato b rcquoslod
lo appoint soino suitablo porson to invostigato tho
f'lcts and ascoriain wholiicr tbis Statc bas a just
claim upon tbo "ovprmnout of tho Uuitcd Statcs for
xponses inciirrcd dnring tho rovolutionary war;
aud if, in tho opinion of tho Govcrnor, tho liilcrcst
f this iiuto rcqiiires it, to prosont suuh oltairi to
( 'ongrcss.
37 rr.AKKiSG rnivn.r.cr..
Rcsnlvcd hy thc Sinulc and Hausc of Rcprcscnta
tir.es, Tliat tlui n-n n tc in;c prlvilego sliould bo oxionded
to tbo Govt'rnors of tbo sovoral Statcs.
Rcsnlvcd, Thal Uis nsccllcnoy tlio Go-ornor bo
vrqiioMtod to liani'niit a copy of tliuse rG.soliitions to
tbo Govenmrs of tbo (U!oral Siatos, and also to oui
Sonators aud Itcprosonlativos in Congress.
38. statc rnisox.
Rcsolvcd by thc Scnttlc and llomoof llcpxcscnla
ticcs, Tliat Kobort I'iorpoint, Kont vVngbt. und
fowall Fullam, jr., he appointod n pommitton wlioso
duty it. b.ill bo, botvvcfn tbo rloso of thc proi-'onl
ficssiou and tho first day of Dccuinbi'r noxt, to sottlo
with tbo Iloii.'.lobn II. Cot'on, Supcrintondiiiit of
t'lo Slato I'rison, nnriiniso tlic nroiii'.rty now at saul
i'rison, bclon;in2 lo llio Stato, and dolivor to llio
Supciiiitciidoiii I'loot tho booUs and pnpors Ucpt al
said i'rison fnr iho us-o of tho Stato, lootbcr witb
paid 'propcrty ; also, in tbo moiiih of Si'ptonilnjr
uoxt, lo vibit llio pnson ."iid cxaninu! tlio Roiiiulion
l tho saino sottlo with llio fcMipcnntcnuont, ap
praiso all tbo propoily llion and tbcro rcmaining
iiusold, and mako rupori ol tncir doiugs nt tlio Uc
tobcr scssion ol tlio Liegislaturo, A.D. IfaJb.
Rcsolvcd by thc Scnalr. and llousc of Rcirr.scntn
tircs, That tbo cominissionors appointod under tho
,nct for thobcnefitof thc dcal and dunib, ho diroctod,
in tboir ditscrelion, to cxtond llio timo of thc bono
liciarics of this Stato, at tho Amorican Asyluni, tc
,tbo torin of iivc yoaiv.
40. niSTinnuTio.v or statutt.s.
Rcsolvcd by thc Scnata and llousc of Rc.prcsaita
Jivcs, That llio Sccrotary of Stato bo dircctod lo dc
livcr to roprcsoHtatives of stich tows as liavo not
roccived tboir proportion of thc sonond volutno of
,tbo laws of M& Statc, tlieir proportion of sucb laws.
Si:cnr.TAnv or Statk's Ornci:,
Montpelier, jYob. 10, 1837. J
I hcreby ccrtify tbat tho forogoing forty chaptors
nro truo eopics of tho arts and rcsolulions of a pub
Jio kind, passod by tbo JjCgislaturo of tliis Slaio at
thoir scssion in Octobcr and Novornbcr, A.D. 1K37,
ns appcars by tho filcs in this oCico.
Cuauncky L. Knait, Scc. of Statc.
The first PltlNTF.D Eiiji.k. Thc OlllTlCSt
hook, propcrly so cnllad ,is now gencrally holiovod
to bo tho Latin Liibln, commonly cnllcd tho Ma
zarin Hihlo, n cojy linving becn fotind ubout tho
middlo of tlio lust ccntmy, in.Cnrdinul Mnzarin's
Lihrary nt Paris. It is roniurkiiblo that its cxist
cnoo wns iinknown boforo ; for it can hardly ho
callcd n hook of very grent sciucity, nonrly
twcnty copics boing in difiercnt librnries hnlf of
tlicm in thoso of privnto persons iu Englnnd.
No datc nppcnvs in thia Biblo, nud sotnc hnvo
rcforrod its pttblicntion to 1452, or ovcn to 14o0,
wlnclifuw pcrhnpsat prcscnt maintnin ; white
othcrs liavo thotight the veur 1455, inorc probn
blo. In n copy belonging to thc Royal Lihrary nt
Paris. nn cntry is inndc, importing thnt it wns
oomplotcd in binding and illtttninnting nt Montz
on tho fcnst of tho Asstiinption, (Atig. 15) 145G.
Rut Trithotnius, in llio pnssngo nbovo quotcd,
socnis to intitnatc, that np book lind boen printcd
in 1452; and consiJcring tho lapsc of tiuio that
would nattirajjy boomploycd in sucb an itndor
tnking dnring thc infancy of tho nrt, nnd that wo
liavo no othcr printcd book of tho lenst itnpor
tcnce lo fili up theintervnllill 1457 nnd that, also,
dint tho binding and illuriiinating thc nbovo tncn
bonod copy is likcly to huvo followcd tlic pnbli-
cation ntno sxretit loimtli of timo. wo miiy not orr
in plncintf itts nppnnniiico iu tho yonr wlucli
will Kconro ita liithoito iiniinponoliocl piiority in
tlio rcconls of bililiogrnphy. It is ti stiiking
oircuinsliinco, tlint tho liigh 'niindod invontois of
this grcat nrt tried nt tlio very ontFot fo hold u
flight ns tho printing of iin ontirc hihlc, nml oxo
cntcd it witli nstoni.shinfj successs. Jt wns IM i -norvu
loapingon eni'tli iu hor divino strcngt h nud
raidnnt iirnioi', rcndynt thc momont oflior nntiv
ity to stilultio tmd dcstroy hor eiioinicn. Tho
Aliixarin Bihlc ia juintod, somo on Vellutn, sonio
on pnpur of choico qimlity. with mroiifr, hlaok-,
and tolorably linndsomo chnrnetiMi1, but with
soino wnnt of'miifonnity, whioh htis lotl pmhaps
iinrciisoniihly, to douht whothor thii.v woro east
in a matrix. Wo inny scc in imtiginiitjon this
vencrablo and splondid volutno Ipndiii"; up tho
orowcd uiyriiids of its followors, and iniplpiiug,
ns it wero a hlcssiug ou tho now" nrt, ly dcdich
ting ita first fruits to tho servico of honvcn.
Hallaih s Inirounclion.
From JBuckingliam's Lcclvrcs.
First in importanco tunong tho indiidiinl
foaturcs of this country Lobanon Descrvos our
attention, rising to thc nhitude of 10,d00 foot a
bovo tho lovol of tlic soa. Its toworing stinmiit
is covcfcd witb ctcrnnl snow ; cnscalles nnd vu
tcifulls nro spaiklinc on evcrv sido. nnd dulitrlit-
ful odors nro sont 'orth in dolicious profusions ;
whilo dnrk nnd torriblo ravines eatiso tbo ideu ol
terrifio grandeur to bo minglcd with thc softncss
nnd bcnuty of ninny of its fenturcs. Inpointof
niagnilicciicc, tbo nioiuitniii inny bo comparod
wuii uu; j luiiiuuioii, wtiuu in piciiuesquo. soouo
ry it is tinsnrpnsscd by cvcn tlie roniantic rogions
of Switzorland. Tbis tnouutain was thcdclight
of King Solomon, nnd bas bocn trcatod nf by
iiiiii iu li it- oaiiuoios iiuiior cvor' varioiy ot cn
dcnring opitbct. llottudicd tho various plnnts,
anil trocs, nnd shrubs, witb whicb it wns cover
cd in alniost iufinito vnvicty, froni tbo Ptatcly
ccdnr, to thc hyssop tbat grows on thc wnll. At
thc foot of tho moiintnin, tlu: oliinatc nnd produc
tious conipnro with thosc of conntries nenr tho
tropics, tho thomometcr nvcniiia 100 dnirrccsin
thc rnonth of July. As yoti .'iscond tbo first
tbotisnnd foot yoti nnivo at tho region of Groetio
and Italy, and" tbo sotitli of Fianco. Tbo noxt
thoiiynnd feot brings us lo tho clinmtc und pro-
(iiicuuiis oi uoiguini, niui iioimnti, nim llio north
of Franoo. Auotbcr nsci'tit of cqtinl distnnco,
and wo ntrivo nt tbo tompcraturo of England ;
whilo wo inay still arrivo, at auotbcr sttidc, with
in tbo bloak and drcnry n-gions of Novn Zoni
bla ; llius piosoming ovory vnrioty of cliniato nnd
piodiiction, witbin tbccompnss oVn singlo moiin
tnin. 5IOUNT llEUltn.V.
Still loftior thnn Lcbnnon, this moiintnin rears
its .siimniit 11,500 fcctin tbo uiivsoaiintr farabovo
tho clotids. ilorc wo tind thc spriug nnd nu-
iiimnal scnsonsj)fjnoistiirc known tis tiio.f.oily
and thc lattor rnin." Vinio tttuat. concmm oaw-
tintio, thc ntinoaranoo of tbo country is lovoly in
tbo cxtrcmc, vogctation cxubcrant, nnd tho wholo
prosDoot cnohanting ;but wbcn thcso seasons nro
siicoeodod by tho tiiuomittod rays of tiic sun, thc
country ol course lioeorncs ilry nml parclicd, anu
vcgotatioii btirnod up. Tho sacrud writors. par
ticularly thc Isulmi.-;t, frcqviiMilly alludo to thc
dcws on Mount Morinon, nnd to thcin thoy coui
narc tbo mcrcv of God ; nnd uo cotnparison condl
bo inorc bcnuiiful, nnd nt thc samc timo moro
stnctly truo ; for, utihku Uu1 otlior dc.vs wnicn
nro ooontiionnlly oxhnlod, tbo dcws of Ilcnnon
aro ncrnctiiiil ; nnd in tbis viow liko tho moroy
of'Goil, whicb cndurotb forcvcr. Tho occasion
of this plicnomonon is tbis: Tbo Scnof Tibcri
ni!, whicb is ubout 50 milos tlistnnt, sonds f'ortb
a oontintious vnjior, whicb is waftcd :u clouds
iiorthwanl, by thc constant south wind, and coin
ing in eoiitact witb tbo snow-crowncd surnniit of
tho itionntain, is condcuscd, and fiows down its
sidcs in parpotual supplics of moislurc.
Tlio asccnt to thc summit of tbis iiiountaiii is
extrcmcly toilsonio, it buing poculiarly stoop and
diflictilt of ncccss. Thc appcaiunoo is moro that
of nn nilifioinl towcr thnn n nnturnl moiintnin.
Tho toj) is only to bo gainod by n spiral zig zag
oourao ; but whcn arrivod tlicir, tbo vicw is pcr
linps the inofn ciichiintiiig that tho cyc of niortal
evor ga'..!(l upon ;and tho moro cspccinlly so,
whcn tbo doligbtful nnd )(:ciiliur u.ssociations
which tlic sccnos aro caloulatod to proiluco aro
takon into tlio nccount. On tbo nortli-cast, nt n
distnncc of 15 or20 milos, lios tho Son of Galilcc,
n qtiict nnd cnlm shectof wntcr jnfFording u grntc
fnl rcliuf to tho sconcry around nnd in the dis
tanco, INlounts Ebal, und Gerizim, nnd Gilcnd,
rear tlicir sumrnits; whilo on tho east, thc lovoly
vnllcy of tho Joruon, with tho rivcr liko n silver
throud winding its wny nmid its bnnks;totho
south east, tbts cyc stretolios ovcr thu lake of
Sodom and Gomorrnh, nnd thc inountnins of IWo
abnnd Auunoii ; whilo on tlic southern sido rise
thc hills of'.ludca, with tho city of Jorusalom, tho
grcat plain of Esdrillon.and tbo bead of iMount
Carincl ; in nnotbor dircction cxtond tbo rango of
hills at tho foot ot whicb stood thc villagoof Na
in, whcre tho widow's son wns ro.s.torcd, nnd nlso
thc tnrvcrn in wbicb dwclt tho Witcb of Endor.
On tbo north, stands Cann of Galilcc, wbcrc
thcfSavior perlornicd bis first miraclc, by ohati
gipg wntcr into winc ; nnd througb n bcnd or dip
of tbo hills, tho cyo cnn cntch n glitnpso of'thc
iWcditorrnnenn. Wbntn lovcly prospoct! Ilow
ricbly groupcd thc vnrying scenns ofhill nnd
dnlc, moiintnin nnd rivcr, Inke nud sca, uiicicnt
city and modern setileiwnts ! And thon thc rcc
olloctions associatcd thercwith wbat crowds of
iduns miist rtisb upon tho inind, whon standing
in vicw of so mnny sitcs replcto witb intercst !
Mr. Uuckinghum romarkcd, thnt u ccrtaiu
philosopbcr bas rcmarUod, thnt timo ought not
to be mcasured by days and bours, but by the
idens which puss through tho mind. If so, said
ho, I livod n ycnr witbin tho fow hours, that I
spclit upon this mouutuin; nud 1 mournod, thnt
tho sun wns doclining bcbind tho wcstcrn hills,
tbat tho day cotild not bc lcngtbciicd ont
Unlikc thc othcr mountaitis whicli surronnd
jt, iMount Carmcl is dcstitudo of trcc., but is rc
marknblo for thc ricbnossaiul varicty ofits iienths
and fiowcrs. Its sidcs nro coverod witb n ric.b
oarpet of green verduro,. nnd thc plnin of Slsiron
joins it nt thc bnsc, whcro thc lovely liosc of
bbaron, nnd bcautiful Lily of the v.illcy, grow
in rich profusion.
Ibosotwo mountains prosoTt an oxtro moly
(llVOrSQ tll)ll(!Urilll(!0 I Sinn'i linln.r lv,,,., r,,, .,,!
y, and dostituto ofvorduro, wjijlo tbo Mount of
Y'mi: is romariiuiiiy iicntitilul nnd luxuriunt; but
the wirjrod associations, of which notico will horo
u tor bo taken," rcndcr tbcm peculiarly rcinarka
blo in thcViowoftbo Christian travollor. IVIotinta
ubul tltld .Gtirizim ovnrlinmr ll.i. ..')..
ncar to wbicb aro tbo plnins Mamro, tbo oavo of
ni 1 1 .t t . I.. I 1.1. II .frt . .
iim uu. wou oi rsamarui, nt wlucli tho
oavior conversod witb ibo Rinniiiiirni
nnd is nt tio prcscnt day about in tbo snipo stato
rimt it t Iimm ivmo
8HA. OF G.VI.ILin:.
This shcet of wator is known iu vnrious wri--tings
nndor tbtoo difloroiit nanics: First, tliat
which is boro nbovo montioncd, i. c, tbo Son of
Gallloo, cnllcd "fcb from tho "fact of its wnvos
wushing thc shqros of thnt1 div'iion of tho Innd
qf Pnlosliue doiiominijtod Galilcc hli'd iu the
Scriptiiros this titlo, ns woll ns botb tbo otbors
hercnftcr to bo mciiiiqneil, aro givcn to it. It is
ugain cnllcd tho Son of Tibcriiw, bccnuso upon its
banks wns buildcd tbo city of Tiboriiis, dodicatod
to tbat Emporor by Ilorod its foundcr. Tbo
third numc by which it is,known is, tho Lake of
Genes'urotb, from tho tuwn of thnt nainc also up
on its shorcs. Tho oxtont of this Lake, or Son,
as it bas beon ternicd, is ub'onl !).iniles in Jcngth
nnd G in brcadth. Tho towu of'Tibcrius is now
tho only ono upon its sbo'rcs. Tlio nutural ap
poaranee of this lake is now much tlo snmo ns
iu tbo dnys of old ; but its nrtificiul nppcar
nncc is grcatly cbnngcd ; for dihough in
the dnys of Christ und bis nposilcs, tho faco of
thc wbolc wator wns nlniostconstiuilly onlivencd
by bonts, nnd sbips nnd vnrious cntft, it is now
dcscrlud nud forsnkcn nnd lifc, and animation,
nnd entorprisc,sccni to bavo f'.cd froin its shorcs..
Civil dcspotism nnd rcligiuus intoloruiico hnvo
dono inucli to lay wastotbo land, and rbb it of its
fornior bcnuty nnd fcrtility.
This nntablo strcniii,cclobrutcd no lcss forbcing
thc sceno if Christ's baptism thnn tho passago of
tllo childron of Isrnol, in lbrincr days, goes out
from thc Sca of Galiloo nt its southern extrumitv,
nnd cmpiics into tho Red Son. Thougb by no
incniis ovcn a considcrublc strutuu whon viowcd
indcpondontly, still wbcn considorcd ns tbo lnrg
cst rivcr in thc land of Pnlcstino, its importanco
bccomcs niorc apparont. Its longtb is 100 milcs.
Itssourccs aro aliout Ci:saren,nnd formcd by tho
combinution of scvcral little Tbo narrow-
noss of tbestrcam nnd shallowncss ofits watcrs,
(it bcing gencrally in a condilion to adinit of bo
ing furdcd,) bas givcn risc to tho inf'dcl objcriion
oftentiiues urgod, that tbo miraclo of the passagc
ovorJordau was in fuciiio miraclc tit tdl, bccausc
thc fcal wns no moro thnn iuight hnvo boen botb
cnsily nud nnttirnlly performod. liut tho sacrcil
Scriptiiros, which loavc nothing iincxplnincd that
would bc ealctilatcd to tuislond tho inquircr, sots
this point at rcst in thc parculhctic clniisc thrown
in by tbosacrcd historiiin, in giving bis nccount
or -i nw nnrnnntrrrs nnntrroiTcu. aji)snrm - says,
lil. Jr.) " For Jordan ovciflowctb all bis baiiks
all tho timo of harvost." Thtis saying, ihat ul-
tbough tbis rivcr inay in ordinnry timcs bo fordcd,
still nt tbis jnncttiro tho wntcrs worc in n swolloii
stutc,niHl forbado tboir pus?ngo without n mirncle.
tiic i.ios rnoir tiik swki.i.ino or jordan.
Tiio frcqucnt nllusion in tho Scriptiucs to tbis
oiicutnstanec, is brautiftilly cxplainod by tbo
fact, ns it is to bo f'oiind ovcn to tbis day.
Thc lion of Asin is frcqucntly to be met with ;
nnd without tho auimal is in a statc of hungcror
oxehoment, ono iuight pnss by hiui without fcar
or dangcr. Dur'uig thc hot soasons of tbo yoar,
tlio lions,as wcll ns otlior nnimnls, c.omo Irom thc
parchcd und nrid deseits to lavc in tbo cooling
wntnrs of tho Jordnn, nnd mako for thoinsclvcs
dwclling placcs along its banks. Ordinarily, tho
hon is n loosc, disjointed looking nniiunl, with
thc tuil rlragging nftcr bim, thc hcnd bcnt down
nnd ovcrslwulowcd by tbo dishoveled inuno, nml
goos along with nn nwkward, iirogulnr gait, very
unliko our idcas of iiis majcstic stridcs aud torri
blo appearnnco. Dut wlnm drivcn from bis rc
trcat by tbcswoUings of.Iordan, tbo lion becomes
uuotbcr crcaturc iu appcnrancc as woll as dnport
mcnt; for bis fury is nrousod with him, nnd bis
roarings mny bc bcnrd for milcs nroiind. Hc
lashcs bis sidcs with bis tnil, nndfiro flnshes from
bisoyo: bis hcnd stands ercct, und bis bristling
innno gives to hisnppcnrnnoe nTcarfiil nnd torrific
nspcct : thcn, litcrnlly, is tho expression full of
forcc, " Jjikc u lion from tlicswclling of.Iordan ; '
and to tbis fact inny bc nttributoubro tbo expres
sion of tbo npostlo Potor, whon hocompnrcs thc
Arch-Encmy of munkind tou "roaring lion.going
nbout sccking whom ho mny dovour;" for nt
sucb n timo tho lion, driven from his don, makos
n war upon wbatcvor living thing comos vithiu
bis rcnch. nn.vnsiiA.
Tho lake Asphulutelpor lake of Sodom nnd
Gomorrnh, or ns it is perhnps botter known by
tho nnmo of tbo Dend Soa, is iu o.tcnt'nbout 40
nrilos in lcngth bylO in brcadth. Thrcc scvcral
conjccturcs bave boen offorod in solution of this
nariit.': Tho first of which is, thnt it was dononi
inntcd thoDcnd Sca, bocntisc boncath itssluggish
wntcrs he thoguilty inbabitnnts of llio two devot
cd citics of Sodom nud Goniornih ; nnothcr clnss
of pcoplo think, thnt it hnd its origin in tho mo
tionlcss c,ondition of its wntcrs, which lie in dull,
innctivo sluggishnoss, only at linics prodncing a
boavy grounil swcll ; but tho third bolief is, that
tho nnmo was dorivcd from tho fact of no living
cicatures cvcr having becn fouiK1. in its wnters,
nnd likewiso thnt no birds of proy fly ovcr it,
ncithcr do quadrupcds rcsort to its banks to hatho
in its watcrs. To tho shorcs of the Sca of Galilcc
tho lion, lcopnrd, fox, camel, droiiicdary, buirilo,
Bhccp, gout, gazollo, nnd sbepheiil's dog, visit, to
cnjfiy its cooling wavcs; multitudcs of fish mny
bc scen sporting jn its watcrs, nnd ull bctokens
lifo and animation witbin.. Tho density of this
wntcr is tnuch grcntcr thnn nny othcr known,
being cotnplotcly saturntcd with rock salk, whicii
is foiind in grcat qunutitics upon its shorcs, und
bittimon, which forins its bcd ; und upon its stir
faco substanccs will switn which would iinrno
diatcly sink in nny othcr wntcr.
Balllc. Thero wns quitc n contcsthcro ycstcr
dny forcnoon bolween the Sun und Snow. At
ono timo cold chills ran ovcrus, wo bcing nppro
bcnsivo thnt tho lattcr would tiiumph ; indood,
forj n fow momonts, sucb wns iho thrcntcning
nnnearnuco of thc atmosphcrc, thnt wo wcre
shudderingly reniindcd of tho drcndful notcs of
prcpnrution tlint worc wont to ircccdo nn oia
fashxoned storm, sucb ns uscd to oc cotnmon iu
willtcr. ,,mhrn mp Imno " TlinnV I
j . w . . w . .Vw w,(u w rwj u 1 1 1 1 1 1 lllll Ullj
wo wcro sooii rclievod from our painlul siispcise
by the glorious orb of day, coming ofFcOnqticror,
and shining forth with its tisunl eplomlor, niost
ol tho uflornooii. As for tho snow, tbo little thnt
mmlo its nppeuninco, bcat a prccipituto rotrcnt,
nnd liko tho Floridiu encmy, is no whoro to bo
louiid. This coi tninly is a quizzical wintor; wo
trust thc sauie will not bo tho cuso with tho up
proiiohing spring und sumiuor, for sliould it, wc
shnll noti.lniein futuro to dcpcnd upon our nlmn
nao for tbo stato of tbo wontltcr. Proxndcncc
From the Doslon Jlllas.
Tbcro bas lately bocn printcd, by ordcrof tho
llousc of Reiirosentntivcs ofthe U. Stntes, n let
tor from tho Secrctiiry of tbo Troustiry, trniiHniit
ting, iit obedioiu.-.o to a rosolution of tbo Ilouse,
sonio vnluubleiiiforpiutionns to tbo prcscnt con
dition of tbo publid.domain.
It appcars from tiiis dociimcnt, thnt tho csti-
mnted quantity of public lands in cach Stato and
Territory, to wbicb tho Indian titlo has becn ox
... .ii. .ii
tingiiisbcd, is us follows:
liidiann, .
10,555 ,052
Tbis cstimnte docs not includo tho Cliicknsuw
lands jn North Mississ'ppi, nnd ccrlnin lands iu
Ohio, whii'h hnvo becn ceded, but wbicb aro to
bc sold fortbo bcncfit of tlio Iiidians.
ThoNtateinent docs not infurm us wbat is the
oxtent of'lands in thciibove Statcs and Tcrrito
riosto which tho Indiau titlo bas not becn oxiin
guishcd,but wo inay cstimato it about cighty-six
millions of acres, alniost tho wholo of which is
in tho nortboi ii part of .Miohigan and YVi.-uonsin;
nnd to a grcat part of whicb, according lo tbo
c.vistiug jiolicyof tho governinent, tho Indiuii ti
tlo will bo prescntly oxtinguisbed. This will
mako n tolal of four hundrcd millions xf ocrcs of
public lands, scttled or opcu to sottlemcnt.
Asto thoso vast trncts west of tbo Alissouri
rivcr, nnd ofthe Statcs of Missonri niui Arkai)
sas, it is upon tbo habitablc piu tions of them
tbat the oxputriatod Iiidians bavo becn scttled.
Fartber west, rencbing io tho jocky inountnins.
is n vust dcscrt plnin, ovcr which wandorthe biif
falo, nnd the wild tribcs of tbo l'nwiiecs, tho Cu
inaiudios, nnd tbo Sioux. A lurgo part of tbis
country is dcslituto of wntcr und of trcos, und is
incapnblo of cnltivntion.
Of tbesc four hundreil ipillioiis of ncres of
public lands, thc qunntity survoyed, is ns follows;
Ohio. 10,555,9512
'ndini.ia. . -i'0-"5-','n
llhnois, - 24,075,050
Missouri, 21,410,700
Alabaina, 2.0,850,270
Missinsippi, 20,7.01,827
I.ouisiana, 10,r3l),:ioU
IMiobigan, 13,532,192
So it nppcnrs thnt s.Tmowhnlless thnu halftho
ontire nvuiliiblc public domuiii has bcou survcy
od. Tho quantity of public lands sold is as fol
lows; Ohio, 12,373,213
Indiaua, " 13,751,370
lllinois, , ),273,257
i o.oas.oss
yo bavo no incnns nt this monicnt of nsccr
taining nccnratoly tho quantity of public lands
which has becn givcn away for scbools, intornal
iinprovernunts, &e. but that quantity caunot fall
short of twonty-five njillions of ncres; so tbat
onc quctrlcr of tbo ontirc availnblo public domnin
has bcou ulrcady disposcd of, includitlg all tho
cboiccst nnd most fertile trncts.
Out of wbat rcinnins, it will tic neccssary to
mnko very lnrgo dcduotions, cspccinlly in Flor
ida, Mississippi, Louis'uiiia, Arknnsns, Missouri,
nud Wisconsin, for swnmps, tloodcil lamU, and
barrcn mountains, incapnblo of settloment. Thc
dcduction whicb ought to bo inado upoit this ac
count, cannot hdl short of ono hundrcd -'millions
of ncres; and it inay bo fairly esti'iiated, ihal thero
is nt loiist an cqunl nmount, (mcluding the p'mu
bnrrcns of tbo southern SliUesj of a qnnlity so
inferior, tlint tbcro is no very oarly probability of
its bcing scttled und broiight into ctiltivntion. 1
Wo nro huppy, b'owcver, to bo ablo to stnto,
for tho conifort nnd consolntion of tbo prosent
gcnorntion, tbat iborc still rcmnins onc himdrcd
millions of ncres of public lands of a rcspcctablo
qimlity, pnsold; n qimlity equal to ihat, which
has beon disposcd of sinco tbo orgauization of
thc governmont.
Of tbo quatitity sold, nearly ono ball has been
takon np witbin the lust fivoycars; nnd, of course
a lnrgo part of it still rcmnins unsotilcd, nud in
tho luiiids of spcculators.
Thc uniount of inonoy rocciycd from purchns
crs of iiublic lands is ns follows: :
Ohio, 21, 777,093 95
Indiaua, 17,509,450 30
lllinois, 1!, 010,021 72
Alissouri, - 7,435,881 0G
Alaiiama, 10,400,849 08
Misxissippi, 12,533,Gn9 13.
Louiaiana 2,714,805 78
fllicliigau, 11,180,537 41
Arknnsas, 2,080,775 8G
Florida, 895,230 3G
Wisconsin, l,3G3,7qG,24
- " !$10G,215,G5G 88
Wo sliould liko to-dcnow wbat Dutoli pbraso
is cquivnlcnt to tlui' Englisb ono of "rbbbing a
hcn-roost." Wo nrc infonucd thnt " cbclitiiig'tbe
priiitcr" and " robbing .a,ben-ioost"nrc "nll tbo
samc in Dutch." Thcy ure oixjn. par ns rcgirds
mennncs3. JV. O. Picavzrc
Cnrrcspondence of the JYeto Yorh Daily Expicss
Wnshington Jnn. 30.
br-NATB. Tho Socrotary of tbo Trcnsury Inid,
upon tho tnble a roport in nnswcr to tho Iesolu
tion qf Mr Wobstcr, cnlling for informiition in,
rcgnrd to tho Commonwcaltb Unnk of Eoston.
Iho roport acknowLdgcs tho fuct, tlint fisbing
hotintios hnd boen pnid iu hills upon tho Com-'
moiiwcnllb Hnnk.hiit says the paymont wus vol
tintnry. Bcforp tho reading of tlio roport wna,
Mr Wcbstcr stated to tho Sunnto, tbat bo hnd,
this moining rccoiral nn afiiduvit wbicb provoil
tho incorrcctness of tho report from tho Sccro
tnry of the Troitsiiry. M r Wobstcr rond tbo nfii
dnvit, nnd it dcclnrod thnt it hnd, bolicited tho
pnyihcnt of t ponsion iu somo other fiinds thnn
tho hills oftho Cotiiinonwcnltb IJanlc. Tho nn
swcr was, ihat pnymcnt imist bo madc in thoso
funds or iu nothing. Tho afTidavit fiirthcr statcs,
thnt unotlier solicitnticn wns miide, accompanicd
by an npf)cal to puy btdf oftho ponsion, nmount-,
ing to G3, in spccie, $'13 only wus rcqucstod,'
and wns refuscd. Tukcthis or tuko nothing wns
tho nnswor.
In thc Ilouan, tho inorning hour wusoccupied
with rcports aud resolutions. Tho rcsolutioii
from Mr Adnuis, in rcgnrd to Gorostizn's pamph
lct, cntno up, nud wus briefly discussed.
Mr Adnuis niudo sonio fow ro!iuirtst nnd suid
that it wns clear thnt tbo Exccutivc inouiit to
phingo us into a wnr witb Mcxico, without giving
us nny clenrnnd dofinito knowlcdge oftho ufFuirs
bctwccn tbo two countries.
Tho Committoc on Militury Afliiirs rcported
llio Rill pnsscd by thc Sonnte, for increasing tho
Ariny of the Unitcd Stntes.
Mr Smith, from the Conimittco of Commercp
rcported tho bill whjch hns pnssed tbo Scnnte,
niiihorizing certniti persons to test tbo 6trcugih,
of stcuiii boilcrs.
The Coinniittco on tho Judicmry rcported a
bill fortbo punishnient of persons violnting tbo
neutral relutions of the Unitcd Statcs.
Mr Evcrctt rcported a bill in behalf of tbo
Wcstcrn Indians, protccting tho emigrant and
other Indians.
Tho Mississippi Election callcd fortb to-day.
two or threo ablo spcccbcs from tbree of tho
ablcst mcn in tbo llousc, numely : MrLcgnre, in
bebnlfof tho sitting tncmbers MrMnson of Va
ngninst them, wbo, by tho wny, is one ol tho fow'
Virgininns iu iho llouso of Roproscntativcs, wbo,
rcmiuds u btrangcr of Virginiu in the dnys of ber!
pristinc glory, and Mr Evans of Muinc, who
also mnde n strong und uble defcnco in bclinlf of
tho cluinis of iMcssrs. Prentiss nnd VVord. Mr
Prcnliss has the floor to-morrow. Ile bcgon his
speocb tbis ovoning, but guve wtiy to a mption of
Wise to udjourn.
Tho pre-cmption JVill wns up in tbo Senatc
uutil ncar 7 o'clock, P. M.; long spcccbcs wero.
mndo in its fnvor by Meesrs. White and Wnlkcr,
nnd n vorv ublo sjicccb in oji)afitionliYJTr.Dnvi
-M..Mcn;ritiscitF7 untl liy Mr Clay of Kcntucky;
Mr Wcbstcr said a foiv words cxplanutory of bis'
vote aud Mr Clay of Alabnmn, and Mr Young
ngniu rniscd thcinselvcs in belialf of the tncnsurc.
At nbout scvcn iu thc cvcmug thc nycs and
nnys worc cnlled upon tlic finnl pnssngc of tho
bill. Thc vote wnsns follows uyes 30, nnys 18.
Janunry 31.
In tho Senate, tbo Sub-Trensiiry Bill camo
up aftor sonio prelitninary busincss, nlthough not
nmcngthc ordcrs of thc dny, tho IJill being pro
perly thc spccinl ordcr of ycstcrday. A motion
was mndo, to dispcnso witb tho provious ordcrs.
Alr Clay suid thnt be wns rcndy, nlwnys roady
to uiect tlint liill, und to do, ns fur ns his ability
would jicnnitjhis duty. Thc liill hc considercd
ono of trcmcndoiis importnnce tbo tnugnituda
ofits conscqucnccs bnrdly to be conccivod of.
Mr Clny said n ninn with nll tbo powers oftho
world ho considorcd lcss to bo drcaded tban tho
Bill boforo thc Scnnte. I belicve it will nnnihi
lnto thc Statc Sovercigntics. I belicve it will
lcad to a cotisolidution. 1 bclicvo it will givo tho
Trcnsury Departmcnt niore powor tban thc 900
llunks togctber, including the (J. S. Bnnk. I
bclicvo it placcs tbo Governmont nt tbo fcet of
thc Trcnsury Dcpartnicnt, wbcn iho Trcasury.
Dcpartniont lics nt thc fcet oftho Exocutive. I
hnd bopcd, continued MrClny, that thc Sub
Trcusury Bill of thc Special Session, wbcn it
wns Inid upon thc tahlc, would hnvo Inid tbcro in
pcrpctiial nnd ctornal rnposo. Monstipus nnr
odious ns that Bill wrs, this !s four fold inorp
monstrous und moro odious.
Tcll me, said MrClay, wby tho prdor of lcgis
lution is rcvcrsed ? sWhy do tbcse ijiensuresnot
originnto us thcy sliould, in tho Pcoplo's brnnch
of Congrcss? Wby not do busincss ns it was
dono iu '98 ? Is it becnusc thc Scnato is ncnror
the Exccutivc, nnd tho Executiyo furtbcr from
tbo People's brancb of Congrcss ' Vliy, 1 nsk,
is tho ordcr of legislution reverscd ?
Mr Wright nnd Mr Cnlboun pressed tho im
modiato considcratioii of tbo Bill.
Mr Clay said ho hnd no ohjcctions, if thc
gentlomen hnd tionc. Ununiniously thcn tbo Sub?
Treusiiry Bill canio np for discussion, aud Mr
Wright of New York coinincuccd a spccch ii)
its defcncc.
Mr Adnuis' Rcsolutioii, cnlling for Gorostiza's
Puniphlet, wns culled up, und Mr Ada;ns spoko
until tbo Mississippi Election question carne up.
Mr. Preiitiss, of Mississippi, took thc floor, and
nddressed the llousc, wbicb is crowdcd in cvory
uookund coriier to henr.
Wcduesday cvcning, Jan.31.
Thc Balllc half ovcr thc Tahks turning ! It
givos mo sinccro plcnsuro to inform you tbultbe
llouse of Representutivcs bavo rcvcrsod tho do
cision of thcspecinl session of Congress, dcclur
ing thnt Mcssrs Clniborno nnd Gholson wcro not
incuibersof the 25tb Congrcss. Tho dacision
wns rovcrscd nt nbout fivc o'clock tbis cvcning by
nycs nnd nocs. One hundrcd and nincteen woro
in fnvor of rcscinding thc rosolution, nnd one
hundrcd and txovlvc ngainst it. Tbus yoti sco tbat
principlo somotimcs rcigns witb tbo Represcnta
tivcs oftho Pcoplo Tho announcoment of tho
voto in tbo llouso of Rcpresontativcs cxcited a
gcnoral burstofaiiplauso
Mr. lloward of Md. tbun offurc'd a rcsolutioti
declaring that tho soats of tbo mcmbcrs from.
Mississippi worc vacaiit thnt thc Spoakor of tbo
llouso notify tbo Governor of 'Mississippi of tho
fnct, iinil Ihat Mcssrs PrcntisR und Word ivbih
not elocted membersof tho. 25tb Congress. Mr
Thompson of South Carolina movcd to nmeiid
tho rcsolutioii by btating "thut Mcssrs Pioptiaj

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