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r. M. STOXI3 & CO., Publishers.
i. iriice noxt door North of Court House.
-n-". Oi.e copy p.'r auiium..
:,1 -ricttv in aitvanci'
pi.tie. -The poata'e nn 'I'lie Caledonian to eub
i, a tlii- coimtv i- iice; to nny part of the L'nited
i-iilc! lii ,..:u. , ilve con p.-r u,irter, or
. ..ntaa yei.. piyable in itdvauce at tlie olfice
, , per ia uceiied.
i- . t Adverti.un-r. For one -(-.mire (12 Iines
,. liaeize type, maling one tuui m epace,) one
. . I-'ich nl.litional msci i u J5 ccnts a
irh coiitmctB niaiio at flic rat $5 H bqUar'e
I.ir "1 .icolumn. Uuiiie"i Ca:;- 1 a line per
,.i ..-r.i'i.iiH, KaTayp, Notice- to I.i-gHature, $1.50
Mvanee. Oliituaries fi ci-nt a line.
u Notice. -Et. li aub-criber uiil fmd on hia
. ,. in -"ii!i c ion with hi- Hddn-.-?, tlie date to
t.-p.il. Wiien a n:-w paymrnt i made tliis
. , ! idv.uici'il lo cniifrpniid " and it tlie changeia
.... .! ly i.n the iirat or aicond paper from the
. i p.yni' nt, wc wi?h to ) not.ficd immediatcly.
. pip :ir. now all dirccfed by michinory, we cnn
,, i i iiem at this oflice or at any other place cx
, t pit o'Vuv nldr. - ofthe subaciibiT. It ia u.-i.-.
fr -i! 'Tilif.-- t-. oid r the uddrc-B of tlu ir paper
. ,i 1- - tlie- nive the post oiVne to -.hicli it iias
, ii -.n . -i- w!l i- tlu onu to v.hirli they wistt it tent.
t ) i i- -Uin of uil kindi duiiu at living piicei
! :! ' ' i: i k p' eo-i-tuntly ou hand.
.1. iir-l!I UV I'.lSINKsa DlKKCTOKV.
J . N U T T ,
Opp-witi' l'a-iener Depot.
.1 o I! A Ii AC O N , 2 ,l ,
dkai.ei: in iiidf.s, kkatiikk and oil
.-t. .J. husbury t'cntre, Vt.
Ivjm- l..lalnotypfs, amt llk-sizo l'hotoraiihi.
ll.'Urr anl ct.eaper than eUewhore.
i:. A. AKXHY, M. I).
i' ii v i c: i a x a x d s r u c; i: o x .
'Jllico oppoiite Itiiigliain's Urui; itoro.
t'.LLt. S. SIIAW,
: .-.T llali .t lVck's Storu.
it. i:iJLii.vitn,
i s 1 (M A X N U S U II O E 0 N.
Mtticf ovt:- Kingh.im'H l)ni Stoiu.
''..Al.M VGKN'T.
' ! ' Mt V V AX; Ci)UXSK.LLOH AT
-iiN'HOitr. Vekmo.nt.
S. T. ItHOOICS .11. 1).,
M I A V A X 1) S U R ( FON.
r li
. ,.r ii.fA.ml'-s lto..': store. UesMence corner
C'fntral and Sprlns Strit'ts.
.1. I,. I'ERKINS,
i M X '!' I S T .
.('.-tiiT.it -laui StrtTi and Katcrn Avfiiuc.
I".- t.i thf riulit, upstairs. U.mu.n Hlock.
Hi.5rcUancou.s (;mi.$.
i.i.'r.N..i:n ; i iiosi:ki:, pevuiiam, vt.
' ir ith .y in til will rccoive prompt attentiou.
'. .i. hatn, Dec. 1-t, W,. tMayli!
1) i: X T I S T ,
Olliee at hirf Drug rftorc, Lyndon, Vt.
Ml'l'KE, HEl'K A: SAYI.ES,
J.' SUtc tftiet;, Ilostou, Mass.
Mfs A. Dti-i. .Iamt.s ltr.cz. IIem:i Saileh
r. v . S V V. N C E K ,
iliuiiifnctmvr of
M :rT.;, r.u wnniNKS, anh obnamknt.m. wouk,
l.yndon, - - - V.nnout.
it r it r k k. p k 0 r u 1 k t 0 a.
II. ('
(Ii.'cnliDro. Vt.
. ui;. Ii'.usc t- k.pt iu uo.i.t tk- and al reaon.tble prtc"s
Kspeil.it .itli'titio'i stven t.itl-hin' partlfs, who wlllhure
i'.n.l tlie t.t-M trmt Ihliini; Iu t!,u nt.ite. 'M
liti. utiiir. - - - Vermont.
;i:j:. . a- (.:). w. aiioon.
I'to. iir.- 1'..in'. .!... aii.t i:.unt!e. I.ymkin, Vt,
;:akm:v, sit::eu a- west,
' : .--j.irs to ijco. A. rjtnuiKitis, 11 h.ili-.il? dealer.in
u it .itn spkkm riM'tes,
" '1 S'.tti'. .:ilI 21 t.'.untiMTi r trtet I'ostotl.
r. uihv. 11. r. srKMT.u, w. c. west.
! A .11
('... fM
v. 11 o 1; r
If i-Tti.N, - - Vt.
3: VNDl,!)-.- l.lI'itOVEl) Tl'RKIXE
H ,a'.rr tl.i'I.M-t wat.Ttnr the ainoilnt of power givcn,
ln-. 1 it. u.-e. t'ome and M'e it.
- ." . V-. 7ti I.KWIS 1I01.MES, Agent.
r3 Nl'-W V 0CTAVE
4 ? v 1'IAN 0-F 0 M T E S,
f ri m--ylfj and pricee, for Fale at .Misa Stoddard'a
1. i rooiii-.
roint liaml piana taken in exchaue.
At;. nt lor llitny F. .Miller's I'iauoa,
19tf Sr..Iohuljiiry, Sejit. fi.
Wliore can be fnttnd
McnV i.iid boyj' boot",
l.iidliV initrt-a andeliililren'a
I o t?, nbo' ? ,nd paiary,
Ilubl.cfiJ and uverlioej.
A!! Warrantod Work.
.u !
!('. f r Cinc'.a blievin.-, tliat a nimble fix-
t- worth titore Mma a elow ehilling.
-.1 f i:. i' .M 1I0WE.
:a ::: the n-ir of he St. .lohn-burv Hoii?e. up eUira. ,
1; t .Ki c. n-ral stri'.'t I. over- of tliis tine eanie are I
ti.. i". t rill. Suiall Iiovh and ?cliol:ira in adiool hnur.j,
r r.-p ctfullr rciuertcd to keep out. Tahles, furniture,
'. all 11. ... i.,m-, from A. M. to 10 I. .M.
Tlir miiicFinrd haa patented a eap epout, by the um
of 1 iih I. can niake nearly twice aa much eugar from
xiie t iv iu rctotore. lt ia a coiiiinuation ot the ttn and
w.)(lfi rpoat, uml obviatea thc de'icienciea of the com
ntm Hooil 1 nud iron apouts. I will ettpply purchasee
v. it!i p.ut?, or rtll town, couiitv or e'H'c rigiita to agenta.
'I.'i't !!. .al. A dr. t?a AKUHIBALI) LEITCH,
!".. l'.yegate, Vt.
And FarmerR fliould call at thc
Atfrioultural Store 011 R. 11. Strect,
! -- tney may tind nearly all the latest improvementj
i'. :iTicultiiral implenieuu cheap for aaeh or rcady pay.
'!- V c.r.'.-f, Clotliea Wrins:era,
lr l'tiwplwteof l.inie, And Wool Ware gcuirally,
' -'-it IV,
Hv ('i fra,
' : n Shfl f t,
' ' V.'kca aml I!owa,
! ti-r Tulrf,
1 i-krt',
"-i.'i Me iu-,
1 ' I'oint.s
VJloveraiiQ oiut'r eeeaa,
CroekA- and G.as Ware
E :'C I'.i U,
Anl llar.twaregenerally,
i'eaa, Colfee,
And nice Family Grocerie5,
Ma'F, Moneware,
l!ook3 nnd Statiouerj'. and
auki Notions.
WArn"l") in exelHn'0 for tlie al.ovc gooda,
ir. p..t-tton, Ijtitter, wtiite liean?, peaa, eorn, oata and
'.rr'u,.s 110VT k. I)I!EW.
"t. .l.d.nsl.iiry, March 13, Uf.T.
.ii-c i'ner w'fhe. to g'.ve notice to the people of St.
ohiirb-i-. .1 i,-ini-v. ili-it he haa n turned and taken
'' i' t'tinncily o'ccupi d by him over the ftore f
Mi n.it in,.; - ( orrer. and nppnaite the St. .lohns-
b.iry h u-.., wi.ere h will con ;nue the nianufacturc of
'l ';'V iH UOOTS fc JSI IOES
t;.o I,..,a,!d,-r.1MlleU,.m,tenal the countrv cua f -
d, uin! a' i- .ejSJu.ihic piicea aa timea uiil adinit.
mit- d. I:ep-i.ri. g u ..tly done at ahort not ce.
st. duxbury, .March 27, lbG7. 450
Coutaining the
Lutcst Xcws by 3rail & Tclegrapl
And ite cohimua are tnricbed by the
r i . . - ... .
ln addition to itd hich liteiurv- unH nfmnnmiri
S!tZS&?lyiairvaUiilu B;ni;lV wjio ccmtrol.s thcsc thirty toiu ot or-
iion, oftheH rongeetupi.oidersof the cauEe of tn, ,'n, n V -V
.-.icit iri tiii. a' .ira u . .1 . j ... .... . .. .
ance in theu'ute, a-.d ia earnettlv recomwended to tmb
lic patronage by the 1
JbeaaiceCoihM,tt.coS t- SUUc TemjHrance Alliatwe
TERMS-$ 10.00 Per Year, m Advance.
TERMS-$4.00 Per Year, in Advauce.
TERM3-$2.C0 Per Year, in Advance.
Five t'opii g
Eleven Copies
Twenty-oni: Copiee
The Weekly and Scnii-Weekly Trav ller r.mtiiu
.V Sermon by Ilenry Ward Heeclier,
A News Jieview of the Week,
All the newsby Atlantie Cable,
News Eeceived by irail,
Latost Xews by Telcgraph,
InterestiiiL' lMlitoriiil Artiflos l
A Good Story Choice Poetry, j tilU0- TllL'' WC!'(' not nois.v or li:i;lrtT
Keligious Fine Aris Musical ! nor til)!S-v ; bul 1 ti,L'" bilit1' what 1 now
Literary rersonal Politiciii, : beheve, tha' they were the Jinest body of
A Colmnn for Farmcrs, opertitives I ever iv. r.itelligent. bol.l.
TheIIousekeeper5VariousIteins. K11'0!1'-' 0:H"1' ti,,, m:in11 of u-h a won
A Full Keport of ' j l'or,ul "lachine. they tound at Ieast one
The 15oton .Markets. I ;mlti,u s,l,"tlirer l!,:lt 1:iv-
Uriffhton Cattle Market, ! Soine ui" the Inost winarkablc exbibi-
Cambiid-e Cattle .Iarket, I lions of t-oullJ5r 1,:IVIJ been made by men
The Latest Ship News, &c j ol ,ln" dlx- A teu' 'V(;ars a0 ) fril
Thce paper, ar, made up In co,np,ct ehape, no tuco 1 ?,&(,"C' Wi' (lnVen 1,10 lwi'I,10tivt'
is wated, by tvlnch reaMin th,- nader in .ach i-ue haa a I fo!' tlie lliail tmill Oil the lon is Essex
coiiipeiidiuin of all the cmrent evi-nti, berided thetenuon. l !,. ,,,,1 ,. . . 1 . -.t
stoiy, and fanuer'a colnmii, the houaekeipcr, ic. ! llld tor twenty years at Iea.-t. with
rwsend for a tpccimtn copy. ! faultle.-s la"uhfiihie.-s, was once delayed by
W0.TniINT.T0X, FLANDEKS i CO., 1'nWW.c.e, i " 1,ie k w VVnl hnU1'i' 1,Ut
4S-51 :;lStite.stuet. Travfii.a Uuiidm.-s n.wt.v. , I'eceived exidicit ordurs from ihe superin-
and cvery 1
gamop byhand ia tiresome dirty husine.e, j
lady looka uponthc joli of mopini,' tloor, a? tlu-I
hardeat of all her hou-ehold labor?.
1 is not bo liard .ott,
t! fitS tmrflfRR Mfr Wwirrav
I)i-p.wea ith .he hardept part of th.- labor, it urintr? ,H0 gl'ade Ullder fllll lleail of Ste.'llll.
the lti.ip perf. ctly and.asily. the. ..tmnunitv will til be 1 li. :ln iiwf-int he wbillt'd il.ivvn tln ln-iL-..
benetikd bv thia improve.uent. It.- tulvanfcitre aside : , . . "Ul UlL "Mk
f: 0111 eaviug the hard iliny wriirgiitg, are thit"voit cm'aild levei'M'd ItlS cnIllie. Tlie Iloble thh'S.
111 p v.ith bo ling watir, i.eed not wcf v.,nr h'.nd or ,,,,,1... ,.i, ., '1 . , ii'
clutlH.e.andvoiirmonisnottnn.oi.thvur:,,.-;,,,. 1,,, 1.,. 1 ! " :i tH'!llelnlou traiii. as lt Illllv
tlie tiinipleet p.occw 1- prcrwd drv withouf tearing or
u taring. .ook at i- ani jii ifre of 1 h 111. rlifi for yonr lf.
S. e what the peotile who ha ve 1. A it i v of if
We bave nsed "Gill' t l uiveH.il .Mop Wtitiger," and
it L'ives enf ir." s.iti.f m.TnM n i ." .
it gtvcs entire Batif.ic:ion. nu 1 i.i onr .iniiifnii i ... t.inar
excellent article for tvery fiuiily, coinbining it doe- 1
manv tintinivoiTiotits ,tm li..r..r., ; 1 ..... !
recotnmend it to all.
,. -"--xii.im
N. 1'. Keeler, A. I'.. Camp, Stowe,
I"r. Wateibnry Hotcl. T. F. Kttne', "
Geo. Ilawley, Waterbury, S. K. Iteniiek, St. John lturv
Sidney Itiown, " w. M. M tthews " "
W. li. II. ltiugham, Stowe, lt. F. i'ettrngill, "
J. II. Iicnnet, A. O. (,'hidwiek, "
K. Jdiihurn, ' 1). Itovntnn, '
E. M. hi h, ,1. ('. Ilinghmii, "
Oeo. Wilkin--, ' n. n-igttnc,
II. I. Moore, " ,1. A. Ilndlev, "
Mt. .Manstiild Hot 1 fo." A. M. Cook", "
Aro -.lantcd imraediately to cinvaf tlio towua of thia
cotiuty, alao tlie couutieaof ()r'ea,- and Evex
C. S. HASTINdS I ' -A.
(j. GATT.S, 1 ITopnctrre.
St. .I .husbury, Vt., Feb. 2.1, lSfil.
We nianufacturc a GENTINE EU)ei-posphate from
With the other ntceaar' conatitttentg of the best qnality,
aml with 110 ailulteratiou wh:it. ver. Ita preparation if
Ci.nilucitd tith
Skill and Fidclity,
And tre tire confid. nt it is the veiy 1 st in niarket. We
want farniors iu thia vicinity :o try it ttnd eati-l'y tlieni
eelvea it ia the
c::od OLD K1XD.
All grades from dust up to an incli squaro
Puro, TJnburnt, Unadultorated.
I Send for circular.
j St. Jolinabury, Vt.
IjJRS. M. 3M. CK0SSMA2;,
Having purchafed from Mks. II. V
! cntire sttck of
Fi.etwooii her
ir r r T T AT 1? 1) V H f ATl Ct
U- A AJ JU 1 1 tJ tt X TJJ.Uo.
lt now prepared to do bufincas ather room.", opposite J.
U. liingham'a Drug Store, Main Street, St. .lohnsbury.
At the Old St.tml, Lyudon, Vermont.
We now lmve finbhpd and ready for aale .1 cotnplete
var.e-y of our Ikf light and heavy open buggica. Also,
the l.trgeet and bect aIictv in procefa of cmpb-tion,
which we have ever olTere.i to tl-c public, conaisting oi
Lislitand Heavy Opeu Btmuies,
Side and End Siirinii,
auiLTon IJussies,
Madejromthebestpelce'cd htock in t very department.
.- .vmc ..... cuuKj ..uu .'jLiiiuiii.' iiiein. anu ger
tliem inimediatclv. cr bv tianiinMtlon ..f hn., a!mgjr c
complcted, can epecifv anv eh-inirea thev m-v mA. nnli
I1.1v.. tliem n'lintpd rinil triTn,,... tn .tir.? ...:.i.... ! (
- - " 1 ....... m u. .V.ll.Utll 1
ext.a charge, aj we aic const intly finiliing up, and cju !
euir tnem wirnnut auy lnconvci.ience.
:2Cnll and exannne our buggics, and the Etock fruin
v. bich they are made. Orders proraptly atten Je.l to.
Tl:i'I.Li- MI1.1.EK.
Lvndnn, March '-'O, lGT. t&t
Q rf
For Sale by S. liECKWITH.
ect llttrkc, .March 1, 1mi7.
j nr. Serlye'e Catanh Remedv, Prrrin'a Futnigator,
, Wadaworth'a Pry Up, Wo!rott'al'a:n Annihilator, and
eeveral kinds of C.itarrh Snnff, for nale at
For repairing rubbcr good, boota, shoep, ic., sold at
l-iri- ri.Jw. 1 - -. 1
The Heroes of the Locomotive.
ri , 7V. :.
v.a I ooiii'e.- to a liitrh admiration of a
' .l.r." i mnn 4 r 1 . C
!... :.. ., ... V ... ".
J -""-" ' "..i
1 rn i
iranized iron wliicli we call a loconioliv1
ni. ii cr., i.rt.i. . i ...if
. .'viiiv-.iiiii .'iu.ni
the track when a train has coiuo llyin
along, and liave observe.l with boandltw
admiration the inan on whose vigilance, ;
skill and pluck thesalety ot that train so
hirgely dcj)L-nded. IIis left hand 01. tlie ,
j , 1 t , .. . , t
c e. 1ns gl.t on the I'cyeis.ng levc-.f
that be ds name-lns body bent torward ,
eageily and his eye kneely senitnnzing
j the track ahead, lest, the treinendotis 1110
i nieiitum of his train, nieeting with some
obstacle, shonld dash itself in an instant
into a horrible wreck. IIow, now, can a
man be weiglied down with such responsi
1 , i ! i 1 1 1 ? i
;S;auun ui- louiui a large ooiiy 01 eiimneoi, 1
I .1 . . . 1
innivi tli.i. I ....... ........ 1. ... ......
1 m.uii. in. ui a 11.u1 uu .v;i;ii uiuuiiiv; r at uiil
teudent not tiiat sjilendid othcer who has
latelv resiirnt d his otliee 011 that road "to
jgo ahead," ibr the road was clear. 1100th
i er train was on the trak. After satisfv-
i,,Lr hiyiSelf that he had not misimtlei'Sti.oil
,' . , .
tiieordcr, he left the suinmit on a
1 down L'rade. and, in roundiii" a han '
cune. cameon a train lhat wsis :iivnilmi. i
awareot tlie tianger, obeed, and thivw j
it.-eif baek to avoit llKM'ata-ln.phc. .Ah-an-i
.a u.u. v-iijiinciii n,e locomoiivo in a irain was approachin-one of these hi-li x,,c suiicnicni : i madc the other tiay 5peaUin of thal in whicl if Y spe-.ik
Lomp.ict, pcrfect in lonn and adaptation. dhwiovs of llie road u-nm hnnrd n.,.1 ! ,l result ot a careful exainination i,?, i,.1 hnA tl .; ,
jxits-r inli--nensable to the wants ot civnizalion. ..:n..: . 1 . .1 .... .1 . ot tliis i hr :iiuitiitr .-itnl ;i .liH..r.nt . , -
,. ., ,. . V. .. ' -""' nuuii nau uL-n.-numeu 10 inrow uie - . . . . cm correct me. Ajr.un I lake lcave
.i.hmtv 11 ls one 01 tlK' ""Ct lnMi'innenis. ihe wimift f..nm ,i1!lf t,,.:,, ti... ..; i purpose, in the endcavor to :Lcertam who t ..i.:.. p i i
b.lityai.dnotbeasiro.igerandmorcseliHnr .erve,l tVombein- .rubl bv tL .. btmi Cl,t thc : V , - , , ,
Some years ago, with a parly: it was " (f , "h 1 e had exhiS nu.nl! altl.o..h the ja!InS 1 ,e of rl.ooW. by pro-
my fortune to be ,. .hcKric Kailway wl.en ! . ;. , , ,J " ZZ yct, show that thev had all been Vld that' at 1 1C !fnf msntuteshold-
Ithe engineers engaged in a genei'al .tnke. 0,o: ' tl l "uC he e S ,e -rittenover. Now, what fwaut to know J m "Hatc there-
Isided with th, engineers. believing thcm j 'p ;., jH,i,i nian 5 iruuis I h ive , t he " ' is : Was lhat .
,to be wron-ed. At the SMi..eh:..,.,a " IVl ,.tMi- ,,( 1 hcaI;.-! eame into tbo l,,,k f ',1,,. ,nv,r,1.nt , Iwo or more praet.c-al teaehers,shouM ex-
c 1 1 iiiii iil- 1 t"i:iivi'H!tt ti'imi iit w.imuiij .n.i i - . -
.... . . -11!'
whili- thi' o'.l
(tiiit'i- eiiL nutiT ita.l iine t he
SilllL' thill with IoetiUlOtive : bllt it
,.. t-i.. ..... i 1.
... .i.n hm 11 ii i 1 1 ij nit." j-nufK.
logetlterrii-l.fi thoe Iwo naiitinr and
r'uc(aiil giant-. their joint weight not le.-
than .-ixty ton, with the gathered nioinen
tuiii of tht'ir luHowing Iniins. Thev rose
like two furiou-J animals in tiht, standinv:
011 end. and in a triee the two splendid
machine were a wreck. The ears Itehimi
them weiv alM) ba.liy eruhed. Or.-bone I
did not Ieap Irom his engine : but newr '
moii!g his hands from the levcrs whieh
eontrolled it, he tood as ivs.j()hite asarnek
at his po.-t mitil the shock came, and then.
ipiiek as thought, atljusted his valves to
allow the steam to cseape without an e.-plo.-ion.
Our war can fiirni.-h 110 clearcr
jirool of the lincst eonrage than that.
At the cro.-sing ot the Morris -A: ICssex
Kailway and the Orange turnpike may be
.-een a ihignian with one leg. The other
he lost in the wreck 1 have just des.cribed.
Jlad he had Or.-bones nerve to faee damr
er, he would have e.-cajted al.-o tiiiliint.
l'oor i'ellow! the man who issued the pre
suinptiioiis bhinder that day tried to buy
him oin'rom prosecuting the company for
the sum ofoHc lnmdrcd dollurs an ofler
wheh iioor "Ijob's" wife niet with this
(juery : ".Mr. , would you scll
one ol' jour legs lor a hundred dollars
During the war an ineident occurred
011 the l'eiinsylania Central, whieh wa
related to me by an eye-witness. My in
formant was with ti reginient of soldiers
going from l'ittsburgh to llarrisburg in a
special traiu. Ijetwecn Jolinstown and
the suinmit they were delayed bv a freisht-
train oil the track, or a part of its cars olf
1 his they learnedat one ot the stations,
and remained there until they should be
nitormed that the track was clear. It was i
in the night. and nt of the thousand
men 011 the train were aslee), imconsciou-:
of their danger. l'our hcavily loaded coal
e:irs beloning to the train ahead had, by
accident, becoine detachcd, and be?'an the
decent of the heavy grade at a speed i kness, if not absolute dihonor, present- ; Speaker wc might have bcen able, with
which soon bccame terriblc. The cngi- wl itself. Well did she know that intem- ( the testimony of witnesses fre?h in mind.
neer ofthe s)ecial train hcard thc roar of perance walks hand in hand with poverly, to lind who indeed were all the accomplic
the descending cars and surmised what iianic and dcath : aud her mothcr s heart ' Cs of Ihioth : to tind who it w:i tb-it
was thc matter. In an instant he order-
etl his engine to be detacl.ed from thc train
aml put on steam to meet the runaway
cars if pos.-ible, to break their force and
save his train. Ilis locomotive was a largc
i'reight, and he had moved several rods
aliead wiien tlie coal cars struck him like
a UiuiKlerbolt, and crushed his engine back '
0n the tl'aill
lul beneliciaries lu-esented him some ele-
gant silver-plate, with the deed itself and
their names engraved 011 tliem. When
askcd why he did not abandon his train.he
repiieo, -t-imck as liglitnmg, I thought I
had better die than to have those runaway
...,-.., .. . . . . . -
cars cut clean through mv trai
igh my train, destroy-
It was a hcroic an-
ing Iiundreds !"
Let me relate one more ineident in the
same line. That part of the Marietta &
Ciiicinnati Railroad betwcen Athens and
the Ohio rivcr was formerly made famous
by the number of its long and high trestle-
: but hU kcroir ouunKo Imcl tliat cour.-e oflifo .vlucl. slmls Ihes.te of ...l.l m l,.,t. Al,l,.,l. ; .,..' " -"'"-".-' .m.. .N.qiotoun UH1 lo say, airf llunk hota.l
:.vl niimv Kvw. 1 ,.,,. ,,..,. kfnv,.,, nmlin5t vou. nn,l ,Uy.,n vo fm,,, I. - :. ...:..t7. .. .. t. " 1 f r-?J'-',ieJ wraix-u renmlly, 1 ,11W1 a ..l ,,;, .ral s.y ;L .-A
a,,oli,l,4andrauy ofTuV Uer -ocijiy foa,- Tta dnmfaml ouu j lc v , uil'frTS1 " ,W hl
,,1,0 cn,Sl,e,l . bu. Eo lu.d l,e b,okc .1,0 .tr intoit tbc kinilou, of C.oJ. fa 'ZfJZ&l l" "f I
torce ol the shock that no livcs were lost. 1 ' thc monil scnse. It i the dvin" deela-i-' " . " 1' 1 1 i . ' Silence is tlie s;ifcst rcsinmsc for :tll the
ti. ,.o,n , , ...... , ....... 1,1 rJU" "- ui-itiin uiau a smart, acltvc colored boy was put up. - , - 1 r.. - .
..v. ....... .....i.v. inuij, iiim ui5 gi.iic-i v. ax i;r.LAi. ihis: .vt tne uni- tion oi a man. .rAssassm tltuu-ih hc be, ,,. silo k-ind nnstpr wlm i.t..,1 impeiii-
bridges. With fow cxccptions. these are
lunv lle(l up5 e ro:id is becomiii";
pany vcre in great -jtrait.s aml manv of
" " ' w
"-' li-e- unl':lul- '-Mno '
DroVCll. I:iHvrotlS. ( Jn :i rortmn fviiimir
' O " ,
I1ct.r.lctiii, hi, irain
speed, suddenly discovered
,MJtn (l,-s lic secnied
... i....... ... .1 . .... .
1.' iiii.iw 1 I'l v 111:11. mii iiif niia.riT lirri
j-. v:i iiiii irrt'MT i(i sivi. ino wii.tif. tivnn
. .. i . i
.I(i i.r. ;o-,...,Ip,1 fi. i1p.,l.k .i.,. .i . ,
vcreC(1 his cngillC to st i- ible ti,eMo;.lh had et do;vn; day by day, u
liars 1)efurc mich5llLr the chasnK ''rhm ' plans, his thoughts, his inotive-s and the
OImil;Ilir fi,p ,11.nMi(..v.liv-1. i,: ,,. execution ot his plans. That diarv catne
1 ."3 . .. ....... ..... .... . . . . .. 1 . "'. iiun iumui ijc JUil1. iiiiu tiiui-
ppRlIlg lbru,ml 0 vioeMtI a, t0 ,)rcak the , nto the po,ses.on ot the govenunent. bat invcsti;rated lhat fact, mav
t.0nneetion with the train, and dashcdtoj11 "ol Z mihJaTjbe bwussbt before the house and the coun-
thc au.rill The bold man, as this' ""Hion, althougli even Dooth s tobac- t
was iroinL' on. ran out of his win.W r, ,
the engine and opened his oscape-valve
Whilst standing thoiv the enine went
over with him : and. marvelous to relate 1
he, iallinir under the hue wei.rht iw
,,:n .... i1,,n(mi nmilin ,.,,
1 ' ' ' ' . V. .111.
. 1
We "loritv onr liorm of tlio 1
ui. il... ..wi .,,,.1 ..11 :,,
. j - - .'....i.ii-i.. .
amazed a.hnimtion if some hu,li5'h man or
may not my humble pen glorifv the heroes
oftlie locomotive engine. who exhihit as
noble and praiseworthy a daring as any
heroes in oti.er lields And thev do thi
in the (Miitant S'.-rviee of the thoii.stnd f
families who every hour nf the twentv
lour are rrpreeiitfd on therailwavs of the
woild. AH hiinor to ihe heroes of the en
gine. and "t-Mi thousantl times ten ihou
sand," if they would ie.-poinl "Amen."
Pnv. Tntth; 'i'.h Cvlixj,.
.t Zcaluus ('oiporlcut
Tlie Hev. l)r. C is a
he is able aml d.'ot'd. lle
..... .ii ti...
.11 im.-
,"'":tn" :u"1 Wonvst.-r depot the other
. -
UOiniay. aijom t) leave hv 11
eae tv llie ears lor
homc, atter, b. !u, h. .uvi- a mo,t .-ati-
laetory exeha.ue wuh their pa,tor. Uc
toi.d chattin with a fri.-nd wai.ing for
nn-uain, unen a eai.ui- c(.ip.irteur. 111 a
"1.11.1 I .
i"-P"-neu 11.11 .tini miy eoal, appeareii.
;"' -imier with wlnm he
1 iin.i !
- 1 .
labitr. t'.lanring .-enitiniziaI-
aromnl. bi cy- ti-il on thc D. 1).. and ac
esling liim. he .-aid :
'Wouldn't yon like tobny a good book
.... ....n.i. MKnMiig a ouni voltuue
trom 1ns poekt-t.
e-... 1 .1 - . ....
The doctor declinimi. he continueil, I
l.ope you enjov religinn,- adding. -thcrc's
an awtul .-ight of hikewarmiu-s ou the
i.bjtrt. and thafs why I g.. ro.md talking
u' 1,,lk- ,r.v,"i? Io !' p, as I d
:" P1:l,m.- hi hand kindly on tlie
tooii.-)i woman aseends :Mt. Jlane I ' 1 . .i-.i. .., , . '
t Ibr f.e irimcof the il-it- w-i. r-,R- ' 111 n,:i ,mn han-hvrithy. put in evidence, ' ? , -
101 11 I,'U1H ' 1110 ,u,t- ...1 -.1.1 1.. . 1 ., to the riLdit lo t.vicJi 111 .-mv i-.vii in tlw
Alexander and Jhicenhalu,. and imiii na.i oetanea tnepar-(c , - . : . v - - --
-ar in the boat in the temne.t wliv " "--uIai oi lhat mme And. thcrefore. I ! -
.u 111 t iiv. nu.u 111 uil lunpLM . li ... .. ,, exanmiations tn lp liohl ?it iIip ..rtn?il
at.n.u Mioia.ier. "an.t 1 nopu wiiat 1 sav tion. on eonsuliation wilh the cou-ninttor- ' w nwu " 1 RIX'1 10 w """S1 10 -...
...... ...;il .... 1... : .1 ' 1:...-. !.... ....:. . . ... 1.
to you will not be 111 vain : lhat vou will
think of it after I am gone. and trv and
enler llie ineyard yoiuveif. You
don't know what a va-t ataounl of irood
you niight do, rven when vou telt the
weakest. rerhap-yon would reail a tract
here's one I pre)atvd niyself. And you
might do thesame. All vou need is a
bible aml a eoncordtun.'. then ehoos
some subjecl, say for in.-tanre, repentauce
make a remari; or two 011
the topie. sehct
miiiiv ;iiMupu;wi; a--.-age. aau su iKC lt
oli yoiir,elt. 1 pnnt a,l my own tntct
taking a .-tormy dav or au eveuiiu for it.
Ju-t get a small pivss, I paid S2, 10 for . in jart in it. Mr. Speaker. these are.' 1,mul . 1 on,",re- "Will not superintend
mine. and a bottle of printers ink, wiiich ! brictlv. some of the reasons whv. in mvi0"1 trom tbl;i l'uie forwanl magniiy
will last you ten years. and some type, funner remarks. I said, 1 am lad the . tbt',r 0i-V. " audinakc "lheordeal. through
thc.i go to work after you g. t through the , bl0od of lhat woman, lw she iruiltv or in- "lvl,K'b :l c:lmli,latc 1111151 hefore a cer-bu.-iiu-s
of lhe day. Why, my friend.' j ll0cent, is not tmon my head r but iu 110 j ,ilK"a,e i:i "r-uUctk :l rll f Ciipacitv
hiMirged. waxuig chupieut, 'you couhldo'nuuiner. in 110 wav. bv 110 inlemhni'nt nr!t0 ""lrt instniction and shed light 011
more good in this way than if you were a'
one. w.iere you cau see it every time you
open the book.'
' My Roy Durxic !" 'J Druuk I
Dny ttrmiK . an.t iiie icars started irom
tlie moiiier s eyes, ani siie bent Her hcad
111 imutteraijle sorrow. In that moment
the visions of a useful and honorable ca-1
reer were de.-troyed : and one of worth -
as pierccd as with a sharp pointed stecl.
Ah young man! if the holy feeling of
I umot, ticsirc to sce ner son a (lrunkard ;
slic is wilit ner ratiier m lieaven, sliun
ler. Jlie la.-t hell ?tnkin'. t he ; -m.l ,i;o..v.,.t ..(.,....- ,.,:i:,.; Ji.viinencr J-rcaiiun.
Ioctor started for the cars, thc per-evcr- wl,0 rclicd for the law ot the case tipuiJ .
mi-su.narv callin-i alter lum. )on t , tl.n i.,.;.,l m.l.,., .,.i..rt.. 1 ''"' w.n...i-.MUi-neir.ini irom
L'ct what I'vesaid, will vou? And 1 tlmi.t ..u ,1.., , . the Ltttleton Gazetto that a destnictive
. . ..v.i.i.... ...... ..ii mv, i.iv.1.-. t 111v.ll 1.1111111 1 .. . , .1 1 i -. -
ijn m- !rw.i n i-,...,. i.a.l.. :p i .. .. . : . . . . lhreoccum.it 111 IJeihlehi'in. a. II.. im
lovelorlier wlio bore you is not dead bv assassination : who could not protit bv I ": ra . l 'V- f . - . -u.,-
within vou,shun that which Lnves her pture and abduetion ol thc iixLidmit 1,U:I' 45 """"S nuiwl for SSOU. 1 ihegdt wuh a lelter, whieh sa,d: -l
pain ; tulhere to that which givcs. her joy. ! ChlVlth ouU'3 "M to,lslvc ? 1 ba
f be i wiih vou on enrtb l,o th Jt ' ".1 . ?t '.7.1 :r K. r ? i the attic of .Mr. lilandia's store from some amased the loriune wludi cnablcs :ae t
r ' . . v- . 1. .iil. rv 11 1 . .. iii.iii.r . . ..i .
versal Exhibition at Faris there will be'hewas speaking thc truth, robably to COntlition not wi-diin
exhibitcd a locomotive, constructcd in J himself, as betwecn himseif and his Goil'OWIK.P w'ent ui to h
lStM, iu tiie workshops of the Orleans, Ifwe had all thc pages wc should have uuv vou wjn vol,
i Railroad Comnanv. which has run W.loi) . some exnlanation of ihis mat. fn.-t. 1 Inu- .1....
mdes. in thrcc years. without submitting
1 to anv repairs. This would certainly iu -
jdicatea pcrfectionof workmanship which
is most crcditable. Can any of our own
1 , - 1 1
rotids report a case wmch eipials it ?
Itissaid President Johnson has lost 21
pounds of jlesh since he became Fresident.
This is not quite two pounds to a
Booth's Diavy.
llie iollowiiurarc Ihe remarks of ben.
Uutlcr in the house. in roplv to 3ir. Bing-
; liam ol Oliio. of wliidi biiof memion v;ls
1 1
n.ove at the ordinary w:!5 coneerned m tact in the grcat con- otl-e'uot from thein. boctuise thev proper
vered thatar.ull.ad ffl,10 1 Jit Lincoln. ,v- u t thcm5clvcs 5jr, i
. I'....fl. ...... ....... 1 .1... 1 1 ?
i.....j i i . .i i
, 1 , J
1 (.111.1.1 ijii 111. v r . .j.i.i-'.i.. ..11-..- v. .1 1.1. i.
' f 1 1 ! 1-1 . I
7 ..
........ .... .... vni.
liimi iii iiiiru-oi. ;i iii?tr- iiiii rtim i
nmv liold 111 mv hand.
in imi.- aiarv
T .1 - f .
tu 1"! r aim comps, loumi m tlie
Sl,nu I)0cktit ' Wllh thc (linr-v' wcre in l,utl
cv,,k'nce- T,,e ,1,ar3' was not produecd. j
That tliar' 1,as bcen bcforc 3'our commit-'
100 im J""!iry- 1 i,:it :L ,5uU' I,ro
And. seeond
or.!,,.,.,,, pro,,.;,,.. fcrr;
a.-assins of the nresident to imt in evi-, , . 10
. - . -
:i.-aa.-ins 01 me nresmeni 10 imt in
found !
j. t!l? lobatTO wb,dl W:L'
W'bll S:it (111 tllMt c. lllft v.-ltli IfiVMiir li...
' ' - -r - - - n. m m v v A W A . 4 L A -
111)1 fl!.'irr, I llt 5ll.li' Mtlil .r-illint oil.ln.r
anv wromr. Thev did not soe the diarv. iaiv UtJlh ;l ev lo r.mlmir wrtili-Th.-v
did not know of ihe diarv. If ihJv l rale5 w,"dl -1,a11 be turonout the
had'thev miui.t huve niven '11 ditiereut UlW- Ibe, this le-islation vras
linding upon ihe matter of ihe irreat con- 1
,pini.-v. Who spoileil lhat bo.-k ! Wlw)
Mippressed that evidenee ; Who eaused '
an liinticp'it witiifni tn !.. lui'i.r u'li.m l...
ha.lin his pocket the diarv which had !
Hetl at leat what was the idea. the pur-.
itiseol the main consinrators 111 t tiMtw-
Thfre is still ivmaininir in that diarv a
iiin! iviiiriric:iliii' .titiw. wntt.'ti itm-ii-
;omlvbutaiewhours belore Ilooth dietl.
1 1
1 yive il iroiu nicntnrv- ; 1
I havc endeavoml 10 cross ihe Poto-1
tn-u- l vo t ti. l.t.t ; ,., I tir.. t..
return 10 Whii.-t,.ii and -ive mv.lf u: '
nd clcar mvsclf trom this -reat erime."
tlow .lear hiniM-U F.v diflo.-inir his :
:i.Vomn!ii-es Who wer,. lh.-v
spoliated that bt.ok after it M into the
,)0-ciou of the noornment il" it was
i't spnliatl bvfTe l Why wa- n-jt l.t.
C'ol. (."onner allowttl 10 -tate lullv in re
ganl to this matter lt will Ie een lhat
ihe iiutions were e:ireiullv im:. o lhat
. - 1 "
Coner. whcn on the witne.-s.-tand. dionld .
, , . ., . , .
1 believe that piece of evi
deniv would have Mtown what the whole
.-a-e in mv ind.-ment now li.iwctl,.,t
to a certain houV UoJth eonteninlatedc-.m-
i,,re and abduetion. and lhat lic? silir-;
ward? chaiiL'ed his nunio-e to a-a-ina-ia
about him. Mrs. Xurralt mav or mav
have not known of lhat "chaime Jt
imriiose from abduetion to :i-.:i.-:ii:itiiiii. ,
Now. what 1 lind fault with in the iud"eia boiar In5.-rhl llrough a tcxt-lxwk
a.lvocate. who did not miiii up. is that. iu amI rt'all-v kno;r 5lt oxcejit
his verv bitter ai-mnent avrainst the pri- to n'I,Klt 1s fronl mry r wrk
oneix I10 notice i taken ol ihis chan-e of ,out :UP' hy rule.
; '11... 1.. r .1 -1 - - , -,
parpose. nor is it brought to the attentiou,
ofthe men wlm composed lhat miliiniv
tribunal. And if Mrs. Sn:itt .bd ,
know of this ehan.r.- of i.nrn.. fil,,.r.. .uVh ineompetcney will lie obligetl to
.. .11 -
110 evnlence that she knew in anv wav oi"
the :l.:,.Vuiati.n) he ouuht
not. m mv
;nd.rm..t t l,.,, .. UM. ,.,.mM,i,.,l r i..i"
word of minedid I mean to sav that thoseovo' 5t,ul-v IM1Kuea " ""r ?chooIs.'
l..r. ........ !... 1 . .1 "
iin. v.i.i, nui- nfiuie 1
whom all the facts were not nut, did anv
1 wrong whalever. 1 do not. mean to sav
thcv.judvred vronrlv under the liizhts thev
. i..,'
j l forc tl
. had : but the noint I m
m,it whieh shall stan.l matlc before thi-
. countrv is that all tiie tcstimonv xwsAUc
tn tln-.ixv li.rlit tl,..f
that tribunal. For if we had onlv the
' advantaire of all the testimonv. " Mr.
changcd 15ooths purposc from capture to
assassinate : who it was that 0011UI proiiti
cr.ncy : which wc cannot do now but
we minht have done if wc could tiscerl-tin
.. 1
was Uooth to clear himself by -zoing back
' to Washington, from the "rea't crime he
( had committcd J That IWh thought so j
'. appiars from what still remains. " The'
1 1
j other eighteen pages are gone. erc thc-
gone when they came into thc possession
of the learned judgc advocatc .' If they
wcre why did hc not itiquire where and
when they went ? "When Licut. Col.
oouger gave 11 10 some oue. wuy uiu tie
not inquirCj Yas it vholc llica ? AVljen
it tvcnt into the lr.unls of the next man
Wi5 it whole then ? Vlioe -as llie knifi
that cufc tlie leavesin u way that is plain
w im sai ot :ill tuen f 1 am not nwv
s,,ould not havc iurthcr pursued this mat-
ter, except that the gentlcuian chanrcil
me with having inade iny statement
.:.i.. .-.. r : .7
- i.i.NUUl U.v.lllllII.lt Ui IUU CUUUIICC
ha, d,0cn to
.lial t.haric .
brinfr this matter here bv
w 0
uvl I desire now, iu some
ltter shall le fullv and thor
A Word to Stiperintendents of
It will be remembered that the General
jamine all per.Hjns, presenting themselver-
courscs of studv
lrescribel by the Uoard for Nonnal
5cbm'' an J?ve crtilic:ues to such jer-
on a- pa?s a sr.tisiacion ex:unination.
school.-, e:ablihed bv the act of lasl fall.
V ;i ':UKr 01 u-lcr
.ol 1M03V ili("l lrer.itiou, for our
'l,?lnvl M,HK,Ifi- 'l 1,0 ncei1 of llw Ieo-
: tion jirew osit of the fact that the i-xanii-
"atioIn of U'!lc,l,f? b-v io)y1 rintcd-
" - "
. ir'-i
. iwr refuseil a ivrtillcatc.
Wc- hope this action of the GeiifRil
A11,blv arouse towas and uperin-
teinleats 10 the neces-itv of a more searcu-
:in'1;-ntiI exaiuiiiaiiou of eveiy cau- j
-l .uik.ih.-- 111 uil.- WK
1 "re 1'0:,J J hixily. aml ik inisl:uiea
clom"lKT f"!" incompete.ify. lt is
5,01 l'n,.,,J"b :l Klatc can "rvad
a vcnl'' :,n'i I'her witli tolembk' la-
unH: u-n iii.niv 01 me Haoiars 111 cMir
commoa mIkh1s t-m do that. One iviki
aspins to the ofrice of teaclier shoaVl n
ttVrstand ihe raiSLn of what is tamiht
huuld go behind the books and the nilcs
and grasp ihe priuciples from tvhich the
l!Kk and the rules spnnr. Uales he
does this he can bo of no semce lo ihe
scholar. The teacher who hears a rtx-iia-
irom tho book :uul is ::llt,iei1 if tht
vholar re-ats the words of the aullior.
i has onl-v ,,ono wbat Mh' wlu cut
rxrtil nnl iT Ii:t. 1- sxll IoIxl is
u'lcbor J,,i; lualilisioii is not tliiScult
. m.u ijuiie 100 mauy leaeuers rcally
... -
' know very little ot the studies they pre-
n iiu iu ii.u-n : ;mu uihht Miea lUMniciion
.....! . . ......!. I .1. . 1
The remedv for this cvil is in lhe hands
1 ,! l""-t oisHrhool-in cve lon.
! 1 1?" retue a certiliaiio there isnoap-
1 1 ... ,; 11 r
Ulllir m"1 t inoor iir.m u:e
M-hool hou-e. where mintl are moulde.1
not onlv for life but for a time as ion as
i-i 1 1.. 1 ... - ...
1 uiuxiay mgui kisi, comtnencing 111 llie
root oi .lohn .s. ldandin's store. which
was entirely destroyel, with its conicnls.
! The post oifiec was in thesame IjuiUliiiir.
AVn:i Kircv luni; to ;'turl, ihe
ictiers anti papers. Alr. JHandms loss is
SHH)0, msuretl for S-JO00. From this
buihling the llames spreatl to the dwelling
house. barn and outbuildings of Mr. 1. F.
Wiueh. and complctcly destroyetl his buihling-;
and most of their eontents, valued at
about From these buihling- the
llames rcached the ineetinr house, where
lhe tmll,; t0 t-1,,,2l,n? llu5e 13
thc destnictive clement w:is finall-sulxlued.
j ueieci; 111 tnc ciumncv.
shing him to have acniei
him and said. ';lf
honest Thc bov
With a look lhat bnt5!el d..p.-.nfm!, n.U
,,m - ,im;. 111:11 ii:iiiiiMi ii(fviiTin;i nn
ti w:u bo 10nPt Avhptbp-vn,. i,v '
' 3
Ihilwcr never wrole more truth in a
few Iines than wc iind in this passase:
-Thc worst sign for the man is when, in
despair of thephysiciau he ctills iu the
tpiack : thc worst sign for the Statc is,
j when it dismisses the statcsman to trust in
thc ucma"ouc. "
:1V. Illlt nt tluit vhtili T L-timi- I tm
n...1 T.. I..,. 11-. 1 .
v , - i- i.rs .1 M;iisi;ii:iur. u.iuuiliailUlL.
X rv... .. ....... 1.. t ...
" V MitV' 1 .
TIh' -w narUr.J l"flTHtHi4wn" f lUrer KiiAoriw
trifi Kt 5rpesV ;!. aauatiBtt -aai thc eri-UBce f U
pfn' tvba 3Ue iu-r ted tbc rcft.iinj;nf onr lre-a
at WivjilBMe5rh,raiJta'tlicssl:aBS, rimd, her
Jiofr, l'-tvifr, troat, Uark liaw. rtripci La."f, and lnmrirtr
TLr-t fci, hxli a ccnturr agn, famisbed atnmdint and
wttltnefoodti tie rplc; l.r tie vnction f
irai?sUe dam, tte ae,V-t. jv:3flu f jnd and
rivna. and ly nf Vle-f fcla:.c, in nay?ani -tatJiat,
.trt?emsacdUU havc Ixxa jtrty imici. diy-
lclSr, tbe immcnBe nstsral incrcnf of fj.hcs ijvcn a
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Ity intcr,vt and ihe a??js:aiice of thTir.leat lirw.
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Tiu: VtavF. or Paixn.N; I'aihi Tlie
3Iatlison Union lnily says irold juav :o
up to 2UU or down to 1:50. imt the price
of lajer muains about the .mune all tlie
lime. Narsucli monoj(y as tlie juiper
moiKvjKily hjis cvercxislrti ia this couulxy
leforo. Tlie Iremeudous power of the
pres- sku? impolejit to shtike it : con
?rre? buckles to :aid help ulain it; ajul
the ieople aro t:Lxed to -suppori it. lf
the t.-trill 011 jiaper ',vv redtitvd lo :tay
thin likv rtsi-onaUe m:. pulrtisncrs
couldimport tleir piper from Europc,
aad get a inm-h Irlter artii-le thtui they
jret i'nim Aiaeriam tlders. and at -jreally
roliKx-.! ntte. Ars it is now the tarhf
luniirln's ir nnemie lo jW tjtnxrmaent,
but aieri4y t-nndK ihe ji.-.jkt lealers :it
ihe exjeii- oi" iKnvspnjwr realers.
A nM Oxi. Dnriiig the first ye:ir5
if xJso war. ivlien ehamie tvas -siuxv aa J
-mai' larse linn- tvere issuiag inrreJKv of
thi'ir on. :i fanner -;vm1 to a store m 11
, !lt ,rrin r iin.l l,rMil .r,.,.
:Uhi e lo lJie mKllil :l f,vv 0i,r
j Vjll, A ivhkk he utud To ceats
The tK-tvii:iitt tvHiMtcd o4it tlie mtmnt
aml lctiled it over i ihe farnier. lie
hnil;il at it a auHucut :iml inqirexl,
"Whus this r -Ifs my CMrTeiicr.""
iid i;? iiKriaaL -WaL "uum-gootl for
nolhiu wiiero 1 live." saul tlu faitntfr.
"Viiy- wcll. replied tiie au-rchanl, 1ceei
it till you jzpI a tlolbrs -.vorlh aal hfms
it lo my store aml 1 -vvili -givo vmi a lolhtr
bill lor il."
The fanner jwckeleil lin1 vitaiige :md
depanetl. A few weeks after 1k; wait
into llie sauh -Jore aid iKmglit Hds lo
ihe aauHiat f one li31rr. :indnfierpayia
over lhe Mlentiejil seviy-livo eewts. 3h
look out a handiul it puiujkia sveds and
1Minlt ilt 1 W.lltV-tlv.. fif -h.,1
J - - - v . ...v..., ......
j naNl thom ivcr to the nierchunl. ''Wliv.1
Ujvs tlhMaerclwa: wlm s lliK' "aV"
' .,v tiM. f-,rm.-
aiy cnrreiier.
aad when you 2"t a dullar's -.vo-rta hrluf
il out to my place and 1 will ive you :i
dollar bill ior it.' 7J fr.. iiitk Times.
1 Is:moi:jhi.:e vmm Kxri: t-nx; Tuimi.
TIhj rciiH?ilies are lew aad mple, :unl
rtin lc had in even fanuly. Ti-w lirst
remetly is cold ttter. hehl in lhe laiHilh
aml iMjii-oasly i:sel on iIk; oulsitle. This.
in manv eaes.-kvill be -Mtlieieat : vet there
are iii-iaaa ivhen lhi- will not aastver.
la sucliaci' lake caitou or linl, v.-c31
siutkeil in a slrong solurion ef ahun water.
rolle l np in a saiall, hard '.-:id.and ress
it Sinnlv up iIk civity of the toolh so as
to roaeh tlie mouth ol tlie Weeding vcsscl,
and at lhcsame litneclose'ourieelh joa
and eouipress i: o as to reJ:iia it in thnt
position. tvhi-Ti' it -h.mld 1h kejt Irom two
lo twelve lusirs withtMil le3ng lnovetl.
This remeily wo have uever knowa to faiL
lt is simpk. csisilv ajmlieil and wilhin the
n-nrli tf I'Vi'rv ln'rvnn.
I -
Now lhat 1. T. llanntm Ls mimin" for
j eongress thev are rakiug p all the old
I .-Urits thal ever were uhl ot him. Jn
1 C ouuecticut once a boy 10W llaniumlas
grandmoiher had a cherry volorel ctitthat
iva-s a grvat eurio-ity. llarnum ofleri.Kl
lilteea dollars for il, and jwid 11k hoy five
dollars on accounl. When lhe cat tvas
jiroduml it was black. 1'anium protcst
tl, but the boy conleadel that it tvas
black cherry cohl, and lhe ahowiaan
confissel he had beva outwiiled.
The man who gave a S.l.OOU printiiig
j ojfer this telimoay of rejrard and
' " -1 1 r . ,
V K'n ulVi "y1" cici-uurg to
1 -Uo5coiV' m 11,I,C5 1,1 Iwgtli aad opened
lloI"lu'' m Ulti " w a "iS.e
' panger kis not thus lar been .sacriu
1 Wi-inns wa- one dav with a fricad
' when'he ohserv.-d n inr .1...r tl,t
x a 4iuu
1 been killed. Iviu- iu the "-utter. i.r.n
paused, jr.tzcd at the dcad animat, and at
last said : -llcrc is another shipwrcei."
liShipwreck ! Where T "Why here's
a bark that's lost torcvcr.'' His coinpan
ion growletl aud pttssed on.

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