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e M. STOXE & CO., Publishe.ro.
CMfiee next door North of Court House.
r.n-. -Ono copy per nnnum $2.50
. urictly i" a Ivance $2.00
-mjh. Thc iioatagc on The Ualedonian lo ?ub-!
. ,,t! cmiyv i-t.ce; toany jur: .f the Fnited
,11 i-i.lu ot ihp county, hvo ccuta per iiu.irtcr, or
, nt-a year, payable ia advance at the office
i:ijor ia iec.ci.ed. '
rtji- ot Advortising.
-For Otie .u.iar.i M9 1inoj!
,.. tlwMzc type, making one incli iu epace,, one
, ti ,. r.i;ii auuiuonai liifei'ii.ii. 'jri cents a' J
i .11 1 cuiiiiw-ib iiiano ai me rale ! !rN a aquaru
un !" a column. liuait.ov CatM-$1 a line per
i.i'. rarim?. Ktiaya, Xfiticc tr Legi.-lature, $1.50
.elvniio-. Oljitimrk-e f ct-iiti a line
. i', Motice. E.nh Hib-ciiber will flnd on hia ,
'. rin rnnnccion witli hU addiei-a, the date to j
13 paid. When a ni'rt payment ia inade thia
. i , iu- :mt.iiii-i-ii iu cmre.-poiKi anu u tiie cnangeia
r . c-ly tm tliti firat or h cmd papcr from the
: . iuii, nt, vc wirh to Iu- nytitk'd linmediately.
,rup s-ar.- now .tll irccted l.y njtthinery, wucn-
.,! Mi i.csuattliH Ulio, orat any other place ex-
t .. p -t ..llic- addr.-n of the Hubecnbcr.' It ia u-c-
tr .sib-enber- t) iirdei the addre.-s of their naH'f
, ii uin kiu Mie piisr omce to wtiich it iiak
.b-, a wrll f tlifoiie to ,.liich they wisu it mut.
'i Priuting of a!l kind donc at living prk(;:
.. .1..! .1.. .1... . . . . ... . r
,d Cnd- kipt cuiirtautlyoii baiid.
r. .!m:i;ri;Y IJrsixKss Dikkctouy.
.1 OH.N HACON, tid,
ix mm-.ij, 1.F4ATUKK axd oil
tt. .lolmeburj- Cfiitre, Vt.
r. it. ;a(;e, aktist.
I 1'
. ujt-. Melalnotypes, atid lite-slze I'hotonraDhs
II..H..1- .! j.l...oti.. tl.nn ..1 1 '
K. A. VAKNKY, M. 1).
I' II Vai C I A X A X D S L" It G K U X .
(Miice oppo-iite HiiiKbam'a Dni ritoru.
c;ko. s. siiaw,
I X Sl'l! A X (; K A (5 K X T .
f.. i- .r, im H.iliJt I'eok's Store.
(.'. !. IU LLAIll),
1- 11 Y Sll'l A N A N D S U R G E 0 N.
utliiv over niiiphanfe Dnij; .Stoie.
S. T. IHtOOKS, 31. I).,
P II V S 1 C 1 A N A N I) S U R G K O N ,
(i-i!,, i..-r ll'i-.varil'-. lionk Htore. Ke-iiilence coruer
'iitral .uiil Sprlnn Stri'etn.
.1. L. I'KItKINS,
I N 'I1 I S l
tf.lk-. C'urtHT ot Matn Strert aud Katern Avenue.
i-'ii-v. .i.nir lo the rlht, up stairs, L'mh.n Hluck.
.1 . N II T T ,
t)pi" .-itc PiiSNeiiRer Ilepot.
'dUtoccUnncous tfnrrt.s.
!.! i.N-i:i) M lHIONKKi:, IT.ACIIAM, VT.
:.f or "w iiy 111 til will receive proiupt attention.
lV.u iruii, !eo. 1-t, lviii. t.Maylli
Dli. C. U. 311 IiES,
1) C X T I S T ,
Ulllce ut hii Irii Store, Lvudou, Vt.
'ti .tate ritreet, liottou, .Ma-"ti.
; p . s i i: n c k
.Mauufactttrer of
- Vt.nii'iiit.
11. i:. 11 L" 11 1' K K, 1'
Tlljl . , ro.Vt.
V.M;aUur..m W,ux,,ft-UmR v.vrUe,.xvUo wUV U
ttnd Uiu beii ir.iul iMmm u tlie -tati, 2tt
I'rocure l'euMim. aud lloutuicb. Lyndon, Vt,
v)i;. t.i ;.,( at LAtr, f.'iiciTOKJ auycKiir.
11 a ii m;y
y-i Si.itc.and 21 Cmimerce Street Uoston.
i. c. iiai:..v. n. r. si'K.M-tu. w. c. west.
l l. L I A ?l Y. CltOIT,
f'l.AlM AGKNT.
IUkton. - - Vt.
.tt,. !i-.i-tvaU riortiie amoiint ot power ulven,
.ii v ttlierl in use.
I'ome aud m c It.
l'l.V.N 0-F 0 K T E S, j
v iri 11 f ylc
. i
i.idpii',ea, fur halc at Mka Stoddard a;
i-i r.. vi
. ti 1 i.a ' ; ian taKCti in excl. iUire.
.iM.-r,riii.'i: .m. stodhard,
Au' nt tor II. n.y V. .Milicr'a I'iauoc,
l'.itl Sr.Jolinsbury, Scpt. tl.
Where can be found
MrnV and boyV boota,
l.ad'ea' miJ!-ea' and childrcn'a
l"0"ta, ehoi a and g-titera,
Itub' era -lnd over.-ibries.
All WairanttMl Work.
II -.n-l (', f,.r Clnip bilievinj,', that u nimblc eix
1 i' worth more Mmn a slow i-hilHiig.
.1 f It. C M HOWE.
1 in the. rec.r of thc St. John.-bury Honae. up etair.-.
uiee on Cen;nl strcc . Lovcr of thia tine game are
i d t call. Snnll boys and achol.irs iu ei hool hmira,
1 -t ctfullv requffted to keep out. Tablca, furnittire,
. :!! n ,-.. "Hiiui -, from A. M. to 10 1". M.
lieii:'dei?i';uedhaapMtented sap spout, by tbe use
t .v l.irh beran mak.-nearly twice aa mtich sngar from
the if a.- ln retnforo. It ia n comhinati on of the tin and
tt..nd -i spout, and obviatea the dettcieueiea of tbe com
tm.n iod-a and irou cpout-". 1 will eupply purchaaeiB
ith o ut.-, or aell towu, countv or a-a'c righf? to agenta.
"ie:n - lili.-ral. AildriB3 ARCHIBALI) LKITCII,
Ryegate, Vt.
lK'IN(i IS C0M1NG,
And Kamura Eliould call at the
-Njrncultimil Store on R. K. Strcct,
V.'hcre ti:ev mav find nearly all tbe lateat improvcment
'a ar-rictiltiirjl iiuplementa cheap for cash or ready pay.
Hrr.t'? Ora"",
Clotbea Writiiters,
AidWood Ware gcntrally,
dover and other eeeds,
t'rockcrv aud Glaag Warc
1". Ige TooLs
An l Hardware gencrally,
Teaa, Coffee,
And nice Family Groceries,
Map, Stuneware,
ltooka and Stitionco. and
Yankee Xotioua.
ip'.r i'iioit.hatc of I.ime,
M.,v.,, .
ultivat r,
U y Ciittcw,
C ni shel'LTa,
's Yukea and l!ow?,
if ' tcr Tuba, '
;r iin Mc-aurcp,
Wow I'oint,
WANTnninescliinKC for the above goods,
ni-Jr, pofitocs, butter, white bcana, peaa, corn, pats and
other u aitta
St. .loluirbury, March 13, ISmiT
IltftA.M A. C.VTTlSa, m.pwithUiVmz mitrr, iwcd not itcf .i;r lnn.l- or , ), Wlll ut' oiicnUion.
UOW.llNMV.Nr (XAIM ANU 1.NM.HAXCK AdV.XT, thc eimplcst pioceaa prcracd drv w.thout teT.rini; ur ini lnVvWlVieill ltUCl-UOn
t . .v t.i.v). . (.AllOON, j v bavo u.ed "t;m.tM nivcivai Mp w.inger," and, woiAd covor li.' :vivrl:me.
4ih... wr ff..ii'.n..ii.tWiTl ? i&yTamf.fronTBrt-nw
Iho ulwrribcr wishe-' to give notlce to thc people of St.
Jcihiiibiirya.nl viciuity, that he ha retumed aud takcn
UietGi.ui- formcilv occupiid bv him over the store f
Menr . lltit.-i iu-oi. Corcer, aud oppoeitc the St. Johna
bury h me, where h.- will con'inuc tho manuf acture of
to ordcr, aud fr. m the beat m iter'.al the country can af
furd, and a' x re.iun-iblij pricea aa timea will admit.
Tho-e wtfhing for a gncd lcot and a gentcel fit can be
suitul. Rcp i.ri.,g utatly duuc at fhort not ce.
t. Johnjbun-, March 27, 1S07. 4S-60
V UJjUIVln ) () 4.V
Containing the
Latest, Viv W Ar.iJl Av rr,.i,w i.
J j-vitgxtiiMi,
Aud i'.B colunins are mriched bv the
f ii,lnilfi,.i... .. Vil.,.,4...1 f ...i... . ii
. ..v.mj .y luiwurn 1,017 exjxmuenis ui auixiil"'
In adJition to ita high literary and newsiiaporialability
the Travelier ! thc only dailv paper publiahed in Boatou
which eupporte the prcsent
Ia onu of the slrougest upholdera of tho causc of ttinp r- i
aiice in tlie Btate, aml ia earuestiy reconmiunded to pub- '
lic patronage by the 1
Kreaitive Cummitlce of the S'ate Tiinpeiancc Ki7u!vj
TERMS-$10.00 Per Year, 111 Advauce.
TERMS-$4.00 Per Year, in Advance.
TERMS-$2.00 Per Year, in Advance.
Five CopiiB .y"."'0.
Eleven Copiea Ifi.t'O.
Twenty-one Copiea 'J5.(H.
Thc Weekly and Seini-Weekly Travelier cmtiin :
A- Sennon by Ilcnry Wsird lJt'echer,
A Xew's Ueview of the Week,
All the nevs by Atl.mtic Cable,
News Kt'ceived by iail,
Ljitcst Xews by Telegrnph,
' riitereriting Editorial Articles,
A Good Story Choiee J'oetry,
Keligious Fine Arts Musieal,
Li t era ry Person al Pol i t i ea 1 ,
A Column for Farmcrs,
The IJousekeeper, Various Items,
A Full lieport of
The Jioston Alarket?,
ririuhton Cattle IMarket,
Cauibriilge Cattle Market,
The Ijatc.t Sl-.lp Xews, &c., &c.
j Thec papera are niadc up iu compjct shi.pe, no ?pace
is nacted, by whicli rea-on the reader in eacb is-ue hm n
conipemliuiii of a!l the eurrent cventa, berides thetcnuon,
etun-, and fanuer'rt column, the houseketper, ic.
I?cend for a epeciinen copy.
WORl'MXGTOX, FLAXDEHS &. CO., rnblishcis.
45-51 :tl State stieet, Travelier l!uildiiif;5, Ilofton
Wringins; a mop l.y hand U tiresome dirty biwinew, !
aml overv laiiv iooks upon tne toli ot UKipin llo. r, tli-:
hardeato'f all her hou chold labor... iia not aobard i.ow. 1
! for
Gillet's Universal Mop Wringer
.Di - penfcaih.hchardePtpart of the labor, t vrrinvx
i .I., ' " , U." " ; 1
troni r-aving thehard ilirty wringlns, are that you can
... . L-. .............. .... ...u.j-v - .tr l. .
inier." miiii
icxccllentmicleforeverv fauUv. rmnlmnu,. -.14 it .1,,...
luiiiy uuvn.venient not iefore. iu nse, aud we cW-ruuv
1 recommeud it to all.
w'r Vf,rl,,,r.. iini .1 r " :,mp' Stwo'
I r. Waterbury Hotcl. 1. Ilaijie "
f,f'- "'"'"lcy, Waterbury, S. K. Kemick, St. Johii-bmy
1 Mdney l.iowii, " W. M. M.itthe.wr, "
, w jj n jjugijym Ston-c, lf. F. Pcth-wiU. "
(.f.If.Hcnnet,0 A.G.t hadwick,
', R. WaaWmru, u 1). l.ovntmi, ,l
' v M;t,., " Ri"f,'hiim,
I (,,U0,U'IkmJ II. Hating-,
H. I). Moorc, " .1. A. lladley, "
j ilt. Manafield Ilot.l Co. A..M. C-ok.
Are wanted immedi.ttelv to c-inva thn tornis of thU
county, ako thc countieaof Orlean aud Esecx.
a. o. ga n:s
St. Johnchuiy, Vt., Fch. 2", lSfil.
1 1 UJU IU.1 is.
we mauuiactnre aiit.Mi.M-, aui ct -pospiiate trom
With the other neceaparj- coiiitituenta of the teet quality,
and with no adultcratinu whatever. Its preparatiou "iii
conduc;cd with
Skill aiui Fidclity,
Aml we are confidi-nt it ia the veiy b. at in maik. t. Wc
want fannera iu this viciuity to try it aud eatt'fy them
aclvea it ia the
All gradea from dust up to an inch eqtiarc
Puro, TJnburnt, TJnadultGrated.
Scnd for circular.
St. Johnsbury, Vt.
lltivii'g purchaaed from Mits. II. W. Fi.etwood her
entire etcck of
Ia now prepared to do biiaiucB at her rootua, oppositc J.
C liiugham'a Druc Store, Maiu Strcct, St. Johnaliury.
At the Old Stttnd, LyiHton, Vermont.
Wc now have finished and ready for aale a complute
variety of our his' light and heavy "open buguica. Alao,
the Iargest and best vaiiety iu procesa of cempb tion,
uhicli wc have ever offered to tlie public, consistiug ot
Lilit aiui Ileavy Open Jltiwics,
Side and End Sprin,
aud Ti Iluies,
.Madc from the best feleced ftock in everv department,
thom immedialely. or by examinntion of tho- a'rcady ;
completed, can apecify any changcs they m..y wiah, and '
have tlicm paiutcd aud tnimued to their tacte without '
m uurpa lous eiui eoiue anu i a;iiuiui- iiieoi. auu ue;
extia charge, a.- we aie conEtantly finiahing up, and can
auit them wi'hout any iticonvctiicncc.
ZlfCil and e.xamine our huggiea, aud the ftock fpjin
whieh tiey are made. Ordcra promptlv attende.l to.
TRl'LL t MIl.LKlt.
Lyndon, March '20, lo7. tbit
For Sale by S. liECKWTTII.
Weet Burke, March 1, lSt'7. 4T-50
Dr. Serlye'a Catanh Remedv, Femna tumigator,
Wadaworth'a Dry Up, Wolcott'a I'ain Aunlhilator, and
gcveralkindaofUatarrh.Sn.iff, for aale at
nixoHAM's drl-g store.
For repairing rubber ..
... '. s,e wivit tin ii.i,MviuiUr,c..ii). ..uui.i .-(nft (11 iuimin
, Daivn, Xoon, aml Twilight.
The Frcema.i reproducee, from the origin.il inanuicript,
' tLe following written b,y thc late Wiu. C. Bradley, eouie
year? e nce.
Iraprioned in a living jail,
A luety, kicking son of catth,
Ileady to wale and wei-p and wail,
My linibs aie etmggling to the birth.
I.et me pasi.
Xotv on my feet I tottcring etand,
Till, by cnticcments holder g.ovfn,
I qnit the watchful rao(hi r'a hand,
And lo ! I lcarn to go alone,
Let me paaa.
Xow i i youth'e buoyant, nierry round,
AVith quickened jiulae my rtepa advance
Wh re miiaic, vine and wit a'xiund,
And bloi miiig beauty lead- the danie.
I.tt m e pa&a.
Xow bb t with children. wife and friendi.
Ainbition urgin to tlie v m,
I strive to walk where iuty tendj,
AVitb love of God, good will to nian.
I.et me pai-1.
And now my better home draws nigli,
Frcc from prcumptlon and deapair,
15ut weary, faint, I wait to die
And leave tliia world aud all ita carc.
Let me p.ia-.
The UniUscovvred Country.
Could we bnt know
.The !a:id that enda our dnk, tinccrtaiu travel,
Whcrc lie thosc happicr hillaandineaduwelow
Ah, if i eyoud the spiri 'a iumoat cavil,
Augh of that country coulJ wcsurely k:iow,
Vh- would not go ?
Miglit wc bnt hear
The louerinj; angels' hib imagined chonis,
Or catcb, betiuiut, w ith wakeful cyea and clear,
One i.-idiant vi-ta of thc realm btfore u-"
With oiic rapt moincnt givca to aec aiid hc-.ir,
Ah, who nould fc.ir i
Vcrc wc qu-ite pure
To find the p.crleae friend who left u? lonely,
Or therc by aome rclcatiil ftreama aa ptire,
To gaze iu eyci that here wi re lovely only
J'hia weary mortal coil werj ue juite atirc,
Who could cndure ?
From the Atlantic for April.
Travel in thc ZTnitvd States.
nv i:avai:i tayi.oi:.
Thc history ot our railroad construction
is nuirked by rap'ulity, daring. and a won
dertul ie of lvsonrces. Our roatls have
not only lvachcd thuutniost liniit of settle
ment, leavingau immeiise network ofcom-
.1 i.... 1 1... i
n.tn n..uiu, no. uu u.cui. utu u pu.-iK.. ;
otit beyontl the last p.oneer, and prece.le .
en.igrat.on. LiuK-r such c.rcum.stances, ,
no one can exneci uie niiie aiui massive
works ot Europc. The labor must be n-
dticed t
i mininuun. the bridires and cnl-
. . 1 i . r i , . i
v,'rt Unlt la ut !l !l-ilL tl'IlllH,r:uy 'Il:ir-
Mi'fi'i iiiul t ln rmniiinf sfni'L- imt vm-v i1.-
" i- ,v
irant nr .-ulislanti.il. that the losses tVoni
" -y '-
M",- 11 "" . " ,u,u M 1 u
. . . I , .... l..i, I 1... . ,1 xl........ .. . l. .. I
vvi iiitiiw iiii ivi iiiv.rv ivii i-nv;iv nv ivv:;lv-,
f I ,
... .. ....... u.-.i
o( muv'lnuerv.
piM n 1 100 (
(fi - KIV : bllt ll.-t KTf IS thc imiul wlicn
.. .. 1 1
our Vx:wxw:x Mnaity lo AbIctwtoU-.
Our nik' "eoms to Iu, (Iiat a fiastilv
road mav bo faivlesMy manaucd. There
is probably no line in the country upon
wheh iv;.cr ivtsnhuHy :w,l secuntr j
imgl.t not ie oitn'ued. witlvoui the least
(llUl.ll. L I'I Jl. 11I1J11I1 1
Notwithtandiiv' the combinations en-
all lines. We have known six accident.-'
to occur on one trip from New York to
Cincinnati. There have been seasons
when aecident or at least failure to
make c.nuiections with other road
tlnvate.ned to become tiie nonnal ccudition
ol the Xew Yoi k and Erie. the New York j
Central, the Central Oliio, and niany
,4l.,ii ,.,i.i,l.. 1 ItM-Miir i vn i-nll.k. 1 4x-l,k,i..,i-,i I
ULI1U1 IWilll.-. uin lllj; lltll.llv.M l .lllllV-
I 11 .1.. ..! ' .1 .1 .11'... . 1' .1
IV on an uie euiei iiioriiiiguiare.s ot uie
country during the past twelve years. we
are cominccd that the chaiiees of arriving
at one'? de.-tination in accordance with the
programnie .-et forth in the publi.-hed time
tables have been diminished, rather than
incrcased, duriug that period. The trav
elier who takesa througli ticket from New
York to St. Louis has a possibility of de
tention :it I'ittsburg, whieh amounts to a
probability at Coluinbiis or Indianapolis.
The rate of speed on exprcss trains has not
been increased, (on some roads it has
been slightly lesscncd,) the margin of time
allowed for delays would seein to be am
plc, and the fact of irregularity must spring
from a defective systeni of mauagement.
All that we have said on this point will
apply with etpial force (o the tpie.ition of
saf'ety. Ve have many roads whcreon
the annual losses from accidents amount
to a sum whieh, applieil to the protection
and proper organizatiou of the road, would
render accidents veiy rare. Our variable
cliiuatc and extrcmes of temperature are
physical disadvantages, it is true ; but
these exist to a greater extent in Rus?ia.
and yet on thc road from St. 1'ctersburg
to Ioscow, i'our hundred miles in length,
and opened to travel in 1852, the life of a
single passenger has not thus far been sac
riliced ! On this road there are thirtv
three station? : the shortesL stoppage is
five niinutes, and the longest (at Tver, for
meals), forty-five minutes ; the whole
journey, including stoppages, is made in
exactly twenty hours. We do not com-
1 ,1 . .1 i
Pl!l11' 111:11 "aills upoil OUI loaus are
t00 glow that tllCV do liot acCOIliplish the
.. . " .. . 1 T,
ioriy iiine? pcr nour oi iugiiMi or riencn
expre trains: but weiusist that they are
bounu to estaoiisn a scneduie ot running
time upon whieh the travelling public
may dcpend, with a tolerable certainty of
its coiTectness. In proportion as they ap
proach a system whieh will avoid irregu
larities, they will olfer greater security to
The consideration of conifort opens a
wide lield; whieh every reader may partly
j dlustrate froill hlS 0WI1 CXpcnence. Our
. . . . r 1
i Amcncail ldeaS of COlllfort are, tO .1 CCr-
j tnin vt(,nt pOnv0nt;,tn.,i, 'e are gre-
1 garious, but not social ; we rejoicc in
j arrangements whieh allow a great number
to crowd together iuto the same enclosure,
---- ininr i uin iiim'ii vmi'iiiiii iiiit'i .11 uiiis i ius i i.ni ti... ....... i.. - . i
i c ir i, .i r f i w :m "wuidi(l pli. and arcdy needsex- to what it works m is uo ,,,,,,, i ,turtiur .uuhonzcNi and einptmeretl. to ii-
lv torm rival lines Iwtween the Kast aiur .. m , v. i i .i .... .... 11 i Ami any contnict, suunption, or pur-, ilM ,:P . ., ..r :.....,.
..4.4. . . t 4 In 4-.4-V.. lxl !... nnli ........ . .t . ... I - 1 - I (Ul w I 11 I I ri-MllTlfttllZ V.V . 4-v -I . . . .
i- i - i ... - . . iiiiL iiiv lii.iu uu i .iuiiiii Miiiinir iu u:iiiiri' i l i i . .-i i a.
- 1111111!'I1I1II lll.trilllll'V ll.l. MIIUV11 1I1-1I.-.h1....I....a - - -taw V4UV, UVAIUC. tli k lilLV. Ul Jlill'J t--i 11111
le We.-t, and the obvious iiitcivt ofeat-hj; , ,. nl- ,.,:.:,. i1f. , . i.- .i: i! i -i,'",1 , , , chase, by them made and subscribeil in Lvceetlin -even ii?r tvnt t.,ir-nmnm .imt-
. . . . . . in cac- ot com netition betueen JmihIisIi A i:ivismwoili.il n t.-n- nnd it i nni- . - ., . , , ,r . uwun0.uui pLrn.nu ir.iimiiiiu iki-
cstablisli a ciaim to re.niiantv, tliere is .. ,t. , . .... , . . ; . wruing, m ine name anu oeiiau oi sucinMu,. .1,in.1ii.. .!
, , , ii. l.lllll.llO, .1 1 1.111H-IIU41 171 1.11VO IU UIIL UUIllll I'llIOI Il'lIIOIl'll ir (II-.' III llll' l'ri"ltlOll '11111 I . - . . -- ............ y . ...i. 4IIUH-
irivat amount of delay and defntion on !.r ,,. " .. . ,- c'nci 'ution.u ioi.. n tlit.ut.tion Um-n, m pursuance ol the tenns of siul ,,r or r . nh- a -,
' and Uien we become silent and uncom-
raunicative. The Atneriean rauwaj'-car
is popular, it cannot be denied. We
proudly point to it as an example of secu-
rity against niurders of the Franz Muller
order, fonrcttinir the number of platform
deaths to whieh it gives rise. We prcfer we lind the latter controlling entire states ;
to be silent in a large company, andsleepy clecting their own legislatures and nieni-J
in a vile atmosphere, to being social with bers of congres, dcnioralizing voters, andj
sik or eight fellow passengers iu a separate cxcrcising other dangerous privileges. in '
coinpartmcnt. We have but one cliiss'utter dehance of the public interest. We-
for all tr.ivellers, except a few eminrant are silent under impositions of this kind ;
cars on certain lines and thu is believed wlnch would r.use a popular teiupest iu
to be demoemtic. One car, or soinetimcs many countries of Europe.
two, kept tolcnibly elean and comfortable Whatever may be our theory, (it is ,
for ladies, may be enjoyed by the married tloubtful, indeed, whethcr we have any.)
man or him "intending marriage". our pmcticc appairs to Ui based on the
others, tho i-elined and the brutal, thc ide. that the corporations into whose pow- i
clean and the lilthy, the invalid aud the crful hands are conlided our travel and the
wearing, tobaceo-squirting rowdy, are
joraxi into suen a inoving siauie. e
have seen a gentleman on the Ohio and
Ali?sis?ippi Koad knocked down by a
hing-sliot in the hands of a hrakemau,
becaue he wished to enter the almost
empty ladies' car, the only other car on
the tniin beinjr cr.iuimed to sulTocation bv
t ,11 111
paeked totrether. Some ot the latter, m vauts, but thc benefaetors, of the peonle. t T 1 c i .
. V - i i -n. .4. u inhall, reru, Landrrove, Sandnite,
wmter, whi'ii one s leet ret iu an ice-bath Vc are swilt to cre.ite them. wc :ener- n,. i iv ir i .1 S r
ri-., i , i i i 1 , , i .1 -.I - -i i Uorset and oodiortl. iu the county of
ofbitter:ur,and oncs he.nd reel, m ajouslyload them w.th pnvdeges, and we VtCnuh t anJ thJ towM of Da
bunung, d.soxygeni.ed a mo.sphere, can j rcquire a nicre shaddow of obhgation ,u Mour Tabor, Clarendon Tinmouth,
only be eompaml to one c . the outer ar-1 return .Sometnncs, when a aally Wa,H fJrJ and 1utIandj in thc M '
cles of Dante s Jnferno. On manv ot the fnghtful accident occurs, we establish a nr t?.i?.,i r .,
ii- , i .t -l .t - i i t i i 4 - t t ot Itutlanu, or any or eitlier of them, are
cstern roads, the single gentleman is smgle rule whereby that particular form .', .1 , n 1
drunken and riotous soldicrs. Thisgentle-. tition upon whieh our legislators fondl re
inan covered with blood, was then thrown lied for our protection is slowly transfonn-
amoiiLT the latter.
neither conductor nor
any other o hcal at thc stat.on , East
1.1 I ...ii- f.f-tiifr tlin .-li,rlil,.l t..l .... . I 41... 1
.-i. iwui? i.irwinjj iui. .-iiiinjot HUIH.U ui uici
Wc have frequently seen trains le.ive
New York, on the Iludson Uiver Hail
road, with i'our cars, all the seats lilled,
a hundred persons standmg m the
f,-i ... 1 1- i . .
aisies. I he latter were obliged to stand
v , rc . 4 . .
thus tor a distance ot from twenty tosixtv
miles. until seats were furnishcd theni bv
thc departtire of other itassenirers. Even
whcre enough cars are iurnishcd to .-eat
all, they may be lilled with narrow iron
torture-serews, as on theCamden aud Am
bov (seats whicli only ailmit persons of
moderate .-i.e.) or the seats mav be so
as 0 m;u,v otll0r ro:l(!:i. that
lravderV fcnws aw 1Kiiiifullv vc.lwl
inst the lm.k 0, tk in
obligation of the companies to furnish a i absonce of it, in our public intereourse, is
seat for every ticket sold is univcrsally an unpleasant fact. From the rctiuratcm
evaded : their liabiliiy to tlamages arisingjwho, thrusting his hand ovcr your .-houl-fioin
uniH'ce.-sary dclays has never, weidorfora dollar. silentlv and i-oiiti'iiintti-
liflieve, been fairlv tv-.-ted.
U e know ot
..ll.l Co.-f.lllJ.! l1llklk -I Li. it li. It t . i. I t'f. ....
Xew Olk tO tlllfll UU eiliraiiement at .S Hl-
CU.O. TilviVe was UO aeeidcUt. bllt tl earn- ,
I .4 1. 11.
J 1
V-4 4... ...... 4. ... . ..V......
i.imii" iu .ii uiuiii. j m- icv-
-..- 4., ..4 aii....... ti...
! turer. tbu- bligtd to return toNew York. !
. ; f.;. f 4 . ... .,. '
jjI(r01. Uiver l.ailroail olViee. and. as he
iwi-il :nt 1:1 II its valiic. ri'diitvfi'il m iv- '
. - - - - - - 1 - - - 1 -
.,. . 1 ... ,,. n. ,.,,. T, .
1 - -- -- k
111 l,llll'U'l II) l 1 VI. V 4 IlVy Will I'Ull 1 114
receivi'd three
dollars inuru than its ow
a ;m(1 k nm
We are faVUVntly told thnt
, of tc roads wi not aow tiem to otYer
t .
airomiuo'Iations, or to est.-ibli.-h a
i ... ... .
.1:...: : c.,.. ...,-. ..- ..:.. .1...
I ......1. .... ,V.. .Vl .... ' ' 4. .!. . til I
.... . . 1 lli; UlUllllll'llL 1 ' 1 .L l II 1 1 1 1 11 - 111.11. 1 1 11 1" 1 1 -. 1 - I . 1 . . . . 1 . 1 1 -
i l- i i .- . - .t . - ir-viii.
' annual dividends. So, on the other hand. j against the broad backround of our civil
; travel will increase in proportion as it be- j izmion. Thc eharacter of our travel is
1 conies safe. regular. an.l comfortable. If'not onlv below the retiuireinents ofthe
uuiiiiiiiituii ui uu: iiuii i-i iiii ini tcu 111 iui
a railroad company will take thc sums ex-; jmiilic, but below the standard of our
pended :.n coue(pience of accidents, given ' average physical progress. It has not kept
awayinfree pases. devotcd to funhering pace with " the giowth of tlie nation in
or prevent'mg state legi.-dation (:is the casejtaste. in refincment. aud in the comforts
1 . 11 1. 11.
1 mav tiei. to ii!fuiiur rival uncs. and to all
foruis of secret service, and apnlv those i
.-uins strictly to the improveinent and or
ganization retuired by the interests of the
travelling public, tliere will be a swift re
turn to it for the investinent. Whichever
inain line of travel bctween the East and
the West lirst elassilics its accominodation
with corresponding rates ot fare, reforms
the tvfreshment stations along its route,
and lakes special pa-cautions to prcvent
detention, will soon acquire a monopoly of
the through travel.
When we spcak of the manifold con
venienccs of Europcan travel, we are lold
to sec our own country as well, to cncour
age home enterprise, enjoy home sccnery,
aud make ourselves familiar with our own
great store of resotirees. This is all vcry
well, and the sense of novelty will carry
you once over the ground ; but we doubt
wlielher many would repeat a jourhey in
Ameriea for pure pletisure. Ujion most
of our thoroughfares, travel is siniply an
unwelcome necessity. There is one car
upon the Boston and Fall River Koad,
whercin, by contrast, it becomcs a delight :
for two hours you enjoy air, light and
conifort, then the old bore takes you up
Jfwe could detcct any gcneral indica
tion of an improveinent in these matters,
wc might forbear complaint. 3iut in our
railroads, as in our hotels, we lind deteri
oration r.ithcr than improveinent. This is
owing to the great increase of travel and
traliic, without a corrasponding increase
in thc acconnnodations to meet it. When
all the hotels are sure to be filled to the
extent of their capacity, rivalry ceases,
and the public, happy in being accouuno
lated at all, meekly acccpts whatever is
set beforc it. The proprietor, who makes
from one hundred thousand to half a mil
lion dollars per .annum, becomes sublimely
iiHlitferent to the comfort of his guests ;
and the railroad whicli employs all its
rolhng stock, and lutends to buy but very
little morc until prices come down, puts on
the airs ot an aosolute power. C
" . V -uu"u"i-u l
dividuals, and we endurc m all the prac-
tical rclations of life an amount of tyran-
ny wlnch would not be tolemted a smgle
The iiaiiway Syatctn of Maeeachusctta. An addreaia j days it was too quick to be counted. JJur-
ffiroiiaBtStoaIofTrade- ByIIon.iug the lirst part of that time, her hands
12, 1867.
day were its chanicter political. Our cor-
porations are more dcapotic, dishonest, and
irresponsible than in any other country of
the eivilized world. Our politicians, of
whatever pcirty, repeat the old phrases in-
dicative ot mistrust of cornorations ; vct
faeilities of our business are not the ser-
of accident may be preventcd, but we
neglect the comprehensive legislation
whieh should jrotect the public against
danger? and ini)ositions of all kinds. The
shock of a catastroplm makes but a tcni
porary ripplc on the swift, seething, im
petuous eurrent of our life. The compc-
inr itsclf
,,, , nuhoad.. te epiph, and exprcss
1 I 1 . . 1 . ....1.1 -
Ljusnies, ai;aiusL wiiieu iiiu puuat: is Pu'v"jljiiij ro'id
erless. It is time that the balanco were
restored Except in the case ot the 1 a-
cfic nulroads, the need ot encourapng
and siiecially supporting thesc great phys-Lf
xeal enterpnses is pa?t. and thosc whieh
in , -i , ,
Hiavc been budt up bv a conlidmi: ueneros-
i,, ii i " . i..v t
ltv should be callcd upon to lulhl. at lcist,
i i ' '
their most obvious duties.
Our Auglo-Saxon racc, with all its
sountl and sterling pialities. possesses less
grace and courtesy than any other of the
eivilized families of nien. To the un
taught American mind courtesy implics a
certain deuree of servilitv. With thehalf
cultivation of a large portion of our pop
ulation. one could scarcvly expect tf tiud
the virtue gcnerallv devcloi.cd : but tlu
onslv fcinilvs at vour imbecilitv in demand-
ing to be st-rved. to the conductr who
don't know how lon-r the tmin will be de-
I-1V...I r wl.-it ,1... ,,,nr,i ..f,l.rt
V4. 1. .41.. 44. ..VV. . 44V... VV.
IIV IU llilllll 11. UU JU IVI ll'V .1.11111.
rie JloV WIO II l VOllV l!U CVtirV UYC 111111-
i i ..ii t j
with hideous novels
j v i
, . ., . .. .. .4
: ;
nnblic U riiiwt.-iiitlv r.iniml.l tb;it it
1 nii.n-i,
1.- ..11 1111V.1 1-
, .
1 14, .11 111.-
licket-agent to ecome irrilaWe at tlie
niiihouth re)etition ot tlie -tuie (uestion
luimii ni. vi .1 11V.UIU1.. iii.it, iui-i; 111-I
l.mniAnf 41I 41 ii....!
tliires nl our llIi- linv t n iiiiin .r 1-iriii.rW-
. .... . ' . ...
m, ,.,i-,;nn,.,.- ..r i;r., 1,.
VVVV'II .IUVHi. . V"I lll 111V.. A.H li tf
nnriinn .m tin h:mU h- wU'wh .t i? ,nr..f.t-
etl have inere.ised in power, they have
used that power with a diininishing regard
for the rights of those who gavc it. It is
time that the rude pioneer phase, whicli
acconimodates itsclf to everything, should
come to an end The educational intlu
ences of travel are so iinportant, that we
should seek to make it attractive : but we
shall be satisfied when it shall be so im
proved as to be no longcr, as now, a nec
essary annoyance.
Deatii fko.m Tuiciiixa Shuai.is.
Six cases of trichinaspiralis have occurred
in Springlicld, all in the family of Ransley
Ilall, from the ealing of ham, and a
Jdaughter of IMr. II. died on Monday from
the tcrnble disease. Alrs. Ilall is m a
critical condition. The ham was pur-
chased about a week ago, and w;is ealen
without being cooked. L'he whole tamilv,
six.in number, becaine sickin a few days.
but all except Mrs. Ilall are considered
out of danger. The Kepublican gives the
following as the characteristics of the dis
ease :
"The symptoms were quite unifonn,
varying only in degrcc or intcnsrt. The
lirst one was a violent pain through the
eycs, whieh soon became swollen antl
bloody. This was followed by pains in
the stomach and bowels, with vomiting
)r lii-titiilion V fapv iiorion ' i n -i - . ....-... ....n- jure, jjkuiu' itr
idilow estunaleot its temponiiv nilers: at U ... orilP0 0,l" "'i-or rfock, upon
I. . . . .1.- ivilllllllc.llHKi; IU lll.uw UIU CACV.ULC UU cn,. t,lrIU 1C Itl.lV 1111V t lllll- .,11. .... I
n ! ,.:tt t u. oxvent om :ir.; 110L vel reom.iit 1, , . ........ , -.- ,KU lv.rill a.-tlie Ul.l tlllllk proper. ;uid
mav be Imiimn imtnm inr n cuintuctor nr :il ...1. ... ... 1 .... . , uiumuuiu. im . uuiuiiu.. anu lOUl.lke
aud a very effensive bilious and niucous And where it shall be made to appcar
diarrhea. There was at the same time , to said comiuissionerp, that any real estate
and subscquently thc most profusc pcrspi- j includel in thc list of 1SGG has sincc been
ration and urinatiou, and the face and ' conveyed, the assent herein provided for
linibs becune badly swollen. After thc J may be given by the person or party now
swelling and bloody appearance in the liable to taxation thereou, if a resident of
eyes had disappeaivtl, whieh occurred at the town in whieh said estate is situa
about the end of the third day, the linibs tcd.
began to be rigid. And in coinputing the number and
When lying perfeclly at case, thc paticnt ' amount of tax-paycrs in any town, tax
would feel no pain, but the least niovc- payers not resident iu s jch town shall be
ment of thc linibs would cause terrible ag- cxcluded.
on', and touehhi-i them in certain places
would also causc grcat pain. Ida, thc
' young Iady who died could ouly lie with
jier iower im03 perfectly straight ; thc
leiist changc from that position causcd her
her gU)Wcr
j m mi durin!r
ii sutlering. During all her illness
cr than 130 or
thc last tour
and feet ivere cold and clammy, ivhile the
reat of her body retamed its natural
warmth. At G o'clock yestorday moruiug,
she fell asleep and never woke."
How do you arrive at the height of a
church steeple on a hot day 1 Per-spirc
. UJJ..
Bpecial Bession A. D. 1867.
DESIGNATn m TUE or sttt ron rrxu-
An aet to enablc the towns thereing men-
tioneil, to aid in obtaining necessary
railroad conimunications-
It is fordy eiiactxl by tte Gaural Assanb-
0f tfie Jjt, 0f Vermont:
r. , ,r. ri . . CM r
- 4W II IW V4 AkUUlUi,4UU4 lUUllJ
subscribe for, purchase, or acquire, upon
the conditions in this act specified, the
lonib of the Lebanon Springs Il:iilroad
Company. a corporation existing in the
i State of Xew York, or the bouds or 5tock
of any other l;iilroad Company now or
herwiftcr organized, whose road shall con
nect with the Jknnington and l?utland
Kailroad or with anv road conuectins
Jas tQ affonl Benninton anJ Kut.
1 G
communication by railroad
! Wltll TrW A'nrt- A lllltlt- -? llrtctnti nn?
tQ make ;nddent tQ
I. ;Qn or purcliase ofaudi bonds or
. n i -4i. r
,., r, , -
niay contract lor, nurchase, or acquire
r,,, i lt -, . . ' , i n! 4i a t -i
irom iixvi lieninngton and Kutland JRail-
I ,., p ,,., .w ,1 r,-
iro:i(l lwiint:m' iitinn thi onmnfimis in
. " , nnil nnnn , ftmna ns
may be agrecd on with said company,
any of thc bonds or stock aforesaid, and
make any contract incident to sucli pur
chase. .Sec. '2. Xo such subscription, pur
ch:te or contract, shall be made by eitlier
of thc towns aforesaid, unless the a-sent
in writing thereto of a majority of the
tax-p:iyers. both in number and mnount
of tax in such town, shall be obtained be-
foa the lirst day of January 1SGS. Whieh j
" " v....v..wwv,-v4
i.-eni snan oe smnea anti acknowieuireu
lmri'. Arlinrtnn Similorlnnil ATorn-liftsfoi- 1
wtore a .iusticc ot tlie L'eaceol the coun- Sprinirs lfciilro:ul comj.any. a con.oration
ty m wlnch said town is situated, by each vi iu the lato of Sew Y'urk. or the
lerson so asscnting, aud the amount of i llJs or 5tock ofaiiy otliii Jfculroa,l wm
the hst ot such person shall be sct oppositc 1):U1V, M0.v or ilt.milzer orismized. whose
m uuiuv. auu siuvi ;st:ni, siuui suue
ubstantially the contract. subscrij.tion
.;;5 luirehase to be niatle, and the condi-
uojis ojj wJju-li Uie same is lo be jnade.
Sec 3. Iu CA-cry sudi iustrvuueut of as-
signeti anu acKiiowietigea uy ine majonty
iiereui rcqturcti. sucu persous increm nam-
., ,,4
aui: uol luconaiMcni increwiiii,
nor with the provisions of this act, shall ihc income thereof, eithef ' for the
be vahd and bindmg upon such town. imri;o5c of securin- the pavment of ssiid
Sec. 1. Any ot the said towns are here- bonik or of s.. lhtf performance of
byauthonzetlandcmpowereiltoimikeand v .jniraiitce or contract that may be
issue their negotiable bonds or notes at a C0JUj,any ;i5 :imi,orizcd bv
nite ot mterest not cxcce.ling seven ier lhe lim of thls acL
ccnt. per annttm. spiwilicd m seiiii-annual i 3 Xo contract shall be made by
coupons thereto attachcd, for the purposc ; 5ald colnjiany iltler the authority confer
of makmg any purch:ise, or fullillmg any 1 TtA hv lhis acU UMlil ,U(.h WIlXRlct ,lia1
subscription or contract authonzetl bvtbis lbc mnh0rizetl bv vote ofthe directors of
. a 4. t nn i
act, or raisinT money so to do. Whidi
siiid bonds or notes shall bo signed by thc
selectmen and countersigned by thc trea
surer ofthe town issuing the same, and
shall be dated, numbered and registered
in the town clerk's otlice of such town.
And said coupons shall be signed by said
treasurer. And said bonds or notes so
made and issued shall creatc a valid obli
gation against such town, according to
their tenor. And the same may be dis
posed of by such town treasurer for thc
purposes aforesaid.
Sec 5. In determinin": the number and
I amount of tax-p.aycrs in any of the towns
I aforesaid, for the puposcs of thls act, rc-
j ferencc shall be had to the grand Hst of
j the year 1SGG. And where thc estate of
anv person deceased, or under nuardinn-
1 V 1 - o
ship, or any estate in tho hands of trustees
shall be included in said list, or where any
person nained in said list shall have sincc
deceased, or have been placcd under
guardianship, the cxecutor, administrator,
guardian or trustec, as the case may be,
of such csUitc, shall be authorized in its
beiialfto make the assent provided for
herein. And in case the propcrty of any
corporation is cmbraced in any such list,
assent may be given in bchalf ofsuch corpo
ration, by a maionty of the directors there
of. Sec G. When an- instrument of assent I
herein provided for shall have been siirncd
and acknowlcdgcd by thc majority, and in
the manner herein required, thc commis -
siouers uamed in such :issent shall append
thereto a certificite by them subcribed
and sworn to, stating that such assent has
been signed and acknowlcdgcd b' such
majority, as required by this act. And
shall causc such instrument of assent and
certificatc to be liled in thc town clerk's
ofiice of tlie town vvlierc the samc lias
effect, and cause the isamc to be therc rc
corded. Auda copy of sucli asseut aud
certificatc, ccrtified by sucli town derk.
shall be rccorded in the county clerk'i? of
iice of the county where such town issitu
ated. And such commissioncrs thall be
swoni to a faithful dischargeof tlieir duties.
And until such records are made, said
commissioners shall not proceed to make
any contract, subscriplion or purchase in
the name or belialf ofsuch town.
Such certificatc so executed and rccord
ed shall be conclusive evidcnce of tLe facls
stated, aud by this act authorized to be
stated therein. Aud a certiiietl cojy
thereof, and of such :issent, from cilher of
s;ud oflices where the same are so recorded
shall bo legal evideuce of the sauie.
Sec 7. lf any of thc commissioners
provided for in this act, shall, after their
appointment :is sudi, :is aforesaid, die or
remove from this state, or become ineapa
ble of acting, application may be made by
any signer of the instniment of assent
wlierein such coumiissioner wis nanied, lo
the court of chancery, for the appoint
uient of a commissioner iu the place of the
one so deceased, reinoveil. or incapable.
Aud said court may luake sucli appoinl-
inent, upon sucli uotice ot said appheaiion
to parties in 11111, as said court may di
rect. Aiid the person so aunoinled shall
be a residcnt citizen and tax-jKiyer tf the
town for whicli he is apiointed. And
shall liave the same powers :uid duties, as
if originally nained in said iustrumcnt of
SecS. In case the conditions cxpres
sed in any instrument of asseut tliat shall
be signed by a majority of t:ix-jayors of
any of said towns as herein provided, shall
require the issue by said towns of any
bonds under the provisions of this act,
then the treasurer and selectmen of sudi
town shall make and issue sucli bonds, in
accordance with the requirements of said
conditions. And in case they shall f:ul to
make and issue the same for a pcriod of
thirty days aftcr a denianll in WTiling
therefor, made uon them hy any party
eutitled thereto, or entitled to tlie money
to be raised thereby, then thc contract,
subscription, or jturdiase spedfied in said
instrument shall be alid against said towu
as an immediate liability, tbe same as if
no condition for the issue of such bonds
had been contained therein.
Sec 9. This act shall lake elfect from
its passagc
Approved IMarcli -2S, 1SG7,
An act to enable the lienniugton and Kut
land .Railroad company to aid in ob
taining necessary nulroad coiinections.
It is fanty enachxL tyc
Sec 1. The IJeimiiigton and Kutland
li:ulroad company are hercby :iuthorized
and cmpowere.1 to subribc for. inirohase.
4 0r :u.,jU,rc 1K. bonds ot the Lebanon
1..1 .,4. ...-.........
;inj ,,;,. rrnlro.id. or wiili nwv.nU
ro:ul WJmwlin;Z tlu.rewhh. in such"maH-
jier :md direcl'wn :is lo nfion lo s:tii) HiM-
uon xuvi iluvl.uvl wavl. muwuur.vVvu
anv contract incident thereto.
o. Tlie ssiid
lienninglon and
; luthuid Ittilroad
.,.: fMi.: ...i.. ...
J I illlU llt4llL.ll.l 11 ltllll-1 111
said company, and approved by a vote of
three-fourtlis in amount of the stockhold
crs of said comp.my, at a legal meeting
Sec -1. This act shall tako cifect from
its passagc
Approved ILirch 2S, 1S07.
Aii act to incoqiorate the Kutland Rail
road company.
It islicrebg omcltd. tfc
Sec 1. John 15. l'age, Edwin A.
Kirchard, Peter Jutler. Ilohn li. Taft,
.Tames S. Whitney. A:iron 1. Spencer,
F'reilcrick Chaifee aml John S. Eldridge,
bond holders under the socond morlrac or
deeil of tnist on thc Kutland and Burling
ton milroatl, in the State of Vermont,
their associates and succcsors are hercby
incoqwniteil under the name of the Rut
land Railroad compauy, for the puqose of
holding, niainuiining and opcrating the
said milroad, and as such shall have suc
cession aud le entitled to all the rights
and privileges of a eorporation.
Sec '2. The capital stock of said cor
poration shall be three millions of dollars
dirided into shares of one hundred dolI:irs
each. And every huldcr of a bond secur
ctl by said second deed if trust or mort-g-.ige
on s:iid Jtutland antl Burlington mil
road shall Imj entitled to surrcnder the
same to said corporation and to receive in
licu thereof one share of capital stock for
eadi hundred dollars of principal aud in
terest due on such bond.
Sec 3. This act shall not take dlect
to ineorporate ks:tid company unless tho
holders of three fourths iu amount of the
bonds issued uuder said second uiortirage
shall within four months after the pasa-ie
of this act surrender their bonds as herdn
after jirovided.
Sec 4. John Frout and John llowc,
Jr., are hercby appointcd commissioners
j whose duty it shall be to ivc public uo-
! ticc in one uewspaper jmblished in each
( county throunh whieh such road runs for
1 3 weekssuccessivdv, of the time and nl'm..
! when and where they will sit to receive
uui.iifiiuii3 iui iuo siuch. ui saui corpora
tion in exchangc for the bonds aforemeu
tioned. Aud thc books for such subscrip
tion shall remaiu opeu at least ten days
vrri , it T.i.i 4". . r. 4 1 . - . .1. C . 1

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