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Ct )i. STOXE & CO., Publishers.
Jrhce next door North of Court House.
ft rms. -Oiie copy per ninmm.
1 1uiiN:rict!y ' a'ivancp
TJo'Tiy. 'rl"J lt-i'-ie on The Caledonian to pub
v ).,. ? in t!ii- coun i. licc; to any p.ir: of the Fnited
' rfiilfuftlii- connty, five cen' per quartcr, or
ii.itv ntd a ye-ir, payable in advance at the offlce
ff;.,v ttu- jMperiH leccivcd.
Tt r:ul-of Advertisin". For one niuare (12 lines
0.jpir.. th.ainzii type, iuaking one iucii m space,, one
,'H-ti'':i '-:'ch additioual ineci'ku, 25 centa a
".iii.i-. Warlvcontracte made at the rate ui S-S a uiium
,;v p.irt of column. Bu.-ine.-s C.ii'i.-$1 a line per -L
' l.iliciaiionj, EatrayB, Nnticc-i to Legislature. $1.50
tjin advance. Ohituariet 8 centa a line.
-p.n itu Notice. K:uh Mib-criber will find on hia
jiip-nn coumciion with hi addro, tbu datc to
i..ch piid. When a new payment u mude thU
,!,;, w ,:i li' advanced to coiTespond -and it the changeid
!. corn ctly u tbe tirat or tecond pnper from the
, . t f ptyim ut, we wirh to b- notified lmmediately.
A- niir prtiir.- an- now direcled by macbinpry, we can
iiliv.irtiiem at tbis ofl'tce, or at any other place ex-,-.;
i: tUf p-t orticis uddrcj of tbe gubacriber. lt ia iie
1,... f..r cib-criber.- to ord.r tbe addrCrB of their paper
, ', I'l.-f i n:ile-tliev i;ivc tlu-ii6t ofticc to which it has
' . , n mh", a- well f tbe onc t which tbey wisn it eeut.
T )b Prmting of all fcindn doue at living price.".
j'llKT.-1 :! I'ards ki-pt cou.'tantly on liaud.
-m. .htiixsr.t itv Hr.sixi:ss Dikkctoky.
i u. ;age, artist,
. :,rtv. Mcluliiotypen, and llt'e-nlze PhotORrapns
tieiter and cheuiier than elsewhere.
H. A. VARNEY, M. I).
1' II V a I C I A N A XI) SlltCEON
oT.cc oppojite Bingham'a Drug Store.
(J KO. S. SI1AW,
I X Sl'RA X 0 K A ; K X T .
u.tlieover Hatl.t Peck's Store.
(J. . ISUMiAllD,
Y 11 Y S I C I A N A X 1) SUltGEO N.
utbce over Kiiigbam'ii Dmg Stoie.
S. T. iiUOUKS, 31. D.,
1 IIYSiri A N AND S U H 0 E O N ,
tMt'.c ovcr Hciward' Hoot; Store. Uesldenee coruer
l.'t-iitriil and SprliiK Streets.
I) i: X T 1 S 'J' .
):!!. c. C'jrin r ot Maln Street and Kastern Aveuue.
ii a i u dhkssinm; sai.oox.
Fir-t tlimr t tbe rllit, tipstalrs, Umo.v IJlock.
N U T T ,
opponlte PdSMMiKcr Depot.
.1 O II N H AC () N , 2 (1 ,
t-t. .lolinabury Centre, Vt.
Ui$aitancou (Banlsi.
i.ici:s-i:n ai ci'Ioni:kk, peacham, vt.
;y i - 'i-ri l y in iil will receive pronipt attentiou.
I'l itluui, Dcc. Ut, l'JG. tMaylO
I)K. G. W. 311 LES,
D n X T I S T ,
(Jffice at bis Drug ritore, Lvndon, Vt.
22 State Street, Boston, Ma??.
Ji.viES A. Dri-t:!:. Jamhs Beok. Ue.nuy Savlks
Manufacturcr of
Lyndon, - -
- Vtnnoiit.
ii. C. lt U K P K K. P K O P H I E T 0 H,
(;:oenboro. Vt.
Thl bouse U kept in cood tvle and at reaonatiIe prices
hsiitcl.u atteiilliui mven tu n-uinf; partles, who will ne
nml tbe beai trout tlabln lu tlie ata.e. 2tf
Lunenburg. ... Vprmont.
I'rocure JViimIuim, nml ilountles I.vkjx, Vi,
Succe-i-..irs to ieo. A . Smiiiio'i.s whnli ale dealerln
201 State. and 21 Coininercr Street Hoston.
t. 0. MAI..SV. II. I". SFE-iCEK. V. C. WEST.
L l. I A .11 W . (i R O UT,
11 l I1T0.N,
Ki' ,i.lro thcleat walcrfo- tlie amiunt ol power slven,
' .mv w liet'l I ii use. Come and l,e lt.
.-uttuli, Vt.
7tt LEWIS IIOL.MK5, Ageilt.
"f virii.u- prylej and pikes, for ealo at Mis8 Stoddard'a
ii-ii rooui-.
n cond lian.I liian..? taken in pscbnnge.
Au'-ut for Hi nry F. MillerV I'ianoi,
IPtf rit.Johnahiiry, Sept. G.
Whcri! cau bo found
Men's and boy.-' boote,
Ladies' niiFsea' nnd chiblren'a
l!o.ite, pboca and galters,
Uubl.crs and overshocB.
All Warranted Work.
t all md C, for Cins ia believinft that a niinble six
y. no- i- worth niore ilian a alow ebilHiig. hqWE
i: Min in the rear of thc St. .lobnbury House. np stairs.
I.ntriiice on Cen-ral ntrect. Lover.- of this fine g nne are
invj , d to call. Sm U boys and schobire in school hour;',
r r,-p, ctfully requctcd to keep out. Tablea, furniture,
C . dl u-v. . IIuiiw, from S A. M . to 10 P. M.
E M 0 Y A L ! !
Tbe aiibseriber haa removed hia
i f... old Post Oilice Building recently occupied by
Mi. n.EETWOon, wbcre be will bc pleased to im-et hia
fc ::n. r m- p.itron-i aud e rve thcin at very low pncce.
M i!.i Street, St. Jobnsbuiy, Feb. 2d, lii.
Keceived at the BLEACIIERY.
urders t.ikcn at the Millincry Roonia
M inufucturers of everj- v.iriety of
Adapted to Family Use
lhe riputation f tbe Scwing Machinea made by Une
rotup i,v uas thoroughly eEtabliabed years ago. 'lhey
11 .r .trtd by none in stitching, br.iidiug, cording, irn
' ri4i., .in.., o- jwrjonuing anv kiud of plaiu or ornamentai
mnmr Strect, Bolton. 405 Broadwoy, X. Y.
730 Cheetnut Street, 1'hiladelphia.
raucheis in all the Principal Cities.
VOLTJME 30-NO. 43.
Containing tbe
Latcst Xews by Mail & Telejrraph,
And itg columns are tnriched by tbe
ContribiUioimuf Taleii!eil Corre.ipondenU in allartv
the Woild.
In additipn to ita high literary and newBpaporial ability
tbe Travcller U tbe ouly daily paper publisbed in BoBton
which supports the prcsent
Is onc of the Btrongeet upholdera of tbe cause of tiiup'T
ance in the eiate, aml ia earneetly rccommended to pub-.
lic patronage by tbe
Excaitivc Coimmtne of the Stute Tanperaiice Alliaiice
TERMS-$10,00 Per Year, in Advance.
TERMS-$4.00 Per Year, in Advance.
TERMS-$2.00 Per Year, in Advance.
Five Copieg i.!iO.
Elevcn Copies lS.i.
Twenty-one Copies 25.m.
Tbe Weekly and Scmi-Weekly Traveller eontiln :
A Sermon by Henry Vard Beecher,
A News Keview of the Week,
All the news by Atlantic Cable,
News Keceived by Mail,
Latest News by Telegraph,
Intcresting Editorial Articles,
A Good Story Choico Poetry,
Keligious Fine Arts Musical,
Literary Personal Political,
A Column for Farmers,
A JmuI Heport ot
riM t it i
x ne Jiosion AiarKets,
Brihton Cattle Market,
Cambridge Cattle Market,
The Latest Sl.io News. &c. &c',i
Tho;e paperB ar, madeup in compact sbape.no Bpace j
is woated, by whirh rcayon th. readcr iu cach iwue hae a
vuinijvi.iuuiti m .. i ui t-uucui tL'UUJ, UWmce IIiC rtJilUUUi '
a n.-.- ..n.l I. 1 1 t '
o.i., wuu.,, iu w-.
TfSend for a epecimtn copy.
WOK'I'IIIXGTOX, FLAXDEI1S fe CO., lublishei?,
4S-51 31 State Street. Travt'll.-r Buildings, Boeton
IVXOP "W"lR)IjSTGrliR liiipand advertised as places whcreany1
Wriugiugamop by hand ia tiresome dirty buiinesa,
and every l.nlv looka upon tlie job of mopin; lioor, as tlu
hardcst of all her hou'ehold labors. l'ia not so liard :.ow,
sslftilW.'onnrtTm.QQl Mat. Wrian l
UUJ.UU U UU11 JLILU II iiiigt(l
T : ... 1 . A 4. . r . i 1
v,nn;w i ii lueuaiueHiparx oi me lanor, it wnilgi ,
the mop perfrctly and t-aaily. Thecoiiininnitv will all
licnelited by this miproveiiient. Itii advnutige? aside
fmm !lVinrT ln ll-lTil ilirl 1.' Wrtinn'ni. nru thi ......
- - j ,.n ...... jviu v-.iu
im p ntli bodmg watcr, necd not wet your bind- or i '
clothca, and your niopia not tirnoutbyiirinijing. but by j
the sinipleet proccss preaaed drj- without tearing or j
wearing Look :it it an.l judge of i s mcrl:i) for yonrerlf.
Seo wliit the people who liavc u n .. -. i
Wi' nlli' ii.m ' .!:n ii i .rv.it Mnn U'Hi.f'iM-" til'il !
it givea enure satist.ic'ion, nnd iu our opiuion i a nioat
excellent article for every family, couibining a. it doe
niaiiy improvcmcntf not before in iiBt, aud we cheerfnlly
reconnncnd it to all.
X. V. Keeler, A. R. C.irap, Stowe,
P'r. Waterbury Ilotcl. T. F. Batne-, "
Oeo. llawley, Waterburv, S. K. Kcniiek, St. Johu-burv
SidneyBir.wn, " " W. M. M -tthewr, "
W. 11. II. Bingham, Stowe, B. F. l'cttengill, "
.J. II. Beunet, A. G. Chadwick, "
It. WaBlibiini, ' 1). Bonton, "
V. Iri-h, J. (J. Bingham, "
(ieo. Wilkin-, " II. Haptmg-, "
II. 1). Moore, " .1. A. llndley. "
Mt. .Manafield Ilotd Co. A. M. Cook, "
4rc wantcd immedi.tely to c.tuvnta thc tow na of tbL
couuty, alao tbe countiea of Oric.ni- and Essex.
A. 0. (JATES, j"
St. Johusbury, Vt., Feb. 2D, 1KG7.
AVc raanufacture a GEXUINE suiici-posphate from
HjaLTGsr boijes
With the other necessary constitucnta of the beat quality,
and with no adultcration wh.itever. ita preparation is
conducted with
Skill aiul Fidclity,
And we are confidont it is tbe vcry beat in market. We
want farmcra in thia viciuity to try it and eatisfy them
selves it is the
All gr.idca from duat up to an inch Equaro
Pure, TJnbumt, Unadulterated.
Send for circular.
St. Jobnabury, Vt.
Having purchaaed from JIes. II. W. Fi.etwood her
eutire ebck of
la now prepared to do bueinea at her room3, oppositc J.
C. Bingham a Orug More, Main street, fct. Johnsiuiry,
At the Old Stantl, Lyndon, Vermont.
Wc now have finiahed and ready for sale a comple'e
variety of our beat light and heavy open buggiea. Also,
tbe largeet and beet vancty in procefa of completion
which we have evcr onered to tlie putilic, conaiEting ot
Light and Heavy Open Riitfies.
Side aud End Spring,
and Top Uuggies
Made from the beet eelccted ttock in every departmeut.
JlTOurpalions can come ana cxnmiue them, nnd get
thcm immediately, or by examination of tho-c already
coiuplcted, can apecify any changea they m y wiah, and
have them painted and trinuned to iheir taste witliout
extra chargi-, as wc atc constmtly finiabing up, aud can
euit them wlibout any liiconvenience.
:2r"Call and examine our buggiea, aud tbe etock from
which they are made. OrUcrs promptiy attendea to.
Lyndon, March 20, 1S67. tCi)
Dr. i;e lyc'a Catarrh Rtmedy, Perrin'a Fumigator,
WadattOtth'a Dry Up, Wo'.cott'a Pa n Annihilator, aud
eeveral kinds of Catarrh SmilT, for sale at
For rcpairing rubber good', boots, shoes, &c, aold at
Good Silver Hnnting Caee yatchcs, fnll jewelcd, lever
movemenU, warranted by epecial certificatea, for $14, at
4.T-5i C. Al'PLEBEE'S, Lyndon, Yt.
The Child.
1 caunot makc him dcad 1
Hia fair eunshiny head
Ii ever bouuding rjund my study chair.
Yet Trben niy eyea, notv dim
With tears, I turn to him,
The viBion vanishea he ia nct there !
Xot there : whcre thea is he i
The fonn I ucd to eee
AVas but the raiment that he uaed to wear,
The grave, tliat now doth pree s
Upon that caet-otf dress,
Ia but his wardrobe locked he is not there !
IIc live.-1 In ail tbe past
Ile liws, nor to the last,
Of eeeing bira again will I deep'dr;
In dreauis I see him nou-,
And, on hia angel brow,
I aee it writ eu, "i bou shalt eee uie there !"
Yes, we all Iie to God !
Fflthcr, thy cbastcning rod
So he!p us, Thine afflictcd onc to bear,
That in tbe eplrit land,
Meeting at thy rigbt hand,
'Twill be our Joy to find that he ia there.
Fashionablc JJurder.
Nothingburan ineT-aTivesenseofdiitv
, , - , 1 ...iT
iuuiii inKiii. im.- iu iuii ii.ii x iuu iiuuui
of the countrv and from pliysicians too,
..1,1-111 .1 ' .
i t . j l t t i
pumect, that I may not choose. I have
"! i ' i i -n
no lear but wnat I am about to wnte will
, i I..T rii i i
be road : but I wish it nii''ht be solemnly
' i i t i . . i i
; pondeml. I am about to .-peak, and ;
..r .1... r i
ibortions. Jf anv of mv ladv readcrs i
hall complainofa wantof delicacy I beji '
icy 1 oeT 1
lirs't, that
them to ivmcinber threc facts
the practice is fearfully common ; sec-
ond, that probably they are every i
week associating with those who are
ruilty of the practice; and third, that ,
eventv-!ive nercvm. of all the abortions
produced, are caused and etlecled by fe-
i J
pro.U.ml, are caused and eilecled by fe-
inales. AVhat then of delicacv ?
I, ,v.iii l,,,o,v ri.... r.,,;i;0c ..i.;i.
1-11 1 l
i c .1 . "V 1 1
uren, ot this ireneration. in New hniiiand . '
t .., i., .....i .. M..u .
I ?,)L,lk of n:llivo populalio.l. Wilh '
. . . . . 11
UlVln-i.- u ui Muii,i.iii. tmvi Uiv, Vyct7rf
-l . -
t , tl .r.mn. w 1i. mPiit f.n.x
j V l A - vaa.BVvw av iu v.iii i vmiv x
, , , i
the ailvertisi.!neiiLs ot almost every pfiper.
. .. ... , . ,
int .' inii fiii'iir.
in ine laiiu, oiierini: nieu-
icines to be
eil'ecti.al 'from whatever
' ilill . l f l 11i.il. li ii 1 1 r Itn, ijlnl lll fil i-ij
1 V.llU"V.O li L-J JHV,UV.U, KJ IHO 'llcl.lJlV-i-
i V , ,
womau may resort
to ettcct the end dt
i.111 tllM lli.-
-lred ; by the
contessions ot himdreds ot
t. physieians, who have
... r. , -iii
"eel1 Uuml Ulc Pefs ; and by tlu
mo.-t con?tant and unblushing ajiplica
,,,.,,1 . . i'.:,.,, 1' ;
on troni 'woinei
in all clas.es of aocietv, married and un
.... . . . .
lliaiTR'il. nt'll ailll poor, otherwise gOOd, l
j l .. imliu;.,vnt " -liil liiom in tl.
0,111 01 aiilli l tui, lO .Ud ltlt,lll 111 Il.i
thilUi do WC kllOW of tlie 'IrCOllOIlcy of
l'i- V-l 1 1 li .
As a cla.-.-, the mcdical proleasion have
taken a nobie staml. 1 lie di'sulatious Iiave
lecoine M fearful that. as the uuardians of
uiinan life, they are compelled to do so :
uid .-ociety owes a deht ot giatitude to
Dr. II. R. Storer, of lJoston, especially.
or his powcrful arguments, lucid arrange-
nient of facts, jtatient invetig,'itions and
earnest and cloqucnt remonstrauces.
Among hi wntings on this subjeet, the
ittle work entitled. Why ijt," is a
book for every woman," and l wish ev
ery wonian niiglit carefully read it. Hut
the medical liroiesion cannoL arrest the
ovil, and tlicv tell me they need, and must
, ., 1 1 1 .
.....s. ll... .....1...1 i...ii.nt .4...nl ,.l..ivl.-i 4..
uie iiil 11101.11 lunti ui uuuu ijuuiiiv iu
1 o 1 1
am inuiu. Jeii nuw, as x n;ie ie;isun iu
I 1 - 4 1
'ear, (dl the prolesMon are not beyond the
reacli of personal appeal. or au enormous j
r... .....i i .1.. l. tt..,. .....I. .... ...w.
It'l'. .11111 1 1111 U 1.111 III4IL UVllV lll 11 .111 uiit:
11 , . P 1 111 1
nnlil crui tIi.it i Tiw ctiiiitioil 111 nlrinrl him i
7 j
VVlltlll . V- t .14.. .. ICO . 1VV lll 44. U1UUU. .144.4
, , , 1 . . .
ci liiiMMiuu wiin Miiiiue, L.uuiui, unii" a
Irish catholics. There is nothing in pro
testantism that encourages, or connives at
it, but there is vast ignorance as to the
milt of the thinu. Hut in the catholic
cliurcli, human life is guarded, at all stag
es, by the confessional, by stern denouncc-
ment and by fearful cxcominunications.
The rule in the catholic church is unhending
"Sedulam operam dent Sacerdotc., ut
quantum poterunt, impediant illud salus
quo adhibitis chirnrgicis instrumentis in-
fans in utero interhcitur. Omnis ttctua
(piorumque teinporegestationisedilus bap
tizetur, vel absolute. si eonstet dcvita;
vel sub conditione, nisi cvidenter pateat
cuni vita carere."
The J?oman Catholic bishop of lioston
says, clocpiently and powerfully, "The
very instant conception has taken place,
there lies the vital jjerm of a man. True
., . , . i , - .i n i .1 , i ti , t
it is hrdden m the darkne.-s ol thc womb,
, - , , , , . i i i .
and it is helpleas ; but has sacred rights,
r v i i l .i
founded on God ? law, and so much thc
more to be respected because it is lielpless.
It may he already a living man, for nei
ther mothers nor physieians can tell when
life is infused ; they can only tell whcn
its presence is manifested, and there is a
wicle difference between the two things.
At any rate, it is from the first niomeut
potentially and in radia a man, with a
bodv and soul dcstined most surely by thc
will of the Creator and by his law, to be
developed into the fullness of huuiuii ex-
lstence. jNo one can prevent tliat devel-
opment without resisting and annulling
onc of the most sacred and important
laws e.-tablished by the Divine Author of
the universe, and he is a ctimmal and a
munlerer who deals an exterininating blow
to the incipient man, and drives back into
notningr.ess a oemg 10 wnom ltou uesign
ed to give a living body and an immortal
soul. From this it follows that the young
woman whose virtue has proved an iusuf
ficient guardian to her honor, when she
seeks by abortion to save in the eyes of
man thc honor she has forfeited, incurs
tne auuitionai anu ueeper guut ot murder
blessing to his family. ltoui-Z W"-..,, , the mountinS lhe eaniings were at the The for tnmsplanting trees is at
Iamsorry to learn trom undoubted , , ' 'J' in ,,,m.,,mMli ,i,.lt i rate (,f i00-0u0 jcar ui gold ; nm it j h.llul aU(l we woulJ the attentiou of
testimony, that the practice is far more i n. tive t . t e tif vt Im Ti f is! reaso!lb, ,u ;l-limc th:U whcn lhc our raulers to the work of omahientimr
common among protcstants than among j .,"..' 1 .'.i,,,,,,, t.Lx'L wholc moljun trict is crossed (laG ,heh. slreets aml hi. wilh siiajc
catholics- Dr. Storer says, binnitc miles) the gross eaniings will be over doVQ thc interegt
more freq.ient, and this acco.mts, in part I .Tnnnnior.i, LZ id I'tt, O0O'U0 a of w,,ic,, aworthn? to felt iu this matter in many loealities in this
atleast, for much larjzer families of thc, t 111 piopoition to numbcrb nho thu t expericnce. (Wu.ttird, be nct ear i- v-:M:tx. nnil . nroni,.,tin,,
in the ej-es of God, the Judgeof tlie living
and the dead. "NVho can express what ,
' follows with regard to these women, who.
findmg themselves lawlully motheis, pre-
fer todevastate with poison or with steel
their wombs rather than bear the discom-
( lorts attached to the pnvilege of materni-
ty, rather than forego the gaities ol a
iwinter's balLs, partics and plays, or the
; pleasure of a sinnmer's tnps and aniuse-
j " . au . 1 sy ao mums- ,
Itisthe testnnony, too, of those who
know, thatmproportionaspeoplebecome
nulolentor aLshionable, the temptation to
jproduce aborlion is liicreascd ; that m
many circles it is absolutely a matter of ,
a r i li.i- T t
uuiKung .Un, wuii j, lo iuu ine numuer oi
. iimi.o tiit tuiu LUUl 111CIIU9 llilVU UUUII i
guiit- oi tne (lecu.
, xuouiufccaoi uii& cnnu-muruerareto'least important beneiit to follow the es-
.betound, often in ignorance of its guilt, I tablisliment of the areat highwav. An
j the ease with which it is done and con-; iminense population must spring up alon-1
ieealed, the unwilhnjniess to criininate .,t ...i i?
,.aSu.Ulu .k.:iui, uxo reigu
fttm j ci-ilt Irt.- ,-.r .ilwin.i ,.i a.. r I
t or exiravagai
, of child-bed.
extravagance and foshiou, and the fear
fI . V f l"1 :.lU t0. tl,:in '
thesight of God, it is wdlful murder. i
l rpi ,nr 1 1 T 1 "
. - . . -Al0Ul,,w-.' Ia " i
i "-""'"- lllllllUlltll cvisiuiiui:. 1L IS UI?- '
buuyui" wnar, in a rew mont is or wceks,
A . , . J
would bear God s iinnre, and lf any one
. , , , r
thinks slie can do it without the xuilt of
, , , . ,
ilder, slie is "reatly mistaken. The
' . 0 J. . ...
vcl'.v niembranee of this giu t has often
1 , . . '"'" i-more, iurncuLrle for llie national life, we may exnect "
tlie uocr liito mauucss.
r n .
. X e,y r,U!Se "otTs l)rera o" s""-
J, ",u"o"1 J"" - 1U " ' thereby be brought within e:isy acce.ss, and ,
, e .m !r' AnytulS ljllt J'1- ie,rendered astonishiimly productive. Na-:
fff01 co.!
- mc,
l! . . . 1IKUIiai "asi, prosirauon
ot tht? Vltal lT'Crs' re!?0If
, wt "'" tc 1 t'1" rful re-
's,,lt - - God requircth that which is past
Ul 1 . l'" iunoic, siiaine, anu
cmi..f im. m.iilnn itii r...,..f..i .... i
I 1 .1 .1
iMiu iiv-v;i liiuii.- jiuuy lllilll 111 LJISC.
u ls lieti tliat tlie liealth ot the
j"""1 lt"lres NonSCUSe. lf shc
1)0 tuO lecl)Ic tu I)C :i lllOther, let IlLT IlOt
"""'' " M:?y!u'
111.IV1M' Illir liir lli.1 tiftf .la-i...i..i. .....1 .
, . . i
Kiiic iiic iuu nuiy iiaiiie oi wne uy siurkin,rl
, -i- i.
her lvspoiiMbihties. IJut. as a matter of
, A, e . , ,.. , .
"" l "app.iai. moi
vjiitfi'ted :inil mnst lwi-fnl wninii t Ii-i t Un-n I :
1" 1 1 1 t rt.
evcr lived, have been the mothers of larue
... ...... . . - . . . 1 1 h. 14.. V. '
families. It is the law of nature. Let
my reader look around on the families of
',. . .
III .ILllllilllll.llILL'A .111(1 M't: II II lll Itnr -.11
.... . , . "" "aml as lar as it can: tne i.overnmeut
,,c blb,tf 0V ien: !lol,ls 1 iet ,0il1 1 -rantiim its credit aiil to both, acconlinir !
int ! itimht iiim i' .i.....i 1.1..
1 na a grv.it .ani.ly is a spec.al ble,M.g. :
And f there be a bcautiiul s.ght m lhe ,
world, it is the tnie mother aurrounded by
a larue lamilv ol children.
. 1
.1 c.v...- ........, ,a r.,,c.u uiMiig. ;
ii ic! iiiv7ii.ui- iu.it im. ji.iiums w nu iiave j
1 tliMl.rllt fli.li tl... ......-.... ...1. 1 .
a small famtly, have healthier
UI1MUU1. 1 i
..1 ! 1.. I
more than doubt it.
i n.ne no ueuei ui ,
hlicate orgaiiizatious that the writcrs, tlie'
poets, the invcntors. the geniuses of the
generation often coines. Wc caunot ai- J
ioni 10 io?e iiiem. ine woman who, at
this day, ieels that to bc the mother of
i 1 1 . 1 riM
living cluldren is ttie tirat, lnghcst, and
m earner rimes, amiost universal lot.
worthy of all admiratioa aud praise : and
the woman who, to save herself from in
' conenience or pain, or to be able to keep
I aloug with the giddy fashionable one, will
deliberately destroy the child, which in a
, few months would be be dearer than her
own life, deserves execralion. llow can
, , u ' 7,"
11 nu tiii 1 111 iri 11 nri 1.11. 11111. ...... .....,
.1 .1 . t ll 1 1 r
UUUi, .iuu uirven uuiu uui UV tlL.UII, M1C
, , ,. ., , ., , ,
iMiiltl iiiMitt'ii wifii 1 hii ciii.i.iii il K'.ii.li.il
11 Will. I1IVVU.1 .14.44 .14V kUllUII J l ..11.111.1
As to danger Tandieu reports that '-in
thirty-four cases of criminal aborlion.
'!...! 1. . 1.:.. 1... . .
ISLU1 ":is KU0W. uveuiy-
........1 1., I.
IHIl IvllvlllliV
is a conscqucncc, by
, .1 1 . , .4 t
death, and twelve were not. In hfteen
anpeai, ann wnose circiimstances are
alike, married women vastly predominatc
over the unmarried !
The practice is a direct war against hu
man society, the best good of country,
against thc family order, against the
health, the peace, thc conscience, and the
moral well-being of the mother, and
against a child which would otherwise
have an immortal cxistence.
Since amesthesia is able to carry through
childbirth, divesting it of most of its hor-
rors, and every way safe, and which 1
would earnestly recoininend to be used,
there is hardly an excuse left.
I appeal to our New England women,
the daughters of an anccstry who were
never spotted by thc blood of imiocents,
who never stilled thc natural lomrinus of a
mothers heart, and never quenched life
1 immortal for thc sake of e;isc or lashion,
, , . . , '
and jisk them il it is so that they are so
, t . . t . t . .
deuenerated that they cannot meet the ho-
,. , .' . . ,
licsl positson and duties ever imposed on
woman ;
lf it be said that I have in any measure
exagerated the evil and the fashion of the
day, I reply, I would not advise any onc
to challenue further disclosures else wc
' .. . Ti- .1 t 1 ; - .
can show that France, with all her athe- presence of the interloper. Ile lookcd at
ism, that Paris, with all her license, is not Joe, lookcd at the pcw, scowled magnific
so guilty in this respect, as is staid New ently, and linally, after fumbling through
England, at the prcsent hour. Facts can
he adduced that will make the ears tingle.
Hut we don'twant to divulge them
: but
ay to
wc do want the woinanhood of our day
understand that the thing can be no longer
coucealed, that commonness or ftishion
cannot do away with its awful guilt.
deliberate, cold murder, and if anythin
i short of the murderer's doom shall fall
upon the perpetrators of it at thc judg -
ment. the reason will be that there has '
been great ignorance of its guilt
I have now done a painful duty, and
have done it fearlessly. To the attentiou
of the gentle, tcnder heart and conscience
of woman I commond this subjeet with
earnest prayer.
19, 1867.
The Great JRailroad to the Far
Th( Il!a(wn-m, Anrtl ,
Fett' of us have sutHciently considered
the etrect upon the country o thc ,c.
tion of the Klilro:ul t0 tllli L.l(.m
mav imagine ti,e rich stnauns of comnierce
floin back an(i forth across our conti-
ent iuterchanging the produets
an(1 the East Indi(S whh Wegten
of Ghina
tnni Knrnnp.
which now hae to lind their way round
thc southern capcs by a route four times
thc distance. The openingofa railroad ,
He between the Atlantic and thc Pacific
Oceans will givc us the sliortest road round
the world one which h:is the advantage ,
of lying with-in lhe same temperate zone. .
Q ll'lYC
the sliortest road and the best i
1 rnnil tn tlio Tnt TliJs Iinuvinp ic fliA .
phows that steam-roads crwite their own
bugincss . they are, in fact, among the
ing, and improving the wildmicss. Of
i rzn :Li... i. m:, :
;itnl tlll AVif iM'n T!it wliw'li im tn tlif
begmmng of the war, werc travcrscd only :
l. .1
he stago-coach and mule-tcain, -100
had been spanned by the iron road on the j Another decision has given great of
lst of .lanuary hist, the creater portion of i fense that the foreisn commissioner
it duriiHi the nast year. Now that the
encrgies and capital of the nation are some-
what unfettered by the clo?c of the strug-
this rreat national work to makc rapid I
jimsgreai naiionai worii to maKC nipiu wmi iuj:u cApecuiiious ui oeing recogmzei
strides. A full third of our territory willias important functionaries in Paris, will
that nothing should be altoirether
u5cles3, has idaced in the ruajred Western I
mounUiin ranges, and am
erls of thc iuerior Wes
Lp;inio on,i vp:Ilfi nf tilft .
,nounUlin ranges, and among tlie arid des-
. c ; c i
tern plains, rich
eams aml veins of thc mctals which by ;
onmion consent have become the worhrs !
tamlanl of value.
lhe Lnited States 1
have niore of this miner.il wealth, as well
?is Tinirf finnl iml lrrrn tli'iii tlii ivt ftlii
. aaw. a..a .ii a .- . . &ti
world together: and it needs only the fa-
-r. i i i- i
cihties ot access, lalwr, machinerv. and
i r.. i .
nome ruimui is iu icuuci ua ioui iniies ;u?
,,nHiU(.livc 0f .r0ld and silver as we have
1 1. ."I I ,
i Thc road, as most readers kuow, is be-
im: huilt lrom both ends by two distinct
companies, each striving to build as l.ist j
i - .1,. I
, .,, Iiroirr. :m.l .IirM.Mln.v. tl.i. r.vi.l I
l() tho :miI (lfucuhie:: of the ro:ul.
Thc d ubsidv. which is practicallv
.. ,Iona(il) in ntn for tht. Inilitarv an;i
- 1 i . .1 1 -
commercial advantatres tlie road is to con-
fer on the nation at large, is reckoncd to 1
l,.i ,,li,,i li.ilt' tlu. i-n;t nl" limlilitur tlu. ntt-'
, . i;,.. .1 ... 4
I .... Vif pninniiieiit. w 1 1k- alnini :int v oro- i
,;.r i,v .... tl, ii.mit.-il. wlnchwiH
sWJj. 6Uch :m i,,ve,,tment. The road must
l)C )Ujit . the intermediate territorics aiv
iai,j,isi,ijr for it : the trans-eontineiital I
ti-:uli i. vsiitin for it : and the half mil-1
Hon of our kinsfolk. and their families 011 j
this side. are impatient for it. The nec-
essary means will no doubt be lortheoming ! outlay of money and such cordial co-oper-as
fast :is it is needed, because 110 other jation on the part of the whole world
enterprise of the same 'magnitude otlers ! ought to make this exhibition one of the
half the nrosnect of immediate nrositerity. I wondei-s of modcm times.
The Californians. 0:1 their end ot the
line, have shown ure.it sairacitv and de-
1 terinination. Alreadv they have reached.
i hundred miles, the top ol 1
lhe fonnidable mountain ninue. and
.luly next will be near the gi'cat Nevada
silver mining regions. The Ircal tratlic
ilr"iiK iiVitJttrr tmott lli? iiti'illlll)lptiil
J ""o "I" I"'
fra-Miient is astonihindv lucnitive. Dur-
inir the three Autumn nionth of 18G0,
when the freiirht could be forwarded across
inys, applieable to the paymcnt of interest
upon its bonded dcbt and for furthcr con
struction. The former, by reason of the
muuilicent Government and state aid, is
cxtremely light in proportion to its resour-
v ii
ri .1
ces. ine mterest dues incurreii nv me
couqiany m building and equippmg tlie
15G miles to the California state line will
bebut $.rio,lG0: or about 2A per c cnt
upon its cost, andon the remammg six
hundred miles across the plains the ratio
! will not be larger. Of coursc, with such
prcsent and prospective retums, added to
the fact that most of its cbstacles have
been ovcrcomc, no doubt remains ot its
speedy completion, and of the stability of
the company's securitics now in the mark
et. The prcsent year will probably sce
five hundred miles of the gap closed.
Cooi.. An incarnation of Western im
pudencc lately wandered iuto an elabor
ately furnished pew in a Philadelphia
church and nestled conifortably down into
one corner of the same, and lookcd about
as intcresting and contented as a toad un
der a cabbage lcaf. After a while the own
er of the pew arrived.and at once iravcsiuns
of intense disgusl and indiunation at the
his pockets some time, drew forth a
I and wrote on it with a pencil : "rJ
J lUS Vr
.m .
uat, AVr and, with an air of the
loltiest conlempt tossed it over to .loe,
J The latter took it up : read it with lainb-
' like meekncss peculiarto himself, and then, i
It with the most delightful coolna-s, wrote in
ng reply : "ICs a develish rood mtt.'What
' rent do you pay V and tossed the card back
' to its owner.
The Portland Star says that a boy went
into an oyster shop in that city and said
: his folks wanted two quarts of oystei-s.
I "Solid1?" said the man. "Yes, I supposc
' so ; ye ain't allowed to sell the liquor are
The JPaHs Exjwsition.
In ivriting to the Joumal just previous
totLe nmS Parb Exposition,
"Carleton' says :
The exhibition will not be in its bea
itate bcfore the middle of 3Liv, when the
trees and sbruUs and tlowere'in thesur-
roundiug grounds will add much beau-
. tv to the Other nttmptinns: llna nf
w r -
your rcaders who iutend to visit Paris Avill
do wcll to be prcsent cither in May or
The coukc pursued by the impcrial
cominission has beeu so arbitrary that tlu-
ardor, not only of people in ParLsbutof
exhibitors in general, has becn dampened.
They decidetl that all gooils which werc
Tiitt 5li tlif hinldincr liv tlu Ifllli nf AI.it..l.
should not be entcred for prizes. Thc 10th
of ATarch came and not halfof the gootls
were in place, and that not from any lack
pi:t r i....
through thc inetlrciency of the niilroad?.
and in part through the inelliciency of the
cominission. Some who had intended to
cxhibit have in consecpjencc withdrawn
their applications, while othera have Ibr-
W!inlwl tllPir (rnmls lll PXncft rttinn nf n t-iX.
visiou ot the rule adoptad by the commis-
hall imrchase their tickets. Some iren-
tlcmcn holding appointments i'rom the
Unitcd Statcs antl from iudividual states
as commissioners. avIio started from home
with high ex
i.:..i. t-iZ .r i. i
imd that they are not ol much account,
upon their arrival. They will be received
politeness of Frenclimen,
with many bows aud eressions of hiah
conidenition. but when they annly to the
imperial commission for tickets, the polhe
. 1
-nd courteous gentleinen composing it will
say : lieally, gentleinen, it would give
us great pleasure to aunnt you, but there
are so many of you it is lmpossible." lt
j will bc saul so delicately, with so many
bows and so much grace. that doubtless
the foivign gentleinen will le charmed in
to the belief that it is all right.
There kui he no doubt that the ap
proaching exhibition, for iriety and ex
cellence, will far surpass all others that
have been held. Countrics which have
never before contributed will have articles
in this.
dapan. 1 uma. muia, Lsrazu, L.uiu,
Eirvpt stll out-oi-thc-way places, in com-
T -ll T T ii -i 4-..
j I110I1 wilh civiii5
courts aud the
;chue i, a ra
, n .1 11.
all the world t
iiimi w t i Mvi hro, nnt.nn. mll Itnv.. tltr-.r
their conimissioners. lhe
and one tlevised to make
tnliiit.11.1 tn 1 ,i 1-1 .fiil 1 1
will, doubtless, in that respect 1k; a great
J 3
F oreiun uovernments contribute
...-.., Cf;.ii tu i..;..,i e.o.. .,1
ready 'il"?txb iMlil
eu Slbo.000. and the amount wiirbe
jcarried to $1,000,000. I have heanl the
estimate put :is high :is ten million dollars
:is the aggregate amount contributed by
foreimi governments to enable the people
to send their works of art and industry to
this great central isisometer ! Such an
To p:iss through the building now, even
when but a few goods are in place to go
amonu the thousands of stalls and courts
... ... . . . .
lor a couple ot lioui- givcs one tlie he-.ul
acne : out 11 inere is euouun now to craze
t i" . i i
I ... . ..lt . . l ... il l .
one, wuai wiu u oe wnen au is compiere.
with thirty milesor niore of walks. courts.
avenues, with ahnost every conceivable
thing under the sun exposcd to view l
Sct Out Shadc Trccs.
were fonneil for the purposc of carrying
on the work elliciently. We wish these
organizations might be revivcd this spring,
and that the work of setting out trees
iiriii iiiv. iivwtuib u
O 1
alonu the ltlaisant drivcways in our New
: VJ.m t0wns and cities miuht bere-
sumed. Let thoso living on a certain
! strect ct t0ircti,er a,lfj ajrrceeach to place
' OIItf om0rtTiriics in front of his own lot.
hjavins agrced on what kind of trees to
I L f lct a commiltee of uentlemen lte
, annointeti t0 ,,ct tic trees IroVn ti.c nurse.
, ry or thc forcsU l0 have the holcs (lug an(1
Tir...tr-,t.M,,s vnl. fiir tht it',n,r ,,t
on a uay appoinieu lor tnat puqose
When the day comcs let the ladies providc
a simplc collation, and after the trees have
been carefully set out, let all, old and
young, gather round thc festive boanl and
spcnd an aftcnioon in pleisant soci:d con-
verse. Let cach tree be named for some
Iovcd one in the family which it repre
sents, and thus centre in it that interest
which will insure its bcing kindlT cared
for throush the jiarching droughts of sum-
mer and the stormy wiiuls of winter. A
little labor exiiendetl now m this way will,
in live yciirs time, tmnsform a shadeless,
uuattractivc strect into a beauteous grovc.
resonant with thesinging of the birds, de-
lighting lhe eye with the beauty of its fo
liage, and adding materially to the value
41.. .11
Vf4 1" ,.4w,.w.., . - - - "
i -t fiu l.rmnirrv iitiriiprintr lmnii ii i
i , , .I...t ...I.4x .....I-,. .1. ... :
( wi, lc;l5ed und ,,.cU id fjr
, .,. . . , f ,
;ue ;mc hi.il iiiurt huu ju.ihi; liiu i..vjh;ii
their labor. Jiosion Jourmd.
A blundering or willful compositor and
.)roor- rcajcr
J.mi1ll Ji
on a Western paper recently
, g0mmittce of ways mlns j, cuhd
to put Chasc and Hutler on the free list.
i lt should have read " Checse and butter."
' Ilorace Greclcy s.i3"3 that the darkest
' day in any nian's carthly cireer is that
wherein he lirst fancies that there is some
easier way of gainhig a dollar than by
squarely earning it
JL JBanJcer's Soit.
CLirenco Fitz llcrbert went to St Loma
on a matrimouial pecnlation, so extjuis
itely got up, and such a imister in the art
ot spending other peoplcs money. that he
soon had tlie aifrw of the lnt (?) sonely
liefore long he found hirnsdf the accptt-I
suitor of an ex-groccrV daughter of rrjmt-
l wealth. Aceeptcd, that is. -vmh jwpaV
consent the luliful CLirencc could not
dkpence-with that: he hadnoidea ofsup
porting a wife by his own manly oxer
tions. Tlie blushing lover presented his
cretlentials to Mr. llodges. in jerson.
"I'mph I" gnunhletl thc shrewd mau of
money. sur-eying the dainty fiirure f his
would be son-in-law with the air of a in:m
who kuew the precise value of such com
modities. '"Ah ! so my gal thinks shc
she fancies 3011 V
'Well, aw she has doue me tlu.
aw tliat honor. sir.
"And what is your business ?"
"Ah ? I am from Chicago, sir."
"Exactly ; what s your business in Chi
cago, eh ?'
"Me fawther is a distiniruisheil banker.
5ir: 1 aw 1 think you 11 lind mv aw
references all right ;" stroking his oakum
coioreii moustadie with a unuid air.
i4Dare s;iy ; good day. Mistcr Fitz ller
-Fitz what'sj er name V
Next morniii!; a ircwd asent noes to
Chicago to eontract an alliance with the
house of Fitz llcrbert, iterliaps, ;iKuow
Chrence Fiiz Herbertr heasks, care-
lessly, of a reliahle Chicigoian.
"That little snippcr-snapier, yeller
moustache, cuts hishair in the latest style?
Guess I do."
AVell," and lhe two eye one another
'lleml -ants to many llodge's
daughtcr," resumetl the agent, brisklv.
'Hodgcadvised me to visit Chicago: fine
;0 1 ah ! yes I" slowly, :is onc idea after
another strikes him.
"What does Fitz llcrbert pretend to Ik
down yonr way i"
"Saj-s his father is a banker.'
A banker ? Good,' laughed the oth
er. "That's so : he is a saud lanhcr
draws s:tnd by the day for our road coii
tmctors." l,Ah ! bligel to 3-ou.' said the question
er : "pretty good : amd linixr. is he?"
A few days after. Mr. Clareiuv linds
Miss Allic not at home. TIr. llodges not
at home, "Molodg not ter home, sir." is
the servant girl's answer. in a provokingly
knowing and saucj manner.
Well would it have Ikvii for him. had
this lesson sent him home to the luik from
whenee his honest father drew his daily
A Pexitkxt Coxfksskjx. The humor
ous and eccentric Mojs E. Cheney. of
liarnard, nrissed a recent ajtpointment for
a concert at E:it 3Iontpelier. and made
the following ackntnvleilguient for his fault.
We lake il from Wahoifs .lournal :
JAic.ui, Vt.. March 2").
N. D.vvis. Ji:.. E. Dtnr Sir; I do
not ak to be forgmni. 1 could hardly
resict a friend who would fomive me.
atv ni ..,.-. .r ,,,.. .;o.,.- .-iv..i,c
J.y.SuH"WtoVKa& VAite
iat East Montpelier wa tt be Marrh J0th.
Mr. Wiilard, of the Frtvman. rebuked me
I one day for not atteading to my appoinl
ment with you, which led to the diseovery
of my nnVtake. J w;is in hojies to have
come the Adam on 3Irs. Chene and lw
able to tell you that thc woman that Gotl
gavc me had told me o aud.o, but she has
shown me to the contrary. and she says
she was on the )oint of meeting me at
the leeture. ihinking 1 would arrive by
stage from Harton: the good woman was
all right. and good Davis as all right ;
myst.lf, sinful and imbeeile. wtisall wrong.
I can never see lheface-ol mylx'St friends
of East Montpelier again and iiv. Tell
my former fricnds the Nye-s. Ezekiel and
(eorgc, that I am deadl died from
home: please tell my aheep's fore-leg
frieml that I am irr dead and pluckeil
up h' the roots. The fact that nobody
cared to hear me lecturc, or to have me
lead the '-Old Folk's Concert." or that
your Associalion lost no money by my
mistake. weiglis nothimr in my favor. I
have sinned. and claim an equivalent per
dilioii, and herewith 1 sincerely. unworthy
to be your friend, subscribe luysclf.
Tlie American Auriculturist for April
has a portrait of the jtremium South
Down. owned by Anuisa Hemis & Sun. of
Lvndon. The South Down is up, up, lijt-
top. lor mutton. lioston aml ,cv l orK
lon vkants used to import this mutton
from England on ice and pay a round
price for it. The stock is now Amenean-
izetl and bnngs :is much :is good beel at
retail in New York. Wc fancy it would
not be a bad speculation for some careful
farmcr in our neighborhood to make ure
South Down shecp a specialty to supply
our own and Hoston butchers. ATouijc!icr
ludge , who is now a very
Judge of lhe supreme court of one of the
iircat states ol this l mon, when he iirst
'carne to the bar," w:is a very blundering
spetiker. On one occision, when he was
trymg a case ot repleun, nivolvmg the
riht of iroperty to a lot of hogs, he ad-
dressed the jury :is follows : "Gentlemen
of the jury there wis just twenty-fonr
hogs in that drove; just twenty-lour.,
gentleinen ; just twice :is many as :ire in
that jury box I" The elfect can lw im-
In Belgium, where evenT post oilice has
its telegraph wire, a messagc of twenly
wonls is sent to any part of lhe kingdom
for ten ccnts. In Switzerland, under the
same system, both messagos :md money
orders can be sent at very low rates, and
people send more messages than letters.
Tom Moore said to Peel, on looking :it
the picture of an Irish onilor : "You can
sec lhe very quiver of his lip-C" "Yes,"
renlied Peel, "and the arrah comiiiu out of
An exchange, in sptsiking of the magi
cal strains of a hand organ, sa-s : "When
he phi'ed Old Dog Tray, we uoticetl elev
en pups sitting in front of the lnachine on
their hauuchcs, brushing awiy the te;irs.
fi)m their eyes with their fore-paws."

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