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at st. jiiiiNrm ky l'uuntAii' i;.u.r.r.Y.
AiubrotrjKi, M. 1 linotvpe-' md l.fi-iizp l'hctogmpbi.
litttfr and clnapi.T tliin elaei lure.
0 c- ovtr & IVckV Soro.
T.is' St. Joliaib".-y, -
I) r. N T 1 S T .
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I.V!n!iii, ... Vtriiini't.
nrtcnjlioro. - - - Vermont.
JJX "ZZF: ?""??JiJllriim" till'ir outlct to ditierent lurts of the'grading parks, te:irin- dowh old
ii bore t'a.i thi" it tr utt-fb'n'r ia tb.'iatc. '.'tf i
I.tmeulure, ... Vermont.
ior4i.i.r..iia at i.av, bOLK;Tor.3 i.x caANCEav.
I'.-ocurc I'rcFlcns and Hoaniics, Lyr.dcn, Vt.
w i llTa m w "g ro!jT7
HartflD, - - Vcrmon'.
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cari'eyT"spehcTr & VJEST,
r.tci-or? ti (Jco. A. timiuon,,,T!iolefaIc dealers in
Kiiu. shM;, bi'i:i:M, laiid and whale oils,
W l, A.M Sr. BM C.VNI'LE.
'.'i'! S'f.ifc, and 21 Conimcreo Strcet, Bo3ton.
t. . .:. ji. r m-tM'LR. w. u. west.
raynold's- improved tu"rbine
water wheel.
jlenuT.p the lesft iv.it.T for tlie aninnct of power Riven
o:'a:iT ul.O'liu u?e. I'ome hi d feo i'.
u tou, Vt l.IAVIS HOLMKS, Ascnt.
Ilaviapjust rctarEud fr.-.m Tlotton with a iboiM Eclec
tiua of
M I L L J N E II Y ,
TnviVH th jmb'.ic t rall and exarniiie ber ftylc?. Clonk
mil Iirc-i- uukint.' !ono to ordtr, atbcr rooius oppoeito
' '. Hirt;ham'- l)ju s ore.
All the new Etylee of
Millinery and Trimming in Great Variety,
elected it!i mach care and tato adapted to the ca
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Mauufacturen of every' variety of
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Adapted to Family Uso
Uio reputauon cf the Seninjr Alathicea made by
u.ia ( "uii uv iu thiroulilv lEtttilicl.ea ycara ago,
""y jipierid hy nune in ntitchiiii,', braiaiut'i eoid
'U'!' '"Vi.- ' w l'-'-.i'r'MiiI;auy uiad of plaiu or
".iiai.u .
V, j
l iatani. r S iVct, lloioa. J!1"' Hroadway, X. Y.
Tju Chi.iljj;,' -treei I'hiladelphia. "
ranclics in all tho Piincipal Cities.
I YojM T- lc fuHy ' to t!ie ladiea Uiat baving
lurclufuiltheiuterettofin. brothirin the bklrt busi-tH-i,
1 li.ue r. i:,orcd tlie manufjctory tj Concord, X.ll.
fLd ehuU givu partkular utt. ntiou to
nd rcpalriuu. All trde.e 1, ft at SAML HL .IKWEVT'S
11,1 '"; Pfcmptly idlL-d at tbort uetice. I-adies h ivini;
, e "njcm havc -.beia laada o'.j tu the lxUiat
J. at a rcaaonaliie charj;e.
' ount.y iiicrchantssapplicdaa usual. "Every Skirt
urr.naj." 0. W. IIALLETT.
ort received. Choicc branda Spring and Wlntsr
-ut. or mle it a euiall advance on coet
1 -Aiuajrjtic, April 11. eifcM h. 1. I'AltK",
Two Little Fairs of Boots.
Two little pairs of boots. to-niglit,
Before the fire are drving:
Two little mrs ol'tircd fcet
lu .1 tnindle bed are ly'wg:
The tracks thoy left upon the floor
llake me feel like siahinr!
Those little boots with copper toes !
They run the live-lon day;
And oftentimes I almost wish
That they were miles away,
So tired aui I to hear so oft
Their heavy tramp at play.
They walk about the new-plowcd ground
Where muil iti plcnty lies;
They roll it up in marbles romid ;
They bake it into pies :
And then at ntyht upou the lloor
In cvery shape it dries!
To-day I was disposcd to scold ;
liut when 1 look, to-night,
At tliose little boots before the fire.
With copper toes so bright.
I think how sad my heart would be
To put them onL ot sight;
For in a tnuik np staiis I'vc laid
Two pocks of white and blue :
If called to put those boots away,
Oh God ! what shor.ld I doV
I monrn that thcre otc not, to-uight,
Three pairs instead of two.
I wourn because 1 thought how uiec
My neighbor eross the way
Cotild keep her earpets all the year
Froni getting woru or gray ;
Yet wel! I know she'd Pinile to own
Some little boots to-day!
We inotheia weary set and worn
Uiuler our load ol'eare;
Yet how we view our little one?
Let each of us beware ;
Wliat would our liresides be to-night,
Were little boots not there? j
Tlie IlmdUuj HailYGiul Coal Depot
jii:xt or coai..
Few cities on this contincnt )0S?css a
greater variuty of objeet.s of interet to
tlie traveller or sojourncr than Philadel-
phia, and none exccl it in the onwanl J
jinarch of iniproveincnls, eithcr of public !
or pnvate ciiaraetcr. llie evulenecs ot i eiock ; let us thcretore lmprove tlie
iin enlarged jiublie spirit and per.onal en-, hours of the morning in taking a getieral
terprisi are of ?o manife?t n charaeter' look at the building and the purround
tliat vnluines could be writtcn in deserib-' ing-. We drive to the north-weit sec
ing theni. I tion of the city, along the northern bank
Among other important features whieli of the Seine, in company with thousands
amtribute in a great di'gree lo the wealth wlio are inoving ia the same direction.
and pro?perity of l'hiladi-lphia we niu-t We nniy t-ro.-s at any of the hridges, but
not lo?c sight of tlie fact that it po??i-?cs 1 the grand entranee is at the lowest bridge
the most extensive coal hipping dejiot in j of all the .Icna bridge. It is a mag
the L'nited States. The niillions of tons nilict nt stone strueturo with three archc.
of the indipensable niineral which are j At our right hand, as we walk north
annually unearthed lrom the inoxhaust-' west are thous:uids of workmen sniouth-
lble coal liehls of the interior ot the state '
world lrom the terniinus ol ihe licauin" ,
! iiilroad company :it 1'ort liichinond, on
the Delawarc river, at the northern ex- (
tremity of the built up portion of the
ihoso who Iiave npvor rinul n visif tn
i i i
Itltc locality in question, can Ibrm but lit-,
i h.i r . r
ne?s trar.saeted there, or the extensivc and
costly preparations eonnected with the
shipment ot coal from that point,
lt will be the province of the follow-
ing few words to furnish to the reader
an impcrlcct sketch of this cclebrated coal ! exile at Eiba, and on his way to Water
depot. I loo. Looking at the building from the
Standing at thc corner of Richmond hill it doe? not secm so niuch like a gas
strect and tlie Reading railroad, the eye j ometer, but mther like a circular rail
encouiiters nothing in an eas-terly direc- j road .-tation. Thc wall? of the outer
tion but a large open pacc of several circle are of wrought iron ; tho?e of the
acres in extcnt. completely gridironed j inner eireles of brick and ttone. Tlie
with railroad tracks andblack with coal-j outer circle is twicc the widih and twiee
dut. Thcsc tracks all divergc towards! thc hiirht of the inner circle?. formina u
the coal wharves, which
frtivteh for lialf j
:i mile along the river front. There are
twenty-one main wharves ann iivc extra
ones twenty-six in all extcnding for
a considerable distance into the river.
The lengthy coal trains that conie tliun
dering down the Reading railroad, are
all run out on thcse wharves, and the
coai aitcr ueing corrccuy weigncd is
transfeiTed to the vcsscls in waitinsr.
This wi-ighing proccss is a curiosit' in
itsclf, and of coiirae is of vital linporltince j
to both owner and purcha.-er of coal.
The Railroad company, desiring to in
crease their facilities for wcighing coal,
entered into a contract sevcral inonths
Miice with Mcssrs. Fairlianks & Ewing,
the cclebrated manufacturers, for thirty
four of their Iron Fratne Track Scalcs.
Thc contract has been complcted and
each wharl is supplicd with ono or morc
of these linelv constructcd scales.
Thesc track scales weigh twenty-live
tons each, and are twenty-four feet in
lenstli. Thecars containina the coal are
run on them, one after another, and the
coal is weighed with the greatest exact-
ness and most nstonishing rapidity and
despatch. These scales work to a charm,
and after being thoroughly tested forsomc ':
nionths paht, they give unlimited satis-
laction to thc company. In answer to a
queition propounded by the writcr to
one of the company "s weighers, who was
standing near one of thc scales, on a coal
wharl, hc replicd, ratlier morc pointed-1 say. Ihey give six classcs, numbered
ly than gracefully, '"Well. they are just j from G to 13 in thc catalogue, to this cir
the biggest things out; no discount on j cle printing, papcr articles of all kinds,
them scales." designs made by plastic process, photog-
An examination showed tliat a large raphy, musical instruinents ; also in
cpoise" on rollers running alcng the beam j sfrunients of mcdicine, surgerv and sci-
marks the nuniber of tons, while a small
'po'ue," sliding on a brass beam attachcd
to the large "poise," accurately indicatcs
the pound ; s0 that the cxact nuniber of
tons and poumls of coal on afreighted car
13 lnuicaicu with rcmarkable rapidity. A
person may walk dircctly over one of these
scales without being aware ol" the fact, so j
soiuuy are uicy cousu-ucted and hidden
lrom view. JLiey are uestmcu to supcr-!
scde all track scales now in voguc.
After being weighed tlie coal is run
down nicely-constructcd "shutes," dircctly
into the holds of vessels. Each wharl
contains sorae six or eight "shiitcs" and
1100 tons of coal can be shipped per diem
from each one. It will thcrefore bc seen
that over thirty thousand tonsof coal can
be weighed and shipped from the Reading
Railroad Coal depot in a single day. Im
provements are continually going on at
,the coal depot. Three new wharves were
built last year, namely, Nos. 19, 20 nnd
21, aud Nos. 13 and 18 have been extend-
cd to therortWardcnline, being respcct
ively 290 and 180 feet in length. Dredg
ing macliines are constantly at work decn-
ening the water in the iloeks for vessela of
heavy burdcn.
Soinc idea of the aniount of car travel
at tlie terminus of the Eeadintr Kailroad
dcpot niay be gleaned from the fact that
there are nine niiles of railroad track with
in the depot inclosure, running to the dif
fcrcnt whtirves, &c.,and twenry-one miles
oi tlie coal wharves. Pkladelphu Inquirer.
The Gvcat Exhibition.
LimEi: fi:om "Caulctox" to tuk Bos-
P.uas, April 1, 18G7
The great Expositionf the display of
goodd ironi every country, though iueoni
plete, was opened to-day by the emperor
and enipress ot Franee. Jt Avas intendcd
by the iuiperial coimnission that the oc-
easion should be one of the grandest pa
geants of niodern tiines, and invitations
wcro sent to every European court to be
liresent. Favorable replies were received
iroin niany royal peionagcs. Thcrrince
of Yale was expected, al.-o the kingol
Portugal. the king of Holland, the son?
ol ictor l'.iuanuel. liooins in sorae of
tlie hotcls were engacjed for tlie royal
guests ; but a few days ago the iuiperial
coinniission were under the ncccWity of
inforniing their expectant and expected
guests that the pageant would not take
Tliis Avas not neccssary from the fact
that it was lbund impo.-.-ible to havc tlie
exhibition in decent order by to-day.
The work lias been delayed some by bad
weatlicr, but the i'ailure U inainly due to
the want of tapacity in tlie imperial
coinniission. The liead of the connnis
sion, 1 am informed, is not tlie nian for
tlie )I:icc. lie is n-portcd to be narrow
minded, and tenaeious of his opiniona.
Ile has ini?tctl on tlie carrying otit of
arbitrary rules till niany of the exhibit
ora have been ready to turn away in dis
gu;t, and to withdraw whully lrom the
exhibition. " "t f
Tlli: ltl I1.1)1X(5.
The hour fixed for the umval of tiie
emperor at the exhibition ground? is two
ing down tlie hillride, laying out streets,
the litv
and tranornfmg this .-ccti.iii oi
into a a paraui-c. U.-fore cro.-sing tlie
bridge, we niay, by a.-ccndit.g the hill,
obtain a bird's eyo icw of the exhibition
buiMiug aml the surroundin: grouiid--.
It stMink nn tlio lnvnl nlriin nf tln.
Chainps de .Mars, on thespot where Na-
jioleon the First hehl his Iast ivview
where the vcteraus of an huudivtl battle
lii ids and thc youth of Franee, taken
from their homi's bv that la.-t criu'l con-
:-cription, pa??cd in solid coluuin before
the emperor, returned suddenly from his
srand nave. if such a term can Ihj ap-
plied to a circular building ; light, airy,
and m evcrythuig except the circular
ibrm, well :tdaptcd to a display of ma
chiner A squaro cdifice would have been
hetter, liut thc architect, by adopting a
eeries of circle.-, thought to have a better
clasilicatioii of jiroducts than cotild be
obtained by any other plan. In thc as
ignnient of f-piice to the nations hc cut
the circlea from centre to circumterence
j jst a.-? you cut a pie. ly this niethod
he deigned to have each nation sepa
rate, :uid yet the products of each na
tion, the pamc in kind, would be group
ed togethcr. I5y walking inward, from
thc out.-ide to the centre, you would see
thc products of a nation, and walking
round a circle, you would see the pro
ducts of all nations in that circle.
Going down near to Ihe building and
walking lo thc centre, we lind a garden
with ibuiitahis, iish-ponds, llower-beds,
bhrubs and trecs. As the circles are
numbered from tho centre we must go
back again to view them in order.
The lirst or inner circle is dcvoted to
paintings and scuhiture, including the
iii-st fivc classcs ciuinicrated in the cata-
Iogue paintinirs in oil, desiirns, sculp-
turc, medals, models of architjccture, en
gravings and hthographs. In thcsecond
class we lind what the F'rench term 'lib-
cral arts,' but why liberal 1 am uuable to
ence gencntlly. Thc distinguishing fea-
ture of the circle will bc thc musical in
struinents pianos and parlor organs.
In the accompanying plan it is put down
as the musical circle.
In thc third circle we find thirtccn
classcs furniture, glass, porcelain, car
pets, upholstcry, wall paper, cutler-,
ijcwehy, clocks, watches, lamps, perfum-
ciy, and all housek
kecping fuinitua'.
Thc fourth circle luis also 11 classes,
numbered from 27 to 39 cotton, linen,
wool and silk goods, shawls, bonnets,
clothing ol all kinds ; also toy3 and
The fifth circle contains 7 classes,
numbered from 40 to -10 articles from
mines, fbrcsts and lields, and the sea.
Reaching the outer circle we conie to
the machinery of all nations. This cir
cle is wide and high, lightcd all around
by immcnsc windows. In thc centre is
an irou platform, raised about 12 feet
from the ground, which answers the
double purpose of supporting the shafting
tor dnvmg the vanous maclunes, also
lor a promeuadc, where the visitors may
walk and look at the raaclnnes in mo-
tion. The gallery being circular, the
shafting ifl eonnected by ball and socket
jomts. There are steam cngines at con
veuient distances for funiishing power
the steam being generated outside thc
building and conveyed to thc engines by
pipes under ground. This immcnsc nave
if it can be called such extcndinc
around all the inner circles, is literally
packed with machinery. You see cn
gines of all kinds steam, lire, water,
hot air and cold air. The seventh and
outer circle is devoted to food, or rathcr
fecding the food being niainly ready for
eatmg. Each countrv has its restau
ranls, which on some other occasion we
will look into, to sce how and what the
diil'erent nations cat.
Francc being thc projcctor of the af-
fair, of course has the right to take
whatcver space she may choosc, and it
will be seen that she has appropriatcd
nearly one-half to herself. England has
thc ncxt lai-gcst. Frussia, Southcrn
Germany and Austria, havc cipial por
tions. .Southcrn CJermany is now Prus
tia politically, but when the assignmcnt
of space was made there had been no
thunder ol cannon at Sadowa. Thc
treaties between Rismarck and the
South Gcrman states are not recognized
by any alteration in thc space assigncd
to the various countries. We lind not
only machincs of all kinds, but of pcr
plexing variety, in which inventive gc
nius has applicd by ditierent methods tho
motive power.
It is bewildering to walk along this
grdlery and pass in review the innumer-
able contnvances for cutting, punching.
bonng, drivmg, poundmg, beating, hani-
niering, twisting, turning, sawing, rivet-
ing. pulverizing, griuding, crushing, mix
ing, slilting, shcariiig, yplitting, screw
ing, pressing, softening and hardening.
There are pump.s plows, looms, lathes,
locomotives, planing maehines, washing
machincs, printing prcsses, stcun ham
mers, and the wholo rangc of hydraulics
and pneumatics of steam, water. air
aml fire. The niotive powcrs are dor
mant to-day, except here and there an
The building covcrs about loO.OOO
square yards ot ground. In the division
i'Vance has 02.(100, or nearly one-half ;
England has 22,000, or one-seventh ; the
l'nited States 2800; Prussia, South
I'lennany and Austria have each 9UU0
square yards ; the Western Contincnt.
exelusive of Canada, but including .Mex-ii-o
and all South America, va -lt'.OO
square yards ; Rusria has the same as
thc l'nited States 2SO0 less than Ita
ly by 500 yards.
lVginning at tho right hand of the
grand entranee, and walking round the
machinery circle, we come upon the
countries in tho following order : Great
liritain packed with maehines of every
description, in gcneral, of superior work-i
inan.-hip. In walking round this circle
we might almost know the successive
sections by thc difierence in the conslruc
tion of machinery. National tinits rc
veal thcmselves in the handieraft of me
chanics. England always puts a great
deal of uscless lumber into her eoaches.
Hcrc are her railway carriages.
heavy enough for freight cars, and her
third-class cars are not a whit lx'tter
than the freight cars of the railroads
leading out of Jtoston. Her engincs nre
serviceable and strong, but there is weight
which does not give streugth. Tliere
are eoaches for the road as clumsv,
heavy and luuibering as the Ilouse of
Lords as thc big wiggcd judgcs of Iler
Alajesty's court.
1'iiit I am not to particularizc to-day.
Wc pass on lo the Sandwich Islands a
thin i-lice saiuliricfnd between Great
liritain and the Fnited States without
any niaehinery, but her space is lilled
with productions to be noticed at anoth
er time.
Then the United States thc machincs
not yet in plaec too far behiiidhand to
permit a notc of what is to be sccn.
ISext m order Mexico, South Amer
ica, Tunis, Rersia, China, Japan, Egypt,
Rome and Italy bare of maclunerv.
All of those nations know comparatively
nothing ot cniploymg thc forccs of na
turc to do the work of human hands ;
of harncssing the truant waterfalls of the
Appcnincs and thc Andes to mill whcels ;
of capturing the winds ; of transforniing
cold water into a giant by imprisoning it
in a steam boiler, and making it strong
er than teu thousand Sampsons to
hamnicr and grind to clunb mountains
or to plow the Atlantic I Italy goes to
England or comcs to Francc for all her
steam cngines and locomotives, and so
does Switzerland.
We mark thc charactcristics of thcse
nations by thc abscnce of macliines. Rut
thc space is not unlillcd ; thcre is a
Turkish houso in thc Rvzantine style of
architccturc, with laticed windows, glit-
tcnng with bright pamt green, crimson,
blue and white. You recoguize Enypt
by its models of houscs, and by the style
of architccturc, such as Moses and the
childrcn of Israel Iooked upon when in
bondagc on the banks of thc Nilc. Ybu
can see the characteristics of the Chincse,
the Japancse, and thc inhabitauts ol
Crim Tartary in the architccturc of thc
dwellings raised along this lofty nave.
You may borrow ideas lrom civilizalion
or semi-barkirism at a single glance.
Whether Western civilization has any
thing to lcam from Oriental life rcmains
to be sceu. And here, in passing, it
may be rcmarked that tho exhibition Ls
not altogcther one of art and industry,
but a muieum a bringing together of
old things as well as new, of things ser
viceable and amusing.
Passing on we lind Russia, Swcden,
Dcnmark, Norway northern powcrs
with here and there a niachine agricul
tural, or for the rolling, hammcring and
bending of iron ; and then Greece, Port
ugal and Spain, of tho three, 1'ortugal
sending only one little steam engine, the
cylindcr about the size of a gallon bottle.
Switzerland comcs next, with a good
display of manuiacturiiig machinery,
looin, spinning frames, and then Austria
with a curious collection of agricultural
implcments, to bc noticetl at another
time, with massivc locomotives of unique
patte. Adjoining, is Southcrn Ger -
many, with a display similar to that cf
Austria and then Pmssia wilh a grand
eiiou every mcii ot space oceupieil by
locomotives, spinning frames, looms,
stecl cannon, and a great gun Avhich
fires a shot costing sevcral hnndrod dol -
lars. Havinir won Sadowa. hc boldlv
scnds hcr improved implcments of war
for Franee to look at.
We have travcrsed thus far one-half
of the circle. Crossing thc Jiue JHjimn,
as this broad entranee lieforcus has been
namcii, we cnter tlie JMgium section,
like Prussia well stocked with. mami -
lacturmg machincr) ; and beyor.d that,
francc with hcr cngines. Ncxt to
r-ngianti, j russia makes ttie best dtplav.
But this being only a gcneral view of
me ouiiumg i caunot make particular
lhc circles are cut across by passaire
ways, which arc adlcl strects. i;ein -
miHr miA ?lnr. nt f lir (vrlli.I nnn..
we have the strects ot Endand, India,
AMm . !..-:'!
Relginm, Holland. Provei.cc, Livornia.
Km,,,... AimVra'vi w, v
and Alsace.
J T J v"- " ' VI tlltl.lM
Desccnding from thc raiscl platform
along wluch we liave walkcd, and entcr-
;n.r tl.o ;,.nr ,...'!...! V. . -"
...D ...v,.....,.. u iiiiu uui.nes in
ti granu uaztiar u:e space cut up mto
snops, rooms, courts, alh-ys.
ways, lilled with show cis'-s,
1 1 L "i
cupboards, closet
mi.l tjninf rml.i i.,f n.,.i 1.. .
arcsi.'iis in Fronrb. r.ndui, i:
' u i?..'.' ... . !
tiuiui;,u UUl ,
nearly all untntclligible to the
e majonty
of the visitors.
you gaze upon even variety of m
A . , ,
wrouglit and unwrouiiht.
v.... : i
wood and
StOIieaS L cnnus frnm ,h.
mine, tho forest and the tiuarrv, or a
wrought into wonderful s!i.:nes. ns.'!"nl
and ornamental
V.... .1." i
nll tho cnolmntiti" ro:ir ro(liHtfxl .iti 1 '
re-re!lectcd 1:1 mairnilicont mirrors
- - - -
hear an uninteUigible.iarm of im.l
1 "'1
the nutli'i"
,1, nfil.,. iV.r.. ,...,..1 1
i:....:.i i.i.. 1 -
" - .. ......
harp. crisp- langua.e of the UcndentJ
with' that of the tlowry Urient. You
stroll atwillin and out and al,., the
cin-los. tll.v..r ,.I,m.r!,., ..,.1 ,::,!...
liiiuin liiciuin 111 1 iit- iiiiii v wfiiiiii .. Tii.-t .
jiassaei'-wavs: for thirty miles vou 111
walk. seeincr all around and lvlbre
T..1I '
objects of art, scienee and industrv
somethiiiLr new !n,,r, f i..;.fi,. .
colors, ol curious lorm woaderin the
, ' .
while what it is for, till your hc.id is
turned. till you arc lost in the labyrinlh
and an? foreod to ask which v.av 3 011
must go to get out. And, ten to one.
the answer will bc in Rus-ian. or Gcr
man, or Chincse. I know of 110 such
to give one a l.eadache or to mvs-
tify and confuse onoV bniin as a nencnil
all sorls of arehitmure-Gothic, Co -v V V" j ,
rinthian, lonic, Dorie, Chinese, Turkish, A.,M ,Mf Jp aw- Pu,,ctual aIjnf
Egyptian, Russian and .Tapanese. Thcre tho TT' "P 1,le.a.VCn"e mthouJ
U rnll wnrl, o,l l....;....1 1. , ' e5t"0rt f lmY kmd, 111 YlMtlllg dfC?S, .15 lf
1(4 Li 1 V (fl fl. I
ramblo ihrough thcse cn-Ile-s circles. "K . rnT" "J, ,-
0 t'omuig round lo the EnL'hMi, makin-' a
Ttir rxuiniTioN wuoixds. complote eircuit ol the buildin- Un
Thus far we have been talking only ofjtlw platfonu are asscmbleil thc Com
the great edilice. but outside of it wc mis-ioners tf ihe dtltercnt uaiions in their
r.rc almost as niuch puzzled to know ! rcspcomv Sections. and thc Lmicror
where we are whether in Turkey. Chi- tarriis a mouient among iheni. adtlre-s-na,
Japan or South America whether '. ing to each a few words of welcome.
walking thc earth or whether we have j From th- platform the Imperial pair
been tran.-ported to .-ome t-.rm int'y.-iito. j cnter ihe piciure galleries. where. in the
Reginning at the grand cntrauiv. wc ' ditierent sahtons. are assenibled the diplo
look up to a forest of Hag stati's seventy j nialie corps. the Council of State. aml
fcet high or more, hewu lrom masls jtheCwy- L t- nif. I saw lhe'roval
bright with Paris green, verniilion and , pair as they enicred tiie building, ag-iin
gold leaf, and with streamers, jemiants, jas they were among the Anierican Com
tlags, banncrs, golden conl and ta.cl.-, iiiis-ioneis, and ag-ain in thc passage wav
with the royal arms and thc letler X in h-.'.dinir to lhe piciure g-.illcr)-. l'ossiblv
monognims of gold. We walk down the j there may be oinc one amona your read
Imperial passageway 2o0 yards, ber.cath ' -rs wlso wouid like to have auear view
a goiycousawningof green t-. spangi-jf this nn -;erious iaa:i, aud Euwuie.
cd with golden bees the gorgeous ctiuo-1 who sels the f;ishioiis for all the world:
py hehl alolt with golden ropcs the tall 1
iimsts swayin-j, the vribu i uviimi. thc
golden honey makers rising and falling '
with aicli p:issing brceze while above
and bencath wavc iiimimeral.le llags,
gathered in clusters, thc red, wiiite aiui
blue of Francc, aml outside the ilags ol
all nations, stretehcd from 111:1st to mast.
Ilcre is the Imperial band, one hun
dred musicians or more, and two n-ji-
ments ot thc lme, waitmr for the arrival iiere. Yc are not mistalicn in our calcu
of the Emperor and Emprcss. While ! lations. Thcvstop in front of it. Tlie
wc wait, for it is vcl a full hour before j
thoy will arrivc, we may glance at ihe
surrounding objects at two great iron
fountains on cither sidc and further
down on the left hand a thin! one of
marble, in which thc architect lias dis
playcd a wondcrfnl coinbinatioii of iig
ures Iritons, cupids, sea hoi-ses, nion
stcrs, dragons, aud two grc;it oystcr
siiells, with 'cnus standing in oiic of
them as if she had been an oystcr and
had just burst hcr siiell transfornied in
to the goddcss of beauty !
A little further along, on thc same side
of thc Grand Entranee. is the linperi.tl
divan; a building with a burnishcd
dome, modeled after thc mospic of St.
Sophia of Constantinoplc, which wc are
not permitted to cnter, but looking into
the doors wc can see a gorgeous boudoir,
litted up with richcst brocade curtains
cloth of gold with pier glasscs, and uj
holstcry of most claboratc workmanship.
This little luxury is for thc usc of the
Emperor and Empress, and sueh other
crowned heads as may visit thc Exhibi
tion. Lcaving thc entranee, go cither way,
and we come upon curious strueturcs
Russian cottages; Turkish houses,
mosquos 'with minarcls surmounteil hy
the crescent ; Japancse huts with curveil
roof, thc eaves curiously turned up ; Chi
ncse pagodas, rising story above story
paintcd in most brilliant colora ; an Eng
lish church ; a llindo tcmplc-r a Frencli
conservatory; a Uoston bakcry, from
which lioston browu bread, crackers and
baked beans will bo served piping hot to
the Parisians and frequenters of the Ex
hibition ; a half dozcn light house?, to
show thc ditierent lcnscs and lantcrns 011
exhibition; wind-mills of vaiious pat
tcrns, with ingcnious contrivanccs for
pumping ; a fountain, thc water tuuib
ling down an artificial cascade over arti
ficlal rocks, with a castle for a pictur
esquo ruin. By and by wo shall be per-
jmitted to attend a Chinese theatre, orsee
a Spanish country glance from girls
- brought from beyond the Pyrinees foMhe
I puqiose. Mingleil with these outside
j shows is a building designcd to represent
an American school house, thoush I fear
; it will bea miserableburlcsque-a school
; house without furniture. It would havc
; been better for the Commissioners not to
have underlakcn thc entcrprise than to
, produce that which will convcv no true
idea of ihi pecnliar Amcrican institution
Tiie outsitlc buildings so curious ii
form, so iltrcrse thc tall chimneys th
grcit steam boilers for the gcneration o:
j steim the lighthonses thc shcds where
I goods are cxliibitcd, for which thcre is no
:space in the building the parks, soon to
! le bloominir with Uowers ofeverv hui
. with roscs, camclias, honcvsuckle, icssa
' inine, violcts and lillies the pincs, and
' oaks and willows the windin" "ravclei;
! walks, the fountains, thc fish ponds, thc
j bantls of music, the movin multitudi
l the jargon of tongues all of this are al-
j most as Iwwilderinn as tlie circles withiu
' the building
rri , , . . -
ey have away here mPans of not
j l?ltm S,II-V 0,,e k!,ow.wliat S2 to be
! done on great occasions. Ddigcnt m-
j quiry at headquarters failed to clicit ain
i infbnnation :is to the diaracler of the
opcning ccrcinonias in advance. Even
! ,,IC bead of thc Amcrican Commission
i v , .... -
uiu hol Kiiov. wnai was 10 oe me oruer 01
, the opening till I:ist niuht, when it was
0mr,a"v !"ounced that the Emperor
i an Empress were to walk throunh the
i "KJ lw-TC au0Ul l '"e an atternoon
41 1 . A J -
1c,n.un inend, or take an ainng hke
1'':" 1m.-oi.Ic A v:ist multitude has
tltrilil Ollt 011 thlS bri"lit snnnv ilnv
..r,ie Jifre fe T Ct)nrml the - vh
the guillotme stood m the iark davs of
1 n-iicii jusiorv wncru -iana .moin
1 i vvt
"V --.a Mat,
;md thousainls of others had their heads
chnpjcd olf. is packed with people. Tlie
avemic along thc Seine, all the way down
. . . . - . . . .... 1 .
le Tln' liillvl.lo ocrlook-
... ,s t !.:.: 1. i lr
' ' " ,
'--:-. a uL-gmis 01 uiexmauues.
Ru;sia and
T' 1 v U ?- ?
al-S "ic-not the cry whid,
n , ,1 7
1,1,1 ,,U,,;M f and tne
Luipowr, Miiuing and bowin. looks from
his carriasc bininantlv upon thc ik
- -
-ri... 1 -.1 r- - -
1 :iu i:iiK-iKti v.omilll:;lon
tand by the
qeror emcrs n
1 i: 1., t- .... -.
.thc J-.iiipre.-s leanir.ir on his arm
. short tam ihereand they cnter the buiid-
ing, pfcccdcd by liie Commi-sioiiers. nnd
fulI..;vod by 3!. Rouhcr, mini-tcr oi-lale.
aud a li-.v notabli. 01" the Eiapire. Tlu-y
are woh-omed by cheers and by bands ot
! uiiiMe stalioiiiHl around the building.
1 Ti....- .. ......1 .1... .1 . 1 r.
, ' V u" lul lwl
n.um iu 01 uiu gni:Mi enirance. ass
if so I will a?k them to come with u:c lo
thc a?sngo way, and take a jo-iiion by
a statue of the l?t Xapoleon the work
of an Itulian artisf. vho has reprosented
thi exiknl conqueror as sitting in a chair
in imtlress, with a map of EurojKj ojkmi
on his knecs. He l::is leen lighting his
battles ovcr again, aml he has raised his
eves from the map and is 1(11 in thoui:ht.
J The Emperor mo-t assuredl- will stop
crowd wele-jme hini with ricc t Emjicreur,
which he aeknowledges by a bow riuht
and left and a smilc "
He is dresscd :is a citizen in .1 suit of
blaek. His hcalth is better than it was
a few weeks ago, at the opeuing of tlie
Ixgi.-lalive chambers. Time is deepen
ing and multiplying thc WTinkle in hi?
checks and 011 his hrows. Ilis once
brown hair is turning to gray, aud thcre
is a llabhincss about his Uesh comnion
to some nicn of his ycars indicating a
deeline of vital foree. His stcp is slow
and heavy.
The Emprcss lcans upon his left ann,
wearing a jiurple satin dress. trailing but
slightly, with a black sack trimnietlVith
Astrachan, and a bonnet (if thc little mat
011 the crown ol her head can bc called a
bonnet) of dark green vclvct. She luis
a plfasant faee, though time is lcginniug
to tcll agtiinst thc beauty of formcr ycars,
to take away thc frcshncss of carly wo
manhootl, and to give the rouudness and
phimpucss of forty ycars.
They gaze a few inomcnts at the stat
ue, interchaiige a wonl or two, and then
pass on to view the picturcs, a crowd of
ladies aud gentlcmcn following, like a
tlock of unmanncrly school childrcn, at
their heels. notwitlistmding the cfforts of
the police to kcep them back. Thesc
people, so wanting in good breedinr, are
invited guests Frcnch tieoplc nearlv all
of them, and not forcigners, ignorant of
what belongs to pohtcness.
Wliat were the thoughts of this mys
terious man as he gazed upon this staluc
ol his cxiled unclo ? Tliere -as for a
momcnt an indescribablc play of hisfea
tun's:, an indifinable working of thciuus
cles, but whether of sorrow or of some
other einotion I know not, but it was
succeedcd by one of mauifesl pleasure at
the exquisitc treatment of tlie subject by
tho artist. Does this mysterious inan,
whosc life has been a roinanee, ever in
dulge in EiisgiviDg3 for thc future his
ownfutureortlnt of hi m i.nml heir?jveiS;j jkThoo.1 i iH U1ldud, fcuUut'
Tliere are douds! m tlM horizon. Tiie
prestigo of Erancc is overshadowed by
Gennauy. The Frondi people :ire los
ing their temper- Germany is tln arbi
terofEurojic Xowonder3 tliatwitha
post so cvcntful a his ha3 atl a
future so uncertain, th:it gray liairs come
upon his brow or lluit tliere is liuaviiiess
in his footsteps.
Hc passes on, antl, with tlte Emjwos
by histide. ilrives oncc more lotlteTuil
lerics. With such plain cercwity iIk
great exhibition is ojwi to tle jmWc.
Vosr 0's C.wrrtii.Tc X llntc, (stli
it ia th- stait f Kcatoriy, Mmrris i-. i-c;. j
I liev made manv smWai aixl ra;lcr
'strordinan- dianscs in tiIitix me so
very sudden tluit tlie movemeiit MXdoO't
eonjestion uv the -on.-hciM.v. 1 rckoliecl
wunst uv advokatiu frev trade awl liigii
jirotective tarilT, all wiihia twolvc Imurs.
(J made a speeeh in a aLTicultoor.il d-e-
strik uv Xoo Y'ork in llte hrioji at lu
A. yi.. and in a iiiauuf.tclurm lown iu
Penns-i-any i:i tlie ovtaibi. our jl:illonii
bein so con.-trul:tid that bolh sidcs cfKl
lind a cndorment in it ) aud Iscv per
fonned many other feats uv uiors! vm-
nastiks ; but this last changr. 1 hvv Ijin
called upon lo inakc is imUab'v :l?sid-
denest. Lanwtek ToohIv, Deekiit l'o-
gnim, Ciiptain MclMler ainl I wuz cn-
uaired in ridth'n the Coruvj v uitriii-rs.
Wc had endooretl an ez lon cz wc iltot
Ssible, aud determinol 011 slandin it ik
longcr. Selectin three v.-icii we wuz sat
Lsiied hed too mueh ?eHin-book inlo en
to be en-Iaved ain. v.v wuz niariii
iioties to be scrveil onto em. orlin chi
to leavc in twenty-four iiours, wcii I re
seevetl iu the nortlieni inail a k-tler
marked ':Frce Alcx. Y. RanHlall, P.
3L G." 1 knowl it wuz o!n.-3iel to
wunst that blessid M-jiatoor is on mv
commisshun, and 1've cn!empla:ci it too
oftcn to be nnstaken in it. Its contents
wuz brief, aud run thns :
'To all Postimiers in the Soutlwni
States : The ni'jci - hcv votcs csil
itishen is our L,s ln.lt. iee lo it."'
This brief tho not harI to U undr-
stood order wa fcaktl with :hc clS-hcl
seal uv the Post Oliis Departincut stamjH
11110 puitv uistiU uv wax. to-wit : :i losil
uv brcal5 under a roll uv butler, with
. 1 . . , - ...
icn uaiuis a graijn;:i a; it. 1 eoiai-r -
und the situation at st:e. and oi alnmt
doin my doot with lnKh Ifonwn :al
Sparian linnncss.
"Deekin," sez I, tcar.n up tiie iki-es.
"these isiirgers we Ikv iH:-uider?toiil.
lliev are not an infcrior raci t5-r arr
not descrndants uv IIa:n an-i 11.J..T it
wuzn't Paul's idea in seslin lw-k Onesi-
mus to eomleiim him to ?rviioud wc
'. iU!-":.M'rsU.x lh.i siir;isi-i:. nil
mu.-t makc aau!..!-. "llu nircr is ile-
void uv sitiel!, aml is inxily a nian soiA a
-Wat r said thc Detkin, tippin iwk
111 nnuzcnient.
uJest vnt I sav.v hz T. "read tliat,'
and I fiuns hini ihe ieitcr-
Tln? upshot uv the ctnerawe -VTljidi
ollenxl wuz Im' c::lli:is uv a Jivvtin liic
next nite. at which all tne lihirsianstiv
the toniers wuz tnvilcu and rcl to we
Thu trouhle wuz io 'Stt iitc mszs t-j
attend tho meciin. TI. fu-t on? 1 spoke
to laift in my face. aml aski me iwvr long
it wuz since I had 1k1;: hang a couk
uv niggers, by w:iy uv tiuislim oS" a ca.4
cbrashcn. PoHock. thc HIumms flor.--
ceeiK-r. got hoM r.v it, an.1 ioU.ft ilig-
er. and Joe swore that 'f tbe jwjgtrs
icdn t anv morc swisc ih::: wo siv m
creilit for, in sjK-in wo cxI lcunlobzk
cm so chee i. he slMKd gi liack lo ihe ii
beleet. to-wit: tltat they wuz oniy a
sooienir nu-e uv moHfccys, allor all : aiui
by nite cverv nicr in the i-ii:v wiw
lostid thoroughlv. aml ut wv all v em
I cocd only gi: lbur wlio wid -niiso
to attend, au.l tiiein litc Diin id i
lay apl.ee to. To give it k!iv.- 1
iroinised one uv e:n (to le ii l ai tln?
close uv tlie mcetin) to sii 011 the stawl
with me, wicli. bom a very poor snau.
and hevin a siek wifi? in a sliantr jKT.r
ty, who wuz sutTerin for molicinc. (wicli
io coodeut int witliout mojK-v) hcaeoMit-
At this pint an idee striick ino. I to-
menibereu Philadelfy. aiul .i-tcr.ii.l to
lev ascene nvahn :!h Ochk-Ii aml ()jt
biznis. 4AnotIicr thin-'. Cnli, Miwer-
stand that it's a part uv thc Uargain ihxt
when iu my sieech 1 tuni to 3-00 and
stomp, yoo must nse and eiiilirace ine."
"Hat r sez lie
"Fall into mvarm. lovin-lifcc ra
understand -jist as tho we wux Iwig lost
brothers I"
"'Scusc mcl" seil lie 'Tseajnilv
ow nigncr, and wants to bu dc oW so-
man some quimne, and wood do imujs
anything foah dal, but, o, dats too
mueh !M
"Not a cent.' said T, slenily a--3o;i
my most piercjncst strc, "oidctt this is
iiicludeil .
Well,'' rctunxHl lie, suikily, -rf 1
must, I sjeck 1 must, bur, golly :'
Thc nite nrrivcd and the nKvtin bou
wuz full. We thot fusl of lwMmg it in
the chapol uv thc Colhge, Iwit give nji
the idee ez impractieable, ez oxvin to tl.-dillj-torinis
uv our 2surthem iriends ia
forwardin sich subscrijisheus ez lliey Itev
raised, we hcvcnt got no further witli
thc bildin tlian layin tle conior stmi. In
the front wuz the four niggcr. all in
cleau shirts, and on the stand wuz the
niggcr I liail cngagod. Over tho plat
fonn was thc foHerin mottoes:
'Tn Yoonion tlna- is strn;gth For
Prcsidcnt in 16S, FcnKimo Woml. For
Vicc President, Fredrick Duidis.'
'In the niggcr, strengtii In thc Cau
casshen, beauty In the muiatter, wlto
is trooly thenoblcst m-Uieunstccies
hi addishento these, wc hig apaH
thc old inottoes whidi Jenorson
about yoonivcrsal liberty niMi r4du vich ;
hedn t bin quolcd in lu-utucly Jbr twen
ty year?, and postidcm uj ; in brief, hed
Wendell lhillip3' y!c-.-eii Fjvaftt hhi a
hoverin over that nieeUn-lioue, it wotild
hev smiled approvingly.
I spoke to cm clokcntly 011 Uio yooni-
Hiat" Ah.tU-rer dsecfKl 1.- setl,A'ht
wuz Ihv faUjir uv all inaiuVnid, tLx;.
the only diirejridb letw'cn jj .jvhlrj jUt
and a ni;ig;r: ivir, 'tlii 3111:. jv&r.
bunit. Thc niici l' rrinrtija j was m
ktubltlly. origcnally W3iiIo, Imt Je.iit
hin, sonce his arriral in ihis cowrtry, si-dk-lod
to agricuin.'O'Rd pisowts, le JsaJ
itecwiiio lanmxl U a degree wicit, iia k
mnrrcd liL- jdiyMkle IkuU . &1 Hut 11
lTiix willi his sjerlin i?o3us y .-3Ut-TIkt
lind ln dilTrcnces Iwtwrew lltc racos
at Umkb thcr 3k1 15h oqJisaiitaisc
wliidi no one regreited taosx ihaM L Tfce
whitcs i:v i!k Concrs had nut aHtsi: biii
cz ivM-idrit cz I oood lcv wisled. Tler
had ilgel sevml nv cm, and Imw -msmy
ittoro, and in tiincs t lkd 1W cm m
iavery aml s5-h, lut llat j-IhxxI not le
:Irt uv at this haiiv titae. It ncwc
hi.-1uIimu1 to do thesc ihings ihen. and
Kvntucl:y wnz cniinentiya kw-awklm
.Slalf. -I lv," 1, n t his ilxdwttM,
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