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St. Johnsbury Caledonian. [volume] (St. Johnsbury, Vt.) 1867-1919, October 30, 1868, Image 1

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1 .'dnJn In STDVKS, IIf.lI.iH Vn-, Yn.kif W
lir j, Etr , IUIlro.id .-1-tf , St. Johnfburr. Vt.
deai.i;i: in niDrs, i.i.athi i: axd oii.
St. ,1 hu-bury t ntiv, t.
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II A Ii N E rt M K K It ,
Ti ATOi.lie,
st. Joliusbury, Vi.
n.MM AC1.N1',
' ?t. Johnsbiiry, -
i i. it si: i'.mstek, tii.Ali:i: k
Kallroa.l i-fo t, - - M. Jolm-l'ii
I'H VSR1A n,
!. .'Ii Ibiil-uad Mre.t, 3 dvr north cf I'orli
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(ailr.ad at'ret, - St. Johnbury, Vt.
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P 1' i C e S ,
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St. Johnstturf Vermont.
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The Best Washing
Machine in
St. Joliusbury Cenlru, Vt.
ny the Airrnoi! of "tiii: ioik;e ci.ui:,"
During tlie inurcli iiainst the Mnr
mons in 1858 ve uscil to bcgnile the
cvcnings ly tlifFercnt storios of ntlven
tures. Capmin Holf of tlie loth Ko;u
lars ws gcnerally :i grave aml .ili'iit
man ; but onc oeuinj;, lioiug batil prc.xs
ctl, he told tlie followinjr slorv :
It wii! on llic cloi-c of a s-ultry evcning
in Aiii;iit tlmt I took niy way alimg a
woodlanil roail tlint lcl to tlie toivn of
W , in tbo state of Virjiinia. 'l'bf
fxtruiue sulliine of the weatlier hail
wcaried mc more than either the lentli
of tlie way or tlie rouj;liiies ol tlie roail :
antl wlien at k-ngtli I canie n: sijibt of a
foinlbrtabli' inn, iiitling amoiig tiCL'f 011
tbo road-Mile, I fell extreine dolijilil. Il
was a smail house, but a clean one : and
the general air of m'.itm."-s hieh char
Jtelt'rized it was mot atlraulive to the
woary travi'ller.
The westem jiart of Virginia bad
alxiut tliis lime bcen iniich trouliled by a
gang of ile.sperudoc.-, wlioko robberio and
acts of violence bad both Ptai tled antl
honilied tlie coiiuiiunity. All vlliirt lo
catcli thtia bad bcen iu vain, and tbo
road wbich I was travelliii" enioed the
imenviaiile notoiicty of bavinS bi'eti the
eene of by far the greatcr nuinber ot
Ihi'ir criinvt1. It was, therefoiv, wilh
l'uolin'is of iUvp Mitifaetion tbat I onte. -ed
the door ot this peaeoful eottage.
The intci ior corruspondul v.'itb the ex
terinr. Xothing but i,leauliuu'"i and
matiicss niet the eye. I was I'ucounter
ed at lbe door by a woinan of veiy piv-)0--etIlg
appcarance, who courtt:tiu1
invited me into the pailor. 1 infnnned
Iiit tbat 1 proposcd iar-ir:g the nii'ht at
tliir- Iioiim', and akeil Iier if he bad ai -
eoniiiicdatljn- lor my Iiore. Jiio an-
sutied in tbc ailinn-itiw, and weiil out
to call the hotler. In ji few lninuU- a
tall, ill looking nian eamo fni waiil, and
inoceeded to lead niv horse uwav, no;
i howeviT belore I bad reiuoed the tad-
dle-b:i;js and taken thcm utidi'r iuyown
paitieular caro.
I The womtiu foon eaine in. and btisied
I herself witb arraiiiienu'iit- about niy diu
! ner. I notieed tbat sbe bad a tiuubied
exprrsion and ficpiently cat imeut-y
I glancf.i at me. Thi? I did not notit e
, i.irticularly at tiist, oi rathur I atttibut-
ed it to the oidinary anxiity ivbicb an
I i-arefiil lamlladv inight leel about the
.-uiTem of hcr dmner.
Uinuer jiaed over ery well, and I
adjoiirued lo tbe cbii'f looin ot tlie inn to
lake niv poft-prandinl sinoke. I lound
tiiere Mier:il inen of ini-!er uspect Mtliug
aroiind the (ire-pl.ice. The niotnent I
eniored they stoppeil lalking and relap.ed
iuto silence.
'1 hoe nien were cidently litilitttes of
the boiife. IIow thi- moile.-t lonkin
woiuau uvir canie into conneclii'ii x ilh
.-uill inen I I'uiihl not iinagiiie. Howcv-
er, there it wa.-. Tlicse inen, who u.iv
neai lv a dozen in nuinber, were eei t.iinlv
abiiut tbe wildest ret of le.-pt.iailoe'i in
appear.ince tbai 1 cutsiw. Alti i -oine
ininuics of ."-ilence they roso onc 0y oin;
and leti the rooui.
I bad eairieil my kuIiIIc-Iki wilh mo
i I euteri-il the n.om, and I notii-ed tbat
niy oare of them af.iactul the notiee ol
iht.'e inen. I soon 13 :iiln'l ni Miiok"'.
and then, ri-'mg, I took my thin? and
inipiired for my bnlruoin. The woman
took tlie h;hl, aud L'd the way. At- I
eaine to the dnor he lurned aroiind aud
lacel me. llaudinj; me the light .-lu
..uddenly elutehed my arm. and wilh a
pale faee, and in a thrilliiig wbiper, Mil
said :
'For God's sake, tako care '. They're
going to kill and rob you '."
lleibre I couhl reeover Irom the start
.vhieb her wonU gave me she was gone.
I niechanieally euteml the rooui, iul
ilown the ligbt, antl tood like one :upe
fied. What wordi wcro tlicso ! "Ivill me!
rob me!" What did the woman ui'-an ?
As 1 thoiigbt of the.-o wordi the belie!
lorced itself iqion me tbat tiiH houfe.
notwithstandini: lts Minnle neatnes-, wa.-
roniebow eonnecleil wilh the.-e ver
brigands of whom IJhad heard so mueb.
For :t inonieiU I felt paialyzed.
Vou mav well believe tbat it was a
feartul monient. Here vas 1, alone, in
a lonely ii.it t of tbo eountry, coinpletely
in the uower of thcse lillains. As lo
ibe woman, she hud warned me inilecd
but wbv had she not warned nie bclore ?
I thouclit ot e.-e.ipe, but tbat was impn"
Mble. Supporing 1 eould get away !rom
the house, 1 eould not hope to aoid the
puiuit ot the&o rutliuus along the loatl :
and to take to the woods was eeitain
At length tbe very desporalion of my
siluation rou?ed me to action. '"liere,"
I tbought, '"1 will wait at.d receive m
ii ;o:n. 1 will fell my lil'e as dcr.riy a-
po.-ible; I will not tly. I will reniain
here, trnst in Ood, and litilit tiil tlie
last." Alter this decition l telt ln tter.
I wcnt to the door and baircd it as well
i I could, aud put all the furuiture oU
the room agamt it. I also erainmeil
s-oiiie iiillows ngainst tbe windows.
Then, opening my saddle-bags, I took
out my pistol case, to see hov.' my ariiis
My arms consisted of two of the mot
beiiutiful revolvers tbat ever were K'Cii.
Hoth were "even-sbooters," with the
very iatcst improvements a inovable
ehaniber for tbe in.-ertion of cartridge?,
wliich theinselves were of a new inven-
lion. I had a largc supplr of these ear
tridges, and nevcr did 1 leel a greater
revulsion of feehng than whcn tlicstc re
olvers of niine presented tbeniselvcs be-
fore me aa niy ery good itieims to pro
tect me at this hour.
So gnat was tbo rcuction thal I felt a
pofitive exullatiou.
Mv Iifu will bu inird to tnke, I tiiOngbt
bome of tbee deiils, will, perbapj, loso
theirs lirst. liicn my humor grevv
Kmiewhat pleasaut. 1 rellccled wilh
glee upou tbe faet tbat I bad very little
money, and my &.iUtlle-bags coutaii'.eu
nolhing but bills of aecounta wliich I had
corne to eollect. Tbe&o rullian would
risk inuch for nothing whatever. As I
only had thirty dollaw, ttbese ten inen,
I for thero Eeemed to be about that uuiu-
lier, would have to nk their live-s for !
tbree dnllars apiece. I
1 was too exeited to sleep, of course. j
I had to walch antl guard my life. Slecp
was not hard to tight olK In faet, it
never even ntteniptetl to come to me.
I ctineludcd that it woultl be bet to
put out the light, so :is to conceal my-I
sclf to the best advantage, in case they
liatl any peep-boles tbroujth wbich to spy
me. My rootn was in the front of the
Iioufe, and lnoked out tipon the road. I
put out the bgbt, and then walkctl softly
to the window. It wa. too dark to see
anjtliing. I fiiund sonie stieks whieh I
plaeed on the windons iu sueh :l way h
to preeut their bim; opened, thus ma.;
ing them till morc seeure : aml ther
Mtling down on oue stdeofthe door,
wilh my revolvers in my hanils, I waited
lor events.
It was not loni; before I heard foot
steps slowlv a?cei:ding the stair?, and.kuewit.
-ooii the iluor wa ti'ied. The weights
whifb I had plaeed again-t it prevented
it from bein fipened. !
"IIu's i.tMtiieil the door," said a voice.
"l'ooh! Theie's no Ioek. P;i-h '
There wa.- a pu-di. The door yielded.
'What ilo jou want .'" -aid I. tpiiftly
There ua- a p:iu-e. I heaid whi.--
per.-, but at he-t -oine ono said :
'!( you're awake open the door."
"I will not," said 1. j
"Vou mu-l. 11 you don't we'll pu-h ,
it open." i
"I)o if you dare," siid I ealndy. ,
They pushed. The do.ir opened. I
put my pistol elose to the opening and 1
There wa- a wild shriek ! Soine one
was hit. '1 bcr.s was i'earful eenfu-'ion. '
I could no! re-i-; tlie opportunity. I
thoiigbt tbat I had to die at any rate,
and thi iefoiv it would be be-t to put
-ome of tbe-e l'elluw? out of llie woild
too. So 1 liied again. Anull
t'ollowed. Dniv in.. re I lired.
r v 11
as anotln r jeli.
donn Ktairs, and
Then I heaid a ni.-b )ou will ilo. dre--ed their w ouinli as well as I was
ruan-i outide of my Seaieely hail 1 done this thau I neard j able, and then waiteil for turther deielop
a ery trom one of Ihe.-e wounded inen. irient-. There I wa-i with nine lui-ners.
ijv thi- liine tbe inli'n-ity of niv cx
cilemejit had inade every i.erve a- rigid
and a- ien-.i a- iroii. I pulled away
:he thn g- and upeued ibe donr. Feeling
n the daik. I toimd llie gronning wreteh
es. Tbete w ere tluee. 1 ba.-tily dr.ig
eil them iuio the ruoiu. an l then bar
ucaded the door one moie.
"Vou M-ou. ilrel- '." said 1. "I oujdit
:o -how ni n. iiit y ; but you'ie .-nl-telin..
aud I'l. help oii."
Tlie onh groaued iu reply.
1 lihted llie lamp. and kneel ng ou
the Iluor, ex.iiuined their oimd-. One
was woMiidcd iu Ibe thigh, tin.nh. r li.nl
his arm inokcu, a ll.ii.l hnl been hit iu
the liiilit biea-t
I nlwuy- earry dilleieul iiintmeiil-and
iliu-' witti me iu ea-e of accMotit-.. Ileie
they weie ipiite u-elul 1 brougiit out
niv little ftt.ck i f lint aml li uied.e-. and
dr. s-ed their wouud; The oni' w ho li.nl
been -tiuek iu the bie.i-t did iiol -.ty a
wonl. The other- l.-;gid my lorgivi'-ne-?.
I did this wai ily aoil carelulh . I
w.i- afi.ii.I ol tein-e. ii ibiiiiigh the
w indow.- or tlirougu the erei ieea of the
door. Iiiit ti e uei iip.ilioa
uhiii; away the lime ; Jind th
iul to
es. ini-eiabli: aa they weiv, affuiikd eom
p.iiiv at k.i.-i.
Afler niaking tiiein ea-j, I put out
the lijiht and waitnl. I knew tlial Eueh
a de-nrale gmg a.- tlu--e uould now be
only moie fiirious th..n evei, aud deter
mined t.) u.tleh still moie warily.
Alter a lime I heaid a l.oi-e oul.-ide.
I eoiijeeluiid that they were putting a
htd.ler ag.iin-t the wiinlow. Tliese nien
weie (Li'taiuly luols, lor v, iiat pos.-ible
chant e couid they l. ae thtro siuee th.y
had taileil again-t tiie dm.r l "If any ol
you say on.; woi.l," 1 niuttered to ihe
wotiutled n:. :i, "l'U bl.jw our brain-
out." S'.tisfietl wilh tim threat, I(
watehctl bcside one of ihe window. It
was so dark that nothiiig couhl be seeu.
I wailed tor wh it scwncd a long time.
At la-t I h -aid tbe door inove at the im th.it place tioni whieii 1 had lired my As tl.c woman left for the la-t tinie 1
pul-e f s,,me slrong pu-h. Then the , p.ftul. lustantly 1 tired again. A low prejnred to fa-lcii ihe door. Sliu looked
whole truta ll i.-hed upon me. They inoan aro-e I lieanl a lustliug moe-, auxiously nt me. I bent my he id to
wcre allaek'mg me lrom both side-, , meiil. 1 lad I sti ui:k him, or had I noi .' j ward her.
tbinking thu- to bewilder me. My reso- I l thonght that perhaps I had struc. him "l'iierell be teaius along to-Jay, said
lulion was laken at once. I Mnhed to and he li.nl Miiotheied his ery of pain and she, and depai tid.
the iluor antl lire.l. There was a groan er.iwled ,uv;.j. ' Teaui.i ! What did she tnean ? Kv-
and a fall. 1 tired again: another! Alter this I felt moro security, though ; idently p.isier.i-by, men on w hom 1 might
-hriek lohowed, and again, a.- beiute, ! 1 .-till kept up my watch. No more at- 1 rely. The tbought gave me frosh hope.
tht'rc was a rtish down staii.-. At the tack-were inade. The r&-ult of the last j From lime to lime I amuscd mjelf
-ame time ther.! was a era-h at tbe win- a.-ault hail, no doubt, diiheartened Iheso wilh e.i'iing to the men beloiv from tbe
!ow. A gun was fireil into the room. ih.-ptratc wrelclies. There was .-ilence t win.iow.i. 1 poitr.tjed ihe still'eiing!. of
Luud cutse.i a;oae. I nibhed to tbc "m the room. My tnoit watclitiil atten- ( their comr.ides, told tbein tiiat all was
w indow. My outs.reit lied hantl touched ' tiou lailed lo d ect any movement, bow- . known, and that I was deieriuiiied to -ave
ibe knee ofa" man, whieh wa re-ling on ever sligl.t. hortny owupart, I stootl my life aud ileiiouiice them if 1 had lo
ihe winduw-L-iUe. I lired again. The , iittci ly motioule.-s. I was c.ilui, but at ( wait there a montli. I informed them
v.llain ftageleil luek. I eaught h.m ihe same time I feated by any movement th.U I had plenty jf ammuuition, and
lore i.e leil. Ihe window-jash liau
lieen sma-lieil away liy a lilow nicii ne
had deak upon it. I dragged him!
through into the room, here ho lay j
loaning. Then I opened thu door, and
eal!o.d Out ihat I would shoot auv othrrs
who tlareil lo make nu attaek. There canie tbinly deiir.cd. Moriung was ap
was no re.-ponse. Si I thagged the pioaching,
other two wound-d wrelebes into the Croiiching tlown in the darkest por-
ootii, swearing that I would kill them
f they rcsistetl; barr-cadbd the door as
ln.fore. : and then. wilh reuewed conli -
dcnce and a feeling of triumph at my
easy ictory, I lighted Ihe lamp.
Ihe Tvretclies were gro.uung feartully.
I felt such perfect s;lf-i:oinplacency that
I had no hard teelmg towaitl them.
"Come," said I, "l've dressed the j
wounds i( these other.-, antl if you be
quict 111 dtess yours." I
"lou retlie tlevil liiiixsell : growie.t
the man whom I had dragged in through
the window.
"Will you let tbe deil dress your
wounds, ordo you choose to sutl'er?" said
I, quiutly.
I Ie said nothing. I proceedcd to dress
their wounds. The wrctches looked
grateful. They secmed surpiised nnd
bewildered. 1 gave two of them who
were wounded worst my bed, and left
the reat on the tloor. Then 1 put tbo
light out, as before, and waited. I
would not expose myself, so 1 sat beside
the door, as before, wilh every seiise
sharpened to r.n unusual activity. 15e-
fore putting out the light I had reloaded
my pistol, whieh bad been nearly used
up in the six snoU wlucli l liatl tircu
with such ellect, and, as I bad pleuty
more chargei Ult, I felt quito atease.
'I'm all ready," said I, "for fifty of
"Ilavoyou got fifty pistols there?"
i-aii onc fellow whose ann was broken.
Ile spoke with a groan.
"You don't seem to know nnytbing
about revolvers in the.-e parts," taid I.
''Yes; and the next tinie you try this
;.inic you'd better fiud out bow the man
whom you attack is armed."
The man saiil nothing. I waited for
ii loiig tiin.. At la-t, suddenly and un-
.xpectedly, there was a loiid.report of a.
gun, elo-e outiule the tloor. Another ,
tollotvotl iininedia'tely. Intantly I fired
two or tbree shots. They did not seem '
to take elleet. For I heard footsteps
hurrving down the stair.i. They evident-I
ly i'aueied that I might be standing iu '
I iront ol ine door, aml inen tlieir exien
I ment. They were mistakeu aud they
Al'lor this there was sileneo fora long
tinie. At hnt I heaid a (aint creak on
the -tairi. I -u-peeted tuuilher attaek.
I drew melf ui ekne auaiiist the w:.U
and waited. Suddenly it eaine. Tbree !
guns were nreii iii rapm stiecession. A ;
fimilh lolloived. The door was pu-h-1
cd open wilh a tietnendous etr.at. A .
' groan eaine from the bed. Instaiitiy, as
I felt the door lhrut open, I lired live it '
'six shots in swift sticee.-ion. Soiue !
othcrs weie wouinled. The shriek and
euises weie leaiful. Koot.-teps again
tounded from some who were ruliing
down -tairs. 'l'here were two nien who
had f'allen in ibiongh the doorway and
lay gioaniug on tlie tlour. I dragged
them inside. I elo-.'d the door again.
a- belore, plaeing tiie barrie.ide again?t
it. aud lor adduioual seeuritv, ptittin
the-u wotinde'' ineti againsl the barri-
eade. It wa- a rruel tbing to do ; but 1
wait till ou have been attaeketl. till !
our blo.nl i- at fexer heat. aud vou ait '
inad u ilh the exeileinent and tlu-pitile-s '
lervor of b.itth' wait, and then m' what ,
1 -t.u led b:n-I;. There wa- sileiiee lnr a i
1 1 II 10.
Then 1 heard soft loots'.ep.- in my
S uiie one had got iu !
This wa? tlie di-o.nery that
l!a-l.. d
upon niv mind. What wa to be ilone .'
I drew toy-elf deeper into tlie glooui.
Vt-. Tliere was a nioveincut ui iu
iooiii. S.iine "'ne was in it. No dniili:
i:i that ia-t attaek one of my n aiiaut
I ad tliiug liim-e'.' in Lelore I had lired.
In .-hutliiig the door I had shut him iu
What ua- hei!oing now .' What was he .'!
1 he gro ui-lrom one ot the wotiu.led
uieu whoai I bad la-t pultcd iu exeited
niv attLiili.iu aiid m pit.
Oli inv (iud !" be iiroaned : "to stab
a wi'iunl' d man '."
wounded man !"
Who itabbed .'
Stab," 1 llioiiht,
What wiinl- are ihe-i
Was it thi- inteiioiH ii.'W-eoiner
it: tliink tbat he had caught me .'
it mu-l Iu i. lhilwhy had Ii
iteit . i-.i..ientiy ne naci no otlier ann.
No : if in- h.id bel.l a pi-t.i! iu his hand
he would have lired. He hail a liagger
or a knile and tli.it What v.a- I
lo ii. .' Ali wa- .-ileiit in the roi.m. The
iiew-eomer wa.-shut in and tlared noi
moe. 1 waii.il in -ilenee. Ttiero was
no soand LM-cpt ihegioan- of the nound
ii! men. No dou'ot thi- man had l.uiiid
i.iu th ii he had attr.eke.l ouc ot hi.i o,vn
eoiiiiades iu the tlaik by mi-take.
Not a -inIe tbing couid bj piieeied
''i that inteu-e dai'kne?;. The niau.
whoetr he wa.-, .-tojd motionle. , atiaid
lo inove.
( men aro.-
'I he gro.ii's tt the wouned
inee.--aiilly. At last I heard
, a nioienierit near the window. I tir.l
, and initanly chauged my po-itiou to the
, other -ide of the dojr so as lo be uitdi
,eiueivd. I had miise.l him, uboever hc
w.i-. There wa-a long silenee.
Alter a long liine. 1 heard a plunging
iiioenicui agaiust the tilaee whieli I had
ju-l oeetipu'd. tbc man iu tlu room
, li.id evidentlv inade a tle-nerate rinh at
to givo any lnilicition wiiatever ot llie
piaee wiieiu i was si.uiuiuj;.
1 he iught gratlualiy pas.-ed a.vay. IIow
long thal night seemetl to me I need
jscarcely say. At lengili, to my uiteiMo
reli. 1', ilu oiitlmes ol the wmdowa bc-
j tiou ol the rooui, I waited, watchfully,
warily, wilh my pistols poisi. 1 :tr.d ready
i tor ll.e siglil or llie ussauit ot llie unseeu
rutiiaii who had eltected au enlrauce.
Tiiose wrelclies vvl.osO wounds 1 had
dressed were a?leep. The other two
weie still groaning near the tloor. The
light iucrcased stcadily. At last I could
distingui.-h every one in the room.
I here were tluee on tl.e bed, three on
the lloor, and two by the door. The
olher one was not visible. It then seem
etl tu me that he had concealed hiniself
under the bed.
"Vou scoundrcl !" I cried ; "I have
my pistol poiuted under the bed. Come
out at once, or I will lire !"
"Don't lire !" crietl a voice, iu a feeble
but iinploring tone. "l'll come out."
I waited. A niau erawli.d out from
under the bed. One hand w.is covured
with blood. It miist have been from my
last pistol-shot.
"1 have any tiuantitv of shots here,"
said I. "Vou miiy as well give up. You
have no chaiice.
"Dju't kill me," said he.
"If you be quiot," said I, "I il dress
your wounds as I already havo done to
the wounds of these other wrctches. 1
I would have iixed up these last two, but
ou wouldu't lut lue."
iie saiti noiinng. i nere was an ex-
prcss.ion of intcnse pain on his face. Ile
was a large, stout, broad built man, at
leat six feet high, and far stronger than
1 was.
"I will drcss your wonnd," said I, "if
you prouiir-e to be tpiiet."
Ile promised.
"If you make the slightest movement,"
said I, "l'U put a bullet through your
head ; so you had better be quiut."
I weut up to hiui
Conie," said I, 'I'H not trust vou.
I won't trust you utiless I tie yaur other
liand up.
I had my pitoI, and ho had nothing
but a knife. He llung the knife down.
"Go ahead," s:id be.
The miserable wreteh was evidentlv
sutleiing awfully. Ilis wrist liatl been
hot through. In hi iiain he tbought
of noibiiig-but relief. At tir.-t I intended
to tie up his other hand, but, seeing bow
he sutrered, I foreboro.
Ile lay down. I put my pistols in
niy Mue poeKei", anu oegan to tiiml up
hii liand.
R was his left baud that wa;
Suddenly he phinged. his
i igui liaiM mlo my poeKet. I wa.-, on
the waleh ; for there was -ouietbing in
the devil's faee 'that inade me di-trust
hiui. I s.'ized his haud belore it had
gra'-ped my pi-tol, and with my other
hand I elutehed his tbroat.
I Ie had only ono hand to light with.
I sileneed him pretly (juiikly. llisha.id
droppe 1. 1 lo begged tor ln- life.
"Vou sv.-.undrel '." 1 eried, "you don't
de-erve it. Any bow I"U -ittre your life.
lSut I won't diers uiur wouud, and,
whut'r. more, I'H bind otir hand."
1 did .- ). IIewai athiid, an.I did not
jiltenipt to re-itt. I bound his uwouud-
e.l baud k lirmly that he could not free
it. and then leaviug him. I went to the
others. One of the-e wa- tle-pjrately
wounde l. A bjllet had brokeu his le".
an.i theie wa- a stab in hU :-hoiilder.
Tiie oiher wa- wounded in the ann. I
all wimnded. S uint of the wrelche-
weie a-leep. Tho-e who were awake
weie groauitig in ireir pain.
Nine were eaptun-d. It wis a verv
g .oii mghr- work. I wodeied bow niauy
inoie there miglit be. Ihat, however.
it iai impw ible ln lind out. None o!
the n:e:i would austver. They all kept
a Siir'y -lienee.
-Will," .-tid I, "I don't care bow
many of you tliere inay be. I iu readv
l.ir vou all. l've got eiiongh -hoH here
to I;
me tor soiue dav-. The onlv
thin that can reduee me ii starvalion :
but lle'ii, ou know, if I -tarve, vou'U
have to -taive to. IIow th you like
llial ?"
j Soiue liour-. p i e.l away. No ime
i eaine. At la-t I went to the window
I uiij ihotite.I o.ii :
Tlnre are iu ie w.unded nien up
here. They all w.mt fo J aml tliink.
If any body eoine- tit I won't luut him.
S.'iid up the v.oman."
Notimig was sai.l a lon; time. At
last iberc was ;i rap at tbe door.
' ii'i's there .'"
"Me," said a woaian's voice.
I opened cautiou-ly. "Ifthere's
both eise," said I, '-111 lire."
"Theie's nobotly eise," said the wo
man. She canie in e.uniug a basket
ftill of lliings. Slie weut up aud down
-eeral tiiu.r bi'ingiug proM-iou-.
Slie informed me tliat tnere were six
men bjow, aud they wi-lietl to parlev
wilh me. 1 eou.-ente.l, and iield a p.tr
Iey lor sime time. They oiFcrcd to lot
me go lree if I would proini-e not to ino
lost an ol them or inloriu on them. It
wa.- a tair oli'er, but a lrowi, trom tl.e
woinan m.ide nie .-u-peet foul play. 1
refiiied, aml mi'uI I wouid eou-ider. At
last I oil'ered to give up the tiriMiners if
, they would come up unarmed iuto the
room, and let me go in pcaee. This they
Our parley iiien canie
tliat any ot tliem could prove it in his
, ow u iieiso.i n ne cuo-e. iNolliing was
said in reply to my har.ingue.
j Thu day pas-"ed on, and I began to an-
ticipate aiiolher night. 1 telt tired, but
not st all anxious. I could have stood
this sort ot tbing for tluee or four nijfats.
Tiie wouuded men sullered niost, Tne
niau wiiom I Imtl shol last callo.1 on his
couipaiiions to "kuock under,"' but with
uut ell'ect.
At last, ;u about l o'clock in thu afier
nooii, 1 heard ihe noise of wheals np tbo
road. I looked up. There was a lino
of fitiuiers' waguns aunroaehiiig.
1 was saved I
They cime up to the door. 1 shout
ed to them, informed them of my case,
antl Ieaped out of tlie window to the
grouml. None of the rullians were there
to intefcre with me. They hail tled.
I told my story. The team-drivers e3
pous2tl my caus-e with the greatest ardor.
They followed me up stairs and seeured
all the ruH'uns. 1 looked out for the
woman to rewanl her. but the had gone.
My horse was missing also ; but 1 did
nul uiiiid that. I rodc iu tlie te.ims
Wheeliag, wherc these wrctches wcro
Iianded over to the authoriiics, and pun
ished accor.ling to their de.-ens. Ase.irch
was init.iuletl after their confederatcs,
and four out of tbo six were captured
and puuished. l')r myself it is Iiardly
iiccessary to s.iy that I admi.ed Colonel
Colt fi-om that tinie forth as tbo greatest
beuefactor of tbe liuman spcciea, and nev
er travelcd without revolvers.
So endeil Cajit. IoIl1s story.
New York hasa niouster Ekating rink.
Petssed at the Second Session of the Fortieth
a . .. i r .i
An aet makmg appropriation"! for the
n.ival fervice for the year cnding June
tbirticth, eighteen hundred and sixty
ninc. Be it cnacted by the Senatc and House
of Keprcsentatives of the Uuiled States ;Ilg compa?s9 on board o( vessels, and
of AnuTica in Congress as-cinbled, That o' tein coni,)ac.,cs on gl10re, tbree thou
the following sunis be, and they are here- 5HI1( Jollarsi.
by, appropriated, to be pai.l out of any ' For n!Mttni nU( Rstronomical instru
moaey in the treasury not olherwi.-e np- m(.Ilt5j ,-or llauticai b()ok;Ji niapg and
propnated, lor tbo jear untlmgthe tlurti- eImrtP, and sailing directions, and for re--'h
of June, eighteen hundred nnd sixty- 0f instruinents for vessels of war,
"lno ten thousaud dollnrs.
For pay of cominissioii, warrant, and For I)0oks for iibrar;est for veS5es of
petty ollicers, and seamen, eight million 1 waF) ari(1 for b0()k3 .lnd stati0Ilcry for
dollars, or so inuch thereof as may be ' lmV!1i apprentices, four tliousand five
necessary. hundred dollars.
For preervation of wood and iroii ves-( I"or binnacles, pedestalf, and othor
sel.i and ships in ordinary, and for tho-e : ppUrtennnces of ships' compasses, to be
that are on tlie -toeks ; vcsels for the lnaJe m tlie yarJi) three tij0Uglna A(y.
Naval Academy : for purehaie of tnale- piir?-
nal and stores of all kind, : labor in For bunting and other matcrial for
navy yards : tools traiisportation of ma- , for lnakig and repairing llags
tenal, repair of es-el-, and maintenaiice 0f all k-llllls for ,iie I!avVj fevt!n tliousand
ot the navy atloat, tbree million dollarf. al)(1 five i,unjTOi ,l0lar;.
iumtu of Yio - and J)orks. For navy t-ignals other than fignal
For contingent expenses tlmt may ae- nitmel, signal lanterns, lihts,
erue for tlie lollowing puipojes viz : rocket.-, aml apparatus of all kinds for
For freight nnd "transportation : for ' Mgnal puriioiet, for drawings and en
priiiiing, adverti-ing and stationery ; for ', gravings for signal books, six tbousand
t)ooku, niodels antl drawings; for tbc dollars.
purehae aud lepair or lire engines: lor, For logs. log lines, logreels.log pa
aiacbiuery of every de-cription : for pur-j I'C. and s.-uid-glasses, for lead, lead
ehase and mainteuance of oxen and rvvk, lead liue-, arniings for leads and
hor-e aml driving teaius : for carts, tim- other sounding apparatus, iintl for run-b.M-whee!-,
and workmen's tools; for "ii:g lights, (side and head lanterns
tk.legiams and po-tage of letteiv, on public prescribed by law ) eight tliousand dol
serviee ; for funiiture for goverpinent hir.-.
oliiees and hou-e-! : for eandle?, oii and
gas : lor eleauing and cle.iring up yard :
lor llags, awningsand paeking boxes; for
rent ol laiuling- ; for tolla and ferriages ;
for coal and other tuel ; for waier tax
and for rent of stores.eight hundred thou-
sand tlollars. '
.Vtuy Vurtl at 1'orUmouth, Xew Havip
ihii e.
For the necesarv repairs of all kindO i i i . r n i i
... . i i o ' '.! tor lamps aud lanterns of all kinds
lilty thou-and dollars. j , . , ' . . , ,
' for biiiiiacies, stannard compases, and
Xaiy Yanl at Bolton. for iaml,s for t..,binS wardroum,
For rcp.iir? of buihliug', nnd repairs aud other quarters for otiicers, and for
of all kiiuli, i ne hundred thfl.iiand dol-ideek, holdr, and sio-erooms, aud for
Xavy Vaixl nt .eit YvrL:
For rtp lirs of all kiud, one hundrid
thou-and dollars.
-Vtny )'((( at Ptilatltfihht.
For repair of all kind-, lifly thou-and
-Vr yi:xl at Washington.
For repairs of all kind.-. eighty thou--and
.Vttiy Yunl at .Ynrj'tM:
For pre-ervation of the ard and the
nict-saiy repaii of all kind-, lifty tliou
sand dollars.
Xaiy I'anl at 1'ait-acola.
For iueervatioit of the vard aud the
neceaiy repairs of all kintW, lifly thou-
sand dollar
Xaiy Yartl at Marc J.-fand.
Fnrrepairs of all kind, sixlv tliousand
.tmil Statiwi at 0'i(c.t.7'o. II irlor.
For rej.airs and the general
of tiie public inoperly, two tliousand
Xaval Station at Mount! CYv. Iliinois.
For the nece.-iary repair of the
and vard bui'dings, twenty-seven
Mind d.dlars.
Xaitil .tatioi at Kqi Wat.
l'or nteci-ary repa'us ot wharves
I building.-, three tliousand tlollars.
javal Ai-ylmii at i'nVtnA .
For tiu nitiire and repairs of snnio. one
thou-aiid dollars,
For honie eleauing and white-washiug.
eight hiindred ilollars
l'or furnaces, grates, and ranges, six
Imnilred dollais.
For ga- and watcr rent, one thous-ind
two liumhed tlollais.
For geneial impiovemout and repairs,
nve Ibousaud dollai:
For support of beueliciarie.-, fifty-four
thou.-and dollais.
For iKiy of superintendanls and the
Otvil estabiishiueut at the several navy,
yai'ils aml .-tatious under the control of , aiagazi'na and4laboratory sloiei,nnd equip
the bureau of yards and docks, and at ' me,.t, of ..ii ti,U : l'or .'unnowder.small
the Navy Aiylum, tifty tliousand dollars:
1'rovided, Ihat the civil engineer and
naval storekceper at the several navy
yards shalt be nppoiuted by the presi-
Itiit, bv and with tim advice nnd con-
sent of the senale, aud that thu persons
eniployed at ihe sevenil navy yards to
superiiitend ihe mcchaincal .department!), ,
and beretofore ktiown as master inechan- ,
ie.-, , master carpenters, master jo'ners.
master blacksiniths, master boiler-inak-
ei-s, master sail-inakers, niu-ter pluiubers, I or(ancc dock at Fllis island, New York;
master pa'mters, master caulkers, master tor repairs of magazine at Fort Mifllin ;
inason-, master bo it-builders, master , for repairing crauc aud wharf at Xor-spar-makers,
master block-makcrs, mast-1 fDik) anj lor rcpairs of magazine at
er laborers, and the supenntendents ol jaro i3lanJ( fourteen tbousand five hun-rope-walks,
shall be inen skilled in their jrcj J0llars.
soveral dulies and appointed from civil p-or p.lv f lhe superintendonts and the
life, and shall not be appoiuted from the civii eslablisbinent at the several navy
ollicers ot the navy. . 7ariis umcr bureau. fiftecn tbousand
Baraiu of JCquijmmnt and Rccruitiny. dollars.
For tho purchafcc of liemp and other Bureau of Construction and Repuirs.
materi il for the navy ; for the purchaio For p.iy of suporiutendents and the
of coal and trau-portation and other ex- , eiv;i establishmcnt at the several navy
penses thereon , lor tbc purchase of vari- jai9 un.r tIiia bureau, thirty -nine thou-
ous articles ot etpupmeiit, viz : wire rope
and machiuery lorns maiiufacturc, hides,
cordage, cuivas, leather, iron cables aud
ancbors, furuiture, galleys, aud hose,aud
for the payinetit of labor for cquippin
vessels, and luanufacture of articles in
ll.n it.vi v inlj tinnnitiWi.r t iImj linrnn I,
ono million dollars. ,
For expcnsos that mav accrue for tbc
following purposes, viz :' ,
For iVeight and trau.-portat.on of ma- ,
terials and stores for bureau of cquipnieut
. r .- 1
und recruiling, expenses of rccruiliug, ,
transportat.onof eidisled men, pri.itiug '
postage, advertising, telegraphing, ,,1 (
stutioiury ibr the bureau of cquipment i
antl recruiling, appreheiision ofdesertcrB, ,
assistancc to vesscl3 in distress, two hun-
drcd nnd fifty tbousand dollars. ,
For the pay of suporintcudeuta and tho i
! civil establishroent at the several navy
yarus untler thig bureau, eighteen thou
sand dollars.
Bureau of Xavigation.
For navigation apparatua and supplies
'or the purposes lncidental to navi
at;on vjz .
,i ' ... , t
For comiiass statious and for re-
pairs and aire ofsanie, four tliousand dol
lars. For scrvices antl materials for eorrect.
For musical instruments for vessels ol
war, one tliousand dollars.
For commanders nnd narigators' sta
tionery lor vestels of war, tivo tliousand
I'"or oii lur vc.-rels of war, other than
for engineer department, fifiy tliousand
For local and foriign pilotagc for ves-
Iamp-w ieks. chimneys, shades, nnd other
appendagcs, -ix tliousand dollars.
For Ireight and tr.tn-portation of navi
gulion m.ilerials, iustruiiuuts, books, nnti
store.-,postage on public letters,telegraph
ing on public business. advertising for
piopi sali, paeking boxes and niaterial.
blaiik l.ojk-i. form-', and statiouery nt
navigation oliiees, uud ccrj'lingeiit expiii
set.. tin thou-and dollars.
Ff.r tfxpi'ii-es of Naval Academy, viz :
For pay o! profei-ors aml olhers, pev-enty-six
tliousand seveu hundrctl and six
For pay of waichmcn nnd others, for-ty-rive
tliousand two hur.dred and mntty
lour tlohars.
For contingeNt expenses, sixtv-three
thousiiid lour hundred and lifty dollars.
l or necestary repairs ol quarters, tcn
tliousand dollars.
F'or support of departineat of steaui
enginery, uud lor pay of mechauics and
laborers, live tliousand Uollarj.
For expenses of Naval Observatory,
viz :
l'or wnges of one instrumcnt mnker,
oiu nnsseiiger, one porter, and three
I watchiiien ; lor keeping grounds in ordei
111 l-'Palt':' 10 ouiiiungs anu enciosures :
' for fuel, light, and olliec furnituie, and
. lor statiouery, chemieals for battcries,
j postage, and fteight, ten thousand six
hundrctl dollars.
por incidental expenses, fivo hundred
For salary of clerk, one tbousand fivo
i hundred dollars.
i l'or ealary of
of three aids, four tbousand
For preparing for pubiication the
' American Nauticil Ahnanac, namely :
1-orpay ot computers, litteen tliousanu
For p.iy of clerk, one thoasand two
liundred tloll-irs.
For payment of expenses of visitors
, to 'he Naval Academy, two tbousand
i Bureau of Ordnunce.
l.,.,r ,. .tti.,.nrria.'es. shot. shell.
arm? i.QUipnu!nts, tind ainniunition; lor
, fu(. an,i matcrials necessnry in carrying oa
,ilt! rnechanical brauches of the ordnance
department at the navv yards aud ota-
iions. two liundred and fifty tbousand
For tbc necessnry repairs of tho maga
zine at. Chelsea ; lor the dwellings at the
nitre dypot. Malden ; for repairs to build-
ings on ordnance tlock, and also repairs
to tugs and ligliters, and fur repairs ot
ind dollars.
Bureau of Steain Knginecriny.
For pay of the supcrintcndents nnd
tbc t ivil csta'dishment at tbe several navy
yards under this bureau, twenty-fotir
1 ihoUB.mU tlollarS
For materiaN, tools, repairs
1,1 'nachinery of steamers, ho. ers, nistru-
inents. ntl labor at navy yard, nnd ro-
l):li" ot' tl,c mach.nery, nnd purchr.-e ot
k and inater.als lor vessels ofsquad-
rntio nn loreign stations; anu lor trans-
ro"- 0,1 'o''e" .
Ior,i,t1io" of '"i',rlals- E1X hundred nnd
nf.y tbousand dollars.
liurcaufor Preuxions und Clotlnng.
For pay of the civil establishuient at
the several navy yards under this bureau,
aud at tbc naval asylum, twcnty-six
thousaud dollars.
For provisions and clothing, one mil
lion five liundred thousand dollars.
To meet the demands upon the bureau
for freight and transportation of storesi,
for candles, fuel ; for tools and repairing
same at eight inspections ; for books and
blanks : for Mationary ; for furniture
and repairs of same in officcs of payinas
ters and inspectors ; for telegrams and
postage ; tolls and fer.i.tges; aud foriie,
onc hundrctl thousatul dollars.
Bureau of Meilicinc and Surgety.
For necessary repairs and improve
ments of hospitals and appendages, in
cluding roads, wharvcs, walls, outhouses,
sidewalks, fences, gardens, farms, paiut
ing, glazing, hlacksmiths', plumbers', nnd
masoiis' vvork ; for furuiture, thirty tliou
sand dollars.
For pay of the civil establishmcnt un
der this bureau, at thu several navy hospi
tals and navy yards, sixty tbousand dol
lars. Maiine Cvrps.
For pay of oilicers, non-commissioned
officers, musicians, privntes, clerks. mes--engers,
eteward, nurse, . and servants ;
for rations aml clothing for otiicers' ser
vants, additioual rations to otficers for
five yeare' serrice ; for uiidrawn clothing,
one hundred and scenty tliousand dol-lai-s.
F'or provisions, one hundred tliousand
For clothing, one hundred tbousand
For fuel, ten tliousand dollars.
For military store-, viz : Pay of ine
ehanics ; repair ofarms ; purchase of ac
coutrements : ordnance store-", flJgS
drums, fifes, aml otlier instruments, five
thou.-and dollars.
For transportation of ollicers, their
servants, troops, and for cxpences of re
cruiling, twelve tboufand dollars.
For repair of barrack.-, and for rent of
ollicers where there are no public build
ings, ten thousuud dollars.
For coiitingencies, viz : Freight ; fer
riage; toll ; cartage; wharfage ; purchase
aud repair of bonts ; compensation of
judge advocatei ; per diein for attending
courts-martial, and courts ol iuquiry, and
for constant labor ; house-rent in lieu of
quarters, and commutntion for quarters
to otliceis on ship-board : burial of de
ceased marines ; printing, stationary,
postage, telegraphing ; apprehensian of
deserters ; oii, candles, gas; repairs of
gas and water-fixturcs; water rent, for
age, atraw, barrack furniture ; furniture
for otiicers' quarters ; bed sacks. wrap
ping paper. oii cloth, crash, rope, tvvine.
spailcs. shovels, axes, picks, carpemers'
tools: keep of a horse l'or the messenger ;
repaus lo lire-engines ; purcha-o aud re
pair of engine bose ; puiehase of lumber
torbenches, mess-tables, bunks ; repairs
io public carryall ; purchase and repair
of barne.-s ; purcha-eaud rep.iir of hand
carts nml wheelharrows : seavengering ;
purchase aud repair of galley.-, cooking
stovc.-, range ; stovcs where tliere are no
grates ; gravel for par.nle grouiid- : re
pair of pumps ; furniture for stnii' and
coiiiinantuiig ollicers' ollices ; biushes,
brooui-, buckets, pnving, und lor other
purpo.-e-, seventy-livo tliousand dollars.
Slc. Antl be it tiiither enactetl,
That the nuinber of ptioiis authorized
to be enlistcd iuto the navy of the Uui
led States, including seamen. ordinary
seamen, lhiismen, and mechanics, and
including approntice.- and hoys, is hereby
tixed and estahlished at eight thousaud
live hundred, aud no more.
Sec. '6. Antl be it lurther enactetl,
That all uncxpcutled appropriations ex
isting ou tbc lirst day ot .Itily next, for
any of the several heads of appropriation
provided for in this act, shall be carricd
to the surplus tund, uulcss the same is
necessnry to pay expcnditures made dur
iiig the current fiical year. or unle-s the
.-amo is necessnry to cxecute coutracts
inade before said date.
Snc. 1. And be it further enactcd,
That tbe Secietary of the Treasury ii
iierehy dirccted iu his acxt auniial esti
mates ol approiriati')iis to state all the
balances ot approiriaiious madu prior to
ihe prosent session of Congress, for cach
braiich of tho public serviec, and toiuaiu
ing uiiexpiiidcd ou tbe lirst day of July
next, and ilCsiguatu the amounts ncee.v-a-ry
to execute coutracts or pay expcndi
tures properly cbargeable to eacb of such
Approvcd, June 17, 1SGS.
Si.i lts on Woman. At a iccent diu
ner iu this city, at whieh no latlics wero
prosent, a man, in rcsponding to tho
loast on "Woman," dwelt almo-t solely
ou the fruilty of tbe sex, claiining that
the be.-t umoiig them were liltlu better
than tbc worst, tlni cbief ditlerence being
m the tfurrounding.
At the conclusion of tho speech, n
geiitleman present rose to his feet, and
said :
"I trust the genlleinan, in tbc appli
caiion of hi.i rcmarks, refers to his own
uiolher and sisters, and not to oun."
The etf'ect of this most just and tiinely
rebuke was overwhehuing ; tlie maligner
of vvouien was coveretl with confusion
and shame. Packurd's Monthly.
Sueixh is Deoeiving. Hero is u
row of ordinary capital letlcrs and fig
ures :
They are sucii as are made up of two
narts ofequal sbapes. hook carefullyat
iheso and you will percdive that the up
pcr halves of the cliaracturs are a very
little snialler thiiu the lower halves jo
little that an ordinary eyo will declaro
ihem to bu ot cqual tizo, Xjw turu thu
pagu upside duvvu, and, without any
careful looking, you will see that this
dilferenco in size is very inuch exaggera
ted that the re.tl tcp half of tho letter
is very inuch smalier thau tho bottoiu
li.ol. It will be sceu from this that tliero
is a teudeucy in the eyo to enlargo the
uppcr part of any object upon wlucli it
looks. We might dra v two circles ot
unequal sixu antl so placn ili--.il that they
should appear eual. Oiux a Munth.
"IIow i your husband this aftcrnoon,
Mrs.Quiggs !" 'Why, tho doctor stiys "is
bow if ho lives till mornin' he shall havo
soine hopes of him ; but Lif he don't liu
must givu him up."

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