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St. Johnsbury Caledonian. [volume] (St. Johnsbury, Vt.) 1867-1919, October 30, 1868, Image 2

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rp-jnr-p . t -r nAVT "V '
1 V. A l jlli llitl!
T .lOIINaltl KY. VT., FRIIUY. OCT. Sli, IMS. I
lf "I jiroj-'st' to move unmedistti'y uror.
-n-.tr wnrlra. r.m. Orant. t
! rKKi.IIiE.Nr,
roK vn-E i-RL'-n'n.NT,
OEO. W. UKANUKY of Vergennes.
LlOKACn FAIMUNKS of St. Johntbrr.
l't Dbulet GEOUOC A. JIUKKII.I. Kutland.
'1.1 ' lt. W. c'l.lKKK, IlnttlelKiro.
:U liKul:i;C WII.KI.VS Stowe,
I'eucv or War
littAST 1-
lt clcc I tu th. ofT.rc i.f
rnMei.l ol th.- I irl.il
Mi'n, it mll I.- my u
dea.ol tondtiiimft' r.ill'Ii.'
Innii ia p J l.iitn. wi:h
,i!..iny,tuJ vritli thc ie
of krivitnr pcic.-, .;iiut an 1
pro v!ion cv.iuln-ic. !i
tiuiri" Ii!.. Ilie pn-iH!lit, it i-iuji-
-.nbli', or it 1." .i-t oiui
nently Imprupir, ti Ii;.
t,m 11 a poilcv to lic J.lht-rcd
riiihtornr.ii,; ti.ruuca
lu adiuini?tn.tio i of f.nr
i-ir. St 1" liticll .rKlllf,
ntforo. n. a t cnn-tliitlr
-.ria.- th.-vlciv of t!."e
1 line i lut one way to
Tv toio thr orenimcnt
ii.il (.'osetitntion, tad tnjr
i- fo. tho ri.ci.l.-ut !.'
ttn.ci.mj acti null acd j
om, comiK1 in.' amiy ro
uud it-1 lutirlut.oiifl -i tle
5-n.th, .IwjH'p. the ciri?t
lo. tli- n'opl.' to miiu'ye
tln iro.vn xrori rnmt nt ni..l
tltct i-eii.itors' ttml rcpree
i tjt itivtic Tiif Hou-if of
K.'pr'entati (v .U .'on
t .lii mnjonty of .1 m
rriii" Iran thc S. rth aml
Uay "I'ladmil ijiereprre
nutliw -l ct..l t.y the
wt.i o p.ople ot thc uuth :
nti.l i.ttti t'iC cc-cpi.r..t!oD
of 'h- ITe-ilint, it will
not h .WV.ruIt t -m jx-l
thc cnjtc to Htbmi: oucc
mor.-1 thc il.llcvioi.F of
th t on-ti titlon " I
ra c.t that thi i? thc
ic.l acd only .iict.ou thit
thoi' 1 lw jlio.d Ut Cuu
t.ol U-.
Tuask 1'. UlAiu.
-tinll .'unnviii
..j p .ould nl ..... 1k- l.tt
-to(Xcrut jhe w.II i,f
1,.- .o;l . I il ar!a
vjMft .1 Utat utll, il r.1
.u.i'lmll. I icioll.llllli
i"' 1 I ri" ''.v ' ;
jut nr. wifi t .''..ilnv of
aiuiui-t .iilou.u-il' tih.ill
ilii- liiir.l. ii 4f tax itioTj,
l.il. itruu-t.nt'v n-J i.iv
:h. i. itioual 'M't. n
hm p. r.rt.dusr.
OHh Utt Onler to Jlast: tlic IUtl
lcricx. t-y Prirttif mlriii )( aur nunt i-livn-.t-
jh'eiidf il tU ' orth rt'juint tlnit irt
h (iV.- ui ti'U-l l't iiiijn mhiil esjiiit
' ii.-toit fiatv twijHtl mih: soutlnrn ,-)t.t;
it.it t'u inliuiii ii.iifiil o thc itit'ioiiul (h ino-
-itUc cuiaxutitjit C'.'iailtit n Mueury.
'J'lic rimtl Charyv.
We v.-i-h once more to urge upon all
I ic:i;l of a fri-e p.-. ."rniiippt, i f impar
; al liborty, of jnjtico uud 'pca.'e, to
; itlter iheir i'mi . lor a linal :;nd do
c jive c'.iarge, and move iu a bsdy upon
t'ic ciiciay's uork-! inrxt Tue.-day. The
i -uo is stpjarcly maile: (Iraut and
Ojlfav with peace, liU-rJy of aclion and
tcch, cijuality bi'foro ilic !:iv and a
j. lyuidiil ot buuest debt.- : or boymour
aud ISlair with repudi.ition, slavciy, an
;i:cb and ruin.
Chot'je yoa tbis day wliom ye will
Wo uspeeially urgc upon eery friend
ol Granl and 1 'oaiv in Caledonia county.
...d of St. .John-bury in parlicular. to be
u. the polI nest 'I'm-d.ty, ar.d inake a
i. md.-omo increa.-e oer the Septcinber
tii.tjori'y. No oue wlio c.m poIbly be
I' erent, has any inoral right to absent
i..mrclf frm: the election.
C3" See that yur nanie ia on the
c'leok Iist b.'l'ore tlecti u day !
'otcs! The JSurliu'iton papers say
t iat votcs for 1're-idential ulectors will
be (iUtiibuled thU wvok throjhout the
.-tatc by the republionu -tatc coinmtttce.
Tbe republioau town cotuniitteer s-bould
.-ee to it tbat tbe are in proper haud- on
olcction day. and that no vote i lot tor
!iaat uud Colfax for want of a printed
Thc JUectiun.
Tbe thirty-four s-tatCj whicb will com-po-e
the next I'21eeloral college, with tbe
tmmber of voles. thcy
low .-:
east, are as fol-
Alabama, .
h Minnesota,
. Mi-souri,
t Nebra;.ka,
( Nevada,
." New Hampshire,
3 New Jcrsey,
D New York.
l(i Noith Carolina,
1." Uhio,
8 Oiegon,
H l'emuylvaniH,
11 !bodu Mr.r..l,
7 Sjiitb Carolina,
7 Tonne.nee,
7 Vermont,
1' West Virginia,
8 Vi?coii!iu,
1 Jclaware,
rl'ut "'91
Nec'eary toachoice, 1-18
, ,,, .....
yinoiir aud Jslair will bave :
Of thcs
Kcntucky 11, Maryland 7, aud DA-.i- i ;ti; 0j ica,i0IS, I -ee thc inti-nded vorili
ware o. - votes. i catiun of the frequcnt boast I heard in
10 tiusv. otau p. i-iiups inay bc a.ldod, Niw Or!en- tbat 'ibe cau;- of sccc-siuu
v ... i c o, ,, 1.: was not Io?t, but woidd yet bi a-'ccm-
o ter. ISiit few givc tbcm any other
.-tatei-, unless the I'nion inen of Georgia
and Alabama are ovcrawed.
Dxnmi.u:. I'nies the republican
oinru'ttce in l)anville ufc uucommon
ii:ilauct! tlieie will lu m.tu votcs lost
t.itJr.mt aml Colfax iu thai tuivn be-cau-e
of ti.c check list. lSy a recent
law. every tuwu ctisting ovcr oijo votes.
at the preious election, is required to
hae a chcck list, and voters whoie
iiniuci are not on that li-t, previous to tie
il i;i ut' tltctiun, cannot vote.
Wksi N'litiii.MA KixcnoN". The con
lhcti"0' rcports in rcgard to the election
iu AVest Virg'uia havo finally settlcd
down so us to show a republican majori
ty ot' ovcr 1,-J0u, and the towns to come
iu can bardly reduce tbis below -1,000.
We elect all our cnndidatcs for Congress,
and bnea umjority in the J-ogUlaturc of
betweeu thirty and forty on joint ballot.
Kai::.y liosK iiy Mail. Our stock
of Kaily lose is limiled, and we shall
. J '
herealter seud by mail packages of one
pound only.
"RepuMicanj, glve two H:ys to
ylir eountrv. Soe tbat evcry Yoter'P
nntno is on t!io chcck Iist Momlay, aml
011 LTuesdny see that cvcry rnun wliost;
name ia on tliu chcck list voti-s.
Setwible Jittflislt Oplnioii of tho
Democratic Vurty.
It is raro indeed to find in an Englisli
journal any really &en?iblo and trulhfnl
itfprest'iitation of the tiut-.-tions at is-uc iu
Ainerican politic". Thc Amcrican cor-responilents-
and the Knglisit otiitor are
alike jivcn to liiisrcprcienlatioii of tlie
actual conditiun ol atfairs, and it ii only
a natural coiiseiuence that tliu view.s ol'
thc Ktiglifb pubiic upon our political
qucstions should be illiberal and one-sid
ed. "We are glad to find in a rcccut
nuinber of the houdon KeonomrU a '
thoughtful and can.lid tutidu npon " I'lie j
Democratic Cause in Ainerica," and we 1
niakc the following ox'.ract from the ar
ticlo to show our readers that the Kcon
oinist thu leuding linaucial journal in
Kngland tboroughly under.Mands tla
tignitlcance of the truirgle betweeu the
two reat parties :
"We deem it :i dtity to piace clearly i
tatore our rcaderri the real &iinlieancc ol
the political ttriiIe of whicli (Sencml
CJrant'o and Mr. lloratio Sevtnour's
I flnim, f.-.r lliw in-.i.i.'oMi-v ;iti. Iiin iiiimi.
tial StlbjtCt
And vc do uot Mieal: with-1
out weighinj: well our word.-, and caiv
fully prunin away cvery tentlency to cx
g:eratioii, when we miv that tlu vielory
ot 31r. lloratio Si'yinour wouhl in-an,
to all iutunts and purposcs the mic.v-soI
.1 iarty bent on preciiely the same ead
.tnd pnii.g to aecomplish thoie tnd.
iu ery nearly thu saine way a-j the end-
wliicli Mr. .)eflen.on Uuvia had in view
belbie the war. and whicb lie hoped and
iutended uo doubl to uccoiuulUU witluut I
appcaling to that daiuerju, and a it I
provcd to bini, fatal onleal. We do not meeting.-. g'n ing any imhvidual atli nd'mg
meHii lliat Mr. lloratio S mour !iiinell L ivligiou' i'Mtln-ring a ri;jbt to remoe
contetni'latcs sueb an i-sue of hU miwvv, " c' . , , ,
, ,l . anv iieivjn multv ot anv nnutual h-tu:b-
inuch lujs that all Iiin orthern sttpport- 1 ,".,. . ,
cr.s contcmplttto it. liut neitber did the i MKe "" tne diwtion ot the niniL
late lVeMdent JSuehaiian, who was a ter or any leraou b:t ing eltargo of sucb
tnere tool in Mr. Jetler&on D.xvN" h:ud-,
conteinplate the fatal ond to whieli
party pii:hed hnn ou : nor. ot cotir.-e.
did Mr. l!uchanan' many i.one-t up
porlers iu "the North contemplale thc
goal to whicb tlicy wcru mado the in
truincnts of urging tbeir country. Wbat
nc maintaiu is tbat rcccut evcnts bave
t.hown, what all political experience
iipiallv show, tbat in a party like Mr.
SejmourV, compo?ed of inany and v.iri
oU5 tl.Ui-!:!-, .r.'Ii! !!: ?t!'.c!:y i g::l c
Ftitu!ioua!i.t of tho X.'rth to thc r. vivi
tic.I tiri'-t-atcr- of tbc S o!h. tli" extrciac
aml fanatical clement.-. are iiuitc -me to
take thu lcad. and to cairc the liioilcr
atc, with theui, ju.-i, undoublcdiv, n,
tbuv manacd to do at tlie roeciu 1 ein.i-
cratio Convcr.tion, wbe . thcy contr'ncd
to ehininatc Mr. Cba-c trom tbe li-t ot
their I're.-idential candidates and ,-ub-ti- I
tuti; for bim a man kn.iwii to bc woak
and lualleablc to the iew.- of poliiiciau- I
?tro:i"er anu more violent tlian liini.-eH.
And now on what grounds do wo siy i
that prccisdy the samc end- are coiitciu- t
plated by the tiic l-...lers vi thc party
who bave -electeri' Mr. Sownour tor thtir !
amlidatc a- wcro conteinplated by tbe
leadei-s of the party who, tw-clve jc'.irr-
ago, i-clected Mr. ISucbanan a- ih.-ir c.m-
didatc ! Wo say .-o bcau-c Mr. S:y-
. , , . . . '
mour is suppoitcd at tbc f-outh bv a p::r-
ty who, in every State, are wur'kim' In-
riouj.lv, trcipiently u-ing tbc inot iolent
aud l'oule-t, and. iu nmllitiides ot in-
flancos, the most l.l.-ody nicans to undo
tbc .'reatc-t rev.iluti m whi -h ba- jfivcn
to the m-froes of thu KuT.h tbe
of citi7en-; bccau;e the niO!.t con-picn-ui
nien of the r-ece?-ion cpoch, inen hku
Mr. Toombs ot ( leorgia, ( leiieral Wade
llampton of S.iuth C.irolina, Gtncr.il
Forre-t ("f the l'ort l'dlow mas-ncre.)
mcn of uniU.:.-tioiiable audacity aud tc
nacity of jiurpooe, :ue the leadcrs of the
Suyiuour party nt the bouth. and are al
ready hounding it on to thc reaetionary
meahures so premature (for their otvn
purpo",), nnd sodaring that tho-o people
uiust indeed be blind. and bbnd to a wry
blazs of ligbt, whodo not rcad intcntion?
so candidly and so practically avowod."
K3" No political writer or peakur ou
the republican i-idc bowever skilled iu
wonls and fired by zcal has had the
hVtune to put tbe i-siies of the campaigu
so lersely aud eo coniprehcn-ivoly aa did
( '!!. Shcridau iu a ietter to a recent
' republican meeting in New Vork. It is
like his lighting s-hort. -bitrp and deci
sive :
"I bo'.iove tbc f.c.tnc cuntest is now
beforc the nntion that cxi-led during the
and that a political ictory now isas war
nece-ary a-. was a niihlun vic!or then.
And aitboiigb I fcel tiiedccpc!-i roluctanci
to fity augbt tbat will conncct my iriinc
with any political cauvas-, still. the
-jlnuinory of the hard fougb: field-, ninl
y i interost for the sacred c.ui.-e for whicb
I many lives wcre lost eompcls me now
I wncl1 ,'iat cnu5e ' indangcr to unctpiivo-
lca11;' Bivo "y f-upport. I bave not
thouQht tbe rebellion endcd, and now.
., c . tt4 . ... i
I pli'hed by making northcrn pon;!c ligbt
eacb other : that tbe Ohio rivcr wouhl he
tho boundary line of tbc Foutbern confed
eration, iind that the rebel llag wouhl. iu
tbat line, bid dufiancc to the stars and
stripcs.' "
Shocklny Jlitilrouti Acchlcnf.
An accident oc?urred on tho Iludson
Kicr ruilroad about midni"ht, Fndav
mgbt. As the jCincinnati cxpic.-i- train
from New York, made up of eleven
Cior-, four of whicb wetv pa?.-engor
v.oaciies antl live slecpmg cars, was iip-
pioaciung Albany it was thrown from
the track bv n defoctive r.iil. about three
miles b-'low C-n-enbush, and four of tbe
cars complelely wrecked. Two were
thrown, bottom side up, down a ravino
ten feet deep aud were totally de-troved.
The stoves were overturneil and commu
nicated tirc to tbe cars, but it was
promptly cxtinguisbed. Two persons,
John Davidson of Lyons, N. Y., and
Mrs. M. C. Taylor of Reading, l'a.,
;i, .,,,. i.;ii...i .,.! ., I,..,,. f...,.
j other passeugers, jirincipally residents of
New York state, more or Ies.s sevcrely
1 injured. but nonc, probably, fatally.
I ..,. , ,, r " ,. . . , . .
i no tenth Vermont Kegunent held their
anuuul rc-uniou at Waterbury Weduesday
From Montpelier.
MovnT.uKK, Oct. 2(itl., 1808.
Mr. i:mT..1: :-I,l5t WCck thc lerislsi-1
livo budy w;i in a workimj (it ; and as
a rc!iilt a nuinber of law werc mado
and suvcral rcsohuions passcd. Tbo
.eiiatt; adjonrncd Saturday foronoon to
Monday lnoruing ; bnt the houi held an
afternoon srion Satniday nnd twico
votc.I down a inotion lo i.djonni. The
bonse retnaincd in sesMon until thc cntiri;
work oa the .ponker"s tablo had beon
done wlion a molion was inade to ad
jouni. Tho .'loakor deolarod that liy the
riva vocc ote, the inutiun was carried
when thc count was called for. Thu
majority was really in favur of adjourn-
ment ; but Mr. 15inglam of Jlydepark
'"''l no (iioium had voted (it takcs onu
himdred and twenty for a quorum) and
':' tli3 houfn conld not adjoum. Th's
tnade a grcat lauuli and thc mLinb..'rs dis
persed to their hoine. One reolution
introduccd made mucli inerriment. A
gicat nuinbor of bills havo beeu intro
duccd to logalize the grand list of a-;
many town : s-oine lor a nuinber ot
ycaii - .
lJurke's grand li-t for 1SC1-5-0
1 7 has bn'ii losializjd bv an :tct whicb
bas ia.-od botli botie and senate. Mr.
l,"iher of We.-tiuin-ler introdticcd a iv.-o-
1 J l "
comiuitlee ou gr.n.d li-t to impiire into
the expodiency ol pasMiig an act to le
galizu tbo gra.id li;ts of cmtv tuwu in
the state. 1 a:n tjld that niaiiy gr.tnd
liit havo not bcen worn to. Qiteiy : i!o
do not the listcr in inany towus coiumit
perjury in inakiu oatb to the convet-ne--
of the li-t-. in thi'ir rep.vlive t jwn ;
Mr. Whetdoik of Birliu iutiodu.vd a
to pruwut iliturbaiKv in ivligiini-
A uovel biil ba pawctl a crond nad
ing. but whicb will not probably bccome
a law. It iroi ic- tbat when the cor-H.T-
of a lot of l.itid are knovvu tbc true
line ?ball b.' thu .cburte.-t di-tnnce be
twivn tlie two knowu pniuis. cxecpt in
ca-e the liue ha- becn cstabii-hcd by a
couit of iaw or an ugrecmcnt of the pir
ti w.t'L- in wriii'ig. i'lto jutiin.iry
coinmitiic r. j.o. ; ;!.at no furtner Iegila
tiim ou the Mil'ject of line- is necc-ary.
Mr. !'.'. ii'ba:u ot Ilvdepark inlroduccd
''lll c:,i; .wciing nll tbc railroads on
ihf pr ii'i-cd li.ie ol' tli
lVrtland and
OdenMiui - g ?:iiIroad.in Vermont, to c 'U
-oii.i.ttc v. ith ea -h 'ither and with con
niclia,i raiiioads. I tbink it will be
eome a law.
Tlie otficer of tbc Connecticut aml
I'.i-Mimp'ic li;v. rs raiiro.td fcul -orc
about a l.ill introdiiccd by Mr. Iluuklcy
ot Ciicl-.'a. wbcivin it i- inade unhiwitil
"'"r .v :' 'divad to aban lon any Mation
or ilcpot wi.icli has Ih.cu ectabli-bed livo
Vl..iri.. uitiuitjhe b'ji-lulmv con-i-nt
' , ., , . . ..
land tbe accomuii'dat'on lurni-hcd bv thc
I .
I I'1'"J? "f :" ill!' Mat.-m mut
not be liiminir-i c 1. ii' couip.irvd w ith that
: furui-bcd at nthcr stations ou the road.
I vVu UIu.,-;and Ibis b'dl i- to unieve tbc
, . .... ,r , , .
1 ' "IU" - "
I.yn'li'ii Iri' in!- a- well. lt i- rumoicii
tbat (me ol il
tliccr- of tbe Conn. aml
l'a--. K. If. I ba-bcen !ringto gain
tiie favor of the autbor of the bill bv
g'ning bim a free pass.
Mr. C.iuvor?.' nf Woodstock hs now
a bill in th" Iuu-o :tut boriing anv town
to aid in tbc con-iruetiou nf ain railroad
i.i tbis -t'tte ; but theaai. liut of -iich aid
not to oxcc .1 siv timc- its grand li-t.
and two thiril- of the lcgal voters prcs
ent niust gire tbcir a-ent thcreto.
Sevcral bill- hac be.'ii inlroduccd rc
latin to tbc Mibject ol cd.ication. t)nc
t vidciitly i- iutended aa n blnw tigain-t
cortaiu members of :ie board of cduca
tiouwho wcre tuied up in the contro-vir-y
with the board's formcr sccrct.-.ry.
It pioid. s tbat at !e t-t two new mcm-ber-
slnll bc appointcd aii'iualU-.
Tbis biil iJ at prcscnt on tlu- tabV and
tbcre it will iirobabiv stav. The bo-ird
consi-l:- ot an uprigbt boily of mcn, and
so far ii- 1 can i.-tru thc bill is rcgarded
with di-favcr bv the be-t h-yi-lftto.s of
thc :i?-cinbly. Thc rcport of thc .-ccre-tary,
Mr. llankin, i.- spoken of in higb
terms. I heaul a vcteran of the hou-c
rcmark that tbcre wa- more ability iimn
ifcsted thiTein 4lban in any previous rc
port. The paupor law of last .-es.-.ion is up
agaiu. Mr. Concrsu of Wood-tock, ra
markod it was like "suini! a beysrar aud
c:.t. a k..i.-e."
Tu these.into Mr. 1!riv;ii iuiroduccl a
bill rcquiiing 'vvery boy ol good heallh
and nouud iiiiu-l betweeu .-is aud stxteen
who has nn p.-nnanent cmployinent
or who bas not alreudy aciuired the
branchcs ol iearning taugbt in our pubiic
schouls shall attcnd schuol all the tim
uiiriti'r wlucli the schooi is m session
whcre hc l'uc-". If the ehild fails to at
tcnd it is mado the duty of thc prudon-
tial comniittee to bring tbc boy befor
any justice of thc pcacc, who rdiall then
givc notice to tbe p irents or guurdians of
such boy, and inay iiue sticb parents or
juardi.in- not les- than two, nor more
than ten dullars for the first oli'ence ; nnd
for the second oli'ence not less than ten
dollars or more thnu twenty, or commit
such boy to the reform selmol. The bill
is well drawn ; aud if the prudential
committcc does not perform tbis duty he
is liabic to a line of not less than ten dol
lars. According to tbc Sgovernor's messngc
tbcre were seventy-aix tbous.md chil
dren of scbool age and only fifiy thou
sand at scbool : leaving tweiUy-sic thou-
Siiml not atteuding scbool at all. Ver
monters believe tbat scbool housus are
chcaper tlian reform scliools and state ,
,,rUo,w - Tl' bi" wi" ProbabI
Ll 80011 Wle CXI,"l5"C Ule maUer
j cr.rciuuy :
Tiic soldier's rcnnioii was a gay afliiir.
Tbo addrcs of flen. Wubhburn was
wise and i-olid : the poem by Col. Proc
tor was able and witty ; and thc mufic
by tho Montpelier bantl finc and appro
priate. Tliere was- boine talk of bolding
thu icunion next year claewhere ; but
'The Boys in Ulue" innot find a belter
place tliHii Montpelier. Col. Iliggin.-on's
tiddre?s was decidedly fine and was well
Next Thur-day cvcning Mlle. Camilht
Urro the well known violiui-t and the
rcit of her troupe give a grand coucert
at village ball.
Wo bave had a sinall wintcr with us.
C3" Mr. Seymour, in his formal speecb
ba-es his chunis to thc l'rcsideney niaiuly
on two grounds. First, Kecotistruction
is n failure, Ibercfore liefhould bcelectod:
sccoiid, he 'eouldirt do anytbing if be
were l'rcsiilcnt, tberefore he should be
lJccoii'jtnictioii is a failure, he argties,
beeause tiie Dcinocratic ICu-lClur inailc
tho bind rcek with tlie ulood of black and
white I'nionir-t.. We adinit the mur
dcrs, his not our.s is tho paity whieh ba
bcen Itr.-t denying and then apologizing
for tbcin but we rcject the rc-ponibili-tv.
'11 1 1 (!ov. S.-yinour'.- a-ociate on
thc ticket thrcatened revolution, and
Uuv. Seymnur'.- platlonn pleded the
Nortliern l)emocracy to the 'tbrcat, the
uow inurdernu Urbcli wcrc coinparative
ly piaccfui. Ti.at wa tlie cncourage
uient at. whicb thcy ra'fed tbcir bis-irg
beads. liut tbc Amcrican people will
not ngrce w'nb t!ov. Scymoiir :n bi- be
Iicf tltat tbis l'rii;btftil rccord con-titutes a
flaitn in bi- behalf Cr tbcir siill'ra'es.
Nor will it f-ccin to inteliigcut voter.
a high rccoiiiiiicndalion for tbc 1 'rc-idcticy
tbat il ekcted hc would be powerlet-.
Tbis argtnneut w:i itr-t inade by (5ov.
Scymour to prove that be stiould not be
nuininRted. Ile now ti-es it lo prove
th.-.t htt .-bould lc clrcted. JIo h.ipe
tbus to convincc peoplo that In- as?ociatc
ou the ticket mcans oidy pcacc. and tbat
the Dcinocralic i!tform iiie.nis nothin.
What could ISlair do, he eclai::is after
a?":i"inatin inc. -o long a.- l'onv;rc.-'-was
again-t bini ! Tlti- is wbat ISlair
i:imsi-ll say- ho could d.) : We tiiii-t
bave a Prciident who will exet jtc thu
will of the peoplo, by trampling into thc
dti-t the usurpation- ol Congri -s kuown
tho li'i'ntri,c:iti,i tet-. T!:':s : the
ot.c thing timt includc- all tbat is wortb
a contc-t. and without it tbcre i- nothing
ili.it .'it- dignity. houor. or alue to thu
little." Aud I.l bas w;thin a forlnight
vlalior.itely argucd tbat cxi-ting jmheial
, f 1 ' . ' l:" ""- l'"n"
oi tne i re-nietii
J '( liiiy on. inurdi-r at a timc is
Comuiiitcd ia nue pl.icc. aml tbcnf.irc
iwetaiinot inteilcre." Tlti-i- tbc stib-l-tamv
i.f thc replv b thc aibniin-trati m
, '. thc applicalion- jcsti r.iay tor aid in
j North and South t'arolina. m:nh by olli-
cii.U and olbcr n-prc-oiitatix e mcn of
thcie Mn:o-. wlo fiirni-bed tbc ghatly
li-t ol miildcr.- for p.ililic.tl can-c- whicb
we print in otln-r culunin-'. From thu
-ouiii-wc;t ibi- rcpotI are eon mnre
biiuiblc. A mi.Ic di-pati ii fiotn New
i Irli-.w tt ll- ii? ol the murdcr. in b..
mvn bcl, ot thc -herilf nf Ilicrvil'.c, tbc
a as-uialinn ol the iu-tic.i ol tr.
Pc,,ce I
I'adilo l'ali-b. and tbc inurder ot
.luiiue l iia-e and the shcrill'of Franklin,
ahno-t in thc erv tire-ence of a band of
S.-ymour Kniht.-."' An Alabama lot-
ter 'Hc- the ilncumontar eul
n nm- tbe mnrd. r ol thc prc-ident of a
I.nal i
Aud Irnm Tca- we bave
IC mi't
tbc icoti;aiuzatiiin of rcK-l 1
u-jjuiKiit-. "lic 1111W li.ie a jireMiIent
who will 1 xuente thc w ill ol tlie icop!c
liy irampliii;: into the du-t tbc u-uqia- I
tious of lonre-- kniiwn as the recon- ,
.-iruction act-." Tha! wa- tbe word
-.til by tbc dcmocratie i-andiibitc lor thc 1
.i.u pic-idencx. Till tbat -i;ual for!
ri-iuv; wa- sotinded tbe iclwU were com
patativcly ipiiet, and iccoii-triictiou wa
in pc.'iccl 11 1 uorcj-i. Now read tlov.
Semour'.- .-moiilh wonl-, atteinptin to
explaiu ISlair away. and sv it prelly 1
pbra-es will hide liii- ihipping blood tbat I
-teep.- bt- annent-.
'I'he Adtian .loiuual outiidu i.f
troit one cf tbe Icadiiu orans ol tbc I
dcuioer.iti- paity ot .Michian in an ar- j
tiele on thc piesiih ntV Iatc order. saj - :
'We bave burne Ionv; and meckly thc .
1 ii... .1.,. ;i;.i. '
'i ' r ,c. ', 1
iiniiiidcucc ol inibtarv sa Iran-. and wc
-ay now and at once, lot I're.-ident .lohu- j
-011 tak" tbe iuitialie -lcp and tbc stron
:ii'iil of tbe people w ill bc thrown arouud 1
about him and support him to the bilter 1
cud. Tbc pre.-ent is no liltinj; tinie fur
-iijiar-coatcd wonls or wcak d.vd-, aud !
wc distiuclly and cmphatically declare 1
that if thesc new ly orji.iui.ed ncgro j;ov- '
crnmcnt.- ut tbe south ilel'eat the whitu
vote of thi-i country, or if three states of,
tlie I'n'um are debarrcil from castiujfi
their ballols in the comin election be
eause radiealiriu fear.- they
woulit cat
tbeir v.itcs for the democratic eandidates,
if, we say, thcsc thing- are douc in deli
tince of a!l contitutional hiw aud ju-tice
'.. df '.aie fjr .in.itbir war, .uul ,
niean it, ecry word of it."
1Iomi:oi-atiiv ix Nuiv Kn;i.am.
According to n-rtuin publi-hed tali.-tics,
their are oOIST honieopatbic praetitiouers
in the I'nited StatiM, of which number
New Kngland bns nnniely: In .Mnss
achusetts 2. ; Jlaiu ol ; New Ilampsbire
IS"; V'ennoiit 0 1; lfbo.le Island o I; Con
ucclicut iSI. Thcro are 0 1 homeo).itbie
-ocietKS, oi' which 3 are 11ation.il, 2 are
-cctional, US aro organized hy States aud
10 are of a local cbaracler. Tbero are
7 ccllcgcs at 1'hiladelplua, Cleveland,
New York, Chicajjo, St. Iouis and 15os
1011. There are ilispeiisaries, infirniaiics
and bo.-pitaU at ISo-ton, lSrooklyn, Ubi
cago, Il-.urisburjr, Lcaven wortb, Newark,
New York, I'hiladelphia, 1'ittsburg,
l'oughkcep?ie, St. Louis, Iludson, Wash
ington and Albany. In tho second deceu
uiutu of Auiericau bomeupathy tbc num
lier of works publi-hed 011 the subject was
'o; in tbe third, 201; nnd upon its
completiou to 1S0 1, thc nuinber was 178.
There is 110 Ionger any question as to
where Chief Justice Chasc stauds. There
could not have bcen with any sanc per
sou. ISut now be has cxplicitly declared
bimsfllf for Grant and Coliitx, nnd jire
dicts the happiest results to thc country
from their administration one of which
U the irrevocable split and ruin of the
democratic party.
Elcgant Ejctracts for Democratic
.Tudgc l'ierrepont, in his address bcforc
tho war democraU in New York, Wed
uesday cvening, altenpioting thc familiar
statcments of Wade llampton, proceeded
to givo tbe following instructivo array of
citations from leading democratic authori
ties, whioh cannot bo too widely poru
sed: Gov. Shurkey-of Mississippi says :
"The democratic party bas put a plat-
form that ought to be acceptablc to all,
north and south. Its fouudation is lnid
iu thc cotistitution. It dcmands immc
ilialc rcstoratiou of all thc states to their
equal rights in the L'nion. It dcclares
the Union to be iudissolublc, and it dc
clares thc wholo congresi-ioiial systcm of
reconstruction void, aud as a conse
tpicnce, everytbing wdiich has becn done
under it void alto. On tbis platform we
of tbe south can stand ; it will restorc us
to our rights to our position of 18G."
aud blots eut all that bas been done un
der tbo arbitrary and unwarrautable de-tnamt-
of congreas.
He says of Seyinour and ISlair :
Thcy cannot fklter now, tbey are com
inittcd. Thcy cannot uildertake to ad-mini-tcr
a government part valid, part
And tbc Mobile Tribuuo adds :
Tho great democratic party will rise
in its might, and thu dagger of ISrutus
may aid in accomplishiug our redeinpliou
lro m rudic.tl rulc, ruin and usurp.ition.
If c are succesaful iu the upproaching
contc-t wo shall gain all that we lont in
thc "I.o;t Came."
"ISy tbc election of Siyinour and
ISlair," suys (Jov. Vance of North Caro
lina, "all that thccuufederacy fought for
will be won."
Aml it is itr-erted by tbc Mobile legis
ter :
'Tbat the counter revolution will not
bc coiuplete without more blood-lctling.
Tbo Kiebmond Fmpii .: .iM.-:
"Tiie white inenjof thi :- ..ithern state.
hae seen the day when thcy could u.-e
the bullet, aud, if God in his anger per
mil thc nccc-.-ity to arriw, tbey will use
it agaiu."
The ( ieurgia democratic couvention
ilct larc.l :
"Therc might once hao been a neces
ity for tbo rebel.- ot Georgia to subiuit
to tho nrlitary authontic-. l ut tbcre is
inine uow. Tbe tleinoeratic ch'nalry of
the north are marchiiig to ourrescue."
Sa s Gov. Wi.-e :
Scce-siou is nut dcad ; it is more
alive to-day than evcr. I support ISlair
liccaiire hc proiuiio- revolution."
J. M. Uam.-cy of Georgia dcclares:
T!i.i ibi- imk- in. ii i.' tiii- suiilh aru
tea !v to nilly on-e more under tbe rcbel
l!ri''. and try tbc i-uc of the cartridgo
Toombs bul defi.ir.ee in tbcse wur.l.-:
Ibu iccuu-trucliiin act- are null and
cd, and -ba!l not -tand. The grinning
-kelctou- that bave been ct up iu our
uud-t as lcgi-Iators .-ball be ousted by
l-'rank ISlair, wbom our party hu-. ex-pic.--Iy
appoiniLil for that purposc."
Capt. Sciiiiiii-, who lobbed and burn
e 1 oiir unaruied merchant sbip-. iu a
ratiticatioti jn-ech al Mobile, said :
"I drcw my i-word agaiu-t tho old
llii'. " " I bave come hcrc
t-iii'm. from the country. "to r.itity nnd
ivoioe with you in tbe nouiinatioii ol
cvmour and lil.iir."
Col. Hcrntlon, following bim, said:
It tbero were any omi-siuiis in the
j platlorm. thc hrave and magnannnou-sticeehe.-
ot N'vmuur and ISlair bave sun-
pbcd them all."
lhiii reading tho lcttcr of IBIair,whieh
promi-ed "lo trauiplc into dust," by mili
tary powur, the law.- ol congre.ss, he ex
claimed :
! ,.u ,., i...,. ,,.., .,.,., .,.,
. . ' ' ...
Thc rcbel .lude .lones. -aid :
"Ile a-kcd for no better platform than
the lcttcr ot Gen. ISlair."
Mr. C'har'i - G1I1-011, iu his speech.
said :
.Mr. ISlair. i- ; r.l. 11, us that if
be bc electcd l'u -i.i.-.ii of tbe I'niled
State. or bccouic l'rc.-ideut he tclU you
that .1 he bccome l'rc.-idcnt of thc Ltii
tcd States. he will u-e the nceessary
inea-ure- to removc thestategovernments
of tbe south.
The rebel .Jud'e C'hurchill ued tbe
follow ing langua'ie :
Tbank Gnd ! thc people bave been
j p.head of their leaders, and have ncver
I bdicved tbat their saercd cauM' was
, wbolly loat. Their faith is now reward
I cd. A grcat party is now ours, aud we
J -bould all presd on to ictory.
When a iaw of ongre?;- is rdi?tarteful.
tuc relicls tlcclare tliat it t unconstitu-
lional. and ISlair iirono.-.
. ' ! '
tratnple it
into du-t" bv inilitary liower. "Thc
pre-ideut elect." be tclls, mu?t do tbis;
he cannot even await for tbe inaugura
tion. lSut if tbe coustitution itself stand
in tbo way, what do you tbink is to be
done tb. ii 1 Wby, declare it uiieou-ti-tulional,
to be sure. The fourteeirth
nmcudtncnt was long siucu adopted, and
has in due form bcen declared a part of
the cou-titution, and yet ex-senator l'ugh
of Ohio says. :
"I would uot givc thcni a threo cent
tiostacc stauit) lor 1 heir toiirlccntli finicinl-
1 . , ' . , . . .
niciii. 11 1.- 1101 pari 01 inc constitution
and it never will be. It is a ba.-e fraud,
antl 1 say, as Krank ISlair said, these
carpct-bai; irovernincuts mu-t be over
thrown." Kaktikjl aki: ix Cai.ifousia. Cal
iforui.i was visitcd by a shock of earth
ipialco ou Weduesday and L'liday of last
week. The first shock was f'elt at San
Kr.mci-co, about 8 o'clock on Wedno-'day
nuiruing, and scveral other shocbs occur
red during the day. Many houses were
coiiriderably shaken and chiiuneys top
phd o er, but few lives were 1W. ISuild
iiigs conslrucled 011 solid ground were
little injured, wbile tbose erectcd on made
land were seriously dainaged. The
City Ilall antl Custom Ilouse wcre so
badly thattered as to render them in
secure, and they were vacated. Thc loss
was ebtimutcd by first reports at Sl.OOO,
000, but later details reduce tbeligures to
o"00,000. The total of casualties wortb
mentioning do not excced thirty. Only
live persons were killed, though in one
or two iu.-tauccs pcrsous who were struck
by falling bricks and timber may dio of
their injuiies.
A Califbrnia correspondent of tho
Cincinnati Commcrcial, who bas becn
tnuclling on the Central i'acific railroad
says l,it eost ten cents a mile (iu coiu) to
rido on it, and if you tender your faro iu
greenbacks, and insist on their reception,
thc conductor halts and puhcs you oll'
thc train. A faw days ago a passenger
ofFered a greenback dollar for a ride of
teu miles. Ile vraa promptly ditcbed."
Nr.w 1'ostac.k SxAitrs. The cjntrac:
fer furnishing tbe government with post
age stamps for the next four ycars has
beeu awardcd to thc National Bank
Note Company of New Y'ork. New de
signs bave been adoptcd for all thc stamps
as follows :
The two cent stamp reprcsents n post
boy on horse running at full specd,
illustrating thc fact that this is mostly
uscd for dispatch Ictters.
On the three cent stamp therc is a finely
engraved locomotive. This is surrounded
by lines of lightning, indicating the tpaed
with whicb lettern are carried on which
this stamp is used.
The five cent stamp hns an excellent
microscopical copy of thc painting of the
signing of tke Declaration of Indepen
dcnce, bringing in thc rotunda at Wash
ington. Thc twelvo cent stamp, mostly used for
foreigu postage, has a picturu of a steamer
at sca.
Tho thirty cent stamp has a copy of a
painting of thc surrender of Uurgoyne,
banging in tho rotunda of the national
Tbe ink to be used will prevent wab
ing and using thc stamps n sccond timc.
The fibre in the center of tho stamp is
broken completely, aud they adhcre bet
ter, wbile thc iuk of cancellatiou sinks
into thc paper.
When thc bodies of tho victims of
the di:-aster at tbe Iloosac tunnel's central
shaft six in nuinber were recoTcred,
last week, tbero was 7 feet of water in
the sbafl. Thc bodiea were in a state of
putrcfaction, thc liinbs and otlior pnrts
easily scparating when handlcd ; antl thcy
wcre placed in eoffins on the Iower floor
of tbe shaft bcfore bein'g lifted out. The
remains4of the remaining seven bave sinco
beeu rccovered. Many bones were found
broken and one or two skulls fractured.
It was thought by Mr. Aycr, tbe loremau,
that thosc tirat found had made a tempo
rary raft aud lived until theyreached tbe
tirst floor. Thn others wcre buried under
tbe timbcrs and debri- of the fallen works.
A Goi.i. Uii.i. Mr. Hall, of St.
Johnsbury, introdticetl n tbill on Satur
day whicb will mect with a determined
opposition. It mnkes it thc duty of
eury railroail company in tbe state, to
atrurd ccpial f.ieililies to all exprc-s com
panies who ilesire to do biisino- on their
road- : aml if any railroad company
-ball r.fuse to comply with this rcipiirc
ment, thcy slia'.l be liabic for all d.image
-utl'ercd by such epres- company in con
scqucucu of sueh refusal. Cur. JJurluii
tun Vtc 1'nss.
(Sen LSutler ba- hired "I'rof." Ga.ilnur.
i tbe soap man. to o throuh hi di-trict
and talk him up to his faltering con
stituont?. Tbe (laidnarsoaji is excwlcnt
good to reniove dirt from the f.ice and
haud-. and Main-, grca-e, ctc, froui the
clothe-. but it wou't clcau foul char.ie
ters. LSutkr may call Gar.lncr and cry
"tiut danuicd spot" . lut the infainy of
rnbel-tniding will ftick. Ile better call
the whitevvasl.or than the ioap man.
Sjitiunjield lU'inibUcvi.
Ilia 1'oi.lfV. The democrati. say
Granl ba- no policy. The General ha
reccntly sai l : " l'his niuch I w ish, and
I declare this t le tny policy : Tliat such
II dcree of pejce and tranipiility bball
cxi.-t 1:1 thi.- country th.it a man may
speak hii inind in any part of our yieat
land, Jand jthat without molcstation or
hindranec." Tbis i- thc policy the
country wants and wbr.t it will havc uu
der Grant's admiuistration.
Tbe Congrcg!itionali.-t bears "a good
de.nl of compluint of tho amount of pro-faneuc.-i
which is indulged iu br many
ol the lC.nkers in tha political ean.-a .
Some profcasing Cliristiamf, even, in the
cciteiuent of platform Rpeech led to it,
probably. by tho tempt.ntion. to tell a
go.nl story, even if it bc objectiouable in
tbat rcgard aiv in the lubit of swtaring
to point a moial, or adorn a t.nle."
A ery sad osilamity occurred at I'ea
body. Mass. Three of tbo cbiblreii of
ISyron Goodcll a boy and girl, (twins),
o ycars old, aml a jirl of It sct fire to
his barn wbile playing with matehes, and
weiv biirned to deaih with it. The 1110
thor diwovcntl the lire S'iou afler it broke
out. but wa utterly powerless to save In.r
Tbcre can'tbesucba foolin Connecticut
as William Hishop of New Haven is re
ported to bave made of himself by giving
0,000 to the lost cau.-e of Sejmour aud
ISlair, or twice. as much as lleluibold.
Connecticut fully isti't likely to havo tak
cn that turu.
One of the royal generals in Spain rc
cently condemiicd a child only five ycars
old to be shot as the son of a rebel. Thu
ehild uot undertanding the situation,
moved about, and by extraor.linary luck
wa.- not totiched. The general then
coolly threw it an orange, and wbile
stooping to pick it up n second volley
strctched it dcad.
General Faircbilds, now Governor of
Wisconsia, who reccived an empty le't
sleeve in battle, reccntly presented to
General Stannard of Vermont, who has
an empty ritjld sIccto for thu s;ime reason,
a half dozen pairs of odd dress gloves.
llehnbold, tbo New York druggist,
g.nve 10,000 to thc democrats : and
Geo. W. Childs of I'hiladelphia gives a
cemetery to the printers. The Nuw
Yoik Sun suggests that tliu uiuuillcent
douations be cxehanged the $10,000 be
given to the printers, and tlu: yntve gul
to thi: danocruti.
l)r. lSenjainin W. Cnrpeuter of Bur
liugton, Vt., has, by order of Governor
I'age, becn appointcd surgcou general of
the state for tlie ensmng year, with thc
r.nnk of brigadier general.
Catharino Northrop's Estate.
STATE Of VhKMO.ST,) Iu probate courl hehl at St.
Calrdouiad1itilct.aa. Juhnstiury, wlthln and Tor
tald diitrlct, on tho 27th day of OctuUr,
S lintrumcnt, purportlni; lo he tha Lut dlll aud
tealameut ot Catharlue .N orthrop.late of Feacuaui.ln aald
Ul-trlct. dcceascd, helng prccutcd to the court t
Trumau L.iuerson, tho exfcutor tlieretu nauicd lor prot
It Mordereduy aaid court. that all penona conccrn
ed thcrcm. 00 uuttUcd to appcar at a scslou ol ald
eol.rt to be hoUleu at the protutc othceln St. Jobnbur.
on the lClli day 01 Xor , livS, and ahew caUM-. 11 an
they inay have. aRalint tha probate of aal.1 vt. Ill j for
whM.li puip.a IttalunherorJered that a copy ot tho
rccord of thU orilcr be pubibhct three week -uccci
sively lu the Caledouian, prlntctl al Sl. Johuabury, pre-
James Whitehill's Estatc.
STATB OF VERMONT. 1 Ata Probate Oourt held at
Culidouui Dlstrlct. . J St. Johusbury.tu aaid distrUt
on the 23th day nf Oct. A. I). 1SSS.
Claud Soiueia. adniinbtralor of thc CsUte of Jaciea
Whltchltl, lato ot H ccatc. ln aaid tdtrict. deceased, prc
freuia hla admtulstralion accouut lor cxannnalloa aud
allow.mce, and make appltcatlcti for a Idecree of UUtrl
butlonaud partltloti of the catato of aaid deccacd.
WhereuiKin lt la ordered by aaid court, that'aald ac
couut aud aaid appllcatlou be relerred to a t.eattou ut
Kild court to be hel.I nl thc probate otllco ln wtd St.
JohUbburyoa tho 17tb dayof ovember IStl, for heartntt
and declsliiu thercoti. Atul it la ruTtuer ordered, that
nottca be glveu to all pcraons lnterestcd, by piibllcatiou
of tho aaluo tUrce wccks i-ucce..vcly ln the Caledonia!.,
a newBpaper publtahcd at St. Jobuabury prevlou to aaid
tliuo apnoluled lor hcariUif, that they inay appcar al
aaid lune and place, and ahow cause, lf auy they may
have, why aaid account ahould not be allowed, and
autb dicrcc made. Uy theOourt. Attcst.
31-33 A3A L. FJUUU, Judss ot lTobale.
Tbc preit dJCSculty expunced tn
wcarinj; Ai .Sci ' lccth -riei from
lack of tin.ine In tl.c i.. ntb. Added
to Uil- Ir. thc aui.oranccof f.rtd trorting
nndcr tho rlato wliil. c.tiuc:.
I lmre diatoTeicd a incUi'd of co couitru ting
the pl itc o i which tlie tcc n axc m.-t tha: th- y
irillivit ntart or tlrv, trAt'V .afuhi or talkiug, nrilhtr
mllany llrtu-Uuf uvdtjrl u.nrr Ihr ibvey 11.. rnaUer
irjtat the ctmdition of themntih tlicfiirh ih tutt true of
an't other nirthod hitherto u cd
1 hare fecured letten patcut for thc t. S., F.u. k F..
1 b.iTC aold thc exclu-lve liht of aaid improv. lucnt
to Ir. I'crklna. for tbe oanty of Calcdoni. Tlu ae
nlhiDK to av&il themuclvcs of tlIa frrat luipnn cuicnt
wlJl call oa Du. J. L. I'EKKINS, S'. John hun-, Vt.
S6if N. T. FuI.-OMK.
Any Scwing Macbtne dceired procurod at manufac
turer'epricoa. J. L. 1'EUKINS, Agct.
The eubecribenj bavlog de ertnioed lo Imiuc-dliLcly
cIoho out tbcir eutiru etock of goode, conrijtiui; of
Groceries, West Indiu Goods,
Ilurd wiire lioots SIioe,
Ilnts and Cap,
And an ecdleiw vricty of articles usuallv kej't Iu a
country etorc. Nowctftr r ut bAitfalue to allejih cns
touien. (Jtilt and bcc if ue dua't pell good
Cheaper than the Cheapest !
Tbaiiklaic curU Ltutouiers fur paat pttron9e,we
non- cordiilly Inrite theru to "rally onc ogin," and
dcrire bome Iuet fitm thcwj
Imember that "dclaj-s are diopron"," ther'fre.
come at ooce and Lve thea lTit.tcof acbuice ia :oodi.
Nodincount from furmtr riccs only for
Cnsh or ICoady Iay !
All kind of proJoce wiuited In exchsngo for god
tr"Coioe oi c, coii.c all.
J. v l. it. v icxr.ii.
PiaUiam, Oct S. lt'K. 3MI
TLe bct place ln the countr to buy nicc Fur ip at
I. H. COJtll.V.M'S
Whcre .ill hc fonndthc larpeiit and hcat a sortmcnt In
Northcrn Vcuiiout of
Ladies', Misses' and Childrens' Furs !
Tho-.- who want a nicc thinj; and at a lc pnce thin
can te fjand at -1117 other p!acc .tIII plcac call.
fS'-Furi iu id. over and repilr. i u u-nal.
Jtylloavcr lnr for trinimiQK ho-.d alwajd an Land.
;r--M. uV v it ., Hcivcr, anl c .ttcr tJI. 1 u
I.I.MC-, tollv, 4c, t. Sttf
t S- 1 ' Ai'r: mrui -nnno 1
The -nbcrit . La -tiiK
rtlltted the to'
fonu.rlr occ.ipi.d tv
- w onld
to thc puh lc t at
b.. I11 ua ican..d
fr.,ni Itocton ivitb a nciv and conl;Ict eok of po"L ll.
American and Swiss Watches.
Of all irrid.v and qt.alltia.
ST 23 Xj "ST
of all ,hc new aud diratte etvl. r.
luls, 4c.
II A I lt I 13 AV JE T II Y
mide 1 1 order.
l'ciaouat attcation fc-ircn to
U'ATC 1 I K P MKlXii.
It ia thc aim of thc f.ibairiberto keep a first rla- o
tabli-hmtnt u 1 1 tu.rit 1 lilcnl iharc of puhlic pot-
r..nac, Call aud cxauiiuc w-ooda u bther vou to
purrhaaC or uot.
. c. iuVt
st. Johuhu.v, Junc -1,
t x :sr S XX ( V !
Would icfvnn tlic cltir.-rui ofst Johnjbury and icini-
ty that hc haj oiH.-ncd a utv, Su-rc anj rm t-h.'p, ia
Gould's Block, on Railroad Street,
vhcre hc li luauufaituriiiir thc rtrii Cna.' of
Tin, Sheet lron, Brass I Copper Wares,
Al-o, h.'W for chI. u lirtro a-irtnn'ut of tho
S 22S T 3 'X1 C3 X7" 31: i ,
to be founj iit thc c uct ; txnh t.u- celeb.itr.l
HOMK .iMFoi:rt
fitteJ for cntil . r V IV.' V.t iJ, IUp lta
r.mp:ri' Matf, Xt1., ."Zc.
i;.k1 uttMiuiifiit of l'iiIo-. ljrl-r Cok, Co tijrt.
r.hlorul.., Jl.l 1 1-a.l r, lt -c, llcncral Oraut.
tor. ,tc. ,vc.
Movc llpc, Il.illotr Ware, Itrj-. aud I'orrclain Kct-t:e-,
Vudi, ;ii. ju.l.iipw d Warc, 1'iuiips. s.uV.-.
inu 1 ipc, .-ap n-, .-iji ituufr, w. Axc Ilciv.-,
Wmnt S.iii, Mciv-. ltrooci", Ttlbf, IVil", M itrluv, Va .
kcc Notlcnf, ic. fc. which 1 aui Uiui: KKV UlW
tor cah or reody pay.
ln cschanpc for thc aU.vc, -ill kin!? (.if llancr, puch
a rjift, 001. l citf, r ur, u.af , ucppcr. ln u. Ku' la-r,
1'cwtrr, Ziuc, Lcad, llria l.,Carajk Secd, llcm Wai
long and fh..r: II ilr, Ilricd U. rrica. Ac,
l& lV.ldlejj ruppliid on rcaanalilc tcrm:
St John-l urv. uv. 27. !;.
Jut bcuglit In lie west ia nnr first h ind it cin W
liOlIgllt, tlllli PlViUg lOIlf llkt Ktl
Cominissioiiai and Irofits !
We have alao a itoct of
and wmc Yerrjcho'ce
2 fiualitlta of Flour.j
12. T. Ar II- K. IUE.
rwbujiirwlc, VL, Sept, 22t
Brainard Flint's Estatc.
STATE OP VKItMON'T, ln rrot.ate Court, helJ at the
C'AledunU DNtrlcl. us. ( I'r.th.tle ( Hlk t . in tU. Johiis-
l)urv,lthm anu lir salil Jialiu t, th the -7ili iljy of
Ocl., lSo.
AN Inatrument, purportiiiK tu Ih? tbe U-t Will and
Teatamentut Hrainard Kliiit. Uti
ly Mary Fllut, the executrix, therelu nuined tor
prol ate:
ed therein, te nottlletl tuappear at
itisoruerea iiysaui court. t.iaiau rH.ions
lou u. .d
court to De holiienatthe lrobatu OHlce, ln St. Johiif
bury, on the 14th day of Nov.. tsui. aud shuw caii;e
H hhv tlmv nuv l,v H.- .ln-t II,.. I'r.iLate ui Mllil WUI
lor wh'.cU iurwo H latuither urdereU.tUat a ivy of
tne rccord or tbis order ie pubiiiicd tnr wei ks sm
ceMdlvely ln tho Oaledonlau prluted at SU Johus-bury
B E S T I X V E S T M . t s
FIIiST M01T(;A(f;
U iST I O ZST J? A C I F i ,
it Air.ito.vi) co.ui
8T.O 3IIlaKS C():iI1'.1:ti:ii
A Umlti-I miount of tlie Firtt Mrt. ...
L'nlou 1'icif.c K.iilroit! Conii ncy m .,tf. r
Ile, a uiiv i.f th Pifert nu 1 m et r-iua'
1. Theyarpj f.ret woit0 up,u -l
oe' iinportjiit niilrujd cjuut.
H.v Iaw itit y can U; Umu t t'i t
the road I-c.niijleCed, f.thittlier .iI.th
ns valuc.
TI.i '.r uniotint Is llmitd hy nct of
Mlllluu IolItra o- tlic tutirc I'aciSc I.ur,
of lers tLn f.tirti-t. ji.r milc.
4. IIid. K. 1. Mrrpar, of th- uited
and Iltn uakun Aiut'f, of ti.et'iiid .-ro
Kei rotnUtie. are the tnvttie tor tl
Vy r-e th: all t!:eir Inter-a-ti are iirurf-.t. '
I ive 'iuv rnti.t-ut Iiinctorr. ipp , .
of th'- 1 liited viu s aie n rp.ju i - i
tor tbe ma.nn-!Lieutt.t itf aiTairp.
Ihree Li.iUd Jonmld : . r-
that ihe rwid i nV hullt aud er -ij , :
ptc;f a firtt-cUei ruiU:irt bfer 1
i-e'ltr! UJKJII lt.
7. 'Iht- l nlttd st&ton i.uVtrtil'ieiit 1
own bond3 ti tne tAiut j iwnu 1 i
.uve, for liicb it tikea -i KCuiid iuf-, i
Al ttdditl.'Ctl id. :t tntWa un r.
IS.mhi 3cic- of Und t-i thf mile, Ulug '
iU ! jIs jirnnUa Ia t!d.
1. The -nraainL- from the locI or
)U-rFoCi Million l)I.l.AH- Ix-t ..a.
;.iyiu rtttratin exp-n-v, nas iniich ui-.
jiit to j ty tl intervKr. 'I hsv cjri-iu
incu-ueil ou the c-mi; Iction of tt . .a r-
VI. o iMiHtical a.t! roduci th r
It muFt re:uainfjrtl'ty vt'ti v.j
i 'jMt no .q .al f ' . twc u ;i.t and
nicnr. ;.
i ImjuJ, with tiuli tri
ie t. i - mi:ku y
woulJ n 't
prtunu.u Ai tlu-,
t rrorlL, tht-y mu-t
e. No o:hi.rcuri.i
cruineut I'f
l.t. ThcL-ejcniIlAA,iilecihjdM.d. Iu- 1
.utrli.iie Iti.. Lilf u .liai.Ioii - u . .
i.il.oit have alreddy bta ccl.l. ALjut t. ,
irv ui.iy leelfir. d. It i; uot n.ir '.aid. t.i ' 1
Ii Iif t tar di-iai.t. tli the rciu uudt-i f ttn . uc
icA italiet itud I:hdii n troui thi n ur
i Urire Jdvimc. 1 he loa? tiu.e. the hvb oJ.l iui
bd the pcnrct ..-curi:y. irni.-: uiafce tui - Ikj ds
AlriMc fr tioit.
Al. thr prcJieiijus hich lU o!li..ri'u:"thi? t
uiad iu itiatiJii tc tiir- prore-e .n.d i ei
t-. f tluir utq.ri.-e. or th v.ilue iin . .idvani
nicf f thtii eccuruic. Iiu'Utu mon tii.ui .
ALd thev ther. fore tuf,:eet thit pirt.f-v n t
rt m tht-ir boaxis irJ nn a oru. a i
l he price for Uie pren.t i !"-' :id arcr..td i
ubnpt.ou- mll U ntiitd ty ttu
First Nationai Bank o St. Jolinsbun.
-nd iu .New Vora:
AttUe CompaniOitije, No. 20 Nabbu .
Jno.J.CiioOvScn,(Jjnrfcr,o. J .
And t ihe Cjuipai i. i. rii-a
the t ui.td r.
Houus ft free. hut r..- 'l - t i' .
jjrcLt t w' l 1. .ktotauil r t'.. . i .i. ,
ANLW i VMl'lii tal WU : ...
iit. ..ou-s.-jiiii. . i r: th t . u i
that dau, aLd i-iorr c .ipU -'ju . i ln -the
alue ,f th liad han . i . j
tisemti.t, which m.l ui : . w:i i,
Lo-j)p Ty'.-o'U-CrlwrtaI.y..ftlit ad. .
JOII.V J. t IStO. ricaxni...
Oitober U tli, JJ". v , i
A lare aud plcul.J .-c.ti..
p tt r s :
,lc;t recihid n
c:i:o. r. rnoojs
Katlroid :rct, st. Jch-'-l, t
.lnothrr 1. 1 .1 ti
whi.h tbe ldio h ive uecn
P A I l't I! A K K V,
Tlic FtlUrcriu.ra ar" pr pvr.J t r
tKiui" ni'h th
Graham Flour, Shorts and Fr. FceJ
COP.N, AM tnlIN Ml I
Kyo Moal, Oats, India Wheai
rnovc.NiiEi:. hen ii:i:i, i.
J-Ordcr. re.cir.d .it IIjII A. H.tch. - '
M.in tftrcct, and at thc Drug .-torc, ui t:
COSS .V H II. Dl lt
3tf st. Jol.nthun.
George 0. Clarke's Estate.
Kiunia J.Clarkc adnilnutratrlv ol tlie
O.Clatle. lale ot .-l. J.hihut, m -i
. C.IM-.1. Ilialea a.'l llcatloli lo -aid .01 I
V hereupuu, tl 1-, oidcrcd h s.iid." I.
lll.'atiou i.'Ulc undr coli--i.Iiruti.,i. ai. I 1
,41)1 da. of N'oV., A. 11 lv'. al III,
.11 aa'.l St. Johliahur, aL,l tt i-l'i-Mli.
all iic'oii lutcrvate.1 IV l."tia-.1 li
llou ol Ilotlcc ot cal.i aj.pll.al -Il alil
Ihrie -a.i-k. .nuf.-nc.v 11. th. t alel
at M J..hnliur. 'a-l'.rc -aljiiuie..! heir.
lu.l appcar at .lldlnllO au-1 pia. c au
1 a luilliUtr.lll.ili.
IU- tliet'ourt,-
rorl.Oaginncnt, at ,
Ju,t rccd.cJ br COltoKU t V, f. ,

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