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e-yTIie restilt ol tlie election last Tttes
l:iy fueiiis to le this : AU the Xortlicrn
:ml AVo.-lorn stntcs liavo gone for Grant,
cxcqit, pcrlmp-, New York nml New
.Uth'v. 'L'Iic Soutliern states are about
'(iu:illy clividcd ; t!io Ku-Klux of Ken
tuckv, I.oni-iatia, Alabama. ct2., having
ilonc tlieir work only too ivcll. But ac
reding the wor?t to Iho reboli', Gkant
:iml Coi.i'.vx will receivc over 200 of tho
20 I cleclorul voto, nho u majority of tlie
popular vote ; nml '2 out of tho 1
fetntcs vltieh participated in tlie election.
This lVMilt sliunl'l be a matter of pro
found tlianksiving to an orcrruling
Jlaiul that lias tliii", as we belicve, sliown
ufl tbe begiimiog of tbe dawn of 1'kaci:.
Tiii: Oiym;y iix (Ikn. Guant. IIo-liU'i-V
Ody?oy wna writtcn long bd'oro
Gen. Grimt or lloratio Suymour were
tliouglit of, but tbe propheey eontained
in tlie lollowiirj; lincof tlie Uventy-fourth
book, N bappy and an-picion.
rince I he-1 hand
llath ?lain tlie trtitor-', iH'tivcn phill Me1' the land.
Nono ii"U thi kindicd of thcunjust rhM own:
l'B t the s'liuvliiireil b-othir and tlie ron:
n icl future day inrrcj-e t f u-alth ehJlI bnne;,
And Vr tl.e pit, uhlivion 'trctch her ivlng.
I. njr aliill l'l -c- in hi" mpirc ri ett
1 1 ib people ble-'t-litir. by hit people Me-acd.
0,1. .
XOl tIllo. A few viorou,
but badly "di.-eoiiniged" ueiiioer.itic
ji-ters. Kmiuiro ut tbe Argns oliiee,
e3"lutland jxives tbe largcst vote and
majority oftiS.I for Grant a gaiii ol
'loover tbe jrovernor vote. Brattle
boro jiive tbe net larget Kc-publican
'. ole, and St. .lohnsbtiry tbird.
IJo-ion IrKM-. I5ev. Dr. K. 15.
U'ebb, of tbe Sliiiwmiit Concregational
i uircli, ISostoii. ba-i returned liome, af-
1. r a jear'.- ab-enee abioml. Alr.
S"e!on has Ieft tbe St. .laine-, tbo new
: :d vlegant botel at tbe .-outb ond, JJoh
t. n, becau-e be conld not alford to pay
! rent asketl. .Mr. Uallou. tbe owner.
) w has. cli.'iige of tbe iion.-e. 'J'bo renl
! i becn Sj'),00O por iiiinnni. Ven-
i! II 1'billip-' new lccttire is entitled
' Vfter Grant. What .'" Ile dilivereil it
i t iJo.non la-t week .lobn 1. GougbV
ii w leeture, entitled "Cireutnftaiiee-',"
-. i- ".'iven in Musie Ilall, Uet. -i-.'d : and
:i!tbongb tbo evening wtt rainy, all tbe
-;iting rootn wa oeeupied, and two bun-
1 jtl -ttindin tiekets were sold. Ur.
A lanii' people are to I)iiiM liim a new
I.J bnndred tbou'and dollar ebnreb at
t j south end, not far froni tbe St. ,Iame?
i .tel.
I'iivsk.i ni ani Ai.-oiioi.. At tbeir
1 te meeting at Montpelier, tbe Vermont
-Miilical j-ocioty appointed a committee
t rcport at tbeir next annual meeting
on tbe niedieal, !-oeial and eivil a.-pecl.
"t intoxieation by alcohol," and '-tbe
diityoftbo inft!-sion" in tbe premi.-es.
Ve are glad tbe tnodieal profe.ion aie
titating thi. 'question. A prominent
ibv!-ic'ian in Vermont made tbe remark
in our bcaring witbin six month tbat
tbe doctorr", in prr.-eribing alcobolic ?tim
ulant?, were making more drunkards
tban all otber inllnencoj combined.
Cahixi.t I'oiriKAir. This i. tbe
name given a new .-tyle of larger size
pbotograpb.-i tban tbc cominon album
pictures. 1'rank Jowell. (fonnerly of
tlii- place), '2't AVinter ftreet, lioston,
uiakc- tbesn, as well as all otber Htyles of
pl otograpb-.. Ile i now a-M)eiated
uitbjobn S. Notman, and tbeir room
arc vcry nieely arranged for tbe Lu-hipss,
and tbeir reputation for making good
picturc.-, and cpecially tbo-e on ivory,
I- not exeellcd by tbat of any establisb
nicnt in lio'lon. Mr. Kowcll's skill witb
tbe bniib now frerve. bim a good turn in
painting pbotograpbs. And a grcat vir
t in', peeuliar to lii- pictures, is tbe fact
tbat in enlarging and painting a pboto
grapb tbo tiiaie.- U not destroycd.
Tiu: Wixn-ois Cnutrii. Simulta
ncmisly with tbe centennial of tbo old
South C'ongregational rburcb at Windsor
;i iew weeks ago, appeared a neat pam
blet containing a eomplcto manual of
tbc i-liureb, prepared by tbe pastor, IJev.
l' II. lSyington, to wbom we are indcbt
ed for a eopy. Ke-ides tbe cxccllent
Confer-ioii of Kaitb, drawn up by tbe
late Dr. Wbeeler, it contains a statement
of ecelc-iatieal prineiple?, tbe standing
rules of tbe church, a sketcb of its bis
tory, bricf notiees of its paitors and otb
er nilU'ers, and a carcfully prepared
ebronological list of its members from
tbe beginning, one century ago. In this
lUt. tbc cliurcbes from wbicli letters were
bruught, and to wbicb niembera were
d'mi cd, and tbe dates of deatbs and
leniovals, are given whenever possible, a
featuie wbicb largely incrcases tbe value
of tbe Manual, yet one wbicb must bave
eost tbe compiler no little time and la
bor. Tbe wbole nuniber of names npon
the church regiMer is T."-. Tbe number
of pre-ent members is 1C2. Mr. IJving
ton U tbe nintb pastor, and has been
ncaily ten years in bis present pot.
Ji . l)t. AVbceler was settled over this
church for tbc twelvo years j)revious to
is;.', ben be reMgned to aceept tbu
presidency of tbc University of Vermont.
"Lct tis liave Peace."
Tlie Coitntry Oecules Afjain.sl
Itopiuliation, Anarcliy aiul
And "eoos in" lor National
Honor, Equal Rights,
and Poacc.
NewEnglandSolid for Grant
Connocticiit liedeemcd
Tic TJ'cni I'oles as She Fought
('c, .fc. Cc.
The Klectoral College consists of 20 1
vote. and the following are known to be
for Grant :
Maine, 7
New llampshire, .1
Vermont, r
Ma-sacbusetts, 12
Kbode I,Iand, -I
Connecticut, 0
Penr.sylvania, 2li
Obio, 21
Indiana, l."
lllinois, 10
Nebra.ka, t!
We?4 Virginia,
lowa, S
Micbigan, t
i?eon5in, S
Nevada, I!
Tenne-ee, !(
North Carolina, 0
Can:is :!
Minne-iita. -1
Mifsouri, 1 1
And tbe following
New Vork,
for Sevmour :
Tbe following are undecided :
New ,Terey, T
Oregon, "
Alabama, "
Florida, Ii
( leorgia. 0
South Carolina, (
Tho prospects now are tbat at Ieat
tbree of tbe doubtful states will declare
for Grant, making bis eleetoral vote 2(7
or 20S. This is adtnittini: New York
for Seymour.
In 1801, nt tbe time when Mr. Lin
coln was rii-electcd with s-uch uroat
unanimity, be received 212 vote-, to 21
for McClellan. Uut tben there were
cleven states in rebellion, the vote- ol
whicb were not countcd now there are
only three cxcluded.
Vermont gives 30,000 majority for
New llampshire 8,000 ditto.
Maine 30,000, with a ligbter vote thhn
in September.
Ma?acbii5ctts 70,000.
Khode I-land G.000.
Connecticut .i,.'i(IO a gain of ,".00()
over tho Anril vote tbe be.-t relative
gain of any statc.
New York doubtful, but tnost likcly
gono for Seymour.
New Jersey doubtful, but probably for
Obio 3o,000 for Grant
Micbigan, 2.",000 for Grant,
Jndiana, 10,000 for Grant,
Jllinois, 00,000 for Grant,
Wisconsin, 20,000 for Grant,
lowa, 30,000 for Grant,
Knnsas 10,000 for Grant,
Nevada goes lor Grant,
Nebras-ka goes for Grant,
North Carolina goes for Grant,
West Virginia goes for Grant,
Misrouri goes for Grant,
Tennessee goes for Grant,
Califorma goes for Grant.
Kentucky, Louisiana, Alabama, and
probably Maryland and Georgia, bave
gono for Seymour.
Wui. Claflin was elected governor of
MassacbusettP, and Henj. F. Butler is
elected to congress from tbe Essex dis
tnct by a large majority as evcrybody
expected be would be.
Tbe vote in ;xcw York City, witb
only onc district to hear from, foots up,
Grant, 47,921, Seymour, 108,025 : ma
jority for Seymour C0.104. h is tbou"ht
tbe rural districts cannot overcome this
great vote. Hoffinan, tbs deraoeratic
governor is elected, togetber with all the
democratic congressmen in tbc city, in
cluding Jobn Morrissey and Fernando
New Orleans gives 25,000 democratic
majority, and tbe vote of tbe state is
largely democratic. But few republican I
votes were east.
A nigbt dispatcb from New Orlean-i
says : 1 lia election in this city passcil
ofVquietly ; no trouble of any kind ; and
no mterlerence with voters. The ne-
roes of this city ab-tained almost totaily
from voting in tlie Ith district, the
strongest democratic di.-trict in the city ;
out of4200 votcrs, 4100 were demo
cratic. Thronghout tbo country paiisb
es, tbe negroes voted freely. The demo
cratic majority in all tbe pari-hes beard
irom is large.
now tiii: ni:oi:o taki:s i iis- new ni(;iir.
The negroe-appeared in great numbers
when tbe polls opened at Savaunah,
Taesday morning, and took entire pos-scs.-'mii
of the polling places. This con-
tiniicd unlil about 7 o'clock, and cvcry
white man wbo appeared to vote wa-;
olubbed away. Finally a liglit com
menced and theiiegroes wercdriven back
by the white.-, wbo tben conimcneed t
vote. In a few minutcs the negroe.
rallied, and attacked tho white voters
One negro deliberatcly drew a pistol and
shot apoliceman in thcstomach. mortally
woiinding him. Tho fighting tben be
came gcneral in tbe crowd, and the
police came in lo preserve order. Tiio
uigroes fought tliem dcsperatoly, and
linally tbe policc utcd ii.-to!, when tbe
negroes broke and ran. Kivo negroe
weie Lillcd and i-ccr.il wounded ; l'our
polkemen were wounded, one min tally.
A young bnly, re.-idini; in a hou-e op
po?ile tbe court hou-e, wa.- shot by a ball
through tbc window, but not dangerou-!y
burt. Since thi conte-t all has becn
ipiiel. but the ote is close and doubtful.
At the Ogeechee preeinct, tlie in'groej,
to tbe number of about 1000 stiontr.
nrmcd with nm-kels, .-bot guns and pi--tols.
took pcs-es-.-ion of tbe jiolls, and al
lowed no democratic negro to vote. The
whites. wbo were allowed to ote, bad
to do so umler a guard.
Tbe s-bocking bad wcnther of Tiu,aday
caii5cil a ligbter vote in thi- .-late tban in
Si-ptember. Notwithrtanding thi-, tbc
republican majnrity i from three to livc
thoii'-and grcatcr tban at tbat election.
If tbe same ratio jnevaiU tbroiigliout
the statc as in tbc town- beard from.
Vermont will gie Grant thirti-t!ne
tlioumiid iiidjoril. It i yale to put it at
.'iO.OOO. Mr. I.iiicoln". majority four
jear- ago wa- 20.000. Tbe following
is tbe ote of soine of the towns :
Grant. Sevmour.
Barnet, 214 " 72
Burke, 1S7 13
!.!nville. 213 lMi
Newark, (!3 lll
Kirby, 10 0
lVacbani, 201 25
Si. ,!,ihii-burv, 722 OS
Waterlord, " 113 21
Wheelock. 101 13
I! lrloii. 232 70
Derby. 21 I 35
Lunenburg, 158 5it
Concord. 220 27
Cuildh.dl, 00 3s
Burlington, 707 13'.l
Brattleboro. 777 102
Kichmond. 1SI :', 1
Colchester, 331 102
So. Biulington. (' 3!
Bolton, 70 12
Wilii-too, 10U 2.".
Slitlbiirn, 130 32
Cbe-ter. 112 IS
Dorset, 170 70
Manehe-ter, 290 57
Bennington, 50S 23.0
Ca-tlelon. 301 110
Ycrgeiine.-, "75 40
1'itlrloid, 20!! 00
Brandon. 401 152
Holland. 0!H 300
Fair Ilaen, 310 II
Wallingfoid, 331 21
Middlebury. 40H 110
l'oultncy, 300 30
Arlington. 205 05
Woodtord, 02 30
Danby. 120 28
Sunderland, 40 !:
Mt. Tabor, 00 15
St. Alban-, 077 28:'.
Cornwall, 15.S 3
Ks-ex.' 283
Waterbury, 110 00
Slowe, 375 50
Ilydepark, 108 128
Morri-town, 307 32
Duxbury, 72 17
Newport, 310 31
.Milton, 30S 71
Beili:., 201 133
Ludlow, 325 5:!
Corinth, 230 :;
Kainlo'.pb, 387 5:!
Montpelier, 410 118
Middlesex, 131 41
Koyalton, 200 53
Braintree, 1 1 I 30
Chelsea, 300 101
liichuioud, 1S1 3!
Windsor, 201 01
Northfield, 315 225
Bradford, 235 103
Wood-toek, 033 83
Hartland, 237 183
Spriiiglieid, 028 53
Thetford, 221 05
Bethel, 221 100
Swanton, 200 100
Kockinghain, 302 57
Coniikessioxaj. M .ioi:i rir.;3. The
ollicial count of votc.s for members of
Congre-s in this statc sbows tbc follow-
majorities : C. W. Wtllard 9,577,
L. 1'. Boland, 10,105, AV. C. Smith,
Tiii: Si:ci:i:t. There are somo vil
;es and towns in our stato, tiiat are fa-
vored with marked moral nnd niatc-
rial thrift. Bnsiue-s nro-pers. Indus-
trial pursuits aro favored. 'I'bere is a
tir a cbeerfulness and cnergv about
tho people wbicb invite poiiulation.
Schools, cliurcbes and all good things,
havo an air ot vitabty that gives pleasure
to beholders. What is tbe reason of
this ? Kxaminc carefully, and 3-011 will
lind a few, energetic, active inen and
woinen, thoroiighly inlerested and united
in honv eHteriirises wbicb eHectualh' pro-
mote tbc general good, by a little indi
vidual sacrifice. This i tho secret.
Ilappv the place, blest with such inhab-
itanis ! Windsor Chronicle.
Gen. Cnssius Fairchild. United States
marshal for Wisconsin. and a brothcr of
Gov. Fairchild, dicd at Milwaukec Sat
tirday nioruing from a wound received at
the battle ofSbiloh. Ile was married
on bis death bed to a young lady of that
Tiie Kivr.iisiDK p'lblisbes its prospcc-1
tusforlSOO in another cohuun. This
is a charming publiciition for young peo-
ple, and we find souie wlio arc not so
young are anxious to get it every moutb.
llAliiT.it's Moxtiii.y for Novembcr
begins with an illu'-trated article on Fish
culture in Aniericn, a subject wbicb is
now deservedly attracting a good deal of
attention. .1. los J5rowne furnisbes a
second paper on Kxplorations in Lowcr
California, illustrated of course. A fresh
in-tallment is tiivcn of Mrs. Craik's
Story, "A Woman'.- Kingdom," wbicb
ecms to approacu complctioii. J papcr
worthy ot special mention is tbat by
Kev. Dr. Specr on tbe Democraey of the
Chine-e, whieb sets tbat wouderful peo
ple in a new and intero-ting liglit. A
gliinpse at the )iresent state of society in
ihe oulb is aflbrded in tbe account of a
Bureau Major's Bu.iine.- aud l'leasures.
Tbe.-e, with nearly a dozen otber papers,
inake up a very good number. The
Fasy Chair alwaj-s discour.-es delightful
ly. A full advertisement of this valu
able publicatiou will be fouiid in another
eoluniu. We are indebted to tbe "'New
F.ngland Ncws Co.," 100 Wa.-hington
-treet, Bo-tou, for a copy. Sold in St.
.lohn-bury by T. M. Howakd, dealer in
books, periodieal.-, engraving-1, etc.
Gfini:'. Laiii..V Book contains n
full view of the Fa-hions. and a large
ipiota of iiseful nialter upin arious toj)
ics in it sever.il departuients tbat will
plea?e the ladies. A lady Kiy, the
'Kccipcs. elc.,'' are unn-ually cxcelleut.
Tbe "Fditor"- Table" contain- a tribute
to ihe memory of ihe late Mattbcw V.-n--ar,
the muniliceut founder of Vars-ar
Louis A. Godey, l'!iiladeldiia.
Tho Gai.axy, piibli-hcd by Sheldon
A; Co., New York, contains sevcnteen
article, bcginuiiig wilh an in-nahnent of
'Cipher," cbaptei- VII lo XI. aud end
ing wilh "Nebuia-" by the lvlitor, and
toucbin in the nassaue "I.ondon 1
l'.eccbd.de" conclud,-.!. '-Tbc at-
tcnipt at Stia-bour'
Kockv Mountain-,"
Bv B-iil to the
U'oivls and their
l'-es" and otber tonio oleM-iiiL' and in-
Tbe Art.vMK' for thi- monlh bas
some capital article. Tbe lir.-t ou "Co
opirativc 1 lou-ekeeping" is alono worlb
tho piice ol tbc clutiie. "What Five
Yiaia will do," "C.ilico rriming in
articlcs will be reait uitli mtere-t. 1 ub
lirhed by I'icknor Ficbl-, Bo-ton.
Tnc Lsr Ai.iiuma .MAiiiii:. Tbe
.ludge Ilorton wboin the teligrapb le
porlcd mortally wounded in a polilical
riot nt I lunisville, Ala.. on Situnlay,
wa-.Iudgu Gu-tuvus llortouot .Mobilo.
a native of Bo-ton. a lincal de.-ccndaul
of Gen Jo-eph Warren wbo I'.ll at
Biiukt r 1 Idl, and brothcr ot C" i i : i ; i a i i i
ILrton, !io was so foully murdcred
during tbe New ( Irlean- li"!s oflSi.li.
Iudge I Iortoii wcnt Soiitb many ycar
agii. aml c-t ibb-bing hiui-c!t ia tlie Iegal
prole--iou at Mobilc ncijuired there an
lionorablc rcputatioit and l.'.gb -ooial
po-ition foi bim-elt aud liia faiuily. IIc
wa- a uii'UilK-r of lite niunicip.il bo.ird of
e.bic.itioii. and did mui b to clerate and
improve tbc s. lciol s-iciu ot Mobil-.
I Ie ncer w.ivcivd in bi- lovaltv lo tbc
I uiou, nnd wbcn the tederal tioop-
regamed po-es-ioii of Mobile .Di'l'-
Ilorton wa- appointed mayor. During
tlie pre-cul cumpaipn. Mr. Ilorton ha -
b, en an carnc-t and detenn.md Mipportcr
o! ticn. iirant aiiiltue repiibhean cati-e.
bnt bi- known and con-icuous loyaltv
bad made bim obiioxious lo tbe rebel
w bo now rulu tbo gulf stale-. and be has
l.-illeii a vietiin of tbeir wrath. and a
worthy peer of bis patri 'tic ancc-loi- and
As" Ivi i:t:K-rii; C-r. S.nne time
lat Mnrcb a paekago cniitaiiiing tif:y
.1000 greeubaek- w.i- stolen trom tbe
coiintcr of ibeCanal b.mk. New ( )rle:ins.
I'be nunibeis of tbe bills were at nmv
adverti-ed. and .-ent to tbe poli.v iillicer
iliioii'boiit tbe country. Tbe li.'ts re
ceived bere Wi'ie 1 iirm-lii'il lo ihe vari-oii-
bank- bv tbe citv marshal, aud tiii
iit I'rblay tbe allair wa- fotgottcn. On 1 erow.I at tlie city liall sceuieil iK'iit
tbat dav a' genllcm-ni, a -iran'.'er, oll'ered 1,11 1,10 aceompli-hinent of their purpose
a S100O bi'll at tbe Citv National 15nnk ' -ei.e tbe police bea.lipiarters and es
lor -m.iller lell-. and tlie teller di-eovor- j tabii-b a toree ol their own liking. It
ed it lo bo one ol tbe stolen ones. The ; b)okcd so muob liko a lerritie storm that
man wa nrrr-Icd, and was found to '"ight ti nd to iujure the denioeratic par-
havc three S1O0O bills in hi- p i-ses-ion,
two of whii'h were from tb stolen
package. Ile gae hi- ti-imc, Mr. L. H.
Saigeut of llraltleboio, Vt., and said be
received the bill- at tbc Il.mk of K'e
ilctnplion, in lio-ton, in ixchangelor
New uamp-iure Mato iionils. ll-j ua-
letained. and Saturdav morniinr Citv
Mar.-bal Drcimaii took bim to Ituston to b.nne, aud tbat all wonld bo liglit when
mvestigate the ca-e. Ilis slory waa Seymour and l'.lair would be elected.
found to be correet, but tbe bank olli- ' ;en. Ilarry Ilaye-. wbo was on the reb
ccrs were iinable to lcll whcre tbev re- ol s'"!c ol" "tlie 1:lt0 nnpleasantness,"
ce'iM'd tbe bills. ,. s.earcb in ntlier ' "liile Stcetlmrjn was. ou tbo unioti side,
banks reeakd six more of tbo stolen !l peech ai.-o, and told bis rebel
bilN, whicb had becn received in tbe or- j eotnrades tb.it, if neces-ary. tbey might
dinary conr.-e of bu.ine.-s. Mr. S.irgi nt count on him to carry a musket, but that
was released, and detnaiuled tbe rc.-tora-I 1,c woubl adise theui to go home.
tion of bis bonds from tbe l'.ank of Ro- M iyor Conway spoko, and told tho reb
detnption, a.- bc did not wish furtlier , ,0 di-perse, and that when bo wauted
Irouble witb tbe stolen bilN. Tbe bank .theui he would call fortbein. Tliescnp
refused lo rcsioro tbo bonds. and it is i peal did not avail. A military otlicer
-taled Mr. Sargent comineiiced a suit for bad to nppear in full dress, and absolute
their recoveiy. l'orre.-lcr Sjy. Iy order tbo crowd to disper.-e. Soon
ien. Kousseau bad to turn out bis artil-
CJi:ni Akmy or tiii: Ki.i'i iu.ic.
Tbo Dcparlmciit of Verinont was organ-
ized at -Moiitiiclier, (X't. 'J.'ld,
election of ihe foliouing ollicers
lbevet Uiig. (ien. (Jco. 15.
Wolcott, (Jiimd Coniinander.
Itrevet lirig. Cen. Wm. W
Iliirlington, Senior Vico (Frand Com-
Col. II. W. Kloyd, Assistant Iiupec-
tor (eneral.
Capt. Cbarles J. Lewis, Morrisville,
As.-istaut Adjutant (ienei-.il.
Capt. Fred. K. Smith, Montpelier,
As.-istant Ciuartermastcr Ciener.il.
Ilenry .lanes, Watcrburv, Assistant
Surgeon General.
Uov. D. W. D.iyton, burlington, Chap-
Council of Adininistration Col. N.
C. Sawyer, Urattleboro; Lt. Col. W. G.
Ctinuiiings, St. Johiisbury ; I'rivate Geo.
W. CooK, D.inville ; l'rivato Jobn l'
Law, Cambridge ; Capt. L. K. Sherman,
Ilenry Ward Ueecher stated in bis
sermoii, Sund.av, tbat be did not believc
in the propriety of the church rule, pcr-
mitling baptism only to cbildren, bolli of
wbosc pareutsaro members of tbe cburcb.
I Ie s:ud, bowcver, that he should conform
to the rcgulation, but outside of the
church should not hcsitate to administer
the ritc to cbildren, onc of whose parents
was a professing Christian.
The Itetyn of Terror In Loulstana.
AVc are getting now fuller and more
I reliable accjunts of tbo troubles in New
' Orleans and adjacent parisbes n week
ago ; and they prove what wc apprc-
hended tbat the rebel democrats bad,
on slight pretensc, creatcd a reign of ter
ror among republicaus, white and black,
slaughtering many of the lattor, robbing
somc of botb colors, ovcrawing somc of
tbe authoritics, and driving negroes and
proniincnt whito republicaus into biding
placei. Tho mctropolitan policc systuiu,
wbicb was in republican bands, was
broken down; and Gen. Iiousseau seenis
.' to im-c been liko a reed shaken by the
wind beforo the vehement, revengeful
spirrt of tbo teuiporarily revived rebel
lion. A dNpateh to tho Tribune says
50 negroes were killed in tbe St. Ber
nard parish alone, and tbo republican
state cominitlee telegrapb ns follows to
tbe national committoe at New York :
Tbe republican siato committee ol
Louisiana, in behalf of tbe loyal people
of tbe state, represent to the great north
tlie state, represent to tlie great nortu
west tbat a reign of terror has been
guratedby tbe democracy throu - h -
,i , , ii ii r ,i i- .
out the rlate. llundreds of republican
bave been killed ; republican re-idenees,
cburehes, school-hou-es and printing of
licen tirc being sackeil; tho ll.igs and fix
tmvs of club rooins destroyed ; regi'tra
tiou certiticates of lepublicans takcn by
arrned bands. Djmocratic secrct organ
izations, pre and party, arc in resUt
ance to tlie laws, and adviso tbc over
throw of tbe state government.
But the most interesting and vivid de
tailr. we havc are from tbe correspond
ent of tlie New York Tiuies :
Matters bave grown wor.-e and worse.
Duiing the wbole of Muuday and Tues
day nigbt tbe Seymour and lilair rebel
clubs bad tbe city virtually in their con
trol. Tbey wero out in all parl of tbo
tuwn, l'ully armed, .-ome as infantry, oth
eis Mill a- piivate cili.en-, bearing .-mall
wcapoiis, ;is if for ass.isination pur)Ones.
Tbe ilay and seenes of tbe war reemed
fully rc.-tored. A state of exciteinent
ei;ted all over tbe citv. tb
liko ot
wincn ua.- noi ocen kiiohii M.iue u,e pe-
l ri" l"Q se;ewioni-is iook js?e-
lon in I8I1I. .Now, as tlien, I nion mcu
inarkid for .-laugbtcr. and tbeir
nli caicl'iilly rciristeied in tbo
arebives ol' tbe rubel dcinoeiaey, so as to
hae evervtliiii" in readine-s lor the day
f eii5eaiiee. KViPublieau-. while walk -
in- Ihe -ircel.-. were ey. J by the thugs !
and lowdies wbo beld"sway iii the city)
ar if tbev uero marked men. .-oon to be
lisiio-ed of accordiiiL' to tbe delermiua -
lion ol the ccutral council of tbe "knigbt.s
of tbo White C'auicha." Durini; the
night tbe bou-es ol many leading repub-
bcans were i-ile'l bv band-ot niounteu
men, wbo in some ca'-es weiv conlent to bain of ihe University of Vermont mav
rob tlieir iciims of tbeir moiiiy. jewelry, I be ralled to tbe Congtvgational cburcb
v-.. while in others. afler robbing and ! in Rutland, to succeed Dr. Seaver, and
phuidering. they de-troyed tbe I'uruiturc. tbus warmly praiscs him:
ami Ieft tlie placcs in rum-. Mr. 1. M. .Iudging trom a six months' enjoyment
Witbain-. prineip.ii of one ot the city of the pulpit labors of Mr. Buakham
-choo!-, had all l.is money aud jewelry (Iuriiiu the last season, we unhesitatinply
-tolen by one of the-e band-. about ten ' pronounce that church cxceodinglv for
i.i liuiiiber. wbo came up on hor.-eback. tuuate wbicb shall necure him as pastor
l.itchcd llioir horse- directly in front of no matter wbom be succeed j. Ilis
Mr. Wiiliam-' re-idcncc, an.l placed Mr-. discourscs are iHdcn with tho richest
William-( wbo was ihe only one of the thougbt, and bis style of delivery is pe
faini'v at b mic at tbe time) nudcr juard i-uliariy graceful and attractive: and liis
uhile they -a ked ber dweliing. -be look- bigh culture and genial manners eipially
ing on duiing tbe wbole operalion. Sev- 1 lit bim for tbe otber departments of pn
crul republican club rvHinw were vis'Ucd toral lab.ir. 1 Ie cert.iiuly took a strong
and iittcd, tbe torcbes. banimr- aml oth- i hold of our people during bis service here.
r imr.MKberiiHba c.-.l aiul l.orn.. l,v ll.o
i Sevmourite- Ibrough tbe strc ts ifl
( ,i,,"v xvon tho troi.hto- .f a Battl.-. Far- '
j K , vt.Rll hmi(lred anued
1 .;,, ,.Xl.ltoa .tUA around po-
iu.;ll,ll;irt,.r., ftlv reSoKed to eie ,
tliein and to create a new police more to
tbeir likiug tban tho ineseut mctropoli
tan foice.
Wbile tbi- crowd stood ncar tbe cily
ball and clo-e to tbe police station. soim-1
of tllO -treot- llear bv Wei e lh.ill2 pal ad-I
,. ., ..r ... . , .
tvl by tbe liiuocent- a Seymour club
iim-eil ! Iiiillv ot tbu most depcrate
lllcil 111 tlie CltV Wlio liootcil aml yellell
like-o many av.v As tbey pas-cd ,
alollg tbe s'lce;.- slli ll lauilil.lgo as the,
mooiii ii .. i i uilii iioiii llicil
lin, ibno-t en ! in iii'- l),--itli Iii nll
i .
carpet-lia'.'gcl'.-: IJjalll to niigiers ;
"'1 bive ebeers tor I.lair;" "Death to I
Crant :
are going to rule." e-e.
that leading ineinbers of that iiarlv
appeaied upon the .-cene, nml while de
noiineing Congre . reconstructioii, tbc
-late goerninent, Vc. U'gged the crowd
to diperse. ( Jeu. Stcedmau, a carpct
baggcr from Obio, got upon the city liall
-tep-, and aller denouncing all republican
carpet-baggers, advi-ed tbe rebels to go
lery, cavalty aud infantry, in order to
intluence tbe iieople to bo miiet. Tbe
1 chief of police, as a maasuro of concilia-
I tion, removed for tbo timo being. all tbu
colored pobcemen from the mctropolitan
force. During all these excttements the
negroes have roinained in tlieir bouses.
On Tue.-day ngain tbe "Innoccnts" were
out nnd parading the streets in small
bands, killing inoirensive black men bere
and there. Tbe city is in n stato of an
arcliy, and, were it not for tho military
atithority, not one leading republican
would be abve this morning.
Theobjectof nll this violence doubt
less wa- to carry tho statu for Seymour
and lilair by iutimidating the negro re
publican vote And iii tbc tardy and
ineirectual movements of Gcn. IIous-
seau to restoro order, peace and confi
dence, this result will probably be seen.
Oitraoes in Loitsiana. General
Hatch, the Assistant Commissioner of
the Frecdmeii's Uureau for Ixmisiana,
has forwarded a special report to tbe
war ollico sbowing that during thc year
endmg October 1st, 1808, there were
olficially reported to him one liundrcd
and sixty-six pcrsons as killed, and two
hundrcd and twenty-five nssaulted and
otherwise maltreated in tbe state. This
horrible list is made out in dctail, giving
the names and rcsidcnces of the persons
murdercd or assaulted, as well as of the
parties committing the outrages, wben-
evcr tbey could be ascertained and also
noting tbe aetion of the civil nuthorities.
It appcars that three-fourths of the num
ber killed or outraged wero blacks, and
that tlieir assailants were, in most cases,
whites. In a large proportion of the
cases, the civil autborities took no actiun
wbatever, nnd in many more they took
nonc until the guilty parties bad been ar
rested by the military. General Hatch
says that the list does not include tho
names of tbo pcrsons abused or slaught
cred in the riots at Brnshcar, Opelousas,
New Orleans, and otber points, and be
is certain that in the country many more
murders were coinmitted of wbicb be
ncvcr received oflicial noticc.
"Chack" tiip.m Ac.aix. Tho Free
Press tbus speaks of a concert lately bad
nt Burlington : Tbc "crack" picce ut
the concert on tbc 28th, was "llomo
Sweet I lome" by Camilla Urso, with
pcanut obligato, by tho boys. We hopc
the inusic tnsteil good to tbcm. It could
n'f bf saiil tbat tbev didn't care a .ir7)
, - . r '
I ?ho"1 hc ,,,u"c' fotr1,t stcady snap
, ri;""'1-1- X"T ,
cuhar. llie rest ol tha audicnce, bow-
ever, woubl bave sbclled out freely to bc
saved such a noisy sbelling out of
"meats, wbicb was felt to be more tban
was metc, by most of tbc bearers. Wc
shouldn't "split on tho boys, if the' bad
timcd and placed tbeir splitting better.
Tbc gist of the matter Iies in a nutshell
youths wbo cannot leave tbeir nuts at
home, on such occasions, should bo Ieft
at home tbcniselvcs.
More Aukansas Assassikatioxs.
A di-patch from Little Kuck to the
St. Louis (Mo.) papers says : "On the
21thiust., while Capt. Willis, bureau
agent, Capt. Porter Andrews, Capt.
LYo-?er :ind Sberill" Stundle wero n
route to Kocky Comfort, in Little Kiver
county, Ark., they wero fired upon by
tbe Ku-Klux, wbo were concealed in the
busb. Capts. Andtews and Willis were
killed and the sberiH' badly wounded.
Before the band Ieft a nero came aloug
wbo was killed. Not far from this place
tbey niet another negro and killed bim.
Capt. Scott, Senator from that county,
is in grcat danger, aud loyal people have
turned out to prolect him.
A di-patcb from Mempbis to tbe dis
trict headquarters asks Gen. Smith to
I scml twenly men to .Manon, Ark., im-
mediatcly, and adds tbat if thi.- is not
J""e tlieru will bardly be a loyal man
the county. Six mcn bave becn
, munlcreii iii Cnttenilen in tbe nigbt, and
i others shot for attempting to bury tbcm.
I'eiisoxai.. The Montpelier Journal
I hns bcanl it intimated that I'rof. Buck
r-onal I'roperty
AT A V C T t O N !
Tbe - it'crilwr hnrinc poM hl- finn, funnllv knoirn
thc .lolm snrnrer tann In Kirbr. pi-uit.d ib-ut 3-1
mll.. In
.lehnpbnr Kt VtlUtrc. nUtut 'to leave
and nl.lrill at auctlon lo the hlirhe-t
f.i il
Wednesdny. Nov. II, 1868, at 9 o'cl'k a. m.,
At m d f-nn. thefciioninp deriid prorrtv. xiz:
Tn n-, 3 con-. 1 eitra palr two vejra r.ld t'r.:t
re.irlls-. S eal..-. fli fhetl. 1 ten Ters oll di'ii uoiL
, p.,.. e k.l lnr. , IV)n.K i ,VT;.n rr.,i ,M,,;
' 1 '"' ,c' V iy 1 "e"
a.llitu-1, isinnl", t t..n nico bar, 5 toa-
;'"1VP',uti","f f,,dJer1' htt'u
I nw.f, 1 iwa horae lumber "agfn, nearly
m-u-li.t-o r -li aaw: rig all in pool rrpair, 1 pair
, I'am.M t, I ood nionin.- niacMne, l pl corn th I
ler, 1 faunlni; inill, ?mi o.dir p.'?t-t, 1 okii, plow.rhati
f-rk, nxe-, and many o h.r tliint too umierou. to
j Kirby, vt., o i-n.
Ihe fjli-crlber ill rrll at piibl.c aurtlon on the fjnu
on nlncli he no- re-1 ! in the ea't part of Danville,
kunivu aa tne jncnon LliUord laiu.un
Thursday. Nov. 12, 1868, at I o'cl'k, p. m.
the followinK namid property :
Three mllrh rown. 1 c ilf. IT a'leep, 2 horaes, 1 two
corn lold6r, 2 two hore traeite led, 1 ox trureTBe. 1
pl.m-, . Iinrhel of pctitoei. . .S bu. ofcorn. 3ii ,Uf
vl, lint b.i turnip-, .ilw. 1 two hona wagon, 1 tlnifle
--iiii. - Pii-IKUI ,
roitna made luoaB at time of Mlo.
W .1. Siait.in, Anctinrer.
Hanrille, Not. 4, 1-oS. " t
"Unqucstionably the best sustained work
of the kind in the World."
H A R P E R ' S
Critieal An'ie. a vf Ihe J Ve.
1 he mot populir Monthly in the world. .Wir Yvrk
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nal nlth a inontiilr circulatiou of atiout ITO.iHHi cuni,
in ivho-e pa.ai are to n. found eoine of Uic choicect
liuht nnd rnrml reidin; ol tlie day. We nak of
i.t. . a inmmru. u.u vut,uie oi ine Amctican
l'.t .le; aud Iho populanty it haa e.iulred ia ueriud.
Caeh Number contain fully 144 pagea of reading mat-
iei. iii.pripriueo iih j;cK)a wood i
and lt coinblnia iu itself theracy uiouthlr and tlie i
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lor iiiuuuiK, nn", uy man, rxtpaia.
TheltiBeon llirjier'a Mae;arlne U 24 centa aycar.
alitcn inwi paiu ax ine punacnuer a pon oinre.
suliciiptiou aent fiom Untith North Ainerican
rrovince niuit be acconipauied n ith 24 centa additional
t i prepay United stitea rHBtKe. Aildre-a
X-2-h3 IIAUl'KU & IlltOTUKKS, New Vork.
Tho sreat difficultr cipcrienced in
wcxrinp Artificlil 'leeth arfee froin
lack of drnmeu ln tho montb. Added
to thti Ia the annoyanco of fuoi workiug
under the ulato whih cutfne.
I hwe dlac-OTcred a method of so conatrurtiDg
the plite on which tho treth are eet that thty
ifi( iuit ntart or tlnqt, white eating or talkivjt iieuhcr
tcillanujnrticlejtof fottdatt under the nZixr. iia nnit
ytuxf thtdnulUionuf theiitutUh vichieh is tmttrxus of
any nthn- viethtil hUherto uxd.
I huro iM-cured lettcn patcnt for tho U. S.t Eng. t Fr.
I harc eold the exda-iTO riht of saij lmpruvenient
to Dr. Perkina, for the cfunty of Oaledonli. TUrpe
fehluR to avail theniaelverf of this great improveracDt
will call oa De. J. L. 1'EUKI NS, Si. Johiubury, Vt.
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Another j.lace to buy
geo. r. stooini's
Wliere ean rearly be fonnd as large and aa t;ood assort
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Whlch I will piarantee to SF.J.I. LESS.tban any c
r ur dealer.
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1. Neir Mnriti, enntrlhu-ed eirclallv to the "lllTer
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2. A sVrial, "Wl.lte an 1 UI," of thrillinj "adrentnre
and humoro is Mem- amonct om utihvfet Indtau-.
lly Mrs. Withs autlu.r a "Alnd.-. ."
3 St"rie frow spenst r and Chaucer. Ily the author
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phetoraphe, et4 , etr.
.1. Ilunttnin south Africa- Sftv t of Com tantinople,
Vmeriran l .ile... V l irhans, Ui-ltlm I'hi i.i Iplr.a,
New ork, Ilufiton, tc., itc.
. Uf ou Ihe 1'rBtric. I'rnr ('
i Yonnc Vlr
Gracefnl talee
. Kxqu!ite Fir Iie:i
! an.l IV
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Ilhirtratlon cf the Ilil e, Ilistory, Xalnril lll-torv.
IUogTi hy, Cuil.wittif , ttc.
P. Fun and Frolic in all -ort ef fonn.
Thel ntf v iie for the UiM.r.Ml'E" Inclndes tne
oani e of Jaeob hboit, Hn- Cl.r ;t.an Anderen. Alice
ind I'h.p' e Cary, Nillie Cttir, F. K. Cuuldlnf, l'aul
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a rrLl-l-aiia rviTiai-irca anii v m mbve of lakuf
A brilllant lllmi.ina'eJ covcr.
T1B.MS OF -Cl.'-OliirTl.tN.
a year iu &dnre. thr. coplre, S-C.'-'i; ftve
copie, lfi.i0 : ten nphi fJ9.int; -luJ mi tni copr
crati. I'r.ce t cleryint-n nnd teHchtre. 2.(Ki pv
Tir. ."mgl cpplt, -..1 e i.tf.
A pr p- cti- runtataiQir n full account of tip pUn f r
the comiuf; cluui . ratrs of tlublinic with other mairn-zint-,
ipt"c a) prfiniunir', etr., etc, w.U le pn j'rump
iy on jpplicuian to thc l'ubljfhi.T!'.
II i UV i n I Itio. I'uU.shiT-,
W-?S p.i Hi.-ouie Mre . e.v York.
The aulHCriber will nll at J-Jctiou on
Wedncsday. Nov. 18, 1868, at 9 o'cl'k, a.m.,
100 Thoroug-h Bred Spanisli Sheep,
.7 thoruugb brd Spanih buck, Hat fheep. (ditTereut
pra.ie. 1 air of een year? old mj'chtd hcme, 1 fanev
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tuo-boiat- gon. (iitartv neu), 2 rrade coup, 1
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ny j.arllng h. ifer, w iUi cilf,
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larj, n ith ckk1
nth credit on all tutui o er ten dol-
tcr-Sale I'.iloe.
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l'eachaui, Vt . Not. 3, 1
.' ' ' N-33
Tho rubcrribara haring de'ermineJ to imimdiitilv
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lie. a- onc cf the 8 ift -m . m pr
1. They aru j flrtt iiiuitgiire up u
tuoi iiih)rtsr.t it'ilroad cui.ti .
Hy law th-y can Im incd t t .
the r-wd ! c mpkted, hi thit ther i!'
3. Thramoiiiit f Iin.It.d Ly itt t
Million IMIuifO'i the mtire I'aclfit li
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Kej rei-entitivcii, are thetru;ttr V -M
c e that ill thf ir inteM-N .r- p r. t
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dent of tiu- I 'nittd uu arr r- .
lor thf man.if: ment of atTaitn.
Thrt e Ti.lted Mate-- ( oiainli -that
the rcad i iv 11 hnilt Jud .ip;.i.
rpec-f a firet-tli railnnj. h. for. m
i-yutd upon It.
7. The l nltrd ttav (;ovir.iit-rit I.
ite own hond to the f im .n t',
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I2.J jciei of Uad tu th. uile, Ku f.
tht- r-ttd.
V. Th- L011.I9 p,y fii p-r cent. iti p
clpil is ls . nhl iu g.!d.
in. Uu, i arttins from the loc .1 t
ue. Fom Million IMi.h;:', l.ut
pajin cra:iuj: exp. n-e-, ..j nu.rh
ci.t tu 'ir th." iiittrts'. 'lhcee einun.
incrc ju-t-d ou thf comj letion of t: " t-ui
'. So pIitfral aetion can ieIt:c ti.
It mu-t rt- i.aia f.r thuty ycire tj
i i y J, no q .til to 1 ttwfi n iB-ht m
.acuntney. TJ. i.--.ai , h-
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ercir1 t. i e innktt prlc. iroull iiat 1.
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Oct-ler lt't u
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just received:
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which the ladies Inve Vvn irair'r. j
October '-i'. lc("s.
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A1.-0. -i .
Graham Flour. Shods and Fi i? F ,
Kyo Moal, Oats, lacln V. !n :.
I'lioVFAlir.i:. n;
l"0rdere rcccirtd at Ilall & ! .. t. .
Main Street, and at -he lnu Stor. .
i;ns . i:.t- i
3l tf St. .lui.li-l .- -
lor liova iranmn''", ut
coi:m: a- vai:'1:'-
Daniel Whecler's Estat-'
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Jacob Richardion's Estate
STATKOC VKU.MOM' lln 1'r.l !. i
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