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St. Johnsbury Caledonian. [volume] (St. Johnsbury, Vt.) 1867-1919, November 13, 1868, Image 1

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- -XX.
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nl -i veir. inyjl.Ieiu ndvauce ut tl.e otlice
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. d N'lti'-e. I". i. li -uli cril.tr ill huil un hia
r .11 c n ircinn uiili lii nldiM, ttio d.ite t.i
i I i. p.l.l. Vl.e:i a ii.n fau.i.nt , m ,. t!,i
I ! "1 juci-.l to cori... pind-and it tho channo
ini.lec ri.c-h cu tlio first or i.tcuu1pip?r Jrom
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. Krf.ii.s ...-n ;,, iMttijtuit.ite.. ..:
r .i'j'tU li.i.- l-jv.
?t. Mohnisbury !u.siHcsii (Tarils.
S. T. BROOKS, M. D.,
I iHSICIAN All S l' K O E O N .
. S-c i hl- r.vid nc ,Mvn Stre.t?,nppo-lte thi- Hakerr.
I J l S 10 I A S A N 1) S I K R E O N.
url r.. ovc lili KiuiuV Drili; storc.
Mannf .i-turt-r of
i. siir.i-.i ikox, iii:a- and copi'ek w.u.r.s,
V, ' dea ci ln S 11) Vr.s, lloll Warc, Ynukce Xo
ti i.t, E-f , Ili.lroid st it-, st. Jobu.burv. Vt.
DCAI.EU IN lllHl'S, l.r.ATIIP.K axd on.
st. J. bui?biirv c' utro, Vt.
AT T. JiHIN-lll i:v I'ultntAlr M.IXUV.
rwt i. M.liinotiH- nd 1 f.-H7i- rhttogroplif.
IIcttL-r .nn.l t lu-up. r tlnn kt-wherc.
i: r 1. 1: i 1 1 c r n v r I c I a x.
t hii hoiw, - - - pi.Itc Fnlflit Vcfvt.
ii a i:m:ss m k i:
CI.MM ACil M',
! 11 Y a 1 1 I A X,
..u Uallicsd r-tro.t, X door north uf I'or.lind Pt.
t tbu tre..tuient oi
:: l.lsr.i.Y. i.ak a.m dkks makim:,
I!!!1 lluil.liii j H. it. Mrrrt.
ci.ncK t i.r.A- r. aw 1:1 i-aikki:.
HT'ltrrsUf M firft lioitfe alK)o l uion cliool Ilospe,
.r lult. att udv.l
i) t s r i - t .
.c ron.fr f Miiu Mw t nnd Kat. rn Areaat.
!i A I K IKi:SSlNt. S.1I.IKIN,
r d . r ta t ie ri.-M, up SuirJ, l niou lllock.
,l01tNJ-ON' ItLOCK,
.lr idd ?ti.-4 1, ... sr. Johnburyf Vt.
M....ufrt rr- and dcalen in
' i- ii, .SIIu! AM li! ltllEUS, SlHJi: TOULtf,
riMUNti.-i. &c.
i: ..' oid Ptr. uU - - - t. Joh rl.ury, t.
" 1 nt-rllull Jcric:c!iai'aS:orr.
'iurr.irn iinii, sieam mili,
t;bccUacou.d m$.
A T r i . li N i: Y A T 1. A
I-ynd .li, .... Wnuont.
U 1 AI) t.il N.Sl.l.LlJl: Al" LAW't
Mclnduu' I'nlli, Vt.
r. i uud, - - I.yiid .ii Crntre.
. ini:i ad cdi n?i:li.ii: at law,
W.i.: Concord, - - Vtnuont.
CI.MM aui:.t,
11 :t u, - - rn.out.
Mnuutscture . f
r, (.niVrsTiiNES, AM OCSASlETAl. '
l.Miiltfil, - - - Vermont,
i.UKNSKD Ai:c'noxi:i:u.
I alt. nd to .ill filc of ic.ll o-t.itP cr iKTional,
.iun.iK'u cr tocl.., wbtneTtr nr wlnruMr called
1-tlT, an.l Kiln" c- rHtl-lutiou Iu all caa P.tt
i a.M .fa !. x llo, Jartoa, t., or lt. 1!. ttrtct, St.
" , Vt.
V. V. tiroat, lq.; luii .losirn,
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L o ' o i" P i- i c o s ,
tt-e iiualitjv tl.au auyKhcri. clw la thc l-nicd
tf M. .lohnaburr. Vermont.
New 7 Octavo
-J-S'.J Jf Tarioui m lcs ai.d
' ?f 5" i.iliif.fortalcat Jllsa
" - &:oddird,s
.iii.-i:i'II1m: m. oiODKAiin.
Agmt !or ll.nry 1'. Millvr'a I'iiuou,
1'itf d'.Joboil.ury, Scpt. .
l. vuoi: &.WIXC
The Best VVashing
53 Machincin
s. Clt,. VKS,
St. .lolni-hiiry C'pnlre, Vt.
WAR ! ! !
JUeWtctlved by
Kiom tbe liouio--icad.
A maii wlio lisid tho caro of Mime
sioics in IJrattloboro, Vt., built u new
walk in front of .iiiu of tliem, wliicli
canseil diatiBl'action witli tlic other ton
ants. Going up tliu Mrcct one inoniin
witli ''concealed liquorh about hi.s pur-
on, one ot tlie tenanls ai'oo.-U-il hiin
with: Se lnre, Mr. A., arc you imt
fjoing to lay a walk in lront of niy slioji!"
"2So, I liavcn't any lirieks." 4,Xu
bricks !" wiitl tlie shop-kccper, "What i
lliu rcnsjii you cau't j;ivo us thc onu you
liave in your hat "
IIOW A tlUAKKHr.bS (Ut-AIXEI Wolll.IH.'.
Tlie Quakcni, a.s a i-cct, it i.- known.
do uot favor nm.-ic ; ihey boiievo it to
lie a prufitlos-s ainn-oiiu'iit, iinluled iu bv
tlie worKl'.t people. (leore T!iiinip-on.
tlie cek'brati'il KnglMi abo!itioni-t, while
K'ctuiing iu Enslanil on tlie abolition of
slavery iu tlie ISritt Ii provinccs sto.eil
oik night witli a Quaker fainily. Ile i
a grvat lover of inu-if, nml at tliat tinie
wih a good s-ingur. J)uring tbe uvcuing
lie ang, "Oft in tlie Slilly Night,"
whifli was IiMeueil to with tho ehi-e-t
attcntion. In tbe morning tbe laily ol
tbe houso, afler Mr. Tlionipon i-iime
froin bis rooin, appearcil piile tmoa-y.
She wihei! to hear the .Bong ag.iin, but
it would hardly do for her, a (Juakere",
to rcipie.-t it repetition, but at lat her
de-ire getting the better of bcr, be von
tuied to ay : "tieorge, uill thce repeal
the wor.ls of lat evening in thy u-iril
inanner ?"
ui:i:," wnii ax appi.u;aiion".
Some ycar- before the rehelliou, Wen
dell l'lnlips Iectured in Watertown, N.
V., on tbe "Lost Arts," when -laveiy
was a delicate inatter to touch upon.
Ibit a certain judge who ivu tinetinvd
with abolition seutiuieut.-, reipie.ted ll.al i
Mr. l'billips at tbe eloe of tbe leeture!
give a balf Iiour's talk on lavery. whieh
lie cou-ented to du, providin the otlii-er !
uflbe lyceiltii bad no objeelioii. Tbe
presidont ol tbe si.-MK'iatiou gao hiar-'
-ent, and Mr. I'hiilips wiu wa.-npially I
plca-i'd to peak on hi favoiile tbenn'.
a? wrre a few to bear hiiu. delivere.I a
liriin: aIdre.-. in whirh he iK'itl.er
paied the -lave holder, n r hi niirllu'.ii
.tlly, the demoi'ratip p.uly. Tbe deiuo-iTat.-
aml con-ei vative.- wbo were mad
ierribly indignant by Mr. i'hilliji-" lv
markr., timk tbe b'etuie ooiuinitliv to
ta'k, and tbe net uvek uh.-ii Siarr
King Mieeeedid Mr. l'hillip-, tbe iro--i-dent
on ai'ir-ing to iuirndiiee ibe lectuivr.
look oefa-ion to make au explanatioii.
lie said .Mr. l'hillips biul .-;io!...i un
-lavery wilh bis poi'iniitin, allbougb be
didn't endoipe what he hml -aid. Tbat
pai t of thf audience who wei e U niart
ing under Mr. l'hillip.i cau-lie rebuke il
iiurtliL'ni dunghfae., .-et up a gieat tu
tnult. The prisideiit Lecauie cxeited.
anil liually rat down witboul iiitroducing
the ltcturer. -Mr. Kmg tbeii ro-e, trp
icd forwaid and said : "Iyidien and
llentlemen : I ain aunoinifed to -peak
to-night on the 'Law.- of Di-oider," and
I think it i- about tinie to uummciiec."
Ttli: MAX WHO PlllNIl A I'Alir.
A Ilaidwick (Voree;ler eoimiy) iii.in,
who wasciiie to get drunk when be went
to town, wa- one day retiirning hoine iu
bi- cart in a Maie ot iutoxieatiou. 1!K
cattle topped on the way, and Minie one
wh.) was pa-iing, peemg tlie roason ot
tbe detentiou, unfatened tho cattle froin
the cart and startcd ibein towanU hoiue.
Seei al hour.-. aflerward tbe nian, arou-el
froin hi- stupor, rubbed bi- eyo- an 1
looked about. 'Wull," wtid he, "-onie
one bas ot a yoke of cattle, or 1 have
found a cart."
IIOW TIli: CKNEItAI. AN1 1 1 1 - NI.Killltol:
ix)ctohi:i riiiui: noi:;i..-.
flencral A., of Uovalton, Vt., had a
Mfk horse, and was advii-ed to gie it a
piut of turpcntiiie, whieh he did, and a
a mattur of couive, lost hi- hor-e. A
neighbor ?onie weeks atterwaid-, ai.-n
had a rick horte and hurried over to
learn what the geiieral had given bi'.
On reacliing the hoiw, lie inl, "(en-
eral, what did you give your hor.-e .'"
'A pint of turpcntiiie." U'itbout lop
ping to nfccrtain the cll't'ct, he Murtii!
for bonie, and admiiii.-tered tbe turpen-
tine. Ibe lior?e . dieii in a icw noui
afterward, and he then went b.iek and
impiired ol tlie goneral, " hat dul the
turpcntiiie do to your linie !" "lvilled
it," wa? the reply. "What did it do to
vours .'" ?aid the ecncral. l'0h it killed
iiiine too."
a dixneh is A lllNXPl:.
Soine ycars ago wlun the price of a
dinner at a country holel wa So cuuts,
Mr. A. who had an econuuiic.il turn ol
inind, thought he would .-ave Himelhing
bv calling only for cracker.i and chec-.e,
initcad ofa rcgular dinner. Afier be
liad eatcn what had bcjn placed before
hiin, ho called for bis bill and wa
cliargcd 'lo centd. "llow is thi-s ?" said
Mr. A., "you ai-k only 2o cent for a
dinner." l'A dinner is a dinner," said
the landlord, "give tne i't cents." It
as paid, but Mr. A., went away deter
in'uad to pay ofl" tlie landlord at soine
futurc tinie, in his own coin. Next
niii.'ter-day the landlord niade grcat
ircpar.itions for dinner, and Mr. A.,
was arouiul. Ile went to a nian
known as l'ork l'eltis, who a3 fa
inous in that rcgion a an enorniui
catcr, and said to hiin: "Ifyou will
go to the hotel and gct your dinner, and
cat all you can, 1 will pay lor it." l'et
tis, only too willing to do it, went as re
(piestcd, and coinuieuced hi- meal. A
quarter of inutton, the usiial accompany
ing vcgetablcs, a largc quautitj- of pie,
cakes and othor tliuigs were at?patclieii,
to the astoniahnienl of all near hiin, and
finally when he had linished, hc infonncd
the landlord that Mr. A., was to pay for
the dinner. "Oh yes," t-aid tbe landlord.
"I understand it, a dinner is a dinner."
Vdliam I.incoln of Worcester, a
brother of tho late ex-governor, was
noted for his extreme nolitcness, Ile
went with a friend on a gunning cw
dition, and both becauio eihilaratcd by
n too frcipicnt fxamiiiation of tbe con
tenl ot a certain blark btittle On the
way baek, for the want of other r.ime
tbey aiuuscd tbeuiseUes by sbooting at
uie nur.-e. At Ihu first hre the hor.M
cleaied bun-elf from the wagon and left
lor hoine, but the oecupaiitM were too iu
ti-nt on bringing ilunn theirgaine, and a
lillle loo iniiddletl, to had it out. Kach
had been t iking turii-i al Mmotiii-, and
-Mr. Lincoln, who MippoM'd he had becu
tiiviiig, Miit lo Ins coinpaiuon : "Mr.
iiiai,c. II lt i- peilei-IIv i-niivciiicnt, you
take the lein-, and I will ,-hoot a spell."
iu. i.innii: .v M'lioulboy s conipo-
miioii vi: llie lvlitor" ran as follow
in a M-h.iol uot far from Ciueinuali :
"llie edil.ir is one of llie ba;.pier.t an-
iiuai.- ui tlie uoria. He can "o lo i
fiivu-, alleinoiin and exeiimg, without
p.iying a cent : al-o, to imiucsl and
h:iiigiug... Ile ha- I'rce tickels lo picnie.
and strawliL-rry fe.-iivals, get- wedding
cakes .-i-nt hiin, and .-ouietiines gi t a
lieking, but iiut oiien, lor he can take
th'u.g b;,ck iu the next i-i:e, which he
p nerally doe.-. I nevcr kuew but one
editor to get lickt. Ui-. paper butud
liiat dax, and he couldii't lake anytbiiig
bacK. Wlule olher folk have to go to
bod early. tbe editor can sit up late every
night au.l ut all that i.- going on. Tbe
bo- ibink it'.- a big thiug to haug on till
10 o'clock. Wbcii I aiu a maii I inean
lo be au ediior, m I can .-tuy out late of
niglns. Tiien that will be bully. Tbe
editor dnu't h.tve to saw wood or do anv
ciio.ping, exeept wilh bi-.-eiors. Kaii
ro.uU get up cxcurnioii lor biin, know
uz if llny iliil'nt heM make Ibein git up
and git. Iu politic- iie don't caiv niiioli
w ho be goe- lor, if llicy are ou hi? side.
If tbey ain't be giv. lor 'ein any way ;
m it ainount- to nearly the ?ame thiug.
Thcic i.i a giv.it iuaiiy people tryiog to
le editor.- u ho can't, and -ome of tliem
have becu in the proler-ioii lor year-. It
1 wa- a-ked if 1 bad ralher have an cdu
caliou or Iu a ciicu- rider. I would rav.
lel uie be au editor."
M mii.i.m.i. M .m-. A good wite i
tbe gieale-t earihly b!e-.-ing.
Make niarriage a iuatler of moral
M.ury in nnir own ivIi-ion.
-Many iuio a ditleivnt blnod and tcm
;, ramesit lroin your own.
Nevcr talk at om- anutbcr, cither alone
or iu coinp.my.
.Nexer t -. tt ni.inife-t aner at onee.
Nevcr speau icuil lo one another, un-le-s
tbe hou-e is on lire.
l.et cach one -trivc to ield oflenc-t lo
tlie wi-hes ot ibe other.
I.et .-.!t-al.iu g:itioii be tbe d..ily aim
and ulFort oi e.ieu.
The very neaie-t .ippr.ueh lo ilome-tie
ieliciu on earili i- iu ibe inntual eultiva
liou ol au ab-ohlte uu-cifi-liiie-.
Nevcr lind tauii. iiule- it i- perlectly
cei laiu tbai a. taull ha been coniniitled ;
:.ui! cveu ilicii preiude it with a ki--,aud
!ov nigly.
Negieet tlio wliole world beside-, ratb
er than one aiulhcr.
Nevcr ailow a leipie-l to be icpeatcd.
'I I'orirol" is nevcr an accopt.ible excu-e.
Nevcr in. ike a reinaik at tbe exjien-e
nfl'ie jliir : it i- me.inue .
Nevcr part for a day without loving
wonl- t think of durin ab-ence : bc
siib s it inay be tbat you will not meet
.n'aiii in bie.
Viit Yi. vu- ix a Duxceox. M. An
deroil, a iu-.-ian writcr, wbo was cx
iled some year.- ago lo Sibcria, is niw
conlribuliii!: to Ibe l'evue Moih-rne, under
tbe lille of "S nivenirs de Siberie." hi-ivcuiKeliiin-
lMt ouly of Siberiau, but
,iUo of K.i ian hi'e. Iu llie la-t nuiuber
of tbe Kevue be lelU a story, the end ot
which belonj- to llie pr.'.-ent reign, thc
l.eginiuiig lo ibeieign ofl'vi l., of whose
p.-i iod it i-i -trikinaly ch iracteiistic. The
Kinperoi-- favorite vvaJ at that tinie a
young h'l ench aclres-, of wbom he wa-"
madly j aloiu. One cvening, at a
hall, he ii'ilicel lli.it a young nian uaiucd
I. ibaiu If was liaving Iu r a grc.it deal of
attcntion ile did not !o-e his teinpcr,
biil at the eud of the ball gavc ordcrs
that I.tibaimll sbould be aric-ted and
thrown into tbe citaihl. Ile only in
teiiilcd lo l.ei p hiin tbere a few davs,
"to make hi;n more seriou-," after which
he propo-ed to iciiiuiaud hiiu and to
appoint hiin to an otiiee which had been
Siilieited for bim. Lih.iuoll) bowcver,
v.-iw orgotien. "At the dealh of Nicholas,
Alcxaud.T II , then fiill of inagnaiiiiniiy,
bberated all iho piisoncrs in tho citadel.
without cxccption. Iu a vaullcd tomb
in vvbich it was iuipo-.-ible to stand up-
right, and wbich wa- not more Ihan two
yard.- loiig, an old uiau was found, al-mo-t
beut d )ub!e, and iuc.ipable oi an-
wering wbcii he wa- spokeli to. 'I his
was l.ab iuoir. The Empcror l'aul bad
Iipcii siicc.'eded by tho J-.inpcror Alexau-
ler I. and aitcrward bv the Empcror
Nicholas ; be had been in the diingcon
more than lifly year". When he wa
taken out he c uildnot bear tbe light, and
bv a strantre plicuoiiieiion his luovemcnts
b.id becoui'j aiitoinatic. He could hardly
hold hiniscll up, and be bad bccoine so
iccii-tomcd to move about within the
liinits of his narrow cell, that he could
not take more than two steps forward
without turning rouud, as though hc had
struck again-t a wall, aml takmg two
stcps b.ickvvard, and so on alteriiately.
Ile liveil tor only a week. altcr bis Iib-
'IIoiv many boaiders did you say you
had inipiircd an a--e.-sor of one of the
uppcr ward- ofa landlady tbe other day.
"Nine, Mr," said tbe landlady, adding
iinmediately aflerward, "but ouly two
are ntauig. ' The rest we DeiiwcraLs."
"Haiso the window, lliat I may look
upon the green lulls, and carry the im
iression of ibi-ir beauty with me to the
spirit world,"vvere the vvords ofa clergy
lnan of Vcrmont,a few minutcs before bis
Gen. Cary, who was very cautious be
fore elecliou about bis party coramittal,
has, sinco his defeat, addressed demo
eratic meeting, and that, too, in coin
pany wilh Erank ISIair. Ilis defeat
suiik hiiu into the right spot.
Trlcks of a J uyyler.
Tbe far (ained Kobert lleller cannot
be satiflied wilh his legitimate triuiunhs
liefore an audienee, but oecationallv does
a neat thing lor his own uinu-eiiicnt,
veiy much to the surprise of tbo-o wbo
happen to be present.
Ou S.iturday lat, white pasffing an
itincrant endcr of cbeap provisions, Mr.
lleller Middenly pau-ed and iixpiired :
"llow do you sell eggs, auntiu?"
"Dein cggh" was the re.-poiiK! ; '"dey
um a pieayune apice fresb, too, de last
oui ot 'ein ; biled ciu my.-elf, and know
iley's liia rate."
"Well, 111 try 'cui, .-aid the inagician,
a? be biid down a bit of fractiunal cur
rency, "Have you pepper and salt .'"
"Ve-', sir, ilein dey is," said tbe sahle
.-alesvvoinaii, watciiiug her cuslouier with
inteii'ie intere.-t.
I-eisurelv dniwing out a neat litll
penknifo, .Mr. lleller proceeded very
uietly to cut tbe egg cxactly in hall,
when siiddenly a briglit new twentv-live
cent iiece was di-coered lying iinbedded
ui tlie yolk, apparenlly as bright as when
it caine froin the inint. Very coolly tbe
gre.it inagician iran-ferred tbe coin to
his vest liocket, and lakiu un uuotber
gg, impiired :
"And how liiuch do you ask lor thi-
"Dis I.ord biv-s inv soul '. D.it erg
De lact ain, bo?, dis egg isvorth a
liine, huar."
"All right," was tbe respoii''e ; "here's
Ihediuie. Xuiv "ive me the ei;C."
Separntiu it with an exact iireci-iou
ihal ibecolored lady waleheil uagerly, n
piarter eagle was ino-t caretully pickcd
out ot tbe egg, aml placed in Ibe vest
poeket of the operator, as before. The
old woinan was tbuiider stiuck as well
.-he ini"bt have been, and her custointir
had jto a-k the piice for the thiid egg
two or three tiines before he could obtaiu
a icplv
Dar's no u-e talkin', mars'r," said
the bevviliieicd old d.ukey. "I cau't let compli-huienl.- of sketching and )laTiii''
you hab that egg nohow for Ie-s than al the piano, it mu-t be ackuowleilged that
ipiarler. 1 declarc to de Lord 1 cau't." the Ivigli-h giil -hows lor all tbat she i-,
Very good," -aid lleller, who-e im-, and ib it for -orial purpo-e-bcr acipii-i-perlurable
li-.ilurcs were a- solcnin a- an ! liou.- are greatly siipcrior to tbo.-e of the
unileitaker, "tbere i- your quarter and Aineri.-an girl. l)r. lloluml.
here i.- the cgi'. All right." Z
As hc oiiened the la-t egg, a brace ot
live dollar eold pieces were discovcred
siiuly dep i.-ited in tbe bcart ot tbe volk, j The fnllowiug ruK- will teach jiMing
and ji..giiiig ibein inerily logelher m hi- ladic- limv to avoid ibecatching ofa bad
little palin, the savant coolly rcniarked : hu-banil :
"Very gimd egj-, iiiiled. I r.itber' I- Nevcr iu-irry for we.dlh. A wo-bl..-Ibein
: and vvliile l ain about it I ! man'.-hl'e con-i-tcth not in tho.-e thing-U-lieve
1 will buy a dozcn. What is thei tbat she po eih.
price ;'" -- Nevcr iu. inv a fop. nor one who
"I say price '." exclaiiiied tbe ama..ed -trui- about dandy-like. iu kid glovc-.
d.iuhtcr of J I:itii. "You coulJn'l buy I ano anl ring- on his lingcr.- '. Heware '.
deiu eg-'. mar-"r. lor all de uioiiey you'- tbere i- a'.r.ip!
gol. jNo, ual oii coiiltln t. 1 e gvvine
lo lake dem cggs ai biime, 1 la ; aml dat li-leil, mcaii, -onlnl man, who -ave-iiiiinev
in dem c"g-all b'long-to me. li cvery penny. or -pemU it gruilinglv.
loes dat. C'ouliln't sell no more ot dem
ggs, nohow."
Ainid ibe roar of thc speetators, the
benighted African slarlcd to her doinicil
o sinadi dem egg-," bui with what
iiccess wc are iinable to relale.
! vi.MP.l
Smip. Citr.AsP. I'ui
fireproof ve--cl one-fourth ponnd ofl
or soft crca.e like lard. one-fourth i
lard or
poiind of tallovv lnef or niutton tallow
one-foiiilli pound ot becswax, balf a pint
of neat-fool oil, three or four lable--ipooiifuU
of lampblack and a picce of
guin cainjdior a- large as a hen's egg.
Mclt the iugreilieuts over a -low lire.
and -tir thiiu tboroiighly afler tbey are
inelled. Nevcr heat it so hot as to muke
it boil. Soft grcase which ha- .-alt in il
will p.ot iniure the leather. Now, have
the leather vvarin, and wanu the grcase
not.-oitwill llow. but have it so 1
that ilmaybe put on witha brusb. j
Sbould the leatlur seem to iiecd it, give .
tbe sl.oes or boots an oiling occasionaliv. I
It is not be-t to drv this shoo grea-e all i
in beloic the lire. but allow it to remain I
on the suiface of tho leather. A light
c at of this kind will cxcludo the water,
cveu if thc hools areexposed to the wet
..11 .1..,- TI.U -l.ii.. .nv.-i-.! w-i not m-
iure leather bv re.iderimi it bard and
inela-tic. When a man's boots aic ex
poscd to wel, he sbould wah tliem up in
the kilchen where the leather will dry
gradually, and put on a little grcase cvery
morning. It i.- lar better to grcase a lit
tle ofteii than to grcase bountilully every
Icu or twclve days. I;ather sbould not
be allowed to becoiue very dry before
greasiiit;. Alvvays apply tho greaso as
soon as ihu leather is ahno-t dry ; then
ibe leather will be ludlow, aud nevcr
become bard. Nothiin; injiircs boots or
shoes more than to sct tlicin asido to drv
vvlieu covcrcd withilirt. kcep boots aml
shoes awav Irom tho firo when thev arc
liablo to ho heatcd. Ileating tho Iciitlior
injurcs it.
Ilcro is another and much oimpler
recipe :
We notice in our exchangcs nunierous
racipes for making shoo leather water
proof, mo-t of tbein coinpoimds, iuvolv ing
coiisiderable trouble in preparation and
more or le.-s expeiise, and noue of tliem
hall so good as tbe simplo articlo castor
oil, which can be bougbt at tbe drug
storcs for twenty-live to lifty cents aa pint
accordirig to your locality. Apply it to
the boot wheu dry aud soak it by the
lire till the leather is saturated. Trcat
tho solcs in tbe same way, beiug careful
to dry in well, so that tbey will not
grcase the carpcts. We once trcated a
pair of calf boots in this way, and a few
davs after we walked fivc iuiles in sat
urated snovv and water from six to ten
inches deep at every step and caine out
with feet perlectly dry. Castor oil will
kcep leather soft, pliahle, and black,
though not glo.-sy, and quite impervious
to water. WUcuiisia Furmer.
The stylo and title of "Ticknor &
Fields" as a publishing firm is a thing of
thc oast. 15v tbe witbdrawal of -Mr.
Ilovvard M. Ticknor, tho old finn is dis
solved and Mr. Fields becomes in namo
what be has in fact been for some years,
the head of the house, whose namo uow
is Fields, Osgood & Co. Mr. James 11.
Os"ood's namo takes tho place of Mr.
Ticknor s, and the "Co." is represented
by Mr. John S. Clark, both of whom
bave bceu partuers ot the old nrm.
Enrlish and Amci-icun lyomoi.
I have said that the Englishwcinan is
larger than the Ainerican. I hao th
auihority of a conipetent and candid
Kiigli.-bwonian for the statetnent tbat tb
Ainerican woiuan is the Iiand.-oiner
llicre can be no fpiestion, I think, tbat
the avcrage Ainerican girl isinore bciuli
tul tbau her cou.-in acro-s the wnter.
She has grealcr dclicary ol feature, and
genendly a liner make up. She niatures
carlicr and, it is ipiiie likely, fades soon-
er, but tlie lact that she ii pretticr is not
to be disputed. The girl here i-, aUo,
under tbe usagcs of Engli.-h Foeietv, a
sup)re. ed crealure. without the (reedoni
that favors vivacity. The Americaii
girl i- perfcclly at honio in sociely before
the Knglih girl ees society at all, or
has cver bceu lierinitted lo escape the
eye of hergovernes- or her inolher. The
Anieiicaii girl inay be liiuch too forward,
but I aiu sure that the Knglish girl suf
fers by too great boiidage. Keinale edu
cation iu the two countiie- dillei-s great
ly, and singular as it in.iy seeni, the cdii
cation in the two countrie-, dillers greatly
and s'uigul.ir as it inay seeni, the ediica
tiou of the l.ug!ish girl i.- inoii' showy
than tbat of the Aiucricau. A- a gen
er.d thing, the Kngli-h girl knows little
or notbing of inatheinatics and tbe nat
ural science-. Tliese branches in Aineri
ca ab-orb a great deal of tinie, a- you
know; and you uill lin.i iniiliituiles of
Ainerican girU who are adept- in tbeiu.
'Jhat, in the eilucation of the Mngli-h
girl. whieh slrike- an Aiiierican, i- their I
kmnvledge of languare, ol litorature, of
inti-ic. imtl ol urawing. r.vcrytliinr
which coati ibule- lo -how iu sociely i
acquired by tbe I'ligli-b giri. I cannot
rec.ill ainong niy Kuglish Iravelling nc
quaintances a lady who could not -pc.il:
I'Veuch. and scvenil of Ihein baespoken
ImviicIi, Ilalian and ('crinaii .wilh entire
facilit. itb tla-e language- at coui
niand. with a widu aciiuaintance with
hislory and .. ;..-. and with the ac-
Iliur lo Avunl it Had 11 nnb'.uul.
- -Sever marrv a uiggarU. or clo-e-
laki- care, lesl he stmt vou to death.
1. Nevcr M.irry a stranger. or one
who-e cliaracler is not known or te.-lcd.
.Some wouicii junip riuht into the tirc
with their eyes vvule opcn.
o. Nevcr niarry a inope or drone. or
one wbo drawls and dratrgles tbroiigh
life. one loot altcr aiK.ther, aud lots
lU'n' 1:lkl' ,1k'"' :"'--
,:- Nevcr marry a uiai. w
ho tivats hi-
molher or si-ler unkimllv or imlH'erentlv.
Such trcatinent i- a sure iudicalion of
nieaiuies-i and wickednc--'.
7. Ncver. on any account, niarry a
gamhler. a prof.me per.-on, one who iu
Ibe lcast spcaks lightly of Cod or of rc
ligion. Such a man can ncver make a
good hu-baud.
S. Nevcr niarry a sluven, a man wbo
"n ncligcnt of hi- person or dres-. and i.
tiltbv in his habit-i. The external an-
1'caram.v iiu iimcx io ine neaii.
u- hun the mke as a snakc, a v iper.
:l vc,'.v deiiion.
10- I' uially, nevcr niarry a man who
' iI'li-toI to the u-e ol ardent -iurits.
l'l-" l'" you are neller ou alone
than you would be were you tiod to a
inan wboe brcaih is pollutcd. and who-e
vitals are beinj; guawcil out bv alcohol.
"- ".' "oc io uu- noc,;,.,onmtu.
A long train of cars. fourtecn or lif
teen, were reccntly pas-ing over thc Alle
ghany mouiitains ou their way ca-t ward.
Thcy were crowded with pa-.-.'n.rer-. As
the iron horse suorted and ru-hed on,
Ihoy began lo deseend and necdcil no
power but tbe iuvisible povver of gravi
tation lo seud ibein down with territic
swifmess. Just as the p.is-eugcrs bog.in
to realize their situation, tbey caine to a
short curve cut out ol llie solid rock, a
wall of rock Ivin;; on each side. Suddcn-
I ly tbe steam whistlo screained as if in
brakes," but with uo appaicnt slacken-
of the cars. Ecry window tlew
opcn, and evciy hcad ihat could be was
thrust out to see what the d.mgcr was
and cvery one rose iu their places, tcar-
ing sudilcn destructuin. hat was tln.
trouble .' dust a- thc cnginc began to
turn in tlie curve tlieengmeer sawa little
girl and her baby brother playing on
llie track. In a moment thc cars would
be upon theni. Thesbrick of the u histle
tartlcd thc little girl, and cver one look-
ing over could ce tlicin. CIo-c to ibe
track in the upright iock was a little
nichc, out of which a pieee ol rock had
bccn blasted. In an in-taut thc baby
was tliru-t into this nichc, and as thc
cars came thundeiiiig by, the pas-engers,
hcld their brcath, heard the clcar voico
of the little htcr on the other side ot
the cars ring out, "C'Hng closo to the
rock, dolinny, eling close to the rock !"
And the little crcaturo snuggled iu, and
put his head as clo.-e to ths corner ot tho
rock as possible, while the heavy cars
whirled past hiin. And many were the
moist eycs that gazcd, aud a silcut thanks
giving went up to hcaven.
Patexts. Tho follovving patents
have been avvarded to Vermontcrs for tho
wcek entling Oct. 2S tli, and bearing tbat
date : Beauman Butler and Charles F.
Uamsay of St. Johnsbury, for improvo-
inents in saw framcs ; A. W. Whitney
and V. A- Whitney of Woodstock, for
improvement in inachine for bending
shcet metal ; A- A. Whitney of Wood
stock, for improvcnient in counter-sink.
Ante-dated Oct. 10th, 1SGS.
13, 18GS.
Sharjter thttn Srrpcnt's Touili.
Tho-e who have been arouud the Cen
tiid Statiou lalc at night have douhtle.-s
ou.-crvcii an 0111 nian, (ligiulieil m ap
pcaraiicc, and cvidcnlly siipcrior to such
snrroiimlings, who lor sonic tinie a-t
has lieen .-.-I'king Iodging tlu-n-. Ile ha
a strange bi-tory. lSelbrc the war he
was a plauter in Texas, and poi.-e.-sed of
iiuiueii-c wcallb. Ili- di-po.-it in the
I'nion IJ.ink of this city at one time
rea-htil i8l),000 in gol.l. Ili.- landed
c-tate slretched over leaue- of tcn itorv.
and more rescinblcd a Ceruiaii princi
pality than the po-.-e ion of au Aincri-
an jil.inter. Ili- hoine-tead was ibe
seat of ca-e and opulciuv. and a fainily
of chililrcn added intcre-t to hi-i hou-e,
inil gae an inceiitive lo Ibe iiccuinula-
tiou ot weallb. On the breaking out ol
tbe war he went lo ICurope ; but before
leaving be inadc hi- will and execuled
pajiers which placed hi- property in llie
baniU of hi- son and son-in-law. Tbi.
was doue tbat in case of hi.- dcatb tbere
-liould be uo trouble about the di-tribu
tion of bi- c.-tate. At the eiid of the
war he canic back. Hut his ab-ence had
ivcn to hi- chililrcn a control of wcallb
thev did not inean to Mirrendt-r. Thev
relu.-ed to recognize hiin, or permit hilu
to have cveu a sinall piltauce with whieh
,.. !.!'. .I.H.....I, ......l i ..
. i,." "i- i .i i .
twecn Inin-ell and .-on, in whieh the lat-
ter w.i- -bol iu the arin and dangerou-ly
woumleil. Si exa-neraleil wa- tiie out
uie oiu-
ragcd pareiit that be exeii expre ed 1 i-
not ln.cn sacriliccd. He linally caine lu
- .. , .. . ii, -
un- -u- hiiu in-iiiiiieii ie;ai iiroceeuiii!-
lor tlie recovciv oi some propeity wincii
he has iu thf- s;a'e. I Vinliii" the
i-.1 ..,.,,.. cti , , ...:.i....,
itl t
nioiiey aml irieml-, Iliis iua ui in. ucari
SO ye.ll- of age, i- coin; etlid to -eck
-lieller at the police .-lation, while a
daughter of bi-. re-idin in a princely
inaiision not a dozen squarcs away, cn-joy.-
every luxurv that immin-e vveallh
and iinbounded icsour.cs can secuic.
TltcJ'fdc'ictil Hi iwfics of Jloi-moii
A llentiie woinan in I'tah lately gavc
a conv-pomleiit ol tbe Ciueiimati Com
mercial tl.i- lillle. but lciling, skeich ol'
the piactical working- of ti.e Mormoii
-y.-lem :
Now tbere- Ep'i. Iioln i ts right over
iherc pi'iuiing lo a -Mne bou-e near thc
iiioimtain he brouuht a rcal young.
delicate wile Ir.'in New York. now gom"
on -ixiccn vi'ars ago. an 1 s!ie worlu'd
avvl'ul bard. l tell you : w by, I"ve known (
iier to do allher own work when l-ph.
Icnl lbti-i- htind- and tbe tbnt-liin' mu
ebine at llie lioiise, and .-olin-tiiiie- she
vvorkcd out in tho lield. boiind wbeat ami
raked l.av, which, joii know, is awlul
ou a delicate New York wmnan 'taint
a- if-he"d been rais.-.I to it, like we f..!k-'
MIl.l :lll..l- rill ill-r bi.t V.-.11- I'nli W...H
md married another woniaii. a rcal ,
OUIC' Olle, not OVer IWCSItV. ailll. doil l
"vou liiink. llu- siirini; sbe knocked .Maria
th.if- bi-lir.-t wil'e down wilh tbe
eluiPi-da-her and scah'.ed her. Eph '
stood bv aml iu.-t said "Uo in. I.Ucc -
kill her if vou can."
It all started about a cliurii, loo. lioth
wanieil lo u-i- it at i nee. Maiia had it.
and bcr butler wa- a little slovv a coiiiin
aud thcy got mad. and I.iicc slruck bcr
aud then .-iiatchcd the kittle li'-ht uli' the
ive. and uured hot waler ou her
I, so -he tell tlown when .-lie tiied to
riiu out.
And wh.it wa.- the rc-iilt. linally ?
Well. Maria left hiiu : of course, she
had lo or be killed. ll's very nice.
thoiigb, for tho uicii. I had a do.eii
hanccs lo marry old Morinons, but,
law ! I woiildn't give l!,ut for all of 'ein.
Wby, ju-t turn thing- lound, and let a
womau have two or three inen, aud see
ii iw tbey'd like that. Tbey wouldn't
be no murdciin" done in liie.-e parls oli
And I reckoii a woinan ha- a-
liiue feeiin's a-a man. I tell you it inv
hu-baud cver ioin- "ein or tiies lo net
iiiother wil'e, ihat i.iy I II liunt another
(icntile. l!et vour li lo ou that.
Tiiixk 1!i:pi:i: Yot Spexd. Uo you !
reallv necd Ihe article .' Il i- pivbably
a prelty trille in dres-, iu lurnilure : biit
vvhat solid boiiUil will it be to vou .' Or, :
is it some hixury for the lahle, that you
ran a well do without '. Think, tbere- '
tore, before vou spend your nioney. Or,
vou necd a new earpet", new chafrs, bed-
tcad, or a new dres-: vou are templcd i
to buy souicething a little haiid-omer ,
than you had iiitended, aml while vou '
hcsilatc. thc dealer say- to you, "It is I
only a irille more, and see how far !
pretticr it i-". ' ISut belore you purclia-e
stop to thtuk. Will you be thc better a i
hence, liiuch les- iu old age, lor
liav in" snuaiiilcred vour liionev .' Isitnot ,
wi.-est to "lay up souiething tor a ininy
lay .'" All these luxuries gratily you
only for a uioment; yousuon tirc of tliem,
md their only pcnnanent ellect i to con
unio vour ineans. It is by such little ex-
tr.ivagancics, not liiuch separutely, but
ruiuous in tlie aggregalc, lliat tne
great majority of faiuilics arc kept com-
parat.vclv poor. Ihe lirst IC-sOU to
learn u-ually is to think before vou
-ullu.niail Jliutf
Do :.'or Swai.i.ovv Uuapi: Sei.ds.
Grape seeiU, cberry pils and the like
nro iiisoluble in anv and all the juicos
uscd in tho pro:esS of digcstion ; thcy
inust thcrefore pa-s from theliody in the ' eases brought against tbe L'nited State.
same state iu which tbey arc swallowed. ' in said court of clainis foundcd upon any
In their passiigo along thc ahinenlary
canal tbey cannot but induce moro or
less irritatiou, and it thc digestive organ-' , otlicer, or agent ot such departmcnt, or
are at all weak thcy inust of neceity ! where thc inatter or thing on whieh thc
cause great di.-turbance ; bcing bard, 1 claim is based shall have been pa-sed up
almost like little stones, tbey scnipe along ou and decided by any departineut, bu
ovcr tho delicate mucous niembrano reau, or ollicor intrusted by law or de
which lincs tho slomach and bovvcls, partment regulations with tho settlemont
and frequcntly lodge in the coiU of the jaud adjustment of such clainis, dcmands,
intestines or become iinbedded in the or uccounts, to transmit to said depart
delicate lining, and cause ulccrations and ment, burcau, or olliccr, as aforesaid, n
tumef.ictions of the bovvcls, which may printed copy of tbe petition lilcd by tho
re-ult iu death. A friend just tells me t claimaut in such case, with a request
ol a young m.m who, liaving eatcn a I that tbe said departineut, burcau or olli
quantity of grape-", bccaino ill, sulleio l cer to wbom thc same shall bo so trans
intenselv. was unable to "et rehef from I mitted as aforc-aid, will furnish to said
any aource, and linally dieil, An ex-
amiuatiou dLcloaed a largc quantity of
cberry jiits iinbedded in the howeU, to
gclhcr with about hall a pint of graic
scciN, which had coinpleled tlie
work of death. Jfrt. I)r. M!,r.
Vpiimoxt. The norlheru houndrv cl
Verinont, separating it from Canada, i
ninety mile.- in lenglh. The southern
boundary of Vermont, separating it from
.Massacbu.-clts, is forty-one miles long.
The ca-tern line of Verinont separating
it fioniNew Ilainpshire, is one Imndred
aml lillcen iniles long. 1 he westcrn line
of Vermont, eparating it from New
York, is about one hiiiidiod and scvenly
live tuiles long. The Icnglh ot the statc
ot Vermont from north to south is one
liundrcd and lilly-i-even milcs. The avcr
age widlh of the .-tale of Vermont, from
east lo west, is lifty-scven and a hall
1'ass.ed at the SeeonJ Sos,ioii of thu Fortteth
An act to iroide lor appeals lroin tln
court of clainis, and for other pur-po-e-.
J5e it eiiacted by llieSenate and Ilou.-e
of Repiv-entativcs of the L'nited States
ot AnuTiea in Congre-s a cmblcd, Tbal
' an apiical to tbe siipieine court of the
, . . 1 ', ... . , ,' ,. , . , .
I nited Stal.- shall be allowed on behall
f tbe L'nited States tioni all the linal
. ,. . . , , i
j ' . , , ,'i .i .'i ' .i"
i . , .
ivirtue ot tbe "eneral or anv sneeia
i ' .
ixiwer or lliri-diclioii ot sanl i-onrl iimli.r
i ;, .. . .
I bmitation- now iiovnled by law
1"" ca-en oi nppcai irom sanl
' "
I Si:j. -'. Aml bc it further enacled.
, That .-aid court of claim-, at any time
j while any .-iiit or claim ii pcnding before
or ou appeal from said court, or within
two ycars next altcr thc linal disposition
j ol any such siiit or claim, may, on iuo
i lion on beha'll of the I'nitid Stutes.grani
a new trial iu any such siiit or claim and
! stav the payiilent of anv iudnient tbere-
iii. upon
-aiiie iua'
uch tviiU'iici- lulthoiigh the
be i-uniulative or otberl a-
shall rea-onab'y -atisty said court that
any fraud, wrong, or injiistice in the
premisc-has been donc lo the Enitcd
Siales; but until an ord; r i- niado stay-
inu ibe pay meiit of a jiidguicnt, the saino
-l..:!i U- pavable an.l paid a- uow nrovi-
ded bv- law.
Sp.c. ;i. And be it fiirther eiiacted,
That whenever il shall be matcri il in any
-tiit or claim before any court to a-ccr-tain
wbetbcr any per-on did or did not
give any aid or coinfort to the late re
tieliion, llie claiinan; or party a-scrting
tlie loyalty ot any .-uch pirson to thc
I'nii. d Sraii- diiiing such lebelhon.-hall
1'C rcquired to proie allirmalively tbal
-uch person did. during said icbcllioii.
con-i-tently adheie to tlie l'nited Statc-,
aud did give no aid orcomtort to pcrson
''iigaged in -aid reln-llioii : aml ibe ol- j
"'-"-'. pei.-oil iu
a"' l'1:lce wl,cr'-'- :lt :,"' nine during such
r,'-i'Jcncc. uie rt ik -i lurce or orgainzatioii
held svvay, shall bc priiua facic cvidence
" uiu give ani ami com-,
anl aml com-
tort to said rebellion and to tho persons
engaged iherein.
Si:c. 'I- Aml be it I'urthcr eiiacted, I
1 Tbal no plaiutitl'or claiinan!. or any per- j
-on froin or thiough wbom any such
plaiiititl'or claimant derive- his alleued J
iitle, cl.iim or right again-t the l'nited
States. or any person intcre-ted iu any
siii-h title, claim. or right shall bea coin
peteiit wilncs-in the court of clainis in
siipporting any ,-uch title, claim, or right.
and no tcstiniony given by such plaiutilT
claimant, or per.-on -hall be uod : IVo
vided, Tbat the l'nited Siates shall, i!
tbey see causc, havo tho right to cxaminc
-ucli plaimill', claimaut, or person as a
vvitness under the regulalion- and with
the piivileges provided in .-eclioii cight ol
tlie act pas-cil March lhird, eigbtccn
hiuidicd and sixty three, cntillcd "An
act Io amcnd au act to c-lahli-h a court
tor the inve-ligaiiou ot clainis again-t the
Uiiited States," approved February
tvvc'iiy-fourtlcightcen hundrcd and lifiy
tiv e.
s,;t'- ' Aml be it further eiiacted,
1 Hat lroin and altcr tlie lir.-t day ot .luly,
eighteeu huiidicd and sixly-eight, the at-
'oruey gencrai oi tne uniied .-..aics ior
"eiug shall, with hi- assistauts,
altend to thc pioseciition and defence ot
al! matters and suits m the courts ol
,cl.iiuis on behalf of the Uniteil Siates.
f "v shall be aiipoinlcd by the pre-i-
dcnt, by and with tlie advice and coii.-ent
senalc, two a-sistant atturney gcu-
'-l-. wbo shall hold their ollie- for four
.v-'ars respectively, imless so.uier I iwlully
leiuoveu, auu wuose saiane- .-iiau oo ioin
tnou-and doll.irs eacli, per year, payalile
q'laneriy, auu wuo suaii oe in neu ot uie
-oiicuor. a-.-isiaui soucuor, ami uepuiy
solicitor of the court of clainis, and
tho assistant attornev 'eneral now nrovi-
. ded for by law ; and Ihe cxisliug otiicc-
of solicitor, assistant solicitor, and dcpu
ly solicitor, of thc couit of ciaiius, and
of a-sistant attorney general, aro hereby
i -iuuusut.il tum .um .i mv. is u.o
1 ii!htceii bundie.1 aml sixty-eight.
, a'lon.ej. gencuii suau nave poivm
aj.point two additional clerks of tlu
tourtli cla.-s, and o:ie eliik at a salary
l,...t..v i;.. i,,-.. fi..., ..i ,t,,:i.. ;.
his otlice.
Si:c. (. And bo it fur.her eiiacted,
i That it shall also be thc duty of the said
i attorney generals and his asi-tants, in all
. contract, agrecinent, or tratisaction with
.uiy cxccutivu departinent, orany buix'au,
atiomey gencrai au iaci.-, circuinstunccs,
i uud cvideuco toucluug said clainu as. b
32-NrM.BER 1033.
or may be in thc posses-ion or know
Icdge of the said deparliuent, burcau, or
olliccr; and it shall be thu duty of the
said departmcnt, buicaii, or otlicer to
wbom cuch petition inay be trati-mitte-1
and such rcqncst prcferred as aforesaid,
without delay, and within a reasounble
tinie, to furnisli said atlorney genend
with a full stateincnt of all llie fncts, m
fonnation, and jnoofs, which are or inay
bc within tbe knowledge or ili thc po--ses-ion
of said denartnicut. burcau. or
olliccr rclating to the claiin nforc-aid.
Such stalcincnt shall also eoutain a rc
fcience to or descriplion of nll ollicial
dociuncnts or papers, if any, as tnay tc
do furnish proof of facts rcferred lo in sai 1
stateincnt, or that may be nccessary aml
proper for the defcnce of the l.'nited
Stal'ea against the said claini, together
with the departineut, otlice, or place
vvhero the same is kcpt or may be pro
cured. And if the said claim shall have
bccn iia-seil upon and decided by the
said departineut, burcau, or otlicer, the
-tatemcnt or ansvver to be transmitted to
-aid attorney geneiul, as hereinbefore
provided, shall succinctly stale the rea
sons and principles upon which uch di
cision siiall have been ha-cd. Iu all
ca-e.- vvhero such decision shall have been
niade upou any act of congrcss,
or npun any section or elauso
of such act, tho -amo shall bc citcd sp.-ci-lically.
And if any previous intcrpreta
tion or construction shall have becu
giveu to such act, section, or claii-c, bv
the said dcpaiiment or burcau traiisinit
tiug such statement, the sanie shall Ih
set forlh succinctly iu said stateuienl.and
i copv of tbe opiiuoii lilcd, if anv, shall
1 . -
he annexcd to such etntement and tran-
iinlted witli tlie same to tbe altornev
noneral afoivsaid. And vvhcre anv de
cision in tbe ca-e shall havo been ha-ed
upon any regulation of an executive de
partmeiit, or where -uch regulation shall
or may, in the opiniou of the cleparlmeiit,
buieau, or otlicer tr.ui-mitiing such slate
nienl, have any beariug upon Ibe claim
iu siiit, ibe -ame shail be di-tinctly rc
ferred to and qnoted in uxtcno in tbe
-latcaient tran-initted to said attornev
; geneial : I'rovidcd, however, That wbeie
lhcre shall be neiidiii'' in said couit liioic
than one ca-e, or a cla--, ol ca.-e.-, tln1
defenco to which shall rest upou tho
-anie fncts, circum-tanccs. and jirool-,
the Said dcpiirtmciit, buieau, or otlicer
-hall only be riquiivd to certify and
'nuisinit one statenieul of tbe sainc. nml
uch statement shall be held to applv t.
dl such cla-.-c- of -a-e- as if inailo out,
ertilieil, and liansuiitted in each ca-e
Spc. 7. And be it further eiiacted,
That it -hall and inay be lawftil for the
hcad ot uny executive departineut, when
ever any claim i- niade upon said depart
aienl iuvolv ing di.-puted facts or cuntro
vcrtLil (jue-tions of law, where the
iinouut iu controveisy excced- thive
thoiisainl dollars or where tbe decision
will ntT.'ct a cla.-s of c.isc- or furnisli a
prccedent tor the luture aclion ol any
.Aei.,.i.e ueii.iiiiuelu in mu au.UMllieilL
f a cl.i- of ca-c-, without regard to tho
imount involved in tlie iarlicuUr ca-e.
Jr here any authorily, right. jiriv ilege.
r exempiion l- ciauncu or ucnieu uniler
ihe coiistitntion of the United States, to
cau-o such clauu, with all the voiicher-,
papers, proof-. and docuinent- pertaining
ihereto, to b. transmitted to the court of
clainis, aml the same shall be tbere pio-
.-e(.ded in as if origmally commenced by
the voMintary aclion of tho claimant
And Ihe -ecreinry of tho treaury may,
ipou tho cerlilicatc oi any audilor or
iMiuptruIler of tho trca-ury, direct any
iccoiint, inatter, or claim ot the charact
.r, ainount, or class dc.-cribcd or limiled
in thi- section lo be transmitted, with all
he oucheri, papers, documenls, and
proofs pertaining Ihereto, to the said
court of claim-, for trial and adjudiciion:
Provided, howevcr, Tbat no ca-u shall
i.' rcferred by any head ofa departineii:
iiule.- it lielongs to ono of the sever.il
cl i c-s of ca.-es lo which, by reaou of
ihe siilyect mat ter and cliaracler, the said
court of clainis might, under exiating
iaws. take juri-dictiou on such olimta
ry action of tlu clainiaiit. Aud all th,
.ases nieiilioucd in this section whieh
-ball be trnii-.inittcd by tbe hcad of any
executive departmcnt, or upon the certili
eato of auy auditor or coinptrollcr, shall
be proceed in as other ca-cs pending iu
-aid court, uud shall, in all rc.-pects, be
subject to tho same rules and regulation-,
aml appeals from thc linal judginents or
decrces of said conrt therein to tho sn
prcmo court of thc l'nited Statrs shall
oe allowed iu the maiiner now provided
oy law. Tho anioimt of llie linal judg-inent-
or decrces iu -uch cases to trau--uiitted
to said court, where rendered in
lavor of the claiuiants, shall in all cases
oe paid out of any -pecilic appropriation
applicable to thc same, if any such therc
ho ; and where no .such appropriation
jxists, the same shall be paid in tho
-,i:nc m.inner as other iudgmcnts of said
Skc. S. Aud bo it further cnr.ctcd,
I'hat no person shall lile or irosecutu
any claim or siiit in the court of clainis,
ir an appeal thcrcfrom, for or in rcsp- et
:.i which hc or any a-.-ignee of his shall
uave commeiiccd and has pen ling any
-i.it or procc-s iu any other coui t again-t
uiy otlicer ur pcrson who, at the time
of the cause of action alleged in such suit.
I or proccsS arosc, was iu resjiect thereto
acting or profcssing to act. meiliately or
immediately, under tho autbority of tho
Ciiitcil States', unless such suit or pro
ce . if now pending in such other court,
-hall hc vv ithdrawn or dismisscd within
tlurty daya after tho patsago of this u !.
.Si-c. 0. And lio it lurlher cnacieil,
That it shall be tho duty ol the clerk of
ihe said court of chiims to transmit to
eongre.-s at the commencement of cvery
Deccmber session, a tull and complcte
statcmeut of all the judgmunts rciidercd
liy the said court for the previous year,
stating tlio amounts thereof and the
partis in whose favor rendered, together
with a brief synopis of tho naturo of tho
claims upou which said judgments havo
been rendered.
Skc. 10. And bc it further cnacted,
Tbat all provisions of any act incom-
patiblo herewitli bc, aud tuo samo aro
j liereby, rcpeaieu.
Approved, Juuu io, lboS.

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