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-r juiinsihky, vt., it;iiay, xov. 13, iS6s,
After tfi JZlcction.
'J'lic figures given last week are to le
chaiiged but little this week. Tlie imtiv
lior ot states, and consc(ucntIy Gen
liiiiit'ss electoral vote, will bc sonicwhat
larger than was tlirn cstimatcd. "Vi
l-evvherc give a table of tlie states witli
their t-lcrtoral vote.- and also tlicir popu-
lar majorities from wbich it appcars
that l'! ol' tlii' .'! 1 states votin" liave zone
t r Grant, aml eight for Seymour.
'I'hrif. (Virninia, Mississippi aiul Tcxas).
:in- nut vet recoti-tructed, and did not
vote. It is a noticeable fact that Ocn.
ir.uil has a large majority of tlie popu
lar vote a- well a.- a m ijority of tlie clec
toral vctes of tlie sta'os.
Jt is i)iiKivli:it rcmarkablo that now
Gen. Grant is tlie clio-en leader, maiiy
of tlie di'moeratic papers, wliicli two
week- ago could nut say bad cnoujih
thinj:- of liim, are turning right about
and now tulk a- tliough Gen. Grant was
tlair eandidate. Some tbink they sce in
thi- an atteinpt to Johnsoiiize our new
prc-ident, and take liim out of tbe liaiul
1 tbe party that elected liim, and maki
lini thc tool of thc opposition.
;!iiiik thcre i little fear of this ; and we
clieve tbe peoplc generally bavc th
.rcntcst 1'aith in tbe iuleirrity of our
irc-ident eleet.
Gen. Jlutler.
AVe tbink tho opposition by republi-
caiis to ( !en. ISutlcr's re-eleetiou was not
ii'caiiM' lie i- a radieal, r hates rebels,
nt for entirely ilitH'rcnt reasous. It
wcnM be pleasant if, after Andrew John
in leavcs tbe pro.-idential chair, tbe re
, uMicans in cjiinre.-.- and '"tbe nian at
i ii1 other end of tbe avenue," could be
bannony : bat unle-s Gen. lbitler'
i-m and tactics have clinnired verv
ii.ueb within tbe pasl fen niontb-, then
i very little hnpeofit. On the :25th
. Aumi-t, 18(17. bn wrote to V. Jones
i t Wi.-con-in, as follows; "Graut's
i-' etion will be a misfortune, becau-e it
v. !1 iut in a nian witiiouta boad
! art : iiidill'orcnt to buniaii ;UtI'erin and
: potent to jjovern."
Co.vi.. C'oal hu- jioue np in 1 i Jton
i . irkct from S7 to t$l'2 per ton. I.nsi
ir at tlii? time it wa ST.'iO. Conibi
i - :ion at tbe niines i- tbe allejred ean-e,
t mub tbe Congregationaii-t iy. that
','100 toiis niore have been reeeived
tl.'i- eaon in tbat eity tban Iut ycar at
t.lstinie. '1'Iiat looks liue pecuIation
! ; l!j;ton dealers. Ilowecr tbit may
. tbe poor will .-utl'er by it, as all tbo?e
o aie able to buy a year"s ttock at a
l. .ie, generally bny early in tbe fall
.:ieu priees are down. I'ity and belp
poor !
lion 7 J)o Jt.
Ifanyof our readers are inelined to
:i.iwer tbe ads-ertirements wbich inf'tvt
:i!mo-t every mw-paper nov-a-dny,
p"(imi-ing ".-leady einployinent" and
'jjreat wate" in .-oiiie ''liglit and pleai-
aut bu?ine," and "110 capital recpjired"
we adv"iM3 tbem not to do it. It i
; jme ageney tbat tbe-o advertiserd wiAi
to i't you to engage in, in wbich your
Jiay will be aeeording to tbe aiiiouut you
i-.'ll. Ibe country K lilled witb these
:.geiit like tho fro;:s of Kgypt, they in
ale eery houe until they bavc come
to be an nmnitigated nuijanee. Tlicir
bii-ine. i? ;o oveidone that not one in
tfii can gct a living ; and aflor tranipin;
about lrom bou-e to hou-e in tho "profit-
able and jileaiant" biiMUe.-s till uttcrly
lii-cmiragi'd, they have gener.illy to bor
low money to get back to tbeir fricndd,
Nidder and wiser incn.
I'KiNiiMi l'i:i..-3Ks. Mr. JJoyal Cum-
oiiii-a, one of tlie pubiMiers of tbe New
I ort Ii.pres bas received lcttcrs patent
1 jr improviinent in printing prcsses
i'he Scientilie Ameiican says this hiven
lion lelates to a new and iniproved print
ing pivof that c!a?- in whieh tho aper
'. printcd from a continuous roll, aiul
jotb sides of thc paper at one opcration,
It wa tliought for a long timc that
pre.--er of this descriptiou would never
come into praetical use, but we undcr-
tatnl they are now in eonstant usc in tbe
goernmi'iit printing ollice in Washing
ton, and that several of tbe Is. Y. dailies
nv also printcd on tbesc machincs.
What tbe 'nature of 3Ir. Cumniings' in-
vention i-', we do not know : but be is a
gcniii.- in bis liue, and we hope lie has
got bold of .-ouietbing valuable.
AiTi:u lSi'Ti.Eit, AVn.vr? Gen. 15ut
ler bad a perfect right to feel good over
bi- vote in tbe Fifth district : also to
quute scripture in Fanenil llall, a he
did at tbe glorilication mceting after-
wards. Apjn-upos of Hutler, it is said thc
anti-I!utler eampaign cost State strect
not lcss than one bundred and forty
thouand dollar.-. Some cruel newspa
cr nian lia1- remembered one of Gen.
Ieii' -i)eecbes made jtist bcfore tbe close
of tbe rainpaign, in wbich hc warncd
irant that if be (Grant) didn't toe tbe
niark. be (IVn. Ibitlcr) 'vould gtve him
fnoiigh to do to kecp him busy." Tlie
i". )t.m I'o.-t, not one of Gen. J5utler's
adiiiiicr-, niakes tho following bit at bis
oppuiioiit :
It I'.iitlcr i-a '')()oi)-tbief,"'
As Dana's peoplesny,
A by did tliey leave ?o"i;reat a "spoon'
As Dana in bis way?
Gkant's Cauinct. AVe tbink thcre
is unduc hatte araong tbe Washington
corrcpondents in inaking up a cabinet
for our brevct residcnt. Howevcr, tho
pjality of running iHjfore one is sent has
early prccedcnt. 15ut wdiat is tbe use of
Washington eorrcspomlents if it is not to
make news when thcre is none. Among
otlicrs mcntioncd as likcly to be
called into Gr.mt's cabinet, are eilber
Senalor Suinucr or rvir. ISoutwell of
Ma.-sacbupctts, Gov. Ilawley of Connec
ticut, or Judge l'oland of Vermont. Mr.
Wa-hburne oflllinois, Mr. Wil-on of
Iowa, and Gcn. Shcrman or Admiral
I'arragut, nre alo one or tnore of tbem
likelv to be in tlie next cabinet.
VllKMOST El.KCTlON. Tlie lilu lillgtOII
Times Mys tbat returns from one bun
dred and forty towu g'ne a gain over tbe
September vote of -1,401). This indicates
about SS.OOI) majority in tlie state tbe
lai-gest majority evcr givcn, inaking Ver
mont tbe bauucr state.
iST Wm. llill, once baggage master
011 tbe l'assumpsic road, but for tbe l.ist
nine years keeper of tbe Mansion llou-e
at Nortbampton, basgone into tbe crock
ery tradc in Springlield.
CoititECTtox. Thc judge who was
killed in a riot in Alabama, Oct. 30,
was not Judge Ilorton, as tbe telegrapb
reported, but .ludge Silas Thurlow ot
I.imestone county, and formcrly ol Mari
etta, O., wdiither bis remains were taken
for burial.
1'i.axkkd. Gen. Grant tlauked tbe
entire crowd of admirers, oUice-scekcr.s
and hangers-on, in bis lato advauie on
Washington. A private carriage took
tbe party through Baltimore, and a
siecial train run tbem into Washington
where be was not expeetcd or rccogui.ed,
until bis name was discovered on an old
valise, by a reconstructcd backman who
.-houted at tbe top of bis voiee to an as
sociate, "Ilallo, Sam. Seymour's partner
is somewhar' here. 1'hcreV bis carpet
Oui'CK No. 1. Our brevct pre.-idcnt
directs tbe de.-truction of all letter.-ak-
ing for ollice under bis administiaiion. of
wliicli he now receives about a busliel a
day. When (!en. Grant wants any one
to till an ollice he will probably -end for
Gkani- a Dr.Mort: vt. Some of tlie
demociatie Jiapers since tbe eleciii.n are
claiming thu prcaiiUnt eleet a a deino
crat. Where is tbe 'butelier" of thrce
week-, ago ? No, tbat won't go ilown.
You made that llop too Middcnly.
I'vikxt 1'i.ow Ci i: is. C'apt. V.
1'andall, of Lyndonville, haj shown u
an ingcniou-- clevis, on wbich tbere is a
patent. by wbich perfect adjustment of
deptb and width of tbe furrow in ploy
ing i- obtained. Tbe intruinent i- very
-iinple anil can be adjiisted in a moment.
C3" Tbe editors and ublisher? of tbe
state have a meeting at Montpelier, Kri
day evening of this week.
iLLLsritAii'.D IIisiuitY oi' 1111: liini.i:.
Hcnry llill, publi-her, has is.-ucd a
book witb tbe above title. it being a con
nected a;count of tbe rcinarkable ovenl
aud dibtinguisbed characters contained in
tbe Old and New Te.-taments. and in
Jewisb Hi-toi'y during tho Kour lliin-
dred Ye:u intervening bctween tbe time
of Malacbi and tbe ISirth of Chri-t, in
cluding also tbe Life of Cliri-t and bis
Apostles ; tbe whole einbracing u period
ot lour tbousand vcars. Witb notes
eritieal, topograpbical 'and exilanatory,
by .lohn Kitto, Doetor of Divinity and
Fellow of tbe Society of Anticpiities
Author of tbe "J.ondon I'ictoi-.d IJible."
"Cyclopedia of Iiiblical J.iteiature," iVc
Tbe work is edited by Dr. Itond. and
bas tbe commenilation of elcrgyinen and
biblical scbolars of every denomination
Geo. A. l'endleton is eanvas.-ing this and
neighboring towns fnr tbe work.
Tlie I'rexidency.
States. Electors. l'opular Maj.
Maine, 7 28,000
New Ilampshire, 5 7,000
Massachustftts, 12 70,(i.")."
Khode Ilaud, -1 ("., l.'i.",
Connecticut, (i J5,01I
Vermont, 5 31,000
I'emisylvania, 2G 27,872
West Virginia. ." 8,000
Ohio, 21 :i."i,000
fudiana, U! 10,01)0
lHhiois, 10 ."50,000
.Miehigan, 8 :50,00u
Wisconsin, 8 l."5.."50 I
Iowa, 8 ."5:5,000
Nebraska, 3 1,000
Teuuesj.ee, 10 30,000
California, ."5 1,."500
Nevada, :' 1,000
.Missouri, 11 20.000
Kansas, 3 ."5,000
North Carolina, 0 3,000
Minnesota, -1 ."5,1)00
South Carolina, 0 0,000
Florida, 3 15y Leg.
Arkansas, 5 i'robablv.j
Alabama, 8 Doubtful.J
2G States, 211
New York,
New .lersey,
8 States
Electors. Popular M"aj.
33 by fraud 7,371
7,' do. 2,733
3 2,500
7 31, 100
1 1 70.000
9 tcrrorism 3.5,000
0 do. 30,000
3 dubious.
A littln , n( Atr rilnnsn,. nf Atkincn..
Me.. died one ilav last wenk fniin in.
juries receivcd from a bog wbich bad
escapeu irom ine pen. Jle playtutiy got
upon tbe animal's back, when tlie bog
uirew nim on some nam suustance on
tbe L'ronnd. ininriim liim urumlir fl.nt
he lived but four duys after.
Cfiiltlrcit '.1 Jlufdziiw.i.
What ji.ipcr or magazine sball we
take for our .'ittle ones is a question
that many are asking at this time of thtt
ycar. 1'or tbeir bcnelit we will iivc a
li-t witb priccs annexed, wbich we think
will ailapt ite!f in its variety, and Iite
rary lneril. to every child from seven
teen years of nge down to tbe cradle.
TAe llirer&d' Matpizme for yoting peo
ple, published by llurd & Ilougliton,
New York, at ."?2 .50 per ycar, is a very
handsome and c'.cgantly illustrated mag-
azme. 1 laus vuriiiian jvnderson, 1 orte
Crayon, Mr. .lacob Abbolt, Mrs. Ilelen
C. Weeks, autbor of tbe "Ain-lco Sto-
ries," F. 15. G julding. autbor of ''Susy's
Six JJirtbdays," are to be regular con
tributors tbe cuining ycar. We are fcurc
wcspt.ik 1I.3 miml- ofall old s-ubseribers,
when we s iy, they have found it a frosh
deligbt each month, and of all ?()( sub
scribers when we predict tbat they will
find it a valuable and attractive maga
z.ine. A sample copy will be sent iw to
any pcion wiitiug lor it and enelosing a
postage .-tamp.
Vnr Yo'oiy I'tilL, for tbe lioys and
Girl-, piilili.-bel by Ticknor iSc Fields,
Ini-tuu, at 2.00 poryiar, is perhaps too
well known to repiire aii)thiug from us
in its pnii-e. It has for four years prov
ed itsclf a favorite, in.-lructive as well as
entertaining. .i. T. Trovvbridgc, .lames
l'arton. T. 15. Aldricb, Mrs. Diaz, au
tbor ol W:n. 1 lenry's lcttcrs to bis grand
mother, and tbe autbor of I.eslio Gold
thwaite, are piomi.-ed as among tbe con
tiibutors for tbe coining vear, while Mr.
Fpes iargeiit will fiiruish miiiiu .'' dia
lngiies suiiable for sehool exbibitioiis.
We nced only ivfer to sucb stories as
't'.ist avvav in tbe C'.dd," and Houud
tbe Worid .lue," and many of our buy.i
and g'rls will deciile th.it they ncocl look
no furthcr tban to "Our Young Fclks"
for tbeir magazine.
Merrys Mh-chm, pul.li.Ii.-d by II. 15.
Fnller, llo-io'i, at .Jl.'iO a ye.ir, is a
very neatly executeil mag.iziue, printcd
upon tiuled paper iu clear ty.', and lill
ed witb cntertr.inin reading matter,
ehar.ides. cnignias, reluis-es and piuzles.
We e!ecm it one of tbe cboiee juveniles.
Th- Llttlt G-rjwmf. publi-hed by Al
fied L. Sewell. Cl.'.eago. 111., at 1.00
per yiar. w.i-tbree ye.irs old last .luly,
and alroady ba a large cireulation in tbe
F ist as well as in tlie West. It has in
tbe Nv vomber number come out iu a
iiiw dr "t :iud ioiui-is exeelk'iit thing
for ti.e inturo. We !..nv always tlunight
thi- paper (' iryr'4 in-irii. uith
-tories liill ol inteiv.-t. Iieautiful ioom
for e..iliin, and pieture piiz.ies and
enigma-. lurnishiiig lun and merrimeut
for tbe vvinter evening-'.
Our Sr'n'-I) ii ('-'" is publi-hed by
D.iuglrnlay a"d I-eker, I'niladilphia.
I'a , at SI.2.5 a year. It is well ad.ipt
ed to tbe seholar- iu our d.iy scbooi-,
tbe sluries iM-'mir in!eivp T.-eil vviib exer-ci-e
in mathemalie-, and grammar. dia-
liue'i.piiles.poeU v aml mu-ie. It i- a
magazine ol' :!0 p 's or moiv. neatly
priuted and well iliu-tr.ited.
'' A in ti 'i publi-bed by .lolin l..
Sburey. Pi-ion. at Sl.."5i) per year. is a
.-plendid little montbly. most sl.illulh
edited, for tbe youngest readers, ar.d for
:i siill y.miiger el.i-s, tte littr fieaivrs. It
lill- a laee n.ver betnre oeeupieil, and
i-omtneiiil- i!-jlf at once, ly its clear,
huge tv je, neat iilu-tration5. svveet little
poi ui-, and brigbt life-stories whicb can
be ea-ily undefstood by all. Wo ouly
wish tl.af all lamilies witb cbildren from
tiuvo to nine ye.irs, CKiild be siippliiil
witb ti.e Niu-ery.
Tn Ciuld,, .. publi-bed byT.
S. Artbar. rhilad.dpbia, I'a., at.1.2."i
per year. is another niagaiue for tbe lit
tle one-. witb Ivautiful little slories, and
poeni- swoet and ebeerful, and illu-trat-ed
witb suiue of tbe ciioieest wood cuts
we have ever seen. It.- religious tone is
marked. and its whob tendency elevat
ing aiul in-trurtive. It will be furni-b-for
s-l.llll to clergymcii, or to any per-son-
who may wi-h to seud it to poor
cbildren or f.uuilies, or to any benevo
lent in.-tituti jit.
Tlie Yrtitt'n Conintiiiiiii publi-hed hy
I'erry Mason ec Co., of I5o-ton, at Sl.2.5
pcr year, i- a wcekly paper, wbich has
reaebed its fortietb voluine. and is now
read by many ehildren whuso parents
read it as eaerly, many years ago. It is
well ndaptod to all tbe cbildren, old and
young, and its regular and frennnit ap
pearance makes it a very welcomo com
paniou in many hou-choids.
1 'rtiiil. J.e.tie.i loi.-.' 'tittl Girk' Wiehl'i,
New York, stib-eription 2.."(J per ycar,
is a pictorial paper inteuded for tbe
amusement ofyouth of both sexes. Tbe
illu-trations and litcrary matter are such
as especially lecommend themselvcs to
thc young. It comes weekly, and is val
We nolice tbat iu addition to tbe
auove, tnere are two or tnree new
monthlics coming out at the boginning of
tbe new year. Among these is Mitijm;
raV Mtujnzine, mblished by Carlton,
N. Y.. tlu autbor of whicb has Iieen
well known by thc readers of "Our
Young Folks." in bis story "Afloat in
the Fore-t." H is inteuded that its lit-
crature .-hall be of tlie bighest character,
and its illustrations furnished by thc best
artists. "Onward" is its motto, and
may its progres- as to success be onward.
Another is Uoldcn lloars, published
by .I. 1. Mugec, Uoston, at $2.00 per
year. II10 jironnse is lor a supenor il
lustrated magazine, filled witb stories,
travels, biographv-, nattiral history, &c
iV specimen number will be sent to any
one for twenty cents.
Tbe IJo-ton lo?t ollers for sale "eiaht
roosters as good as new, never liavinir
crovvcd but once."
From Montpelier.
Monti-i:i.ii:i:, Nov. 0th, 18G8.
Mi:. Kiiitoi: : Tbe hou-e came to
getber after an absence of four or five
days on Thursday la-t Nearly ;ill wcnt
home the 31st ult. to lend tbeir aid in
rolling up tbe unparalleled majority
gien the nation'schief. Vermont spoke
loud iu Sept., but thc 3d in-t. the thun
dered. Vermontcrs may well feel proud.
A Miiall state she is indecd. IJut among
the hills and valleys loyalty is thc rule,
and disloyalty the cxception. Towns
vicd witb each other iu polling an enor-
inoiis vote. Kutland Ieads by giving
Grant and Colliix 025 majority, while
St. .lolnisbury gave 02 1 majority for the
anie candidatcs. Kacb member, as he
marched to bis seat seemed well satisfied
with the results of Tuesday's election.
All wcnt to work with chccrful hearts.
The Great Captain's words, "I.et us
bavc peace," are about to bo veritied.
No moro may wo suirer from war !
Tho work of the session tbus far has
ehielly been dcvoted to corporations, le
galizing grand lists, changing tbe names
of per.-on- aml making tbein sole beirs of
somebody's old elothes. Tbe whole
thing of inaking adopted cbildren heirs-at-law,
by legislative siuctiou is simply
absurd. If tbere were uo other way to
aceomiilish the resiilt we migbt be in
duced to think it paiil. liut the probatc
court hns control in sucb niattcr.s as well
a- the legislature. liut it eosts some two
or tbree dollars to make an heir-at-law
iu the irobate court. while to run tbe
Vermont legislature eo-ts only about
51000 per day.
The great railroad fight betwcen Mr.
I'aik of 15?niiiimum and the Kniisellear
aml Saratoga railroad. a--isted bv all tbe
loreign I'ailroad corioratioiis, is still go
inr on, silentlv. but nevertbeless earnest-
ly. Mr. l'ark propo-es to extend bis
road fiom Kutlaud to tbe marble ipiarrii
nt W.-st Jiuil.-uxl. Tlie only road now
runniiig pa-t tbe.-e ipiames i- the Kan-
-elle.ir and S iratoga .1 road owned and
inanaged by foreiu capitalist-. From
tbe tcstimony evinced before tbe railroad
committee it appeared that the tarill'on
the marble sent from ihe.o West Kutlaud
maible ipiarries w.is very bigh, if not cx
orbitant. Sjme ofihe dealers said it
wa- as low as tbe eompany eonld alliird :
while otlicrs maintained it ruiucd tlu
-aie of some el.i-se-of marble. The op
position oppo-e granting the cbarier 011
the lit'ound lliat one road eun ea-ily earry
avvay all the marble, and that if Mr.
l'ark build- the ro.id it will always be
poor piopem. They also claiin tbat
.Mr. I'.nk- road will be a parallel road.
TiieraiIro.nl coininiilce have ju-t 111. ide
tbeir 'repoi t in favor of grauting the
charter. but under eeriaiu re-tiietion-.
1 lie Me r-. ISuiden are again at work
to pifH'iire a charter for tlu Walloom-ac
railroad. Tlii- s.ime ipii'-tiou wa- di--
eu.'d Ia-t iall, and after a full beariiig
the charter wa- refu-ed. The charter
a-ke,l lor la-t Iall g.ive llie eompany a
right to earry botb pa-scnger- aml mer-
ebaudi-e. Tin- one now ak- for the
right to earry eertain kind- of luerehau-di-e
only. Tbe legi-lnture eannot grace-
i'uIIv tleny the charter a-krd for bv the
Me rs. I5urdeu in it- pro-ent form.
The ipiestion of idlowing monev- lend
er- to take more tban -i per cent. for
money, iftbo rate lie agreeil upon in
vvriting, has ag iin been before tbe house
aml the matter freely aml ably di-f 11 ed
l!ut after a great atnount of lillibusterin
md dodging the bill was di.-misseil
Sjme ot the nble.-t meu iu tbe housi
were in favor of the bill : but nearly nll
thc fanners went dead again-l it.
The sbarpe-t di.-cus-ion of the session
took place Thursday. on the pie-tion of
tbe pas-age of an "act lor tbe ailvauce-
ment of tbe seicm-e of medicine and siir
gery." The bill provides that when a
person is cxeenteil for uiurder the sberill
may deliver tlie body of the person so
executed to tho ilulv uutborized anent of
any medit-.il -ehoul applying for the same.
Il'any relative, boivever appiies for tbe
body w'.thin twenty-four hours after ex-
eculion it must be delivered to him
The bill was stoutly opposed 011 the
ground of its barbarity the opponents of
the .-ame alleging that by death the crini-
iual expiales all bis erime, and tbat
iiirn ought to give the body of tbe poor
miserable nian a decent burial, and not
eonsign it to doctors and tbeir students
to liack and niangle. Tlie bill has pass
sed and now nceds only the executive
Friday the goveniorappoinled and the
.-enate conlirmcd the following gentlemcn
as members of the board of education
First District. Merritt Clark of
l'oultney ; 1'rof. George N. Webber of
Seeond District. donathan Koss of
St. .lohnsburv: L. F. Ward of West
Third District. l'rof. Matthew H.
I5uckham of r.urlington ; Kev. J. Isliaui
llliss of St. Albans.
Tbere was a great pressure on the
governor to induce him to drop nearly
all the old board, against whom many
i'riends of the lato secretary have a piyut.
15ut he has retaincd llie working men,
and has added new men of such capacily
as will add crcdit to the honorable
A novcl 'question has nrisen on whieh
thc-re is a variety of opinion. Messrs.
French and 1'aul of Windsor county,
during the summer tenn of tho court in
that county, were appointcd counsel to
defend Iliram Miller who was charged
with the crimc of murder. Miller was
very poor and bad nothing to pay his at
torneys. The trial, wbich resulted in
tho convictiou of Miller, lasted scven
days, and was ably couducted by tho
Messrs. French and l'aul. They now
ask the state to pay thcm for tbeir servi
ces very modestly leaving it to the lcg-i-lature
to set tho price. 15ut the housc
have docided that tbeir claim is not a
lcgal one again-t tho state. I do not say
tbere is a legal li.vbility rcsting upon tho
state to pay these men ; but it is virtu-
ally saying tbe laborcr is not wortby of
his bire. These attorneys could not re
fuse to defend tbe poor wretcb, without
contenipt of court. As the constitution
of Vermont, part first, scction 10, pro
vides that every person accused of a
crime "has a right to be beard by bim-
elf and counsel," I can hardly hec how
the dcfendin'r attorneys can bo justly de-
privcd of tbeir pay in this case.
A bill has been introduccd inaking
provisions in regard to drains, Biinihir to
those now in force in regard to fenccs.
It passage is doubtful. Another bill
makes fcixty-four pounds a busbel of
beans. Small dealers iu the articlc will
take nolice. The committee 011 ways
and means reported a bill on Saturday
iissessing a tax of40 cents for the sup-
port of government. Tho appropriations
are as follows :
."50,000 for tho debenturcsof thc lieut.
governor and tbe legislature and the cou
tingcnt cxpen.scs of thc general assembly.
82.50,000 for paying cla'uus ngainst
tho state liillowed by the auditor of nc
counts and by county clerks.
$7 ,."500 for the contingcnt expenses of
the executive and treasury departments.
70,000 to pay tho interest on the
bomls and dcbt of tbe state.
Not exceeding 10,000 for the foform
-ehool. Not exceeding 100,000 to
wards paying the principal of the bonds
ol tbe state.
The bill discounts -1 par cent on all
state taxes paid befure tbe 1st of Febru
nry. Also authorizes, tho state treasurer
to borrow not exceeding 200,000 at in- 1
teiv-t not uxeooding 7 K-10 per cent.
The bill was read and ordered to lie
and be priuted.
Tbe svnate are sipiabbling over the
bill to compel parents to send tbeir cbil
dren to school. Mr. Dale of I-X-ex
county is one of its -trongest opponents.
The light iu regard to granting a charter
lor tbe Lake Shore railway is being ear
ried 011 in a persistent mauner.
Anotbei bill before the house increaiies
tbe pay of r)mul district elcrk to lifteeu
cents each for making returns of births
and death-, and uue dollar for lilliog out
and leturning the schuol ivgisters. An
other bill provides that town grand ju-
rors fee- shall be iucrexsed, for
rant liftv
s. for each davs attendauee
' J
one dollar. and ten cents for each
llie committee on juuiciary
reported ndver.-ely to a bill putting state's
atlorncv- back 011 to the old fee plat-
A joint resolution jut pas-d the
boufe providing for a I lydrograpbie Mir
vey f the -tate. It provides that the
secretary of state -hall forward circulars
to the seleetmcn of each town making
inquirics in regard to the amount of wa
ter pawer, tbe uunibcr of nianufnetories,
amount of capital einploved, amount of
bus'mess, Ae. in tbeir respective towns.
A bill pa.-scd tho senats to allow men to
mortgage their goods and cbattels undcr
cerlain reslrictious. The house refused
to coneur in its passage.
To-morrovv afternoon the discussion
011 Mr. l'ark'- railroad bill opcns. The
debate will Ihj a -b .r, one, aml will be
inrticipated in by M -s;.- l'ark, Wood,
Grover, l'ringry, and others.
To-night Kev. Petroleum V. Nasby
from the X ro.ids, wbich is in tho state
of Kentucky, K-ctured in thcvilhige hall.
He is an inimitable nian in his spbere,
without a living ''ekal." Last week
Kev. Dr. Irwin lrom Louisiaua Iectured
in tbe representatives hall. He was a
member of tbe convention held at New
Orleans in '00, and was wounded in the
murderous a-s.nult made thercon. His
story is a hard one, but uudoubtedly true.
Tbe legislature will probably adjouni
tho 20th in-t. E.
Inciilents of Elections.
Among the many funny things of the
election of tho 3d iiist., we noticed u
writtcn tieket whicb not only bears
niarks of genius but avvfully black re
publican principles. Tho nian who
bore it must have taken lessons of Wen
dell I'hillips. It read tbus :
"Genuine Kepublican Ticket.
Colfax and Uoutvvell. For electors of
prcsidcnt and vicc prwident of the U. S
l'aul DiHingbam,
Horace I'airbanks,
II. 15. Cushing,
E. F. 15rovvn,
A. 15. 15ullard."
Another ticket bearing the namcs of
Grant and Colfax was endorsed as fol
lows : "Fearing Soyuiour, if elected,
would be controlled by southcrn rebels,
and believing C5 rant will tirnily main
taiu democmtic principles, and not be
controlled by such radicals as 15utler,
Sumncr & Co., I considcr it my duty to
voto this ticket.
(Signed) A W.u; Doiockat."
If our friend by "democratic princi
ples" mcaut strict ccon.omy in thc man-
agement of tho government and just
dealing with all men, wo say, Amcn.
Gov. Clayton of Arkansas bas ordered
tbe raising of 00,000 Stafe Militia, or
enough to kcep tbe Ivu-lvlux Ivlan in
ubjection until the cxpiration of rrcsi-
dent Johnson's term of olRce.
Mayor Hoffman "feels his oats" over
his election. He already assumes to ad-
viso Gen. Grant upon his policy. He
says that if he pursues a eertain policy,
distastcful to Democrats, "hc will fall
never to riso again."
Proclamation for Thanksgivlng.
It bceometh us as a peoplc to acknovr-
lcdge our dependcnce upon Divine Proy
ldence, and to retura thanks for tho ma
ny blessings wbich havo crovvned tbe
year. Thc custora is hallowed by the
usuge of many generations. I do tbere
fore appoint Tiilmiskay, the Tvvekty
Sixtii Day ok NovEMisait, in3tant, to
be observed by the people of this State
as a day of Tii.vnksoivin! and 1'kaisi:
to Ai.migiity God.
Iet u on that day cnter into Ilis
gates with thanksgiving, and into Ilis
courts with praise, for surely goodness
and merey huth followed us, bestovving
upon us nn abunlant measure of healtb,
granting us pkntiful harvcsts as the re
ward of the labors of thc hmbandman,
and continuing unto us the incstimable
blessings of civil and religious liberty.
Most of nll, should we ever render
fresb thanksgivings, for the gift of gracs
and the hopo of Ileaven, reTealed unto
us through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Let us not forget "the futherless and
the widow," that they may "eat and be
satisfied, that thc I.ord tby God may
bless thec in all the work of tbine bands
whicb tbou doest."
Given under my band and the ieal of
tbe State, in the Kxecutive Chamber,
at Montpelier, this third day of No
vember, in the year of our Lord one
tbousand eigbt bundred nnd eixty
cight, and of" the Independenca of the
IJuitcd States the ninety-third.
J011.N 15. Fage.
IJy tho Governor,
S. E. liurnliam,
Secretary of Civil and Military Aflfaira.
"I5ittN(; on" Youit Veai." Lieut.
Governor Thomas delivered a rousing
campaign specch in the town of I5arnard,
a Democratic strongbold bitberto nnd in
tbe course of it be turned to good nccount
tbe parable of tho "prodigal son," whicb
tho other sido have been using go extcn
sively to illustrate the return of tho
South to the Union :
He insisted that there was no parallel
bctween the prodigal son's dcparture and
return, and tht of thc States that wcnt
into rebellion. He ilid not run avvay.
netther did hu Meal anythmg when be
left. lie was of ago nnd bad a right to
go hc askcd for his portion of the estatc,
and said he would go and seek his foi tune,
leaving the other boy at home to look
after tho bomestead. He took bis
portion, went avvay, fell into bad com-
pany,"it might havo been the Ddtnoeratic
party, spent all his substance in tiotoirs
living," and liecoming very hungry from
his reduced circumstanccs, returned humo
in nn huinblc and contrite condition,
acknowledging he bad made a mistake,
nnd a-kimi tbe. least possiblo favors nt
the imternal board.
The icast that followed, and tbe
) rejuicings were all very natural under the
I circuuistances. for 110 great crimo bad
I been committed. The South stole every -I
thing it could lay its hands on, and when
I eompclled to return by a neces-ity more
1 exacting than overtook tbe prodigal s(
! il ralnu l,ack :" arrogant and proud
,.1..... ; i..r v:.i. .. 1.-.. i j ..
liliisti-r. it nirnl.. itj,.l(' lionl ifunt".
iafar aml wjRI it is 111I))0;.cj ;t
was once stcurely inside of the palernal
'man-ion.it announced mn diclatorial tone,
Well old nian. I ani back again. I have
iaid down my nrms, 1 aceept the itua
tion," nnd taking the best scat at tbe
tiibln, with 11 stamp nnd an impudeuce
wliich could be eipialled only by a ir
giiiian, cries out. "brtmj vn uur veai .''
v e iloubt whelher tbe applauso tbat
followed this "raiihic renderiiiir of tbe
"prodigal son" parable.bas vet ilieil avvav
among tbebills of I'.arnard. The speak-
er added, tbat until tbe Sjutbern .states,
that come undcr the provisions of the
recoiistruction act, evince a ilitl'erent dis
po-ition from this, be "should kill 111
ealves for tbem."
lSotli Iowa and Minnesota have adopt
ed 1111 part Kil sullrage by considerable
majorities. Thc vote was takwu on
Tue-day for so ainending tbeir con-titu-lion
as to allow the colored men to vote,
and the aniendments were carried. We
hear nothing et from Mi.-souri. where
tho same question was up. Iu Minnesota
it hail been voted on tvviee before, and
defeatcd. In New York tbe question
will come up next year, and we hope,
tietore many ye.irs, again 111 Connecticut
I he North .must adopt the samo rule
that it bas forecd upon the South, or b
digraced in hi-tory, nnd nlso seo tla
South revolt at and revoke tho principle
anu tho practice ot uupartiality.
Thc 15oston l'ost bas a Washington
telegram saying that many predict the
iiupeachment of Grant by tbe radicals
in less than twclve montbs from the date
of his iuaugiiration. If tbere sbould be
an attcmpt of the sort it will be by lut
ler and his followers, aided by tbe dem
ocrats, who nssisted in his election tbat
they might make use of him to divide
and conqucr tho republican party. 15ut
forewarncd is forearmed, and these fac
tionists will never tind the opportunity
for mischief they seek.
The Chicago Times on Monday pub
lishes an articlc 011 "Tho Noblo Dead
of 1S0S." What npity it bad not wait
ed until Wednesday so us to coinilete
tne reeont witli ouituarics ot its can-
didates !
Two more unfortuaates,
Weary of breath.
Hashly lmportunate,
Gone to their deatli!
Take tbem up tcuderly,
Litt tbem with care.
Haudle them gingerly,
Seymour and Blair.
As the eastern-bound mail tniin ap
proached Van Wert, Ohio, tbe engineer,
Israel Adams, noticed a small child 011
the track. To stop in time to savo it he
saw was iinpossible, and running out on
the cow-catcber, nnd roaching down, be
caught up tbe child and lifted it upon
tho engine, without injuring a hair of its
head, although he was in great dangcr
of los'ing bis own life.
llvs Oveu. Mr. Eli Stockwcll was
run over on Main St. ncar the lovver
bridge, on Saturday, by two rowdy
follows who were riding through tho
street. Mr. Stockwell was seriously
injured, some of tho bones of his face
being brokcn in. Common justice de
mands the summary arrcst and punish
ment oftheso fellows. La'icasier llqmlh-
Gen. Forrcst denounces Gen. Kilpat
rick uvcn worse than liutlor docs. IIo
says heis "a blackguard, a liar, a scound
rel and a ,pollroon." The provocation
was Kilpatrick's stump speecb stateracnt
that "Forrest bad nailed necroes to
fcnces, set fire to the fences and burned
tbe negroes to death."
Florda east ber vote by the Legi - la -
ture, and bad no election by the peoplc.
The Legislature bein Ilcpublican gavo
it for Grant and Colfax, 10 to 0. One
of the electors chosen to give llie ibial
vote is a negro, nnd will be the only
black tnan in the whole eleetoral colltge,
and tbe lirst who ever held that po-ition.
Kev A. 15. Earle,the revivnlist. prcach
es this mouth in Vermont. He has
already been at Brattleboro, is now at
Townshend and commences to-morrovv
at l'oultney. Thence be will go to
Cavendish and other towns, speaking
only tbreo or four days in a place.
Many Ilappy Keturns of the Day, is
tho title ofa fine l'arlor Steel Engraving,
published by 15. 15. liussell, 15oston. It
rcpresents a family festival upon the
birth-day of the household pet.
A scoundrel named Emci-son, who
threw :i stone and hit Edward l'ierce,
wliilo the lattcr was riding in a torchlight
procession at Lowell, Thursday night,
was promptiy shot by I'ierce. The
wouud will disable but not kill him.
Tbe tone of tbe Southern press is
generally favorable to the result of tho
election. They bclieve that it opens a
new era of peace and prosperity to that
Seymour's own town the town of
Deerheld. N. 1. went ngainst him by
a majority of one thougli it was pre-
viously Democratic. Grant s own town
tho town of Galena was carried for
Grant tliough it was prcviously Dem
UnnvET I'homotiox. Gen. U. S.
Grant has been brevctted President,
to date from Nov. 3, 1808.
Thc aggregate majority of the Now
Eiigland States for Grant is 150,000. It
is 11,000 moro than for Lincoln in 1801,
and 30,000 more than for Lincoln in
Er-President I'ierce has so far recor
ered that bo was nble to vote on Tuesday.
As be banded a Seymour and 15lairballot
to tho receiving otfieer, he remarked, '"It
is n strong ticket." What a touching ox
ample of misplaced confidence !
We shall lose a United States Senator
in New Jer.-ey, as a successor to Mr.
Freruighuvsen will be chosen by tho new
Democratic Legislature. On the other
hand Mr. Doolittle of Wisconsin Dem
ocnit, or worse will retire in coiise
quence on Tuesday's election.
Think of Cbarle-ton. South Carolina.
givint: 1,355 Kepublican majority, whicb
it did on Tuc-day.
The report that Andy propos -s to vcto
tbe electiot, of Grant lack- conlirmation.
Thc total Democratic gain in the next
Congress will bo tvventv-seven.
i)Ai:ls n.Xl'OSITION lci:. HtiA for the bwt fi
lVn-, iir.lid to Ix-lioy W. 1'aircliIM i Co. Tiw
Jtltbru-d IVdi aiv for tx at O. U. DOW's.
List ofLcttersi"
St. .lohBi-hury, Nov. 1.1,
Cnrrick llenry
Dumas Damd
" C.o.lfrol
GrO(;tin .lamrs
lItluilon Cliaf
iluing la the post oStce
M uon c WJ
l'ratt E A
Kot.li VI r J
Smitfi T II
Wakiiicld Annle B
C? I'smn c illinc for tbe above lotten will plc
Kie the dite of the list. II. W. Fl.ixrvvooi). 1".
Henry W. Stoddard's Estate.
The suh-crlhers havln? been appolnted by the honora
ble probate court foi thediMrlct of E.-.-e. cominlMon
en torecelve. examlne and adjut all cUlnis and de
niand ot i-l 1 per-ons n-aln-t the e,tale ol Uenri W.
repre-enietl liiv)lint. ITii.i11!!! te ritl ..t Jt in.nt)I !
the I5lh day of Dec.. ItfiS. belns alloned by -Jid court
prove their re-peclU 0 rlatms tef-ire u: :ire nottce
that wlllaltend to tbe duties of our ap;oliiliueut at
thedwellmshouscorjlariMret Sto.Mard.ln I.emlnsMn.
In kald dUtrlcl on the 15th day of June, lsuli, and ISlli
day otSept., IS09, uext, at 1 o'chnk I'. M. ou eaih
Ol aaid days.
IIIR4.M M. IIAKVKT. , .,.,
33M SlD.Nhr MOKUISON. Ji-'m'
Freedom W. Brockvvav's Estate.
STATK OF VKKMO.S'T, lln I'robale Court. held at"the
Caledonia llNtrlct. J erotule omce. In St. Johiia
bnry, on the 3tt day of Oct.. A. 11. 1M3.
Eleazer Davld. admliiNlrator ol the estale, ot Freedom
W.Hroilo.-aj.lateof llurke. in ald distrlct.deceaM-d.i.re.
bents bl admtnlotratloii aceount for eamlnatlon and
allowance. and makes appllcatlou lor a decreeofdli
trlhutlon and partltlon ol tli3 estate of bald deceased.
uereuiion, n is orucreu u eaiu louri that bald ac
eimnt and ald applicallon be relerred to a KeiMou of aald
court to be held at the prob .te ottlce lu st. Johnsbnry.
Oll lbe Istll daV of NOV.. A I). lSM. lor hearlllr n.i
clon thereon. And lt le. furlher ordered. tbat Dotlce
time appolnted fur hearhK. that they may appar at
ald time aud place, and buw oaue. 11 auy they uiay
bave, why baid account should not be allowed, aud such
dccree uiade. lly the Court. Atlest.
31-31 ASA I.. FHKNC11. Judjeof Trobate.
Ancil H. Wilcox's Estate.
A O.lsui.
John Kmernon. admlnlatratnr niTii tetnmnt.,
nexo.of tbe estate ot Ancll II. VVIUoa.lateof M. Jolius-
oury, iu aiu uisinti. urceatea. ).resent nis adinini'
the etttate of said deceaM-l
cree of
Wheraupon.lt 1 a ordered by t-aid court. that said ac
count and baldapnhcatlon be referrinl lo a session of h.tl.l
court to be held at the probate ottli.e In st. Johnsbury,
on the 30th day of Hov.. A. II. isos. lor hearlnc and ile.
clslon thcreon : And tt ls furlherordered. Ibat notlce be
10 au persous luterested. by publtcatlon ot the
! F U R S ! !
Anothtr ilaro t., I,
N I O E K r i
ItAILIiOAD STHEr.r, ? n-.,.. M
Where can rearly be found a? Iarp a.il ,
inent aa thi re ls in Nrnli-ni V . ,.
I I l.s
Whieh I will puarantce to SE1.1. l.L
Tur d-a!er.
BEAVEll Ffll for trlmming IIo .o- , .
DOWN for Hood atd Cloik Trimt.i ' ,
MIXK, ornii
IJEAVEH. .M) SEVI. ' ts.
Fl'K C0LLAKS.(.MYi:s.Af.
AL-o u large aLd Fplendi 1 ay-rtn..
Ilats and Caps, Shirts and Draw.-
Ov. r si.ir-f, Sock', Scarfj sud I ie", c
ThU f.w.rite in.nsirlne f .r the v ,i- a
U - i- ani'nt: th no-lc.-il.le f. nu'.
ini: Tol.mie :
1. New storie-, c ntri'ju.ed p. i !h
ride" in ad ou. , . f ii.- r ...i.Ii. ,ti , u I
Has- Chuistian An. l.l -en
2. A senal, "W r. .m : l. . .''
an.l l.umoro.-Fret..- ,mo,i t . i
l!l VlKs. Wit... jt i -..v .. .
.1 st ric fr..ui sp. ..udc ii ' .
cttiirp.pulir-b.ru- fruiu Mi . -;
4. l'aptr' nn luellton 11.1 Vn
m.i . , l.o-.v til -r ib- . re ork dh
ph. tOjTrjph-, etc . etr.
5. UuntiuKin south Afrti a: st i r:.
Vnitricau 1 1 ief. New t rl m-, U -Ir.i . i
New Vork, Itus'ttu, te.. ,tr.
i".. I.tfiontlic I iolrie. f. .. i ., i
T. i;iuuU;ier :-l'.c:.ui .. i
br i-.pi:Isi u:u r-.
-. Ill-istr ii ir fth Hnle. i. - . .
Hi.vrs, 1... i u iMi i.-.. tr.
0. Fun ,n l i'ro'u-tt. r. . f . ..
Tklrt -il:.- if.,rtw .1 ,
nim f ..f.l .. b ALli. t, il n . r i .. .
ind I hie i l arv, N. II , c . . I .
II. Ilnne. Ilor'o !..-.. ri: . !1 '.
Mm.--a.-l,-. Au-'.o. t's-j ! '
.-.cn I.itllt-s r ,-r-
i rrLi-r(iE rt.,.vTisi-ii.- a.
n.Lr-iKT:.'N i . i j ..
A Ii.ilUant ill i t .
TLCJIt, i: , ,
ii.V'a y.ej i i ad, n : u-. .
cc ttt, : ten ;ii r. .
Ve-ir. s.u-l
A prttp ci n- -..utiinn.-a :
the o.miu volt:r.i , riii .1 tl-' . -
lv-on aprlicitisn ta th. l ul '.. . .-.
111 IU) 71. I .. l
Il.is-:n- -tr
cheap: cheaper:: cheapesi
The eubi.ribeni Laiin di en.i ui i
cl.-e out tl.iir i n.ire ttoi-k c -.
D K V O O t i s
(Jroeeiie-, Wt-t Iiulia (. ioil-.
Hnidviare Itnot-A. Sho -.
Ilal- aml ;iis.
And an r.dti snct of arti.U- i.-.
couutrj stoie. Nox . rr.T .r it t.i i
tomers. C.ill and mv if we d-.ut fi 11 .1-
Cheaper than the Cheapt-st '
Thankinourclil cur t nneT for u' i i
now cordi .llv ini- them to il . .
derie Knie'lfiictit frnulKp.'
CHEAP ssyvxjis :
HeinemUr Ihat "Jelavs a d n - - " r .
come st once sn 1 hsw llie t-U i. t : .
No diifcount iroiu fonu. r pii.e .
Ca-di or llca'l.v s'.iv !
AllUnd.l'rr-'iu. nt.di-i
Cir-C.me o: e, c . 1!.
.1. .v !.. it t;m vi.
P.acham. Oit l-i!-.
Tlie lie-t rl'ce in tlie coi:ut to 1 .
1. . COItll V.ll's
VVlierenill be fo
ui'dthe Itrpnl n d
Nortber.i V'e tnout .
Ladies', Misses' and Childrc
1 Iiono who want a niee th.ni: n:. 1 at
can lv, found at any eitier p.'aee will pl- a.
CEfFuw r.ild. over llid repiiri.l n- -CtIIe.ivcr
Fnr for tnniniiac hood tl
IJf-Vlen's Nutia, Heirer, aul ul.
(Iloe-. ColHr?, Ac. .t.-.
Antlur lot f lhoe
1-5 O O T
whieh the ladie! h n e bn a w aitin. ' - '
october '.1., lc&s.
I'or Lob raincote, at . ...

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