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t. Johnsburg (atcdomaw.
St. JoUnsbury, Vt.,KrIday, Nov. ,B,l80
rr..r ,;. htnd icill tiurt nod'' of lttl'jio'f
JfHnj. OAurcAPair., JWt.'rab, LiI
Cirdx 0 Aelnotftismnt, '
o tti wordt i taih to accompany notue.
Nov. 8-Mcndelwohn Qutntctte Club, town hall.
Hang out your banuers.
It is a Republicau Congress, too.
It was a good deal of ashower after
Tho Repnblicana all seemed bappy
Remenyi used to fiddlo for Queen
Hotjclamjcliowder at Mattbewa fc
Pettiugill's Fridays and Saturdays.
Someof the union scliools tako a
recesa for a week.
Tbe Logtslature takea a wcek'a re
cesa in order to properly Bave tbe coun
try at tbe po"
TJl( st. Jobnsbury Cornet Band
a promenade concert at . town ball
Friday evening, Nov. 5.
Reineniber tbe concert by Remenyi
next Tuesday evening. It will be at
Academy Hall.
Trustee McCormick bai recently
been cbaugiog tbe course of tbe Bower
tbat runs by A. H. McLeod's premises,
greatly to tbe benefit of all concerned.
Tbe same nigbttbat tbievea visited
Judge Parks, Mr. Hiratn Weeks, who
lives between tbis placo and tbo Centro
also lost a lap robe and a good barucss.
Hans Andcrson, wbo baa been sick
witb a fever for twelve weeks, rode out
for tbe first time on .Weduesday. His
frienda uoiv look for a rapid recovery.
Mr. Harley Streeter ia engagcd as
salesman in tbe Fairbanks store. Mr.
Streeter "knowa tbe ropes" tbere; pret
ty well, baviug served a sir years ap
prenticesbip in tbat store years ago.
Josepb Clukey, wbo carrica on tbe
Bagley brick works, baa lately seut tive
carloads to Mr. Robert Pettigrew of
Lyndon. Mr. Clukey baa manufactured
about 300,000 tbis season.
O. V.Hooker & Sou liavc bired all
tbe patterns of tbe old Luko Buzzell
loundry and aro not ouly ready to rc
pair all old work done by Buzzell, but
willtuild new.
We understand tbat tbe wife of L.
A. Esterbrooks, of tbo fltui of 0. H.
Hale & Co., is quite sick witb typboid
fever. Tbeir little child, wbo bas beeu
sick so long witb dysentery, ia gradu
ally improviug.
Timothy Coveney, wbo lives in the
cdge of Danville, and wbo raises somo
very fine apples, bad some of the Pound
Sweeting variety tbia year, tbat did
weigb nearly a pound apiece.
Mrs. Phiueas Alden died at tbo res
idence of ber sou iu Newport Mr.
Horace Alden's on Sunday, aud ber
remains were brougbt to tbe cemetery
in tbis place on Tuesday, and laid bo
Bide tbose of hcr liunband and daughtcr.
Mr.Isaac Woods, upwarda ofeigbty
years old, aud an old lesident of tbis
place, was taken seriously ill at bia
bome in Paddock villago last Friday
nigbt, but was considered niore com
fortable at last reports.
Tbe Moutpelier Argus bad an illus
trated notice in its last iasue aunounc-
ing tbat "Tililen tcas elected, hut Maycs
eounted in ."' It is said tbo same paper
bas said sometbing to tbe same effect
After reading tbo accouut of the
big beet raiscd by tbe Rev. Mr. Morse
of Waterford, Mr. AlcxanderSlewart of
tbia town began to investigate. In
looking over his atock be fouud a tur-
liip beet tliat wciglieil 7 lus.
B. F. Rollius bas sold bis bouse on
Mount Pleasant street, now occupied
by Jamea Tbompson, to EH Meacbam
Consideration about $1800. Mr. Rol
lina owns seven other tenement bouses
iu tbis village.
Warren Swett, tbe poultry man,
nnw n;u. vttrleiles of fowla. He
will winter in all about 100 birda. He
bas bad orders for fowls from New Or
leans. Memnbis. Savanuab, Utab, and
California, bcsides many in tbia imme
diate region.
Four or five of Capt. Laird's men
were lyiug off on Monday, as we learn
on apprebension of a reduction of wages.
a niatter they evideutly didn't relish
very well. It has been the custoui, we
believe, for this compauy to reduce
wages about this time of year.
The fuuernl of Mr. Wbipple Al
drich, brether of Mr. George Aldricb of
tbia place, occurred at Lyndonville last
Sunday, Rev. M. C. Henderson ofliciat
ing. Deceased was 78 years old, and
tbe remaina were taken to Browning
ton for burial.
If one wisbes to see a sigbt in tbe
poultry line, let bini go to Moulton
prown'a, near Norrisville, wbose place
18 COu"Mely bcsieged witb turkeys and
geese, not thau 15QQ or 2000 bei)g
.quartered upon V;8 preraiSes, all being
iatted for tbanksgivUg
Tbere waa appareutly Re.
pnblican net gain in St. Jobnsbury, )at
we understand tbere was a larger num-
ber tban usnal of voters from out of
town. Quite a number voted tbe Re
poblicau ticket for tbe first time. The
election was .quiet, witb tbe best of
. Anotber gloiioua rain visited tbia
ection Saturday afternoon and nigbt,
and all day Sunday. On Monday morn-.
iK the rivers were pretty well np. It
mnst be by this time wells and eprings
re atleast moistened. Wbile of course
overybody ia tbankful for tbo blessing,
wo tbiuk tbose partiea will be donbly
so wbo bave becu obliged to draw wa-
ter quite a diatance for so'loug a time.
Mr. Smitb of St. Jobnsbury baa in
troduued a very scnsible Suuday train
bill, wbicb will probably be passcd. It
allows tbe running of tbrougb traina
wbicb start Saturday from poiuts with
out tbe state, but prohibits tbe need
lesa making up of trains. St. Albans
Tbo Rev. M. C. Henderson of tbia
place, baa recently bad a call from a
society in Barriugtou, Nova Scotia,
wbere he began his pastorate 3J years
ago. The society is a prosperous one
baviug about 600 members. Mr. Hen
derson has the matter under considera
tion. Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Brown returned
bome on Monday, after an absence of
six weeks, in wbicb tinie tbey have seen
a good deal of tbe world, passing into
tbe soutb-westas far'asNew Mexico.
They returned in good bealtb, and just
in time to belp elect Gen. Garfield to
tbe Presidency.
Wo understand tbat the relatives
of tbe lato Abial R. Hovey bave uiet
aud determined upon a division of tbe
property, wbicb was done satisfactori
ly to all concerned. How niucb niore
sensible tbia course ia, where it can be
done, tban tbe. ordinary, protracted
way, wbicb createa not ouly expense
but anxiety.
Principal Fuller believes in edu-
cating bia students in all tbe dutiea
likely to be imposed upon them, so on
election day be gave tlieni all an oppor-
tunity to express tbeir preference for
President before scbool commenccd,
witb tbe following result : Garfield 133,
Haticock-, 31, Dow 1.
Tbat "love of a bonuet" baa be-
come a bousebuld pbrasc, and we ad-
niit tbere is a good deal of inspiration
iu it especially so when the "darlings"
don't cost too uiucb. Wo tbougbt of
tbis as we uoticed the nice looking
specimens in aus. iiamngton's aua
Mrs. Fleetwood's windows on the Ave-
Tbere was more water running in
tbe rivers iu tbis vicinity Monday, tban
at any time before for many months
Botb above and below Mclndoe's Falls,
tbo Connecticut river was one maas of
gr wbicb were lodged on the Fifteen
Mile Falls in tho spring, wben the wa
ter receded.
Two young uien of this place
bad a little expcrience in navigation
upon tbe pond at tbe depot last Sunday.
Wbile amusing themselves in a boat
they got a little too near the dam, and
over they went. Tbey came out all
safely, but we woulJ juat wbisper to
them softly, tbat dry land ia the safest
aud best place for young men, especial
ly on the Sabbatb day.
Wilder & Sou, wbo carry on the
iron atoro at tho depot, are doing
heavy busiues3 iu the coal line. Tbey
have bought tbis fall, and conaiderable
of it bas arrived, twenty-five bundred
tona equal to 250 carloads at ten tons
each. This firm and the Slessrs. Fair-
bauks, are doing all tbis business that
ia done ih town. We are told that the
use of coal, as a wbole, is on tbe in-
crease, .n this place.
-A Montpelier pnper says the Calc;
dontan says that a woman is uot safe
eveninga on tbe streeta of St. Jobnsbu
ry without a male escort. Tbe Caledo
nian never said it. It said, "If our
streets are not safe for a wonan any
bour in tbe evening, it i.s time tho peo
ple knew it." Wben papers co"py from
tbe Caledonian we wisb they wonld be
careful and copy wbat it saya not
wbat tbey say it saya.
The Portland street bigbway biidge
nceds some improvements, wbich we
dare say tbe autborities will see to
wben they got around to it. It is near-
lv a new structurc, and aa it ia used
a great deal both by teams and foot
men, it ought to be iu first-elass condi
tion. Now it is lowest in the centre
which ougbt not to be, and the side
walka are altogether too narrow for two
persons to walk along witb comfort.
Tbey sbould bo wider and tbe roo
should project over them furtber, to
make tbis bridge jnet wbat it ougbt to
be. We are uot finding fauit, but only
saying wbat we tbink would be a good
Col. A. B. Jewett and wife are
most Ueeply afflicted in tbe deatb of
tbeir ouly reinaiuiug child, Geo. A
Jewett, wbo died of typboid fever at
Swanton, on Wednesday. George
graduated at tho academy iu this place
in Juoe '79, and entered Dartmoutb
College tbo same j'ear; be was taken ill
witb a fover and removed to tbeir bome
in Swanton some two weeks ago, wbere
everytbing wa8 done for him tbat af
fection and skill could suggest. Wbile
here young Jewett won the esteem of
all wbo came to know him by his niod
est, gentle ways, andgentlemanlybear
ing. By tbis dcath the parents are
left childlesa ; and they will have the
warmest sympathy of. many acliing
bearta. Tbe funeral takes place at
Swanton Friday.
Opening Concert of the Course Change
of Time.
TbeMendelssobn Quintette Club will
not open the Y. M. C. A. course on
Monday evening, aa announced, and
will not appear in tbe course until lat
er iu tbe season, if at all. If they do
not come at all, their place will be fill
c1 witb some troupe eqnally as good.
In tbeir place, the opening concert will
be given by tbe Remenyi troupe, on
Tuesday evening, Nov. 9, at Academy
Hall. Remenyi is said to be simply in
comparablo on the violin, With bim
comes Miss Clara Poole, the contralto,
and Mr. Edmond DeCelle, tbe tenor,
and Mr. H. W. Beale, pianist. We
tbink tbere is no question but tbe en
tertainment will be a very fine one.
We understand tbat tbose bolding re-
served seat tickets will bo seated at
Academy Hall, in same placo relative.
ly, as near as uiay be, to tbeir locatiou
at town ball.
A Vocal Concert.
Tbero is aoine talk of a coucert iu
tbia placo wbicb will cotne off abuut
the 16tb of tbia uiontb. It will be giv
en by tbe Ruggles' Street Churcb Quar
tette, of wbicb Mr. Georgo R. Clark ia
a inember, and Mr. Clark will biing
other talent from Boston. The con
cert will be flrst clasa iu every rospect,
and we understand it will be a benefit
to Mr. Claak a fact wbicb bia niany
frienda bere will be glad to make a
note of.
Hecelving the Newa.
Thero was very great iuterest and
anxiety to get tbo election returns.
Peoplo were banging about tho tele
grapb offiee until a late bour Tuesday
evening, but it was not uutil morning
that tbe good news really pourcd in ;
and tben it came fast, and every des-
patcbjmore favorable. Tbe Caledonian
issued little slipa witb tbe substance of
each telegram, and the people in this
and neigbboring towna were kept post-
ed. In addition to tbeae, Caledonian
bulletins were posted in front pf this
offiee, on Railroad street, and at Fair
banks' village, and aa fast a9 news was
received from the several states, tbese
statcs werearranged on theirrespective
sidea, eitbernnder Garfield or Hancock,
witb tbo electoral vote tbey each caat.
These bulletins were surrouuded by a
crowd all tbrougb the day. The onein
front of this office was surmounted by
a genuine American eagle, furuished
by C. W. Grahani, and appropriately
draped witb bunting. TJnderneatb
the solid South on the Hancock side of
the bulletin, was the following legend,
from that famoua old Democrat, Naaby :
We offered to take the Qovernment off
tlieir liands, lut they sed it wuz doin very
well now, thankyoo."
A Jubilee.
The boys could not wait, but getting
out some old anvils and a few combus-
tibles, mado things lively in our village
from 8 till 10 Weduesday evening. To-
night we understand tbere is to be a
regular "blow qut." A torcbligbt pro
cession will form on Scbool Honse
square, uiarch down Summer street to
Fairbauks village, up Westeru avenue
and Main street to Paddock village,
down Railroad street and up Eastern
avenue. .It is proposed to illuminate
bouses along tbe route especially ; Mr.
Biughani will send up aome fire bal
Ioons, Capt. Griswold will bave com-
mand of'tbe guns, and everybody iaex
pected to be bappy if notnoisy.
Readings by tbe Misses Bridgman.
The Misses Bridgman gave a read
ing in town hall last Monday evening,
to wbat is a large audieuce for tbat
kiud of an entertainment in tbis place;
and if one could judge by tbe applause,
niucb to the satisfaction of the audi
ence. The Bells, (by Poo,) read in uni
son, was perbaps as vell done aa any
tbiug on the program, thougb tbo wbole
waa interesting, and an entertainment
tbat ougbtto draw out as many people
as an ordinary minstrel show, but wo
must sav does not in tbis town. These
ladics bave brought themselves consid-
erably above the average of tbose wbo
attempt to eutertain -tbe public witb
entertainments of tbis cbaracter, and
deserve succesa.
Antiquitie3 of Bome.
Mr. Fuller lectured to a laige audi-
ence last Friday evening on the Anti
quities of Roiuo. More pictures were
fjhown tban at any of the precodiDg leo-
turca. Most of them were views of
coluiuus, ruius of templos and palacea,
sbowing the difierent styles of arcbi
tecturo ; also tbe ancient sewer, tbe
oldest piece of masonry in Rome, wbicb
is as perfoct now as wben built. The
last few pictures were of the ancieDt
city of Balbec in Syria. This lecture
was one of tbe niost interesting yet giv
en us by Mr. Fuller.
The Sabbath Question.
At tbo Octobcr session of tho Freo
Baptist Quarteily Meeting, held at
Wheelock, the following resolution waa
adopted : In view of the aacredneS3 of
the Sabbath as a diviue institution for
man's pbysical and spiritual good,
therefore :
Sesolved, Tbat we deprecato tbe
course of our railroad companiesin run
ning traina on the Sabbath, and really
hope that said coinpanies may fiud it in
tlieir bearts and within tbeir power to
"Eemeraber the Sabbatb day to keep it
The Bailroads and Reviving Business.
We are told by a mau wbo is pretty
well acquainted witb busiuess in tbia
section, tbat he bas never known rail
road business so good as it baa beeu
tbia fall. On Tuesday morninff tbere
seemed to be the most going on, of
Ioadmg and unloadmg freight, that we
bave noticed for some time. Tbere
were carloads of apples, coal, lumber,
round logs, wood, etc, besides a large
amount of gcneral mercbandise
Teams stood at almost every corner,
wbile workmen made musip apnoug the
numerous tracks witb bammer and
sledge, aud cars wero wbisking to and
fro in their daily routine.
We are iufornied by Mr. Boyce, tbat
tbe average amount of freigbt over the
St. J. & L. C. road, ia tbirty cars daily.
Tbia company is in need of more room
at tbia place, and a few days ago mas
ter mecbanic Howe commenced to put
up a temporary engine bouse near the
sbops, tbat will store four macbjnes,
This structure is substantially built, in
a semi-circle form, witb one roof, and
is 60 feet deep, by about 40 in front,
aud 103 feet at tbe backi It -will take
40,000 feet of lumber for tbe bnildin,
and 35,000 sbingles. Tbia will enable
Mr. Howe to utilize tbe old building
for niachinery, and general repaira, in
connection with the present works.
About a dozen men are constantly em
ployed in tbe sbops. Mr. Lindel Bisb
op is one of tle cbief wopd wqrkers,
and Samuel Wrigbt painter, A pas
senger car jnst newly painted looks
very nicely. Warren Powers, an old
inachinist, also works bere. Mr. Howo
informs us tbat evcrytbing now looks
prouiisih'g. . .
ThcvPassuiupsic railrond belp iu tbis
scction scums very buay. Five or six
men bave tbis wcek been makiug gcn-
etal repaiia upou tbo side tracks put
tiug in all, new ties, etc, in and arouud
tbe depot yurd. Whou ahall we see a
new ncat looking passenger uepot
bere T
Started Again.
The'logs belonging to the Hartford
Lumber Co., tbat bave been lying in
the Connecticut river for several
months on account of low water, situat
ed from Waterford lower bridge down
nearly to Mclndoes', were started again
a week ago last Monday. Oftbe 60,
000,000 feet tbat tbis company started
in tbe spring, tbirty remain to be driv-
en to their destination. Considerable
of it will stop at Mclndoe's for manu
facture. Tbis business of driving logs
down a river wbere 250 bands are em
ployed, ia one of no small raagnitude.
A Mr. Suitor, liviug in Micbael Cald-
beck's bouse, is quite sick witb tbe fe
ver. Thomas Howard, who resides on Wa
ter street, bas worked upon tbe higb
ways in and around tbia village now
for eleven years.
We learn from Mr. Alfred Adama,
one of the workmen, tbat tbo boe aud
fork compauy now employ fifty men,
tbe niost tbey ever bave. Last montb
1000 dozcns were made, wbich is con
sidered good business wben the water
is low. It is believed tbat now as many
aa 18,000 dozens could be made.
Capt. Leonard Morris, nearly 91 years
old, was out at the polla on Tuesday.
Dedication. Last jThursdayeven
g Conuecticut River Lodge of Odd
Fellows of this place dedicated tbeir
new hall. On the arrival of tbe three
o'clock trains delegates from lodges
south, the Wells;River Band and mem
bers of Uuion Lodge of Lyndonville,
and CaledoniaJ'Lodge and Uuiformed
Encampmeutof St. Jobnsbury arrived,
aud a procession wasformed, headedby
Conuecticut lodge, followed by visiting
lodges aud led by tho band, which
raarchcd about the village. About 5
o'clock tbey assembled at the new ball,
wbicb is neat and convenient, and tbe
dedication ceremouies were performed
by Grand Master Currier of Brattle
boro, assisted by Graud Representative
Johu N. Gale, H. E. Randall, D. P.
Celley, J. II. Holder, M. T. Fenuo aud
Rev. B. M. Tillotson. The aa'sembly
then rcpaired to tho Nillson Ilouse,
where a most bountiful supper was fur
uished by tbe Connecticut River Lodge.
After supper tbe hall in connection
witb tbe hotel was tbrown opeu, wbere
many of tbe citizens assembled witb
tbe brotherhood and listened to an ad
dress by Rev. Mr. Healey of Derby
Liue, and sbort remarks from Grand
Master Currier, Grand Represeutativea
Hyde of Poultney and Gale, N. P. Bow
man aud J. H. Holder, David Morrison,
Rev. B. M. Tillotson of St. Jobnsbury,
aud J. S. Kinnersou aud Dr. Celley of
Barnet. Dr. Celley, wbo iaNoble Grand
of tbo lodge, gave a brief statement of
tbe standiug of tbe lodge, from wbicb
we learned tbat it bas increa'se'd 50 in
mcmborship siuce its orgauization lcsa
thau a year since; tbat tbey have fit
ted up their hall aud paid the reut five
yeara in advance and yet have mouey
in the treasury; a record of wbicb tboy
felt justly prond. The exercises were
well iuteraperscd by musicby tbo band.
From Anotber Correapondent.J
Tbo peopleof tbe place are generally
well pleased, andlsay come agaiu, and
eutertain us witb your street parade ;
and bring witb you tbe Wella River
boys witb tbeir horns and drums, tbat
tbey so well know bow to use tocbarni.
Thero aro a fow good peoplo bere tbat
aie afraid of Odd Fellowsbip, Good
Templars and Reform Clubs. These
uiay have tbeir convictions sbaken in
view of tbia exbibition, that was cou
ducted in so qniet and gentlemanly a
manner, free from intemperance and
street broils. We wish this lodge aud
tbose represented, success do all the
good and as little barm as you can,
work in your harness ; we can't all
woik in tbe same no one medicine
will answcr for all persons aud disoases,
"Wbat will cure a blacbsmith will kill
a tailor."
Rev. Bonnc'tt of Island Pond preacb
ed bere last Sabbatb.
East Hardwick.
Henry Currier bas bought tbe Wm.
Kincrstou placo, for wbich he paya
$750 and Mr. Kinerstou goea to Cabot,
having purcbased a farm of G. Magoon
for $800.
Henry Deford baa added to bis vil
lage property 35 acrea of land lying be
tween the railroad and the river for-r
merly owned by Dea. Stevens, paying
$20 per acre. -Deford intends to cut off
the timber tbia winter.
J'. Ransom, who has carried on the
Chase farm tbe past two years, moves
into tbe Samuel Goodricb bouse tbis
Apples are cbeap and cider ia plenty
in thsa vicinity.
Nobody anticipated so large a vote
as was east bere last Tuesday. The Re
publicans gaiucd 4 over their Septeni-
ber-vote, wbile tbe Democrats lost 32.
The vote was as follows : Gaifield 331 ;
Hancock 240; Weaver 1. t is buf
justice to the voters of this town to say
tbat tbe Greenbaok vote was east by a
man from Waitsfield. The telegrapl
ofllce waa'open for the recsptioq of re
turns until 3 a. m. Weduesday,
vA-barn owued by tbe R. R. Co., and
occupied bylCMr. Silsby aiid others aa
a store bouse for carriages, bay, etc,
was bnrned about 4 o'clock Saturday
morning. .Silsby lost 5 wagons, 13
sleigha and a traverse sled; G. H
Yeks a . sleigh. and eled, fiye or six
tons bay and several tons straw : H. L
Parker one sjelgb, and T. E. Parker a
sleigh, No insurance. Origin of fire. a
mystery, bnt supposed to bave been set
by tramps.
Rev. Mr.,Owen of Portsmoutb. N. H.,
mpves to .tbo'.Centre. tbisweekjjitg' be
come pastor oftbe Free" Baptist' cbnrcb
J. Willey Eustman anuouuces au 81
pound girl as bis uietbod of celebratiug
Garfiold's electiony 3 Y - ;
The following ofHcers of Riverside
Lodge I. O. G. T., were installed last
Tuesday eve : W. C. T., Frank Bragg ;
W. V. T., Mrs.. R. H. Harvey ; V. S.,
George R. Miller j W. T. 'Elva'Palmer ;
W. F. S., Mertou C. Grandy; W. M.,
S. F. Morse : W. D. M.. Mrs. S. F.
Morse ; W. C, G. G. Morrison : W. A.
S., Etta Eastman rWjnG), Alice Bar
net ; W. Sent., David Paries. Mrs. L.
C. Grandy aud G. H. Smalley were
elected delegates to the Grand Lodge.
Total membersbip 103. Gain for tbe
quarter 13.
Tbere will bo a temperance meeting
at the Centre next Sunday eve.
The town baa bought a new $700
bearse. It has been placed in cbarge
of G. E. Dodge.
The mania for wedding anniversaries
seems to be almost an epidemic in Wal
den. Oct. 27 tbe reaidence of H. Foster
waa invaded by a company of frienda
and relativea, wbo not only took poa
sessiou of the premises, but ruled witb
a bigb band during the afternoon and
evening. A pleasant time waa enjoyed.
Rev. Mr.Thuraton explained matters by
presentiug Mr. and Mrs. Foster a nice
tea set to remind them that it was tbe
2d anniversary of their niarriage. The
friends and relativea of Harvey Dow
called upon him on Tuesday, Oct 26,
to remind bim tbat it was tbe 8th anni
versary of his niarriage. A nice exten
sion table.and yarious other useful and
appropriate articles were left as tokens
of good wisbea pf these friends.
Vermont Ne-ws.
John P. Howard, Esq., bas given
$10,000 to St. Paul's churcb in Burling
ton, for tbe building of a new chapel.
The work will bo begun at once. Miss
Louisa Howard bas also given $4500 to
the bome for destitute cbildren, in that
city, to pay off the mortgage wbicb bas
been tbreateuing it.
Tho lumber business is exceedingly
brisk, and tbe ouly trouble at Burliug
ton is tbe difficulty of procuriug cars
cnougb for tbe extraordiuary large
Redfield Proctor's war on the inan
agement of the reform scbool, certniuly
bas brougbt no credit to himself or tho
state. Superinfendeot Fairbank may
be avaricious, like all the good people
of Vergennes, aud many a lad may have
received too beavy a seuteuco to tbis
institution ; yet, as it is couducted on
bumane priuciples, and to the average
Vermouter, seemingly about as it
should be, we tbink it about time tbis
grumbling is culmed down. Burling
ton Clipper.
About 90 tons of steel rails are now
being mauufactured daily at tho rolling
niill in St. Albans. Twenty tons of the
steel are made here and the rcmainder
is iraported.
Daniel Ilarper of Richford bad bis
left leg badly crusbed by a largo stone
falling upon him from a staging white
at work ou tho foundation of the new
SoUtheastcrn depot, Thursday after
The hotel of C. P. Simpsou of Wait's
River has been burned ; loss $2000.
Mr. Charles Rogcrs, aged 85 j'ears,
walked from Bradfoid to Orfoid, 7
tuilcs, to hear Hou. Walter Harriman
spcak on tbe political issuea of tbe day.
The late censns of tho town of Ran
dolph shows that tbere are lour persons
over 90 years aud less tban 100; 42
persons over 80 and less than 90 ; 148
persons over 70 and less thau 80, and
194 excceding tbe common age of man.
M. G. Flanders of Bradford took
down to tnarket tbia wcek 5 cattle and
62 sbeup. Among the cattle was a pair
oi o years oiu oxen led by Samuel
Eastman of South Newbury which he
oougntiast taii, late. Thev worked m
the woods lumbering till 2 weeks after
snow went on, and worked tbrougb
spriug's work,' bayiug and the grain
harvest. They made a not jra'm of 950
lbs. up to Oct. 1st, and iu 13 davs cain-
ed 94 lbs. They weie one of the best
pairs in tho matket, and sold for b cts.
dressed weight the top of the market.
Mrs. Edwin Grcgorv of Troy has juat
received a pensiou for herself and cbil
dren amounting to $1,700.
Mr. George, father of Clement Georce
of Holland, recently attempted to coni-
nut suiciue by cutting bis tliroat, He
was dipcovered iu the act aud bis life
was spared.
The .boss.on tbo .bridge job at New
port Centre fell from the top of tbo
bridge a few days ago, striking in tbe
water 30 feet below j bo waa badly
bruised but not seriously hurt, it is
Lewis Cardcll of Warren was struck
at a railroad crossing near Roxbury
recently, thrown from bis wagoti on to
the cow-catcber of tbe engine, and re
maiued tbere until tbe train was stop
ped. He was not mnch burt, but his
team was badly used up,
Tbe passenger train on tbe Montpel
ier and Wells River railroad going into
Montpelier last'Tbursday evening was
tbrown from the track by tbe engine
jumping tbe rails. No damage was
done, tbougli it took. about four bours
to rigbt tbe niatter,
Judge Redfield of Montpelier bas re
turned from bis attendauce upon the
trieunial convention of the Episcopa
lians of tbe United States, wbich has
been in session at New York.
Col. A. F. Walker of Rutland has
gone to England on professioual busi
ness. Wednesday was pay day on the Rut
land division of tbe Vermont Ceutral
railroad. Charles Olmstead tbe pay
master diabursed over $10,0QQ to era
ployeea. Rutland lumber mercbants report a
busy and prosperoua season. There ' ia
more stock on band tban tbere was at
the correspouding pcnod last year.
Reeeiver Pierce, of the First Nation-
ai bank, ot Brattleboro, expects to pav
15 per cent. dividend to the credltors
oftbe bank next week, making 90 per
cent. in all.
The body of tbe late Horace Burcb
ard, of Brattleboro, bas eot to be moved
from its present resting place, bepause
Waite, in liis Iqqsp way of doing busi
ness, bad sold tbe lot to other parties
years betore.
Col. Kittridge Haskins, of Brattle
boro, haa been appointed aoting United
States district attorney vico B. F.
Fifield, Esq., resigned.
Bridgewater bas bad a sensation,
Martin Ctimmings dying buddeuly last
week aud bis widow being auspected.
of admiuistering poison ; but tho re
uiains being cxbuuied Weduesday, an
examinatiou showcd natural causes for
tbe dcath.
The constable of tbo town of Chester
mado some mistake in tbe wnrning for
election wbicb makes it irapossible to
hold a legal meeting tbere, and the
voters weut to adioiuinc towna to east
their votes.
Geo. Hoamer and Fred Carlisle of
Chester, two small boys, seeing Theo
dore Edwards and a little girl with bim
coming along tbe road witb a team,
tnouglit they would have some tun.
So they hid in a pile of leaves by tbe
side of the road, and wben Mr. Edwards
was opposite, suddenly jumped out and
frightened the horse so that he tipped
the wagon over, threw out tbe occu
nants. and sprained the little girl's
sboulder. Tbe wagon was badly tmasb-
General News.
S. M. Waite, who has been suffering
from a severe cold at tbe county jail in
Newfane, and whose condition was re-
garded as critical last week, is better.
The Nashua and Lowell Railway has
been'leased for one bundred years to
the Boston and Lowell Corporation.
Mr. William B. Spooner, a well
known dealer iu hides and leatber, of
Boston, and for several years an active
worker in the temperance cause, died
on Thursday evening.
George P. Marsb, minister to Italy,
according to a correspondent of tbe
Boston Herald, will resign the position
he has held so loug and well next
spring. Tbis will give an opening for
Earle of tbe Citizen.
A young lady of Democratic predilec
tions, belonging to one of the Greeu
point, L. I., Sunday Schools, accosted
tbe Librarian Sunday afternoon witb an
ironical twinkle in ber eve, and asked
if "No. 329 waa in 1" The Librarian
took the situation iu-in a twinklingand
replied: "No, it was taken out by In-
diana last week."
Some 34 pulpits in Boston, suburban
towns and cities as far away as Lowell
were occupied Suuday by delegates to
the woman's Cbristian temperance un
iou without regard to denomioation.
The original crusaders held a reuniou
prayer-ineetmg at tue Ularendon-street
cburch in the morning. In the eveniug
a large meeting was held in the xoung
Men's Cbristian association ball, many
youug men and women sigmug tbe
A Sad Case. James F. Langmaid
of Perubroke, the father of Josie Lang
maid who was mtirdered by the Freuch
m'au, La Page, some years ago, became
involved in a dispute witb Robert Mc
Counell of Cbicbester Saturday, and
was fatally beatcu and injured by bim,
a heavy pair of wheels being also
driven over his body. Langmaid was
a promineut citizeu, and was just ou
the poiut of moving to Miuuosota,
while McConnell has a bard reputation.
The latter has been arrested, and the
feeling is stroug against bim.
It has cost $163,000 to run the insane
asylum at Brattleboro for the last two
years, of which the state paid $56,548,
the towns $34,906, and friends ot pri
vate patieuts $77,638. Of the 177 cases
of iusauity, hereditary tendeucy was
the cause of 55 per cent., while iutem
perance aud excesses of various kinds
furuished about 25 per cent.
A joint resolution baspasscd tbe sen
ato for a joint assembly Thursday (to
day) afteruonn for the election of judges
totbe supreme court. The bencb, as
now constitutcd, is a very able one, and
no changes aro expected.
Capt. Nye, who commanded the
steamer Stonington at the time of tbe
Narragansett disaster, is nowa raember
of the police force of Providence.
Col. Nicholas Smitb, wbo married
Miss Ida Greeley, has a sou named
Horace Greeley, dropping tbe Smitb
entire'iy. Ho has a daugbter uaraed
Nicholas Smitb.
A Staff Officer's Exploit.
One of the military exploits of Ely
Ely-Goddard who ia captain of the
Moutpelier military compauy occurred
ou a rcceut Sabbath during tho state
muster. He asked tb. pastor of the
Methodist churcb if be bad any objec
tion to bis bringing bis company, in a
body, to tbe moruiug service. The
pastor cheeifully gave bia consent not
supposing tbero was to be any uuus
ual niilitarv disnlav. But ordiuarv
metbods do not suit the tastes of tbe
fastidions Captain ; so tbe company
met at the armory, formed in line with
arms and accoutrements aud by tbe
tap of the drum marched in order to
tiie tront door ot the churcii wbere the
arms were stacked with all the military
parade possible and the men marched
nto the churcb. We veuture the asser-
tion, th.it no such occuireuco was ever
wifncsseu in tbe state it ever any where
in New ,uglauu upon a quiet sabbatb.
Tbo Puntans as a means of defense
against tbe Iudians carried their mns-
kets to church and perbaps sfaeked
them during service close by tbe church
door, but never with such eclat as did
Ely on tbis quiet, peaceful Vermont
Sabbatb. witb all due regard forcult-
uro derived ftom foreisrn universities
and extensive travels, such transactions
simply strike the averace uucnltured
xankee as wuolly devoid of good com
mon seuse to say notbiug of proprtety,
Newport Express.
False Sentiment.
In his niessage to the legislature.
tiov. r arnuam said :
"There are throughout the state
few persons violeutly and dangerously
insane, whose friends from mistaken
luotives of kmdness, are unwilling
to bave comuiitted to the asvlum
Tbo supervisors ask tbat they bave
power to conimit sucti persons on prop-
er pioof of their condition. This is
stepping upon very delicate cround
Certaiuly the public is eutjtled to be
protected trom uauserous assaults so
far as tbe law can do so, but at tbe same
time tbe right of an individual to his
personal liberty must not be infringed
upou ior any snguc grounas."
About a week after this messace was
delivered tbe terrible tragedy at Sbef-
p.eiq occurred. a lunatic killed bis
Uiotlier, his sister and step-father and
then banged himself, Tbe man had
lost bis reason on accouut of a spinal
uimcuity,- anu ms uisanity was conse
quently bopeless, but he bad returned
trom tbe asylum wbere be bad been
conuned, aud was "considered safe,
auuuugu oi ugiy teropcr." He was
considered so safe tbat his farailv ad
mitted a stranger nnder their roof, and
she apparently escaped deatb onlv hv
lieing absent at school when tbe lunatic
acieu auer uis kiuu aua DrutaUy Sau"b
tered everv person wltbln reach. 1.
actly as anotber lunatic, wholived only
a few nilles away, killed his father and
motiier four years ago, St. Albans
I hb X, M. C. A Tbe 14th annual
convention of tbe Yountr Men's Phri-
tian Association at Rutland has elected
tho following offlcers: Pres., C. B.
Hurlbert; vice piesidcnts, Rev. J. G.
Johnson, W. A. Cooper; sccretaries,
Rev. J. II. Babbitt, G. L. Story ; rail
road secrctary, N. K. Brown ; nuditois,
C. P. Harris, S. S. Btcman. Thero are
23 or 24 associatious iu activo opera-
tion in the state, and the showiug is
considered ciicouraging, but tho dcarth
of spiritual Iifo in tbe churcbea aud tbe
prevnlence of tbe idea that tbeir work
is nearly finisbed are given as great
dimculties iu tneir wnv.
Vermont Bar Meeting.
The second annual meeting of the
Vermont state bar assciation was held
at Montpelier last wcek, mauy mem.-
bers ot tbe state bar being present.
President Luke P. Poland delivered tbe
annual address, bissubject being, "The
Law aud Legal Profession." Ho ad
dressed his remarks moatly to the
youuger members of tbe bar, discussing
and dcfending the sceming injustice of
tue law and legal profession for engag
ing upon causes of doubtful merit. Hi
ram A. Huse of Montpelier, state libra
rian, delivered a memorial address up
on tbe late Charles Recd of Montpelier,
for many years state librarian.
The association elected tbe following
ofBcers : President, J. L. Edwards of
Newport; vice presidenta, W. C.
French of Woodstock, Guy C. Noble of
St. Albans; Charles N. Davenport of
Brattleboro ; sec'y, C. H. Pitkin of
Montpelier; treasurer, W. G. Shaw of
Burlington; managers, President hd-
wards, ex-omcio, W. Jr. Uillingbam ot
Waterbury, Willard Farrington of St.
Garfield's majority in New York 20,-
000. .Garfield bas 210 electoral votes
witb Oregon to be bcard from. House
of Representativea will stand 152 Re
publican and 141 Democrats. The Sen
ate will be a tie, Yicc President casting
decisive vote.
lecinl J!otices.
Have AVistar'a Iialsam of Wlld Chcrry al-
ways at hanL It cures Coughs, Colds. RronchlUa,
TVhoopinp; Congh, Cronp, Influenza, CoDsumption,
and Throat and LuDg Complalnta. S0 cents and f 1
bottle. t Aus. BO, 81.
The Feruvlan Syrup bas ctired thonsanda who
were Safiering from Dyspepsla, Debility, Liver
Complaint, BoiIs,.Hnmora, Female Complalnts. etc
PamphleU free to any address. Seth 'W. Fowle &
Sons, Boston. t Ane. 20, 81
Tacant Flacos in tbe dental ranlcs will nerer
occnr If you are particular witb. yonr teetb, and
cleanse them every day with that famoua tooth-
wash, SOZODONT. From yonth to old age it will
keep the enamel spotless and nnimpaired. The
teeth of persona who nse SOZODONT have a pearl-
like whiteness, and the gnms a roseate bne, while
the breath is purined, and rendered aweet and fra-
grant. It is composed of rare antlseptic herbs and
Is entirely free from the objectionable and injari
ous ingredients of tooth pastes, eto. 56-59
Great cantlon shonld be exerciaed when pnrchas
Ing supplies for the laundry and kitchen, lest some
one of the many dangerous imitations of James
Pyle's Fearline are foreed upon tbose who do not
loolc particularly for the name. Nothing suits as
well or prores so harmless as Peabline.
In East Hardwick, Oct. 29, a daugbter to 'Walter
H. Bayley.
In St. Jobnsbury Centre, Oct 31, Hannab, wife of
Lyman Itanney, aged 61.
In Lyndonville, Oct. 29, of typboid phneuinonia.
Mr. Wbipple Aldrich, aged 7S years. Only re-
maining brother of Mr. Geo. Aldrich of thii place.
His remains were taken to Brownington, a town be
had represented In the Legisliture.
In Swanton, Nov. 3, of typhoid fover, Geo. A.
Jewett, aged 19 years, only remaining child of Col.
A. B. Jewett, Supt. of tae St. J. & L. C. R. R.
In Newport, Oct 31, Mrs. Martha P. Alden, aged
74 years. AVidow of the late Phlneas Alden of
this place.
In Barton, Oct., 28, Charles M. Hall, aged 33
years. 2?ephew ot Emerson Hall of this place.
Notice to Towns Peoplo.
We run a New Coach to and from all trains both
dayandnight. All orders left at theoOice of the
bt. j onnsuury uouse will be promptly attendrd to,
nr the
Oxford Nickle and Copper Co,
Caflstok, (near Sbcrbrooke) Quebec.
Fav. 21.25 ner dav. Contraets ar let w whl.
mucb higher pay can bo made. Board, 112.00 per
In Probate Court. hnlden atfhn PrnKotA nffifn in
St. Johnsbury, on the 3d day of Ifovember, A, D.
Jacob G. Hovflr. frnnnltnTi tf TTiVAn a
minor and heir of Abial B. Hovey, late of St. Jobns
bury, in said district, deceased, makes application
Beal Estate of his said ward. to wlt; hnr intfrect
in we reai estaie or tne sam Abial K. llovey ; rep-
resentlng that said sale would be beneficial to his
said ward, for the purpose of putting the proceeds
of such sale at interest, or investing the same in
stocks or other real estate.
Whereupon it is ordered by said court, that said
application be referred to a session thereof, to be
held at the Probate Office in said St. Jobnsbury,
on tho 20th dav oi Nov.. A. T). lRon rn- us;'
and decision ihersoni and it is further order.
ea inai an persons lnterestea be notified hereof by
publication of notice of said application and order
thereon. three weeks succpnaivplv fn ti,n t'tiHn.
nlan. nnnted at St. Jolmshni-v hrfv.ru ooirt timnr
ucui.Luai, mcjiuay appear at saia lune ana
piyv,iuiu uiuej see cause, oo)ect mereio.
t0 ASA L. FRENCH. Judee of Probate.
ill HlliM :'ll.
& h'RBAHKS & (0.
r.-.-t. M;a s 'JiJOiit
"We have received this week
from purchases just made in
fEw York and Rostoh
large additions to our stock in
all departments of our store,
making the stock more com
plete than over before.
"We ask special attention to
Ladies', Gent's, and Chil-
dren's Underwear, and Ho-
siery, which contain many
genuine bargains. Also our
stock of Ladies' Dolmans, La
dies' and Children's Cloaks
and Ulsters iu all sizea and
Men's and Boys' Overcoats,
Ulsters, and Ulsterettes, Bus
iness and Dress Suits in the
latest styles of cut and fabric.
Our entire stock is bought
for Cash and is marked at
very low prices.
'''-! "'l 1k
:i, k!k ,
-r.iitWh': ,.
We have received our usual
large supply of Michigau Ap
ples, in all the standard varie-
ties. Also a. few cars of.No.
1, hand picked Massachusetts
apples,. which we offer. at low
est prices.
E. & T. FAD3BA2iBB CO.
Oct. 20,

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