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St. Johnsbury Caledonian. [volume] (St. Johnsbury, Vt.) 1867-1919, October 19, 1883, Image 3

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j$f. 3fohnrbnri) Qlatcdonian. j
M. .lolinsbiiry, VI., rritlny. Oct. 18X.1.
Wcalller Uectirtl.
At llinghaiii's drug store. for the
week cinliii tr Octobor 17, 18S:i.
Iiighcst. Lowost.
G'i ii
ISJ 14
l',3 i:i
11 23
II . 17
ir. II
Mouda , .
YVodlieSllaA ,
ot;il JJctvs.
- Tho foiiimisni ifC. 1. Onrpentor
:im postuiastcr expiros Jan. Ui, 13rl.
Tlie coriceli'd railioatl time tables
appcar ou the outside of this wook's
The historv oF the class if '31 f
the Aeadcnn is in pics al thc Caledo
iiiiiii olliee.
Kev. I). II. Adnins exehangod pul
pits with lti'V. K. Owen of Lyndon
tVntie ni .Snnilay.
Tho Kt-i iiioii in tho lirst page of
this ucok's issno is printcil at thc le
ipiest of sovoral who licaid it.
Tho lailics of tho North ohiiieh aie
cnutcmplutiiig the puhlicntinii of a
cuok-hnoU for I'ln ixtmsiM sale.
Thc new stnndanl of tiuio is just
liflein uiiiiiitcs aml foi ty-fur sceoinls
slouer tlian thc picsonl stnmluiil.
The weathor lccoid, at the head
of this columii, indioatos piit! a con
trast between .Sunday and Monilay.
Thf Cooil Tt'inplais holil I'oi tuight
ly lilorary incctiiigs. Xot Mnnda
ovening a mook t-oiitt will lto the
atti.iotivo foatuio.
Kov. aml Mrs. Kdwartl T. Fair
banks gao a icccption at their resi
donoo to thi' parishoiiers of tlii' South
chiiich oii Tuosilay ovening.
St. .lohnshurx visitms to tho llos
ton fair lcpoit that Mis Annie Coihniii
has a Ii iisplay ol paintings oii e-
hilntioii in tho lailics' dcpai tmciit.
t thc aimiial uiccliug of thc
Aiiii'ricaii KanUeis' assooiation al
l.niusv illi', K.. .ludge L. I'. l'olaml
was elcetcd ioo piosidcul for Vcr
iiiont. I'lof. ('. K. Putney supplicd thf
pnlpit. of thc ('ongiegntiniial I'hiiH'h at
St .lohiishui Kast nii Sinnlav, in the
ab-eiioc of Kov. Mr. Walkei at Mont
pflifr Thf Sl. .lohnsbiiry Coriift lianil'
uill gnc a pionif nailf oonee 1 1 at Ihe
I'owii li.ill lliis (Thiii -ilay) evciiiiig,
foi tho hc uclit of Ciom'oiiI cainp of Oilil
Tlie fainp-liif uliirh ('haiiilicilin
post, (i. . 1! , piopox- holilin uill
takf plai'f in Mnsir liall on Tmcm1;i
cvi' tiinn. 'I'hi' " ar -ons u ill
inxiiif it siifffsi.
Thf inilitary coiiipaiiy liavf lfascil
thr Town liall fora rolh'rUatiii; l ink.
Thf.v pioposf to iipcii aml riin it in
fooil Hhapt- jiiht as soon as a mtvv Iiatil
wooil lloor fan lf hiiil.
Ki'i. K. T. Sainlfonl pifafhcil at
Kast 1 Isu lvit-k, on Sunilay, whcio a
Ni-lifS of incetm;;- haf lifi'ii lifhl ilur
in thi" wffh. Kcv. N. V. AIkt sup
plifil thf Kaptist. pnlpit.
Work has hffii Mispr nilol on tlif
new M. C. A. hiiihlin! nntil licxt
sprinj; Tho cellar has hffii Miriountl
c (1 hy a fc iiff, a iifftlfil piotfction for
tho safftx of pcilcstrian-;.
Ki' I!. I. TillotMiu picafhfil thc
.fi iiioii on thf ocfasion of thf lf-ilfil-
ication of thf I'nivc rsalist fhnn:h at
Noithlifhl on Wfdnoilay of this wi-fk.
Tln chiireh has hffii inailf nvcr as
ooil as iif v.
Mrs. Ilfiirv Fifiich was painfiilh
lnmit on thf facf ly thf npcttin-: of a
ilish of hot applf saiiff whirli hail ju-t
hffii iiisfi-nifh plai-fd on a p:mti
jhflf. Most foitiiiiatoly thf injiuy is
not. p-1 maiif nt.
At thf aiinnal nicfliiii; of thf olli
vcrs of thf honif for ilftituto fliihl-
rt'ii at liiiilinton, Mrs. K. A. Walkfi
if this phiff was appointt-il nianaf
lor l .ilfilonia eoiints , in placu of Mi
M. Stoiif, ifsi-;iifil.
'.. A. Kifhaiilson lias inii'hasi'il
thf lioii-c in uhic-Ii hf ifsih on Suin
iner ifft of Petcr l!i ii-n. l'riff .JI,-
INN). Mr. Kichanlson is makin rc pair
aml altfiations to thf anioiint of sovi-r
al hnmlifil ilollars upon thf picmiMts,
V 1 1 1 1 1 1 r Wilili r has pnicha-fil thi
-old I'fim plai'f on Maiu stri'ft. aml
wi'l at oncf coinnif nt'f to ti-ar ilown
tho pi'fsciit liiiiUliiii; aml fif-tait-si
lfin-f. 1 hf fhanf will ! a jrifat
improvf nii'iit to tho appi'ai-iiiff of thi
t-trvv t.
Thf ont-idt: work on thf M. K
fhnrrli is ucll ahin; toward coinplf
Iiiiii. Thf towfi5 aif hfin-; slatcil, i
anf has 1 u i' n plai'f d on thf tallfr oiif
"othif windows havti lifi-ii put in, aml
thf ni'iifral appfarani'f is a vast iin
JllOVf lllfllt.
Vt thf sfs-ion of thf national
I'oiinril of t'onifationalists at Cou
riuil. N. II-, rriday, Kv. Ilfiiry Fair
lialiks wa.s choM'ii onit of thi roinmit
tif on thf iflation of thf Amciii-an
hoanl to thf fhurchfs aml of thf pio
visional I'oininittff.
A two-las' woiuan siitlnif
vcntion will ! hfld in this plarn in
thf i arl part of Novfinhf r. Hmiiif nt
npi-akfrs will ln; pn-si'iit, ainon whoin
will hf .lulia W'ard !lov.-f, Mr. aml
,lrs. Itlai'kwt-ll, aml othfis. In point
of talfiit,it will I) a notahlf ioiiM'Ii
iioii. I'alincr raiiif. this inaii who was
o hailU hiiiiifil at tlm nhops sf Vf nil
f'k ao, t still Hiilltirinfj. tcrrihly
Jiml will piohahly lluid np forfifVfi-il
jnonthyft. On .Satin.Iay (iVfiiin his
nelghhors aml fii.nds M.Mt to hilii
inaiii toktns of rwptft !t,l kindly
Edwanl Spahling was run ngainst
Satnrdav evi niii" hy a maii who was
ilriving rocklessly on Kailroad .tteet
lloth .Mr. Siahling aiid his wife wcro
thtown vinloiitly out of thf carriagf
aml Mrs. Spalding was fiit aml binisrd
sonifuh.it. l'ci-sons who aw the dri'
ing ircdictt'd an acciilcnt.
T!ie dclegatfs from the Yoitng
Mfii's Christian assooiation to thc state
fonvfiition at Rutland, Oct. 1D-2I, aro
C. II. Horton, C. J. Poterson, It. N.
Fairbanks, A. K. Willard aml C. H.
Sagf. Kev. Ilfiiry Fairhanks of the
stati; fxfcntivf connnittfu aml 1'. D.
Hlodgftt also fspuct to attund.
Thf Iailius of thf South chnrch will
givi- a coll'of party in thf baseincnt
rooins of thc church, m Friday evun
ing, Oct. iy, to wliioh all aro invitcd.
Thf adniissioii lVc of twenty-fiyc ccnts
will cntitlf all who attrml, not only to
a citp of cotl'fi! or toa, hilt also thf cup
aml saiicfi' in which it is sfrvcd.
Thf statfiiifiit of thc Burlington
Fiff I'rcss, that "giound has lfi:n
stakcil out at Maipiani for thc cri'ctiou
of tho shops of thc .St. .lohnsbiiry aml
Lake Champlain railroad,"' has for its
foiiudation only tho fact that siilc
ttacksaro hcing coiistructod at Matpiaui
for thf incicasing Imsiiifs of thc road.
A Icttfr was mailfd at this iost
ollicf on Wciliicsday which I'ostuiastfl
Cnrpfiilcr hail ifason to suspfct was a
('iiMli-clcialc stanip. It hail a heail of
.lackson, thf lfttfis "C. S.' instcad of
"l. .S.,"aml thf stamp was iinpf rlVctly
ilfsigiifd aml printcd ou ioor papcr.
Thf stamp was df tai'licd aml forwanlfd
to thf ilfpaitnifiit.
Thf iifw hlock in iiocfss of ori'f
tion liy I'. A. Koach is assumiiig jno
poitious which imlicato a hamlsonif
stiuctiiif. Thf front is yfiiffifd with
staiiifd hrifk, aml hcais thf tigurcs
"l3S:f aml "Koacli's Klock." His stou
will hf au attraclivf oiif, with largf
show windows, aml Mr. Koach fxpccts
to occiipy it ahoiit Dt'c. 1.
At thi: aiiuual railway tinif-tahlf
couyfutioii at ('hicago last wock, it
was agiff il to adopt tho mnv stamlard
Novi'iiihfi' 13, at. which tinif Haryaid
olf rvatory aml thf railroad aml puli
lif tiinc of Kotou will lic sft to cor
iosioiid. lloward Kowfll statc that
llicv will ailopt thf new systfin at
that tiiuo, aml it is piohahlf that. thf
iif sstfiu will lio gfiifrally adoptfil
hcif at that lifiif.
-Iiiformatiou has liffii rocoivoil
fioni V. F. .Shci-wiii to thf fllii t that
hf fan conif hoio at tho tiino dosiri'd,
aml it has liffii dfciilcd to holil tho
uiusical coiivi'iitioii comnif uc itig ou
Tiic.-ilay, Nov. 2(1, aml olosing ou Fii
day, thf 2-td. Thf arrangf mc nts foi
thf soloists aif not coiuph'tfil, 1ml
Mis. Shfphunl will hf thf piauist.
Kmnih is known to assiiif thf puhlic
that thf convfiitiou will lo au intfri'st-
ing oiic.
-lifwaif of National hauk hills aml
F. S. h-gal tomlor nolos from wliicl
poi tion has licf u ciit auil tiif vciiiaiii-
ing paits pastfd so as to appoar wholf.
Iiul in rfality just so inuch smallor.
I'his is now thi- swimllfr's popular
lodgf. appaiontly, as inany such hills
uu in ciiciilation. Tho alisonco ot
ouc-tufiitif th or nioif sulijects thc
hohlcr to a pioportiouato loss on oach
hill, aml thcy arc rfdofiiiod in that
Mrs. W. I!. Amlorson has a cagc ol
thirl v-two canarios, tho niost of thciu
iingiiig froui si wvoks to ouo yi'ar old.
I'hfif arc two in sfparatf cagfs, aml
thiff havi" hffii sohl, which woiihl
iuakf thf total uuuihcr thirty-sf vcn.
I'hf oldfst is sf Vf n Vfars old. .Mrs. A.
ays shf hail ouo oncc that livcil to lio
liltooii voars old, which was an oxcop-
tional ago, as thoy rarcly livc to hf
ovf r a do.f ii vi-ars old. Somo of thciu
havf vciy hamlsonif pluuiagf, and, al
thor, thov constitiitc a vorv happj
-In Ilarpor's Maga.ino for Novciu-
bor, Hfibfit Tuttlo has a papcr on "A
Vacation in Vorinont," with vicws ot
Mount Maustifhl douc by Vamlcrhoof.
I'hf writi-r notfs tho rfseniblanco of
tho prolilo of tho iiiouutain to a iiiau's
facf, aml ri'gaids that fact as fxplan-
itory of thf toiui "Manstif bl," aml
pcaks of "tho falso thfory that its
nauif ako was a fauioiis Kuglish jildgf .''
It is, IiowfVfr, ri'ardod as a historic
triith that tho iiioiintaiu was liauifd
ifli-r Chiff .Iiisticf Maustifhl hfoaiisc
of tho fancifd rfsfinblauco of tho out-
lino to thf inajfstic foaturos of'tliat
gn-at jurist.
-Tho woiiioii of Vorinont havo as-
siinifd thf suppoit of a teachfr aniong
thf fiofduifii of tho south, aml tho
Ainoricaii Missionary assooiation has
ilcsignatfil Mis Kli.aboth I'liuiptoii of
Walpole, Mass., who will go to
Mclnto.sli, Ga., whoro thcro is a churi'h
of thiof hiimlii'd uifiiibfrs, a school
hou-f aml a "Tfafhcr's Honio,' aml
whfio shf and hor assistants will kei-p
hoiisf aml do uiissionary woik ainong
thf pi'oplo as woll as toach tho chil
difii. A coiiimitti'f , coiisintiug of Mrs.
A. W. Wihl i.r C'harlottf, Mrs. F. W.
Itowinan of Nf w port, aml Mrs. Hfiiry
Faiibauks of St. .lohnsbiiry, issiif an
addifss iu which thoy appoal to tho
wonifii of tho state to Mistuiu the
iuove nifiit in which thoy havo eugagf d.
Thf aiictiou salf of tickots for tho
h'ctiiic couiso, at Music hail ou Tucs-
day ovoiimg, rcsiiltfd iu a vory grati
fying iiianno r for tlm uianagors aml all
intoiostfd in thf liiiancial as woll as
litorary siiccfss of thf courso. Iist
yoar tlm iiuuibfr of st-ats sold at the
aiictiou was ,ux aml tlif proniiiiuis
aiiioiiutod to I2.'. This soason, al
thoiigh tho pricf of tickcts was highcr
thau last yoar, tho uuuihor sohl wa.s
:tl:!, aml tho pii'Uiiuins ainoiintoil to
1."S.c3, which, with tho uionoy ie
cfivi'd for tickots, makes the total
iocciits to Wi'diifsilay iiioiuing J,
ll(i.:3. The couiso will opon ou
Friday oveniiig, OcU 2fi, with IJIais
doll's orchestra of twclve jiifcos,
axMbtod by a sopnuio whosc naiiic is
jiot auiiouuccd, The ciimittfo expect
to be able to givo the datea ucxt wcek
for the entire coursp. Bingham has
alrcady solil 121 tickcts. j
T. C. Sponcer's storc was burgla-
riously uutcred Thursday night, aml
irticlos to tho valuo of about 100
werc takeu. Ainong the missing arti
clcs were five or six: dozeu silver
thiinhlcs, which were niarkcd with .Mr.
Spenccr's namo, aml various articlcs to
be repaired iu a glass case on his work
bench. The nionor-drawers, in which
were sinall sunis. woro not taniperod
with, aml by the sidc of the thimblos
weif gold pons aml bracelots aml solid
silver ware and jewolry that woro un-
touchod. KntniiK'f was iiiadc in thc
roar of tho storo by cutting out a pane
of glass in tho outor door aml a panel
in thc iiinor door, hy incans of which
tho doors wore unfastonoil aml on
trance oll'fctfd. Thc inost reasonablc
iuforenco is that tho thiff was fright-
f noil away hf fore coinpletiug his work.
The choice of thf thiiuhlfR, howovfr,
wa.s a poor onc. Mr. Spf ncor is fortu-
natc to have lost so little.
T. W. Groonslitt, for tho past yoar
ind iiioii' tho working oditor of tho
Caledonia)!, Icavcs next wook to tjiko a
position on tho oditorial statl' of tho
Daily Horahl, a new uioruing papor to
bo startfd at Hartford, Conii., Nov. I.
.Mr. Groonslitt has had oonsiilorahh;
nowspapor oxponoiico, aml our roailors
know that hc has douo good woik ou
thc Caledonian. Tho opportunity for
advancoiiiont is bcttfr on a daily pa
pcr, thf work niorc fxacting aml the
pay largor. Novoi thclfss, thoro aro a
grcat inany iooplo in towu aud aniong
the nowspapor nion of the state who
will regrt't that Mr. Groonslitt is to
loavo, ovfii for so hfautifiil aml dfsira
blf a placf of losidonce as Hartford.
YVc have rccoivfd froui Coiliss I.
Stouo tho daily papors of Sfattlf,
Washington tfiritory, giving a full ac
coiint of thf Cflfbratiou thfif of thf
couiilotioii of tho Northfru I'acitic
railroad. Mr. Stoiif is a piomiiifiit
busiiifss inaii of that town, now tho
virtual ttTiuiniis of this gifat. railroad
on 1'ugft souuil. Hf will bo rcnicm
bfifd by sonif rfsidfiits of this plai'f
as iu tradi- with Henry Fosti-r iu thf
K. F. ISroun stoif, souif twonty-livc
yoars ago. Hf murrifd Aliuira t'ross
nian, also of this towu, and thoir hoiuo
has beoii in this far-away north wostorn
cit v for souic vcars.
.Miss IIolon llovoy, for tho past fcw
wi'oks inusic toavhor at tho storo of A.
I. liailcy, lcl'l town ou Saturilay iiiorn
ing. Sho will accouipaiiy hor paronts
to .Miniicapoli.-', Minn., whfio hor fa
llii'r will I'oniiiiouco a pastorato Nov. I.
Hor siiccosMir is not yot aunouiici'il.
Mrs. Hflfii M. t'hailwiok roturned
honio Satuiday night aftor an absenoe
of many nionths, niost. of which tinio
ho spont with hfr childrcn at Ouiaha,
thoiigh shf ui-nt wi-st as far as tilora
do. G. D. StfVfiis of Crftf, Nfb., who
has bft-ii spomling a couplo of nionths
iu town liir tho hciiflit. of his hfalth,
startfd ou his iftiirn on Woduosdav.
Mrs. S. I'. and Miss I,. Jo nnio Colby
will spond tho wintor at No w Havf ii,
Conii., and will loavc town about
Nov. 1.
Or. Milo G. Houghton of lioston has
lioo n visiting lolativi.'saml othor friomls
in this town aml Lyndon.
Or. G. 15. Hiillard starts next wock
for a tiip of two or three weeks in tho
A Kliml
Hlan's liivolitntary
A frightful runaway with a fortuiiate
rosiilt occurrod ui Fairhanks' villago
Friday. A hoiso drawing a load of
fiiruituio canif tfaring down ClilV
stioet, aml tiirniug towards tho I'laiu,
threw tho drivor out upon thc groiind
ncar tho otlico of tho scale coinpany,
and ko pt on his way up the hill dodg
ing sevfial teatns in tho way, aml was
stoppi'd by souio iiioii near Sir Thail
doiis Fairbauk.s'. Tho intcrest in this
asf wa.s gri-atly oiihaucod to the spoc
tators by the fact that thcro was a maii
in thc wagon all through this racc who
is stouo blinil. Ho cliing to a tablo
with both hamls aml rodo. in safcty to
tho eiul, although the load swaycd to
aml fio violfiitlv, to thf iiiiiiiinc nt risk
ofdfath or gifiit porsonal injiiry. j
I'lci' Kvt'iiin lnsli'iiolioii.
Fioo ovouing olassos in poiimauship,
irithuiotic and book-keeping havo boon
'stablishcd at tho Y. M. C. A. rooms.
The rlass in iifiiuianship opfiis this
(Thuisilay) ovouing with olovon pupils.
I'his class will nioot on Tiifsday aud
Thursday i-vonings, from sovon to
ight. oYloek. Tho cost for tuitiou,
bnoks, c, will ho liut two nty cf nts for
twenty wooks. Any voung uian can
ntcr this class by hamliug his namo
to tho sccrotary at tho rooms. The
clas-.es in aiithnietio aud book-koopiug
will bfgin soon. Thc only cost w ill bo
for books a small auiount. Any
3'oung 111:111 uiay join theso classes.
Thc class iu arithinctic, of scvou pu
pils, will nicot on Tuosilay evenings
froui eight to nino o'elock, and the
class in book-kfopiug, of ton pupils,
on Thursday evenings from eight to
nino o'elock.
Ilai'vost Scrvioo.
A harvost sorvice was holil at thc
South church on Sunilay. Tho pnlpit
fiont was covoifd with tho product.s of
tho harvests a shock of whoat, rje,
oats, punipkins, sqiiashes, corn, ap
plfs, etc, iiiakiug a vory tino ilisplay,
Kcv. E. T. FairhaukH spokc froui
I'.salms 1J7 : 14 and drew inany proflt-
able Iossons from this ilisplay, and re
fened to the early days of the Church
in this coiintry, when thc uiiiiisters
woro paid for thoir services in whoat,
which was then, aud is now, the staple
articlo. The useful aud iujiirious
tiirius iu v 1 1 1 c 1 1 wueat is useil woro
spokcii of to onforce the lessou of tho
In the evening a teinperance S1111-day-school
coucert was hclil. Ifev.
Henry Fairbaijks gave a very etl'ectivo
illustratiou of thu iibu of liijuor, which
spoke uioro oloijueutly thau words
could have doue.
Scricken With Paralysis in tlie j
Pnlpit. j
Local intcrest attaclies lo tlie sudden .
doath of Ilf v. Ferdinand C. Ewer, S. T.
1)., rector of St. Iguatius parish, New
York, at Jlontreal, on Sunday the 7th
inst., froui the fact that the last nerinon
ho delivf ifd wasin St. Andrew's church
iu this place on the proviuus Sunilay.
Ile was 011 his way to Montreal, and
stoppoii in this place over Sunday.
Kev. F. S. Fisher, seeing Mr. Ewer's
naine registorod at the St. Johusbitry
house, called ou hini aml iuvitod him
to olliciate at St. Andrew's. Ho con
sented, preaching a very able and
touching serinon from the words, "Sonie
onc toiiehe.il me." He was delivering
a seriuou in tho Church of the Evange
list when hc sustained the stroke of
paralysis. The church was crowded
aml he took for his text tho words,
"For our conversation is in heavon,"
aml was speaking of citizon.ship in
heavon, when he was observed to hesi
tatc and gr.isp the sido of thc pnlpit.
"Y'ou will excnse nie, dear brethron,"
he said ; "I cainc hore, although vory
sick, to speak to you ." I5ut he
could iroceed 110 further, and sank
down in tho pnlpit. Hc was removed
to the vostry, whoro he soon appcared
to ifcovor. The rocovery, howevor,
was only an apparent ouc, and he
gradually sank.
ICniiawny IIorsi-. Somo IVar
I'otr Is;:iios.
On Saturilay aftornoon J. V. .Mc
Corinick and sonie workinen woro at
work in iiiakiug ropairs 011 tho North
Danville road. Sir Thaddoiis Fair
hanks had ilrivon to whoro thoy were
at work, and had stoppoii at a sharp
bond in tho road to talk with Mr. Mc
Cormick. Thoinas Cablc had boon
sont up tho road with a pair of horsos
aml a diinip-cart aftor a load of gravol.
When tho cart was partly full, tho
horsos hfcuuic frightcncd and startfd
011 tho run down tho road. Thoinas
cauglit tho roius and ondoavorfd to
stop thf 111, but he was thrown and one
of the whools passod over ouo of his
logs, hriiisiiig itso badly that he could
not got on his feot without. as.sistance.
Mr. McCorinick sa.v tho horsos coiiiing,
and know that uiilcss thoy wore eheck
fil or tiiriifd in thoir course, Mr. Fair
hanks was iu iiniuiiifnt danger. Ile
hasteiifd forward a short distanco,
soizod tho roius aud, at the grcat risk
of lifc and linib, succeoded in swerving
thcni from thoir course so that tho car
riagf in tho road aml its occiipunt os-
caicd injiiry. Tho horsos tore away
fr.un Mr. McCorinick, and thoir chang-
fd courso brought tho duiup-cart in
collisioii with his carnago wliicli was
staiidiiir 011 tho "loenswanl atonc sido
of tho road. Tho conciissiou forccd
thf thills up 011 thf horso's back, and
tho hook wliicli holds thf tail-bnard
of tho cart in placo in passing oaught
iu tho breast-platf , ilragging liiin aud
tho carriago aftor theni in thoir hoad
long carcor. Thoy passed four work
inen farthor down tho road, one of
whoin, John Lihcrfy, porforiuod thi
dilliciilt foat of iumiiiug into thecait
as it passod, climbod out on thc polc
aml sociirod the reins, and with iiineli
ilillicnlty suci'oedoil in stopping thc
runaways. Thoy stoppcd so siuldf nly
that tho horso was foiiml with his
fore foet in the cart. Tho horso was
badly hruiscil and lainod, aud the axle-
trees of the carriage wcro sprung aml
it sustainoil sonie othor dainages,
Asidc from tho narrow escapes 111011
tionod, thcro wcro quitc a iiumber re
tiirning from this villago, and as then
aro somo plaees iu tho road wherc two
carriagos cauuiit pass, the consoipif nce
of nif f tiug tho rmiaway horsos at such
a point woiihl havo boon vory sorious
As it was, tho rcsults aro slight when
coinparcd with what inight havo boon
thc case.
Tln: Xv I:pol.
Tho apiioaraucc of thiugs about the
lailroad stution arc chaiiging vory
fast. Tho old depot, which had been
umlei'iiiineil and strongtheuod with
new sills, has boon movcd up the track,
b nifans of a looomotivo and rollors,
to its ilfstination at tho upper oml of
II. E. Fletchf r & C'o.'s llour and grain
stoic, whoro tho lirststory will ho usod
for a storo house and tho uppor story
for toiifinfiit purposes. The track
abovo tho depot has lieen relaid noarer
thc station, and it is coiiteuiplated to
set the froight depot back aml straight
en tho track to the south.
Tho new huilding is Ililxl l(i feot iu
sizo. In tho contro ot tho first lloor is
a waiting-rooin for both lailics and
gi'utloinon, :5ix4!i. In the contro, 011
thc east sido, is tho tickot and tolc-gi-.iph
otlico, ocL'iipying a spaco 7x1(1
aml a bay window proiocting a few
ffft 011 tho platform. Ou the north
sido of tho waitiug-rooni is a ilining
rooni, 17x24, coiinoctod by an archway,
which will bo suppliod with tablos.
Connoctfd with this, at thc northwost
corner, is the ladios' toilet-room, 12x22,
coiiiiniiiiicating with the waitiiig-rooiu.
On tho southeast corner is the baggage
rooui, 15x13, and a correspomling room
above will hc occiipiod by tho oxpress
coinpany for small parcels. At the
southwest corner, ou thc first lloor,
will bo thc goutlemen's toilet-rooni aml
a siiiokiiig-room adjoiniiig. In the
maiu part of the hiiihling, on the see-
ond tloor, aie linished ofl' three rooms
for otlicos overlooking thc track, one
of which will be usod hy the Ruperin
tomleiit of the oxpress coinpany. The
othf rs arc as yet unprovided for. On
the west sidc is a large liall, which
cau he coiiverted into otlices whenever
it may he desirable. Tho north wing,
secoml and thiril lloors, is coiiverted
into a to neiuont, which is iiitemled for
tho usc of tho keeperof thc rostaunint.
Tho south wing is designeil as a tene-
inent for Station-Agent Homlorsou.
Koth aro pleasaut teiieiiicuts, and evory
foot of room is utilizod. Ahove tho
third lloor, in tho maiu part of tho
buildiiig, is a largo room, which will
not he linished ofl", which coinmuiiicatos
hy a few steps with the teiieiiiout 011
either eml. As a prccautiou against
lire originating in this room aud com
iimnicatiug to tlje teuements, the doors
opcuing into this room arc covcred
with iron. llrick walls sciiaratc thc
depot cellar, iu which is thc hcating
apparatns, and the cellars bolonging to
the tenenients, and the doors coniinu
nicating are also covered with iron.
On the west sidc of tho depot is a cov
ered platform, to which carriages may
drivo up and loavo or take passeugcrs.
On tho east sidc will be a covered plat
form 20x50.
Tho architect aud builder has been
K. E. Glancey of Waltham, Mass., who
has dono good work. Tho hcating ap
paratus has been put iu hy Kayniond
& Dow of lioston, and a line job of
pliinibing has been doue by L. X. Ilatch
of Xcwton, Mass.
The work is being rapidly pnslicil
forward, aml noportion of the buildiiig
is yet ready for occupancy. Tho ticket
unl tclcgrapli oflice is toinporarily
located iu the dining-room.
Kast KiirUe.
Mrs. I'arinelia Ilarvey is visiting rel-
atives in this placo and Lyndon. Sho
has been iu California the past two
yoars with her son Charlcs. Mrs. I.
I). Bemis is sick again with pleurisy.
I)r. Hulbort's son preaclied in the
Coiigifgational church and Kev. II. I'.
Ciishing in the M. E. church Sahbath
iiiorning. Kev. Mi. Kollogg )ieachfd
in the Baptist church in tho aftornoon.
Frank Holinos and faniily loft. hore
Monilay nioiniug for thoir honio iu
Watertown, Jlass. No traco of tho
theivos at the ilrug storo yot.
ftoi-tli nanvillo.
Sovoral changos havo bcon niado
hore of lato. Mr. l'earco has bought
tho Ilartshorn houso at thc uppor oml
f tho villago and takon possession.
Tho house vacatfd hv Mr. I'. is soon
to be occiipiod by a faniily from tho
uiouiitaiii, "so says ruinor."
Our villago now has two hlacksmiths,
a now one naving rocontiy roiuovoii
hero from St. .lohnsbiiry. His faniily
iicciipy tho up-stairs tcnoineiit, iu Mrs.
Jocl Sanborn's house.
Mrs. Chaiios Stovons gocs to Boston
this weok in coinpany with hor sistor
(from that placo), who has bcon spcnd-
ing tho suiunu'i' in this vicinity.
Bortio Wells, who has boon sick for
tho past two wooks, is now convalos
cont. Mrs. Jacob Stanton and hor daiigh
ter, Mrs. Henry Koberts, arc visiting
friomls at Newport and Barton.
S. W. Sprngiie and wife starteil for
Boston 011 Saturilay to visit. thoir
daughter, Mrs. Lymlou Arnolil, aml
othor iflatives.
Miss Hattio E. Tracy lotiiriicd to
Lyuu, Mass., 011 Saturilay.
.lloluiloo's Falls.
I'orry has a new oleik in his storo.
Mrs. C. F. Morse aml ilaughtcr aif
visiting friomls in Massafhusetts, and
thoy will hc away about two wooks.
Last Satuiday tho Melmloo's niui
irainod a socoiid victory over tho Bar
net nino.
Kcv. Mr. Iloaly exchaugfd last Sab
bath with Kev. Mr. Langford of Little
ton, N. II.
! Htlon.
Ephniiin Kusrglcs was cauglit by a
clav bank caving 011 Momlav whilo at
work upon tho highway and narrowly
oscaiicil sorious iiiiiirv. ile wa.s con-
sidorably liurt.
Chaiios Hubbard has left thc ston
and post-ollicc aml rctiirncil to his
honio in Woathersliohl.
Cliiitou Shufclt is honio for a fcw
Divine sorvice at Ked village school-
house next Sunday aftornoon, at three
The latost victims at the hox shop
aie a young inan iiained Cross, n tliuinb
and lingcr sawod ; Etldie (Jaudotte,
lingerbotwoon tho rollors of a niatcher;
Thoinas Shailaml, three lingors cut by
a saw, and Francis Boulkcr, hanil
eaui'ht in a liullcv all iu the last
Gcorge I'ottote, tho horso trauior,
had a severo stroko of paralysis last
I)r. Carter, for sovoral yoars located
at Sheffield, has bought Xoah Dean'i
house at the Centre aml lomovos thorc
this wook.
The Gooil lciuiilars loilgc is niore
thau usually prosperons this ipiartor
Tho nieetings aro woll attemlod sev
enty uieinhfis were present 011 Tues.
dav ovening aml now nieinliers are
added at oach nieetiug. Seven weii:
rocoived this weok.
J. 1). Ilarvey, who went to Kansas
City, Mo., a few weeks ago, iloes not
likc there aud will retiiru to Vermont
S. S. Thompsoii has completed
brick sidowalk about his preinisos both
011 Maiu and I'ark stroets.
Joseph Hogg aml John Lainoro, Jr.
woro ariesteil last Saturdav for furnish-
inir liipior to otlier lartios. Each
plcaded guilty to one ofl'enco aud was
fincd, tho line aml costs aiiioiintin
$1!1.C1 oach.
Mr. Edilor: Tho Caledonia)! of last
wook, in the articlo on the (ire at I'as-
sunipsic, said that niorc could havi
been saved from Sniith & Galbraith's
shop had not Mr. Galbraith locked the
door. On his way down, Mr. Oalbraith
saw that tho lire was sorious aml that
tho only way to save the shop and
grint-mill was to stay it at tho saw
uiill, at onco tohl thc iiien theio to tear
tho mill iluwn, then went directly aml
opcncd tho doors at both cmls of tho
shop, took ouc of the laddors which u c
had and put it upon tho saw-mill, then
with help got the otler two and put
theni ou the shiip, leaviii" the doors
opon from the first gniiifr-in, aml w
have no fault to fiud at all.
.Smith & O.M.IlltAITII.
The Marshfield hand j;avo a piomeu
ade concert at the Town hail ou Thurs
daj- ovening.
Miss Laura Yaruiun, who for tho
past yoar has heon in ilill'erent partn o
tho west, arrivod hoine last week.
Miss Mary Gates, a former resident
was iu towu last week.
About 1,500 bushels of onions wotoj
raiscd in town this year.
licv. S. S. Martiu oxchanged ptilpits
with Kev. Jrr. Kaml of Barnet 011 Sun
day. St. Joliiislini')- Coiitrc.
Elbert W. Miles has added a carriage
shed to his huihlings.
Amos Sanborn has coininenced ex
teiisivo ropairs 011 the old hotcl.
II. I. and Goorgo L. Kelley eSchang
ed placeslastTuesilay. George Kelley
intends to makc somo repairs 011 his
Henry Brook has bought the K.
Bickford place aml will oceupy it soon.
E. II. Stone aml faniily aud S. K.
Huso talk of going to Florida about
thc midillc of Noveinber. Mr. Stone
has hoen ofl'ered his irico for his hoiuo
place, and is now hesitating about ac
cepting. C. A. Milcs is slowly recovering.
T. E. Harriman aml wife and John
F. Moore and wife took a trip to Bos
ton last week.
Joliiisliiiry East.
Tho Lailics' Aitl societv
will hold
sociahle at tho Congrogational church
next Tuesday ovening, the proccods to
he devoteil to carpeting tho church.
In July a lady rosidiug horo lost a
pair of gold-bowed spoctaclos hetwoon
this place and tho Contro. Thc loss
was ailvortised iu the Caledonia!!, aml
011 Woilncsday the missing spoctaclos
put in an appoaraiico. Thoy woro
fouml hy a geiitloinuu from Albany,
this state, who was visiting in this sec
tion,nud,iucutiouit)g the fact, the adver
tise nifiit was recallf d, which lo d to thoir
prompt rostoration to thoir owner, to
whoiu thoy wore probably enileareil
far more thau thoir actual valuo hy
long yoars of sorvice, which fiirnishes
uiothor illustratiou of inhcroiit honesty
ind of tho eHioaev of advertising.
School coinincncoil in District Xo. 1
(his wook .Momlav.
Another small tlurry of suow Monilay
.Mrs. Charlcs Cox of Xoyosvillo is
vory sick, aml thcro are sonie doiibts
of hor rocovorv.
Tho tlin inoiiieler stood at 20 above
zero Tiifsilav liiorniii''.
Miss Mabol Taylor toachos the school
in the Ethlv district the comiii" winter.
Tho "star-Kazors" hail a tino time for
ibsorvin tho oclipso Tuosday moruiii";.
Only about (1.2(1 of the uioon's suifaco
was otiscurcd.
Kobert Moador of Danville, who wa.s
sent to the stato prisou a voar aj;o last
Iiine for three voars, has been par-
doiifd out.
I, -: I iViilicis,
Milliiifrv opfniii"; at 0. II
. Halc's,
I!) aml
Kridav aml Satuidav, (Jctober
2(1. All iuvitod. Xo cards.
Mrs. Kico and I'owers of Suiniiifr-
villf havo Just rotiirned I'roin maikot
with full line of fall and wintor iiiilliu-
frv. will no pleascil to liave lailios
call and soo "ikkIs aml jjot priccs.
UuxioNS. -Dr. L. Sinionson, chirop
idist, from Xow York, has hoen stop-
pmr neai l v a wook at tlio bt. Joiinsiuirv
iiouso, room Xo. 7, aml troatod sevoi-al
pooplf hore for for coras, liunious, aml
in-rrowiii" too nails. All opcrations
ire lieiiiiaiieiil aml witnoiit pain or
blood. I ho ilootor has Iottfis to sonie
ot our niost piouiiiifiit meii. Lailics
imt ge ntlf nif ii wantuifi his soi'Vices
-liould scf liiin at onco. The doctor
vill roiuaiii onlv a fow days longor
hore. Look at his letters in the hotol
A Oard.
Wp, the underfliKiied, deaire to expresa our sin-
ct'rn thauka to thoae neihhors and friends, who li
r inanv tokcns of rftmmhrauce ahowcd their
siupalhy for ua in our rrcent alllictioii.
-MK. i itKS. A'M. EMEKV.
,pcci;il 3otire.';.
llood'a Sar.aparilla harpeui the appctitc.
Tkutii Ckushed to Kakth iH bouml to
rond ilown and suiotlier tho truth as you may
conrerninj: Thouiaa Klectric Oii yet tlio facta will
riae up that it u oneof tlie hext remedies for achea,
Mpniin, and paiuB that hna over yet hecn InveutiHl.
lite nniHt liave a ipecialty ; that ia( mtiHt con
trate tlie aliiutiee of body and niinu ou souic ouo
pursuit. llurdock HIimmI llitters have Jheir spec-
alty as a completo and radical cnre of dyspepnia,
and livcr and kiilney atlections. 11-13
ScitOFULA. A niedicine that deslroys tho penn
of Scrofnla and hai tho ihiwit to root il out is
Teciated by the atllicted. Tho retnarkablo enrei
f inen, women and children as ilescrilM-d by tenli.
noiiiala provo Ilood'x Sarsaparilla a ri-liabto medi
iuo conl linins reiiiedi.ll agenla which eradicate
Scmfill.1 from the blood. 1U0 doses il.Oll. Sold by
alldealers. C. I. Itood & Co., Lowell, .Mass. tt
At Danville, Oct. 10, a daughter to Mr. aml Mrs.
.Mattliew Wehb.
At West Concord, Oct. 8, a daugliter to ilr. aul
Mrs. O. I!. Ciittinjr.
At Sprinliebl, Maas., Oct. 11, a dau-lit.-r to
Frank E. and 1'lora (llow) llenchley.
At Veacham, Oct. 2, a daughter to llr. aud Mrs.
William Weeks.
At l'eicham, Oct. 8, a son to Mr. aud .Mrs. W'il
liam Kinuerson.
n, Oct. 11, .Mrs. Ilanuah Ash, nKrd 88
At I'eacl
At Kirby, Oct.
Amos -MctialTey, aeil 73
At Rutland, Oct. 10, at the residence of her son,
U G. Stiles. Mrs. Arvilla M.Stilea. relict of the
late E. J. Stitos of St. .lohnsbiiry, ased 72. Her
rein.iina were brought lo Stuitli Kirby and bnrics
iu tho faiuily hurying ;round.
At Wakefield, Mass., Oct. 11, Abby C, wiilnw of
the Itev. Alfred Ilarvey, and mother ol A. C.
Ilarvey, formerly ofSt. Jolinsbury, agtsl 73 yeaia
and 1 month.
Jlew Jttlvcrdscinciil.';.
A second-hand soapslnne stove.
311, St Johnsbury.
An Iqt Fortntain forau old stjlftfJordoo preHM
inoiMi rcpair. i'rvc t-i. Appiy ai ui umce,
Slxteen.incli. hanl, itry wi
Iillj'2';. OOtf L. I'EN.VIMAN'.
A tle.s)ralile buildins lot ofleml for sale on I'earl
tleet, iu St .lohnsbiiry. For particalara emiulre
r 2tr nusski.i, iiallett.
A Xo. 1, Dry Hard AVtssl, for slovea or furnace.
tf St. J. Sc I. C It. Ii. OHIce, or 46 Spring St.
One side saMIrt. altnont new, and one lare two
Iioixa wat;n with four iw-at. nuiLible fur Mtage
work or fanjiiDg. Enqulre at lr. NettJeton'oHice
For Sale.
The houe owned liy 11. I). Crocker, on Maple
slreet- Price riajonable ltent.i well. Six lene
menU. Knquir of
lf W. II. PltESTOX.
Ready-Made Clothing.
I liave )nst recelTiil a new anil tinp ntock of
ltcadv-Maile Clolbinc, wLich will lw nuld C11KA1'
St. JolmibnrT Centre, Oct 3, 1S33. lotf
LaJIes or Gentlemen to elt I).iris I'atent Thi eatl
Cutter, Deedt-4l by every lady who nsen neottleand
thread. Somethinp new. A cimkI cbauco to maVo
money. For tenrs. etc, ntltiry II. It. DAVIS.
St. Ji.hnbary, Vt. 9tf
Wood and Timber Land For Sale.
Thirtfen acrrs ot wmI and ttmler laud. alwi a
pasture tt 112 acres. willi hemlock, apruce and
celar for fencinsor other puriMJ1. To lx mild at
a bibarpain.
JAMES K. STEVKXS. Administrator.
St. Jobnabury Cfutre. Mar. I, 1833. 73-tf
Six gfHMl borca, two cmh1 drivinK barneiwt',
minitf lmllalo nlH"4, onc hIpiIi, ono larpi' uvvr rw
fripra(r. The alve will b wld cheap fir ca-h
aa I hav moio of that kind of property than I
want. I take theni in tradu and have t" ki-ep nell
ins to niake room for more. Cltf W. J. IIKAY.
All kiniU of niAHnn worlc )iomptly atteuiltil lo.
Furn.ici's aml bolton act in tlio latest improvtil
M-ltinj:. All kimN of niati'rial for aalo, ancli ax
plastcrins, niorlar. tirick, lime. ci'ment, ctc.
School St., Ialilork VllhiBe, Vt.
St. Jolinsbiiry, July lt. issi. 99-12
L. F & C. A. Caskell,
We lia o opennl a allrrr platinc aliop on l'ort.
laml Strrvt, aml aro pirpareil to do platiuj; of all
le.scriiitions at reivmalito prici-a. Talito waro
nvplatnt iu tlio liost maiiner. (5ive u a trial.
St. JoiiiKbury, Oct. 0. IM3. lltf
V'e have added omo choice Weildio;; PapcrH
Envi lopi-s aud Cards to our xtock, and ltli new
and licaiitifiil script type, cau flt out wedding par
ticnataliort uotire.
Also nice callini; cards, gilt-edcPd. put up in
Miss Ciara E. Moulton
Would ri'poclfull announco to the laidica of St.
JohnBliurv. that nhe is pn-pari'd todo Dresainaklii"
ot eery desrription Includinc cutti ir and flttiiiL-
r at their honies or at Iilt own riMiiin. llnvlmr
had a lon uxpericnce ho cau cuarantee aatiafac
tion nnd tirst cla!H work. Tenus ri'asonable.
l:i'fcr.'nci'8 given. (M.AIiA K. JIOIJI.TOy.
riii-r .Mt. rii-.isanl aud riifrsin. l'...i,.ti:
addri'ss, 51U. 13.11
Complete Heating Apparatus
for $75.
A laresize Ilovnt.,ii Fu
witli duplicale grale, foi
75, aud tifty
irlli ol pijie aud leister
uace is ne.irly uewaud via
wteaiu healer.
lllss AXXIB1!. DAXIKLS CTailuatein music of
StanstiMd I'ollee, deires to iillorm the )itside of
St. lohnsbiiry tb.it she is prepdnsl to "io iustruc-
tious on the piano or organ. eilher at her rooms or
at Ihe lesideuto ofber pupils. Ccrtiticate ot urad-
uatiou ma be sis-n at C C. llinuham's ilru slore.
Applirations maile bv letter addn'sed ltox 4TU,
at her mount Mr. 'J. L. A1IAMS' Mount
I'leas.int strert. Tenus uioilerate. ll li:i
IHt. O. K. M TTI.KTDN, has oiKileil Dental
snis in Walker' I'.lock. Main slnst. aud is nr...
pareu iti uoau worK ol ineproleslon in a tlioroucli
aud sahstactory mauner and at reasonable rales
Ollico liouis 1 9 a. m tosp. m ootf
Administrator's Salo.
Will be.sold at piibticauctionat tli
the late Saiunel I'routv at t!ast I
d.iv.Xov. 3. 83 al 1 o'clot k, n.ni..tlie fi
. Satnr-
rlv vi7. Tho bomn i.li.r-.. rnn.1,11..., ..I 1
liarii aml outliuildins and aUmt 18 acies of lami
Iheiewith. ali 411 arres uood and mowiiiL' l.iml
about one halfuiitotip the dish mill hrook witha
aiu.ill sujar place aml snsar house tl
suartils. Ats.une time aml place the farmiiii
iimiis, coiisisiiui; oi a oiie-liorse luiuoer wamui, tiav
erse sbsl. plouh, harrow, harness; and hav. corn
poiaioes ami sonie liouseliold lumiture. Alsti, one
cow aml a lew sheep.
1113 C.T. A HUMI'HKEY, Administrator.
I ht'lcby give notice that I will aell at I'lllilic
Auctiou ihe ileeii aml pri-nuses 1 hobl in trust u
lohii S. l'arnhain. situated ou tlie Ilazeti road. t
called, and beiiigall tlio laml in Iiardwicknf which
Aaron i-aniii.ini. lato ileceasi'd, died seizisl aml I
ovtner Ihi reiM'. on Ihe norlh siile of tlie lliizcu n
leadiiiK Ironi the old Warner maml to llreensb
line. being saine eonvevel lo lue by 11. N. Havi
trust to hobl for said i'aniliaiu's support. Tlm
avails of said land to bo applicd for his support
since I tisik said ileed. Said anction to be lield on
said iiremiscH on tho 21th day of October, 161, at
Hardwick, Oct. 8. 1883.
Concord nf I(H acn n, mi acreH winmI, with 150.00(1
heavy sprucu Iitniher. G(m1 bnildin. mniiine
waitr innoum- anti harn. Appie amlimirnr oichard
for fauiily usc. Cnod Imp raisinR farin. Kinlit
h. .ur Efxni wnrk IiorHen, welh irjoo, l
two.hre IiuiiIfi
l expresi wami, I two.
horse traversi slenl,
idoiicliM. harrnwH. etc
n hnrsH travfrsa sled,
ir tns h.iv, tmn atraw
lEtlliiiilirli oat
iMtshi-U iMtatN4, 75 biiHlielH
corn. hiMiHflmlil furniti
W(mhI, 40crds stovo win
ld dinlH dry fonr-foot
Torins inado known at tiinc of salfl
The subscrilHTs will sell at puhlic anction Sat
urilay. Octolier 91, at 10 o'elock, a. m. tho farin
sitii.it. .1 two miles east of St. .lohtisliury Centre
aud kuoMii as the Chailes Eiost tjriu, and latuly
owinsl aml orcupied hv Iivell C. Sllles,
Said farm coutaius 170 acfes, has a mnsl suar
nrehaiil on it and wood aud timber sutlicient
to pay for the farni ; it is well divided and umler a
KcksI stale of cullivation and fairlv fencetl, near
i iiinii ano iu a ismi neilihorlMKMl. u ell watered
Alsoat the samfl lime aud nlace the followinir
sls:k aud iktsi.ii.-i1 piopertv: 7 cows, 1 call, a
shoats, 1 barrow. 1 plnw, I two-horse IiiuiIht
wac 1 Iiiiky. I slt ih. 1 two IwrMi b.ZKlnj; 'etl,
1 Iwo lmnte iravt rse aleit, t jiair leam hamesses,
sinle harness, horse rake, inowiuc; machine, bur
lalo nibt s, sft iif wab-s, rake aml pilchrorks, au
tons liay, 5 tons straw, and lot of corn fislder.
llousehold luriiituro -ind nll dnirv tools. Kinri,r
orchard of I.IKK1 trei's, ANI s.ip bnckets, hol.lers,
haulin: tub. ootl suar house, well equipisjtl.
1'arl ol purcliase money can remain on murtsaise.
C. S. & H. 15. SIIAW.
St. Jolinsbiiry. Oct. 2, 1883. 11-12
Wetakolhis methsl of returning thanka to our
fiiends in l'assiimpsic and lclully fur tho eflorln
mailo to save our mill and contents durius the tlis
astnms fuo of the 7th inst. We also f.sil very
rateful for the many eipressiuns of syinpalhy we
have receivetl.
Inthis conneclioii we will sUte iu answer to
niauy imiuiries tliat for the present ueahat! keep
for sale in onr warehouse noar tlie II. It. St alion a
tull stoek or llour, ineal, Krain aml fsl ofall Vin.ls
vthich we shall sell at as low prices as cau lot
fouuil elsewhere. Jlr. II. A. liecrworth, tho station
aseut, has kiudly couseiitisl to act as our agrnt for
the time beiuc- The telephone has beeu placetl in
the oQice at tlie statiou so that any oue can coiu.
uiuuicale with us ilirectly at aur time iluriii'r busi-
K. T. & il. K. IIIK.
Sl. Johiisliury, Vt.. Oct. e, lfe3.
Ih htulquartfrs for
Laryest Hbwk of gloves in bivvn Jd the lonest
prices. Oii Tau lov 75 ceiita. (hickoil tan l.lltle-
lon cioves, (1. well woith tl.M-, lsi -Vlcents
Kojrnkm, liueil or titliiit liniiiir orfurtins. vorv
uice j.nid., rrgiiUr iince 1.M, wo will sell theni
lorci-isi a pair iieiiia
Kid and Driving Clovos.
A full liuoof Plyinoutli Iluck (lovesiD allgrade
and thicknesses Irom II.oil up to tM. a fln
buck Klove lor il M. We lune Fverjthing iu tlie
line of xlote and luillrus froiu M cenls up. I)o
not buya pair of gloves or any kind or price untll
jou call iu the Vaiiety slore and aml see tho bi
,MSIM Ki'ttes aui uiuiens.
Wo also have an
Immcnso Stock of Lamps
In all stvles and prices from 23 cents to 17 00.
tine large lamp all cnmptote, with7-inch illuuiiuator
and shaile for fl.OU, re'nlar nnce ll.M. 1
parlor lamps for tt.So. fi uu. a bissI lamp for M
ceoui. lare. lcelil;stuilentlalitp. Tlieune.l slj Ie.
of lihrary lamps in town. I)o not invest oue ceul
in lamps until od call at ihe Variety Stir aml
bsk tuis lare assortuicnt over. You can nate
money on a lamp every time at the Yarlcty SUire.
IditMt aul Genta'
At price that can't be lat- AIs.. a full st-s-V ol
W atches, Chalns, Charins, Clocka. Jewelry. Ilir.1
Cae.. Valises. lis and Faucy gwsls at little les.
tlntu btitttm price.,
lltf GEO. K. (5K0W
& Jt Fairbanks & (Jo.
lleg leavo to anuoiinco to their put-
rons that thoy have opon an iinmeuso
stock of
New Fall and Winter Goods.
Hlack aud Colorod Dross Goods.
Wo otlor a lino of tho coU'brate.l
Guinet Hlack Silks, that for richness of
color, linoiifss of toxfuro, durability
nid valuo aro iinoipiallrd hy any othor
manufactiirer in the world and we aro
sclling thoiu at the vory lowost city
prices. Kleganf lllack Otloiuan aud
Itrocudo Silks iu uow aml haiiilsoinc
Coniprising all the novoltios of tho
season. it Ii sm-li an almost inlinito
varioty of soft woolou matorial, the
winter dross promiscs to he hamlsouie
ind comfortahlc without being vory
expeiisive. In addition to our largo
line of stamlard goods, such as Cash-
nieres, Caniel's Ilair, Flaunol Suitings,
etc, which coine in all the new shados,
we may moution Tricoti5 Cloths, Har
ritz, Yool Ottomau, Epsom and Ascot
Suitings, Jacipiard's, Crepo Ariniires,
etc, with Yelvets, l'luslios, Soutacho
liraids, Colorod Velvct Kthbous, etc,
to match, tho whole formiug an exhi
bition of dress goods uueipialled in this
Special atteution is called to this do
pai tiiient. as wo bclievo. all provious
olfortH havo been entiioly oclipsod hy
the ilisplay of ologant Fur, I'lush aml
Astrachan trimnied Garuients, in l'lain
and Hrocade Silk, Ottoiuau, Arniure,
I'aletois, C'oviliuot, I'lush, Xew Markot,
Havelock, and Diagonal Worsted Dol
iiians, Sacks, Cloaks aml Jackots, for
Lailics, Missos aml Childien, receivod
diiect from the leadiug Xow York
uiaiiiifactiirersandatlnwor prices than
last season. Dou't miss the opportu
nity of seeing thoso goods bofoio pur
chasing. Hosiery and Underwear.
Our stock was never uiore completo
with desirable stylos in Lmlies', Oonts'
and Chililren's, and we havo sociirod
our usual assoi tinent of the celehrateil
Bennington Undorwoar,
In white aml scarlct, tho bare au
iiiiii iKt'iiK'ii t of wliicli fact is all thu
rocoiuiiiomlatiou ncciloil.
Special hargaius may bo soen iu fino
moiliuiu aml low pricod 10-1, 11-4 aml
12-1 white bhuihets. The inagnif
icont white all wool Whitney blankot,
with the popular scailct. California,
togother with colorod Uoil Itlankets
aud Horso Blaukcts ofall doscriiitious,
coiiipriso a niost dosirablu stock to
select from.
Clothing Department.
Our ilisplay in this line is made up
of about all thoro is ilesiralile in the
way of Men's Vouths' ami Iloys'
Businoss Suits & Overcoats
in tho latost stylos. Our trado this
season has deinamlod a hottor gnule of
goods, aud in icspouse to thii ileinaiid
wo have added inany new liues of liue
clothing Keleeted with grcat care aml
with ilue logaid to the wants of eciin
omy. A careful iiisjiectiiiu in respect
fully Kolicited.
.SaniplcH of dry gootls Bent hy maii
when reipiosted.

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