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DrCuttiuZ 15h-37
3 Ml -As mAy tv rws ltv .ACV vAi
&bc Culcb0mtm.
Oppilr Athf-asram, Ht. Jbabary, Vl.
C. M. Stone. Aktiii b F. Stone.
In Caledonia and Eswi Counties
Ni montns t local suiuktiikts . ,nri
If not iiaicl in advance, jier year f
Ootsi.l! Caledonia and Essex counties
In single wrapper.
Clergymen in service. er year fc""""""
Each subscrilicr will find on his pa f
Six months t local subscrilx-rs.
connection with his name, the date to t;
he has paid. No other receipt is necessc- -
Entered at the St. Johnsbury Post Ofh.
second-class matter.
Aiivektisisc. Ratks. F-'or transient ad
tiscnicnts. $1 .00 per inch for first inoert.
25 cents er inch for each iubscrtt-? hf
tion. Ssmall ads of six lines or-jes
first insertion. I.iiK-ral rates?'
advertisers who take sij"!
space. The CalrilonianKOiv
household in St. Johnsbnrj ,
most ilesirahle ail vertisinf fcT
I- used. v v
Job Pkintiso of all dcscripVin n - done fj,
ciiiiui workmen, with the tiest tejaterfai :tnr
at low rates
S ' '
Wrnlbrr ltecrl.
At Itincliam's Iru? Store
enilinnjan. '2. l.S.H'j.
for th" ,.''' '
l.bB. .
Saturday ..
Monda v
A ilash
ir j:v
? . r
' NE'i
All hc
The Academy ojn ned Vel 'silay
with 2'2C puiiils. .
Th- trustee; meet
for -:i turday even-
Panicl Thompson is furnishing
the sh.'iftin; for the new electric light
pla rit.
lJSSO. It is a g,,o,l time to learn
to write theligurc 1) distinctly, for
you will have to write it all the rest
of vour life !
The Recce button hole company
havedeclarcd a dividend of '. per cent,
and the International button com
pany a dividend of one per cent.
Our venerable and faithful corres
pondent, Henry Littleof Kalamazoo,
tells of the early history of Fairbanks
village in another column in his usu
ally fascinating way.
Theyearclosed with two minutes
more of daylight than on the winter
solstice, Dec. Ill , and thedays increase
in length from one to two minutes
each through this month.
Annual meetings'-of the Baptist
and Free Baptist churches will be
ln-M next Satiinlavcvening. The an
nual meeting at theXorth and South
churches occurs Monday night.
The hoard of agriculture ojiened
a two days session at the town hall
this morning with an address of wel
come by V. I. Stafford. The ses
sions will be well worth attendance.
'The addition to M. J. Caldbeck's
shop is finished, and as a protection
against another fire the Fast side and
roof of the whole building has been
covered with over 3,000 feet of sheet
The great rush of local matter
this week has crowded out corres
pondence from Barnet, West Burke,
Cabot, Ilardwick and Rycgate and
an important communication upon
our village sewers.
A novel Christinas present came
to the two youngest children of Mrs.
A. F. Rankin in the shajc of a burro.
The little donkey weighs only 30()
poundsand is the centrcof attraction
tor all the little folks.
The new advertisers this week
are "too numerous to mention." At
tention is directed, however, to the
large number of finely displayed ads.
Is not the new type beautiful and
good for the eyes?
A diver has placed 1 car axles
beneath the flume at the new dam
and the water wheels are now being
set. Some dark night in the near
future the natives will be basking in
the 'dare of the electric liirht.
The St. Albans Messenger says
that the Swantoti jK'ople do not like
the new change of time on the Lake
road by which the mail train leaves
there at -!.." a. m. Tlve passengers
can sympathize with the railroad
hands for once.
The arrangements for the annual
musical convention at Littleton are
about completed. The convention
begins the 14-th with Carl Zerrahn.
director; Mrs. Martha Dn'na Shep
ard, pianist ; Miss Flizalicth Hamlin
of Boston. Messrs. J. II. Rickctson and
Wm. L. Whitney of Boston, soloists;
Marshall P. Wilder of New York,
humorist; and the Blaisdcll orches
tra of Concord.
Carl lidward, the winsome four-year-old
son of lr. and Mrs. (George
K. Alvord, was taken suddenly sick
last Thursday and died on Friday.
Thedeath was a particularly sail one
inasmuch as the father was in Denver,
Col., and unable to come on. The
funeral was held on Sunday' after
noon. The boy was a bright and
healthy child, beloved by all who
knew him.
. The Caledonian prints an unusual
edition this week. It is a good num
ber to keep, it is also a gnd one to
send away. The yearly record makes
it of much local value. Extra copies
cau be had at A. D. Kowell's, F. O.
Clark's, or this office.
C. M. Cheney is in I lost on taking
lessons on the clarinet.
Adlore M artel is spending "the week
at his home in Kichford.
V. L. Krogman arid wife of Boston
have leen visiting his brother, Land-
'ord Krogman
Congressman t.roi
, YVaslli 11 Ml as
CantS have reaSOIl
rout has returned
ill postoffii aj-
to know
diss Alice Smith of F. O. C, . s
ore is visiting friends in I!o...on.
1 "er place is t.'iken by Miss Mary
' . II. K. Ide and wife leave for
trance rovc at Pomona, Fla.,
next week where they will sjend
i winter
j m, , , , ,
. Aliss Alary A. Shanlcy, who nas
'i'hi'i visiting for sometime at her old
'' Jii town, returned to Marshall-
I UiwCicuva, 1 ucsdav
.K'- v.M. Tillotson. forme.'
-'If ' i- i i .1 i
,:-tc i ... fiivnvuist cnnrcn in tins pi
? -w ti1 his p.'istor.'ite in V
r iT-Ji Reflect in the sjrin
- A !!;f :nA re
- I T't-- r'. tluiTMes
returned t W
nesdav alter ar
:vith his brother,'!.
H7 other friends in this '
.'.Mrs. C ;if- binson .and two
da ugh tci have been staying
here until ai.nw fever epidemic
wasovcri' Florida, have returned to
their home in Jacksonville.
C. A. Norton left Tuesday for Talla
poosa, fia., where he will spend the
winter. His wholesale grocery busi
ness will be carried on by George
Ranney during his absence.
Frank Taylor, clerk at Fairbanks
store, left there Monday to enter the
store of J. II. McLoud & Co., Ilard
wick. The clerks at the store pre
sented him with a handsome gold pen
as a testimonial of their friendship.
II. J. Fmerson, who went to Denver
a few weeks ago, has t.'iken a position
in the savings bank at Albuipierquc,
New Mexico, of which S. M. Folsom
is the president. The bank is to be
congratulated on securing such a
worthy young man.
S. II. Brackctt has been visiting
old friends in Keene, N. II., and on
the 1 7th gave a lecture on electricity
before the Keene natural history
society. 1 1 is daughter, Mabel, who
is teaching in the neighboring town
of Sullivan, was presented with a
handsome plush album on Christmas
b- her pupils.
The Dudley street Baptist church,
Boston, to which our late Y. M. C. A.
secretary C. L. Page has been called
as assistant pastor, has just com
pleted extensive interior improve
ments at a cost of $3,000. During
the year the congregations have more
than doubled, anil the financial ex
hibit for the year is $ 10,120. There
have been 300 inquirers, and 121)
have made confession of faith. In
addition to the baptisms, twenty
three havejoined the church by letter
anil experience.
The sixth entertainment in the Y.
M. C. A. course comes this evening
as a lecture by Hon. W. II. S.Aubrey
of Fngland upon the "Fnglish liber
al view of the home rule question in
Ireland." Dr. Aubrey's lecture tour
in this country three years ago was
eminently successful, find an eloquent
exposition of the most vital question
of British politics will be given to
il iirht.
Tuesday bening the seventh anni
versary of the marriage of Mr. and
Mrs. F. F. Fvans a number of their
friends surprised them with a call at
their home on Railroad street in the
evening. The friends left as testi
monials of their friendship a full set
of crockery of a rich design, a red
plush rocker, a half dozen silver fruit
knives and other smaller gifts. All
enjoyed a very merry time.
Thcfollowingexprcssion was made
on the street by a somewhat prom
inent citizen a day or two after the
special village meeting called to en
dorse the trustees' action on street
lighting: ."I wasoncofthe'Whoopcr
Ups', but we made a great mistake.
I tell you we made a great mistake.
Judge Ross was right and we shall
never be able to get rid of the Thomson-Houston
folks in any other way
but to put out the lights at the ex
piration of the contract."
Sometimes the soIkt second
thought isa little tardy, but it comes
all the same to people who have not
entirely lost their heads.
The help at the scale shops who are
under the sjecial sujiervision of Silas
Mastin gave him for a New Year's
present a very nice standing piano
Lamp as a slight testimonial of the
esteem in which they hold their fore
man, who has ever shown them uni
form kindness and consideration.
Mr. Mastin has been employed at
the scale works for over 30 years.
Henry Fllis, who by his willing and
obliging disposition has become an
important xrson at the scale office,
was given a nice set of fur trimming
for an overcoat by his fellow clerks
in the office.
Al-el W. Rolnrrts, superintendent of
the I niversalist Sunday school, was
presented with a gold headed cane
by the school at Christmas time.
The Electric Light Contract Ratified hy
a Ynte of 301 to So.
The special village meeting on
Thursday evening brought out one
of the largest gathering of voters
ever seen at such a meeting. County
Clerk Nichols as president of the vil
lage read the call and awaited a mo
tion. Harry Blodgett then presented .the
following resolution and moved its
adoption :
Resolved. That the written contract dated
Nov. 7, l.sss, made by the village of St.
Johnsliury hy its trustee-- with the Thomson-
Houston company, for lijlitinii the streets of
the village of St. Johnshury with electricity,
be and is hereby accepted, ratified and adopt
ed by the said village of St. Johnsliury.
Judge Ross opened the discussion
with an address in which he referred
to the past history of our village .and
outlined his reasons for bringing li
I come here, he said, with no
"s against the trustees nor to
. -"c them with purposely acting
. "-"'v. They have simply ex
. ' nver voted them at the
i. . The history of our
: i:s for the last 15 years
. . we ought to move slowly
. . 1. . . In 1.X70 the waterworks
brought a tax of 75 cents on the dol
lar. Since that time our village has
grown very slowly and business en
terprises are seldom started here.
Summerville has doubled its popula
tion in the meantime because people
cannot afford to live in our village
and pay its high taxes. Today we
have an $S0,0()0 waterworks plant
which must cither be thrown away
or else continually repaired. Typhoid
fever has come into the families
where this water was used. (Hisses)
Mr. John A. Moore told me that Dr.
Nelson said he had 15 eases and in
every case the village water was used
in the house. This is not strange
considering that the sewage of the
Lyndons, the Centre and part of
Paddock village empty directly into
the river. Fvery other village and
city taxes abutters forsidewalks and
sewers. The village never has done
this. The way the village has been
run lately would give one the impres
sion that our trustees could do any
thing. The tax-payers never make
appropriations as in othcrplaccs but
trust to the wisdom of the trustees.
I come here entirely in my own name
as a tax-payer to protest against
such things. I protest against this
alleged contract with Thomson-
Houston Co. It is really a perpetual
contract. A request for ratifying is
a virtual confession that (he trustees
have a faulty contract. They have
not yet bound the village because
they have not signed it as trustees of
the village of St. Johnsbury. If this
contract is not ratified there is no
danger of the Thomson-Houston
company bringing suit against the
village because I have .another in
junction enjoining them against su
ing the village. I have thus protect
ed the village at my expense and en
tirely on my own account. Neither
can any damage come to the trus
tees. The most serious ground
against the contract is that two of
the trustees own each one-fifth inter
est in the water power which the
contract stipulates shall be used by
the Thomson-Houston company.
The latter company pays $1500 an
nually for IO years for this power, a
very large rental. The Standard
electric company were only asked to
pay $1000 annually. The village
will have to pay the $500 difference
and now is the time to protest
against such action. The trustees
could not act impartially in making
this contract. They had no more
right to act in this matter than has
an executor to buy in property with
which he is entrusted. In closing.
Judge Ross read the following state
ment from H. T. & II. K. Ide:
"Havinj; a larjre surplus of water power to
dispose of and never havinj; been asked by
the trustees to furnish power for the electric
lights for this village, we make the following
offer: We will furnish all the lijrhts needed in
the streets of the village of St. Johnsbury as
follows, viz.. ! arc lights of nominal LMMM)
candle power each for $1000 jh.t year. All
further lamps needed to procrly lijjht the
streets at $4-5 each, per year. The lijiht gen
erated to be equal in every respect to the
light of the Thomson-Houston company of
same capacity so called. The contract to
run not less than three years. The time and
manner of running the lights to be the same
as called for in the alleged contract between
the trustees and Thomson-Houston compa
ny. If 34- lamps are needed we will furnish
them all for the first year for $12(i. We are
prepareil to furnish suitable bond if contract
is awarded us."
Col. T. C. Fletcher said the trus
tees were here to answer for every
act and every step they hail taken in
the whole matter. They had acted
in good faith, had their papers made
out by lawyers and supposed every
thing was all right. The trustees
still believed it was. The speaker
said he fully appreciated what Judge
Ross said about high taxation. The
present board of trustees have run
the village for 25 cents on the dollar
and when they came in it was 4-0
cents on the dollar. All the steps in
making this contract were taken by
the whole board and they made a
lietter contract than has lieen made
by any other town in the state. In
regard to the water power. Col.
Fletcher said that it had always lecn
known that he and other trustees
were interested in the new water
power. Furthermore the Thomson
Houston company said at the outset
that they must have an indejiendent
water power for their machinery..
The company paid $1500 rental but
less than one-third of that amount
was for power to be used for lighting
the village. The rest would pay for
power for private lighting and for
ninningelcctricmotors. In response
to Senator Bates' question as to
what steps were taken to get bids.
Col. Fletcher said bids were asked
from these companies, the Standard,
Thomson-Houston, Brush, Kxcelsior,
Ball, Fort Wayne, and Fastern Con
struction company. All but one re
plied that they did not rent plants
but sold them outright. The Thomson-Houston
company was the only
one that offered to rent a plant.
F. T. Ide was called out and said
that their offer was made in good
faith and that they could offer it
cheaper because they had so much
surplus water power. They had no
idea of going into the electric light
business until the Brush company
made them an off er and on such terms
that they could offer it cheajK-r than
the other company.
Judge Ross, who at first spoke in
favor of the Ide's offer, said that th
whole matter better be laid on th
table and a committee chosen ton
port at the village mteting. lie wa
in favor of Thomson-Houston ifthevV
would give us the light as cheaply a
any other company on account; o
the expense they had been to already
Senator Bates regarded the move
to defeat this motion as a postpone
ment for some time of all thought of
lighting the village by electricity.
Whenever anything has been done
some cvnic will say that it ought to
have been different or that he could
have done it better. Let's move
along and do something, this con
tract is better than the rest of the
towns have got and it is a short
sighted policy not to ratify it.
Cries of "question" at oncejirought
out a discussion of how to take the
vote. After several had cried "bal
lot a hallot was taken, which re
sulted in the ratification of the con
tract by a vote of 301 to SO. The
announcement ot the result was re
ceived with shouts of applause after
which the meeting adjourned.
The Contract.
Following is the contract that was
read at the meeting:
This agreement made this seventh (lav of
November, A. H., 1 sss, by and between the
village of St. Johnsbury, a body politic and
corporate in the county of Caledonia and
State of Vermont, p.'irtv of the first bv T. C.
Fletcher. I).- I. Hennett, I. 11. Frost. A. I..
Hr.-igg ami Charles A. Caldcrwood, its board
of trustees, duly authorized, anil Thomson
Hoiiston Electric com pan v. a corporation
duly organizes under the laws of the State of
Connecticut and h;i vmg its principal place ot
business in Itostou, in the County of Suffolk
ami Slate of Massachusetts, party of the
second part, witnesseth as follows : In con
sideration of the mutual convenaiils and
agreements herein contained to be kept and
perlormed by said village of St. Johnsbury
and said T-II Electric company it is hereby
mutually covenanted and agreed as follows :
Said T-II Electric company covenants and
agrees to const met. csta blish and equip with
in said village of St. Johnsbury ami connect
with a suitable and sufficient power plant,
which shall also be furnished by said T-H
company for the operation of the same, an
electric plant combining both arc and incan
descent lights and sufficient with proper dy
namos, lamps jmd other appcrtcnanccs, and
such and suitable anil sufficient power as
may be required for the successful operation
of a n electric light system sufficient insizeand
capacity in .-ill resK-cts not only to furnish
the twenty (! arc lights hereinafter men
tioned, but also for such additional number
as may be required for successfully lighting
the streets anil public places of said village.
And it is understood and agreed that the
party of the second part as its assigns is to
devote to the purposes aforesaid the power
acquired in pcrsuance of a contract between it
and certain associates now known as the
Hclknap Water I'ower company dated Nov.
l, 1 SSS, or such portion of said power as
may be required to carry out the provisions
hereof in respect to power.
And s.-iid T-ll company covenants and
agrees to operate said electric light plant for
the consideration hereinafter named to fur
nish, supply and operate in such locations in
the streets and public places in said village as
the Trustees thereof shall direct, twenty IL'III
improved nominal two thousand (iroooi
candle power arc lights of the T-II system of
their highest type and to Irani the same dur
ing every night that lights shall rcasonably
be required or needed to suitably and satis
factorily light the streets and public places in
said village from dark until midnight of .-ill
and every such night for and during the term
of this contract, payment therefor to bemade
by said village at the rate of sixty-five dol
lars per light per year, payable in etpial
monthly installments. And the saiil T-H
company further covenants and agrees dur
ing the first year of the term of this contract
in the same manner and same time as specifi
ed above, to supply, furnish, and operate, in
addition to said twenty lights thirteen nom
inal Hi nut caudle power arc lights of the
T-II company manufacture, receiving nocom
pciisation for said 1 :- lights during the first
vear other than the $i:!i)i to be paid for said
lit) lights.
At anil after the expiration of the said one
year, the T-II company hereby covenants anil
agrees that during the remaining term of this
contract it will keep in said 1"1 and said 1M
lights, lights in all, or put in anil main
tain during said term such number more or
less than X! as said village shall direct at an
exjicnse not to exceed $7() jur year for such
light above the number of said I'D, payment
for the first twenty to be still made at the
rate of $"r er year. Anil the saiil T-H com
pany further covenants and agrees that if in
any location of said village the Trustees
shall so decide, they will put in 3 incandes
cent lights of candle power each in lieu of
an arc light, and that the poles used by saiil
T-H company shall be smooth and painted.
It is hereby understood and agreeil that
the cost of making changes in the location of
lights, if any are required, after the same
have been once located, shall be paid by saiil
village. In consideration of the covenants
and agreements of said T-H company herein
contained, saiil village covenants and agrees
to accept from said T-H company or its as
signs not less than UO arc lights or their
equivalents in incandescent lights as above
sjiecified and to pay therefor during the term
of this contract at the rate of $;" per light
per year, in equal monthly installments, it
being understood and agreed however, that
said village is not during said first year to
pay for the 13 additional lights which said
T-II company are to put in and operate the
first year of the term oSthis contract. Said
T-II coin pa n y further covenants and agrees
that same electric light plant shall be put in
operation and that the streets of said village
shall be lighted thereby on or before the first
day of January, INS'.l, provided said water
power to be acquired from the Hclknap water
power, above referred to, is ready to operate
the said plant at that time, otherwise as
soon thercafterwards as said water power is
ready. The term of this contract shall com
mence at the time that said lighting system
shall be put in successful operation in said
village and shall continue for a period of 3
years from and after said time fully to In
completed and ended.
In return whereof said village have caused
these presents to lie required in its name and
behalf and its seal to lie hereto affixed by the
above named Trustees, and the T-H company
has caused the same to be signeil anil its cor
porate seal to lie hereto affixed by C. A. Cof
fin, its treasurer, the day and year first above
fThe above is signed by all the village trus
tees, and by C. A. Coffin, treasurer of the
T-H company, and recorded in the town
clerk's office Nov. Hl, lKNS.j
The following letter explains itself:
St. Joii.sm-KY, Vt., Dec. 2S, 'SS.
To the Village of St. Johnsbury :
Since the action of the voters in vil
lage meeting, Thursday evening, I
have no desire to pursue my suit and
injunctions against the village anil
Thomson-Houston Fleet trie compa
ny, and you are hereby notified that
the same arc discontinued. On re
flection and careful insjiection I do
not discover that any wounds, sore
spots, lameness or regrets remain to
me as the outcome of the contest. I
hojK none remain elsewhere. Yours
truly, Jonathan Ross.
- -
Subscriliers who take the Mirror
in club with Caledonian will notice
that the old price is resumed. The
publisher repudiates the 50 cent of
fer. See terms at head of fourth
At the Xorth Church.
There was an elaborate musical
program at the morning service clos
ing with a brilliant rendering of the
Hallelujah chorus from Handel's Mes
siah by Organist John D. Hazen. The
sermon by the pastor was upon the
passing of time from the text iu the
90th Psalm, verses 10 and 17. The
sermon which was filled with helpful
thoughts closed with a brief review
of the year. In the evening the Sun
day school gave their annual Christ
mas eo ncer t . 1 1 ere, t oo , m u sic pi ay ed
a prominent part and included Dud
ley Buck's anther, bv- the choir, with
a si Ioby Mrs. J. II. Humphrey, solos
1 Mrs. P. F. Ilazcn and 12. A. Silsby,
' -g by the little girls and the
ig by 15 voices of the hymn
. i st and best of the sons of the
After a few remarks by
ntendent, Col. F. Fair
;.e pastor entertained the
"i- -1 the old folks as well,
giaal story .about Father
.1 i;.c Chrisl-ckiM. Then un
til annual distri ition of
books to 70 of the members oi t-.e
juvenile tin. it who had ' '
ed church :.i' lrly through .
except it . cofsickii ss. Hi" . or
said t t 1
special r i- n
record in. . ac t
Herbert 'w'.--
Alay Russell, i. ;.cic S " . .
Wellington Tinker. Sclim Nr
son of Dr. II. C. Newell, had . i.
been absent from church service t ice
in five years. The pastoi s.iid the
one ilea rest to the late Gov. Fair
banks would redeem the pledge made
by him one year ago. Seventy beau
tiful gift books were then given out,
each containing the child's name and
date and these scriptures, "He
yet spcaketh," "Let us go into
the house of the Lord." After the
distribution. Rev. Mr. Lamson told
thechildren that last year Gov. Fair
banks wanted it distinctly stated
that the books were not rewards of
church attendance but given to en
courage the habit of regular attend
ance. This was just as true now as
then. In conclusion the pastor said
Mrs. Horace Fairbanks had renewed
the offer for the coming year. The
exercises closed with the distribution
of candy to the juvenile department
and oranges to the whole school; a
gift from the superintendent.
At the Eree Raptist Church.
The concert by the Sunday school
on Sunday evening was one of the
best ever given at this church and the
attendance was unusualh' large.
The concert opened with the exercise,
"Star of the Fast," given in the form
of scripture readings and singing by
the children and the choir. Recita
tions by the children and older mem
bers of the school followed which
were all well rendered. The concert
closed with a fine rendering of one of
Rossiter Raymond's tales by Mrs. C.
T. Walter. Supt. S. I. Sprague
made the children very happy by pre
senting all with Christmas cards.
The Caledonian again presents its
readers with an exhaustive review of
the local events of the year, believing
that the readers cannot fail to appre
ciate the value as well as the great
labor of presenting such a compila
tion. In reading it over the large
number of deaths, especially among
the aged, is a startling reminder of
the solemn fact that "we spend our
years as a tale that is told." There
have been 17 between the ages of 50
and GO, 31 deaths between 00 and
70, 44 deaths between 70 and SO, 30
deaths between 80 and 90, and six
deaths between 90 and 9o. Above
this age there was one each at 95,
90,99 and 100, the last being our
county centenarian, lames Works,
who died at the remarkable age of
100 years and 11 months.
The First national bank has de
clared its 48th dividend, a semi-an
nual one of 3V2 per cent". The bank
has earned 814. per cent, net for the
past two years which is the best
,ving made for five years. Their
net profits in '87 were $41,700.90
and in '88. $43,181.90. They carry
to their surplus fund
amounts to $00,000, af
which now
ter paying $1 7, 500 for the last divi-
The Merchants bank closes the
most successful 3ear in its history.
They have declared a semi-annual
dividend of 3Vj per cent, payable
January 5. This bank carries over
to its surplus $3,500 which is now
$30,000 or one-tenth of its capital
stock, which, it will be remembered,
has been reduced during the year
from $400,000 to $300,000.
The Citizens bank has declared its
second dividend, 3 er cent, on $75 a
share, and logins the year with a
paid up capital of $50,000. During
the year the batik have accrued un
divided profits amounting to $7,083
anil their stock is nowquoted at 110.
The Lyndon savings bank havede
clarcd a dividend of 2Vi per cent, and
carry a good sum over to the sur
plus account. Their dej:osits to date
amount to $208,000. The Lvndon-
ville national bank have declared a
dividend of 3 er cent, and will make
a considerable addition to their sur
Tiiiu '
There was a large attendance at the
i i .
annual village meeting anil a very
harmonious gathering. All the off!
cers were elected by acclamation am
no important business came r.p for
The call was read by A. F. Nichols
as president of the village and the
following ticket elected :
President, Franklin Fairbanks.
Clerk, John C. Clark.
Treasurer, F. D. Wodgctt.
Collector, Avery D. Pike.
Trustees, L. D. Ilazcn, F. II. Blos
som, George Ranney, Joseph Drouin
Carl M. Spen r.
lure Wardei.s, C. L. Carpenter
Harry A. Bartlctt, Arthur Fogg,
F. Conley, C. G. Flint, Fred Wood
bury, John Rhodes.
Auditors, A.IJ.Noyes, llany Blod
gctt, Dennis E. May.
Article 2, "To see if the village will
vote to raise money on the grand list
to defray current expenses and pay
the installment and interest on the
funded debt due in 1SS9," was called
up by request before the election of
trustees bv Treasurer Blodgett who
offered this resolution :
Resolved, That when this meeting
adjourns, it be to the first Mondav
in June at 7 p. m.
The resolution being carried Treas
urer Blodgett moved that the con
sidcration of Article 2 be laid on the
' table until the adjourned meeting
npon Article 3, F. F. Sargent rose
I to correct an error in the printing of
the village reports on page 33 which
I should read "water rents earned in
1 1 SSS" iiiKlc.nl of 1SS7 ns lirinted
Charles S. Hastings presented a
plea for $300 for outdoor concerts
for the band, and it was voted that
the band give 12 concerts to be paid
by the trustees at the rate of $25 a
F. F. Brown asked the indulgence
of the audience while he defended our
village water supply and replied to
Judge Ross' charge that typhoid fever
was caused by usingit. He had used
it for ten years, was a trustee when
it was put in, believed it was all
right and that Judge Ross was mis
informed. Moreover, Prof. Nichols
of the Boston school of technology
had pronounced it the purest of five
samples sent him for analysis from
the Moose, Sleeper, Passumpsic,
Stiles pond and a well in this town
The board of trustees elected are all
new men ; no other names were put
iu nomination and not a dissenting
voice was raised when the vote was
taken, although a good many pres
ent would have been glad to have
seen one or two of the old board re
tained, believing it poor policy to
makea clean sweep. The new board
have no enviable job before them,
but they are equal to the occasion.
Last week's Caledonian said that
the forthcoming report would show
the village expenses of 'SS to be some
$2000 more than in '87, and that it
recpiired, in round numbers, $19,000
to pay last year's expenses. The re
port is now printed and shows the
expenses of last year to have been
$2,449 more than tho year before,
and the gross amount of village ex
penses to have been just about an
even $20,000. From this the income
from the water works should be de
ducted, which is put down in the re
port as water rents earned $3,853;
received for stock and labor $4,007
total receipts $8,400, leaving a bal
ance to lie raised by direct tax of
$11,540. The Caledonian is still of
the opinion that the village expenses
are very high for what there is to
show for them.
The verdict in the Chenev-Calder-
wood case was reached late Tuesday
evening after the jury had been out
six hours. The verdict was for the
plaintiff to recover $800 and costs.
The case will be taken to the supreme
court on exceptions.
Divorces have been granted in the
cases of Nellie Webb v Charles Webb
.and Chester Brown v Jessie B.
Brown, both for desertion, anil in the
case of Minnie C. Brown v William
Brown for intolerable action. The
court will probably adjourn today.
There were 90 births, 19 marriages
and 40 deaths in the parish in the
year 1888.
Appropriate services were held in
the old church Monday in commemo
ration of the close of the papal jubi
lee year.
The new church will be dedicated
next Sunday and an invitation is ex
tended to members of other denomi
nations to attend the ceremonies.
At 9.30 a. m., the clergy will march
around the church after which the
audience will gather inside where the
blessing will be pronounced by Bis
hop DcGoesbriand of Burlington.
I-'ollowing this is high mass with an
appropriate sermon. An elaborate
musical program has been arranged
for this service, partly from Mozart,
with solos by Thomas Gagnon and
Mrs. P. A. Roach and Miss Mary
Prevost, organist. Lembillotte's
"Kyrie Eleison," the "Adiste Fideles,"
"Sanctus" and "Agnus Dei" of Du
mont will be rendered at this time.
Solemn vesjiers will lie held at 3
o'clock conducted by the Bishop. A
number of priests from other churches
have been invited to the ceremonies.
mint They are lining in This Vicinity.
IHstnct deputy A. L,. isrngg in
stalled the officers of Olive Branch
lodge, I. O. ().F., Tuesday evening.
At the close of the lodge a marriage
ceremony was -performed in the hall.
At the annual election of Caledo
nia lodge, I. O. O. F., the following
officers were elect "tl: N. G., David
Mackie;V. G., Gregin- Beck; Sec,,
L. F. M incr; Treas., .v. i. Bragg; P.
S., S. II. Kent.
Moose river encampment elected
these officers: C. P., A. L. Bragg; II.
P., R. W. Warner; S. W.. W. D.
Gould; scribe. F. F. Richardson; F.
S., S. II. Kent; Treas., II. B. Davis;
J. V., C. F. Boynton; trustees, Greg
ory Beck, R. W. Warner. C. A. Miles.
Union lodge. No. 4, I. O. O. F.
Lvndoiiville, has elected these of
ficers: N. G., George W. Knight; V
G., F. C. Hodge; R. S., II. G. Staples;
P. S., L. 1. Nickcrson; T., P. D.
Alpine lodge, No. 28, I. O. O. F
West Burke, elected these officers
Tuesday the 25th ult. : N. G., V. W
Coe; V. G., Dr. A. A. Cheney; Sec.
F. D. Burns; Treas., F. A. Way.
Lamoille lodge, No. 20, I. O. O. F
Fast Ilardwick, elected these officers
last week Tuesday: N. G., Clinton
Keith ; V. G., J. J. Campbell ; .See., D.
W. Jcnness; P. S., T. G. Bronson ;
Treas., R. L. French.
At the election of officers of Apollo
lodge. No. 2, Knights of Pythias,
Saturday evening, these officers were
chosen: P. C, C. A. Norton; C. C,
C. F. Tinker; V. C, P.J. Cowlcs; P.,
Crawford Ranney ; K. R. S.. F. W.
Robinson; M. F., G. II. Frost; M.
F., A. F. Walker; M. A., C. F. Shep
herd ; trustees, O. II. Henderson, T.
R. Stiles, F. II. Blossom.
The Legion of Honor have elected
ill r-:o 4 fru tc t ti i n t t- T
a V- - - Wllltv. .7III1IUIIIIV1 , Via &
Smith; V. C, C. II. Horton ; orator.
Rev. F. T. Fairbanks; P. C, Dr. J.
Li. i crkins; jiec., lr. K. H. Warner;
Treas., W. S. Boynton ; chaplain,
Rev. F. T. Fairbanks; guide, J. O.
Hale; warden, A. B. Tine; sentinel,
A. B. True; trustees, W. S. Boynton,
C. H. Horton. I. C. Gray. Dr. S. T.
lirooks recommended as examining
O. H. Henderson as deputy grand
master, instituted a new lodge of
Odd Fellows at Swanton FVidav
inglit. 1 lie new lodge is called Alis-
sisquoi and starts oil witn 11 mem
bers. L. F. Miner and II. A. Holder
went up to West Burke Tuesday to
install the newly elected officers of
Alpine lodge. u. n. Henderson in
! 11 "Y -ww -ww 1
stalled the officers of Lamoille lodge
at East Ilardwick Tuesday night.
A delegation go to Barnet FViday
evening to participate in a public in
stallation there.
The Woman's Relief Corps, Sons
of Veterans and Chambcrlin Post
with their families are invited to wit
ness the installation ot the newly
elected officers of the Relief Corps and
Post by Past Dept. Com. P. D. Blod
gett at G. A. R. hall Saturday even
ing, an. i, at p. m. Kegular
meeting of the Post at 7.30 sharp.-
The annual meeting of the Vermont
association union ex-prisoners of the
war will be held in Brattleboro Feb.
13, when an address will be given
by Maj. Frank E. Moran, historian
of the national association. The
22d state encampment will be held
in Brattleboro Feb. 14 and 15.
Commander-in-Chief Warner of Kan
sas City, and other well-known
Grand Army men will be present.
Mrs. Lorenzo Sulloway had the
misfortune to drop a jar of apple
sauce on her foot last week Wednes
day, breaking one of the bones of the
foot. She had sufficiently recovered
to be able to walk about on crutches
when another accident, equally se
vere, occurred Tuesday morning. She
w.-is bandaging her foot, when in
some way the cloth which was satu
rated with an inflammable liniment
caught fire from the stove setting fire'
, , , I
to her clothes. Hefore the flames
were extinguished her legs were badly
mined and her recovery will be very
Probably the oldest inhabitant
cannot recall eleven successive davs
at this season of the year when the
mercury has not fallen lower than
during the past eleven. Since a week
ago last hundav tne mercury nas
ecn above freezing not only every
lay but nearly all the time night and
dav. There is no sleighing and has
Ix-en none vet this winter. This re-
COrd, in addition to four months of
dark, cloudy, rainy weather, makes
the 3'ear 1SSS without precedent.
According to the Newport corres
pondent of the IJurlington Free Press
the great let of $2000 against the
Vermont Jumbo oxen, letwcen John
O. McKeen and H. S. Hastings has
been settled. The oxen were deliver-
ed to McKeen at Newport, December
IS, and were on exhibition one week.
McKeen sold them to Hastings and
Moore for $2000. Mr. McKeen has
made a Christmas present of the
$2000 to his wife, who, it is under
stood, will invest the money in west
ern property.
ilH'cial Xatiees.
To be a healthy and a happy jH-oplc we
have got to takeeare of our diet. In America
people are in such a hurry to get their work
done anil their money made that they neglect
their food, ami when they have accumulated
their fortune they haven't the health to enjov
them. They have kept up their working
powers on stimulants, tea or cotVcc. that
ruin the digestion and play the mischief with
the liver, instead of drinking Baker's sooth
ing and wholesome Breakfast Cocoa, which
digests itself while it nourishes the body.
Itneklen'M .truirn Milvr.
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts. Brui
ses. Sores. I'lcers, Salt Kheum. l-'cvcr Sores.
Tetter. Chapped Hands. Chilblains. Corns,
anil all Skin 1-rnptions. and positively cures
I lies, or no pav required. it is guaranteed
to give licrfcct satisfaction, or moncv refund
ed, l'ricc .'. cents ikt box. I'or sale bv
I-'lint Bros., Pruggists. t'.io
.Heril M'iun.
We desire to say to our citizens, that for
years we have Ik-cii selling Pr. King's New
Pisco very for Consumption. Pr. King's New
Life Pills. Bncklcn's Arnica Salve and Klci tric
Bitters, and ha ve never handled remedies that
sell sis well, or that have given such univer
sal satisfaction. We do not hesitate to guar
antee them every time, and we stand readv
to refund the purchase price, if satisfactory
results do not follow their use. These reme
dies have won their great popularity purely
on their merits. For sale by I'lint Bros..
Pruggists. ' eh e w t ii
A fnff InvrKliiiiut
Is one which is guaranteed to bring von
satisfactory results, or in case of failure a re
turn ot purchase price. On this safe plan you
can buy from our advertised Pruggist a bot
tle of Mr. King s new discovery lor Consump
tion. It is guaranteed to bring relief in every
ease, wlicu useit tor any attection ol 1 hroat.
I. ungs or Chest, such as Consumption. In
flammation of I. ungs. Bronchitis, Asthma.
Whooping Cough. Croup, ete., etc. It is
pleasant and agreeable to taste, pcrfcctlv
safe, and can always be depended lipon.
I rial bottles tree at 1-lint llros. 1 irug Store.
Alvic lo JTloiherM.
Are vou disturlied at night and broken of
your rest by a sick child suffering ami crying
with pain of cutting teeth ? If so, send at
once and get a bottle ot Airs. mslow s
Soothing Svrnp for children teething. Its
alue is incalculable. It will relieve the poor
little sufferer immediately. Pcpciul upon it.
mothers, there is no mistake about it. It
cures dysentery and diarrhn.-, regulates the
stomach and bowels, cures w ind colic, softens
the gums, reduces inflammation, and gives
tone anil energy to the whole system. Airs.
W mslow s Soothing Syrup lor chili Inn teeth
ing is pleasant to the taste and is the pre
scription of one of the oldest anil best female
nurses jinil physicians in the I'mteil Slates.
and is sold by all druggists throughout the
world. I nce ; cents a bottle. locsnj
Travellers' Guide.
It Oil oil A' ITlniiae It. It., I'nmumiiKir liv.
Newport, 1 Oil and T lit a m, 1 Oi, G -t-Oaml
IO no p m
West Burke. TJ IO and S 21 a in, s no p m
Uvmloiiville, 12 r,l), IIS and s 2 a m, 2 12.
i Hi and tl p m
Lyndon, ,x 4-5 a m, 5 35 and 11 oi p m
St. J. Centre, s oU a m. i To and i 2i p m
St. " lohnshurv, 12 lif., 1 3i" and OT a in.
2 ifo, G 111 and it ifii p m
Pnss'c, 1 o:, and 14- a m, G 23 and 9 4-7 pm
Hast Barnet, 24- a m, G 4-3 and lo oil p m
Barnet, 1 24- and ill am, 7 lo lap m
Mel's, 1 iir and as a m, 7 IT. & lo 2a p m
Wells River, 1 53, 2 15 and IO 03 a m, 3 07,
s and 111) m
White River Junction, arrive, 1 4-5, 3 15 and
1 1 4-5 a m, lo 4-o p m
W. R. Ic, 12 4-0 and 7 30 a m. 1 55 and 5 25
Wells River, 1 20, 2 25, lo lo a m.2 3S, 3 5
p m
and 7 55 p m
Alclndocs. 2 4-5 and IO 4-0 a m. 2 53, 4- (l:
and s 25 p m
Barnet, 2 51 and lo 50 a m, 4-11 N35 p m
IS. Barnet 1 4-'. and 11a in, 4- 1 7 .- s 5 p m
I'ass'c. 3 oil and 1117a m, 4- 27 & 1(2 p m
St. lohnsburv, 2 O-t, 3 15 and 11 30 a m.
3 1 !. 4- 3S and 311 p m
St. J. Centre, 11 3s a m, 4. 4-5 and i 4-0 p m
I.vndon, 1 1 5G a in, 4- 51 and it 55 p m
lvndoiiville, 2 21 and 3 3S a ill. 12 3o, 3 36.
5 oil anil lo p m
West Burke, 3 5S a m. 1 2 55 and 5 23 p m
Newport, 2 50, 3 30 and G a in, 2 5o (arrive)
(leave I I- 4-:'. and 7 p m
it. Johuxbury A: l.illir Chnuiplnia It. IE.
Lunenbursi, 7 07 a in and 2 07 p m
Hast Concord, 7 2G a in and 2 1 i p m
Miles I'oml, 7 4-1) a m and 2 2G p ill
North Concord, S 05 a m and 2 3G p ni
West Concord, S 20 a in and 2 4-5 p m
Hast St. Johnsbury, S 35 a m and 2 54- p in
St. Johnsliury, 7 a m anil 3 3o p m
Hauville, i 4-5 a in and 4- p ill
Walden. S 1 a m and 4- 21 p m
Oreensboro, S 3'. a m and 4- 31 p m
Jast Ilardwick, s 4-S a m and 4- 4-S p m
Hani wick. S 5s a m and 4- 57 p m
Cambridge Junction, lfl 15 a m and G 25 p m
Swanton, (arrive) 11 3S a m and . fo p m
Swanton, 4- 4-5 a m and 3 20 p m
Cambridge Junction, G 12 a m and G 24- p m
Ilardwick, 7 22 a m ami , 4-b p m
H. Ilardwick, 7 4-2 a ni anil 7 55 p in
Oreensboro. 7 51 a m and M 114- p m
Walden, S 1 1 a m and s 24- p m
Danville, S 32 a m and S 4-5 p m
St. I'sb'v, (arrive! i a in and 1 15 pm
Hast St. lohnsburv, 1 4-1 a m and 5 p m
West Concord, ! 50 a m anil 5 20 p m
North Concord, lo a m and 5 5o p m
Miles Pond, lo o a m and G IO p m
Hast Concord, IO 1G a in and G 25 p m
Lunenburg, arrive, II) 2H a m and G 50 p m
At Ilardwick, Dec. 2S. a daughter to Mr.
anil Mrs. William Warren.
Ma rriages.
At St. Johnsbury.
Dee. 2M. by Rev. C. M.
Burba u k and Nettie I.
Lamson. Oeorge A.
At St. lohnsburv, Jan. 2. by Rev. Edward
T. Fairbanks. Willis D. Flint ot St. Johnsbury
and Mrs. Ella D. Bliss of Hard wick.
At Northampton. Mass., Jan. 2, by Rev.
Isaac Clark, Charles A. Doubleday of Mont-
clair, N. J., and Harriet O. I'.-irsuns til North
ampton. At West I'.nrke. Jan. n.ity Key. .a. i". i racy.
Herbert C. Wheeler and 1 1. -it tie A. Forrest.
At Plymouth. N. II., Dec. 27. by Rev. Henry
I. Peck, Col. Henry C. Hastings and ISclle
M. King, both of St. Johnsbury.
At St. Johnsbury, Jan. 1, by Keys. 1-. I-..
Davison and E. A Hoyt, Carl Clifford and
Eva Williamson, botii of St. Johnsliury.
At St. Johnsbury. Jan. 1, by Rev. 1. I.
Frost. Charles II. Hall and Minnie O. Miles,
both of Browniiigton.
At St. Johnsburv. Jan. 1, by Kev. 1-,. I.
Sandford. James W. Oreen of Danville, and
Jennie M. Penny of St. Johnsbury .
At Hyde Park. nee. 4-, ny Kev. I:. J. vt am.
Martin H. Manning of Hyde Park, and Alice
K. Tenearre of St. Johnsbury.
At Plainfield. Dee. 31). by Rev. L. F. Fort-
ney, Oeorge u. fowler anil .Myrtle a. Ban
At Craftsburv. Dec. 25. bv Rev. Dr. C. B.
Hullicrt of East Ilardwick. Elmer Stratton
of" Craftsbnry anil Belle Davison of Hard wick.
At Concord, Jan. 1. by Rev. L. I-. I-ortney,
'rn.-m.in A. Hutchinson and Laura J.,
daughter of Judge James B. Wallace.
At Cabot. Dec. 25, by Kev.j. I-. Miapp,
Herman M.Osgood and Cornlla M. Bovee,
both of Danville.
A Voi-w.-ilk Ciinn.. Dec. 2G. bv Rev.
Dr. k.o. Nettu-ton of Rochcstcr.N. v.. Edwin
L. Hanford and Lottie A. I'addock. daughter
of C. L. Paddock, formerly of St. Johnsbury.
At Cabot. Ian. l.bv Rev. J. I-.. Knapp,
Nathan Corliss of Barre and Nellie Myers of
At Newark, Jan. l,bv Rev. John I-.. I-arrow.
Alfreil J. Hannil of Newark anil Jennette
Clark of Fraiiconia. N. H.
At Sutton, Uee. 31. by Rev. A. I. Tracy.
Oliver Round v anil Alice Aldrich, both of
West Burke.
At Sutton. Dee. 31, by Rev. A. I. Tracy,
O. O. Cheslev and Ida Masure, both of Shef
At Burke, Jan. 1, by Rev. A. P. Tracy.
James Oaskill anil Alice Wishart, both of
At St. lohnsburv. iK-c. 2. Carl Edward.
aged 4- years, son of Oeorge R. and Minnie I.
At North Danville, Dec. 2, John D. Harris,
aged 7G.
At Vernon, Iec. 22, Dr. Thomas Ooo! Wil
lie, aged 4-x. He was the youngest son of
the late Rev. Thomas Ooodwillie of Barnet
Jr"0"' "ITesentative ,,, the last Leg-
At Carthage, Dakota, Dec.
Ocorge C.
Cahoon, aged 31), son of Oeorge
W. Cahoon
of Lyndon.
At Uraintree. Mass.. Dee. 21, Samuel .
Arnold, aged 72. father of Mrs. Elisha May
f St. Johnsbury.
At Soutn lioston, liec. -to, waterman vt .
Wright, ageil 53 years.
At Cabot, Dec. 27, Oertie smith, ageil 17.
And rated at A. D. HOWELL'S, oppsite
Athena-urn, St. Johnsbury.
Keene make !oth pole and shafts. lin
quire at this otucc.
The French F. Carrick place in Summerville.
St. Johnsbury East. Vt. M3-NG
The Langdon J. Cnnimings premises. Good
house and barn, and five acres of excellent
land. Enquire of W. H. PRESTON.

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