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The Berry-Ball Dry Goods Co,
nn n (g n n rvr
n n r n r" n r""
nnn r""i f
o; ui cm
Every merchant concedes it is the best made, and has better
materials than any other line of underwear on the market,
quality considered, than other makes,
a favor if you will allow us to show you the different garments. See
our South Show Window.
1 SUIT, hemstitched trimmed. Corset Cover. Drawers. Long Skirt.
Short Skirt. Night Robe. Price complete $4.83.
We show many other styles and prices in suits, lace and em
broidery trimmed. We sell you separate pieces on any suit.
A few of our special patterns in trimmings are Snow-ball Lace.
Eyelet Embroidery, Torchon Lace. Valenclenes Lace. Tucking, made
in round, sguare and pointed yoke effects, with edges to match. Cor
set Covers 29e to $2.00 each. Drawers 29c to $3.00 each. Marguerite
1.25 to S3.75each, Robes 59c to $2.75 each. Long Skirts 1.15 to
tl Rf oa-h CVinrf ClilHc 7Pl anI R- ao.h
xtt.isu vui.li, wJiiuit, unuu iis uiiu UiSU lUlill.
We are closing all our Children's Muslin Underwear. Drawers.
size 0 to 8 years. Regular price 1 8 to 50c. sale 9 to 20c.
Robes. VERY FEW. 50 and 75c. size 2 to 4 years. Choice 19c.
One piece Fancy Dress Linen. Regular price 75c. sale 47c.
All colors In Galatea Cloth. Regular price 17c. sale 12y2c.
One lot Silk Ginghams. Regular price 50c sale 25c.
The Berry-Ball Dry Goods Co.
Puinmpilc Lodjft, No, 27, P. and A. M.
Regular Communication. Thumdav even.
ins;, July 13. .
Dblob M. Bacon. Secretary.
Haiwell Royal Arch Chapter, No. n.
Stated Convocation, Friday evening, July
Palmer e. Paihb. H. p.
DblosM. Bacon, Secretary.
Paloatloo Commandery, No. 8, K. T.
I Stated Conclave Tuesday eve., Aug. 8.
Delos M. Bacon, Recorder.
Knluht of Pythias.
Regular Convention of Apollo Lodge, No.
2, Tuesday evening, July 18.
C, C, W. B. Atwood.
H. W. Ellis, K. R. S.
Mystic Star Chapter, No. 39, 0. E. .
Regular meeting Wednesday evening, July
12. Refreshments and a social time.
Mrs. Ella Weeks, Worthy Matron.
Mas. Chkistina Borland, Secretary.
During the months of June, July and Aug.
ust the Caledonian office -will be closed on
Saturdays at noon and our patrons and
friends are kindly requested to bear this fact
in mind.
The Caledonian Company.
Girl Wanted. gt;
Wood for Sale.j )',' i ''
The Mercury Cady & Braley,
Reduced Prices Frank E. Harris.
Com. Notice George Crane's Estate.
Consult Us First National Bank.
Smokers F. N. Brown & 8on.
Fall Business Brunelle & Asselln.
Berry-Ball Dry Goods Co.
Dry Prescription Lawrence P. Leaco.
Dog Lost H. H. Blair.
All Nature Moore & Co.
Smiling Faces American Chemical Co,
Clearance Sale E. L. Hunt & Co.
Special Village Meeting.
Cotton Underwear Lougee & Smythe,
Perhaps CA. Currier & Co.
Solid Comfort W, W. Sprague.
Advertisers are crowding us just
now, and because this page is so "pre
occupied" in that direction considerable
local matter usually found here will be
found on other pages of this issue.
In the February and March numbers
of the Vermont Missionary there was
printed a paper on "The Fulness of the
Blessing of the Holy Spirit," read by Dr.
Barnes before the Caledonia Association
of Congregational ministers, and
published by request. This was issued
from the Caledonian office as a booklet,
and has lately been reissued in a second
and revised edition, copies of which can
be obtained at Mrfl. Ro well's bookstore.
However many cupsful you are
"used to using," Priscilla Flour will
make one-fifth more bread. At grocers.
Rlckaby & Co. have sold for E. R.
Mackey his farm in Danville to John R.
Rice of the same town. Possession given
at once.
Willard Chase as administrator has
transferred the title of the "Stone" house
on Spring street o Harrison Rollins, the
transaction "being negotiated through
the real estate agency of Cady & Braley.
Frank E. Harris, clothier, comes out
with a big "ad" this week, the burden o'
which is a cut in prices in every depart
ment in his line. Read (t. .You can easi
ly find it.
As C. E. Slmantori has sold out his
store to another party, those who had
watches and jewelry being repaired at
his store can obtain their property by
calling at Mr. Simanton's house, 26
Pearl street.
The following flowers have been
brouzht to the Museum since July 5:
Butter and eggs, caraway, spreading
dogbane, fireweed, bush honeysuckle, red
lily, wild yellow lily, swamp milkweed,
moneywort, monkey flower, evening
primrose, common St. Johnswort, shin
leaf, black eyed Susan, lopseed. The
following from Mt. Mansfield: Mountain
cranberry, threetoothed cinque-foil,
dlaspensia lapponica, northern wild
liquorice, mountain sandwort, stiff club
moss, fir club-moss.
. The macadamizing of Summer street
will be completed this week, and that
thoroughfare has beeii very much im
proved. No more ne w work of this sort
will be done this season, as the cash
limit has been reached, but next year no
doubt, some other street will come in for
its share of attention. The macadamiz
ing plant is annually demonstrating its
usefulness and the wisdom of the voters
in authorizing its purchase.,1, '
John F. Page has materially added
to the attractiveness and utility of his
residence on Spring street by the con
struction of a spacious veranda.
The weather for (the past week or
ten days has been, consecutively, the
hottest known for s otne years.
The Fifty Club were entertained in a
pleasing manner at the home of their
president, Mrs. C, P. Davie, on Saturday
afternoon and evening, the occasion of
Mrs. Davie's birthday. After enjoying
the usual literary program the compay
went to the Allison & Davie cafe, and
did full justice to the collation which
there awaited them; All wished Mrs.
Davie many happy returns of the day
and left a gift as a reminder of their
regard. ( .
The trustees of the Soldiers Home
are to meet at Bennington on the 27th
Inst. Major N. P. Bowman of this place
Is a member of the board and plans to
attend. Gov. Bell and wife are also
expected to meet with the trustees on
this occasion. ' :
The ice man is ."'the real thing," and
deservedly popular, these days.
S. D. Tilton and his force of men have
arrived in town for the summer and will
start on concrete walks next week. The
trustees are planning for laying quite a
portion of concrete on Summer street to
replace the brick walk which is in a bad
The party who returned from Mitch
ell's camp yesterday had good fishing
and were rewarded by getting very close
to nature. H. A. Stanley had the rare
pleasure of seeing a moose in the woods
and several others in the party saw some
beavers and the wonderful beaver dams,
E. L. Hunt & Co. have a special clear
ance sale July 13-22, and they tell about
it, in big type, elsewhere in this issue.
For Dennison's napkins, crepe paper,
lunch sets and doilies, and for crepe pa'
per, plain and decorated, call at F. O
A Very Sudden Death.
'. Allison Daniels of Waterford, who had
been in attendance as a juror at this
term of court, was stricken with death
on Eastern avenue shortly after one
o'clock yesterday, while on .his way to
the court house In company with George
E. Drew and George Green, fellow-jurors.
He had taken dinner with them at the
restaurant and appeared to be as well
as he had been for some days, except
that it seemed hard work for him to
walk, and be complained a little of the
beat. When a few, steps below Harts
horn's furniture store he was stricken,
and would have fallen except for the
prompt action of his companions, who
caught him in their arms. He was car
ried into Hartshorn 8 and laid upon a
couch, but had breathed his last before
he could be put there. Dr. Aldrich had
been hastily summoned and arrived in a
few minutes, but was of course unable to
do anything, as the man was past help.
Mrs. Daniels was telephoned to and
reached the village within a very short
time, and was naturally much pros
trated by the shock of her husband's
sudden death. Mr. Daniels1 had been
suffering with a heart trouble for some
time. Undertaker Stanley was called to
take charge of the body.
Mr. : Daniels was 54 years old, and
leaves a wife and three children, two
sons and one daughter. The funeral will
be held on Thursday afternoon at 2
D, A. R. Lawn Party.
Invitations are being issued by the St.
John de Crevecoeur chapter, D. A.R.,
for an evening in Arnold Park, Friday,
July 14. Various attractions are plan
ned for in the way of music, such as sing
ing of patriotic songs and selections from
"The Bohemian Girl" given by a Gypsy
chorus, etc.
Ice cream and cake will be served for a
compensation as the entertainment is
planned for the purpose of raising a fund
which may be used later to commemo
rate in some fitting manner the patriot
ism of the Revolutionary soldiers who lie
buried in our own and adjoining ceme-teries.
A Ginger Ale
made strictly from Pure Gin
ger. No pepper to burn your
stomach. Try a case and be
convinced. Standard Appe
tizer contains the nice bitter
you are looking for.
Standard Bottling Works,
St. JoHnsbury, Vt.
N. E. Telephone, 253-21.
More solid comfort
can be obtained out of a nice clean line of
well-selected life Insurance than is given by
any other use or the same amount or money.
56th year, doing business in 42 States,
National Life Ins, Co. of Vt. (Mutual.)
Gen. Aeat for Northeastern Vermont,
St. Johnsbury. Vt
you haven't been buying SEIDLITZ POWDERS that
We Mix Our Own Povders
and box only enough to last a short time, so being
always fresh they are more effective. A good thing
to have in the house during hot weather.
25 Cents Per Box.
C. A. Currier & Co.
Almost any width, any .length, any quality, any price from
$6.50 to $20.00. We recommend the good kind, but ;we
sell all kinds. Quality sells the good kind. Price sells the
cheap kind. A fair qualitv 4 1-2 Inches
All Nature is Provident,
The birds and animals, the trees and all nature
prepare In summer for winter vicissitudes. Why not you
buy your Coal In the summer when its cheap? We sell
good Coal.
moore ca eo.
of Satisfied Smokers that buy everything In the
Tobacco Line at this Store.
Open every evening except Wednesday.
'1 ' M' t
Eyeryone called him " Sour Bill,"
1 I H6 had every ailment, and many beside,
That he had invented and often tried,
Until, one day, he chanced to spy
This little "ad" which, caught his eye:
" Use the American Little Liver Pill."
w That night he did and awoke "Smiling Bill."
People smile only when they have perfect health.
Perfect health comes from perfect digestion.
No one can have perfect digestion if troubled with
Cure constipation and enjoy perfect health by taking
"The Best General Regulator." "They Drive Away the Blues."
Manufactured jiy thp-Amoricahi Ghomieal Go., St. Johnsbury Vt. At All Druggists, 25 Cants.

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