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If Those Teutons Ever Again Attempt To Call Us -Swine We Are In A Position To Retaliate Scathingly By Calling Them Germans
A Newspaper Covering
Entire Northeast Quarter of Vermont State Every Working Day
'"'"V""'-. """""
: . "" -"-ttAalip-"
.i.lil i U5(td
Government Should Keep i Allies and Americans Stand Delegates from Belgium and
Control For at Least Brunt of Blow Made by Other States Choose
That Period Boisheviki Committee Members
Says Powerful Forces of Reaction
Arc Dead Set Against the
In St
earon Hampers
jnsc Country
ur l roonr.
Far From
Tart of Yesterday's Sitting Devoted
to Discussion of German
(From the Hardware Age)
Arc ham
a i try
I oi tre
Santa Barbara, Cal., Jan. 27 V'.
G. McAdoo, former Director-General
of aRilroaus and former Secretary of 'arc now o:i
the Treasury, made public today a , try cr aii
telegram in which he uijged live-year
government control of the railroad.-,
as a neccii-ity for the development
of inland waterways and for the co
ordination of the railroads and wat
erways with the new American mer
chant marine.
The telegram, addressed to Albeit
Kreli, cha.inian oi the Miami add
Erie Improvement Committee of the
Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce was
A sent in response to an invitation to
attend an inland waterways meeting
..today at 1 'chance, Ohio.
The message said:
"Regret it is impossible for men to
attend your inland waterways meet
ing at Deliancc, Jan. 27.
It seems to' me luule to expend
great sum:! of money on the devel
opment of our inland waterway a.-
less our government adopts rn i :;o!
ligent policy about railroad control.
The futuio of waterways develop
ment is absolutely dependent upon a
government control which will en
force the operation of lhj waterways
, and the railroads and a co-ovdh.ated
and articulated system which wiil
give the people the benefits of an eiTi-
cient combination of water and ridl
L... ,fwdlil.jafcMjrijia.juwt-'J. c
pTishctt under the present railroad
law,- which provides that the railroads
cannot be controlled by the govern
ment for a longer period than 21
months after the return of peace.
Sunday, Jan. 20 (By i'.:t.
iv-. ) The Boisheviki
o offensive with infaa-
Ilcry, or both, against four
on thill column:; or' the nl-
ml Russians which have penc
soutiiward through the f. ...... i
svu;ips of lite province o;
Paris, Jan. 27
Prtvs) 'i'i.e pt-ae
; made a distinct
.-.i:i..il pawi i s t;a'
... or.j..1.i..aiioii
it power.
Liv.v night the e-.i?'tiy entered Shen
kur.sk whil'! the tired column of Am
jrncavi, l,u. ssan - a:id l:ii!i-h
i had evueuatod the place, marked
'detour over the deep now on
! road c-va.linp. a force of
(ir".i of the e neniy, who v
i tna'n hhii i-al to trap
1 in i . -."CS.t.
i I'i good . pi life, despite k.ng
i:i a
several liun
nited oa tho
the coair.i.
lily the Associat.d
j conference today
-aiu' vhe:i the 1
e full atihe...;on to
lOi'ii, tula ed Ly the.
, tiiUS iiec'urni,.;,'
it-jt! ji'ont ui tr.j great ani ii.r.ii
pov. cits i.i, i. e outset Oi tr.e work ui.
i4ie mam i Lijeels heiore ilie ..tel.i
ijt.rs oi til : coinmijsicni.
ihis is largely cite tu the rkilfu!
dircc.ion ct Jutes Camuon, French
dele-auto ami Hornier auii-assadcr at
: asiiiiifttoii, who as de.4.t,ned !.y
!(' C O
, th-
lid it) clays o
Americans and the
" iie alied foree-; w.
';.;:-.,! ri, approximately
. f .Shfiiikrusk o:i the
iie r.'ie::iy arp'irently
ols to follow the ret re.
but up to this morn;
'.eks had been made
ne. in
r:-i r. '
; -eiidir.jr rv'.
; in.';' tr in" ',
I no new at;
t no toiiiteil of die Kre.it powers i;
preside ov-.-r the meeting of the .--in.id
powers l-.tr! this aftc iiioon. T hi .
i:if;:1.iii.v v.ts Ju-'.d at the for.:i.;-:i o:
' .'.: at 'i:rs-! o 'clock, at t'te yamu time
. the couuril t:f the tueat (lowers met,
the two scparaia (,'tuhc rin ;:; proc-e-o i
'i'.;.; .vi:nultar.eou!y, one in the o'.-ioe
z ' :I. the i oroi:jn ininisicr,
:'.! the ot!..-r in the a-.'le do la Pal::,
1 or a t'-i.e tiivre was ;.ofi:c ii;i:'C-
hrri'.ioii cf t':e seijiiel to the cl-.ii'cre'.it
'viewpoint.: cxpiessed at Sriturdr.y's
ironftrence, I n! today's r-ortin.v oi
h? small ixavu's was wit 1; mi
I will not drink from a German cup,
Or eat from a German plate.
I will not deal with a German man,
All foul with German hate.
I'll use no drug with a German name,
That's grown on German dand.
I'll eat no food and drink no beer
If made by a German hand. .
I will not use a German tool,
Razor, or. knife, or saw.
I will not trade with a German shop
That lives by the German law.
I will not sail on a German ship,
Where the German songs are sung.
I will not breathe where God's clean air
Is soiled by a German tongue.
I will not forget those awful deeds,
To girls and little boys.
No more I'll hang on Christmas tress
Those blood-stained German toys.
I will not take a German's word,
He'll break it if he can.
There is no love in a German heart,
Or faith in a German man.
Drive Socialists
This i
I'll ;
my oath when war is done,
swear to Keep rc true.
And since I know you feel the same,
I'll pass it on to you.
If wo were to take the attitude of
tile press as forr.iuijv our opinions
what intellectual gynuui-tics we
would have io perform! Before the
rtiiininir of the armistice, Karl laebk
necht was hailed by the press as "The
bravest man in Germany" because he
vent to jiii! protesting against the
acts of his count Ykds of wrath
ar.d rcorn were poured out upon
Sciilcdemann, David, Libert, and the '
rest ot the majority ijociaUsts leaders
i:ing them bootlickers of i'rus.-ian
Innji-ria'ism and mlii'.ai ism : but now
i!:e press iinds Lbert and his party!
sane statesmen, and emne.- with evi
dent satisfaction the impious state-.
rent of a paper oppo.-rd to the Spar
tieiac parly sayiiv; the murder of
ihi ir former hero Lit bknt-rhl and the''
lifft.v-ck' i.i lio.-a J ;V.embur,.3' "an act
of Divine Providence." j
Of coarse the papers cvho the fear'
m:'.:iy of us hnvo of Bel. hcvi.-m. But'
the .'.jetho.l o1' opposiuj? it seems to
.v.: io be inei-ediidy f.tupid. Bt?sh?-!
visr.i is ino :::ret a 'i.ihtr.onienon and
too i'rr.tU'hl v.ilh da::";er to be lau'v'i-:
e l oiit of court, ffomp of the absu.'dj
stories pyi-portini? to !.-::p!aiii the rco-'
noirde Ihr-o-y of ti Boisheviki is sin
in -ttit not e.i'V to titos" wiio are train-i
AnSagotiism j The community was greatly shock-
I od early Tdonday morning, Jan. 20,
to learn of the sudden death of Henry
;3;a;;e, a life-long resident of the
town. Henry A. Page was born in
Danville, Oct. 11, 1S5;5, and was one
of the six children of the late Nathan
; B., and Geraldine Farrar Page,
i throe of whom survive him. Ellen
I C. Page and Jlrs. Etta McCormick of
Danville ami George N. Page of Bos
ton. From a very early age Henry
was a great lover of music of all
kird". and was always a member of
the Danville Cornet band whenever
there was one as in his boyhood he
became one of the best of -tenor
! (trammers, also sometimes playing
j the mare drum, bass drum and cym
bal i in unison, also he played tho
vavin and several other musical in
struments, and was at times a mem-
cd in ihc study of social organization,
Ml.lt to
the So:
!o e
iniel!:.;i'nt reader, and;
: jrround to the claim of:
i:tli.'l.i il.at the press wilfully
: the pul.!ie in the interest of.
uv-on which it ;s dependant;
prosperity throv;h its aciver-j
, rive:
the Bolrh'-i-jl-i
po'itiens at Tr:
sor.'.--! AO v ;--.
i ' he. sectcr be'
prcsevo, :
t of 'Kh' :!
p t'-e Vr.:
c'.'roda railro
o,i t
J :m;dl pow
i . ion-i :.t th
s fo'nn:: A
r.i.! a :d
had the:
ees. n-l'Tiunr
s.H the ot'.ie.
r full delojva
Hieeti n'.;.
I '"a: I-:- -:, -de; ,
j oil by the 1 rericli I
l forwai' I, dui'i::.'' v
r::i tile : -w
Within a twenty-one month
no substantial development can be
made nor can their operation in sn
brief a period afford any adoeuate
test of their values.
"Unon the return of the railroads
to private ownership, which must bo
made within the 21-inonths period, a-:
'the present law provides, the cut
throat competition of the railroad-:
under private control with the Marti
ally developed waterways will ef
fectively destroy water tran -novtation
as heretofore and th people's invest
ment In these facilities will continue
to be of little, if any value.
"I have urged the Congress to ex
tend tho period of federal control of
the railroads for five years bceuu-o
that will give us time to develop snnte
of the mosi important existing water
routes, co-ordinate them with the
railroads for five years because that
will give u; time to develop some of
the most important exh-rung water
routes, co-ordinate them with the
railroads and prove their worth as' a
part of a great American transport
ation -iystcm.
"1 also feel that the government
should control the railroads and the
O r,:ri :
v. I r-v
' Oils
Wi!:.on- is ereidt
:. s villi l rii", fri :
ye.vLerdav'.-s di co.-:
of the takinr: of tht
under I he r-::a"t':
"c of Nation?. '!'!;
it. a
ior l
; UMli','.
: Th;- i:i.-ult:nt? altitude of the pi-ess
toward Amerira:: Socialists and its
misrepresentations -sf their peculiar
h):'t,'i:-'e.-! t-ciuU thta; into fury
Int-m synvinichirci
tuals who V.:-.V2 no political' Kt
r-ii-.'-v but r.r;.! stu 'e'its of society, i; I-
uj iioi. think th.J- lien- U lare;e d..i
' ch:
1 i - ;i.
her of the Danville orchestra. He
was of a (jiiict, unassuming disposi
tion, indv. tiious, faithful and very
ingenious, and could turn his hand to
mo t anything: was a good cooper,
carpenter and painter, had also run
a eider, saw and ihingie mill and re
pair shop for many years. Mr. Page
had suite rod a good deal for the
past "our years with hardening of the
arteries and blind ulcers on i
limbs, but had kept about his v
most of the time, and in the
death came instantly and unlo.
for. Be was always strictly tern
ate, never using tobacco or liquc
any forum. December 15, 1877,
was united in marriage to Mrs.
delia Howe Dana, who with
children are left to mourn his
Sirs. JIvrtie Morrill, Mrs.
Smith and Charles IT. Page of 1
ville aid Mrs. Alice Tilton of
.lohnsbury, and two step-chil(
Mrs. Ida Perkins of Boston
Frank Dana of New Haven; als
grandchildren. The funeral v
,n,l ; was held at the home vv ecwesciaj
among in- ? ;r .
Ktv. u. rrcnen ouiciaung.
' lip.mliful flowers :
ladies' aid and fri
id nob! "
diincid! v
ho IT
: utti::
) P !tt
?. c.
S. Kiarins to bs Owen Lecal'y j
and liiij Strike Brewing
These are strenuous days for th
New Knglaud Telejilione and Tele
graph Company, both locally and i
vik nlfi
:;.: ailii
the con!'
at Princ
tie'o ii
1 'liner "f
of f..e
en the
-Further Ik;ht. on the Tiolsh:- '
'd - ir.-.vai-d tin- '"vpjitjni Q
1 and a-soci:'led lmtxcrs fo-i'
ro:ice with Biis.- i.-tn I'actioi-, j
f IsHnd is eiven bv rm :i-'
th BoN'hcvik ofi'eial news
:ve: fia" by the eonvspon-'Vn
Tho article lay- stror
ch:ii":teter of 'ho invi
Strike Bxijcvienccd
Great Britain
Now On , ,
eel ,
tifllee re:ior'..'
:ro c:,i. r:.tia."
old orders ;:
ever of Bolsh
! do third:
.e"-,!ll thi
:isrj i;i our country. !. at
: i-
-.c p
i 'IS,
other parts of AV.v 1'ingla-id.
; The Public Service Commission i.-.
to give a hearir.rf here in Caledo'iia
'County on the 11th of February to
determine whether St. Johnsbury and
'vicinity suh'cribers should pay the
ir.ere;..t d tolls which other parts of
tho state are paying. And on t!::
horizon lo. m. a telephone work":-.:'
strike that nay tie up the busine..-- al
to rvet her.
It was tPijipimously voted by dele
gates repre. citing 4 local unions and
12.0')() emi loyers of the phone sys
tems :f New England at a meeting
in tho Quir.cy House yesterdav. to
il-.flirrct !
t."Von. itotnnr that it bore pc-ithw pd.
drps:; p(r slfiiatuie. The. writ-v rh -
mn-f cboo-c betwto-i
or arhit rotovs r, C
New i-V-'si,,. To act as aihitrato-s
the pllios must be complete''.- pivp-.tr-ed
to evnciiate Kussia, ho declnres.
and Saloons
Sticct Cars Are
ehi'-os th :illii
ro'e f ndvcisarlo-:
i el tin
1 pM'ly,
th.' wr::o e!c:in:v.it
, I he, two larger parlies,
j Inustiee an;! irrt.lei
! tovar.) ihc .'oeiaii.-i.s
thr.t are invitinjT disas-
erntip,u d baitne; of the
Nothin; stirs up the radi
r.'iuntry !:!:c heckling . by
and imnelitie la.ws
.'.'.-.' od loca' odi'.-ials lorb!.!-
:n-c-i'ul I'.-.sembiy of social-!
I'lin:- l'.:
OlUSIOll ot
: tho r'.-S.it1 ves
' sh.owed th
esteem in-which the
criscd was held. The relatives
i !
AT iwontpelie;
London, Jan. 2o it is es
itrlv two h.undrcd tiicusiind m:-
!ai:d women i re idle in Uniicd Kiiuc
jtlom and Ireland, because of strike.- in
i various trades, creuunt;' one of t'v
'r.to. t serious situations ' industrially
ihl.i coin-.try has had to lr.ee in many
! years. Half tho strikers are in B. i-jfa.-t,
whert; the strike movement is
continuing to spread.
Burhatrlon, Vermont,
r : .: i : a ,'; ,'. ; a ri n;s- plants
fairly to crpacity, alt'ao
i bciii'.; the ones that
hr.'-e ke;n them busy. Now bu-.iness
is eoniii-t.' siowiy. There is an cp
P'trent abvincUtnce of labor. Un--killed
j'-hor:..'.; l.ivcly exceed the
present demand Woolen and cotton
'I'iiD are roslrie' in:: and have allow
ed some ol' their operators to lay idle.
l.-iiH':".- is coiniiiir m i lcitvlv. t liptv ,
v. ., , I roin iiarrs-
j n.noii'-' icni.i ol the plants a sur-i , ., . , ...
i iiolshevi-in
of corsink'te
he tslited, printed, understood and
I met. at the polls. Efforts at suppies-
! :i :-fi l if t n -y i f r n f- ni'l'i
Uis of old orders. One
aciriii"' planl closed its
strike it i :r l- rl"v,i.,,l... r,. .1
inland waterways for a period of five ; Wi!,.-os ..0 ot Jrl..ln(',(j
years so that they may in turn be co-j Thl. mcetino-" W;s addressed
ordinated with our Rovernment mer-; ,.,,,.iv i,nI' t,,. T, , v,
hunt i ...;,, r,,.i. i in ... , ...
I "' '" "niiiif iresinont
i fhe Iiiterppticn.il Hi nt doi-'mml
I!) loe-d '
all over th
chant marine which has been
at a eot of more than two billion
dollars and which under existing law
tho government controls for a five
year period.
"Unless we look at this real prob
lem with vision and from the stand
point solely of the American people
instead of from the standpoint of the
selfish interest of private railroad own
ers, private steamship owners, private
investors, or any other single class,
we shall not measure up to our obli
gations to the American people nor
realize the great opportunities and
destinv that lie ahead of us.
"Tlio run fusion of counsel about i tl'11 hi'
the railroad problem, made daily i1'10
,.if,- nv-iflont hv tlw mp:it. vnriptv of . will
conflicting views and opinions now
being presented at the hearing before
the Interstate Commerce Committee .
of the eSnide at Washington, makes;
it more and more clear that the;
course of wisdom, sagacity and pru-1
donee is to extend government con
trol of the railoads for five yes-.is.
that our inland waU-nvavs be devel- i
oped to the larpvst possible extent ;
during that period and that thoe in
land waterwavs and rail facilities be
co-ordinted with our great merchant
marine in rn endevor to get for Am-,
erican business enterprises full parti
cipation in the benefits of woi'1,1 com
mcrcc. .
Tho Le;:-i.-.;atu-e got back to bus
iness at the Capital this morning, but
no business of importance was irnr,-;-
aeted bevond the usu-i! number of i
minor bill-: which were vofovrcd to' ,
eor.imittee-:. i London, Jan. o--rJ ne stuiee no.'.'
Full acc.unt of today's session wil i 0,1 hc,'c is thc most wrloU:; ov"r cx"
apepar in tomorrow's Caledonians ' ' I'onenced in this city ol strikes,
. ' writes the Mail's correspondent. Kti-
fSnpeial ir. tli. r'.,l,wi;.. last is like a dead city. Its entire
o I
Workers, with which t1.
:.re a(Tiliat"d. He told the
tl at tho telephone emploves
country are uneasy.
Iluriingtori, aJn. 27 Albert I5ak-
I Mrs. Joseph liakor
lr. a-:
son of PI
this city, who
Ian tic voyage.-
made 12 tir.n-i-At-the
Tenotlores, i.-
t uriouep
n it conies to trembles tv
bu-;prss is almost us l,.l ,,u
tryimr to rau-hlon out Uu-
keep :t strai -htened.
I Ho J c-!'Kiore:-' was nink off the coast
of France, Due. 2H, rumih:::' bep.rllotv
a lork. All the men on 1,,,,1
.' i and saloons
i not
are closing and there
! ioo.i paper-
"N'o part of our union is mo'e vi
tally coHevrr.ed in this c;ue.Mion than
the g:vat fltates of the Ohio and Mis
sissippi valleys, as v.-nl! it-,,,..,, i
cm tho bikes, the npwim .m,r
Gulf. Many of their leading ports ;
eo;.tir.:'(! to be st.-irvofl .-in.l tl,.S-
developp-t-ii .nrrcsted unless they are
"ive-i a f:i chance under the impar
tial con'. by the irovernment of ra;l
and sto.uvsiiip facilities.
"The Jicv.ciful pel sleepless forces
of veae-tion are solidlv arrayed again-;!
this plan. They will defeat it tmle- ;s
the American people re aroused to fhe
I situatio n The time i., short. The
; mutter is vital. Vv earnest sugges-1
Hon to yon and your associates i -'
i n pre--; upon tl. atfrnfion 0f
Congres- Mie impoit-inco of the five
vear control in order tbn.t the thiip-s
i vou want to cccomplisli mav I.e.
brought ahrut.
' "W. G. McAdoo."1
we ro
on ne-ii'lv
tr.-uispe.rt (
one. a
nketl oft by another ship which
o the rescue. Uaker savs tlm;
every trip f;) r.-;,nce (!,
:-me -n contact with a sub-
. or v.'hai. was ;;upt:o-:ed to bo
numhrr of su-picinn
he-p-v !i.
em many voyages.
Ilurlingtoi,. ,J:m. 2-The Young j
W onions Christian Association will 1
hold a me eting hnvc today at tip-!
Sherwood. e, pm-t of the i:U!) c.nw-
paign to furnish an nve nue of ex
pression fei talents of yoppg worn;.
who rc-ii-:pded to war calls Mis
M ti r-i,;.i i. .. .... . , ' . ' !
-' " ' - - "leu i.cl.s t'iliin;; rjif; rilec
ing- Tho speakers will irirludo Mi
Mabel Snufhw'rk, executive secret.-u
"' ! . WHr wo,'k council ic.
.i -.iviui s mi Vermont, i-lrs. Y. J. Van I
Patten, Mi-s Annie Clark.', h..;'),! ofj
f'-'-n and county work for the New,
Epevl.m.l di-i.sion. and Prof. TJeriha '
Terrill ef th.r Universitv of v,Tmmi
ociety life is paralyzetl. Theatre-
are closed, tram cars arc
running; naileries and 1-tundne:;
here: wcrt: no al'.e - !
loud'.'.y. 'i elvgiaiihie
iand tr't tihe.nic omnainication with I
ou!. i:l.- districts arc sermti.dy lip.pdi- j
'ctipp'.tl. Thing., a'v iii such a chaotic;
state that a chanrv mu. I come soon.
Even the grave digogrs joined the
strike Monday.
j Belfast, Jan. 2S-Strikers attarkid
sliops he,-,, ast nijjht sr.emini;- to cen
ter as .iulU on stores showing light.;.
The iiolice eipraged in disper: in;;' riot
ers were fired upon but eventual1;,
succeeded in restoring order. Ap
proximately one hundred
people a i-o involved in the sf'-ik-i
twenty - i-; traele.-: are effected.
pulp manu
work the ;
! past week temporarily. Thc demand
I in this community is not as large as
lit was earlier. Some .-bipments of
j puhi wood are moving to cut off
i state points.
' .Sr.'.'.- quarries and manufacturers
J report, the- viiiukct iuict but loo!; for-1
; w.'.rd to an increase in the demand i
! with the coming spring. The close t
o, i.ie- v.-e.aK iin-ls nut Mile snow nny
I where in the slate. Warm weather
: of the week coupled by rains tended
! to cause what there was to disap
i Lumber men report considerable
timber cut and skidded but inability
to move same to mills owing to lack
j of snow.
; Passenger travel has been below
, what is generally noted at this time
i of the year. Clearance sales have ar
' fracte'l biiycrs but iinsctsonable
j Weather has interfered with a larger
hu.--incs.-i. Collections are reported as
j re-ssonably good. The. v"ck was free
out of town who attended the ful
were George N. Page and Man
Morrill of Boston, Frank M. Dan
.t 1 t,t T
.,......', A ev j.iaven, r.rr. aim mrs. nen
I 'U- II... IB II 41, .wl
ton, tor... tiici; iie-aLii, 411. aiiu
lioi-t Morrill, Mrs. David Duval
I t T . 1 I CL T 1 1 . T v-L. .
f the Socialist' ?o'o, Mr and Mrs. Edward R-
Idle allowing -Jio display of 1 :u " 1,1 rs" '"T1, ,
- elcphatit a:::! the jr.ckass oil ; llJ Farrow o. Pcacl
' :u i . iin l i L l is, juui.m: nuucio
ne- dr played! t;llico and Mrs- C'i'(le Philb
unite, them,!01" Greensboro.
them friends : . . ,.
We lake this way to thank
lends and neighbors for their n
kind nets of sympathy during
loss of our dea- one. Also to tl
relatives and friends for the rr
beautiful flowers.
Mrs. Henry Page and fan
w ins
.; who ::
. the be
is to a'
socialists. ;
t v.v.y to avoid
opt an attitude,
. Let Socialism i
i or oppression i-nlsnes t.ie son m
eh revolution tluive-i. I think an
ittr.io phcre c.f complete freedom of!
speech ami propaganda for ail shad- j
1'; of economic and social thought
would make involution, e xcept by thc j
"n of the ballot -box, impossible.!
1 V.'e hope that, the leaders of thc So- j
' ciaiisl nartv are sane. The task of'
these leaders to keep in line the fana-j
tical extremists is made more diffi
cult by the press that distorts and rid-1
it'ides the economies theories that
the- believe in so thoroughly. j
Harold Guy Don Scott, i
Ellen C. Page,
George N. Page,
Mrs. Will McCormick.
of mercantile fuilr;
a liKIV.
1 v A
h.e state.
Despatch Says German W
man Socialist Is Very
Much Alive
Local Man Chosen for President!
of Vermont Veterinary j
Association 1
'.elires from Did Newspaper j rj. JJOME OF A
Business to F.ua Government
Employment Office ,
(Special to The Caledonian)
I Because he felt that a vacation:
I would not come amiss after the strcn-
uous work of managing The Evening:
Burlington, Jan. 2!! Dr. II. C. I Caledonian during the absence abroad j
Stetson of St Johnsbury was today! of W. D. Pc.llcy, president and former
electe.l liresi.lent of the Vermont Vet- manager ot the local puplisning con-
Berlin Too
to Carry o
Dangerous j
on Her
thousand ;orin::ry association, which ended a corn, anil uccause some umo ago iie.
md , two-day session held at the New bher- ' V -l n'J , Ac,nntru ,.pnol.ts that a corresnondenl
wood. The other officers elected nve: ' ine local ge.vernment cmpioynicp.t '---- -
Vice-president. Ernest Bancroft cf, bureau, which for the pre
. . '.iv,vi.1aj linn with si f-n
anc; sce.-im t .cc-ptLMtiuiu, n. i,. ,,.,. , ,...., . '.. cd to have been killed in Berlin on
lirandon; secretary and,
Copenhagen, Jan. 28 A Municl
At ilie i-nnual meeting of Apollo
Lodge, No. 2, K. of P., the follow-1 Adams of
n g e.UUers for the coming year we-v
- installed hy Deputy Grand Chancel
. ilor Th-oluiiht: Cliaucelbir Command
er. H. Vi . Clark: vice chancellor. H.
Ingersoll: prelate. Edward Tiurer-
oll ; koe'ior of records and seal,
George Steiihens
Junction. Dr. E.
treasurer, Dr.
White Kiver
Brighuiii, state
rieulture, was elected an honorary
member of the association.
Dr. Adolphus Eichorn of Pearl
January liith, is alive and at the
resent at least I ,las teamed from quite a reliable
mvi.lps Mm with a congenial ioh. ' mac icosa Kuxemourg, repoic-
rthur F. i-'tone has disposed of his
' li'd.livio-v in Tho Kvofiin'.' ft1pflnriian , '
to Mr." PiMev. i home of a friend. She will, he says, '
m,. ij.iip 'n-iin nvmiinnf null ! icmuin secreted until she has onnor-
commissioiier of ag- ' .. .,' i. ..' i:i.,... ! tnnitv m escano from Rerlin.
, m;i liit; j.iij.v i nui nj,, .111. x niv j .t j -
sence, lvtiies with the gratitude of-
;thc other members of the compunj j A'ashington Food Administration
I 4",.. 1,1- 4"-.: tl l."4nl m - ...,.l l....ilftr hhi'm.. niilinlinr V rn.sl'f lent. Wilnn uio-nn!
River, N. Y., who is connected with,,,,. '..'SL mlVh nnrl wsVh 1 nroclammation in Paris, remnvinv re.
Partly c'oudy.
TT(i!-ir.., H A v. ...m -rtl v,M.-lr...
.'.'"" HO.K, -...v., ... -., "-") IhR past SIX
v.. .. t.arvey; mister of finance, J. tnejeuerai lanoratoi ic ;, ana wno vasibest ,vishcs of the staff for his success 'strictions or, manufacture of so-caired
A. Mcf,"od:.nviste:- of oxcheepier. V. formerly connected with the bureau I in othcr nnC!8 f WC;k. .beer. Legislation prohibiting general
B. Ticehurrt; mas'er at anus. Scott j f animal industry at Washington, D. ; pPpcv this morning resumed j immigration for a period of four
Piper; inner -uard, TL D. Brown; C, gave an address yesterday after-!, I)0 place whjch he left vacant on I years after signing of the Peace
outer guard, Eugene I.. March. Afti.i-.noon. Other speakers were E. S.the 28th of last May to go abroad. ! Treaty has been approved tentatively
the meeting wns closed a buffet lunch ' Brighton of St. Albans, and Dr. De-He will personally manage the con-lby the ..House Immigration Corn-
was served by the incoming officora Fossette of Montpelicr.
icern hence I or ward.
j milteci'.'.

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