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STATIC OF VKIIMONT, i:i..;r:-t nf
Caledonia, ss.
The Honorable Fio'ia'c Court for
the District f .yy -r.i,!:
To all persons iiitcri .-.('i in the -.--tato
of Ilenardu K"a, la'. of
Johnsbury, is .-aid I i -t !-i-t . deceased.
Whereas, said ( uurt has as.- igned
the ,11st day of .January next lor ex
amining and allowing the ueeouht of
the Administrator of l!:e estate of .-aid
deceased and for a derive of the
residue of said .-state to the lawful
claimants of the same, and ordered
that public notice thereof be given to
all persons interested in said eta'e
by publishing this order three week
successively previous to the day as
signed, in the Caledonian, a news
paper' published at St. .Johnsbuiy, i-i
said district.
Therefore, you are hereby notified
to appear at the Probate Office in S,.
Johnsbury, in said district, on the day
assigned, then and there to contest
the allowance of sal. I account i1' y u
sec cause, ami to establish your riubt
as heirs, legatees and lawful claim
ants to said residue.
Given under my hand, this I lth day
of January A. .' I'Jli).
WALTER 1". .SMITH. Judc-. ;
K FEU r,
Caledonia, ss.
The Honorable I'mlia'.e Court j'ni'
the District of Caledonia.
To all persons intere-lcd in the es
tate of Edward T. Fairbanks, late of
St. Johnsbuiy, in said Dis.r.ct, de
ceased, GP.i'.-.TING :
At a Prebate Court, he-Men at St.
Johnsbury within and for said dis
trict on the .17th day of January A.
1). ,li)l!, an instrument purpiu-tim;- n
be the last Vi!1 and Te-iaiaei'l of .01
ward T Fa.rbn.n2'.. la'e of Si. John.
bury, in said rH..lric, ik-v:. -.!, vn
pre.'.ented to the Com! .-'ore ,.iid, for
And it is o-dercd by d' Cum I
that, the 8ih day of l' hinaiy A. I' ,
1!1!, at the i'robale (l"ee in said St.
Johnsbury, re i;-rd for provbv;
said ir.stnrv.ent; -and that in. tie"
thereof be s,v.T.. i' t.5' p-r....a.-- eon-cerni-
I, by pabiisMt": .id ord'T tlirt e
week 4 :;uc"ir.sively in '.! ' "led i.is.i.
a newspaper, cirrulai ir-.; in that vic
inity, in said district, previous to i'.K
time appointed.
Th.ercfore, yo.i are hereby not'died
to appear before aid rouit, at the
time and place iv'ovt -vl. ""! eir.t'vi
the probate of said will, IV"'1 -:iV-'
, Given iinder-v:y I.iv! Suutiy
hury in said (ust.iirt, ihi I"-'1
January A. P., i'.H'X
WALTER 1'. SMITH, .halve.
K Feb 12
The Pythian Sist.cs will hold t! ' ir
regular installation at eU'ht t,A-c :
this evening in the (1. A. It. hau. - e
frcshmcnts will be served.
The many friends of Robert lilan
din, will be triad to know that he has
landed at Newport News, Vti from
" The Germans .lumt that unless v.-"
feed them, they will turn Dolshoviki.
Well, that V. somethin."; of an improv..
mcnt at any rat".
Tho February mri-ting of the Wom
an's club will r.b e.ve the annua!
Gentlemen's night, Friday, Feb. 7 at
the Methodist church assembly room.
At 6."() there will be a banquet wi'.h
after-dinner speeches. T!u:roiu;h "
orchestra will play. After the ban
quet a program will be riven by some
local artists.
r-rJ - JSAl.
I . -'A-JM
The government is calling for greater food
production. The market is sure and food prices
high. Use New England Animal FerUlizers.
They will give you not only a larger yield but
they leave your soil fertile for the next crop.
Made from MEAT, BLOOD. BONE and Chemi
cals. We can supply for a limited time Fertil
izers containing four per cent, water-soluble
High crop prices and the demand for bigger
crops make Animal Fertilizers cheaper. Order
early. Write for name of dealer near you and
for our Crop Booklets about your particular
crops. Local agents wanted.
You cannot go wrong with
New England Animal Fertilizer
Consolidated ricnderlna Co
Spnni :h Influenza can
1k proven tal easier than
il can v. cured.
At the first sign of a
s-hivcr or sneeze, take
S'.nndr ! cold remedy for 20 years in tablet
fori". i r-'i'.e, t-ure, noopiates breaks up a cold
in 2 hotiis rclievea grip in 3 days. Money
1 1 ck if it MR Tlie genuine box JmsnRcd top
with Mr. Hiil'3 pi.-rurt. At All Drug Stores.
W'A; :TK1i One Veneer Cutter, one
clipper man in New England Mill.
Address K, Caledonian.
WANTED Salesman. Active, ener
getic s:'.lcnmn, with or without sell
ing exDerieKce, Opportunity to estab
lish in own rommunilv business i-iiv-
ine,- s4 to S3 per day. Stetson Oil Co..
Station i-, Cleveland, Ohio.
ATTENDANTS wanted Men and
women wanted at Vermont State
I-Topital for tho Insane, to take po
sitions as attendants. For those who
so desire, opportunity i.i offered to
snter training r.ehon! 1'or nurses. For
particular? apnly Ver-o:rt Siate Hos
pital for the Insane, V.'airrhury, Vt.
FOR SAT Three registered IIol
: U'in Hull Calves frora 2 weeks to "
months old, also one 1 1 months' old
::;vl .; f ood one. These are all first-
class individuals and wen nrcd. Als0
live .:0-poii!ul siioats. O. ft. and (J. t,.
Drew, St. Johnsburv, Vt. Tel. Dan
ville a:!-: i, li. F. d. No. ;5. mo tf.
WANT Kit Young women between
and "5 yrars of age, .having euro
year hi'-.li .-i-Iviol work for our 1'eg
i i-l. red f !so;d of Nursing. New class
famli'. Apidy Suiwrintend' lit, 8a
' ;! o:'rii'i;s, New Yoik.
XuiVrrei-: from kidney trouble ev-pi-ri.'iiee
baekach", rheumatic pains,
.i. in join!-; a::d niuselrs and other
torturous affliction. '.. W. Kitt, II.
F. 1 1. 2, Hon !, Shorter.--, Ala., writes:;
''1 used Foley Kidney Pills as I wn',
so r.- '. - o-:e;- night with pains inj
my back and side. They did me good!
and I ti-'ithfui'y say Foley Kidney
Pills is the medieine for kidney troub
le." S-dd Kverywbere. !
Mr. Walker carried a parly of nine
n St. Johnshury Wednesday to see
:"Mcurts of the World" at the Colonial
Mrs. do inna Hale has finished her
work with Mrs. Julia Roy and Mrs.
Mary Hoy, and is with Mrs Roy at
sirs. Giarc Orr of Melndoes recent
ly visited relatives in the viilage.
Mrs. Kate Kinney has returned
from St. John-bury where she has!
been nursing in the family of her
'ee:in, Mrs-. Randall. j
Mr. and Mrs. John Roy of East
Harnr.t were recent visitors at their'
:r other's, Mrs. Julia Roy..
Fr:d (-Juimby is doing carpenter
work for Alex iilair at Fast Harnet.
M.s. .la.iie.. MeGill of St. Johns
burv visited friends in Barnct recent
ly Rev. Willis T. Spurha.fk went to
Charlosto.vn Friday to give his lect
ure.; on the Rocky Mountains, ho also
expects to preach in that place on
Boston, Ma -j.
The annual busines.4 meeting of the
Congregational church and society
was held nt the home of Mr. and Mrs.
W. T. Moire last Thursday evening.
There was n good attendance. The
reports of the officers for the past
year showed all bills paid and over
100 in the treasury. The officers
elected for the coming year were:
Moderator, E. A. Pierce; clerk and
treasurer, Jchn B. Chase; auditor and
trustee, W. F. Morse; soliciting com
mittee, Mrs. W. H. Bowker. A com
mittee va3 elected to arrange for the
merging of the church and society
into one body and incorporating it.
After tho business session a short
program was rendered, a social time
enjoyed and refreshments were serv
ed. Mrs. L. K. Swett who has been
dangerou ;ly ill with double pneumo
nia is somewhat better with a fair
chance for recovery.
Mrs. G. E. Green, who has been
rick with the flu is able to ride out
but not fully recovered. Ray Craw
ford and little Murray Paris have al
; o been ill with the same disease.
Mrs. Gecrge Gour, who has been
sick for many weeks is not improv
ing. el.
n .md rhe went to St. Johnsbury j
see Mrs. Morse. Upon his
iyl orse
tonk I
Mrs. Jennie Forsythe spent the day
Wednesday with her daughter, Mrs.
Carl Rollins, at St. Johnsbury.
Miss Jessie Williams went Wednes
day to her home in Concord Corner
for a few, days.
There will be a dance Friday night
at Green Mountain Hall.
A special meeting of Green Moun
tain Grange, No. 1, will be held at
their hull, Saturday night.
Wide Awake Grange meets Satur
day night at Wide Awake hall to hold
its regular meeting.
Dr. Carlton of St. Johnsbury was
in the placo Wednesday to treat Mrs.
Frank Granger.
Mrs. Henry Powers has been on the
Me.k list tho past few days.
Mr, and Mrs. Fred Bennett are
rejoicing over the birth of a son, born
Wednesday, Jan. 71.
Wilder Campbell of Springfield,
Mass., visited at Frank Granger's
Mrs. Isaac Flint of Si. Johnsbury
was in the place, Wednesday, to see
Mrs. Martha Flint, who remains ser
iously ill.
Mr. and Mrs. Kalph Bucll of St.
Johnsbury and Mrs. Gcorjte Shurer
of Lyndonville visited at James
Huell's last week.
Mrs. Jchn Iiosebrooks has been
confined to the house by illness the
past week.
Lincoln and Willard Harris, Mari
on Spinney and Evelyn Angcll, Earl
Colby, Lawrence Welch, Wayne Al
lard and Alice Warner are all ill
with the prevailing epidemic.
Lieutenant Leon Powers has receiv
ed his discharge from Camp Forest,
Va., and is visiting his mother, at
the homo of his aunt, Mrs. L. A. Dar
ling. Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Lang and
Mr. and Mrs. Philo Lang visited Pvt.
Frank Walter, who returned recently
from over.eas, and arrived at the
borne of hii, parents, Mr and Mrs.
bolon Walter at St. Johnsbury Cen
ter, Monday afternoon.
Mrs. Graver Allard and three chil
dren are all ill with the prevailing
Mrs. Kose and daughter, Greta, are
more comfortable. Rev. I. A. Rose
remains very .sick. All are sick with
the distemper.
Mrs. Hattie Harris has received
word of the .serious illness of her
son, Charles, at Stamford, Conn.,
with the influenza.
Fred -Davis has not been uitc as
wen lor a lew clays. He has been
confined to the house for a week
with a severe cold.
Mrs. L,i!ia Walter, a nurse from
west Kurko is caring for Rev. I. A.
Rose and family.
Mrs. Lillian Petty of St. Johns
bury spent Saturday and Sunday
unn nor cniiaren at Isaiah Mathers.
She took the oldest child home with
Robert MaGill from Danville spent
the week end with his brother, Frank
M. Kibby. and called on friends here
Two of his little daughters accom
panied him.
The board of health closed the
schools, churches, and prohibited all
public gatherings until further no
tice. Several are quite ill with the
influenza. In most cases the epidemic
is running light.
Mrs. Mortimer Hrflbrook and Mrs.
James Hue!: were in West Burke,
Tuesday to attend the funeral of
Lu-y Hemis.
Fred Kimball is laid up with a boil
on his band.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hovt of
I.vndon Center visited at Nelson
Hardy's last week.
Mr. and Mrs Joseph Dennonville
were in Lyndonville. Monday, to at
tend the funeral of Irene Gaudetto.
Airs. Waller Nelson returned home
Tuesday fiom a week's visit in St
J.'liiisbiirv. with her parents, Editor
and Mrs. Charles Walter.
Miss Lottie Rroekwav is nuitc sick
v illi the prevailing distemper.
We got the armistice and then
; right away comes (he legislature.
I So far vp baven't heard anything
about public control of time tables.
Tramping 18 miles a day. Mr. H. M.
Foreman, a mail carrier of Allentown.
Fa., found that shoes with cr..nary
soler, last atuut one month. Hut he
nvs a pair of Neolin-soled shoes pave
him more than nine months of service,
i i which time he walked over 4,000
His experience shows how you may
rive shoe money by providing your
family with Neolin-soled shoes, which
jive extra wear where other shoes wear
nit quickest.
You can get Neolin-soled shoes in
any type of shoe you want. Prices
are about the same as for shoes that
give only ordinary wear, sometimes
they are even less. If your dealer
hasn't the styie you want, he can gat
it for you quickly. Remember, Neolin
Soles are created by science to be what
soles should be. They are available
everywhere for re-soling as well as on
new shoes. They are made by The
Goodyer.r Tire & Rubber Company,
Akron, Ohio, who also make Wingfoot
Heels guaranteed to outwear any
other heels.
fleolin Soles
'..j,. Johnsbury on Thursday. -i
Word came to Mr. and Mrs. B,
Scott on Wednesday that their son,
Fred Scott, was ill with pneumonia
at Detroit, Mich.
Mrs. Eva Emmond Root and two
children came from Three Rivers,
Mass., on Tuesday to make their
home with her father, Joseph Emmond.
Mrs. Root's husband died of pneu
monia about two weeks ago. Her
sister, Mrs. Delima Emmond Hall,
died of the same disease only a few
days before. Much sympathy is felt
for the family in their double berea
The handkerchief factory started
nn-in h,t MnnH.iv mnrninir.
Mrs r.pn H. Howell and her son.
Lieut. Geo. B. Howell, came up from
Boston on a short business trip on
Dwinell & Joslyn are putting in
a hot water heating system in their
block on Main street.
Harlan Stearns, who has been very
ill with rheumatism, is gaining.
W. E. Drake has sold his house to
Hiram Allen.
Orleans County Court
The case of Baldwin vs. Gaines is
still on trial. Thursday forenoon was
spent in reading the testimony taken
at the former trial. In the afternoon
Mr. Wilso.i of the St. Johnsbury!
Grocery Co. was on the stand, after
which the plaintiff Baldwin took the
stand and was continued through the
remainder of the afternoon and Fri
day. The court took a recess Friday
night until Monday afternoon.
H. W. McPherson received a mcs
li.i,o ft.r,Yi Mnntrcnl VAftifprHnV flf tpr-
, , : "
noon siaung inai. i. a. aieveus, wuu
he took the Montreal General hos
pital on Monday, on account of Mr.
j Stevens, getting some steel into his
eye last Sunday, naa tne steei re
moved from his eye on Tuesday and
that it is expected that he will not
loose the sight of the eye, although
the chances are that e may not have
a perfect sight. '
Roland Chase of West Burke was a
recent visitor at the home of his
brother-in-law, Rev. M. G. Tupper.
Mrs. B. L. Hall and Mrs. Lambert
Ward of St. Johnsbury were visitors
at Andrew Roberts' from Monday un
til Wednesday.
Mrs. C. I. Hall visited her daugh
ter, Mrs. Arthur Piper, and Mrs.
Harry Skinner at St. Johnsbury, Fri
day. Mrs. Mary McDonald from Can
ada is visiting at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. George Goodnough.
Dean Hall had his hand hurt very
badly in .1 rolling machine at Ely's
factory, Wednesday.
Several from here attended the Col
onial Wednesday night to see the
famous picture "Hearts of the
Mrs. Charles Benedict was in
Whcclock, Thursday to attend the
funeral of her father, Mr. Folsom..
The friends of Miss Elsie Hallett
gave her n reception at her home
Wednesday night, before she goes to
Portland, where she will study for a
trained nurse. She leaves Monday.
Mrs. Solon Walter and son, Frank
Walter, went Thursday to Lvndon-
ville to visit their daughter and sis
tcr, Mrs. Freeman Lanir.
Mrs Ned C. Stiles and Mrs. George !
wno navc SDC,nt the Pat j
,,.,,umk at i.r. .. n. nines-, re-
turned o then- home in Providence, ;
K- '' Wednesday.
Mrs. Addie has gone to spend thc j
remainder of thc winter with her I
(laughter, Mrs. George Fellows at I
Thirteen ladies of the Congrega
tional church met at Mrs. Ernest
Morrill's Thursday afternoon to sew
on aprons and pieces for quilts.
The work of cutting ice is in nro-
e-ress. Quite a difference in it from
last year. It is onlv about two feet
this year and last about four feet.
, The ladies-God bless 'cm .--arc bet
ter than the Bolsheviki anyhow!
Well, an.vhow, so far we haven't
run into the inconvenience of a tal
lymen's strike.
Mr. and Mrs. George Clark
Open House Past Week
at Blair's Hall
Hundred and Twenty-five Guests
Present to Offer Congratulations
to Long-Married Pair
The event of the week was the gol
den wedding of Mr. and Mrs. George
Clark of East Pcacham. which was
celebrated at Blair's hall on Tuesday,
January 21. Mr. and Mrs. Clark had
planned to have their children at din.
ner on that day, but entirely without
I their knowledge relatives and friends
were planning a more ntting cele
bration for the event, and so quietly
and well was thea ffair carried out
that Mr. and Mrs. Clark were com'
plctcly in ignorance of the plans un
til they were taken to the hall by
Comer Moore about noon and found
a company of about 125 present to
offer congratulations. The hall was
beautifully trimmed with wreathes
and sprays of hemlock tied with yel
low ribbon. These were in all the
windows. The piano was also de
corated with the same colors and a
large ostrich plume fern donated for
tnc occasion Dy Mrs. Ueorge fcmith.
When the couple reached the hall
i they were escorted by their grand
! son Frances Churchill, to chairs also
I trimmed with green and yellow. They
j wcl' fHweu' by the other relatives
in orlcd. Four other grandchildren,
Myrlee, Wendell and Martin Clark,
I and Ama Churchill, held long green
I ancl yellow ribbons reaching from the
idoor to each chair. As the party en
' tered Mrs. I. aura Pnlmpp nlavprl tho
weding march. A bountiful colla
tious was served consisting of oystcr3,
crackers, sandwiches, cake, dough
nuts ana eoltee. Mrs. (Jlark was
escorted to the tabic by her son,
Clinton Clark, and Mr. Mr. Clark by
his daughter, Mrs. Elsie Churchill.
The tables wcr decorated with bou
quets of hemlock and at each plate
were favors of sprays of hemlock tied
with yellow ribbon. A program was
given as follows: Song, "Silver
Threads Among the Gold," sung by
Mrs. Oliver Cowan, accompanied on
the piano by Mrs. Palmer; grapho
" phone selection by George Smith,
1 7 . .
-'"Uhnst Arose
and "Golden Wed
ding; remarks by Rev. Harold Hay-
ward, pastor of the Methodist church;
original poem by George Smith;
piano solo, Theresa Blain; song,
"Mother's Bible," Mrs. Floriman
Churchill and Mrs. Palmer; grapho
phone selections, "When the Spring
time Brings the Roses," "Wedding
Bells" and "Stop Your Tickling
John;" original poem, Theresa
Blain; remarks by Rev. T. A. Carl
son, and presentation to Mr. and
Mrs. Clark of $50 in gold from the
community; response by Mr. Clark
In well fitting words he thanked them
all and called attention to the suit he
wore as the .same worn by his grand
father, Jonathcn Clark, as a wedding
vest 128 years ago. George Clark
and Lutheria (Wheeler) Clark were
married by O. N. Bouwcll January
21, 1861), at the place where Herbert
Blair now lives. They lived there for
a time then moved to the Chapman
place and later Mr. Clark built the
house where Charles Bradley now
lives. When Mr. Clark's father dieS
Mr. and Mrs. Clark moved to the
place where his son, Chester, now
lives, which is the old "Clark" place,
having been in the Clark family
about 135 years, being first settled
by Jonathen Clark, who lived in a log
house near where the present hose
now stands. The present house on
the place was built by Jonathan
Clark, later it became the home of
Judc and Sarah (Prime) Clark, then
Mr and Mrs. George Clark, and at
present is the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Chester Clark and four children. So
it will be seen that it is an interest
ing part of Pcacham history which
ihc celebration of Tuesday has
, brought to mind. Seven years ago
"Trussell" place at East
Mr. ana Mrs. Clark moved to tne
where they have lived alone, both arc
jn fairly good health, although Mr.
Clark has been sick at times and his
hcalth is not of thc bcst, Ml.s. Clark
was the daughter of Henry and
Sophia (Oilman) Wheeler and was
l.nrn in PnPiim AnVr. 0. 1Rda
George Clark was born at Newbury-
port, Mass., March 29, 1842. They
have three children, Mrs. Floriman
Churchill, and Chester Clark of
Pcacham, and Alden Clark, who is
business manager in the department
.store of A. L Moody at Fargo, North
Dakota. They also have eight
grandchildren. Mrs. Clark has two
j sisters living, Mrs. Cornelia Carter ton Ronds, Newport, R. I., and arriv
of Barnet, and Mrs. Emily Bliss of liner in Boston, Mny 11.
Williston. Mr. Clark has one sister, W. F. Schoppe of Canaan is visiting
Mrs. Frank Ainsworth of Danville,his son, Arthur Schopne.
(and two brothers, Oliver P. Clark of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Castoneuay
Boulder, Col, and Joe Clark of Port-jnrr visiting their daughter in Tilton,
land Oregon. Three persons wereiN. H,
present at the celebration Tuesday
that were present at the wedding !0
year ago, Elwin Wheeler, Mrs.
Frank Ainsworth and Mrs. James
Blaine. Besides the $"() in gold
from the community, Mr. and Mrs.
Clark received .$50 in gold from their
son, Alden Clark, and ?18 from
other relatives and friends, also
other gifts and letters from those
who were unable to be present, ine
dining room Tuesday was in charge
of Mr. and M-s. Comer Moore, Mr.
and Mrs. Will Hastie, Mrs. G. W.
Esden, Mrs. Carl Somers The
gest book was in charge of Mrs.
Robert Butson and Lena Wheeler.
The decorations were designed by
Mrs. George Smith. Those from out
of town to attend were Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Powers of St. Johnsbury Cen
ter, Mrs. Frank Ainsworth and Asa
Sargent of Danville, Mr. and Mrs.
.Tamps Blaine. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
I? rr rtf Danville, and Mrs. Abbie
Lamphere of Barnet.
The Golden Rule
We are gathered here today
From towns far and near,
For fifty years have passed away,
To those who to our hearts are dear
Neighbors, friends and children all,
Have answerea to me gumtn
Listened to the one that said,
Fifty years have they been wed.
Looking through the mist of years
Many of joy, some of tears,
To the clay when you were wed
And the hopes of love were said.
First in Pcacham then to live,
And the toil of life to give
On the farm upon the hill,
Next the village land to till.
Then came joy of children three,
Chester, Alden and fair Elsie,
Brightening up your happy lot,
Until they were by marriage caught.
One is found not far away
Calling in most every day.
One is on the old home farm
Tilling it with steady arm.
The youngest to the west did go
Finding business in Fargo.
So from our numbers here is absent
Distance prevents him to be present.
Three from our numbers merry,
Were present in that January.
Fifty years ago -when ties were said
And Geor-;.j and Lutheria were wed.
Though then but children small
They are present in the hall,
Besides them, two sisters yet
Of whom mention we must not forget.
Yet tho ou. numbers may be broken
We extend to you love's token
In memory of these fifty years
You have traveled without fear.
May your days so numbered bo
That the Redeemer's face you'll see,
When upon the other shore
Days are numbered never more.
Read by Theresa Blain at Mr. and
Mrs. George Clark's golden anniver
sary. Protection of Women Under Inter
national Law
Thc College Club, the Woman's
Club and other women's organiza
tions of this place are arranging to
cireulate the petition of American
women to the Peace Congress which
is now being assembled by the , Com
mittee on Protection of Women un
der International Law, Mrs. William
C. Beecher, of Brooklyn, N. Y chair
This petition is in response to an
appeal from the women of France to
the women of all countries on behalf
of the unfortunate women of the
countric s invaded by Germany and
reads as follows:
Whereas there is overwhclminir
evidence that in the present war the
armies of the Central European now
ers and of their Allies have been per
mittea and encouraged to commit.
and, officers and men en masse, have
actually and persistently committed
every form of sexual offence against
tne women of every country thnv
nave enterea; and,
Whereas, a campaign is beinir con
auctea to secure the signatures of
women to petition demanding the
trial and punishment on conviction of
every guilty officer and soldier of the
Central Powers, and also demanding
that alj women so injured be officially
recognized as wounded in war;
rpi,..-jT t . ... .
iiicniiwrs oe it resolved tnat we
whose names are appended endorse
this petition and authorize our names
to be added to the list of names to be
sent to the Peace Congress."
The signatures of a million Ameri
can women are asked for. Thosp in
this vicinity who desire to sign will
und tne petition at the Armory at thc
next regular meeting of the Red
Cross on lucsday, Jan. 28.
It will be of intcresit tothc many
friends of Paul Sargent, Carlisle Sur
gent and Albert Ramsey, who are on
the "Savannah," U. S. N., to know
that they sail from Charleston. S. C.
Jan. 28 to Key West, Fla., touch
ing the following ports: Guantamana
Bay, Cuba: Famana Bav. Havti: San
Juan. Porto Rico; St. Thomas. Vir
gin Island, coming home via Hamp
Local Quintette Turns Trick
on Strange Floor at New
port Last Night ,
Large Attendance Marks End of
Tussle Between This Town and
Northern Neighbor
(Special to the Caledonian)
St. lohnsbury Academy's basket
ball team visited Newport, Friday
evening and after 40 minutes of hard,
gruelling play, came off victorious by
a score of 30 to 21.
The game was close and exciting
throughout and furnished many
thrills for the spectators who showed
their keen appreciation for the fine
brand of basket ball by continuous
Newport showed a good eye for thc
basket in practice before the game
but in the game seemed to lose all
ability to Fhoot and although they
peppered the basket throughout the
game, they were unable to land
enough to win.
The firs; period ended with thd
score 11-5 in St. Johnsbury's favor.
Akin being the only Newport man to
score a floor basket, while Smith of
St. Johnsbury scored three and Mal
vern one.
Both teams shook out the kinks in
the second half and three baskets
apiece by Smith and Malvern
and one by Foyc, coupled with the
excellent foul shooting of Malvern,
gave the Academy boys 30 points
while Newport's forwards were pil
ing up 21.
For rt. Johnsbury, captain Smith
and ' r l starred, Malvern sinking
8 foul line out of 12 tries.
i Akin starred, playing a
'e, and scoring five of
- v
for the champion
si. of the state and
atti the sport from
as fa.
of Bar.
well kne
former ba,
bury, and l.
lowers of no
The tcorc:
St. Johnsbury, u
Malvern, 1 f
Foyc, r f
Smith, c . '
Lougec, 1 g ureila
Lanphcr, r g i . Bigelow
Baskets from floor, Malvern 4;
Foyc i; Smith 6; Akin 2; Borella 2;
Bigelow 4. Baskets, from fouls, Mal
vern 8; Akin 1; Bigelow 4. Referee,
Hamilton. Umpire, Porter. Timer,
Marowiti.. Scorer, Barney. Time, 2
20s. Attendance 500.
Miss Mary J. Nelson; music com
mittee, B. Frank Harris, chairman,
Mrs. Jennie Brodien, Mrs. Florence
Ruiter, F. O. French, Lindol Scott;
Sunday school superintendent, Ver
non B. Ticehurst; assistant supt.,
William C. Dunham. -V
Rev. Mr. Shaw and Miss Mac Shaw
spent Tuesday with Mrs. Mary Bur
Miss Rose Chounaid was united in
marriage ti Ben Ladry at the home
of the bride's parents, last week
Tuesday at nine o'clock, Rev. Father
Kennedy, officiating.
Mr. and Mrs George Jordan at
tended the dance Tuesday evening at
Joe Cry's in Greensboro
Mrs. Mary Burroughs spent Wed
nesday, with Miss Mae Shaw at the
Mrs. Bla.rche Smith was a busi
ness visitor at Hardwick, Monday.
The party last Thursday evening at
Roy King's, was a most cniovablc
Mrs. Nettie Sternberg and Mrs.
Blanche Smith attended the W. R. C.
at Greensboro Bend Tuesday.
nerbort. i.urroughs is visitinc Viw
brother, Frank Burroughs.
1 he Lower Stannard school is clos
ed at prcsmt as it is without a teach
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