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s. V. It. Bell of South Lunenburg l
cive A word on Tuesday that her I
l, Pvt. William Franklin Bell, who
lit to France a year afro last .iuk
i, with the 14th Engineers Uailway,
k arrived safely at Newport News,
L having left Brest on Jan. 2 and
Ichini' i'is destination on the lbtn
Bell hopes soon to visit his home
furlough, if he is not discharged,
d a host of friends will be ready to
Ucome him home again.
Mrs. Flora Balch returned on Mon-
t' from Montpelicr whore she at
ded the. Vermont Conference
Social Workers with the "especial
bject of Child Vi elfare in view.
3 also spent the week-end in tfraa-
d with her mother, Mrs. I'errin B.
k, and sister, Mrs. Grace Bartlett,
1 family at Cozycroft. Mrs. Ly-
Im Wentworlh operated in the Cen-
jil telephone office assisted by Miss
l Edith Lewis and Irene Ball dur
l Mrs. Balch's absence.
Rev. Albert Gregory, representative
Dm Lunenburg, came home from
bntpclier last Friday and is scri-
sly ill with Doctors Leith of Lan-
stcr and Bronson of the village in j
VV. K. Hell, Ucorge l. temple anq
ylc T. Brown were called to Bur-
kgton on Monday on legal business.
Reginald Woodbury, who has been
with influenza and pneumonia at
ountorne has been brought to his
kmc in the village and is not regain-
K health as rapidly as could be de
Itcv. G. W. Douirlass siimilicil (he
ilpit for Rev. F. Wilcock in Island 1
find fni. th. cnrnnil Hmn nr !,.,,. i
r. Wilcock being ill. 1
Elwyn Nichols and his son-in-law. !
ted Whitehead, have purchased the i
Ibert Brown place on Baptist Hill. I
Mrs. John King and children and
vt. Lester Marshall, recentlv return-!
il from France, were guests of Mr. j.
id Mrs. Ji'incs King, over Sunday. ;
After foiii weeks of inactivity the ;
arantino was removed on Saturdav :
id most of the schools began this i
eck. Miss Bcebc was unable to re-!
rn until tie:;t week to South Lunen-:
lrg because ol illness in her familv
Dwaiuon, anil
Miss dam SnniDson
K. . . T ,
VU,"-U(, vm lum; iiil i u a nni
r. 'VV :VJ0SC!'.n no Manunn ol'Alma and Kvclyn DeBrune, Kuth WU-
'"'W'lui viii UU V il ir 1(1 T m nn. .
ause of her mother's illness.
inc locai Mi cross Chapter have ; sulfation with Dr. Harvey of Hard
arn lor Knitting socks which they j wick over the case of T. W. Gebbie
nil sell as no more socks are requir-1 last Sunday afternoon Mr. Gebbie
cl hy the chapter at present. TheyjWas badlv hurt abot two weeks ago
lave a largo quota of sewing just re- v,hcn he ;vas .stl.Uck by a train at the
waved and will be glad of all the help j depot ut Greensboro Bend. Mr. Cel.-
v..!. . ...un;. s iHnumm- lor worn
vas held with Mrs. Albeit Morgan on
Tuesday afternoon.
L&u&J?sifib St. Johnbury
3n business on Monday and Tuesday.
A large number of our townspeople
ivere in Lancaster on Monday and
luesday to see "Hearts of the World
and were well repaid for the trip.
inr. ana Mrs. Kalph Bell were in
Lancaster or. Tuesday to see Mrs.
Bell's mother, Mrs. Charles Jordan,
who is ill.
Howard W. It. C. held the annual
installation of officers at the home of
Mrs. Kate Warren on Tuesday even
ing. Mr. and Mrs. II. N. Wormwood
wore called to Guildhall last weck!an1 nas neen "lx motuns ln lne
Thursday by the death of Mrs ! vicR in European waters,
George Lui vey, whose home was in I w- c- Bodine, principal of the
Franconia uml w:w ! lifo.inr,,, f,.:j , Junior High school, has hired the
of Mrs. Wei mwood. '
The many friends of Mrs. Allen '
Smith of Concord, who died last week j
wish to extend sympathy to the fam-:
ily. Mrs. Smith was a resident nf;
Lunenburg for many years and all j Congregational church Sunday School
jsorrow for the loss of one who was j will hold their annual meeting at the
la good friend and neighbor. Mr. and j home of N. H. Kasier, Friday even
Mrs. W. W. Phelps attended the fu-! ing of this week and a good atten
neral services at Concord. . 1 dance is desired.
Charles Rogers and daughter, Eva, i The Caspian Lake Rod Cross has
of Lancaster were in thc village last I been notified to sell all yarn on hand
week. I f0l. 2.45 per pound to private part-
Many of the young people and i ies. This yarn is not to be used to
Home older ones are enjoying the fine1 make any knitted goods to be sent.
coasting these moonlight evenings,
nuss i nrisue J.alch is employed at j who buy it must agree to this rule, j .jl.s George Kittrcdge is visiting j li dd a sociable at thc church p-irlor-the
post office. j The yarn may be obtained at lite at Cabot. I Wednesday evening. The evening
niwUM ...nil is noi'Hinir i or,
n. !. ;':wman ai me rjerglits House
- Dr. Ng. Poon Chew, a Chinese
statesman and a journalist, will give
a lecture at the Armory, Friday, Feb.
11. This is the third number in the
lecture course.
.'Ml II?
A GOOD, rich soil is now a farmer's pratcst asset.
The whole work! tieiua:u!s more food. Orealer
crops nv.isf be grown and can be crown with Parmenter
Polsey Animal Kcrtilizers.- Thev are natural and active
fertilizers, made nf BLOOD, MR AT AND BONE afiul
r:o(id chemicals. Plenty of PO TASH. Write us for
fertilizers with water-soluble POTASH.
Willi Parmciiier cr f'olsey Ferti!i?err. you. get bigger
crops end bigger profits with las labor. Investigate
now a supply oi raw materials may be uncertain.
Write for booklets abo'.il thc crops you grow. We will
Hive name of nearest dealer. Local agents wanted.
Mrs. Iiolla Hutch of Post Mills
tnd Miss Kuth Hatch from Lyndon
j vjsitei at q, psden's, recently.
Andrew Mastic has been in Boston
for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Peak visited
in St. John: bury the last of the week,
Fred Pollard, who has been ill for
some time is confined to his bed. '
Mr. and Mrs. Will Hastie, Mr.
and M Garfield Darling, Mr. and
Mrs. V3. J. Hohart, Goldie Grigwer
and A vrh and Jeanette Craig at
tended the dance at Pythian Hall, at
Danville, Saturday evening, Jan. 18.
A few of the neighbors called on
Mrs. Fred Taylor on Saturday even
ing, Jan. 1!). to remind her of her
birthday. Refreshments of cake,
cookies, doughnuts and coffee were
sewed, and the evening very pleas
antly passed in games and music.
Miss ivlyrtie Chamberlain is work
ing at Wallace Powers'.
Word has been received from Frank
Alien that he has been discharged
from hi? w.r.' duty and will reach here
the last of the week.
Miss Mar.tie Adams fell on the
hardwood fioor at the dance at Py
thian Hall on Saturday cvenin-i, and
broke licr wrist
T , ,
a.r, . Harry McLoud and son, I on-
aid, left last Monday for New ork I
city v.yro tney arc to meet Harry
McLoud. who has been absent sev-
e ra! weeks on a trip to European
as an ensign m he American ,
Ke was to arrive in New York
Monday evening, a message
f'cct boin' scnt l' wireless
:o ihis ef-
from his I
vessel on its trip across. j
wyrtie Alger oi uuriington :
visited over Sunday at inc nome ol
"c' uncle, Dea A. K. Pcrrin.
Robert Cassavah has been ill the,
past week with influenza.
"ev. Mr. Gralnm of New Concord,
Oio, preached at thc United Presby-
terian church last Sunday as a candi-!
dale for thc vacant nuluit. He will i
occupy the pulpit also January 26th ;
and February 2d.
Aniontr thc manv who are ill are
i ;ini iimsrrar . yiinfn iMLSiman.i
' . .
i-.imj I 'tihnn I'ni'Tni- '
; bie's condition doc
not grow much
Ij'arl Moore of Kansas, who
i been in the engineer corps of the!
army training at a camp in Virginia,!
is visitng fronds n town. I
Mr. and Mrs. George Gbbie ofj
Ityegate were at Greensboro Bend I
; last week to see T. W. Gebbie, who ,
was hurt in a railroad accident about j
; two weeks ago. j
Mr. Purdy of Hardwick was in ;
town .the first of the week. 1
Charles Rollins and son, Carroll,!
of Newport visited the first of the j
j week with W. M. Itollins. Carroll has j
; ULTII VIII UI1V; yt I llic J ui,nw.jwt.i
Prof. Cook house near the school
house and will bring his wife and ,
child from Bellows Falls here in a;
short time. I
The Tuchebache Class of the
tn flip Kiiilnrs or soldiers and those
home ot Mrs. V. li. Simpson
Dr. F. C. Kinney retrned to jwom-i
pelier where he represents thc town i
in the legislature after spending sev-
era! (lays at nome looKing aiicr ins
A. E. Tolman has been in Newport
the' past week serving on thc jury.
family soon to East Hardwick. He
! will run a taw mill at East Hardwick.
! Miss Maude Davis, who has been
i taring for Mrs. David Spier during
I her recent illness, has returned to her
Lome in Hardwick.
Mrs. Helen Esdon and family were
in South Albany, Friday, Jan. 17th to
attend the funeral of a sister of
Mrs. Esdon.
Joseph Cyr is entertaining a brother
from Sherbroke, P. Q.
Silas Willey Mid Albert Annie are
r.mong those ill at Greensboro Bend.
Mrs. Mary Barber of Greensboro
Bend is visiting relatives at St. Johns
bury. A daughter was born to Mr. and
I Irs. Richard Allen on Tuesday, Jan.
lst. Mrs. Hattic French is caring for
I Irs. Allen.
rj. rtiien morse nau m "UB1U1 lul"-1
to break his leg while in the woods:
r . . i, i . i j 1.1 : . J1 .......
i-.fter logs last week Friday after
noon. The circumstances are unus
ually sad as Mrs. Morse went to St.
Johnsburv last month to do her
Christmas shopping, was taken sick i
there and has been with her sister,
I Irs. C. It. Lynch, since being unable
to return home. Mrs. Morse's sister
Addie Webb, is stopping with
li;iem this winter, but Mr. Morse had
i her taken to the station that after
I r.oon .nd she went to St. Johnsbury
to see Mrs. Morse. Upon his
return home Mr. . Morse took
he h wcnt to thc
v;oods aft(M. , In KOmc way
the ch.lin lct 01. the Ioff ,.olled
:., u , hmnlr hU W
ir i,i th kn,,n ictu,, nf i
,)0 vnj,. on f,:, hand-; and knee'
! l' iJS "tS" h JlpSSTnd
I""", 1 77 . Zi. ir
cancu one ui. jus iitJinuui rzc u.i
taken to Brightlook hospital Satur
day morning where his condition is
lather serious. Mr. Morse has been
in poor health for thc past
years. His many lnencis wisn mm
speedy recovery. ; esterday of influenza at Marc Island
Among those sick with thc prevail-1 i.;.iv.,i jCSfci.vc station, where for the
i,ig distemper arc Lewis Nichols, I ..;lKt ;.jx months he had been a sur
George Smith and two children, Riley i .eon. lie was 05 years old. He will
IJlodgett and Mrs Charles Phillips. hc ,,.ivjn .A military' funeral tomorrow
Frank Carpeter of Concord was a morning at the Northern station, nf
l.usincss visitor in the place Wednes-, cr which it is possible his bodv will
i !nA Thnrvrhiv. Hp. wji!-; :l fiirst i
.. t nr
rri. t a c ...mi u;
1 IiC 3 i''i men n-
ru, cIcction of officers at Mrs. Nel
son 1' olsom's weiincsaay cvening -un nor I cr u year ol( son, John
February 5. I liogue. Lieut. Bogue was a graduate
Mavcia Isham of St. Johnsbury i of thc college of Physicians and Sur
vas a guest of her mother, Mrs. Hat-1 'Tons of Baltimore, Md.
tic Isham, part of the week. Orleans county court,- alter taking
Mrs. Willie Saycrs is visiting rela-;: rece ;s from the September session
lives and friends in St. Johnsbury I opened Mcnday afternoon, with
Uis week j nidge Stai 'ey Wilson presiding. The
Mr and Mrs Alphonso Harrimar. ' "0Ul t sc of R. N. Baldwin vs. Dr.
of Dalton, N. H, have retrned home
;(.it;n.r nf the home of their
lister's, Mr. and Mrs. 1). W. Smith. ' "v uiay court in March, 1!U7,
Mrs. Fred Whipple and daughter, i' ,'hcn 1ll''.v returned a verdict for
Katie, were visitors in St. Johnsbury!1'1" I)lill"ti(l for S2500. The defend
veeentlv 1 'int tor,k aPPea' and asked for a
.1,11.111.1. - I -nil? .1 .. i ,..
Mrs. 1). W. Smith was a business!
visitor in St. Johnsbury Tuesday. .
John Folsom was a business visitor
i: Concord and St. Johnsbury Wed
nesday and Thursday.
Mrs. Hattic Isham entertained her
brother, Fred Sayers, and two daugh
ters of Lunenburg one day recently.
Rev Mr Hersey of Dalton preached
at the Methodist church here Sunday.
Rev Glenn Douglass beintr in .Island
J. C. Warren was a business visitor
i-i St. Johnsbury, Thursday.
Clara Bliss of Marshfickl is
her sister, Mrs. Charles
Miss Mertie Underwood of St.
Johnsbry has been visiting Mrs. Gil
bert Hastings.
St. Johnsbury visited his parents,
?Ir. and Mrs. William Brickctt of
Mr. and Mrs. John Brickctt, last
Irs. Baker and children have been i
:,.. ; i
ii v V. M ran sncnt 1 nursuay i
i Friday j,, St. Johnsbury I1
Mal.y tyCV H,,cnt Thursday at
c.)t Johnsbury. ;
Mrs. Leslie Cooper and Mrs. Al
bert Da-.vc were in St. Johnsbury,
F. A. Brewer is in Burlington and
Island Bond this week on business.
Clinton I 'avis, who has been ill
im.u uiMuv...a, . ..
that he was at work, was taken sen-
: ..f ... .-in.. hi,. ..or. i noMrn 'm en .
uusly ill
Tuesday night. A trained
nurse from St. Johnsbury
is caniim
for him.
A lari;e Lumber from here attended
the presenilation of "Hearts of thc
: World'' at St . Johnsbury, Wednesday
land Thursday.
! Mrs. Leslie Cooper received a telc
i gram Tuesday afternoon from her
ison, George Smith, announcing his
'arrival in Boston on thc "Canada
m in St
! Mrs. W. D. Blodgctt w
.T,.W:I. Wiwlt.l..w ntwl Thni-.w
ia guest of her niece, Mrs. Claude M.
' M ill imorc.
i Mrs. L. W. Hastings was in St.
Johnsbury, Tuesday. 1
ti.. i...:' ., v.. 'i i r
i aim: ntu ii uii xi t;u J.i i o jiuiii i
I in Wi.tnrfi.rH wnU hnrnPfl m.rlvl
j Wednesday morning, caused by
: lantern exploding. Kightocn head of
I cattle were burned, harnesses, etc.
! Hubbard Hastings, of Buffalo, N.
Y., is at the home of his father, L.
W. Hastings.
Mrs. E. E. Jenne went to Provi- i
;!ence, It 1 , last night for a week's j
visit with fiknds. '
A gct-t nether of all the young1
women ir. Newport City, will be held
at thc Goci.rich Library, Friday eve
ring at eight o'clock. The meeting is
railed to tail over and to make plans
for organizing a community league.
Joseph Vallier will open up the fish
market on Coventry street, on Friday,
He will keep a nice line of fish and
oysters, and will deliver all orders,
also telephone orders, but will not run
a cart for the present.
Keep in mind the basket ball game j
at the school hall on Friday night
when the N. II. S. will play the St. j
lohnsbury team. Newport boys have
ot the punch in them and with a
packed hall to support them will even
things up
Miss Ma 'ion Dane has resigned as
preceptress of the Newport High
..chool to take effect Jan. 24, and Hu
!ert Pierce, graduate of Dartmouth,
i.i 1911, now principal of Lyndon In-'
stitute, has been engaged to fill the .
position u;d will begin his duties j
..londay, Ji n. 27. j
r .1 1 1 a
' ,
;'jmiii ul in; 111.U111 vt a. i o. j it. n v.
Cauley, which occurred at the hospi- j
..al in iiherbrooke, Wednesday noon, j
:Irs. McCauley has been seriously
rick since October 1st and was taken !
; o the hospital at Sherbrooke, Jan. !
11, where .she underwent an operation
on the IStii, resulting in her death 1
yesterday. The body was brought to i
Newport left night. Thc funeral nr- j
K " """""
L. Fo1 'jwi:' is.a c,Win fl0m
i!lc Ai'Reies limes ot Jan. 1U:
i Lieut. Henry V Bogue, formerly phy-1
sician here, succumbs to pneumonia.!
! Lieut. Hem," V. Bogue, for some time i
Uvi eve. ear. nnsp. nnd thvnM nnpinl-!
i t of thi i city and one of the consult-'
; lg staff of the county hospital, died
iif hi-nnrvlit tu;.. r, ti: .
t.' -
im at the time of his death. She
ill return to Los Angeles, and bring
I ; ' -amcs came up for trial. This
i11 11 malpractice case and was tried
oi ncwiy oiscov-
'i-cd evidence. The case went up to
!ic supreme court and was sent back
ror retrhi!. Thompson of Barton
"nd Searle of St. Johnsbury appear
ed for ih plaintiff, and E. A. Cook
of Lyndonville and Walter Dane of
lioston for the defendant. Monday
afternoon and Tuesday forenoon v-.
occupied ir. impaneling. t lie jury. Dr.
Caines was put on the stand and was
continued through Tuesday and Wed
nesday. Irene Buchanan, who has been in
'. hospital at Sherbrooke for some
Mnc, was brought homo Wednosdav
I roon. She is not gaining as fast as
her friends would like.
I Ralph Cameron, who went to Bred
ie:ibury, Sank., about six years ago, is
sending two weeks visiting friends
! i-i the city
j Mrs. rfarah Mansfield, who has been
s;iending the winter with her daugh
ter, Mrs. E. F. Humnhrev. w.m ,.ii,i
to Burlington this morning on ac
count of thc serious illness of her sis
ter. i T,e I)0V-5 of Mi- Johnson's class
a id young girls in Mrs. AkinV. .).....
l IK.
Longi-cgational Sunday school 1
n i:-
spent in playing games, with mii-
- ' - on a Virtrola. Cocoa and w:iiw
v. ore served and the children enjoyed
tlie evening's entertainment.
Mrs. Waller Tli livni' .I'l.r. ....... .....
. . 'I "..u nua lUK-
f sick on Uedncsday, Jan. 15 with
"flue;i;n which developed into double
I'.ieumonia, passed away Thursday at
i Von- This is another vcrywtd
";'a.h that has been hitting Newport
'ice tlu- influenza made its appear
vicc. An-y, Thayer leaves two lit'le
H.rls ae.s 7 and fi years, a little bov
" two years and Hi., hahv e
I.mii. I. i.i ... .
..,.,v ,. ,IU, ,,,, icmeriberrd
by those Jiving in the- rilv ..i, T
Newton, wl, was cmidovod' .i
nome ol the Ij.tn fnl M.,.
inangcments have not been
Miss Da
.V Beals snent tlm -i.
end in the city, visiting friends. '
lor a e wdays. returned to Montreal
S iturday night.
Miss Mabel tiay, who has been rou
tined to tho honn Ihn ....
s,7ncs;',l.;,u'l to school today.
. . ,..'.. I,!.-, K ,V
.... r .I .- WIUUH:" Umew
' j p V, "r '"f Ms m'
j' cC.itcn. for a few .lays.
. Ak" 1 h. 8 bpTn alnt tnm,
1 " P. ,Ce 01 bus,ncH for a day or two
b." sickness.
Mlss "kinclie Burns has 1
"".uicne iiurns nas recovers
,j.vi.. in.-. .MCKiiess so uiiii sue nhin
10 do out again.
Mr. and Mrs. E. 11. Lcavitt went to
Boston Saturday. They will be ab
sent about a week.
Mrs. C. F. Dubray of Montreal,
(In Springfield, Illinois)
By Vachel Lindsay
It is portentous, and a thing of state,
That here, at midnight, in our little town
A mourning figure walks, and will not rest,
Near the old court-house pacing up and down.
Or by his homestead, or in shadowed yards
He lingers where his children used to play,
Or through the market, on the well-worn stones
He stalks until the dawn-stars burn away.
A bronzed, lank man ! His suit of ancient black,
A famous high top-hat and plain worn shawl
Make him the quaint great figure that men love,
The prairie-lawyer, master of us all.
He can not sleep up on his hillside now,
. He is among us: -as in times before!
And we who toss and lie awake for long
Breathe deep, and start, to see him pass the door.
His head is bowed. He thinks on men and kings,
Yea, when the sick world cries, how can he sleep?
Too many peasants fight, they know not why,
Too many homesteads in black terror weep.
The sins of all the war-lords burn his heart.
He sees the dreadnoughts scouring every main.
He carries on his shawl-wrapt shoulders now
The bitterness, the folly, and the pain.
He can not rest until a spirit-dawn
Shall come; the shining hope of Europe free:
The league of sober folk, the Workers' Earth
Bringing long peace to Cornland, Alp and Sea.
It breaks his heart that kings must murder still,
That all his hours of travail here for men
Seem yet in vain. And who will bring white peace
That he may sleep upon his hill again?
z- i 1 S
v.'ho has been visitin
for a fed daws '.'
Secretary of State Harry A. Black
and Repreentative Dean Dwincll were
at home from Montpclicr over Sun
day. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. McCarten went
to Lancaster Friday noon to attend
thc wedding of Mrs. McCartcn's
brother, Chester Bradley of Lancas
ter. The wedding occurred Saturday
ut 11 o'clock in the forenoon.
Mr and Mrs. Bert Brigham and
fi-mirhtor. Lois, returned home from
St. Johtv'n'ry Saturday
i-i - ' -
hile there I
Mrs. Biigham underwent an operation and skjjs to Lakc Gardner. It was i
and thc daughter, Lois, was hard sick i ,n ical fay an(( thc boys thoroughly
with the influenza. Their many ; enjoyeti th0 outing. !
friends will be glad to know that they, Ml.s Fl.ank George, who lias j
iv.-c both doing nicely and able to bci))r.en nl at Eolith Iiycgatc with in-1
homo again. '
Mrs. Frank r lint :. hi ocner
friends of Mrs. J. O. Thrasher
licr a surprise party fcalurday even
ing, a banrpiet was prepared at thc
Newport House at C.30. Thc party
then went to thc home o.' IVlrs. i'lint,
where the evening wa.; pleasantly
spent in playing cards. The cvini.ig s
program received many i:i'.'...ait;ons,
announcing the arrival of gifts for
Mrs. Thrasher. 'During thc cvcv.in.;
Mrs. Frank Williams assumed thc re
sponsibility of receiving the gifts and
i.cknowled'i'ing them, claiming that
she had been engaged some time pre
vious by Mrs. lnrasncr 10 perioral
this duty. She made such a hit that
cach one present at once engaged
her to act in that capacity at any
future occasions of this kind. Mrs.
Thrasher expects to leave in aboui
two weeks for Detroit, Mich., to visit '
her son, and before returning- home ',
will visit New York and Boston mar
kets for hoi spring millinery, return-.
i"r fo Ncwnort about the middl
D. D. Bean of Summer street is
i'l with thj influenza.
Before Ctrmany can settle up. she
r'.ust settle down.
Ilr A 1 r.i int , in rn-nrrl !
Saturday to attend the annual nicet
i v, of St. James' Episcopal church.
Mrs. Herbert Lyster of Wells .Riv
er, is it Mrs. Harvey's sanatorium on
l'earl street.
If the Kaiser really wants a place
i:i the sun why not .send him to the
Uahara desert'.'
A world that can survive thc pneu
monic and Teutonic plagues can stand
Miss Ellen Magoon and Bandall
Waterman entertained the Mandolin
club of thc Academy, Saturday cve
Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Carpenter, Har
risburg, Ia., suffered from kidney
trouble. He says: "My wife and I
suffered from kidney trouble and had
rheumatic pains all through thc body.
Thfc first few doses of Foley Kidney
Pills relieved us, and five bottles en
tirely cured us. Altho we are both
in the seventies, we are as vigorous
as we were thirty years ago." Sold
friends in town WELLS RIVER 1
Dumont Bailey has gone to Little-
ton where he has a position as book-
keeper in the bank there.
Charles Rogers has returned to Ja-
maica, N. Y.
Thc senior class went on a hike to
the Golf club Saturday where they
had a dinner. Miss Barry, the High
school assistant, went with them
A party of Scouts under the lead
ership of Patrol Leader, Clyde Haiv"
vev. and assistant Scout Master. Sam
stanCVi went Saturday on snow shoes
(hienza, has returned home.
Dan Tillotson, who has been on the :
sick list a week, has resumed his i
work at the Tavern Annex. j
It is planned to hold special events j
during tho unnstian r.nueavor wceu
!n February.
Wendell Clark has gone to Spring
field, Mass., where he has entered
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Learned were
in Laconia, N. H., and Boston, Friday
and Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Farwcll
entertained the public school teachers
at a supper party Thursday evening.
v . Li, J iccatur and r red L.ora ot
Boston were in town Thursday.
Miss Sarah Winn and Miss Palmer
went to St. Johnsbury Friday return
ing Saturday night.
i TlieMaaeeOne
mil. i li Ji
Prevented by "Fniit-a-tiws"
The Wonderful Fruit Medicine
53 Maisonnette St., Hull.
"In my opinion, no other medicine
is so good as 'Fruit-a-tivcs' for
Indigestion and Constipation.
For years, I suffered with these
dreaded diseases, trying all kinds of
treatments until I was told I was
One day a friend, told r.io to try
'Fruit-a-tivcs' (or .Fruit I.her
Tablets). To my surpriso, I four.il
i this medicine govo immediate relief,
: a-A in a short time I w::s nil right
50c. a box, 6 for $2.50, trial size 25c.
At dealers or from FRlUT-A-TIVliS
Limited, OGDENSBURG; 11. Y.
Mcmphremagog Driving Club Have
The Memphremagog Driving Club
which has been recently organized,
held their first matinee races Satur
day afternoon, Jan. 25. On account
of the warm weather that prevailed
the middle of the week it was feared
that they would be unable to hold any
races on Saturday, bt thc change in
thc weather on Friday and Friday
night, and thc bright sun appearing
Saturday morning, the managers be
; ;: i !o iiriannc for the races, and the
i ..u:t was more than pleasing to
"ra to ;;ce so many present to wit-
..csi the races and to have so many
horses present, it showed that a large
number enjoy the winter matinee
races and weather permitting the lov-ci-3
of hc sport will see some good
j horses and exciting races the coming
j Saturdays.
i The following is thc result of tho
first races:
r,..,.,, ir;,,,, v ,.., d:i,i hi
uiiui.UM iwill;,) l-ll 111, 3 1. A IVniC, 141)
Lizzie Dillion, E. L. Clough, 333,
Jennie H., Thos.
Peter Cord, A.
Fields, 222, 39.
Maranovillc, 111,
Bill, A. F. Carteau, 222, 34.
Lady Walnut Isle, Jas. Gagne, 111,
Mack, A. J. Morrissette, 333, 34.
Allen Mack, Dr. H. S. Peabody, 121,
Unnamed, Derusha, 212, 37.
The Caledonian will give the names
of the horses that will start in next
Saturday's races in the Friday issue.
W. E. Downer, who spent Sunday
with his family at Lyndonville, was
unable to leturn to his work at the
Idc grain store on account of the ill
ness of his wife and children.
Pipe Fi
MAGEE One Pipe Forniccs
havo but one pip md one racii-
tor, so dcsi.med that It does tin
work of many.
MAG-E One Pipe Furnace
ro reosoiuble in price : burn herd
" co:l, loft coal, coke or wood, aad
tfcn cost of instslUtlon la much
lesa tbaa any other style of beater.
MAGEE One Pipe Furnaces I
mean a cool cellar. Yoa can keep
your vegetables without trouble.
for the outer section of the far- I
nace is filled with cold sir and
Crows off no best, and the iancr
casing is insulated with slr-ceOed
asbestos packinf .
MAGEE One Pipe Fnmaces
are practical for almost eTery
noase. Write for particulars,
shdwine, if possible, siirsocetaent
of your roosu, and we will advise
yoa if the MAGEE ONE PIPE
FURNACE is suitable for yoar
particular rnquiremeats.

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