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T. II. IIOSICINS, 31. I)., Krtltnr.
It is usual and propor, whcn an entcrprisc
likc ours is bogun, to statc its " rcasons for
Wc confbrni to this custom as fol-
lows :
1. Vermont, a state whose grcat iutcrest
is ngriculturc, possesscs hcrctoforo no journal
that is exclusivcly, or principally, dcvoted to
niaintaining, proinoting and dovcloping tho
scicncc and practicc of agriculturc. It is our
ambition to supply that waut. IIow wcll wo
shall do it pur rcadcrs niust dctcrminc.
2. Thc tiuio is rapidly approaching wheu
the agricultural class will assume the social
and political position that bclongs to it by
virtuc of its vastly prcpouderating numbers,
its aggrcgatc wealth, and its usefulncss.
What is nccdcd to that cnd is a fullcr sca.to
of its own wortb, a niore thorough cducation
of its youth, and an cfHcicnt organization.
Our towns, statcs, and the Uuion arc now
governod in the interest of every class but
thc farmers. Politically spcaking, agricul
ture is a palsicd giant. Wc desire to labor
for a rc-distribution of political and social
power in which farniers shall partakc in pro-
portion to their stakc in thc commonwcalth.
3. Vermont posscsscs many ablc agricul
tural writers, many devoted agriculturists
and horticulturists, who are constantly pro
ducing new and valuablc ideas, new inven
jtiotis, improvcd ininlals rand'pmnfB. ThcSc
writers coutributo to build up journals in
othcr states, that but poorly uudcrstand
and reprcsent our interests, while our improv
crs and discovcrers iu agriculturc arc compell
cd to scck outside the stato for orcans of
publicity having local interests of their own
to subscrve, and only giving to Vermont and
Vermouters a subordinate position, by no
means always proportioned to their dcsires or
their mcrits. We offcr to all thesc a fair
field, proposing to labor activcly in their bc
half, and trusting that they will see their
own advantago in giving us anequally hcarty
4. Locatcd in tho gre'at St. Lawrcnco
Vallcy, wo proposo to represcnt thc husband
ry not of Vermont alone, but of tho wholo
contiguous tcrritory whero similar conditions
of soil and cliniato demand similar mcthods
of managcmcnt. Farmers of Lower Canada
New Ilampshirc and Mainc, will find our
columns Clled withmattcrs of special usoand
interest to thcm iu cvcry dcpartment.
5. It is our inteution to cxemplify in tho
conduct of tho Vkhmont Fakmek, tho spirit
of cditorial managcmcnt that secks not to
" fill up " but to " boil down." Our papor.
if that intcntion is rcalizcd, will not bo cs
tiinatcd by ite squaro feet of surface, but by
tho quality of its contents, evcry itcni of
which wo incan shall bo of uso and interest
to every reader.
Thus wo lay out the ground, but wo are
not vain enough to supposo that, unaidcd
and alono, wo can construct tho cdificc. Tho
npproval and the aid of evcry man and wo
man who has thc samc interests nthcart, and
dcsires to scc thcm adcquately rcalizcd is
bopcd for. Wo do not ask thcm to work
for us without pay. Evcry laborcr is worthy
of his hirc, and low as is tho pricc at which
our paper is ofiercd to subscribcrs, wo arc
rcady to pay for hclp libcrally, both to thoso
who aid us with their ncn, and thoso who
will cxcrt thcmsclvcs to proniotc our circu-
Wc rcfer to our publishcr's announccments
in anotncr column lor other particuiars in
rcgai'd to our cnterprise. If all who feel
tho nccd of a livo Farmers' Paper in Ver
mont will givc us their hclp, wo think wo
can satisfy them that tho thing can bc donc.
Profcssor Caldwcll of Cornell Univcrsity,
Ithaca, N. Y., has analyzcd samplcs of ar-
natto from many of tho chccso factorics iu
Ilerkimer County, and in evcry casc found
it impurc, containing a large pcrcentage of
miiicral inattcr. Flour, tumeric and othcr
vcgctable substanccs arc also uscd to adul
tcrate arnatto. Among tho mincral matters
coppcr was found in nearly every sample.
Mr. Willard. in an articlc rcporting theso
analvscs, which were undertaken at thc
instancc of tho Little Falls, (N. Y.) Faruv
ers' Club, says : " Wc arc glad to rcport
that thc demand for white or uncolorcd
chccsc sccms to bc stcadily incrcasing. Somc
of the Hcrkinicr ' fancy factories 1 havo
bccn makincr this kind all the scason. and
thc palos hav bccn at tho highest ratJW
Thero can bo no doubt that arnatto jb a
worthlcss, filthy, and in somo instanccs a
poisouous. addition to ehccse, and intclligcnt
pcople should discourage its usc by always
demanding an uncolorcd articlc.
evcry new cnterprise niccts with somo uu
expected chccks. Tho paper upon which
this numbcr of tho Fakmek is printcd is not
at all what wo incan it shall bo, and pould
havo bccn, had not 'tho papcr-makcrs disap
pointcd us.
E. A. Hcwitt of Groton, Connecticut, is
making a violcnt assault, through thc col
unins of thc Rural New Yorker, upon thc
claims of tho Chester White swine to bo con
sidcrcd a " brccd." IIo says thcy havo no
uniformity of charactcr whatcver ; varying in
hair, cars, snout, skin, bonc and color ; somc
good, somc bad and many indiffcrcnt. IIow
docs this coincide with Vermont cxpcricncc ?
It is our intcntion, as coon as propcr ar-
rangcmcnts can bc effectcd, to givo in tho
Fakmek a brief but rcliablo wcckly rcvicw
of both tho Uoston and New York produco
markcts. Ono thing our rcadcrs may dcpcnd
upon : that this rcport will not bo mado
up by, uor in thc interest of, any commission
house or dealcr, but as far as possiblc, will
be bascd on an actual avcrage of salea in
tho opcn niarkct. It is but little satisfaction
to a fanner to rcccivc in his paper a list of
city priccs that in many cases are actually
lowcr than buycrs aro oflcring him at his
own door.
At thc cnd of cach ycar our paper will
form a hnndsoine volumc of ovcr four hun
dred pagcs, full of mattcr that cannot fail to
bo worth far morc than its cost as a book of
rcfcrencc upon all subjccts of farnj, gardcn
and houschold cconomy. '
I3y a little carc tho numbers can bo prc
scrvcd until thc cnd of tho ycar, and thcn
bound. As timc passcs on, and volumo 'is
addcd to volumc, it will form a complctc
cncyclopaedia of the farm, spccially applicd
to tho agricultural wants of Northcrn Amer
ica. An indcx, with a handsjb title-pagc,
will bo issued at tho cnd of cach volumc, and
furnishcd to every subscribcr gratuitously.
will be found on tho sixth pagc of this issuc.
It is intcndcd to makc this dcpartment a
special fcaturc of tho Fakmek. It will not
be limitcd to cooking rccipcs and tho likc,
but will discuss all points of houschold ccon
omy, including hcalth, tho carc of children,
housc building, house furnishing, &c. &c.
Its managcmcnt is placcd in compctcut hands,
and its cditor will bo glad to rcccive thc
coUperatiou of thc lady rcadcrs of tho Fakm
ek, in making it all thcy could dcsiro.
It is commonly bclievcd that tho splcndor
of autumn woods, tho ooreeous colors of
the maple, oak, bccch, birch and othcr trccs,
is duo to tho action of frost. Tho past au
tumn ought to havo suggcstcd to thoughtful
Qbservers that it is not bo, for wo havo novcr
had moro bcautiful forcst colors, or lcss frost.
Frost will kill tho lcaves and turn thcm
brown, but it is tho ripening of tho lcavcs,
liko tho ripening of fruit, that dcvclops tho
rich tints that mako our forest-covcred hills
cach autumn such a panorama of wondcr
and dclight.
Tho Fakmek, though it has no club-ratcs
of its own, bcing put to single subscribcrs at
tho very lowest prico at which it can bo af
forded, will club with all tho popular papers
and niagaziues as low as any othor paper,
In many cases theso ratcs aro so low as to
givo a subscribcr two journals at about' tho
prico of ono alonc. It is the chcapcst and
bcst way to tct tho c.Tcat city wccklics and
ltufus Pcet, writinc in tho Rural New
Yorker says : " Evcry ' prodigy of a man '
is indcbtcd to influcnccs, which can bo casily
traccd, for his ' wondcrful capubility or ca
pabilities !' Wo havo our ' improvcd ani
nials,' why not our ' improvcd mcn and wo-
mcn ?' "
Probably Mr. Pcct has no grown sons and
daughters, or ho would rcalizo somo of thc
diflicultics that stand in tho way of " improV'
cd '' human brccds.
pcoplo throughout
tho Hrongly drawn,
that tBction to
u rcfoBco tho govcrn
nicnt. Lcstcd in re-
form exBcrs, who1
thc witllBnccs from
control, aHi thcy will cx
crt thcmscrHUffwycrt. But
in a combat buvvccu thcm and tho pcoplc,
tho lattcr,af propcrly lcd, will ccrtainly sc
cib the victory.
"Tho agricultural prcss of thc cpuntry,
usually much too indiilercnt in such matters,
sccms to bo awakencd to tho importance of
this new qucstion, and disposcd to discuss it
in their cditorial columns. As tho furmcrs
arc the grcat producing class, upon which thc
ultimatc burdcn of all taxation falls, no
mattcr how cunningly laws may be framed
to couccal thc fact, it bchoovcs thcm to study
wcll all qucstions of administrative rcform,
such as this. It is not a party mattcr, but
substantially a refonn in which honcst mcn
r all partics aro intcrcstcd. Such qucstions
will always rcccive attcntion iu tho columns
of tho Vermont Fakmek, becauso they are
qucstions of importancc to Vermont farmers ;
and wo mcan, to tho limit of our ability.
faithfully to reprcsent their interests. Wo
copy tho following articlo upon tho subjcct
from a latc issue of tho Rural New Yorker :
Wo hopc that thc pcoplo will demand of
Congrcss during tho coming scssion, that tho
OiviliServicrf bill wnfeh his bcch hitroduced
in Congrcss, or somo othcr equally spccific
and cfiicicnt, shall bc cnactcd, thus taking
out of partisan politics ono clcmcnt of politi
cal corruption and powcr which has becomc,
is, and will continuc to bc, so long as it cx
ists, a curso to tho country, an opprcssiotr to
thc people, and an obstaclc iu tho way of
sccuring for exccutive oflicers honcst, capablc,
and efficicnt mcn.
Our political systcm may have bcen tho
bcst for this country at tho timc it was dc-
vised'; but wo sco plainly, as all must who
watch tho march of cvcuts, that the time is
at hand whcn mcrc plundcrcrs for partisan
purposcs should bo kcpt out ot olhco whcn
mcn should be paid a prcmium for honcsty
and fidclity, instcad of bcing rcgarded and
uscd us the tools of party to pcrpctuuto its
powcr. This cannot bc dono until tho vic-
t 1 1 . 1 . -
ious sysicm oi pouucai appoimmcnisio piaco
for partisan purpose is cutircly and forevcr
abandoncd. Tho appointing powcr vcstcd in
tho Exccutivo of tho Unitcd States is too
grcat for any ono to excrcisc. It is a spc
cies of centralization which ought not to cx
ist in a Ilcpublican govcrnment. Mcn should
hold placc only so long as they do their duty
in it. Tho moment thcy aro rccreant they
should bc displaccd ; but no man should bo
thrust out of official position so long as ho
discharges his dutics to tho pcoplo in it. So
long as it is iu tho powcr of any ono man, or
sct of men, so to displaco oflicers, so long will
wo havo an incfficicnt and corrupt adminis
tration of publio uffairs ; so long will wo
havo disgraceful political wrangles, orimina
tions and rccrimiuutions humihating to our
sclf-rcspcct as a pcoplo and vicious in their
inilucnco upon all dcpartmcnts of social life."
Wc obscrvo that Prcsidcnt Grant, in his
rccent message, fully cndorses this important
movcnicnt, and rccommcnds tho cnactmcnt of
tho laws rcquircd to makc-icffectivc.

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